Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Poles Have Been Struck


We are striking the tents, loading the travois, and moving downstream. This is our new site – still in progress. We will eventually include more links, maybe a picture or two or some more profiles. The main thing is to gather what has become a very special cyber tribe, or community, affectionately called the Trout Tribe from Cyclone’s Real Deal blogsite around the new campfire.

We must first pay homage to Cyclone for attracting this remarkable group to begin with. It was his singular energy of anger and outrage at the atrocious administration in Washington that inspired each of us to communicate with each other our own frustrations, fears and objections to the deranged neo-con policies of the Bush & Cheney misadventure. We objected to the lies and misinformation, the corruption and war profiteering, the loss of life and limb – for a resource war to enrich the already rich and empower the least worthy. We abhor the loss of liberty that this administration has orchestrated, and fight to rouse ourselves and those around us from the cultural coma that deadens our collective consciousness.

We have evolved beyond simple outrage and found ourselves reaching out to each other with our thoughts and feelings, hopes, dreams, and assorted interests that somehow outgrew our Real Deal campsite. Cyclone has disappeared beyond the horizon, at least for now. We invite him to visit us whenever it feels right to him.

Now, we turn our attention to preparation for the hard times that are, we think, inevitable. Resource depletion, powering down, dollar collapse, and the rise of the police state threaten the very fabric of the democracy that our country used to exemplify. We shun the cultural imperatives of debt servitude, dumbing down, the exploitation of the working masses, the insensitivity to animals and the degradation of the earth Herself.

To that end, we share our very diverse ideas. What do we see going on? What can we do about it? What is a new possibility? What should we watch out for? Nobody has the whole truth. But each of us has his or her own truth. Together, they form a more complete picture of what is. Together we hope to prevail against the tide of ignorance, apathy, and sense of helplessness that so ably serves the global corporatists.

We draw strength from the respect and compassion, thoughtfulness, insight, and love extended here to each one who sits by the fire, accepts the “talking stick,” and passes it on. That is how tribes are formed. We note that they have lasted much longer than civilizations.

Aho (“I have spoken”)


murph said...


Whew, been waiting for you to get this done. I am really tired from fishing and napping all day and you really need to get the campfire and dinner going.

mrs p said...

Hello murph and freeacre:

Just thought I'd report in, sorry I've been in turmoil lately checking on everyone, family and friends in close danger to the flames. It was very intense the first two days. The fires started on Sunday, the Witch Creek fire was blowing straight towards us and we were in the thickest plume of smoke in the whole area as the Santa Ana winds were blowing all of the fires due West. Finally by Wednesay the winds started to turn the opposite way. 1400 plus homes lost, 3 people dead, many firefighters and locals in critical condition from burns. Hundreds of animals, horses, cats, dogs. Almost everyone we know had to evactuate some more than once. I think of the 10 different fires, the Witch Creek fire was the worst. Suposedly started by high voltage lines blowing into each other and arching. The California Edison and San Diego Gas & Electric are planning to install even higher voltage lines on that same property which is privately owned. The owner and the locals are fighting it. They think it's stupid to have these high voltage lines located in the worst fire area and high wind area. The air quality today is still 16 times above normal. The Witch Creek fire has burned 200,000 acres and is today 20% contained? Camp Pendleton had its own fires fought by the marines. The Rice fire also east of us was also really bad and still burning. Mount Palomar is burning (the Witch fire heading East now). A local independent TV Station, KUSI that has a regular watchdog segment called "The Turko Files" said that the military offered their help to the CDF from day one, but was turned down because the CDF requires spotters to fly with them and they didn't have enough. Dumb really dumb so due to some inter agency red tape the county nearly burnt down. Several of the local wealthy Republican politicians, Duncan Hunter & Daryl Issa, (total mucki-muck right wingers with many Rancho Santa Fe 3 million dollar home friends), interviewed on KUSI TV, made a deal with the CDF to "waive" the requirement of the spotters Tuesday night but Wednesday morning no one was on the same page so the deal didn't go through...meanwhile the fire rages still and the air support isn't there yet. Now this a.m. Airforce One just flew over, the President is here, (airspace probably shut down?). Our neighborhood which is 2 blocks from the ocean is covered in black soot and the air is still real bad.

It's amazing when we can fly half a world away with our "air support" but can't put out a devastating fire in our own backyard due to territorial red tape. Thousands of people homeless now. The local, state and federal officials will be patting each other on the back today, most likely on CNN. This is the worst fire ever in California in terms of acreage and homes lost. Oakland had one a few years ago where i think 25 people were trapped and burned.

