Tuesday, November 17, 2015


By freeacre

In the last week or so, Caitlin Jenner (formerly Bruce Jenner) was awarded a prize from Glamor Magazine for having the courage to come out as a woman. This from a magazine with a long history of advising women and catering to their tastes, supposedly. There is a problem regarding this to me: Caitlin Jenner is not a woman. “She” even has a penis! Even if she had her masculine genitalia removed, she would still be a surgically altered man.  I mean, that is fine with me. I could care less what he/she does. But, it becomes my problem if I have to enter a bathroom and sit next to some man taking a crap. Or, maybe he is jacking off whilst listening to women in the neighboring booths. Or, if teen-aged girls struggling with their periods have to change their tampons next to some boy who says he feels like a girl. WHAT??

All these years having our privacy destroyed by secret holes in the walls or ceilings of public bathrooms... we know there is a problem. So now these perverts are going to be able to share our bathrooms and we have no protection? I don't think so. Unacceptable. Anyplace that allows gender-neutral bathrooms will be boycotted by me. Or, I'll begin to bring my two million volt taser with me everywhere.

What is going on? Is this some sort of accommodation to the gender-bending additives that contaminate our food and plastics? Is this a conspiracy to destroy the traditional concepts of  masculinity and femininity?

I'm all for freedom to open up career opportunities for women  who want to be something other than secretaries, nurses or elementary school teachers. Do they even have secretaries anymore? But, we are more than our jobs.  I watched a moving video of The Rock (Duane Johnson) talking about his experience as the father of a newborn baby daughter. (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/dwaynejohnsonsdaughter_5644b7e1e4b060377347ebe1). It was very heart-warming to me and a prime example of a healthy and valuable masculine response to fatherhood. He was overwhelmed with a sense of wanting to protect his daughter, and, I'm assuming, his wife.

Mothers have a natural response that is even more evident. When my newborn cried, my breasts would automatically respond with milk that could shoot out a couple of feet! A healthy feminine response to feed and nurture our children has been a staple of our evolutionary heritage since the beginning of time. A strong, protective man and a warm and nurturing woman are complimentary to each other, and provide the basis of the health of our species. Always has been.

But, now what?

Don't get me wrong. I am not anti-gay. Nature has always included gay people. Maybe 3-10% of the population. Personally, I believe that there is a special place for them that is valuable as well. If our culture wasn't so negative, perhaps homosexuals would be recognized has having special qualities of healing, communicating, art, or spiritual access that would be beneficial. Unless we give up the prejudice against them, we'll never know what we are missing.

But, that is not to say that we are all the same. We are not. Nature has carefully crafted the humans that we have. Now, I fear, we are screwing things all up.
The same goes for Muslims.

I had a girlfriend who fell in love with a Sufi Muslim and converted to marry him. They are the sweetest couple. Of course, Sufis are the metaphysical Muslims of the whirling dervish fame. Loving, peaceful and sweet people. Naturally, the Sunnis as well as the Shiites hate them. Once these sects start hating, they do not seem to get over it. They hate each other through generations, and it's still going strong. The only thing they seem to hate more than each other is us – non Muslims.

I have to admit that I am torn regarding the Islam immigrant (refugee?) situation.  I want to sympathize with the civilians fleeing for their lives in war-torn areas of the Middle East. Who can blame them?

On the other hand, this huge hoard is invading Europe (and, next, the U.S.) with little chance of assimilation. The vast majority are young single men of military age. They are prime breeders as well. Their reproductive capabilities alone will ensure the demise of the  historical European cultures within a couple of generations. These guys are not going to become the new Swedes, Germans, French or Italians.

I am not anti-immigrant, either. All of my grandparents were immigrants. Some from Sweden, some from Italy – all pleased to become Americans and help enrich and fight for their adopted country.  But, these European and Scandinavian immigrants had quite a lot in common. They were all from a Judeao-Christian background. They were mostly peasant stock – farmers and small shop owners.  They understood each other.

The ones they did not understand were the people of the First Nations – the Native Americans.  Rather than move to the American continent and assimilate into the greater culture of the 500 nations that were originally here, they ruthlessly wiped them out, and took over their lands.  The cultures were too different. The Christians considered the First People sub-human and destined to hell unless converted to Christianity. Farmers verses hunter-gatherers. Within no time, the indigenous people were wiped out due to disease, war, and reservations that stripped them of their languages and culture.

