Saturday, June 12, 2010

What to Do Until the Apocalypse Comes

a mountain man rendezvous

By freeacre

Charles Hugh Smith had a post up this week (6/11) about envisioning collapse scenarios that are more positive than Hollywood would have us imagining. Perhaps, if the global economy as we know it disintegrates due to its own over leveraging, resource depletion, and moral rot, and we peasants are reduced to living a real life rather than going to the mall, things won’t have to look like Road Warrior after all.

If the disaster in the Gulf plays out for the next couple of years with an almost unimaginable amount of oil and toxic fumes, it would likely lead to thousands of people heading to the wastelands of Michigan and the Rust Belt. And, if by then, China will have had to increase the value of their money and ours has tanked, we will importing a LOT less stuff. So, real things that people will require to live, will begin to be made in this country by innovative neighbors and small businesses. Even if we did not import much of anything for awhile, we have lots of materials to make things out of if we simply begin to mine the land fills.

I doubt that rat-eating zombie hordes will be coming out of the woodwork when the sun goes down, or that aliens will be crawling out of holes they have been hiding in while waiting for us to go back to the gold standard. I also doubt that roving gangs of skin-heads, Latinos, Blacks, Asians, Scotch-Irish, or any other ethnically identifiable groups will be ravaging the country-side looting and pillaging. Historically, bullies can be counted on to pick on their own neighbors. They seldom leave their own neighborhoods. Once the people figure that they are on their own to defend themselves, I have a feeling that the bad guys will be taken out pretty quickly. Most people are pretty good folks who don’t want any trouble. There are many good people who have experience in the armed forces that I doubt are going to just sit around and allow friends and family to be intimidated and robbed. Right now, people are pretty much disarmed. They may have guns but they are useless unless you don’t mind going to jail for defending yourself.

When I lived in Jamaica, the poor did have a big problem with “tiefs.” Thieves would actually enter the homes of people like my housecleaner and rip them off while they pretended to sleep. But, it was illegal in Jamaica for good people to have guns. It ain’t the same here. Something tells me that the bad apples are known. And, they will get right, or they won’t be around too long. In fact, I believe that when people no longer look to the government for help, they will begin to renew fraternal organizations, build alliances, strengthen church groups, and pull together in ways that will amaze us all.

The seeds to re-create ourselves have already been planted. People are pretty sick of the greater corporate mentality already. Why do you think goofy folks in costumes are running around in the woods all over the place? Witness our mountain man friends in the top picture. Here’s another one of my brother (on the right) with his wife and his Scottish Highland buddy with their kilts at Highland Games. Think of the Renaissance Faires, Burning Man celebrations, Native American Pow-Wows, and even the Star Trek conventions. All these groups have one thing in common – people who would love to turn their backs on the soul-sucking dominant culture that we have now, and go for a simpler, more satisfying and inspiring lifestyle not centered around money and Wally World. They are all nescient intentional communities.

Our allegiance is reflected in what we wear. The banksters and Overlords wear suits and “power ties” as uniforms to inform us of their status. The hippies made an anti-war and anti-corporate statement with their long hair and bell-bottomed jeans. So do the Amish, with their colonial clothing and horse and buggies as they shun the “English”. They did not wait for their ideas to catch on before they changed their lifestyle. They changed their lifestyle and made the change happen, at least for themselves. The Mall Rats and those we think of as “sheeple” announce their compliance with the powers that be in their designer jeans and newly bought clothing and contrivances.

We don’t need to wait for pioneer or wiccan or Renaissance, or cowboy clothing to be sold at Penney’s to start to look different. Personally, I like the “ma Kent” look. I loved Superman comics as a child, and somehow got the idea that ma Kent was my ideal older woman. I’ve been wearing clothes that look like 30’s housedresses for awhile now. Soon, I am going to sew some pioneer bonnets and aprons to go with my dresses and walk around town looking like a pioneer. Why not? They are comfortable, functional, homemade, non-corporate – and fun! Shit, I’m too fat for a Na’vi, or I’d be painting myself blue and wearing a feathered headdress and dangling ear cuffs. The point is to announce the fact that you are resisting The Man and the materialistic, sick, debt serfdom that goes with it. Just as the Amish have always refused to comply with the greater culture and have demonstrated a clear alternative, we can do the same.

I say, “Go for it.” Do it now and avoid the rush. A revolution of thought and action is at hand. The dissolution of our former way of being is happening all around us, whether we like it or not. We can desperately try to hold on to business as usual and somehow pretend that we have the resources and wherewithal to extend our stranglehold on the planet and its resources. But, it will only lead to more suffering and grief and damage to the planet. And, there is going to be enough of that already.

Let’s offer ourselves and our neighbors something else. A memory or a vision of a better time in the past that can lead to a happier time in the future… simpler, friendlier, smarter, more generous, co-operative, and sustainable way of living. More free and more powerful, imaginative, and fun as well!

-- carry on the conversation from the last post, Guys. Good stuff!


murph said...


From previous post and your comment.

Don't remember where you are located. But, we are having the same problem as you describe in the garden. We started stuff early in the greenhouse and keep it above freezing and because it was so cool, stuff started slowly there also. We put only peas and radish in the cold frame and that stuff did well. LOL, second crop? Here, our growing season is so short it's a struggle to get any crop. Lettuce and some other cold crops are the exception. So, generally, we have to have a fairly large amount of most store-able crops because we have not been able to get second crops yet. I was going to try it this year and see if we could, root crops in particular. Keep in mind, we didn't get garden planted until first of June for the most part. I put in potatoes before that but have had to frost protect clear up to now. Weather is supposed to stay above freezing after last night, got down to 28 last night.

I am determined to get some squash this year. But it's tough. Last year we had 3 successive nights in the middle of August below 32 and killed them all, even with frost protection. The stuff that is cold sensitive, (cucumbers, pole beans, tomatoes) we do in the greenhouse because it is nearly impossible to protect those plants from frost in the garden. We should have gotten the bigger greenhouse. sigh. Corn is impossible here unless in a heated environment, takes too long to mature and we can get frost any night during the summer.

So yup, we have had the same kind of problem, just a bit more extreme to deal with.

Anonymous said...

fa, for your big puppy, I spoke with our natro friend and she suggested you try searching for some "Bach Flower" remedies. I think there's one called "Pet Calm" that they make. There's a "Calm" for humans which actually works. I could be wrong but I see no reason why some of the Bach Flower Remedies for humans can't be used on pets. Should be at your local health food store or at a Henry's (Wild Oats) or Jimbo's if not, certainly on line. Maybe they're fairly reliable for getting things out quick. All the best, mrs p

Anonymous said...

Just tuned in to add a link to a must-see video from a Danish skeptic. This is really good.

I'm sure the new post is , as well, but I haven't read it yet. Breakfast is over and gardening awaits...Check back soon.


Anonymous said...


I love it!

I completely concur with you on all these points, including your pointing out the many "collective fantasy" groups who do medieval/renn stuff like the SCA, wiccans, goths/emo/vamps, Trekkies, sci-fi fans of various kinds, and on and on. Though 'mainstreamers make fun of members of those "dress up" groups, the truth is that tests show people who participate in role-play type endeavors have higher I.Q.s than the general population, read more and read a greater variety than most, and tend to be "idealists" who believe in what has become today "quaint" values like honor, devotion, chivalry, etc.

