Thursday, September 19, 2013


Progress on the home front.

 from Murph

Anyone that spends a reasonable amount of time reading data, opinions, commentaries and news releases can't help but be a bit confused about what the real story is about. Some event takes place and immediately the MSM comes out with editorials and explanations of what actually happened and what it means., and often enough what you should believe about it. Soon after, the alternative media (chiefly through the internet) comes out with a different analysis and different facts/data which if not outright contradicts the original narrative, at least casts doubt on its facts and conclusions.

Lets take a look at some of what seems to be noncontroversial facts;

1. The MSM is very highly controlled by interests which have skin in the game to keep the current operative paradigm circulating and business as usual and the population's perceptions controlled.

2. The government and its bloated bureaucracies flat out lie to us and have been for a very long time. The evidence concerning this is overwhelming.

3. Enough documented evidence has been presented over my entire life that show unequivocally that grand conspiracies by the elites of this world are a fact, not just theories. We may argue about specific facts, validity and consequences on specific data but grand conspiracies do exist. Read the agenda 21 papers, or the NWO papers that started in 1954 with the first Bildaburg meetings or the Cheney white papers, or the “silent war” papers, or.......

4. The academic field that we title “science” has become, to a large extent, untrustworthy when it is used to determine public policy and perceptions. Way too much research results are questionable or outright falsified, funded by self interest groups (too a large extent in the corporate world) and most noticeably in government funded research that is released to the public that is the result of political expediency and agenda. Read the research put out by Monsanto and Dow Corps on their products or the original research that went into the prohibition on tobacco or the use of Fluoride as a health issue.

5. It is true that the 1%-5% of the worlds population that we call the “the elites” the “PTB” that are in charge of most of the influential decisions being made are obsessed with having control and have from the first of recorded history sought to extend their control and make it absolute. It is also true from documented writings, memos, articles and recordings that these elites have only contempt for the non elites. Those in power positions have (with only rare exceptions) always held to this position of contempt and disrespect. Most of the folks that drafted our constitution we in that group that expressed contempt and disrespect for the “common man”.

I'm sure that we could make some more generalized statements concerning what appears as a factual narrative about what is true.

So, when we take these 5 points into consideration on highly charged controversial subjects such as;

Climate change
Geo engineering
Nations in armed conflict (wars)
Freedom of individuals in a population
Taxing and all other governmental policies
Honesty of those in charge (the politicians)
The dramatic escalation of concentration of power, money and influence
The educational system
The medical cartels (health/sickness industry)
The military industrial complex
The “scientific research industry”

And a host of other issues that are in our face on a constant basis, as individuals, we pick and choose what we prefer to believe is true according to what we are deliberately or accidentally exposed to. Our decisions in this regard are controlled by our cultural conditioning, our preconceived information, our preconceived ideas on morality, ethics and a host of other variables. This is not necessarily a bad thing to happen. Probably a result of being human. What does happen that is not such a good thing is when we find out that what we believed is true turns out to not be true and what we do about it. We have all met other folks that no matter what information/facts are presented, will cling to a perception that appears to us as unfounded or flat out not true. Our blind side is when we personally do that.

Much of this choosing what to believe is a result of our education, how well disciplined our mental organization is, how objective we can be, how well we are able to organize data and be critical of that data and how well we are able to look at our preconceptions and discard the ones that simply are not consistent with reality.

Take a short example. How long have humans existed on this planet? If we take Bishop Ussher's calculations as fact, it is around 6000 years based on his calculations of the Bible family linage. Our current science says much much longer. Which to believe? I have met folks lately that believe the 6000 yr narrative absolutely and completely discount any science to the contrary. These folks accept the absolute authority of a collection of writings that date about 4000 or so yrs ago. So, these folks reject one set of science but not others. They also drive cars, use electricity, travel on airplanes, watch TV, have computers, think Ronald Ray-gun was the greatest president and all Muslims present an emanate danger to their way of life and the only way to a good life is in the service to Jesus. If consistency of thinking has value, are these folks dealing with reality? They vote too.

I have come to the conclusion that unless you spend a great deal of time in top top tiers of society, or in the scientific community, you have to accept data and opinions from those folks that supposedly are in the know. We may chose to accept bad or corrupted data. We may chose to accept data that is the result of political or control agendas. Any one of the issues I listed above are subject to corrupted or bad data, misdirection, misinformation, and outright lies.

Take the first one listed, climate change. The scientific papers I have read indicate that weather trends have changed and seem to cyclical over long periods of time. Some folks deny that man can influence what the weather does. I would take very serious issue with that position. But personally, I consider the argument to be superfluous. In my lifetime, weather patterns have changed, in some localities rather drastically, in other locations, not so much. If we are in a cyclic cooling or heating changes on earth, what is important is how this will affect living on this planet. We have ample evidence that this planet has gone through some really violent and drastic changes in the weather in the past and have fairly conclusive evidence what the effects on populations. For me, the important question is how we are going to deal with these changes, not the argument about whether they are caused in part or whole by mans activities, which obviously is not going to change. The PTB have for a whole lot of years (since the end of WWII) attempted to control the weather (geoengeneering) by various means, and to a large degree, seemingly failed. We are dealing with a system that is so complex that our present concept of science simply cannot control it on a wholesale basis. Not so sure it would be a good idea to do so. With the elites controlling the weather you can be it would be used for social control and utilized as a weapon anyway.

For me, I try to steer away from absolutist statements about much of anything. There are some areas that I will indulge in absolutist positions, but keep in mind they may not be consistent with reality, particularly in dealing with human behavior and its consequences. The scientific community has its renegades who propose that nearly everything we think we know is simply not true. Hell, we have evidence that most of the “constants” we have accepted as being absolute, aren't. One of the more recent ones is the decay rate of of particular radioactive materials, and the “red shift” being an indication of receding or advancing distances.

If our species can manage to stay alive long enough, we will experience many more cosmic surprises.

For those that follow the archdruid's writing, he has been examining belief systems and how hey work and what causes them. He insists that the relatively new belief system that permeates our society revolves around the religion of “progress” that has taken on the same characteristic as what we normally call religion. I find it interesting that humans generally seem to need to believe in some far reaching future scenario, especially in regard to their own existence. For those that buy into the belief system of “progress” and “technology” that will save the day for human existence, I say, that it does not seem to be consistent with our reality. Whatever “progress” and “technology” has contributed to human life has benefited a only very small amount of human life on this planet, and for the most part has added to the misery of most. Western modern civilization comprises only a small part of the human population on this planet. Yes, the convenience of that group has gone up dramatically in the last 300 years, and has now begun an observable decline in in returns. To a large extent, our “progress” has gone in the direction of convenience by button pushing. I'm not entirely convinced that this is progress.


freeacre said...

I've got another example of contradictory information. The EPA just re-set the standards for acceptable levels of radiation:

Just great.

Anonymous said...

Murph: good post, I'm not sure I disagree with you on much of it, I have a slightly more nuanced view on much of it, I assume you do too but are limited by the constraints imposed by the method of communication.

I remember the outrage I felt the first time I discovered first hand the government had lied, it was a trivial matter regarding introducing a £10 fee for a driving license, they said it would be a one off fee, we'd never have to pay for another license in our lifetimes, this was back in the 1980's, I was a teenager. a few yrs later I got a speeding ticket, 35 in a 30 zone, the police took my license to note the ticket, saying I'd get it back in the post. I never got it back, so had to apply for another, there was a fee to replace a lost license.

Besides the circumstances of the offense being outrageous (sneaky speed trap on a hill 30yrds before the speed limit increased to 60) having to pay again was not on. I wrote many letters, to the police, to the licensing authority, even to my MP, and then to several MPs on a transport committee. The exercise was both futile and enlightening, no matter how good a case I made that the fee should not apply, even though some MPs agreed with me, I still had to pay the fee. lying bastards. I never trusted anything that Tory gov said again, although it took a bit longer to realize it wasn't just one political party but the whole power structure.

I could fill pages of "official lies" from personal experience, all much more serious than my first enlightenment, some so serious I dare not mention details to this day. I was about 19yo when I had my first experience of the press and media outright lying, I still remember the outrage I felt. I don't know weather I was naive at that age, or just wrapped up in my own life not paying much attention to the "system" or media, probably a bit of both.

Within a few short yrs I had personal experience of "official science" lying, presenting fraudulent science to back a political position, multiple examples spanning health, law, and education.

While exhibiting military equipment at defense exhibitions, and demonstrating it around the world, I saw a lot of "official shenanigans" that were... lets say unconstitutional.

These impressions were not based on any cultural bias, or education, or cultural beliefs, they were based on an innate sense of right and wrong, what I have come to understand these days as "Natural Law".

It wasn't until about 15yrs ago that I started to understand the depths of corruption, the width of the control system, and the lengths power seekers go to, to maintain the illusion they need to maintain power.

So with that bit of background, I disagree with this selective quote from you...

"unless you spend a great deal of time in top top tiers of society, or in the scientific community, you have to accept data and opinions from those folks that supposedly are in the know."

I never spent much time in the top tiers of society, or the scientific community, and I outright reject everything they say on face value, if the subject is important enough to me I'll research it in depth, but I never take anything on face value anymore.

Regarding your climate research, have you any examples of... "The scientific papers I have read indicate that weather trends have changed and seem to cyclical over long periods of time."

I'm wondering how to define "weather trends have changed" if it's a cyclical thing? If we look at a since wave, has the trend changed between the top of the wave and the bottom? I'm not disagreeing, just a bit confused by the wording I think. Gd.

murph said...


I have had much the same kind of experience as you talked about in my life also. It took a bit longer for me to become aware of just how much lying I was exposed to. I'm also quite cynical concerning just about anything I read that doesn't seem to be consistent with my experience.

I'm not sure what it is you are disagreeing with. I'll try and restate it.

In any non simple issue we are confronted with, if we are not doing the sample taking, the analysis, the experimental work, the data correlation, we then have to take whatever information is available from those that are doing it, most of the time second hand, or even 4th hand before it gets to us. So, whatever the information is that we take in that we declare we believe in its validity is figuratively anyway, a leap of faith.

I am suggesting that this "leap in faith" is open to cynicism also. It is akin to asking: just what is it we actually know? Particularly in dealing with very complex and interlocking areas.

