Thursday, November 13, 2008

How Will You Spend YourTime?


“Some things are worth believing in whether they are true or not.” So said Robert Duvall in “Second Hand Lions” regarding a speech he gives to young men about How to be a Man. He was talking about courage, loyalty, true love. It’s all about defining yourself, choosing your values, and deciding what makes a life worth living.

I’m waxing philosophical right now because a lot of things are coming together at once for me. For openers, I am reading both James Howard Kunstler’s “The Long Emergency” and John Michael Greer’s “The Druidry Handbook.” Both of these books with the backdrop of LATOC’s daily Breaking News financial and resource depletion horror stories and Survival Acres lamenting the demise of the planet and the ability of much of the populace to respond. (Their thought processes apparently restricted by the tightness of the anal sphincters around their necks.) He concludes that it doesn’t matter anyway because the climate change tipping points have already been reached, there is nothing we can do, and we, the fish in the ocean, and all but maybe sea slime are going to die off.

I quote him from one of his recent missives:

“A divided and bankrupt nation. A world running out of energy and food resources. A depleted environment. Oceans heating up and aquifers collapsing. Icecaps and glaciers melting rapidly. Energy demands skyrocketing. Massive ignorance and denial. Fascist and socialist policies and practices to herd the population. Resource wars and jockeying for energy around the world. Political and ignorant leadership still calling for failed policies and practices, including bio-fuels and dangerous technologies. Scientific reticence from experts who know better. Promises of a technofix solution with technologies that don’t even exist or are entirely unproven. Business as usual models in finance, industry, agriculture, mining, deforestation, shipping and on and on.

I could go on, but I don’t feel like it. In fact, I don’t really know why I’m bothering at all anymore, because I realize the futility of trying to change anything (and I’m not the Messiah). Nobody is going to change anything, and I mean nobody. We’re on this headlong train that already plunged off this very, very high cliff and we are going to crash with a sickening thud. Period.”

Admin has his dark days, as we all do. But, I am not so sure that things are set in stone. I distinctly remember when I lived in Tahoe and the area suffered a five year drought. The experts all reported glumly that it would take a minimum of five years of sustained higher than average rainfall if Lake Tahoe was ever to fill back up. The next year it rained like a son-of-a-bitch and the lake reached its brim in a few months.

But, for the sake of argument, let’s say that it is so.

We recently watched the movie “Iron Man.” It stars Robert Downey, Jr., an actor who, much like the planet, seems to have great resiliency. Anyway, in the movie, there is a scene where it looks as if all is lost. He says to his trusty assistant, “What does it matter? I’ll be dead in a week.” The assistant counters, “Well, then, this is an important week, isn’t it? How will you spend it?”

Hence, my search for a new religion, or philosophy if you will, to help me to deal with all this apparent chaos and collapse. For some reason I seem to have always been one to explore differing religions and philosophies. I was born to parents one of whom was a former Catholic and the other a Lutheran. I was raised Lutheran, but the entire time I attended Lutheran confirmation classes, I wanted to be a Jew. To this day, I feel sorrow for the young assistant pastor who had to deal with my unending challenges to everything he was trying to teach me. About a month after I was confirmed, I wrote a letter to the Church announcing that I would never darken the door of another Lutheran church due to them refusing to allow a black family to enter for Sunday services. It was at the height of the Civil Rights movement, and it was a great failure of my church at that time to adhere to what I considered to be Christian principles.

After that, I came across a Theosophy book at the library called “Some Glimpses of Occultism” by C.W. Ledbetter that got me rolling on metaphysics. I was fifteen. My parents, as well, began their own search and settled on a challenging form of Hindu thought called Radha Saomi, and became devotees of the Maharisha Saran Sing Ji. We became vegetarians and meditators in the land of Swedes, Pollacks... err, Poles, and the local Michigan militias.

After several years, I pretty much gave up on the Hindu practice, and went on to study existentialism and the Buddhism of Alan Watts and the Beat Generation. Then, on to the Dali Lama and Tibetan Buddhism. But, in California, I discovered the metaphysical Church of Religious Science, and found a spiritual “home.” After five years of study I became a Science of Mind practitioner. I served in that capacity at the Carson City Church of Religious Science for twelve years. But, that new age philosophy encourages one to read and grow and I began to incorporate The Feminine Face of God teachings into my own spiritual perspective. Eventually, I joined a women’s spiritual drumming/meditation circle and incorporated a lot of Native American traditions. I was with the circle for eight years before moving to Oregon. Since then, I have not hooked up with any official group.

