Wednesday, August 7, 2013


In remembrance of Brie and her chicks

From Freeacre

Remember the Deteriorata from National Lampoon back in the day? Here's a link:

It reads like this:


(You are a fluke of the universe.
You have no right to be here.
Deteriorata, Deteriorata)
Go placidly amidst the noise and waste, and remember what comfort there may be in owning a piece thereof. Avoid quiet and passive persons, unless you are in need of sleep. Rotate your tires. Speak glowingly of those greater than yourself; and heed well their advice, even though they be turkeys. Know what to kiss - and when. Consider that two wrongs never make a right, but that three do. Wherever possible, put people on hold. Be comforted, that in the face of all irridity and disillusionment, and despite the changing fortunes of time, there is always a big future in computer maintenance.
(You are a fluke of the universe.
You have no right to be here.
Whether you can hear it or not,
The universe is laughing behind your back.)
Remember the Pueblo. Strive at all times to bend, fold, spindle, and mutilate. Know yourself. If you need help, call the FBI. Exercise caution in your daily affairs, especially with those persons closest to you... That lemon on your left, for instance. Be assured that a walk through the seas of most souls would scarcely get your feet wet. Fall not in love, therefore, it will stick to your face. Gracefully surrender the things of youth: the birds, clean air, tuna, Taiwan - and let not the sands of time get in your lunch. Hire people with hooks. For a good time, call 606-4311, ask for Ken. Take heart in the deepening gloom that your dog is finally getting enough cheese. And reflect that whatever misfortune may be your lot, it could only be worse in Milwaukee.
(You are a fluke of the universe.
You have no right to be here.
Whether you can hear it or not,
The universe is laughing behind your back.)
Therefore, make peace with your god, whatever you perceive him to be: hairy thunderer or cosmic muffin. With all its hopes, dreams, promises, and urban renewal, the world continues to deteriorate. GIVE UP!
(You are a fluke of the universe.
You have no right to be here.
Whether you can hear it or not,
The universe is laughing behind your back.)
It was going through my mind a few nights ago as I was falling asleep. I had to laugh.
Actually, it is a parody of an earlier poem entitled "Desiderata." Read this one and feel which one feels better to you.

Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence.
As far as possible without surrender be on good terms with all persons.
Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even the dull and ignorant; they too have their story.
Avoid loud and aggressive persons, they are vexations to the spirit.
If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitter;
for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.
Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans.
Keep interested in your career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.
Exercise caution in your business affairs; for the world is full of trickery.
But let this not blind you to what virtue there is; many persons strive for high ideals;
and everywhere life is full of heroism.
Be yourself.
Especially, do not feign affection.
Neither be critical about love; for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment it is as perennial as the grass.
Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth.
Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune. But do not distress yourself with imaginings.
Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness. Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself.
You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars;
you have a right to be here.
And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.
Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be,
and whatever your labors and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life keep peace with your soul.
With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be careful. Strive to be happy.
© Max Ehrmann 1927

Two different takes on the same situation. There are many more. Everyone connects the mental dots in different ways for themselves. We pick and choose which facts we focus on - which things to make "figure" and which we make "ground". Sometimes we make decisions before we even consciously know what we are doing. So, we don't even know we have a choice, unless we really work on our consciousness.

Lately, I've been obsessed by the escalating doom scenarios that are currently on the net. Beginning, more of less, with the Gary McPhereson methane release doom featured on Carolyn Baker's site, Speaking Truth to Power. He writes of NTE - Near Term Extinction due to the methane being released from perma-frost areas on land and under the ocean. Greenland ice is melting, accelerated by the grime in the air wafting in from pollution in China. This is info is backed up on Survival Aces site.

Then there is the lamestream media - all these breathless, gossipy warnings about potential imminent danger from terrorists. What's REALLY going on? More distractions from outrageous things that the government is doing? Probably. Another false flag event to have people begging for whatever liberties they have left to be sacrificed? Maybe.

Then, there's the space and fringe news. Our Sun is a binary star whose partner appears every 3,500 years or so and wipes out just about everything. This has happened at least five times before, which is why other civilizations built lasting structures (like the pyramids) to warn us of disaster. Our civilization, on the other hand, has built nuclear power plants all over the world. So, when the grid goes down, and the pumps stop working, the nuclear rods and waste will be uncontainable, melt down, and kill all life on this planet. Oh, yeah, and the sister star is within our solar system now and is coming with seven planets and a bunch of debris which has been arriving for awhile now in the form of meteors. Predicted to happen between August 11 and November sometime. Of course there is also comet ISON arriving around the same time...

Or, increasing activity of UFO sightings, strange noises, sinkholes, disclosures, NASA whistle-blowers, fish and animal die-offs. Nice round-ups most days on my buddy, Andre Heathe's site -

So, you know, this has led to an increase in my personal anxiety. I occurs to me, though, that I have obsessed about death and possible disaster much of my life. Started as a kid when I was playing with a Ouija board and it said that I would die before I turned eighteen. I spent the night before my birthday fearing that I would die. Didn't happen. So, am I a wingnut, or perhaps one who has wisps of past life death memories? Don't know. I just know it has compelled me to prepare. And, I am glad that I have.

Personally, I am happy with this incarnation and I go to bed grateful for each day. And, at the same time, I am looking forward to my next experience. I have a kind of "Cloud Atlas" stance. But, the idea of young people and friends biting the dust is a very painful thought for me. I have not reached a state of acceptance on that one yet. And, I have also not released my anger at those who have caused this predicament due to greed and short-sightedness.

ON THE OTHER HAND, I am finding this time to be the culmination of my hopes and dreams. I find myself living the life I had envisioned for myself as a young woman. I have recognized where the choices I made made the transition take a lot longer, but at least I'm here now. I realize that there is more to work with than the thoughts in my head. Our hearts and our digestive system also have a sort of brain or nervous system. They also are for guiding our experience and increasing our awareness. It's where we recognize beauty and love, friendship, loyalty, courage, and Spirit. It is what makes life worth living in the first place. And, joyfully, I am beginning to appreciate it.

The Trout Clan is a real important piece of my life. I was not thinking with my whole self when I wrote in the last post about pulling up the stakes dousing the campfire. At this point, unless the grid goes down, we'll stay up. You guys keep me in touch with my heart and gut as well as my head. I honor you, and I am grateful.

Mimi turned me onto a poem by a Lakota poet:

Hozhoji, Hozho...
I walk in beauty...let beauty find me this that as I go about that I walk in beauty...that it finds me, that there is beauty before me, and that it follows me....that there is beauty to the left of the right of me....that there is beauty above me and below me...and so it is a new day and I must find the beauty in it...hozhgo nahasdlii...hozhogo nahasdlii.


See what I mean?


Hotspringswizard said...

" and so it is a new day and I must find the beauty in it "

Yes Freeacre, the Trout Clan Campfire is an important part of your life and I'm happy to see you back to your regular form and wit :-) Its always interestng to hear yours and others take on things, whatever the topic may be, and the blog arrangement allows for great convenience in doing that :-)

Meanwhile the crazy story of unfolding world events goes on, like the ridiculous reaction of the US PTB to Russia taking in Snowden. This whole closing down the embassies ploy just their way of trying to give justifications for the rampant illegal spying and data collection on everybody, all the time, everywhere that they are engaged in. Kulturcritic always has some great thougths on these and other subjects, he says it like it is. I always like the truth being told like that!

Once again, I think its great that you guys are leaving the stakes in the ground, at least as you said till the grid goes down, CME maybe someday doing the deed :-)

Anonymous said...

FA about that anxiety. Since you liked the Huxley interview, check out this later lecture he gave, note what he says about Pavlov and how easy it is to manipulate people in a high anxiety/stressed state. An awful lot of the doom out there looks to me to be part of the brainwashing plan.

"Aldous Huxley author of Brave New World speaking at U.C. Berkeley in 1962. Aldous Huxley uses this speaking opportunity to outline his vision for the 'ultimate revolution', a scientific dictatorship where people will be conditioned to enjoy their servitude, and will pose little opposition to the 'ruling oligarchy', as he puts it. He also takes a moment to compare his book, "Brave New World," to George Orwell's "1984" and considers the technique in the latter too outdated for actual implementation.

"There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the final revolution." -- Aldous Huxley, Tavistock Group, California Medical School, 1961"

The Ultimate Revolution | by Aldous Huxley

SATS well played with the parrots, sounds like you've sorted the problems.

