Tuesday, July 20, 2010

MURPH’S SOAP BOX RANT FOR THE DAY, Screw the political parties.

Photo of rattle snake from Hot Springs. I figure I'm feeling a bit of Don't tread on me.

I get from 25-50 emails a week, and have been for the last year at least, from political identities asking for money to support one thing or another. Some are direct appeals from people in office, running for office and what sure appears as PAC groups. Particularly from the PAC type groups, their appeals center on putting a particular political view in front of a house of congress, a particular individual in congress or even the president. What in the fuck are they talking about? It has been obvious to me for a very long time now that in a practical sense, it matters not. It only takes one person to suggest to another, within the political system, that there is a problem that needs correcting. It does not take millions of dollars to do this. What does this donated money to a cause pay for? Why shit, that’s obvious to me anyway. It pays an army of people with 6 figure incomes each to walk around Washington to smooze with the power set up people that are already making 6 figure incomes with huge retirement benefits and health care. What these donations in actuality are used for is the distasteful act of pressuring government people to do what they want. What the hell? What are we paying these government people for anyway? These people are sitting in plush offices doing little more than thinking up more laws to fleece everyone that they can get away with while their staff does all the heavy lifting. At least they have the staff to write long winded bull shit speeches to either house of the congress that sound so fine with rhetoric to get the adrenalin pumping in the masses that finally someone understands the problems and wants something done about it. It’s all fucking bullshit. It doesn’t work. If it worked, the changes would be made already. Those blood sucking vampires in the government do what is to their best advantage to keep those fancy 6 figure incomes and bennies rolling in.

Had a conversation a few days ago with an aspiring local candidate, who I happen to actually like. Nice guy. Runs a local business, appears honest and not greedy. Running as a Republican. We got into a discussion on politics. He had recently attended some kind of state get together of Republicans and Karl Rove was there. We had heard hints that he was impressed with Rove. My BS antenna started vibrating like mad and the meter pegged. So, I asked him about it, what was Rove like to him? He said he thought the guy was smart and very engaged in politics. I must have inadvertently let an expression cross my face and he asked me what I thought of him. Whew! I took a deep breath, and reminded him I do not belong to the liberal Democratic Party group and that I did not sympathize with much of anything they are about. I then took another deep breath and said that I considered Karl Rove and Dick Cheney two of the most evil bastards that have been spawned on American society and the world, and their parents should have done the world a favor when they were born and put them in a burlap sack with some rocks and thrown them into the nearest body of water; that I put them right into the same group as BĂ©rnaye, Strauss, Hitler, Mussolini, Machiavelli and George Bush Jr.; and that they were single handedly responsible for some of the most destructive aspects of our society, and that I had a bunch of justification for saying that. Further, that Rove instituted a propaganda campaign that was immensely successful getting the Christian fundies on the Republican side and then threw them under the bus and they didn’t even realize what was done to them. He got this astounded and maybe thoughtful look on his face and we went on to something else.

Now I ask, just what in hell is going on in the minds of the political ideologues of any stripe? Obviously it is money and power, but is that all? There are other ways of preserving power and gaining riches without destroying countries, people’s lives or even the earth. There has to be other motivations don’t there? Maybe humans are truly flawed and they have no control over their decisions. Maybe Satan truly walks among us. Either way, it’s all just so much bull shit. In the end analysis, there are consequences for actions. If the consequences are not immediate, the perpetrators tend to figure that they got away with it and are free to wreck more disasters from which they gain power and money. (Is this a complaint about a god who is supposedly running the show? You bet!). Perhaps this gives the quote I made in a previous post by Joules more credence. We truly need some great vengeance and terrible anger laid upon those who poison and destroy the brethren. We need more red pills given out, even when the choice is the blue ones, which maybe is a good metaphor for “blessed is he who in the name of charity and good will, Shepard the weak through the valley of darkness for he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children”.

