Saturday, August 19, 2017

The End of (My) Days

This may be my last post. As many of you are aware, I have had three partial mastectomies over that last year or so to get rid of tumors. But, when I finally relented and allowed them to do radiation treatments, they found that my lungs had twenty tumors in them. The radiologist more or less freaked, and stopped everything and dumped me into palliative care. That means they don't do any more medical treatments and just watch you deteriorate. But, my oncologist scheduled all sorts of scans. Then they found that in addition to the ones in my lungs, I also have one on the tip of my thigh bone and a huge one covering about 60% of my liver. It is about the size of a nerf football. Or at least it was. Now if feels as if it is bigger.

It's funny. Over the years we have been trying to prepare for all sorts of situations. But, terminal illness wasn't part of them. When I found out that I was dying, I booked a cruise for myself and my son and went up the inner passage to Alaska. I am so glad that I did. It was really fun. If you would like to go on a cruise, I recommend checking out You can book cruises at half the cost. That's what we got, and our stateroom was outstanding.

I want to tell you how important you are to me. Several of us have been together for years. We have truly become friends and a cyber-tribe. The hardest part of this situation is saying good-by to all those I love. My hope is that I can go out with some sort of grace. You know me. I think in movies. So, I have been watching a lot of movies dealing with death. One good one was “Last Taxi to Darwin” or something like that. My new hobby is writing reviews of movies I've watched on Netflix.

Anyway, I am not the only one for whom it is the Last Days. With all the hostility being generated between us and North Korea, Russia, and China, a big war could break out any time. The “Deep State” or The Powers that Be (TPTB) seem set on it. And, George Soros seems to be backing the destabilization of the country, just as he has done in many others. I wish I knew of somewhere his nefarious plans did not work. The globalists seem determined to break up the nation states and implement a New World Order where the banks and corporations can rule with impunity.

I call it the Kali Yuga – The Hindu Last Days. Corruption and perversion rule the day. Christians are looking at The Rapture. All cultures have predictions of the End of Days, and I think most of them are agreeing that this is it. And we thought Peak Oil was going to be bad. Politically, it is even worse. President Trump is beset on all sides. Whether you support him or not, we should all be outraged that the Deep State is determined to disallow the results of the presidential election. It is jaw-dropping to me that the Democrats and Republicans in Name Only (RINOS) are determined to take out Trump. Congresspeople are calling for his assassination. Celebrities and actors call for his death. And none of them has been tried for sedition.

It remains to be seen whether the second amendment will come into play here. We have the right to bear arms, if you will remember, so that if necessary we can “defend the security of the free state.”

We are threatened on all sides. The economy is on the brink of failure. Yellowstone could erupt at any time. The eclipse might cause all kinds of problems. The poles seem to be shifting. And, I guess it won't be long before we know if Nibiru is actually coming. Then, of course, there is Fukushima destroying the fish in the ocean, melting the starfish in the tide pools - and giving people like me cancer.

Pardon my negative attitude. People tell me to keep a positive outlook, but I just want to give them the finger.

Well, Dear Ones, I do want you to know that I love you and I will miss you when I am gone. It's been a good run for us as we have held each others hands during the work up to all of this. I wish you all the very best and hope that you will be safe and figure a way to make things better.

Sunday, April 9, 2017


                                             Being a serf is not so much fun

From Murph

I don’t know about you folks that read this blog, but I read and listen to news stuff every day, and I’m finding myself confused as to what is actually going on, nationally and internationally.   I don’t trust the MSM to report factually and the alternate news sites seem to be a lot of gossip.   I have to be honest with myself as much as I can and I am not an insider.   What I read is at best second hand stuff and a great deal of the time a lot further down the road than that.  

The latest thing in the new is the Syrian deal with the gas attack and Trump’s response.  My being very distrustful about our 3 letter intelligence agencies on the matter I suspect what they say is not the whole story and maybe not true at all.  And, add in the stories on C. Rice mixed in and none of it makes any sense.   I think that Carl Denninger at has some good arguments on the whole thing.  As of today I haven’t seen anything yet on a Russian response.  We were told that Syria didn’t have any chemical weapons left.   So what’s going on:  A rebel unit in Assad’s military?   Another intervention by American black opps?  How the rest of the world reacts to this will be interesting, if we hear the truth of that.  