If several hundreds of thousands of Muslims are introduced into this country now, I expect that we will be experiencing much the same fate as the Native Americans.

Where are the masculine men who will protect their wives and daughters from the marauding sexual supremacists who don't allow their women to read or drive or be seen in public without a male relative escort? Who is standing up against the rape, genital mutilation,  incest and pedophilia perpetrated by these invaders? Who protects the sons from having their hands or feet cut off or being crucified for minor infractions of the rules, as is done in Saudi Arabia? http://www.huffingtonpost.com/michael-sainato/saudi-arabia-crucifixion_b_8455868.html

Something tells me it ain't going to be Caitlyn Jenner.


rockpicker said...


It's the name of the game. Those running the game will use every means at their disposal to promote utter chaos, worldwide, so that, at some point, they, through their proxies, can step in and offer their special brand of tyranny as "a peaceful solution."

Whacko conspiracy paranoia?

Albert Pike's letter to Mazzinni reads like a playbook for what's happening.

"They" fully intend to undermine every solid institution we in the West have cherished culturally for centuries, including the basic tenets of Christianity and the sanctity of the family unit. All of our societal moorings will be unraveled and the masses set spiritually adrift.

Once this is accomplished, the order of one-world governance and one-world religion, based on selfishness and materialism, will look pretty good to the relatively small numbers of "useless eaters" who have survived the "troubles."

Who are "they?" You know. Their proxies run the systems we desire, more than anything, to remain up and functioning, not matter how faulty, because any semblance of order is preferable to the alternative.

But, resistance IS fertile.

Up is not down.

Black is not white.

And right is not wrong.

rockpicker said...

Depopulation is part of the chaos.


If anyone thinks this is not going on, I'm sure we'd all be interested in another explanation.

rockpicker said...

A link to another article putting the Paris attacks in perspective.


rockpicker said...


Hey, maybe it's not so bad. Tastes great, and my Intrexon stock went up over 7% on the news.

freeacre said...

Uh oh... a Russian plane shot down by Turkey and the pilots shot by "moderate" rebels while coming down in parachutes. Not good at all.

I am fearing that these disgusting neo-cons are really going to provoke a war with Russia. Duck and cover. These ain't a bunch of guys running around in flip-flops. I can't even imagine the reaction of Americans if a few of our cities got attacked by ICBM's.

Big emergency last night with our dog, Jake. Somehow, he came into the house bleeding like a stuck pig from a large laceration of his ear. Like, two inches right through it. Couldn't get a bandage to stick. Dog hospital closed. Too late to drive to Bend. Jeez. Took many attempts, major blood all over the house to finally wrap a huge ACE bandage around his head to secure the ear and stop the bleeding. Had to take him to the dog hospital this morning for stitches. He is there now.

This is going to run close to $400 to get him fixed up. Veterinarians are getting just as bad as doctors. $50 for an anesthetic shot? Fees for every step. God Almighty.

Snowing outside.

rockpicker said...

From Steve Quayle's Alerts page:

Ezekiels hook/ another false flag?:Imagine the impact of a collapse or major/multiple terror attacks just before Christmas. And a Russian retaliation for the shoot down.

Wow a 10 year old Turkish F-16 Falcon (a multi-role aircraft) just shot down a newer Soviet SU-24 Fencer (a ground attack/bomber). Or is that just the cover story?

We did send an American squadron of new F-15C's (dog fighters) to Turkey and Lebanon area. They were specifically developed to shoot down the new Soviet aircraft.

Did we do this? Were we flying escorts with the Turks as Iran has been flying with Russia escorts in Syria? Did the Soviets send two ground attack aircraft into Turkey's airspace without escorts? Humm???? Did the Soviets do that on purpose, to test the west's will and lost the bet? Did he go too far?

Clearly we have not been told the whole story or anything close to the truth.

The fist encounter with NATO and Soviet aircraft since the 1950's and the Soviet's lost a jet, as well as a helicopter. Putin must be furious. Again we just tried to provoke the Bear to war, is this Ezekiel's hook? Any chance for a political deal to get rid of Assad of Syria involving the Russians just went down in flames with that SU-24. The clue to all of this, is Obama essentially said today to Putin, I told you so and we stand behind Turkey. Either bend to western (bankers) will or it's war.

