Monday, February 15, 2016

Sunset comes to us all...

A Good Death

    The Murphinator had a mild heart attack on Groundhog Day. Once the EMT's were called, all sorts of emergency protocols were activated. He was admitted to the hospital in Bend and was scheduled for an angioplasty. He ended up getting the old stent that had been in his artery replaced by a new one and then another one was added. Then, they said there was something worrisome in his lungs, so he got another CAT scan. More tests were scheduled. Each time the results came in their assessment of his heart and lungs got worse. “Seems there is more damage to the heart than we thought,” the cardiologist said. “Might have a tumor in his lungs.”

They did not find a tumor, despite 50+ years of heavy smoking. I think they were disappointed. By the time he was in there for 3 days, they were telling him that they wanted him to be fitted for a defibrillator vest that would zap him automatically to re-start his heart In case it suddenly stopped. They told him that if he went home without it, he could just drop dead anytime. He went home anyway.

Now a nurse is supposed to be coming to our house tomorrow to make some sort of assessment. I think she is wondering what the heck is wrong with us. We just don't seem to be going along with the program.

I hate to be one of these old guys who talk about their health all the time. But, I think it is an issue that we are all going to face at one time or another, and it bears some scrutiny.

Let's face it, we are all going to die. Unless you are one of those who intend to have their head frozen and eventually transplanted onto a different body someday, death will come to us all. We are encouraged to plan for a good life. But, doesn't that include a good death?

There is a lot of hysteria about “death panels.” Sarah Palin and cohorts are always screaming about “death panels” and how horrific they are. I ask, “horrible for whom?” One of my worst memories is a time when I went to a convalescent hospital and was begged by several poor souls tied to their wheelchairs to help them escape. I failed them. They were doomed to languish in a nursing home that would extend their suffering until their last dime was collected. After that, it seems, death is allowed. If a death panel (end of life planning) can help me avoid this fate that I consider worse than death, I am all for it.

How about planning for a good death? Personally, I don't think going out whilst being zapped repeatedly by a defibrillating vest is an ideal way to go. Either is going out while in the hospital hooked up to a bunch of medical equipment and surrounded by hospital staff is very good either. Hospice seems like it would be a lot better. They only work with terminally ill people, so I don't think being a candidate for a future heart attack qualifies. One really good thing about hospice in Oregon, though, is that it is free.

Money is something rarely talked about in a hospital. Nobody has any idea how much these things cost, even though they work with them all the time. How much is the vest? Uh, no idea. It's been three days, and nobody can tell us yet. How much does it cost per day for the bed in the hospital. Uh, no idea.

I picked up the prescriptions that the cardiologist ordered. Over three hundred dollars for the drugs and a THOUSAND dollars for the inhalers. WHAT?? I didn't get the inhalers.

The Murphman doesn't have medicare drug coverage because he had not been taking any drugs other than vitamins and baby aspirin. Guess we are going to have to work on that. But, how much of your savings and estate is one supposed to devote to the medical establishment and pharmaceutical companies? Is it the same for a young man with maybe young children to raise and a seventy-five year old man who has already accomplished most of what he has wanted to do? Personally, I think life should be a lifetime, not a life sentence.

So here we are. Preppers who are now at a different stage of life. Our culture is not a lot of help. We have lived and prepared for many forms of doom. Earthquakes, financial collapse, WWIII, political upheaval – you name it. But, we have not gotten our heads around not being able to physically keep it up around here anymore.

This winter is killing us. We have lost four buildings due to snow load, including the tipi. Half the poles have broken In half. We've had to hire a guy to feed the animals, shovel snow off the roofs, and transport heavy bags of feed. We just can't do it by ourselves anymore.

So, what do we do? I'd like to sell the place as a doomstead to someone who is into gardening and raising animals. Then, I'd like to move to Bend, where it is a lower elevation, warmer, and close to my son. There are also a lot more things to do there, like go to movies and plays and concerts and such. If we weren't pretty sure that financial collapse is immanent, I'd want to purchase a duplex with Micah (my son). But, if his job disappears, and credit is frozen, we could lose everything. Maybe we should purchase a mobile home in a park and let them do the groundskeeping. Once we do eventually kick the bucket, Micah would inherit the place, and do what he wants. It could be income property, or he could sell it and leave the country. Whatever. That is my goal – leave him something so he can get a leg up in this deteriorating economy.

The Millennials and GenXers are facing disaster. Their parents will be suffering from Alzheimers and other debilitating illnesses, and a great number of their children will be autistic. And, along the way, they all will be poisoned with lead, mercury, GMO food, toxic pesticides, and gender-bending chemical additives and vaccines. And, we can't forget the radiation that is giving us cancer as well. They are going to need all the help they can get. I can't see diverting our resources to the shameful medical cartel in this country.

I have read that a lot of people are choosing to end their lives on cruise ships. Go for a cruise and then jump off the ship when it nears reaching home. Interesting. I'm also wondering if it will become a movement to commit suicide in some politically dramatic way once we have nothing left to loose.

I'm taking suggestions around what we should do in this next stage of life. Any ideas?


freeacre said...

To continue my conversation with Rockpicker, I am copying the comment I just made on the last post before I put this new one up. Regarding Scalia's death:

Yeah. No investigation, declared a death from "natural causes" without looking at him by a justice of the peace over the phone??? They say the door was locked - I imagine from the inside. But was there not a window or a sliding deck door that an intruder could have gone through? Any check for fingerprints or investigation of a crime scene? No. Sounds real fishy to me.

And, if Hillary (after her humiliating losses in the primaries) is nominated for Supreme Court Justice to replace Scalia, I fear my head will explode.

izzy said...

Damn. My sympathies & condolences, but even beyond that a sense of identification. Now in a similar age bracket myself, I've had plenty of experience watching relatives and friends go through such life-changing and life-ending episodes, and the unanimous consensus is that no one wants to spend their final time in the clutches of the modern medical machine. Not only is it heartless and dehumanizing, the process will also do it's best to strip away any accumulated wealth. Talk about a death trap. It might even exceed the legal system in it's malicious application.

Getting older comes with a lot of changes that only become real as they are experienced, and even relative good health won't prevent a diminishment of youthful capacities. The whole back-to-the-land homesteading thing just gets to be too hard a some point, and kicking back and smelling a few daisies before we have to push them up doesn't seem like an unreasonable burden on the universe. Hope things work out for you.

freeacre said...

Izzy, "death trap" is a good term. Thanks for your comment. Is this, by chance, Izzy from my hometown past?
Yeah, fun things are beginning to be a priority. For one thing, looking forward to fun activities is something to keep from getting terminally depressed.

izzy said...

Izzy is a nom-de-plume, don't think we've ever met. But I recall having breakfast in Bend on a camping trip years ago. A nice area.

Unknown said...

I'm wishing I could drop by and help you through this, you're a long way from Corvallis. I commented here years ago about wetikos big pharma scam and totally understand how perplexing its behavior seems toward those of us literally from another world.

I'm grateful for the wisdom put forth here and send you Love and healing vibes.


Anonymous said...