The health care bill that was shut down from lack of votes is another major issue.   Again, has been writing about this fiasco for a long time now.  If his math and assumptions are correct, the health care in this country will bankrupt the country inside of 5 years.   If you want to see what he has to say, you will need to go back to a few of his posts.  Click on the Topic List on the right hand side of the post.   Other political writers seem to be picking up on this angle.  

I have a friend in Sweden that tells me that a lot of our news is not true about what is happening there with the Muslim invasion and that they consider Trump to be a joke. 

There are so many issues that are presented that I can’t keep track of them all.  This is induced complexity as far as I am concerned and is designed to keep us all debt serfs, health care being a major part of it.   We have a small health clinic here in town and their billing procedures are a head scratcher.   I finally went into the financial office to ask about it because it made no sense.  The woman there told me that yes it was confusing and explained it to me.   It’s a completely stupid way of doing things and is designed to be complex and not make sense to the customers.   When I told the lady that the whole system was a cartel she didn’t disagree.   I didn’t have the nerve to ask her what the salaries of the managers were.  I don’t doubt that they are pretty high and in this area $15/hr is considered pretty good wages.

 Since the Oregon state laws have made pot legal, local governments are scrambling to figure out how to tax the beegjesus out of the growers and the retailers.  Pretty soon, I speculate that the big boys will take it over because of the profit structure and the tax revenues for the local governments.   Of course, the feds are still in on the whole deal because of pot’s drug classification (it’s schedule I at the fed level, same as heroin).   The history of that classification and the propaganda put out around it are interesting to read about.   All this is despite its medical usage.  

So, whose information do we trust to be true and unbiased?   Frankly, I can’t get on board with much of any of it.  There is just too many fingers in pie.   What I am convinced of is that our government is a nest of vipers and getting them out of power is nigh on to impossible.  The only way it could happen is a mass awakening and a political revolution of some kind, maybe even a shooting revolution.  I think Trump tried the political revolution but I think he is against too many big boys to be successful.   They will stop him one way or another.   We shall see.    

Saturday, December 17, 2016

A Open Letter to Governor Kate Brown, Mike Whitney, and Celebrities

Open Letter to Governor Kate Brown,
Clinton Supporting Celebrities & Mike Whitney

We recently held a Presidential Election which also included state and local elections for Governor as well as all the other elected positions. Congratulations are in order for you, Gov. Brown, as you won election to Oregon's highest office.

In viewing the results, I notice that Mrs. Clinton won 51.7% of the popular vote, as opposed to 41.1% for Donald Trump. You won 50.5% of the popular vote. It seems that Oregon, like the rest of the country is pretty evenly divided in terms of liberals and conservatives.

The results were not distributed so evenly, however, if one analyzes the votes by county. Democrats won in only 8 counties in Oregon. Those counties are the most urban of our state, and are home to the largest cities. When one considers the protracted demonstrations against the results of the national election, I can only conclude that the Portland's displeasure is not only aimed at President-elect Donald Trump, but to his supporters as well. You, Governor Brown, have been elected to represent all of us. It remains to be seen how supportive you will be to the vast majority of counties, which are distinctly conservative.

I am quite confident that it is your desire to demonstrate that you will represent the people of this state fairly, whether they are Republicans or Democrats. To that end, may I make a suggestion? You have stated that you welcome immigrants from the Middle East to settle here and live in Oregon. Now, of course, unless we are Native American, it can be said that the rest of us are all from immigrant stock. This has worked out well for the majority of us until now. It has not worked out well in Europe and Scandinavia. Sweden, for instance, has become the rape capitol of Europe. On last year's New Year celebrations in Germany a thousand women were molested by these Middle-Eastern migrants. Christian churches in Germany are having to hire security to ensure that parishioners are not set upon by these Muslim immigrants, who have been masturbating and defecating in the pews during religious services. Infants have been torn from the arms of their parents during baptismal celebrations. Polls have shown that forty to sixty percent of Middle-Eastern immigrants desire to impose Sharia Law in the countries to which they have moved (or invaded).