Decided to take this one on, not too difficult, nice bit of finger-picking and a cool sounding hit strum style (seeker are you still looking for percussive strumming type stuff?)
Guitar Lesson - Luka - Suzanne Vega

My friends 17yo Bull Mastiff cross is called Luka, been suffering from cancer for a while, she's a real fighter, in n out of the vets all the time as they try to manage her pain, she's a regular attendee round my campfire, thought it would be nice to play it for her while she's still with us. Gd.

Anonymous said...

forgot to mention, I'm now banging out that "moma don't low" guitar break up to speed, and only fluffing it about 40% of the time LOL Gd.

freeacre said...

Boy, Huxley sure nailed it, didn't he? Damn!

Hotsprings, are the fires burning in California close to you? Hope not.

Anonymous said...

Yes, gd, I am still looking for percussive accents in my musical learning curve, which has been on a hiatus the last couple of weeks, because of this endless moving saga. I have no financial cushion and so, I keep hitting stops in my objectives.
The deadline to be out of the house was extended 90 days, thank goodness, but it is a precarious set of circumstances that could fall apart any minute,so my stress levels are high.
Truck is on the Fritz and out of commission and the van is blowing blue smoke and rolling through a quart of oil every day and 1/2. But, I am trying really hard to just take it an hour at a time and live in the present. With limited success, but I keep trying.
My melamute/chow mix Dakota, died last year at the age of 18. She was my confidant and friend and is sorely missed, so I might have an idea of what you are going through.

Anonymous said...

Blimey seeker, if you're blowing that much oil as smoke your piston rings are shot, I doubt you'd get it started in winter, must be a mobile smoke screen, the cops would seize it and take it off the road here. Try not to put too much strain on the engine or it'll blow.

There is an oil product you can add to the oil and fuel called a "surface modifier" I've used a product called FX1 in my dump truck when it was blowing similar amounts, it stopped smoking when it warmed up, won't solve it but might help improve it a bit. Gd

Anonymous said...

Gd, thank you for the fx 1 tip. I have to keep Buttercup running a little longer and so will try it. Luka was certainly a triggering song of past train wrecks. Another good one that states the case as succinctly is Bones, by Ginny Blackmore. Part of the reason that I am pursuing my guitar work is that I have so much that I want to emote and heal. I' 've got the pipes, so if I can master the picks, I will be able to walk into a whole new area of reflection and emotion. I am so happy to hear of your progress with Mama don't low..

I wish there was a way that I could hear you play. Maybe you could record something and blue link it.
I saw a you tube piece that I think the clan would enjoy..
It is called Ella sings Elvis. It is cool.
Has anyone got any info on the constitutional free zone surrounding the contiguous United States
It sounds scary as hell and I do not know how anything like this could be passed onto law. It is a mortal wound or at least a severe one to our constitutional and civil rights.

Anonymous said...

hey GD... check out this guy. he don't jes bend strings he bends the whole guitar!... p

Anonymous said...

hey P tks for that, great stuff, reminded me of fleetwood macs "never going back again", I'll have to check out some of his other stuff, did you know he makes his own guitars, bit pricey but real purdy!

Seeker here ya go...
Does a Constitution-free zone really exist in America? looks like the gist of the story has been spun/exaggerated and turned into a political football, so there will loads of spectators watching that (wrong) ball, which it seems has been kicked up a few times since 08 to fill the news.

I spoke too soon on that solo, sat down to play it after my tea last night, 4 hours later I'd still not got through it bang on, it never leaves you, but apparently it does get misplaced now n then LOL

One of the guys down here has a bit of a video camera fetish, he collects bits of film around our community during the year and makes a DVD around xmas time, we all gather to watch it xmas week. I've seen the camera out around the campfire a few times when we've been playing this yr, so maybe I can post some bits from it early next yr ;) My little MP3 player has a voice record function, if I have a few hours to spare I might try to work out how to set it up and surprise you (don't hold your breathe on the MP3 player tho, after playing with it for an hour to get a song to repeat, I had to listen to the same song for a week as I couldn't work out how to set it back to normal until I fiddled with it for another 2 hours LOL) Gd.

Anonymous said...

Ella Mae sings "An American Trilogy" by Elvis Presley

made my morning LOL cheers seeker, Gd.

Anonymous said...


Gosh, for a white boy that Jack Williams sure got rhythm. I have never come across him before but I will make sure I correct that omission. He seems to introduce his songs in a similar way to Utah Phillips. Hey Gd, here is a leading question, I am assuming your guitar is not reverse strung so when you are playing, what happens to your left thumb. Does it hang somewhere off the low E string like everybody elses?

Had an accident yesterday, no lasting damage but bloody inconvenient for typing. After the dog days in the 90's had passed and we had a day of bouncing rain the weather turned very average. I found what the Dutch call 'moeheid' or tiredness usually brought on by a change in the weather had set in and the desire not to do it outweighed the desire to knuckle down. I got annoyed with myself for being lazy so I decided to bake Sweedish bread instead and in so doing I managed to pour a desert spoon of molten lard over my right hand. Should have stayed in bed instead. After running cold water over my hands for half an hour I went to the apoteek or drug store and got some Flamozine which has worked really well. No pain at all anymore but yesterday I had two fingers and my thumb of my right hand in bandages and one finger from my left hand. Today it is just my pinkie and ring finger from my right hand. There is a blister half the thickness of my pink so that will take a week to go away, talk about dumb and dumber, sigh. I still don't know how it happened. One second I had hold of the measuring spoon and the next the hot lard was over my hand, phew.

Anonymous said...

after all these comments i feel like the devil just glanced sideways and broke up at the immersion of the immersions that talked turkey in harmony with a particular gait, and response is health giving.
sis you are one of the most gifted and beautiful sisters i have ever met, i pity those that have never encountered your crazy assed dig for the truth.
our long ago meeting in a place.. where was a beginning for all that came after that and its still here. i am amazed

we are blessed sacred family, thats it,may we all be together around an actual fire of awareness,that it be so,



Anonymous said...

Ouch Sats, that's gota smart a bit! my L thumb doesn't hang like any body else, cos I cut the top half of mine off :) if I want to fret an F on the low E string I have to use my index finger. I try to keep the stump in the middle of the back of the neck. With good posture, i.e. with the body of the guitar tucked into your body your right arm can hold it pretty secure so it shouldn't need any left hand support, but I somehow always end up with the neck resting in the crook of my thumb, which is considered bad posture really (unless your using the thumb to fret the low E string).
If you can keep the pad of your thumb in the middle of the back of the neck, your wrist will drop slightly, allowing your fingers to curl more, so your fingertips are better alined with the strings, without touching the thinner strings, the more you raise your thumb to the top of the back of the neck, the less your fingers can reach over the strings, and the less the chance you'll be using the tips of your fingers on the strings, and the more chance you'll get a buzz/mute on the thin strings.

Check out this short lesson from Justin Sandercotes Beginner course...
Body Posture and Finger Placement Gd.

Anonymous said...

gd (sats)... nope. that luthier is a dif jack. he had an instrument custom made for him in the early 90's but it never measured up to that martin you always see him playin. he's connected to that like willie's connected to trigger.

most of jack's time is on the road. he's the poster child for the travelin troubador. he plays or has played all the festivals like kerrville,newport, etc and has done the heavy duty venues like carnegie but his MO is to travel the country with his wife judy in a dodge extended van {wears one out every 2 years) playin small venues like unitarian coffee houses and house concerts. house, as in homes. like yers or mine, or, or. not uncommon to go to a house concert and there won't be 15 people there. he shunned the industry long ago and marches to his own drum.

little known cept for his peers. he's best known for spendin most of the 90's travelin w/mickey newbury (the original nashville outlaw and protege for willie, waylon, et al, who were later credited as the outlaws) in jack's van. it became the time of mickey's final stmt before his demise. the center piece of that time is my fav mickey cd, a live cut titled nights when i am sane. in this outlaw regard mickey and jack were seperated at birth.

u n seeker, u guys might check this out for some tips.

if yer download loaded check out my 2 fav jack cuts: run, run run and the man in me. that last one is chillin!!

and btw seeker, if'n ya ever get a chance to see him at a house concert u could likely arrange for an hour pri lesson for about 20 bucks! wadda treat that would be eh... p

freeacre said...

From Bill Herbst: Hippies Prevail.

Hotspringswizard said...

