Saturday, February 23, 2008

"I Got Your Culture...Right Here!"

(or, The Sopranos as Metaphor for our Culture of Crime)


“Woke up this morning, got yourself a gun…

your momma always said you’d be the Chosen One.”

She said, “You’re one in a million,

You’ve got to burn to shine”...

Born under a Bad Sign, with a

Blue moon in your eyes…”

(from the theme song of the HBO series)

I avoided watching “The Sopranos” until three weeks ago. When the series began, too much was happening in my life for me to focus on it. I had been raised by a Sicilian step-father, and he was still alive. That was enough of the vibe to deal with, even though he was in no way associated with the Mafia. Many of the cultural dynamics are shared by Italians, Mafia or not. The Church, the “Family,” the resentment of authority figures, the justifications for their anger, the abuse, as well as their love of food, art, education, sense of humor, and drive to succeed. I’m not trying to be stereotyping. That’s just my experience. My dad was raised in Brooklyn and Queens. If he had been raised in Kansas, it probably would have been different.

Anyway, my father has long-since passed, and Murph and I decided to catch up on the seven years of “The Sopranos” that we had missed by ordering it on Netflix. One can watch a whole year’s worth in only a couple of weeks that way (with no commercials). We are on year three, and by now I have not been able to get the theme-song out of my head for the last three days.

But, what I am noticing is that “The Sopranos” seems to be a metaphor for our whole culture of crime, exploitation, and violence. The Italians certainly have no corner on the market of crime. In fact, compared to the Royal and the international banking families (Rothchilds, Rockefellers, et al) they are small potatoes (except for the Papistry). In fact, I find my self sympathetic to the Sicilians – they’ve been worked over by them all. No wonder they are pissed.

I’m assuming that pretty much everyone has watched the series but us. But, in case that’s not true, I’ll apprise a little of what the story is so far, in case you don’t know. “T,” or Tony Soprano is the head of a crime family in New Jersey. His life is enmeshed in the rituals associated with running the mob, doing “business,” being intimately associated with the daily lives of his nuclear family, as well as his extended family. They are a wild bunch. His father was a gangster, his mother a toxic narcissist matriarch, his Uncle a boss, his friends all “soldiers” in the fight to get over in a hostile world. He makes his money exploiting the weaknesses and addictions of the greater population (sex, gambling, drugs, greed) and a vast array of twisted schemes enforced by brutality and murder.

Meanwhile he comes home each day to a house on a hill in a ruling class neighborhood, surrounded by doctors and country-club types, and sends his kids to school with the heavy expectation that they will do well in the future, seemingly freed from this necessary life of crime. Tony’s wife, Carmella, does volunteer work, supports the Church, organizes school functions, and spends much of her time cooking and responding to everyone’s angst by justifying it and comforting them with food. A classic enabler, she teaches the kids how to go along with the corruption and puts a veneer of respectability on the whole twisted system. She reads Time Magazine, watches Oprah, reads the self-help books, even directs Tony to seek therapy to deal with his anxiety attacks. Tony is on Prozak, like much of the U.S. population, to help suppress his sadness and guilt at what he does to “make a living” and “take care of his family.”

Much like a lot of the business class in the greater culture, they are in denial about the exploitation, violence and theft upon which their lives are based. The offspring of these miscreants are funneled into the “best” schools. Georgetown, Berkeley, Yale, Stanford – all headed for careers in law and medicine, finance, insurance, marketing, politics, etc.

The problem is that once in these fields, they bring their criminal values with them. When one looks at the fraud, duplicity, hypocrisy, and sociopathic disconnect to the greater good of humanity that is the cultural poison in which we are all immersed, it becomes easier to understand. All of the ruling class offspring of all the differing ethnic crime families gather at the springboards into power that our "best" universities have become. From these leadership positions, they have taken control.

How else can executives of the Monsanto Corporation justify poisoning the global food supply with their genetically engineered Franken-foods? What story do they tell themselves about the 600,000 Indian farmers who have killed themselves in their despair of having destroyed the future of their families due to using their genetically altered seeds and petro-chemical based fertilizers? What about Big Pharma responsible for more deaths by far than the illegal “recreational” drugs that are such a supposed scourge? How about the IMF, responsible for the destruction and debt servitude of whole nations? How about the plastics and oil industry pollution that poisons our people into cancer in every family and the deaths of 200 species a day? How about the doctors guilty of Medicare fraud, ripping off the taxpayers for millions of dollars each year? How about Monsanto (again) manufacturing Nutra-sweet that leads to tumors and possible Alzheimer’s and autism in children? How about the international arms manufacturers, depleted uranium, cluster bombs, and land mines horribly mutilating children for generations to come?

