Thursday, February 23, 2012

Santorum, Romney & Gingrich - Shit-for-brains, Fundamentalist Tools

photo credit to Huffington Post

By freeacre

I read with utter contempt the misogynist spewing of the fundamentalist pinhead Presidential candidate, Rick Santorum, on the “Right to Life.” The same for all the males that have brought their collective balls to the room to make rules for women regarding their most personal and life-altering decisions without any female input. Just who the fuck do they think they are? Oh, that’s right. They are men who have never had boundaries set for them over their right to dominate the female half of the population. These are the ones who have reduced the issue to a stupid, shallow catch phrase “a woman’s right to choose” or “right to life” because they seem unable or unwilling to delve into the subject any further. Like, it’s never been an issue for them, even though it takes a sperm as well as an egg to conceive a baby. Or, it’s so embarrassing - like being caught reading an issue of Oprah’s magazine.

How did this happen? How can Santorum say, for instance, that “liberals can’t be Christians.” Oh, but they can be war-mongering, fraudulent, capitalist pigs, and that’s fine and dandy. I was raised a Lutheran, not some religion that came out of some asshat’s dull mind as he was eating the Blue Plate special in some diner. To the Lutherans, Presbyterians, Congregationalists, and Methodists in my hometown, it was generally recognized that the Creator endowed humans with a brain that was supposed to be used if we were to handle the gift of free will. An unfortunate pregnancy was naturally discouraged, and the fact of it was often hidden and there was much shame and cruelty involved. I’ve personally known a woman who was hidden out in a shack in the backyard until her baby was delivered by her parents and then “disappeared’ to an adoption agency. I’ve known married women for whom birth control pills were not 100% effective, and another unaffordable child in the family was a disaster for the rest of her children. I know a woman who had to fly to New York to have an abortion in a home set up for that purpose by a local women’s movement group there. It was a hideous experience. Rooms full of cots with groaning, heavily bleeding women packed in there until they could be driven back to the airport. Abortions with no anesthetic. Much like getting a tooth pulled with no pain-killers except 5 mg. of Valium to “relax” you. Yeah, right… It was punitive, but better than nothing. I know. I was there. On the way home, a gold cufflink type asked me how long before I was “back in commission.” I’d have liked to shoot him in the head.

I’ll tell you something else. Women should not have to tell their stories. It is about the most personal and difficult decision a woman can make. She should not have to put her business “in the street,” as some would say. Remember the concept of privacy? It should be respected. However, let’s get real. We need women who have had pregnancies aborted to speak up and vote as a block against these fucktards.

Let’s ask a few questions. Viagra is one of the most prescribed drugs of all time, and the government and insurance pay for it. What? For men too old to reproduce? So, this is a recreational drug that the government pays for so that men can enjoy sex after nature’s hourglass has run out for them. OK, fine. But, then women who can’t afford birth control pills should not get help for their sexual challenges? Why not? Oh, because the evangelicals and Catholics dictate that sex is only for reproduction. So, should they be allowed to purchase Viagra? Or get vasectomies?

How do other religions handle the issue? Back in the day, I remember when The Farm, a hippy collection of more-or-less Buddhists, would deliver a baby naturally and for free. They did not believe that abortion was moral, so they would raise your baby and then give it back to you when you were better able to care for it. I always thought that was great. They recognized how excruciating it is for some to give one’s child up for adoption.

Hindus believe that a child’s soul does not enter the body until the time of “quickening.” That’s when you can feel the baby move inside. Until then, the mother is free to consult with the child about whether the child wants to be on earth under the circumstances it would be born into or not. We can do this. It is one of the feminine qualities that the original women’s movement was beginning to explore before it got co-opted by the CIA asset, Kissinger-dating, scum queen, Gloria Steinham.

I am not saying that abortion is no big deal. It is a big deal. To bear a child in this world comes with a lifelong commitment. It is the mother’s right and duty to decide if she is able to provide the love, time, attention, and resources necessary to raise that individual. If it would be safe from harm. The effect it would have on it’s siblings. The quality of life it could look forward to. The effect it would have on the father and what influence the father would be to the child and the mother.

Pregnancy can be used by women or men to manipulate each other into demanding relationships. I’ve known men who practically have no life left after a spouse took the four kids and dumped him for a boyfriend. Then the child support money all goes to the boyfriend. If he had another child to pay for, he’d probably kill himself - or the woman.

I’ve known other men who have a pattern of impregnating their girlfriends so that they will marry them. Then there are women who think of becoming pregnant as a way to get a check and be out from under their parents rules. Suddenly, they are defined as a “single mother” rather than a snotty teenager.

There are billions of different stories that go with all the pregnancies that have been. All of them are significant. To have them all reduced to the stupid, simplistic , sanctimonious, slogans is an insult to all women. To think that this nozzle, Santorum, is running for President of the United States with all it’s diversity of religions and philosophies, is an outrage. At least Ron Paul says that it is none of the Feds business.

I’ll tell you something else that is personal. I came as close to going insane from despair and grief as I have ever come after having an abortion. I hallucinated for three days - seeing bloody baby tissue on the surfaces everywhere I looked. But, I still think that I made the right decision, even though it was so painful. I had not realized what a miscreant the father was until I told him about the pregnancy. He really scared me. I could not entrap myself or my child with this dangerous jerk. Years later, I was still bemoaning the fact that my daughter (I named her “Lydia”) was never born. Then, she spoke to me.