Regarding the fires Freeacre, one large one last week was burning in Banning, down towards Palm Springs, up to 20,000 acres now, and we could see the smoke plume from here. Another started later in the week next to the town of Wrightwood in the mountains, across the valley from us probably 30 miles or so, and for a couple of nights we could see the flames from that fire from our porch. Since we are in sparsly vegetated desert there is no fire danger here at our house. Looked to me from satelite info that you folks got some storms last week. Sure wish we would have some rain as its been a long time since we have :-)

Anonymous said...

so yeah think the kids are getting dumbed down? i was chatting with my four year old granddaughter yesterday and being an ole fart let one go ...and somewhere in the conversation she instructed me that ''it is not a fart grampa , its an atmospheric burst.""

mother fucker are we getting old or what...?

Anonymous said...

Openings glimmer through my mind, where once, closed doors of denial and shame stood stoic sentinel.
The scent of Mohican sending elusive tendrils of immersion and essence.
Buried will, shrugging off compression and rock depths.
Tumbling through labyrinthine rambles, looking for faint trails of long ago past.
Mother and daughters...Son of primal heart. Undone before sunset.
Impressions on ancient rock trail leading up to plateau of source. To atonement and forgiveness of self... to the life yet to be.

Anonymous said...

Songs to go to...
Girl With The Red Balloon
Eavesdrop, Sacred Heart, by Civil Wars

Anonymous said...

P tks for putting me straight on Jack Williams, man... on the stage playing at 4yo, 50 yrs on the stage almost every night, nope I ain't never going to get close to that skill level, even if I found a song of his I wanted to play (and I did look), it's going to end in futility LOL

Paraphrasing his lesson/interview... "I never sat down to learn scales etc. they just came to me when I needed them"

well, I need them, and they ain't just coming to me, I expect to spend the best part of 2 yrs learning just a few LOL Listening to top guys like this does me no good at all as far as motivation to play the guitar goes, same reason I don't like listening to Tommy Emmanuel, I know for a fact I'll never be able to emulate that because I started 35yrs too late, playing does not come naturally to me at all, I have to work hard to get even simple songs down, I work like a MF on more challenging stuff, bluegrass is a bastard LOL.

FA, bit of synergy on Huxley, saw a quote of his in this you want chips with that totalitarianism?

...have to admit, all that talk of microchipping us cattle/mark of the beast/cass-less society etc. back..(what was it? 15 yrs ago I must have heard it?) I thought it was proper tin foil hat stuff, but nowadays seems inevitable they will marry the chip tech to the cashless payment tech in no time at all.

we're so screwed(TM) Gd.

Anonymous said...

gd... i hear ya man. i once read leo kotke on the E chord. 3 pages later he was still gonnin off on it. incredible the depth of the places he took the tellin!! guys like u n me need guiitars for dummies eh. i think i'm gonna be forever jealous of those guys cuz i KNOW they're into one incredible way of movin thru life ridin those vibes.

and damn, the places they can go together. check out this thing w/hiatt and bonamassa. i don't know where they go i just know i wanna go with em!!

ya no, sometimes the lyric of that song reminds me of down around this campfire... p

Anonymous said...

P: clearly John Hiatt has some class if he chose the same guitar as me :))

Thing is tho, you don't need all that fancy running around in scales palaver to get a good sound, often the simplest 3 chord turnaround makes for really great tunes, chuck in couple of hammer-ons, walk into the next chord and suddenly jaws are dropping at the sound of the groove you created. And all the best tunes are the easiest to play anyway, if they can't arrange them so I can play them, well they can't be THAT good can they LOL ;¬)

I left it a week for a Poultry update in case the Pike were hungry, no casualties so far! It's a duck kindergarten down here, everyone double brooded, 3 clutches of Indian Runners 10,12, & 13 chicks, a bunch of mooorhens also with new chicks, at least 4 pairs with 3 or 4 chicks each! The ducklings will eat from my hand, heartwarming stuff :) Not done too well with our chickens, we set 3 broods this yr, resulting in 3/8 2/6 1/6 hatches, think our old boy cockerel if firing a few blanks!

That last chick got squashed by mum just as it was hatching, had to step in and help her out of the shell, then mum rejected her started pecking her head really hard, so stepped in again, next day I put her on the floor with the new mum she had been under all night (new mum was clucking at her so I thought they'd bond over night) but old mum came back and continued to try to kill it, stepped in again and chose a new mum who is high in the pecking order, this would be last chance as the chick had not eaten or drank anything since hatching 36 hours before, next morning all was well, new mum was on the floor with the chick snuggled up under her, by the end of the day the chick was bright as a button and full of energy running around in the bit of the hen house I'd sectioned off for new chicks, with new mum showing her food and protecting her from bully mum, phew! Gd

Anonymous said...

My girls and I are rolling synchronistically these days. I am on the last legs(hopefully),of my odyssyeun move. My east coast girl just completed her move into new territory and my west coast girl has moved out of her old place and is looking for new territory.y youngest is still deciding to either stay in her old-school or go to the school in our cabin territory school system, which starts in two weeks.
The person that I was in a committed relationship with will be achieving his life goals individually as the last 16 months and the life changes that came along in the currents have made it untenable for a partnership to continue.
Brought the last of my plants and our two cats up to the cabin this afternoon. Have another day in the garage and 2 days in house to bring it down to skeletal level. I am leaving the fridge ,washing machine and dryer in till the last minute for creature comforts, I admit.
Also 1couch,1tv, and 1 bed, all of which will be donated to the YWCA abused women's shelter when time runs out at the house.
With it being just Ryan and myself, if things do not change job wise, I will be bringing her in with me when I go to work unless I find some female support system for barter or trade out Clinton way.
Regardless, our sanctuary is beautiful and good life lessons will be learned regarding self-
sufficiency and efficient utilization of resources.
Ryan wants chickens, but the cabin is in a predator rich environment, so I think that will have to go on the back burner for a while.
The mindset that I am trying to maintain is fluidity,openings and balance while living and creating in the present.

I love all of the new life running in your territory Gd. I also love hearing about your musical journey and points of view. Thank you for the informative articles on the constitutional free zone. It helped me get a more accurate view of the misinformation floating around.
My Eli continues his metamorphosis into noble Elijah. I feel as if we are becoming partners, rather than parent and obnoxious, stubborn teenager. Maybe he is mirroring the change in my personal flow nd approach to things.
If you are able to get some music recorded and accessible and tell me how, then I will return the favor in kind. My voice is coming back into its athletic state even though, I am still working through my vocal transition areas. The blue musical links you put out really help me and I appreciate the different areas you give me a glimpse of. Thank you. By the way my musical posture and proper support on the neck has helped both my reach and cleanliness of sound and made for better picking clarity also.
I am going to go get T.H. White' s "King Arthur";also Mary Stewart's version and get the Illiad and the Odyssey. I have been feeling a pull and what better place to reacquainted myself, than up at the cabin. I am also in the beginning of Hanta Yo, by Ruth Beebe Hill. These books have been beckoning to me and who am I to ignore a call.
Song to go to ... Same old Same Old, by, you guessed it, my new go to duo, Civil Wars.
Lyrics will be following. Their lyrics are beautiful and apt, but sometimes hard to hear because of their vocal style.
Seeker,,,missing the water

Anonymous said...

Same Old, Same Old
I wanna leave you. I wanna lose us.I want to give up.
But I won't
I wanna miss this. I want a heartache. I want to run away.
But I won't
Cause do I love you? Oh, I do.
And I'm going to till I'm gone.
But if you think I can stay, in this same old, same old.
Well I don't. I don't
I'm gonna break things. I'm gonna cross the line. And make you wake up. Cause you won't.
I'm gonna name names.I'm gonna call us out. I'm gonna say it. If you won't

Oh, I don't want to fight, but I'll fight with you. If I have to. If I have to...
Cause I do love you. Oh I do. And I'm going to till I'm gone.
But if you think I can stay, in this same old same old...
In this same old, same old.
Well I don't. And I won't.
Civil Wars

Anonymous said...

man i really miss the ole gmail, the new version really sucks ass as far as i am concerned. signed up for a yahoo account so that will be it for now...
bitches!!!! liked gmail.
may they dig the curse...

Anonymous said...

you know i really loved my little squirrel friend but, well she had a fondness for nuts and the next thing i knew the house was overrun with them, not to complain but the society for the prevention of cruelty to animal mentality was just to much to bear, surrender was eventually the most obvious end and giving up to the saucer people made life a lot easier and looking in the mirror after that was not near as goofy as it appeared.
got lots of dates with a palm tree and my roots displayed the obvious generational changes that come when freedom of abuse becomes the norm.
god bless america. god bless those magical creatures that dare to step out and dance outside of the rudeness
called strange antenna .

Anonymous said...

