Monday, May 24, 2010

The Last Ones


Who were the last ones? How did they feel?
The last of the European monolith builders, those
Gentle women who built the round stone houses,
Knew the herbs, nursed the villagers to health with
Full and wondrous breasts full of life and love for their people…
Who were the Last Ones?

Or the Hopi people, watching the exodus from the cliffs, leaving
Behind the dwellings carved by the fathers of tens of generations.
Deserted by the animals and the grasses that had
Been their hope and the Gods that had been their life.

Or the followers of the Pharaoh Amenhotep IV - those gentle believers of only one great and good and omnipotent God who was the source of love and grace and beauty and peace. And when the vulgar hordes took over, and the last devotee turned his eyes to the likeness of Nefertiti in despair, what did he say to his children?

Or how about the Essenes, so pure of heart and intention that all the women were called virgins and all the men were brothers. So smart and visionary that they called for the Son of God Himself to teach once again that we are all one.

What were the arguments used against them? That their messages were impractical? That their methods were ineffective? That their leaders must be replaced with those who were more effective, more ruthless, more efficient, more sophisticated, better financed?

Suppose we consult the few remaining Children of the Earth who still keep in touch with the Great Spirit, or the Aboriginal people or the American Transcendentalists. What do we say to our children and neighbors? That we have never been good at defending ourselves? That these staggeringly vulgar and dense morons just don’t “get it”? That we’ll come back someday – born again in a new land and repeat the message in a new language and that maybe next time they’ll listen?

I know that if I were to ask the Dali lama, “How do you live with the despair and failure?” he’d advise me to calm down, take a breath, turn within, and contemplate the nature of Impermanence.

But, I cannot live with this happening again. The darkness must be kept back this time. I must sit down between the battle lines and inform each warring faction that the At-one-ment is at hand.

This time, let’s make our sense of separation from the Earth and from each other impermanent. I do not want to walk this path again.

I wrote that piece a good ten years ago while I was a practitioner in the Carson City Church of Religious Science. Happily, they were able to support me despite my variance with the usual metaphysical happy talk. I will always be grateful to those lovely people.

I hearken back to it now because once again, this seems like the End of Days. We anticipated the real estate crash, and the depletion of resources. We have mitigated these events by getting out of debt, reducing our expenditures, stocking up on food and supplies, raising vegetables, chickens, and rabbits. We have reached out to our local community, joined the Grange, got very involved with local politics, and created our cyber campfire. The tribe of people that have gathered here provides each other with good information and emotional support in this challenging time. Once again, I am grateful for the people who have opened their hearts and minds to us and to each other.

But, I have to admit, that I did not imagine the cascade of disasters that seem to be hitting us all at once. The Oil Catastrophe, the “Sun Sickness,” the death of the fisheries, the ruination of the corral reefs, real possibility of nuclear exchange, and the dire predictions of Patrick Geryl regarding 2012, have got me identifying with that woolly mammoth found frozen in the ice with a mouthful of petrified grass.

Mike Ruppert told the secessionists in Vermont that it is prudent to make plans to do without the federal government because it is about to fall apart anyway and we cannot count on help from it at any rate. Go to his website and view the video of his address to them. He pulls no punches. (Act II From the Wilderness)

It seems to me that almost all the countries of the world are falling victim to the malfeasance of the Central Banks and financiers much as the turtles, fish, and wetlands are about to be snuffed by the oil spreading out in the waters and onto the shores. God only knows what the natural gas that accompanies the oil will do to the air. There is very little information on it anywhere.

Can it get any worse? Well, yeah…. It seems that tremendously large magnetic filament that we’ve been watching on the sun has just erupted, and a large coronal mass ejection should be arriving on earth Wednesday or Thursday. Don’t actually know if it will just be a super light show in the sky over Canada, or whether it will disrupt the electrical grid. Better fill up the gas tank, just in case the pumps don’t work at the end of the week. Oi vey…. Just in time for the beginning of hurricane season.

So, I guess it’s little wonder that my mind is turning to saying goodby to all that I know and love, even as I plant marigolds, basil, lavender, yellow pear tomatoes, Easter Egg radishes, and my new Trail of Tears beans, to name just a few.

Thank Heavens for gardens. Their very nature demands that you envision that there is a future and that these amazing plant people are going to take their place in it. The little chicks are running around outside now while the older ones are digging holes and taking luxurious dust baths. The rabbits seem content to munch grasses and watch the goings on around them. The rooster, Big Red, continues to escort each of his ladies into the hen house to lay her egg and celebrate with her when the deed has been accomplished.