The trend in science and social engineering has long been into reductionism. Taking only one part of a system and analysing it to death without out putting it into the context of the whole system and its interacting parts. This is very pointedly happening in the health sciences. Instead of taking the whole body and all its interacting systems into account, western medicine does its reductionist thing and only looks at one part, symptoms being a great part of this and recommending a pill to take care of the symptom.

I know we tend to disagree about the climate change issue. No, I have not collected a source list on the subject.

However, in personal observations, I have noticed that in several locations I have lived in, that the weather patterns have shifted. For instance, first and last frost dates have shifted by as much as 2 months. Snow fall has shifted in localities of heavy to light and visa versa. Now admittedly, this is on a regional basis, but nevertheless, the weather has changed in particular localities. If it is a natural cycle, so be it. But we also have enough information that indicates that some of mans activities can radically change the ecology and even temperatures in specific areas. Ie, cities act as giant heat sinks. To a large extent, mans activities (bad farming practices) increased the effects of the dust bowl years, acidification of the oceans has increased dramatically, is that man made or not? That kind of listing is rather extensive. How do dams that affect the salmon migration affect the forests along the rivers? What overall effect on the ecology and weather does mans activities that kill off species have? Does deforestation affect the weather planet wide or just regionally? These activities are very definitely man made. What the consequences end up being is open to speculation and computer models. The problem with the computer models is that they are reductionist in nature.

As you have pointed out multiple times, weather cycles have not changed. I agree and disagree. When we take data points on temp changes we have to be careful about drawing conclusions, and this applies to everything we collect data on. We also have to be careful about the time lines we are dealing with. Data collection is not anywhere near being able to assign causation factors that is so popular today. Ie. Smoking causes lung cancer, Cholesterol causes heart attacks, CO2 causes world wide warming, (this in spite of Al Gores fancy slide shows and talks) etc. Doesn't mean it isn't true, but data points do not show the causation and therefore is suspect when a conclusion is drawn from that data.

murph said...

GD, cont.

My observation and study indicates that the climate, weather patterns are extremely complex systems that we barely understand even little segments of. That is one of the reasons I am quite cynical about the giant wind farms that are being touted as one of the saving graces for energy.

In effect, hard line stances on any issue is going to be difficult to absolutely support.

I hoe this clarifies some.

nina said...

An example of opinions created and billions informed and misinformed would be chemical weapons in Syria. We trained ourselves to be thorough in collecting information on which to have some clarity, but on this one, I'm wading through oatmeal, it wouldn't be the first time either. On one hand we heard of the attacks, then alternative media gave us some edgy background (how do they know anyway)on where the gas came from and who deployed it. Oh, you know, the usual back routes, not the public overpass... then we have Putin's plan and Bashir's agreement and timetable for turning over the Syrian chemical weapons to the international community which is an outright admission, yes, we have them. But wait, Assad wasn't supposed to be on that side, he has his own forces, so where did they come from? Heh, a sudden turn of events. Now he says he has something that was said by alternative media wasn't his. Its murky and made murkier by the hour, although we are now to abandon any previous mention of rebel holdings and non-native undercover ops. Of course, in addition, hovering, is the larger picture of regime change still bubbling on high, but with new sideshows to save face. Who's face is a Rubik's cube.

If we go on just this one adventure, there is every reason to suspect ALL of them and there have been so many it would be absurd to list them in a single blog comment. It is now impossible to be accurately informed of anything. Psychologically speaking, no one with an honest agenda can be taken seriously anymore. We might think this is sad or feel angry, but take away the coverups and you still have the same tragicomedy of living life as best you can in spite of the struggle to make sense of it.

Information used to be practically worshiped, now its just another cheap, over produced commodity.

rockpicker said...

A major way in which information is misused to manipulate the masses is the practice of withholding data selectively, or lying by omission.

A good example of that technique has recently been displayed in coverage of the naval yard shooting. While msm is forced to acknowledge the shooter complained of hearing voices and was prescribed antidepressants, absolutely no mention was made of voice to skull technology, available and in use since the sixties.

And today, this. How timely:

rockpicker said...

Voice to skull, it's real:

freeacre said...

Yeah, and to add another element to the tower of babble that our culture has become is the surveillance of everybody and the associated liability of being able to blackmail all those in policy-making positions. Just about everyone has secrets that they would not like to become common knowledge. Whether it is members of the Supreme Court, the President, our congressmen, or whomever, there must be whole cyber libraries of shit that they know about people and can use against them at any time. Therefore, the potential for disinformation and skewed results has gone up exponentially.

As for that poor fucker, Aaron Alexis, sure could have been a DARPA patsy.
"...In the days before Aaron Alexis called the police in Newport, R.I., to complain that he was hearing voices sent by a “microwave machine,” employees at the Residence Inn in nearby Middletown were struggling to cope with his behavior. ..."
Or, he could have been simply paranoid schizophrenic, or it could be the result of the side effects from anti-depressant medication. It seems impossible to determine one from the other anymore, and therein lies the problem for the majority of us. Craziness.

nina said...

If he was taking Zoloft, FA, the shoe fits.

Anonymous said...

Does it then follow by your line of reasoning that there is no truth in the largest sense of the word, but only a conglomeration of different perceptual realities, formed by nature, nurture and outside power agendas?
That we have become so separated from true self and innate balance that we are driven like lemmings off whatever cliff the powers that think they are push us toward?
Western civilization, as we know it, is in the end stages of an oft repeated,historically documented, decay and decline of a societal superstructure. Some good examples of this are Rome, Troy, Great Britain, France, Greece, Persia, Pan, Africa just to name a few, and the list goes on and repeats itself in variations of themes, but there is a silver lining to this repeated decline. It opens a space for change and the chance to start over and try to change our conceptions and perceptions and start anew.
The energy flow around us is in a powerful state of access at this point in our existence and there are pockets and ground swells of iconoclasts out and around, striving to live their lives in a reaching, open involvement. Waiting to step into the breach and take a stand for humanity and its divine spark of potential, when the culmination of our missteps and search for short term egocentric gratification, tumble us headlong into entropy.
And so, I personally will strive to remain open and strong and waiting.
I will sift and parse through myriad avenues of information and perceptions of different viewpoints and agendas, because information, even if skewed, by its very perversion, gives you access toward truth and knowledge toward understanding the deeper driven motivations of the various power structures in the midst of their chess games and end runs.
All is not lost.
All is not doom.
We are in the midst of a great change and flux.
We have a chance,in this now, to evolve into a more complete, balanced, interactivity of form.
The risks are high, but the energy and polarities are thrummimg. If nothing else, this " Journey to Ithaca", is worth the ride and I, for one, stand ready and poised for whatever role that I will choose to take as this juggernaut rolls.

Anonymous said...

Songsto go to...
Driving toward the daylight, by Joe Bonnamassa
Winter Winds blow, by Mickey Newbury

rockpicker said...

Nina, I've read he was taking Trazodone. Does the shoe still fit?

What if he was a TI?

What if you were a TI?

He was instructed by medical personnel to not mention 'hearing voices.'

You can't sleep because some asshole working for an alphabet agency is microwaving you with messages to just go do it, it'll be easier if you just go do it...

He changed motels three times to get away from them and they still broke him.

Served four years in the Navy. Was honorably discharged. Worked as a contractor. Had clearances.

Someone will have to prove to me that he wasn't used, like the brothers in Boston, to create a distraction, (Syrian embarrassment?)

These people are sick. They murder children and shoot photos of the corpses for political gain.

rockpicker said...

Exactly the way the Boston Marathon bombing, Sandy Hook and Aurora were staged. And, for similar reasons. For gain in the materium, the temporal. That's the message we're supposed to glean. Over and over, the powers that assume they are, repeat, this is it," it is, come and get it. But you better hurry, 'cause it's goin' fast..."

I'm with you , Tina Miranda. I pulled onions today and weeds gone to seed. Finished a potato bed, checked tomatillos and the plumbs, (not quite there,) caught moma grasshoppers to feed the robins and checked on the metamorphosing ladybugs in the dill, (no sign of toad, or offspring,). All in all
a lovely day. Air clear, the high peaks cassocked white, at harvest Moon and still, no killing frost?
I've never seen a season so in tune.

rockpicker said...

On the other hand, if we are looking at the forest, and not just the trees...

"The US is a country with a total government debt of $220 trillion, unemployment at 23%, the job participation rate at the lowest level since the 1970s, median household incomes at multi-decade lows, and real-GDP declining since 2006. We have also seen federal debt double since 2006, and consumer credit has been exploding. So the picture is clear...."

murph said...


The question of whether the an objective truth or an objective reality exists is also a matter of faith I think. It is similar to asking to prove God exists. My personal stance is that there is an objective truth out there, the problem comes in being able to identify it. Personally, I don't think that what we call "religion" does a very good job of that, at least for the most of the humans on this planet.

What seems to differ tremendously is the claims of finding the truth. It is also true that the perceptions of reality differ a lot between humans. I suppose that is the one biggie for causing conflict.

It is also possible that there is no objective truth, that everything in the universe is in flux. The Heisenberg principle seems to support that.

Whether humans have lost the ability to share in some common thought of truth is open to question I think. We, as a country used to be fairly well united in concepts like "liberty", "freedom", "honesty", "love" and other abstractions. Today, it appears that for most folks, love is synonymous with sex, freedom and liberty with security, honesty has largely left our society and been substituted by hypocrisy, integrity substituted by ever shifting values. This of course, is a major factor in keeping us separated from each other.

murph said...


That link from you on the 20th, about economic forecasting. Economists haven't a good track record in predicting the future either. Again, if there are enough predictions, eventually someone will be right.

My question; Since these are not stupid folks that are driving the economy to ruin, could it be it is planed that way to institute the NWO?

freeacre said...

I like your input, Seeker. As I have often said, "We were born for this." Each of us has his or her way of fulfilling our destiny. Some of us are warriors, some teachers, some healers, artists, etc. But each of us recognizes the decline and hopes to be able to facilitate the new reality and make it better. That's what murph and I do with food localization and community organizing around here.

Rockpicker's reference to the forest and the trees is pertinent, too. When you are standing in the forest, one must be able to recognize and react to the fires around you that are bringing on the transition.