So, with this ridiculously diverse spiritual background, why in the world would I be looking for yet another religion? Because I think we need one. We need to synthesize the best teachings of the others and root them in a planetary base. We need to cultivate a reverence for Gaia, Our Great Mother, The Earth. It’s going to take more than Al Gore and T. Boone Pickens or British Petroleum or wind mills to give people the strength and the motivation that will sustain us through the coming end times of financial and planetary systems collapse.

I want to be inspired. I want to see the sacred in all natural beauty. I want to be devoted. I want art and music and rituals that give me goose bumps. I want to crawl into the lap of the Great Mother and be comforted. When I die or when my loved ones die, I want to believe that they are welcomed into the loving embrace of our Mother, the Earth. Well, actually, I already do believe that. Is it true? I don’t know. But, for me, it is worth believing in. If something else works for you, believe in that. But, if we are to change the paradigm, our belief system must exhort us to live in harmony with nature. Of course, the Wiccan and American Indian traditions are centered in the sacred fabric of nature as well. If this line of thought catches on, it might pull some of the American (or Islamic) fundamentalist recruits from the line-up for Armageddon. That would be a plus.

So, when some pundit predicts in dire tones that our income might be reduced by twenty five percent, I’d like people to not panic. After all, I am living on about half of what I used to, and I am feeling pretty good. And, the more I get right with the natural world, the better I feel. So the next generation might be “reduced” to living in tents and dancing around campfires. It sounds good to me.

Trying to maintain this moribund culture is like fishing in the same spot just because somebody caught a fish there a hundred or a thousand years ago. Somebody needs to tell you, “Look, Dumbass, you have to move to where the fish are now, or you are going starve.”

I’m only a few pages into the book on Druidry. But what appeals to me is that it seems to be in the process of creation. While it honors many traditions from the past, it looks toward the future with eyes wide open exploring our contemporary relationship with the life forces of this wondrous planetary system in which we live. We are not cast out of the garden. We are a part of the garden. And, it’s our sacred duty to figure out how to be in harmony and nurture it. In Druidry, one is encouraged to plant trees, learn traditional skills, study ecological systems, make medicine, write poems, and play music as part of one’s spiritual practice. I am not trying to jam it down your throat, but I think it is a healthy response to the situation we are in. Worth looking into at any rate.

We have been out of touch with the earth for so long that we don’t have any idea what is possible. A friend of mine recently told me about black earth that has been discovered in traditional Mayan lands that was created thousands of years ago by pre-history people that is capable of growing incredible food crops. Who knows what secrets may be revealed if we start looking to the natural world instead of the man-made one for our salvation. Maybe there are ways to heal the mess we have made.

I look at Paulson and Bernanke and Wall Street and the G7, and the whole sink hole of our culture of debt and decline and all I see are dead men walking. This truly may be The End of the World As We Know It. Maybe it is time it was kicked to the curb.

Perhaps it is time to honor the North. Time of winter. Time to contract, evaluate, for some to die, for others to ponder what to keep and what to throw away. Time to make wise decisions for the Spring that will follow. For a lot of us, this may, indeed, be the last of our seasons. For others, it may be a beginning. Either way, these days are important.

How do you want to spend them?


Anonymous said...

freeacre said...

Wow, anonymous 11:42. Thanks.

RAS said...

I've been thinking for some time that if anything will get the great mass of people to change their minds and how they perceive the world, it will be religion. (I recently wrote a long-winded essay on my blog about the subject.) Religion shapes how we see the world and what we think of it. We desperately need to get back to thinking that the earth is sacred.

I fully expect one or more of the nature-based religions is going to emerge transcendent in the coming crises. I doubt it will be either Wicca, Druidry, or Natvie American traditions on their own. Rather, I think it will be some hodgepodge of all of them or something entirely new.
Lately I've been reading every book on nature-based spiritualities I can get my hands on. I'm not sure what I'm looking for, but I'm looking anyway. I haven't read Greer's book yet, but I'm looking forward to doing so as soon as I can find/afford to buy a copy.

