Sunday, July 17, 2011

Just What Are We Going to Do?

This is a snapshot that Hot Springs Wizard took of a Montana moose on his recent trip.

by murph

I know, I really do know that we haven’t written a new post for almost a month now. Not only has there been a problem with time allotment, but also once more I have been searching for a subject. The last 4 weeks have been really hectic. We were hoping that our pooches’ problem with seizures was solved and this weekend she went back to them, big time. She had 14 grand mal seizures in 12 hours. We didn’t get much sleep. The garden and greenhouse have had to be continually monitored because of the really strange weather we are experiencing and adjustments made because of nighttime temperatures going down close to or below freezing, in July no less. We have had to get ready for the community chicken coop and garden tour coming up this weekend that has been eating up a lot of time. To top it off, Freeacre’s son is moving here and preps have to be made for that. All in all, we are playing catch-up on almost every aspect of our lives right now, so new posts have to take a back seat in priorities.

In the last 4 weeks, in our daily reading of stuff posted on the internet, it appears that a lot of writers are getting down and dirty lately. They seem to be anticipating some abrupt and radical changes coming in soon. What these changes are going to look like differs somewhat depending on who is talking about them. But, the consensus seems to be that they are coming and coming soon. If the change is abrupt and relatively severe, there is going to be some interesting social upheaval showing up. What the PTB do about it is open to question also. In any case, it sure appears to me the PTB is losing its grip on events. Either that or it is all planned to come down in some manner, whatever it looks like. I don’t anticipate that it will be either pleasant or make things better.

Of great concern to a hefty percentage of our population (like 70 million or so) is the threatened cuts or even elimination of Social Security and Medicaid entitlements. Now I wonder just what 70 million folks will do if that happens? Revolution of the infirm by wheelchair and walkers? My mental picture of granny with her walker and an AK slung on her back marching on Washington would be funny if it wasn’t so serious.

Did you know that around 17% of our working people (out of about 140 million) are employed by the government at some level? That is about 24 million folks that are involved in making decisions and their minions that are involved in enforcing those decisions on the rest of us. That is about the same as Greece, and we know what that has done to their country. And this is during a time when local governments that are strapped for cash are laying off government service employees. One of the biggest surges in this direction took place during the Reagan administration; Smaller government say the Repugs; yeah right!! And most of this control is now in the hands of the international corporations. Good old Obama, change for the better. Yeah, right!

It occurs to me that with all the changes going on, that we can plan for it to some extent, but as I’ve also expressed, the universe has a lot of surprise events and ending in store too. Briefly stated, be flexible, be as self-sustaining as possible, and anticipate the worst.

A lot of chatter on the internet lately about what is to become of the internet. As has been shown in other countries lately, the internet has become a tool for rebellion. This is of course untenable to the PTB and something is going to change in that regard. Whether it will be an abrupt change or gradual is open to question of course, but I rather suspect that if open rebellion starts showing up in this country, it will be abrupt. Can’t have those pesky uppity commoners and serfs organizing themselves to challenge the status quo.

Going to have to keep this short today. Wanted to wait for the road trip by the Wizard to be completed and got to get on the clean up work for the chicken coop tour for this weekend.

Wizard's deer. Thanks for sharing, Hot Springs


Anonymous said...

Indeed. The whole thing is quickly morphing from "Spectator Sport" to "Full Participation Required", with only a vague idea of what that will actually mean. And no matter how prepared we try to become, it never feels like enough.

The curse of Exciting Times.

murph said...


Had to laugh. Yeah, "No matter how prepared we try to become, it never feels like enough". Of course, a lot of not being enough has to do with financial ability to do more. But then again, just what do we prepare for? Natural calamity? Government calamity? The two don't have much the same scenario to prepare for.

I also agree that it is coming to "full participation required". The amount of people that do not anticipate this being of high probability is astounding, despite all the hints, data and events that are easily observable.

Personally, I am voting that we will see abrupt changes, like less than a year happening. We have seen over 100 years of gradual change with some rapid spikes up and down. But I think that the dynamics have progressed to the point that something big and powerful and abrupt is about to happen.

Have popcorn handy and tighten seat belts please, we are hitting some nasty turbulence.

freeacre said...

OMG. Kunstler has a particularly scathing review this morning of the Clusterfuck going on:

nina said...

I'm glad you mentioned Mr. Kunstler's Monday roundup. The following link was included in his comments and it is intense, long but worth the time.
The Great Global Debt Depression: It's All Greek To Me

I love wizard's photos. Thank you HSW.

Whenever I think of the war on medicare and social, I think of how many sweat hours all of us put into that nonexistent lockbox/trust fund and how these things are not entitlements, they belong to us. It is very different from welfare and food vouchers. I suspect the backwards political term "entitlement" has entitled TPB to feel they are entitled to do with our savings as they wish and obviously have already done whenever they got close to default.

The link I posted goes into some of what austerity (ending social programs) will do to this country seeing as how the debt ceiling argument is just another way to say bailout.

I have always blamed the repeal of Glass Steagull for the open-ended mess the entire Earth faces today. It needs reinstating now, immediately, and much of the problem will vanish ... poof! Then we can pick up the pieces and move forward. If it is not repealed and Obama raises the debt ceiling, this disaster will continue until the next debt ceiling argument and the next until they are forced into the bunkers and close down for planetary changes and asteroids or radiation or sea level rise or mass starvation, etc.

The criminal minds behind these financial disasters need to brought to be justice and relentlessly forced into paying back their thefts and every cost incurred along the way. Since they have more power and cache than our colluding Congress, sovereign coountries will continue to be dismantled. Some revolt under the boot of the encouraging "rebels-in-a-suit", and some such as the so-called "civilized" Americans are far too confused about the multitudes of diversions and issues to pinpoint the real problems.

murph said...


I haven't had the time to go to the Kunstler link. I have intended to.

We got a problem. We have now enough laws on the book to stop the thugs in the financial sector. The laws aren't enforced and getting back to Glass-Steagul act, if it isn't enforced, would do nothing either. The problem as I see it is our country is operating under 2 different sets of laws, one for the elites and one for everyone else. For all practical purposes, the one for the elites is pretty open ended, they can do pretty much as they please and fuck the rest of us. Enacting more laws is not what we need right now. We need enforcement of what we have which is not happening. Let's see now, we have had the war on drugs for how many years? We have been in Afghanistan for how many years and they supply 90% of the opium in the world. What war on drugs?

Anonymous said...

Right. When the SEC boardmembers/Guitner/Sommers/Burnanke, et al were questioned by the various senate/house commitees about all of this fucking fraud(oh, and Bernie MADEoff), each one of them pleaded that they didn't know anything and -geez, had no idea what to do about it -but hey! they vowed to look into the problems right away! Right.

Morally bankrupt leaders attract morally bankrupt subordinates.

Below is a link to one of Glen Greenwald's pieces on the law for the elite and law for the rest of us slugs.

I like Glen Greenwald at He seems to be a smart dude and his writings are pretty straight forward and easy for someone like ME to understand.

Kunstler's rants are great -except for his disdain for 9/11 "conspiracy theorist." But, I just chalk that up to him having to publish things for a living. I think I might just have to go and BUY one or more of his books. I'm not sure I want to check them out from the library. It might set-off some warning buzzer at DHS like in the scene in "Conspiracy Theory" when Mel Gibson buys "Catcher in the Rye."

-Hey DHS, just try and silent hover over my diggs and drop some commandos, man. My "Attack Kitties" will mess you-up! Mutherfuckers!



rockpicker said...

