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Ramping Up

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by murph

It sure appears to me that the worldwide and US situation is escalating in the protest department. It may get dampened a bit during the winter, but I do think it will pick up again come spring, barring some catastrophic event. The PTB are ramping up their suppression and their counter attacks are becoming more severe. If the protests do not degrade into negotiated talks, which the protestors will seriously lose, I do expect protests to increase and probably escalate into some form of violence, which of course the PTB will forcibly answer. If that indeed comes to pass, the character of the American public will be laid bare by their response.

I have run across some younger folks that when I talk about the doom and gloom crowd on the internet talking about how bad things will develop, I am hit with the idea that these folks are selling fear through their advertising. I wanted to point out that there was a big difference between scaring people for economic gain and warning them that bad events were coming and to get ready, with or without economic gain. There are some kinds of mindsets that simply are not worth the time to argue with. Of course when I come across the Pollyanna folks I figure they may feel the same way. Being a doomer is hard work and very seldom much in rewards. J These kinds of conversations remind me of a Robert Heinlein statement that optimists have more fun in life but the pessimists are more often right.

There has been a lot of discussion all over the internet, including this blog, that goes back and forth over the idea about violence to affect change. I would like to examine a bit the assumptions on both sides of the argument.

Those that advocate or predict violent responses to perceived injustice, of course, assume that they can win confrontations, particularly if they have enough people involved. In today’s world, with the modern technology involved in suppression of a populations uprising, (like Libya) this is a tenuous assumption. If the western powers had not intervened, the uprising in the Eastern countries and Africa probably would not have been successful. And, in those cases, the goals of the uprisings are highly suspect as to agendas and alliances. Another problem with the violent uprisings is the agreement that if they are successful, what is to take the place of the current way things are done. I look at the outcomes of the French, the Russian, the Chinese revolutions, and what forces took over in the aftermath and it sure doesn’t appear to be any better than what was fought against. The assumption that something better will be the result is not born out historically except in very few isolated examples.

On the other side of the discussion that proposes non-violence, their assumptions have some very real problems too. The first assumption revolves around that if sufficient pressure is brought to bear by non-violent protest, the situation will change, that those in power will see the legitimacy of the demands and change their policies. This contains another assumption that those in power will voluntarily give up some or all of their power. Historically, I don’t see this as a reasonable expectation (see Tibet’s non violent attempts at freedom from Chinese rule). Or, our own attempt at separation from English rule by peaceful protest and demonstrations, the protests by the Indians against the atrocities by the US government and their brutal suppression, or the protests after WWI by the veterans, or the peaceful protests of bailing out of the bankers not so long ago that were just flat out ignored.

I do realize that any movement to change the status quo by whatever means will result in attempts at more suppression and a lot of blood in the streets, at least in a figurative sense. I do not see the PTB voluntarily giving up power, ever. It has to be taken from them and they always seem to escalate the suppression dramatically every time that is attempted.

I do realize that if enough folks (in the 70% or above) all got on the same bandwagon, change would happen. In this country, that would mean around 200 million insisting on an agreed upon agenda. What is the chance of that happening today? I do not see a general consensus agreement on what needs to be changed nor what is to take its place. Yes, lots of discussion on this, and small groups of people do agree on a few things, but by no means a consensus of the population. If and when that consensus does happen, then watch out! Something will change. The scary thing for me is what groups agenda would prevail. If the Christian right had its way, we all would be living under Old Testament law as they interpret it. Frankly, blaming Katrina on homosexuals as god’s punishment as an agenda for social organization is scary to me.

Now maybe I purposely seek out writers that support my own view of what is happening. I do periodically seek out the other side of stuff, but am always disappointed. Rhetoric, outright false information and political ideology seem to be the only mainstay they have. None of which impresses me in the least.

The comments from the last posting were intense and plentiful. I must have spent 4 hours on them and the links within the links and the added stuff that looked interesting on the sites.