I saw the door was open and poked my nose around it to see if there was anybody home and I am met with this cluster-fuck. What a situation, I am so sorry. Last time it was you that was in hospital. I called Murph at the time. I sure hope things worked out okay afterwards. I am a little bit confused about Murph because you begin by saying that it was a mild attack, although not the first but the more you say, the worse it sounds. Do you have a real prognosis? Would a pacemaker help? Like Murph and Izzy, I too am a boomer. I never really understood this Gen X and Gen Y business, no one explained it to me. It seems to me you are at the acceptance stage but not the giving up stage. I am the stage before that one. Personally, I subscribe to the Woody Allen view on this. He said “Most people achieve immortality through their work but he wanted to do it by simply not dying.” However it is unfortunately an inevitability for everyone and at least we and our northern neighbour have euthanasia if the situation becomes too unbearable. I looked up what other countries might have joined in on this and here is the list: Netherlands; Belgium; Luxembourg; Norway Sweden; Finland; Albania; Switzerland Thailand and the State of Oregon, with Montana and New Hampshire sitting on the fence. So there you have it.

For me, I like quietly getting on with my life. I have heard it said that women like compliments on how they look and men like compliments for making things or fixing things. That sounds about right, Chris still buys clothes and I buy tools and machines. Don't always use them right away but just having them is important, although finding somewhere to put them in a one bedroom flat is the bigger problem. I take the view that I am smart enough to figure that one out later.

Over the last few years you have been in two minds over whether to put a garden in or not. I guess the decision is made on that one now. How does Murph feel about a move to Bend? I came across this low price housing project the other day, a new scientifically designed compact house for around $20,000. Maybe it is something for you. Maybe one for Micah next door too?

Maybe if you sold up you might have a bit over for a bit of medical tourism. I think Murph's problem with this may lie in the airport rather than in the aeroplane. Did you ever see Michael Moore's Sicko? The implication was that some US doctors are in the pockets of the insurance companies and big pharma and tend to needlessly over prescribe. I don't know what can be in an inhaler for one thousand bucks. You can sometimes buy nebulisers in the supermarkets here for not much money and asthma puffers are not that expensive. If you let me have a list of the meds by e mail I will see what is available over here. Alternatively there is always the internet.

We saw the New York snow on the news and heard it was pretty bad overall. Over here we have been enjoying the fruits of Global Warming, T shirts in December and up to now we have woken up to three mornings of crunchy grass which quickly melted away in the sunshine, and that has been it.

Finally, a by the way. I never fell out with anyone here. If anything it was the internet. It was only a year ago I could not get from the bedroom to the bathroom of a morning without going by way of the computer. Now it doesn't go on for days at a time. I know what is roughly going on in the world without the need for the daily scares and I am past the stage of becoming an urban guerrilla. Now I use the computer mainly for hobby things.

I hope that with some quiet time you can now have a bit of convalescence to aid recovery.


Anonymous said...

Been just dropping in only once in a good while and...DANG! -this ain't good news, guys. Sorry you're in a bad way, Murph. Moving to Bent might be a good idea, though, and a mobile home park sounds good, too. But, the two parks I used to live in, I still had to trim and mow the lawn around my place. My Mom rents a duplex and she just loves it, but that's because it a newer place and she has a great landlord (knock on wood). If something goes wrong, like the frig making some nasty sounds, she just calls him and he calls someone to come over and fix it. Hopefully the guy lives for another decade or two and never wants to sell the place.

Hey, aren't you at the stage where you're SUPPOSED to complain about your ailments? Hell, I plan on being one of those crotchitty old dudes who bitches and complains about -everything, when I retire (retire? yeah, right). In fact, I'm already practicing on my neighbors with, "You bratty kids! Get off my lawn!" And my favorite, "HA! You don't know anything! When I was your age, blah, blah!"
Anyway, when my Mom complains about her ailments and tells me this old age stuff sucks, wishing she didn't have to go through the throngs of it all, I tell her that... she should take up sky diving -OH, and tell the sky master, "Parachute? Naw... I don't need no parachute. Thanks anyway."

I never heard of the death by "overboard," though. I did hear of an older woman who actually LIVES on cruise ships. She calculated that she'd spend just as much money on cruise ships as she would in an assisted living facility. On cruise ships she gets elaborate meals, entertainment, nice scenery and there's always a doctor on board.

Not sure if I have any good ideas for you two, but, seeing how TPTB are itching to start WWIII, you might not have to make any decisions at all. Reminds me of an old George Carlin

If it were me... getting out of the cold would be #1. The ultimate... selling everything I own and use the money to rent a hut on a warm beach in a place like Belize or some remote island in Indonesia.

So, I've just spent MY 2 cents worth.

Keep us posted on your situation.

Later -


freeacre said...

So nice to hear from all you guys. It has been awhile. Glad you are still with us.

One thing I'd like to do would be to go on one of those European river cruises. There is one that goes to Amsterdam that I always drool over. It would be great to meet you and Chris there, Spirit Across the Sea. Just maybe someday. I'd like to hear your thoughts on the Muslim invasion.

Hey, Randy, what do you think of Trump?

Bud Ditlow said...

Oooooh, a European cruise would be the ticket! It's probably the only type of cruise I'd consider -those Carnival or Princess cruises in the Caribbean? Nawww... I think a European river cruises would incorporate more stops so you'd get to experience some of the culture -in a more relaxing atmosphere. But, getting to Europe from OR would be a very loooong trip. You two know any Espaniol? How about a place named in one of my favorite movies: Zihuatanejo.

Trump? Believe it or not, I've pretty much muted any and all noise of the presidential campaign BS. It's just one long, bad circus with no acts, just clowns. I could care less which puppet get's selected to lie to us.

What I'm more concerned about is stuff that's happening here in "Beijing of the Rockies." Our "Churchislature" is legislating morality again. Last week, one lone state representative drafted an initiative for a bill to allow medical weed and he had some other representatives join him on this, but...and it was printed plainly in the paper...soon after this story broke, THE CHURCH weighed in on it and said, "NO." So, the other two representatives decided not to back the measure and so it has died "in committee." This "We have to run it by The Church first." happens a lot and even though it's reported in black and white, no one can do anything to separate The CHURCH from the state. It's just mind-boggling, really. When I leave here to go visit my Ma in Arizona, I turn on my $10 Tracfone at the AZ border and call the Wifeepoo and scream (in a Mel Gibson Scottish accent) "FREEDOM!!!!"

Later -


Anonymous said...


Freeacre, A river cruise sounds pretty cool. Which particular one did you fancy. It is possible to get from Amsterdam all the way to Budapest in Hungary along the Rhine and Danube. It takes two weeks but it ain't cheap, 4000 – 5000 bucks depending but it would be the trip of a lifetime.
We have done a day trip through a wetland nature park in Holland but that is nothing in comparrison. There again the sun was shining and it was a fine day out. Here is a map with Amsterdam in the north and Antwerp in the south.,4.712201,9z

Find Rotterdam in the centre. Slightly SE is Dordecht and slightly SE again is a green area called the Biesbosch where two major rivers, the Rhine and the Maas (Meuse in French) come together. If it wasn't for the electricity pylons in the distance you could sail along in the sunshine, half close your eyes and imagine you were somewhere in South America. Here is a sample:

The boat we went on comes into view on the left between seconds 5 – 15.

The Sognefjorden cruise in Norway is supposed to be one of the most beautiful in the world. Here is a taste:

When I was at school, a long time ago, we went on a summer trip to Norway. Sailed right along one fjord, can't remember which one now. When we got to the end we spent 3 days trecking over the mountains, staying in mountain lodges overnight. In the meantime the boat had sailed around to the next fjord, picked us up and took us back to the beginning. I couldn't do that with Chris now but the cruise part would sure be interesting.

You know you and Murph have an open invitation to crash on our sofa bed or we could find you a reaonable hotel in Antwerp – whatever is good. We would arrange trips out, it wouldn't just be around here, you would see stuff. Murph needs your attention at the moment but let us know if and when.