Murph is stacking wood (got eight cords so far) and tanning hides. I’m sitting here roasting meat for the dog and trying to come to terms with it all. I guess some things don’t change.



Anonymous said...

~ Hey freeacre!!

I cry a little every night I watch the news of the unfolding horror in the Gulf. It's so awful. Even if my husband had dreams of this for over 20 years, it still seems shocking.

Speaking of which..! I don't know if there's anything to it, but I wanted to give you a head's up just in case:

Last couple of weeks, I, Jen and the hubby have all started dreaming actively again, just like before the Swine Flu. This time, Jen saw some sort of massive explosion east of Mt. Hood (volcanic eruption? bomb? not clear...) followed by scenes of people in Portland area stunned by really bad news. She just walked up to me at work one day and told me this, though I had not told her dreams had started up for us as well.

As for "Gerick," he got a vision of a single date: June 6th, 2010. He's the only one of us able to pinpoint dates, but he wasn't sure what the date was about-- just "something big."

As for me, I've been having mixed dreams that aren't clear yet. I think I prefer not to know sometimes and wake myself up before the important stuff comes and I need to stop being such a coward.

I'll be calling you soon. ((HUGS))

freeacre said...

Hi, Lucretia! It's funny you should mention active dreaming again. George Ure, of Urban Survival, has been saying much the same thing, and also encouraging people to share their vivid dreams. Here's a quote from today:
"Now that we're up and collecting dreams over at The National Dream Center a very curious this has come along - different people having similar dreams."
So, I'd encourage you and Gerrick and Jen (and anybody else who is having vivid, meaningful dreams)to go to the National Dream Center and add yours to the mix. If memory serves, June 6 was a portentious date from Half Past Human as well. But, now they have updated it to June 18, I believe. Anyway, big "doin's" in store.
We've got to be at the Grange Farmers Mkt. on the 5th, but maybe sometime around then you guys could come over and visit us again. Sure enjoyed all of you last time. Maybe the summer solstice?

rockpicker said...


I went to spaceweather to read about the filament eruption and could find no trace. Found this mention on godlikeproductions:


An eruption in the long filament channel in the northern hemisphere (the center of the channel is located around N20W10) was detected by SOHO/EIT starting from 17:00 UT on May 23. It was accompanied by extended coronal dimmings and a post-eruptive arcade. An associated long-duration B1.4 flare peaked at 18:43 UT. At the moment of writing the LASCO data is not available, so it is impossible to determine if the eruption was accompanied by a halo CME. However, the associated CME was detected by SECCHI/COR2 onboard both STEREO spacecraft starting from 17:54 UT. The estimated CME plane-of-the-sky speed is around 350 km/s.Due to the position of the CME source region across the central meridian (as seen from the Earth) and angular extent of the CME crossing the ecliptic plane, we expect the corresponding ICME to arrive to the Earth late on May 26 - early on May 27. According to the SOHO/MDI and SOHO/EIT data, the configuration of the resulting magnetic cloud could be NWS, i.e. the southward interplanetary magnetic field is situated at the rear part of the cloud. Therefore, the resulting geomagnetic disturbance will probably not be above the K = 6 level. Currently the Earth is inside the slow (310 km/s) solar wind flow with weak (2-3 nT) interplanetary magnetic field magnitude. The geomagnetic conditions will remain quiet in the coming hours.

Last night I had a semi-coherent dream in which I was analysing the lyrics to Sounds of Silence. The line I remember reciting was:

And the sign said, "The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls
And tenement halls."

No idea why. Woke myself up singing though.

rockpicker said...

More bad news on the oil volcano:

rockpicker said...

" “All the lies that are fit to print...” on their banner would be more apropos. Seems someone is treating the demon children at GS with kid gloves."


Hotspringswizard said...

Regarding Rockpicker's link to the " Monkeyfister " info, thanks for that and it confirms what I had been feeling after seeing the irregularities of the live video feed over the weekend. I had been thinking that something differant must be going on down there. The gusher to me also looked like it had grown.

To me they should be showing live feeds of both leaks all the time. I never see them showing ( on the MSM ) the leak very often at the well head itself. With BP controlling everything at this point, its no wonder that they would rather just show one leak, to make the problem seem like less than it really is.

The info at Monkeyfister sure is ominous. The live feed on the MSM this morning is taken from a differant vantage point than I've seen before, looking from a ways above the gusher down at it, and the immenating oil looks to be coming from a blown out pit of sorts, a hollow that could have been created by the events described at Monkeyfister.

