Saturday, August 23, 2008


from Murph

One of my principle concerns at this time is whether we are experiencing an empire collapse for the U.S. or at least the beginnings of it. For if that is true, it has huge manifestations for all of us on a personal and national level, and of course world wide implications.

Every once in a while I come across an article that deals with what a collapse looks like to the people living it. I think this is an important perspective to keep in mind because history will not record much of the personal effects on the individual. When we dig out articles on whole societies that have collapsed, the historian is primarily concerned with the greater picture rather than the individuals living it. With few exceptions, collapse of an empire does not occur in a generation or less. The consequence is that those going through the collapse for the most part spend most of their time being concerned with the usual everyday problems of how to make a living and support a family. While the collapse may proceed in fits and starts with short periods of recovery, what is experienced is a gradual lowering of the standard of living that can go on for many years.

Rome took about 500 years to completely collapse according to most historians that I have read. The consensus seems to be that it began in 284 AD during the rule of Diocletion and 20 years later of Constatine. The Eastern part of the empire continued into the 1400’s. The historians conclude that the collapse of the Roman Empire brought on the dark ages in Europe. If the American empire does collapse, can we look forward to another form of the dark ages again? Just what we need, another dark age for people to live through.

Of course, this is going to be in retrospect. If indeed the American empire collapses, I wonder what the historians of the future will conclude when it began. Historians point to October 1929 as the beginning of the great depression when the stock markets collapsed upon themselves. To many people, they didn’t even know a depression was happening and where they lived life pretty much went on unchanged. But, the beginning of a collapse of a society/culture/empire is not so easy to pinpoint. So, unless we have a very drastic and sudden collapse that takes place in less than a generation, most people will not see a sudden drastic change in living. Hollywood is very well known for stories of sudden catastrophic events that completely change everything within a very short period of time. While it is true that atomic warfare or natural calamity can do that, (collision with astronomical bodies will fit that bill), a collapse from social forces will probably be a drawn out affair.

Whether it is fast or slow, the elite are going to strive to remain elites, with wealth and control over the rest of the populations. This will be accompanied by shifts in power and wealth among groups of elites, but if history has any consistency, the elites will still be in control. The interesting thing to me is that the pushing and shoving among the elite groups to retain or acquire power will only be successful when they can convince enough of the population to grant them the power. Wouldn’t it be interesting if none of them were granted that power?

The concept of egalitarianism has been around for a long time, that is, a society that is primarily composed of all its members being of equal status, and resources being more or less equally divided among them. The original concepts in forming the United States had a lot of egalitarian parts to it, but left open the ability for some to gain more privilege and wealth. The Bill of Right was an egalitarian concept. However, what this system has morphed into is far from any kind of egalitarianism.

As the collapse proceeds, there is simply going to have to be an attitude change concerning the granting of elite status to individuals and groups. If that change in attitude does not take place, human society will simply change what groups or individual control them, but always, someone will be in control. This will show up as society being whipsawed around by these groups contesting for this control. Individually, it will be very difficult for the members of society to make any plans for how to deal with these changes.

Currently there is a very large volume of speculation of how energy shortages, water shortages, lack of industrialism, incessant wars and shortages of nearly everything is going to affect individual lives. Obviously, if our industrialized society becomes a lot less industrialized, we are literally going to have to live in a more “primitive” manner. One of the problems with this is that the skills needed for this style of living have been largely forgotten and considered irrelevant. This is the result of thinking that society always proceeds to greater and greater complexity and that the technology that supports us will never be lost. This attitude ignores completely what happened with the Roman Empire where almost all of the technology of the day was lost during the collapse, leading to the dark ages. During the collapse of the Soviet Union much of the technology was lost to the major part of the population. Only the elite were able to access technology, and I think that is going to happen to us also. This will show up in the manner of most of the population not having access to the results of industrialization and technology, a more “primitive” style of living.

Wile the baby boomers s, of which I am on the leading edge, may not experience the forced level of ”primitive” living, I can see the younger generation experiencing it with a vengeance. What concerns me is whether this younger generation understands the relationship of forced servitude and elite power when the nation goes into severe power down. If as a group, they do not reject the elitist position of power and privilege, it will just be more of the same, elitists and wanna be elitists in control, and it is obvious that the generation coming up after the boomers has enough of those.

Our attitude on this is that if you are convinced that things are going to fall apart, it is worth while to consider beginning to live as if the collapse is here. That is, begin to power down, learn the skills to try and survive when it becomes a necessity, and most important, start teaching these skills to the younger generation. While that will largely take you out of the mainstream living in our society, it has its benefits. There is a great deal of satisfaction to be gained from learning how to provide for your own well being instead of depending on the society at large. Then, as the social situation gradually degrades, it will be a lot less traumatic adjustment. This is not to say that it is possible for the vast majority of a population to become completely self sufficient. Living a life style where you make all your clothes and footwear or self providing all the other stuff needed for living is for the most part, simply not possible. However, what we can do is reduce our dependency on the larger society by providing first of all, more of our own food, forming small community involvement and cooperation, living a lower energy consumption life style and continuing to educate people about consequences of events.

In the event of a slow downgrading of living standards, the alternative energy sources will become more important I think, but on a much more local basis. I think this will be true because the huge infrastructure needed to maintain a central energy distribution is not able to sustain itself. Its security is questionable right off the top, and much of our infrastructure is outdated and crumbling. In this country, there have been no new refineries built since 1977. A lot of our electrical grid is close to collapsing from a single event. Remember the East Coast and Midwest power failure not so long ago?

No matter what happens in the near future, preparation for a lower standard of living must be dealt with if a person believes that it will be forced on us from a drawn out collapse.


RAS said...

I predict that future historians will lecture about the collapse of the American Empire next to sheep grazing on what was once the Washington Mall or the White House lawn, and that they will tell their students that said collapse began in earnest with the rule of Emperor Bush II. ;-)

I'll have more to say later.

Anonymous said...

Last night I listened to Benjamin Fulford talking on the Alex Jones show about the coming collapse. He's quoting anonomous DC insiders who say Sept. 30 is day zero. New fiscal year starts on my birthday, Oct. 1, and we're broke, and foreign creditors have had enough of this administration's bullshit, they want their money, and they've given Bush until then to come up with it.

He says the only thing these neocon nutcases can think to do, to cover themselves and maybe provide an escape hatch, is to start WWIII. Which, if things keep escalating with Russia, ie. Russian missiles in Syria and NATO ships in the Black Sea, perhaps that's already been accomplished.

I called Steve Quayle's office last week to see about buying some silver. I don't have much cash, but I do have a little, and I figured it might be good to turn it into something more solid than US greenbacks.

I was told that what they've got for sale are one-ounce silver rounds that Steve bought a while back for $21 each, and he's asking $22 for them. Spot price is irrelevant, ($13.33 at this writing,). I haven't bought any yet. Think I'll pay off all my bills and house payment, then see what's left before I buy. Many other dealers are completely out and cannot supply silver at any price.