Now our campuses are turning into a battle grounds for race wars & social justice. (This has Bill Ayers/Obama written all over it).

The banks are conducting massive drills preparing for a collapse or a major cyber emergency.

Imagine the impact of a collapse or major/multiple terror attacks just before Christmas. And a Russian retaliation for the shoot down.

Nov 24, 20

freeacre said...

How about an EMP burst that takes out much of our electrical grid...

I can't understand why in the world they want us to give up cash money and use Paypal, credit cards, etc. instead - all vulnerable to hacking and useless if the grid goes down.

rockpicker said...

They're getting ready to install negative interest rates, and, they have more control over the money supply by outlawing cash. Is how 'they' move us kicking and screaming into the electronic age of chips and glitches. Much easier to conduct 'wealth transfer'.

freeacre said...

Well, it's Thanksgiving. I really like Thanksgiving because I like the process of making the meal and I really like gratitude. I think it is a wonderful and healing feeling. People coming together and putting together a fine feast is something all cultures have done since time immemorial.

Of course, it's not to celebrate the phony story about the Pilgrims and the Indians, cooperating with each other, and all that. I can't do anything about what happened. But, for me, it has morphed into a holiday to take time to be grateful. I'm grateful to live on this Earth - so beautiful. I'm grateful I walk upright and have opposable thumbs. I'm grateful for so many good friends over the years. I'm grateful for our Campfire and the camaraderie we have enjoyed over the years. It's been a rather tough year. I'm glad that it is almost over.

So, for me, it is time to suspend the gloom if possible, and have some fun, watch the dog show and some football, and hope that nothing blows up. I'm curious as to what the heritage bird is going to be like.

I extend my very best thoughts to all of you on this day, in gratitude.

rockpicker said...

Among many other things I'm grateful for, I'm grateful I don't have to wear one of these...yet.


We put up with this?

murph said...

A link to the Iron Mountain papers if you haven't read them yet. Very interesting.


rockpicker said...

Fuck the British! They're not going to Syria to bomb ISIS. They're going to try to save ISIS! And what do you suppose will be the outcome of the inevitable "accidental" attack on Russian forces?


Hotspringswizard said...

WTF!! They just let the media rummage around at the apartment where the two " supposed " terrorist lived, just a couple of days after what they have now labeled a " terrorist attack "? Just more smoke and mirrors in the United States of illusions. Be afraid, very afraid, they are here amongst us now!

rockpicker said...

How's about we holster the fear and chamber a round of resolve?

rockpicker said...

Here are two reports worth listening to, in my opinion. They were actually broadcast as one show on the Rense radio network, but were broken up into separate audio files on YouTube.



Murph, thanks for posting the Iron Mountain papers. It's important to realize the crazies running our government have been sending us signals of what they have been intending to do for quite some time. At some point, we need to take them seriously.

Hotspringswizard said...

The part about being afraid, of course I was joking :)

Hotspringswizard said...

Brent is currently at 39, WTI, 43


rockpicker said...

Is it standard operating procedure for police to hand-cuff dead suspects?

Hotspringswizard said...

Well, we knew the Zombie Apocalypse was coming, maybe its already here, though Zombies would probably chew their hands off and get out of the hand-cuffs ;)

rockpicker said...

No, I'm not trying at humor, HSW. I'm serious. Daily Mail has a photo of Farook lying in the gutter, at ninety degrees to the sidewalk, pool of blood, guns on the pavement around him, and his hands are cuffed behind his back. My question is: when was Farook and his wife placed in handcuffs, and why?

And, I want to hear about the "third shooter." Seems to have dropped off the screen. Kinda like the guy in the woods at Sandy Hook.

We must keep track of the initial details, because they always change so drastically when the MSM takes hold of the event.

I mean, a new mother with a young baby, leaving the baby in the care of her mother-in-law, FOREVER, and going off to certain death, killing a handful of nobodies? Does this make sense?

rockpicker said...

I just told a friend of mine, before we get the full scoop on San Bernardino, we'll have another one, and San Bernardino will be forgotten.


freeacre said...

Apparently, there were ads attempting to hire crisis actors in San Bernadino right before the shootings.

And, this in a place that regularly holds "active shooter drills." Huh? So, if this was the case, why were so many killed? What were they practicing? How to get killed?

And, the next terrorist attach will be blamed on Trump. You can bet on it.

