Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Sun or the Son?

Recent photo of sun from space weather .com.

By freeacre

I was hoping for another coherent post, but this one might not prove to be it. Ras provided one last week. I have every confidence that Belgium will write a post pretty soon, and his are consistently thoughtful and well-documented. The Murphman usually cranks out something coherent. But this week he has been going to a blank page, sitting there - and nothing but empty thought bubbles are appearing above his head. So, then he switches over to Solitaire. He seems to be suffering from severe writer’s block.

It’s not that nothing is going on. Rather, it’s that too much is going on. We’ve got local politics, county politics, and national politics. Big issues like Health Care that are going to affect us all coming down to the wire. Taxes, refunds delayed, proposed regulations of the banking cartel, continuing real estate collapse and job loss, possible war with Iran in the works, and now flooding that follows the unusually high snowfalls in much of the country. But, is this what is grabbing my attention. No, not really.

Instead, I find myself perseverating on this dumbass e-mail I received from a neighbor telling me that if I consider myself a “real American,” I’ll be all concerned that we battle the forces that want to delete “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance, and while we are at it, defend the “in God We Trust” slogan on our money. Oh, yeah, and the message begins with a picture of “God” in the form of Jesus looking like a radiant man from Norway. She also sends me smug videos of Middle Eastern people getting blown up by our latest military weaponry, and does not seem to find any irony there. I wish there were a supplement one could take for “irony deficiency anemia.” I’d send her a lifetime supply.

And, since when is Jesus God, anyway? When I went to Lutheran confirmation classes back in the day, we were taught that one thing that all Christians adhere to is the Nicene Creed which, as I recall, begins, “I believe in God the Father Almighty, Maker of Heaven and Earth, and in Jesus Christ, His Only Son……” Get that? God, the Creator and His Son – Jesus. Now, it’s Jesus who is God. What ever happened to the Trinity? Has the State of Texas been re-writing the Bible, too? Have we dropped God from the Trinity like Thomas Jefferson, who wrote the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, was dropped from the Founding Fathers in the revisionist public school history books? “Move along, Citizen. Nothing to see here….”

Oh, and speaking of religion, how about the story of the pedophile Catholic priests that keeps metastasizing in country after country? It’s just outrageous. The Church seems to be the main institution that supports and abets the molestation of children on a systemic level. And, they continue to get away with it generation after generation. Why aren’t these perps in jail? Perhaps it is because the ones who hold power in the world are also in on the program. It’s almost too dark for me to get my mind around. Cognitive dissonance begins to kick in, and I find myself suddenly devoted to anything else other than betrayal. I daydream of an asteroid direct hit on the Vatican. Can’t help it.

I find myself turning to and the USGS earthquake sites twenty times a day for updates. I have read and re-read Clif High of Halfpasthuman’s report on the current “Sun Sickness” ( as well as his latest Shape of Things to Come. I have also returned to Geryl’s site How to Survive that is based on his rigorous investigation of the Mayan Long Count.
So, while my neighbor is intent on keeping “under God” in the pledge of allegiance, I am looking heaven-ward for divine intervention in the shape of thunderbolts of the Gods or a 7,000 ft. tsunami wave. Go figure.

I’ve seen some great documentaries this year like “Blue Gold – the New Water Wars,” “The Blue Cove,” “Food, Inc.,” “Farmer John,” etc, but the one that is haunting me most is “Symbols of an Alien Sky.” The discussion towards the end of the previous post included the sense of an idea sinking in - a moment of clarity that seems fleeting sometimes. I experienced one of those last night as I watched another good BBC nature documentary, “Nature’s Most Amazing Events.” It showed in gorgeous detail, the effect that the seasonal changes of the sun have on the food supply in the Pacific Ocean. It showed the suffering of the sea lions as they endured a harsh winter and waited for spring. Humpback whales going six months without food, then heading for Alaska and the plankton bloom that the sun would initiate in the Spring. The Sun awaking life in the oceans – plankton, little critters, then herring, and then sea lions, birds, dolphins, whales – all totally dependent on the energy generated by the Sun to provide sustenance, which it does in abundance.