Same Trailer, Different Park
Running on Empty, Jackson Brown
Hurt, Johnny Cash
Clarity, by Zedd

Anonymous said...

Kasey Musgraves songs and arrangements are a good example of simple chord progressions making good music. I thought that you would enjoy accessing Civil Wars also as they sing in ballad style with basically,guitar accompaniment. Simple, pure and good. Plus both of these artist/duo's range and style lend themselves well to my vocal style and range, so I will be working up some of these so he to add to my slooowly, growing repertoire.

freeacre said...

It's 40 some minutes, but can be watched in chunks if you can't devote time to watching it all at once. I think it is the best video I have seen in awhile. Highly recommend it. Might want to stock up on some iodine. Build-up to nuclear war seems imminent.

Anonymous said...


Hi Freeacrepoos :)

Haven't seen the video you put up yet but I really don't trust the Syrian situation one little bit. It is not at all like the ones that have gone before. Remember this from January 2011 about Non Violent Resistance?

What seems to have happened in all these countries that have thrown out their evil incumbent governments is that in the meantime the resistance has come to realise that it has been sold a bill of goods and what they “chosen for themselves” is infinately worse than they had before. They can't go backwards and to go forward they don't have the CIA turning wheels in the background so they have to do it for themselves. This has left a trail of failed states across the Near and Middle East, in its wake. The Muslim Brothers in Egypt, like al Qaeda are a front organisation for the CIA and now the people seem to be savvying up and wanting a version of change that is different. Syria is a complete other situation. The Assad's were never ones for rolling over to the popular whimsies of the masses and we all know how that is playing out. Not only that but the Assad's have a defence treaty with Russia and are playing the game of “My dad can beat your dad” Putin has been rather flaky about whether he wants to square up to the popular masses dad but in the end he has decided he had better put his money where his mouth is. This situation is really not about Syria at all it is about Iran. After all the hype about a Euro oil burse, Iran's new man has decided to sell black gold for real gold. This has put the petro-dollar in grave danger since it is about the only thing keeping America's economy afloat. One of the strange things about this afair is that Russia is actually buying Iran's oil and keeping its own in the ground so Russia has a direct interest in protecting Iran. So why the fuss about Syria. Well it is just logistical that whoever has ground troops in Syria controlls the invasion of land forces into Iran. Don't ask me why Russia hasn't got defence troops there already, I don't know. Believe me, those who control world affairs are not going to say “We have got enough already, now it is time for you guys to have a turn”. Rather than take a slap in the face they are prepared to take on a nuclear war to keep what they see as their right to be given money for doing nothing.

Anonymous said...


This brings me on to what I was going to talk about before fa put her link up. Last night I saw the film “Hiroshima Mon Amour” I haven't seen it since not long after it first came out in 1959. It is an hour and a half long and there are only two main characters in it. One reviewer called it the nearest thing he hed seen to a visual poem and I agree with that. The story is about a short but intense affair between a Japanese man and a French actress who is in Hiroshima to make a peace film. The woman undergoes a process of, what I believe is called transference. She knows it is the Japanese man but she imagines it to be her first love, a German soldier stationed in her small town in France. The soldier is shot and the woman clings on to his dying body as she says, for the rest of the day and throughout the night until the Germans recover it in the morning. She is at first kept in a cellar for months by her parents before being shunned by the rest of the town for collaborating with the enemy. As I saw it there were two main points to the film. People are people and whether you call someone a friend or an enemy, they are the same people with different hats on. The other point is one of forgetting or letting go. She wants her love for the soldier to go on for ever but now she tells her Japanese friend that even though she held him for so long whilst he was dying she cannot now remember his face. Little bits of their relationship keep disappearing from her memory. The analogy, which brings us back to the first part of this comment, is that everybody is against any sort of nuclear conflict but they have forgotten the true horror of what this sort of conflict actually means. 200 000 dead and 80 000 maimed and mutilated all in nine seconds. I remember a radio interview with an American military man in the 60's when he refered to the nuclear deterrant as 'Nukes”. It shocked me and it shocked the interviewer as well. Now nukes are as benign as a Hershey bar, so I guess that makes it all right.

Anonymous said...


This is what the people with the bombs want to take away from us.


rockpicker said...

"No rads in my gonads!"

Split wood, not atoms!"

Bumper stickers from the seventies.

Scary video, Freeacre, but if that's what's really going down, better we have some clue about it.

Here's something else going down, that we all need to be aware of.

The UN is planning to disarm the American people, and here's a leaked document to prove it.

Anonymous said...

Great film FA, kind of sums up globalist agenda on the ground, wonder what part 2 will bring! Anyone catch the fake casualty actors shown on AlJazeera? Seems nothing is as it seems these days.

rp yer linked the url from your mail account so the link won't work unless we/you're logged into your account.

Seeker/P when I say simple 3 or 4 open chords, jazzed up with minimal hammer ons, I'm talking about stuff like this Steve Miller Band - The Joker unplugged check out how it's broken down in this lesson. see how the whole song is made by that simple little riff, vocal quality doesn't really matter (which is good for me LOL) I scoped out Civil Wars & Kasey Musgraves, their songs struck me as depending a lot more on vocal quality to get them sounding good, and a bit over my skill grade vocally ;) Gd.

rockpicker said...

Thanks for the heads up, GD. Sorry about that. I wondered at the time if that was the right procedure. Let me try it another way. Two links. This is important.

Damn! Having trouble with this. I can't copy the document. I can save it to my files, but I don't understand how to share it.

Anonymous said...

rp if it's anything to do with this it's probably fake Gd.

Anonymous said...


Who do you think did the 1300 Muslims in Damascus? Could be Bashir, could be his military gone gung-ho. Could be any number of people. Probably was him though, he likes that sort of thing.


Anonymous said...


Finally got around to seeing the video, Freeacre, verry sobering stuff. Sept 25! only a month off if all is correct. Maybe this is what you have been prepping for all these years. Perhaps it is not entierly true but I must admit the storm clouds are looking pretty black. The only part I would take exception to was the part which comes in around 9 min 25 seconds and deals with the letter from Albert Pike to Mazzini. This has been shown to be an outright forgery. I have discussed this a number of times over the years but since it has come up again I will respond by playing my usual card.

Albert Pike was a 33° Mason that wrote the 'Morals and Dogma', the nearest thing the Masons have to a Bible. Firstly, it seems very unlikely he would write to such a small time Italian however, letting that go, I have been told on good authority that the the Mazzini letter is in a completely different literary style to the M & D. and a style that Pike has never been known to use on any other occasion.

The curator of the British Museum has stated he is catagorically certain that the Mazzini letter was never in the possesion of the British Museum and threrfore could never have been displayed.

What was in the British Museum at the time in question was the very first translation of the Protocols of the Learnard Elders of Zion from the original Russian by Victor E Marsden, which do contain such predictions. It appears that an abstract of these has been rehashed by some scurulous person and attributed to Pike.

Before I hear it, I will accept that the Protocols were themselves denounced as a forgery but only by the Ashkanazi Jews. No other independent source has ever cast doubt on their authenticity.

Whether they are fiction or not, every prediction in them has come about up to the present. The only thing they appear to have got wrong is the business about the snake. This says that certain cities within Europe will be destroyed in a set order. Whilst there has been conflict in Europe, the prediction of the snake has not come about. That's a better hit rate that your average New Years Eve astrologer.

Having said all of this, the rest of the video seems to have validity – unfortunately. Might be close to holding hands time.

rockpicker said...

GD; Again, thanks. That is exactly the document I was attempting to provide access to. Glad to hear it is not real, provided the UN source is telling the truth and not covering.

SATS; Forgery or no, the story is that a British intelligence agent found the letter on display at the British Museum, and hastily copied it down. Then it disappeared and now the Museum claims it was never there to begin with. None of which changes either the time period or the letter's contents. Suffice it to say, someone knew something about how the shots are called and what shots get called, or we wouldn't be having this discussion. I will assume we are all in agreement that sufficient evidence has been displayed over the years to convince anyone who is even slightly aware that the PTB are organized and do conspire to force events to move along their own preferred agenda.

rockpicker said...

GD; Just passed along the link you put up, saying the UN document in question might be a hoax. Here is my contact's response:

"I have information from someone in the UN that it is real, and that the meetings took place in NYC, Geneva and Vienna with NGO groups.

Don't believe this article...
They are desperate to disarm Africa (primarily) but with long term plans to do so here. They are already raiding homes in California to take legally bought small arms from people that the state has decided (without trial) to be untrustworthy or suspect in any way."

rockpicker said...