It’s all very fine and well to talk about smaller government that just provides basic services and defense and that a capitalistic free trade economic system is the best of all worlds. But show me a society that indeed engages in those ideas. Show me a system that actually advocates such and isn’t corrupt as hell. In a word, what society today, especially the industrial ones, don’t exhibit hypocrisy to the point of absurdity?

Sorry to be running Joules little monologue past you again, but I am sick unto death reading and listening to what these numbass, dangerous, psychopathic nitwits that are in power have to say about much of anything. You know that if any of them get a fit of rare consciousness, and propose something that makes sense, it won’t happen. Everything that is done today is to support, entrench and enrich the psychopathic assholes in power. Talking about it, agitating about it, passing out red pills isn’t cutting it. What I fear most is how much more damage they are going to create before they are forced to stop. Just how much more anal lube is going to be distributed and applied before people take action and stop the pain? When will we shape up and stop destroying the environment that supports us? When are the ideologues going to be told to shut the fuck up and mean it? When are we actually going to advocate and enforce a more egalitarian society? When will the sharks, the mafia operations, the greedy bastards, the liars’ hypocrites’ thieves’ opportunists and bastards get eliminated from the gene pool? Probably never of course, but we should at least have a modicum of control over their activities which we do not have at this time. The rapers and looters have been given legitimacy and are running wild. Most of society has swallowed the blue pill and god only knows what it will take to pull them up into the reality of their lives. I would like to think that I have at least a rough understanding of what is being done to us, and even then, I have doubts about some of what I think I know. Just too damned much conflicting information out there, wild speculation, and not much attention being paid to the facts. See; http://survivalacres.com/wordpress/ July 7 posting on this. He makes some good points.

On a gentler note; the garden and greenhouse are finally taking off. I have actually done some hand pollinating. We have started to eat out of the garden regularly. Pretty soon the excess will need to be preserved. Put up a new batch of rabbit jerky that is yummy. Guy finally picked up his refinished rifle stock. Rabbits and chickens going nuts over the greens I give them from the garden.

Question, which is my reality?

Photo from that mountain man get together we went to.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

You Decide

Geezers on parade

Our friend's car


My last post asked the question “Is This It?” Matt Savinar (of Life After the Oil Crash – Breaking News) was advising gathering together with old friends and basically kissing your ass good-by in response to the disaster in the Gulf. That on-going catastrophe will have hideous consequences – no doubt about it. And, the on-going wars in the Middle East as well as the potential of war breaking out between Israel, Iran, and Lebanon is also nerve-wracking as well. We could be on the verge of WWIII as the situation escalates. Who knows what the real motivation behind all this bazaar activity is? Propping up the military/industrial war profiteers? Secure limited resources, like oil and rare earth minerals? Control of the heroin trade in Afghanistan? A new Crusade against the Muslim hordes- so that, God forbid, banks never have to give up collecting interest as is mandated by Shia law). Maybe it’s part of an Illuminati master plan to siphon even more money and power into the coffers of the mega-rich. Some End Game strategy to eliminate two thirds of the population of the earth so the elites can be more comfortable, re-institute feudalism and enjoy their castles and estates with a manageable level of peasants. We know it is not to end “terrorism.” If they were worried about terrorists, they wouldn’t be suing Arizona for enforcing the laws against unidentified people sneaking into the country by the thousands.

Yeah, well, whatever…

But, right now, despite all the dire scenarios and projections, I find myself feeling unusually happy.

Maybe it’s the heat and the blue skies. After a frigid June having to worry about all the little seedlings in the garden freezing to death, we are experiencing a nice, sunny, warm July. The plants are thriving and seem to be making up for lost time. For some reason, we haven’t seen a chem trail in two weeks and the skies are back to being the high desert deep blue that is so spectacular.

Our little town’s Frontier Days celebration the week of the 4th was fun and charming. Half the town was in the parade displaying whatever it is that they are passionate about (horses, lawnmowers, antique cars, pets, etc.) and the other half was standing along the route and applauding whomever and whatever passed by. It felt like a real sincere community event. People had parties and picnics and good times prevailed.