As I watched the ocean turning green with life, I remembered that “Symbols” taught that all the original Gods were planets or suns. Suddenly the idea did not seem so far-fetched. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a god that was tangible and who actually did something, rather than a stupid slogan on a coin or a story that one had to take “on faith.” How about a Sun of immense size and power who arrives every morning and brings light, warmth, and life to this planet? And, if there is an electronic connection between all the bodies in the heavens, and if there is sentience as well (as quantum theory seems to be indicating), then it is not such a leap, after all, that the Sun might just be the Son after all.

Is this coherent? I don’t’ know. But, something seems to be settling in my mind that makes things seem to make sense to me in a way that they have never done before.


freeacre said...

Sorry, Guys, I didn't mean to interrupt the conversation with the new post. Just carry on ... good stuff.

Anonymous said...

irony deficiency syndrome... ha, ha, good one FA. lotta that goin 'round. now we have a buzz phrase for it. think of your neighbor yappin at ya as imprints talkin. won't make the jabber make more sense but somehow it explains it.

no way to interupt a snowball headed downhill.

hsw... 6000 years and the world's still flat. lotta that one still goin 'round too. think of it as imprints yap......

rp... got a 404 on the PC link.

incoherent? the wv starin at me is farsi. think of it as a turkey yap...

now thats incoherent! i'm done. roll me up and smoke me... p

rockpicker said...


Done? I'm looking at entedun!

Try this link, man. It's not supposed to work...but it did for me just now...


What the HELL is that friggin' malevolent cloud erupting from the sun's surface? I saw it just before coming here. They aren't saying too much about it over on spaceweather, and that is sorta worrisome. Except they did say that anomoly was something like 3600 earth diameters in length.

Holy, schamoly!!

Great rant. Go out after sunset tonight...moon's supposed to be a treat.

rockpicker said...

Because of the title of your post, Freeacre, I thought I would repost this Jordan Maxwell link. Check out the symbolism.

rockpicker said...

Hey, gang, here's a must see video over on global research, a speech given by John McMurtry, titled Why The Facts of 9/11 Are Suppressed. Transcript is available, as well.

How's that for synchronisity?

freeacre said...

Rockpicker, that picture is one I pulled off showing the CME that I have been concerned about. The effects were to arrive today and tomorrow. That's why I have been on edge regarding earthquakes. I'm quite sure that both Haiti and Chili jumped off after coronal emissions like this one. George Ure's Urban Survival has a chilling scenario today on what would happen in the event of the Pacific plate cracking in half.
I've got to catch up on those links. What was the one to the video of the USS Liberty? That was jaw-dropping, and could have implications to today. Wonder if the political overlords are being blackmailed around the death of JFK or 9/11, for instance.

Anonymous said...

Larissa/Lucretiasheart here~~

It's interesting that the Catholic church is imploding the way it is. According to Catholic prophesy, this current Pope is the LAST POPE, and the church itself is in its LAST DAYS. "Prophesy of Malachi"-- which incidentally matched the Fatima prophesies as well-- which say that this last Pope "will reign during the ultimate persecution of the Holy Roman Church." Indeed? And of the church's own making at that-- centuries of turning the other way while it's priests (and nuns) abused innocent children. The last leader of the Catholics is called in the prophesy "Peter the Roman" who will have much diminished power (from previous popes) but will bear witness to the Tribulations.

Just thought it was interesting! Not like I'm feeling sorry for the Catholic Church or anything. They dug their own damn grave. No sympathy from me.

I had a strange dream/vision about the sun over a year ago, and I still don't know what it means. Filaments were wrapped around the sun, and everything was oddly colored and extra bright. Not very reassuring, eh?

We are living in "interesting times."

rockpicker said...


The first documentary I saw on the USS Liberty attack was called "Loss of Liberty."

But I encourage you to google uss liberty and check out some of the material you find there. It's absolutely fucking unreal.

And then, look into the Rachel Corrie story. Again, unbelievable.

Hotspringswizard said...

You know Freeacre about my special spot in the desert mountains near our home were I built that big rock garden which I call the Crystal Oasis, well there is another desert spring area near there which I named Helios.

At that spot there is a single Red Willow tree and a large group of Desert Olive shrubs which have bright green one inch leaves and stand 10-15 feet tall. These things grow there because of the available water just below the surface of the ground. This patch of greenery provides a very striking contrast with the rocky and dry desert canyon which it is in.