My inbox email is being overrun with political ads and propaganda, from all sides. Maybe I’m just prejudiced on the subject but the ones from the conservatives leave me thinking what a bunch of asses. Not that the liberal side is any better. After all, both sides of the political spectrum are bought and paid for by the same groups. I am left with the question of how any thinking person can vote for any of them. Maybe all this ideology talk should be settled by a duel at 20 paces. Oh, I forgot for a minute there, the Repugs would win hands down. What liberal would think of violence and guns to settle anything? But at least it would provide more profits for the popcorn distributors.

Other than a vast majority of citizens agreeing on an agenda and willing to take part in it, I do not see a successful non-violent change in the status quo. Our own revolution against the British had less than 40% of the population support, at least in the beginning. Same with our civil war and WWI. It takes time and propaganda to fire up a population to go to war or have a popular uprising.

I truly wish I could come up with a solution so that violence was not the outcome to affect the changes we need if we want to preserve any sense of freedom at all in our society. Freedom to be consumers and wage slaves is not freedom in my book. But to achieve anything else, control has to be wrested away from the corporations and the sociopaths that are currently in power and there must be a consensus about what to replace it with. Otherwise, it will just be another cluster fuck laid on all of us.

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A Note from Belgium (satc)

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Belgium (From Belgium or Spirit Across the Sea) has kindly written a very informative post that I find shocking. We delayed posting it until I could get my nerves under control... Before reading, I would suggest that pie is in order...

Post No 1 of 2

It is very recently that Murph and Freeacre asked readers their opinion over the continuation of this blog. They had two main concerns, firstly they considered that over the years they had covered most bases and were having difficulty finding new subjects to write about. The second was that they had noticed that an increasing number of politically motivated bloggers were dropping out and wondered if they were being subjected to any pressure or at least that difficulties were being put in their way. They had concerns both for their own personal futures and also for those of their contributors and readers. Following an overwhelming positive response they decided to continue. I said I would write a couple of posts for the blog even though my output is not prolific. Typically for me I tackled the logically second post first and then went on to the first post which was about what we are not being told about Fukushima. I had two main sources for this, the first was the blog of Investigative Journalist Jim Stone with additional photos; charts and diagrams from Jennifer Lake's blog. Two days ago the following appeared as a header to Jim Stone's latest post.


Sep 28 2011 What happened to Jim Stone?

After being detained without charges or a phone call for six days, even after repeated requests to be allowed to make a call to let friends and family know where I was, and to be allowed to call 4 radio programs to cancel appearances, I was released without charge within 43 minutes of FINALLY getting a call out in a way they did not plan for. They destroyed my business, destroyed the equipment and inventory, and forced me to flee. I have lost EVERYTHING and that is why I am now silent. Even posting this is probably a huge risk. I am under severe threat and will not post another article until I am certain I have found safety in a foreign nation. I have been left too devastated to get out of the country and am living on the streets. That's the price you pay for doing real research and getting the real truth out. Journalism, TRUTHFUL ground breaking journalism is DEAD in America.”

First MCR and now Jim Stone. It sure looks like he touched a nerve. I am determined that Murph and Freeacre whom I regard as friends should not be added to this list and so have abandoned the first post.

All the material I was going to use can be found here:
and here

This has some overlapping material

These articles are insanely long and my intended purpose here was to summarise them into a reasonable length without loosing the plot. Notwithstanding this I regard them as extremely important and would urge all those who want to stay appraised of the world events we don't usually get to hear about, to read them. With this introduction in place of a post and the footnotes at the end of the second post I am already well over normal length. I hope the Murphs regard them as two posts together and put them up as one piece. If they decide on balance that the material is too sensitive then I will understand.

Post No 2 of 2.


This is a serious subject but lets start off with a question you may think you know the answer to because the real answer made my eyes open wide.

What disease, caused either solely by radiation or radiation in combination with toxic pollution has the greatest effect on people, world wide, in modern times?