On July 22, our little town was hit by a devastating hail storm. At five in the afternoon the sky turned black. Swirling winds out of the west slammed us hard with golfball-sized hail. It tore off rooves, broke windows and smashed holes in vinyl siding. Every garden in town was turned to mulch, including ours. Two windows in our upstairs bedroom were broken out, and we'll be replacing the roof this fall. But we were lucky. Down the street, a tree was laying on a new pick-up truck when I came home, and a few blocks away, another one had crushed a new valley over the front door of a ranch-style.

When I got home, the storm had passed. Leaves and branches were piled everywhere. The main street was still running water a foot deep off the bridge into the creek. The setting sun was shining, but the birds were too stunned to sing.

It was like the hand of an angry god had fallen.

I stood speechless in soddened remains. Carrot tops, squash leaves, tomatoes, all lay chopped to ground cover in the garden paths. Shattered stalks, like bones, jutted skeletal in failing light. Such abundance, at the height of promise, gone in a burst of cynical wind.

For a couple of days, we could not go into the garden. But then we began the clean-up. Oldensoul clipped broken limbs and collected small fruits already beginning to rot. She hauled armloads to the compost. I duct-taped and splinted, propped and tented-in. I refilled the chicken-manure tea barrel, and began a new program of feeding.

And now things are back, almost to where they were when the storm hit. Carrots have lovely 12-inch tops. Squash is blooming. Tomatoes, peppers, tomatillas are flowering like mad. We even have a little fruit happening. But it's all just show. And therapy. We know frost is not far off. But we're Irish in our hearts, and the Irish never quit.

So we will hit the area farmer's markets soon and buy much of what we would have grown ourselves.

This, I think, is how collapse will visit. Unannounced. Unavoidable. Surely, some of us are better prepared for the initial trauma, but it's hard to imagine how bad it could be. And it's difficult to prepare for extended trouble. (I have clients who are still building spec houses, as if nothing is wrong.)

I've been thinking about digging a root cellar.


freeacre said...

I find my own anxiety level increasing by the day. So many portents for disaster - from the webbots at halfpasthuman looking at Oct. 7 for some huge event of some sort that triggers emotions like 9/11 times ten, to Fulford's prediction, to the stock market and banks tanking that Jim Rogers predicts, and on and on. The Olympics has provided a sort of shelter from all this, but it will be over tonight.
Your experience, Rockpicker, of the devastating hail storm that did so much damage to your little town and garden is a graphic example for us on how vulnerable we are. And, also, how resilient. Our nights are approaching freezing temperatures already, and the Farmer's Almanac predicts a colder than usual winter, coupled with heating oil prices looking like they will be increasing by 80%. I hope your storm was not the result of some sick weather experiment.
Our little town has recently incorporated, and I am on a committee to hire a consulting firm to create a twenty year comprehensive plan. We are interviewing the firms tomorrow. I want to ask them how they would go about planning for alternative possibilities. Not just the usual projected growth, but what about projected shortages and a serious downturn of the economy. It's almost a taboo subject, it seems.
A slow collapse would be very depressing for most people. It would be like living in Flint, Michigan for the last 20 years, where every scheme tried by the Chamber of Commerce to grow the economy crashes and burns. They really need to completely change the paradigm, but no one does because they can't get their minds around how completely the old way doesn't work anymore.
All this looking at the future is getting to me. After tomorrow, I am really going to attempt to orient myself in the here and now. At least here at home surrounded by our chickens and dog and garden, I feel more happy and secure. I guess if all hell breaks loose, we'll just deal with it as it happens. I think it is time to circle the wagons. I think we are all a little bit Irish, Rockpicker. I wish we had bagpipes to go with our drums.

Anonymous said...

rp... wow!! thx for the update on you local condition. sorry for your set-back. my best to you and oldensoul and yours. assume you are already looking for goodies to help you extend the growing season like salvage poly rolls and maybe some foiled panels. lotsa good ideas for temporary solutions on-line as i'm sure you're aware.

as for the precious could be you have something locally that will soon be worth its weight in gold or more even. you may already be aware of this. but perhaps not aware of the full impact. i spent the most of saturday down the street in a class on how to prep and bake whole grain breads and related given by...
along with a mass of data presented supporting the wisdom of the health benefits of whole grains.

bb is a highly successful op servicing a local store, their own local bakery, several coops up and down the east coast, and a massive on-line clientel. i counted near 100 people attending. some drove from ajoining states.

the presentation was liberaly sprinkled with biblical verses witnessing god's bounty which i could have done without (just mentioning this to prepare y'all in case you visit the site). they did sprinkle the sprinkle with a liberal portion of humor so it wasn't all that bad. and besides, i'd been told they know their stuff when it comes to healthy food. i was not disappointed. i learned alot. and along with it i found i have a local supplier right down the street for goodies i buy regular on-line and in most cases, cheaper too... like organic cacao nibs and goji berries and maca and agave nectar and honey crystals and mollassas crystals and dried fruit, and, and. i wandered around their little store and it didn't take long to see these folx have their chit together when it comes to healthy foods. it was a real score!

but what i wanted to say to you and oldensoul (you too mf) is this.... the class was held in their warehouse. one of those you find in local industrial parks. pretty good size too... rows and rows and rows of white 6 gallon buckets stacked to the ceiling. what's inside? whole grains mostly. there are of course a multi choice of grains for food goodies and for the baking of grains into breads etc. but wheat is the most prominent.

part of what i learned about bakers' wheat is this... there are hundreds of varieties but basically they all fall into one of 2 kinds; hard kernel and soft. both of those come in red or white. red being a fuller, nuttier flavour. white being more bland. the hards are generally used for yeast breads, the softs more for quick breads. i think thats right... mighta still been asleep.

but i heard this next part loud and clear.... there are a number of operations similar to bb scattered across the country. every one of them buys their wheat from montana. i'm sure they said this about the red hard wheat. not so sure about the hard white or about the soft. but they said your state is THE ONLY locale in the country with soil and climate conditions capable of growing the most nutritous and responsive to the baking process of the wheats used for the baking of whole grains.

they said your current crop is in and it was bountiful this year. they said there was a year back in the 90's.... can't remember which... when the crop was terrible. nobody anywhere could bake a good loaf of bread from that crop. were you aware of this?

so it sounds like you have a very valuable commodity right there in your back yard that supplies an entire nation. of course, at some point, shipping will become an issue.

as for the metal... if you get to where you have the resource to make a buy and decide thats what you want to do and can't find a source at competive prices, let me know. i have a couple local sources and last time i checked i could still get 10's and 100's at typical premiums.

and btw, bb sells this thing called a gamma lid. you're all probably familar with various goods that come in plastic buckets. they're sealed and you have to cut the lids around the edge to get them off. this destroys the lids ability to seal the bucket from that time on. you can close it but its not sealed and those wormie things can get in there and do. the gamma lid seals these 6 gallon buckets up critter proof with an outer ring that near takes dynamite to get off. this ring is threaded along with the inner part which is most of the lid so it screws on and off for easy access. it has a gasket assemble built in so when you screw it on its sealed and your food is secure. they come in colors so you can easily id various foods stored. and they're not cheap. but neither is food. especially crash food. bb get 8 bucks for them. can probably find on-line. maybe cheaper. goggle gamma lids.