Mama mia!

Anonymous said...


Rp I agree, trying to sort out who said or wrote what to who and when is a futile exercise and should be left to historians to tell us the validity of the matter. All that is important is to recognise that there is an overall plan which is being carried out. Same thing with the gun confiscation. I wonder how the Swiss will play it? Probably they will be sieged in their mountain hidy hole and left there. Has the use of the four theatre nukes shown in the video been independantly verified say by reports from nuclear power stations if increased levels of background radiation?

Btw, appologies for any typos, my text program has started putting red underlines under everything I write.

Anonymous said...

rp can you (or get your source to) scan the scanner Icon on the suspect document?

It leads to this UN document....
with a very similar document number (only the last character is different), since this page is referencing a "disarmament commission" it looks like this doc was used for it's headers and gave the forgers the idea to forge the suspect doc, whose doc number returns no results searching the UN sites.

I can't see the UN hastily changing document numbers to hide/change the scanner image destination once they realized it had been "leaked", because that would leave smoking gun evidence it was changed if someone produced an original of the substitute doc after the fact.

Searching the suspect doc number gives 13 million results LOL some spotty teenager is probably laughing his nuts off right about now ;)

Sure they're after your guns, but this document doesn't help prove it, hell, the daily news helps prove it better. Gd.

rockpicker said...

GD; Gotta run today and don't have time to respond to your comment, though I will take hat you say under advisement. Will address it later, as I do have more info, but don't know how to post it yet.

Here's something I just copied off Steve Quayle's site:

"V - The Guerrilla Economist Updates
Guerrilla Stats the Real Picture of the Mess in the US.8/23/13

Another wild ride as the NASDAQ shutdown was nothing but a dry run, a test of the fail safes in preparation for the the REAL thing. One thing that I want all of you to understand is how cancer riddled our economic health really is. Many of you have heard of the fantastic statistician John Williams over at whose information I use. I will give you now my version, Guerrilla Stats, It is said that we are currently (due to economic decline) have an $15.68 trillion dollar economy. Lets round that up to $16 trillion shall we? The reality is that we are nothing of the sort.

1. We stopped using real measures of GDP back during the Carter administration, so no more GAAP (General Accepted Accounting Principles.) Inflation in food and fuel was taken out of the picture.

2. We began to count Government spending as GDP growth...Yes I know this sounds like insanity to many of you. Waste dressed as GDP!!!

3. The white washed sheep dipped deficit numbers that the Government puts out to lull the masses is in reality $7 Trillion NOT $1.3 Trillion (keep this in mind) Yes you read that correctly using GAAP the deficit is $7 trillion.

So in other words a little over 42% of our GDP is government junk not REAL economic activity. 70% of government spending goes to those dependent on government and it's subsidies/handouts.

4. We run a $540 billion trade deficit, $300 billion to the Chinese alone. ( keep this number in mind)

So without much more laborious and boring detail let me paint the picture. So you take a $16 trillion dollars you calculate that 42% of this fraudulent number is government spending ($6.72 trillion). That leaves you $9.28 trillion real GDP

Now take $9.28 and minus $540 billion for trade deficits leaves you with $8.74 trillion GDP

Now take $8.74 and subtract that number by the REAL (GAAP) $7 trillion year over year deficit. That leaves you with $740 Billion GDP and I have not even added all the unfunded liabilities of Social Security, Medicare and future Federal employee benefits which total $86 Trillion!!!!!

So do you feel any richer Americans? Do you? Do you still believe that this nation is "Exceptional" or a complete fabricated hoax of a society who borrowed today on tomorrow's money. A $740 Billion joke of accounting aberrations against China's REAL $9 Trillion GDP. American's whose debt to income is now 150% vs the Chinese who are sitting very comfortably at 17%. We have become nothing but a bunch of Kool-Aid drinking blow hards with big egos and no substance.

In the Book "Sacred Hunger" Barry Unsworth wrote this profound line that I believe clearly illustrates the view that banksters have to the rest of humanity.
“Money is sacred as everyone knows... So then must be the hunger for it and the means we use to obtain it. Once a man is in debt he becomes a flesh and blood form of money, a walking investment. You can do what you like with him, you can work him to death or you can sell him. This cannot be called cruelty or greed because we are seeking only to recover our investment and that is a sacred duty.” Hence as I have been saying for some time now... You are the collateral, the walking breathing form of legal tender, someone else's debt obligation and that someone else is a government that spends like a drunken sailor and now the creditors are getting ready to collect.

Be Prepared!


Aug 23, 2013"

Anonymous said...


Not really sure what to make of this, re Syrian chemical weapons masacre, considering that all sides have an agenda but I will put it up anyway. A Russian source claims the videos of the masacre were uploaded to a server, one day before the masacre officially took place. This is difficult to interperet since the 'evidence' is in Turkish but what you have to look for is the date of the headline in red print and then the circled upload date. I guess some sort webmaster could 'confirm or deny' the validity of this or if the page was manufactured. Is this the famous false flag incident we have all been waiting for or is there more to come? The US politic and the military are really divided over Syria. Obama knows the petrodollar crisis is not going away and the military are syying “If you go in, this is going to end badly”. It has also been claimed that there was previous collusion between the Syrian and US admins since Damascus was one of the destinations the CIA's famous white plane regularly landed. I believe this is one of those cases where the more you learn the less you know. Or as Chief of Staff, General Martin Dempsey succinctley put it “When the dust settled, the situation was far more murky than it initially appeared."

Btw, I have sorted out my spellchecker underlining nearly every single word, problem. All I have to do is set the text preference to Dutch and all the red disappears. Another case of nothing is as it seems.

Anonymous said...

@SATS without getting into the gritty details of the recent attack/false flag, it's worth remembering previous attempts using the same MO check this Cached Copy of Scrubbed Article Confirming US and UK Backed Chemical Weapons in Syria, in the video BUSTED! US, UK, BACK FALSE FLAG CHEMICAL ATTACK IN SYRIA

I'd set my smoking preference to Dutch too if my spelling all turned red ;) Gd.

Anonymous said...

rockpicker said...

from Steve Quayle's alerts page this a.m.:



God bless, and thanks for all you are doing.

I have received from Chase the note that I include in its entirety at the end. The part that really got me was this one:

"For Personal Accounts only: Starting September 22, 2013, you won't be able to schedule future-dated or repeating Wire Transfer to any recipient outside the United States."

What's up with this? The date is pretty close to some other dates I am aware of, when the soup letter agencies of our wonderful government are getting ready for some "unexpected" events.

"For Personal Accounts only: Starting September 22, 2013, you won't be able to schedule future-dated or repeating Wire Transfer to any recipient outside the United States.

We've updated the Wire Transfer Service Agreement to reflect these changes. You agree to these new terms and conditions by continuing to use the Wire Transfer service. The updated agreement will be available online September 22, 2013. To review the updated agreement, click "Legal Agreements and Disclosures" at the bottom of any page after you log on to Chase Online".

Aug 25, 2013"

rockpicker said...


I went to the linked page you put up. Read down to a link stating war is imminent:

Sounds like Gog and Magog, lining-up in the desert, as the Bible describes. Another Crusade of Fools. Let Obama, Cameron, Assad, Putin, Netanyahu and all the other gung-ho's meet, stripped to the waist and girded for battle, on some barren, sun-scorched plain. Let them rid the world of the pestilence they represent...The rest of us can cheer them on, with popcorn and beer.

Anonymous said...


Thanks Gd and anon 4.08, looks like Aang got there first. I had forgotten what good in depth research and reporting those Scottish schoolies really do. So hard hitting on such a wide variety of topics. Not only politics, check out their latest on the medicinal value of turmeric. It looks like there is too much invested in the great game for Iran and the West conciders the informed gap is in their favour although that seems to be changing, in the Muslim world at least. I must admit the Egyptian military lending a hand to Assad seems to be a strange move. How influenced are they by the Brotherhood? It remains to be seen how, when and even if, Russia makes its move. That seems to me to be the deciding event for the rest of the SCO and the BRICS to come in behind them. Watch this space.

freeacre said...

This ought to clear things up. lol
From Zero Hedge:

From K-N Al-Sabah, posted in the FT:

Sir, Iran is backing Assad. Gulf states are against Assad!

Assad is against Muslim Brotherhood. Muslim Brotherhood and Obama are against General Sisi.

But Gulf states are pro Sisi! Which means they are against Muslim Brotherhood!

Iran is pro Hamas, but Hamas is backing Muslim Brotherhood!

