Monday, July 16, 2012

Rosa Koire

“Smart Growth” and Agenda 21


Finally free from pressing duties organizing the La Pine Chicken Coop and Garden Tour (Google it to see our cool website), processing rhubarb, taking care of puppies, attending meetings, supporting candidates, etc., it looks as if I have a few moments to myself. So, I want to take the time to share with you the sobering book that Rosa Koire wrote, entitled “Behind the Green Mask: U.N. Agenda 21.” For anyone politically involved, or doing work with non-profits, or community organizing, this is a “must read.”

I found it to be a sort of kick in the gut. Those who are familiar with my values know that my allegiance is to our Mother, the Earth, and to our brothers and sisters, the animals, fish, and flora. I consider myself an environmentalist and come from a “left-wing,” tradition. I support “Think Globally, Act Locally.” I endorse books like James Howard Kunstler’s “The Long Emergency,” the “Long Descent” by the Archdruid, and most of the depleted resource information by Heinberg and others. We live our lives pretty much in sync with the stated goals of the agenda – clean air, water, land, food, etc. So, it is with much chagrin and resentment that I find that, once again, a movement of which I have been in the vanguard has been co-opted by the nefarious nozzles of the corporatocracy.

Rosa Koire has been filmed by various groups that she has spoken to, and she does of great job of explaining the high points of the research she has done to prove her points. I suggest that you listen to her presentations on the web if you want to get an overview without having to read her book. One good one is This one emphasizes the ideas of “communitarianism” vs. individual freedom. Another is
which is a talk she gave to the Tea Party that has a little more detail about land use issues. She ends both of her talks with encouraging us to stand together and resist this globalist agenda to control all the resources and people of the world. She says, “We can do it!”

I gotta tell you, I am not so sure. You see, we have been fighting land use issues and working on creating a County Planning Commission Plan for years now. La Pine was chosen along with three other communities in the U.S. to be guinea pigs for a plan to eventually go national that requires sophisticated ATT systems to replace septic systems in rural areas. The U.S.G.S. used millions of dollars to do a study that concluded that there is an on-going “emergency” (projected to hit in 100-150 years at the rate the county was growing in the height of the housing boom) with the projected nitrate load in our water, land, and rivers. La Pine was picked because our area has mostly 1-5 acre lots, whereas north of here, the lots are 5 and 10 acres. So our population is more “dense.” Anyway, these new systems would require about $25 to $40 thousand dollars to install and endless money to maintain. They require a dedicated phone line to keep track of the information, as well as a $400 to $500 per year maintenance contract with regular inspections. They also burn up their pumps if they are left more than three months at a time with nothing to process because the home is a vacation property. They also can’t be installed just anywhere and have to be in approved sites. Much of our area is being red-tagged and no building is being allowed. So, people can’t live on their own land. And, they are not being compensated for it, either.

Happily, this area has a lot of retired government employees, researchers, statisticians, scientists, water experts, etc. who have not just departed from a banana boat, and who were able to find many significant flaws in the USGS report. We went to work to stop this thing. That was five years ago. So far, we have petitioned, attended countless meetings, replaced two county commissioners, the mayor, got the most disagreeable county staff toadies laid off, and voted to officially end the “Local Rule” as it was called in the best Owellian tradition. But, it still has not stopped. Then the county gave up control of the issue and tossed it to the DEQ as well as to the twenty year state Planning Commission to resolve.

But, despite the fact that the voters decisively repealed the “Local Rule,” it lives on. Coming up with one lame excuse or reason after another, the bureaucratic minion in charge continues to require these outrageous systems be built despite the law’s repeal and the replacements on the Board of County Commissioners, and despite evidence that the nitrate load in our area is going down, not up.