You can pretty much figure that this would be unacceptable to the people living in the counties that voted for Trump. To be fair to both the immigrants as well as to the people of Oregon, my suggestion is this: place the immigrants from the Middle East that you want to welcome here in the counties that voted Democratic. Those would be the counties of Benton, Clackamas, Clatsop, Hood River, Lane, Lincoln, Multnomah, and Washington. You and your liberal compadres can welcome them with open arms. I would think that this would be the most comfortable thing for the immigrants as well.

After three or four years (when you will be up for re-election), we will all have the opportunity to see whether your policies have worked out the way you planned, or not. If so, we who were skeptical will have the opportunity to change our minds. And you, who chose to respect the feelings of Oregon's Republican-leaning counties will be re-elected by a landslide. I seriously implore you to demonstrate your respect for the voters of Oregon in this way.

Additionally, to the movie stars and celebrities who bemoan the fact that Donald Trump won the election and that Hillary lost, I have sadly come to the conclusion that you have nothing but disdain for the working class, because an attack on Trump is an attack on us. Those of us who work for a living are portrayed as ignorant, ridiculous, homophobic, misogynistic, racists despite the fact that it is not true.

I love movies. I admire the wonderful actors, actresses, directors, and producers who have given me so much pleasure over the years. I have never begrudged the phenomenal amount of money you make or the palatial homes you live in all over the world. Now, however, it has become clear that you have become woefully out of touch with the audiences who purchase the tickets to your performances. Now it is you who seem ridiculous, shallow, and uninformed. Now I do resent your politics of privilege and the pampered hypocrisy of your lives. Expect some blow-back for the hate you have spewed. What comes around, goes around. Even you ought to be able to figure that out.

The following is a copy of a letter that I wrote to Mike Whitney, a columnist who writes for Global Explaining why I voted for Trump.

Hi, Mike.

I thought your article was pretty good, saying why Trump's financial plans won't work. I hope you are wrong, but still, I thought the article was fair. Not like most of the liberal writers totally demonizing him and his followers. So, thanks.

I'll tell you one thing that surprised me about Trump. It was when he said, "I love the under-educated." 

When I read that, I unexpectedly got tears in my eyes.

Why? Because I had never heard anyone say that. In fact, the under-educated are almost universally despised. Trailer trash, white trash, ignorant slobs, etc. etc, are terms that are usually reserved for them.

I am under-educated. I earned a full scholarship to the Michigan State School of Journalism in 1967. But, I quit my senior year of high school, married a draft resistor and went to Canada. A few months later, he betrayed me and joined the Army with his friends. Two years later, we got divorced. It took me four years to get an associate degree while working. After that I met my second husband and figured I could go back to school. But, then his son (13 at the time) got cancer and I got pregnant. No time or money to return to school. We worked 3 jobs for 5 years to get out from under the $250,000 dollars we owed for our son's cancer treatment.

Every job I have had since then (sixteen years as a psychiatric child care worker and seven years at a newspaper) has required  a 4 year degree or "equivalent experience." But, my salary was capped at @7.25 per hour at both jobs.

In addition to being kept dirt poor, nothing but scorn has been heaped our way as we working class "slobs" have worked our collected asses off and suffered poverty the whole time. The working class is always portrayed as dumb fucks, crude and ridiculous. But, I find that most of them have interests that enrich our culture - hobbies after work like quilting, painting, building stuff that is useful, or some other activity other than taking selfies and talking on the phone.

So, when Trump said that he "loves the under-educated," it hit a nerve that I didn't know I had.

The Liberals have drunk the MSM kool-aid and now they think they are going to die. This is bullshit.
The working class listened to what Trump was saying and think they heard someone who actually gives a rat's ass for them. I hope we are not wrong.

I used to be a big Liberal and still retain the values of John and Robert Kennedy as well as Martin Luther King - all of whom were assassinated. I am actually praying (to Ganesh, as I am not a Christian) that The Donald will not be killed as well. Personally, I believe that I have a case of PTSD since the assassinations of my heroes. If Trump gets killed, I think I may literally go mad.