Randy, you might get a kick out of this video. I, too, find Kunstler's stance on 9/11 Truth to be woefully inadequate.

This guy, Sabrosky, was head of the U.S. Army War College for five and a half years. If this is how the top brass now thinks, maybe all is not lost.


rockpicker said...

Wallace Thornhill talks about the electric universe. This is way cool!


Anonymous said...

I'm suprised Sabrosky hasn't been "suicided" by the CIA/NSA/Mossad.


The garden is, well, growing. We're only gettin lettuce and raddishes so far. Everything is about a month or more late.

Being a mini-mini farmer is tough.


Anonymous said...

Murph, It’s not just us Grannies who will be affected if they cut SS: the effects will be wide-spread and very negative. For one, our children, now preparing for their retirement, will have to divert that money to take care of us. If I were in those shoes, I’d be extremely ticked -- as angry as those of us who’re now living solely on SS. Our kids have been paying into it, too, for their retirements, and now TPTB are taking it away from them as well as from us?! I predict that private guards will be in great demand if this goes thru, because it won’t be just us Grannies with AKs hunting down Congressmen.

Then there’s the housing -- think of all the newly vacated houses and apartments as us Grannies move in with our kids or join those living under the overpasses. The banks will have even more inventory to try to get rid of -- to millions of fewer buyers. Are the bankers ok with this proposal?

I read that the PTB aren’t that interested in the money or the health of the U.S., they want power to rule the world. But they will have made such a mess, there won’t be anything left to rule, even if they could design a workable government.

One of the commenters on Kunstler’s site this week, thinks our collapse will go slowly. He says it takes time for institutions to disintegrate. I’m not sure what he includes in that statement, but I’m inclined to go along with Gail Tverberg’s (Our Finite World) thinking that it will collapse fairly quickly as the weakest link in the system breaks and the rest tumbles after it in chaos. In their rush for profit, big business has eliminated the redundancies that could have helped in the coming emergencies. And the public institutions have been weakened with budget cuts so I don’t see how they can remain operational as the economy get worse, as it certainly will if they cut SS.

I now think that the climate changes with the erratic weather patterns will be the tipping factor -- food and water becoming scarce because of this year’s weather. Of course, our nuclear “problems” could get us first, with a war started to distract us from the on-going criminal stupidity in DC. Or the price of gasoline could as easily be the tipping point. Or they’ll reinforce each other in such a way that they all collapse at once.

Really sorry about Brie. Being a life-long dog lover, I know they are people -- a very important part of our families and so hard to see them suffer, and so frustrating not to be able to help them. I do hope you find a solution soon.

And I agree it would be fun to all meet somewhere, but where and how are the sticking points. And, yes, HSW, thanks for the pix.


murph said...


I didn't mean to infer that only us old folks would be impacted. I realize that cutting SS and Medicade will have some far reaching effects.

In my Opinion, only, I suspect that the power is the big issue for these elites, not necessarily the money involved. We just saw one of the newer movies lately, "goemon", a Japanese film about early Japanese history, no idea if it was accurate or just a story. One of the main characters that was a ruler over some portion of Japan did an explanation of the drive for power. He said that it was a need that was all consuming and never could be satisfied, it was like being desperately hungry all the time.

Remember the movie "2012"? Most of the wealth and economic power was diverted to building the arks to "save mankind" from devastation. I read about the underground cities that have/are being built to hold millions. All the underground infrastructure being built for government continuity. Now what is that about? The elites know something that we don't about the near future? Are they getting ready for a world catastrophic event?

Brie has re stabilized for now, although she is not the same dog. We wonder if she has had brain damage. No real way to tell. She is still friendly with the chickens and rabbits. We shall see what come down that road.

All of a sudden we are experiencing a whole bunch of system and infrastructure failures around the house. Spending a lot of time fixing stuff lately. Sunspots?

Garden is finally starting to take off. Might just get some edibles out of it yet.

rockpicker said...

The night's chill pressed us to this place
where fact- based opinion burns
and lights each leaning face.
Crows'- feet eyes , affirming smile.
Which of us would not wince
an extra mile on bleeding knees
for a glimpse of these?

Let the circle spin and ascend.
Let Birkland currents whirr.
Loose me of needs earthly, let me
twirl, unowned. Not created or destroyed.
(Boy. Girl.
Summer is unaware.)
Let us meet and touch

in this open air.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to chime in after reading your blog since tb2000 intro'd me to it many many years ago. I love you guys and am so happy to have found you those many years ago. You have helped me in a great way, even if it was just a nudge to read another blog. It was the butterfly affect that changed a life for the better. Thank you, God Bless,

I love ya'll

Anonymous said...

Nina and Caroline, thank you regarding my pix :-) Nina I enjoy seeing your photos and paintings at your website, and appreciate your musings on unfolding events as expressed in your creative writing :-)

Just catching up with things here at the our homestead in the high desert after our travels. During our trip while in Las Vegas I noticed that one of the first channels at our hotel that came up was CCTV ( Chinese Cable news ). I have been watching it for some time now and they cover stories from around the world on a regular basis as apposed to our MSM and its constant list of BS stories about ongoing political manuevering and meaningless other stories.

Its not perfect by any means but I would hands down rather watch it than our worthless US MSM. I also really like their travel segments showing all the differant areas and cultural features of that huge country :-)

Also on the TV list in Las Vegas was CCTV with a chinese person speaking in spanish. That was differant :-) Chinese influence and power has been growing but I think the signs are many that they are hitting various major constraints to their rampant growth of the last decade, not the least of which is their quickly growing water crisis throughout many parts of that nation. Lack of H20 will stop rampant growth just like expensive and scarce energy will.

While in Whitefish the Mom ( Kay ) of the Montana Govoner ( Brian Schweitzer ) was staying in the cabin next to us with other relatives including her two sisters. My wife and I chatted with them for a while and we got on the subject of that Yellowstone River oil spill. Then we were talking about expensive oil and the three older sisters ( including Kay ) figured if we just switch over to Bio Fuel, Solar, Wind Power and such that our problems would be solved. I contemplated briefly trying to explain to them the various reasons why this would not be the case but I could tell that my warning would be falling on deaf ears. Its like Greer talking about how people get involved in Lullaby thinking, thats definitely where their minds were regarding the realities of how energy constraints will be dramatically changing our world, and alternatives like what the suggest will be only taking up a small bit of the slack from the accelerating gap of dwindling hydrocarbon energy supplies.

Well I'm off to do peruse the doomsites to lift my spirits :-) Good to read all of your thoughts here :-) " Just What Are We Going To Do "? Well we will surely be dealing with that subject in increasing ernest for sure. Alot of tipping points seemed poised to push our errant train off of the tracks pretty soon, and thats the way it looks ( reports ) and feels to me and my brother Dane too.


freeacre said...

Beautiful poem, Rockpicker. Really beautiful.
And you, anonymous, should take the talking stick more often. You just made my (our) day. Bless your heart.

freeacre said...

HSW - I'm happy you made it home all safe and sound. What a great trip!

Want to read a real doom scenario? Go to


Anonymous said...

Read that same comment on Kunstler's rant also, Caroline, and totally agree. It seems there are a lot of people out there that say it'll take years for a real collapse to happen, but they're using Rome's collapse as an example. How long did it take for a piece of news to go from one city to the next? Days? -and from one region of the empire to another region of the empire? Weeks? Now news and information travels across the globe almost instantaniously.

Collapse (if it not already happening) is going to pick up speed rather quickly, I think.