I also think one of the reasons Admin and others get so dark is that they are thinking in human time scales. The Earth does not think or live by our schedules. To quote Marna: "Think in Gaian time. The time that river makes rock from waterfall."

How am I spending my time? Aside from looking for a job and working on my vision quest I am writing and spending a lot of time creating. Amidst so much destruction, I feel a great need to create.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:42,

When I tried to open that site, this is what I got...

You don't have permission to access /print/dark-night.htm on this server.


murph said...


If you try for the basic site, you get that message. The site anon put up worked for both freeacre and myself.

Anonymous said...

I spent all last night looking at videos like this one. Go to the library and watch this.

Something in my unscientific gut tells me these guys are correct in their assertions.

I read Velikovsky thirty years ago and remember thinking how important his observations seemed, yet he was denigrated and dismissed.

fourth form of matter,
like gossamer strands on wind,
entwines us, as one.


Anonymous said...

i do a cut 'n paste and get this...

The website declined to show this webpage
HTTP 403
Most likely causes:
This website requires you to log in.

i get the same thing going to the home page. am i profoundly alone?

i goggle.... the mystic dark - night. same result. cache does load which ends...

In the dark night you feel profoundly alone.

which is strangly familar with how i came into this world of physical manifestation and is how, from what i'm told, i will leave. profoundly alone. after many moons of run, run, run for many years i became profoundly aware that that is where one finds the light switch. which doesn't mean i found it. it just means i know its somewhere here in the darkness of aloneness. maybe it has something to do with jumping off the cliff into the abyss... ingio

RAS said...

Check this out:

RAS said...

I couldn't open it, rp. I'll try it at work. I was able to open the mystic page at first but then I accidentally closed it and now it won't reopen. Maybe the site is down?

I was being considered for a job at a local department store and I got a good laugh at their dress code. They allow you to wear fashionable open-toed shoes, but they require you to have your toes pedicured. Um, excuse me? Am I the only one who thinks people have gone insane?

Anonymous said...

Ras; Google 'thunderbolts'. Choose Click 'enter'. Up in the top right corner there's a link to 'New: Multimedia Page'. There are a bunch of great videos describing the new and exciting observations and predictions the proponents of the electric universe are claiming.

If they are right, our entire understanding of how the universe works must fundamentally change.

According to these guys, EM (electromagnetic energy) is 10 to the 39th power stronger than gravity. And neither Newton, nor Einstein considered it in their gravity equations.

Perhaps awareness of the pervasive and profound em forces that bathe our universe,( and so, inherently, bind us all together on an elemental level, each to each, every person, dog, rock and snowflake,)is this consciousness opening like a great blooming lotus. Perhaps this nagging emptiness we grudgingly host is the necessary, insufferable darkness before first light.


Anonymous said...

Another great thought provoking post FA & Murph. It doesn't seem like the "Long Emergency" is so long now. Just from hearing what happens in other people's lives never know when one day you think you're fine and the next you're gone. Sure makes one appreciate every day. As for the Long Emergency, it seems like we all can't do enough because there's so many who haven't done a thing to prepare. I can only keep suggesting to them to get prepared. Why not? I'm out of room for storing food. Guess I should consider putting it in the ground which would be a lot of work I couldn't do myself. I'm working on my neighbors to be of a different mindset. At first they dicounted the whole concept of complete collapse. "That will never happen!"...they said. Hmmm. It's almost like the guy who onced asked of Paramahansa Yogananda during a train ride..."Do you believe in hell?" and the very wise avatar replied..."Where do you think you are now?" I doubt anyone significant will get on mainsteam TV and announce a news flash that we are in an irreversable collapse and that the "climate" from it will continue for a good while. Even then so many would disbelieve. I'd better start digging! Love & warm fuzzies to you all, mrsp

Anonymous said...

freeacre said...

I wonder how the G7 leaders are treating Bush. I have a mental image of them "pantsing" him....

Anonymous said...

G20 gathered in one place starting tomorrow. What an opportunity for some dastardly evil doer.

freeacre said...

Yeah, G20, not G7. I hope they all "pants" Bush. All 20 in one place...shades of Godfather 3. (Never happen.)

Anonymous said...

..... my search for a new religion, or philosophy if you will,

have you checked out the church of TETO FA?