Those of you who said radiation sickness, well it was a brave try but unless you have actually witnessed a nuclear test, been one of the clean up workers at Chernobyl or live in the immediate vicinity of Fukushima then this one is not likely to affect you.
The ones who said cancer in any of its various forms are getting up there but it is not the biggie.
Line up for a gold star, all those who gave the correct answer of polio myelitis or its big brother influenza.
Not so many I see. This information is a real eye opener and jaw dropper.

So many questions come tumbling into the mind at the same time. How can it be caused by radiation when everyone knows that both of these diseases are viral? If polio is so prevalent then how come we never hear about it? I thought we eliminated polio in the 50's along with smallpox, diphtheria, scarlet fever and a host of other nasties? If polio is still around at the levels you say then what was the Salk vaccine all about with its initial main shot and two subsequent boosters? Didn't it work?

I shall be addressing all of these questions throughout this article but lets start by answering what class of disease polio myelitis actually is and how it works. But first to deal with the question that is still hanging in everybody's minds, whatever polio is and we are getting into that, a double sized polio unit is known as the disease influenza.

Polio is a brain infection, sometimes involving the nerves of the spinal cord and sometimes not. It never went away like they say. Most people who get it have a mild case of flu and then it’s gone –almost no one thinks twice about it or ever guesses that it might be something other than the familiar symptoms of a normal ‘bug’

Not climbing the mountain of lies surrounding the nature of the disease will not preserve the life you have now because at the heart of Polio’s story are the most fundamental issues of Life. The future of your experience has been pre-determined unless you take an active role in moderating the outcome. The War on Germs is a War on You. Take it personally.

But how is it that people who were properly vaccinated as children end up sick with polio as adults?  How is it that a paralytic illness called Guillain-Barre Syndrome struck hundreds of Americans in the round of 1976 swine flu vaccines? What’s happening in the world today with Alzheimer’s and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, MS and other neurological illnesses afflicting so many? Is it normal? Is it contagious? Is it pollution? Does it cause cancer? Is it in the vaccines? A frightening surge of perplexing illnesses, including AIDS and Ebola have emerged since the late 1970s. Are these “polio-like” in some way? Is there a parallel in the 1970s and 80s with the emerging illnesses that followed the Spanish Flu in the 1920s and 30s? More questions than answers appear, but unravelling the history of polio has surprising discoveries in store.

First, we need to know what polio is, the way medical experts describe it, and second we need to know that the official historical record began erasing polio as quickly as possible in the mid-1950s in order to give the appearance of creating a successful vaccine –successful, not in the ordinary sense, but in the triumphant and heroic sense of the Greatest Medical Achievement of All Time!

I am not a microbiologist and I hope that I have this right but as I understand it the whole thing works like this. Radiation from whatever source attacks the brain and sometimes the brain stem and spinal chord . Collectively this is known as the Central Nervous system. The exact location of this attack depends on the type of radiation, its frequency and strength. The brain is slower to show signs of this attack than other bodily organs however the specific part of the brain under attack controls a specific part of the body or organ. For instance polio attacks the part of the brain which controls the lower part of the body particularly the legs and this is noticed before brain damage becomes apparent. In order to try to protect itself the brain collects proteins and other chemicals which will minimise the effect of the radiation from the ganglia (the part of the brain which is not associated with neurons, synapses or motor functions). This collection of chemicals does not have a 'life force' and is known as a virus which is then absorbed into the brain cells under attack by the radiation. So contrary to what we have been told before, virus's are the good guys not the bad ones. The composition and size of virus's are specific to the type of radiation and hence to the part of the brain under attack. Flu virus's are similar but bigger than polio virus's and are specific to a different region of the brain. Mostly the virus's do their job and the brain repels the effect of the radiation allowing the effect of the disease to just go away but sometimes the strength of the radiation overwhelms the cells containing the virus and this is when damage to the CNS sets in with associated varying degrees of debility.