On another subject, that picture of the Chemtrail freeacre, was that taken above where you live? Maybe someone sent it to you. My brother tried to add a comment to the Trout Clan last evening, but he does not have a Blogger account and had trouble getting his comment posted. I told him this morning to just send me his comment and I would post it.

Michael Ruppert did a recent talk in Vermont on 5-13-10 and I viewed it yesterday ( 80 minutes long ). I found out our local library has wireless available which is good to know since at home I'm dealing with dialup. Ruppert discussed quite a bit the Collapse Net project that should be up and running soon. There will be a monthly fee involved to join. Looks like a good endeavor though I don't see signing up for it since I feel I get plenty of info that I need off of many other free sites.


Hotspringswizard said...

One thing about Ruppert, he needs to give it a rest about his feeling that he has been " 80% right " in all of his past prognosticians. Even if that were true, which I have my doubts about realistically, it just to me comes of as arrogance for him to have to keep bringing that up over and over. If he gets his predictions right, people will get it, and they don't need to be constantly reminded of it.

Also Ruppert projects an air that he is the leader in anything thats going on in regards to understanding the direction things are going, and in what things people can do to make preperations for collapse. Ruppert has done alot of great work, no doubt, but the way I see it there are lots of people and groups around the world that get the big picture, and also realize the types of things they need to do to try and cope with the massive changes that are occuring now, and those that will occur in the future. There lots of people out there that have as much capability as Ruppert in understanding the evolving world scenarios, and are able to develop reasonable and well thought out coping plans.

I've talked with my brother about this too, and he knows people that have had dealings with Ruppert, who also concur that he definitely projects arrogance at times. For example, in his newly released " Collapse " documentary there was no input in it from any other people. It was just Ruppert telling everything from his point of view. That illustrates to me his arrogant side.

Now take a documentary on similiar isues like " What a way to go ". In it there were contributions from many differant people, describing their thoughts of what is occuring from their individual perspectives. Its like in collapse Ruppert just wants to shine the limelight strictly on himself, like here I am, I am the guy who understands this collapse stuff the best, and I am your leader in you understanding what its about, and what to do.

To me the documentary " What a way to go " shows by its content that its creators felt that many opinions and ideas are important, and that no " one " person knows it all. Its about the idea that these complex evolving and grave times will be best understood and dealt with by bringing together the thoughts of many caring, thoughtful and intelligent people. Any progress we can hope for toward meeting these challenges will be about people working together and showing appreciation for the fact that we are all just part of the process.

To me Freeacre and Murph show this kind of attitude and approach. I appreciate their manner of showing consideration for others thoughts and feelings about a wide range of subjects. We all have differant things to contribute, and diversity of thinking will always bring better understanding than what you could derive from just a few people, or one persons musings and ideas.

freeacre said...

Glad to have you back from out of town, Rockpicker. We missed you. Good links, thanks.

Hot Springs. Yeah, that's a chem trail over our house. Should have labeled it. I'm sorry your brother couldn't log on. I just use the "name/url" part. It seems I can never log onto sites using the darn Google account. And, yes, Ruppert can come off as an arrogant, navel-gazing jerk sometimes. I don't think he's even stored up so much as a can of Campbell's soup, for one thing. And, his dismissal of John MIchael Greer as a "new kid" that he didn't have time to read, was just stupid. But, in spite of his flaws, we would not be here without him, so I remain grateful to him.

Hotspringswizard said...

The MSM has just reported that BP has stated that the live video of the Oil Volcano will be discontinued during the Top Kill process they will attempt.

Its beyond criminal what is going on, with BP left to do as it wishes regarding this monumental national eco disaster. There is absolutely no reasonable reason why BP shouldn't or can't show everything thats going on down there at the leak site, 24-7. Its also just reported that there are actually twelve differant live video feeds.

So in truth do they want to hide the fact that they won't really do the Top Kill after all, because of new developments like those seen in the Monkeyfister info ( a well casing that may have been circumvented ), or they don't want the public to see the results if everything goes terribly wrong and the process blows the wellhead.

And lately the talk of getting some independent experts in there to get a more accurate accounting of just how much oil is leaking seems to have gone away. Could it be that the leaking oil has perhaps increased so much that citing realistically just how gargantuan the gusher volumes are would be just too ugly a truth to reveal.

And out in the rest of the world, it appears that things in general are coming apart at the seams at a quickening pace. Speaking of dreams, all these dire realities are one I wish I could wake up from!

Hotspringswizard said...