..... we are in an irreversable collapse

what if, to add to the confusion perhaps, there is such a thing in U as the plane of reversals? that, with one exception, everything is reversable. even reversals. and go on to say that what is being suggested as collapse to describe what is happening now is in fact, a reversal? iow, we've entered it?

...... Perhaps awareness of the pervasive and profound em forces that bathe our universe,( and so, inherently, bind us all together on an elemental level, each to each, every person, dog, rock and snowflake,)is this consciousness opening like a great blooming lotus. Perhaps this nagging emptiness we grudgingly host is the necessary, insufferable darkness before first light.

well put rp. from one view i 'spose it could be said there is a pissin contest between gravitationalists and electromagnatists. as if they are mutually exclusive. but what if G is an EM force? (and in the context of EM forces, a rather weak one at that. and perhaps, a form of balance point?). would that mean the gravitationalists would have to take a back seat and they'd rather drive? if the em forces "inherently, bind us all together on an elemental level, each to each, every person, dog, rock and snowflake, is this consciousness opening like a great blooming lotus" (damn, those are purdy words), then holding them mutually exclusive would be contrary to their very being would it not?

since its sunday mornin i'll proclaim that in my TETO church of world view, E = father god. M = mother god. and those can be extended to say... E = spirit = light = positive polarity/yang = expression in mind/thought. M = will = darkness = negative polarity/yin = expression in feelings/emotional body. and then there's H. which = heart... the balance point between the polarities of the One. a rather simplified formula of very complex interactions of energy capable of phenominal force. forceful enough to have created itself and everything as an extension of it.... even the "bad shit"! aka, evil. through the dynamic of denial. which is not to say it was wrong. from one view, everything needs to be tested. its just that denial is not the only way to test it. we could just feel it. but most of that potential has been lost. denied and become so twisted we don't get true response to experience at hand. we get conditioned response instead. or no feeling response at all.

and, since denial begats an experience = to or greater than the denial so the denial may be cleared (again, per my TETO inspired world view), denial of one by the other = movement AWAY from the balance point. aka, devolution! traceable all the way back to the original cause (original denial). or to put it another way, reversal/the reflection the current time has to give. if there's anything to that wouldn't it follow that reversing the reversal would manifest/expose the denials for what they are? thus thats what we're seeing? including what appears to be massive unconsciousness/unawareness 'mongst the masses.... bravery (hummm... another of those word verifications of intimidating form)

RAS said...

My opinion, re: the gravity versus EM debate: neither side really knows what they are talking about, they just think they do. Human beings have not gotten to the point yet where we can really begin to understand how the universe works. We just think we do.

We had our first heavy freeze here last night. Old man winter is on the way.

Anonymous said...

the mind of piercesation, what does it look like? is it the mind of a gaggle of geese/each pondering on its own the meaning of the pond? why are we only able to go just so far and no farther? what exactly is it that keeps the mind tethered to the apron springs of the past where all new is corrupted by those very string clinging's? we are afraid are we not?
the known no matter what pain it brings is better then to set foot into the unknown, that place where only fools dare to thread.
the invitation is extended to all that seek to find something that makes what's happening available, however goodbye is a strangely awesome door and once opened can never be shut,

freeacre said...

What is TETO, Palooka?

freeacre said...

Check out Jacques's site - has great pictures of the fires near L.A. with interesting interpretation. Can link from our home page now that I fixed it.

Jacques de Beaufort said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

teto = to each their own. sorry fa, oversight. meant to say that.

RAS said...

It struck me recently that all of the things we are doing, all of the changes we are making and so forth, are really just laying the groundwork for those who will come after us. The changes we are experiencing are going to take generations, and all we can really do is give them a chance and lay the foundations for a better future on the other side of this mess. Not that this work is unimportant -its vital -but the realization that you might never see the fruits of your labor is a little daunting.

BTW, I wrote a Trout Clan into my novel. ;-)

Dave said...

I gave up worrying about enlightening the masses. The truth is that 90% of humans are not inquisitive, thoughtful or forward-looking. They just want to eat, drink and be merry and live in blissful ignorance.

Sad to say, but in an apocalyptic scenario they will likely be toast. The enlightened ones might have a better chance, owing to their better preparedness. Their biggest challenge will be getting the unenlightened ones to behave in a civilized manner, a difficult challenge in a dire situation.

