Monday, March 31, 2008

High Weirdness and Life Worth Living


Lately, it seems, some of the leaders of the preparedness sites are backing off or saying “good-by.” Now that the Real Estate Meltdown, Peak Oil, Climate Change, and Financial Collapse are finally being somewhat covered by the lamesteam media, sites like Survival Acres are apparently being inundated by people who are thinking that they better start to do something. But, if they all applied their “stimulus package” checks to freeze-dried or nitrogen packed foodstuffs, there would be such a backload of supply that they’d probably starve before the boxes arrived. Those who have been in the vanguard of the movement are hunkering down and looking after themselves. No more time to sound the alarm. Time to take to the basement, or at least to circle the wagons with friends and family.

Life After the Oil Crash (LATOC) linked to a message from Mike Ruppert this morning. In it, Mike sums up his recovery experience from his personal meltdown after eight years of carrying the flag for us. Then he lets us know that he is back in L.A., has a good dog, and is just planning to live until he dies in the assorted calamities about to manifest. He doesn’t want to be contacted. He’s not answering his mail. So, once again, it’s “Good-by, Mike. We owe you everything.” Personally, I hope he sits with us sometime at our council fire. The dog could come, too. Plenty of room.

I have to admit that I am getting sick and tired of the different collapse scenarios that now are watered down and morphed into some shallow, lukewarm, unseasoned fare fit for the general consumption. Gee, do ya think that we might be in a recession? Huh? Gosh, food and gas are getting expensive, eh? Boy, howdy! We just might have to eat tilapia instead of salmon this year. Uh oh, it’s looking pretty tight on Wall Street. But, the Fed is all over it. Not to worry…cut to a Boneva commercial.

For those of us who have been delving into the intricacies of resource depletion, climate change, and the global corporate and banking crimefest that threatens to put an end to the republic as we have known it, it’s all grey, grey, grey. Men in grey suits, black ops, graphs, charts… cold, hard facts lending themselves to shortages, lack, and the end of liberty. Sunday morning news show pundits (who always give me the nagging suspicion that they walk around their homes in panty hose, or cry themselves to sleep at night), spouting off about Berneke or Paulson, or Bush or Blair. Blah, blah, blah. I can only take so much of that shit before the tune of “Suicide is Painless” becomes the background music in my head.

Is there nothing MORE?? How about something imaginative? Colorful? Bazaar…. Really scary, or wonderful, even.

What else have you got?

That’s when I turn to; Project Camelot; Steve;; Above Top Secret and such. Now we’re talking! I don’t mind dying, but I do not want to be bored to death.

I can’t get enough of those pictures of the secret space craft in stationary orbit that that guy has been taking from a telescope in his home. And, the black ops helicopters that have been harassing him. What’s that about??

How about ancient libraries in Iraq filled with stone tablets with cuneiform writing that tell the routes of returning asteroids and death stars and stories of forgotten civilizations thousands and thousands of years old. Or, a little closer to home, the Project Paperclip project to create mind controlled assassins and operatives to implement the objectives of the Illuminati or extra-terrestrial alternative time lines?


Reptilian off-worlders genetically altering our DNA sometime in the dim past… space portals connecting earth to bases on Mars, secret Norwegian underground bunkers being built to save their citizenry from annihilation – it’s all fascinating stuff. Much better than that lame Tim Russert and his juvenile, sycophantic thoughts on the collective political dumbasserie.

I’m not just kidding around. I really do think that exploring these outside the box issues are good to do. Chem trails, Morgellons

Disease, 9/11 - so much suppressed information, so little time.

“Just because you are paranoid, it doesn’t mean that no one is out to get you.”

The pre-digested, corporate-correct Wally-world really isn’t all there is, thank the stars. The Flat World materialists, war-mongers, and greedheads are morally bankrupt and mentally dead to the wonders that have come before us and are about to return.

As I plant my peas and feed the poultry, I look toward the sky and imagine that someone is looking back. I am aware of the elephants that are drawing likenesses’ of themselves. I listen for the song of life that surrounds us and welcome the mysteries and surprises that are our birthright. A time for change? You bet! More than we know.

Bring it on!


Anonymous said...

From rockpicker;

You know, Freeacre, I'm a hundred per cent with you on this one! You mentioned half a dozen of my favorite sites and people.

Funny you should have written what you did. I've been ruminating about just some of those same feelings.

Last night, Oldensoul and I watched a press conference that was taped on May 8, 2001. It's posted on the website under the quick links blog for Mar. 23. Titled "Life On Mars?" Two scientists discuss megalithic structures evident in photos released by NASA and Jet Proplusion Laboratories. One of the presenters was an astronaut slated to lead the first manned mission to the 'Red Planet,' before the program was cancelled. The other guy, Dr. Tom Van Flandern, was chief astronomer for the US Naval Observatory. Fairly decent credentials, I'd say.

The photographic evidence and what they have concluded is nothing short of remarkable to consider.

