Wednesday, October 24, 2012


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From Murph


I am going to presume that most of you that read this blog get or seek out, on a periodic basis, blurbs and videos advocating the newest breakthrough in energy technology. The latest one I got is from the web site “Forbidden knowledge” concerning the Keshe foundation touting its development on plasma energy technology and of course makes the claim that it is a panacea for all that ails the world.

I am going to assume that most of the folks that read this blog know that I am quite disdainful of claims for a single solution to the problems that face this planet. I take the stance that the problems are much more far reaching than finding a new cheap energy source.

Lets take a look at some of those problems;

1. History shows that as available energy increases, so too does population of humans increase. As human populations increase, so too does the demand of peripheral resources that may or may not depend on cheap energy. Cheap energy also increases the production of waste from consumption and that waste may or may not be convertible, by the increase in cheap available energy, to something usable.

Also, those folks that advocate more and better cheap energy need to study up on Jevons Paradox.

Historically, it appears that the only way to control or decrease human population is by scarcity in its extreme (ie, starvation and disease) or governmental decrees and punishment for producing more humans, (as in China). Neither of which appear particularly desirable to me and so far not very successful.

While the debate and disagreements rage over the population density of this world go on, and various schemes are propagated for decreasing world population, we still are not in agreement over just how much naturally occurring resources are available for what standard of living by how many people regardless of the energy sources.

2. Methods of producing cheap energy all appear to me to be based on availability of resources to produce that energy. So, the availability of resources to produce that energy has to be taken into account, which I have never seen a study that actually looks at this in detail. There have been a few studies on that area for wind and sun energy, which indicate that the energy return is a loser for very large-scale operations. I have seen no data yet for the more esoteric energy conversions like the plasma or electromagnetic devises or the newer ideas on nuclear energy.

3. All of these cheap energy sources as a substitute for hydrocarbons extracted from the planet are touted as being able to maintain a western type of life style of heavy consumption. It seems to be based on the fear that that the western civilization standard of living is in peril due to energy shortage and that is an intolerable situation. Our way of life is non negotiable. Well, universe may have the last word on this point of view.

4. None of these cheap energy schemes take into account the attitudes and agendas of the worlds elites that are currently in control of almost everything. These panacea energy sources take for granted that the governments of the world (including the increasing authority of the UN) and the elites have the world’s population well being foremost in their minds. If you have any doubts about the elites attitudes about this, study up on agenda 21, ICLEI, The Earth Charter, The International Covenant on Environment and Development, the Georgia Guidstones and the new world order (NWO) and all the other related documents you can find. These are extensive documents and will consume much time to understand the total agenda they have in mind. My conclusion from these documents is that there will be a push to eliminate most of the “useless eaters” from the planet. The word “useless” of course pertains to all of those folks that do not contribute to the well being of the elites.

In short, it sure appears to me that a new technology of cheap energy will not solve much of the dire problems that ails’ the world.

All of our modern living in western societies circles around the idea of convenience of which energy is the biggest factor. Most folks simply cannot wrap their minds around the idea that convenience is not the greatest influence on happiness in life, satisfaction with ones life, or whatever we want to include in spiritual development. These values do not depend on how many toys we can purchase with our slave labor, although the propaganda, advertising and new age ideas certainly seem to advocate it. Rockpicker put up a link on the last posting that talks about this;

None of this takes into account wide spread world wide calamities, such as; Drastic increase in volcanism, flooding, sea levels rising, more and larger earth quakes, hits from the sun, bombardment of rocks from space, more subtle earth changes or even the big human induced horror, nuclear war. Any of this stuff that goes extreme will completely negate whatever form of energy we are using when it happens. We have evidence from the far past that such extremes have happened before, no reason to assume it won’t happen again.

Charles H. Smith ( has been talking extensively about economic and social systems and how they are being pushed into more intense fragility. Instead of our leaders (read idiot elites) encouraging more flexibility in our systems, they are deliberately introducing more fragility into our social and financial systems for very self-serving agendas. What this means is that it will take a relatively very small event to totally collapse just about everything in our overly complex systems we depend on because we have no feedback systems left to limit this fragility and complexity. The results of this increase in complexity and fragility is the concentration of resources and wealth into a very small amount of the population, like 10%, and this is at the expense of everyone else.

I happen to agree with Charles on these issues. It appears over historical time that the same forces within civilizations always produce the same results, that is, the complexity and concentration of wealth and resources into fewer hands at the expense of the general population, and finally the collapse of the system itself. Naturally, the elites of the time persevere to try again at a later time in another civilization and through generations of handed down power structures alter their agendas in the hope of finally getting the whole enchilada without the consequences. This time around in the western countries dominated by the predatory capitalistic economic system have altered their strategy again. Instead of grabbing everything by brute force and intimidation, they induce populations to give it all to them voluntarily. We can point to the events and persons that were chiefly instrumental in all of this. But, in the final analysis, it was the populations that gave in to the elite’s demands.