Truthseeker said...

Freeacre & Murph,

Congratulations on the commencement of your new blog.

Great start!

I look forward to hearing more from both of you, as well as the rest of the old Cyclone crew (and anyone else come to that)on how we might make it through this up and coming critical time in history.

Best of luck,


stoney13 said...

Well! Isn't blogspot in rare form today! This is the third time I've tried to post this from three diferent browsers! Final got through on Inernet Explorer (I think!)

freeacre said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with you , mrs p. As things shake out, let us know what we can do to help. I'm wondering about the conditions of displaced people from there who aren't rich. I know damn well that in an area of rich people, there are probably at least as many poor folks serving them. What's happening with them? The news only covers the rich ones. What a bummer.
One can only hope that this provides an opportunity for a new beginning. One with power lines buried underground...

stoney13 said...

Mrs. P,

GET THE FUCK OUT OF THERE!!!!!!! Look! There's nothing there that isn't alive that can't be replaced! Get your shit and GO!!!!

There's no telling what that fire is going to do! Fire's make their own weather! It's so big now, the wind inside the fire will sustain it if everything goes dead calm! Untill they cool it at the center, and break up the cyclonic action of the firestorm itself, there is no controling it! It will just get bigger, and bigger untill it either consumes all the fuel, or grows so big that it can't sustain itself.

Without airplanes, (and crazy people with big hairy balls to fly them), and dropped water, they will NEVER get control of that fire! And I don't care WHAT the talking heads on the news say! This is going to get worse before it get's better!!

mrs p said...

Thanks everyone for the well wishes, the air support is temp suspended at the moment because Bush is here, (no air traffic allowed while he's here) crazy isn't it. There are many people who will not be able to just go rent or buy another home or rebuild. I don't know what will happen to them. Our property is rented we don't own it and I am prepared to leave if I have to. So far we're out of the woods so to speak, the flames are to the East of us and heading northeast at the moment. The worst thing for everyone here is the air. Very bad air even inside our place where we've had all the windows shut since Sunday night. I've been outside but it's very hard to breathe and the whole beach area is covered in black soot and ash.

Anonymous said...

A cyber tribe is gathering to speak our truth... and listen to the universe speak her truth. like, where god created color...

and water... 'cept some sum'bitch stole most of it. but they can never steal the spirit of mf's ancestors who's essence is still felt and is still heard on the rustle of the leaves and the babble of the brook.

click on the slide show. you will feel and hear it too... p

Anonymous said...

me-thinks the sum-bitch tried to steal part of the link too. try this...

Anonymous said...

Great Spirit we are grateful and give honor of that which has been bestowed upon all that have gathered here as a token.. that it is only in the gathering that love grows and flowers goodness to the people.

can we be of help mrs p?

thank you p, those images of our homeland are so familiar...thank you brother.

freeacre i think i deserve you more then murph, at least i would let you help clean the fish.

truthseeker, your truth indeed is a blessing for us to listen to.

stoney, you got a spare joint?
the rug rats keep me humpen

rockpicker, can't wait for devens first wedding anniversary come july 17, right? ola oldensoul,you know i do not know the name of your son.

the moon out back looks like it has a giant dog bone across its surface and i wonder if its the acid or what, just kiddin.i think.

this place is blessed

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,

Just checking into the new campsite and looking around for a place to hang my hat. Pleased to see most of us made it here OK. Exam time came around and so I have been on the books and hardly had the computer on for a week or more.

Mrs P,
Really pleased to hear that you are alright even if it smells a bit singy outside. Stoney is right. If you have heard this story before then I guess I am becoming boring. When I came to Belgium from the UK I bought a one trip Renault Traffic high top van that was good for 500 miles, had the exhaust welded and put everything I owned inside. What wouldn’t go in was sold in a boot sale (garage sale), or given to the charity shop. Five years later I can’t even remember what all these things were that I couldn’t live my life without. The point is that even if you need to relocate to some other part of America or some other country, as in my case, it is not the end of the world, life goes on. If you are part of this camp then I guess you are one of the better prepared ones even if you are only forewarned and haven’t actually got around to real preparations.

The new site was a bit weird to access. Firefox found it right away but trying to get a bookmark into Opera was not easy. Pasting the link from the clipboard into Google in Opera just plain would not work (have you spelled all the words correctly etc.) but opening The Real Deal in Opera, highlighting the link and telling it to find the URL worked first time - strange.