So, please ask your leftist com-padres to  lay off the demonizing of Trump, and wait to see if they are as wrong now as they were about everything else. Also, start reading,, the daily sheeple, The Drudge Report, and Government Slaves, for openers, in addition to the lamestream.



Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Still Here

Still Here

My last post was written while we were having health challenges and were thinking about moving. But, things have changed.

Murphy is no longer wearing the defibrillator vest. It costs $3,500 per month (paid for by Medicare) and never did work properly. It needed wifi connections that we don't have. Plus, it gave one the feeling that a heart attack was immanent, and I don't think that was good for his consciousness. So, that's gone. Still has problems with circulation in his legs, and chest congestion from 60 years of smoking, but at 76 years old, he must be doing something right.
I have had two lumpectomies to get rid of a very rare sort of cancerous tumor in my breast this year. But, so far so good. I'm getting more help for the pain from fibromyalgia and idiopathic neuropathy. So, my mood is improving. And, I'm swimming 2-3 days per week to gain strength. Plus, I am still eating a medical marijuana cookie after dinner each night and watching a Netlix movie – so, it's pretty much all good.

Enough of the health updates.

We no longer have rabbits to take care of. But, we still have our chickens. Gotta love 'em. We love the eggs and they are just fun to watch goof around. Our old friend and housemate in Tahoe spent a few weeks with us and painted the interior colors that I love. And then he converted a shed that previously held rabbits into a storage shed where we can store supplies that were taking up too much space in the house. So, things around here have improved a lot. Our doomstead is still functional. An acre of land, fertile garden area, our own well for water, a paid for home, and a bit saved up for emergencies.

Our Trout Clan has been encouraging each other to get ready for all hell to break loose for over ten years now. It looks to me that this could be it. If you read the links to the articles submitted in the comments section of the last post, you'll know what I am referring to.

Unending resource wars in the Middle East have led to millions of people fleeing their war-torn countries and invading Europe. In addition to the families seeking safety, many many young military-aged men have arrived with them. Far from being grateful to their new country's citizenry, they seem to be intent on bringing Sharia Law to Europe. These fundamentalist Islamists seem to be a Trojan Horse that will ruin civilized countries due to their Mid-evil values and much greater breeding levels than the European countries who host them. Shockingly, Sweden has become the rape capital of Europe. Sweden! It will only get worse unless they can figure out a way to deport these invaders back to the countries from which they sprang.

But, this will not happen unless the world wakes up to the Neo-con agenda of destroying the national identities of the European countries and establishing a New World Order run by the central banks and international corporations of the world. Thankfully, this is happening all over the world as the Brexit vote to liberate England from the strangle-hold of the NWO has led the way to a rebellion. Nationalists in France, Greece, Hungary, and others are gaining popularity and we shall see what eventually happens. I think they should demand that the USA cease and desist the bogus wars that have created this mess in the first place.

Meanwhile, events in the United States have led to wondering if this is a country or an insane asylum. For the first time, the dumbed-down, distracted, misinformed citizenry has awakened to the fact that they have been sold-out. The so-called “recovery” of the economy has been based on the top one or two percent pocketing almost all the money made since 2008. The national debt is over 19 trillion dollars. There are others trillions in debt hiding in the derivatives held by the financial institutions on Wall Street. A financial collapse on a global scale seems to me immanent.

Donald Trump, that brash, outrageous person who gained the Republican Presidential nomination despite not being a politician, has articulated forbidden facts that the mainstream media has kept out of public discourse all this time. Facts like how the infrastructure of our nation has been neglected while our money is squandered on wars that only benefit the military-industrial complex. How our veterans have been neglected, while illegal aliens are given all sorts of benefits and even encouraged to vote in our elections. How our mainstream media is controlled by political operatives. How both the Democratic and Republican parties share the same UN Agenda 21. Now it is being replaced by Agenda 2030. Look it up. It's even worse.

