Tuesday, June 16, 2015


What Do I Know?

I find myself spending an inordinate amount of time on news and financial and conspiracy sites. I have had coffee with George Ure at Urban Survival each morning except Sunday for years. Then I go to Cryptogon, Blacklisted News, What Really Happened? Then, to see what the more mainstream is saying, I look at it from the Republican side and read the Drudge Report. Then, from the ridiculous democrats, I read Huffington Post. Once I've had all I can stand about the latest bimbo and exhibitionist gossip and assorted examples of cultural deterioration, I go for the space news.

What's up with the Sun? Sun flares or filaments going off? Will there be a kill shot that takes out the grid? Is it all going quiet, heralding a new mini-ice age? Is there an on-going pole shift? Is our Sun a binary star? And, is our sister star about to give us grief? Are the changes in energy triggering earthquakes and volcanoes?

How about Fukushima? So many animals, fish, and mollusks dying in vast quantities. Volcanoes going off close to the already teetering buildings with the nuclear cores melting through the ground.

So much to keep track of and to try to figure out. So many different takes on what we loosely term, “reality.”

Then, there are the fringe sites. Steve Quail, Godlike Productions, Before It's News, the Daily Sheeple, Info-wars, Rense. I've become a doom-tard, searching for the doom.

I keep checking in to see if the collapse is at hand.

I keep forgetting that I am already living post-collapse.

Our lifestyle was forged with the thinking of Michael Rupert's “From the Wilderness” blog. That's where most of us met each other. From there to Cyclone's site, which evolved into this one. Rupert called it all long ago. He knew that resources were peaking, that we're fighting resource wars. He knew about the black ops funded by the “War on Drugs.” He blew the whistle on the surveillance state and the neo-cons. He explained the iron grip of the Fed and the financial house of cards. He called the real estate bubble. We took his advise – sold the nice house in Tahoe and moved to the middle of no where to prepare for the End of the World As We Know It.

So, that's what we did fifteen years ago. We live very cheaply. We are not in debt. We grow much of our own food. We have our own water well. We raise our own chickens for eggs and rabbits for meat. The collapse, when it is finally acknowledged, will look like this. I mean, if regular Americans that are business and professional types, still gainfully employed, suddenly began to live like we do, you can goddamn bet they'd sure think that things had collapsed. It would be considered a catastrophe.

Doom, I am beginning to think, will be redundant.

So, why am I still obsessed by it?
I keep thinking that things could get a lot worse. I mean, like Atlantis falling into the sea, the Fall of Civilizations. The Egyptians, the Mayans, The Flood. Shit like that. Extinction Level Events. The Electric Universe Theory with it's DVD, “Symbols of an Ancient Sky” pretty much sums up the incredible series of natural energetic interactions through the eons between our Mother, the Earth and Our Father, the Sun and all the planets in a dynamic solar system. The screams of the past have become like silent echos – felt, if no longer heard.

But, whatever. All this information, and so much of it contradictory. Is it warming or cooling? Did Kerry break his leg or was he shot? Was anyone really killed at Sandy Hook? What about the Boston Bombing? Staged or not? Disclosure on UFO's, secret space program? Jade Helm 15, underground facilities, seed bank... WFT??

The more I read, the less I seem to know. This could very well lead to insanity I think. When you can't tell what is real and what isn't, isn't that insanity?

I am going to turn my attention to things that I know are real. Watering the garden is real. Feeding the rabbits. Collecting the eggs. Making dinner.

But these are not exactly satisfying or making life worth living. I'm going to make a bucket list and begin to do some different real things. I'm getting sick of waiting for the Apocalypse. I'm going to enter the apple pie contest in the Frontier Days celebration next month. I am going to go fishing. I am going to think of more things to actually do rather than read about what the overlords are doing, and thinking that knowing or not knowing is going to make any difference.

These are strange days indeed. My challenge, it seems, is to not allow insanity to prevail.


freeacre said...

In Sweden, the insanity seems to be winning:


Anonymous said...

I hear ya, FA! I practically do the same thing -surfing some of the same sites looking for the DOOM and wondering what to think about it all. I'm wondering what's the truth and what's BS and getting frustrated because there's really nothing I can do about any of it. I wish we could do what you and Murph did, but we still have a foot (or two) in the Murikan way of life: a full time job, mortgage and the bloody bills that go with a house in a city.

Lately though, instead of surfing for more of the DOOM, I'm clicking on Youtube videos of ocean sounds and scenery, rain storm footage or stream footage that run for an hour or more. Watching and especially listening to the sounds tends to help calm my the nerves caused by too much of the DOOM and of course, work -the worst of ALL 4-letter words. Oh, and I made two water fountains in the back yard with two solar water pumps and other stuff - with instructions I got from people on Youtube who made their own water fountains. That little bit of water hitting some stones helps drown out some of the road noise (and FUCKING leaf blowers!) while I'm on my knees weeding the garden. But you're right. Searching for the DOOM, anticipating when the Apocalypse is to arrive while piddle paddling in the garden isn't enough. In the nine years I've lived here in Utah, I've only seen Bryce and Zion for only ONE DAY each and Flaming Gorge for about a day and a half. That ain't right. I think I should start using the ton of leave time I've accrued and start seeing more of the awesome scenery of this area. So, I just made a reservation at a B&B near Moab 'cause I REALLY want to see Arches National Park, Canyonlands and that one scene that I see a lot of -it's a huge canyon where the river, the Colorado, bends around in a huge "U" shape. I think it's called Dead Horse Canyon? Yep... gotta see this stuff. So, I'm thinking that if the Apocalypse can just hold off until after September, that would be good.