Freeacre, regarding Greer, I consider his ideas very highly. I also have alot of respect for the fact that he gives a feedback response to most of the comments posted at his site. I think thats a great way that he shows appreciation of other peoples ideas and feelings.

Anonymous said...

It's bad but we have to keep gardening. Beautiful post freeacre, you truly are an old soul.

Scrap Wood

rockpicker said...

Scrap Wood;


An Act of Extraordinary Courage Observed While Planting Tomatoes

Angry Raven
banked in black
over legumes
and lit behind
the chokecherry,
at the back shed's eave.
He paced the peak
and garbled
a throaty protest.
I ignored his peeve.
Shadows stretched
like cats across beds.
Welcomed shade turned chill.
There was squash to plant, still.
Raven crowed brave
from safe spruce,
gawked quizzical from crab.
Nerve enough or calculated ire
worked him into swoop
and grab. A defining clack
of black claws scraping plastic
told the truth. Mute owl,
on his guarding post,
perched moot.

rockpicker said...

Hey, Hotsprings, your brother's a celebrity!

rockpicker said...

This from Cyptogon:

IG Report: Methamphetamine Use by Interior Department Staff
May 25th, 2010

Via: AP:

"Staff members at an agency that oversees offshore drilling accepted tickets to sports events, lunches and other gifts from oil and gas companies and used government computers to view pornography, according to an Interior Department report alleging a culture of cronyism between regulators and the industry.

In at least one case, an inspector for the Minerals Management Service admitted using crystal methamphetamine and said he might have been under the influence of the drug the next day at work, according to the report by the acting inspector general of the Interior Department.

The report cites a variety of violations of federal regulations and ethics rules at the agency’s Louisiana office. Previous inspector general investigations have focused on inappropriate behavior by the royalty-collection staff in the agency’s Denver office..."

mrs p said...

Yes an old soul, beautiful post. I watched Avatar last night, at home, hubby saw it previously in Three-D at a theatre said it was insane. I liked it better than Hurt Locker even though it's an altogether different kind of film. The "energy" of the Mother Earth is certainly boiling right now. It's all very sad and we get all chocked up when we see that BP oil in the marshlands and the pelicans covered in oil. Yes we do have to keep gardening. Sickens us though that those who were hired to protect the flora and fauna don't really give a ratz ass. Dispicable monsters! There is no safe deep water drilling, never has been. We're really messing with the planet in a suicidal way. Unreal these days were in. Trout Clan<--Last of the Mohicans.

SingColleen said...

Beautiful re-post, and nice addition to it!

@rockpicker: Thank you for the link - we haven't gotten to verify it other places yet, but monkeyfister certainly shows us what we all fear and suspect may be the truth. I mean, we know for certain that BP/TransOcean/Halliburton are not going to reveal the true scale of the disaster lest they be held fully accountable.

@"Scrap Wood" - YES. I know longer know whether the incremental changes we are making at home will do anything to change the world, but we do find solace in doing meaningful work.

Hotspringswizard said...

Rockpicker, I'll have to check out that YouTube tomorrow when I can get by the library to use the wireless high speed they have there. Thanks for the link. I went to the address and as an example of my dialup's blinding speed it download about 4 seconds of video in about 10 minutes :-) I did see in the thumbnail photos for the two video's to the right that it does show my brother at his home in Northern Cal. He said he is going to send a comment to me tomorrow to post here.

Regarding the spewing oil, tonight on CNN they said that because of lots of pressure from various sources that BP has reversed its decision to kill the live video feed during the Top Kill procedure. Like it should even be BP's decision in the first place!

rockpicker said...

This short clip concerning the aerial spraying is even better, as it is less emotional and shows a lot more evidence.

Hotsprings, my compliments to your brother and his friends. I'll be sending them a check.

Good on 'em.

freeacre said...

Thanks, Guys, for the kind sentiments.
Great trailer for your brother's movie, Hot Springs. Looking forward to his comment. Didn't realize the effect the chem trails are having on organic plants - and the GMO aluminum resistant seeds. That is infuriating.
The only "hope" is that the predictions in the last HPH report come to pass and all the reptilian plans will not be able to be implemented.
I notice a 6+ earthquake on the mid-Atlantic ridge where I have not seen much activity before. Wonder if it is a practice shot for HAARP to close the undersea volcano of oil? Just thinkin'...

RAS said...