And you're right, there's no reason to wait for outside forces to MAKE you adopt a new way of living. For those of us who enjoy a little dress up and role play-- this sort of thing is the spice that gives life a little quality juice.

Nice topic and thank you for the nod to the creative and heroic in our numbers who quietly do their own thing. Because of it, a lot more people learn all sorts of skills that are quickly becoming obsolete-- including interpersonal etiquette, leather working, making instruments, and so on.

I'm also grateful we're allowed to have guns, and let's hope that that right is not taken away. As governments go into decline, lawful protections will disappear.

Hotspringswizard said...

Another great post there Freeacre! So much of what is occuring out there in this changing world we can not change, but there is much we can do in our local situations to adapt. For myself, I have currently quite an easy life, living a relatively simply while utilizing the benifits that modern society provide, refrigeration, easily available food, valued time to spend enjoying life, plenty of energy for things like cooking, heating and other things that make life more comfortable.

But these things that make for my more serene life are part of the larger web of that which is clearly unsustainable. As we move inevitably into the changes that will begin rebalancing the equations of how human lives can reasonably be lived in accordance with the resources available it is also clear that making ones way in life will become more physically arduous. The older you are the more you will be impacted by this type of change.

It is however what must happen with no doubt. What has been cannot continue, but some I see wishing for collapse I think do not fully realize that there lives will in many ways become increasinly difficult as compared to what they have so far experienced. Some I think forget to easily in their cornucopian ideas of what a transition to much leaner times will mean, that there are alot of things they take for granted now, that won't be there in this new future.

But on the other hand we very much need ways of living upon this earth that hold of the highest regard in their arrangement, that the well being of our Mother Earth has to be at the top of the list in the considerations of what it means to be part of this incredibly intricate system of beautiful nature. Like the indians did, we absolutely should be considering the impact of our ways on all the generations to come and the viablility of them being able to live wholesome lives in balance with nature too, and not being forced to live on a completely wrecked and plundered planet.

Right now of course in general we are a very long ways from anything like that. Whether one wants to try to make these changes or not, the limits of what we are bumping up against will take away the choice for most exept the extreme elites with the power to continue living large off the excessivley over plundered resources. For the rest of us, willing to change or not, transition will come.

I am thinking and acting on everyday ways to make my life even more simple, learning to create a mindset in which you eliminate the unreasonable expectations of ways of life that have no future. We shall see what unfolds as the old ways of doing things continues to fall apart.

There are alot of great people out there to meet these challeges with and as we continue to try to do what we can to cope perhaps in time humanity can evolve itself to lives that are more worthy and in balance with the natural world, and the fact that it will more physically demanding, that also can be a good thing to regarding our overall physical well being. Of course we all realize the many transitions of our time will be fraught with myriad troubles and ills along the way.

Once again thanks for all your thinking about these things Freeacre ( and Murph too! ). Freeacre you wrote this, " Our allegiance is reflected in what we wear ". Bing a Naturist I think of my experience of being in natural settings un-adorned by human made coverings as a reflection of simplicity, and being part of and connected to to nature in a very natural way. Burning Man is a clothng optional gathering and I really like ( this will be year nine in attendace for me ) the accepting aspect there of all the myriad way people dress, all the way down to the simplest outfit which I like to wear, the human body :-)

freeacre said...

Thanks, mrs.p, for the Bach flower remedy idea!

And, Wizard, maybe this year you could paint yourself blue! :)

Anonymous said...

Murph, Just came in from the garden , to check news and sip a cold one. Ran into this. Remember Walter Burien, and the CAFR, comprehensive annual financial report? Take a look at this.


Senate Republican Office
Oregon State Capitol


New state financial report details $3.3 billion in available funds

Salem, OR – Oregon’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) released by the Secretary of State’s office last week states that more than $3.3 billion in “unreserved, undesignated fund balance… was available for spending[1].” A budget plan pushed by Senate Republicans calls for $133 million from those balances to help finance this cycle’s budget in a way that protects the economy and preserves important services.

“We can protect important government services and Oregon’s economy by using the money already at the state’s disposal,” said Senator Chris Telfer (R-Bend). “This report confirms that there are billions of dollars for use at the legislature’s discretion. We should use a small portion of this money to protect K-12 classrooms, higher education, services for the disabled and public safety.”

The CAFR, prepared by the State Controller’s Division at the Department of Administrative Services to analyze the position of the Oregon’s fiscal affairs, states:

“As of June 30, 2009, the State’s governmental funds reported combined ending fund balances of $4.4 billion. Of this amount, approximately 25.1 percent was reserved for nonspendable items, such as inventories and permanent fund principal, or for specific purposes, such as debt service. The remainder was classified as unreserved, undesignated fund balance and was available for spending, subject to statutory and constitutional spending constraints.”[1]

Since by definition lawmakers write statute, any statutory constraints can be addressed.

“This is money that has piled up in agencies from over-collected fees and it is revenue that has not been expended as scheduled,” said Senate Republican Leader Ted Ferrioli (R-John Day). “These are taxpayer dollars that should never be left stranded in the bureaucracy, but shifted to pay for services Oregonians need. If we use this money wisely, we can leave the economy to grow and recover.”

Senate Republicans have announced a budget proposal for the February session, saying that there are ways to balance the budget without increasing unemployment or drastically cutting services in the midst of a historic recession. See an outline of the budget here:

the link:


murph said...


Yup, seen the article. Now, take and project this to every time you are asked to vote for a special tax for the fire dept, the police dept or whatever. Every time that comes up for a vote, there are people laid off and scare warnings put out. If it's defeated, inevitably,after the vote, there suddenly appears a bunch of money someone forgot about to carry on with. You notice, that almost every state is having financial problems, and I wonder just how much money will be come up with to pay the bloated state budgets. Pisses me off.

RAS said...

I really like this post, fa. You all here know that I'm a pagan, and it's amazing some of the parallel cultures that have built up around various pagan groups even now. I really like the 'don't wait' theme.

Check out what's in the Bach Flower remedies if its for humans before you give it to her. There are some natural things that are okay for humans but toxic for dogs.

Regarding the previous post, Alabama is HOT this year. Hotter than normal for early June. We've had heat indices at 100 or above for three days straight now. It has been bloody miserable for a week. To make things even worse, allergens are so bad right now that many (me included) are having more problems than we do at the height of pollen season. It's terrible.

Dave Eriqat said...

I’ve long argued that the coming economic collapse may be the best thing that could happen to this country, particularly since it’s the only thing that will derail this unholy alliance between government and corporations, otherwise known as fascism.

Collapse will compel people to become industrious and innovative once again, in the process restoring their sense of vitality and usefulness and also perhaps bring back old fashioned values, such as a work ethic, honor, trust, honesty, respect and courtesy.

To look at collapse from another perspective, what if there is no collapse, where will we be in the future? If present trends continue – and they are accelerating - “govcorp” will own everything, including all our homes; we will all be reduced to expendable slaves, working for govcorp for whatever crumbs it sees fit to toss our way, which will probably be just enough to keep us alive and relatively non-unresty; govcorp will dictate every minute aspect of our lives, especially what we put into our bodies; all self-directed activities will be nonexistent: forget about growing your own food, being self-employed, traveling freely; all individual activities will be closely monitored and there will be no privacy whatsoever; the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and a few new locales will still be raging.

