Tuesday, November 17, 2015


By freeacre

In the last week or so, Caitlin Jenner (formerly Bruce Jenner) was awarded a prize from Glamor Magazine for having the courage to come out as a woman. This from a magazine with a long history of advising women and catering to their tastes, supposedly. There is a problem regarding this to me: Caitlin Jenner is not a woman. “She” even has a penis! Even if she had her masculine genitalia removed, she would still be a surgically altered man.  I mean, that is fine with me. I could care less what he/she does. But, it becomes my problem if I have to enter a bathroom and sit next to some man taking a crap. Or, maybe he is jacking off whilst listening to women in the neighboring booths. Or, if teen-aged girls struggling with their periods have to change their tampons next to some boy who says he feels like a girl. WHAT??

All these years having our privacy destroyed by secret holes in the walls or ceilings of public bathrooms... we know there is a problem. So now these perverts are going to be able to share our bathrooms and we have no protection? I don't think so. Unacceptable. Anyplace that allows gender-neutral bathrooms will be boycotted by me. Or, I'll begin to bring my two million volt taser with me everywhere.

What is going on? Is this some sort of accommodation to the gender-bending additives that contaminate our food and plastics? Is this a conspiracy to destroy the traditional concepts of  masculinity and femininity?

I'm all for freedom to open up career opportunities for women  who want to be something other than secretaries, nurses or elementary school teachers. Do they even have secretaries anymore? But, we are more than our jobs.  I watched a moving video of The Rock (Duane Johnson) talking about his experience as the father of a newborn baby daughter. (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/dwaynejohnsonsdaughter_5644b7e1e4b060377347ebe1). It was very heart-warming to me and a prime example of a healthy and valuable masculine response to fatherhood. He was overwhelmed with a sense of wanting to protect his daughter, and, I'm assuming, his wife.

Mothers have a natural response that is even more evident. When my newborn cried, my breasts would automatically respond with milk that could shoot out a couple of feet! A healthy feminine response to feed and nurture our children has been a staple of our evolutionary heritage since the beginning of time. A strong, protective man and a warm and nurturing woman are complimentary to each other, and provide the basis of the health of our species. Always has been.

But, now what?

Don't get me wrong. I am not anti-gay. Nature has always included gay people. Maybe 3-10% of the population. Personally, I believe that there is a special place for them that is valuable as well. If our culture wasn't so negative, perhaps homosexuals would be recognized has having special qualities of healing, communicating, art, or spiritual access that would be beneficial. Unless we give up the prejudice against them, we'll never know what we are missing.

But, that is not to say that we are all the same. We are not. Nature has carefully crafted the humans that we have. Now, I fear, we are screwing things all up.
The same goes for Muslims.

I had a girlfriend who fell in love with a Sufi Muslim and converted to marry him. They are the sweetest couple. Of course, Sufis are the metaphysical Muslims of the whirling dervish fame. Loving, peaceful and sweet people. Naturally, the Sunnis as well as the Shiites hate them. Once these sects start hating, they do not seem to get over it. They hate each other through generations, and it's still going strong. The only thing they seem to hate more than each other is us – non Muslims.

I have to admit that I am torn regarding the Islam immigrant (refugee?) situation.  I want to sympathize with the civilians fleeing for their lives in war-torn areas of the Middle East. Who can blame them?

On the other hand, this huge hoard is invading Europe (and, next, the U.S.) with little chance of assimilation. The vast majority are young single men of military age. They are prime breeders as well. Their reproductive capabilities alone will ensure the demise of the  historical European cultures within a couple of generations. These guys are not going to become the new Swedes, Germans, French or Italians.

I am not anti-immigrant, either. All of my grandparents were immigrants. Some from Sweden, some from Italy – all pleased to become Americans and help enrich and fight for their adopted country.  But, these European and Scandinavian immigrants had quite a lot in common. They were all from a Judeao-Christian background. They were mostly peasant stock – farmers and small shop owners.  They understood each other.

The ones they did not understand were the people of the First Nations – the Native Americans.  Rather than move to the American continent and assimilate into the greater culture of the 500 nations that were originally here, they ruthlessly wiped them out, and took over their lands.  The cultures were too different. The Christians considered the First People sub-human and destined to hell unless converted to Christianity. Farmers verses hunter-gatherers. Within no time, the indigenous people were wiped out due to disease, war, and reservations that stripped them of their languages and culture.