Anyway, now I have found you, I will just tie my horse to the hitchin’ rail out back have a beer and get back tomorrow.


stoney13 said...

Montana Freeman,

Dude! Tell me about it! My freshly built and finished entertainment wall has been declared by my grandaughter to be her private jungle gym!

Can't help you with the joint, though. Dry as a dead Baptist around here!

When I can find it, I can't afford it, and when I can afford it, I can't find it! *sigh*

stoney13 said...


Stoney's First Rule of Digital Devices:

To err is human, but to REALY fuck up you need a computer!

"Spaz" says he's been working on a registry cleaner for you, but he's having some problems with the encryption. We'll email it as soon as the bugs are worked out! (Thought we forgot about you didn't ya! LOLOL)

rockpicker said...

Murph and Freeacre;

Thank you.

It feels like we've all had one of those near-death journeys through the narrow tube to the bright light and suddenly found ourselves dumped out into the fire-lit coziness of a skins-covered domicile, shoulder to shoulder, with food and drink and drums slowly keeping the heartbeat of a vast night thumping in our colorful physical selfs that, one after another, rise to testify under an affirming moon.

Hok A Hey

rockpicker said...

This little tidbit from The Truth Seeker- Controlling the News October 22, 2007:

fits hand in glove with Ruppert's findings. Worth a read.

Also, Project Camelot reports that 18 of 30 videos have been hacked out of the Google videos. They feel such attacks vindicate them.

Truthseeker said...

Freeacre, Murph, All

It is nearly 10 p.m. here in the UK. I’ve had a good meal and got rather tipsy on the remains of the Port that went in the casserole, so forgive me if I come across as a bit incoherent.

I note that in your new blog that one of your favoured links is the Archdruid Report by John Michael Greer. I have been following that blog for some time and have read all the posts and comments up until 19th September. Initially, I was quite impressed by Greer’s apparently sober approach to the current crisis relating to peak oil and resource depletion. However, as time has passed I have become increasingly disappointed with his stance and rather fixed view of how things will pan out for humanity in the future. Despite being a key person within a religious/spiritual order, albeit the rather unconventional one of Druidry, he comes across as a man rooted in the mainstream understandings of history, science and politics. I have noted his total dismissal of certain perspectives and individuals that seem to challenge his own speculations on peak oil and what he believes will be a slow and gradual collapse over the next couple of centuries.

He rightly describes the importance of the ‘narratives’ we each of us utilise to try and make sense of the world in which we live. He strongly favours what he calls a ‘cyclic’ narrative that clearly equates with both his pagan belief system and my own sympathies for such, including my interest in astrology, which ultimately is all about cycles. However, he is completely dismissive of ‘narratives’ that he describes as either ‘progressive’ or ‘apocalyptic’ in nature. Now on the surface of things this all sounds fairly reasonable. Unfortunately, he lumps a whole range of very different ‘narratives’ into these rather generalised definitions. Thus a ‘progressive’ narrative seems to incorporate anything from the current blind belief in eternal growth of our capitalist and consumerist way of life to idealistic new age visions of a world in which our consciousness has expanded and/or we have made official contact with alien or spiritual beings. These are all dismissed as at best unrealistic and at worst deluded by Greer. For the record I think he is right about humanity continuing in the manner to which we have become accustomed. However, I think he is far to quick to dismiss ideas around consciousness expansion and the, what I believe to be, unique times in which we live.

With regard to the ‘apocalyptic’ narrative, he includes everything from the Fundamentalist Christian Rapture and end of the world scenarios, through New Age concepts of Ascension and/or aid from ET’s or Higher beings, to Peak Oilers and environmentalists that predict a quick breakdown (i.e. within the next few years to a decade) in the current economic/political systems that have prevailed for the last century or so. He writes as if such narratives are somehow mutually exclusive. However, I can (and I am sure others can to) easily identify with versions of all three of these narratives. The ‘cyclic’ is clearly evident within my astrological and ecological interests; the ‘progressive’ can be seen in my spiritual and consciousness expanding hopes for the future of humanity in relation to our planet, the wider cosmos and the higher intelligences that I have no doubt exist out there, whether they be extra-terrestrial, extra-dimensional or ethereal in nature; the apocalyptic can clearly be observed in my awareness of the current galactic alignment and the end of the Mayan Long Count Calendar in 2012. However, cycles do not have to be precise repetitions of those that have occurred previously. I feel there is a longer term evolution at work, one that is interspersed with troughs and peaks, though each peak has the potential of reaching a higher level each time. If such occurs then we can think in terms of ‘progress’ at least on a spiritual level, but maybe also on a technological level with sustainable technologies that are currently beyond our wildest dreams. The ‘apocalyptic’ scenario of a speedy breakdown of our current system seems a necessary, albeit painful, likelihood for the future of humanity, to my mind. It is only through breakdown that breakthrough on the other side of the ‘apocalypse’ becomes possible. Out of such, it seems to me an expansion of human consciousness is not only desirable but very possible. So these generalised ‘narratives’ described by Greer are not as mutually exclusive, as seems to be his view.