We have Mother Earth and Father Sun. Thats the way I've thought about it since both provide for the things necesary for our lives. When I found that un-named spring mentioned above I wanted to name it after the sun. Then I saw somewhere that Helios meant the sun in greek, and I like that name.

So I think of the Crystal Oasis as my simple natures temple to Mother Earth, Helios representing Father Sun, and my circle symbols represent the creation and its beginning point, its origin. Just little things I do that remind me when I'm hiking out there of the magnificenc of the Cosmos, or is it the Cosmo :-) The scientist now know that what we are made of came from the suns themselves. Children of Stardust we are :-)

If you remember recently I mentioned my last dream, and suggested that maybe my next one would be about nuclear armegedon. So this evening I was watching free speech TV and a program came on and began by showing nuclear explosions and after a little bit of this imagery came the title of the show " The Strangest Dream ".
Hmmmm, they must have read my mind :-)

I wish I had high speed so I could keep up with that sun activity stuff. I'm dealing with turtle computer speed. Well I'm sure either Rockpicker or you Freeacre will let us know if the sun sends out something really big meaning barbeque time here on planet earth, then we can all go underground into our Hobbit Holes for saftey :-)

WV - Rualin, The name of the next Big Pharma drug that will make us forget all the bad JU JU!

freeacre said...

...just checked spaceweather. It seems that the CME that was supposed to reach us by the 18th either MISSED us or is going so slow that it will dissipate and hopefully not cause any problems. So, we're cool for now (knock wood).
It's interesting that you dreamed of filaments on the sun, Larissa. Yikes!

baz recon said...

What is this strange compulsion to write? Everyone else has it too, otherwise they wouldn't write! —freakin genius baz— One thing's fer sure, that picture of the Sun sure is the Jesus—son of God face, sure as close as you'll ever get anyhoos! and live to tittle 'but it !

AWESOME—BRILLIANT, kind of makes me feel small. Not insignificant—to the contrary, a tiny fragment gem-like refracting light and color ... and POWER! That's why us deserters call it solar power. The army of God baby. We shall survive (cue Cher ... and Sonny). Truly, squint and look close ... legions of ducks (angels) soaring and swirling ... quacking in unison — heavenly. Heath Ledger's there, to the left — hah gotcha!, just kiddin" — made yuh look though — huh?

Astrology is our earliest science, and yet encompasses mythology, elemental mysticism, so as not to entirely discount the unexpected answer.

wv: liesc

Shadowfax said...

Some writers suggest the "sun" in historical records was actually Saturn in a position above the north pole,with the "tree of life"reaching from Saturn(a brown dwarf at the time)to Earth's north pole,was a plasma discharge tube reaching the earth.
These theories are way out there but they explain a lot.
check out the God Star and Electric Universe

Hotspringswizard said...


The above article discusses ideas of the nature of our predicament, and thoughts on resistance to the system of the PTB.

I have been thinking about the concept of natural selection and evolution. In nature traits of behavior and physical manifestations of your structure are the properties which determine survival and the continuance of your species, your progeny.

With the higher forms of animals this reality is somewhat altered. More complex brains create behaviors that are contrary to actions done strictly for survival.
But in the end, what survives is what is most " successful " at surviving.

So I think of all the corruption in this world, all the vile lying and deceit by the " elites " as we call them. Our ideas derive from concepts we hold, morals, ethics, values, standards the we have developed which cause us to disdain the actions of these people who break all of these " rules " that we see as the " right " way people should live.

But when a lion attacks its prey, its strictly about the survival of that lion, and its progeny, its species, its form of living matter.
There is no right or wrong about it, there is no saddness about the killing of another living being. The lions pardigm of life does not involve these things.

So in terms of strict natural selection, in terms of more successful survival, the elites way of conducting themselves is more apt to provide for the continuance of themselves, and their progeny, because they garner for themselves the most resources, the most power against what might threaten them. In terms of natural selection, they are thriving, and their conduct of not following the " rules " is actually a benifit towards this end.

For myself, ethics and morals are vitaly important to what makes my life worth living, but I can see that in terms of the essence of what strict survival means, these complex ideas are a detriment when compared to those entities which you compete against for survival, who do not follow these same rules.