Dave - Erstwhile Urban Wanderer

Hotspringswizard said...

Dave Eriqat, the points you made were excellent! Change will have to come, one way or another. Unfortunately I think the general masses in the industrialized nations will be fighting against this happening tooth and nail and it will not bode well for any hopes that this thing will devolve without great social disruptions and violence. Its what must happen, and its going to be a very ruff time for the foreseable future.

Hotspringswizard said...

So Freeacre, you say maybe I should paint myself blue this year at Burning Man :-) Maybe like this green guy:

who I took this photo of at the BM 2007 gathering. However for my taste, I think I'd prefer to lose the guitar and pig nose :-)

Hotspringswizard said...

Gulf ‘media blackout’ hits MSM

....CBS, CNN, the New York Times — these are not fringe media outlets. And when Anderson Cooper and Katie Couric complain about press barricades, you know that not only is the rumored media blackout very real, but it is clearly also very serious....

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

And here is another one.

murph said...

Hi folks,

This is a bit off topic but I think it is indicative of our times and situation within the greater society. Even here in Oregon we have some very weird stuff going on and this is one of them.

I have been following this for a bit now and this article contains quite a few links from several sources on what happened. It is of concern to me for sure.

Hotspringswizard said...

Have you guys seen the reports and video interview with this guy Alvin Green who in-explicably got the votes to be the democratic nominee for the Senate in South Carolina? The guy is so mentally un-hinged that he can't even carry a normal coversation. He ran no campaign, is unemployed but somehow came up with the $10,000 fee to run. He is charged with a felony, and he speaks like he is either on drugs, or is seriously metally impaired. The content of what he say sounds like a script of things he has been told to say. This thing smells big time. I am wondering if some corporation has planted this guy for some reason ( a nefarious agenda ), or some major voter fraud via the easily hackable computerized voting machines has occurred. Things just keep getting more crazy out there!

Hotspringswizard said...

There is some " breaking great news " for the US and its " interest " today. Afganistan has been found to have over a trillion dollars of desirable minerals like iron, coppper, cobalt, gold, lithium, etc. The MSM is beginning the spin and lies about this being a really positive discovery, and citing that the development of the extractive process ( mines, production factories, etc ) for these resources will all be done, of course, for the benifit of the Afgan people. The corporations will swoop ( in a benevolent way ) into Afganistan to " help " the Afgan people get the job done, and the MSM said this represents a long term project.

Well now along with occupying this country based on lies, to provide military bases to guard pipeline projects for energy resources that are meant for western consumption, and, our military presence meant for the purpose of assuring that the massive opium production proceeds unhindered so the laundered money from this trade can help bolster the US stock market ( like Ruppert spoke of in Rubicon ), we can add to that a disaster capatilism raid on the precious minerals of that country.

We are a long ways from 2001 when we were told that we " just " had to invade Afganistan to whip those bad boy Taliban who supposedly had harbored the instigators of 9-11. I didn't know Bush and Chenney were hangin with the Taliban :-)

The corporations could care less about national borders anymore now that they have so much power. Like BP telling US citizens what to do on US beaches, and where and when they can fly in the GOM. And like this new planned rip off of another sovereign countries resources. It just boggles the mind the breadth and extent of what goes on, like we are living in one gigantic, worldwide human insane asylum!

Anonymous said...

Shake, Rattle and Roll! Last night's shaker at 5.7 was fairly strong, felt all the way over to and through the coast of San Diego County at 9:26 p.m. There have been about 40 aftershocks, some felt but most not felt as they are much smaller but about 5 to 30 min apart. It got our attention! More to come no doubt. mrs p

Anonymous said...


From the USGS maps on the website, it appears that much stress-relief below the San Bernadino Mts. is taking place, meaning plate slippage in response to northward pressure on the west side of the fault. The fault, I was taught in school years ago, (may have changed now,)hooks around these deep-seated ganitic mountains and gets stuck-up, keeping the Pacific plate from riding north, as is its wont. But pressure must be building there. It looks like there's a prominent transverse fault crossing the San Andreas about at the southern end of the mountains. I expect that will be the scene of a major rupture at some point.

Those who have listened to Nassim Haramein discuss the significance of tetrahedrons to spinning spheres will get a kick looking at the latest SOHO data here:

Sunspots appear roughly at nineteen point five degrees above and below the equator, consistently.

The large spot on Jupiter, same geometry.

Hawaii and the ancient city of Teotihuacan, near Mexico City, both lie on this latitude.

Supreme Court, what a bunch of losers!

" Arar sued the U.S. Government for what was done to him, and last November, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the dismissal of his lawsuit on the ground that courts have no right to interfere in these decisions of the Executive Branch. That was the decision which the U.S. Supreme Court let stand today, ending Arar’s attempt to be compensated for what was done to him." -Cryptogon



Anonymous said...

I remember clearly being taught in grammar school that it was the courts mandate to check and balance abuses of power committed by the other two branches of government.

And I also remember hearing that it was the duty of a free press to challenge government and hold it accountable to the people. Good luck with that one, too!


Hotspringswizard said...

On the Thom Hartman show today he was talking to the other democratic candite for the South Carolina senate, Judge Vic Rawl and they spoke of the situation with this really bizarre occurance of Alvin Green getting %59 of the vote to win that race.

What has come to light is that the vast majority of the paper ballots were for Vic Rawl, and the vast majority of the electronic votes were for Alvin Green. I would guess that there was alot more electronic voting in this race than there was paper ballots. I don't even bother voting anymore because of crap like this showing clearly how the voting system is a rigged joke.

Anonymous said...

Lindsey Williams was interviewed on Jeff Rense last night. He talked about how much toxic air-bourne volitiles are showing up in the atmosphere along the Gulf coast. Thousands of ppb more than safe limits, especially the benzene, for which there is no safe allowance, period.

He said one of the first things that is done upon drilling a successful well is to record both the flow and the pressure at the wellhead. Anybody heard a reliable wellhead pressure on this one? Me either.

Williams quoted trusted inside sources as saying the pressure at the wellhead was between 20,000 psi and 70,000 psi, which is beyond our technology to restrain.

That's why the pipe was not cut off square, with a tight-fitting seal applied. They can't even come close to capping the beast.
It's going to spew like it is until it runs out of steam.

But then what? There will be a cavern below the wellhead, and cold water under pressure will pour in to replace the ejected oil. What happens when the cold water contacts the hot environs 30,000 feet down inside the bowels of the earth? Water turns to steam at 212 F, but it's a lot hotter than that down there.

And what if a small nuclear device shatters the dome and it collapses in on itself?

We may well be looking at the beginnings of an extinction event, folks. Ras, you two best be packing up and getting out, before the rush. Whattya think all those plastic coffins were stored in that field outside Atlanta for?

I predict a mass exodus starting soon. Hurricane season should exacerbate the tragedy.


Anonymous said...

Link to video on the volatile organic compounds in southern La.


freeacre said...