If several hundreds of thousands of Muslims are introduced into this country now, I expect that we will be experiencing much the same fate as the Native Americans.

Where are the masculine men who will protect their wives and daughters from the marauding sexual supremacists who don't allow their women to read or drive or be seen in public without a male relative escort? Who is standing up against the rape, genital mutilation,  incest and pedophilia perpetrated by these invaders? Who protects the sons from having their hands or feet cut off or being crucified for minor infractions of the rules, as is done in Saudi Arabia? http://www.huffingtonpost.com/michael-sainato/saudi-arabia-crucifixion_b_8455868.html

Something tells me it ain't going to be Caitlyn Jenner.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

I just really like tulips.

From Freeacre

They Got Me

I just spent ten minutes trying to decide whether to begin  with “They Got Me” or “It got me.”
… whatever, I have been “got.”  I have been diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer. Adenoidal cystic carcinoma.

Yup. Me.

This is in addition to one of my best friends and neighbors, Julia, who is currently dying of 4th stage lung cancer. She's about ten years younger than me and hasn't smoked in over ten years. And then there is Steve, one of our oldest friends from Michigan who is in hospice care now due to dying of pancreatic cancer. One of our other friends from the Grange is a cancer survivor who keeps on getting it, but keeps managing to survive so she can get it again. Another couple from the Grange is on the way out. The wife has stage four brain cancer and now her husband has a critical heart problem.

I bet you have friends and relatives who are going through the same thing.

Do you think it is paranoid to think that we are being killed off on purpose? Or is it simply greed that accounts for the regulatory agencies being staffed with former employees of Monsanto and the pharmaceutical companies? Thus, the FDA approves the use of glysophate which poisons our food, mercury, barium, and aluminum in the mandatory vaccines, outlaws the labeling of GMO foods, feed lots are the biggest user of antibiotics (there-by creating drug-resistant bacteria), carcinogenic additives used in almost all processed foods, and on and on. Greed, design, or both?

Let's see. In 1972 or so, I worked in one of the most prestigious children's mental hospitals in the world – the Nicholas J. Pritzker Children's Hospital in Chicago. It took them two months to figure out what was wrong with this little kid. He was over-weight, didn't talk, and had “transition anxiety.” That meant you had to drag him between rooms. He would also get up early and stand outside the nurses' station in anticipation of them posting the new shift schedule on the wall. He loved lists. When a new one would go up, he would squeal in excitement. When agitated, he would slap his knees together, flap his hands, and moan. He was seven. Turns out, he had autism. First case anyone there had seen. Now, it is one in fifty-eight. Why is there no concerted effort to end this hideous ailment?

And cancer. Wow. What an industry. Just about the most lucrative thing going – next to the arms industry. Have you been to a cancer center? Ours reminds me of when Katnis and Peata went to the Capitol and saw all the opulence that had been denied to the outlying Districts in Hunger Games. Incredible buildings – double etched glass office windows, beautiful artwork all over the place, brand-new furnishings, nothing looks even mildly worn.

Where is all the money coming from? Oh, yeah, us. We are not just getting sick and dying. We are being fleeced of everything we have on the way out.

The fine print on Oregon's medical health plan says that all the money that the State subsidizes your medical care with will be reimbursed from your estate upon your death. Nobody I have talked to about it, realizes that. So, I did not sign up for it.

I now have Medicare. I have to look up what that actually pays for. I think there is a $5,000 deductible. If paying for all this would lead to disenfranchising the Murpinator and my son from the home and property, I just won't do it. 

I did ask the oncologist what would happen if I didn't do anything. She told me that my breast would eventually fill up with cancer and that this is a kind that hurts. Then, it would burst through my skin. The tumors would stink like rotting meat, and would draw insects! Fuck me! She made a real strong case for surgery. The radiologist will probably do the same thing.

I asked about drinking baking soda and water to change to a more alkaline system. From what one reads on the internet, an alkaline environment kills cancer. She said that was all bullshit. No matter what you eat, cells stay at 7.0 ph. Period.  I'm drinking it anyway. I'm also doing a liver cleanse tea to strengthen my immune system.

But, enough about me. What about the program to kill us off? It seems pretty obvious that the Earth cannot sustain unrelenting “growth” based on commodities that are limited. It was estimated that for every household in the world to have a refrigerator, we would need three Earths to produce all the damn things if we have a population of seven billion, on the way to eleven billion. And, that doesn't even factor in the robotics. What? They figure that at least a third of our jobs will be replaced by robots real soon. Not just manufacturing. Doctors, teachers, waiters, hell, even hookers will be replaced by robots.