Obama is backing Muslim Brotherhood, yet Hamas is against the US!

Gulf states are pro US. But Turkey is with Gulf states against Assad; yet Turkey is pro Muslim Brotherhood against General Sisi. And General Sisi is being backed by the Gulf states!

Welcome to the Middle East and have a nice day.

Anonymous said...


Rp, wouldn't it be good if the sands opened up and swallowed the lot of them. The only problem I can see is that the perps would still be there financing the brewery.

Anonymous said...


Well, that has certainly cleared some loose ends up Freeacre. I think my earlier quote is worth repeating when Chief of Staff, General Martin Dempsey remarked “When the dust settled, the situation was far more murky than it initially appeared."

rockpicker said...

Who's on first?

rockpicker said...

SATS; Your comment has induced a vision of a rapidly expanding sink hole within the financial district of London. Thanks. Such prospects will hearten me as I root for spuds.

rockpicker said...

An Oathkeeper friend just sent me a link to this article:

(I assumed we'd all be supporting our locally-owned, patron-financed micro breweries, tankards raised in unison, from lawn chairs arranged on the surrounding hills, bankers and their puppets surrounded, in rapturous approval, by us emancipated masses...Let the melee begin!)

rockpicker said...

Who is Obama's #1 choice as replacement for Bernanke?

rockpicker said...

Mike Ruppert had Hellen Caldicot on as guest on his show tonight, on the Progressive Radio Network.

She encouraged all the listeners to inform themselves by going to her website and listening to speech she gave recently in NY.

Anonymous said...

Did someone say BEER?! BREWERY?!

I'm on it, man!

Whoa! That video you posted, FA -talk about DOOM -made me want to take the gas pipe. Good thing our oven is electric.

Anyone see the video of some big-ass bomb dropped in Syria? Any ideas if it was a bunker-buster or small scale nuke?

Hey HSW, you do'in Burning Man this year? I read that the police are going to pounce on it in force this year. Crack some heads and put everyone in the slammer kinda thing.

Sooooo.... TSHTF on or around the 25th Sept? GD, you're gonna have to post some tunes on Youtube and give us the links -we're all going to needing some cheering-up 'round here soon.


rockpicker said...

Made coffee for the protestors on the overpass. Of course, I used grounds for impeachment.

Anonymous said...


Turning away from politics as we agreed to but but then lost our resove, here are a couple of sites I regard as fascinating fun. Maybe you are already aware of them. The first is Bookshelf Porn (Don't be put off by the title, dip in anyway). The second is the Underground New York Public Library, which I find even more interesting. I guess to some extent we all play the game of looking at people in the street and forming instant opinions of what they are like based on their appearance. This site shows the people and what interests them which demonstrates just how wrong we can be.

This one is also embeded in the first.

Have fun.

freeacre said...

I haven't had a chance to read all the links put up lately. Sorry. But, I don't think anybody in their right mind could think that we could beat Iran, or Syria, for that matter. Let alone if they were backed up by Russia, China, et al. Are you kidding me?? Maybe they'll just skip to the NWO and avoid the rush. The petro dollar is toast. So, us losing the war would insure the new global currency pretty seamlessly, I would think.
BUT! Maybe they are just pretending that Comet ISON and/or Nibiru are not really inward bound in the next few months. It would certainly add drama to the mix. Possible Pole shift, earthquakes, debris hits. etc.
And then there is Fukushima.

I am liking the vision of raising tankers and toasting the demise of the wankers. Or the leveling of the playing field by Mother Nature. That would be getting thru this clusterfuck with a little grace.

rockpicker said...

Below is the body of a hacked e-mailed that should prove to be an interesting twist in this developing drama.


We’ve got a new offer. It’s about Syria again. Qataris propose an attractive deal and swear that the idea is approved by Washington.

We’ll have to deliver a CW (chemical weapon) to Homs, a Soviet origin g-shell from Libya similar to those that Assad should have.

They want us to deploy our Ukrainian personnel that should speak Russian and make a video record.

Frankly, I don’t think it’s a good idea but the sums proposed are enormous. Your opinion?

Kind regards


rockpicker said...


By Kristie Pelletier and Michael S. Coffman, Ph.D
August 27, 2013

"The only other reason we are in the mess we are in is if it is being done deliberately, which unfortunately, is a real possibility. More on that possibility in a future article.In any event, this will not end well for Europe or the world."

freeacre said...

Well, I just stepped in it. Sent the following comment to to protest the potential war. Just had to.

"Please do not intervene with the military in Syria. It seems disgustingly hypocritical to state that there is a "red line" when it comes to chemical weapons. Please explain how the sudden death without warning to children and other civilians is worse due to chemical weapons than by our own drones. They are still just as dead in any case.
How can bombing Syrians protect them? We don't even know where all these diverse groups really have their allegiance. The only thing that is clear is the profiteering of the military hardware suppliers involved.
Americans are in dire need of support ourselves. We cannot afford this useless war, even if it were justifiable. Those people have been fighting each other for hundreds of years. Let them work out their own problems. I understand that the petro-dollar is the operative component of this mis-adventure. But, there has to be a better way to deal with this challenge.
On another note, LARRY SUMNER to head the Fed? Seriously? He is the worst possible choice.
It become clearer every day that the opinions of the American people do not matter to the administration or to Congress. The freedom and rule of law that we used to pride ourselves upon are being systematically dismantled. And, to even bring this up now puts us on some sort of "terrorist" list. How has it come to this? Each day reinforces the message that we are no longer citizens, but consumers. Our "job" is to comply with whatever Wall St. wants and put ourselves into debt servitude and dependence. No wonder people are killing themselves. Nothing to live for when there is no freedom. This is not North Korea."

rockpicker said...

I'm sending this along.

A Question For The Commander-in-Chief

When a bunker buster
falls in the desert
and a hero
shows us photos
of the shadows
of little bodies
on concrete walls,
are the screams
of insane mothers
droned out
by the whirr
of empire?

Anonymous said...


I sure hope they take notice but it looks like you are a day late, unfortunately. I think they will weigh all the letters of discent. Isn't there some magic figure that the Gov multiply descenting mail by. Say 500 to1, I forget what it actually is but I heard they recognise that for evey person who writes there is a number who share the same opinion that don't write. The alternative to not going in is that the dollar will die and nobody in the USA will have jobs anymore. You may question how we got to a stage of unpleasant alternatives but the fact is that this is where we are now. Notwithstanding that, I don't need to restate my feelings on the subject. Maybe you should prompt Murph to throw another 500 or so votes on the pile.

Here is a paradoxical thought. The land of the free is one of the most depressed nations on earth but the North Koreans are happy with their lot. If this was not so why would they have been so distraught when kim Jong Il died? :)

rockpicker said...

"It ain't over 'til the fat lady sings."

rockpicker said...

What if Obama yells, "Charge!," and nobody moves?

rockpicker said...

Here's Charlie McGrath's take on a missile attack on Syria:

freeacre said...

I can't believe I am about to link to Glen Beck, of all people. But, get a load of this one:

Also, seems the NYT, Twitter, and China's internet were hacked in the last 2 days. Fire Sale?

Anonymous said...

Fire is rolling all over this state. flipping and changing direction and course, like an inexorable judgement of nature,skewed to the breaking point.
It is impartial and relentless in its choice of victims or circumstance.
A force that through its very power that has sentience, albeit primal and speaking in a form that we lost coherency of many agos.
This earth is gathering in on herself...readying.
She is giving her warnings, but our fragmented, searching humanity is squandering seminal actions, wantonly, without thought of consequences or decimation. How did we, as a species,become so slovenly and slattern in our lives, that we lost sight of the beauty and intricacy that is all around us and take it for granted.
Breathe in deeply and feel the wonder of air filling your lungs and the blood coursing through your corporeal being. Touch your hand to the trunk of a tree and feel it's life and right of being.
Stand in running water and feel history caressing your calves. Do all this and more. Feel the interconnectedness that is still there, waiting for an acknowledgement and THINK... before you DO... in all things there is balance. Please let it be so.

rockpicker said...

It's all a bluff.

Obama's babbling about

non-military options

while Kerry's caught

rehashing tired lines.

Who believes them?

They can't believe themselves,

nose-ringed by handlers and ringed

by nose-ringed scribes.

They feign indignance

before cameras everyone

tunes out. In the sky,

at sunset, a new light

sets beside the old.

"Oh. Sorry. How

is your new war progressing?"

We were busy wishing on the stars.

rockpicker said...

I love it.

Hotspringswizard said...