Hey, did you all hear this? -of some guy who petitioned his local Aussie government to allow him to wear a food strainer on his head for his driver's license picture claiming that he's a "Pastafarian" and wearing the colander is part of his faith in "The Flying Spaghetti Monster."



rockpicker said...

Dutchsinse has a video posted now showing chemtrail grid over the Pacific, between Hawaii and California. Don't know what else it could be. Clear as day.

Anonymous said...

i second FA on that poem and it struck me that it falls right in, in some mysterious way, with a gillian welch/david rawlings interview i listened to last night. U continues to throw syncronicities. even in what appears on the surface to be doom there are on-going shelters from the storm where one is drawn, kickin and screamin, in from the cold. like to this campfire.

in the open air there is fresh air...

focus crow-foot eye and bend ear toward the result of experience and inspiration and know that you are not alone and that, somewhere, there's always one who understands.... p

rockpicker said...

Thanks FA and P. I think someday our little circle will spin, tilt and lift away from this damaged sphere, like in an aboriginal creation myth, to find our place, the troutclan nebula, in eternal space and time.

Murph, check this:

rockpicker said...

Anybody else been following this story. Appears to be heating up...

rockpicker said...

I think I'll get a t-shirt made with Dutchsinse's website address on it.

Can anyone explain the phenomena he points out?

murph said...


Checked out the 3 links you posted. The fusion reactor of course is interesting. As for the other 2 links, strange things happening for sure. Lots of speculation about meaning of events. And then booming business in pod shelters.

Anonymous said...

Funny how you never here a peep from climate change denialist when there is a massive heat wave, like the epic and unprecendented one that has been cooking ( 104 in NY yesterday ) much of the country for many weeks now. But boy when it snows they come out of the woodwork with their naysaying. The average worldwide temp trends and increasing CO2 ( note the levels listed to the right of this missive from John )are the parameters showing where we are headed, into more and more extreme and chaotic weather.

Denialists Unite Against Climate Change Propaganda


PS, Regarding this info about the Pisgah Crater experiencing a supposed erruption. I refer to the satelite vapor image regularly, like I did tonight, and there are no anomolies showing in that area. I would think something like an eruption of any sort would carry with it alot of heat and water vapor which which would show up I think very obviously on a water vapor image. Just something to consider.

freeacre said...

Good news from the home front. After many weeks of planning and developing, the 1st Annual La Pine Chicken Coop, Garden and Greenhouse Tour was finally held - and it was successful way beyond our expectations! We had no idea how many people would show up, but it was hundreds! They came from all over - two of our raffle winners were from out of town - Philmoth and Eugene on the other side of the mountain. It was great. Everybody involved just out did themselves. So heartwarming to see such enthusiasm for the concept of producing your own food, and so many skilled people happy to share their ideas and projects with each other. Truly amazing!

rockpicker said...

Good for you chicken coopers. I know you put a lot of hard work into making that event happen, and I'm really glad you got a good response.

Here in southwestern Montana we have had a growth spurt since the 4th. It's been warm, and fairly dry. But also there is bad news. The community garden up the street from us has plants dying. They think it's due to herbicide poisoning of animal manure that was used to make their compost.

Articles in national publications warned of this, but state and federal officials have done little or nothing to keep this from happening.

The solution is, we're being told, to stop using animal manure as the base for compost.

I say, stop poisoning the animals and their manure will be okay.

One thing to consider, if you live in an area where much of the land is managed by the federal government. The Forest Service, part of the USDA, mandates weed-free hay if you take horses into the backcountry. Weed-free is a euphemism for 'sprayed.' So, wittingly or not, through official policy, the US Forest Service is promoting the poisoning of millions of acres of land owned by western hay-growers attempting to comply with regulations.

Kind of a side bar, but this is a tragedy we will hear expressed more and more as the season progresses. The chemicals being used are increasing in strength and longevity. It was a national scandal last year, and several publications, including The Mother Earth News have been reporting this.

I think Monsanto, Dupont, Syngenta and USDA have declared war on the plebes, and they plan a full-court press to wipe out organic gardening because they know it 1) really works well
2)cuts into their profits.

Imagine if it caught on, and everyone started doing it! Mon Dieu!

The people who run the world are fascist eugenicists. If you don't think so, read their writings. Read Brezinski. Read what Kissinger has said about using food as a weapon to force poor, over-populated countries to meet suggested population goals.

These cocksuckers are sick, and they're playing for keeps, which the typical big-heart, never- had- a -gun -in -his- hands liberal simply cannot process. Not that I don't appreciate liberal ethics. It's their infinite capacity for ignoring reality I have a problem with.

Hot Springs, You failed to mention CERN's latest data release suggesting a connection between cosmic rays from outer space and cloud formation, and official admonition's to CERN scientists not to interpret said data in a manner contradictory to IPCC findings. CO2 doesn't drive climate, it follows climatic changes. That's what the data
show. The elites have invested lots in global warming. There's no money in dissention.

rockpicker said...

HSW, Are you anywhere near Newberry Springs. Dutchsinse is reporting a volcanic eruption occurred Saturday afternoon approximately 25 to 30 miles southeast of there. You see anything? Nexrad radar clearly shows something appear out of nowhere, moving north and west in a counterclockwis rotation. It lasted around eight hours. Seismic records indicate movement below the surface concurrently. Here's the link:

rockpicker said...

More interesting history concerning WWII.

wv= hesse

I love it

Anonymous said...

RP, No volcanic ash falling here yet :-) Newberry Springs is on HWY40, roughly NE of our home and then you said whats occuring is about 25-30 miles southeast of there.

The most recent active volcanic eruption in the desert around here if I read it correctly was the Pisgah crater area that you mentioned, but that was 100,000 years ago. I doubt seriously there is anything volcanic going on.

North of 29 Palms there is a big military base which seems to me may roughly be in the general area of what your pointing out. Maybe whats being picked up on radar is something they are up to. If anything volcanic truly put out a plume of some sort or eruption I can't see how they could keep a thing like that out of the media. Vocanic eruptions involve earthquake swarms too, don't they? I haven't looked at the earthquake map today but I'd guess there wasn't anything like that because that also would be jumped on by the media.

Regarding Climate Chaos, today the weather channel reported that over last week in the US there were over 2000 record high temps set. Of course you know already my view that humanities loading of mass quantities of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere is the main driver behind CO2 spiking in the last 150 years.

The way I see it the big players in the world, PTB, whatever you want to call them have way more of a vested interest in denying climate change so no mass policy changes will unsettle their business as usual practices which involves all their money making constructs which need huge quantities of hydrocarbons to be burned.

Of course being the bottom feeding ruthless slime that they are they will also do their utmost to capatalize on climate disruptions with schemes like cap-N-trade, C02 credits and ridiculous things like that which will only line their filthy rich pockets, empty ours, and accomplish nothing towards truly altering the course towards Climate Chaos that we are on.

I'd say the climate extremes like what we have seen over this last year ( record snow, record flooding, record fires, record tornados, record drought, record heat, etc ) is the result you get when you fill up the little bubble of air ( our atmosphere ) you live in with chemicals that trap heat, creating more water vapor, which fuels increasingly chaotic weather.

Watch the C02 climb, watch the ice around the world melt, and humanities past experience of relatively tranquil weather will continue to turn into the likes of which we have never seen. At least thats my take on it RP :-) Its like Freeacre said a while back, were not going to be on the same page on everything. Our climate is IMO heading into increasing disarray will be exacting a heavy toll on our dis-integrating world economies.