Paralytic polio was a rare disease before the Industrial Age but the palsies were not uncommon and known to be caused by toxic medicines containing mercury, arsenic and other assorted ingredients, referred to as “mercurial diseases”. Examples of toxic paralysis are all around us in nature. Snakes, spiders and species of fish in particular emit potent neurotoxins as a means of food gathering and survival defence. Our ancestors coined the word “virus” in its original meaning of  “poison”, a concept that still resonates with us now although a false belief persists that viruses are living things, encouraged by the inaccurate use of words like “live” and “killed”. Viruses are biochemical structures with crystalline shapes and coded genetic information very similar to enzymes. They’re considered key components of evolutionary change, carried in the cells of living organisms which transmit viral ‘programs’ into the greater environment, internally and externally. Viral infections are usually specific to the type of tissue infected because they are biochemically ‘directed’ and require a precise set of conditions to occur, including “receptors”. Viral infections can arise when living cells die and decompose, their viral components released in a phenomenon called a “cytopathic effect”. This is why antibiotics don’t work on viral infections, and can actually increase the presence of virus.

Large inputs of new chemicals introduced in the 1860s  began affecting small pockets of  people who shared geographic proximity, industrial labours, or contamination sources With hindsight, it’s easy to see how the Rothschilds' and Rockefellers' institutionalized their practice of eugenics. It’s much harder to encompass the scope in our present time and realize that millions of good people have been miseducated into helping them execute their plans. But planned it is. Hand over hand in the great military-industrial complex that we were warned to watch, ironically by the same man under whose tenure the polio vaccine came to fruition, the wheel has come full circle (President Eisenhower - ed).

Speaking on behalf of the Gulf War Syndrome researchers, Dr. Howard Urnovitz happened to relate his graduate experience in the lab inducing polio in animals with chemicals or radiation.  Radiation! Why has no one else told us that radiation causes polio? The obvious answer is that we might dig into the record and find out that almost everything we learned about disease is a lie and we totter now on the brink of losing the last domain which we thought was truly our own –our genes and chromosomes. If the establishment choice of  ‘treatment’ is an indication of how we are being targeted for control, Dr Urnovitz’s words are right on the money. “It’s not the germs –it’s the genome.”
Through the use of X-ray experiments, and subsequent studies on fallout, we can finally see the connection to polio and understand how hundreds of disease conditions were brought into unnatural being

These are quotes from research documents dating from the 1950s and 60s, most of them prepared under military auspices. The chief military concern was human performance under conditions of the Nuclear Battlefield:
“Radiation-Induced changes in the nervous system’s..central role in behaviour makes it the presumed primary mediator of radiation-induced performance deficits.” (Radiation makes soldiers performance diminish - ed).
“…One hypothesis is that a sufficiently large radiation dose causes permanent brain lesions, demyelination,and necrosis, which in turn produce chronic behavioural deficits. In addition, short-lived behavioural phenomena may be mediated by transient vascular changes that induce edema or ischemia in the CNS (Central nervous system - ed). A second hypothesis is that performance changes are mediated by significant alterations in brain function due to neurochemistry and neurophysiology. As is often the case, there is some truth in both hypotheses”
“A review of many standard radiobiology textbooks reveals the common belief that the adult nervous system is relatively resistant to damage from ionizing
radiation exposure…however, this view was eroded when it was later shown that the latency period for..radiation simply longer than it is in other organ systems.”
“In the brain…different topographical regions may have varying susceptibility to ionizing radiation.
…gamma nerve fibres are more sensitive…reflexes are more radioresistant than motor coordination..indicating that radiation mainly affects the functions of the subcortico-brainstem formations of the brain.”
“The phenomena of latent Central Nervous System radiation damage (with doses above the threshold) has been well documented.
…speculation on the likely pathogenesis of late radiation lesions reveals (a) radiation may act primarily on the vascular system…and (b) radiation may have a primary effect on cells of the neural parenchyma ['parenchyma' means "primary organ tissue"]

