Saturday, August 25, 2012

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A Storm is Coming....



Murph and I don’t watch a lot of television, as you know. A lot of us at the Campfire don’t. But, I gotta admit that once in awhile some series comes along and we rent it from Netflix. We really liked “Deadwood,” for instance. And, “Rome,” “’The Sopranos, and “Fringe.” Getting them from Netflix, we can watch them the way I promised people could watch them, with no commercials, when one of my first jobs was to sell cable TV. That was the pitch. You pay a small monthly fee, but you get to see everything without commercials. It was a good idea that lasted about five minutes. It got their foot in the door. Now, we pay a large fee and most of the content is commercials. Somehow, they got us to pay for the commercials as well as the propaganda, in order to watch programs that used to be free. It’s kinda like having to get your own switch to be beaten with. But, I digress…

Once again, though, I’m hooked on a show – “The Sons of Anarchy.” Since we get everything late, you may have seen it. It is a lot like “The Sopranos,” but it revolves around a West Coast Biker gang family rather than an East Coast Italian Mob Family. The characters are multifaceted and the plot lines are intricate and very often violent. The characters in the extended “family” are strong, ruthless, sociopathic, and oddly likeable and vulnerable at times. There is a rich texture of ethnicity and a strong code to live by. How they express their individuality within the confines of the shared values of the group is interesting. The fact that they all share a bond more important than anything else is fundamental to both the Sopranos and the Sons. They are more than a crime syndicate. They are an extended family as well, albeit sick and dysfunctional.

I ask myself “why?” Both of these organizations grow from a culture that is old and corrupt. Post collapse, as it were. Sicily, apparently, has been run by different warlords, or Godfathers, for generations, once the Roman Empire disintegrated. The Sons of Anarchy commit horrid crimes with little regard for the greater cultures sense of decency or decorum. Gun-running, dope-dealing, sexual exploitation, and other malfeasances are primary ways to generate outlaw income. Both are kept in power by the collusion of the state, the banks, the media, the politicians. All corrupted and bought off.

That’s the part that I find myself dwelling upon. What happens to a human being when the ideals of the culture are found to be corrupt? When the ones in charge – church or government, police, banks, companies, et al, are generally known to be criminals and thieves? To whom do you turn to for help and support?

Family, tribe, mob or gang.

In a morally collapsed culture, one chooses to either be a straight, compliant citizen ruled and taken advantage of by the corrupt cabal, or oppose them and become an outlaw resistor. Of course, many succumb to the individualized pressures and abuse coursing through their childhoods and lives. Addiction, incarceration, tissue damage and death are results from bad choices in damaging circumstances.

Is this where we are headed when the general population gets hip to the fact that pretty much everything that we have been taught about ourselves and our nation is false? That we’ve been suckered and used, poisoned, and swindled by the very ones who command the most respect, conduct the world’s business, make the most money, lead the church denominations, make the laws, and have sworn to protect us. I guess it depends on our own personal experience.

Not all of us are bikers or importers of olive oil.

I don’t know if anyone as yet has come up with a series about outlaw mall rats or guerrilla farmers. Just think, we might be on the verge of something new in this Kali Yuga age of deterioration, war, fear, and despair. New to us, anyway.

It ain’t going to be easy. We are going to have to be able to hold our own in the mix of the differing locals vying for control, I would imagine. An example is our struggle against the U.N.’s Agenda 21. Then there are those pesky drug cartels, bikers, Nazis, and minions. But, what if, in small towns, or even apartment complexes all over the place, we reached out to each other and declared peace amongst ourselves? What if we stopped using plastic? What if we got together a code to live by that actually did provide support and protection as well as equality, fairness and freedom? What if these parentless mall mutants tweeted or twittered themselves into a cohesive group and took over shuttered malls, and made the best of a difficult situation?

Despite cosmic events, earth changes, dynasties, wars, pestilence, greed and idiocy, life seems to go on. Until it doesn’t. We also have courage, friendship, knowledge, joy, loyalty, trust and love. Those have been constants as well, in many forms. That is what has gotten us through the hard times in the past, and no doubt will again.

I gotta feeling that the ruling class would like nothing better than to quell a “revolution” with some serious shock and awe. Even if they have to make up the combatants themselves, like these so-called “Black Panthers” that supposedly want to kill white people. Or, suddenly, “the anarchists” who are stalking the Republican convention and probably hard at work setting up IED devises to blow up innocent civilians like some domestic Taliban. Great! At the slightest outbreak of protest or civil disobedience (false flag or not), they can come at us with a dizzying assortment of para-military hardware and advanced and enhanced weaponry guaranteed to keep us in place (while making money on it all as well).

What I would wager they really do not want is to have the citizenry reject the whole paradigm. Shun them. Turn off the TV during the conventions. Don’t purchase anything advertised on the tube. Don’t send them money. Take your money out of the banks and the markets. Don’t vote for anyone in Congress who voted for the bank bailouts. Cancel your newspaper. Don’t use your cell phone during the conventions. Laugh at them. Make other plans.

Protest. But protest in a way that matters and won’t get you clubbed or used as an excuse to increase police and paramilitary brutality. We need to flex our financial muscles. If there is one thing they have taught us, it is that “money talks.” We need to speak to them in their own language.

We could say, “We are the many. You are the few.”