Tis the end of Western civilization
Do the children playing
Know their world will be different?
Who will be the last to remember
The internet
Jets in the sky
Dusty footprints on the moon?
Will what comes next be better
Or worse?
Or just different?
Ask the children
Teach them well
For it is up to them
And their children
And their children’s children
We are but flickering lights
Fading into the dark
Our time is gone
Theirs is yet to come
Now is the golden hour
Teach them well
Teach them well

rockpicker said...

Jane Burgermeister offers this email from a European entrepeneur who says the oil spill could have been capped early on.

mrs p said...

FA, I saw that too re mid atlantic ridge. I've been dreaming earthquakes in my dreams. Several nights in a row, feeling them during the dreams. Strange. Not sure if we actually had one or not. Also last time my sinuses were bothering me it was Easter. I think the Ocotillo Wells area is going to cause or let loose with a big one. Also, lot's of trail-making in the sky above here too. What ever it is, it's a total waste of energy! Fools! And did BP loose the "Well Head"? It has to be much worse than anyone is saying. Maybe we're not praying hard enough. Where's superman?
I'm dillusionally silly with grief. mrs p

mrs p said...

Rockpicker, watched the chemtrails video link you posted. Very impressive. No wonder we feel like crap all the time! mrs p

Hotspringswizard said...

Rockpicker, I did make it by the library this morning and watched both of those Chemtrail videos you gave the links for. In the second one you listed which shows more of my brother speaking, it also shows his good friend Mauro too, and he is shown speaking inside his home setting. Mauro is the one who maintains and created the website. Mauro is really a great guy! Rockpicker I passed along your compliments to my brother and his friends regarding the Chemtrail activism. Dane sent this message for me to put here at the Trout Clan this afternoon:

A heart felt hello to all at the Trout Clan. I have been very struck and impressed at the insight and understanding contained in the various commentary on your site. I am grateful that the very dire issue of "geoengineering" is being examined. Though there are countless legitimate subjects one could be concerned about, I believe the aerosol spray programs to be the greatest threat.

The decimation to the biosphere being carried out by the spray programs is unquantifiable. Available data makes very clear a long list of lethal impacts. Substantial ozone depletion, alteration of weather and climate patterns, drought, floods, trapping heat in the lower atmosphere, and lets not forget the total toxification of all that lives and breaths due to the tens of millions of tons of metals and chemicals being dumped on us all, some known, others yet to be identified.

I believe as most do in the Clan, collapse is inevitable and probably very close. If our waters and entire land base have been contaminated with continued saturation of these toxic elements, what will anyone have to work with after collapse? If our health is rapidly deteriorated due to the same constant exposure, again, what will we have to work with? I encourage all to help carry this particular torch, to expose these insane spray programs. If they were brought into the light of day, there may yet be a chance of bringing them to a halt. I believe most that are involved in one way or another with these programs don't realize that they are sucking the noose tighter around their own necks along with the rest of us. Working together perhaps we might help some of those involved to come to this realization. The best overall site for geoengineering information is "".

New articles and data are surfacing almost daily. I have no delusions. I believe nothing will stop the collapse of a species gone insane on to many fronts to list. Even so, if the geoengineering programs could be brought to the surface and stopped, perhaps there might yet be some semblance of the environment left to salvage and for some to carry on with.

Again, my most sincere thanks to the Trout Clan for all the insight and dialog that has been put forth on your site.

Dane Wigington.

freeacre said...

Dane, we are so pleased that you have joined us at the campfire. You are doing great and vital work in exposing the chem trails and the subsequent contamination of the environment and food supply. The magnitude of this monstrous program is perhaps even worse than the volcano of oil spewing into the Gulf. Just thinking about it gives me a stomach ache. I will keep up with your site and help where we can. Plenty of room for you at the fire, anytime.

Hotspringswizard said...

Looking at all the video coverage of the oil gusher's impacts along the gulf coast this evening just makes one feel num. The environmental destruction is occuring on a level that is incomprehesible. Even if they somehow luckily get the leak shut with the Top Kill ( which I really doubt ), it will not change what will be to come in eocsystem carnage with what oil that has been introduced into the GOM already.

After this, I think its safe to say that there will be no one ignorant enough to ever utter again the phrase " Drill Baby Drill ".

Oil fouling the oceans, and Geoengineering experimentation fouling our air and the lands we live on. Just more signs of humanities headlong rush to snuff itself out!

Hotspringswizard said...

More great thoughts from John Michael Greer in his new post:

The World After Abundance

And these two excerpts describing the virtues of, as Murph recently put it in the title of his recent post, Simplicy!