Hotspringswizard said...

For the elites, it is to their benifit regarding their survival that " we " have rules, while they don't. One only needs to look at what the elites do to know that they care not about the higher minded rules of ethics created by humans.

But even though it looks like the elites are more successful in terms of natural selection, when I think of whether the human species is showing itself to be successful regarding its own ability as a whole to survive, I see an organism that is quickly destroying the very things that provide for its greater survival. Our complex minds create all of these travails we endure, and in terms of longer term survival, it looks to me like the human mind as a product of evolution, a unique feature of our form, is showing itself to be an attribute which will ultimately devastate our chance for future continuance and survival as a species, and will show that it is a failed mutation, in terms of natural selection.

In my perspective, we humans are just another part of the larger kingdom of living things. We are differant in form and action in our various ways but other than that we are not set apart or more " special " than the rest. The above discussion makes me think that the elites are following in truer form the basic mechanism of action regarding natural selection. But I can never live or act like them, because for me, it would take away all the things which make my life " feel " worthwhile. I realize that valueing things like honesty, integrity, compassion, ethical behavior and concepts like that while not be the most benificial mannerisms towards be a successful survivor against those who don't follow these tenants, but I know that for my inner sense of feeling my life is worthwhile, that is the path I must follow.

So I think the above has alot to do with why we have to struggle so much with the corrupt elites and all they do. We are trying to follow rules of ethical and moral behavior and they are not beholden to these same rules, even though they do present the made up facade that they value these same standards.

This is part of why I think that doing what you can for yourself and your loved ones locally is where you energies are best spent. The great pervasivness of corrupt behavior is never going away, and as conditions worsen, it will become more pronounced, since in times of immense difficulty, the survival insticts increase.

I will hold true to what I might call my humanity as best I can, at my simple level of living, and do my best to share these values with those around me. But I would suggest that problems of human action that we complain about are not going away, ever, so don't expect there will be, somewhere down the road some grand awakening of humanity to holding the ideas of goodness, since history shows, that thru time, the aggressive and ruthless ones willing to break all the " rules " are the ones who generally rise to the " top " to take for themselves the most " power/influence " and resources.

Its not the way we would wish it to be, but thats the way it is.

rockpicker said...


You raise some great points there. Can't wait to here what P has to say.

Considering the pride of lions scenario; the individuals in the group rely on instinct and 'learning' through experience how best to meet their immediate needs. But I doubt if they are 'species aware', or can mull over options for efficient species promotion.

Like the lower beasts, the 'elites' among us appear to have no concept of the soul, or have traded any hopes for the afterlife for creature comforts here and now. That is why they are driven by base, reptillian motivations, like greed and sexual perversion. And that is why this society's higher values are constantly threatened and perverted. The attributes of 'the light' must be destroyed and replaced with a paradigm more in keeping with existential hedonism.

Honestly, a scan of the latest news is like a study of Hieronymous Bosch's paintings.


time for me to take mine

rockpicker said...

More synchronisity.

The author of the eye-witness account describing Israel's deliberate attack on the USS Liberty during the six-day war titled "What I Saw That Day," Phil Tourney is interviewed, along with a former director of the U.S. Army War College, in a show called "US Military Knows Israel Did 911", here:

This is a must.

freeacre said...

Shadowfax,yes! That's the same bunch of stuff that's got me so fascinated and changing my whole cosmology. I never had much sympathy for how people could imagine a "jealous" or cruel God who would be destructive, etc. until I understood the god as being Saturn throwing "thunderbolts" and creating earthquakes and volcanoes and such. If our sun begins doing the same kinds of things we'd be probably be changing our tune as well! By the way, spaceweather has a new picture up of a HUGE prominence that is whirling around right now on the sun. Could dissipate or could erupt. Stay tuned.

Pangolin said...

Every try to move a big mattress when the handles have come off? It's all big and slick and heavy and smooth at the same time? That's what life has been like lately. There's this very large problem that we can all see but nobody seems to be able to get a grip on it to shift it.

I'm there with Murph looking at the blank spot.

v'word: a-chowce, blind choice? what are the options?