RAS said...

RP -I'm sorry about your garden loss. That bites. I've been incredibly lucky here the past couple of years and I know it.

Gamma lids -those things are GREAT. I have some on my 5 gallon buckets. I get them from Emergency Essentials. They are airtight, just like an airlock. Of course, you still have to put oxygen absorbers in the bucket to get out the air that gets trapped.

Collapse. Whew. The collapse of a society is measured in decades at least, often in generations. And meanwhile, we have to go on living our lives. I was thinking the other day that my generation is probably the last to fully come of age in this world before the shit starts really hitting the fan.

To make matters worse it will happen at a different rate and to different extents in different areas. Just like the depression. There's an old Alabama song about the depression that goes "somebody said the stock market crashed, we were so poor that we didn't care".

A couple of things about elites: from everything I've read, the elites in charge at the beginning of a collapse are never in charge at the end. That's some comfort. But not if they're replaced by more scoundrels. Elites aren't necessary but leaders are. I say that to distinguish between the two. We are, when it comes right down to it, a herd/tribal animal and will always have leaders. But that doesn't mean they have to be elites. The old Indian tribes around here had chiefs who made the hard decisions and took charge in a crisis and such, but he/she lived among the people and was not above them.

Self-sufficeincy vs. interdependency. There's a bees nest! I wouldn't want to be completely self-sufficient (as in, make all my own clothes, etc) but right now most of us are completely dependent on others for everything, using money as a medium. There has to be a balance there somewhere!

Anonymous said...

It took Rome 500 years to finally bite it, but in the age of high-speed internet, direct satellite feeds, video conferencing, instantaneous information via the nanoseconds it takes for computers to do their work, I think this collapse will be a quickee. And the fact that everything is interrelated makes it more of a global collapse, at least for a good portion of the industrialized world. Remote tribes in the Amazon will probably be unaffected by collapse and have a nice break from the mofo logging companies.

I see a "Mad Max" kinda world in the not-too-distant-future. Now, I learned how to ride a motorcycle not too long ago, but I'm not sure I'm into the purple mohawk mullet, football shoulderpad, multi-tatooed pirate look.



Anonymous said...

From Belgium,

Firstly my heartfelt sympathy to Rockpicker and Oldensoul, It is total shit when you put so much effort into creating a project and when it is finished you have to start creating it all over again. Not only that, but there is all the disappointment in clearing away your initial effort. At least things are back on track now. This appears to be a freak storm in one small town but it is a forceful reminder of the power of nature.

Re the post; I have not studied previous collapses in any detail so I am commenting from gut instinct without much basis in history. There are a number of strange features about this so called collapse, one of which goes along the following lines. The collapse is the object of the exercise and not some unforeseen by product of fiscal recklessness. Those who are ultimately in control of world events are also in league with Satin and Lucifer (two separate entities apparently) and whose purpose is to bring about world catastrophe so that the underworld can rise to the ascendency and their leaders have their day. Whether you believe this or not is immaterial, it is the elite who believe in it and are controlling events accordingly.

With previous collapses, after a time there was another civilization developing and rising to power somewhere else in the world ready to fill the vacuum; whether it was Mesopotamia; Rome; Byzantium or some other in a different centre. This present crisis is centred in the USA but its effects are global. There is nowhere outside its sphere of influence for another civilization to morph into being. Since mankind seems obsessed with reinventing the wheel and committing the same mistakes, maybe this will be no bad thing. Another feature this time around is the out of control world population for which no one seems to have a viable plan (or do they)?

I do not believe 1929 will be regarded as the start of the collapse mainly for the reason that this was a planned event and not an economic accident according to many economic historians. Ten years after financing both sides in the 1914 -18 War, and the Russian Revolution of 1917 and after the economy had regained some normality, the Rothschild family where at a bit of a loss as to what to do next. They hit on a plan to create a boom market which looked like it would never end, then when many financiers had overextended themselves they withdrew the credit supply and called in their loans. After the resulting crash they bought up much of US industry at cents on the dollar and gradually refinanced what was now virtually their own economy.

Another disturbing feature of this collapse which makes the slow strangulation theory a little suspect is what is the purpose of the camps and the coffins? This is something which didn’t happen anytime before to my knowledge and supports the pre-planned theory.

Egalitarian society is held by some to be an improbable structure but it has existed successfully for a greater period of world history than civilization. But therein lay the seeds of its own destruction. When the indigenous Americans helped the newly arrived English invaders they found them to be particularly useless at every aspect of self sufficiency. They could not fish or work the land and when they had the means to do so put in their hands they could not even fix the things that went wrong. All the native peoples had to do was walk away and leave the invaders to their own devices and history would have turned out very differently. As William Brandon succinctly put it in his book New Worlds for Old “(Indigenous peoples) believe in belonging rather than belongings”.

Elites are not granted status, they take it and the rest of us like it or lump it. When we hear that the two richest families in the world have more personal wealth than the forty poorest countries, we begin to realise how much clout they really have.

One thing many of us will agree on is that a personal power-down is no bad thing.

Dave said...

Powering down since 2003...almost off now.

murph said...

Howdy Belgium,

Good comments. Had to think about some of your points for a bit.

Indeed, Rockpicker’s and Oldensoul’s problem with hail is a real disappointment. We also are glad that they may get some harvest yet. We’ve had three bouts of hail this summer, but not bad enough to kill off anything.

I’m not so sure I am ready to subscribe to Satan and Lucifer yet. I am still in the” they are nasty arrogant unprincipled son’s a bitches”. Assigning an outside influence seems to me to take them off the hook in a way. I’m not ready to give them a bit of slack.

You are right, previous collapses involved another population area rising up over time and there sure doesn’t seem to be much areas like that anymore, all are pretty much interconnected now. High probability of this empire going down and taking everything else with it. Possible exception is some of the third world countries.

I was using 1929 as an example of an easily identified turning point, not inferring that is was the beginning of the empire collapse. You are correct that is was a planned economic crash. Speculation about the empire collapse is whether that is planned also.

I suspect that the camps and coffins are in preparation for martial law take over and incidental to collapse.

I agree that an egalitarian society is improbable with a large complex society with layers of laws and enforcement. Having a central group that represents all of the societies for mutual protection might work. What concerns me is the insanity of doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. People have to realize that the methodology of governance having been used for millenniums only benefits the few in the long run. And that a general raise in standard of living occurs with a top down government, it is at a cost that should be unacceptable, that is, loss of freedom.

The only thing I would disagree with strenuously is that elites take their status. Despite their vast wealth, it is the succumbing of the general population to their promises or threats that keep them in power. Look at England that fawns on the royalty, or the U.S where we fawn on Donald Trump. A population that values freedom more than the promises would be immune to their pressure. But, that also assumes that death is preferable to slavery. Our problem in western civilization is that the slavery part has been so well disguised that very few realize what has been done to them. We don’t hear the phrase very often anymore, “Live free or die”.