How about FOX News, who just rounded out their fascist “journalists” with the greatest political criminal mastermind since Rasputin, Carl Rove? Or our own little Carmella Soprano, Katie Couric, and her brothers Brian Williams, Tim Russert, Wolf Blitzer, etc. who feed us a shallow, but tasty, concoction of mental smörgåsbord that is as poisonous as the Big Pharma drugs and toxic product advertising that support the mainstream media fabrications which keep us all in line.

Oh, yeah, and how about that FEDERAL RESERVE? Hahahahaha!

The problem is that none of us is innocent, unfortunately. Even though the worst have risen to the top of the power heap, the rest of us, though marginalized, are complicit. We may not have been able to compromise our integrity enough to become outright nefarious banksters, war profiteers, financial enslavers, insurance enforcers, or marketing lackeys, but we are complicit, none-the-less. If we enable them by paying to subscribe to their programming propaganda, take advantage of their “sweet deals” that enslave workers, buy the products that are poisoning the planet, or vote for the corrupt villains who orchestrate this whole evil governmental construct, we share the karma. The Walmart shoppers, the Tyson Chicken and Factory Foods eaters, the gas-guzzling car and truck driving, throw-away, chemical based product crowd. You and me, Baby, are at least to some extent, guilty as charged.

And, we are all about to go down.

That was in the cards from the start. It is classic self-defeating behavior. This slack-jawed, knuckle-dragging, evil, bullying, perverse, and twisted death culture is killing itself in an almost operatic tragic drama. The more successful the crime family is, the harder is the fall from their sick sense of grace. Eventually, the orchard no longer produces the olives, the vines do not bear fruit, the ground has been salted, the children are sold into slavery, the animals are barren, the wine has turned to vinegar, and the perpetrators are hung on crosses as an example for others who follow. It ain’t going to be pretty.

What are we to do?

We need to sow seeds that lead in new directions, away from the beaten path of corruption and death. Seeds of forgiveness and compassion and natural joy, health and happiness to nurture the ones who come are our duty to cultivate. Before we can do that, we need to heal ourselves.

We are still re-playing the dramas of the brutal cultures that have come before ours. The Roman Empire, the Aztecs, the Mongolian, the Hun. Different time, same shit – slavery, hierarchy, exploitation, brutality, patriarchy. If we don't get right, it will just be re-created again.

It looks like we will have another shot at making things better, after the crime family clusterfuck and meltdown. We’re going to have to put our heads together on this one. What do you think? How do we do this?

And, how do I get this darn tune out of my head?


Anonymous said...

god damn FA!! you've written many jewels and i've come to expect them from you every time. But this one is by far your most profound.

and those questions at the end? pretty much where we are! i've written ad nausium about what i think and the only thing left to do is to do something thats never been done before.

y'a know FA, i believe the seed is there. its inside us. has been all along. and i believe we each have a process for discovering that and that process is the healing. maybe if we can just say "hello in there" to that something it just might have something to say back.

personally, i find john prine's favorite john prine song to be a metaphor for that. maybe you will too...

let us know when you need another exorcism... p

Anonymous said...

jesus fa this came from bug just in front of reading your post!! and p's comment, this is just to much for this one to grasp, i think our circle is getting tighter as the concept of oneness manifests ,
bug says that during these times of transitional development the few individuals that have been honored to take part in them will undergo changes that the people involved will have already noticed as unexplainable happenings, these happenings are necessary steps to prepare the organism for the cataleptic shock that is on the fast track for earthlings.
so instead of resisting these phenomenon it would be wiser to embrace them and welcome them because they lead to the salvation of the evolved human species.
the things that are dreamed of by the newbies will become a reality and thankfulness will replace the self hatred that humans seem loath to give up upon them selfs and those around them. these changes if accepted without the need to dissect each and every detail of the happening will bring great joy to the receivers.
part of the hindrance to the change is the overuse of that part of the brain which is the analyser which must be feed and as nothing more then a brain tool has assumed to much power as ego and simply must be let go of as gently as possible.

this will be very scary for some but much easier for heart people because the changes to come are bringing new light of understanding which is not intellectual but from the heart chakra, it is necessary for humans in there approach to the purity of their original intent to be able to reach out and embrace there brothers and sisters in the fullness of that great gift from the holy spirit.
so those that attend your council will know these things if they don't already, you and others that for reasons that do not even matter will bare witness to the sweetness that will soon be the natural and normal for the sanctity of your new home, which is the home of the heart.
the intellect might be used partly for possibly unique ways to make love to one another, doesn't that sound like fun?
war will be a distant memory and will fade into oblivion as the DNA energy manifests into the light of love possibilities,
anything imagined will become available as the balance returns and that which is called evil assumes its rightful place, the trash can/

all i can say is ' holy shit'.
she also reminds me that the crickets that survive the winter that were imported from stoney's neighborhood will bring delight to the village with their melodious mating calls.
maybe the robins which find them delicious will find something else to eat also,i hope so,
i love you all

Anonymous said...

john prine's songs are most excellent to this ones taste, thank you p for turning us on to this.