Later -


freeacre said...

Those fountains sound great, Randy. And, yeah, we gotta get out more. Good for you on the B&B. I hope you have a really good time. I'd like to go on that train trip that goes through a bunch of Federal Parks. Bryce Canyon and stuff. So cool.

Anonymous said...

Hey FA,

Yeah.... a train ride.... sounds sooooo nice. I think if I was a billionaire, I'd hire the Chinese or the Japanese or.. hell almost ALL civilized countries have high speed rail -to build a fab high speed rail system in the USSA. I don't care to fly.

Here's a couple train trips I just stumbled across.




There are others out there and most originate in Chicago, but I'm thinking that you might be able to pick it up in Flagstaff or wherever.

Jeez, after looking at the train tours, man... I'm getting the travel jitters... Ok, close those sites, Randy... don't get frustrated... breathe...your job doesn't suck.... you can't afford it.... and... and you love it here...

Later -


freeacre said...

Sometimes the Universe just slams you. Weeks ago, I added "The Debaters" to my Netflix list. So, it arrived and we watched it tonight. It is based on the true story of Wiley College, a black college in Texas in 1936. They had a great debate team and became the first black students allowed to challenge Harvard University - and they won. Denzell Washington and Forest Whittaker starred in it, and I assume Whittaker's son (Denzell Whittaker). It was a good movie. It was good to be reminded of the struggle for civil rights and what they were up against in Jim Crow America when union organizing was countered with lynchings and burning crosses.

Well, the timing of the movie's arrival was just as the details of the horrific massacre at the AME church in South Carolina were coming to fore in the news. My super-liberal friend in Michigan was yelling at me that it just goes to prove that nobody should have guns. She said, "Don't tell me that shit about how guns don't kill people. People do."

I beg to differ. Blaming guns is missing the point. The RACISM of that pathetic white trash miscreant killed those nice old black people. I mean, six elderly, church-going ladies and three elderly men, including the pastor? Really?

What a national embarrassment. I just hope that black Americas will be able to contain their justifiable rage and respond with the strength and dignity that those dead deserve.

We need to refuse to fight the race war that some asshats are encouraging. We need to stand together and affirm that black lives do matter. All our lives matter. People matter. They matter more than corporations. More than banks. More than political parties or religions. When people are devalued, slavery ensues for us all.

This is a call for kindness. We have got to do better than this.

Hotspringswizard said...

My wife, daughters and a few other friends will be going up to stay at a timeshare resort just east of St George, Utah, June2nd through June 9th. We chose a place close to Zion so we could do day trips over there each day to hike and explore. I've only been through Zion briefly on a couple of occasions before, so this will give us a chance to see much more of the area. I am really looking forward to the adventure of being there :) Too bad you don't live closer Randy, you could check it out with us :)Tomorrow I am hiking to the spot seen in these two pics:
The views are looking, one upstream, and one downstream, at the same place. When I am at Deep Creek I will lay in some sandy, shady spot after a refreshing dip in the creek, then close my eyes and just listen to the natural sounds, water falling, wind in the vegetation, birds, etc, and it is oh so relaxing :) That kind of time truly recharges my soul :)

Rita said...

I had to declare the apocalypse, finally, has begun. It was a couple of months ago and there were some special little food treats that I had tucked away for that time when the stores are empty and the truck is out of gas permanently or some such time. Those snacks are gone now. They were yummy.

I recently deleted all bookmarked sites that made me feel afraid. I mostly keep the wifi turned off. I read more now. Next I want to learn to play the guitar and speak Spanish.

You can only wait for doom for so long.

freeacre said...

Wow! Where have you been, Rita? So good to hear from you.
"You can only wait for doom so long."
But, we still have to respond to objectionable policies or we become zombies, don't we? Where to draw the line? I don't know.
I have eaten most of my stored treats, too. lol

Hotspringswizard said...


This Year Is Headed for the Hottest on Record, by a Long Shot
Hottest May, hottest five months. It's a scorcher.

" Thirteen of the 14 hottest years are in the 21st century, and 2015 is on track to break the heat record again. It isn't even close "

murph said...


I constantly read contradictory articles on global warming. The only thing I know for sure is what is happening in our area, it sure appears to be getting warmer for longer. Last year was warmer. It appears this year to be warmer also. Last year was the first year since we moved here that we didn't have a freezing night for 3 months during the growing season. So far this year, we haven't had a freezing night for 2 months. Almost no snow pack from the winter either, water could become a problem. Weather report says we are due for 100 degree temps this weekend. Our rabbits don't like it at all.

rockpicker said...