Trump supporters are being insulted and attacked. Even my own Trump/Pense sign was stolen from my yard. Trump supporters are being threatened and attacked for simply agreeing with him on the issues. But, the lamestream media doesn't want to feature the issues. They want to destroy Trump by any means necessary – from character assassination to physical attacks. Last week his star in Hollywood was destroyed with a pick ax. Then a homeless woman who was trying to protect what was left of the star was beaten. Trump's people are helping her now.

Hillary has called Trump supporters “deplorable” racists, Islamophobes, red-necked, under-educated morons. But, the tide turned against her when these “deplorables” adopted the epithet with pride. Sort of reminiscent of the “freaks” during the hippy days accepting the term and making it their own. Now that so much damaging information is being released by Wickileaks and Anonymous from the Democrats top leadership, Trump's popularity is going up rapidly.

This makes right now a very dangerous time, if history is any judge. We only have a week before the election. If they are going to kick the recent headlines to the curb, it's going to have to be with a distraction that is very big.

What's it going to be? World War with Russia? God forbid.

Natural disaster? Yellowstone is looking like a potential catastrophe. The St. Andreas fault as well as the Cascadia fault off the shores of Oregon and Washington are also showing signs of instability. We suspect that the military has weapons that could set them off.

Financial collapse? That's going to happen for sure. We just don't know if it will be before or after the election.

An EMP attack that destroys the internet and the electrical grid? Well, that would do it. No lights, ATM machines, gas pumps, television, heat, food deliveries to grocery stores, hospitals relying on all the machinery keeping people alive, nuclear power plants melting down. Unless we all started to live like the Amish immediately, most of us would be dead by the end of next year. Personally, I think this would be overkill.

What's left? My favorite! Alien invasion. Not the Mexican kind. Space aliens threatening us in some way that requires our allegiance to the New World Order to protect us. Perfect! Remember that story that Carol Rosen used to tell about her days as a close aide to Dr. Werner Von Braun. She said that one day TPTB will fake an alien invasion in an effort to control the world. And, gee, they just came out with the sequel to “Independence Day.” Coincidence? Maybe.

So, hang on to your hats, Dear Ones. The days we have been anticipating may just have arrived. Now, perhaps more than ever, our Campfire might be important to sustain each other.
So we are not going to quit now.

Love to you all.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Sunset comes to us all...

A Good Death

    The Murphinator had a mild heart attack on Groundhog Day. Once the EMT's were called, all sorts of emergency protocols were activated. He was admitted to the hospital in Bend and was scheduled for an angioplasty. He ended up getting the old stent that had been in his artery replaced by a new one and then another one was added. Then, they said there was something worrisome in his lungs, so he got another CAT scan. More tests were scheduled. Each time the results came in their assessment of his heart and lungs got worse. “Seems there is more damage to the heart than we thought,” the cardiologist said. “Might have a tumor in his lungs.”

They did not find a tumor, despite 50+ years of heavy smoking. I think they were disappointed. By the time he was in there for 3 days, they were telling him that they wanted him to be fitted for a defibrillator vest that would zap him automatically to re-start his heart In case it suddenly stopped. They told him that if he went home without it, he could just drop dead anytime. He went home anyway.

Now a nurse is supposed to be coming to our house tomorrow to make some sort of assessment. I think she is wondering what the heck is wrong with us. We just don't seem to be going along with the program.

I hate to be one of these old guys who talk about their health all the time. But, I think it is an issue that we are all going to face at one time or another, and it bears some scrutiny.

Let's face it, we are all going to die. Unless you are one of those who intend to have their head frozen and eventually transplanted onto a different body someday, death will come to us all. We are encouraged to plan for a good life. But, doesn't that include a good death?

There is a lot of hysteria about “death panels.” Sarah Palin and cohorts are always screaming about “death panels” and how horrific they are. I ask, “horrible for whom?” One of my worst memories is a time when I went to a convalescent hospital and was begged by several poor souls tied to their wheelchairs to help them escape. I failed them. They were doomed to languish in a nursing home that would extend their suffering until their last dime was collected. After that, it seems, death is allowed. If a death panel (end of life planning) can help me avoid this fate that I consider worse than death, I am all for it.

