Sunday, August 17, 2014

Garden Peace

I am so sick of all these contrived wars. Israel vs. Palestine, Ukraine vs Russia, Somalia, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Egypt, and on and on. Then, there are the so-called “wars.” The “war on poverty,” “the war on drugs,” “the war on terrorism.” All these wars have resulted in almost unimaginable suffering and death. All these will have blow-back consequences resulting in ever increasing suffering and death through time.

Closer to home are the cultural wars. Republicans and Democrats, liberals and conservatives, fundamentalists and atheists, gay and straight, black and white, male and female. Beyond network news and “Jeopardy,” the Murphinator and I don't watch much television. But, at least we see some of the previews of coming attractions. Cop shows, “reality” shows, competitions like “Dancing with the Stars,” “The Great Race,” “America's Got Talent,” “Survivor,” “American Ninja.” All the hyperbole of the judges and hosts, encouraging the worst and least in people as they struggle to be the last man standing. Christ, they've even got “cup cake wars.” Give me a break.

And, when they are not watching competitions on the tube, there are always the disgusting serial killing video games featuring blood and gut-spilling action against every sort of conceivable enemy. There is a new one in which the players actually rape people.

What ever happened to co-operation, community, friendship, harmony, helpfulness?

What happened to peace?

Missing in action. Except for the garden. I gotta admit that the garden is my refuge from the war mentality. Just gazing at these wonderful, peaceful, productive, nutritious vegetables feeds my soul and calms me down.

We have survived the the 4th Annual La Pine Chicken Coop and Garden Tour just fine. Happily, the cold conditions that stunted the growth of everything in the Spring has given way to a nice hot summer which has led to impressive new growth. I served homegrown kale chips and rhubarb cooler (like a rhubarb lemonade) for the guests to sample. The rabbit blankets were on display in the tipi.

So, I thought I'd share my little patch of peace with you as an antidote to the contentious, war-filled experience. Walking down the rows of cabbage and kale and Swiss Chard, potatoes, carrots, squashes, parsnips, peas, beets, beans, onions, garlic, etc. fills me with gratitude and wonder. It seems like magic that all this can spring from the Earth.

So, let me share this space with you.


                                                   Red lettuce from the refrigerator cold case
                                                         Bountiful year
                                              Broccoli head  lots of this year

                                          Lots of kale and French cabbage