.....In a contracting economy, it becomes easier to notice that the less you need, the less vulnerable you are to the ups and downs of fortune, and the more you can get done of whatever it is that you happen to want to do.... the world after abundance, it’s hard to think of a lesson that deserves more careful attention.

rockpicker said...

Dane Wigington's group has put up this activist's website. Hurrah for them!

freeacre said...

7.4 earthquake today... right on schedule with the coronal mass ejection from the sun's arrival.

rockpicker said...

One solar wind wave lands today/tomorrow. Another lands on the thirtieth, if I'm reading spaceweather correctly. The quakes may just be getting started.

Vanuatu. Wasn't that a song?

wv= preduck (heads-up?)

Anonymous said...

There was a song called, "Valpariso" by Sting. It was used in the film, "White Squall" at the end of the film. It's a beautiful song. We really like his Nothing Liked the Sun CD. How Fragile we are! Love you guys, mrs p

mrs p said...

P.S.: The film White Squall with Jeff Bridges was a great true story about a 1950's sail boat crew that schooled young boys out at sea. It has a great 50's Ska soundtrack. And it's about standing up for what and who you believe in. The ship's motto was, "Where we go one, we go all".
x, mrs p

Hotspringswizard said...

Check this out:


Hotspringswizard said...

Matt Simmons who I'm sure most of you are familiar with said this recently ( perhaps today ) on MSNBC:

Prominent Oil Industry Insider: "There's Another Leak, Much Bigger, 5 to 6 Miles Away"..

I wonder what evidence he is basing that on?

Anonymous said...

Pacal in Guatemala erupted this morning... while most attention was on Arenal in Costa Rica this took the area by surprise. Conjunction with the happenings of the sun, hmmmm possibly.


freeacre said...

Thanks, Ely. Here's a link to the two eruptions - one in Guatemala and one in Ecuador as well.

rockpicker said...

Spaceweather is beginning to sound like NPR's Block and Bird program, mostly pr baloney.

What's the story on this coronal hole thingy, it's looking like the bottomless pit, and it's engulfing a large portion of the sun's surface area. Solar wind from it should hit earth by the 31st. Should we be concerned?

freeacre said...

I just wrote to the guys at and asked them what their thoughts are on the coronal hole and possible effects on earthquakes, volcanoes, etc. Hope they will let us know. I note that the other, bigger volcano next to the qasokrf%#uhrfh volcano in Iceland has a good chance of blowing as well. I think that last time that happened, it set off the "little ice age" that led to the potato famine and brought us all our dear Irishmen. Could be a bad year for the gardens...

rockpicker said...

Spring rains are late, but they're here, now, finally. Higher elevations will be getting snow tonight in southwestern Montana. The garlic's digging it.

May and June are our wettest months, usually. Too early to tell about the summer growing season. Clif High says to expect a not so pleasant summer, weather-wise. So far, he's on the money, but, it's early yet.

I salute your contacting Thunderbolts, Freeacre. Great idea. Doesn't that coronal hole, (more like a quadrant,) look scary?

Somebody has just written into Jeff Rense from Florida, reporting oil rain falling on her vehicle while driving. Ras, you need to be packing up, like yesterday.

June 6 isn't that far off...

freeacre said...

This in from Thunderbolts. He sees little connection, it seems between CME's and volcanoes. Wonder if he has considered the effect of heating up the core,like Geryl does. Anyway, it was very kind of him to respond:
An X flare did indeed leave the Sun on May 25th, although there is little evidence at this point to tie-in solar events with earthquakes or volcanoes.

The crust contains significant layers of quartzite (silicon dioxide). The piezoelectric effect will cause quartzite to vibrate if electric current flows through it, so a powerful current flow might induce an earthquake. However, the electrical input from a flare is concentrated at Earth's poles because of our magnetic field, so it doesn't really have an effect on lower latitudes.

An earthquake map for 2010 ( indicates that most of the recent quakes are taking place in southern regions, and along the so-called "ring of fire." The reason for this is that those areas of greatest earthquake density mark out the locations where the thunderbolts of the gods blew-out great trenches and wrenched arcs of magma upward, where they then solidified into islands.

My Pictures of the Day, "Island Arcs," "The Sea of Japan," "The Dead Sea," and "The Uvs Nuur Basin" discuss my reasoning. Here are the links:

Bear in mind that another hypothesis is that the entire mid-ocean ridge that extends for over 25,000 kilometers around the globe is a lightning scar. Earth was once the scence of devestating catastrophes, that compressed the strata and induced tremendous currents through our planet. Earth is continuing to "relax" from those events, as well as dry out.

Steve Smith

Hotspringswizard said...