Anonymous said...

Ha, Freeacre, I had a wry smile at your last question and how we all unintentionally give our own feelings away. You didn't ask how Europeans felt about the sheer number of refugees escaping the war zone, you asked an opinion on the Muslim invasion:) Well, it turns out my feelings are roughly the same as yours. Firstly, let me say that I am not racist, I couldn't care less if they are all green and come from Mars. If a Muslim helps to push my car when it won't go, I will buy him a beer next time I see him or more likely give him ten bucks towards a new prayer mat. Having got that out of the way, the one thing I always return to in all of this, and other matters too, is a throw away statement by FDR just after WWll. I paraphrase here but what he said was “That although it may seem to most people that world events are spontaneous and great nations take measures and react to the vagueries of fate, there is nothing that ever happens in the world that in not meticulously planned down to the last detail.” Whenever America tries its best to help in the world, it always manages to leave behind a trail of failed states. We have all seen that over recent years in North Africa and the Middle East. Syria is slightly different. They didn't leave a power vacuum behind as they did in Libya and Tunisia and they have not tried to install a puppet government as they did in Iraq and Egypt. Assad seems to be the elected leader that everybody hates but to whom there is no identifiably strong political opposition so maybe that is good enough for the time being. As for theocratic opposition, did the US create the conditions to bring about a Caliphate and thus extend the already seemingly endless war in order to rake in armament dollars whilst controlling the population at the same time? I think that is in the category of strong speculation.

Anonymous said...

I reckon you guessed the last was from me

So back to the Muslim hoards. Over here they are referred to as 'vluchtlingen' which translates to people in flight even though only about a quarter of them are coming out of a war zone. The other three quarters or so, are economic migrants jumping on the bandwagon and this is known.
If we accept FDR's premise, then they are here because somebody wants them to be here. The next question is why? Let's say for now it is to cause disruption and then we look at what is going on in the world. Obama inherited a bad economy and has brought it to the point, we are told, where recovery is impossible. Russia's and China's economies are tanking and this is affecting other economies in the Far East. Africa has always been a basket case, especially so since the wheels to the north fell off. If Europe can be weakened then what is left to oppose a world takeover? Well there is Middle and South America, Australia and Antartica, you can take your pick. Having said that I think the European Planning has fallen slightly apart in the details. Extreme right wing parties seem generally to have been eclipsed by slightly right of centre parties. Overall, European peoples have behaved the way Jesus would have behaved and opened their arms and hearts to this diaspora.

What I am not hearing is interesting. No one is talking about the dilution of indigenous cultures. No one is saying that when these refugees become established in their country of choice, these are the ones who are going to work below the minimum wage and take our jobs off us. Last years big story was whether Greece would exit the Euro zone because it couldn't pay its way. I have not heard anyone from Greece saying “How are we going to feed this lot when we can't feed our own?” Nobody is talking about the fact that population rates in all European countries are falling and the effect on their own way of life when people of other cultures start outbreeding them.
If satellites are being used to see if European farmers have misrepresented their number of livestock declared on official forms then why cannot the same technology be used to allow the European navies to turn back these migrant boats as soon as they enter international waters? And why are these human traffickers not thrown into jail when local coast guards intercept them. I have a feeling that it was the European people that were supposed to be up in arms at all this, with their governments telling them not to be mean but then a curious thing happened. The administration in Hungary declared that it was now full and from one day on the next installed razor wire around its southern border and men with big guns standing behind it. And they started asking “What does Shengin mean?” Whoops, that was not supposed to happen. To prevent a domino effect, the EU quickly got its head together and declared that there would be a cut off date for accepting refugees / migrants. I am not sure what this date is but it is in a couple of months. Europe also sees the whole refugee situation as Turkey's responsibility and Turkey is playing pass the parcel. Europe has also said that any people that land in Europe after this cut off date, will be sent to Turkey whether that is where they started out from or not. It will be interesting to see what happens.
One Syrian refugee that was interviewed for the news said that he didn't want to come to Europe at all. He was Syrian, that's where his life is and he just wanted somewhere to stay until it was safe to take his family back to Syria. Let's hope he can start a trend.

Anonymous said...


Here are some short news items from yesterday re the Muslim hoardes.
In this one they show their gratitude by biting the hand that is feeding them.

This one is about general feeling in one of the big cities – no comment.

Looks like you dragged me back in fa :)
Keep us posted on Murph. Btw, how are you keeping after your small op?
Sorry for hijacking the post but you did ask – someone elses turn next.

freeacre said...

Ha, Spirit, I'm glad I dragged you back to the Campfire! It is not the same around here without you.

Yes, you detected my slant on the Muslim hoards. We recently watched the movie, "The 300" about the Spartans holding off the Persians ginormous assault on Greece at Thermopylae. It was the fight for a society based on reason, not religion. It eventually led to our Western tradition of the right to habeas corpus, rule of law, separation of church and state, et al.

So now, a couple of thousand years later, we are struggling with the same fucking assholes who, basically, have not changed since then. So, what makes anyone think that they will learn to adapt to a new Western culture? I am not a racist, either. I'd welcome them if they would agree to give up their devotion to Sharia Law. But, their outrageous actions against women, rape of women and children, crapping all over the place, being hostile drunks, etc, is a jaw-dropping outrage. I would think that the Muslims who have been living peacefully in the Western countries would step up to keep these people in line. But, they seem to be afraid of the invaders as well.
This seems to be the Neo-con End Game. Destabilize the whole world, then form a One World Government with the Globalist Bankers and Corporations in charge. My hope is that they have gone too far, and the resistance will prevail.
Potentially, we have some of the same problem with our own fundamentalists. Tom Cruz's father is a Dominionist preacher - full-blown supporter of a Theocratic state. Rubio is scary as well. Both sound to me as if they could start talking in tongues and rolling around on the floor at any minute. And, as usual, our Council of Churches is silent. Nobody stands up to these jerk-offs - except Trump.
What a world.

Anonymous said...


I think I have said that quote from JFK, a long time ago now so maybe it will bear repeating. “The trouble with fundamentalists is not that they are fundamental it is that they are always so damned intolerant.” It seems they never learned to catch flies with honey instead of vinegar. I was trying to think of an example. Say, when the Brits went into India, I don't think any of them converted to Hinduism and I don't think any, or very many, Hindus converted to Christianity but they managed to
get on with each other by respecting the differences. Mind you, I think the reason for the mutiny was a put up job. I don't believe the Brits lubed their guns with fat made from the Hindu's sacred animals but the rumours were enough to get the job done – once again. I know it is hard to give up believing what you have been taught from childhood to be true but it is the intolerance and lack of respect that turns people against the fundies. The solution is quite simple. If they are not prepared to be tolerant and respectful, then just don't come.

Re what you said about Sharia law, Did you ever see the film “The Stoning of Soraya M” It is based on a true story and was awarded five stars by the FT and Four stars by a whole bunch of others. A must watch if you haven't seen it but be prepared not to feel as good with yourself afterwards as before.

I have only been watching your election build up from a distance so I don't really know too much this time around but there seems to be some scary ones in the bunch. Having said that I think I would even prefer Rubio to that nice old lady with the poisoned apples. I hope Bernie fucks her. Not literally of course, that would be too gross and anyway that is rumoured to be Huma's job. I will have to stop myself saying this stuff. What happened to Rand Paul? He was reported to be a NWO plant. Did people believe it or did they say Not another political Paul or did they have sincerity fatigue and prefer what the knew? The Donald and Bernie show is shaping up to be good entertainment. I will have to tune into that more as the time approaches.