Anyway, I am writing this little rant here following the latest post and comments that I have read today (19th September, I have not got up to his most recent posts yet). It is entitled “Solving Fermi’s Paradox”. It has made me realise how rooted in a mainstream understanding of science, history and politics Greer is enmeshed. He is totally dismissive of anything that comes from, what he clearly believes to be the ‘pseudoscience’ of UFO’s, just as he is totally dismissive in earlier posts of anything that has the slightest whiff of ‘conspiracy theory’ about it. Thus, he concludes that there has been no contact with intelligent life (ignoring all the controversial and ‘pseudoscientific’ evidence from Ufology) beyond our little planet and that as far as he is concerned the likelihood of such occurring is fairly tiny. The latter, not because he believes there is no intelligent life out there, but because he argues that it is highly unlikely that such beings have made it far from their home planets, let alone beyond that, out into the galaxy. The assumptions here are enormous and really rather arrogant, typical of what I might expect from scientific materialists that attempt to debunk and ridicule anything that lies outside their limited understanding of reality. To be frank, I would have expected a more open-minded attitude from someone I presume to be of spiritual inclination. I wonder what his response would be to many of the subjects that interest me, such as astrology and parapsychology. As a Pagan (I have met many Pagans, though no Druids) I would expect him to be open to such ideas, as indeed I would expect him to be at least open to the possibilities of UFO’s and conspiracy theories. However, I am now doubting that he would have any more time for astrology and parapsychology than those other subjects. For this reason I have become increasingly sceptical of his stance on peak oil and the slow de-industrialization, as opposed to a speedier one, of our so-called ‘civilised’ society. He seems to be unable or unwilling, like so many others in our world, to think outside the box in which he has encased himself. Yes in some ways he is pretty radical. He certainly sees beyond the bigoted world of capitalism and consumerism. However, he still seems rooted in a relatively materialistic and rationalistic understanding of the universe. What annoyed me even more is that most of the comments on his blog agreed with him. Just two seriously challenged his assumptions and neither of them took it very far.

Anyway, I’ve got that off my chest now. However, I would be interested to hear your (Murph, Freeacre and everyone) take on what Greer has to say and how valid and relevant you feel his perspective is. I would also welcome any constructive critique of my own ideas.

Best Wishes


freeacre said...

You seem to be more familiar with John Michael Greer than I. I have gone to his site and been impressed with the scenarios that he has written taking place in the future, after resource depletion has taken its toll and people are struggling to exist in a post-collapse world. I have also been impressed with the thoughtful comments of the community that seems to be regulars.
What I am attempting to do with the list of websites is to present a wealth of information and ideas regarding the situation that we find ourselves in, and ideas on what to do about it. If you think Greer's stance that the collapse will be slow is objectionable, I could balance it with Survival Acres, who says that if we haven't stored up a bunch of stuff by now, it's probably too late! I like his site, too.
As I have said many times, I don't think anyone has the Whole Truth. But, if we combine all the pieces, we will have a more comprehensive view of it. All we can do is be as aware as we can, pay attention to our bodies response as well as our minds, and make the decision that is right for us individually.We are like cells in an organism each doing the work of the particular type of cell that we are. A kidney cell can't be a brain cell. But, without a kidney, the brain will die (and vice versa). So, both are crucial to the well-being of the organism.
I'll probably rotate the linked websites periodically. There are so many good ones, but I don't want to put up too many at once.
Thank you for your thoughtful response. I am grateful to have your council.
Gold is up, oil is up, US dollar is down, Bush is being derided as a psycho nut case by the international press. I'm bettin' on the faster crash...homemade Christmas presents. Duck & Cover! I could use some of that port.

murph said...