Shadowfax said...

freeacre,Yes I just checked out spaceweather,I love their description

A prominence with double rotational vortex motion....sounds like a Birkeland plasma current to me!This is actually current flowing to the sun,not some "explosion" from the supposed fusion machine inside the sun.This does imply unfortunatly that our sun might not be as stable as we would like!'since it is powered from the Milky Way Galaxy at large.I still prefer an Electric Sun.

Shadowfax said...

Further on Electric Universe.
This also means...there is no such things as..Black holes,Dark Matter,or Dark Energy or the Big Bang!.These are all theories to try to explain that gravity is the only force holding galaxies and solar systems togther.
We live in a wonderful interconnected electric universe that is not flying apart faster and faster.
Yeah...the redshift explanation is bogus as well.

freeacre said...

Yup. I don't know diddly about physics, but a friend was just telling me today about this brilliant astrophysicist who said that the red shift was bogus. So, basically, he was thrown out of the country - no university would let him teach in this country. Now he's working at the Max Planc laboratory in Germany or something. My friend also says that our sun has an orbital relationship with Sirius (and a couple of other smaller stars).
There is so much to learn and so many wonders all around us - and our dumbassed culture is fixated on money. What a tragic waste.

月亮 said...

I love readding, and thanks for your artical.........................................

rockpicker said...

It occurred to me that if we want to prevent another senseless and brutal attack by the blood-thirsty fascists who claim to represent us, we could employ no better tactic than to announce the pre-requisite false-flag, and explain its use and necessity for legitimizing said 'retailiatory' strike.

If everyone is tipped off, and expecting the next concocted 'terrorist event,' the administration may decide not to risk using that strategy.

Paul Craig Roberts has a piece up on Rense today called "Expect False Flag Attack Before War On Iran." Read it here:

By repeating this far and wide, and encouraging everyone you know to look into this history of false flags for themselves, we can actually make it impossible for the PTB to keep using this tactic.


I've said this on here before, but it bears repeating. Gen. Benton K. Partin gives a fantastic power point presentation on the Oklahoma City bombing that is absolutely a must, in order to understand the depths of depravity in to which these monsters in Washington have sunk. That speech is here:

I think Roberts' warning should be on everyone's minds now, as the 9/11 truth movement backs the truly guilty, and dangerous, rats into their corner. It was only a matter of time, but time is running out, and desperate men do desperate things.

It's curious, the rift developing between Israel and the US, just when the PTB are preparing to hit Tehran. Very unfortunate timing, I must say. Throw in the sex scandals plaguing the Catholic Church and one might almost suspect divine intervention.

And then, of course, there is the Sun...

or...Ms. P?

freeacre said..., I never thought of it before, but "mrs.p" could stand for Mrs. Pie! That would be cool.
A large coronal mass ejection just occurred today on the backside of the sun. You can see a video of it on Also, tonight is the Northern sky equinox. May get out the drums and have an equinox party. Got people coming over for homemade California rolls, wine, drinks, shrimp salad, etc. Supposed to be clear. Time to get "seriusly" loaded.

rockpicker said...

Contemplating the Artist Caught Red-Handed

We arrived home flushed with the day
to find him hooting up a mouser's moon,
two poles away, hunched against a final smudge
of light. He perched so still, I wondered, plastic?
You whispered, 'so skilled a rendition of terror
one must heed.' I hooted, too, in yellow gloom.
And off he came, low over lilacs, in a whoosh
of wings. We thrilled in his twilight blessing.

Days later, I collected his broken fluff
under spruce boughs in the children's park.
I sat in a swing, dragging lines in sand,
and pressed the tips of his talons into my thumbs.

Across brown grass, past the aqua crater
of the wading pool, a wooden seesaw
weather-checks in sun. Lives lept from
seldom are remounted, or redone.
In this time of fallen heroes,

the kids have painted an American flag
on the concrete block outhouse beside the library.
Hands dipped in paint and pressed suggest
an aggressive future foreign policy.
I count sixty-seven stars. One flares fire-engine red.

-fo Oldensoul

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

Hey guys you have to check this out – on the subject of corporations influencing politics.
It is a hoot – the best laugh I have had for months; read all three pages. And also see the Regie Perin clip on the link right at the bottom of page 1.

rockpicker said...

And, on the subject of tax-exempt endowments and foundations influencing education in order to implement their own agendas, here is a link to a transcript of Edward Griffin's famous interview with Reece Committee director of research, Norman Dodd. Pretty damned interesting...