Mentioning Tom Cruise, whatever happened to Ron Hubbard? Did he die or maybe retire to Taihiti?

freeacre said...

HaHa! Of course, I meant Ted Cruz.

I used to know what happened to Ron Hubbard. I'm pretty sure he's been dead for some time. I'd have to Wikipedia him.

I'd certainly prefer Tom Cruise to Ted Cruz.


Anonymous said...


Just a couple of news items from over here I thought I would pass on. Today the government introduced a speculation tax. Just as normal folks have to pay a gambling tax when they bet on horse races or football results, now the upper crust will have to pay 30% on their profits from investing on the stock exchange, derivatives and similar. Hopefully it will be a trend that catches on. On the other side, the interrior minister is trying a move to put all folks finger prints on their passports and identity cards, which they have over here. He is now consulting with the privacy commission. Freedom and security comes to mind, let's hope this one withers on the vine.

freeacre said...

Even as jaded as I am, I am completely amazed at the bullshit going on around the political campaign runs.
But, yesterday, things turned lethal.
If this is true, it is really tragic. Here is a 37 year old, black student who just earned his MBA, was a chef, and intended to open a restaurant. Now dead because he supported Trump's policies of encouraging business acumen and avoiding dependence to the state. And, the media blames Trump. This is jaw-dropping to me.

Now we can witness all the forces that TPTB has to collectively destroy Trump. Right, Left, and Center - all united in their efforts to continue the neo-con's strangle-hold on power. This is going to be a wonder to behold. It has gone beyond name-calling, labels of fascist, thug, criminal, narcissist, etc. - now it will probably introduce rioting, drones, murder, false-flag events, and whatever else they can think of. All of this to enable the Clintons to re-infest the White House ad continue the dominance of the global corporations and central banks.

Where is that asteroid when we need it?

christina melton said...

So sorry for the storms and winds that are buffeting the two of you. There are no words. I hope for a Chinook on your horizons. Beautiful music, books that grab you by the heart and take you on a journey. A warm, early spring. You are good people. SEEKER

Zoner said...

As a younger person looking ahead a bit, shedding those things that consume great quantities of time and energy simply to maintain becomes a priority. Ten years ago, when I may have first been drawn to this warming fire, the lifestyle was tremendously attractive and I personally wanted to emulate what I saw here. Now, at only 52, I am facing further encroachment myself of the effects of being alive in a body, and the idea of striking out into the wild and homesteading seems simply impossible.

You have seemed to live it in a manner that hopefully leaves a sense of pride and accomplishment with you the rest of your days, however many that should be or how you may choose to proceed from here. I have so much respect for your spirit, and for the way you seemed to overcome your challenges and maintain your ideals and integrity when the usual jabs were thrown by U. You have taken a lot of blows over the years and also shared your joys and yourselves with us in a most open and honest way. I want to thank you for that. I seldom comment any more but lurk and read and feel a lasting sense of unity with all of you, thou we have never met.

Pulling up stakes and leaving the true toil for others will allow you do 2 important things; embrace each moment fully without having to sweat a lengthy chore list just to get to the next sunrise, and also, and I do hope you understand the spirit in which I am trying to convey this, you can allow another group of souls to benefit from your past efforts and continue to maintain and improve the land you have put so much of yourselves into. I can imagine that your spot has accumulated many good vibes and protecting energies and it may be that you are being not so subtly nudged by whatever it is that nudges. I don't know. I wish I could lend assistance somehow but I am very soon to be run through the medical grinder myself and will be down hard for many weeks recovering. Hopefully the weather will give you a break soon.

If I am allowed to reflect on my own situation further, it seems apparent that delaying grabbing any available moment of potential light or a smile or to do something that is an expression of love for someone is egregious. I cannot wait any longer for "someday" to arrive, because soon enough, we simply run out of time. Make your days easier, and embrace the opportunity to have as much positive interaction with your world and others inhabiting it every moment. F the pols, the news, cold weather, anything that brings up a perceived need to "prepare" for their workings. LIve with a smile in spite of those bastards. You guys have earned it!

I fully appreciate the end-of-life options. None seem too appealing really, especially any form of institutional care. I don't know how exactly one could plan it really. I watched my mother lie in a coma for a month before she was removed from life-support. In her only semi-conscious moment during the whole visit, she managed to utter 2 words to me. "End this" she said, but her husband managed to keep her in that state for a couple more weeks before he was done with his trip. My father got to "hospice" at home with his family around him. One night he woke up in the middle of the night and asked me if he was dead yet. He was losing it and the next day asked me to help him exit so I did. I pray I am that lucky when the time comes.

Thank you All.

Best of luck to you beautiful souls. All of us really. Z

rockpicker said...

Ruthie Loved To Sing

I whistle songs my mother learned
when war was just a story lean men told,
evenings on the stoop, in smoke,
or rumors of massed troops and arms
threatening French vineyards
and the rutabaga farms. She knew
the words to two hundred songs,
sang them at the kitchen sink, washing
dishes and unthinkable war away,
carried tunes with her every day like keys,
rattled them out, driving. She crooned
us to school. Years later, her warrior men
dead and short-term memory snow,
her songs still lilted nursing home halls
like smoke from a pipe lit years ago.

rockpicker said...


Here's a classic Stefan Molyneaux video comment.

freeacre said...

What a sweetheart you are, Zoner. Thank you for your kind words. It does seem unreal to be planning to give up the doomstead for a more normal lifestyle in Prineville. But, damn, it would be nice to have a bigger house and less outside duties to perform. And, it would be nice to be able to travel.

Still got goosebumps from "Ruthie Loved to Sing," Rockpicker. Beautiful. Makes me wonder what my son will remember about me.
"... Years later, her warrior men
dead and short-term memory snow,
her songs still lilted nursing home halls
like smoke from a pipe lit years ago." Got to go get a Kleenex.

freeacre said...

So sorry for you and your countrymen after the attacks in Brussels, SATS. I hope that nobody you know was injured.

Let's see how many of these attacks happen before people who object to unlimited immigration will stop being labeled "racists." What a pant-load.

Anonymous said...


Yeh, thanks for that freeacre, nobody I know thankfully but that would be unusual, I am a bit of an ungregarious type, if that is a real word. It is the only thing that has been on TV today. It had been running since late morning until about nine in the evening without a break, just going around and around. I joined in at about four pm. IS have claimed responsibility. Rudy Franckx who is a war / foreign affairs correspondent and documentary compiler who I have a lot of time for, made a good point that because of the timing it could be construed as retaliation against the arrest but it could equally be another in a series of planned attacks like the London underground, the Madrid train bomb, Paris and now Brussels. Belgium is small but it is a gateway to the rest of western Europe. Personally I think we should stop fucking around and put a theatre nuke into the Caliphate. That would be game over.

No asteroid fa but the threat of nukes is scheduled for this September complete with the second coming of Jesus, if you believe the chatter building up on the web. We all believed that chem trails were to keep the harmful rays of the sun out and reduce global warming but what if they are a medium to reflect Jesus holograms. It seems far fetched but maybe that photo you put up here Dec15 2009 was a try out. I will bet they thought we had all forgotten about that one. As Rudy Franckx said tonight, “You can speculate all you like but what was planned is what has happened”, or will happen. One thing though, the internet has made a lot of people more aware. Wouldn't it be something if TPTB had spent 3,000 years planning an event and no one turned up?

