Thursday, March 7, 2013


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Is there no depth of depravity too low for the scumbags in government, finance, and media? Apparently not. On every front, we are continually assaulted by new atrocities. We read articles reporting that cancer and AIDS and hepatitis, killer flu, Alzheimer’s, autism, and god-knows-what-else is spread by mandated vaccines – and yet it continues unabated. Our food supply is contaminated by known carcinogens and gender-bending pharmaceuticals, and the regulators that are supposed to guard the safety of our foods are the same corporate wankers who develop and market them. Our country has become an empire relying on unending and undeclared resource wars to secure diminishing supplies of oil, water, natural gas, farmland, and whatever else the corporatists feel entitled to. Our money is created from a decision by the Federal Reserve to create electric zeros in a computer, then lend them to the government with interest, putting us in indentured servitude for generations, while the fat cats get mind-bendingly rich. Then this financial debt abomination is used to prop up the stock market because, for them, debt is money.  Rights defined “inalienable” as citizens of this land have been first compromised and now repudiated. No more right to a fair trial. No more right to assemble or free speech. “Whistle-blowers” are incarcerated and tortured (read the Rolling Stone article this month about Bradley Manning) or renditioned or killed. Our attorney general just admitted that the president has a hit list and pretty much anyone can be on it. Objecting to this outrageous turn of events can lead to being considered a “terrorist.”  Hugo Chavez just died from cancer (or a heart attack) and the world wonders if we didn’t just kill him. Why not? We admitted to trying to kill Castro. Hell, even our own President Kennedy was assassinated and the culprits never identified. To say nothing of 9/11.  So, no. There are no depths of depravity too low to go.

Why not?

On my recent trip to Portland I picked up a wonderful little book, “Make Gentle the Life of this World,” by Maxwell T. Kennedy. I had lost it years ago and was delighted to find it again. It is a homage to his father, Robert Kennedy, and filled with quotes from his father and quotes from his father’s personal collection. What strikes me in reading it again, is that it is a book that could not have been written today. It’s too gentle. Too compassionate. Too beautiful. I doubt that it could get published now. Not in this competitive celebrity driven culture in which we find ourselves suffocating.  Watch Chris Hedges recent speech on our carnal celebrity culture:

What is happening to humanity? It appears that the world is being taken over by psychopaths. Here is the definition from Wikepedia:

“Psychopathy (/sˈkɒpəθi/[1][2] is a personality disorder that has been variously characterized by shallow emotions (including reduced fear, a lack of empathy, and stress tolerance), coldheartedness, egocentricity, superficial charm, manipulativeness, irresponsibility, impulsivity, criminality, antisocial behavior, a lack of remorse, and a parasitic lifestyle. However, there is no consensus about the symptom criteria and there are ongoing debates regarding issues such as essential features, causes, and the possibility of treatment.[3]
While no psychiatric or psychological organization has sanctioned a diagnosis of "psychopathy" itself, assessments of psychopathy are widely used in criminal justice settings in some nations and may have important consequences for individuals. The term is also used by the general public, in popular press, and in fictional portrayals. This popular usage does not necessarily conform to the clinical concept. According to the Scientific American, although psychopathy is associated with and in some cases is defined by conduct problems, criminality or violence, many psychopaths are not violent, and psychopaths are, despite the similar names, rarely psychotic.”

So, what is the cause of this condition?

Paul  Levy on Reality Sandwich ( writes of “wetikos,” a native American word for those suffering a sort of psychic virus manifesting in people who can’t get enough.
"this disease, this wetiko (cannibal) psychosis, is the greatest epidemic sickness known to man."[vii] We, as a species, are in the midst of a massive psychic epidemic, a virulent collective psychosis that has been brewing in the cauldron of humanity's psyche from the beginning of time. Like a fractal, wetiko operates on multiple dimensions simultaneously -- intra-personally (within individuals), inter-personally (between ourselves), as well as collectively (as a species). "Cannibalism," in Forbes's words, "is the consuming of another's life for one's own private purpose or profit."[viii] Those afflicted with wetiko, like a cannibal, consume the life-force of others -- human and nonhuman -- for private purpose or profit, and do so without giving back something from their own lives. One example that symbolizes our self-destructive, collective madness is the oil companies' destruction of the Amazonian rainforest, the lungs of our planet. This is literally a full-bodied revelation showing us what we are doing to ourselves. Another literal example that is symbolically illustrating the wetiko complex in action is Monsanto genetically engineering terminator seeds that do not reproduce a second generation, thus forcing farmers to buy new seeds from Monsanto for each year's new crop. This makes survival for many poor farmers impossible, which has triggered a wave of suicides among farmers, as Monsanto grows richer from the process.