“Mother, I am not lost to you.” She said, simply. Since then, we have come to an understanding. She is always with me.

Tibetans teach that children who die under the age of twelve have come into this world to teach, rather than to learn. We need to learn the valuable lessons that come from these most excellent souls. We need to turn within and listen. But, they can’t be heard with numbnuts like these screaming in the background.

Saturday, February 11, 2012


WHAT FAILING GOVERNMENT AND INFRASTRUCTURE LOOK LIKE. Old house in Detroit that was once an elite abode.

from murph

I’m impressed, I really am. In the last post, it feels like the amount of information that the readers of this blog are posting indicate they are taking an appreciable amount of time digging around seeing what they can come up with to clarify the general condition and explain some of the events they read about and the statements by the elites. It appears to me that there has been an upsurge in independent research on a variety of fronts. The veiled research by the mega corporations is being challenged, independents are coming up with very different data on just about everything.

I read just about every day, 5 different sites by people dealing mostly with the economic situation from several perspectives. I also get into around 6 other sites that deal with general commentaries on the social situation and then there are the sites that deal with what to do with the perception that our situation is going to hell. All in all, it generally takes at least 3 hrs a day to get through all of this. If I am feeling particularly masochistic I will spend more time at some of the more fringe sites, looking at “far removed from the contemporary” kind of information.

Often I will spend an hour or 2 following up on the links you readers provide and making comments about them. So, rest assured that either or both of us get around to going to your links in the comments sooner or later.

The consequence is that I often feel an information overload. Just too much to deal with. Part of that may have something to do with aging and/or chemtrails or god knows what.

One of the consequences that I figure many people have with so much information is what we call cognitive dissonance, the mental confusion from so much contradictory information. How one deals with this is important. One method is to just flat ignore or actively reject everything that contradicts your perceptions. Those that take the time to try and sort out these contradictions then have to deal with big time cognitive switches. This can cause a lot of personal problems, particularly if the switch involves life style changes that generally make folks very uncomfortable. I figure that we are going to be seeing a lot of interesting behavior changes in folks due to these perception changes. As the social changes become more harsh, I anticipate a rise in antisocial behavior; thievery, violence, outbursts of anger, physical assaults, social activism and demonstrations, etc. We already seem to be experiencing a bit of an increase in these behaviors in our little community. Not real serious yet, but what seems to me to be an observable increase. What about your area?

If this behavior begins to have serious increases, we are also going to experience an ever tightening of bureaucratic authoritarian control. The occupy movement has already experienced it. Syria, Egypt and Greece are experiencing it. The PTB and their enforcement cannot, of course, allow that to escalate. So their repression will correspondingly also increase. I lay all of these problems on two principle sources; money in the guise of the banksters, and the decline of energy and other non renewable resources. Until our allocation of resources drastically changes and our kowtowing to those in charge of the medium of exchange ends, it will only become worse.

On the energy side, some drastic changes seem to be showing up. The whole issue of cold fusion for the generation of electricity seems to have been swept up into a demonstrably usable form, at least in Europe. Of course, if this indeed proves to be scalable and inexpensive enough, it would revolutionize that energy source. Supposedly, from what I have read, home units are indeed in service, are affordable (as opposed to solar power) and dependable with very low maintenance costs. Supposedly, home units are supposed to hit the market this year. We shall see. If the folks trying to get this going are killed, all bets are off on this.

The whole issue of the banking PTB in charge of the world wide economic situation could possibly be resolved by a massive worldwide depression. Cliff High and a substantial amount of the economic community say that they expect it in March-June. Of course if a world war breaks out over the contentions in the east, all bets are off on this one. I suspect that war will break out for just that reason, keeping the moneyed PTB in charge.

Randy put up a link to a 1920’s anarchist and scientist that I found refreshing. Peter Kropotkin wrote extensively on how humans can organize themselves in a non-hierarchical system, which we call anarchy. I have written about this for some time. I fear that most folks could not stomach this at all. We are too used to having a very small minority of folks that are authorized (voluntarily or not) to tell us what is good for us and how to live. It would demand that people accept responsibility for their decisions, which sure seems to me to not be a popular position at all. Instead we have allowed (or in some cases demanded) complex control systems to take over our lives with a very few folks doing the decision making. In my case, I like to dream of a most radical change in how folks deal with their lives that would be more along the lines of a ideal anarchistic way of living. I don’t expect I will live long enough to see it and maybe humans for the most part are not able to live that way.

The worlds situation, economically, socially and government wise seems to be escalating in a downward trend. Freeacre and I are trying to prepare for it anticipating it to continue to do so. It is possible that it will cease, but looks like a very low probability to me. I do expect an escalation in harsh government suppression, worldwide. I do anticipate shortages of those items needed to sustain life, namely; food, housing, water, heat (in the more northern climates, most of the US) and other resources. If we have some kind of nuclear exchange, we will then have to contend with more radiation exposure. Climate change weather will also be a factor for more natural disasters and hardship. Polluted and poisoned environment will cause more misery. I see some very hard times a-coming.