I don't know, but I don't feel very bad about FEMA having a large stockpile of caskets in the event of some mega-death tragedy. I mean, it shows more respect for people than if they just shoveled us into big pits or simply watched us float down a stream. At least if some shit happens, they are thinking of burying us individually. I mean, it's their job, after all, to respond to bad things happening.

mrs p said...

freeacre you make a good point and your current post is so relevent to what's happening in our lives. The Trout Campfire has become the Mother Earth of all the blogs we check and is our favorite place to see what's on everynone's minds.

Hey hows Brie? Did you find anyting online for Bach's Flower remedies for Pets? There's probably other "natural" remedies at some pet stores. Be careful.

It's getting harder to stay focused around here especially if I happen to be sitting still or standing still, feels like I'm on a boat that's constantly moving with all the aftershocks. Just felt a pretty good one. I truly believe So. Ca. is in for some more big ones. But there's many things to be "grateful" for inspite of all the shit happening. We just have to keep on working towards survival and good health and stay alert. Easy to get mesmerized by the Darma. The Campfire is like a daily minimum requirement along with the vitamins and hemp protein smoothies. cheers, shakey mrs p

mrs p said...

P.S. Watched the documentary, "Food Inc." yesterday on my computer at Netflix website. Wow, certainly makes you cringe about eating any factory processed food and GMO stuff in everything everywhere. Also getting Ruppert's "Collapse" today in the mail from Netflix. It was finally released on DVD yesterday. Hubby will love seeing this "thriller" tonight before he goes to bed. He'll probably have nightmares. mrs p

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

This GOM piece is a must see.

Hotspringswizard said...

Mrs P, I watched a DVD recently from netflix called " Flow " which disucsses the world's water woes. Its a good one!

Regarding the GOM Volcano, I was reading an article last night which discussed that Matt Simmons now has increased his best estimate of the Gusher flow at 120,000 barrels a day, based on the work from a research group/vessel looking at the recently released high resolution photos of the well head.

He also thinks that %40 percent of the GOM is now affected by oil beneath the surface. He said that in his opinion the relief wells will not work because the well hole ( below the ocean floor ) is not cased ( no pipe ). This is the first time I've seen anyone saying that this hole does not have a casing.

Some reports are now talking about the possiblility of a sea floor collapse at some point because of the decreasing pressure in the oil resevior. Lots of reports now of workers and inhabitants along the gulf coast experiencing health difficulties from the vapors of the oil and dispersant. Also saw a report of some strange inland crop damage that is suspected to be from airborne disperant being carried to that area.

That whole GOM is shaping up to become one gigantic toxic zone, with myriad unpredictable repercussions unfolding in the coming years and decades.

Obama's speech last night was totally lame. So BP this morning is supposed to pony up a 20 billion fund to pay claims, over the course of some years. Very convenient for BP since it really looks like they may very well go bust fairly soon because of the growing astronomical damges that will be unfolding indefinitely from this Gusher.

This humongous Oily Black Swan looks like it may have the capacity to get us all into a lot of deep doo-doo a whole lot faster. Oil prices are $77 and head higher. This will be bringing the Peak Oil realities to the fore much quicker than they otherwise might have. We are drilling in the deep sea because the supplies in shallow sea and onshore are quickly heading for depletion.

Its beyond crazy, the GOM is being obliterated by oil and yet there are plenty of politicians out there crying " we can't stop drilling offshore! ). Like an addict who's body is being devasted by drugs still screaming, " give me more! ". Earth is becoming our Shutter Island in space!

Hotspringswizard said...

There have been alot of extreme weather events in the last year around the world. More recently this spring there have been instances of all time record flooding, like that seen in Nashville, and just this week in Oklahoma City.

There seems to be alot of extra energy in earth's atmosphere of late, in the form of heat which evaporates extra water which is the energy source for storms of all types.

Seeing the reports of all these extreme weather events, like one tonight of huge flooding in spain, brings to mind something odd I have found in the dry desert hills called Granite Mountains that I have hiked extensively in near our home.

In various canyons at the base of these mountains I have come upon large areas of piled up boulders that clearly were washed there by flooding. We have experienced extreme summer downpours on these mountains and the terrain is so rocky and porous that nary a trickle or no run off at all is to be witnessed coming down these canyons. This winter we had four large storms in one week and once again just very small amounts of runoff.

Some of these piles are very big, with thousands of boulders, with many of them ranging up to individual rock sizes many hundreds of pounds each. The thing I ponder is what kind of weather event of off the scale intense rain caused these piles. If a summer deluge barely produces a trickle in these canyons, or multiple winter storms, its hard to imagine the amount of water that would have had to fall in these relatively small mountains and cayons to produce that effect.

So as the worldwide climate continues to change with the evidence looking like various critical climate tipping points could be breached with unkown consequences, the kinds of all time record weather events we have been seeing of late, flooding, snowfall, fires, etc may evolve into weather realities that will dwarf anything we have ever even thought possible.

RAS said...

RP, we have a plan to bug out if necessary but we're almost 400 miles from the coast, so the spill shouldn't effect us directly -at least not until refugees start showing up. If that changes, we're gone.

This doesn't look like its going to be bad enough to be a global ELE, but it is certainly the end of the GOM. And we are all to blame.

freeacre said...

Hang in there, mrs.p! Hope you have a bug-out kit ready. Tent, camp stove, crank radio, food, first aide kit, lantern, flashlights, etc. Just in case.

Brie has not had another seizure since last week. I used to feed her about half beef and half lamb and rice top of the line commercial dog food from Costco. Now, I boil 5 lbs of meat with brown rice. Boil vegetables like broccoli, carrots, cabbage & beets separately. I save the liquid to use as broth for me to drink and put the veggies in a blender. Then I add the blended up vegetables to the meat and rice. I'm stopped using commercial dog food at all. She loves the new food.

I have a massage scheduled for tomorrow and my therapist has Bach Flower remedies. So, I may be able to get some from her, or at least find out where she gets hers. There might be someplace close by.

Three freezing nights in a row has been really stressful on the garden, but with the frost blankets, we have not lost very much. Supposed to warm up today.

We watched Food, Inc. a couple of months ago. Another "must see" is "King Corn."

wv: flatio (no comment..)

Anonymous said...

Hotsprings; Have you read Immannuel
Velikovsky's work? He talks about earth having undergone many catastrophic events in its past, and relates said events to changing astrophysiological relationships between the planets of our solar system. It was a theory which earned him aggressive and rabid derision from elements of the scientific community. Yet, today, scientists and scholars alike are beginning to take a second look at his works.

Symbols of an Alien Sky, by David Talbot, is a 78 minute film which discusses the human record captured in mythology, literature, painting and primitive stone carvings all over the world, accounts which seem to agree that something,indeed, both catastrophic and fantastical has occurred, on a world-wide scale, probably more than once, and our ancestors were here to witness it. It's a great piece of film, highly recommend it. Below is a link to the first segment.

About the alluvial boulder deposit, I know a place here in Montana where an ice dam burst in a small stream valley during a past glacial epoch, and allowed mud-bouyed granite boulders to flow out into the main valley. They say it's several hundred feet deep of boulder stacked on boulder. Makes building a house, or putting in a drainfield challenging, to say the least.