Perhaps humankind is not really a herd. Maybe it’s a pack.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


These two photos are from SAS or aka Belgium's two dogs, pretty cute. His statement of them;

Here are our pooches. The white Malteaser / Tibettan Terrier is Inka, she is coming up to three years. The Black and white Papilon Vlinders hond is Billy. He is about five months.
They are the right size for Chris to manage espescially in a small flat.

Ok, finally was able to get some time for a new post. Something new for me to try.
from Murph


Some time back in human history God called for a conference of all of his creations. Now we don’t have a record of the meeting other than oral tradition by several of the species of the earth. According to the tradition, God called for representatives of each species and would take questions and give answers concerning the future. Interestingly, man was invited to the conference also but seemed disinterested in attending. It is unknown if mankind got the message at all.

The meeting started off with God welcoming all of his creations and expressing much pleasure in their existence. God elaborated that over the eons he had created many species that are no longer with us. They were simply too rapacious and hungry and planet and life destroyers to keep around.

God mentioned his having thinned down some species, like man, a couple of times but they came right back and reproduced anyway. The following is the oral tradition of what then transpired in dialog form;

God- Now, here is the bad news. Many of you are going to become endangered of extinction and many of you will disappear. There is a non zero chance that all life on this planet will become extinct.

The other species-- What are you telling us? Why should that happen? We thought you loved us.

God-- It is true that I do love you all, and you all form a network which supports life on the planet as I planned. However, there is a kink in all of this that may turn out badly.

Other species—God, you are omnipotent and why would you allow a kink in the fabric of your creation? What are we being punished for?

God—You are not being punished. It is my own fault. I created a species that I allowed to flourish and it is endangering all of this creation.

Other species—Then why don’t you just eliminate that specie?

God—Because I made a promise that I wouldn’t do that. It is one of my more obvious mistakes in this creation business.

Other species—What is this specie that would do such a thing?

God—It is the human specie.

Other species—(A massive world wide groan arose from them) Yes God, we understand that and suspected that their proliferation would turn out badly. Our encounter with humans has not been good overall. We did however have hopes that they would see the error of their ways and change. You are telling us that will not happen?

God—Very low probability of that happening, unfortunately.

Other species—Ok we understand now what is before us. Can’t you break your promise to allow us to live and seek our own destiny?

God—You know I cannot do that. If I did, who among you would want anything to do with me from then on? For breaking a promise that you are able to keep is a universal no-no, right up there at the top of the rest of the universal laws. My mistake was making the promise to begin with and now I have to live with the consequences.

Other species—Tell us how this will come about so that we may prepare ourselves emotionally.

God—What I see in the future can change but the outlook is grim and has many variables. Humankind is dead set on destroying the very systems that sustain life on this planet. He is accomplishing this in many ways. The ones that will affect you the most is the future poisoning of the environment to such an extent that very few could survive at all. But it is even worse. Humans seem to want to kill themselves off too. Their ability to do this will take place in the future. In the process of killing off themselves, they will kill all of you also, from the lowest forms to the highest. The worst case is complete sterilization of the planet.

Other species—(A howl rises from the vast body of species) God, how can this be? How can a single specie have that power to destroy all life?

God—This will take place in the future when humans figure out what they will call advanced technology and harness some of the most basic forces of this universe I created.
He will have little if any knowledge or curiosity concerning the consequences of this technology. All that humans will be concerned with is power and it’s use.

Other species—God, how far into the future will this occur?

God—Many many future generations of the longest-lived among you. In the meantime, keep this conversation alive with the hope that humans will see the folly of their ways and change, and maybe even your species might help speed them up to this realization before it is too late.

Other species—What may we experience between now and the time of advanced technology?

God—Many of you will become extinct due to direct actions of humans, and some will become extinct due to natural forces over which you have no control. Some of you will experience hideous torture and complete exploitation, manipulations and changes in your very basic nature due to humans. Some of these changes will not be to your disadvantage, but most will be an advantage to humans.

Other species—What will be the signs that this technology is upon us?

God—When vast amounts of you begin to die or are butchered for no apparent reason.

Other species—Why would humans do this?

God—For many made up reasons. The human ability to justify its ridiculous actions is nearly limitless. One of the predominant reasons that will be given in the age of technology is money. Money is an artificial creation that will represent some form of the real world and will be used to justify most of the hideous actions by them. The desire for money and the power that accompanies it will become overpowering and all-inclusive for almost all humans. The few that do not think this is a good idea will be shouted down by most of the other humans. If you come into contact with those humans that deny this value, treat them wisely. They probably mean you no harm.

Other species—Can we then further anticipate being killed for food by these humans?

God—Yes for that is in the natural order I have created. Every living thing provides sustenance for other living things in a multitude of forms. When it becomes dangerous to the continuation of a specie is when it becomes a negative force. This danger will be noticed when the human population expands beyond the ability of other species to continue. Within your environments, when one specie becomes too prolific, it will die back from lack of food produced by some other specie that can’t reproduce fast enough.

Other species—Then why would this not happen with humans?

God—Normally it would and for generations it will work. It is when humans become more technological and very good at exploitation that it breaks down. Then humans will expand their populations exponentially and thus endanger all other species. That is the second mistake I made with that specie, the humans. I gave them free will to do as they please and they will do so with a vengeance. I did not set up a mechanism where exponential expansion of the specie was impossible even with technology.

I must apologize to you all for the two greatest mistakes I have made since the beginning of time. I only hope that all the other creations that I have made have no such mistakes within them

If there are no further questions, we will terminate this conference. I will stay in contact with all of you through time. Let us hope that my mistakes on this planet do not have the outcome that I see.

God out.