Saturday, December 17, 2016

A Open Letter to Governor Kate Brown, Mike Whitney, and Celebrities

Open Letter to Governor Kate Brown,
Clinton Supporting Celebrities & Mike Whitney

We recently held a Presidential Election which also included state and local elections for Governor as well as all the other elected positions. Congratulations are in order for you, Gov. Brown, as you won election to Oregon's highest office.

In viewing the results, I notice that Mrs. Clinton won 51.7% of the popular vote, as opposed to 41.1% for Donald Trump. You won 50.5% of the popular vote. It seems that Oregon, like the rest of the country is pretty evenly divided in terms of liberals and conservatives.

The results were not distributed so evenly, however, if one analyzes the votes by county. Democrats won in only 8 counties in Oregon. Those counties are the most urban of our state, and are home to the largest cities. When one considers the protracted demonstrations against the results of the national election, I can only conclude that the Portland's displeasure is not only aimed at President-elect Donald Trump, but to his supporters as well. You, Governor Brown, have been elected to represent all of us. It remains to be seen how supportive you will be to the vast majority of counties, which are distinctly conservative.

I am quite confident that it is your desire to demonstrate that you will represent the people of this state fairly, whether they are Republicans or Democrats. To that end, may I make a suggestion? You have stated that you welcome immigrants from the Middle East to settle here and live in Oregon. Now, of course, unless we are Native American, it can be said that the rest of us are all from immigrant stock. This has worked out well for the majority of us until now. It has not worked out well in Europe and Scandinavia. Sweden, for instance, has become the rape capitol of Europe. On last year's New Year celebrations in Germany a thousand women were molested by these Middle-Eastern migrants. Christian churches in Germany are having to hire security to ensure that parishioners are not set upon by these Muslim immigrants, who have been masturbating and defecating in the pews during religious services. Infants have been torn from the arms of their parents during baptismal celebrations. Polls have shown that forty to sixty percent of Middle-Eastern immigrants desire to impose Sharia Law in the countries to which they have moved (or invaded).

You can pretty much figure that this would be unacceptable to the people living in the counties that voted for Trump. To be fair to both the immigrants as well as to the people of Oregon, my suggestion is this: place the immigrants from the Middle East that you want to welcome here in the counties that voted Democratic. Those would be the counties of Benton, Clackamas, Clatsop, Hood River, Lane, Lincoln, Multnomah, and Washington. You and your liberal compadres can welcome them with open arms. I would think that this would be the most comfortable thing for the immigrants as well.

After three or four years (when you will be up for re-election), we will all have the opportunity to see whether your policies have worked out the way you planned, or not. If so, we who were skeptical will have the opportunity to change our minds. And you, who chose to respect the feelings of Oregon's Republican-leaning counties will be re-elected by a landslide. I seriously implore you to demonstrate your respect for the voters of Oregon in this way.

Additionally, to the movie stars and celebrities who bemoan the fact that Donald Trump won the election and that Hillary lost, I have sadly come to the conclusion that you have nothing but disdain for the working class, because an attack on Trump is an attack on us. Those of us who work for a living are portrayed as ignorant, ridiculous, homophobic, misogynistic, racists despite the fact that it is not true.

I love movies. I admire the wonderful actors, actresses, directors, and producers who have given me so much pleasure over the years. I have never begrudged the phenomenal amount of money you make or the palatial homes you live in all over the world. Now, however, it has become clear that you have become woefully out of touch with the audiences who purchase the tickets to your performances. Now it is you who seem ridiculous, shallow, and uninformed. Now I do resent your politics of privilege and the pampered hypocrisy of your lives. Expect some blow-back for the hate you have spewed. What comes around, goes around. Even you ought to be able to figure that out.

The following is a copy of a letter that I wrote to Mike Whitney, a columnist who writes for Global Explaining why I voted for Trump.

Hi, Mike.

I thought your article was pretty good, saying why Trump's financial plans won't work. I hope you are wrong, but still, I thought the article was fair. Not like most of the liberal writers totally demonizing him and his followers. So, thanks.

I'll tell you one thing that surprised me about Trump. It was when he said, "I love the under-educated." 

When I read that, I unexpectedly got tears in my eyes.

Why? Because I had never heard anyone say that. In fact, the under-educated are almost universally despised. Trailer trash, white trash, ignorant slobs, etc. etc, are terms that are usually reserved for them.

I am under-educated. I earned a full scholarship to the Michigan State School of Journalism in 1967. But, I quit my senior year of high school, married a draft resistor and went to Canada. A few months later, he betrayed me and joined the Army with his friends. Two years later, we got divorced. It took me four years to get an associate degree while working. After that I met my second husband and figured I could go back to school. But, then his son (13 at the time) got cancer and I got pregnant. No time or money to return to school. We worked 3 jobs for 5 years to get out from under the $250,000 dollars we owed for our son's cancer treatment.

Every job I have had since then (sixteen years as a psychiatric child care worker and seven years at a newspaper) has required  a 4 year degree or "equivalent experience." But, my salary was capped at @7.25 per hour at both jobs.

In addition to being kept dirt poor, nothing but scorn has been heaped our way as we working class "slobs" have worked our collected asses off and suffered poverty the whole time. The working class is always portrayed as dumb fucks, crude and ridiculous. But, I find that most of them have interests that enrich our culture - hobbies after work like quilting, painting, building stuff that is useful, or some other activity other than taking selfies and talking on the phone.

So, when Trump said that he "loves the under-educated," it hit a nerve that I didn't know I had.

The Liberals have drunk the MSM kool-aid and now they think they are going to die. This is bullshit.
The working class listened to what Trump was saying and think they heard someone who actually gives a rat's ass for them. I hope we are not wrong.

I used to be a big Liberal and still retain the values of John and Robert Kennedy as well as Martin Luther King - all of whom were assassinated. I am actually praying (to Ganesh, as I am not a Christian) that The Donald will not be killed as well. Personally, I believe that I have a case of PTSD since the assassinations of my heroes. If Trump gets killed, I think I may literally go mad.

So, please ask your leftist com-padres to  lay off the demonizing of Trump, and wait to see if they are as wrong now as they were about everything else. Also, start reading,, the daily sheeple, The Drudge Report, and Government Slaves, for openers, in addition to the lamestream.