On a brighter note, the weather at Glacier National Park was great while we were there :-)


Anonymous said...

RP I forgot to mention that Newberry Springs is roughly around 35-40 miles from where we live, to the northeast.

On another subject, glad to hear that the La Pine Chicken Coop, Garden and Greenhouse Tour was a grand success! Working together learning how to be more sustainable is surely one of the beneficial ways we will all be coping with increasingly austere times.


rockpicker said...

HSW, Pisgah crater is the location Dutchsinse identified as the source of the emission, whatever it was.

First he thought it was a wild fire smoke plume, but he later corrected himself and said it was most likely a volcanic eruption of some sort.

He based this on very clear radar returns issued on Intellicast. And he checked it against a nearby Nexrad station. Both were in agreement.

I just did a google earth search of the area. Turns out the marine air ground combat center is just southeast of the area in question.

Seismic data did indicate some magma movement underground in the region at about the same time as the plume showed up on radar.

Who knows? Something sure as hell made that radar return, and it was no small thing.

As far as the weather goes, look what's happening. There's a small hurricane off the west coast of southern Mexico.

There's a large cyclonic low pressure system stalled in the Gulf of Alaska--been parked there for a week.

And there's a high pressure system dominating the entire central portion of the U.S.

It's July. Blue skies, no clouds. It's hot.

Now enter weather manipulation. If you look at a weather map showing cloud cover for California and west, you will see lines of clouds cross-hatched like a giant tic-tac-toe game out over the Pacific. Those are chemtrails. Plain and simple. No question.

Speculation has it that they are being used to steer the aforementioned storm in Mexican waters to go northeast over the continental US, rather than following up the west coast and joining the low in the G of Alaska.

A similar pattern developed a couple of weeks ago, and Dutchsinse documented the whole event.

You really should take a look at his work. It's quite instructional.

Anonymous said...

RP, Being that my Bro seems to be one of the grand poobaas of Chemtrail activism ( google his name Dane Wigington ), and that we talk on a regular basis, I get regular info from him on all the latest chemtrail news, which includes all that you have discussed in your last post. I was just reading an article he sent me in my e-mail about geo-engineering and his latest thinking about it.

As far as chemtrails being used to " steer " weather systems, Dane thinks that is true, but I think it is very unlikely. My brother and I have our differances on geo-engineering issues but I always listen to his point of view about what he thinks is going on. As the world situation degrades I think other dire problems will be impacting us in our daily lives and will rise to be foremost on our minds like shortages of water, food, no jobs, social unrest in our localities, etc.

If things like those are lacking or problematic in your life I don't think one will have much time to expend worrying about the travials of geo-engineering and its folly. Of course none of what I said above means that I don't consider it an impactful or important issue.

Regarding our increasingly disrupted weather you wrote that CO2 levels follow Climate Change. Before 150 years ago the CO2 level had been quite stable around 250 parts per million for a very long time. But then man at a billion and a half pop roughly began to use hydrocarbon fuels to run things and as humanity has bloomed now to aprox 7 billion people because of the benifits of these fuels we saw C02 rise in a matching spike to now near 400 PPM. Thats a drastic rise in a short time.

In the time of man's burning of carbon based fuels 5000+ gigitons of greenhouse gases have been spewed into the incredibly thin atmosphere that coats the surface of the earth. One gigiton is 1000 billion tons. This gargantuan amount of green house gases, predominently C02, was not the product of changing climate but was the product of man's activities. Now one may question the amount of that 5000+ gigitons which accounts for the PPM rise but based on the information I give creedance to I think it is very significant and by far the primary contributor.

If your in a closed room r Commenterson lights a cigerate ( think of it as a C02 source ) its going to get a bit smokey but if 7 billion people light up, well, you get my point.

Also the information you cited about the cern report relates to influences on cloud formation. Within these articles its pointed out that " cosmic radiation is only one of many parameters." affecting cloud formation. The cern info is not about the subject of the impacts and sources of rising world C02 levels.

I think drastic changes are in store for us and I don't see humanity curtailing by choice to any significant degree is burning of carbon based fuels until they literally are forced to by various dire circumstances to cut back, things like collapsing economies, declining supplies, mass social conflict disrupting infrastructure and therefore usage, etc.

Its been one heck of a weather year, and I think were in for much worse to come.


Anonymous said...

And RP regarding Dutchsinse I don't know what is going on with the radar info and some " big event " it may be indicating, but I seriously doubt vulcanism is involved. I am alot more inclined to think it may have something to do with activity at that base north of 29 palms. At times I see high altitude plane trails in circles out that way so who knows what those freaks are up too. The military industrial complex just irks me to no end, nuttiness and waste on a unbelievable scale.


Anonymous said...

Oh boy, here we go again :-) Hey Freeacre/Murph, I posted at July 25, 2011 1:05 PM and its disappeared. The Spam Monster I suspect :-)


murph said...


I got it reversed. LOL Why would that comment end up in spam, I just don't understand the criterion.

rockpicker said...


rockpicker said...

Steve Quayle picked this up.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Murph for salvaging my post from Mr Spam :-)

Rp, Humint? Anymore to that or are we supposed to read between the lines :-) I suppose you are talking about Human Intelligence.

Also RP I hiked to the top of what I call Turtle Mountain today near our home ( 5000 ft elevation ) and from up there I can see very well the mountains near Pisgah Crater which is on the opposite side of them from where I was. Nothing to see out of the ordinary in the sky.

I did a google Map search of Pisgah and once I saw where it was I recognized it immedietly as a dark black cinder cone we have passed many times on trips out to the Colorado River basin on HWY 40. The crater is only a couple of miles off of HWY 40 and there is actually one spot were old lava flows from this crater are on both sides of the FWY.

That highway is well traveled so clearly if there was any kind of erruption there it would be easily spotted by travelers on the 40 FWY.

The Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center is not very far south east of Pisgah ( as you noted too ) and this is why I think this occurance of something Dutchsinse is citing may have something to do with their operations.

Also I was talking to my mom this morning and we both noted smelling smoke in the air seems like around when this thing your talking about occured and I think I saw in the paper that there had been a few fires so maybe the smoke from them caused the radar anomolies.

On another subject, CNN's has its " be afraid, very afraid " countdown to doom budget default clock ticking away the days, hours, minutes and even of utmost importance, the seconds! Tick, tick tick! The fear is killing me :-)This whole thing wreaks of disaster capitalism just like the mass bank bailout BS of 2007-2008, its just in a bit of a differant form in this go around.

Oh and I wanted to bring up this link:

And then when the static vapor image loads up you can click on play which gives you I think a three hour loop of the vapor image. I find it to be the most helpful satelite image in determining whats occurring regarding airflows and general weather. It give you the most detailed look at what the atmosphere is generally doing as far as movement and moisture content. For those keeping up with the weather in their area I think you will find this a useful tool and its available 24-7.


rockpicker said...

HSW, Dutchsinse reported a second plume last night about 10 pm. Clearly visible on radar. Unmoving point source near Pisgah. He feels it may be water being vented. He also points out it's several miles south of hwy 40, and in the middle of the desert, so few witnesses.

He mentioned the Eagle fire that's burning, but discounted that as the source, as it apparently is south and west of where the plume appears on the Intellicast screen.

USGS has responded by calling the video alert "a misrepresentation of the data," without offering an alternative explanation.

In other words, "nothin' to see here folks. Keep moving."

rockpicker said...

This is good.

Anonymous said...