Anonymous said...

fa and all.... the bot boyz are not saying to expect a particluar event per se. though there could be an identifiable one, its more likely not. lemme see if i can put this without violating copyright. part of what they are saying they can identify and quantify is the building and releasing of emotional tensions. a steven king movie could be used as an analogy. horror movies are kinda like mysteries but usually trigger more intense emotions in the viewer than a plain-o who dunnit. tensions build in the viewers as the plot builds and release as the plot unfolds. add some sub plots that do the same.

imagine yourself viewing such a movie. various thoughts go through your mind and the minds of all the viewers. in a mystery everybody's trying to figure out who done it. add in the more intense emotional levels that get triggered in a horror movie and the influence these would have on the thought processes. but... well, its a movie theatre. so nobody's talkin. but imagine they are and there's an an interchange of these collective thoughts midst this movie as it plays along.

thats whats happening on the web as folx exchange their thoughts on what's going on or what might be to come in the movie of events that is their lives moving along over time. thats what the bots are collecting. snippets from web sources like this very blog. millions of them. the bots are selective according to how they've been programed. i.e., linguistics are constantly in flux in real time and shift as time moves forward. whats being looked for are words with emotional tones. they have no interest in the content per se. when a word is id its snatched along with the prev 250 and the post 250 (tha may be the wrong number. but it amounts to a cache of words in context of that one particular word or phrase.) all this "stuff" is collected up, brought back to a band of servers and fed into a 3 dimensional program where they float around and tend to clump up in "like-minded" groups. then they drill down into these groups and begin interpretations and connecting dots from one clump to another if the data begs such connection.

then they take it a step further. the whole thing is predicated on the hypothesis that the linguistics have a tendency to reveal what might be likely to happen in the future. in the movie example we know we all do this as we sit there. we're speculating in our minds... did the butler do it? natch, we can be wrong. so there's a wide margin of error. and all thats assuming the interpreters, in this case, the pie monks who are the 2 web bot boyz, actually have their chit together as interpretors of the collective exchange of thoughts which have quantifiable emotional value. which, admittedly, they don't though over 10 years they have gotten better at reading the tea leaves. but this adds to the measure of error. especially if trying to nail down specifics. generalities being much easier. walk into our movie example somewhere along the way and an aware observer can get a pretty good feel for the collective mood of the audience without even looking at the screen. are they sitting as if on the edge of their seats (building tension)? or are they reeling in horror from whats just been revealed?

now imagine you can plot this on a chart. cuz they do. like a stock chart with price on the left axis and time along the bottom axis. we've all seen em. a line (price defined numerically along the left axis) moves from left to right and up and down plotting price movement up or down and it moves along over time. only in this case the line represents a quantified value of the collective emotional value in the collective linguistics. and, unlike a stock chart which only shows price from real time backward into the past, in this case the line extends into the future as well. like a trader would do who plays markets based on technicals. they might use a program to id trends and extrapolate into the future. so too with the pie monks. they use highly sophisticated software and program from there. this is constantly being modified and refined as the data is collected along a given run.

so this is what they are referring to as the oct "event". the event is this sudden and massive release. tension has been building but precisely on the 7th it falls off the cliff. i could give you a detailed visual but i don't think i can do it without CR violation. what i think i can do is give you a stock chart example and you can extrapolate from there.

we know that on 911 the stock market took a huge hit. so image the price of widgets had been trending up somewhat for 8 months. they opend the year around 22 and 8 months later are at 24. in that time the price hasn't fallen below 22 nor risen above 24. it had done what chart experts call consolidation. then came a 911-like bad news event specific to widgets and the stock fell through the floor in a short period of time. in fact, in 2 months it hit 9 having fallen from 24 with no interuptions. unlike most stock chart lines this is a straight line as if 24 is at 12 0'clock and 9 is at 5 o'clock. and whatever the 911 was, widgets have not recovered. they continued to fall in value to $1 over the next 28 months. during that time there were some times where the price recovered a bit. but never over 9. widgets continued to trend down posting lower highs and lower lows as it moved forward in time.

thats what this looks like. except there's no identifiable 911-like event as the causal factor. which is not to say there won't be if this goes down the way the chart indicates.

is this the collapse we're expecting? i dunno. i don't even know if this "event" will materialize in any identifiable way or, for that matter, if it will even materialize at all.

i do know this, if massive food shortage happens to be part of our near future and extends for 2 or 3 years with no resoultion, collapse can happen quickly. i can't rememger where i read this.. maybe seeds of destruction, jeffrey smith's classic examination of the GMO horror story... i'm referencing a project with reindeer. something like 3 pair moved to an isolated island back in the forties. reindeer eat lichen and this island had lotsa lichen. but no know predators. the pairs reproduced. exponentially of course. exploding population came face to face with the concept of diminishing returns. they ate themselves out of house and home and in one generation the whole herd starved to death.

and then there's the ice cube with the wolly mammoth inside. and inside its mouth, grass. and in its stomach, undigested, more grass. not the same kind of man caused collapse (or is it) murph wrote about but collapse just the same. and in an instant.

freeacre said...

Did anyone else watch the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympics? I don't know about you guys, but for me it was "shock and awe." Spectacular beyond belief!! I sort of identified with the 12th century peasant who would walk into a cathedral and be overcome with the effect of the high ceilings and colored light streaming in through the leaded glass. WOW!!! I don't know quite what to make of it, but, damn!
I spent all day today in this little group interviewing consulting firms to develop a comprehensive plan for our little town. This is the first town incorporated in 25 years in Oregon. I am quite excited because we hired this firm that seems to "get it" that we need a different paradigm - one that takes into consideration peak resources, conservation, and localization! Way cool! At lease I think they can be worked with. Now, we just have to convince the city council as well... Never a dull moment around here...
Then, I come home and watch that dumbass corporate mouthpiece Katie Couric anchor the coverage of the Democratic Convention. I think every residual liberal bone in my body was raised from the near dead by the image of Ted Kennedy and Michele Obama's speech. Talk about raising emotions. I used to live on the South Side myself back in the day. That was a three Kleenex speech.
I think I am gaining a clue about the bots and emotional content... I need to pick beans while wearing a headset beaming the mellow mantras of Diva Premal or something to calm down, for Christ's sake. Lotta drama going on.
I think I sense the new Spring fashion statement coming up: a combination Chinese/Mad Max thing going on with the pirate motif, Dude.
Sensory overload...I gotta go to bed. Love to you all.

Anonymous said...

It is now apparent that Russia is going to encircle Zionist Israel. That will make it much harder for that little 'democracy' to employ nuclear extortion and force its will on others.
Americans should throw a big party...but most won't figure it out until the thermonuclear bombs begin to blossom over America. Most will yawn and keep right on watching teevee, shopping and supporting stupid American Zionist policies regarding Israel and the Middle East.
As I've said, it's apparent the US, EU and NATO think they have the right to dictate to Russia on matters regarding its territorial sovereignty. The messages from Russia are very clear and no one has to learn Russian to understand them. NO Russian citizen will be subjected to Zionist Western genocide. Period. And the territorial integrity of Russia WILL BE RESPECTED...or heads will roll and asses will be shredded.
What we are witnessing are shrewd and powerful Russian moves to break the back of the Zionist New World Order.
Go Russia!
The entire world has had more than enough.

murph said...


Read the article you linked to on rense site.