But as startling as their revelations concerning past civilizations inhabiting Mars might be, the exposure of acedemia's inexplicable ambivalence towards these major discoveries is the real story.

Obviously, the implications of these observers' conclusions have tremendous import for humanity. We have every right to expect 'science' to be interested in pursuing legitimate data to corroborate, or dispel, said theories. And we are well within our rights to suspect 'science' of following its own agenda when we observe supposedly distinguished bodies ignore and obfuscate data, while denigrating those who collect and present inconvenient information.

The more one learns about the history of science, the easier it is to see that it's been turned into another religion, another useful tool for manipulating the masses by the PTB. Some research gets funded. Some gets buried. Some information just refuses to be suppressed, no matter how diligent acedemia's henchmen remain.

I love the quote about paranoia.

A cognizant soul needn't look far, nor hard, to see the systemic duality between haves and have- nots. It manifests on many fronts.
Much has been written of late concerning the widening disparity between classes.


Bent over yellow garlic spears
that will no longer sleep
beneath last autumn's mulch,
I reach a claw of weathered tines
out as far as balance will allow
to pull back, gently, icy leaves,
acquainting urgent souls
with their patient god.

Overhead, sky too deep
to question spreads suspect
cirrus over unsuspecting towns. Who expects sheep to notice clouds straight as furrows?
And which museum's lost
our inconvenient bones?

freeacre said...

Goosebumps again, Rockpicker. Thanks.

RAS said...

The herd is waking up, isn't it? Unfortunately it may be too late for most. *sigh*

I won't be getting a stimulus check. I got a nice little letter from the IRS saying I didn't make enough to qualify. Huh? It's supposed to stimulate the economy but they won't give it to people who really need it???? Here's a nice idea: if you really want to stimulate the economy, send those checks to every teenager in the country. That'll get 'em spent!

BTW, fa -I responded to your comments on the last post. And, thanks.

freeacre said...

OK, not much discussion on this one so far. But, I want to open it up some more because it's been on my mind, and I'd like some other opinions...
I go to these fringe sites because they have some interesting stuff on them. But, I am also troubled by two different aspects: 1) How do you ascertain what is true and what is false? 2) Some of these sites seem to have their own agenda, and may be cherry-picking facts and misinterpreting events to suit their own prejudices. When does criticism of Israeli actions become an excuse for anti-Semitism? When does criticism of the women's movement become misogyny? When is criticism of Obama just bigotry in disguise?
The establishment sites have their own bias. They are mostly pro-corporate. Everybody seems to have an ax to grind. The government sees terrorism behind just about every social movement.
Very bad things can be justified in the name of self-defense. Hate crimes against immigrants and gays and Jews or The Rich, or whatever. I read "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich" when I was in junior high school. It made me sick to read of the things that the Nazis did. Now, I read about the torture and atrocities at Abu Graib, and I'm afraid that one day a book will be written about us that is much the same. Horrid treatment of Muslims, justified by what a threat we are told they are.
I don't know how to validate the information that is all around us. Whether it's flying saucers or Planet X or the Illuminati or the Bilderbergers,or Henry Kissinger or the Central Banks, it's pretty darn hard to know what the hell is going on.
"Judge a tree by it's fruit," it is said. "Nobody's perfect." "Do unto others as you would have it done unto you." My accommodation to this quandary so far is to gather facts and not come to many conclusions. I like to keep an open mind, but temper my gullibility with my experience. That seems to be the best I can do.
What do you think?

freeacre said...

Oh, yeah, ras... I don't get a check either. Rats. But, this "gift" is being paid from our own money (deducted from our 2009 tax rebates. I hope people aren't going to feel too grateful for it.

Anonymous said...

From Austin:
I'm just worried about the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics .. Entropy is out to get me, I tells ya!

Anonymous said...

In reference to high weirdness, trying to make sense of all the strange goings-on since the republicans stole the 2000 election, in the absence of a unified conspiracy theory, (UCT), could lead to babbling incoherence and a padded cell.


freeacre said...

We watched a BBC documentary entitled, "RFK Must Die" last night. It surmised that Robert Kennedy's assassination had a host of players involved and that Sirhan Sirhan was manipulated and in a trance, which is why he can't remember the shooting.

I don't know. The evidence was not entirely compelling. But, seeing clips of RFK again made me very sad. Listening to his eloquent speeches where he quoted classic writers from memory and reacted with such sensitivity and intelligence reminded me of how much we lost with the 3 big assassinations in my lifetime. I guess 1968 is when the "music died" for me. Since that time, truth has been marginalized, leaders have been reduced to corporate creations, the public has become idiotic and crazy to an alarming extent.
Anyway, I have ordered "Make Gentle the Life of This World." It is the book that his youngest son put together as a tribute to Robert Kennedy. It includes his best speeches and favorite quotes and is a real treat to read. I think if I wanted to be buried with a book, it would be that one.

Anonymous said...