Anonymous said...

mf... your very welcome. i take it as a pleasure and view it as a duty. its a real special comfort that comes when another takes a bite out of something you've been gnawing on for yerself all yer life and found to be most sasify'n to your own spirit and they find the taste likewise. for a moment you get to rest easy in whatever it is you are... be that some semblance of normality or wide open insanity. mostly i 'spose because you've connected and found some commonality to cherish.

prine is, hands down, my all time fav writer. he jes keeps comin and comin spinnin life into a 3 minute magnificance. i've found no one who captures in word and musical anthem the human condition in political, social and cultural missive, which to me are parodies of one another, like prine does. in a word, he's roots. and all with an underlying naked humor that comes straight from the bone. he's the proxy for what we know to lay inside us.

many consider his nam anthem, sam stone, to have captured how such a waste becomes the waste that is what remains of life for the grunts from the trenches like no other poet. and there's always an even more interesting back story about the inspirations of a writer that manifest into their songs and we can learn so much about ourselves just from listening. so you might really enjoy this...

there's a '71 interview there that amounts to chapter 1 in the book of prine. and then another in 05 with bob richards at the dawning of his most recent work that, hopefully is not the final chapter. in between is an incredible journey. highly recommend a listen to the 05 at least. a fine way to spend a sunday afternoon. here's a loose excerpt from it that i find a poignent metaphor in context of the bug's wisdom and FA's current post....

"for a long time i didn't see how the songs would fit together on the same record. i couldn't figure out the likeness. i've never had any problems sleepin but i'd go home at night and just lay there all night long 2nd guessin myself. i'd listen to one song in my head and love the song but think i have to write 9 more cuz it can't go with these others i love too. it kept going on and on like that until finally something just... ah man, it was crazy... you work on something for awhile and then one day the bad stuff just falls away and all of a sudden it starts shinin and everything's looking good next to each other and the record just starts talkin to you, telling you what to do. after a certain amount of time you become the tail and the record starts wagin you and all you gotta do is sit back and listen to what its tellin ya and if there's any work to finish it'll kinda be apparent ya know."

in other words, the process KNOWS. i get the gift of the wisdom of so many who are given to us to make the lessons a bit less painful or help us to understand. prine's story is a good example and all these gifts validate my own personal experiences as i've had this phenom happen to me several times. i'd toss and turn stewin over a prob with a job and the answer'd come shakin me up in the middle of the night. the prob would, sooner or later, find its own solution. it ain't easy cuz it really can be painful and troubling with no solution in sight. but let yerself be the stew and let that stew cook long enough and whamo. i guess ya jes gotta be willing to let yourself have the experience and let it become what it already is.

in a word, the man's real. walkin, talkin, writin, singin, laughin proof that life is real cuz he touches that place inside of you thats real.

we are the songs and, somehow, we fit together. we just need to let em show us how... p

freeacre said...

I remember the first john prine song I ever heard. It was after the vets began to return from Vietnam,and it started out "There's a hole in Daddy's arm where all the money goes." God, he's good.

RAS said...

I'm a little lost right now, because I've never seen the Sopranos (never had any interest in them, even if I'd had HBO) and I have no idea who John Prine is. I got most of my spring garden in this weekend. There's a few things I can't plant for a month or so, but other than that it's in. I read a good interview with Michael Pollan the other day where he called growing your own food a subversive act. And he was right. Strange times we live in, when growing your own onions can legitimately be considered a subversive action!

freeacre said...

Good for you, ras! You are remarkably unconnected to the mainstream. Kevin, at cryptogon, considers living a simple, non-materialistic lifestyle a form of asymetric warfare against the powers that be. "Gouges out their eyes," is how he put it, as I recall. I read on LATOC this morning that the Bechtel Corporation has made collecting rain in rain barrels illegal in Bolivia because it cuts into their profits on selling water!! Unbelievable! Gardens are next, I suppose.
John Prine was writing/singing before you were born. He along with Jackson Brown, Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell, and some others are really poets who put their poems to music. A few lines can make old fuckers like us burst into tears.
I envy your progress on your garden. I can't even work in the greenhouse yet because the horse manure is still buried under 2-3 feet of snow. Rats.