More on Steve Quayle this morning about the GOM blowout.

About the coffins. Yeah, I agree, it's great to see FEMA preparing for contingencies, but do they have to start with the stockpiling of plastic grave liners? Looks more like the final solution, to me.

And what's with all the white vans?


Anonymous said...

Belgium; Great piece of footage from brasschecktv!


Hotspringswizard said...

RP, I'll google that name you mentioned of the guy who discusses the catastrophic past earth events. Some time ago Freeacre sent me a DVD of " Symbols of an Alien Sky " so I have already viewed that one. Very interesting!

Speaking of cataclismic earth events, you may have heard of the Snowball Earth theory which evidence suggest occured around 700 million years ago during which the earth was completely covered in ice and snow, including the oceans.

The last 10,000 years earth's climate has been uncharacteristically mellow. Weather and climate on earth normally is much more dramatic as various scientific evidence has shown.

Today on the MSM news a sceintist was discussing the possibilities of whether the large amounts of Methane coming from the GOM Gusher could actually add enough to Earth's overall greenhouse gases that it might help ramp up even more increases in over all atmosperic heat.

Well that source ( The GOM ) along with the increased bubbling of the Methane Hydrates in the Northern Hemisphere sure makes one think about the scary possibilities of the climactic tipping points being discussed by scientist. Nothing we can really do about it. Just enjoy the reasonably decent climate while we have it.

Just read that May this year was the hottest May ever recorded for the US. People have experienced cooler conditions than normal in places of the US but the overall average across the nation is what this statistic refers too. For example at the Weather Channel they keep statistics on record highs every year compared to record lows. In the last ten years record highs have been double the number of record lows.

Hotspringswizard said...

Today Tony Hayward while being grilled by the investigative commitee on Capitol Hill gave his best sullen look, an act to imply that he realized the horrible gravity of just what BP's Oil Gusher is causing in the GOM and in ripple affect outward beyond the oily water in incalculable ways to vast amounts of people's lives.

And yet I saw some video of him after this meeting walking with his scumbag compadres away from this Circus and he acted downright jovial, laughing and patting the dude next to him like he felt the day had actually gone quite well.

Makes me wonder if Obama has made some deal with BP to not prosecute them in exchange for getting this 20 billion fund. Of course the fund money is supposed to be available over the course of some years. Since it looks like BP may very well be gone as a company in months, and if that occurs then the 20 Billion dollars won't ever be paid out. Maybe thats part of why Tony Hayward was looking quite happy after this Dog and Pony show of questioning today.

Anonymous said...

Tony dumped one third of his BP stock portfolio in March, and used the proceeds to pay off the mortgage on his estate in Kent, so he's set. What the hell does he care what happens to BP?

And look at this , from the Trilateral Commission:

" Peter Sutherland is chairman of BP plc (1997 - current). He is also chairman of Goldman Sachs International (1995 - current). He was appointed chairman of the London School of Economics in 2008. He is currently UN special representative for migration and development. Before these appointments, he was the founding director-general of the World Trade Organisation..."

Goldman was shorting Tansocean stock before the blow-out? Something smells fishy!


Anonymous said...

From Belgium

Yep rp, there is something very fishy and the word being whispered on the street is that the rig and well head were deliberately blown out by Haliburton. You can see the vid and read the article in a minute but the story goes like this. Some time ago geologists discovered that that the ‘vein’ of oil which was being drilled in the GOM is actually a high pressure conduit connecting two other vast oil fields. One is under Dakota and the other end is (wait for it), under Venezuela. Just like explorers of old, the first one to plant a flag can claim the land on behalf of himself or whoever he represents. Similarly the first one to tap into a geological deposit in international waters can lay claim to it. This has been a contest of bitter rivalry between on one side BP (read Royal Dutch Shell, The Royal House of the Netherlands and the Rothschilds’) and on the other Dick Cheney Haliburton and the Evil Empire. Apparently rivalry was intense in the GOM and BP struck gold first. According to procedure BP withdrew the bore bit just before they broke through and installed a cement plug but instead of waiting 72 hours for the cement to harden they drilled through the plug and into well after only five hours. Reading between the lines there must have been something happening there that the rig workers were very afraid of. As it turns out reports are starting to come out that just prior to the explosion both Haliburton and a team from Blackwater had boarded the rig. Speculation is growing that instead receiving the glory, BP were left with a disaster of unprecedented proportions. Now here is where the weird shitometer starts bouncing off scale. It turns out that the chairman of BP also just happens to be the chairman of Goldman Sachs International. If BP points the finger at Haliburton then they are going to want to know why Goldman shorted the rig a week before the disaster - stalemate.

There is more!
When President Obama was only Senator Obama he became associated with a company which was a forerunner in the carbon Cap and Trade scheme which is a lame duck on its last legs, especially since it was popularly rebranded as Cap and Tax scheme and Copenhagen broke up in disarray. The pres together with many others now stand to loose billions of dollars. The not too bright David Rothschild (the same one who announced on Television that planet Neptune was going to wander inside the Earths orbit – I think he meant Saturn’s orbit or was it Uranus), anyway he who is heir apparent to the family fortune blurted out on TV that Global Warming in general and Copenhagen in particular was the vehicle which the had been chosen to put treaties in place which would lead to One World Governance. Now, when the present spill drifts out of the Gulf and affects northern Europe this will be the excuse for the elites to make their move. The question must now be asked if the chairman of BP is playing a double game.

No time to write more, visitors just arrived.

Pawta said...


Self-profitting economic behavior (which is endemic to laissez faire Capitalism) is a fundamentally "fishy" creature, which is exactly why we see global-wide economic malfeasance and corruption wreaking havoc throughout our current human condition, right in lock-step with the disastrous enviro-ecological impacts such malfeasances and corruptions also bring to our dear planet Earth home. We were all well informed nearly two thousand years ago that this is exactly the way it's going to be.

Although anti-Judaean-Christian literature types tend to suffer near-apoplectic indignation when anyone points out that certain human intellects thousands of years ago recognized that insufficient knowledge concerning the nature of reality threatened humankind's evolutionary prospects, anybody who gives sufficient and proper effort to examining Judaean-Christianity's thesis knows that what's taking place on Earth today was going to occur because these horrific things we and our planet are now experiencing in fact needed to occur.

Moreover, it is the responsibility of those who fully understand and love their fellow humankind and life itself to periodically impart such information as this, despite all tribulations as might need to be experienced during the course of doing so, whereby the future of humankind is ensured.

Peace and wisdom to all.

Anonymous said...


Pretty wild stuff. Much of it I have not heard before. Can you source some of this speculation?

I don't intend to seem dense, but, according to your information, who's side is Goldman on? Did they decide to sacrifice BP as some ritual blood offering to achieve one world governance? Presumably, the higher-ups, like Hayward, were aware of the plan?


Anonymous said...


Also, I don't understand why BP would hire Haliburton to be in charge of pouring the concrete plug, if that was indeed the case, as was first reported, if the two were on opposing teams.


wv= guiess

freeacre said...