What is compelling is the fact that the official autopsy performed on RFK asserts the killing shot came from behind, within 3 inches of the head. And we all know Sirhan was in front of Kennedy, and never got closer than three feet. Also, there is expert testimony by ex-CIA agents that at least two covert CIA agents who were assigned to foreign posts at the time were spotted in still photos, taken before and after the shooting, of the crowd at the Ambassador. Sirhan's gun didn't hold enough shells to account for all the rounds that were fired. It's a no-brainer. They did it again. And fuck them for killing Bobby. I'm not sorrowful, I'm fucking pissed.


freeacre said...

I think that the horror of JFK, then MLK, and then RFK, just overwhelmed everybody. The fact that it could be done, and then gotten away with ... the massive complicity of the government as well as the media ... it was just too much. They killed more than these men. They killed any hope we had that we could make a difference. They won the war that we had not even known we were fighting.
It continues, with the contemporary coverage of the stories. They are still not including the now public record of the FBI obsessed with destroying MLK, or the CIA's hatred of the Kennedy's. The story related recently by E. Howard Hunt's son, etc. I don't think there is much hope of a significant shift of power until these evil ones die of old age. They are just too entrenched and powerful and now they have almost all the wealth in the world as well. They seem to last for friggin' ever, too. Like trying to whack a mole with moles that are the un-dead or something. the SOB's just don't die.
I went to the - super awesome!

Anonymous said...

Noticing an interruption with the postings at, I wrote and asked if they had been shut down. I did receive a reply from Tony. She said the Feb. cessation of postings was due to personal turmoil, and that postings would resume soon. So hang in there. There's plenty to see on that site, as it goes back to last August. One of my favorite pieces concerns the sliding rocks in a playa region of Nevada, I think.

Left brain--right brain, yin and yang. Need 'em both in order to focus on the big picture.


Anonymous said...

Hi Folks,

Hope you are well. Another couple of months have passed since I last commented at the camp fire at the end of January, so I thought it was about time I had another go.


You might have guessed that I would show up with the mention of ‘High Weirdness’ in the title of your latest post. This is a subject that has interested me in various forms since I was a teenager. It is notable how limited the response has been to this particular post. Perhaps everyone has gone fishing or is getting in some good gardening time? However, I do wonder if folk really do not know how to respond to the kind of material that lies at the fringe of our understanding about reality. Some may be afraid to say anything for fear of ridicule? Others may just not want to be seen as too gullible? Still others may just be plane sceptical about such things and not feel they are worthy of discussion. Rockpicker, of course, is the exception here. He clearly has an interest in things fringe and metaphysical. However, I am surprised we have not yet heard from Palooka, who is also interested in these things. Then there is Montana Freeman himself, the Trout Clan’s very own Shaman, complete with his insectoid spirit guide or power animal and all the wisdom that the pair of them together pour forth. I know I am not a regular contributor here, so I can’t really criticise others for not entering into this discussion (I would be a hypocrite to do so), but, really, where are you guys? Perhaps they really have gone fishing!


Anyway, here’s my contribution to this fascinating subject, one that I have broached various times in the past. I know the likes of Murph and Belgium are pretty sceptical of these things. In fact, in my last comment at the end of January, which was a response to Murph’s excellent post on Optimism verses Pessimism about our future, I was more than a little taken back at how sceptical about such things Murph appeared to be. He seemed to be suggesting (and please Murph, correct me if I am wrong here) that almost all the scientific research being presented by alternative thinkers in the fields of health and medicine, the paranormal, free energy and the UFO/ET problem, were of the ilk of ‘snake oil’ salesman and can not be trusted. This is certainly going to true of some researchers, but surely not all?

It is certainly true that we are easily led astray by charismatic writers, speakers and thinkers who, at times, present their version of truth as if it is the ‘The Whole Truth’ and the ‘Only Truth’. This applies to both mainstream and alternative thinkers. Such persons can come from any perspective; from scientific materialism to a more spiritual alternative understanding of science; from traditionalist religion to new age mysticism; from old school politics/economics to a new and radical political/economical perspectives with ecological foundations. Whatever school of thought you explore you will find charismatic teacher and guru figures that present their understanding of truth as the answer to all our problems. Many of these figures start off as humble seekers of truth, just like you and I. However, all too frequently they end up as powerful, manipulative, ego-centric persons that become obsessed with their own self-importance and significance. In psychiatric terms they seem to develop ‘delusions of grandeur’. However, amongst these self obsessed ‘Egos’, there are at least a few true and humble explorers and teachers of truth. At least, that is what I have found to be the case, anyway.

How can we discern which teachers, explorers or researchers have the most to offer us? As Freeacre rightly asks, how can we discern truth from fiction? Or true information from misinformation or disinformation?

