Thursday, April 16, 2015

                                                  Hillary calling on divine intervention

The First Woman President

Oh, Boy, how I looked forward to our first female President. I remember thinking, not so long ago (maybe 20 years), that when women become empowered enough to win the Presidency, we would see a kinder, gentler nation. No more going after the coffee while the men decide the important stuff. No more stupid and inhumane policies that bomb children and families. No more College of the Americas that teach torture techniques to the armies of dictators. No more bullying the rest of the world. Women would be more honest, more grounded, more in touch with the struggles that working families endure. More responsive. Better.

Then Margaret Thatcher became the Prime Minister of England. She was big friends with Ronald Reagan, and, like him, set about weakening the working class unions, fought a war with Argentina over the Falkland Islands, and supported all the militaristic moves he made. Once we elected Clinton, I was sure Hillary would show the world the good policies a female would conceive. You can see how that worked out. Oh, yeah, and Bill Clinton's other appointee, Janet Reno, as Attorney General.

Did things get better? Did the laws stop discrimination against black citizens? Did we become more free? Was the War on Drugs curtailed? No. Millions and millions of dollars were generated from drugs and used to fund black ops projects, and we incarcerated more and more people. Then there was Ruby Ridge. Way to go, Janet.

Then, we got Condoleza Rice in the Bush administration. Justifying every cockamamie scheme, lying her ass off about “weapons of mass destruction” and on and on. Total war-mongering neo-con. Guantanamo torture chambers featuring that female moronic soldier posturing and holding the leash of a prisoner smeared with feces. We've come a long way, baby.

Now we have Valerie Jarrett advising President Obama. What a piece of work. As secretive as she is influential, she has her fingers in all the executive branch pies, and is scary as shit.

But the all-time most bogus, disgusting, reprehensible, scum queen of them all is Hillary Clinton. The picture of Gaddafi beaten bloody and with a knife stuck up his ass is burned into my memory. I remember that she laughed. I remember that she gloated and said, “We came we. We saw. We kicked his ass.” She showed herself to be a monster. It apparently was also burned into the minds of his followers, as they retaliated by doing the same thing to Hillary's ambassador in Bengazi. But “what difference does it make?” None, apparently, to this cretinous asshat.

And, in the ensuing years since “Father Knows Best” and “Leave it to Beaver,” what has happened to “the fairer sex”? We've become doctors, lawyers, cops, soldiers, professional athletes. We've actually been encouraged to leave the homes and stop raising and even cooking meals for our children. Now we take them to daycare, drive them to team sports, feed them fast food, and buy them electronics to shut them up in the car.

There are journalists who are women. But, they are “presstitutes” to the pharmaceutical companies who buy the majority of their programming just as much as the men. How about the way the news media covers women? Bimbos and more bimbos. Unbelievable vulgar stalking of celebrities focus on what they are wearing or who they are dating, or their “baby bumps.” I could gag. Can you think of ANY female organization that has stood up in opposition to this outrageous non-stop objectification of women on a scale that is just stupefying? No.

So, pardon me if I am not at all excited about Hillary becoming “The First Female President.” If it happens, I will probably puke.