Welcome to the Campfire. Nobody has all the answers here, but when we put our truths together, we are all the wiser.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

Sorry about that Rockpicker, this is one of those sites whose front page is the home page and they have put a new post up so what appeared wasn’t very helpful I’m afraid. I was finishing the comment off when the brother in law and sister in law turned up on the front door so I was trying to finish this off and follow a conversation in Dutch. The Brother in law has a progressive deafness problem so he tends to shout a lot which disturbs the concentration. Anyway that’s my excuse for not checking it.

That bit about Goldman confused me too. I think they are on their own side but the roll of BP’s chairman needs a lot of clarification. Reading my comment again the way I expressed some of the details was misleading.

Here is the link you should have had, see what you make of it and if it makes any more sense.–-was-it-sabotage-by-haliburton-blackwater/#comments

Having said that it looks as if the particular page has been torn down so I will C&P it below.

Here is the main video from You Tube which is still up.

And here is the David Rothschild Video.

Here is the article in the next part

Anonymous said...

FB Part 2

BP oil spill – gushing oil reveals rabbit hole–gushing-oil-reveals-rabbit-hole

In a recent article, this reporter expressed some doubts as to the accidental nature of the BP Oil Spill, now herald as the largest environmental disaster the earth has ever seen. One could argue that The Great Flood still holds that particular title, but that would lead us two-by-two down an entirely different rabbit trail of debates. While rabbit trails do not interest us today, rabbit holes are of a different matter. That being said, let’s dive down a few, shall we?

First, let’s establish a few facts:

1.) Obama received large campaign contributions from BP.
2.) Obama received large campaign contributions from Goldman Sachs (Second only to The University of California in total campaign contributions).
3.) These companies, along with a slew of others, have been said to be holdings of the Rothschild Banking Family of England, as reported by the

“Goldman Sachs is obviously an arm of their empire, whereas BP is among a host of companies in [the] Rothschild’s portfolio.”
Now that we’re here, let’s explore a bit further…

Goldman Sachs owns at least 10 percent of Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX), a huge benefactor should ‘cap and trade’ be passed into law. CCX was founded by the Joyce Foundation, an organization who’s board members included John Ayers (brother of William Ayers) and our very own, Barak Obama when he was a Illinois Senator. Needless to say, ‘cap and trade’ would amount to trillions of dollars in profit for CCX and its holders, not to mention a little more campaign moola and additional financial perks for Mr. Obama.

Enter the cooling on global warming

Unfortunately, ‘cap and trade’ ironically hit a proverbial iceberg. The New York Times recently reported that the ‘cap and trade’ bill was virtually dead and sinking in the water with little to no support to be found on Capitol Hill, or any other hill for that matter. The bill lost steam due to opponents of the bill successfully re-christening it “cap and tax” and pointing out its blatant overhaul of private property rights. Not to mention, no one wanted to touch it as the growing doubts and evidence against the idea of global warming began to solidify like the ice on the Arctic shelf.

Anonymous said...

FB Part 3

Despite the growing evidence against it, the theory of global warming has been the reason for large international summits in recent years, namely one that was just held in Copenhagen late last December. Proclaimed for months as the summit to finally yield the granddaddy of all environmental treaties, talks during the Copenhagen summit severely broke down and no binding treaty was reached due to the doubts surrounding GW.

During this summit, David Rothschild, “adventurer environmentalist” and an heir apparent to the Rothschild financial empire, in an interview with Bloomberg (see video below) made the admission – through a series of stuttering verbal bumbles – that the talks in Copenhagen were actually about “global governance” rather than global warming. Why is David Rothschild discussing a treaty about global warming on a financial channel? Wouldn’t it be more likely that this “environmentalist adventurer” would be found on National Geographic or the Discovery Channel? Global govern…uh, er… global warming rather, must be big business. Like the old adage says, “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire”. Maybe a new one could be coined that says, “Where there’s a Rothschild, there’s money to be made.”

The Rothschilds aren’t the only one letting the global governance cat out of the bag. Others have made recent mention of one world rule. Herman Van Rompuy, the first “president of Europe”, made strong mention of it in his first press conference on November 19, 2009, going so far as to declare 2009 as the “first year of global governance”. However, without the environmental laws and treaties, this utopia ruled by the banking families of the world may continue only to be a dream in the pipeline.

Curiouser and curiouser…

This being said, is it not within the realm of possibility that the powerful family who holds BP is using it, and our government, as a “fall guy” creating an environmental crisis to fill the void left by the waning theory of global warming? What does a multi-billion dollar company matter when trillions are at stake, right? BP is merely a financial chess piece sacrificed as means to a much more lucrative end – checkmate: environmental law and treaties designed to take away individual property rights away forever and secure global governance – and trillions of dollars of global cash flow – for the richest family this world has ever seen.

And we thought Alice in Wonderland was twisted.


David Rothschild admits that Copenhagen Summit was about global governance


thanks to isabel for the article link..

wow..great video..blackwater on the rig before it blew up..europe v usa..venezuela involved..a false flag no doubt here..i am certain..

and the article below it is a great wrap as well touching on the tentacles of power and where they lie and how they will use this to push global governance through climate change..and david “plastics jesus” rothschild admits it..climate change is about global governance..nothing more..

“Goldman Sachs owns at least 10 percent of Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX), a huge benefactor should ‘cap and trade’ be passed into law. CCX was founded by the Joyce Foundation, an organization who’s board members included John Ayers (brother of William Ayers) and our very own, Barak Obama when he was a Illinois Senator. Needless to say, ‘cap and trade’ would amount to trillions of dollars in profit for CCX and its holders, not to mention a little more campaign moola and additional financial perks for Mr. Obama.”

uh huh..


Anonymous said...

From Belgium

Four comments on the run is a bit excessive!

As you will have guessed I had that article in browser cache which is why I could access it after it had disappeared from the web. And somehow I included the first comment in the C&P.

Pawta – Hi de Hi
Make yourself welcome here.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

OK here is how to get the original article to work. Go to this address

On the RHS find Recent Posts and click on

Oil Rig Disaster – Was it Sabotage by Haliburton & Blackwater?

At present it is the 7th one down

I have no idea why the C&P from the address bar does not work.

mrs p said...

Can't say we agree with the "Why" of speculation on the GOM disaster.

There's always going to be "key players" in the greed and control column. Fact remains Mother Earth has been raped and poisoned for far too long 1900 forward. Both ignorantly blind un-intentionally and purposely planned alike, the murder of earth will continue until we choke and die for ENERGY. Nothing could save us but Solar and Wind which cannot be transistioned to replace "where we're at now"...barely feeding nearly 7 billion people. Truth is we're shit out of luck. There is nothing else to transition to. When the Wallyworld general public wakes up to this fact there will be total chaos because they'd rather have a tantrum than change their thinking or "grow some Fuching radishes."

No matter the rules of the end game or its profiteering on the way down; we're on the way down, period. There's no stopping that; Global Warming or not Global Warming. The signs of delapidation and collapse are all around us. We seriously doubt any oil business holders would purposely loose the well head to advance themselves to a higher level of already extremely obscenely fifthy wealth when they know it's a cash cow to be milked silently for a lifetime and upon which everything in our lives is based. Obama is a prisoner of many jailers.
mrs p momsreallymad

mrs p said...