In truth, I think all of us have some kind of agenda. For many it is a more or less unconscious belief in some kind of framework or ideology, rather than a conscious intention to deceive, misinform or disinform, though there are far too many of the latter type of folk, as well, in our afflicted world. Such a more or less unconscious ideology or framework is often one that has seemed to work best for us and our pier group, community or organization up until the present. So it is not something any of us are going to give up easily or without a lot of convincing from those who suggest alternative ways of looking at things. Anybody who has poured time, effort or money into exploring and coming to believe in a particular framework or ideology that satisfies their understanding of truth and reality is going to find it difficult to think ‘outside of the box’, so to speak, in which their ideas and beliefs reside. I guess most folk who visit this site reckon that they are already thinking ‘outside of the box’. Indeed, they certainly are ‘outside of the box’ represented by the mainstream thinking with its beliefs in eternal economic growth, that we have limitless resources on our planet, and beyond, and that somehow some variation on the technology we already have will allow us to achieve this. However, that is just one of many ‘boxes’ that each of us needs to not only 'think outside of', but also 'act outside of'.

Firstly, we need to look within our own hearts and souls to find our own ‘Inner Teacher’. We need to trust our intuitions as opposed to our prejudices and thus be clear about the difference. Knowing ourselves well is the first important part of the journey. Before accepting the truth or falsity of claims made by other seekers and teachers, we must also research their sources thoroughly ourselves. This can be time consuming, frustrating and plain simple hard work, largely because there is so much misinformation and disinformation out there mixed up with the truth. No one source can supply us with all the information we need. Some kind of agenda or prejudice will almost certainly be found in all teachings and research. We have to be prepared to accept that we will not find one person or group with all the answers. Many will have part of the truth, but mixed in with that will be their own agenda and prejudice and, all too often in today’s world, a whole bunch of disinformation as well. Where we find the latter it is tempting to ‘throw the baby out with the bathwater’. However, there is ‘no smoke without fire’, or that is what folk say, anyway. Often profound truths lie beneath the surface of disinformation. So we need to sort out ‘the wheat from the chaff’ and the ‘wood from the trees’ if we are truly to get closer to truth and the true nature of the reality in which we live.

Finally, one small note on conspiracy theories, many of which, I believe, are at least founded in partial truth. However, once you accept the reality of ‘synchronicity’ and ‘meaningful coincidence’ in our world, conspiracies begin to dissipate. Where the person who believes we live in a meaningless world without purpose sees conspiracy, one who sees a meaningful world with purpose will see synchronicity and meaningful coincidence.

Best Wishes


freeacre said...

Thank you, Truthseeker, for your thoughtful response. I have been feeling somewhat dismayed by the lack of response to this post. I was thinking that maybe we should put up something else real quickly - before the whole site goes down the drain or something. Maybe people are busy with other things or having computer problems or some other such thing. But, I was feeling a little like I was left twisting in the wind. But,that is my personal feelings of insecurity, not to blame anyone else. At any rate, I am over it.
Today I am feeling optimistic, for once. The wind is blowing as it seldom does here. To me, it is symbolizing "winds of change."
I am going to light 3 candles - one for each of the 3 three who were assassinated. I am going to ask them to bless our endeavors to implement those principles for which they were killed. We have been wandering in the wilderness for forty years since they were taken out. It's time to "make it to the promised land."

Anonymous said...

miss freeacre, we are all here, its just that time for the spring rut when fingers seek the warm soft sweet smell of mother earth and father sun smiles one of his special smiles knowing that the seeds of knowledge planted there in the furrow of love will bring forth a great harvest,
(this is for ras to practice on} ( : (spent the day teeshirtless ) and got a little burnt to boot, god it feels good, i hope it peels so i can show it off.