But, the best news is hearing from both ras and Lucretia that they have found ideal places to move. Not just good, but miraculously good, in my estimation. Lucretia and her husband desired a place to rent where they could have a garden, extra space for their stuff, and that wouldn’t cost them an arm and a leg. You can click on her blog from this front page and read all about what they have found. Truly amazing. All that they wanted and much more… and in a little town called “Troutdale.” How cool is that? Parenthetically, I was born there.

Ras sends pictures of ten lovely acres that she and her bride are purchasing close to The Farm intentional community! The area has so much to offer in terms of progressive ideas with a proven track record of successful alternatives to the dismal matrix of the predominate culture. Murph would call it “fortunate.” I call it “miraculous.” Whatever it is, it’s good. Real good.

Hearing about these new possibilities is making my heart sing. Dave is also moving to Tennessee. Palooka’s Revenge is not that far away in the place he is developing. At $2,200 per acre, it’s a possibility that many readers of the Campfire might find attractive and do-able. You just never know what is going to pop up. Like my morel mushrooms that sprang up in our backyard.

Despite the greater picture on the macro-level, victories are being experienced by those seeking to live harmoniously with the earth. I am finding that encouraging. Now seems to be a good time to make it happen. Since we have no control over the larger issues, it seems we must concentrate on our own lives and local communities. Murph and I just finished watching “The Matrix” series over again. Amazing what a great metaphor the matrix is to the false construct the overlords have designed for us. Unplug, get out, see the patterns, the codes, the programming. Unite and fight the machine.

As the Oracle points out over and over in each of the three movies of the Matrix, our lives and, indeed, our reality is continually created by our choices. Having the right to choose is the basis of freedom. Without freedom, we are not fully human, We are like the poor souls trapped in pods, immersed in the delusion of The Matrix, and whose life force is being harvested by The Machine… “ The Herd”, “Sheeple,” “Consumers.”

In the movie, great courage, loyalty, personal skills, faith, devotion, and love were vital to winning the battle for freedom and to establish the peace. But underlying all of it is choice. Red Pill or Blue? You decide.

"rasland" Now, here's a spectacular choice!

Thursday, July 1, 2010


After a very cool spring and very slow growth, garden is finally showing progress

Huge morel shrooms found behind the well house recently. Can't find any more

from Murph

I know that many people that frequent this site spend some amount of time reading and collecting information and much of it is shared in the comments and doubtlessly by email to friends and acquaintances. You also know that Freeacre and I spend a rather disproportionate amount of time doing the same. The problem that I experience is the contradictions I keep running across. Here is an example.

In the June 23 post from the Archdruid;

He makes an excellent case for why mass movements quickly die out, become subverted to other agendas and are thus ineffective.

Now over the years, I have found Michael Greer to be a thoughtful a fairly precise thinker. He is also very well read and examines a very large and varied amount of subject matter and does a good job of drawing it together to reach conclusions. I have much respect for the man and I will read what he has to say.

The above mentioned article makes a good case for how mass movements are directed by the masses that enlist in it, not the ideas that the founders first advocated. This, to me, seems somewhat contradictory to the huge propaganda that is thrust on us daily by the mass media, especially television. The question is, does the mass media control the masses or do the masses control the output of the mass media? A new mass movement called The Tea Party is a good example of Greer’s contentions in my view. It has virtually been taken over by the political far right and has so many internal contradictions I can’t see how anyone would jump on that band wagon.

On the other side of this, I read nearly every day somebody’s opinion concerning what needs to be done, namely, a mass movement of some kind to thwart the PTB and their plans for one world government controlled by them, complete ownership of everything and charging the citizen to use any of it and absolutely controlling the money supply too. Now right off the bat, I agree with these missives. Indeed, if the majority of citizens around the world woke up to what is being done to them and refused to cooperate any longer, the whole scheme would fall apart. In my view, this is simply not going to happen, and yet, it is what is needed to happen to reverse the direction we are going in as a society. I draw your attention to an article that appeared at;