Forbes writes, "The overriding characteristic of the wetiko is that he consumes other human beings, that is, he is a predator and a cannibal. This is the central essence of the disease."[ix] Predators, "full-blown" wetikos are not in touch with their own humanity, and therefore can't see the humanity in others. Instead, they relate to others either as potential prey or as a threat to their dominance. As if a different breed who is more animal-like predator than ordinary human being, someone fully taken over by the wetiko psychosis consumes others' lives, physically, emotionally, psychically and meta-physically, beyond just the material body and physical possessions to the level of meaning itself. Wetikos are the "anti-artists" of our culture, embodying the opposite of what creative artists do. Unlike an artist (please see my article "The Artist as Healer of the World"), who creates life-enhancing meaning and enriches the world without robbing others, a wetiko takes and consumes without giving anything back, continually draining and impoverishing the planet of resources.

We are currently in the midst of "the greatest epidemic sickness known to man" (please see my article "Diagnosis: Psychic Epidemic"). Many of us don't even realize this, as our collective insanity is so pervasive that it has become normalized. Our collective madness has become transparent to us, as we see and interpret the world through it, rendering our madness invisible, thereby unwittingly colluding with the collective psychosis that is wreaking incredible death and destruction on our planet. Being "trans-parent," our madness is beyond its mere appearance, which is to say, "beyond being apparent," i.e., not visible. Our collective psychosis is invisible to us, as it expresses itself both in the very way we are looking, as well as all of the unspoken ways we have been conditioned not to perceive. Due to its cloak of invisibility, we don't see our madness, a psychic blindness which makes us complicit in the creation of our madness.

Many of us can't fathom the level of evil to which full-blown wetikos have fallen prey, and of which they are capable. Our lack of imagination of the evil existing in potential in humanity is a direct reflection of a lack of intimacy with our own potential evil, which enables the malevolence of wetiko to have nearly free rein in our world (please see my article "Shedding Light on Evil"). In our psychic blindness we are complicit in the spreading of the evil of the wetiko psychosis, a systematic evil whose depth is beyond the capacity of words to fully describe.”

Ok  I’m back now.   Whew!

Does it spring from the “reptilian” part of our brains left over from natural evolution processes or some actual alien reptile influence?

At any rate, changing the minds or appealing to the non-existent hearts of these malefactors, is not going to be easy. Maybe it is impossible. Perhaps we are into cycles described by the ancient Hindus or Mayans who see long cycles of birth, progress, deterioration, death and re-birth as being just how the universe is wired.
When I was young I thought that hearts and minds could be changed by exposing them to facts and appealing to their consciences. Like, to end the war in Vietnam or to get rid of racism and injustice or to promote health or the well-being of the collective humanity of which we are all a part. Well, you can see how well this has worked out. …

Scum has risen to the top. Most of the ones in charge really don’t give a fuck about us, as George Carlin used to rant (bless his heart). Of course there are noteworthy exceptions that attempt to swim against the tide of greed, power, privilege, convenience, and selfishness. But, it seems to be a losing battle so far. From our last post comments, I know that our own dear p, feels that we are all one – even the wetikos. Once we embrace that shadow that is in all of us and deal with it instead of denying it, there is hope for empowering the sacred within us all as well. One hopes.

Meanwhile, we are like the little marsupials that scampered around the Jurassic period trying to survive without getting stepped on or eaten by the dinosaurs. Happily, the asteroid came along that wiped out the reptilian monsters and set the rest free. Maybe history will repeat itself.