Randy, My favorite number is 11 ( like in my circles ) and I went to Burning Man the last 11 years so I figured the circle of my Burning Man experiences is complete :-)Nope I'm at home and not breathing Playa Dust this year, yaah! There is supposed to be a live video stream here:

but there is some type of problem and its in demo mode, only showing the live stream occasionally and adds the rest of the time. Hopefully they will get it fixed by tomorrow so I can see a bit of Black Rock City :-)

There is a live social stream at that link too. Someone said there is a dust storm coming later tonight. They upped the allowable population to 68,000 for this year. That area is also getting smoke from the California Rim Fire.

Freeacre regarding your note to the american gangster rulers, and your mentioning about whats the differance between getting obliterated by a drone and chemical weapons, first as we all know its a friggin false flag just to do a Lybia type action on Syria, and I heard those hypocrites talking on the MSN today about the " horror " of these chemical weapons deaths, all the while these monsters blow up and kill people all over the world, everyday, by the thousands. Nice to see you given the PTB a piece of your mind :-)

rockpicker said...

Shame on the lamestream, allowing these assholes to go forward, unchallenged. Shame...

Anonymous said...

To hot springs
A being of balance and transformation.
I have heard that you have a photo site that shows some of your body of work.
Would you be willing to give me directions to it so that I could see it?

I have another question to ask of this clan.
What is your unwavering regard toward DOOM going to do, once the danger has been acknowledged, other than increase the dissonance and jarring clang of imbalance already present and rolling in this existence. I believe that our individual energy and current could be put to better uses. My number is 8.

Anonymous said...

Ut-ohhh, FA, now you did it. I hope you weren't planning on taking a plane anywhere ever again 'cause now you're probably on the "no fly list" -and, maybe your name just got submitted to the local SWAT's "No Knock, No Warrant, Shoot First and Shoot Second" list.

But then, once they start WWIII none of us will be doing a whole lot of flying anywhere. I'm wondering... Putin is a chess player.... and I'm hoping he's got a move to play that might keep the 'dogs of war' at bay. It's terrible that this country's only hope is the actions of Putin and possibly Xi Jinping.

DANG-we're doomed.

But, the garden is churning out some deeelish goodies this year. It pays to get REAL potting soil to start your seeds in. The supposedly 'organic' soil from Home Depot sucks bit-time. Oh, and I did something crazy (yeah, I know, par for the course for me) -I got me some Crocus bulbs. The kind that bloom in the Fall AND produce saffron. Thought I'd give it a try. Yeah, I know, it's a time-consuming bitch to get the saffron out and dried and all, but, once the petrodollar tanks and the doom sets in, I might have a lot of time on my hands.



rockpicker said...

No 8; Just because the lamestream isn't presenting this crisis as a possible ELE doesn't mean it isn't an extinction level event.

Recall the glass case model of mouse traps loaded with ping pong balls from grammar school, to demonstrate a chain reaction. That's the situation in the Levant right now, and that's Obama's hand holding a ball over the case.

It is incumbent upon us to be informed, pay attention and tell everyone who will listen that these fuckers are liars and killers!

freeacre said...

Yeah, but I figured that I'm probably on the list anyway. I din't know that crocuses make saffron. The stuff is so expensive, I've never even used it. My starting ginger experiment has not worked so far .. nuts.

Check this link out. Don't see how they can justify outrage and retaliation now:

BTW, we watched an interview on the Thom Hartmans show in RTTV about his search engine that is much more secure than Google or Yahoo. It's called DuckDuckGo. I'm using it now.

Looks like this is going to be another popcorn day. Stay tuned.

Hotsprings, Glad you are not at Burning Man this year. Sounds like the cops are there in force.

Anonymous said...

My point exactly.
If this is a potential extinction event, I think the time should be spent in life affirming actions rather than glued to inaction and counting down to zero.

rockpicker said...

By our silence do we allow.

What if the whole damned scared-shit and apathetic country all stood up, once, together, and said "Fuck No!" to these clowns? Maybe we'd have our own American Spring. Maybe the military would suddenly remember their oaths and arrest the real terrorists, who, btw, use U.S. government inter-departmental e-mail to hatch their plots.

Doom is a dim room
furnished with despair.
No bright borage or salvia
can flourish there. No busy bees
will come to lose themselves
in the business of life
and hum. And no affirming flame
sustains its fragile light long
in air depleted of liberty
and song.

Anonymous said...

Yes, and look how well it is turning out for Egypt . They traded one oppressor for another.

rockpicker said...

"They better not do it again."
- Obama


He could do nothing else, because the alternative media got the goods on him and published the truth far and wide. Even the UN agreed, it was the rebels who deployed the gas.
So everyone in the world knows Obama and Kerry and Cameron are liars and cowards who do what the banker-wankers order them to do.
Thank god someone had enough sense to realize what a serious mistake Obama was about to make, for everyone on the planet, and stopped him.

Anonymous said...


Fa That page from the Daily Mail no longer exists, unless there was a fault in the URL. Looks like the editor was spoken to in a way that he understands or a Winston Smith got to it first. In that case it might still be Game On. I heard a story last night, unconfirmed, that Assad had fled to Iran. If that is the case an invasion to oust him no longer has meaning. I wonder if they will have FF2 (False Flag 2) or even FF Twist.

Anyone got a link to the UN story?

Anonymous said...


Re Daily Mail article, anybody know how to access the Way Back Machine?

Anonymous said...

link fairy :)Gd

DM article on wayback which references as a source that is reporting the damning emails, so knowing some idiots will dismiss anything on infowars, I tracked down an original archived copy of them to deflect the infowars detractors

Link to archived copy of hacked damning UK defense contractor emails

Anonymous said...


Managed to contact the Way Back Machine with success. This is a complete story I had read a couple of days ago but from a different source.I really don't know who was first out of the traps with it. Here it is C&P'd but without the embedded videos and other content.

The emails were released by a Malaysian hacker who also obtained senior executives resum├ęs and copies of passports via an unprotected company server, according to Cyber War News.
Dave Goulding's Linkedin profile lists him as Business Development Director at Britam Defence Ltd in Security and Investigations. A business networking profile for Phil Doughty lists him as Chief Operationg Officer for Britam, United Arab Emirates, Security and Investigations.
The U.S. State Department had not returned a request for comment on the alleged emails to MailOnline today at time of publication.
However the use of chemical warfare was raised at a press briefing in D.C. on January 28.
A spokesman said that the U.S. joined the international community in 'setting common redlines about the consequences of using chemical weapons'.

Countless losses: Families attempt to identify the bodies of Syrian fighters shot and dumped in a river in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo today

Devastation: People gather at a site hit by what activists said was missiles fired by a Syrian Air Force fighter jet from forces loyal to Assad, at the souk of Azaz, north of Aleppo on January 13
A leaked U.S. government cable revealed that the Syrian army more than likely had used chemical weapons during an attack in the city of Homs in December.
The document, revealed in The Cable, revealed the findings of an investigation by Scott Frederic Kilner, the U.S. consul general in Istanbul, into accusations that the Syrian army used chemical weapons in the December 23 attack.

Anonymous said...


Is President Assad's wife pregnant? British-born Asma, 37, said to be expecting her fourth child
Revealed: The soldier whose helmet cam video of Taliban firefight has been viewed 23 million times... and he didn't even mean for the footage to go public
An Obama administration official who had access to the document was reported as saying: 'We can't definitely say 100 per cent, but Syrian contacts made a compelling case that Agent 15 was used in Homs on Dec. 23.'
Mr Kilner's investigation included interviews with civilians, doctors, and rebels present during the attack, as well as the former general and head of the Syrian WMD program, Mustafa al-Sheikh.
Dr. Nashwan Abu Abdo, a neurologist in Homs, is certain chemical weapons were used. He told The Cable: 'It was a chemical weapon, we are sure of that, because tear gas can't cause the death of people.'

Threats: Barack Obama said during a speech last month that if Syria used chemical weapons against its own people it would be 'totally unacceptable'

Tyrant: Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, pictured with his wife Asma, is facing increasing international pressure over his brutal massacre of his own people
Eye witness accounts from the investigation revealed that a tank launched chemical weapons and caused people exposed to them to suffer nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, delirium, seizures, and respiratory distress.
The symptoms suggest that the weaponized compound Agent-15 was responsible. Syria denied using chemical weapons and said it would never use them against citizens.
Speaking to Pentagon reporters at the time, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said his biggest concern was how the U.S. and allies would secure the chemical and biological weapons sites scattered across Syria and ensure the components don't end up in the wrong hands if the regime falls, particularly under violent conditions.
Government forces and rebels in Syria have both been accused by human rights groups of carrying out brutal warfare in the 22-month-old conflict, which has claimed more than 60,000 lives.