A bigger house with more elbow room, less work dictated by the seasons and a bit more travel sounds about right to me. Here is drinking to that one. And get somebody else to do the move. Keep us up to date on health issues and let us know if there is anything we can do, albeit from a distance.

I don't want to start picking between the contributors here but that was one from the heart from Zoner.

rockpicker said...

from Steve Quayle Alerts page:


Steve- This morning, 3/21/16, I received notification that the conditions
of my Chase Visa credit card agreement changed effective March 18: From JP
Morgan Chase & Co. states the following: We will assign a credit access
line to your account, and post it on your monthly billing statement. We may
cancel, change or restrict your credit availability at any time. Each
transaction is considered for approval on an individual basis, including
those above the credit access line. We may not approve all transactions.

In essence: My credit limit is now a credit ACCESS line which is now
subject to their approval/monitoring/CONTROLLING of any/all of my
purchases, donations, or uses of their credit access line.
I now have to be prepared to have backup means in case they decide to
reject my request. It apparently does not matter that you can pay for the
purchase, but whether or not they want you to have it.
I pay my bills. I am never nor have I ever been late.
I do not go over my limit. Was wondering if this has happened to anyone
Controls are lining up. The squeeze is on. The Chip is next.

Thank you for all you do, I have been following your fruits for over a
decade. You are very much appreciated and lifted in prayer

Mar 21, 2016

rockpicker said...

Hey, Hotsprings. Any news on the shooting and arrests outside Apple Valley? Quayle is reporting a group of middle eastern looking young men fired shots at campers at the springs in the State rec. area. He's got photos. Hope you weren't a victim.

Hotspringswizard said...

This incident happened Easter Sunday morning. There is various info/articles to be found here at this Deep Creek Hot Springs Forum, . I am one of the moderators there, my posting name is Wizard. My post title ( its at the top currently ) is " Shooting at DCHS today? ". Within the Victor Valley News article I posted a comment about and gave the link for, at the top there is an audio for some Sheriffs scanner radio discussions going on when one group was coming up the Bowen Ranch trail from the springs. I have seen reports from a number of people who were there at the springs when this happened. The reports do not suggest the campers/visitors to the springs were fired at, but that the shots where fired very nearby. I was not there, but will be tomorrow. Some are suggesting its some sort of terrorist incident, but I think the whole thing is rather odd, time, place, this kind of thing at a remote hot springs?

rockpicker said...

April 15, 2015

Stop Here On Red

What do you say when the nation's top expert demolishes the official story?
Scrutinizes every column in his power point, rebars blatant allegations jutting
out not in? The local stations reporting all afternoon, unexploded devices
still being removed. No mention on the national news at six.

What's to think when the debris pile just doesn't stack up?
When the hole is too small, the brand new hardened concrete walls
too thick and many for a carbon nose cone, the targeted accountants
too well-placed and unlucky to make suspected wrong-doing stick?

Doesn't even one impossible maneuver of a question banked hard
in its descending corkscrew still smolder in the back of your mind?
Setting stone? Wetting a line? The shooter, never closer than three feet,
the kill-shot behind the right ear and powder burns on the collar,

he's paraded each decade to upgrade our denial. It's embarrassing
what selected psychopaths achieve. Corporations are people.
Chemtrails, just contrails clouding unusual air. They scritch like nails
down the slate gray sky, these stupidly explained- away traumas.

Signs say stop here on red. Wait for pilot car going your direction.
I'm waiting for anyone credible to explain how steel-framed markets implode
like volatile skyscrapers and perps all go free. How sagging backpacks
hide pressure cookers. How the FBI lists no murders, Sandy Hook, 2012.

rockpicker said...


Up the gully past the end of a dead end road
in my mind a hound goes on alone in hills
like sounding boards, resolute and compelled
to tell what he knows is true. Who strains
to hear his muffled oath is of no concern.
Though a little wind will carry his voice away
a little while, he will stay nose-to-ground
and sounding from inside the deep tangle
consensus has become. I went out

once with a huntsman's horn to warn him off
and call. I learned he will not come to me, bleeding
and happy to be carried home. Bitch or dog,
the dogged can't resist corrupting musk. A whiff
informs the DNA, inflames the nostrils; the voice
explodes, an acoustic rainbow over sodden hills.
There is no spent fuel pool. The kid in the boat,
framed. I squint into a slurring wind. I hear
the soft scrape of running paws in rotting leaves
and know this running in my bones. It's in the blood.

rockpicker said...

Stopping For Pelicans On A Summer Evening

Driving the Road to the Buffalo home,
Oldensoul, over my shoulder, spots
a helix of featherworks bursting
the cloudless blue near where
roads and waters merge. We pull off.
Low against yellow hills black wings
cruise the yellow grass for anything
moving, unaware, maybe unimpressed
by the grace overhead.

Flashes of winged bodies appear
out of nowhere unencumbered in air.
They flare white, a hundred points
of light, a flock of blossoms,
each banked turn when sun hits right.
Up and up they climb, uninstructed,
free, repeating explosions of ecstasy.
It takes our breath. They bloom,
fade and bloom again, delirious

anarchy on zazen wind.
This whirling is a public mirth, a stirring
of rapture, loosed of earth. And isn't
this coming together of a green day
with affirming moon and the scent
of new-mown hay a way to sing
our love song back to a black-winged world?

rockpicker said...

freeacre said...

Thank you, Rockpicker. You are my favorite poet of all time.

rockpicker said...

April is national poetry month.

Short film on where chemtrails come from.

rockpicker said...

Fukushima, Passamari, Spring

Bow-legged two-legged, leaning on his hoe
peers for garlic, late, beneath the plum.
Shirt cuffs splay like stalling wings in wind.
He veers a stretch of sky between limbs
and bed, tallying spears as if a golden
gauging hares. Planes his friends insist
don't spray poison for many good reasons
and returning geese persist against
the pelt of fronts. A neighbor's tom
deserves his adulation. Clouds decay
to cumulus and haze when no fields burn.
A fat mouse dies without a kick in yellow grass.
Orach cotyledons pool in paths like blood.

Early spinach vernal under hog fence hoops
and plastic from the dump needs safe water
from the county's deepest well. Still, rain
threatens, at a hundred counts per minute,
not him so much but kids who play next door.
When did the world's backup generators seize?
The missing witness, shoeless on the tape,
muttering, stumbled- on by mistake
in a landfill heap. And this newest war,
when were there debates? He leans on stone
to sort intrusive roots from wanted stock.
One wind whips the town's flags all directions.

Doves weight air a gray he shoulders
like a bar. Admitting defeat so late and far
from sanctuary waves, snow geese argue
security measures all the way to straw. Truth
is north and hurts worse faced head on.
Land a million peasants hoed subsides
while dying aspens turn a silver he can't save
and nations crash in gardens like the sea.
Aerosol merges white in ionized sky
when sun unwinds in tongues that peel his ears.
Teetering worlds lose bearings like bickering geese.
He takes the bitch whose eyes yearn for a walk.
She shows him when you turn you're halfway home.

rockpicker said...

Ah, the image of Hillary wearing orange in the prison system she and her hubby created for the rest of her life makes my rainy April day glisten.

rockpicker said...

USAF Colonel explains chemtrails.

rockpicker said...

Paul Craig Roberts says, "There is no West."

rockpicker said...

The economy is in collapse. The world is bankrupt. The elites are hanging on by their fingertips, pressing for war to blame their failures on.

Dave lays it all out on the X-22 Report, on the Rense radio network. Better news and analysis in common language and sourced detail you will not find anywhere. If you know of a more comprehensive report, please share it with us.