I went out and picked Swiss Chard, carrots, onions and potatoes. It's frozen here 3 nights in a row. New windows are in the kitchen as of today and things are starting to seem almost cozy.

Will be going to the Ringling Brothers Circus tomorrow. Can't wait! All is not doom.

freeacre said...

It could be the drugs. But, they always give drugs to people who are or who they think are schizophrenic. Anyone who says they are hearing voices due to microwave equipment is immediately considered crazy, even if they are really being targeted. So, what came first, the nuttiness or the anti-depressants? We will never know, since he's conveniently dead.

All the other shooters were on anti-depressants as well. But, then, they are one of the most prescribed medications that there are! Wonder if they make you more susceptible to targeting. Huuum..

Anonymous said...

Murph, on the data being as leap of faith thing, yeah sure, if we're searching for some fundamental truth kind of thing, but in discussing the climate change case I'm not searching for some fundamental truth per say, I'm assessing their hypothesis using the same data they use (when/if they eventually release their data), and seeing how it stacks up, in the IPCC case it doesn't stand up too well because it's political climate science, they discard anything that doesn't fit their narrative, and bolster their narrative with fraudulent science (e.g. hockey stick graphs). Researching this stuff for a long time I found more plausible/likely causes that are firmly outside the IPCC hypothesis. They don't even have a null hypothesis, it's Co2 all the way for them, the null hypothesis still stands on firm ground, i.e. it is natural cycles (that we don't fully understand), hey it could be something else, but it ain't Co2 IMO.

I don't doubt man can change local weather, I could give many examples, planting trees will increase local rainfall, cutting them down will decrease it, killing a colony of desert gophers will decrease rainfall downwind, many other examples. But man driving global climate? This is an extraordinary claim that requires extraordinary evidence, after 30odd yrs of IPCC predictions we can see their science is deeply flawed by observation alone, using their own data, they hanged themselves by their won petard.

When I say CAGW is bollox, or man made climate change is bollox, I'm referring to the ruling IPCC hypothesis, not natural cycles, farming practices, or the actual climate. I've repeatedly said the climate changes, it always did and always will IMO.

You seemed to be saying most opinions are based on 2nd, 3rd, 4th, hand data/news/opinion and therefore could be fundamentally flawed unless we are in those high society/academic circles gathering said data ourselves. This is what I disagree with, I say we all have a natural sense of right and wrong, natural law, the individual chooses what actions to take knowing, at a fundamental level, weather said actions are right/wrong/good/bad - course this process can be corrupted, weather by peer pressure, group-think, propaganda, NLP brainwashing, or microwave in skull directed communication (do tin foil hats really work? LOL) so we have to remain alert to it, drill down into the data we do have, the data they use/present and make a decision based on their data, not a decision about the fundamental truth of the subject, but a decision about the data, about the hypothesis, does it stack up is it valid or not. We may never know "the truth" but we sure can know "the lie" without taking a leap of faith, we know it at a fundamental level after reviewing "their" evidence.

You made an extraordinary claim with "acidification of the oceans has increased dramatically, is that man made or not?"

Ocean acidification was an ad hoc hypothesis to the CAGW thing, every single paper I have seen on it makes some giant leaps between the data and the conclusion. (from memory) The data found pH changes between 0.1 - 0.4 and went on to claim a long term trend using a real short data period (less than 3yrs) ignoring the fact that where they were testing has swings in pH over 0.8 in one tide in one day. They used (flawed) statistical analysis to present their conclusion, which was bunkum (or to be kind "unproven"), I'll find a few links if you're interested. I have no idea where you got this from, but I suspect it wasn't from a review of the literature. Gd.

Anonymous said...

did the sun set yesterday? absolutely
will it rise this morning? so its said.
based on what?
history? aka, the past?
but, will it? can you say so absolutely?
i dunno. its not for me to say. its for you to say.
can i say so absolutely?
not on your life.

is there one common reality? one that encompasses all?
and, if so, if i'm not in it does that make me unreal? aka, crazy?

think about it.
think about the craziest person you ever met.
or, think about the inmates in kersey's cuckoo's nest.
like, someone who is dillusional.
is their dillusion unreal?

to you? its not for me to say but i'm free to guess.
so, probably.
thats why they're seen as dillusional eh?

but what about to them?
to them i mean?
is their reality unreal?

what about cold dog soup? and rainbow pie?


Anonymous said...

i ain't gonna say there ain't no such thing as intentional manipulation of natural phenomenon by nefarious forces. power mongers seeking to control the masses.
BUT, i dare ya.
big ass hurricane blows thru, lets say, new orleans. blows half of it away.
or a 9.0 EQ buries hundreds in their graves right where they've been standin.
or denver drowns.
or montana burns.

natural events? caused by mean men? manipulated? via HAARP? or, or...
show me an EQ or a CAT 4 hurricane in the last 10 years that wasn't claimed to be caused by nefarious, human intervention.
claimed. not on MSM. on the alt medai. the internet.
show me one! just one!!
i double dare ya!!!

can't do it can ya?
and so.... i'm wonderin... who caused em BEFORE there was such a thing? ...p

rockpicker said...

GD; What a great idea!

I want a barometer that measures peer pressure!

rockpicker said...


You may have a good point there.

This appeared on Quayle's alerts page today...


Mr. Quayle,
Hello from Colorado. I wanted to share with you something that will perhaps
attract your interest. I am in the boulder county area of Colorado that has
recently been hit with flooding. What I am writing about is the actual
damage and what has taken place since then.
First as to the damage. There were homes that were built along the st Vrain
River that were devastated. But the media is hyping this at much larger
scale then it is.
The second point and my main concern are the amount of national guard/Fema
and yesterday the appearance of the DHS.
People in the small town of Lyons are told they must leave and are being
forcibly removed. Even those with running water, electric etc. There is no
damage! There is no safety concern.
The FEMA people are asking people to provide make and models of all
firearms, in case there is looting.
Local newspapers are flooded with volunteers that are being turned away
because they dont want do gooders in the area.
In summarization, yes there was a flood and yes there was damage. But the
heavily guarded streets by DHS, the FEMA people everywhere is uncalled
Thanks for taking the time to read this
God bless

Sep 20, 2013"

rockpicker said...

That would be Jimmy Saville's BBC, would it not?

whitewater fraggle said...

Another, full push, 1- voice MSM response, trigger your emotions for feeding, mass shooting in Africa today.
mental trigger to look for to avoid programming:

Targeted non-muslims.

Anonymous said...

With a spare afternoon I went and checked out the Archdruid posts relating to the OP. I can't seem to agree with the idea of "Progress" as a new religion, no more than I could see "doom" as a new religion either (although both may have parallels) but both certainly appear to be strongly held belief systems, reminiscent of the religious sensibility he mentions.

Last time I viewed his blog was a few yrs ago, he certainly seemed to be preaching global warming doom, complete with berating the "deniers" as shills for big oil.

I find nothing much has changed.

But I do see a paradox, the high priests of the "progress religion" would be the scientists in white coats, whose thesis he preaches so loudly, and enthusiastically. ;)

Seems the high priests in white coats screamed doom a little too early on ocean Acidification too:

Ocean acidification happens all the time — naturally


Lucretia Heart said...

Its hard to comment when all I can think of to say is "Agreed!"

So I'll comment to comments!

Regarding EPA changing the radiation levels deemed "acceptable": YEAH. The levels are being changed even more by Japanese authorities. Given what's going on right now, I think most Japanese citizens are going to be forced to immigrate. You gotta give the Germans some serious credit for sniffing the wind and taking drastic action to go to renewables and get out of the nuclear power business. If only everyone would! I was playing an online game called "Plan It Green" which was about urban planning and clean energy-- AND THEY INCLUDED NUCLEAR AS 'CLEAN'!!!! The shock and dismay I had is beyond communication...

Also, the Archdruid was very clear that he wasn't talking about a NEW RELIGION per se, but rather "religious sensibilities" or a way of looking at the world involving a faith in a philosophy that had no proof behind it. The idea that "man is destined to progress and spread throughout the galaxy" is the type of thinking he's talking about.

The Earth goes through periodic shifts in climate, sure-- but the idea that so many things could be shifting all over (especially with the sun in a COOLING trend) coincidentally seems a bit much to swallow. Sadly, many of the alternative conspiracy theory sites on the web are peppered with far right wing propaganda and B.S. tailored to a message that big money wants the little people to buy-- for example, that Climate Change is a conspiracy cooked up by-- liberals who want to make everyone suffer while they hug trees? No-- its real. And humans are contributing to it no mistake. And we won't change in time, so its best to prepare yourself for a lot of problems in the future.

freeacre said...

Great to hear from you, Lucretia! I am in agreement with you, too.

And, Whitewater Fraggle, I think a lot of what is emphasized in the lamestream media is a distraction, also. But, it would seem to be a contradiction that Obama wants to rescue Syrians and do nothing about the Coptic Christians being massacred. Seems they have no oil or pipeline component. Not that it is our responsibility anyway. Where is NATO?

I think all this is an obfuscation of the major issues of the surveillance society, police state, middle class financial collapse that we are undergoing. Get a load of this from Zero Hedge today:

This relentless, all-encompassing surveillance state with the blackmailing potential, pretty much destroys the very fabric of the nation. Really serious shit is happening and the nation focuses on the middle east and Miley Cyrus.

I just read that the truckers strike facebook page was taken down. "We are the Borg. Resistance is futile." We'll see how that works out ...

rockpicker said...

When I get some time, I'm going to try building one of these.

rockpicker said...

More 9/11 truth: naming names

Anonymous said...

"nano-thermite" AKA Limited Hangout, unless they welded the buildings down ;) Gd.

freeacre said...

Here's a good summation of what has happened financially since 9/11. The End Game of the toxic derivatives takeover and world-wide sovereign debt. Also, why the Middle Eastern countries were targeted because they did not allow usury. I'm going to send it to everyone who e-mails me with pro-war messages.

rockpicker said...

Freeacre; That's a good article @ Counterpunch. Goes a little deeper than Palast's initial report.

Here's a quote from David Stockman, confirming elite shenanigans:

"David Stockman: (link)

“There is no honest pricing left at all anywhere in the world because central banks everywhere manipulate and rig the price of all financial assets. We can’t even analyze the economy in the traditional sense anymore because so much of it depends not on market forces, but on the whims of people at the Fed.”