Regarding the GOM oil gusher, here is an in depth description of what likely is the situation down there regarding the BOP equipment and piping, what are the fixes that can be attempted, and what it may mean if this flow cannot be stopped:

EXCELLENT ANALYSIS OF GULF OIL SPILL AND EXACTLY WHAT WE ARE FACING's bad enough NOW...and THIS IS NOTHING COMPARED TO WHAT MAY HAPPEN...and WILL HAPPEN if they cannot stop this must get your head around that, nothing will stop this from blowing apart and going wide open if the rush of fluids cannot be halted, it is a CERTAINTY.....

rockpicker said...

I was just reading comments about the BP disaster, and came across one idea, really only one, I thought worthy of reprinting. Any thoughts on this?

" *

molecule // May 30, 2010 at 8:49 am | Reply

The solution to the BP oil well disaster is simple. I call it the 9-11 solution.

The solution is so simple, that the failure to implement it is obviously an intentional act of war. In asymmetric warfare, failure to defend is a positive act of war. (Perhaps some Pentagon brass are refusing to send US soldiers into a third war, against Iran, to the sole benefit of China and BP.)

When you drill a well, you “drill out” an outer hole in the bare earth, and then you immediately line that outer hole with a welded steel casing. One of its functions is to protect the well sidewalls from erosion by the oil flows. This is especially the case in loose sandy soils. The outer hole (bit diameter when expanded) is probably 48″ or so and the ductile steel casings, which are welded together as they are inserted into the drilled hold, are probably 36″ in diameter with 1″ sidewalls. (Actual numbers are irrelevant).

The well tip, or point, has reportedly been drilled to 30,000 ft beneath the sea floor, which is another 5,000 ft. below sea level. Based on observed videos of outflow at the orifice, there is not that much pressure differential between the pickup point (deepest point) and the well head, which is under atmospheric pressure plus an additional 5,000 ft of water pressure.

The solution is to simply remove 30,000 feet of welded steel casing.

Without the casing to protect the sidewalls of the boring, the fluids will cause flow against the unprotected sidewalls of the well. They will erode and widen, which will slow down (and thus waste) the oil velocity. Eventually the sidewalls of the bored well will collapse back in hole and closes off the well.

Breaking momentum of the confined column of oil (slowing down its velocity) is VERY IMPORTANT!

The problem is not the pressure differential between the well point at 35,000 ft below sea level and the surface of the earth. Soils are self-supporting structures and don’t “weigh” against each other like a fluid does. Nor is the problem the apparently deminimus pressure differential between the well point and the well head, based on the observed low velocity of discharge (on an order of magnitude of one to tens of meters per second, plus or minus). The condition is steady flowing, but not shooting.

The problem then is MOMENTUM. We are dealing with a long column of incompressible fluid that is flowing inside of a geometrically confined space. At 1 to 10 meters per second, a column of oil 30,000 feet long, has the same momentum (orders of magnitude here) of a freight train, roughly the same length, moving at roughly the same speed (1 – 10 miles per hour).

You are not going to stop that kind of momentum by throwing concrete bricks in its path.

So, how do we slow down flow … break up the momentum? The answer is the 9-11 Thermate solution … remove the geometry that confines the fluid.


rockpicker said...

cont. from previous post:

"But how do we to remove the steel casing?

Thermite was invented for underwater use in bridge demolition. It was also used to melt the 16 core structural columns in the two towers of the World Trade Center on 9-11-01, each of which had 5-inch thick sidewalls, and each of which were totally melted down to blobs of molten steel. Thermite turns 5-inch thick structural steel into a blob of molten steel, like butter in a microwave oven.

(BTW, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Thermite was also used to bring down the drilling rig itself. The fires on the deck on the drilling rig did not cause the underwater legs of the rig to suddenly melt and give way. It is easily visible that that was what happened. When the rig collapsed, it first gave way underwater. Someone pulled the underwater legs out from underneath it. There was no underwater fire to melt the underwater steel down!)

9-11 the well casing! … Dump thermite on it. The fact that the termite reaction will be underwater will have no effect whatsoever. If it starts a perpetual underwater methane fire … great! The highly exothermic reaction between the weaponized aluminum and the elemental iron in the steel will melt (really smelt) the steel casing to a single blob of molten steel. It can keep right on going straight down, to China, for all I care.

9-11 the BP wellhead … with the confinement removed, the flow will slow down, and the sand sidewalls of well perpetually “cave in” on the well, eventually closing it off."

I found the original comment here:

Anonymous said...