So, what's a motherfucker to do? Get sick, get relieved of every dime you have been able to save first, then die. Oh, and along the way, be assailed by all the “support” teams in your face at every opportunity. Cancer Runs. Cancer support groups. Cancer Society. Oh, it's all so inspiring. Again, a lot like “The Hunger Games.” We could call them “The Cancer Games.”

What if there were a rebellion? What would it look like? I have some ideas, but if I wrote them down, I'd probably get rounded up.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015


What Do I Know?

I find myself spending an inordinate amount of time on news and financial and conspiracy sites. I have had coffee with George Ure at Urban Survival each morning except Sunday for years. Then I go to Cryptogon, Blacklisted News, What Really Happened? Then, to see what the more mainstream is saying, I look at it from the Republican side and read the Drudge Report. Then, from the ridiculous democrats, I read Huffington Post. Once I've had all I can stand about the latest bimbo and exhibitionist gossip and assorted examples of cultural deterioration, I go for the space news.

What's up with the Sun? Sun flares or filaments going off? Will there be a kill shot that takes out the grid? Is it all going quiet, heralding a new mini-ice age? Is there an on-going pole shift? Is our Sun a binary star? And, is our sister star about to give us grief? Are the changes in energy triggering earthquakes and volcanoes?

How about Fukushima? So many animals, fish, and mollusks dying in vast quantities. Volcanoes going off close to the already teetering buildings with the nuclear cores melting through the ground.

So much to keep track of and to try to figure out. So many different takes on what we loosely term, “reality.”

Then, there are the fringe sites. Steve Quail, Godlike Productions, Before It's News, the Daily Sheeple, Info-wars, Rense. I've become a doom-tard, searching for the doom.

I keep checking in to see if the collapse is at hand.

I keep forgetting that I am already living post-collapse.

Our lifestyle was forged with the thinking of Michael Rupert's “From the Wilderness” blog. That's where most of us met each other. From there to Cyclone's site, which evolved into this one. Rupert called it all long ago. He knew that resources were peaking, that we're fighting resource wars. He knew about the black ops funded by the “War on Drugs.” He blew the whistle on the surveillance state and the neo-cons. He explained the iron grip of the Fed and the financial house of cards. He called the real estate bubble. We took his advise – sold the nice house in Tahoe and moved to the middle of no where to prepare for the End of the World As We Know It.

So, that's what we did fifteen years ago. We live very cheaply. We are not in debt. We grow much of our own food. We have our own water well. We raise our own chickens for eggs and rabbits for meat. The collapse, when it is finally acknowledged, will look like this. I mean, if regular Americans that are business and professional types, still gainfully employed, suddenly began to live like we do, you can goddamn bet they'd sure think that things had collapsed. It would be considered a catastrophe.

Doom, I am beginning to think, will be redundant.

So, why am I still obsessed by it?
I keep thinking that things could get a lot worse. I mean, like Atlantis falling into the sea, the Fall of Civilizations. The Egyptians, the Mayans, The Flood. Shit like that. Extinction Level Events. The Electric Universe Theory with it's DVD, “Symbols of an Ancient Sky” pretty much sums up the incredible series of natural energetic interactions through the eons between our Mother, the Earth and Our Father, the Sun and all the planets in a dynamic solar system. The screams of the past have become like silent echos – felt, if no longer heard.

But, whatever. All this information, and so much of it contradictory. Is it warming or cooling? Did Kerry break his leg or was he shot? Was anyone really killed at Sandy Hook? What about the Boston Bombing? Staged or not? Disclosure on UFO's, secret space program? Jade Helm 15, underground facilities, seed bank... WFT??

The more I read, the less I seem to know. This could very well lead to insanity I think. When you can't tell what is real and what isn't, isn't that insanity?

I am going to turn my attention to things that I know are real. Watering the garden is real. Feeding the rabbits. Collecting the eggs. Making dinner.

But these are not exactly satisfying or making life worth living. I'm going to make a bucket list and begin to do some different real things. I'm getting sick of waiting for the Apocalypse. I'm going to enter the apple pie contest in the Frontier Days celebration next month. I am going to go fishing. I am going to think of more things to actually do rather than read about what the overlords are doing, and thinking that knowing or not knowing is going to make any difference.