I gather that you don't think that the Zionists are being maneuvered and controlled by some other group for other ends?

I would submit to you that Zionism is just another "ism" being manipulated to the benefit of another agenda. It appears to me the those in the highest reaches of power are simply not into "ism's", (which means "philosophy of"). Zionism, by definition, originally, meant the movement to establish a national or religious community in Palestine, and later referred to the support of the modern state of Israel. Means much the same as the term "Americanism".

I think you need to look up the power ladder a bit further to that group of people that control most of the worlds wealth to see the prime movers. I think that the Rothschild's, Rockefeller's and the rest of this group could care less about "isms" with national interests. All they care about is keeping their positions of power and entitlements, and will do whatever it takes to keep it so, including nuclear war.

Anonymous said...


If not, it sure sounds like Karl Schwartz.

Paul Craig Roberts, too.

And Mike Ruppert, Kirwin and Sinclair.

I think Karl's use of the term "zionist" is a specific referrence to the fact that Israeli mercenaries took part in Georgia's unprovoked aggression against Ossetia, in which, on cue from Saakashvili, Georgian peacekeepers turned their guns on unsuspecting Russian peacekeepers and killed at least nine of them. Georgia attacked Ossetia in the middle of the night, bombing and burning houses and churches sheltering innocent Ossetians.

It is imperative to understand how the American media have LIED to us about what happened. Through their solidarity of silence, they conspire to lie further. NATO has 9 (nine) warships in the Black Sea right now, including the USS McFaul, which carries 50 Tomahawk missiles. Their supposed mission is to provide "military humanitarian aid" to the poor, putin-upon Georgians.

Do you realize how close we are to the brink of a major confrontation with Russia?

Most Americans do not, surely. Because of the press.

Thanks to Schwartz, Roberts, Ruppert, and all the rest who continue to speak truth to power, and all with ears to hear.


Anonymous said...

From Belgium,

You are both right and looking at different facets of the same crystal. The comment was anonymous and referred to an article by Karl Swartz, the last part was a quote from the end of the piece and included his bowing out signature. This should not be confused with any other Karl, living or dead including the famous Mr Marx.

Murph has given the correct dictionary definition of Zionism but over time it has come to refer to that section of Jewish power brokers who have aspirations for a bigger and better greater Israel. As well as controlling world finance they want as a first step the West Bank; Gaga; Lebanon up to the Lena(?) River and the Sinai Peninsular. Then they will set their sights on a wider Middle East before manipulating events to gaining ownership of the Eurasian continent. Owning the biggest land mass automatically means controlling the World and all that is in it (you and me folks). Zionism is used to distinguish these people from Jewish people living in Israel and elsewhere who are reasonably happy with their lot and who couldn’t give a rat’s ass about any world chess board. These Zionist aims are in fact the aims of the big financial families who are delegating their dirty work to easily influenced nutters like Banzai Brzezinski et al.

White always starts a game of chess which gives it a natural advantage, like the server in tennis but they were not expecting black to start throwing the queen around the board so early in the game and threatening with pawns like Syria and Jordan. I think Saakashvilli was goaded into a false flag op with the assurance that the cavalry was waiting to come over the hill. Unfortunately for them, they did not know that the Russians knew this too. Instead of the fools mate they expected, it looks as if the game will go into lockdown and the real danger is that frustrations may boil over.

murph said...

Belgium and RP,

This is why it is necessary for everyone to agree on terms during discourse. I hear the word Zionist thrown around (and other terms too) that have several perspectives.

Probably been better to refer to Israel agents and military personal at the direction of the Zionist power brokers tried to pinch Russia.

The problem as I see it is that the amount of the actual top power brokers is probably very small, with a rather large group that are wanna be's and carry out the agenda to be awarded a fiefdom. The identification of these top brokers and their service people is the a problem and how to deny them their power.

I'm aware of a lot of the commentary concerning the deal in Georgia and also how the media has treated it.

murph said...


You may have a point about the instantaneous communication making collapse much faster. I hadn't been looking at it from that perspective.

I haven't ever learned to ride a motorcycle and the Mad Max dress up isn't my style either. lol. I'm more of the "Postman" type.

Anonymous said...

Man, I just spent an hour writing a comment. Was in the middle of posting when the phone rings, I answer it, I'm talking and trying to post at the same time and, guess what? It's gone...

Belgium and Murph;

I would direct your attention to an article written by Wallace Thornhill entitled 'Electric Gravity in an Electric Universe.'

Belgium, what do you think the Annunaki and ancient Sumeria have to do with the Rothschild Gang?

Murph, Are we being conned by "geniuses" like Steven Hawking?


Anonymous said...

From Belgium,

Rp Why not C&P from word with frequent saves, it is what I do.

Re electric gravity, it sounds very plausible to me. Like so many other fields in the modern era, people don’t question basic assumptions when their salary depends on them not finding truthful answers. One of the first recently to offer a new theory of everything was Mark McCutcheon in his book which can be referenced at;

I have not read the book but Amazon used to give the first chapter away free but unfortunately this has disappeared. In this intro chapter he says that Newton actually didn’t discover anything at all. What he did was liken planetary motion to a ball on the end of a piece of string which was whirled around your head where the angular momentum balances the reaction force in the string. Then he took an eraser to the string and called that component gravity. Fortunately or unfortunately, the resulting simple equation fitted the known facts. I think McCutcheon’s theory also depended on sub atomic particle electric approach. I would agree it is a good area to apply further research.

I must admit that I had to look up the Annunaki. I am always amazed how much specialisation there is on the web. At first I thought you said the ancient samurai but I got that one wrong. It is plausible; the Rothschild’s are reported to have practiced links with the underworld and there could be a tenuous connection. All in all though I think they were just a load of robbing bastards in so far as lending out what doesn’t belong to you many times over in order to line your own pockets is concerned. Calling it fractional reserve lending gives it an unwarranted air of respectability. The way to make something desirable is to tell others you’ve got it and they can’t have it, not unless they are accepted into their little club. I think that is where the devil worship stuff comes from. I think secretly they knew that all this free money was not honestly come by and so could not seek riches in the Kingdom of Heaven and so they had to go for the alternative.

I don’t think Stephen Hawking is a con merchant. I believe that like Einstein he was well meaning but wrong.

murph said...

Rockpicker and Belgium,

I would like to quote from a letter from a friend of mine concerning science and mathematics.

"I have read pretty convincing histories that suggest that our current mathematics started out in what was called "Philosophy"; actually the sub set Logic. Starts with making statements of faith, axioms and postulates, and then defines the rules that can be used to reason from them to a conclusion that was logically consistent.

A different branch was natural philosophy - that grew into our present day scientific method, partly by using mathematics to describe and predict what would happen. The difference became clear to me [when in college]- I was taking a physics course but couldn't solve the very first question in the text book about Newtonian mechanics - worked for two weeks, on and off, but just couldn't get the math to end up describing the physical results - finally went to see the Professor who said, "You just throw out the middle term in the math expression because you know it doesn't make any sense". That began the semester where I learned that humans can't prove anything without insisting that certain assumptions being accepted.