Those of us who have looked ahead and made preparations and wisely adjusted our lifestyles to conform to the new reality, or coming reality, deserve to enjoy the fruits of our prescience and effort. Unfortunately, our "rulers" and the unenlightened masses won't see it that way. We will be seen as selfish, hoarders, uncooperative, uncaring. We won't be seen as wise elders with guidance to offer, at least not for a few centuries.

It's a pretty grim thought, so I don't dwell on it. I go about my day to day affairs and enjoy life as much as possible. Whenever I eat a nice meal I imagine that someday in the future I'll reminisce about the good old days when I could eat such fine food. The movie Soylent Green often comes to mind at such times, as I recall how in the movie a mere spoonful of strawberry jam was a savored delicacy. When that day comes, at least I'll have memories of good food! "I remember when I was young, and you could walk into any grocery store and buy a steak for ..."

I wonder what it's like for young people today, people born less than 20 years ago. My childhood was idyllic compared to today. I occasionally catch a glimpse of old TV shows like The Andy Griffith Show, and honest to god, my childhood was closer to that show than it is to today. Today's youngsters have grown up in tumultuous times that are getting worse. They don't know anything else. I feel sorry for them. I feel grateful that I got to live during humanity's heyday.

I don't want to sound too dark here. There will be a future and if we work at it, the future can steadily improve. I don't know how long it might take us as a species to achieve utopia - maybe centuries, which won't do me any good. Unfortunately, the next couple of decades are going to be pretty rough.


Jacques de Beaufort said...
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Anonymous said...


My question is, if 'we' bail out the big 3, who will buy their products?

I say take the money we might use to keep these millions employed making dubious products for a disappeared marketplace, and put it into new and needed infrastructure. You're still employing people, you're just using the money in a more sensible fashion.


Anonymous said...

Btw, that Wordsworth guy, he's pretty good. He should publish his stuff.


Jacques de Beaufort said...
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mrs p said...

I agree..the rail industry! The big 3 need to go their employees not them. Opec and big oil should "rescue" them not us. The big 3 have held us back for decades with deception. No matter how much money you throw at that pit it will not matter. A waste. No more "Re-scue-ing" til after the collapse. mrsp

freeacre said...

I agree. The automaker CEO's should be shown the rack. Fuck 'em. Let it fall and then buy the factories for next to nothing and start making rail road cars.

Anonymous said...

freeacre -- yes, make railroad cars, etc. in the auto factories, but not until after they've been retrofitted or rearranged or something so they are not so inhumane. I toured the Ford Motor Rouge Plant many, many years ago and have never gotten out of my mind the utterly inhumane setting. Henry Ford was right about paying living wages, but very wrong about assembly lines and what they do to people.

But, that is not the only inhumane workplace, is it. So, maybe we need to use this crisis to re-think how we treat our workers and go from there.

RAS said...

Anonymous, I've worked a variety of jobs in my life and every one of them that was in the formal economy was inhumane in someway, usually several ways. We need to restructure the entire nature of work in this country. Of course, in a century or so most work will be agricultural again, so maybe the point is moot.

The talking heads are blaming GM's workers for its problems. It would be funny if it wasn't so pathetic.

Jacques de Beaufort said...
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Anonymous said...

"The truth is that 90% of humans are not inquisitive, thoughtful or forward-looking. They just want to eat, drink and be merry and live in blissful ignorance."

So true, Dave.

I'm a stranger in a strange land -an atheist in Salt Lake City, which means I can't express myself in any way, but I do listen to the people/co-workers around me. Their talk in the lunch room is of all things Mormon, Angelina Jollie, Idol, Survivor, NASCAR BFT's/SUV's, children, grandchildren, co-worker gossip, etc. There is no war. There is no election. There is no depression nor recession. They have absolutely no idea what's going on in the world and they stay clear of anything that will pull them away from their superficial lives. Geez, I just want to hurl -on them! But it was the same when I was living in Spartanburg, SC -i.e. Buckle of the Bible Belt. The big difference was that in SC, they're heavily armed and probably wouldn't think twice about blasting an atheist -to hell. Here it's more like "The Stepford Wives" -all of who want to have MORE children. Geez, as if we don't have enough sheeple on the planet earth.