RP, I am curious what it is they are seeing on the radar. If you look at the desert around the Pisgah Crater it is a very interesting and convoluted landscape that looks like a jigsaw puzzle of satelite images all pasted together, kinda like an alien world. The dis-joint terrain clearly highlights its volcanic origin and there are numerous older small volcanic cones/craters.

I referenced one website that said Pisgah was the most recent activity around that area at around 100,000 years ago but I also saw other information that said it was active only 2000 years ago. I always thought it looked fairly recent like in the last few thousand years so perhaps I got the wrong info regarding that 100,000 years figure. Its clearly been an active area in the past but I wouldn't know if the underground conditions that provided for this activity may have been transient and could possbily be no longer present.

One thing I have noticed in the desert mountains I hike in close to our home is that they are all fractured with smaller faults easily seen criss crossing them if you look closely at satelite images, or these large fractures can even be seen when view from high points on the hills. I'd say there have been very strong quakes in past geologic time to have caused such a broken up state.

Regarding radar images, I know there are image features that outside observers interpret to be this or that depending on their perspective, like the roundish blurps that appear at times in the rainfall radars. I think the roundish ones because of their super quick transient and very symetrical nature are radar anomalies. I have not seen any of those for quite some time but there was a spell during a past winter when they were showing up quite a bit on the weather channel. Of course this doesn't mean I actually really know what they are.

I looked at the earthquake activity for the area around Pisgah and I didn't see anything abnormal going on. Seems to me if some volcanic feature was venting the USGS would report about in in the news and there would be some quakes. I mean why would volcanic activity be kept secret?

Unfortutately as I have mentioned before here I am on the slow dialup so You Tubes and other dense files take ages, and ages to load up so I don't even try them unless I get over to our public library to use their high speed. I do check out your links RP and can usually google some text info to learn more about the subject matter you are giving links for.


Anonymous said...

RP, at the Dutchsinse Blog I see his most recent post is dated 7-27 even though here it is 7-26, so where is he, in Europe somewhere? He states the the USGS is reporting a 5.9 earthquake in the supposed eruption area of the Pisgah craters area and yet look at the USGS website for quakes in the last week here in California:

It shows only magnitude 1 and maybe four 2's in the last week. We live maybe 30-35 miles from these craters ( perhaps less even ) and a 5.9 earthquake that close would shake us up a whole lot. We have felt nothing. Quakes bigger than 4 are usually always reported in the news. There was no 5.9 quake at Pisgah.

Also, I can tell you for sure, because I live here, that there were definitely thunderstorm clouds around our area during this time he is citing " plumes ", and this was the case until yesterday evening. Today cooler and drier air moved in and pushed the humid air back east of us so our day was clear. I see the USGS also said that they feel the radar image has been mis-interpreted by Dutchsinse and he is actually seeing the thunderstorms showing up in them.

So we have volcanic plumes being reported by Dutchsinse that nobody in our area has seen or reported, all supposedly happening with 2-3 miles from a major freeway, and he reports a 6 magnitude earthquake which no one has felt or reported either, and nothing about any of this in the news.

I see at Dutchsinse he writes this " for sure not a wildfire, or a storm…. all other possibilites are now eliminated… three times.. same place.. lave fields.. i’d say we’ve got a newly active volcanic area north east of Los Angeles !! And I stand by this call , I am NOT wrong on this.."

I think this qualifies as a very good example of how people on certain sites can make all kinds of claims, provide lots of images, links, etc that might seem legit, and they can end up being completely wrong about their interpretation of various events.

It just happens that in this case I live close to the described area and can give some verification that what this person is saying, has occurred really shows no signs of actually happening at all.

And looking at how he states " I am NOT wrong on this " where he from all appearances is completely wrong, suggest to me that other things he may cite as being real or true, could also lack merit.


rockpicker said...

HSW, Dutchsinse lives in St. Louis. I just pulled up his latest video. It is date 7-26 on my screen. 18 hours ago. He's reporting a 6.0 that was downgraded to a 5.9, in the south end of the Gulf of California. Steve Quayle's website carries USGS seismic info, and the list and maps corroborate what Dutch reported on this one, same time, same epicenter, same magnitude. You're probably too far north to have felt it, but you are on the line between Gulf of CA and Mono Lake, and things do appear to be heating up in both places. I still think the hook at Grapvine Hill is the key to the big one. When the Pacific plate moves at that point, everybody on the west side is going for a hell of a ride.

I suggest you find time to pull up some of Dutch's severe weather alerts, to see what he is pointing out. Parts of perfect curves, sharply defined, clouds on one side, nothing on the other side. Or, what he's calling scalar squares. Two straight lines meeting at 90's, with clouds massed along the outside edges of both lines, without one cloud in the center. It is weird. And, remember, he's only relaying Intellicast and National Weather Service data. You can go directly to the sites he's linked and see these anomalies for yourself.

rockpicker said...

pretty cool

Anonymous said...

RP, I'll have to check out the Dutchsinse site but last night on his most recent text entry at the top it was dated 7-27 so I thought he must be overseas somewhere. Also I thought he was saying the 5.9 earthquake was near Pisgah so I'll have to take another look at that.

Since I don't think there is any legit evidence that there actually is volcanic activity going on at Pisgah I'd also then consider any 5.9 quake at the south end of the gulf of California to be an occurance seperate from any supposed volcanic activity at Pisgah. Seems to me he was implying the quake supported his contention of the volcanic activity. Since I don't have high speed I am limited in what I can check out. Sometimes I get over to the local librarty and get the treat of using their high speed :-)

Regarding some of these other altered things seen on various radar images ( circles, squares, etc ) I watch the radars alot and I think they are merely radar anomolies caused for various reasons at times. I'd bet that if you were physically at the location were a radar showed a distinct line as a square anomaly would, you would see that the clouds truly are on both sides of the line, the radar image is just not showing up what is on the false/blank side.

For example up around Seattle you will commonly see a radar anomaly over the Olympic Mountains that is caused by the fact the Seattle radar in that area can't see certain areas. The consequence is it looks like there are large blank areas with no clouds when actually the whole area is filled in with clouds in real life.

My brother and I were watching circle blurps that were occuring quite often during certain periods in the past but if you watch them very closely as related to the true clouds occurring around them there really is no ryme or reason to them. There are more considerations to it, as to why I don't consider them anything sinister, like some sort of program or related to the Haarp or Weather Modification programs, but simply put, I think these anomalies are being interpretted by various people as something that they are not.

Of course we all know of a lot of the sinister stuff the PTB are doing and have done, and clearly there has to be other evil projects that we haven't even got wind of yet. A lot of complicated things going on in this world, and I now we are all trying to do our best to figure it all out and maybe the knowledge will help us find some better path for our lives and even help us steer clear of some of the negative things.


rockpicker said...

HSW, the weird thing about the radar rings is that severe weather shows up at the center of these rings within 24 to 48 hours of ring production. Long after the original detected weather has moved on. He called the Joplin, Mo. storm dead on.
He called one in North Dakota last week. Carrington, I think. He says what the rings are showing is the use of VLF being raised to UHF, and the Nexrad radar happens to catch a glimpse of the energy as it passes up the frequency scale. Apparently, someone is using electromagnetic energy to heat and cool areas close to the ground to produce severe weather. I think his accuracy warrants closer scrutiny.

Anonymous said...

