Sunday, December 21, 2014

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas


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Thanks, again, to Spirit Across the Sea, AKA Belgium, for his guest post on the Guidestones, and all the conversations that were inspired.

Now, the Christmas and Hanukkah season is upon us. The season for “Peace on Earth and goodwill to men.” Well, not exactly, is it? Earlier this week I found myself wrapping Christmas presents with music in the background. But, instead of Christmas carols, I was listening to the sound track of “Pulp Fiction.” oh, dear. It is just like that this year.

What amazes me during this most “Holy” of Christian holidays is how silent the churches are on the revelations of torture and abuse by the CIA of military prisoners. Anybody hearing of any uproars regarding the shoving pureed lunch up a Muslim prisoner's rectum, raping children in front of parents, crushing testicles, freezing to death, beatings, “stress positions,” medical experimentation, “ etc. by the Baptists, Lutherans, Presbyterians, or any of the truck stop variety “non-denominational” organized churches proliferating everywhere?

No, I didn't think so. The Christ Consciousness teachings of forgiveness, peace, love, and compassion are kicked to the curb in favor of focusing on the book of Revelations and its predictions of the Apocalypse. Although I do go to his site regularly to pick up interesting stories about giants and pre-history and fringe stuff, I do think Steve Quale is a prime example of an End Times Bible-thumper who ignores the teachings of Jesus while devoting himself to whomever the nut-case was who wrote the Book of Revelations. Check this out:

Of course, this isn't the first time that our supposedly moral society has ignored our hypocrisy of pretending to be a Christian nation and a believer in Freedom and Democracy, while engaging in bogus wars for global dominance and natural resources. Revisit the Panama invasion in the late 80's.

Now we seem to be gearing up for war again - this time with Russia.

Are you kidding me? Is this not the most insane thing yet? We can't even win a war against people wearing flip-flops and driving Ford Rangers, and we are going to go up against RUSSIA???

Oh, WAIT. No, even more ridiculous is this situation with North Korea. We wonder why Kim Jong Un is pissed that SONY made a COMEDY about killing him. What if Korea has made a comedy about assassinating one of the Western heads of state? Would that be considered an act of free expression or an act of terrorism? And, then there is the outrage over him hacking into SONY and leaking massive confidential files. Of course, the NSA is capable of doing this on a much more massive scale, but, hey, it's different when we do it. Who knows who we are blackmailing or coercing into going along with whatever the lie of the day is? All I know is that this super-surveillance capability that the NSA has now has not put a dent in the pedophile rings, drug trafficking, or banking malfeasance. So, what are they doing?

The world does not seem to be a safer place. Personally, I feel violated if I can be viewed or listened to by my refrigerator, phone, or television set. What will it do to our children who will grow up with no sense of privacy? The Borg comes to mind.

Meanwhile, another long anticipated financial collapse seems to be structured into our future with the passing of the budget bill in Congress.

Happily for the Too Big to Fail banks, we the taxpayers will be liable for their criminal financial contrivances once again.

All this political pandemonium has a backdrop of geo-physical activity that has the potential to dwarf our other problems. Just take a look at the long list of volcanic and earthquake activity, radiation from Fukushima, methane releases, giant sink holes all over the world, animal die-off, and severe snow and rainfalls. It looks as if the Earth is fighting back. Can't blame Her.

Stress is taking its toll on people. Amazingly, people actually got off their collective butts and went to the streets to protest police brutality. Now, though, two cops were apparently gunned down as a “retaliation” against police bullying tactics. I imagine that the PTB would rather have us fighting amongst ourselves rather than focusing on their injustice. So, we'll see where this goes. More and more people seem to be flipping out and killing their families as well as the homeless and assorted innocent strangers.

On a happier note, I look to the heavens. Is Planet X responsible for the dramatic Earth changes and also the ones on-going on Saturn, Uranus, and Jupiter?

It is probably what it would take to dislodge the plans for the global New World Order that seems to be in store for us. There's no telling, however, just how many of us would be around to enjoy the level playing field that would once again be established after the financial and political entities are destroyed. Maybe there are some beautiful things in our future. Personally, I take an odd comfort in the glimpses of things like this, a UFO sited in Austria.

I think it is beautiful.

Despite everything, I hope this holiday is a good one for you. Good food, good friends, loving families, and some hope for the world.