Interesting video of Matthew Simmons and another guy discussing the well head, etc. on MSNBC, being circulated by Brasscheck TV emails.

With the Top Kill failure, perhaps as suggested in the video, we get the Army to do something smarter.
As posted on, this is seriously creepy. mrs p

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

So let’s recap here, thermite was used to blow the legs off the rig; Goldman Sachs shorted the rig owning company a few days before the disaster and there is a simple solution to the problem but the best engineering brains in the world can’t see it. Meanwhile they keep on trying things that won’t work whilst the danger to the world’s environment spins out of control as also does the money that certain parties are making. In the beginning Obama was saying the buck stops with BP and now he has had things explained to him he is saying that as the American President the buck stops with him. Can anyone else smell rotting sea life here?

This is several days old now so I expect that many of you will have seen it; 10 things you need (but don’t want) to know about the BP oil spill:'t_want)_to_know_about_the_bp_oil_spill

On a separate subject, re the photograph accompanying the post; last week FB was From Bulgaria and I didn’t see one single chem. trail over the Black Sea coastal region. Last November the sky was littered over southern Portugal – curious. I have noticed a few things regarding chem. trails and I wonder if any of you have experienced the same. Firstly, the planes are always so high they are always silent and unobtrusive. There are two sorts of Chem trails, those that traverse the sky from end to end and others about 100 yards long like conventional con trails; these are often seen together as if different things are being sprayed at the same time. When spraying started several years ago the planes disappeared before the trails began to converge across the sky but now resonance is in play as the planes are still in the air. It seems to me that now Chem trails are a fact that people should be aware of then the whole operation is concluded as quickly as possible. Also there is much more night time spraying than previously. These are just observations and I make no special point about them.

rockpicker said...

Israeli commandos have boarded a ship belonging to the Gaza relief flotilla in international waters? Sounds like zionist pirates have seized an aid vessel, to me. More state-sponsored terrorism, sanctioned by the Rothschild-owned, (Reuters, AP) press and their official mouthpieces in Washington and London.

Belgium, woke to lovely, spreading persistent chemtrails north of town this morning. An aerosol bank is forming over my head as I type this short missile.

Generally, I can hear the flights passing over town. Not all spray. Sometimes, while stooped to some menial task in the garden, I become conscious of their rumble and try to guess where to look before I actually look up. The planes invariably lead the sound by as much as two to three fist-widths held at arm's length. Sometimes, in a cloudless sky, a lone plane slashes the blue tarp of Heaven like a knife point ripping a tent wall. Other times I must search the patches of open sky to catch glimpses of planes, and their effluent, accomplishing their missions high above covering cumulo-cirrus? firmament.

Clfford Carnicom has some interesting discussion about the difference between real clouds and jet contrails on his website. In a radio show, he explains how to make a cloud form in a soda bottle.

I've had a long-standing argument with a friend who totally denies the existence of chemtrails, providing me lengthy articles by "experts" explaining meteorology and cloud mechanics. He's particularly proud of a black and white photo of the sky over Belgium, purportedly shot during the Battle of the Bulge, showing long, curving contrails.

From what I gather, the matter of longevity of trails has to do with the amount of ambient water vapor in the atmosphere where the trail forms. Air with low relative humidity allows a contrail to dissipate rather quickly, while moister air will sustain a contrail for long periods. Problem is, here in the western part of the US, over the great American desert, relative humidity is often extremely low, and for extended periods. It doesn't change significantly for days on end, yet the chemtrails come and go.

One observation I've made is the change in cloud cover. We used to have these deep, deep blue skies cut by clearly defined, white, fluffy cumulus clouds. Now, if we have a cloudless sky, it's rare, and it's never deep blue. There's always a thin gossamer/smoke-like haze layered over the uninterrupted blue. And this layer is quite apparent stretching between cumulus clouds on a partly cloudy day.

rockpicker said...

Fuck Israel

freeacre said...

We experience the same thing, Rockpicker. When we first moved here in 2004, the place was noted for over 300 days per years of sunshine. And, the sky was that deep blue that you only see (or used to see)in a mountains at high altitudes. Now the sky doesn't reach that degree of deep blue, and sunny days haze over as the trails spread out. When we have natural puffy clouds, they don't seem to spray, and then the days are beautiful again. But they have become rare.

Burnie Metzen said...

That was beautiful, what you wrote ten years back. And the rest is what makes us all try to be human beings. I ask for grace because I continually fall on my face, my lack of wisdom would fill the universe. What I am trying to say is we are not here by ourselves..thanks