RP, You have to think, why would people supposedly doing this thing Dutchsinse says is occurring, want to devastate communities and towns with severweather like the class 4-5 Tordando that hit Joplin? Also, consider that Dutchsinse first cites that a volcanic plume has occurred, three eruptions, and yet I have found no other sources that says anything volcanic has occurred ( and I live right near this crater ), then, an earthquake happens many hundreds of miles away and Dutchsinse immediately cites it as supporting evidence for the volcanic activity. I'm thinking to myself, what if the southern gulf of Mexico quake had not occurred, but on the same day, a similiar sized earthquake happened in Pamana, would dutchsinse latch on to that one as the evidence for the volcanic event he purports?

So now he follows satelite imagery all the time from the sounds of it, and when he see anomolies then he is looking for adverse weather or whatever else out of the ordinary in the atmosphere, and by the odds, from time to time it would not supprise me that he would find adverse weather occuring near and around the same time as the anomaly.

Its like if you flip a coin and call heads, over time you will realize 50% accurracy. You could just highlight the fact that you determined right how the coin would fall so many times, and imply that you had some intelligent means by which you determined the outcome, but the result was determined by chance, and not by any inherent intelligent means on your part.

So in my case in watching a lot the radar images throughout the year, I have seen variou radar anomalies, differant types, but I have never seen that these circle/squares or other types have correlated such that they are causing any changes in the weather in the areas they are occuring.

I think by far the biggest driver of earth's altering weather are the " added " greenhouse gases that have been introduced by humans in the last 150 years. Low pressure systems, high, jet streams, huge introductions of moisture ( energy ) from the worlds water bodies into the system create a dynamic system so gargantuan/vast that in my opinion I doubt that any of humanity other tinkerings are rising to the level of anything close to the impacts and changes caused by the human introduced greenhouse gases and what they are capable of as far as change. I respect RP that you have your own opinions of this subject too.


Anonymous said...

RP I mentioned recently about my brother Dane on a regular basis sending me Chemtrail/Geo-Engineering related news and his own thinking about the info. He just this morning sent me a NOAA produced article titled ( Dane didn't send me the link for it ):

...NOAA study: Increase in particles high in Earth’s atmosphere has offset some recent climate warming...

I'm sure you could find it by googling the above. Anyway here was my brother's commentary about the info sent along with the e-mail. Also Mike Murphy who did the recent DVD " What In The World Are They Spraying " is going to be visiting Dane for a few days soon. They are good friends and are both very engaged on the Chemtrail issues. Here is the comment from Dane:

" The denial is beyond believe. They have no idea where all these aerosols could be coming from. Right.

The NOAA, a branch of the US Department of Commerce, is only one more arm of the propaganda machine. Until "SAG" is exposed, (stratospheric aerosol geoengineering), the true state of the climate will continue to be masked from view.

The entire planet, all that lives, will continue to be poisoned. Every breath we take will continue to contain toxic particles that do slow and insidious damage to our ourselves and our children.

As I have said to many times already, I can imagine no greater priority than to expose, and hopefully bring to a halt, the greatest single crime in human history. The total toxification of the entire globe, and the decimation of out atmosphere.

I can only continue to hope that all will help carry this torch. That all will do everything they can to increase awareness in every way they can. Sending data to groups, organizations, and individuals, that would care, if they only knew.

Though the "in you face" trails seem to have dropped off, the silvery white skies are tell tale signs of the aerosols. The satellite images from off the west coast make all to clear the massive spraying that is covering incomprehensibly large spans of sky over the oceans.

All this blows in on us. Many evenings the sky is a filthy dirty tint, and strange upper level ripples of haze can be seen by those that care to look. The air quality and clarity is often bad enough that I can barely see Mt. Shasta only 45 miles + distant.

The "experiment" seems to have changed in the last month or more, and the overhead bombardment diminished. Lately, the poisons simply drift in from the west. The damage being done has not stopped.
I hope all will consider the gravity of this most dire issue, and do everything possible to bring it to light.

DW "


Anonymous said...

Also I forgot to mention regarding that " " water vapor image loop I referrenced, that once the loop is loaded up you can put your cursor within the image and it will highlight boxed regions within the larger image which you can click on to view the vapor image in a closer and more detailed version for your particular area allowing you to more accuratly see the atmospheric air movements and air moisture.


rockpicker said...

White Lies Over The Passamari

Since oxygen and hydrogen combine
when kerosene is incompletely burned
at thirty thousand feet in crystal air
to form a gaseous water we can't see,
but know it's there because it changes
state, cooling in the rarefied minus seventy degree
Montana sky to first, (briefly,) liquid, and then to ice,

fine particles, yes, but solid enough
to refract a wan sun. " Contrail,"
we say, looking up over garden walls,
over the ridgelines of neighboring houses.
We follow the silver bird, and its vapor,
across the sky, the two small enough
to hide behind raised fists

because ice reflecting sunlight
takes on heat and changes back
to states we only dream. So what gives
with these spreading trails in tick-tack- toe?
Is it rocket science I'm not allowed to know?
White skies replace our deep blue days.
Shouldn't we expect a little say?

rockpicker said...

Richard Hoagland on comet Elenin and much more.

Anonymous said...

RP, I told my brother about your poem this morning and he said to e-mail it to him :-) That recent comment I posted here of Dane's was highlighted in David Griffin's news site which goes out to differant parts of the world. Mike Murphy and one of his friends who was looking at property in the area where Dane lives just left from their visit this morning. They camped out at one of the many pond's Dane has built on his property. Dane said the skies were all messed up with spray stuff while they were there, but the weather and skies were real nice today.

So RP, was that town called Alder named after Alder trees :-)

Interesting weather here lately with big thunderstorms the last couple of days. This morning around 6AM a big one rolled in with very windy conditions and its been raining all morning util now, about 1PM. The temps are in the low 70's which is a real refreshing break from the normal 90-100 degree temps of this time of year.

I took a couple of photos of the storms yesterday and also took some pics this morning when the big super cell rolled through with its real interesting cloud formations. I'll be putting up a photo or two from this morning shortly at my Flickr photo site and for anyone interested you can view them at:

or, you can just google,


to find my Flickr site too :-)


rockpicker said...

Anybody out there keeping bees?

HSW; Yes, Alder is named for the tree, or around here, the shrub.

We've been getting your warm weather up from the south lately. It's been good for the gardens. But last night we got a sudden cloud burst, with hail. It tore holes in the squash leaves, but no serious damage. Stones were 1/2 inch in diameter. Any bigger, and it would have toasted the garden.

My feeling is that Dane and Michael are absolutely correct. I've seen satellite photos of the Pacific, west of California, and the spray-grid evidence is undeniable. But, as we're learning, if you control the press, almost anything can be ignored.

Hey, why doesn't Dane pull up a stump and take up the talking stick? We don't bite.

According to the USGS map of California and Nevada, accessible on Steve Quayle's site, there are a bunch of north-south trending faults clustered near Pisgah Crater. Thousands of quakes have been registered south of that area into Mexico in the last year.

Two more six-points, one this morning in Vanuatu and one last night off Honshu.

Anonymous said...

RP, There are Alder trees growing along Deep Creek, the stream where Deep Creek Hot Springs is that I have been visiting for almost 3 decades. Its a beautiful creek and hotsprings and there are numerous photos of it at my Flickr site :-)

I'll pass along your " invitation " to Dane,

" Hey, why doesn't Dane pull up a stump and take up the talking stick? We don't bite. "

He is always so very busy, I mean if you really knew all the stuff he has accumplished in his life you would realize he is like a one many army of sorts :-) I don't know were he gets all of that energy. Anyway he expends alot of time keeping up with everything Chemtrail related as you might expect and between that and keeping things going on his 2000 acre spread he really puts alot into his waking time :-)

Can't say weather he will drop by the Clan but even if he doesn't, I regularly tell him about whats going on here. If he doesn't show up its just because he is busy as a bee and not a sign of any negative feelings about the Trout Clan :-)

Regarding the quakes, sure lots of them all the time throughout certain areas of California, with an obvious empty zone along the San Andreas from around Bakersfield north where the next mega tumbler will most likely occur. Some predictions put it at 90% in the next three decades.