These are strange days indeed. My challenge, it seems, is to not allow insanity to prevail.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

                                                  Hillary calling on divine intervention

The First Woman President

Oh, Boy, how I looked forward to our first female President. I remember thinking, not so long ago (maybe 20 years), that when women become empowered enough to win the Presidency, we would see a kinder, gentler nation. No more going after the coffee while the men decide the important stuff. No more stupid and inhumane policies that bomb children and families. No more College of the Americas that teach torture techniques to the armies of dictators. No more bullying the rest of the world. Women would be more honest, more grounded, more in touch with the struggles that working families endure. More responsive. Better.

Then Margaret Thatcher became the Prime Minister of England. She was big friends with Ronald Reagan, and, like him, set about weakening the working class unions, fought a war with Argentina over the Falkland Islands, and supported all the militaristic moves he made. Once we elected Clinton, I was sure Hillary would show the world the good policies a female would conceive. You can see how that worked out. Oh, yeah, and Bill Clinton's other appointee, Janet Reno, as Attorney General.

Did things get better? Did the laws stop discrimination against black citizens? Did we become more free? Was the War on Drugs curtailed? No. Millions and millions of dollars were generated from drugs and used to fund black ops projects, and we incarcerated more and more people. Then there was Ruby Ridge. Way to go, Janet.

Then, we got Condoleza Rice in the Bush administration. Justifying every cockamamie scheme, lying her ass off about “weapons of mass destruction” and on and on. Total war-mongering neo-con. Guantanamo torture chambers featuring that female moronic soldier posturing and holding the leash of a prisoner smeared with feces. We've come a long way, baby.

Now we have Valerie Jarrett advising President Obama. What a piece of work. As secretive as she is influential, she has her fingers in all the executive branch pies, and is scary as shit.

But the all-time most bogus, disgusting, reprehensible, scum queen of them all is Hillary Clinton. The picture of Gaddafi beaten bloody and with a knife stuck up his ass is burned into my memory. I remember that she laughed. I remember that she gloated and said, “We came we. We saw. We kicked his ass.” She showed herself to be a monster. It apparently was also burned into the minds of his followers, as they retaliated by doing the same thing to Hillary's ambassador in Bengazi. But “what difference does it make?” None, apparently, to this cretinous asshat.

And, in the ensuing years since “Father Knows Best” and “Leave it to Beaver,” what has happened to “the fairer sex”? We've become doctors, lawyers, cops, soldiers, professional athletes. We've actually been encouraged to leave the homes and stop raising and even cooking meals for our children. Now we take them to daycare, drive them to team sports, feed them fast food, and buy them electronics to shut them up in the car.

There are journalists who are women. But, they are “presstitutes” to the pharmaceutical companies who buy the majority of their programming just as much as the men. How about the way the news media covers women? Bimbos and more bimbos. Unbelievable vulgar stalking of celebrities focus on what they are wearing or who they are dating, or their “baby bumps.” I could gag. Can you think of ANY female organization that has stood up in opposition to this outrageous non-stop objectification of women on a scale that is just stupefying? No.

So, pardon me if I am not at all excited about Hillary becoming “The First Female President.” If it happens, I will probably puke.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Cyclical catastrophe?

Timing and Catastrophe

First, I feel compelled to make some remarks regarding the Charlie Hebdo situation. Although I was as shocked and appalled as anyone that twelve magazine staffers were killed by revenge-seeking Muslims, I would rather wish the millions in the streets would have been mobilized to support the Assange, Snowden, or Manning whistle blowers. Where was the media or popular support for free speech for them? All this mobilization and energy to support this “satirical” rag that was vulgar and disgusting at best? It seems rather contrived, and will undoubtedly be used to disarm and surveill the citizenry even more. You can bet it's not going to lead to more freedom for anything.

Don't get me wrong. I despise much about the Muslim religion. Even on it's best day, the religion is feudalistic, tyrannical, brutal, and hideously misogynistic. I just watched two videos today showing a woman shot in the head in the street by a bunch of police clad murderers in Pakistan. The other one showed a woman getting her head chopped off on a street in Afghanistan. No trials. The women are told to kneel down and submit or they would kill their whole family. I don't have anything against all Muslims. Just the men.