Please Excuse the Spelling Errors.
I meant dilapidation not de-lapidation and filthy not fifthy.
I guess nothing would surprise me when it comes to the level of conniving evilness of greedy fat cats (especially Haliburton) as far as House of Rothschild they didn't get where they are by being timid that's for sure. It just doesn't make sense for anyone to unlesh a mega well for the sake of some other means other than getting it and keeping it. mrs p

Pawta said...


We are pleased that you have welcomed us to your Campfire. We hold as Universal givens that no human being anywhere ever has had or ever will have "all the answers", that putting "our truths together" indeed makes us "all the wiser", and that there is ultimately but One Great Spirit out of which all things have come into existence.

And we greet you "Hi de Hi" too, FB.

Peace and wisdom to all - Pawta.

Anonymous said...

To expand context on whether the BP Oil Spill should be heralded as the largest environmental disaster the earth has ever seen:

Anonymous said...

More context on humankind's greed-generated oil spill disaster(s):

Hotspringswizard said...

Me and the family just arrived in Sedona, Arizona for a week vacation at
Just so stunningly beautiful out here and this resort is right on Oak Creek in the middle of the red rock area by downtown. There was a forest fire burning in Flagstaff about a mile from the junction of HWY 40 and HWY 17. Their fire season has started already with another fire burning near Williams, AZ.

On the drive out I called my brother and he said I should check out a new article by Naomi Klein,

Gulf oil spill: A hole in the world

The Deepwater Horizon disaster is not just an industrial accident – it is a violent wound inflicted on the Earth itself. In this special report from the Gulf coast, a leading author and activist shows how it lays bare the hubris at the heart of capitalism.....

My brother said that at the end of it she mentions chemtrails and the aluminum used in the arosols. The Recreation room here is about to close down ( were the WiFi is ) so I'll have to read that article tomorrow.

Great points there Mrs P!

Anonymous said...

Hey check this out

Mentions several questions re the GOM spill and has two interesting links about gas bubble Click on "weekly" on the left side.
mrs p

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

Seen this little bit of folksy philosophy.!

gamedog said...

Wow Murph, sounds like a testing environment for the gardener! I'm currently looking at polly tunnels for more exotic crops (and propagating for the forest garden), but it sounds like it would be compulsory if I was in your local! We're about 52.3 N in the east/middle of the UK, slightly more influence from the NEasterly winter wind than from the Gulf Stream.

When I mentioned second crops, I was really talking about succession planting, usually put salad/radish crops in straight after the first peas are picked etc. which are cropping 6 weeks later than last year!

HSW: looks a great place for a vacation, have a great time!

freeacre said...

Just a reminder, in case anyone needs one: it's the Summer Solstice today. This would be a good day to set aside some time and honor the earth and Her seasons. Be thankful for Her bounty and be sorry for all the damage being done to the Earth and Her children. Think we'll make a campfire, drum, burn some of the lovely sage sent to us by Hot Springs and Montana, and eat the miraculous Morel mushrooms that turned up in the yard. Have a good one.

murph said...


Yup, this is a location to test the resolve of gardeners for sure.

Met a woman who moved here from Alaska just recently. She made the brag that she raised large garden close to the Arctic circle so could raise a garden anywhere. Of course, that far north, the growing season is 24 hrs long every day for 4-5 months. That is where they grow these fantastic huge melons, pumpkins and such. The problem here is that it can freeze any night or day of the growing season, usually at night. All the frost sensitive plants take a hit then if they can't be protected against below freezing temps. For instance, it is nearly the end of June and we have had to fire up the wood stove in the greenhouse for a week now, because it has gotten down below freezing. We have hoops over the temp sensitive plants in the garden that we cover with garden frost protection blankets, every night for last two weeks. So far, we haven't lost any plants. As I mentioned in previous comment, last year we got blindsided in August and lost all the squash plants due to not double covering them when it dipped down to 25 degrees F 3 nights running. Because some productive plants get so big, like squash, to absolutely protect them would take a pretty good sized greenhouse, ours isn't big enough.

I also mentioned that corn is about impossible to raise here without a whopping big greenhouse.

If it wasn't for the unseasonal freezing nights, gardening would mostly be a matter of soil amendment and adequate water in this locality. The regular soil here sucks for growing a useful garden without amendments.

I am doing a small amount of successive plantings this year and will see how that works out. Problem is that it hasn't really warmed up yet. Been in the low 50's to low 60's every day, and plants are growing slowly.

If this weather keeps up, the greenhouse may be the major food source this year. sigh. We shall see.

Anonymous said...

We kept the solstice last night, in Virginia City, with a weenie roast and potluck. Had to rent a small hall to get in out of the weather.

See that twister on Cryptogon?. Billings, Montana. Such things don't happen here that often...


gamedog said...

Just had a thought murph, ever hear of Hugelkulture I first heard about it being used by Sepp Holzer who manages to grow citrus (amongst other things) half way up a mountain in Austria. The beds are constantly decomposing underneath, so the heat helps stop frost damage, he uses huge 6ft high beds with fruit trees in the valleys between them, lots of ponds to raise RH and create warmer microclimates. Might be worth reading up it, loads of youtube stuff on Sepp too.

murph said...


Yup, have read some of their stuff. Got a problem with application here. Our acre is dead flat. This means would have to haul in huge amounts of compost material to build up the mounds. Simply not practical here. Good compost is not all that easily available unless I want to pay for the dump truck loads. And, the county would then have another bitch concerning nitrates in the aquifer. We been fighting them over this issue for 3 years.

Anonymous said...

Something uplifting for you

I really need to go see my mother on the other side anyway.

Anonymous said...

Montana, July

It's the wet 'yes'
of a girl’s kiss
in grass, with
shooting stars
at elbow
and foot,
her rapt eyes
your plain length
in kinickinick,
in beargrass air.
The pungent
of earth
and salty hair
like tongues.


Hotspringswizard said...

Hello Gamedog :-) Thanks for your well wishes for our vacation :-) Interesting to hear about all of your gardening experiences! We have been having a great time hiking and swimming down at Oak Creek. I hiked to a high ridgeline of a very large red rock formation which overlooks all of Sedona and has a great view far up the Oak Creek Canyon. Got in some great Naturist time up there, enjoying the late afternoon sun and the wonderful scenery :-)

Today I built a Summer Solstice rock stack down by Oak Creek out of some stream rounded volcanic rocks. I built it 11 rocks high ( I do my circles in the desert with 11 rocks too, with one stone in the middle ). I'll see as the week goes by how long it stands. Its midnight of the solstice here and its been a bit breezy this evening.

There were two fires ( the Eagle Fire and the Hardy Fire) burning near Flagstaff when we arrived in the area on Saturday, and then on Sunday while I was up high in the red rock formations I saw a huge fire cloud going up into the sky in the Flagstaff direction and learned later that night that another fire had started that afternoon on the eastern flanks of the San Francisco peaks.

As of this evening this fire is over 10,000 acres with zero containment around it. Its been very windy up there with pretty warm and very dry conditions. The news said the fire cloud from that fire went up as high as 35,000 feet. It looked like a volcano had gone off from where I was at!

Well happy Summer Solstice all you Trout Clan Folk :-)

Anonymous said...