What a pant-load.

rockpicker said...

So right! In that clip from the former NSA/CIA dude, he says the wounds were clearly not substantial enough to be real.

Like Stubby at the Boston Marathon, laying there on the ground for quite a few minutes before the raw leg bone appeared and the blood showed up. Baloney.

They count on everybody listening to the lamestream and not doing any independent research.

Hey, if your mortgage is suddenly paid off on Christmas Day by some unknown, beneveolent entity, you could be a terror victim...

Hotspringswizard said...

I know you were not trying to be humorous RP, it was just me making a joke. Yeah this San Bernardino shooting is like the Boston Bombing event, lots of details that just don't add up. Interestingly our daughter brought up the dead people in hand cuffs, a day or so after I saw you bringing it up here RP. And then they open up the apartment of the supposed terrorist one day after the event, and let reporters and even citizens rummage around the crime scene, and this when they claim this was the worst terrorist attack since 9-11, clearly another false flag itself. But they will get away with painting this thing as being anything they want it to be. The masses are so easily manipulated about what is really going on.

Hotspringswizard said...

New vid up at SCG:


The Paris Attacks Are Just The Beginning

rockpicker said...

Interesting read here on Tesla, and some of the criminal opportunists who slithered about him.

"Why did the most brilliant scientist in history die penniless with his inventions benefiting megalo-maniacal governments and ruthless organized criminals? Why are the world’s most profitable businesses oil, chemicals, war, pharmaceuticals, “illegal” drugs, human slavery and prostitution? Why do “democratic” governments rule their people with oppressive, police-state tactics? Why do these “democracies” poison the food, the water, the air and the land; why do they tax and regulate their people into slavery?"


Hotspringswizard said...


Hotspringswizard said...


check out the three vids too

rockpicker said...

Kristen Meghan slaps Mick West up 'side the head...


Hotspringswizard said...

Ahh, Kristen Meghan, her stuff has been thoroughly debunked. She is just a showboat type, doing what she does, spouting a bunch of BS to get her 15 minutes of fame. RP, I hope someday you will come to a place where you no longer fear the ice crystal clouds that planes produce :)

Hotspringswizard said...

I just watched the vid RP. I love the part where she says that because her superior questioned her mental soundness, that this just by itself completely confirmed all of her notions about chemtrails. Like, " if you question what I believe, then I'm right! ", its truly laughable. There is no proof of anything throughout the whole vid, just utterings of vague nonsense. I thought that maybe based on your comment above the vid link you listed RP, that Meghan actually had done a real debate in person with Mick. But then you see she says people must avoid completely contrailscience.com and metabunk.org . Yeah that's the best thing for her or anyone else that falls for this stuff. Yes, hide from the truth so you can go on believing unfettered. Mick like he did in the one debate with Dane would make her look so foolish. The thing is RP, because of the reality that these geoengineering, harp, etc, beliefs are not about activities that exist, the people that believe will keep butting their heads against a solid wall of truth, and like poor jilted Meghan, it will just keep making them more angry because reality will not respond to the things that they make up in their heads.

rockpicker said...

If a wise man and a fool are arguing, how do you know which is which?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sr9fmgUvwdo (Stanley Kubrick confession)

McNamara admits Gulf of Tonkin "incident" never happened.

JFK slain by lone gunman with magic bullet.

Local news film crews show unexploded bombs being removed from OKC Federal Building in the afternoon.

9/11 ? https://www.corbettreport.com/911-a-conspiracy-theory/

Boston marathon bombing, double amputee, no blood or stump for 15 minutes

Sandy Hoax (answer Wolfgang's questions)

Fukushima radiological extinction event in northern Pacific Ocean? Government, Woods Hole say "no evidence."

Chemtrails? Just ice crystals.

Oh, and the economy is in recovery.

So, we're raising rates, for the holidays.


(maybe we'll throw in a brief, tactical nuclear exchange, just in case.)

Hotspringswizard said...

Well, at least we know regarding us RP, your first sentence does not apply to you, and me ;) My recent comments were about Kristen Meghan, not about any of that other stuff you listed. You doing that reminds me of Dane's global alert news, where he mixes various information that is actually true, together with his other non real notions about weather modification. If you place something true, next to something false, it does not make both things true, or both things false, is if the one concept will change its reality because of its close association to the other concept. Ahh, the economy is in recovery you write. Clearly you do not read the info at my blog or you surely would have left at least that one off of your list ;)

rockpicker said...