How about planning for a good death? Personally, I don't think going out whilst being zapped repeatedly by a defibrillating vest is an ideal way to go. Either is going out while in the hospital hooked up to a bunch of medical equipment and surrounded by hospital staff is very good either. Hospice seems like it would be a lot better. They only work with terminally ill people, so I don't think being a candidate for a future heart attack qualifies. One really good thing about hospice in Oregon, though, is that it is free.

Money is something rarely talked about in a hospital. Nobody has any idea how much these things cost, even though they work with them all the time. How much is the vest? Uh, no idea. It's been three days, and nobody can tell us yet. How much does it cost per day for the bed in the hospital. Uh, no idea.

I picked up the prescriptions that the cardiologist ordered. Over three hundred dollars for the drugs and a THOUSAND dollars for the inhalers. WHAT?? I didn't get the inhalers.

The Murphman doesn't have medicare drug coverage because he had not been taking any drugs other than vitamins and baby aspirin. Guess we are going to have to work on that. But, how much of your savings and estate is one supposed to devote to the medical establishment and pharmaceutical companies? Is it the same for a young man with maybe young children to raise and a seventy-five year old man who has already accomplished most of what he has wanted to do? Personally, I think life should be a lifetime, not a life sentence.

So here we are. Preppers who are now at a different stage of life. Our culture is not a lot of help. We have lived and prepared for many forms of doom. Earthquakes, financial collapse, WWIII, political upheaval – you name it. But, we have not gotten our heads around not being able to physically keep it up around here anymore.

This winter is killing us. We have lost four buildings due to snow load, including the tipi. Half the poles have broken In half. We've had to hire a guy to feed the animals, shovel snow off the roofs, and transport heavy bags of feed. We just can't do it by ourselves anymore.

So, what do we do? I'd like to sell the place as a doomstead to someone who is into gardening and raising animals. Then, I'd like to move to Bend, where it is a lower elevation, warmer, and close to my son. There are also a lot more things to do there, like go to movies and plays and concerts and such. If we weren't pretty sure that financial collapse is immanent, I'd want to purchase a duplex with Micah (my son). But, if his job disappears, and credit is frozen, we could lose everything. Maybe we should purchase a mobile home in a park and let them do the groundskeeping. Once we do eventually kick the bucket, Micah would inherit the place, and do what he wants. It could be income property, or he could sell it and leave the country. Whatever. That is my goal – leave him something so he can get a leg up in this deteriorating economy.

The Millennials and GenXers are facing disaster. Their parents will be suffering from Alzheimers and other debilitating illnesses, and a great number of their children will be autistic. And, along the way, they all will be poisoned with lead, mercury, GMO food, toxic pesticides, and gender-bending chemical additives and vaccines. And, we can't forget the radiation that is giving us cancer as well. They are going to need all the help they can get. I can't see diverting our resources to the shameful medical cartel in this country.

I have read that a lot of people are choosing to end their lives on cruise ships. Go for a cruise and then jump off the ship when it nears reaching home. Interesting. I'm also wondering if it will become a movement to commit suicide in some politically dramatic way once we have nothing left to loose.

I'm taking suggestions around what we should do in this next stage of life. Any ideas?

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


By freeacre

In the last week or so, Caitlin Jenner (formerly Bruce Jenner) was awarded a prize from Glamor Magazine for having the courage to come out as a woman. This from a magazine with a long history of advising women and catering to their tastes, supposedly. There is a problem regarding this to me: Caitlin Jenner is not a woman. “She” even has a penis! Even if she had her masculine genitalia removed, she would still be a surgically altered man.  I mean, that is fine with me. I could care less what he/she does. But, it becomes my problem if I have to enter a bathroom and sit next to some man taking a crap. Or, maybe he is jacking off whilst listening to women in the neighboring booths. Or, if teen-aged girls struggling with their periods have to change their tampons next to some boy who says he feels like a girl. WHAT??

All these years having our privacy destroyed by secret holes in the walls or ceilings of public bathrooms... we know there is a problem. So now these perverts are going to be able to share our bathrooms and we have no protection? I don't think so. Unacceptable. Anyplace that allows gender-neutral bathrooms will be boycotted by me. Or, I'll begin to bring my two million volt taser with me everywhere.