“The Blackberry Panic of September 2008, in which Washington policy makers led by former Goldman Sachs CEO Hank Paulson, panicked as they saw Wall Street stock prices plummet on their mobile devices, had very little to do with the Main Street economy in the United States. The panic and bailouts that followed were really about protecting the bonuses and incomes of very wealthy and politically well-connected managers at banks and other heavily leveraged businesses that were eventually deemed too big to fail. What followed was a massive transfer of wealth from the taxpayers and middle-class savers, in the form of bailouts and zero interest rates on bank deposits imposed by the Fed, to the so-called One Percent.”

“I think the political realities of the situation make the most likely scenario one in which there will be some kind of real financial collapse and disorder that will require a total reconstruction of the system.”

rockpicker said...

> Obamacare
> Details-> Shockers
> A Must Read
> Everybody should read this and pass it on. These are just a few of the things that seniors are going to have to deal with starting in 2014.
> Your hospital Medicare admittance has just changed under Obamacare. You must be admitted by your primary care physician in order for Medicare to pay for it.
> If you are admitted by an emergency room doctor, it's treated as outpatient care where hospital costs aren't covered. This is only the tip of the iceberg for Obamacare.
> Just wait to see what happens in 2014.
> David Kithil of Marble Falls, TX, is a Federal Judge who has read the entire Obamacare document; he highlights the most egregious pages below.
> Page 50/section 152:
> The bill will provide insurance to all non-U.S. residents, even if they are here illegally.
> Pages 58 and 59:
> The government will have real-time access to an individual's bank account
> ...
> and will have the authority to make electronic fund transfers from those accounts.
> Page 65/section 164:
> The plan will be subsidized (by the government) for all union members, union retirees and for community organizations (such as the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now - ACORN).
> Page 203/lines 14-15:
> The tax imposed under this section will not be treated as a tax.
> (How could anybody in their right mind come up with that?)
> Pages 241 and 253:
> Doctors will all be paid the same regardless of specialty, and the government will set all doctors' fees.
> Page 272 section 1145: Cancer hospitals will ration care according to the patient's age. At age 76, when you most need it, you are not eligible for cancer treatment.
> Pages 317 and 321:
> The government will impose a prohibition on hospital expansions; however, communities may petition for an exception.
> Page 425, lines 4-12:
> The government mandates advance-care planning consultations. Those on Social Security will be required to attend an "end-of-life planning" seminar every five years, i.e. "death counseling."
> Page 429, lines 13-25:
> The government will specify which doctors can write an end-of-life order.
> Finally, it's specifically stated that this bill will not apply to members of Congress.
> No wonder they didn't see the need to read it....
> because it doesn't apply to them!
> The American people need to stand against Washington overreach of power right now!!
> This is outrageous!!!
> Honorable David Kithil
> Marble Falls, Texas
> All of the above should give you the ammo you need to oppose Obamacare.
> Please send this information on to all of your e-mail contacts!

Anonymous said...

Songs to go to...
Hello World, Lady Antebellum
Riders of the Storm, DOORS

Anonymous said...

Right, Murph,

I never know what to believe when I'm reading and/or the gobbs upon gobbs of stuff on the internet. Like, I might be reading something about climate change and think to myself, "wow, that makes sense." Then there's another article debunking what I just read an hour ago and its argument made sense too. When a few women were videotaped being peppersprayed in the face by a NYC cop a year or so ago, there was this other video of this incident that was longer and it showed the woman who was to be peppersprayed holding her hand over her head and displaying a "pump the spray button" gesture. Seconds later, the cop sprayed her. So... soo... confusing.

And, I was about to ask those around the fire what they thought about or could decipher what the ACA "Obummercare" will do or not do or...? But then, I thought that maybe it really won't matter 'cause WWIII might be well underweight before all of the ACA stuff cranks-out. Or, the BRICS could dump the dollar which could transform healthcare to look like something from the 1700's where people would take a chicken to the doctor's office to pay for care.

So, maybe I'll cut back on my DOOM readings a bit. Maybe get back into reading novels again, constructinwatching Avatar every day -oh, and brewing some excellent beer, of course.


Anonymous said...

Looks like what rock picker posted could be wrong according to this:

Randy, I could not agree more! I have begun to prune out sites I once thought to be accurate and truthful but am questioning them now.
Haven't been commenting in awhile because of email hacking which took down all my folders and who knows what else. Yeahoo didn't help at all, so I switched email accounts.

Another reason is I'm way to busy with garden harvesting, processing foods, firewood harvesting and family matters. Deaths and memorial servicse. We lost three elders all within three months on my wife's side. Only one left on that side. He is beginning to feel like the lone leaf on the tree.

All this has brought to the forefront for me, how important living life to it's fullest is, and to not get bogged down in the swirl and slop of the clowns and circus in the district of Corruption!!! So my motto is: Adapt, Improvise and Overcome. I've done this more than once before and I believe we can do it again. I have an excellent partner to help with this.


murph said...

Randy and Bexar,

I rather imagine we all would be a bunch better off if we could barter a chicken for health care. Wasn't as far back as the 1700's either. I vaguely remember some neighbours mentioning that they paid the doc with work barter back in the late 40's. Back then a doctors visit to his office, (not him coming to our home) cast around $5. A baby born in hospital in the 50's cost around $500, not the $10 grand or more today. Charles Smith and Karl Denninger have a lot to say on the medical cartel.

And, it sure does help to have a partner to help with adaptation and not fighting with you about it.

Both Freeacre and I have spent some time being really pissed at the contractor that is doing the rebuilding. It should be done before snow flies. We could have substituted speed for money, and guess which we are short of.

I've picked up some good deals in used power tools, am managing to save quite a bunch of hand tools. Hopefully we can begin to insulate the place in a week.

Sears is pulling out of Bend, the nearest city and they advertised a close out sale. What a joke, not a good deal in the whole store, a wasted trip. People were waiting in long lines to pay for stuff at full retail and thinking they were getting a good deal. What a scam.

We finally got some more money out of the insurance co. and are slowly replacing the essential stuff to keep this place operational. Expect I can get back to tanning hides this winter.

The tipi has created some interest in the area, are seeing a few sprout up on the landscape.

It will be nice to get back to some form of normalcy in our lives.

freeacre said...

Thanks, Bexar, for checking the Obama care disinfo with Snopes. Another example of misleading stories. I hate it when I pass on stuff and then my sister-in-law e-mails me and tells me I am wrong.

And, Randy, may I recommend a book? "Rainbow Pie" by Joe Bageant. I think it is one of the most profound books I have ever read. Funny, articulate and insightful from his unique perspective, it is really great. Covers the history of the white underclass that is his personal heritage - the good and the bad aspects of losing the rural sense of "place" and family and community. So good.

My hopes for a thrilling circus experience were dashed. First, there was the billboard protest sign in Bend. Then, we had to walk through a small army of PETA protestors against animal abuse. So, when we got in, there were only two elephants who performed for about 15 minutes, two camels, and a few dogs and ponies. Really lame. No lions, tigers, bears, monkeys, fat or bearded ladies, carnival barkers, games, or anything. I guess PETA killed Ringling Bros. Hope they are satisfied.

I know, I know, I don't condone animal abuse either. But I gotta feeling that the people who work with them treat them golden. Anyway the circus sucked.

rockpicker said...

Bexar; Thanks for including that link to Snopes. I checked it out, and was shocked to see the material I posted, a forwarded piece from a trusted source, was pretty dated and discredited. I'll be sending your Snopes link back to this source for comment.

If anyone knows of a good, impartial analysis of the Obamacare legislation, I appreciate reading it. There's so much rhetoric on both sides...

whitewater fraggle said...

Seeker, I know you are big into water and music. Have you heard this one:

Florence + The Machine - What The Water Gave Me

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for musical push into new territory and artists.
I will return the favor when I get a chance to draw breath with all the new challenges that I am facing.
Take care...

rockpicker said...

Seeker; How much snow you got?

rockpicker said...

If we haven't been wasted by earthquakes, tsunamis or fire by the time this protest is scheduled, I intend to be a part of it somehow.

rockpicker said...


wv= tairusa 136

rockpicker said...

Musical treat. Big Bill Broonzy.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rockpicker,
No snow yet, but tons of rain and frost on the windshield every morning.
Had to move all my plants inside and have not had time to put up shelves due to other projects in the works, so things are a bit tight, but verrry green in the cabin.
Hope things are well with you and yours.
Van is still running, but it is on its last legs, so is a cause for stress as new vehicle is not possible and truck is presently down.
Ah, the vicissitudes of life.

freeacre said...

Just in case the grid goes down:
..from a comment on GLP:

"Ten minutes after NOAA issued its sudden impulse warning the K-index leapt from K=2 to K=5 (Geomagnetic Storm Level) Check out this Realtime Bow-shock model of the magnetosphere:

[link to]

Look at the Boulder Magnetometer reading now:

[link to]

NOAA Alerts and Warnings:

Space Weather Message Code: WATA30
Serial Number: 108
Issue Time: 2013 Oct 01 1330 UTC

WATCH: Geomagnetic Storm Category G2 Predicted
Highest Storm Level Predicted by Day:
Oct 02: G1 (Minor) Oct 03: G2 (Moderate) Oct 04: None (Below G1)
Potential Impacts: Area of impact primarily poleward of 55 degrees Geomagnetic Latitude.
Induced Currents - Power grid fluctuations can occur. High-latitude power systems may experience voltage alarms.
Spacecraft - Satellite orientation irregularities may occur; increased drag on low Earth-orbit satellites is possible.
Radio - HF (high frequency) radio propagation can fade at higher latitudes.
Aurora - Aurora may be seen as low as New York to Wisconsin to Washington state.
[link to]"

Heads Up!
Love to everybody.

freeacre said...

Somehow the first lines got deleted:

A Large and energetic Coronal Mass Ejection left the Sun on Sept. 30th and it seems to have arrived in a BIG WAY ahead of schedule. (It was forecast to arrive tomorrow at 10 am EDT). This means its velocity and, hence, dynamic pressure, is greater than thought.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Fa, that book is on #1 on my list to get at the library -or, if I REALLY have to buy it, I will.
"Deer Hunting with Jesus" was awesome.