When the deception and lies about 9-11 are exposed and the Zionist and Israeli culprits revealed, Israel will be left without a friend in the world. The racist and militant Zionist regime of "Israel is bound to pass from the stage of history just like the communist dictatorships of the Soviet Union and the apartheid regime of South Africa. Such deeply unpopular regimes often fall without a shot being fired. They simply collapse because they are rotten to the core and unable to stand any longer."

The last paragraph of an interview with Christopher Bollyn, printed on He makes an excellent case for Israeli responsibility for the 9/11 false-flag operation. I wish I could share his optimism about the critical mass of awareness forcing the US government to turn its back on that pustule of a rogue nation, but I have little confidence in American intelligence, or integrity. Most people are dumber than the rocks I lay, and they get angry if you make them think about painful subjects. Intellectual isolationists. Totally disgusting.


Charles Hugh Smith said...

I have been ever so gently chastised for not adding a comment here and there to this wonderful community, so I make amends with a few notes on today's entry, which very graciously referenced a recent bit of mine.

1. I agree, we all too often only think bad guys band together. Good people can band together too.
2. most "bad guys" are not evil, they are responding to windfalls and incentives. Once the incentives change, then their behavior changes.
3. vigilantism will certainly rise. It's already around in ghetto situations. The really bad guys get buried and life improves for everyone.
4. Innovation. We've been brainwashed into thinking it's all about technology, but maybe what we really need is some institutional/social innovation.

Zoner said...

Great post and commentary as ever.

A warm welcome to Pawta, and sincere thanks for your words of wisdom and brotherhood.

I need to go put my hands in the dirt.

Is it too late for a garden?


freeacre said...

Oh, just for laughs.... the latest pinhead idea from the Repulicrats - Drug Test the unemployed in order to qualify for the unemployment benefits that they have earned. Yeah, RIGHT! How about drug testing the TARP financiers to qualify for the billions they were rewarded for embezzling? OMG!

Anonymous said...

Hey there Ladies and Gents,

Yep, long time no write. But, I've been listening in on the campfire pretty much every day, but, I haven't spewed anything of late because my brain is so full of doom and gloom, that it's hard to type the kind of crap I'm used to typing without hurling on my keyboard.

Excellent posts, though, by the way.

FA, the pinhead idea of drug testing anyone who receives unemployment bucks came from our first-living brain-donor, Senator Orin Hatch. What a total dick-weed he is. But, you'll be happy to know that there's a whole lot of published Lettes To The Editors in the Salt Lake Tribune denouncing this dick-weed's idea. Most call for drug testing Hatch and every senator and congresscritter, since they too suck on the same government teet as the unemployed -and they're doing much more damage than someone who's been laid-off since '08.

What I don't understand is that the guy is what, 76 years old or something? You'd think that by that time, you'd be done fucking-over average Murikans and just retire and fuck high-priced call girls (while snorting coke), but nooooooo, this asswipe wants to fuck with EVERY people until his sorry old ass keels over. Jebus, more proof that there is no god. Some 19 year-old who's trying to do something right, gets murdered by Israel and Orin Hatch is allowed to screw people over till, till -forever!

Ok, calm down, Randy. Breath deeply, there now....


Yeah, rp, I don't have a whole lot of faith in the intelligence of the Murikan sheeple either. Most I've encountered in the capitol of "Glenbeckistan" have not one clue as to what's actually going on in the world. And, if you try to give them any info that counters that of Glen, Rush, Bill or any other BS from ABCNBCCBSFOXCNN, they get purdy darn testy.

So, now, a butt-load of US and Israeli ships are headed to Iran. King Abdulla headed to D.C on July 6 followed by Nuttyyahooo! on July 8. Hmmmm.... As my Brit friends would say, "Bloody Hell!" Combined with the world-wide catastrophy of the gusher in the GOM,

Hey, here's a question: why do you suppose those rich bastards put that seed vault in Norway?

Gotta git. Later -


freeacre said...

Don't wait so long next time, Randy. I've been missing your doom lament. Tie on a barf bag and have at it.
Those old fuckers like Orin Hatch, Jesse Helms, et al, maybe live so long because they were never alive in the first place. Probably zombies or vampires, kept alive by the Dark Side. The question is WHY DO THEY KEEP GETTING RE-ELECTED?

gamedog said...

The WOD has been a mainstay of the PTB Modus Operandi for over 100 years, extending mandatory testing is just an extension of the WOD, it was Regans golden handshake (being heavily invested in testing companies). My theory is that anyone who has flirted with safe, non-taxed drugs, is aware of the WOD uber scam - this was the veil that lifted in front of me when I started to research it, it was also what turned me onto Mike Ruppert 10 years back. Most everyone I have come into contact with who cherishes the Herb is in the "awake" column, no wonder the PTB fear it. They've just very quietly brought in roadside testing in the UK.

Back on Hugelkulture for a moment. We don't "need" 6ft high raised beds it was just an extreme example, here is a smaller side by side which convinced me, it was just a pile of twigs... Hugelkultur Compared
If we dig out the top soil, put in a big tree trunk/logs then cover with brash/srub/twigs then pile on anything green/compost/leaves then put the topsoil back on top, it should be good to go! The more wood bulk goes in the bottom, the longer the bed lasts, it can go 10-15 years ;)

Anyone know any "on the ground" type blogs from Venezuela? I'd like to read first hand experience of what this is like... Hugo Chavez Spearheads Raids as Food Prices Skyrocket

freeacre said...

Thanks, Charles, for your thoughts. The Grange in Silverton, OR. has issued a sort of manifesto supporting sustainability and localization and personal agriculture as the direction in which the National Grange should be headed. The National Grange has been captured by the more conventional corporate supporting agri-business types. This will prove to be an interesting struggle, in terms of changing paradigms.
Z - You are in the Midwest, aren't you? It might be a tad late to plant from seed, but not out of the question. You also might consider buying some plants in little packs from a greenhouse that have already been started for you. I just planted some soybeans from seed yesterday, and some baby fennel and broccoli that we started a few weeks back in the greenhouse. It's been such a cold spring, we couldn't plant outside any earlier for a lot of things. Hoping for a warm Fall...

Anonymous said...

"Free and open to the public"
in MA.

Found it on the E-newsreal at Momsreallymad mrs p

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good one?

Blind Spot, directed by Adolfo Doring and distributed by the Media Education Foundation, is a haunting portrait of America’s oil-fueled excesses. The film, which the late Cambridge historian Howard Zinn was “transfixed by,” explores the inextricable link between the energy we use, the way we run our economy, and the multiplying threats that now confront the environmental health and stability of our planet.

mrs p

Pawta said...

-rp: kudus on your take re Israeli Zionism.

-thankyou Zoner for your warm welcome.

-fa: your taste for cynical humor is superb.

-hang on, Randy, it'll finally start getting better after it gets as bad as it needs to. Sigh-h-h...

-mrs p: if Zinn was "transfixed" by it, Blind Spot'll be one we're gonna see! (Doring's Blind Spot is also available via Netflix, btw.)

-here's something EVERYONE that uses petroleum and is looking for bad guys to blame needs to consider real seriously:

-Murph & Freeacre, y'all got a mighty nicely put together Campfire goin' on here!