What is going on? Is this some sort of accommodation to the gender-bending additives that contaminate our food and plastics? Is this a conspiracy to destroy the traditional concepts of  masculinity and femininity?

I'm all for freedom to open up career opportunities for women  who want to be something other than secretaries, nurses or elementary school teachers. Do they even have secretaries anymore? But, we are more than our jobs.  I watched a moving video of The Rock (Duane Johnson) talking about his experience as the father of a newborn baby daughter. ( It was very heart-warming to me and a prime example of a healthy and valuable masculine response to fatherhood. He was overwhelmed with a sense of wanting to protect his daughter, and, I'm assuming, his wife.

Mothers have a natural response that is even more evident. When my newborn cried, my breasts would automatically respond with milk that could shoot out a couple of feet! A healthy feminine response to feed and nurture our children has been a staple of our evolutionary heritage since the beginning of time. A strong, protective man and a warm and nurturing woman are complimentary to each other, and provide the basis of the health of our species. Always has been.

But, now what?

Don't get me wrong. I am not anti-gay. Nature has always included gay people. Maybe 3-10% of the population. Personally, I believe that there is a special place for them that is valuable as well. If our culture wasn't so negative, perhaps homosexuals would be recognized has having special qualities of healing, communicating, art, or spiritual access that would be beneficial. Unless we give up the prejudice against them, we'll never know what we are missing.

But, that is not to say that we are all the same. We are not. Nature has carefully crafted the humans that we have. Now, I fear, we are screwing things all up.
The same goes for Muslims.

I had a girlfriend who fell in love with a Sufi Muslim and converted to marry him. They are the sweetest couple. Of course, Sufis are the metaphysical Muslims of the whirling dervish fame. Loving, peaceful and sweet people. Naturally, the Sunnis as well as the Shiites hate them. Once these sects start hating, they do not seem to get over it. They hate each other through generations, and it's still going strong. The only thing they seem to hate more than each other is us – non Muslims.

I have to admit that I am torn regarding the Islam immigrant (refugee?) situation.  I want to sympathize with the civilians fleeing for their lives in war-torn areas of the Middle East. Who can blame them?

On the other hand, this huge hoard is invading Europe (and, next, the U.S.) with little chance of assimilation. The vast majority are young single men of military age. They are prime breeders as well. Their reproductive capabilities alone will ensure the demise of the  historical European cultures within a couple of generations. These guys are not going to become the new Swedes, Germans, French or Italians.

I am not anti-immigrant, either. All of my grandparents were immigrants. Some from Sweden, some from Italy – all pleased to become Americans and help enrich and fight for their adopted country.  But, these European and Scandinavian immigrants had quite a lot in common. They were all from a Judeao-Christian background. They were mostly peasant stock – farmers and small shop owners.  They understood each other.

The ones they did not understand were the people of the First Nations – the Native Americans.  Rather than move to the American continent and assimilate into the greater culture of the 500 nations that were originally here, they ruthlessly wiped them out, and took over their lands.  The cultures were too different. The Christians considered the First People sub-human and destined to hell unless converted to Christianity. Farmers verses hunter-gatherers. Within no time, the indigenous people were wiped out due to disease, war, and reservations that stripped them of their languages and culture.

If several hundreds of thousands of Muslims are introduced into this country now, I expect that we will be experiencing much the same fate as the Native Americans.

Where are the masculine men who will protect their wives and daughters from the marauding sexual supremacists who don't allow their women to read or drive or be seen in public without a male relative escort? Who is standing up against the rape, genital mutilation,  incest and pedophilia perpetrated by these invaders? Who protects the sons from having their hands or feet cut off or being crucified for minor infractions of the rules, as is done in Saudi Arabia?

Something tells me it ain't going to be Caitlyn Jenner.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

I just really like tulips.

From Freeacre

They Got Me

I just spent ten minutes trying to decide whether to begin  with “They Got Me” or “It got me.”
… whatever, I have been “got.”  I have been diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer. Adenoidal cystic carcinoma.

Yup. Me.