good afternoon my brothers and sisters, it is with great honor to sit with you and consider the goings on of our fellow creatures.
before i forget though i wish to just say something about a great healer i know of that has the gift of relieving many of the pains of her frightened approachers, however it comes at a price to her, because her healing prowess comes from a book mostly and not from the heart. this saddens me to a certain extent but i wonder how much of this is contained within the healing nation itself?
todays doctors it seems for the most part are parrots of the same paradigm that is destroying our home,and that is the insane desire to better oneself at the expense of anything that stands in the way of said desire.
surely this is nothing more then a manifestation of original creation for without it we would not be here, the question for this one though is how did it become so corrupted?
the needs of the biological will be met or it will die,this includes of course food, clothing, and shelter for the most part, so how is it that so many folks are starving on this good earth when the ability to provide for oneself and family is faced with such ease? humans have always been able to survive no matter what earth nature brings in its rumblings.
i ask bug about this, and she asks me, what is starvation, really?
is starvation as manifesting in so called reality a condition that springs forth as the outcome of a mind that has come to live in the darkness that is desire run amok? this natural condition which allows humans to live together in harmony with each other and the world that surrounds them?
this condition lies deep within the mind of humans she says and takes great adherence to the prospect of discovering its origin as a longing for home, for our real home lies beneath that time when the need for the more at the expense of ones own children even came into being.
this is big medicine she says and perseverance is necessary because this disease, and it is a disease she says has mutated into a form that will actually kill its host along with everything else. its name really is legion which comes from the white mans book and certainly is not understood by them, for it is a book of convenience and a poison to the unaware she says,
i tell her that i would really like to see this of which she speaks and her eyes become sad, my heart trembles at this look and i wonder why this would bring such great sadness to one who's whole purpose is to bring light to the dark, in the beginning she says the children played among them selfs and there was great harmony, free of fear, but an incident which might not be able to be understood by the two leggeds took place and from that time the two leggeds have looked upon one another as possible enemies, and have lived in scarcity of mind,not of substance, because our mother earth has always provided for her children even though natural rumblings of her in her change have seemed to bring want,.. it has, but only for a short time, for the one great gift that was given to the children was one of adaptability, and that is why you are here today.
and this is still with you and in you and you will survive but the great upheaval gift you are in the process of receiving at this moment may not seem like a gift but it is, for it is the time for humans to evolve into that which they were, to once again know that, from whence they came,
and this will hurt and be misunderstood for sure,but that is part of the great reunion, the sloth of humanity must be tossed into the fire of rebirth and it is happening, and it is only the start.
the illusion of separation is ending and will scare even the most brave, for who can stand before the alter of truth and not flench just a little, you find comfort in your pain she says, for it is familiar and there is seemingly sanity in that which you are accustom to, this is fear in its darkest moment, the traveling into the unknown, for the pursuit of the unknown which is the very essence of childhood has been methodically beaten out of you in mans seeking to dominate his world of make believe.
it is passed down from the ancient ones that through the eyes of the child you will see the great spirit in its fullness, this is lost on the ones that have blackness in their hearts and will remain that way until the fire of truth forces even this to burn in understanding. where are you now she asks,? i tire and lay down to absorb these words and give thanks to the great mystery that has made us and gives us substance.


Anonymous said...

well fa, luv the title! best antidote to the former is a good measure of the latter. this one's been having his hands in the dirt. nails may be for painting in fun and imagination but for scratching asses as a practical matter and getting dirt under in sacred cahoots with seeds 'n sol 'n momma.

ahhhh.... muscles that ache so good. now for a hot bath and rest easy in the comfort of the words of mf&bug that came right on time. damn we're blessed... p

Anonymous said...

hey truth seeker you make me blush and i do not know why but thanks i think and or except even the gate that guards the goods is opened by the fools and i stand at the gate looking in as the stream meanders by full of trout,
we catch and release if we want to eat you know, what a wonderful day it is, so warm and bright with waiting fulfillment, the birds,bugs,drifting big clouds and a gentle breeze filled with the sweet smell of perfume flavored chemtrails, got dam those fuckers really know how to poison a person in style,people pesticide , makes langosta laugh, shes funny too.
good company from washington, a nine year old girl, my good buddies daughter helps me with dinner, she loves to peel the potatoes and i gently quiz her about her life in washington and the school and her home life with multiple fathers, her friends and her outlook on life at this point, and am amazed at the intelligence of this child and her freedom of mind in spite of the hazards of being in the company of sheep? that sucks, the term sucks, it seems so permanent and we all know that its just a step along the way. my diapers have sagged more then once i can tell you that for sure, and i have never to my knowledge met anyone that made it through babyhood without one.sooooo? pass the talcum please. i always liked the good smelling ones personally. mom would shake that shit on me and a huge cloud of talcum would hover overhead and it always made me sneeze.
o shit there it is, to fucking much aluminum in the diet thats for sure but w'samftd? i ask ya.
i told the little girl, she recently changed her name to hillary, i laughted, i asked her if she felt funny in class if she didn't know what the answer was when a question was asked by the teacher , female by the way, she said yes and i told her the teacher needed to be bitch slapped for putting that shit on the kids, they did it to me and i wonder why i never went columbine when i was in school, o yeah i know, there was no PROZAC in them days or any other good mind drugs or i might of just of had my fifteen minutes of fame and cleared the planet of one more teacher slut. don't get me wrong, they weren't all that way, my art teacher mrs johnson was way cool and could kick a football further then any of us honchos.but the wood shop teacher mr fulton, that sadistic son of a bitch, i hope he died a horrible death,that prick. man he was the school gitmo,and his water board was a paddle about three feet long with holes drilled in the end of it and when you were BAD he would make you bend over and grab your ankles and that mother fucker would make you cry like a circumcised 12 year old.
i had an intimate relationship with that paddle, and couldn't stand the smell of sawdust for years.
anyway i was amazed at how easy it is to put the child at ease and she just opened up like a beautiful flower.usually shy, quickly became a chatter box telling me all the bullshit that was taking place in her young life, very refreshing, she will make it if she don't get tromped on to much more. i look back and remember sometimes it would take just one grown up to make a difference in how i felt about myself although not knowing at the time what that was, i would just feel better. life was just better.
ok the day has been long and the night stars are very bright in this little slice of heaven pie so good nite my brothers and sisters, i hope your day had at least a few miracles in it, this one certainly has watched one or two/\

Anonymous said...

ps freeacre are you kidding? this sacred place is refuge for the hearts that long for the company of those that are in love with life and also know that they can lay their burdens here among brothers and sisters that can understand and relate to whatever it is that needs attention, for who among us has not seen the inside of hell and by some miracle crawled out of it and can now talk about it,maybe saggy for wear but goddam it we are all wonderful and beautiful and fuck anyone that says different.

