Sunday, July 17, 2011

Just What Are We Going to Do?

This is a snapshot that Hot Springs Wizard took of a Montana moose on his recent trip.

by murph

I know, I really do know that we haven’t written a new post for almost a month now. Not only has there been a problem with time allotment, but also once more I have been searching for a subject. The last 4 weeks have been really hectic. We were hoping that our pooches’ problem with seizures was solved and this weekend she went back to them, big time. She had 14 grand mal seizures in 12 hours. We didn’t get much sleep. The garden and greenhouse have had to be continually monitored because of the really strange weather we are experiencing and adjustments made because of nighttime temperatures going down close to or below freezing, in July no less. We have had to get ready for the community chicken coop and garden tour coming up this weekend that has been eating up a lot of time. To top it off, Freeacre’s son is moving here and preps have to be made for that. All in all, we are playing catch-up on almost every aspect of our lives right now, so new posts have to take a back seat in priorities.

In the last 4 weeks, in our daily reading of stuff posted on the internet, it appears that a lot of writers are getting down and dirty lately. They seem to be anticipating some abrupt and radical changes coming in soon. What these changes are going to look like differs somewhat depending on who is talking about them. But, the consensus seems to be that they are coming and coming soon. If the change is abrupt and relatively severe, there is going to be some interesting social upheaval showing up. What the PTB do about it is open to question also. In any case, it sure appears to me the PTB is losing its grip on events. Either that or it is all planned to come down in some manner, whatever it looks like. I don’t anticipate that it will be either pleasant or make things better.

Of great concern to a hefty percentage of our population (like 70 million or so) is the threatened cuts or even elimination of Social Security and Medicaid entitlements. Now I wonder just what 70 million folks will do if that happens? Revolution of the infirm by wheelchair and walkers? My mental picture of granny with her walker and an AK slung on her back marching on Washington would be funny if it wasn’t so serious.

Did you know that around 17% of our working people (out of about 140 million) are employed by the government at some level? That is about 24 million folks that are involved in making decisions and their minions that are involved in enforcing those decisions on the rest of us. That is about the same as Greece, and we know what that has done to their country. And this is during a time when local governments that are strapped for cash are laying off government service employees. One of the biggest surges in this direction took place during the Reagan administration; Smaller government say the Repugs; yeah right!! And most of this control is now in the hands of the international corporations. Good old Obama, change for the better. Yeah, right!

It occurs to me that with all the changes going on, that we can plan for it to some extent, but as I’ve also expressed, the universe has a lot of surprise events and ending in store too. Briefly stated, be flexible, be as self-sustaining as possible, and anticipate the worst.

A lot of chatter on the internet lately about what is to become of the internet. As has been shown in other countries lately, the internet has become a tool for rebellion. This is of course untenable to the PTB and something is going to change in that regard. Whether it will be an abrupt change or gradual is open to question of course, but I rather suspect that if open rebellion starts showing up in this country, it will be abrupt. Can’t have those pesky uppity commoners and serfs organizing themselves to challenge the status quo.

Going to have to keep this short today. Wanted to wait for the road trip by the Wizard to be completed and got to get on the clean up work for the chicken coop tour for this weekend.

Wizard's deer. Thanks for sharing, Hot Springs