Soilent Green? Shit, I bet those 99 cent Wendy's artery-clogging, death burgers ARE people. I mean, how do they get away with surving ground beef at such prices? It's gotta be people!

But hey, some good news today: stocks are down below 8000. Wooohooo! Maybe, just maybe, once TSRHTF (the shit REALLY hits the fan), these Mormom lemmings will wake up from the Matrix. Maybe.

Later -


freeacre said...

The Bubble does seem to be popping, doesn't it? I am semi-amused at the glum reports on the network news. Gee whiz, there seems to be a problem now that the fat cats are losing some money... funny, there wasn't a problem when the working people lost their jobs or the homeless started living under underpasses or people had to declare bankruptcy when their kid got sick, or the time after time that we lost our ass for some fucking reason beyond our control.
But, now, Brian Williams is apologizing that the news is so dire, right when I've got poverty down as practically an art form.
The bummer is that these numbnuts are going to take the rest of us down with them and probably suffer no consequences that would fit the crime. The whole congress is looking like FEMA.
Has anyone heard from Belgium lately?

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,

Haven’t read any of the last two posts, I have a lot of catching up to do?
For the last couple of weeks I have been in hospital with pneumonia. It started out as flu but the house doctor sent me the A&E (Emergency Room) and they wouldn’t let me go. Got out yesterday, good enough to leave hospital but still not 100%.


RAS said...

Get well soon, Belgium!
Has anyone heard from mf lately?

I'm surprised Brian Williams was apologizing. It seems to me like most of the pundits will still be blaming people for their own circumstances when the majority of us are living under bridges.

I heard on the radio this morning that some cops arrested a man at his father's funeral. They grabbed him and tasered him while HE WAS HELPING TO LOAD HIS FATHER'S CASKEST INTO THE HEARSE. Real nice time to do it, huh? And what's with tasering someone who has their hands full with a several hundred pound casket? Fascist pigs.

Anonymous said...

just saw that kaskari guy on the tube. hank the prank's side kick. has anybody at treasury got any hair? hell, they could just print some on their fat heads.

we're almost otta cash here so i'm headed to wash on my pri jet for a handout.

GWS B... p

Anonymous said...

Here's a little good news;

"Coroner Rules Taser Death Homicide

Randolph County Coroner Gerald Luntsford ruled late today the death of a Moberly man after being TASERed by Moberly Police was a homicide.

Police stopped 23-year-old Stanley James William Harlan while driving on August 28.

Police claim Harlan was resisting arrest for suspicion of drunk driving, so they employed the taser.

Harlan's family claims witnesses say Harlan was not resisting.

The coroner says a ruling of homicide means one person died at the hands of another, but does not imply any conclusions about criminal activity in the incident."

Belgium, glad to here you're up and about. My daughter in law has just had the same malady. She's home now, recovering , on oxygen.


freeacre said...

TWO WEEKS in the hospital?? Good grief, Belgium! Very happy to hear that you are better. You need to take it easy - despite the holidays. We all send lots of love your way, I am sure.

freeacre said...

RP, I wish I could remember your daughter-in-law's name. We enjoyed meeting her so much when we visited you in Montana. She was so sweet and charming. Our best to her as well. There sure seems to be a bad bug going around.
Let's all do the home remedies and Vicks, liquids, wash hands after being in public, cider vinegar & honey tonic,Zinc, vitamin C, etc. Take care of yourselves!! We gotta all get through this winter! Hot toddies for all!

Anonymous said...

Surprisingly little comment, either on the net or in the msm, regarding END THE FED activities slated for Saturday, anniversary of JFK assassination.

On a related topic, check out this three-part video of senate testimony on behalf of the Ohio militia. The guy is pretty cool, I think.

Freeacre, it's Devin and Mary. They got married last Bastille Day and moved to Missoula. She's doing better now, but she was really sick.


Anonymous said...

Damned if I didn't send without proof- reading the last comment! Don't EVER send without proof-reading the comment!

Here's the link;


Anonymous said...

"rumor mongoring is at the heart of our problem." quote some expert guru commentator on cnbc named, of all things... pundit. known around the campfire as... a dumbass! and thats being kind!

somebody could tell the guy... no, the prob is there is NO heart! but he wouldn't have a clue what they were talking about.

Hot toddies for all!

and pie. plenty of pie... p