Saturday, September 22, 2012

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Okay, it's the New World Order

by freeacre

I thought I’d share the mental process that murph and I have been exploring the last few evenings. After finally finishing assorted chores of the day, eating out of the garden and refrigerator, peeling the dogs off of us, etc. we sit down and continue catching up on “Sons of Anarchy” tv series from Netflix. By that time the medicine has kicked in, I am no longer in pain, and the mind is, shall we say, more flexible…

A couple of good friends of ours have really become agitated over our bringing to them what we know of the U.N.’s Agenda 21. They have investigated it even further than we have, read Rosa’s book, ordered more of them, and are sharing it with others. See her website if you haven’t already. So, our realization of how many levels of foresight and organization this Agenda entails is, at this point, almost mind-numbing. One might think that it is not possible to “save the world” as stated in Pollac’s article we spoke about in the last post’s comments, but in this case, I think they have at least significantly changed it.

The ideas of the Masterclass to save the world by creating a New World Order are coming to fruition. I am going to assume that somewhere back in the 50’s or so, some bright people figured it out that the resources of the earth are finite and that people are reproducing at an alarming rate. Within a couple of generations, big changes would have to be made, and unless there was a one world government to manage global issues, chaos would ensue and what needs to get done would not get done.

“What if this New World Order was a good thing?” I ask murph. After all, I used to love the idea of the United Nations. Put aside the archaic nationalistic bigotry and work together to save the world. Work globally on global problems. Give a voice to the unrepresented and the under-developed nations. End war. Teach co-operation and respect for each other’s views… What’s not to like?” Of course, I am being the Devil’s Advocate here.

“Yeah,” he says, “but when has any plan that TPTB have come up with not been for the short-term benefit of the elites? They do not and have not ever given a flying fuck about us – the wage earners, the working class, the poor, the “useless eaters,” as Kissinger calls us. We just don’t know. Maybe we are wrong. That is what is so damning about all the secrecy. We don’t know if they are trying to kill us or save us with chemical trails, or vaccines, or food or anything else. But, if it is for our benefit, why would they keep it a secret?”

To keep us going to work to fund the whole damn thing. Let’s face it. Even if you did come up with a New World Order plan, it would take a couple of generations to implement at the least. And, it would have to be funded by the biggest institutions humanity has – the banks and the corporations. Both of which would have to go global themselves. Well, hell, the ruling class and their banks and royals have always been global… So no global plan is going to work without them, they at least, would figure.

And, they couldn’t tell the unwashed masses because they might decide it wasn’t worth it to slave away at a job they hate only to find that the dream of working so that their children could have a better life is not going to happen. Instead, the working class and their progeny are going to be exploited like cattle in a feed lot to provide the elites with the money and the labor to build their “continuity of privilege” underground facilities, ultra-secret space programs, and island retreats to survive the carnage to come.

And, there would be carnage. Seven billion, or eleven by then, is too many to sustain. Of course, by now, the plan is not working out real well. Unanticipated problems are cropping up. What happens when the grid goes down and all the stored nuclear fuel rods continue to spew radioactivity for a million years? Oooops. Didn’t think of that one…

Well, let’s leave that alone for now. What about the divisive Jehova religions – Muslims, Jews, and Christians? This one jealous, monotheistic godhead who gives dominion over all the earth and Her animals and plants is the primary cause of the earth’s problems. Kick them to the curb. Start an unending war and let them kill each other off. Let their children figure out what idiots their parents have been and reject their established religions as being destructive and divisive and ruinous. Give them the tools to talk amongst themselves and run an endgame around the established fundamentalists. Actually, I sorta like that part, but that’s me…

One of the goals for the New World Order is the establishment of the order without the pesky ideals of democracy, representative government, and the clinging to nationalism. Some shock and awe events such as global plagues, EMP attacks that take out the grid, etc. might do the trick. Of course, it might not. The troublesome minions aren’t yet as stupid as the elites would prefer. In fact, they probably have more skills than the elites do, so it will probably be a real dog fight during the End Times. That’s where inadequate models don’t work over the long run. It’s happened before when the Christian church took over the western world and we fell into the Dark Ages of ignorance, filth, torture, and servitude. That’s when the monks created the monasteries, copied books and waited it out.

But, even if some of the elites know that this plan isn’t going to work as planned, it’s too late to stop it now. The incredible momentum has already been put in motion. Its relentless course has been set.

No matter what the world looks like when the elites finally crawl out from their bunkers, their children will undoubtedly look upon them with disdain. They will know them for the evil, greedy, short-sighted soulless bastards that they are. So, within another generation or two, they will make a new plan for themselves.

By then, there will have been a huge reduction in population as well as a new paradigm constructed that embraces the almost lost wonders of the natural world. So maybe in the long run, the New World Order isn’t so bad after all.
Just sayin’ …

Perhaps the best thing that we can do to cope with what we cannot control is to live the best life we can muster that continues the values we want to keep. Also, to honor this goofy condition we find ourselves in as human beings within the matrix of this planet, and enjoy it and be grateful as long as it lasts.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Sorry, if you are a fan of our beginning photos we finally ran out of them for the time being. We will try and find something suitable for the next post. Murph

Prelude; Both Freeacre and myself have been up to our necks busy in the last number of months. This makes coming up with new postings difficult and we feel a bit lucky to get one a month out. Plus, the subject matter. I want to shy away from rehashing and rehashing the subject over and over. Anyone out there that would like to submit a guest post is more than welcome.