Are there any Salvation Army or other thrift stores in the area, Murph? Probably in Bend?
I go every other week or so to the Salvation Army store which is down the street. I find pretty good deals on things and I think my whole work wardrobe comes from there. The trick is finding the clothes without bullet holes.

Gonna get a cold front move through Mormon HQ this week so I'll be picking tomatoes and cucumbers this afternoon. Have already pulled dozens of onions and carrots and still have many more in the ground which should keep over winter -and, the kale is a few inches high and soon a hoop house will be in order.

Government shutdown? Pppsss. Reminds me of a scene in Mel Brooks "History of the World, Part 1" when a couple of Roman soldiers were laying on the ground, totally wasted from breathing in smoke from a monster joint. One says to the other,

"Do you think it'll fall?
The other soldier says, "What?"
"The Roman Empire."
"Aaahh, fuck it."


Anonymous said...

rp tks for the Big Bill Broonzy vid, that's some tricky picking! I got a bit burnt out playing too much bluegrass recently, got a couple of new songs down, but nothing too difficult. "The Joker" - Steve Miller Band, "What's Up" - 4 non Blondes, and Roberta Flacks "Killing me Softly". I got another guitar so I can leave one tuned to double dropped D, the neck was snapped so I got it for nothing, have to make a couple of wedges so I can clamp it up when I glue it, but should be good to go once I've fixed it :) I want to tackle "man of constant sorrow" as Dan Tyminski plays it in dropped D tuning, re-tuning all the time puts me off practicing it.

Zen Gardener has a post up that seems pertinent to the OP. Gd.

Apocalypse Programming and “Knowing” the End of the World

rockpicker said...

Wonder what Snopes will have to say about this?

freeacre said...

Thrift stores? Are you kidding? We only have two stores that sell an assortment of stuff - By-mart and St. Vincent De Paul's. I go to St. Vinny's first for everything. I got a set of cushions for the tipi on line for $99. The next week I got an almost identical set, still in the original packaging for $5! I get glasses, dishes, dog bowls, you name it, there all the time. Tomorrow I am going to the Goodwill in Bend to see if I can get some cafe curtains for my new kitchen windows.
Sounds like you've done a great job growing things this year, Randy. You should send us some pictures and we will post them. Since we have no fence yet, the deer came by and ate what little lettuce, celery, tomatoes, sunflowers and herbs out of the yard. Then one actually ate the Brussels Sprouts out of the greenhouse, too. Jeez.

rockpicker said...

Resistance is fertile.

Anonymous said...

Here's a good example on how the science is distorted by agenda driven players, and repeated ad infinitum Gd

rockpicker said...

Good job, GD. Thank you.

rockpicker said...

A little constituent feedback...

rockpicker said...

Check this website out. These people are brave.

Anonymous said...

rp: sounds great, hope it's not another controlled opposition front org. a la wikileaks (it links to "Democracy Now" which I consider controlled opposition). Not many views considering they claim to be " the nation's leading whistleblower protection and advocacy organization." Their videos are way too long to get what they're about easily, they need a bunch of short punchy videos with potential to go viral, or at least a short one showing what they have achieved. :/ dunno.

Hope everyone is enjoying life :) Don't get too doomed out eh!

I had a great day, it was forecast to rain and I had 20 ton of crushed granite path to lay, sun shone most of the day as the storm cells moved North and South of us, stayed dry all day, gorgeous day, magnificent dramatic storm clouds lit up by the sun behind them, wish I'd had a camera :) almost finished a job that's taken 7 years to complete, I'll soon be able to concentrate on loads of other stuff, get the big greenhouse finished - after it took off in a storm a few yrs back I had to straighten every bit of aluminum one at a time, hundreds of them, hope to get that finished next -

I adopted a young moorhen last week, he had a bad leg (well I say he but I'm not sure LOL) after an encounter with a pike, couldn't walk, but he had a really odd sideways shuffle to get about, he'd been sat quiet about 5ft away next to me for most of the day while I serviced the mowing equipment, so we had a few conversations and got on OK LOL, I took him some mealy worms we have as a treat for the African Runners (they will do anything for mealy worms LOL) and within 10 mins he's eating out of my hand, so I do this every day now (about 5 times LOL) his legs getting a bit better, though he's still got an awful limp - I'll let you know how he gets on :) joyous day :))

Hope you're not working too hard Seeker :) Gd.

I'm about to swap out my old wind up PC for something newer (and cheap) I found on ebay - I could be gone some time LOL

my eyes are getting worse, got finger ache clicking to change the wv tingy to one I could see LOL

rockpicker said...

GD; I agree with you re: Democracy Now. A few years back I had an opportunity to ask Amy when she was going to launch an expose on chemtrails. Her response was, "You get the story, and I'll publish it."
My answer to her was, "Hey, I'm a stone mason. You're the journalist. You get the story!" Since that exchange, I've paid little heed to DN.

Here's a link to Thomas Drake's testimony concerning NSA abusive privacy violations and how whistleblowers have been treated as traitors by this administration.

rockpicker said...

Oy. It's a pleasant evening. I'm glad I still have a few spuds to dig...

wv= oceanswo 40

freeacre said...

Hey, Guys, just a reminder not to buy anything today through the weekend to show solidarity for the truckers/veterans/citizenry protests in DC.
Also,my computer is totally fucked from a virus.Can't use it at all at this point. I think it came from opening an bogus e-mail that said it was from FedX. Tryig to use murph's computer is frustrating because we are set up so differently. Rats. I feel like throwing the whole thing out and getting an Apple...
Should be an interesting weekend. Still no pictures from any country's space programs on ISON's fly-by of Mars and the possible electro-magnetic interaction. Hummm...

Anonymous said...

wondered why hadn't
heard from you guys sis, i got a mac from one of my sons a few years ago and have never had one single thing happen to it.
it was a used one that he out grew also. so has many miles on the sucker
plus if anyone could fuck one up it would be me!

cheers everyone, the storm is coming and it feels like all hell is about to break loose, damn just when i got a new fishing pole..
got the school bus started yesterday and ran it four hours just to get the shit they call gas out of it, checked at the engine and the stuff had turned orange, hippy style orange , day glow orange.
anyone here from the sixties sides the usual?
when the shit hits the propeller might suggest head for montana , lots of room and the few zombies that make it here will be useful target practice, just kiddin, i think, anyway good luck to all that attend this sacred gathering. we will make it because there is something else going on that is kind of secret but easy to see by those that have love in their hearts, langosta says so and if you can't trust a fucking cricket who can you trust,. right ?
in love

freeacre said...

I just re-read all the comments, and have enjoyed the conversation between all of us all over again. Personally, I think it is a way to cope with all the goofy information that may or may not be true (or manifested). MAN, these are weird times. But, entertaining as hell, and so rife with possibilities. Gotta love it while we are hating it.

Nice to hear from you, Montana (and Langusta). Been missing you.
If we do ever head out, Montana will be our destination. By the same token, if Yellowstone looks like it is gonna blow up, the tipi awaits... assuming it doesn't trigger all the volcanoes we are surrounded with.

Jeez. I'm feeling like you, Randy. lol I'm going to have to re-read "Apocalypse Not." Now there's a book by the Archdruid that even gd might like.

Yea! My beloved techie son fixed my computer. The break did give me a window of time during which I painted another duck. That was fun. Also blanched and froze a couple more quarts of yellow and red-rocket carrots. It's frozen every night for about a week now.

I want to see "Gravity." Anyone seen it yet?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, FA -"Gravity" was AWESOME! Went to see it yesterday morning at an IMAX theatre that's down the street. WOW -combine the IMAX with 3D and you feel like you're hundreds of miles above the earth! If it didn't cost so much, I'd go see it again. Hey, looks like you have an IMAX theatre in Bend -I highly recommend seeing it in an IMAX theatre.


freeacre said...

Thanks, Randy. Will do!

Anonymous said...


I didn't see your comment in the last post about BEER and it's contents. Rest assured, I usually only drink organic brew from the local beer makers in the state, namely Squatters, Wasatch and Uinta. The brew I make is Muntons which is from the UK, I believe and I'm hoping it's not loaded with gar-bage` Yeah, I guess I'm probably a beer snob. I shun the likes of Bud, Coors or Millers -I mean, I've given better urine samples...

Anonymous said...

Sorry bout long silence. No internet,water,electricity and Longer driving distances and unreliable vehicle and coming winter have made life more difficult.
Do you have any good advice on problem great Pyrenees/Newfie.
Very territorial in vehicle. Barks aggressively and throws himself against Windows at anything.
Getting worse. Citronella collar. E collar? Am approaching wits end.
Love him. Have had him since pup. Neutered; 4year old male. Advice? Help!
Getting more aggressive around everything.
Know that it has to do with territory change, stress and upheaval.

Anonymous said...

Machine changed heading.

Anonymous said...

Seeker: Sounds like your Newfie has decided he's in charge of the pack.

I thought you were into natural dogmanship? e collar/sprays have no place in natural dogmanship IMO.

I think given you have been stressed, working long hours, and returning knackered, and probably by default of that, displaying some emotional weakness around him, he's decided to elect himself leader, you probably missed the signs and may have encouraged him.

You have to take the crown back.

You probably know all this anyway, so don't think I'm teaching you to suck eggs when I lay a few tips out ;)

Taking back the crown is about showing leadership at all times, carry yourself like a leader, walk tall, keep your chin up, basically any time the dog is asking the question "who is leader in this situation" in his head, you have to answer it with your actions and how you carry yourself, be calm at all times in front of him (even when you're falling to bits emotionally inside) and be consistent.

Alphas eat first: Show him you are in charge of food, use "gesture eating" i.e. when preparing his meal, ignore him, no eye contact. Prepare yourself a snack at the same time, on a dish next to his (biscuit/cracker/fruit you can eat in a short time) stand there eating your snack in full view of him, ignore his performance, when you've finished, put his meal down and walk away (still ignoring him) if he refuses it, or walks away, take it away until the next due meal time (I guarantee he won't walk away more then 3 days on the trot) Never leave food out for him all the time, have a set meal time and use gesture eating, leave plenty of water out though, as soon as the food bowl is empty, take it away, if he walks away part way through, take it away and don;t feed again until the set time next day. con't next post...