Anonymous said...

ras, don't feel alone on this i have not watched a t.v in about 4 maybe 5?years but have heard of the sopranos as a mafia family? and also i had forgot about john prine until i heard the song also about 'theres a hole in daddys arm where the money goes' back in the sixties i think.
this one also has lived on the fringe away from the 'benefits' of the system except for the occasional food stamp,avoiding vietnam was a useful enterprise in learning to survive and i was much luckier then some of my close school friends, have you ever noticed how attractive body bags are,? in their own special way of course. i chose to understand that i had many things to do and learn and was much to young to go half way around the world and kill people that had done nothing to me, i knew nothing of war and why it happens
but boy do i know now and so does everyone else that frequents this place of trust i think. maybe not.

you know we must be on the same page and i suppose many here are also, i transplanted a tree today for one of the youngun's in washington, a house tree, and the last three days of wonderful warm sunny weather, (it snowed last nite but is mostly gone now) really got me going and will move the new greenhouse to the back yard soon,am also anxious to get me hands into the warm rich feel of mother earth.
winter is fine but i decided to give my new hips one more year of healing before i hit the slopes so yes i am shit full of winter.!!
come on spring..
my friends chickens are kicking ass again and plenty of fertile eggs are available once more, hows yours doing fa?
wish you lived closer ras it would be a pleasure to lend a hand with some of your sustainable projects,although one son has moved here and has acquired some land to learn also how to live in the wonderful future that the ptb has outlined for us and i will assist him and his new bride and their beautiful daughter whom has just learned to walk and walks like e.t. of star wars fame, really funny. will probably end up with the nickname e.t. thats cute huh wish we could post little pictures here, so we could all see what we all look like, any amens on that,? probably be to cluttered, stoney would be showing off his latest hot rod made out of used nasa space ship parts. o well,sigh.......


love your comment p, i think your heart speaks to all our hearts and its easy to see where yur coming from, because we are all of one heart, it feels that simple, we share the experiences of one another and i feel that and ( actually know, b says so and shows it clear ) that soon words will become secondary to communication and will mostly be useful in technical matters, and i for one welcome that for better or worse, i mean what have we done that probably most have done? at least on some level, i mean even butterflies have bad days. and good days.
o hell there i go, b says i blither to much so i'll quit.
peace amigos e amigas

Anonymous said...

rp... shakers?

off sumatra last 57 hours.......

5.5, 4.7, 5.4 6.4, 5.5 7.0, 5.1, 5.2, 4.9, 6.3, 6.6

recemt mid to big or on going -

NEVADA - 6.0 etc

ALL CAL/NEV EVENTS - 168 hour cum totals have been over 1000 recently. current count 679. click on the annimation to see em fire off....

RING OF FIRE ANNIMATION - min 2.5 in US and adjacent. all other, min 4 ...

Anonymous said...

I hate to argue with anyone, Montana, but as a long-time lurker and very occasional commenter, I must say you don't blither. And I know I'm not the only one who looks forward to your writings. Please ignore any negative comments from *any* source and continue writing as often and as long as you can.

I guess I'm about half-way between Ras and Murph so let me assure those of you who still are contending with that cold white stuff that spring IS coming. The almond trees and beautiful camellias are in full bloom here.

If I could ask a question from the last conversation -- I’ve been around long enough to have discovered that if I don’t understand something, there is at least one other person in the group who doesn’t, either. Palooka was talking about MTs and EQs in relation to earth vibrations -- are you saying Mama Nature has something in store for us that will top whatever our esteemed leaders have planned? Maybe come before their actions? I’ve been reading about the Giza power plant -- is what you’re talking about related to those earth vibrations? And do you have any citations that I could read?

And Murph and Freeacre, do you know anything about the re-localizing of food production in Eugene that Carolyn Baker recently featured on her page? I think that’s the way to go but can’t imagine getting our farmers to consider such a thing. Nobody seems ready to think that this “downturn” is not short-termed. Even a banker I was talking with this morning wished Bernake would stop talking about recession because it scares people -- the implication was that it would be self-fulfilling. So, getting farmers to consider the probability of long-term oil shortages and turn their efforts toward feeding their own area instead of shipping food off somewhere doesn’t seem to enter into any planning.

murph said...

Anonymous 9:30

We haven't investigated Eugene very much. From the description at Bakers site, it impresses me as though for the most part, he is running into exactly what you described, but he is trying to appeal to the money angle, self interest in making money,I am not.

One problem, as I see it, any talk of localization is perceived as having to give up something. They are right. I keep pounding on the idea that it is coming anyway, might as well get on the band wagon, be first in line. Of course the resistance to that idea is about the same.

What I see as the principle problem in appealing for localization is that it is not really perceived as necessary. All us doomers and predictions of really bad times coming just is not penetrating the general public. And why should it? Only a small percentage of people in this country are being hard hit, and that can be rationalized as they were just being stupid, if the problem is recognized at all.