Here's truth. A 42-year old federal agent blows his brains out, in sorrow and shame, but leaves us a note explaining what the insiders know is coming. Believe it or not.

murph said...

I came across this essay about history that I think is quite interesting.

freeacre said...

Well, I thought I'd share the news on the health front: Apparently, a tumor has grown where the former tumor was. So, it's back. I will probably have a second surgery. I am also using essential oils. Damn.

rockpicker said...

Sorry to hear that, freeacre. We're sending good thoughts your direction.

Murph, will check that out asap.

I did a search for Tom Fife and Subud. This popped up.

It's long, but what a movie it would make!

murph said...


Read the article. Indeed is long, some similarities to the books on the Kennedy assassination I've read. If you don't take notes and draw arrows, you are soon lost in names, relationships and places.

The article seems to want me to be very afraid and concerned about the evil communists screwing with the U.S. Not so sure I should succumb.

rockpicker said...

Murph, It's been said the extreme right, (fascists,) and the extreme left, (communists,) actually understand each other and are able to do business because they share one common belief: centralized, totalitarian governance. Whatever label you want to place on Obummer, he's taking the country down, apparently with NWO elites' blessings.

This site has much of the same info, but it's easier to read. (Note Valerie Jarrett's familial connections to twentieth century Soviet spy rings. And, of course, the Bill Ayers/Bernadine Dorne connection to "Soebarkah.")

Still think it would make a killer movie.

rockpicker said...

Chris Hedges with an historical prospective on how we got here.

murph said...


Good link. Interesting analysis.

freeacre said...

How about this one? Dmitri Orlaf on the threat of war with Russia.

They'd wipe us out.

rockpicker said...

Freeacre; Primary election day , here in Montana. I think every American should read that link you posted, and vote accordingly. It seems pretty clear who the true aggressors are. Damn those central wankers, I mean, bankers...

freeacre said...

By the way, I had a second lumpectomy yesterday. My surgeon did it on an out-patient basis using local anesthetic in her office. Saved me a lot of money. Not a picnic, but it went OK.

I think Bernie won in Montana, didn't he, Rockpicker? I can't believe that anybody is dumb enough to vote for Hillary, but it seems there are a lot of them. I don't think her campaign will last much longer. DOJ is doing a criminal investigation that could end up being prosecuted for espionage if they find that foreign hackers had access to secret stuff. I think they might replace her with Biden. Then I'd like to see them go after Bill Cosby, I mean Clinton.

Anonymous said...


Good to see Murph posting comments again but Fa's woes seem to roll on, still she seems to be looking on the positive side. Have you seen this? It doesn't seem to do a lot of harm and maybe it could do some long term good.

Also there seems to be a body of opinion that says keeping the body slightly alkaline instead of slightly acid does the trick. If you do this one you know when it is working because your pee goes slightly turbid (what a subject eh).

Re the election, I really don't understand your system at all. Candidates go around the country, at great expense, trying to influence the electorate to vote for them but who wins or looses seems to depend on the whims of some super delegates that can be bought and paid for. Is this the sort of democracy Uncle Sam is trying to export to the rest of the world?

rockpicker said...

Freeacre; Yeah, they let Bernie win Montana, and I think he may have won North Dakota, as well. Sounds like Killary might ask him to be her running mate, hoping to pick up all those who still "feel the Bern." Then she'll relegate him to a back office with a staff of six and no one will ever hear from him again, while she dissolves the borders and starts shooting down Russian MIGs.

As Randy is so fond of reminding us, "we are so fucked!"

Thing is, Trump has all the ammunition to blow Hitlery away in the coming shit storm between them. Who can name one glowing accomplishment to her credit? She's failed at everything she's attempted, and she's killed millions doing so. Screw her.

Comey will surely recommend legal action to the Justice Dept., but Lynch will likely stall, to her own discredit. That will allow the criminal wretch to proceed, while Trump prepares to rip her a new one. All he has to do is tell the truth, and she's finished. So, quite obviously, he's in danger.

Should be an ever more interesting summer...

SATS; Hs that Italian doctor who was advocating the use of bicarbonate of soda been vindicated yet? I know the Italian medical association took his license a few years ago, but haven't paid attention since. Sounded like he had good success, and with a cure so simple and cheap, you just know big pharma wouldn't allow him to keep talking.

Interesting development. 10 days ago the EBT cards in this country stopped working. EBT stands for electronic benefits transfer. These cards represent the new food stamps. Apparently, over 44,000,000 people in this country are dependent on them. (Remember that next time you hear Obummer talk about those "peddling fiction.") So, we've got a serious problem building. All at once, a whole lot of people used to being taken care of have been cut-off, and are getting hungry, and pissed. Just in time for the republican convention.

You're right about the super delegates bullshit. And yes, you are correct about this government exporting corrupted forms of 'democracy.' Ukraine is a prime example. Another Hitlery debacle, executed by her minion, Victoria ("Fuck the EU,")
Nuland. What a coven of despicable witches Obummer put together!

rockpicker said...

Possible terrorist event breaking in Warren County, Ohio. June 10.

rockpicker said...

Not so fast, Madame Ex-Secretary...

rockpicker said...

The image of evil incarnate

rockpicker said...

Yeah, why isn't anyone else talking about this?

rockpicker said...

Daily KOS enthusiasts should get a kick out of this.

Talk about denial...

rockpicker said...

Go Green Radio host Jill Buck interviews GreenPeace top scientist David Santillo, film producer George Barnes and geoengineering activist , Dane Wigington.

rockpicker said...

Oh, lighten up, will ya?


rockpicker said...

After the FBI took over the investigation, the chief of police changed her story.

rockpicker said...

Otter, Home Depot has your wallet.

rockpicker said...

rockpicker said...

File this one under No Shit, Sherlock!

rockpicker said...

Anybody got a pulse out there?

rockpicker said...

Up is down, folks.

rockpicker said...

Let 'em Fail.

rockpicker said...

On The Imminent Death of the Holy Oak
In Basking Ridge, New Jersey

Acre oaks they were named for the amount of ground
their great limbs shaded at noon. The Big Tree near Geneseo
was one. A specimen remains on display harried mothers
yawn to. Colored pins in growth rings proclaim
events and years no curriculum demands recalling.

It makes good copy to say a Rutger's prof has tested soil,
is baffled. Did he test for willful ignorance? Anyone
in Basking Ridge looked up between bank deposits
to see the ambiguity scratched down the slate gray sky
like silent nails setting our bare nerves on fire?

What? We're not supposed to notice with hands dirty
from transplanting Early Girls that the morning's
Nordic- blue sky has hunched a gray solid as ship steel,
looming? Let me drink my coffee and watch my day occlude.
"Sir, the serfs are taking notice, and complaining." "How rude."

Anonymous said...


Yes rp it was the Italian doctor with the bicarbonate of soda but the other one was sodium dichloro acetate which apparently does the trick, is as common as muck and so can't be patented, and has therefore never officially been tested.

Freeacre: have you changed your e mail address? I tried to send you something yesterday and this morning it had bounced back with the message “Failed to deliver, this address does not exist”
My two addresses are still the same, can you send me something and let me know what is going on.
Love Belgium

freeacre said...

Yes! My new e-mail address is

The Murphinator's new one is:

We've missed you.

rockpicker said...