Funny about six years ago when we moved into our new home I had a dream about huge boulders rolling down the rocky hill behind our house from an earthquake. I woke up and still thought I heard the rumbling, tumbling rocks and ran towards my wife's room expecting to see her and the kids up too. I then realized, it was just a dream :-)

Here is a recent article from Chris Hedges. I very much respect his thinking about the world:

Fundamentalism Kills


Anonymous said...

Hello Freeacre and Murph, my
July 31, 2011 4:03 PM, post looks to have been spammed. Maybe it got " targeted " because of the author I mentioned who doesn't have good things to say about the PTB :-)


murph said...


Yup one in spam. It's out now. LOL You got to quit tripping their filters. lolol

freeacre said...

Well, we've got Dutchsince telling us that there are old, extinct volcanoes that are giving off steam all over the place in the Northwest. 6.0 -6,8 earthquakes everyday, a comet heading our way, a planet or dwarf star, and three sunspots with class X potential are pointed straight at us. But, no worries..

The stock market will probably rally tomorrow because the rich are saved again from paying their fair share of taxes and the rest of us are fucked.

rockpicker said...

Mike Ruppert said on the Lifeboat Hour last night that cheery second quarter earnings reports were the result of fudging and outright lying on the part of the big corporations to give investors the appearance that things are improving.

Anonymous said...

Hey all,

A good post by kultureCritic this week.


rockpicker said...

Randy, that's a good piece. The phrase "feral awareness," besides ringing good in the ear, conjures images of campfires and drumming.

The domination of societies, either regional or global, is exactly the point of these next two posted links.

Agenda 21. DOT wants to require cdl's of all farm equipment operators?

Anonymous said...

Good points here from Joseph Smecker and Derrick Jensen:

You Can't Kill a Planet and Live on It, Too

Regarding the apparent budget deal in the works, clearly Obama shows once again, like he has before over and over, that as far as " change " is concerned, he is all about " no we can't ". He is and has always been just another part of the Big Circus of BS, working with the elites all along the way.

I watch Tom Harmans show because there is some good stuff on there but Tom is basically blind to the reality that Obama is working with/for the PTB. But Tom just doesn't get it and endlessly apologizes for Obama's actions. So the can looks like it will just get kicked down the road once again regarding any economic sanity, with an even bigger fall that will inevitably come because of this ongoing monumental irresponsibility.


Anonymous said...

From a farmer in Oregon:

... somewhat depressing, I think.


murph said...


That article from counterpunch impresses me as very much the truth. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Dutchsinse, I went back to his blog

today to review the material on his claim of " volcanic activity " at the Pisgah Crater.

He claims three eruptions, and a 6.0 earthquake. Where did he say the earthquake occured that supposedly supported his earlier claims of volcanic activity? His own written word:

" A 6.0 (or as the USGS says a 5.9) magnitude quake JUST hit an area in southern California, that for the past three days has shown VOLCANIC activity ! "


" showing volcanic venting prior to this 6.0 earthquake in southern california "

You see, he said the earthquake was at the volcanic activity location, and that it was in Southern California. He did not say the earthquake was in the south end of the Gulf Of California. The fact is there was not even anything close to a 6.0 in all of California during that period.

He also wrote:

" Today, for the THIRD TIME out of the SAME SPOT… the lava fields at Pisgah craters… we see an ERUPTION of steam/geyser on a large scale "


" we’ve got a newly active volcanic area north east of Los Angeles !! And I stand by this call , I am NOT wrong on this.."

His report gets noticed on You Tube and the local newspaper sites this:

" but rather a misinterpretation of the data "

and this:

" The last volcano activity at Pisgah Crater, which is in the Lavic Lake volcanic field, was likely 20,000 to 50,000 years ago "

So remember he cites that a Large Scale Eruption has occured. The Pisgah Crater is on Bureau Of Land Management ( BLM ), and that agency oversees its area. I contacted today both the BLM Barstow Office, and their Needles Office. Both of these headquarters cover the area around Pisgah, and the boundery line between them is just east of Pisgah, the point being they cover everything south of HWY 40 in that area. The area north of HWY 40 is the Mojave National Preserve.

Both BLM headquarters said that nothing volcanic has occurred at Pisgah. They also said that there had been no active volcanic activity at Pisgah or its surrounding area for many thousands of years. Also, there has been no out of the ordinary earthquakes to indicate that anything is going on underground.

My neighbors wife is a supervisor working in the Mojave National Preserve and regularly goes out HWY 40 past Pisgah in her duties. She affirmed there is nothing going on at Pisgah.

So Dutchsinse claims an earthqauake in Southern California that never happened, volcanic activity at a crater that has been dormant for many thousands of years, and no agency, BLM, USGS, HWY 40 travelers, off road enthusiast who frequent dirt rds around Pisgah, news agencies, or even the military base nearby that surely has every kind of imaging technology imaginable has reported anything going on volcanic, and yet Dutchsinse writes:

" I am NOT wrong on this "

And all of the above is still up at his blog.

The point of all of this is, if he can be so wrong on something as straightforward as this false claim of volcanic activity and an earthquake that did not happen where he said it did, wouldn't it really make you cautious about any of his other claims that he is making? I have skimmed through some of his other prognostications and I think the above is not the only thing he is mis-interpreting, getting wrong.

There are alot of people out there in the cyber world making all sorts of erroneous claims, and I take a whole lot of it with a big grain of salt as they say.

I guess the only thing more I could do to show you that Pisgah is not errupting is to go out there myself, climb in the crater, take a photo of my self and say,

" nothing to see here " :-)


rockpicker said...

Here's a copy of the USGS reort concerning a 1.4 magnitude registered in southern Ca. on Monday. They're saying it may be from a quarry detonation. Someone has taken video over the weekend showing a plume off in the distance that looks like white smoke or maybe steam plume. Who knows? Nexrad showed a fairly large plume of some sort originating near the Pisgah area. It arose from a single point source, moved north and began to turn in a counter-clockwise direction, from what I saw.

Haven't gone to Dutch's website, but he clearly states in his video report that the location of the recent 6.+ quake was at the southern end of the Gulf of California, which is where USGS showed it. I would guess his report that it happened in the State of California is an unintentional error, as no data substantiates that claim.

However, seismic charts for the southern Cal. area, covering the time period in question, do show substantial harmonics, which indicate magma movement deep underground.

I think your suggestion of taking a look-see is a capital idea!


Monday, August 01, 2011 at 16:38:14 UTC
Monday, August 01, 2011 at 09:38:14 AM at epicenter
Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones

Location 34.616°N, 117.120°W
Depth 7 km (4.3 miles) (poorly constrained)

2 km (1 miles) S (179°) from Quarry at VICTORVILLE (a probable quarry explosion)
14 km (9 miles) NE (36°) from Apple Valley, CA
23 km (14 miles) ENE (63°) from Victorville, CA
25 km (15 miles) ENE (58°) from Mountain View Acres, CA
30 km (19 miles) SSW (195°) from Barstow, CA
121 km (75 miles) ENE (59°) from Los Angeles Civic Center, CA

Location Uncertainty horizontal +/- 0.9 km (0.6 miles); depth +/- 31.6 km (19.6 miles)
Parameters Nph= 18, Dmin=40 km, Rmss=0.36 sec, Gp= 76°,
M-type=local magnitude (ML), Version=2

California Integrated Seismic Net:

Anonymous said...