Murph; Same here in southwestern Montana. Low snow pack. Mild winter. Early planting schedule. No frost since mid-May, anyway.

I think the debate is not whether or not the climate is changing, but what factors are involved. I believe Dane is correct in his assertion that weather modification is not helping. Both the HAARP Report, found here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCp7xAgrKhcVKEztY_gjlLVQ and the HAARP Status Network, here: http://www.haarpstatusnetwork.com/ contain valuable data. Any legitimate discussion concerning anthropogenic weather change must include covert aerosol programs and observed electromagnetic anomalies associated with ionospheric heating and the Nexrad system. As well, it's high-time we consider the in-put from space, since it's well-established most all the planets in our solar system are exhibiting some degree (sorry) of warming.

This just in:


murph said...


I assume HSW will disagree but one thing Freeacre and I have observed is the decrease in geoengeneering spraying last year and this year. Not that we never see any spraying, but not near as much as a few years ago. Consequence is increased amount of days with no horizon to horizon cloud cover and increased amount of sunlight, the garden loves it, unfortunately so do the weeds.

I have some strong cynicism of the Fulford take on things. It appears pretty far-fetched to me.

rockpicker said...

Murph; It appears the spraying has been moved off-shore, which would explain why your skies have gotten sunnier. The aerosols act as desiccants, and that helps to explain the drought.

What the hell happened to "owning the weather by 2025?" How come not one governmental or military or industrial voice is calling for drought mitigation?

We know how to make it rain. We at least attempt to change things we don't like. We're Americans. That's how we do things. So, what, we're just going to sit on our thumbs and watch as Calapsifornia dries up and blows away?

It's only happening because the big money wants it so. Period.

As for the Fulford story, probably more hope than change.

Anonymous said...

I read a lot of conflicting stuff on Global Warming/Climate Change also, Murph and it just makes me want to just throw my hands up and "the hell with it." I have two brothers, both with masters in Meteorology from Penn State University and both pretty much avoid the topic or poo-poo any talk of climate change when it comes up. And then you got Rush and the Fox Noise Machine calling it all a hoax, but of course, they're the ultimate "Ministry of Truth." And then there's Al Gore, with his 4 or 5 big-ass homes and you'd think that maybe, if he was serious, he might want to "walk the walk." Last summer was very mild with only a few days over 95 degrees which was different from the summer before which was almost as hot as this summer is turning out to be. So... I donno, man.

The thing about it is this: humans are definitely fucking up the environment- destroying entire ecosystems all over the planet. Is all this causing severe weather anomalies? Probably. But, what's the solution? I doubt if the whole planet's populations will come together in a "kumbiya" moment and stop the destruction. IMO, the only way this madness will stop is if something like 4/5's of the human population were to disappears overnight -and even then, it'll take a couple hundred years for the earth to recover. Are TPTB are planning such an event? Maybe. All I know is that there's not a damn thing I can do about...anything. I can only tend to the garden, be a good hubby and be kind to my fellow man and beasts (i.e."Attack Kitties).

Came across a video:


which will probably bring up memories of Brie.

Later -


murph said...


Yup, brought back memories of Brie. Interesting video, from a dogs point of view.

Hotspringswizard said...

Yes Murph my position remains the same about chemtrails/geoengineering/spraying. It is not occurring. The truth on this particular subject is clearly illustrated and well researched at metabunk.org, and contrailscience.com . Dane calls them dis-info sites, he is wrong. On the other hand, Dane's geoengineeringwatch.org is a site where there is a collection of true info presented in some articles, ones not done by Dane, and many times not even related to geoengineering even though Dane tries to make his own connections, and also a whole bunch of untrue concepts and info on things that do not exist except in the minds of the believers of these things. Dane consistently misconstrues data and concepts, then he goes on to make his own story about what the info means. Here is a recent example of this:


Geoengineeringwatch.org continues to misrepresent (or misunderstand) these charts.

Dane thinks that he is trying to save the world from the most dire threat ever to face humanity, the reality is, what he is fighting against does not exist, mass spraying, completely manipulated weather which he refers to as " scheduled " Haarp affecting the climate, etc. He regularly tries to tie in one fashion or another any dire things occurring in the world back to geoengineering/spaying, seeing connections where in truth there are none.


Regarding the weather and temperature trends for our climate, the vast majority of the world's scientist and climatologist now fully recognize the dire direction things are headed. Powerful special interest related to energy and those wanting business as usual to continue utilize various means in the media to create a sense that there is some equality of debate going on, when actually there is not. So basically speaking, humans in the last few hundred years, especially in the last 150 years have been releasing what were trapped carbon materials back into the atmosphere, building up CO2, which is now warming the oceans and permafrost, which is now causing huge amounts of methane to bubble up out of the oceans from frozen methane hydrates, and up out of the permafrost from decomposition as it thaws, which is snowballing in various now identified ( increasingly so ) positive feedback loops, which could as Guy McPherson suggest increase the average atmospheric temp to a point which would create an extinction event for humanity. It will get so hot that we won't be able to grow the food we eat, because the plants can't survive the heat. Humans will continue BAU while they can, so CO2 and methane will continue to increase, and it appears that we are already well past tipping points for climate which means that the dire climate events even now unfolding, will continue to ramp up dramatically. Humans will not implement any meaningful measures that will mitigate this, they don't have the will, or the means realistically to change the human patterns that created these growing climate problems.