There are thousands upon thousands of declassified and publicly produced medical citations in the GWU archives indicating all manner of conceivable experiments with radiation and radioactive chemicals on human beings. Paralysis, cancer, birth defects, psychological disorders – this is just a taste. X-ray abuse was an essential component in paving the way for nuclear proliferation and high-energy weapons. Chemical giant Monsanto, wartime operator of the Oak Ridge nuclear facility along with Union Carbide, began pumping out reactor-made radioisotopes for medical ‘study’ in 1946 under the direction of the Atomic Energy Commission and its chief, David Lilienthal The imperative of covering up the radiation cause of polio, and “racing for a vaccine” after 1945, is obvious in retrospect. The military-medical establishment put its top guns on the task. The anomalous propaganda and distortion of polio takes on a meaningful light with the knowledge that Operation Polio was integral to maintaining and advancing nuclear weapons. The Salk vaccine was a massive radiation experiment

This graph was designed only to bolster the DDT cause of polio, and yet it more accurately supports the  radiation cause,  strengthening an argument that pesticide poison data helps to cover-up the mass irradiation of the public. In reality, it does not. Careful perusal of this graph demonstrates radiation exposure, including the accident at Chernobyl (but not Three Mile Island until cumulative problems emerged between 1982-83). There’s nothing on the graph for 1979, yet it is famously known within the polio story that outbreaks among the Amish in 1979 were the “last wild polio” cases in North America. It simply doesn’t rate. The first burp on the line appears in 1887 and disappears completely in 1967. It’s assumed that less than one thousand recorded polio cases in a given year don’t show at all, because Zero cases in any year since the 1890s, the introduction of x-rays and radium,  has never happened. In 1983, the line takes off like a rocket with the inclusion of ‘post-polio’ diagnosis (cumulative TMI fallout from ‘venting’), peaking in 1986 (Chernobyl), dropping fast to 1991 and falling as rapidly as the ’83 rise over the course of 1992, where it levels near the case-rate of 10,000.

Heady stuff for contemporary thinkers. 90,000 commercial chemicals, gene-destabilizing radiation, and 150 years of conditioned social science later we stand on our own crossroads. Scientists have the means and the will to “build better humans”. The issues are matters of utility. Weapons and Germ Theory have proved-out the degenerate lot of the human species. The Nuclear Age’s Baby-boom generation is mature: yesterday’s polio children are in their Golden Years but  Americans would probably not survive another assault of the kind perpetrated in the 1950s. Our bodies are more fragile. The fallout from atomic-bombs has been estimated to be equivalent to 40,000 Hiroshima-sized blasts, or 16kt of deadly poisons 40,000 times over. It came down with the snow and rain, grew up with the grasses and trees, and the cycle is repeating itself with Chemtrails as we shift from Nuclear to Nanotech, biologically speaking. Nuclear energy is not going away. In fact, more is planned and the medical research hierarchy is devising ways of reconfiguring entrovirus 71 DNA to become radio-resistant.

In 1963, it also became public news that the Salk and Sabin vaccines were contaminated with a monkey virus called SV40, now known as the most useful biological agent in creating  artificial transgenic lifeforms. How deep does this experiment go?

Here is a list of diseases that are polio by another name or are medically very closely related to polio.

Accute flaccid paralysis
Entrovirus 71 (Real polio's new name)
Influenza / Grippe (the French name is common in Europe)
Multiple Sclerosis
Amytrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Myalgic Encephalomyelitis
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Guillain-Barre Sindrome
Fibromyalgia (Sorry about that one but it was in the list)
Creutzfeld Jacob Disease
West Nile Virus (Real polio)

(FDR caught infantile paralysis when he was 39 except it isn't contagious so best medical opinion decided it was Guillain-Barre syndrome)


1 I would like to introduce you to Jennifer Lake. All of the material
for this post and the previous one came from either of her two blogs.