Every item in the list represents a lie perpetrated by the U.S. government, in collusion with MSM, including chemtrails. They have the motive. They have the technology. They've already told us what they intended to do, and how they intended to do it. Now, we can see them doing it, and experience the effects. Give it up, man. They fuck with the price of gold, they fuck with your emotions, they fuck with the weather. It's the fucking truth.

rockpicker said...

May as well add San Bernardino to the list.


Hotspringswizard said...

Clearly I can not help you RP with your many misconceptions on this weather modification subject. Too bad you like Dane because of these misinterpretations have to live out your days believing, every breath you take, every bite you eat, you are being poisoned :(

Hotspringswizard said...

Xtra, Xtra, read all about it, the economy is in recovery ;)


rockpicker said...

I am. And so are you. And not only with glyphosate and aluminum and barium and fluoride and chlorine, but now, with radionuclides from Fukushima as well.


Know what this means? Everything Hatrick Penry, (Tony Muga,) claimed in his expose on the NRC transcripts obtained through foia documents several years ago is true. Was true then, but no one would listen. Not even good ol' Uncle Arnie Gunderson, or Mother Helen Caldicott. Now the northern Pacific is sterile and 39 American cities topped 1,000 CPM last week. (San Diego came in at 1,484.) Numbers just keep going up.

Remember the very large production around Thanksgiving a year ago, when Tepco was supposedly removing spent fuel rods from UNIT #4? Well, that was impossible. Made for tv bullshit, because ALL the spent rods burned up that first week after the earthquake/tsunami.


Skeptics demand to know why those involved with chemtrailing don't come forward with evidence. When they do, they're lambasted, or worse. You vilify Kristen Meghan in the comment above. On what basis?

"Give me one reason to stay here, and I'll turn my bags around..."

rockpicker said...

"...Again, there is no available raw data that proves that overt global warming or “climate change” is even occurring, let alone that it is caused by human beings or carbon dioxide. There is far more hard evidence suggesting that changes in climate are determined by the SUN; you know, that massive ball of heat and radiation at the center of our solar system the size of 1.3 million Earths. This was outlined expertly in a Channel Four documentary on the global warming hoax.

Until climate scientists are willing to present their findings including all raw data in a legitimate and transparent manner for independent review, NOTHING they have to say on global warming is relevant. Period. They are not high priests. They are not infallible. They are not even particularly honest. Every chart you see in the mainstream showing warming corresponding to human carbon dioxide production is based on hearsay from these pseudoscientists, not hard evidence. Thus, all current and future laws and regulations based on said hearsay are ultimately erroneous and dangerous..." -- Brandon Smith


freeacre said...

Sorry to have missed much participation lately. We've been snowed in and suffered power outage for days. Had to sleep at the Grange on Sunday, Monday at the Great Western HOtel. Now, MORE snow fell last night and we have to hire someone to plow the driveway and to remove snow from the roof before it caves in. The carport already DID cave in, also damaging the car. We have to wade through almost waist-deep snow to feed the rabbits and chickens.
This really sucks.

rockpicker said...

Ha! And I was about to ask you how the weather was there. Sorry to hear of your travails. We, too, are having winter, after two years of unusually warm climes.

At least we aren't dealing with 122 mph winds, like in the Aleutians. We had six inches. Over the hill, they've had a foot, or so. Nothing abnormal for this place, this time of year. Certainly am surprised to hear you got waist-deep snow on the east side of the Cascades. Should be great for snow pack and next summer's water regime. "Every silver lining has a touch of gray..."

Murph said...

Well, we have finally been dug out, have paths around the place to get to the animals so we can feed and water them. The roof has been shoveled off of the 12" of snow to hopefully keep the roof from caving in. I just hope we don't get another batch similar to what we have. we have around 15" level that is crusty under the last 6" we got. I am so sick of fighting this weather. All I want to do is hibernate till spring.

Hope you all had a pleasant Christmas.

freeacre said...

I am dreaming of Ecuador.

stoney13 said...

I will quietly and graciously say FUCK THIS WEATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh holy SHIT! We have a flood! A flood! It's a spring fucking FLOOD! Highs in the 70s, lows in the 60, and rain 24 hours a day for the last 2 weeks!

