Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Still Here

Still Here

My last post was written while we were having health challenges and were thinking about moving. But, things have changed.

Murphy is no longer wearing the defibrillator vest. It costs $3,500 per month (paid for by Medicare) and never did work properly. It needed wifi connections that we don't have. Plus, it gave one the feeling that a heart attack was immanent, and I don't think that was good for his consciousness. So, that's gone. Still has problems with circulation in his legs, and chest congestion from 60 years of smoking, but at 76 years old, he must be doing something right.
I have had two lumpectomies to get rid of a very rare sort of cancerous tumor in my breast this year. But, so far so good. I'm getting more help for the pain from fibromyalgia and idiopathic neuropathy. So, my mood is improving. And, I'm swimming 2-3 days per week to gain strength. Plus, I am still eating a medical marijuana cookie after dinner each night and watching a Netlix movie – so, it's pretty much all good.

Enough of the health updates.

We no longer have rabbits to take care of. But, we still have our chickens. Gotta love 'em. We love the eggs and they are just fun to watch goof around. Our old friend and housemate in Tahoe spent a few weeks with us and painted the interior colors that I love. And then he converted a shed that previously held rabbits into a storage shed where we can store supplies that were taking up too much space in the house. So, things around here have improved a lot. Our doomstead is still functional. An acre of land, fertile garden area, our own well for water, a paid for home, and a bit saved up for emergencies.

Our Trout Clan has been encouraging each other to get ready for all hell to break loose for over ten years now. It looks to me that this could be it. If you read the links to the articles submitted in the comments section of the last post, you'll know what I am referring to.

Unending resource wars in the Middle East have led to millions of people fleeing their war-torn countries and invading Europe. In addition to the families seeking safety, many many young military-aged men have arrived with them. Far from being grateful to their new country's citizenry, they seem to be intent on bringing Sharia Law to Europe. These fundamentalist Islamists seem to be a Trojan Horse that will ruin civilized countries due to their Mid-evil values and much greater breeding levels than the European countries who host them. Shockingly, Sweden has become the rape capital of Europe. Sweden! It will only get worse unless they can figure out a way to deport these invaders back to the countries from which they sprang.

But, this will not happen unless the world wakes up to the Neo-con agenda of destroying the national identities of the European countries and establishing a New World Order run by the central banks and international corporations of the world. Thankfully, this is happening all over the world as the Brexit vote to liberate England from the strangle-hold of the NWO has led the way to a rebellion. Nationalists in France, Greece, Hungary, and others are gaining popularity and we shall see what eventually happens. I think they should demand that the USA cease and desist the bogus wars that have created this mess in the first place.

Meanwhile, events in the United States have led to wondering if this is a country or an insane asylum. For the first time, the dumbed-down, distracted, misinformed citizenry has awakened to the fact that they have been sold-out. The so-called “recovery” of the economy has been based on the top one or two percent pocketing almost all the money made since 2008. The national debt is over 19 trillion dollars. There are others trillions in debt hiding in the derivatives held by the financial institutions on Wall Street. A financial collapse on a global scale seems to me immanent.

Donald Trump, that brash, outrageous person who gained the Republican Presidential nomination despite not being a politician, has articulated forbidden facts that the mainstream media has kept out of public discourse all this time. Facts like how the infrastructure of our nation has been neglected while our money is squandered on wars that only benefit the military-industrial complex. How our veterans have been neglected, while illegal aliens are given all sorts of benefits and even encouraged to vote in our elections. How our mainstream media is controlled by political operatives. How both the Democratic and Republican parties share the same UN Agenda 21. Now it is being replaced by Agenda 2030. Look it up. It's even worse.

Trump supporters are being insulted and attacked. Even my own Trump/Pense sign was stolen from my yard. Trump supporters are being threatened and attacked for simply agreeing with him on the issues. But, the lamestream media doesn't want to feature the issues. They want to destroy Trump by any means necessary – from character assassination to physical attacks. Last week his star in Hollywood was destroyed with a pick ax. Then a homeless woman who was trying to protect what was left of the star was beaten. Trump's people are helping her now.

Hillary has called Trump supporters “deplorable” racists, Islamophobes, red-necked, under-educated morons. But, the tide turned against her when these “deplorables” adopted the epithet with pride. Sort of reminiscent of the “freaks” during the hippy days accepting the term and making it their own. Now that so much damaging information is being released by Wickileaks and Anonymous from the Democrats top leadership, Trump's popularity is going up rapidly.

This makes right now a very dangerous time, if history is any judge. We only have a week before the election. If they are going to kick the recent headlines to the curb, it's going to have to be with a distraction that is very big.

What's it going to be? World War with Russia? God forbid.

Natural disaster? Yellowstone is looking like a potential catastrophe. The St. Andreas fault as well as the Cascadia fault off the shores of Oregon and Washington are also showing signs of instability. We suspect that the military has weapons that could set them off.

Financial collapse? That's going to happen for sure. We just don't know if it will be before or after the election.

An EMP attack that destroys the internet and the electrical grid? Well, that would do it. No lights, ATM machines, gas pumps, television, heat, food deliveries to grocery stores, hospitals relying on all the machinery keeping people alive, nuclear power plants melting down. Unless we all started to live like the Amish immediately, most of us would be dead by the end of next year. Personally, I think this would be overkill.

What's left? My favorite! Alien invasion. Not the Mexican kind. Space aliens threatening us in some way that requires our allegiance to the New World Order to protect us. Perfect! Remember that story that Carol Rosen used to tell about her days as a close aide to Dr. Werner Von Braun. She said that one day TPTB will fake an alien invasion in an effort to control the world. And, gee, they just came out with the sequel to “Independence Day.” Coincidence? Maybe.

So, hang on to your hats, Dear Ones. The days we have been anticipating may just have arrived. Now, perhaps more than ever, our Campfire might be important to sustain each other.
So we are not going to quit now.

Love to you all.