Things that I give credence to I put at my blogsite. The above information I discussed, is not meant by me to foment argument. I was just clarifying my position on these two subjects.

izzy said...

Well, it's hotter than the hinges of hell in Mendocino County right now, and the heat started at least a month or more earlier than usual, after another warm, dry winter. And whatever you call it, the high altitude spraying is frequent and obvious in this area. In addition, our forests are extremely dry, with thousands of acres of standing dead tan oak, courtesy of an intentional eradication plan by the largest timber holder, Mendocino Redwood Company, all ready to burst into flame. I've lived through two forest fire evacuations. It's a harrowing experience. We also have been experiencing massive sickness and die-offs of various categories of marine life all up and down the west coast.

Opinion pieces about the climate are all over the map, but the satellite data and temperature charts are readily available online, and the picture is as unprecedented as it is grim.

Hotspringswizard said...

This week from Greer:


" What makes all the yelling about Laudato Si a source of wry amusement to me is that it’s not actually a radical document at all. It’s a statement of plain common sense. It should have been obvious all along that treating the air as a gaseous sewer was a really dumb idea, and in particular, that dumping billions upon billions of tons of infrared-reflecting gases into the atmosphere would change its capacity for heat retention in unwelcome ways. It should have been just as obvious that all the other ways we maltreat the only habitable planet we’ve got were guaranteed to end just as badly. That this wasn’t obvious—that huge numbers of people find it impossible to realize that you can only wet your bed so many times before you have to sleep in a damp spot—deserves much more attention than it’s received so far. "


Human activities have been " injecting " substances ( burning carbon based fuels ) into the atmosphere, which is now increasingly altering climate/weather, creating more extreme and chaotic conditions, ones not conducive for our built up living arrangements. Things unfolding, the flow of events, as Randy surmises, is not controllable. What has been unleashed in actions by the more recently evolved attributes of the human mind is far to complicated and will increasingly take us down too many dire paths. The natural process of evolution regularly creates/produces organisms that fail at survival eventually and they become extinct.

rockpicker said...

If you want to boil a pot of water, do you blow hot air across the surface of the water, shine a heat lamp down on the surface, or kindle a fire underneath the pot?

Why is it undersea vulcanism is so rarely discussed? Isn't there a submarine volcano under the melting ice shelf in northwestern Antarctica?

And persistent contrails. Exactly what atmospheric conditions are required for these to exist?

freeacre said...

I just watched the video of "Denali" the dog who was dying. The funny thing was that the dog looked just like Jake, one of our current dogs. What a lovely portrayal of their relationship. Powerful.

We had a brief power-outage. I'm thinking it was due to the geo-magnetic storm from the recent solar flares and coronal holes. It's going to be a hundred degrees for the second day in a row. Feels like earthquake weather to me. Micah said he felt a small one early yesterday morning in Bend. They frac a geo-thermal vent up on Mt. Paulina (ten miles away)and it often produces 2.8 or so earthquakes. They're thinking of developing geo-thermal in a big way.

I've read about the heat bubble created by the under-water volcano.

Yes, we have shit inn our own mess-kit. And that is having an effect on the climate. And, even worse, on the acidification of the ocean. But, other things are influences as well. All the planets weather patterns are changing. Our magnetosphere is diminishing. I'm not really sure what that does, but I don't think it is good. Then, there is the "fluf" field that our solar system is supposed to be going through. I would say there is a rocky road ahead at best. And, that's not counting all the fascist and phony polital bullshit. Aarg.

The Tibetans say that sorrow comes from impermanence.

Speaking of impermanence, we just watched "Still Alice." How about impermanence of the mind. Very sad.

stoney13 said...

Insanity? If we are to look at the medical deineition, we would find that most shrinks agree that it is the act of repeating the same action, yet expecting different results. Well, then if that's what it is, the whole human race is insane!

Perfect example of this is the fact next year we flock to the polls to vote for the President, and various other mealy-mouthed fuck-wads to tell us lies, imprison us for smoking the unapproved, and steal are money! As far as The Presiedent goes, look at the meen who have held the office! Every one of them aged years in months, and made a pittance in return for the millions they spent to get the office! You would have to be barking, fucking mad to want this job!

Yet we cannot have some raging nut in Washington with his finger on the nuclear trigger, so basically, the Presidency of The United States becomes the job that the very act of applying for it, is incotorvertable proof, that you are unfit to hold the position! The best we can hope for is to pick the lesser of the lanitcs, and the mad individual chosen doesn't kill us all with whatever it is that the person is tripping on!

I turned 58 years old today! I'm smoking really good weed, and earlier, there were fireworks, gunfire, and motorcycles at my house! (My neighbors love me!)

All in all, I'm going to live until I die! And if that doesn't fit into some nut in Washington's agenda, then I guess I just don't fit!

rockpicker said...