Anonymous said...

The Freaks at Spurgin Road Field

The dim boy claps because the others clap.
The polite word, handicapped, is muttered in the stands.
Isn't it wrong, the way the mind moves back.

One whole day I sit, contrite, dirt, L.A.
Union Station, '46, sweating through last night.
The dim boy claps because the others clap.

Score, 5 to 3. Pitcher fading badly in the heat.
Isn't it wrong to be or not be spastic?
Isn't it wrong, the way the mind moves back.

I'm laughing at a neighbor girl beaten to scream
by a savage father and I'm ashamed to look.
The dim boy claps because the others clap.

The score is always close, the rally always short.
I've left more wreckage than a quake.
Isn't it wrong, the way the mind moves back.

The afflicted never cheer in unison.
Isn't it wrong, the way the mind moves back
to stammering pastures where the picnic should have worked.
The dim boy claps because the others clap.

-Richard Hugo

from rp

Anonymous said...

want a hear a blond joke, i love blonds by the way.

Three women escaped from prison, a blond,a redhead, a brunet.
While running from the cops they discovered a deserted barn with 3 sacks of hey in it.
They take out some of the hey so they can hide in them.When the cops check the barn they can't find anything. On the way out one cop says,'' Lets kick the sacks to make sure their not hiding in them,'' One cop kicks the first sack and the brunet yells MEEYYOWW!''. Just a stupid cat in there''he says.Then he kicks the second sack. The redhead yells ''RUUFF RUUFF.''Just a stupid dog'' the officer says. He finally kicks the sack with the blond in it and she yells,'PATATOES'

ashamed to show name

freeacre said...

Nice to know that we are back and feeling frisky again.

You know, mrs.p, I read your blog post (momsreallymad) regarding the possible link between Morgellon's and genetically modified crops. I think you just may have gotten me to give up my last processed food - powdered cream in my coffee. Good-by, Coffeemate. Damn.

murph said...



That is some comment you put up there brother. Contains a lot of different thoughts. It would take way too long a space to reply to all that you have expressed. So will just hit on a few points.

You observed that I am a skeptical person. Dead right. I have found that I have become more skeptical over the years. I attribute that to having been taken in way too many times on pronouncements made by different people.

I do approve of thinking outside of the box. But, doesn’t that depend on what box you are already in? I suspect that our self-imposed boxes across humanity have a finite amount, what that would be might be worth a doctoral dissertation. They do seem to be limited by the hard wiring of human brains and there also seems to be fairly common threads in all of them. One of those common threads is a human tendency toward hope or wistful thinking which I think also carries over into all scientific thought and investigation. The fallacy of impersonal, objective science is simply not true.

Because only a very small percentage of any population in the western word are able to indulge in what we call science, this will also contain another observation of an human trait, gullibility.

Western culture has rather deliberately forced rather extreme specialization into authorities in types of thinking. Any category you may mention has its authorities. Those not engaged in these areas are encouraged to accept the authorities pronouncements. So often they have been just outright wrong. Take a good look at the medical profession for verification about this. However, the same applies to the hard sciences as well. It seems to me to be an observable fact that scientists get grants to study something that has the thread attached that demands a particular outcome. That is, scientists are paid to prove something true or not true. I presume you understand the ramifications of that system.

For those that step outside of the normal scientific thought line, and because funding for such investigations are slim to none, there are a huge amount of claims that simply are not or cannot be verified. Some are outright bogus to begin with. But a gullible public will out of hope and faith in the authority of the investigator swallow the story.

As you pointed out, sifting the chaff from the kernel is the problem. It appears to me that time will usually be needed to show what it is.

So yes, I remain very skeptical about what is referred to as “fringe science” but also applies to “normal science”. In many cases, it has dubious benefit to human life anyway. Since I have a heavy background in the “normal sciences”, I feel free to make the statement that “science” is not all it’s cracked up to be. But, then again, is that outside of the box thinking?

murph said...


Once more you leave me in awe. The insights you and the bug share with us I find fascinating.

RAS said...

Freeacre, I think part of the problem is that many of us (myself included) have spring fever, and part of it is that this stuff is damned hard to talk about in person without sounding weird or accidentally offending someone, let alone on the internet. Like murph, I paint myself as a skeptic. Part of this is that I grew up hard and fast, and part of it is that I too have a hard background in the so-called sciences. But I'm also wise enough to know that "science", as murph put it, isn't all it's cracked up to be, and that there are things out there we can't even begin to understand. An example would be that I believe aliens exist somewhere in the universe -and probably all over -and think I would have to be awfully arrogant to think we were all alone in this huge universe. I'm also extremely skeptical of the people who claim to have been abducted by aliens or seen them, etc. Why? Because anyone who really had seen such things would have to know what would happen to them if they spoke out -the humiliation, etc, so I think those who speak out are either a) stupid, b) crazy or c) lying through their teeth to further some agenda. I'm really skeptical about a lot of the fringe scientists and ideas too but remain open-minded. You just have to show me some proof. If you want me to believe in elves, you'd better show me an elf.