The basement has 4 feet of water in it, and I can't finish the floor in the hall until the rain quits, and the water runs out!

On top of everything else, I find out that Lemmy Kilmister from Motorhead died today! Buzzkill all the way around!

Hope everybody had a happy (insert proper longest night celebration here), and next yeart finds all happy and healthy!

freeacre said...

So nice to hear from you, Stoney! We've been wondering how you are doing. Cold is bad, but flooding is worse. Hope you can get dry soon.

I am so sick of all the bad news.... just want to watch football today and not think.

Let's hope 2016 is better. My resolution is to learn enuf Spanish to get by in Ecuador.

rockpicker said...

Sorry to hear about the torrential rain, Stoney. Days are gettin' longer...

"Yet as Barack Obama’s tenure in the White House shows, no matter how much hope and change were promised, what we’ve ended up with is not only more of the same, but something worse: an invasive, authoritarian surveillance state armed and ready to eliminate any opposition..."

excerpt:The State of the Nation: A Dictatorship Without Tears, By John W. Whitehead
January 11, 2016


rockpicker said...



right up our alley

stoney13 said...

Yea Obama has batted zero so far! In fact I gave him a Cherokee name! Go Gv A Di Si! Like it? It means walking Crow, and describes a bird so full of shit it cannot fly!

Now he's talking about making semi-automatic rifles illegal, and tells us not to buy fire arms, because that's what the government is for!

Well I have all that I need, and I'm going to stock up on ammo bit by bit while it's still available!

Last week I was breaking in a holster for my .357 magnum that I made from an old boot. Some gun-grabbing nanny-stater jumpedf up in my face, and called me an "ammosexual"! Then she screamed and said that I terrified her!

Oddly enough a police officewr was near by, came over, and told her that I had every right to cary a gun in North Carolina, and if she kept on making a fuss she would be arrested!

For the first time in riding this ball of mud around the sun, I had a cop take my side!

rockpicker said...

Stoney, I wouldn't be surprised to find out she was a Hitlery supporter, as well. Or, as bad.

More proof weather modification is real.


Maybe you should consider raising talapia

Glad to hear LE stood up for the 2nd amendment

rockpicker said...


Predicted a week in advance. Comes in EXACTLY on schedule.

Damn they're good!


rockpicker said...




See the relationship between these two stories?



rockpicker said...

No big deal?


Janice Pugh said...

Hi Pam,
This is Janice. Trying to contact you through your blog isn't working real well. I want to send you a private message, but I can't do it on your blog. How can I send you a private message?

freeacre said...

Janice! So nice to hear from you. Send me an e-mail at freeacrepam@gmail.com

rockpicker said...


Statement from LaVoy Finicum's family

rockpicker said...

Film by Temujin Doran, based on Chris Hedges' writings. Must see.



rockpicker said...

Geoengineering is real.


freeacre said...

Just thought I'd let you guys know that Pat had a mild heart attack on Groundhog Day evening. We didn't realize what it was until the next morning when I called 911 and the EMT's took him into the hospital in Bend. Anyway, after tests and stuff, he had an angioplasty early this evening. I am supposed to pick him up in the morning to come home. He got the old stent he had replaced and another added. I'll know more tomorrow. I hope he feels a lot better once he gets over this procedure.
I think we have a few more dances still in us.

rockpicker said...

Jeez. Don't everybody talk at once.

Lions and tigers and...zika, oh my!



freeacre said...

Sorry, Guys. Our e-mail systems have been down. I can't e-mail out. We can receive stuff, but not send or link. It is very frustrating. Murph is home and doing OK. We are going to the Grange tomorrow. He is the Grange Master, so he has to be at this special regional meeting. Reluctantly, he is taking meds and stuff.

I appreciate your links, Rockpicker, even though I have not made comments.

I find this to be a time of high anxiety. WWIIII, Financial Collapse, Planet X, earthquakes, volcanoes, radiation, methane, micro-encephaly epidemic ... Same doom. But, is it just me, or does it seem worse than usual? And, these "debates" are starting to get on my nerves.

I have GOT to get a different post up.

rockpicker said...

Thanks, FA. I've been worried about the two of you. Figured some of those links would be of interest.