Jennifer was a nursing student who read extensively around her subject. As a result she discovered that polio was caused by radiation alone or radiation together with toxic waste. She also discovered the depth of the fraud of the military industrial medical complex in creating modern disease, not for use just against an enemy but against the population at large. She gave up her studies to concentrate on research because she had no intention of patching people up for another ride on the health bus only for them to get thrown off again further down the road. The result is the two blogs listed above. In two years they have become an extensive work. New articles are tagged and tagged headings appear down the side of the page. An article appears in full as part of each tag so the whole subject can be read without going backward and forwards.

2 Colloidal Silver

I know some of you are into ingesting this for health reasons. I would recommend those people to read Jen's article “Every silver lining has a black cloud” subtitled “How the PTB got the informed to poison themselves.” You can then make a balanced decision on how you proceed.
Detox is usually performed with a class of chemicals called chelates (pronounced key-lates). This is a class of chemicals which seeks out heavy metals and traps them in a spatial arrangement of atoms known technically as steric hindrance. It can be thought of like a hand and fingers gripping a tennis ball however there is no chemical bond between the chelate and the metal. The body then disposes of the chelated metal in the usual way.

3 German New Medicine

I found this through Jennifer Lake's blog and was so seduced by this I was considering writing a third post about it. After getting fairly deep into microbiology for beginners for a couple of weeks I decided it was all Emperor’s Clothes and so I junked it.

The theory goes like this. Other diseases, cancer particularly, also begin with a physical assault inside the head in a similar way to radiation. According to Dr. Hamer, who invented the theory, this is not some Freudian psycho babble but a real effect that can be detected on a CT scanner. Like radiation this is always associated with a physical disease at a part of the body controlled by the brain at the point where where the brain attack occurs. The effect of disease is actually the healing process and not some random act of terrorism by nature. As the body heals then also does the brain. There is a lot more to it than that but this is the theory distilled down to its essence. The initial problem I had with this is how does leukaemia and other diseases of the blood occur since the blood doesn't have a site, it is everywhere. I did some reading around and found that Dr Hamer is not all that he first appears but that in itself does not make his theory wrong. The non-sequitur step is the initial supposition that other diseases attack the CNS in the same way as radiation. This combined with the fact that anomalies or quirks in the CT brain scan results is a known issue of some models of generation 1 CT scanners. The best thing on this one is to let you decide for yourself. I think however that Jennifer Lake is letting herself down a bit by endorsing this theory without mentioning there is unresolved controversy over it.

Here is the pro argument:

And here is the anti:

It should not be implied from this that I am throwing my weight behind Anaximperator. I consider him to be a shrill for big pharma. His purpose seems to be to denigrate anything that is not established mainstream treatment. If anything new shows promise or is well received such as this which appeared in New Scientist:

it is just never mentioned, not a sausage, not even a hint of a whisper even though a well researched guy like him must know of its existence. On the balance of probabilities, however I am going with the sticky mud theory.

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Making "Change"

by murph

Those of us that spend a disproportionate amount of time getting their news and views off the internet (like us) are seeing more and more discussion about the OWS (Occupy Wall Street) movement. Every web site that I go to daily for information and commentary are dealing with it to some extent. On a personal level, I have to lend moral support to those folks that are out demonstrating against the big banks and the Federal Reserve.

However, upon close examination it sure appears to me that all this demonstrating, occupying some small area of a city and chanting will be for naught. The reason I say this is because of the assumptions these demonstrations have to justify their happening, namely; 1. That change in the economic system can be affected by the citizens by the demonstrations, 2. That the demonstrations are taking place in an environment where the government is sensitive and hopefully sympathetic to the demonstrators, and 3. That our government is an independent entity (not controlled by the financial interests). None of those assumptions appear to be true to me.