Dave Hodges insists the NWO is taking the West to WWIII. Kinda reminiscent of Albert Pike's letter to Mazinni,eh?

rockpicker said...

from ENE News

"National Geographic, Jun 23, 2016: It sounds like the plot of a summer horror flick: Malignant cells floating in the sea, ferrying infectious cancer everywhere they go. The story is all too true, say scientists who’ve made a discovery they call “beyond surprising.”… “The evidence indicates that the tumor cells themselves are contagious – that they can spread from one clam to another in the ocean,” says biochemist and immunologist Stephen Goff of Columbia University, co-author, along with Michael Metzger of Columbia, of a paper reporting the results in the journal Cell. These mussels are one of four species of mollusks affected. The mussels at Copper Beach in West Vancouver, Canada, are infected with the disease. This week the team reported new findings in the journal Nature. The transmissible cancer has been discovered in… mussels (Mytilus trossulus) in West Vancouver… Mytilus trossulus is the main native intertidal mussel in the northern Pacific. In North America, it’s found from California to Alaska… The cancer, it’s believed, originated in one unfortunate mollusk. It’s astounding, Goff says, that a leukemia that has killed countless clams traces to one incidence of the disease… What will happen in other mollusk species? Ominously, says Goff, “It’s too soon to know.” "

rockpicker said...

What's happened to James Howell? Is he still alive? No coverage by MSM.

rockpicker said...

This is seriously funny

Anonymous said...


rp, WWlll, Something's in the air. It is being predicted from a number of sources that the movers and shakers will make their move beginning this Autumn. We shall see. Regarding the Pike Mazinni thing, this was brought to public attention in the Three World Wars Blog site. At first I took this at face value but now I believe there was no such letter and the whole thing was a hoax. Or rather there was a scurrilous letter which was falsely attributed to Pike. The then curator of the British Museum said in no uncertain terms that the BM was never in possession of any such letter and therefore it was never on display. What was on display in the BM at that time, was the first English translation of the Protocols of Zion by Victor E Marsden. A precesses of this bears a striking resemblance to the content of the Pike / Mazinni letter. Further, a Mason that contributed to a now defunct blog, claimed this letter was in a different literary style to Pike's Morals and Dogma which is regarded as the Mason's Bible. As to the validity or otherwise of the Protocols, Wiki claims that sections of them are plagiarised from two earlier works.

All I will say on this subject is that with the exception of the snake (A succession of cities that would be destroyed), their content has largely come true regardless of their validity.

The mussels thing is interesting. Remember that although it is not talked about anymore, the Codex Alimentarius is law in nearly all countries and is quietly being applied in the background, for our collective benefit of course. Whoever controls food controls – the world.

BTW, I heard Monsanto may be about to face a severe political knock, the EU could vote to ban Roundup which represents about 40% of their business world wide. Maybe there is some encouragement there for the little man fighting back.

rockpicker said...

We now have Roundup Plus here in the States. It's got 2-4-D mixed with it, because of the super weed problems that have arisen. My neighbors love it.

If only we had a press we could count on...

rockpicker said...

check this out

rockpicker said...

"It's all connected..."

rockpicker said...

24" of rain fell on Louisiana between the 11th and the 13th of Aug. Second time in five months.

One local politician is not buying that it's a naturally occurring event. I'm with him.

rockpicker said...

They cut people's heads off, don't they?

rockpicker said...

Cyclone. Whaddya make of all this horsepucky?

rockpicker said...

Evidence of Soros directing official State Dept. business...

rockpicker said...

Mick West, huh?


rockpicker said...

Obama's planning to turn over the internet to the U.N. on October first, my birthday and the first day of the new fiscal year. I'll be sixty-four and, no, I don't expect anyone to feed me, maybe a few will need me and that's not a metaphor.

You do understand that it means global government is assuming control over the net? In short, all dissidence is about to be snuffed.

Use it or lose it.

What's the real deal with you people? Freeacre and Murph established this website in order to keep open a venue where critical expression could take place in a safe zone. You dishonor their commitment by not availing yourselves of this incredible opportunity.

Shame on you.

You want to believe the freedoms you now take for granted will last forever, but already we see the "new normal" changes by the day.

Globalism has declared war on nationalism. You had best decide , quickly, which side you're on.

rockpicker said...

Something stinks in Colorado.

"...And whatever happened to Pat Stryker, whose Agenda 21 business interests that Stacey was working against? Styker was the chief investor for the now defunct, Abound Solar corporation. After Stryker attended Obama’s inaugural ball, for which she contributed $50,000, Abound Solar received $400 million dollars in a taxpayer handout. And what did the taxpayers get for the their money? Nothing! Abound Solar closed its doors shortly after receiving the Obama handout and never produced the solar energy for which the business was awarded. This is what Lynne was fighting against, when the corrupt Judge Field, of Larimer County, conspired to steal her child without so much as one allegation of wrong doing..."

:excerpt from linked article

Fred Fullerton said...

It's a been a very long time since I checked in here and am sorry to hear about Murph's health issues. I lost touch after the New Year. Smitty recently tried to email him at your old email addy and emailed me, telling me what happened. Then I tried; both our emails bounced back. Then we tried to remember the name of your blog (the old squash ain't what it used to be), we remember something about trout and campfire, but forgot the trout part. Smitty finally put it together and send me Murph's new email address.

I agree with those who've advised selling your property and the move to Bend, which will provide you with extra money and hopefully make your daily routines easier. For those of us who've reached the age when we notice the Grim Reaper creeping ever closer, affordable healthcare and options become increasingly vital. Yes, it's a paradox, but so many things in life are. Since I don't know what Murph's Medicare package(s) includes or doesn't or whether he has been able to take advantage of VA medical benefits over the years, I'm unable to offer reliable advice. Yet I'm hopeful that you can work out a satisfactory arrangement and make the best of your situation.

rockpicker said...

Curses on the American mainstream media for protecting Clinton by refusing to print the truth about her direct involvement in creating and arming ISIS.

murph said...

Fred and everyone,

Sorry about the email problem. We are still hassling over the change in providers. I knew it was going to be a headache but wife wanted to do it anyway.

It turns out that Bend is in a rapid expansion right now and housing has gone up dramatically, enough that we couldn't afford to live there. So, we are kinda of forced to stay where we are.

As for health insurance, premiums for additional cost protection over Medicare is also beyond our ability to pay. My veterans benefit would demand fairly frequent trips to V.A. hospital in Portland, a fair piece down the road form here.

All in all, the choice of where to live always has advantages AND disadvantages. One of the considerations we didn't take into account in that decisions was severe health issues coming up in the future. Plus, I'm not all that impressed with the medical profession as a whole anyway.

All well, we keep getting up in the morning and carrying on. I'm simply unable to see into the future with enough accuracy to make radical changes in our living these days.

Take care all.

rockpicker said...

Two good productions pointing out real truths we still need to deal with.

In my opinion, at least some of the same perps were involved in both incidents.

rockpicker said...

Another reason to be ware Wikipedia.

rockpicker said...

To acknowledge the deceit is to admit we were duped.

rockpicker said...

Who is Vesna Pusic?

rockpicker said...

Our tax dollars at work...

rockpicker said...

"...the media shouldn't be trusted at all..."

rockpicker said...

Everyone should take a few minutes to watch this.

rockpicker said...

For six hundred years, the Iroquois maintained a council fire.
It was never allowed to go out. I think it was the Onondagas
who kept the council fire alive. For six hundred years,
the fire burned, and the confederation flourished. Then
the white men fought among themselves and caused the Hodenosone
people to fight among themselves. Deep divisions rifted
the Real People apart and the council fire was extinguished.

As Crazy Horse said in a later generation, " takes
few words to tell the truth..." Hokahey.

rockpicker said...