This is in addition to one of my best friends and neighbors, Julia, who is currently dying of 4th stage lung cancer. She's about ten years younger than me and hasn't smoked in over ten years. And then there is Steve, one of our oldest friends from Michigan who is in hospice care now due to dying of pancreatic cancer. One of our other friends from the Grange is a cancer survivor who keeps on getting it, but keeps managing to survive so she can get it again. Another couple from the Grange is on the way out. The wife has stage four brain cancer and now her husband has a critical heart problem.

I bet you have friends and relatives who are going through the same thing.

Do you think it is paranoid to think that we are being killed off on purpose? Or is it simply greed that accounts for the regulatory agencies being staffed with former employees of Monsanto and the pharmaceutical companies? Thus, the FDA approves the use of glysophate which poisons our food, mercury, barium, and aluminum in the mandatory vaccines, outlaws the labeling of GMO foods, feed lots are the biggest user of antibiotics (there-by creating drug-resistant bacteria), carcinogenic additives used in almost all processed foods, and on and on. Greed, design, or both?

Let's see. In 1972 or so, I worked in one of the most prestigious children's mental hospitals in the world – the Nicholas J. Pritzker Children's Hospital in Chicago. It took them two months to figure out what was wrong with this little kid. He was over-weight, didn't talk, and had “transition anxiety.” That meant you had to drag him between rooms. He would also get up early and stand outside the nurses' station in anticipation of them posting the new shift schedule on the wall. He loved lists. When a new one would go up, he would squeal in excitement. When agitated, he would slap his knees together, flap his hands, and moan. He was seven. Turns out, he had autism. First case anyone there had seen. Now, it is one in fifty-eight. Why is there no concerted effort to end this hideous ailment?

And cancer. Wow. What an industry. Just about the most lucrative thing going – next to the arms industry. Have you been to a cancer center? Ours reminds me of when Katnis and Peata went to the Capitol and saw all the opulence that had been denied to the outlying Districts in Hunger Games. Incredible buildings – double etched glass office windows, beautiful artwork all over the place, brand-new furnishings, nothing looks even mildly worn.

Where is all the money coming from? Oh, yeah, us. We are not just getting sick and dying. We are being fleeced of everything we have on the way out.

The fine print on Oregon's medical health plan says that all the money that the State subsidizes your medical care with will be reimbursed from your estate upon your death. Nobody I have talked to about it, realizes that. So, I did not sign up for it.

I now have Medicare. I have to look up what that actually pays for. I think there is a $5,000 deductible. If paying for all this would lead to disenfranchising the Murpinator and my son from the home and property, I just won't do it. 

I did ask the oncologist what would happen if I didn't do anything. She told me that my breast would eventually fill up with cancer and that this is a kind that hurts. Then, it would burst through my skin. The tumors would stink like rotting meat, and would draw insects! Fuck me! She made a real strong case for surgery. The radiologist will probably do the same thing.

I asked about drinking baking soda and water to change to a more alkaline system. From what one reads on the internet, an alkaline environment kills cancer. She said that was all bullshit. No matter what you eat, cells stay at 7.0 ph. Period.  I'm drinking it anyway. I'm also doing a liver cleanse tea to strengthen my immune system.

But, enough about me. What about the program to kill us off? It seems pretty obvious that the Earth cannot sustain unrelenting “growth” based on commodities that are limited. It was estimated that for every household in the world to have a refrigerator, we would need three Earths to produce all the damn things if we have a population of seven billion, on the way to eleven billion. And, that doesn't even factor in the robotics. What? They figure that at least a third of our jobs will be replaced by robots real soon. Not just manufacturing. Doctors, teachers, waiters, hell, even hookers will be replaced by robots.

So, what's a motherfucker to do? Get sick, get relieved of every dime you have been able to save first, then die. Oh, and along the way, be assailed by all the “support” teams in your face at every opportunity. Cancer Runs. Cancer support groups. Cancer Society. Oh, it's all so inspiring. Again, a lot like “The Hunger Games.” We could call them “The Cancer Games.”

What if there were a rebellion? What would it look like? I have some ideas, but if I wrote them down, I'd probably get rounded up.