While I think that sometimes Greer is a bit narrow in his analysis, I tend to lean more in his direction. The reason for this is that I look at what we have records for in the last 5000 years. We find predictions of all kinds of what sound like fantastic events to come. In the last 100 years or so, we have all kinds of records of these predictions, some with rather bizarre endings for the adherents, like death by poisoning. Notably, most of this kind of stuff is religious in nature.

You will notice how many of these prediction have turned out to be true in hindsight.

One of my major observations on this site is that humans have an extremely poor record on future predictions, and it falls down mosts notably when a time element is given. I rather surmise that this is so because we can not possibly know enough of the variables to make accurate predictions. Which is not to say of course, that some predictors get lucky and hit it on the nose. Rare, but it does happen. I further surmise that it has less to do with being an accurate observer and drawer of conclusions than pure unadulterated lucky guess.

Now this view of mine does not preclude paying attention to predictions, making some myself and listening to others ideas on the subject. If nothing else it is entertaining and enjoyable. And just look at the bragging rights involved if you happen to be right on something. And if a good friend happens to hit a prediction dead on, some of his fame will rub off I suppose.

As for Greer, I do find him entertaining, I have argued a bit with him at his site, and I think he is more based in what appears more realistic forward views than getting into the unlikely and fantastic, as attractive as they might be. And, isn't it true that for each of us, we try to peer into a future that is murky and very unsubstantial we pick what appears as a truth for us. We listen to another's verbalizing of looking into the future and have to re decide which is more likely. Or if we happen to be a neocon, we allow Bush to tell us what the future is to be like and defend that to our last breath. Hmmm. Who else can be substituted for Bush in this capacity? lol

Truthseeker said...

Freeacre & Murph,

Thanks for your very tolerant responses to my little rant about Greer last night. By the way I was not criticising your choice of links, Freeacre. My comment yesterday was an impulsive reaction to my having just read (in a semi-inebriated state, I might add) the particular post (September 19th) and comments on that blog that I mentioned. Clearly his closed mind on certain issues that I think are worthy of much more attention (e.g. the UFO & ET scenarios) triggered a sensitive nerve in me. I obviously came across as too critical of Greer and, perhaps, fell into the same trap that I am suggesting he seems to fall into when alternative ‘narratives’ to his own are presented.

Actually, I think Greer writes extremely lucidly and I really enjoyed his various fictional pictures of various points in the post-industrial future. Murph, nor do I really have a problem with his slow rather than fast decline speculations following peak oil, etc. Only time will tell how that all pans out, which Greer himself notes, will vary from place to place. I certainly intend to continue to read Greer’s blog. Hey, maybe I will post a comment there at some point.

My critique was really aimed at the apparently narrow and fixed stance that seems to negate all other potential scenarios and narratives for our post-industrial future. When he is challenged in the comments sections following his posts he seems unable to even accept the possibility that he might be wrong and the other person might actually be right with regard to certain points made. I guess he is only human like the rest of us. None of us are too keen to accept ideas that challenge the very essence of what we believe to be true, especially if we have invested enormous amounts of time, energy and money into those very ideas.

I suppose that what I am really trying to say here about Greer, is that after initially being impressed by what he had to say on post-industrial collapse and related issues, I was disappointed to discover that his stance on certain other subjects that also pertain to the truth were so starkly narrow. I expected a more open-minded response from a spiritual leader within the pagan movement. Maybe this says more about me than it does Greer, as I have spent my life being initially drawn to a particular understanding of truth, only later to become disappointed or disillusioned by the same, often because of my own failure to manifest such in my life.

However, it is that very disillusionment with a given philosophy or practice that has energised me into seeking further alternatives throughout my life and constantly questioning my own assumptions that inevitably arise from each new perspective that I, at least partially, take on board. At times I have been naive and gullible and have fallen for some very dubious explanations of truth. Some who come to this site may think I am being naive and gullible right now in my apparent unquestioning stance on the presence of other ever present non-human beings here on Earth and beyond. However, I do not accept these things after reading just one or two books on the subject. I have read many books on Ufology from the naïve, to the sceptical, to the blatantly preposterous. The conclusion I have drawn is that there is something definitely go on that mainstream science and/or the PTB is unable or unwilling to explain.

I think that there is strong evidence that extra-terrestrial or extra-dimensional beings have not only communicated with individuals on our planet (probably throughout history), but also with some shadowy organisations behind the scenes of our world powers. Yes there is much misinformation and disinformation relating to this controversial subject, some propagated by the PTB themselves. You certainly can not and should not believe everything you hear on this explosive issue. The UFO literature also suggests that at least some of these beings do not have the welfare of ‘We the People’ as their main priority. If some are conspiring with the PTB, this is clearly the case. Though controversial, I think the Project Camelot website referred to by Rockpicker is well worth a visit by all who contribute to this blog. You do not have to accept all or any of the claims made there. It is unlikely that they are all right, as many of the interviewees have contradictory views about the kinds of off-world intelligence we are dealing with.