Stoney; You got a red dot on your mailbox?

Hotspringswizard said...

" And persistent contrails. Exactly what atmospheric conditions are required for these to exist? ", basically a temp of -40 and below, then as atmospheric moisture increases, the trails will show up in more abundance and size. The process, planes burn fuel incompletely, laying down a trail of super tiny particles which act as condensation nuclei, just as raindrops form around various forms of condensation nuclei, dust, salt from the ocean spray, smoke particles, etc. Trails show up regularly because the conditions for them to form are quite common. If you refer to a water vapor satellite image you can basically predict when trails when show up in a given area. When the air is very dry, clear skies, you mostly don't see any trails at all because the upper atmosphere where the planes are flying is to dry for them to form. There are myriad atmospheric conditions that are not homogeneous so where the trails form, how the look, and how they will spread out on certain days in to a canopy of diffuse whiteness varies greatly.

stoney13 said...

Nah, Rockpicker, I don't have a red dot on my mailbox! LOL! If one pops up there, I'll paint my mailbox!

rockpicker said...

Stoney; Great idea! Let's all paint our mailboxes red!

HSW; Thanks for the explanation. Couple of websites to check out.



freeacre said...

Hey, Stoney, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It is a pleasure to share the planet with you. :) You remind me that it is important to have fun while we are here. How are the boys and Hazel?

I've got 4 chicks and a baby turkey in a laundry basket on my desk. Very cute. The turkey is about twice as tall as the chickens, but they all snuggle up together and get along nicely.

Oh, yeah, it's not sorrow, but suffering that comes from resisting impermanence.

Why does the government have to screw up everything they touch? Now it looks like all the volunteers that put out the left-over food from the grocery stores will have to have a food handlers permit to distribute the food at the Grange. Assholes.

Got to go and weed the garden. Can hardly believe it's almost July already...

steve said...

Hey FA an Murph, spent a week in ur area an then came home with a new pup from Sweethome on our way home. It appears to be August already judging by the levels in the creeks an rivers we crossed and camped next to in our wander. Back home an the garden is making do this season. Saw a lot of folks living on the road an in their cars, SAD, an the tent city next to the freeway in Eugene may be a strong harbinger of modern times to come, yet just step across the freeway an the strip mall is crazy with lots of folks waving plastic in the checkout lines. Wife an I wandered Cabelas for an hour an both hit the door without anything we needed or wanted, most labels read from china! Am thinking good neighbors, a sense of community an some useful skills an tools to pass on to the young folks are probably the best we can hope and pray for in these coming times. Best to y'all. Steve

stoney13 said...

Thanks! Boys are fine, Hazel went through 2 bouts of something called "C Diff" that was really REALLY a bear to shake! She's doing much better now, though!

Why does the government foul up everything they touch? Because they're the Govenment, that's what they do!

Zoner said...

Doom huh? Yeah, I used to do the same drill, somehow convinced that the next click would lay it all out for me - but no. It just served as a constant source of uneasiness. As it happens, the Universe took care of all my "free time" so I no longer was afforded the luxury of 8 hrs of surfing doom porn. Toil replaced leisure and, well, I felt better.

Now, being out amongst the other humans in my vicinity brought about a new set of concerns; mainly the realization the I was surrounded by a horde of angry narcissists who had so little regard for anything outside their small world they put the rest of us in danger. The perfect example for me daily is the endless parade of humans absolutely hypnotized by those freaking iDevices, even to the point where driving a car is a secondary act to their unshakeable gazing upon whatever it is that is found there. An informal survey (done by looking down from my perch in the big truck into the cars I pass) tells me about 6/10 drivers are either actively texting while hurtling down the road at 65mph+, or they at least have that device firmly in their grasp should such a "need" arise.

I hate everything about the urban experience. My kids are nearly done with school, and as soon as the younger one is ready to move out the wife and I are heading for the hills.

It may seem a cop-out, but for me, ignorance is bliss. Even if I could know exactly what is going on "out there", I feel there is little I can do to affect the outcomes, so that leaves working on the personal interface I have with the world and things beyond. If I can be a better person, then my world improves in spite of what others do. And I sure don't want to join THAT herd.


Anonymous said...

Happy B-Day, Stoney. Hope you had a goooood time.

So, I was riding my bike on the Jordon Parkway last weekend (it's a really nice paved walking, running and biking path that follows the Jordon River for a good many miles in the Salt Lake valley) and there's this girl...riding her bike, coming towards me...texting -TEXTING! on her fucking iZombie!!! This is getting totally ridiculous, man. 6 our of 10, Z? Maybe 7 or 8 out of 10 are staring down instead of on the road. Used to ride a scooter into work, which was a lot of fun, but I sold it a few years ago because it just seemed like EVERYONE was texting while driving and I didn't want to be someone's hood ornament.

Ain't no cop-out, Z. Ain't nothing you can do except maybe try to escape "Narcissist Nation." I'd do it if I didn't need the full-time job and the Wifeepoo wasn't so entrenched in her work and art. I think the "Attack Kitties" would love getting out of the city and would show me how much by bringing in MORE mice and grasshoppers into the house.