I pretty much agree with the folks that are pointing out the the conclusions of string theory aren't testable - nor is there a single theory but rather two, maybe three, mathematicians touting their calculations".

The point of this quote is to point out that all of our science and math is postulated on assumptions, mostly unprovable. So when Hawkins or anyone, genius or otherwise, tries to make absolute statements, I like to remember that those statements in the end analysis are always based on assumptions, especially when dealing with mathematics.

One of the problem I see is the confusing of science with engineering. Engineering utilizes scientific findings but by itself does not develop theories. So theoretical science develops a concept which may or may not be testable, but nevertheless can be utilized by engineering in the physical world to find out if it works, is useful. This by no means is able to assert that the explanation for why it works is either complete or factual.

We also have ample historical evidence that genius does not necessitate logical or absolute correctness. While we assume that genius does increase probability of correctness, it is not guaranteed, and often proves erroneous and gives rise to turf protection and bitter rivalries between schools of thought.

So yes, we are periodically conned by geniuses protecting turf and concepts from attack. Remember the bitter fights over fusion experiments some years back. Nobody likes to have a different set of assumptions and logic come along and prove that a life's work is incomplete and/or wrong.

So Hawkins insists that there is no such thing as extraterrestrials visiting us. Is he in the end analysis protecting a belief system? Are the proponents of criticism of string theory (that it is a philosophy and not science) only protecting a belief system? In all cases of these kinds of controversies I assert the answer is yes.

Anonymous said...

"Red sky in morning,
Sailor take warning..."

This just in at Rense:

'Moscow has issued an extraordinary warning to the West that military assistance to Georgia for use against South Ossetia or Abkhazia would be viewed as a "declaration of war" by Russia.'

Deja vu all over again?

Chemtrails have started again over southwest Montana. Spray planes turn it on and off. No one seems to notice.

Here's the body of an e-mail I received this a.m.:

"Hello Everyone.

Clifford Carnicom will be giving an interview on on September l9.

The time is 9 am Pacific time.

The interviewer is Sofia, maker of the movie 9-11 Mysteries and creator of the website

Her show is called EXPANSION.

This is extremely exciting as Sofia and Clifford will help us go deeper into the aerosol issue than we have done before.

If you cannot listen live, you can tune in any time to the archives, which are free.

Go to

Click on "Archives", then scroll down to EXPANSION, and click on the show for Friday, September l9.

I will send you a link after the broadcast.

Every time Clifford speaks we get a more comprehensive look into this enormous issue."

Sunlight takes 8.3 minutes to reach earth, yet gravity's effects are almost instantaneous. I never have heard anyone discuss this observation before. Was this bandied about and resolved, while I was dozing, or did we just ignore the obvious anomaly?

Belgium, I notice more discussion, in Thornhill's paper, concerning transverse waves. I have a gut feeling Bearden and Thornhill are getting close...

Murph, have you had a chance to hear Hawking's talk on TED? I was offended and surprised by his smug lumping of all ufo observers and contactees as cranks and weirdos. Then I found out that string theory, his baby, is dependent on the existence of several dimensions beyond the four we normally navigate, and I didn't feel so bad, because I realized then who was pulling off the real con. I don't think it's the millions of eye-witnesses.


freeacre said...

There is a very disturbing entry in George Ure's Urban Survival this morning (8/29). An unnamed source wrote to him with at least supposedly insider information from Georgia. This has not be verified, but if it is true, it's really scary. Involves a captured Israeli operative with top secret papers (in Hebrew) taped to his back that outline plans to bomb Iran. Six bombs, three to the nuclear facilities sites and three over Tehran that would be loaded with anthrax! Anthrax?? WTF?? Oh, yeah, and they supposedly planned to paint American symbols on the planes in water soluble paint that would wash off for deniability.
Black helicopters were buzzing the downtown buildings and hotels in Portland for the last two days for "training" maneuvers. Scared the crap out of the citizens, as armed soldiers could be seen in open sided helicopters and no advance explanation had been given to the residents that this was "just a drill."
Freezing nights now. Lost our pole beans and half the squash in the greenhouse. Picked most of the stuff in the garden that is green. Only the carrots, onions, and beets are relatively safe now. Looks like an early Fall. Hope it doesn't morph into nuclear winter.

Anonymous said...

So, this Palin, the Gov. of Alaska, is picked to be McInsane's VP, huh?

I mean, WTF? What's going on here? McInsane follows a very good speech by Obama -with more insanity? I don't know people, but more strange shit is going on around here.

Ok, here's my theory. McBush and Palin aren't meant to do anything but keep the pundits and the corporate media spewing toxic nonsense to the 'Murikan sheeple thus keeping their milisecond attention spans and knat-sized brains busy while Darth Cheney gets everything ready for "September Thee Eleventh, The Sequel" which will be the catalyst to declaring Marshall Law and suspend the elections.

I figure those detention centers weren't built for nothing, ya know.

Man, we are DOOMED!


Anonymous said...


To confirm something's afoot domestically, my neighbor, who works up in central Montana, where a lot of missile silos dot the rural landscape, has just informed me that this week armed personnel have been accosting locals, warning them to "get off the road, and keep moving." I've personally spent years around these installations. Normally, you never see bodies or vehicles behind the wire.

Here's a paragraph from the latest Karl Schwartz piece, on Rense:

"Imagine, that US Coast Guard cutter that docked Thursday in Batumi, Ajaria (that third breakaway region next to Turkey) only had 34 tons of 'humanitarian aid'. There are trucks that can haul more than that. It was a reasonably large CG cutter but it is not a cargo ship. Makes me wonder who could justify the cost to send that ship from the US all the way to Georgia with only 34 tons onboard. My bet is they docked in Batumi so the Russians at Poti would not have the ability to inspect and approve the cargo for delivery into Georgia."

Rumor is, Gustav is on course to do major damage to the oil coast of the southern US, so fill up your gas tanks before the refineries go down and there's a major run on the filling stations.

Dude, you could have something with 9/11. Did you see that weird piece on the 9/11 synchronicities a couple of days ago on Rense? What is with 9 1 1 ? Why was it so important to have those particular numbers, in that sequence, for use as the emergency services number?

Here's the url for the synchronicities video:


RAS said...

I haven't noticed any more activity from the military locally. But then, this is an army town so I get to give the bird to the choppers at least once a week when they fly over my house.

We're cooling down awfully fast this year. Fall is coming early. I can smell it in the air every day now. And feel it too.

Gustav may do some major damage down here, and Hanna is coming right behind it. Oh, I'm far enough from the coast that all we'll get is a lot of rain, but I'm worried about the coast. The refineries down there supply about 40% of the nations gas; if they go down again it will be a major problem. The SPR only holds crude oil, not finished gas. It doesn't do any good to release the oil if there's no way to refine it! Those of you in the west and northwest should be fine as far as supplies go; your gas comes mostly from California. My area will be screwed, though. I remember Katrina -some of the stations here were out of gas for a couple of weeks. Now me, I filled up my tank and my gas containers before the storm, so I was fine but a lot of people weren't.