How can this be? All of us have been perplexed. What is the ultimate motivation? We figured “greed.” But, there seemed to be more. My answer now is “Agenda 21.” It is not so much about greed as about Control. This is only a fraction of the greater corporatocracy ideal of world-wide control of basically all people and things. This is the Matrix that we are finding ourselves living in. Individuality and freedom are concepts that are to be denied in favor of “community” and the “public good.” That is, we are disenfranchised of our right to live in the word as sovereign individuals and our constitution promising “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” – as well as our Bill of Rights. We are dumbed down and silenced if we object to being herded and milked like bovine animals raised in a feedlot as a resource of the globalist Big Agra, Big Pharma, Big Finance, and One World Government elites.

Not that many years ago, I would have thought that only the paranoid, fear-based, moronic ultra-right wing pin heads and flakes would subscribe to this idea.

That was before I recognized how the Women’s Movement was high-jacked or co-opted by the same cabal. Right about the time that Henry Kissinger started dating that “champion of women’s rights” and editor of Ms. Magazine, Gloria Steinham, the scum queen. Let’s take a quick look at how the “women’s liberation” movement has morphed into us as a people embracing tyranny, not gaining freedom.

Back in the early 70’s, upon the publishing of The Feminine Mystique, we were struggling to re-define ourselves as females. We were exploring our femininity. We were discovering our cervixes and clitorises. We were beginning to gain a measure of control of our bodies and ourselves. We were exploring the value that we contributed to the world with our unpaid service as mothers and wives. We began to demand “equal pay for equal work,” and ask that more careers be opened to women who had differing talents and skills. We wondered if there was a power in femininity as well as masculinity. We explored the idea that there was a metaphysical component to this dual relationship. We resented only being “ornaments” on some guy’s arm, and valued on something as superficial as our appearance. We were looking into the Divine Feminine and the concept of “Mother Right.”

Instead, we got funneled into being “able” to work “like a man.” We became engineers, scientists, athletes, soldiers. We never have achieved equal pay, but now it takes two paychecks to even begin to make ends meet. Mothers of young children put their toddlers into daycare centers that were supposed to educate and socialize them for the betterment of the larger society while their mothers could develop careers of their own. Now our kids are dumber than ever and we have a gang problem of breath-taking proportions - an abundance of children seemingly raised by wolves. Up the income ladder a bit, and the children are often self-absorbed, materialistic, demanding, alienated little mutants with no way to contribute in a helpful way to their families. Of course, we still love each other for the most part. We and our dogs love each other too. But, striving to create a world where each person is valued for the God-given abilities that they were blessed with is no longer in the picture. Now the “news” features tits and ass wherever one looks. Now, we’ve got Sweden making it illegal for men to pee standing up. Now they are taking gender pronouns out of the language. “Males” and “women” are “wales” or something…. There! They have destroyed that which has given us our identity from the start – both masculinity and femininity – that which protected us and nurtured us until now.

What happens to people who’s culture has been destroyed? Take a look at the American Indian experience. In the latest National Geographic, it outlines the destructive power of the government schools and broken treaties, the lies, the alcohol, the poverty, the lost traditions and religious center of the people. It’s the same in Australlia with their aboriginals. People forced to deny all the things that made them uniquely human. Great job, Brownie!

This contrived, planned, all-encompassing, planned demolition of all that we believe in cannot be defeated by a direct onslaught. They have all the money, media, governments, banks, special interests, and on and on. I hope that I am wrong, but not from what I have observed so far. And, I am getting to old to spend my whole life fighting them. Even if we were to be able to apply the brakes to this Titanic of a culture, the momentum will last through my lifetime.
So, as our elder, Montana Freeman, has often lamented, “What’s a motherfucker to do?” Do I continue to shun the bastards as much as I can? Do I join some sort of revolution? Do I move to Ecuador or Bali? Do I pray for the leveling of the playing field by EMP or asteroid hit? Look for the “benevolent” aliens that should have shown up already? Eat my medicinal brownies all day long and try not to give a rat’s ass? What?

I think I want to focus on what feels good. Kindness, humor (although I have not been very humorous today, have I?), relationships, nature, puppies. I probably will not give up sarcasm, vulgar gestures, and name-calling, as it is enjoyable. But, that’s just me….

Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Pathetic 4th

A couple weekends ago we went to see some friends compete in "cowboy mounted shooting" contest, held twice a year. We got lost and a late start so we only caught the last few minutes on the day we went. Photo is of our friend, he and his wife both compete. LOL his wife usually places in the contests, he hasn't yet.

from murph

Well, here we are on the cusp of another national holiday, July 4th, the celebration of our day of emancipation from British rule. Community activities glaringly advertised on banners, flags all over the place, yard sale signs up all over the telephone poles and folks stocking up on beer and grilling meat of choice for the long holiday. Charcoal bags loaded in shopping carts and propane gas tanks being filled, their sales must be a years worth of profits from this holiday. Preparations are being made for guests or the motor home being prepped for traveling to relatives and or friends for a few days.

According to government stats, the personal savings rate increased pretty well again this month, amounting to over $3000, on the average, per working person for the month for the 115 million wage slaves in the country. Is there ANYTHING wrong with this stat? According to these stats, on the average, household should have saved over $10 grand in the last 3 months. How’s your savings plan going?

Meanwhile the appearance is that there is another conflict brewing for execution in the Mid-east. All kinds of military hardware are being shifted around and deployed on land and at sea. Of course, we saw this happening a while ago, and it didn’t escalate into a shooting match beyond individual countries being manipulated by the western power blocks. Is this time different?

Yup, time to celebrate the liberation of this country from despotic rule. I often wonder if a new national holiday will be proclaimed celebrating the instituting of the new world order of despotic governance. Historical analysis of this period 50 years down the road would be interesting to see. I don’t figure I’ll be around to read it.

This morning our chickens left a note for me when I got up, they arising much earlier than I do. They had a rather obscure statement that things were going to be changing big time very soon and to be stocked up on chicken feed, as they didn’t want to be caught with nothing to eat. It was specifically noted that if I didn’t want to stock up, better open the gate to the garden for their access. I reminded the leaders that they had already decimated the garden 3 times this year where I had to replant half of it again and there wasn’t enough out there to eat and wouldn’t be for some time. Ever see a chicken shrug their shoulders? Those feathered anarchists have dug holes all over the back yard area for their daily dust bathes. I requested that they fill the hole back in so that people wouldn’t stumble in the holes they made. They just cackled. I reminded them that we had an upcoming tour of gardens and chicken coops in about a month and they mentioned I needed to spruce up the chicken house unless I was to die of shame. Shabby and pathetic was their description. I reminded them that I was down to only 10 projects to get done by then and not sure if I had time to do as they requested. They screamed at me to get with it instead of spending time on the computer. Sigh, I just can’t win with them.
I wanted to remind them that they could all be stew for the winter but refrained because of the threat of their contacting PETA. For a bunch of anarchists, they sure can be dependent on political correctness as a weapon.

As you can see, toting water and chopping wood take precedence over international affairs around here.

Sure are a lot of folks in our area that are moving out. A large variety of reasons but predominate is lack of income. Some of the retired folks leaving are going to live on kid’s property somewhere else. Most are leaving because their homes have been foreclosed. Lots of pretty inexpensive property for sale right now. Saw a stat recently that over 40% of homes around here are under water. Economic recovery? What recovery? A long time, now retired, resident of the community is moving to their kids owned house out of the area, very soon. Big time contributors to the community and will be most sorely missed. I wonder how many small communities across the nation are experiencing similar problems. As usual, younger folks are reluctant to take up the slack. It’s not that I don’t sympathize with them, but if we allow our communities to deteriorate I would project that any social cohesion will also break down and with the coming collapse of the economies at the national level and the local levels, local cohesion is a survival factor. I anticipate that national cohesion will be channeled to another war along with a drastic increase in social control by the government.

So let’s all get out and eat ourselves sick and drink ourselves into a stupor and celebrate our national holiday of freedom and democracy. It’s the patriotic thing to do, don’t ya know.