Anonymous said...


Thanks Gd, this is the first time I have ever used the Way Back Machine.
Must learn some basic HTML though. Once again thanks for the effort.

Charley said...


Anonymous said...

well well, seems the DM is covering asses...
Daily Mail in £100,000-plus payout over Syrian chemical weapons story

Libel damages paid to defence company for article wrongly linking two executives with sale of weapons to Syria Link

So the defense execs send in the libel lawyers, DM pays out on the word of the execs that the emails were faked, yet they admit their server was hacked.

I think the term used in the British Establishment would be... "Blinder played, trebles all round"


Anonymous said...

Israeli intelligence 'intercepted Syrian regime talk about chemical attack'Link

who would have thunk Syrians would be talking about chemical weapons after the news spin this week? Just the mention of which turns into kosher "intelligence" they can leak to the press as if it means anything, might as well bull up Israel in the same puff piece eh, this crap insults anyone with real intelligence. Gd.

Anonymous said...

GD, I don't think there's much "real intelligence" left in this country. Most people I come across believe EVERYTHING Bryan Williams says each night. They are totally brainwashed into believing our corporate media is giving them actual facts.


Anonymous said...


Israel “intercepted a conversation between “Syrian officials” regarding the use of chemical weapons, an “unnamed former Mossad official” told Focus”. Can you imagine Judge John Deed allowing anybody to build a case on this crap. :-)

On the other side, the material on which the Daily mail article was based “ Were released by a Malaysian hacker”. If the DM didn't check basic facts then they deserve what they got. There again if Britam admit their server was hacked what are they admiting to, in broad terms, that was hacked?

What is a shame, is that the MSM has been so cowed over the years that when an editor pops his head out of the turret and imediately gets the lid slammed down on it then that is a lesson for everybody else. So much for freedom of the press and First Ammendment rights. So where this leaves us is that this incident was just a hickup and everything carries on as before. As the troops sail towards the Syrian shore it is so reassuring that Obama is giving the matter thoughtful consideration and wrestling with doubts and conflicting arguments. Isn't it reassuring we dont have a gung-ho president like the Bush Cheney double act.

On internet security, I have never heard of DuckDuckGo, I just thought everybody used Ixquick which doesn't store IP Addresses. Ixquick searches multiple search engines, collects the top ten results from seventeen languages, returns the results to you and then throws away your IP Address. I use this unless I have to go into Google for something and forget I have changed over. The only downside to this system is that because of the way it works, you can't collate a searched history file. The upside is privacy. Here is the Wiki on it:

rockpicker said...

According to Mort, over at beforeitsnews, the Free Syrian Army is now admitting they did it. And Saudi Arabia supplied the weapons.

Have a nice day.

"The lies being told by US government agencies and the mainstream media over in Syria continue to unravel as a Free Syrian Army Rebel has come out and admitted to the Associated Press that the rebels were responsible for the chemical attack in Syria blamed upon Syrian government forces. If this information isn’t bad enough, the rebels also admit that the weapons were supplied to them by US ally Saudi Arabia. Is Barack Obama now going to attack Saudi Arabia and the FSA rebels or will this be overlooked by the globalists and the White House and Syria attacked anyways? A video report is also below..."

Anonymous said...

Man, you gotta watch some of George Galloway's rant and a few others in Parliament smacking down U.S poodle Cammeron -'twas awesome. Wish some of our congresscritters and senatewhores had some guts to give Oblahblah some grief. But... since they don't and on the payroll of the Banks, well....

we're doomed.


rockpicker said...

Maybe Oblahblah is doomed.

Benghazi, Libyan intervention, Fast n' Furious, the felonious birth certificate, the Connecticut ss #, Boston, Sandy Hook, Fukushima, Gulf of Mexico, the gun grab, FEMA camps and FEMA purchasing enough small arms ammunition to re-enact WWII, the militarization of our local police forces and the subsequent brutalization of the populace, NSA spying, IRS abuses, the attack on whistleblowers and truth-tellers, and now, the Big Syrian Lie.

I think he's done. America has had just about enough of Obummer.
Can we impeach him?

Yes, we CAN!

Hotspringswizard said...

Hello Seeker/Otter/#8 :-)I have enjoyed reading your shared thoughts here at TCC :-) You can find my Flickr photo site here:

or, you can also just google hotspringswizard to find it easily too :-)

rockpicker said...

Oh shit.

rockpicker said...

No. 8, In response to your question concerning Egypt. In a nutshell, when the Arab Spring uprising occurred, the people of Egypt overthrew Hosni Mubarak, and eventually elected Morsi, who is favored by the Muslim Brotherhood, and, subsequently, by Obama. But when he became unpopular, the army, responding to popular demand, overthrew him. Now the Muslim Brotherhood, a small minority of the population, is fighting to reinstate Morsi, but the majority of people don't want him. So, that's how it's worked out for them. They stood up and demanded a change, and they got a change.

If we had any balls we'd start jailing fraudster bankers and the traitorous politicians who enable them. We'd demand a reinstatement of the Glass-Steagall Act, so that the banks couldn't play casino anymore. We'd end the Fed and the income tax and do away with the IRS.

But, maybe I'm getting too political.

freeacre said...

Here's the link to the Galloway speech on YouTube.

I think we are having a collective "I Ain't Gonna Work on Maggie's Farm no more" moment.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of the differences in our political and philosophical beliefs, quit jibing at me and objectifying me by calling me No. 8.
You are welcome to call me Seeker,She-wolf, Otter, Miranda, or Tina, whichever you prefer, but do not disrespect me just because I ruffled your feathers a little bit on the political front.
One other thing. Do not confuse my natural, earth oriented belief system with apathy or ignorance of what is going on in the political and power arenas, behind the scenes.
I just choose to bend the warp and weave of the energy fields in a ..different way than that which you have chosen.
Actions beget actions. We have just chosen different paths and have taken different stands.

Hot Springs Wizard,
Thank you for your direction to your body of work. I look forward to perusing it.:-))

Anonymous said...


Have to run now - re Rp 1:10
Obama knows all of this and is relying on a war to put all this on a back burner and eventually gat him off the hook.

Aprapo nothing - My favourite number is also 8


Hotspringswizard said...

Thank you for your expressed positive sentiments Otter :-)

Anonymous said...

i'm gonna say it again... KNOW that a lot of the power THEY are operating with is actually OUR denied power.

and we aint gonna get it back at the end of a gun or word! ...p

Anonymous said...

Hot Springs Wizard
Really liked the photos.
Am going back in depth now to look at deep detail. Have never been to Burning Man. Looks like a really intense sub-culture of hedonistic and mystic self expression.
I would like to dive into it at least once.
You have a lovely family and the waters you have shared in your photos have a powerful draw to them that make me ache for more freedom and less obligation and responsibility so that I could travel and wander and experience them.
Thank you for showing beauty and eclectic expressionism.

Hotspringswizard said...

Thank you very much Otter :-) You may not have seen the most recent photo I put up last night which shows me enjoying Deep Creeks precious " waters ", and bubbles too created by this beautiful little waterfall :-) Here is a link to that photo:

Your one nickname ( Otter ) reminds me of a family of Otters I got to watch hunting for food one day in Cow Creek, which is a beautiful stream near our property in Northern California, close to th town of Redding.

I was walking the creek alone and noticed the swirling of something big coming up through the rapids towards a big pool. My first thought was maybe it was Salmon but this creek does not have that type of fish. I then saw one of the large adults emerge from the water, so sleek, long and almost black in color.

Fortunately I was downwind from them so I crouched down out of sight and watched the whole Otter family work the pool in the creek catching fish. The water was very clear and I could see the adults go to the upstream side and race around the rocks scaring the fish out of their hiding places then the Otters would race around the pool catching them. It was a real treat to see them :-)

Hotspringswizard said...

Opps, I was " upwind " of those Otters :-) The never did see me and continued on up the stream :-)

Lucretia Heart said...

YAAAY! (See I don't read ahead before replying!!)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Wana take a couple days off and go to p's teepee for a ceremony of , well, we are the elders , know anyone older then us?
we have something to say, might as well speak of it , there are those among us that might just like to hear of it. before we are
meeting with our ancestors what do you say brothers and sisters?
On Jul 24, 2014, at 1:34 PM, rockpicker

in spirit ,,langosta whom has recently returned, she is beautiful .