Charles Smith in Monday’s post put up a link to a Tyler Durden article, which outlines what he thinks should also be done. His article contains much of the same kind of assumptions that the OWS demonstrators have. Common throughout Durden's article and others of the same sentiment is the theme that the money has to be removed from the big banks and the Federal Reserve has to be abolished. There are many more assumptions contained in these ideas, namely removing money from the election process, doing something about the Supreme Court being another toady group for big financial interests, citizen financing of the electoral process, term limitations and so forth. I happen to agree with all of it.

However, upon close examination of these problem-solving ideas, there are some rather palatable big problems that I can see being created.

For instance, removing money from the too big to fail banks, that is, closing your accounts and taking possession of the money, such as it is. For those citizens that have bank accounts of one type or another, that means doing SOMETHING with the cash. Hide it under a mattress or bury a fruit jar full of it or put it into a small regional bank or a credit union? I have seen no commentary on what would happen or what the PTB response would be if that became a mass movement.

So let’s take a look at the probable PTB response. They could create the environment and/or laws where small regional banks and credit unions could not operate and force you to use the to big to fail institutions. They could force a cashless economy for those who insist on having in hand possession of the cash money. If you start investigating this you will find that the push to a cashless society is actually underway. In Louisiana you supposedly cannot buy and sell used goods with cash anymore. Toll roads all over the country are going cashless. The internet is full of examples of this push to a cashless society. When we can avoid it, we do not use the big international banks either. But, I so see that if a lot of momentum in the populace to remove money from the big international financial system caught on, there would be a big response from the financial elites.

Lots of other suggestions abound to fight the big money interests. Going to a mostly barter system for exchanging goods, going to a gold and silver means of exchange, etc. I do hope that you all realize that the IRS does not like barter systems because then flow of capital in whatever form is neither traceable nor taxable. If that caught on, you can bet the screws would be tightened up on that. In fact, in many states right now, barter is considered illegal under some circumstances. In the news has been a bunch of instances where coop farms, (a form of barter) is prosecuted and shut down and food coops are being shut down, again a form of barter and localization.

Going to local currencies and script for trade has been in the past and currently being shut down by law enforcement. Just try and issue a local currency in your community to cut out the big banks for their grabbing a chunk of the dough. If local currencies gained much traction you can bet there would be a massive effort to stop it.

All of this is to enforce the use of plastic as currency and focus control by the financial elites.

Of course, it sure appears to me that the financial elite’s control of money and its usage has been going on forever. The means of control has remained rather constant over time. The government and its control over law enforcement, enactment of advantageous laws and control of the military make sure the uppity citizens that want to keep a bigger share of whatever capital in whatever form is available are thwarted, and ensures the flow to the top people at any given time in the financial world. It also appears to me that enforcement of this has worked by keeping citizens afraid of all sorts of things. Enforced starvation and/or poverty, incarceration and even death being the most potent forms of fear based control.

Again, I encourage people to look at assumptions contained in solutions to the many problems that are engaging societies. They will be the death of many legitimate movements to change how things are done.

In my view, as long as most of societies view government as the means controlling how people interact with each other and controls their well being, it will not improve the situation. There was a certain amount of truth to Reagan’s statement that “government IS the problem”.

I think that the latest essay by Survival Acres (Oct 31) is a synapses of our situation these days. Although he is the king of gloom and doom for sure, it doesn’t take away from his premises and conclusions. His conclusion that humans on this planet are a blight and are doomed to extinction may indeed be a bit extreme, all due to our hubris about ourselves. It also seems fairly obvious that if we don’t change our ways of living that we very well could drive ourselves to extinction, along with almost all other living things on this planet. I do not believe that it is necessarily inevitable though, even if a definite possibility. Whatever the conditions of development in humans to end up where we are today is not necessarily a condition that has to be perpetuated. Humans can change, perhaps a bit of oddity in the animal kingdom on this planet. If humans are incapable of changing how they view themselves and what they do, down the road I do not see how we can survive as a species. Hell, there is even a question of survival in the lives that inhabit this planet today.

I see but one solution. Humans must change.