I've been asked to give a short presentation on the subject of seed saving and the Svalbard Seed Vault. I've been given five minutes for my report, which is about the time it would take to relay to an audience what website URL's they should go to to do their own research.

The guy who started Seed Savers, Kent Whealy, had been deposed, and the people who took over belong to the Bill Gates/David Rockefeller/Monsanto/Syngenta camp. They are the big names and money behind the 'Doomsday Seed Vault.' Guess what they're up to. Clue, it has to do with food, and it has to do with MONEY.

If you haven't come across this story yet, you can check it out from the horse's mouth, here:

Freeacre, how's your head this morning?

I called up an owl last night when we got home, and he flew right to the blue spruce in our front yard, parked in the top branches and serenaded us. It was a way cool way to usher in spring...

baz recon said...

maybe an explanation ... of sorts, even confession — for whatever it's worth, ah KISS the PTB's butt. In an increasingly technologically complex world, politics remain the same—deceit (standard fare), false promises never quite delivered as pontificated. Indeed, more often designed / deployed as a decoy devised to ‘occupy’ ... our thoughts, energies, lives, all the while our adversaries (the real one's) are industriously implementing the ‘changes’—haha, fooled again!

Yeah so, I stay out of range — out of harm's way, as any damned fool would be wise to inaugurate in perilous times [such as these]. To be forewarned is to be forearmed—can't touch me. Yeah preemptive view of what's coming down the turnpike—the domain. Simplistic?—sure, why the hell not given the circumstances. Do you want to survive ?

Then refuse to be befuddled by X1000 derivative shorts pegged to the go$d standard killing innocents in places you've never ever heard of, let alone seen. Your karmic wheel will feel so much better for it — regardless of knowledge of it! Their blood still cries out from the earth, conjoined with freshly raped souls today, and tomorrow, so pathetic selfish privileged ignorants can LIVE.

Learn another way—learn how to live, and not just be part of the problem. Just another motherfucker shareholder in Go$dCorp attempting to be that which you allegedly despise. Hah, who you foolin'? Yourself! Grounds for whinging? And no crying 'but it either.

Sun of God—really only wanted to post this > with an intro: (probably Asperger's)

“Wherever the standard of freedom and independence has been or shall be unfurled, there will her [America's] heart, her benedictions and her prayers be. But she goes not abroad in search of monsters to destroy.”

~ John Quincy Adams (1767-1848)

wv: ressi — resist, albeit bit scrambled and missing a T-junction, otherwise italian dish.

wv2 umshlum — sounds jewish.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

Just checking in guys but without much to say on topic. It seems it's not just irony amnesia that is going around. I told you earlier that I had the beginning and end of a post idea but the middle bit has just been white speech bubbles i am afraid. I have been trying to kick start the brainbox by not thinking about it and letting the process of slow osmosis take over but now it looks like I will have to get the starting handle out of the trunk. I have a few ideas for subjects but that's not enough to fill a post. Let's see what I can pull out of the bag shortly.

rockpicker said...


Maybe watching this will help.

Hotspringswizard said...

The Health Care Hindenburg Has Landed

The above article pretty much sums up what I think about the passing of the so called " Health Care Reform " bill. Dennis Kucinich rolls over after his ride in Airforce One!

freeacre said...

Chris Hedges may be right about the Health Care Hindenberg. But, just for now at least, I'm going to attempt an exercise in entertaining the possibility (not hope) that this very flawed bill may eventually lead to something that will be an improvement. Maybe the insurance companies will be given enough rope to hang themselves as they raise rates and continue to be greedy bastards. Maybe then it will be tweaked to include a single payer non-profit aspect. I dunno. I sure don't think a perfect change could have been accomplished, given the political realities. If it is true that we do, indeed, co-create our reality, then we should at least keep the notion in there that something better can evolve out of this.
If we only see the worst possibilities everywhere we look, we may just make it impossible for anything else to manifest. I don't want to deny the bad. But, I also don't want to deny the good. So, I'm going to suspend judgment until I get a better grasp of what is going on.

Hotspringswizard said...

Here is a new article about Geo-Engineering which includes an interview with my brother ( Dane ),

What in the World Are They Spraying? Part II....

