Saturday, August 19, 2017

The End of (My) Days

This may be my last post. As many of you are aware, I have had three partial mastectomies over that last year or so to get rid of tumors. But, when I finally relented and allowed them to do radiation treatments, they found that my lungs had twenty tumors in them. The radiologist more or less freaked, and stopped everything and dumped me into palliative care. That means they don't do any more medical treatments and just watch you deteriorate. But, my oncologist scheduled all sorts of scans. Then they found that in addition to the ones in my lungs, I also have one on the tip of my thigh bone and a huge one covering about 60% of my liver. It is about the size of a nerf football. Or at least it was. Now if feels as if it is bigger.

It's funny. Over the years we have been trying to prepare for all sorts of situations. But, terminal illness wasn't part of them. When I found out that I was dying, I booked a cruise for myself and my son and went up the inner passage to Alaska. I am so glad that I did. It was really fun. If you would like to go on a cruise, I recommend checking out You can book cruises at half the cost. That's what we got, and our stateroom was outstanding.

I want to tell you how important you are to me. Several of us have been together for years. We have truly become friends and a cyber-tribe. The hardest part of this situation is saying good-by to all those I love. My hope is that I can go out with some sort of grace. You know me. I think in movies. So, I have been watching a lot of movies dealing with death. One good one was “Last Taxi to Darwin” or something like that. My new hobby is writing reviews of movies I've watched on Netflix.

Anyway, I am not the only one for whom it is the Last Days. With all the hostility being generated between us and North Korea, Russia, and China, a big war could break out any time. The “Deep State” or The Powers that Be (TPTB) seem set on it. And, George Soros seems to be backing the destabilization of the country, just as he has done in many others. I wish I knew of somewhere his nefarious plans did not work. The globalists seem determined to break up the nation states and implement a New World Order where the banks and corporations can rule with impunity.

I call it the Kali Yuga – The Hindu Last Days. Corruption and perversion rule the day. Christians are looking at The Rapture. All cultures have predictions of the End of Days, and I think most of them are agreeing that this is it. And we thought Peak Oil was going to be bad. Politically, it is even worse. President Trump is beset on all sides. Whether you support him or not, we should all be outraged that the Deep State is determined to disallow the results of the presidential election. It is jaw-dropping to me that the Democrats and Republicans in Name Only (RINOS) are determined to take out Trump. Congresspeople are calling for his assassination. Celebrities and actors call for his death. And none of them has been tried for sedition.

It remains to be seen whether the second amendment will come into play here. We have the right to bear arms, if you will remember, so that if necessary we can “defend the security of the free state.”

We are threatened on all sides. The economy is on the brink of failure. Yellowstone could erupt at any time. The eclipse might cause all kinds of problems. The poles seem to be shifting. And, I guess it won't be long before we know if Nibiru is actually coming. Then, of course, there is Fukushima destroying the fish in the ocean, melting the starfish in the tide pools - and giving people like me cancer.

Pardon my negative attitude. People tell me to keep a positive outlook, but I just want to give them the finger.

Well, Dear Ones, I do want you to know that I love you and I will miss you when I am gone. It's been a good run for us as we have held each others hands during the work up to all of this. I wish you all the very best and hope that you will be safe and figure a way to make things better.

Sunday, April 9, 2017


                                             Being a serf is not so much fun

From Murph

I don’t know about you folks that read this blog, but I read and listen to news stuff every day, and I’m finding myself confused as to what is actually going on, nationally and internationally.   I don’t trust the MSM to report factually and the alternate news sites seem to be a lot of gossip.   I have to be honest with myself as much as I can and I am not an insider.   What I read is at best second hand stuff and a great deal of the time a lot further down the road than that.  

The latest thing in the new is the Syrian deal with the gas attack and Trump’s response.  My being very distrustful about our 3 letter intelligence agencies on the matter I suspect what they say is not the whole story and maybe not true at all.  And, add in the stories on C. Rice mixed in and none of it makes any sense.   I think that Carl Denninger at has some good arguments on the whole thing.  As of today I haven’t seen anything yet on a Russian response.  We were told that Syria didn’t have any chemical weapons left.   So what’s going on:  A rebel unit in Assad’s military?   Another intervention by American black opps?  How the rest of the world reacts to this will be interesting, if we hear the truth of that.  

The health care bill that was shut down from lack of votes is another major issue.   Again, has been writing about this fiasco for a long time now.  If his math and assumptions are correct, the health care in this country will bankrupt the country inside of 5 years.   If you want to see what he has to say, you will need to go back to a few of his posts.  Click on the Topic List on the right hand side of the post.   Other political writers seem to be picking up on this angle.  

I have a friend in Sweden that tells me that a lot of our news is not true about what is happening there with the Muslim invasion and that they consider Trump to be a joke. 

There are so many issues that are presented that I can’t keep track of them all.  This is induced complexity as far as I am concerned and is designed to keep us all debt serfs, health care being a major part of it.   We have a small health clinic here in town and their billing procedures are a head scratcher.   I finally went into the financial office to ask about it because it made no sense.  The woman there told me that yes it was confusing and explained it to me.   It’s a completely stupid way of doing things and is designed to be complex and not make sense to the customers.   When I told the lady that the whole system was a cartel she didn’t disagree.   I didn’t have the nerve to ask her what the salaries of the managers were.  I don’t doubt that they are pretty high and in this area $15/hr is considered pretty good wages.

 Since the Oregon state laws have made pot legal, local governments are scrambling to figure out how to tax the beegjesus out of the growers and the retailers.  Pretty soon, I speculate that the big boys will take it over because of the profit structure and the tax revenues for the local governments.   Of course, the feds are still in on the whole deal because of pot’s drug classification (it’s schedule I at the fed level, same as heroin).   The history of that classification and the propaganda put out around it are interesting to read about.   All this is despite its medical usage.  

So, whose information do we trust to be true and unbiased?   Frankly, I can’t get on board with much of any of it.  There is just too many fingers in pie.   What I am convinced of is that our government is a nest of vipers and getting them out of power is nigh on to impossible.  The only way it could happen is a mass awakening and a political revolution of some kind, maybe even a shooting revolution.  I think Trump tried the political revolution but I think he is against too many big boys to be successful.   They will stop him one way or another.   We shall see.