So, on to today's muttering. From Murph


Among the many information and blog sites on the internet, including this one, there is a lot of speculation about the motivations for what we see in decisions concerning policy going on in the government. While I may have some realizations of “what” is being done, I tend to have more interest in “why”.

I am going to make some assumptions. First, (and I consider it important), the folks that are making decisions that affect all of us are not stupid (low IQ). They are able to think and reason and draw conclusions. Second, they have access to the same information that you and I have and probably a lot more than we have access to. Third, I do not think every one of them as being evil SOB’s. Self-serving perhaps, but not part of the slimy reptilian fuckers that we tend to loath with vigor. (We have the reptilian names on file). Fourth, most of these decision makers if we met them in a social setting and unaware of their positions as decision makers would appear be friendly and interesting folks that are helpful members of their community and solid family people. I’ve met a few of them in this context.

So, if those assumptions have merit, what the hell is going on? Why do these decision makers make the decisions on policy that we rail against? Are we being paranoid or stupid in our own right? How can these folks continue to make decisions that sure enough appear to us to be damaging to communities, individuals and society as a whole? How can they continue to make decisions that are so damaging to the ecology of this planet that seems so obvious to us?

Because I do not think these folks are stupid, I have to then assume that their decisions are deliberate in intent. What is that intent? Near as I can tell it is that old bugaboo, New World Order. It appears to me that they consider themselves qualified, and with all the information that is kept from us, to run the world better than the teeming mass of the worlds population can. They also see it as a means of continuing their lives of privilege and wealth, which they so richly deserve. And not the least of it, they love the acquisition and use of power, the ability and means of enforcing dictates on the “common folks” for which they really have the up-most contempt.

In the previous post, GD and I agree mostly with the idea that we cannot legitimately accept the versions of history that is part of the mainstream thought. Even in the formation of this countries Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights and the Constitution, this contempt for the “common man” was evident when one bothers to actually dig into the origins and personalities that were involved in their formation.

In my own digging around into historical revisionism, (that part of the scholarly investigation of historical events that is not mainstream and largely contradictive to the mainstream) I find that this contempt has been a predominant influence for all of recorded history. In other words, us common folks that are definitely not part of the elite structure, have been bull shitted, lied to, exploited and screwed over from the beginning of civilization and centralization of power.

Now I realize that the “common man” has benefited by this structure, at least on a minimal level and sometimes very large level (the U.S. standard of living in comparison to most societies on this planet). But, when we do a cost/benefit study on the gross cost of this standard of living in destruction of environment, depletion of resources to live and any self-determination at an individual level, the benefit to cost ratio becomes very problematical. The folks that have benefited to the largest degree ain’t you and I, rather it is the elites.

So hell yes, these elites are going to continue to pursue policies that promote their perceived advantages and largess. Those policies are going to allow the minimum benefits to the “common man” to keep the unrest down and for the elites to continue their looting, manipulation, exploitation and suppression of whole societies.

Today, in the U.S. we have the largest disparity of wealth and privilege in the recorded history of the world, and in times past there have been some pretty large disparities. King Midas was a slacker in this department. We can go to museums and admire the remnants of the elites lavish living and read about the individual opulence of past societies and civilizations and they don’t come close. Yes, often in these long gone civilizations, the “common man” was worse off than now, and in a few instances were maybe better off than now. I’ll leave that debate for others to pursue. What makes our present western civilization different is the propaganda that the “common man” has the opportunity to get into that rarified circle of elites too. Oh yes, a few actually may get there. Got to keep the perception alive ya know. But even if an individual through hard work and innovation succeeds in achieving the financial success that is one of the prime markers of the elite class, getting into the inner circle of the actual decision makers is of far less probability. And yes again, a few actually make it. To do so, one has to adopt the value system and be good minions for extended amounts of time before they will be accepted.

Now of course, this kind of a rant is going to have its detractors. Accusations of being just jealous of those with more money and power, and being a part of the socialist movement to redistribute wealth to us that we haven’t earned, I read all the time. Of course there is also the criticism that I (and others) haven’t worked hard enough, haven’t made the right connections, haven’t been innovative enough, and more arguments to justify the concentration of wealth and privilege into fewer hands. This usually comes from those with some measure of wealth and privilege. Anything to make a person feel inadequate and guilty for not “getting mine and screw your complaints”.

It appears to me that in this countries history, that ignorance of how things have changed is one of our shortfalls. In the 50’s, during a time of great expansion, opportunities and social advancement, the taxes on the wealthy were at their highest. But, what we are told today is that taxing the wealthy, especially at those rates, will ruin the economy and have no benefit at all. In other words, there is absolutely no benefit to limiting the wealth and privilege of the elites and that a more egalitarian society is some kind of a bad demon and to be avoided at all cost. It still amazes me how we allow the vast rewards to a select few that make nothing, contribute nothing to society and predominantly cause so much grief and hardship to so many other folks.

It sure appears to me that our society is way out of balance these days and getting worse. When a sufficient amount of the citizens realize what is being done to them, I wonder if they will revolt. But, the bottom line is that we have allowed it, in most cases have sanctioned it for the false hope of getting there ourselves. It’s gonna take some really big changes in attitudes to reverse our exploitation.