Anonymous said...

Dog asks...When the pack reunites after separation who is in charge now? Reuniting after separation: This means any time there is a barrier/door between you and him, even an internal door, retuning to a room he's been alone in for 5 mins is exactly the same as returning from work after he's been alone for hours - Ignore him, for at least 5 mins, wait until he is relaxed (laying down legs out to the side, NOT sat sphinx like) then call him to you for attention, completely ignore him at all times unless he's getting attention ON YOUR TERMS - if he gets too excited, palm him down and ignore him for 5 mins (call it the 5 min rule) Don't talk to him or give eye contact unless you have called him to you, if he walks up nudging you, blank him, turn your nose up and snob him! apply the 5 min rule, then call him to you so attention is on your terms not his. Use "gesture leaving" as you go about your daily tasks, ignore him, close the door behind you and leave him in a room alone, come back in and ignore him, do this as many times as you can during your daily routine.

Alphas lead the pack on a hunt: When you go out on the hunt (walkies) you lead the hunt, get him to calm down before you leave, you go out the door and any gates first every time, no exceptions. If you can't control his excitement, use a lead for a while until you get the crown back, if he gets too excited, cancel the walk until he's calmed down then, try again, be firm and consistent.

Signs of Danger: (someone knocks at the door/out in the vehicle) You take charge, he's expecting fight/flight and will get excited (as you've described) Hold your chin up, walk like a snob, ignore him, no eye contact etc. be firm and calm, use low tones with your voice. If he's uncontrollable in the vehicle, get a vehicle harness to keep you both safe until you crack this behavior issue.

These are my 4 "golden times" these are the most crucial times the dog will be asking who is leader, it is crucial to show him clearly that you are in charge, an anxious dog owner is not a leader in the dogs eyes.

These rules also apply to any other humans entering the home (which is more difficult than training a dog!) I usually get people to put a sign on the door "dog under training please be patient as it may take me longer to get to the door" so you can take charge of the situation, and then have time to explain the ignore/no eye contact rules to the visitors. If the dog can't behave/shows bad manners, lead him and put him in a separate room until he calms down, then try to introduce him (following the rules) if he gets excited, take him out again, repeat this until he can be in the room in a calm state.

See how you get on with this routine for a week or so, and report back, he may well do some stuff you've never seen before to get your attention, it's all part of the leadership game ;) HTH Gd.

Anonymous said...

seeker: thinking more about the situation in the vehicle - he thinks it's his responsibility to protect you from danger, fine, but, he also thinks it's his responsibility to assess the risks, this is not so good!

When he barks/alarms at something (in the car or at home) thank him, fuss him, give him a treat - this draws a line under the situation "I've done my job so I get a reward" if he continues and you can't get control of his anxiety in the vehicle, it might be best to work on the car situation at home once you've applied all the rules above.

Stage a situation at home, get into the vehicle as if you were going somewhere, but don't move. Get a friend or neighbor to walk by a few times so you can repeat the exercise showing him he's done his job if he alarms, and reinforce the technique to teach him how to act in that situation. Consistency is key, so repeating the exercise in a controlled environment can really help.

Same goes for anytime/event you identify as a problem area, set it up so you can repeat it in a controlled way. A common one I come across is when people come to the door (sign of danger) dog goes mental, get a friend or neighbor clued up on your rules, and get them to keep coming to the door one day in a controlled way, gives you plenty of time, without stress, to get the routine perfect and well reinforced in the dogs mind.

I think it'll come good, he doesn't sound too bad, let me know how you get on, I may have some more tips if you're struggling in one particular area. Gd

Anonymous said...

Another tip :)

Don't tolerate any signs of dominance while you apply these techniques:

Keep him off the sofa, you are not equals so he doesn't get to sit in the leaders space.

Personal space invasion: He only get into your personal space on YOUR TERMS - this includes leaning on you, or even leaning on the chair you're sat in (weight dominance) paws resting on you (caretaker dominance) jumping up (height dominance) etc.

When he tries it have a "NO" command, we mimic more of a dog noise and say "A A" (A sounded as in cAt) and send him to his bed - if he doesn't have a "bed" type command, teach him one :)

Timing is crucial when using the "NO" command, it has to be just as he's doing something wrong, i.e. just as he's putting his paw on the couch to jump up, once he's on the couch it's too late, you'd need the "down" or "off" command then ;)

If any of this os confusing let me know I'll waffle some more ;) Gd

Anonymous said...

Whew! Man, "Attack Kitties" are sooo much easier to deal with.

Especially after I've tossed some kitty doobage (catnip) around the house.


Anonymous said...

yeah, but Randy, would it be so easy to deal with them if the attack kitties weighed 150lbs each and wanted to attack anything they didn't understand? wonder if catnip works on Lions LOL Gd.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to mention, since my string accuracy is getting better with all the bluegrass, I'm getting a few riffy songs a go, this weeks guitar tune is Lynyrd Skynyrds Sweet Home Alabama done in the same style as this guy on youtube

I got the riff down in time, but not that tricky intro bit yet LOL he's got a little tutorial on it here...Sweet Home Alabama (Tutorial) Gd.

Anonymous said...

Dang, I'd have to have a field of catnip to subdue the beasties! The other problem would be -keeping the credit card hidden so they don't call out for pizza -with extra anchovies.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your timely kick in the nether regions. Your intervention was timely and the advice that you have given, invaluable in its worth.
My music, water, offerings up to the Mother, and my interaction between my animals and myself has gone by the wayside in the last two months and the cost has been great; both to my animals and my daughter and self.
The goal that I am striving toward, however, has long term benefits ans a bettering of my family's existence.
I have been struggling on many levels and daily difficulties that have been taking their toll, but it is no excuse to deprive and neglect the beings in my life that are dependant upon me for their safety, love, growth and stability.
The beings that I love and make my life worthwhile.
Eli, my Great Pyrenees, is only mirroring the struggle that is present at this time. Thank you for helping me to 're-center myself so that I can remedy the discord that has evolved due to my soul tiredness.
I am blessed in riches that have nothing to do with money or lack thereof and will bend and pick up my load and carry it with better balance, Grace and dignity.
Will keep you up to date on the retreival of the crown.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your timely kick in the nether regions. Your intervention was timely and the advice that you have given, invaluable in its worth.
My music, water, offerings up to the Mother, and my interaction between my animals and myself has gone by the wayside in the last two months and the cost has been great; both to my animals and my daughter and self.
The goal that I am striving toward, however, has long term benefits ans a bettering of my family's existence.
I have been struggling on many levels and daily difficulties that have been taking their toll, but it is no excuse to deprive and neglect the beings in my life that are dependant upon me for their safety, love, growth and stability.
The beings that I love and make my life worthwhile.
Eli, my Great Pyrenees, is only mirroring the struggle that is present at this time. Thank you for helping me to 're-center myself so that I can remedy the discord that has evolved due to my soul tiredness.
I am blessed in riches that have nothing to do with money or lack thereof and will bend and pick up my load and carry it with better balance, Grace and dignity.
Will keep you up to date on the retreival of the crown.

Anonymous said...

Apologies to the clan.
My device is up to its old tricks again.

freeacre said...

Jeez. No wonder our dogs are out of control.

We went to see "Gravity." Quite the visual, with the 3D and all. Don't know if I'd spend $27 on it again. Wish they would have spent more time on personal interactions and dialogue. Haunting, though...

freeacre said...

Here's my favorite rendition of Sweet Home Alabama. lol

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you're right, FA. It would've made you want to REALLY root for the astronauts more if the spent more time developing their characters -and I don't think anyone would've minded the movie was a lot longer to do that, either. It was only 90 minutes long, for-cry'in-out-loud.

And FREAK'IN HILARIOUS rendition of "Sweet Home Alabama"! Love the hair!

Hey, when are we going to get to hear and see GD's rendition?


Anonymous said...

lol FA, check out the winkle pickers on the lead singer...

one of my guitar practice mates was round this week, this guy is full on sheeple, complete with denial outrage. Few months back two of us bombarded him with a reality check for a full afternoon. Talking about the "Hippy Scene" counter-culture being manufactured by the TPTB was way too much for him, he was getting so wound up we had to drop it, him promising to read Judy Woods book (where did the towers go) I'd lend him, and us promising not to mention anything "controversial" until we'd had his take on the book.... So it's been a few months, no word about the book or when it might be coming back. After a while, we're playing lots of early 60's stuff, me and my clued up mate start exchanging knowing looks, sheep mate starts playing a Doors hit, so winking at my clued up mate I say, "Ah Jim Morrison, do you know who his father was?" I ended up telling him a few snippets of the story I could remember, he's not buying it LOL so today I searched for the site I'd read a few yrs back to re-read the story for more details, discovered the writer has made a book out of it, and it's shortly due for publication, there are still a few chapters of the original on his site, I think you guys will love this if you've not read it....

Inside The LC
The Strange but Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Generation, clickable chapters are linked on this page

I can't wait for the book to come out :) Gd

christina melton said...

Thank you for the bounty about The Doors.
They have always,along with nirvana and Jeff Beck benefactor my son's and my go to list of artists.
Will follow your tantalizing opening and investigate further.
Hope young moorhen is thriving.

christina melton said...

This device has done something to my seeker identity. Do not have time to figure it out but am irritated.

Anonymous said...

Read just down to paragraph five of the LC article and that was enough for me. When they state that in March of 1965, the first uniformed solider sat foot on Vietnam soil is WRONG! It began in October 1964! I know, I was there. They were correct in stating that advisors were there much earlier though.

freeacre said...

Boy, there seems to be a lot of activism in the streets in Canada and assorted places showing solidarity. Protests on-going against fracking and seismic testing on traditional First Nation's land. Sister protest in NYC today to also include radiation from there. Need to know more details. Four police cars got torched.

I guess they've decided to step up!

rockpicker said...

Gd; That LC piece is an interesting read. Check this out.

Anonymous said...

Bexar: I wouldn't get hung up on that date quote, it actually says "Also in March of 1965, the first uniformed U.S. soldier will officially set foot on Vietnamese soil (although Special Forces units masquerading as ‘advisers’ and ‘trainers’ had been there for at least four years, and likely much longer)." (my bold)

I googled it, top 3 hits (including wikipedia) all say something along the lines of "On March 8, 1965, 3,500 U.S. Marines landed near Da Nang in South Vietnam; they are the first U.S. troops arrive in Vietnam."