Well, that's not quite right either. I have a friend whom I haven't seen in a long time. She was in my women's drumming circle for several years, and I care a lot for her. She fell in love with a California guy who had converted to Islam. He was a Sufi, and she became one too. They married and have a son. Anyway, the Sufi's are a metaphysical and gentle bunch of folks. I'm pretty sure the Sunnis and Shiites hate them. Whatever. The point is that I know that most people are just people, despite all the different religious allegiances.

But, I do not condone the mistreatment of women on this massive scale. Nigel Farge, of the Independent party in Great Britain, said in parliament recently that thousands of girls have been genitally mutilated in Islamic neighborhoods in Britain under rule of Sharia law. They don't assimilate like the Irish or the Italians or the Germans or the Swedes did when they came to America. When my grandparents came here, they came to become Americans. Muslims seem to immigrate in order to take over. I say “fuck 'em.” Countries should not give up their sovereignty. I like a world with Americans, French, Russian, Belgian, Spanish, Portuguese, et al. And, I don't like being allies with egregious countries like Saudi Arabia, where over a thousand people a year get their hands cut off and you can get a thousand lashes for criticizing Islam. Muslim countries commonly use beheading, amputations, flogging, gouge out eyes and stoning for crimes like adultery, witchcraft, etc. In Saudi Arabia women can't even drive. But,they are our allies. We've sold our souls to the devil due to oil and the petro-dollar.

It is ironic to me that the so-called feminists in this country have been so complicit. Nobody confronts congress on siding with these anti-female miscreants. Instead, what passes for women's liberation is the Huffington Post and the Guardian jamming pictures of semi-naked exhibitionist celebrities in our face all the time. Non-stop portrayal of sex objectification and gossip, worse than could have been imagined at the start of the women's liberation movement. I could gag.

But, I digress. Back to Charlie Hebdo. It is clearly a hate rag. What if they had published cartoons showing blacks hanging from nooses and if they called them “jiggaboos,” or something. What if they were KKKlansmen and they drew cartoons of Jews as pawnbrokers with huge noses and blacks as slaves. And, then, they got killed by Mossad in retaliation. Would we be in the streets defending “free speech”? I think not. I like the Pope's message that to provoke and insult a religion is not a good idea either. Like I said, I'd rather be supporting the whistle blowers.

I think the Dali Lama would advise to “Be Kind.” Stand up for what is right, but be kind along the way. You have to leave a little room for people to change.

What really blew me away this week was a documentary movie called “Caesar Chavez” with Michael Pena and John Malkovich.

We could take some lessons from the United Farm Workers struggle.

It really reminded me of things I had almost forgotten. So many layers to it and so many ways the lessons could be applied today.

It reminded me of how the country was when it still had a conscience. Before years of watching “24” convinced people that torture is justified. And, at least a semi-free press. When reporters covered the struggles for decent wages and working conditions for workers against the objections of the Chambers of Commerce. When it wasn't owned by six global corporations and used to convince us that whatever is good for them is also good for us.

Did you know that Chavez did not support unrestricted immigration? There are all kinds of things that I did not know about Chavez and the struggle to organize the field workers, even though I boycotted and picketed for them myself. I worked with the Retail Clerks, International. We used to do "actions" where we would go into a grocery store like a regular customer, fill the carts up with all sorts of stuff that was hard to put back, rip the plastic off the meat and set it next to the laundry detergent, and all sorts of annoying shit for the stores to get them to stop selling grapes. The carpenters union donated roofing nails, and we would set them up in the parking lot for people who drove through the picket lines. I can still hear the pop of their tires. I don't think we were real aware of how non-violent Chavez was at the time. I'm not sure he would have approved. Oh, well, those were the days...

Another thing I had not realized was how soon after Robert Kennedy's assassination, Reagan came to office, and how seriously he continued his fight against La Raza Unida and all the other unions.

The Democrats dropped the unions (I know, I know how corrupt they were, et al), as well as the working class, and got all corporatized and bought off just like the Republicans. And, now we are bemoaning the "income gap" , the Middle Class is disappearing, congress doesn't even want to give paid sick leave and maternity leave. Only the US and Pappua New Guinea don't have fucking paid maternity leave, for Christ's sake.

The same voices are saying that they can't afford to pay for infrastructure or living wages or medical care that is fair. Of course they can't. They gave it all to Wall Street and the global banks. We just pay the interest on all the money they print for themselves. Even food stamps and social security are on the chopping block. And yet the rich have never been richer, and the wars never more numerous.

It feels much like the 60's, only worse. Now we are all farm workers. But it's Maggies Farm we are working.