Biggest thing I see for the near future is the build up of troops in Saudi Arabia on the Syrian border.
350,000 ground troops. 20,000 tanks. 460 helicopters. Why is the mainstream not reporting this build up to the American voting public? Maybe the establishment wants us to be ignorant of this obvious invasion force. Saudis say they're going into Syria to conduct "exercises." You mean, like jumping jacks and squat thrusts? No. They mean they're going into Syria to prevent Russia and Assad from destroying ISIS.
Aleppo is surrounded and it looks like they'll be finished shortly, without timely support from outside. So, the "Coalition of the Killing," so named by Gerald Celente, is massing men and armaments in the southern desert with plans to ride to the rescue and, in so doing, fulfill Bible prophecy. Ladies and gentlemen, I offer you the Gog/Magog war, without further ado. The Russian S-400 anti-aircraft missiles can probably handle anticipated aerial assaults, but the ground troop advance will require a tactical nuclear response. When that happens, the western press will suddenly scream foul, urging Americans to support a declaration of war against Russia and the real shit will hit the fan. Meanwhile, the banks will be collapsing and all your life's savings will have been stolen. But you won't notice that. You'll be busy, worrying about you children and grand children.

Hope everyone's prepped with food and water. Gold and silver are on the rise, and they are not looking back. Neither will never be as cheap as they were last week. Gas is $1.69 in Sheridan, Montana, Feb. 13, 2016. BDI is lower than it was when it first opened, by a long shot. Serious shit, people.

Think we don't need this blog anymore. We need it now more than ever. And we need to use it until they take it down.

With that, I pass the stick.

rockpicker said...

But, while we're waiting for a response, here's a link to consider...


rockpicker said...

Oh shit. Here's an update.


rockpicker said...

Hillary For Prison!


freeacre said...

Of all the crimes that Hillary is guilty of, the killing of Gaddafi upsets me the most. That he was tortured and killed and his country destroyed was just horrific to me. That she got away with it is only due to the corporate media complicity.

I will probably vote for Trump, if only for the fact that a vote for Trump is a vote against the lamestream/corporate media. The ridiculous "debate" last night was such an obvious contrived assault on Trump - with their minions in the audience booing him.

I can't believe we are on the brink of war with Russia. And tactical nuclear weapons??? WAT??

My hope is for a natural disaster that would stop this insanity from happening. However, a natural disaster is still a disaster as well.

It's the Kali Yuga. Everything is FUBAR.

Computer issues are keeping me from putting up a new post. Maybe you are right, RP. Maybe we really do need to keep the conversation going around the campfire now when things seem to be coming to a head.

rockpicker said...

I used to put 1.5 tons of building stone on a pallet, 3,000 lbs., when I shipped rock a few years ago. We'd fill out a semi with 16 pallets. 24 tons. 134 tons of gold is over five semi loads of solid gold bars. Somebody else can figure the ounces, but suffice it to say, it's a lot of friggin' ounces.

We, meaning Britain, the U.S. and France, bombed Libya, the country with the highest standard of living in Africa, back into the stone age, for its gold and Gaddafi's intention to build a pan-African trading partnership based on oil-for-gold trade, bypassing petrodollars altogether. The emails confirm it.

That's how the west's central bankers have managed to suppress the market price of gold, with mining nearly at a standstill and demand soaring. Might qualify as an "enhanced mining" technique.

These western bankers are playing RISK on a grand scale. Whoever amasses precious metal, the only real currency of lasting value, carries a big red X on his or her forehead. Always wondered why Gordon Brown sold half the U.K.'s gold so cheap back when he was chancellor of the exchequer. To keep the price down at the time. Can always retrieve it later. Track it. Watch. Wait. When you need it, demonize whoever has it at the time. Shock 'em with awe and lots of ordnance, shove a sword up his bum, and take it. That's how it works. Law of the jungle.

rockpicker said...

Hey, what? I always lay down on top of the covers at 9:00 p.m. after a hard week AND place a pillow over my face. What's wrong with this picture?


freeacre said...

Yeah. No investigation, declared a death from "natural causes" without looking at him by a justice of the peace over the phone??? They say the door was locked - I imagine from the inside. But was there not a window or a sliding deck door that an intruder could have gone through? Any check for fingerprints or investigation of a crime scene? No. Sounds real fishy to me.

And, if Hillary (after her humiliating losses in the primaries) is nominated for Supreme Court Justice to replace Scalia, I fear my head will explode.