Oh, and half-and-half makes a really good coffee creamer.

MF, you have a definite source of wisdom and I always look forward to reading your posts. :-)

It's been raining and chilly here for two days so I haven't gotten to be outside. My dogs and I all have cabin fever. The only good thing about it is that the military base has FINALLY stopped testing their damn ordnances due to the rain. They've been going at it night and day for the past couple of weeks. I finally got a good night's sleep last night.

Anonymous said...

Healthy skepticism is one thing, and I applaud its nurture and exercise.

Close-minded denial in the absence of experimentation and direct contrary data offers little value.

Let's let the elves go, for now, and turn our attention to Morgellon's. There's a fascinating and scary audio available on with Cliff Mickleson discussing the first annual Morgellon's conference. In his report, he says not one representative from the CDC attended the conference. He also states that NO autopsies have been allowed to be performed on known Morgellon's sufferers, to date.

Now is this a matter for those interested in the pursuit of truth, or is this just another tin-foil hat paranoia best dismissed and forgotten?

freeacre said...

I, too, find it to be outrageous that no one was at the Morgellon's conference from the CDC. With a disease that is raising this much alarm among the populace, if they even wanted to appear as if
they give a rat's ass, they would have attended.
I don't know how these sufferers endure it. If I had any of these zombie fibers rising out of my skin or eyes or whatever, I'd be going nuts. Woe unto any and all those who are responsible for this abomination. I'd be going real mid evil on their ass.

Anonymous said...


These unfortunate people who are bringing us the news of this newest crisis are reporting that it appears to be generated by genetically modified foods and that as much as 8o per cent of the stuff in the grocery store is GM. So it's just a matter of time, unless you abandon the traditional food chain.

I say kill the CEOs first and ask questions later. People die every day, in places that don't count to those people, like Iraq and Sudan.

Anonymous said...

Hello again,


I am glad I was able to help in the relief from your dismay about a lack of response to your fine post.


You need not blush, the wisdom poured forth together by you and your good lady, Langosta, in your most recent comments was once again full of insight about the sad state of the human condition at this stage in our evolution. And yet there may still be hope for the human species, even if it comes after much death and mayhem over the coming decades. I believe the Phoenix of ‘true humanity’ will arise again from the fire, but in a more purified form that is more in tune with the Great Spirit and the Earth Mother.


I agree with everything you say in your comment. I have no problem with healthy scepticism. However, one must not confuse that with dogmatism and a blind refusal to look beyond a given ideology. Indeed, there are many boxes in which we all find ourselves at different points in our lives. A framework or structure, such as a box, can be useful in the short to medium term in helping us to make sense of things. Such helps us to order certain aspects of reality in relation to the lives we live and the world in which we reside. Things become problematic when people mistake the box in which they comfortably reside or the framework upon which they feel they can hang all that is real, becomes truth and reality itself, rather than just a structure that aids us on our journey to greater knowing. The various fundamentalisms in religion, science and politics are clear examples of when whole communities, societies and organizations mistake a given framework for reality rather than seeing it for what it is, which is merely an aid or tool to help them get a little nearer the truth.


As indicated above in my response to Murph I can understand good and healthy scepticism. However, I must take issue with your reference to alleged abductees being “either a) stupid, b) crazy or c) lying”. The reality with most abductees, as I understand it, is that most of them actively avoid publicity for fear of the ridicule and humiliation you refer to. I am a Mental Health Nurse and have come into contact with those who are deemed ‘mentally ill’ throughout my time in that role (16 years). I have occasionally come across psychotic individuals who believe they are in communication with aliens. However, this is very different from the usual reports of abduction. These are not generally people who fit the profile of ‘mentally ill’, certainly in terms of psychosis (i.e. schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, etc.). However, many of them have clearly been traumatised by there experience, so may as a result exhibit certain symptoms that could be described as ‘mentally ill’ at the neurosis end of the spectrum (e.g. severe anxiety and reactive depression). If you want a truly open minded exploration of alleged UFO abductees, then I would strongly suggest you read the two books by Dr. John E. Mack (“Abduction” and “Passport to the Cosmos”). Sadly he is now deceased following being run down by a drunken driver in London at the end of 2004. However, Dr. Mack was a highly respected Harvard Psychiatrist who came upon the UFO abduction phenomenon late in his career. He started off expecting to come across individuals clearly suffering from symptoms of psychosis. However, he soon learned this simply was not the case, so he looked into the whole abduction phenomenon much more deeply. Owing to the controversial nature of his studies he was urged by his Psychiatric colleagues not pursue his studies as if they were real experiences. In continuing to do so, he had to fight for his professional reputation. This is a key example of the blindness of what I have come to believe is a highly dubious ‘science’, namely Psychiatry. However, that is another discussion entirely.