I have no personal experiences of alien abduction or contact (that I can remember, anyway), though I have had an interest in the UFO phenomenon since my teens. However, I have read widely on the subject and would particularly recommend the books of Harvard Psychiatrist, John Mack (now sadly deceased) and also the books written by Whitley Strieber, from ‘Communion’ onward, both with regard to the very real experiences people have had of alleged alien abduction. In my case, this interest in UFO’s has always been coupled with my fascination with so-called paranormal phenomena that, to my mind, clearly show how little mainstream science knows about the reality in which we live. I am not entrenched in a phisicalist ‘nuts & bolts’ explanation of the UFO phenomenon, as many within that arena are. This is why I am drawn to the writings of people like Mack and Strieber, both of whom explore the subject from a more spiritual perspective, whilst acknowledging also the strong physical evidence.

Anyway, enough on that controversial subject and on to another one.


Back at Cyclone’s Real Deal you mentioned the ideas of Paul LaViolette. I have not read his work directly. However, both John Major Jenkins (in “Galactic Alignment”) and Geoff Stray (in “Beyond 2012”) mention him favourably. He speaks of a ‘Galactic Superwave’ coming from the galactic centre that last hit Earth between 12,000 and 13,000 years ago (10,000 – 11,000 BCE). Some have connected this with the alleged destruction of Atlantis at around that time when the ‘Astrological Age of Leo’ is believed to have commenced. LaViolette argues that the next ‘Galactic Superwave’ is now due (give or take a few hundred years), as we enter the ‘Astrological Age of Aquarius’, the precessional point exactly opposite that of the proposed last Superwave . This is an interesting theory and a pretty scary one if true.

I have not read LaViolette’s writings on astrology and the zodiac. However, my fear is that he probably presents a phisicalist explanation of astrology rather than the symbolic one (i.e. synchronicity & correspondence, as opposed to cause & effect) that I have attempted to describe elsewhere. Actually, your new blog may have finally inspired me to write a new post at my own blog. I may there try to clarify the differences between astrology and astronomy and where they overlap, largely in the form of a subject that can be defined as ‘Cosmobiology’. So, watch this space on that one!

That will do for now.

Take Care,


Palooka's Revenge said...

....without a kidney, the brain will die (and vice versa).

ahhhh yes. the enigmatic symbiosis the human body has with itself and its environment... without a belly button where would i keep the salt when i eat hard boiled eggs in bed while watching jerry springer? god has thought of everything!

TS... very interested in what you see as the gap between "synchronicity & correspondence, as opposed to cause & effect)" could you unpack that a little?

also, looking forward to you cranking up that blog of yours... p

btw, i have only read him from time to time (he mostly makes me head hurt) so, yes it could be a premature judgement. but me-thinks you've got a pretty good read on the self-proclaimed archdruid. did i read the guy correctly... he is not a proponent of magic? that would be a betrayal of the very core of druidism would it not?

murph said...


If I understand what LaViolette wrote in the one book I read, he is asserting that he has strong evidence for his contention that there have been very advanced civilizations far in the past beyond our 5000 yr old evidence, the oldest we have records for. He says that these people had figured out how the universe and our solar system actually works, and they further realized that civilizations have come and gone before them because of cataclysmic events and they had figured out what happened. The problem they faced was how to communicate this down the long expanse of years to those that followed. For this they devised astrology which they designed to survive in its essential and informative form. In this endeavor, LaViolette says they were successful. All we have to do is figure out what it really is saying concerning the large catastrophic cosmic events that wiped out most life in the past. He claims to have found the keys to reading what astrology is actually telling us.

My reaction to this has largely been 'so what?'. If humans are going to be wiped out by some catastrophic cosmic event, 'so what'?. I'm a bit more concerned with how we are living in the here and now, and speculation about our ultimate demise is of only small intellectual interest to me. Especially when it involves thousands of years of speculation about time lines. If we had proof absolute that some huge event was going to happen next week, or next year on some date, well, then, it is time to start looking for alternative habitats I suppose. Although, for that matter, with what is happening on this planet and has been happening, another habitat sounds better and better, especially if we can leave the neocons and other elites at home. lol. Which is largely what the early church groups were doing when they came to the new land to live. Look at what happened to them, most died within a year or so.

freeacre said...