The really funny thing is, no one panics about hurricanes down here. We just prepare and get on with it. But, if you mention there's a chance of a snow flurry or two people go crazy -wiping out everything from batteries to bread in the stores. They act like the apocalypse is coming. I can't figure out how three gallons of milk is going to help you through the apocalypse, particularly if the power goes down, but to each his own I guess. Lol.

freeacre said...

Boy, McBush's choice for VP is really a corker, isn't it? After relentless diggs at Obama for being too young (47) and too inexperienced, he picks a former beauty queen with almost no legislative experience at all. You know, a Vanity Fare covergirl celebrity type. Ha! BRILLIANT!!
This campaign is getting good, in terms of superficial visual stimulation. I am sure the networks are pleased to death. Her darling kids, including one about to go off to war, and even a Downs Syndrome baby. What more could you ask? McPantload was about to lose the snake handling crowd until he came up with this beautiful nitwit they can all come out from under the porch to vote for.
This would be just great entertainment if it weren't in the context of the atrocity that was committed in Afghanistan this week: 60 children bombed to death in their sleep in Azazabad, due to faulty "intelligence" that they were Taliban. You'd think somebody on the ground might have taken a quick peak before they bombed the bejesus out of them.
It's the kind of thing that just takes the humor away from the dimwitted duo, and replaces it with loathing. Because this is the kind of hypocrisy of these "right to lifers" that I can't stomach. They'll fight you tooth and nail for your right to make a decision for yourself on whether it is advisable for all concerned to add another child to your family, but have no qualms at bombing somebody else's kids after they are born. Let's see how many Evangelicals protest the murder of these 60 Afghan children.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,

Sorry guys, we have your lost weather over here, been basking in the low to middle 80’s for the last few days. If you send the weather police over here they can take it back with them.

Yup Murph, I have taken part in many brainstorming sessions over the years and this is a good way of making progress on seemingly insoluble problems, the only rule is that you can ignore or modify what another has said but you cannot directly rubbish it. A recent example of this was NASA’s meetings to decide how to fix the Hubble Telescope. Every lunatic fantasy was written down and seriously discussed at length before a consensus course of action was decided. This of course is more peer participation than peer review. The danger is when a symposium or co-operative body gets hijacked for a political band wagon. Such an example would be UN body IPCC (International Protocol on Climate Change). This is body comprising 2500 of the worlds top climate scientists who are supposed to agree on solutions to the global warming problem. Only some of them disagree with the fundamental premises on which the IPCC was founded and have asked to withdraw from the body and have even threatened legal action to have their name taken off the list of participants. The IPCC wants 2500 good names to speak with a forceful single voice but so many have jumped ship they have taken to including subordinates and reviewers to make up their published number. Stifling descent instead of addressing problems is just plain wrong. So far as Hawking and others are concerned I guess if you call it a theory or hypotheses then you have covered your bases. Problems only occur when you try to stifle descent instead of encouraging it.

Re your forthcoming election, I figure McShame is only there to make up the numbers, the winner has already been chosen, unless the American people decide to write Ron Paul in for the job. Strange goings on with your military too, it would seem. Rp keep me informed with the stream or text of that interview you mentioned.
Putin seems to be the only one to come out of the Near East situation with clean hands but who is listening? Europe is playing a fine line between supporting USA and not having its oil cut off. Why is 9/11 an important date? The followers of the underworld have a fetish for so called Devil numbers as opposed to Godly numbers for those who believe in such things.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,

Re Gustav, this video has been put up by Brascheck TV; I include the feed blurb together with the link.

“You can help New Orleans right now by going
to this page, rating the video and encouraging
your friends and colleagues to do the same:

If you want to know why this is so important,
read on...

Right now, they're packing up their belongings
preparing to leave their homes for no one knows
how long.

Their minds are filled with questions like
where they're going to sleep, what they'll
eat, what's going to happen to their kid's

One thing the citizens of New Orleans can count
on is that while they're completely preoccupied and
unable to defend themselves, the media slander machine
led by Fox News will be kicking them when they're
down - just like they did three years ago.

"They're freeloaders. They're corrupt. They
shouldn't live there etc."

Anything to cover the basic fact that the US
has abandoned its citizens, its infrastructure,
and even its future in a mad power grab
overseas that is sucking up hundreds of billions
of dollars while basic services at home go begging.

Make no mistake...New Orleans is ground zero
for the US.

Your city is next.

If we don't draw a line in the sand here and now
and insist that the government take responsibility
for its failed levees and other infrastructure,
you might has well start practicing your goose step.

Because that's the next logical stop for the
trajectory we're on.

How much more contempt does the government have
to show for its citizens to make it any clearer?

Being informed helps. Informing others helps too.

Because of the efforts of a lot of people, we are
now the #11 highest rated "News and Politics"
video on YouTube today...even with all the convention

We need your help to move "The Katrina Myth" further
up the rankings so more people will see this important

Go, view, comment, rate and ask others to do the same: “

- Brasscheck

- Brasscheck

P.S. Please share Brasscheck TV e-mails and
videos with friends and colleagues.

That's how we grow. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,

I forgot to mention this article; it was linked to in Half Past Human so I guess many of you have already seen it. It explains how a group of rag heads is beating the shit out of the greatest military in the world and how you can do the same. Interesting concept.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,

Any comments on this internet usage article?

The thin end of the wedge or restricting the greedy?

murph said...


The first article is interesting to say the least, particularly from an aging anarchist viewpoint like mine. However, I have some doubts as to the assumptions he makes, particularly about Americans. He assumes that in 200 years, the PTB could not re-mold a majority of peoples attitudes. I also notice that he doesn't talk about guerrilla resistance either. I have noticed from talking with people over the years that there seems to be a shift away from this independence attitude he uses as an example. Just how much of the population really feel that it is ok to give up freedom for a promise of security? How much is this influenced by demographics too?

The second article is also interesting. I notice that my upload and download times change significantly according to the time of day and day of the week. In my case, I don't use film clips much because I can read faster than the film clip can load and run. I much prefer transcripts over the film. However that doesn't work well with music video or purely visual stuff, lol. For me, a large percentage of the stuff on Utube and Google etc are fluff and a waste of time anyway. I don't have the figures but I suspect I am way under anything approaching 50 gigs. Cripes, uploading or downloading 10 megs leaves me nervously chain smoking.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,


Re the First article, two things came to mind. The first was the French Resistance, which was organised in such a way but got totally screwed by Eisenhower and the second was the Black Panthers. I am not sure if they still exist but if they do it will be along similar lines.

freeacre said...

Wanna see something REALLY scary?


It is like a distillation of every nightmare scenario. If the woman wasn't a whistle-blowing scientist from Lawrence Livermore Labs, has a BS in geology from UC Davis, a Masters in Eastern Studies, and the Environmental Commissioner for the town of Oakland, it would be easier just to put her in the "wing-nut" file. It's about the on-going program to wipe us all out.

This one's for you, Dude... we are so fucked.

Anonymous said...

I tried to open that link earlier and it wouldn't open. Will try it again soon.

Amy Goodman was arrested in St. Paul around 5:00 pm this evening. She was attempting to aid two of her co-workers, who had also been arrested. AlterNet commenter claims she called the jail and was told Goodman has since been freed, but not her friends. It sounds like a real melee in St. Paul. All reports I've read indicate police are way out of control.


freeacre said...

