Tuesday, December 18, 2012


4th of July parade of the horse mounted deputies.


Our last post was November 4. Way too long in between, but neither Freeacre or I have had blocks of time to spend on it, and we also are again feeling tongue-tied. I was really reluctant to write on this latest insanity but succumbed to the temptation. We had around 12” of snow the other night, finally got the essential areas cleared, working outside is nearly impossible, so lets see what we come up with.

Highlighting the news, of course, is the latest shooting spree at a school that left a bunch of grade school kids dead and several adults. I have been reading a whole bunch of contradictory stories about what happened during and after the killings. We’ve been warned that any repeating of non-official information was punishable by jail time. Mainstream reporters typically aren’t doing their jobs in checking up on the facts of the case or calling out officials that seem to be giving out deliberately misleading and out right contradictory information. And of course, the hue and cry for gun control is going viral on the net. Every liberal I know about is screaming at the top of his lungs for gun control and even some of the more conservative folks out there in the Disney land concept of living.

I am going to postulate that we are watching extreme insanity at work, taking over citizen’s common sense and proposing all kinds of draconian remedies so this never ever happens again. These remedies include;

1. Hardening the public schools so that no one unauthorized can enter the premises. Of course they do have a tendency to completely minimize the cost of this, and, they seem to think that making schools even more prison like than they already are is a good thing.
2. Taking all assault types of weapons away from all civilians
3. Limiting clip fed firearms to a max of 10 shots clips
4. Various schemes for completely disarming the civilian population in total. Australia and New Zealand are their favorite examples
5. Making the acquisition of a firearm more difficult, to the point that you would have to prove that you need one.
6. Advancing the idea that if we can save just one child from such a horrendous fate, regardless of the cost and effort, it is worth it.

There is more, but this seems to be the worst of the lot that I have come across so far. And, of course, there is the deliberate avoidance of dealing with many of these crazy mass killings that were the result of stolen firearms, not purchased ones.

New advocates of trashing the second amendment are writing furiously for a variety of reasons. And, of course, government officials are screaming in a high-pitched voice that we have to do something, right now, as if that will cure the problem that has definitely not been defined. All they want to talk about is how bad guns are, across the board.

There are some folks out in writers opinion land that are advocating a bit more of a rational approach to a problem of crazies doing crazy things. They include;

1. Arming teachers and school officials. Personally I like this one.
2. Examining how we are dealing with individuals that are exhibiting psychopathic tendencies.
3. Examining our legal drug culture and its affects on the brain and what people do around being on the drug and what they do when they get off, for whatever reason.
4. Taking a good hard look at statistic and comparing government mass killings as opposed to the crazies mass killing.

American culture for a long time now has increasingly progressed toward dependency on the government to solve all problems. Personal responsibility does not enter into their observations, and freedom definitely does not. Throughout our history, every time a citizen says, “there ought to be a law” for or against something, we loose another bit of our freedom. Now, do to the rash of crazies shooting up some folks, they want even more government control. Of course, they discount the loss of American lives in wars that were started from lies, nor do they consider that the 9-11 tragedy and the official version was also a lie, and they definitely don’t want to deal with the wholesale death by government bombs and troops on the civilian populations in those illegal wars. After all, our government is right and we must not question that rightness, and besides, those folks aren’t good American white folks and, they are over there and we are here.

Very few of the writers on this subject are dealing with the fact that there have always been a certain number of folks that do crazy things, like mass murder, or the bankers and financiers stealing citizen’s money, or out of control governments that do whatever they want to regardless of the damage to the population.

Another observation. Notice that most of the rampages and killings happen where there is no one to oppose them, gun free zones and lots of folks around to target in on. Mon. and Tues Carl Denninger made some pretty interesting comments on this. http://market-ticker.org/akcs-www?singlepost=3091627

Most of our population likes to talk about our freedoms, except when it threatens their lives or livelihoods, they’re being wards of the nanny state. In essence, we are a nation of irrational dumbed down hypocrites.

Currently, according to stats I have seen, there are on the order of 300,000,000 firearms in the hands of civilians, getting pretty close to one for every man, woman and child in the country. Of course, many folks don’t have firearms, so some folks have a bunch of them, mostly in the hands of collectors and preppers.

Now those folks that are advocating the complete collection of firearms from civilians don’t seem to understand how massive and expensive an undertaking that would be even if the government takes only a certain classification of firearm, you know the drill, we’ve been through it before. The “assault type of rifle”, all full autos (for which there is a nation wide, hard to get, and expensive license for them), large capacity semi auto pistols and god knows what else they would want to take. Maybe all knives over 2” blade length and all other edged battle weapons too. Coupled with the large percentage of corrupted police departments I would suspect that their gun and edged weapons collections would increase substantially. Hell, it happens now without wholesale confiscation.

Of course there is the argument that a disarmed citizenry is helpless to aggressive states, governments and genuine outlaws that could give a shit about laws to begin with. Statistics abound concerning how disarmed countries are much more peaceful and don’t have these kinds of incidents of mass killings, with guns of course. Most of these stats have some serious problems. I’ve been looking at civilian gun violence for years now and what I am hearing on the MSM is flat our wrong. And additionally, the gun banners don’t want to deal with where these mass killings take place; Where guns are banned and nobody is going to shoot back.

The gun banners don’t really like to deal with the mass confiscation of guns (and other weapons) that have taken place and the results of the like of Hitler and Stalin. Pre gun periods (Japan) where there was a state ban on civilians having battle weapons resulted in other means of civilians fighting the state powers, most of them lethal too. What’s this with China banning sales of any knives last weekend?

Only in novels have I seen an honest appraisal of what happens in a society where everyone over a certain age has the right to be armed, primarily for personal and loved ones defense against those that choose to be aggressive and end up killing folks. IMO, history has shown that those with the inclination to do mass killings or just individual assaults are going to do it regardless of laws. And, while disarming the civilian population would perhaps reduce, to a small extent, the incidents of mass civilian against civilian killings, it would never eliminate it. Our police are not able to protect against these mass killings, only to catch and punish the culprit. For me, I want the ability, freely given, to protect myself, my loved ones, my friends and innocent bystanders from these kinds of attacks. I guess I’m just an anachronism living in a society of mostly woosies.

This will probably be the last post for 2012. Both of us wish for you all to have a pleasant holiday period, and we are looking forward to 2013 continuation of our relationships. In our view, 2012 was a pretty tough year for a lot of folks and quite frankly, don’t think next year will be any better. Keep, through the holiday season, some prayers and thoughts for the folks that through no fault of their own, are having a really tough time of it. There but for the grace of God ……….