RP there is a long time quarry north of us that does do detonations from time to time. I have heard them while I'm out hiking in the mountains near our home, and dust is kicked up when the explosives go off.

Regarding this you wrote RP, " I think your suggestion of taking a look-see is a capital idea! ", Pisgah Crater is only about an hour drive from our place, and it would be fun to check out some time being easily accessible just a couple of miles off of HWY 40 but I'm going to be kinda busy with my normal things and also with getting ready to go to Burning Man up in the Black Rock Desert in about three weeks.

On my way up there I'm going to take some extra time to go further north ( and additional six hours aprox, one way ) to visit Murph and Freeacre, then I'll head back to Burning Man for its Monday opening before Labor Day.

That Pisgah Crater really is not that far removed from civilization so if anything of consequence really happens it will be all over the news. My friends wife Linda who works for the Mojave National Preserve would likely here about anything even before the press did.

We go out to the Colorado River from time to time so on one of those trips I'll have to stop by there with the family and check it out since I think it would be interesting to see. The cone and surrounding Lava flows are very black as you can see in a satelite image of it.

Keith Olberman is back with a news show on current TV ( Dish channel 196. He did one of his Special Comments last night and he was riled up more than I've ever seen him. He discussed the Debt Deal and what it means for the country, basically we are screwed if we don't stop the bastards! I'm going to try and track down the text to send to my brother because he missed it. I think Olberman did a real good job on it so you might want to read it or I'm sure the video can be found too with the Google Machine :-)


rockpicker said...

from the White House insider...

murph said...


Found a recording of that Oberman rant. It's pretty good, sure don't disagree with him on it.

Anonymous said...

a little sweetness in a world that is quickly becoming an open sewer thanks to the stupidity and greed of the two-leggeds.

rockpicker said...

Yay, Paul Stamets, and Yay, MF!

USGS is reporting some low-grade seismic activity in the Ludlow, Barstow, Twenty-Nine Palms vicinity.

Hey, how 'bout that Dow, huh?

Our daily 6. happened in the ocean off the Kuril Islands, Russia, just north of Japan.

rockpicker said...

Solar storm warning for Aug. 5th

Heads up, gang.

Anonymous said...

Loved Olbermann's rant, but I think the majority of the sheeple wouldn't understand a word of what he's said -even if they had the gumption to switch the channel from "Dancing With the Stars, "Idol," or "Survivor."

Yeah, how'bout that DOW.
Maybe, it'll tank -maybe a THE major contraction will take place and maybe, maybe our military won't have enough funds to kill brown people for corporate profit anymore.


Anonymous said...

Nice Photos HSW. We were away for nearly a month went to the other side of the equator took 26 hours to get home, through customs, etc. not a fun thing brother passed away some unfortunate circumstances arose from that with one of his girlfriends behaving badly still dealing with problems but nice to be back home however humble it is.

Nice to be able to come here and see all of you and you're input and what's going on. Brother was actually coming here next week and then on to Burning Man to help set up and photograph as he had done 2 years back. He won't be there now, only in spirit.

We had an earthquake or somebody somewhere blew something up but we felt it and heard it on Monday Aug 1st but it was later in the day.

A lot going on.

Have been sick w/some kind of bug sore throat and fever first then bad cold almost gone now just great to not be flying or trap-zing through airports. love to all, mrsp

Anonymous said...

Mrs P, I was wondering why you had not posted for a while :-) Glad you enjoyed the pics and good to see you back.

Randy I know what you mean about the domesticated sheeples even listening to what Olberman is saying. Olberman spoke the truth to much at MSNBC and the Washington insiders couldn't have that so he got the boot. Then Cenk Uger ( also at MSNBC ) got canned for the same reason recently. Glad to see Olberman back on Current TV.

RP, I was talking to my brother a couple of days ago ( he did get your poem and invitation to join the Trout Clan conversations )and while we were talking he did access the TC Blogsite, but had a problem when trying to pull up the comment section, with a computer message coming up saying his cookies were disabled or something like that. Anyway he ended up e-mailing this message for me to pass along:

" Hello Rp,

Thank you for your reflections on the most dire issue of geoengineering. One hopes that more people begin to grasp the gravity of the entire globe being sprayed with known and unknown highly toxic elements. The damage already done could never be quantified.

I believe, from years of studying the ongoing data, that if the spraying continues, we will collectively have nothing left to care about sooner than later. The damage being done is day in and day out. We have recently received medical studies that also reveal the horrific "synergistic toxicity" that exists regarding aluminum and Mercury. If the two are combined in a living organism, the toxicity is increased by something on the order of 10,000%.
We are all being exposed to what can only be described as a "slow kill".

Thank you to the Trout Clan for all the sane discussions that take place on the blog and for the consideration of the geoengineering issue. More data can be found at the "" site. Hope all can help to raise awareness of this most lethal issue.

Again RP, thank you for your concern regarding this issue. Most Sincerely

DW "


Anonymous said...

This article sums up a lot of things quite well:


freeacre said...

Howdy. Glad to hear from you, DW. Thank you for all the research and activism that you've done in order to shed light on the issue. For some reason, chem trails around here completely stopped around a week or ten days or so. Maybe it's a shortage of money. Or maybe they are just done.

Mrs.p - so glad that you are back. I sure hope you are feeling better. You may want to keep that bug out kit handy. Aug. 3 (yesterday)was the day that the dwarf star, Nibiru, crosses Earth orbit and Earth reaches Nibiru perigee orbit angle position. 1.489 AU from earth. And, wasn't that the day that the three gigantic solar flares with coronal mass ejections began? If you look up the earthquakes over 2.5 on the USGS, you'll notice a series of quakes today down around in your area and some others in Northern CA, then headed north to Sacramento, Santa Rosa, and now one in Southern Oregon. Maybe the Earth is just stretching her shoulders. Hopefully, there won't be any serious disruptions on the grid and whatnot.

But, everybody hang tight. The next few days should be real interesting. The DOW down 500 points today? The Euro in the dumper. Massive military equipment moving by rail through Central Oregon. Just a lot to keep an eye on.Plus, Fukushima, of course.

Anyway, don't feel alone in my perception that we are in the midst of a collapse/transformation that is gaining strength. It's reflected on so many levels wherever you look.

Just in case the grid does have a considerable malfunction either due to Solar flare or EMP devise, I am holding you all in my heart. At this campfire we have expressed what is important or true for us. We have learned so much from each other. If we can't talk for while amongst ourselves, maybe we can talk to the ones around us in the same way. Tell them about passing the talking stick. Show them how to pull together.

I can't tell you all how much you mean to me. I'd be here all night.

Anonymous said...

big amen to that sis,man i love this place, thanks for the hoot rp.
got something writ but don't know if it is something i should let loose. have to dwell on it some..
peace brothers and sisters

Anonymous said...

The good ol US of A Military-Industrial Complex spreading " freedom and democracy ". Their goal, destroy everyone, peoples, cultures and their infrastructure that could oppose the US Militarism world view, then all of those left that thrive on war and all of its " benifits " will be free, and happy!

The Pentagon Rules America: Militarism and the Crisis of the Civilian Economy