Now assuming most of these people who believe they have been abducted by aliens have had a very real experience, does not mean that we have to accept that ‘aliens’ were in fact involved. Indeed, there are two main schools of thought within the UFO community. The first and most commonly known is that abductees are reporting literal abductions by extraterrestrial beings. However, the other school of thought suggests that it may not be physical beings that we are here dealing with, but beings more akin to the fairy folk (well known for their habit of abducting people) of folklore. Such beings may be just as ‘real’, but not in the physical sense as biological beings like ourselves or aliens from other planets. This school of thought thus links the UFO phenomenon to the paranormal and occult world of beings and entities that are said to people the more ethereal dimensions of reality. Of course, for the ‘die hard’ sceptic who can not even accept the possibility of such ethereal worlds, such a suggestion is even further of the scale of acceptability than the existence of biological aliens. Personally, I find truth in both schools of thought on the ET/UFO problem. I just keep my mind open.

Just because a reported phenomenon is so far outside of our own frame of reference, does not make it either unreal or untrue. If we are truly open-minded, then surely we should enjoy the challenge of researching what is the truth and what is the fiction behind phenomena such as UFO’s and the paranormal. It is far to easy to join the crowd, either in blind denial or in ridiculing the entire subject. That is certainly not any kind of ‘science’ that I want to be a part of.

Best Wishes


mrs p said...

freeacre, Over the weekend I saw your post at momsreallymad and responded. Today I came here and read your latest post. I guess I'm tardy since I didn't know about Ruppert's thing till just now. I'd heard hint of it now I can go read it myself thanks to you.

I loved what you said. You express things in a way that I feel like YOU ARE the voice in my head. I feel very at comfort with your reasoning and speculations. I thought it was a geat post. I too have been out in the bird calling sunshine doing a bit of weeding and transplanting. Don't know where else I've been so important but not much on the computer. Sometimes it's a bit overwhelming especially the 3rd Riecht simularities of the 30's and the USA 2008. I just give in to the concept that "the madness" out there will soon be "in here" and I should just enjoy these moments before they're taken away.

As for the Morgellon disease, the email I got from the Health Freedom people (the ones who think we should know what we're buying & eating), was the first I've ever heard of that disease. I've probably been getting Genetically altered foods for years, (the last 8? or more) and didn't know it. It's probably in everyone's cornflakes, etc., tortillas.

Monsanto also makes that Bovine Growth Hormone crap that's in all the milk & cheese. Hubby wants cows milk in his coffee so we are very careful when buying dairy products that don't say, "Our Cows just say NO" to BGH or RBST or whatever. I am grateful that many dairy products are labeled that way. I try to avoid dairy but it's hard. Certain ones seem better and more tollerable, like sheep's milk cheese and goats milk and cheese, etc. Trader Joe's regular milk & cheeses and I think Altadena also do NOT have RBST. Which is most definately a cancer creator not to mention what it does to the poor sick cows.

Anyway I loved your post becuase it brought up several issues about things we wonder about. I don't what to close my mind to any of those things but also try to keep an even mind about most of it, yet it is all fascinating to me. I love it that you care about the mystery of life. It is not all snakeoil. We've all become too numb to the mysteries. We limit ourselves and our thinking.

Besides we know there are many many secrets especially within and around the CIA. It seems they too like to throw us all off track by creating the appearance of things to be something they're not.

You'll never be twisting in the wind. We're all right here with ya. Just a fingertip away. Hell I've never met you or spoke with you in person but sometimes I actually think I've spoken to you in my head. You definately speak to me in here. Keep it coming.
Love, mrsp

mrs p said...

PS: Don't we all have a right to know what we're buying? If you're adding some frankenstein laboratory crap to your edible food product and feeding it to my kids, (i just have a cat, daughter is grown and on her own), shouldn't I be told it's in there?

Maybe those guys at the Food and Drug Administration who are X-big Pharma employees and X-big Chemical Company employees, should be forbidden to ever serve in the public protection business. Kinda like those X-oil company executives, ie C. Rice and the V.P pretending to serve us...ha ha.

mrs p said...

Another PS: Your post brings up the concept of "the people", us, we wanting to know things. The very thought that any of us just have the curiosity. The need to know. Thank God we do. So many out there, just sheep, will never look, search or ask why? Thank God we do. We want to know. We want to learn, so we can get creative and turn what is considered negative into a positive.

When my father was dying, (the docs told him he was), I asked him are you afraid? He said, hell no...I've crawled through jungles in Burma with live ammo shot at my doesn't matter where I go or how I get there but i will never quit and I will crawl if I have to, this dying thing is okay, I'm just changing form, I'll still be me. Just thought I'd share that. Love to all, mrsp

freeacre said...

Thanks, mrs.p. I sure wish it would warm up around here so I'd be lured away from this keyboard. Darn!