Later -


Anonymous said...

Randy, the family and I arrived here in Las Vegas last night. There was an awesome lightning show and heavy rain looking out our 20th story window here at the New York, New York casino at 3AM this morning. Today we are driving up to where we will be staying for a week, just about 20 miles east of St George. We are looking forward to exploring Zion. Wish you were closer then we could maybe get in a visit :) HSW

Anonymous said...

Hey HSW,
Yeah, it'd be good to see you and yours again and we could probably get down there since I have ONE day off for the July 4th holiday, but we're going to Ely, Nevada over the weekend. Wifeepoo is from there and the town is celebrating this "All Class Reunion" thingee, so... I'll be meeting, shaking hands and trying to come up with witty things to say when she introduces me to some of her high school pals. But, it'll be good to get out of the 100+ degree heat and unhealthy air for a few days -Salt Lake City has been under RED AIR ALERT for the past 10 days or more and it's supposed to continue for another week. They're advising people to stay indoors during most of the day. Jeez, what a mess this place is.

But, if you're going to Zion, Bryce Canyon is not that far away and it's really awesome. I highly recommend it. And, while Zion will probably be pretty hot, Bryce should be cooler since it's about 7,000 + feet up. Are you camping? If not, there are few places to stay but "Ruby's Resort" is actually IN Bryce and it has a restaurant, store, gas and other stuff. Hope you have a blast!

BUT! - More iZombie shananakins!

Ok. This actually happened yesterday and I couldn't believe it! While driving home from work yesterday evening, I see this dude on his Ninja motorcycle coming towards me on the other side of the road and as he's getting closer, I notice that he's got one hand on the throttle and his other hand is holding a cell phone to his ear and it looks like he's actually SCREAMING on his cell phone while going 'bout 45 mph! So I had this MAJOR palm to forehead moment with "We are so totally DOOMED" running through my head.

Since it's that time of year, I put "Independence Day" in the DVD player and watched it a bit 'cause it's a messed-up flick -and I got to thinking... maybe what this world needs is a hostile alien horde to come down here and kick some homosapien ass. I think I'd rather be fucked over by an alien race than my own. Reminds me of what Ripley said in "Aliens," "...I don't know which species is worse. You don't see them fucking each other over for a goddamn percentage."

Later -


Hotspringswizard said...

Thanks Randy, the person we checked in with here at the timeshare resort also recommended Bryce saying it would be cooler hiking up there. No tent camping this time, our digs are a 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom townhouse with a garage, a great patio in the back with a view of the Zion mountains off in the distance :)It is located in the community of Washington, about a mile from HWY 15 and just off of HWY 9 leading over to Zion :)

Speaking of totally doomed, with Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush, Chris Kristy, and Donald Trump running for Pres along with the other goon canditates, its surely a sign of the end times for sure ;)And of course for the 4th holiday they are pushing the " be afraid, be very afraid of Isis nonsense ".

Time to get out and do some hiking/exploring :)

Hotspringswizard said...

And on the subject of " end times ", Greer's latest,


As I type these words, it looks as though the wheels are coming off the global economy.....

freeacre said...

Hope everybody had a good 4th. No false flags, at least. Watched "Independence Day." heh. Feeling edgy. 4.3 earthquake in Eugene, which is unusual. Had a nice meal with my son. But, my good friend and neighbor told me today that her cancer has spread to her bones and they gave her 3-5 months to live. They are killing us off.

rockpicker said...

They're doing it with fly ash from coal-fired generators.


Hotspringswizard said...



Some other thoughts about Herndon


So beautiful hiking Zion's River Walk Trail today, the scenery was amazing, gorgeous, majestic :)

rockpicker said...

Everything is manipulated, from the price of gold to the weather. Signs of it everywhere you turn. David Keith openly talks about spraying aluminum aerosols to manage solar radiation, boasting that the cost of the raw material is so negligible as to be outside the equation.

Kissinger, Ted Turner, Bill Gates, Paul Erlich and the rest of their ilk all talk of depopulation as if it's the greatest idea since sliced bread.

We have satellite imagery of thousands of square miles of sky over the eastern Pacific Ocean furrowed like a plowed field with "persistent contrails." Tell me that's normal commercial air traffic.

We have convincing evidence of those same maritime chemtrails being used in conjunction with ionospheric heating to destabilize low pressure systems and manufacture drought conditions on the west coast.

I don't know what more you want. Far as I'm concerned, the burden of proof is on the metabunkers to prove we're not being sprayed and our climate is not being purposefully manipulated to achieve goals already clearly stated by elite talking heads.

Hotspringswizard said...

You and I RP have different opinions on the chemtrail issue, we know that :) The people at metabunk do accept postings from those with opposing views to theirs, and as long as the postings remain relevant and civil they do continue to try and help folks with their inquiries, questions or challenges to the concepts they discuss. On the other hand my brothers website geoengineeringwatch.orb deletes all postings who challenge his position on things. That says a whole lot to me about just who is confident of their information and ideas. I think its best for me to leave it at that, and move on to other issues here.

rockpicker said...


murph said...