Until the general population begins to realize that we, as a nation, are not protected by God, and that the problems so few of us see coming are the result of our own greed and mental laziness,they will resist change. Until we as a nation realize that we have turned over our freedom, our very lives to the elites, until people realize that we have done great damage and harm to people and the environment, until the calamity of it all descends upon us with a vengeance, changing how we do business will not change.

And, even when a majority of people understand what has been done, they will not accept their responsibility for playing a part in this. For, to make that investigation creates very severe cognitive dissonance. When what we have been taught and believe with all our heart appears to be contradicted by what is observed, something has to give. The easiest thing to do is deny the evidence, which obviously most people do.

Robert Heinlein stated in one of his novels,"Thinking is hard work, that is why it is so unpopular. I think this is a true statement of human behavior.

You didn't post your name, so welcome anonymous and thank you for your comment.

freeacre said...

Anonymous 9:30,
Add me to the list of those who want to know more about MT's and EQ's. Is this a normal amount of earthquakes?? Since we are, as I have said, surrounded by 40 cinder cones, curious minds want to know...jeeez!
I was thinking about contacting the man who wrote the localization article on Baker's site. But, like you, I am surrounded by people who do not want to hear it. I went to a chamber of commerce luncheon a few weeks ago, and the guy up front was saying, "Don't believe all those doom and gloom things you read in the papers." And, everyone (mostly Realtors) were nodding and wholeheartedly agreeing, like if they open their eyes they might make the collapse happen, but if they shut them tight enough, everything would be OK. It felt like if I begged to differ, I could be burned at the stake.
So, I think I better wait until we can cultivate a more responsive atmosphere around here.... Now, the county commissioners are having dollar signs in their eyes in anticipation of a "destination resort" development that is supposed to be coming to our area. HA! These people are truly delusional. I think their enthusiasm will dampen when they find out that the tourists will be speaking Chinese and our children will be carrying their bags.
Boy, those almond trees and camillias sound good...and, yeah, Montana, you just continue. We love you, and the bug, and now little E.T., too.

Anonymous said...

The Power Failure From Hell

Tweitmeyer is reporting some anomolous solar x-ray measurements which I don't understand, but he seems to be rather concerned over them. P, can you help us out on that? Rense has the story. He's been studying data for ten years and claims recent info suggests manipulation or real, hard -to -explain behavior.

Elsewhere, the US and Canada have signed an agreement allowing military units of each country to assist one another in the event of "emergencies."

I think FDR's admonition needs to be tweaked a bit, to apply to today's situation.

"The only thing we have to fear, is ignorance, itself."

Our most formidable enemy today is the servile press. How can a patriotic concensus be established in a vacuum of good information?

As Freeacre points out, the local businessmen don't want to hear any bad news, as it may hasten the inevitable. Tough shit.

I got up at one of our chatauguas two weeks ago and read a James Howard Kunstler piece. You could hear a pin drop. Kinda tempered the musical entertainment with a dose of reality. Yet, I wonder how many who listened were hearing those dire warnings for the first time. I still run into people who have never heard the term 'peak oil.'

All reports indicate the military is preparing its members for the real possibility of implementing martial law.

Yet the citizenry are not preparing, either physically or emotionally, for such implementation. Should martial law be declared soon, most of us would be caught off-balance and disbelieving, having been kept in the dark, successfully, by an obedient press.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, but me no watchy Sopranos. Me no have cable. Cable suck, big time.

What's the deal with the stock market? Seems like it's on it's way back up to the stratusphere! Wish it would hurry-up and nose dive. I'm tired of "The Matrix."
Later -


Anonymous said...

From rockpicker,

Pay no attention to the 'men' behind the curtain. They don't know shit. If they did, they wouldn't be playing the stock market now. They'd be buying gold, and taking possession of it. Or, maybe they'd be buying tools and seeds, if they were really smart. But they aren't really smart. They can't even determine intrinsic value. What good will paper be when the stores are closed, the gas stations' pumps can't pump gas and your water has been turned off?

Hording of wheat and flour has already started. Wheat for May delivery was over 23 dollars yesterday, I think. Whoa!

Palooka's Revenge said...

are you saying Mama Nature has something in store for us that will top whatever our esteemed leaders have planned?

yes i am. but where there is a mama there is a papa. and kiddies too. in context of your question, let me put it another way... sun/earth connection.

those are aspects of universe. so are the manifested spirits, aka, us. etc,ect, etc/ so there's even mucho more to it.

here's a bit on the s/e connection with some good links to lead you further down the rabbit hole of the fast developing field of space weather...