OK, OK...I suggest that we turn back to Earth now for a moment...
Fridays are becoming interesting in that they are beginning to show a pattern of TPTB slipping things thru while being distracted by some banal thing, like Michael Jackson holding his kid over a hotel railing to display the Unfortunate One to reporters, or Brittany not wearing any underpants, or some other mind corroding dumbass thing.
Some pretty significant things happened Friday (while I was trying to get the salt out of my belly button):
1) gold jumped to its highest rate ($783.50 per oz.)
2) the US Dollar lost .25 to land at 76.98
3) Crude Oil jumped with gold to new highs of $91.87 per barrel.
...taken together, it is an indication to me that if anyone is still fence-sitting on whether they should maybe store up at least a few months worth of necessities that would be hard to get if the trucks stopped rolling in to re-stock the supermarket or hardware store shelves, now would be a good weekend to make that trip to Costco (not Walmart). Or, get some freeze-dried or nitrogen packed commodities from one of the several survival sources on LATOC or Survival Acres or something. Even if things don't actually totally tank, it's a good bet that nothing is going to get any cheaper. Not with the dollar and the oil working on raising the prices of EVERYTHING.
Additionally, did you notice that the House passed the "Act to Prevent the Violent Radicalization and Ideological Based Violence," AKA the "thought crimes" bill? You can read it in it's entirety at:

Now, if it were done in a good way, one could argue that it would be an investigation into what causes domestic unrest and fix those things that the citizens are objecting to so much.

More likely, however, is that it will be turned against critics of the PTB and used to stifle dissent, take away the right to bear arms, and stifle (even more) the creation of an effective 3rd party alternative. One disturbing part of the bill is the singling out of the influence of the internet:

"The Internet has aided in facilitating violent radicalization, ideologically based violence, and the homegrown terrorism process in the United States by providing access to broad and constant streams of terrorist- related propaganda to United States citizens."

That sound like something right out of the mouth of that North Korean dwarf pervert leader, Kim Jong II. Maybe it's just me.

...Something to think about while picking up a case of tuna fish and and a few hundred pounds of flour and sugar.

rockpicker said...

These two paragraphs below are from Michel Chossudovsky's article 'Bush executive order: Criminalizing the antiwar movement', Onlinejournal, July 23, 2007.

"The Executive Order entitled "Blocking Property of Certain Persons Who Threaten Stabilization Efforts in Iraq" provides the President with the authority to confiscate the assets of whoever opposes the US led war.

A presidential Executive Order issued on July 17th, repeals with the stroke of a pen the right to dissent and to oppose the Pentagon's military agenda in Iraq."

Anybody got any news about the day's events. NPR opened with the anti-war protest story, but gave it less than two minutes tonight. (Honest to god, it has become worse than worthless as a reliable source of news!)

Tried this a.m. to find a radio station on line that was covering the protests and I could not find one link.

I know a lot of you who read this probably feel protesting in the streets is futile, or worse, a reckless exposure. Perhaps you're right. I feel certain the time is near when each of us must decide, for real, are we with these assholes, or against them?

" take arms against the sea of troubles, and by opposing, end them..." -Hamlet

I don't mean to trivialize personal sacrifice with romantic
rhetoric. I fully understand real danger awaits us. Real pain, real horrible consequences may result from our decisions.

For me, I am a sovereign being, given perhaps a hundred years, probably less, to discover
and discern who and what I may be,
or might have been, had I
the nerve to ask. Waving flags and slaving
to pay Caesar never was in the cards.
did not teach me to lay stone.
What could I rightly owe him?

It will be for each of us to affirm
or deny our private allegiances.
Pass the talking stick, listen,
and know your trusted hearts.
All of us will not make it.
Some of us will not do the right things when counted on.
The days grow short. Our representatives pass laws to criminalize those who would clean House.

Their house, built on sand,
will not stand against us all.

Rockpicker said...
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murph said...


As Mike Ruppert said in "Crossing the Rubicon", when we really get serious about rebelling against this evil batch of hoodlums in Washington, we shall take to the street and there will be blood in the street, including ours. It is unfortunate that there seems to be no other more peaceful way of altering the agenda they are pursuing. We could be spending our time getting ready for resource depletion, possible pandemic, food and water depletion. It seems like the list is almost endless. Instead, we spend our time trying to side step the PTB's and their agenda and protesting a war we shouldn't be in. There is some similarity to the local situation here. The county could step up to the plate and really and honestly go green. But they aren't going to do that. It's all about the money and the long range power agenda. So we are getting set to take them to court and spend a bunch of money on something that isn't necessary in the first place. They are counting on us running out of money to fight them before they do, and they are probably right.