“Fighting the new world order” http://thecrowhouse.com/ftnwo.html

He makes a good case for the urgency of this to happen. In my lifetime, there is nothing new in this article, (with one exception) it’s all been said before; If people would just wake up and understand what is transpiring and what is being done to them and refuse to cooperate, it would cease. The exception I can not deal with rationally is his contention that the world is not overpopulated. He says that all 6 billion people could be put in Australia with ¼ acre each and have room left over and on which they could grow their own food, and all the rest of the world would be empty to do with as we please. I am assuming that all of you reading this can see the absolute ridiculousness of this contention. I have come across the same contention once before and choked on my morning coffee when I read it. My reaction was “what idiot can possibly say something like that?”

So you see the intellectual bind I see here? If Greer is correct, and The Crow House is correct, we have some real problems on a solution to the problem. So I am thrown back to the dichotomy of: situations vs predicament. Situations have solutions, Predicaments have to be lived around, there are no solutions/fixes. Talk about cognitive dissonance!
On the one hand the only solution is a necessity and on the other hand the solution is impossible.

Notice the supposition; the only solution is a mass movement. We have lots of really smart people on this planet. I have read many ideas of how to change things. They generally fall into only a few categories; 1. Changing the system, 2. Changing the people running the system, and 3. The non compliance/revolution rebellion by the masses. Can anyone reading this come up with something outside of the box? As I see it, the only thing that would significantly change how things are done is #3 and it sure appears to me to have a very small probability of success, at least in some kind of idealistic form that makes a whole new way of doing business.

I hate to rain on the parade going on out there, but it sure appears to me that none of these will work at this time. Even during the early 1700’s, with a fairly large dissatisfaction with England’s rule over the colonies, only 40% of the people supported the rebellion. After the revolution, there was significant resistance to areas becoming states within the union. I suppose it is to the determination of the rebellious leaders we must give kudos for following it through and a separate country with states eventually joining in is what we ended up with instead of a handful of separate countries on this continent.

Do you remember Joules speech he gave before he capped someone in Pulp Fiction?
“The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of the darkness. For he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know I am the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon you?”

This little quote/speech has some appearance of authenticity but is not actually a Biblical quote. His last 2 statements are; “The truth is you’re the weak and I’m the tyranny of evil men. But I’m tryin’, Ringo. I’m tryin’ real hard to be the shepherd”.

Recognizing this is a movie script, but taking the quote as having some meaning to everyday life, who among us is “tryin; real hard to be the shepherd”? When human society has been put into a box where the only out is violence, where does the shepherd come in and what can he realistically do? If human society simply is incapable of understanding what is being done to them or just plain denies or ignores what is being done, what hope does a shepherd have? Over the years it has been rather obvious that people and their governments are pretty much disconnected, and it sure seems to me to be getting worse in that aspect. Periodically a shepherd appears, either in illusion or actuality, and the same old shit just keeps happening. It sure appears to me that humans are a pretty flawed creation, either by a god or by circumstances. There are times that I’m ashamed to be a part of it. And yet, there is the good, there is the honest, there is the person of integrity, of peacefulness. I reckon seeking out or showing a better way is where it is at. As Charles Smith calls it, the people he calls “the remnant” that show a way. The shepherds?

A tack on:

Today is Thursday morning as I write this. The news this morning seems really ominous. Lots of positive assurance of Israel attack on Iran, GOM becoming more and more a world wide catastrophe, the economic mess gets even more negative and no leadership on the horizon to deal with any of this. Sure looks to me that human kind (carbon based life forms as a friend likes to put it) have intentionally, or by arrogance, or by stupidity created a whole bunch of predicaments. The threat level appears to be increasing day by day. If this is all intentional (as some writers insist) or was unforeseen consequences, either way there is a high probability that as a society and individually, we are doomed. I often wonder if Freeacres and my preparations are for naught. But what would we have done differently? Join the herd and strive for personal immediate gratification? Join the herd and shop till we drop for something to ease the anxiety swirling around us? My intuition tells me that the answers will be forth coming before too long.