I agree, Rockpicker. I am amazed that nobody had noticed that Minneapolis/St. Paul looks a lot like Tianamon Square back in the day. Outrageous overt fascist shit. And, once again, a seeming news blackout regarding the Ron Paul convention. What a load of shit.

Anonymous said...

Just finished watching Lauren Morret interview. Wow!

I would love to get her together with Jordan Maxwell, Mike Ruppert, Lenny Horowitz, Karl Schwartz, Jim Marrs and the Project Camelot team! That would be worth a hundred-dollar-a-plate dinner to me!

You see the Cryptogon piece on SEAS? Better look it up, if not, as it pertains to us writing on these blogs.

Regarding the chemtrails, one of the substances purportedly being sprayed is ethylene dibromide, EDB for short. It's a pesticide, banned awhile back, but now it's being used again. My question was, why? This video answers some questions. I'm hoping to buy a copy of it and show it locally.

Maybe if I get disappeared, people will stop calling me paranoid and get active.


RAS said...

Regarding Amy Goodman, the word from Democracy Now is that all three are now out of jail but that Goodman has been charged with obstruction and her co-workers with felony counts of inciting riots.

Oh yes, that's what you get for daring to cover the protests at the GOP convention!

RAS said...

Ok, I am really pissed right now. I was supposed to have a job interview this morning. Not a real good job -a customer service job at a call center -but the pay was decent. But guess what? When I showed up they refused to interview me and sent me home. Why? Because I had the temerity to -get this -wear a white shirt!

There are days when I feel like the only sane person in a world gone completely crazy!

murph said...


SEAS on Cryptogon? Couldn't find it. Got a link to it?

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,

Ras, I remember the days when you couldn’t get a job unless you wore a white shirt. That will teach you to go falling down rabbit holes. Maybe the white shirts felt threatened. At least when you didn’t get the interview it is kinda reassuring to know you had that effect on them. What did they actually say to you and did you ask them if they had a company policy on white shirts? I have heard good words about Freeacre’s sanity, you girls should stick together – the rest of us – well………….

I first watched The Lauren Morret interview and I knew things were bad but I didn’t know they were so bad. From this distance it is difficult to say whether the Bertrand Russell stuff was informed fact or informed intuitiveness. How much of an inside track did he really have? This also seems like more Alice stuff but she speaks with total authority and her credentials are impeccable. Then I followed it up with the ref from SEAS and then I felt totally rubbed out. Do you figure they are so far advanced? If they are it sure knocks ‘A for Andromeda’ into the history bin. Anyway, Rp thanks for the heads up on SEAS. What to do about it is another matter. You can always console yourself with the illusion that if you have not done anything wrong then you don’t have anything to worry about, lolo. I had a letter that I have to get my new electronic passport (identity card) at the end of the week. Now I know they have more information on me than the pass could give them I don’t feel so bad about it. I am still pissed that I have to pay €12 for something I am opposed to. Should I draw attention to myself by not turning up?

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,


Anonymous said...


Here's that url for "Synthetic Environments for Analysis and Simulation." It was first published June 30th, 2007.


RAS said...

SATS, apparently they have a rule that says no employee (or prospective employee) can wear white shirts. Of course, no one bothered telling me this in advance. And, I mean, wtf?

Anonymous said...

While we're all just sitting around waiting for the other shoe to drop, I thought you might like to pull up a foot stool, kick back and watch an interesting lecture.



Anonymous said...

Fuckin SEAS, i was worried about the coming meteor, now i'm checking my watch to make sure its on time. Fuckin reptiles, though they died out 65 million years ago, guess not....sigh.....

high brothers and sisters, haven;t been around for awhile but i check in to see the haps, it seems like this site is right on the cutting edge of what's in store for the two-leggeds and all our relatives, except maybe for the cockroaches, but wait a minute, fuk!! i forgot they are the ones that think that they run things and people, well there is a little something that THEY just do not and will not ever come to know it seems, i say this because in recorded history there is always some son of a bitch that just happens to get born with a little dick and gets teased about it and goes ape shit. STOP TEASING THE LITTLE DICKS!!!!! anyway the thing that will continue to go unnoticed i think is that there are those of us that have the capacity to love ourself and therefore each other, try that one on for size scaly things.
i don't know if anyone here besides rockpicker and i that are following the mayan thingie, but its just one more of the things to me at least that gives a measure of hope, not in the mother fucking christian bullshit way but apparently the mass of humanity according to the mayan calendar is going to experience a head rush that will make a camel straight first thing in the morning a pimple on a mosquito's ass.
the acceleration of time exponentially, is that the word?,hummm, anyway the time is near for the ending of their calendar and if its correct its going to be one hell of a party for those that think they are in charge, ha, i think they will be praying just for a job cleaning the toilets but for the rest of us that are in love with each other. i think splendid might work as the first candle on the celestial birthday cake is lit, and we all get to watch,
bug says that this is not to far off of what's going on.
anyway the tomatoes are starting to turn red finally,,peppers are doing ok,squash is having a great time crawling out of the garden spot, apple trees are good along with the pears and peaches, plums bombed this year which is unusual,
the village is undergoing a battle to keep out the closed gate idea that FOUR assholes have decided will be good for us. god will they ever go away,?.nope says bug, they are there for your own good and laughs.yep she laughs,sorta,.its more a weird way of antenna waving and shoulders going up and down, yes she has shoulders.
anyway all is as well i guess as far as i can tell, i have collected a bunch of chemtrail photos this summer, fuck they spread out and cover the ENTIRE sky,in all the four sacred directions, the sun is actually discernibly less, a lot less in fact.
after listening to the link provided by sister pam i just thought that well, here we go....
i ask bug about this and she talks about the two sides of the first coin and how the whole thing is a (yes-no) plan and it has like always something to do with the evolution of the mind of the two-leggeds of whom still have one leg immersed in the mud and just need a little something to get them motived to move into the light,..
i ask about the ones that just will not get it for hell or high water,and she says not to worry because its really not our business and besides, they are on another path and the great separation will happen all in due time.
O i says, she makes no sense for much of what i hear or take for hearing as it were,
she goes on to say that we take much of what is happening as something that if really looked at close is nothing more then the fulfillment of the natural nature of any living organism, it has teeth at one end and an asshole at the other end and we make to big a deal about what's in between.
christ! what the fuck is that all about? any ''primitive'' life force is preprogramed to replicate itself and the end of the human race is the fact that it is just eating itself, and we'll just have to wait to see what comes out at the other end she says. this is a little nuts i say and she agrees.
so have a little fun with this she says, its not forbidden at this point and it does a body good like the ad says.
o one more thing she says, try to not interfere with ANYTHING for just five minutes and see what happens, this means nothing, outside the mind or inside the mind.....just observe and see what happens. its hard to do because you are so having to rearrange stuff, both inside and ourside and the mind is in a continual state of upheaval that it never gets to relax much. ok i says i will give it a try,

she's right its hard,
peace and prosperity to all of you beautiful people
we love you