Think you've got 9/11 figured out? Read this...

rockpicker said...

Assange comes through...

rockpicker said...

" on a runaway train right now..."- Gordon Duff

rockpicker said...

Anonymous: WWIII has already begun

Putin has gone off script

murph said...


Interesting links. Taking for granted that the fact presented are true, the conclusions put forth is the only point of contention.

Personally, I am convinced at this time that regardless of who is put into the command seat, circumstances are going to turn ugly for all of us. HRC has made it clear that she is a war hawk. Trump is mostly an unknown on that issue. What does seem clear to me is that the PTB are advocating policies that are not good for the general population and our nation. New World Order and globalization by the rich and powerful simply makes no sense to me. If we end up having a live revolution in this country, all bets are off. And yet, how else would there be systematic change? It appears that a large percentage of our population has no concept of consequences.

Anonymous said...


Hi Guys

Just checking in after a long absence. Today is a bit miserable which is a bit of a change since even halfway through October there are still flowers on most of the plants outside. After a wet start to the year we have had the hottest summer since records began, by quite a few degrees. Climate change, as it is now called, is about the only issue where I agree with Donald Trump. I think it has more to do with the arms of our galaxy swinging past the sun than any action of mankind but I am also cool with the precautionary principle so long as it is recognised as such. Speaking of personalities of the moment, I guess you guys are having an “Anybody but Hilary apart from Donald” moment. Did you see the guy interviewed for the news who said “How can I vote for Trump to lead the most powerful nation on earth after all that has been going on and the only alternative left is the Clinton crime family?” Talk about Sophie's choice.

After a coupe of abortive attempts to grow vegies under the shadow of some spreading willow trees the local authority has decided to hire out allotments. I have just taken one parcel of 50 square meters. It sure isn't an acre but at my age it is enough for an outdoor hobby with a bit of socialising thrown in. There are two problems with it at the moment, the ground is clay and it is covered in weeds. I know, if it wont grow weeds it wont grow anything else. The gardening dept. is supposed to clear it off but they are not going to do it. I have more or less decided to cover it with tapaulins and leave it until the spring. As for the clay, I woud like to turn it once in big clumps and throw lime on top. “When I was a lad” you coud go to the chanders shop and get such stuff but those shops don't exist any more and it is difficult to know where you can get it from. When I do turn it over I was thinking of mixing some straw in to try to loosen it and put a bit of organic into it as well. The council don't encourage monocuture in case you are a secrative market gardner
but I was thinking of putting potats in the first time to try to break the clay up. Also I have a plastic hoop house I can put up to grow tomats in. I am hoping it will be an out of the house hobby for the future. What crops woud give the best yied per area of ground. I was thinking of beans since they grow up but what else is good? Apart from sprouts most of the cabbage famiy takes up too much space.

I know I am not alone in being pissed at Microsoft's shinanigans over Windows 10. I instaled the GWX control pannel to stop it downloading and I have to say for a freeby, it is very good. Chris has a Win 8 machine which she never used from the beginning so I had a plan to convert it to Linux Mint. After doing some reading up on the subject I found that athough the machine is 64 bit technoogy the graphics drivers aren't so I woulld have to do a free upgrade from Win 8 to Win 8.1, disable the upgrade I had just done, install a virtual box and then instal Linux to run inside the virtual box. A job for the dark nights methinks. In the meantime I have gone Apple. I found a firm that was doing recon ex business machines for what I consider a fair price. I got a 24” desktop which as you know just looks like a big moniter with a remote mouse and keyboard, no big box that sits on the floor with cables everywhere. No antivirus, no antimalware no firewall necessary. I got all that for 440 bucks.

Anonymous said...


We have got a cat. I put up a brave show and resisted for quite a few months but it is like trying to stop the tide coming in. She is a five year old from a rescue centre. She is the sweetest animal you could imagine and not at all like I imagined. She comes over and asks to have her head tickled and when you do she gives you a kiss. The down side is that she likes to stand in front of the computer screen and when she thinks you are not looking she will spring on the keyboard and mess your typing up. The aquarium has gone and one of the canaries died. When the other goes we will not replace it so we wil be left with the cat and the two dogs.

I read Rockicker's comment bemoaning the lack of input into this site and I understand it. I can see the problem from two perspectives, general and personal. I am speaking here from feelings and not from knowledge. After the fire, Murph had his head in other directions. Also there were health issues and he largey dropped out of the comments. Freeacre kept things going for a whie but she too had health problems and didn't have the energy to put in. Without input from the blog leaders, contributers started drifting off. I have a feeling that Murph and Freeacre now regard this site like a favourite chid that grew up and left home but are still overjoyed when someone drops by.

I have to say that I don't put as much time into keeping up to date as I used to and my personal comment is not dirrected particuary at anyone here but is more towards what is going on over the internet generally. People are looking at what they are intended to see and largely ignoring the larger overview. People see FIMA camps stacked with coffins, they hear stories of raiway boxcars in disused sidings stacked with guillotines they see miitary exercises on their streets and see poice violence. They hear of USA's miitary expoits and who they are told to hate this month. They hear of what is happening in Europe, Russia and China, with The IMF, Word Bank and the BRICS countries and their bank. Not many stop and say, how relevant is this? Is this just theatre macarbre, a magician's deception to keep us engaged? Most imortanty, they do not ask, how does whatever we are seeing at this moment, further the international bankers plans for an eventual one word government? That is the important thing all other questions should relate back to.

Having said that, this is still a secial place which is very dear to my heart.

Fa, I know it has been a long time now but your e mail (which is still on the Win 7 machine) is slowy working its way up the to do list.


Anonymous said...

Dear Freeacre and Murph -
My hubby and I are also facing some of the trials of physical decline and healthcare choices. We also share the distrust and disappointment in the medical community due to certain experiences with them.
No easy answers here. I guess it depends on your spiritual beliefs.
Personally, I am hoping I will have the chance to make my own decision as to "when".
I see no point in draining what little assets we have.
Some would say it is cowardice ....I challenge you to think of it as courage.

Anonymous said...


Correction, It was not health care that was in 49 position but life expectancy.

freeacre said...

Jeez, Guys. I am sorry to have not kept up. I have to admit that I have been obsessed with the election. Both Murph and I have wanted to put a new post up, but haven't been able to do it. I'm going to attempt it tonight.

I've also been swimming 2-3 times per week. And, I've been writing reviews of movies we watch on Netflix. Speaking of movies, we recently re-watched "Wag the Dog." Wow! It seems it was written to expose that Clinton bombed Serbia (or whatever it was) to divert attention from the Luwinsky scandal. And, now we've got Hillary's e-mail security leaks and the Clinton Foundation corruption plus Bill's seedy rape allegations, etc. So, we are flirting with war with Russia (or Syria, North Korea, or whatever). The mainstream media has completely and obviously sold out to the neo-cons. I read The Drudge Report, What Really Happened, Blacklisted News, Breightbart, Government Slaves, Intelhub, Godlike Productions, Rense, Steve Quayle, and then start all over. But, those who go to Huffington Post, MSNBC, CNN, Politico, etc. get a whole different story. It's so nuts.

I'm feeling better now. I have been in quite a bit of pain. Just got my medication updated and I think I will be able to do better.

So many ways the shit could hit the fan. I wake up every morning just hoping that the electricity will still be on. I don't want the one that's up to be the last one. One of Murph's old friends read it and thought that he was dead.

Well, we're still kicking. And, maybe as much as ever, it's a good idea to keep in touch.