"something in store" implies a "plan" and that implies an intelligence of some sort. with a specific goal... to "top what our leaders have planned". i happen to think there is. only i don't know that i would necessarily characterize it as a "plan" or that its limited to "our esteemed leaders".

there are no short answers to your excellent, and very important question. in my view it has to do with fundamental laws that universe operates on and these go all the way to the godhead. the g-word might blow a fuse so i'll leave it there.

suffice to say its fairly well debated that there's some higher intelligence operating that we don't fully understand as yet. some call it the laws of nature, some call it creative intelligence, and others call it bullshit. i think they're all right. and wrong.

what we know to be evolution, especially from a darwinian view, may be no more than form change. from another view, an argument can be made that we as a species have actually devolved. i happen to agree with this and that loss of consciousness has been and continues to be demonstrated. there's just tons of evidence, much of it suppressed and/or manipulated, that earth spirits of ancient times were capable of much more than we are now.

which brings us full circle back to your question about the giza power plant eh. i don't know what you've read of that or what your understandings are. giza as a power plant is a theory forwarded by chris dunn. there may be others but he's the one i know about. i haven't read his book but i know he holds it was built to use the energies of the earth to produce power by way of vibration and sound. my guess is he has a lot of things pointed in the right direction and probably some some things not. one thing i absolutely agee with is the idea of the potentials of vibration and sound. whatever this is it is, imo, what ed leedskalnin used to build the coral castle in florida. its generally accepted he did something "out of the box" with EM. M is NOT free if it is not free to vibrate. and sound IS vibration. music is tied to this and math to music. so there's a whole lot going on here and this stuff about detection of energies influencing plate tectonics and stress levels on the fault lines is part of it.

citations? good luck. ask jim berkland about this. he's been fighting mainstream ever since they excommunicated him for predicting the world series EQ in oakland and scaring the hell otta people. we're seeing progress in the science of space weather and its influence upon the earth's weather but there's still a hellofa gap.

but i can point you to some things. my understanding is that MT's is a general term for energy pulses. it was in a quote from frank condon from berkland's syzergy EQ site. i think condon is on to something and i think he bases his stuff on this....

and probably more specifically on this...

those links are pretty new to me and i haven't had time to drill. so i can't really say much about them. i'll be doing some due dilligence including calling berkland to see what he can tell me about those sites and about condon. i know berkland personally and know damn well he wouldn't let condon anchor from his blog if there was any question in his mind as to integrity.

are things ramping up? all i can tell you is what i'm observing and i'm counting more and more activity. and activity in places we don't normally see activity. england just had a 4.7. puerto ricoe fired off 6 yesterday in rapid succession that made the 2.5+ charts.

it my view it appears to be ramping up. especially recently. but a small window is not a predictor. cycles happen and cycles have extreems. we haven't been keeping data long enough to really know what those are. we're supposedly entering one. what cycle 24 will bring us is anybody's guess.

Palooka's Revenge said...

rp.... are you talking about the time jump article? i read that and he lost me. but if you're talking about x-ray flux thats something i know a little about. lemme know. i see an anomaly and i don't know why yet except i know they recently switched sats. goes 12 leased to japan and we're now on 10. don't know if thats the reason but things ain't been right.

fa... can you believe silver @ 19.38???? .... p

Anonymous said...

i'm with you on the devolved aspect p, and it had nothing to do with adam falling out of gods nasty assed tree of life according to langosta, something strange and extraordinary she says happened to us and was clouded over by eons of having to go on living regardless of the circumstances, until only the record of the event still lingers in our DNA or genetic makeup, i do not know about other folks but i get the whispers in the night and the dreams that give madding semi-reconizable images of a long ago that occurred to us as a species and plus b tries with all her might to bring clarity to a brain that has seen this past and recoiled in absolute terror even knowing in the light of day that it is harmless at this point, 'its not a snake she says, its a stick' 'looks like a mother-fucking snake to me' i says as i scramble for the bank.
you know its no wonder and i pity the shit out of folks that occasionally touch this place and run for their lives because it is one scary place. just ask p' he knows.

however it is to our salvation to invite this into our lives i think because what is the alternative? i really think that this is problematic to the issues that keep the foot of the PTB on our necks, and maybe their blood line has something to do with it , i don't know but it really makes no difference in the long scheme of things , what is important is many people have awakened and understand the consequences of the path that humanity follows at this point, and its the same path with different tools that will allow us to destroy mother earth along with each other.
personally i see no other solution other then to seek the balance contained within the heart. we simply must learn to love or its all over, we cannot buy our way out of this one.i don't give a fuck what the experts say, technology will not help us here, (as a gun to the head,the quick way, as opposed to drinking gasoline, the slow way) i mean what the fuck?
like murph says ' i think he says its going to take a mighty big something to awaken the sleeping and even then its going to take some time to reconcile that process with the very real issue of maintaining the bio-organisum and its offspring at the same time, shit i can just see the floundering and thrashing about locked in overdrive when this occurs.
the asleep,the semi-asleep, the semi-awake, the awake, and the run for your fucking life bunch,which would include this one all in the same bag. HELLO!! is anybody out there? Houston i think we have a problem.