Hey I'm not saying you're wrong, I doubt anyone at the sharp end forgot any details, either you were part of the unofficial early contingent, or they successfully re-wrote history to make it look that way.

Either way, that background detail doesn't really have any effect on the linked story, so I wouldn't let it stop anyone reading further.

Randy: I can't even get pictures onto the web atm let alone sound/video I can't even record, I'll see what I can do with clips taken from my mates annual "community documentary" when he gives it me around xmas time. :)

rp: I had missed the sad Tom Clancy news, I wonder if we'll ever see his last work. Gd.

Anonymous said...

B.... no offense meant mate and sur ain't inta no pissin contest but i'm w/GD... i wouldn't throw the baby out with the bathwater based on a faux pas. i had 2 buds in college, both vets with tours in nam and both were in uniform if recollection serves correct. i 1st met em in fall 63.

GD... thx for the reminder on mcgowan. i'd been followin the story since its inception cept for the last couple yrs. which is the least of it in terms of volume. i suspect the book may not reveal much more than the 20 somethin chapters. i recall waitin months for the next instmt that seemed to never come. its part of why it fell off my radar. and ain't goin inta no details now but other nice surprises been heavily involved in the sidetrackin as well. 'specially in the last 6 mos...

yocum might yawn and say ho hum along with the 6 degrees folx but still, one's gotta wonder bout soooooo many chillin parallels comin together in the same canyon eh? 'specially when somethin that counter-culturish that came from loins lain on the camo sheets of what we now know bout black ops and the whole gig on synthetic psychotropics comin straight otta that horror story. AND, in that exact same timeline! not to mention the production site up on the hill bein home of the military propaganda machine.

and hey, if nothin else, for anyone interested in music and the back stories of the makers of it, LC is a MUST read. lotta whats presented as circumstantial evidence noted there is historically verifiable. as to the back stories being verifiable, hell, even the players wouldn't agreee. ie... when cash did kristofferson's sunday mornin comin down for the first time on his thurs nite show jc sez kris was in the balcony but kris recalls he was in so america at the time.

so much for verifiable back stories from the mouths of the makers of em. but from that nite forward kris rode a rocket. and i tell ya, that back story is worth the read. if ya can find jc's version of it (i've lost the link "somehow, somewhere along the way"...) its likely close with some exception to cash's rep for embellishment. ie, what impressed him most was that kris pulled this stunt off without spillin a drop of beer (kris's version sez his hands were empty cuz it takes both hands and both feet to fly a helicopter). worse, kris sez jc wasn't even there that day.

all that bout the helicopter is subject of several varying versions of what is now fairly well known legend. what's generally left out is the story that leads to the story. all thats from jc's tellin of it which has mostly been verified by june. or so i hear...

if true, PDG point from mcgowan re all those morrison songs gettin writtin in such a short time window..

seeker.... clicked on the name and there ain't jack shit there cept for it. little consolation when ya know ya been hijacked eh?

understand the fire walls keepin ya ata distance. and, yeah, ever since yer arrival i can't help but feel ya here in spirit. but sur do miss yer way with words here round the fire. hope life deals ya some playable cards ya can go all in on. seems ta me ya been payin forward for em fer longa nuf... p

Anonymous said...

Our group landed the Marines in Da Nag on that March date as stated. It seems that most all the reports say the same thing. The group we landed first were marines, in Chu Lai, October 1964, two weeks after the Tonkin Gulf fiasco, to protect Seabees while they built an air strip. This can still be seen from google earth.
Why this is not reported more, I do not know, unless it's because the air base was used by the CIA  for their bombing runs into Laos. It's not that I get hung up on dates, but facts which do make a difference. Just look at the other disasters that have occurred. JFK, 9/11, Osama Bin Laden being killed, RFK and MLK murders. It just goes on and on. And people think this is a god fearing and blessed by god nation? B.S.!!!!

rockpicker said...


freeacre said...

Yes. Fukushima, I'd agree, is the biggest threat yet to the earth and all living things.

Perhaps there is a chance that a cure could come from ET influence, although if that were to happen, it seems like they would have already made an intervention. Here is testimony from a former Canadian cabinet member that discloses info regarding the possibility...

Hard, though, even for me to get my head around.

rockpicker said...

Wendel Berry...what comes after industrialization?

Anonymous said...

P... you've obviously been round the block a few times eh!

Did you catch the spat McGowan had with MCR back in 04?

I just spent most of the day reading over 100k words about it (hey it's still raining over here!) I am convinced now more than ever MCR was a 9/11 gatekeeper, using Peak Oil (which I have had serious doubts over for some time) as a fear meme, and possibly to sell the need for war to the "left".

Yeah I know, these are bold statements on this blog, but hey, I say it as I see it, if anyone is so uncomfortable with my views they would rather not have me around let me know, I appreciate our hosts hospitality here, and don't want to overstep my welcome :)


christina melton said...

Otter says, I personally have always preferred a being with a straight forward, bold,unapologetic, intelligent point of view.
I like people that "walk the walk", so to speak.
How are the dogs, birds, and greenhouses faring your direction?
It sounds like your music is thriving.

rockpicker said...

DHS has taken command of the National Guard?

Police officers are being asked if they will disarm American citizens if ordered to do so?

Both houses of congress are closing shop tomorrow, to fly to Florida, on Air Force planes, to attend a funeral.

Say, what?

rockpicker said...

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, interviewed by Greg Hunter. Says the coming economic collapse will be worse than the great depression because then prices fell as employment fell, but this time inflation will push prices higher as everything else hits the fan.

rockpicker said...

Fukushima Is Here

S said...

I don't think we've made much "progress" either.
I've been told by acquaintances that technology will save us. My thought is that technology got us in this huge mess in the first place. Based on what I see first hand and have read...the point of no return has been crossed ecologically speaking...the train is headed down the track and up ahead the bridge is out...meanwhile the conductors are shoveling on more coal, faster and most of the passengers are eating cake, drinking, singing, and arguing about where they get to sit.

S said...

I don't think you can trust Snopes to be accurate. For instance when you look up "chemtrails" - there are no results found. Snopes won't even touch that one. There are a plenty of others like this. Snopes exists to make money.

Anonymous said...

seeker: my little moorhen friend has now stopped limping, he's often seen joining the duck flock when mother goose is feeding them, and he's sticking up for himself, so I withdrew my contact over the last week, think he'll do fine now.

I've not got far with the greenhouse, too much wet weather and too many other priorities.

Dogs... ironically just as after I gave you some advice, my 5yo springer bitch bit a clients dog, nothing major more of a warning nip, but not good either and something I need to address straight away. She is in season and the other dog has serious anxiety issues, totally my fault for taking my eye off the ball. We have booked her in to be spayed in January and I have devised a training regime for us concentrating on the"leave it" command. check out some other videos on that channel, Dr. Sophia Yin is one of the best behaviorists/trainers I've seen, she has some great resources on her web page too. We're starting with teaching her to leave food treats on command, we'll move on to teaching her to "leave it" when we introduce her to other unfamiliar dogs next week. Gd.

Anonymous said...

s... i'm w/u. tech is a substitute for what we lack as a result of the failed development of human potential. in fact, we. as individuals, have far less power now than we possessed in times of long ago. worse, its a reflection of deep belief systems that prevent true evolution of the human vessel. for instance, we possess the potential to 'fly' to the moon on our own power.

in its stead are these various substitutes such as tech which is headed for and, in fact, standing on the threshold of development of 'intelligence' that will manifest in various forms including human form.

what tech has 'gained' is simply a reflection of what human beings have either lost or failed to develop within its potential. and that is a reflection of the hold anti-life forces currently have over life forces.

purdy fuckin scary place this universe is in its current state of being.. but hey, if we could jes get the rest it to wake up and get rid of fear it'd all be humky dory eh? ...p

rockpicker said...

from Quayle, via alerts page:


Folks there is a reason that the entire western banking system (this includes Japan) is engaging in a full blown currency war. I have repeatedly stated that a currency war is nothing but a race to the bottom in which no one wins. In today’s global economy where hundreds of nations are facing a shrinking GDPs, the money that is out there is fighting for an ever modest piece of the profit pie.

In 2008 directly after the crash, America began on a road of debasing it’s currency. This prompted every other economic power in the world to do the same in order to stay competitive on trade. Many wrote this off as a reaction to an economic debacle that was caused by the popping of the sub-prime bubble. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Do you think that the entire global economy was brought down because of a few bad loans to people who could not afford them? Of course not! The issue is much deeper, we and pretty much the rest of the world following our lead have been in a pure fiat experiment over the last forty years or so.

What I am now going to state is going to shock you, the reason that every one in the west in involved in currency debasement/ currency manipulation is this: THE ENTIRE WESTERN BANKING SYSTEM IS DEFAULTING!!!! Yes you read that correctly, the west can no longer pay the piper and now they are going to debase their currencies in order to walk away form their debt obligations, making it easier for them to pay off their debt

While we brace ourselves over the coming charade that a looming February debt limit will bring yet again. You must understand that the US, the EuroZone, Japan and the UK are NOW defaulting together in stealth. The are all highly active in Quantitative Easing a euphemism for printing money. The Ponzi scheme is at an end and the vast amount of debt from unfunded liabilities and gambling debts (derivatives) simply can NOT be serviced.

Debasing IS DEFAULT via STEALTH and we ARE DEFAULTING NOW. I repeat THE US IS DEFAULTING NOW. The Chinese know this that is why they have been dumping our treasuries over the course of the past few years.

Do you understand that they have made destroying your wealth POLICY?!!! That is correct, I have stated that since 2008 over 400,000 pages of regulations have been passed to ensure that this destruction happens. In other words the collapse and default are written into law. You should read that again…The collapse and default is written into law. So snap out of the dream and enter back into the hard reality.