Thanks for that link. Haven't seen a list like that before. While it doesn't prove the use of a patent, it does reinforce the idea of potential use of such.


What evidence are you using for the assertion that your brother is deleting challenges to his web site? Is it universal or selective?

Hotspringswizard said...

Metabunk has already debunked that list of patents, and you can refer to their info on it to understand why this seemingly impressive list of patents shows itself to offer no proof for ongoing geoengineering programs. If you can't find the info for it just ask at Metabunk and they will find the link for you. You will notice this long list of patents is produced, but there is no detailed discussion of just what each patent is about or for. Also there is no proof offered up which shows/proves that any of these patents is being actively used in some type of active geonengineering program. You will see from the info how the vast majority of these patents have nothing to do with " proposed " geoengineering schemes. Misconstruing information and then making up stories based on this erroneous info happens very regularly at geoengineeringwatch.org

I have kept current for a long time with the various article/missives posted at geoengineeringwatch. Look through the comments, and go back in older material, you will not find dissenting commentary. Dissenting comments when posted used to show up briefly, but then the comment was scrubbed once Dane saw it, but you could see the time stamp in the comment list of when the comment was made, there was just no comment there anymore. Now that looks odd in a comment list to have in some cases quite a few visibly scrubbed comments, so for some time now Dane has the comments held in moderation, so they can be scrubbed and never will appear at all. Here is just one of the most recent examples of this.


Jay took a screen shot of the comment he posted. Read what Jay wrote. Jay can see his comment in the screen shot proving he posted it, but nobody else but Dane will see it because of the moderation. There have been many cases of this from Metabunk contributors trying to post at geoengineeringwatch . Of course there are people who disagree with things presented at Dane's site, but Dane will not allow any of their comments to be posted. Dane just can't face the truth of how wrong he has been on this his geoengineering destroying the world ideas. There will always be some folks that will think what he presents has merit, but they are pining away about so many various concepts that are not even real. Like for example Dane's thinking that the UV level is like 15 ( maybe its 10, I can't remember just now )times above normal, its just utterly ridiculous, and so it goes with so many other of his ideas/concepts.

Try posting a dissenting comment at Dane's site anonymously and see what happens. If you go to Metabunk with your questions ( I check out their site regularly too ) they will discuss the details of the subject you are inquiring about with you, or if its been researched/debunked already they do also refer people to the links to older postings. As long as you remain civil and on topic as it relates to a given subject in a thread, you can continue to post there. If someone just goes round and round in circles they will stop this since it becomes pointless to do that.

Its too bad Dane is wasting so much of his life on fighting against something that does not exist.

rockpicker said...


This paper was presented in 1996. What do you suppose the weather manipulators have learned in the nineteen years since its production?

In the table of contents, please find the chapter on Artificial Weather, and read what it says about nanotechnology.

Anonymous said...

Hey Murph and FA,

Been scanning a few articles that talked about unusual numbers of marine life -whales, seals, dolphins, etc., washing up on the beaches of CA and sea stars turning into mush in the waters off the coast of WA and BC, and I was wondering if you've heard of any of the above on the Oregon coast? Of course, the investigating biologist have NO idea what's causing the death of so many of these animals.

Oh the garden front, I picked our first tomato yesterday and it was total yummeeness! Cannot WAIT for the rest of the goodies to ripen! All of the melons died except for this one watermelon that I planted as an afterthought, and it's doing great, so, now I know what to plant next year.


rockpicker said...

Randy; We have a pepper bed with over forty plants in it. Everything from Thais and Asian hots to sweet bell peppers. I stretched weed barrier over the bed after prepping the soil, and built a metal superstructure over the whole bed to hold up remay and plastic sheeting. Cut holes in the weed barrier and put plants in about eight or nine inches apart both directions. Then I mulched it with 4" thick stone, fitting the stones closely around plants. Now I have no weeds, mass heat storage, an easily constructed tent on cool nights and Portuguese hot peppers already 7 inches long. They look very happy.

And, we have chemtrails today.

Anonymous said...

Dang RP -you got a nice set-up! I thought about laying down a barrier, but the garden is kinda small AND -half of it is onions, carrots and garlic. Also, I kinda like getting down into the dirt to pull weeds. Do you worry about the stones heating things up TOO much?

Well, when they stopped-up the stock market last week, I thought we were in for the DOOM, but, it looks like they've kicked the can a bit further down the road. Wonder when they won't be able to kick it anymore.


rockpicker said...

Vegetation has completely the rocks on the bed, but a long slope on the west side of the bed picks up late afternoon sun. Nights are on the cool side, so I'm covering with remay. I have plenty of weeds in all the other beds, never run out of work.

Quayle sells gold and silver and he's telling people that if they're only looking to buy $500 worth or less, don't bother. Buy food. Sister-in-law manages an art gallery in Missoula. Had a big sales day Friday. I expect the wealthy are attempting to get out of all types of paper and into solid goods. Metals, gems, art, real things. If there's no gas, I'd rather have a wheelbarrow than a Bobcat.