Our skies in the So Cal High Desert were completely covered today with plane trails and a hazy cloud cover created by these trails. Without them the skies would have been blue. These kinds of days are becoming much more common in recent years. What could be causing all of these manmade clouds is discussed in the above article.

Anonymous said...


It was bad here today. Started out blue, but south and west of town they were spraying, and by afternoon the skies were white.

It diffuses sunlight so the sky around the sun is too bright to look at. Not just the sun itself. All around the sun, the sky is so bright it almost takes two hands to block the sun. When you do block out the main source of light, what you see wafting overhead in the immediate vicinity of the sun is a light blue haze, like smoke from a distant fire.


freeacre said...

We woke up to five chemtrails overhead this morning. Blue sky turned cloudy as usual. I'm going to have to pay more attention to what the sun looks like.
I sent that link, Hot Springs, to several people, including the head of our local Sierra Club. Your brother is doing really good work. It is truly disturbing.
Another incredible poem, Rockpicker. Thank you.
Might as well acknowledge some good news, for once... looks like Pres. Obama recalled those bunker buster bombs tagged for Israel. Let's pray for his safety. Pres. Kennedy didn't fare so well after he tried to call off the Bay of Pigs Invasion (which I always thought was aptly named).

Anonymous said...

Freeacre; I read one account that said Obama got pissed off about Netanyahu's bully attitude and ordered the bunkerbusters, which were in transit to Israel, to be re-scheduled for delivery to Diego Garcia. I have yet to see confirmation of this anywhere else. Statement I read was printed March 20. Rense never mentioned it on last night's show, though international politics were discussed. This, I think, might be a big f**king deal.


Anonymous said...

My God, is the mainstream beginning to tell the truth...?

"The Washington Post laid the blame for the crisis squarely on President Obama, whom it accused of treating Netanyahu "as if he were an unsavory Third World dictator, needed for strategic reasons but conspicuously held at arms length." "


rockpicker said...

Here's a link to an interesting explanation for earthquake clouds.

I've noticed these earth transient clouds, but no one could offer an adequate explanation of there genesis until this.

Anonymous said...

Noticed your site on Smoking Mirrors. I like it. It is always good to have another campfire.

murph said...

Welcome Dublin Mick,

Am I to presume this is Dublin Ireland you are writing from?

Didn't realize we got a link from Smoking Mirrors.

Comments are welcome.

Anonymous said...

No it is just a nick. I am in Florida. I have been in your area, traveled to the top of Mount Baker and got a glimpse of Rainier. It is beautiful country.

Nice article on the sun. You know many of the ancient tribes recognize the value of the sun. The present day Luddites look down on the ancients and presume they were backward because they thought the sun actually meant something. Evolution is seems to going backwards now days.

The dog poet hit it dead on this morning.

"You have to bob and weave in the opposite direction and not collide with the people going the other way. You have to know better than to tell them the bridge is out up ahead because at least you get the finger and maybe a beer can in the head."

I linked you on my blog

rockpicker said...

Just stumbled into part 2, What In The World Are They Spraying?

And here's a site from 2003. Check this out, and compare it with what you know now.

rockpicker said...

Here's a link to part 1 of that same article series.

-wv redamm

Anonymous said...

I think it was a link on a site that is linked at Smoking Mirrors. I try and read some of the dog's links also.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium (FB)

Dublin Mick, was it me on Twelfth Bough or over at Nobody's place, I try to slip in a mention to the TC Campfire whenever it seems relevant or even when it doesn't. How you found us is not important, now you are here is all that matters, make yourself welcome.

stoney13 said...

Writer's block eh? I can relate!

Been a a blind funk for the last month, and haven't been spending much time with the computer with all the spring cleaning and yard work.

Today I've been having LOTS of fun! It seems the skunk who has been eating with the cats decided to move in under the porch. At some time in the past few weeks, a blessed event occurred, and we've been blessed with six baby skunks! During there first sorry outside of the nest, they discovered the basement door I left open.

Not understanding the cats' friendly curiosity about her new brood, Mama skunk obviously felt threatened when the cats followed her into the basement, and responded in the manner of skunks. Now spring cleaning has a sense of urgency! *sigh*!