Folks one thing that history has shown is this, currency wars lead to shooting wars how the default of America will play out in China and the rest of the countries that hold our debt remains to be seen. You must engage NOW in activities that will protect your wealth and make the choices to ensure your financial health in the greatest transition of wealth in human history. America has a date with destiny and I firmly believe that we will NOT miss that date. It is a mathematical certainty. It is NOT a question of “if” it is “WHEN”

*Article in it's entirety can be accessed at*

Oct 28, 2013"

freeacre said...

I went to the doctor today, and was told that they have changed their policy, and now require a picture to put in my chart, "so we can have a face to recognize." I said, "Oh, so then it will be sent to the Dept. of Homeland Security..." She said,"Well, uh, no it's not supposed to go anywhere." She took my picture with a little camera hooked up to the computer. I said,"I don't believe that." She said, "you aren't the only one."

rockpicker said...

Here's an entertaining, and provocative, argument to complement our on-going discussion on the appropriateness of anarchy.

the necessity of government as superstition, I love it!

Anonymous said...

RP... i didn't take the 20 minutes to findf out what i already know but its good to hear someone finally say it. this goes hand in hand w/what i said bout tech... its another substitute for what we have concluded we cannot do for ourselves... p

rockpicker said...

Chris Hedges:

"...Corporations, freed from all laws, government regulations and internal constraints, are stealing as much as they can, as fast as they can, on the way down. The managers of corporations no longer care about the effects of their pillage. Many expect the systems they are looting to fall apart. They are blinded by personal greed and hubris. They believe their obscene wealth can buy them security and protection. They should have spent a little less time studying management in business school and a little more time studying human nature and human history. They are digging their own graves..."

Anonymous said...

ain'[t sayin where i got this but jes wonderin if'n u guys be wonderin same thing i b wonderin... p

Yellowstone's massive mantle plume is getting bigger. This reservoir of super heated viscose rock is at least two and a half times larger than previously thought. A new study disclosed on Oct. 27th at the Geological Society of America annual conference, stated a huge earthquake measuring 9.0 mag. or larger as a result of Yellowstone's massive mantle plume expansion may be a higher risk in the near future, than a eventual volcanic eruption.

Anonymous said...

So what is insecurity? Why are we insecure in our relationship to each other? There is tremendous disturbance, turmoil and agony in the external world, and each one wants his own place, his own security, and wants to escape from this terrible state of insecurity. So, can we together inquire into why we are insecure?—not into what security is because your security may be an illusion. Your security may be in some romantic concept, in some image, tradition, or in a family and name. What does that word 'insecure' mean? In your relationship to your wife or husband, there is not a sense of complete security. There is always this background, this feeling that everything is not quite right. So inquire with me into why human beings are insecure. Is it about not having a job? In a country like this country, which is overpopulated, there are probably ten thousand people for one job. Don’t you know all this, or am I inventing it? If we were not insecure, we would not talk about gods, we would not talk about security. Because we are insecure, we seek the opposite. - Krishnamurti, That Benediction is Where You Are,

Anonymous said...

i say fuck government, fuck all religion, fuck school systems as they exist today and the horses they ride around on.
superstition has a zillion and one faces and the truth has none, no face. that firefly in the jar lighting up the eyes of the young'un on a warm summer night, that appears to have the connection we all seek but have lost in the wreckage of tomorrow.
hope is a denial and brings the dirtbags out to getcha, and they are good at it.!
constraint? fuck that too.

rockpicker said...

Blatant lawlessness, and total middle finger for Bill of Rights guarantee of right to privacy.

This is the enemy, the warden addressing his inmates through razor wire. Best take note.

Anonymous said...

Hope is the space in people's souls that enables them to persevere against insurmountable odds and succeed.
Truth always has a face for those who fight the good fight.
The delight of discovery, thirst for knowledge and love of simple beauties that a child has is precisely why we have to keep striving for opening our beings and regaining power lost through denial, aversion, fear and apathy.
Nothin truly worthwhile comes without cost, but it is the very cost, sacrifice and effort that makes us better beings, mentors and activists for the state of our beings and this beautiful place that we are lucky enough to inhabit.
I believe this to be so to the depths of my being and strive to live my life each day to give out, honor and fight for this priceless gift of life and planet
Let it continue to be so

Anonymous said...

Songs to go to...
The Open Door by Darrel Scott
Day Before Thanksgiving, by Darrel Scott

steve said...

Blogger steve said...

Good Morning campfire friends from the wilds of the S.OR coast.
Looks like the organizing an such is going well after the fire. My heart and prayers are still with you both since it seems winter is starting to show even down here.
On a different tack, I wanted to throw this out and see what you all gathered here think of these thoughts.
While reviewing the "World Debt Clock" site this morning I decided to look at the precious metals site linked from it. Precious metal production for 2013 brings a interesting notion into my thinking. Historically, silver and gold have been linked at a 15-1 ratio regarding their trade value. Yet using the figures from world precious metal production 2013 I discover the production ratio is 8.8-1.
When I look at the trade value today it is radically different at 60-1.
So where is this going?
My pea brain, goaded by 68 years of hard knocks says, either gold will drop in trade value or silver will take a bump up if for no other reason than its scarcity relative to gold based on production levels.
What are others thinking when you see this type of trade value?
Best wishes to all, steve.

Anonymous said...

How bout a halloween story?

On halloween back in 1938, the famous (or infamous) Orson Welles "War of the Worlds" broadcast went out on the radio, (they probably called them a "Wireless" then LOL) here's a 3 part series on the people and connections behind it. Gd.

rockpicker said...

From Quayle's alerts:


Steve - I was going to check my bank account online and was not able to access my information unless I agreed to the NEW online terms and conditions. I am not a lawyer nor do I play one on TV however after reading through the new terms I was left with the impression that the bank is NOT going to be held liable for any loss of data or profits that occurs while or results from banking online. My question that I will be asking the bank before consenting to the agreement, is what happens if there's a Cyber Attack and your account gets emptied? If the Bank is not responsible and Online Banking has become "use your own risk" one has to ask themselves if that risk is worth the perceived convenience?

I'm Especially concerned after reading a few articles about cyber attacks on banks such as this one:

Nov 2, 2013"

Anonymous said...

rp: As if your money is safe in the bank, period. As if online banking makes it somehow less safe... LOL

It's as if you'd given your savings to a scam artist, and then worry he might get robbed... too funny. Gd.

freeacre said...

Nice to hear from you, Steve in S. Oregon. Sounds like you know more about the gold situation than I do. I have read on other sources to expect gold to tank for awhile, but not to sell because once the dollar is no longer the reserve currency, gold and commodities based, gold will dramatically rise. So, that's what I am hoping. Sounds like silver will be rising sooner than gold. I sure don't know though.

Bill Herbst has a new post that looks ahead astrologically to a post conflict/collapse future that is uplifting.

rockpicker said...

Maybe now we'll see public discussion of chemtrails?

rockpicker said...

I checked around to find more details on that chemtrail story. Turns out it's old, stale news, from 2009, and apparently first reported by Sorcha Faal, so it may never have happened to begin with.

rockpicker said...

Is this where we're headed?

Anonymous said...

not to be discouraged these words are for those that are as fucked up as i am...
inspiration is at a long time nada , my friend sent me this and i thought i would just put it on for anyone to add to it...
When you are free of fear there is the strong feeling of being good, of thinking very clearly, of looking at stars, of looking at clouds, of looking at faces with a smile. And when there is no fear, you can go much further. Then you can find out for yourself that for which man has searched generation after generation. In caves in the south of France and in northern Africa there are 25,000-year-old paintings of animals fighting men, of deer, of cattle. They are extraordinary paintings. They show man’s endless search, his battle with life and his search for the extraordinary thing called God. But he never finds that extraordinary thing. You can only come upon it darkly, unknowingly, when there is no fear of any kind. - K

rockpicker said...

Stopping For Pelicans On A Summer Evening

Driving the Road to the Buffalo home,
Oldensoul, over my shoulder, spots
a helix of featherworks bursting
the cloudless blue near where
roads and waters merge. We pull off.
Low over yellow grass, black wings
work the yellow grass for what
it's worth, unaware, or perhaps,
unimpressed, by the grace overhead.

Flashes of winged bodies appear
out of nowhere unencumbered in air.
They flare white, a hundred points
of light, a flock of blossoms,
each banked turn when sun hits right.
Up and up they climb, uninstructed,
free, repeating explosions of ecstasy.
It takes our breath. They bloom,
fade and bloom again, delirious

anarchy on zazen wind.
This whirling is a public mirth, a stirring
of rapture, loosed of earth. And isn't
this coming together of a green day
with affirming moon and the scent
of new-mown hay a way to sing
our love song back to a black-winged world?

Anonymous said...

It is affirming to see posts of philosophical depth and creative,ephemeral written artistry of humanity and search appear here, which lately has been fallow of the beauty and complexity of our species in these Times of change and razor' s edge.

Balance between Eli and myself is being restored. Your advice was solid and with a few personal tweeks, relevant to our individual situation, is evolving steadily and in positive directions.
Thank you.

Have been running around town today getting things prepped for moving my horses to new pasture tomorrow.
It will be an interesting adventure as the daughter of Rio is phobic about loading, due to a negative loading by a man back when she was four months old, but have got some viable alternatives worked out and will approach the situation with confidence and calm. There is also the deep love and trust that has been engendered by time, positive interaction and patience and repetition. Send us good energy.
Hope things are flowing well with family,animals and music.
Regards to Palooka and Sats.
Pure beauty, Rockpicker
Thought provoking, K
Your duck has settled nicely and floats sentinel in front of our bridge Freeacre. Thank you again.
Clean flow and energy to all.

rockpicker said...

How in Hell did the labeling initiative in Wa. fail?

Anonymous said...

Does not the urge of the mind to free itself from its conditioning set going another pattern of resistance and conditioning? Having become aware of the pattern or mold in which you have grown up, you want to be free from it; but will not this desire to be free condition the mind again in a different manner? The old pattern insists that you conform to authority, and now you are developing a new one which maintains that you must not conform; so you have two patterns, one in conflict with the other. As long as there is this inner contradiction, further conditioning takes place.There is the urge that makes for conformity, and the urge to be free. However dissimilar these two urges may seem to be, are they not fundamentally similar? And if they are fundamentally similar, then your pursuit of freedom is vain, for you will only move from one pattern to another, endlessly. There is no noble or better conditioning, and it is this desire that has to be understood.