anyway rockpicker is i think gathering tools,seeds and all the things that make it possible to live on a pile of dirt and so am i along with i'll betcha a dollar to a donut a lot of the folks that attend this council fire are doing also. and are right to do so.
this one has been for some time now accumulating books on country life and the thrill of living on the edge after the lights go out, one of my good friends gifted me with a beautiful but deadly means of survival of which never in my life intend to use other then to put meat on the table for the kids and grandkids if my sprouting machine quits. boy i just hate this ugly truth sometimes, but w'samftd?i ask ya. the organism will insist on staying alive if possible. and thats that.

anon 9:30pm
thanks for the kind words but i ran for city council a while back and i noticed that it seemed a good time for folks to catch up on their afternoon naps, lololo

full bloom trees, god that sounds good, im running out of bird seed and hope the last fifty lbs.will hold out until the little chicken wantabes can find their own bugs or worms or what ever. those little fucks are getting expensive as hell and might just have to start going to mexico in the winter, piss, if i had wings i'd be there now.
love to all,

RAS said...

Freeacre, I'm not as disconnected from the mainstream as I'd like. If I was, I could 'shun the Anglish' if I wanted. (Though I'd also be likely to give them the middle finger from time to time.)

That bug has a lot of wisdom, mf! I wish my spirit guide would impart more wisdom to me. He tends to screech a lot. Or maybe I'm just not listening right?

I too am trying to store more food, and have been for awhile. My problem lies in the quantity calculation. I'm not sure how much I should aim to store over all or in what porportions; i.e., how much fruit? Flour? Beans?
Anyone have any suggestions?

Dave said...

You know, I loathe the Sopranos precisely because it's such an accurate microcosm of our society, but worse, it seems to glorify the worst aspect of that society. I was appalled to discover that my beloved sister and her husband are so fond of the show.

I fear you are correct that we're headed for a major fall. I found some stress relief by writing my similar thoughts on my own blog.

freeacre said...

Hi, Dave. I just read your latest blog post. Good one!

We just went to the store and got 50 more pounds of rolled oats, quarts of soy sauce and terriake sauce for making jerky, brown sugar, eye drops, more bread and all purpose flour, corn meal, lentils, cans of coconut milk, a case of canned milk, couple of flats of mushrooms, more spaghetti sauce, etc. Just when we think we have enuf, we read something else that makes us feel like we'll need more. The way inflation is going, if nothing else, it makes sense to buy stuff we are going to eat anyway now, rather than later when it will cost twice as much.

I'm happy that Murph still has his silver left over from around the time of the Nixon and Carter Administrations. Got a feeling that it's going to come in real handy for everyday transactions.
Yup, it does feel prudent to batten down the hatches, doesn't it? To help the nerves, I've begun to do a simple exercise: soak in a hot tub of water with coconut oil in it, and close my eyes, quiet my mind and just smile. Smiling is good. Helps one to feel happy and grateful for things and to cultivate a sense of plenty and peace.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the article I was referring to was about anomolous solar x-ray readings Tweitmeyer noticed from official data sheets. I still don't understand the significance. He seems to indicate there might be rythmic gaps in the data. Just thought you might have a handle on this.

Man, the earthquake activity is getting intense. You suppose HAARP has a finger in it? Doesn't seem like David R. would want any of his people screwing with the tectonics underlying the Svalbard region. Maybe it's the red and green gangs showing off.

We have garlic popping up along the south edges of our beds. It's buried under several inches of leaf and lawn clipping mulch, but the soil on the southern flanks warms to the touch on sunny afternoons, and under grass, yellow greenly spirits spear their musty dark bravely.

I paid $3.40 for regular today.

Iceberg lettuce and cucumbers, 10 for $10, at the local grocery.


murph said...


Glad to have your comments. You are right, in so many ways, that show, The Sopranos, is a reflection of what we have supported and elected for a 100 years now. Got to admit that I did not see it as glorifying what was being portrayed. It does show that people can rationalize any action and make it a good thing, no matter how abhorrent it is to everyone else. It also shows that in all levels of society, many of the same problems in interrelationships are common. How these relationships are handled is also pretty common, at least it appears so to me.

One of our big questions is how they got the mobs permission to make the series.

RAS said...

Murph, what? Get permission to glorify such a lifestyle? I'm sure the mob loved that show as much as, if not more than, anyone else!