Changing these broad historic cycles to something different will take a general population attitude change. God knows, we have a bunch of folks that are advocating that as an eminent and foregone happening sometime in the future (the New Agers for one). Which means that humans on a vast scale will give up their impulses that are derived from our genes that was necessary for survival in the past. In our historical past, it appears that greed, elite hierarchy, manipulation and exploitation has always been with us, some societies with more of less of those traits. The most common claim is that outside forces will cause the change. Now how likely is that? If you want a mental exercise to work on, picture what a society would look like if none of that existed in human interactions. Idealists from the past up to modern times have written extensively on what it would look like and it never happens. If a god of some sort indeed created us, I assert that he fucked up righteously. The centuries of the idea that we have free will and can do different is an idle and straw man argument in my opinion. Indeed, it appears to me that it will take some kind of outside intervention to change these human traits into something more benign.

Don’t hold your breath.

Monday, October 15, 2012

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By freeacre

Good ol’ Mitt. The quintessential White Guy. The Great White Hope of the Republican Party and NASCAR crowd, whose job it is to vanquish the infidel, Barack Hussein Obama (the gay, Muslim, anti-Christ, communist n*gger) by replacing him as the President of these United States. Yee haw!

It should have been simple. It seems that President Obama has been pretty much a bummer for even his most ardent followers. Much like President Clinton, who’s character was stained by a blue dress and the combined resources of the Republican Party every day for years with the hypocrital impeachment proceedings led by Newt Ginrich (who was himself having an affair while his wife battled cancer) and his henchman, the prosecutor, Starr.

Does anybody even remember who Clinton ran against? I had to look it up. Oh, yeah, it was Bob Dole… another white guy who seemed to be born in a suit. The Republicans just don’t seem to be able to come up with anyone who is even remotely less corrupt or acceptable than the Democrats, no matter how lame the incumbent is.

They have outdone themselves this time, though, with Mitt Romney, the venture (vulture?) capitalist and bishop of the Mormon church. Matt Taibbi has laid bare the malfeasance that Bain Capital has been guilty of under the leadership of Mitt, the king of the hostile takeover, that helped some companies and destroyed others by looting and then bankrupting them. He and others from Rolling Stone have also documented and revealed the outsourcing of jobs and companies for which Bain is responsible. If you have not already read it, please do read this one:

This guy is such a creation of Privilege that I wonder if he ever had to learn to tie his own shoes. It’s not just his incredible personal fortune ($225 million or so) that puts him in the stratosphere of hierarchy. It is the rank he inherited within the Mormon Church as well. One of my favorite commentators, Stephen Pizzo, has been delving into the bazaar teachings of the Mormon cult for weeks now. He has a new website called What Mitt Believes. Take a gander at this one:

The teachings of the church are weird, racist, and objectionable, but then, I find many of the teachings of all the monotheistic religions just as disconcerting. The question to my mind is just how much of an influence this would have on his performance in a possible Presidency. Just how much weight do you think the other world leaders, including the physicist Andrea Merkle, would give to Romney given that his religion teaches that the earth is 9,000 years old and his family wears magic undergarments? France, for instance, has decided that the church is a cult and has rejected their obnoxious missionaries. Apparently, as a bishop in the church Mitt Romney’s word cannot be disagreed with by any Mormon in good standing, because he is supposedly divinely inspired. Just great.

Now, the latest jaw-dropper is an article by Gordon Duff which details not only what an intellectual numbnut Romney is, but also that fact that he is a draft dodger who’s father, Gov. George Romney, created a new class of draft deferment especially for his unstable son, Mitt: AND that he may be an illegal alien as well! Here is the link:

Well, this raises a whole raft of new questions that will not be asked during tomorrow’s debate between Obummer and Romney. One might think that the same constitutionalists who have been questioning the citizenship status of Obama might also turn their attention to the legal status of Romney. But, so far, this does not seem to be an issue for them. Hummm….

Could this election be more of a clusterfuck? It exemplifies all of the elements of dysfunction, craziness and corruption that paralyzes the government as a whole. Oh, and bring in the fact that Romney needs Ohio to win and that the easily hackable electronic voting machines with no paper trail and Diebold software are once again being created and controlled by Republican minions.

It is said that we have two “brains.” One is between our ears, and the other is in our gut. Am I alone in feeling sick in the gut when I contemplate the time between now and election night? I have to continually remind myself that I have felt much the same before every election since Nixon beat McGovern, and I managed to survive all of them. What a freakin’ pantload this one is, though!

High drama on the campaign trail as the nation of swine turns its collective attention once again to the political trough for its ration of swill from the mainstream media. Billions of dollars being funneled into television ads to buy the election once again. Everyone wrings their hands about the problem that could be solved simply and in one fell swoop. The FCC licenses the airwaves, after all. Like France, America could decide that the licenses to do business of the different news agencies and channels depend on their making available equal FREE TIME for all those political parties who qualify to be on a ballot for three months to state their views before a national election. And, every candidate who is on the ballot would be included in the debates. Voila! No more groveling for campaign funds to get elected. Nothing would change our government more. It’s not so much the people as the process that ensures the corruption ruining our country.

Where in the world is all these bazillions of advertising dollars going anyway? One would think that the news agencies would be awash in money, not cutting staff and on-site reportage due to cutting costs. Is it all just being dumped into the long pockets of the talking heads to ensure their complicity in the political pimp job story line? Maybe it’s going towards tickets into the secret facilities to ride out the contrived storm to come. I really have no idea.

Romney and Obama will go at it again tomorrow night; I guess, once again, I feel compelled to “stay tuned.”