Every single one of us must independently decide where we draw our line in the sand. But, always it has bee thus.

Palooka's Revenge said...

reminder: lost book of nostradamus tonight, history channel, 9 EST.

In 1994, Italian journalist Enza Massa was at the Italian National Library in Rome when she stumbled upon an unusual find. It was a manuscript dating to 1629, titled: Nostradamus Vatinicia Code. Michel de Notredame, the author's name, was on the inside in indelible ink. The book contains cryptic and bizarre images along with over eighty watercolor paintings by the master visionary himself. Follow the investigative trail of how the manuscript was found in the archives and exactly how it got there. New insight is given into the life of Nostradamus and his relationship with Pope Urban VIII, who knew about this manuscript and in whose possession it was for many years.

Palooka's Revenge said...

does it every time!

rockpicker said...

I'm having difficulty entering comments on this post using my registered name, rockpicker. Are we required to "sign-in" each session?

freeacre said...

I think so, Rockpicker. I sign in each time under anonymous and sign my name - did so on Cyclone's site as well.
I wrote to both my senators and my state representative about the bills criminalizing dissent and taking property of those opposed to the war. Also noted the sites that did not cover the war protests at all (CNN, MSMBC,CBS did cover it)and wrote to them. Probably doesn't do any good to do that, but I just feel more guilty if I don't express myself to them. Got to admit, I am intimidated, though.
Why isn't there a religion which opposes the destruction of the planet and the species on it? Why isn't there a religion that prohibits nuclear weapons? Rejects the subjugation of women and children? Prohibits slavery? Chastises those who pollute, license genetic components, or clear cut forests? Not only our politicians, but our religions have let us down.
Maybe we should start one.

Palooka's Revenge said...

Maybe we should start one.

i thought we already did.

rockpicker said...

Freeacre, When you say sign-in, do you mean you have to go to another page and fill out your email address, (twice), username, password and all that each session. In order for me to sign in as rockpicker, that's what I must do. Anybody else have this problem?

murph said...


I think you must have made a choice somewhere to do this. Although, I remember having something about as silly happening with me some time back. Took me months to figure out what was going on and stop it.

I know I don't have any problems remotely similar at this time.

rockpicker said...


Is there an administrator at Google who could help with this situation?

Anonymous said...

Well folks you heard it here first, there was a big storm last night and it knocked out the power to the village and of course i lit candles,reached in the survival draw pulled out flashlight went to garage put a male plug on both ends of an extension cord shut off main breaker to house plugged in cord to new two week old generator and the other end into a receptacle in the garage came into house turned on computer and am writing this note. O by the way the phone lines are not down.
Looks like the only house with a porch light on but then again its about 2 am in the morning.
Actually the only reason i'm doing this is to just test out the new system,
the only thing i'm going to do next is get a bigger generator, this one is fine for most things but its only a 2000 watt and i think at least a 4000 to 5000 would be better in case you wanted to use, say my compressor which pulls 14 amps and a 2000 watter just does not cut it.
We also have propane heat and does not require electricity for its function.
Actually its kind of nice to look down the street and see black, except for the streetlights that are on.
i guess the village invested some pesos for a backup on that level and of course the phone company has to have some juice to function.
a few minutes ago there were three deer,one little one and to adults standing in the street in front of the house. Unafraid of me, kind of like that.
Well thats the news from here for now folks, good to have the generator at least at this stage of powering down to whatever awaits us in the future, o yeah went to the get acquainted meeting the other nite and folks said i did ok talking in front of about a hundred seniors (mostly) ,course i was scared shitless and im sure it showed,just couldn't get my usual smartassed attitude together in front of 200 watching eyes.You guys would be proud of me i didn't say fuck or any of my usual every other swear words sentences.
Most of those older folks go to church and i needed their vote so i just had to bite my tongue, guess thats what politics are kind of whats its all about. wasn't to bad though my new little 7 month old granddaughter was crawling all over the place and members of the family were hurling hard questions at us and the incumbents just were not ready for the actual state of world affairs and it showed so maybe i got a chance of getting on the council.
i don't know though its kind of a good old boys place as far as the power structure is concerned.we'll see come vote time and i will let you know what happens.
peace to all