Though I've never seen it, it sounds a lot like Seinfeld (though with more violence, drama, etc, of course). That's a show I never could stand; it seemed to take every possible bad trait a person could have and glorify it. Yuck.

Btw, has anyone seen the news from England that SSRIs don't work after all? You should see the uproar in my department at school! I've been watching the drama and laughing.

freeacre said...

Isn't it also true that virtually all of the wacko's that have gone nuts and shot people at schools and colleges were on anti-depressants?
Yet another example of the Big Pharma pimp job and the complicity of the FDA. But, we have congressional investigations on baseball players using human growth hormone. What a farce.they'll probably go after Vitamin C next.Then, they make infants undergo horrific mandatory vacination regimes that are linked to autism and jail people for smoking pot. What a world.

mrs p said...

Bravo f.a.! The similarities are uncanny. It really snows me how our pompus congress goes after athletes when our whole society is overdosed on big pharma including the congress and our cia is supposedly the biggest drug dealers in the world. Yes its all whacked....and aside from the IMF and the World Banking Goom-bahs, the U.S. seems like it's the biggest Goom-bah of all. And those seeds we're all planting aren't growing fast enough. Seems like the rest of the world is more into the whole "perma-culture" thing much more than the U.S. Europe has 20 something bad actor nasty chemicals banned, (i could be off on the numbers, it's probably much more), that we're still manufacturing, selling and using heavily here in the states. No wonder our beef and milk is banned. The most serious problem I think we have as a culture is that our M. S. M. is holding back the masses from being truly educated on reality. We each collectively help things along, by how we live as a culture, the things we do, not do, boycott, etc. but it's not changing fast enough. I guess those of us who choose to live closer to the earth and a more "simple" life will be all the more ready when the big "T" falls. We gave up our cell phones in January. The service, T-Mobile was not the problem. It was hard to give them up, even though we hated them. We were addicted to them. We're still going through withdrawels but feel better since they're gone. You have to wait until you're not under any "contract". We could have given them up long ago but the hype against doing that is overwhelming. Aside from the Health and Body reasons for getting rid of the cell phones, we just wanted to Un-hook ourselves from the whole concept. It's just one more thing that says NO to Wallyworld. It's a personal choice but there's other things one can do if that's not an option. Collectively, all these little things we do are moving us in the right direction. But as Wallworld Wigsout...which it truly is, (it's just not being televised as that particular theme), we as a culture will be responding however we can. I thank the universe for sites like the Trout Clan Campfire! We love you F.A.!

Anonymous said...

Rima Laibow, M.D., has a good video speech discussing codex alimentarius, a set of food regulations, promoted by the WTO, that will outlaw vitamin supplements as 'toxins'. Her website is Everyone should see this speech.


mrs p said...

If little green men (or women in pink spandex) came sweeping down to our planet and asked me, "Who's in charge and how can we help?" I'd take them to Freeacre! Okay, I'm being most silly today.

Seriously though, we are in for a wild ride. I'm having dreams of the future where we're all tattered with messy hair on horseback like in the Keven Costner film, Waterworld. There should be a T-shirt that we can wear to identify ourselves when we're out their on the road of life, surviving the collapse or some kind of secret password.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mrs P,

Ah, "Waterworld' didn't have any horses -you're thinking about "The Postman."

Yeah, maybe pretty soon we'll be all tattered and messy, but I think "The Road Worrior" will be more like it. Roving bands of thugs destroying everything looking for "the juice." So, we'll be tattered and messy -and heavily armed. I'm looking forward to donning a goatee and ponytail. Cool. Later-


RAS said...

Freeacre, I don't know about all, but several of them were, yes. Or rather, several of them had just gone off the meds. The Pharma companies try to pretend there's no withdrawal effects, but that's a load of BS. A lot of people have literally NOT been able to stop taking them. They're rather addictive. From what I've seen, it might be easier to kick crack than some of those drugs. Furthermore, the withdrawal problems can often cause serious issues, like, say, increasing a tendency to have angry rages.
But of course, none of that acutally happens, ya dig? (And many psychologists will swear that up and down.)

Anonymous said...

Hi Dude...yes that dream was messed up, a conglomeration of several, i think i liked the Postman better...not sure if these dreams are the past or the future, Mad Max was creepy and happening now, here in the U.S. (home invasion robberies) and in the outback of OZ. Makes one wonder, why one isn't trained and armed and ready to kick some butt. Survival of the fittest. Martial arts could help. mrsp

freeac re said...

Congratulations, mrs.p!! You set yourself free from the electronic tether to Wally World! Very cool. And, thanks for the kind words. I am a shameless sucker for flattery. :)
Oh yes, a Secret Sign! Great idea. Like the peace sign or the fist back in the day. Anybody got any ideas?