Check out Elul 29 and Jonathan Cahn. Shemitah ends in September. Jade Helm ends in September. Some say JH 15 is training for Ukraine insurgency.

There is war among the psychos. Magnus, magnus war...

rockpicker said...

Chris Hedges


rockpicker said...


Chemtrails aren't real, just persistent contrails.

FEMA camps? Whaddya been smokin'?

Cell phones and email down selectively all across the country, the day Jade Helm begins? Coincidence. Go back to sleep...

Waiting For The Signal

These pages that bring us together
are the fire in the cave above the stream,
no dream we move in and out of, faceless,
expendable, waiting for a burst of wings
to spill our pooled bones like coins
over the chilled and silent ground
we fell in love with so long ago,
singing the green hills homeward
under that shovel-shouldered sun.

Fatigue works grim the stone of souls.
No talk is needed to believe the bleeding
will be ours all too soon. Needled dust,
that settled itself in naive lungs, cut
with each rasp, yet the bleeding
wasn't stemmed. Quick, black tongues
flicked from windows, floors below dustified
slabs, while the Street slumped with peanuts
and a beer, cheering each new diversion.

In our rush of voices a stream curses
the murmur of pines. In our names,
what we begged for never to be done,
is done with no shame. And the day
drags its blindered self to toil. Night trades
whiskey pete for oil, while down slope,
death-drummer birds with blazing eyes
ascend the holy crags to kill dissent
before we waking innocent arise.

rockpicker said...

"...How in the Hell can a person
go to work in the mornin',
come home in the evening
and have nothin' to say?..."

Hotspringswizard said...

You see here just posted how Dane invents his own story/truth, then actively deletes any opposing/contrary info/viewpoints regarding his erroneous notion. Read the comments in this most recent metabunk entry. This happens regularly at geoengineeringwatch.org


" Dane Wigington has posted the following video on his Geoengineering Watch site, claiming it to be undeniable evidence of "particulate spraying "

Dane calls it " undeniable ", and yet his notion is completely false. He now operates in his mental world of many false ideas, woven into various unreal narratives of what he thinks is going on.


rockpicker said...


Geoengineering, with Dane Wigington, et al...

freeacre said...

Well, Hot Springs, you know your brother better than I do, that's for sure. But, the trails that have been above our house for years are undeniable. When they are there, there are no cumulus clouds. Lately, they've been in spiral swirls that spread out and last most of the day. Just sayin'...

Can you guys believe the Trump thing?? Personally, I am sorta loving it. He may be an egomaniacle maniac, but he is getting the message across that the government is fucked up, people don't trust the lamestream media, taking the guns away from the military at the recruitment centers is nuts, the VA is negligent, and on and on. He's too war-mongerish for my taste. But, he is a rather refreshing change from the totally controlled, phony, politically correct bullshit. Break out the popcorn...

I'd like to see a coalition between Bernie Sanders and Rand Paul. That would be cool. And Hillary is tanking. Ha!

Hotspringswizard said...

Freeacre, the information from the people at metabunk do not claim that there are no plane trails. They never have tried to say that they don't exist. These trails occur anywhere where there is plane traffic in the world, and they are very common since the conditions for their occurrence are common too. The trails will take on different patterns and shapes in accordance with the weather conditions, upper level winds, various atmospheric moisture levels, etc. Some days are very conducive for their formation, so they are longer lasting, much bigger and spread out across the sky. There are plenty of postings at metabunk and contrail science on this particular subject, and on pretty much any other aspect of the trails too, its extensive information and very detailed.

Meanwhile, gas prices are up, while high cost oil projects around the world, fracking, deep water, tar sands, etc are shutting down because of the low oil prices. That's going to be a huge problem soon affecting all the big economies. I have been keeping up with Guy McPherson's info about increasing evidence of various combining feed back loops bringing its consequent grave climate disruptions. Will it add up to a human extinction event by 2030, I don't know but will see. It appears that there will be some major worldwide financial shock pretty soon, this year, maybe next year. At least we don't have to deal with the mass migrations from conflict zones now affected Europe and causing much social angst in the affected countries, all thanks to the US and European powers destroying countries with their fake contrived " wars " for power and resources. But then, I know you guys are fully aware of the long list of crap coming our way.

Popcorn is one of my regular treats, I air pop it and then put a couple of tablespoons of Olive Oil on it instead of butter, very tasty :)

Hotspringswizard 111 said...

Here is an article about the repercussions of the low oil prices:


murph said...


Notice the slant in that article on growth of GDP and wages. Seems like the concept of; if you ain't growing, your dying is popular. I hear it all the time. The article skirts the monetizing of everything. I think the problem is much more than oil prices.

Hotspringswizard said...

Yes Murph there are many coalescing problems. The loss of cheap, abundant oil is a huge factor that is even now collapsing what was considered " progress ", endless growth. There are no energy supplies, or combination of various remaining sources that will replace and be able to achieve what concentrated high quality oil did. We would have even bigger problems if there was. Oil was always the beating heart of worldwide growth. But humans will continue to burn what they can trying to keep things going, which means the climate disruptions will continue to get progressively worse, which further down the road may turn out to be the gravest problem of them all.