Saturday, November 24, 2007


Freeacre is running a series of essays on how to prepare for what sure enough appears to be some kind of collapse coming at us. At least, we can talk about what we are doing, what we read others are doing and what we see others doing. I want to talk about why the doing.

Over the time of this blog and campfire, we have talked rather extensively about the elitist control of populations, including ours. We have often speculated about just who are the top dogs on the block. Well, we can dig around and come up with names, but the important thing to me is to look at the positions they hold. It appears to me that the top dogs are the bankers, the really big ones. I think that in the end analysis, they have the ultimate final control over events nationally and internationally. Everyone else down the line is just some form and degree of banker flunky. The most visible of the flunkies are the politicians.

We really don’t hear a lot about bankers. The head of the Federal Reserve is the one we hear the most about, but the top dogs of the major international banks do not keep a high profile. These are the guys that are bending us over as a society and screwing the hell out of us.

It appears to me that there is more than one factor that will determine who has the power. But, the most obvious and most prolific determining factor is wealth. The more of that you have, the more power you got. Now this is not across the board relationship, but it sure is damned close. You know the old adage, ‘money is the root of all evil’. Well, while that is not across the board relationship either, it sure is close. What also is intrinsic to power is acceptance into the exclusive clubs of the rulers. The Ivy League schools, the country clubs and private eateries in Washington D.C., the Skull and Bones Society, the Bilderbergers, et al. Without acceptance, a person waving his money around is just asking for it to be taken.

One of the signs of power being exercised is control, and I mean control of everything that is controllable. Control of people; what they know and think, things, and most important I think, the environment. In all cases of environmental degradation, it is the money people that will win in a fight over some action. While a few skirmishes with the environmentalist have resulted in the money people backing off, (mostly because fighting the protesters cost more than they would make doing whatever is being protested) all of the really important environmental damage to this earth goes unchecked. Do you know there are over 2 million (yes, that’s right 2 million) dams in this country alone? A significant amount of them are in bad repair, no longer serve a useful purpose at all and all of them have negative impacts on the environment. If the dams on the major rivers are not removed soon, we are going to see more extinction numbers in the spawning fish species. Yeah, I know, but what about electricity. Without that, our standard of living goes down the tubes. Well folks, get used to the idea. Human kind has lived without electricity for about 5000 years that we have records for, and it has only been in the last 150 years that it was something other than an oddity. I think we as a species could survive no electricity and no dams. But, we can’t survive the extinction of the trees and the plankton in the oceans that provide our oxygen. We can’t survive a severe imbalance of flowers and insects, rodents, birds, or fish. We need them. They could get along without us just fine.

However, this obsession for control of the environment is the principle cause of the extinction of a reported 200 species a day. That number alone causes me to shudder. How much longer can this planet support that kind of killing? I have read diaries from the 1800’s where people would go out and kill passenger pigeons and load them into wagons and haul them off to be piled up and left to rot. There aren’t any of them around any more. Same with the buffalo. Hunters would go out and kill as many as they could and if there were enough hunters with guns, there would be thousands killed in a day. Some of the dead animals only had the tongues taken and the rest of the animal left to rot on the plains. During this time, the settlers were having some problems with the Indians who kinda resented this take over of their hunting lands and were causing some problems, like trying to kill off the encroaching invaders. So, as a matter of policy, the buffalo were slaughtered in order to kill off the Indian. Don’t spend the money to go to war, just starve them. This is an example of how controlling parts of the environment also serve the purpose of eliminating people that are in your way. And don’t even start to assume that is not going on today. In the North Western U.S., the Indian tribes traditionally depended on salmon the same way the plains Indians depended on the buffalo. Well guess what folks, building dams stops the salmon from reproducing, which not only sorta puts a damper on the main food source, salmon fishing, by the Indians, but it also drastically affects the rest of the environment also. I was surprised to learn that the forest land around what used to be spawning rivers is declining. That is from the huge salmon runs with millions of lbs of dead fish fertilizer that fed nearly 80% of the nitrogen demands of the forests. Of course, there also was all the other animal life that depended on the salmon. But, I guess that is called collateral damage and is best not talked about.

In the economics today, the power and control of economic system seems to be faltering. On 11-19, there evidently was a big sell off of gold stocks and the price plummeted $80/ oz. Wednesday the 20th, the price had recovered to back over $800 per oz. The best that seems to be happening right now is plunge control teams are only doing small bandage fixes to what ails the whole system. The predictions we are reading say that 2008 is the year of the obvious impact of a total collapse.

Now I have no idea if this is the desired outcome or unintended consequences to the years of power politics and capitalism. I would like to think that it was unintended consequences. We can speculate all we want on who wants what to happen, but we probably will never have enough information to really say we know. But, personally, I think it is unimportant. We know who the players are, or at least we should have a pretty good idea of most of them by now. We can see the decimation of this world due to their agendas and policies. I sure do hope that when TSHTF that anger is turned upon those that enforced the agendas and the policies that put us in this position, and not turned on our neighbors. It’s about time that the elites of this world got some of their own shit shoved up their collective noses and they reap what they have sown.


freeacre said...

Just a little reference to augment your take on the banksters:
It's about the international bankers plan to consolidate the world's industry into regional unions and then coordinate those into a world government. Sounds very wing-nutty, but when one looks around, it becomes pretty obvious that it is and has been going on for some time.
On the good news front: Australia threw out their Prime Minister, Howard, and elected the Labour Party with intentions of getting out of Iraq and signing the Kyoto Treaty, reforming the medical and educational systems, and a bunch of stuff. Yeah! Good for them.

Even more inspiring is this article about the Temples of Damanhyr. It seems this Italian, Alberto Airaudi, had a vision when he was ten years old of a previous lifetime. He remembered things is wondrous detail, and secretly began to build this underground temple and passageway system stretching for miles through rock! He inspired others to help him. They built for 30 years, and have created this jaw-dropping temple complex that defies belief! You have to see it.Now that they have been revealed , the people associated with it have created an intentional community based on the idea that the earth is sentient and it's all sustainable and organic, etc. I must know more. We can Google it for more info. Truly amazing. I guess there are some surprises left. Belgium, maybe you could go there for us and check it out...
Temples of Damanhur

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,

It seems to me that we keep going around and coming back to the same point. The thing that keeps us going around has a centre and the thing at the centre is always the same. If it didn’t have a centre there would be no action and reaction and we would all go off in our own directions at our own speed. We would become ultimately uncontrollable. Being uncontrollable really doesn’t matter much if you are like most of the third world living on less than a dollar a week. It is the ones who are used to a little money and have guns that are the problem. Guns are not intrinsically bad if we could be persuaded to use them only on each other but once that little money is taken away, the gun owners might just decide to come looking for the perps and that is bad.

Bill Gates is reportedly the richest man in the world. This of course is not true. What probably is true is that he has enough money to buy himself a place on the raft. Like any other mafia running boy, he has to please his betters and his allotted task appears to be to use this new shiny science of eugenics to get rid of the one and two dollar a week lot. Like anyone who has played monopoly knows, money ultimately is only a way of judging the winner of the game and when very few have it, it looses its value and there is only power and control left. With the middle classed declining and the skids under the third world, it appears that we might be the next to face the fate of the buffalo and the salmon. But then what? The chem trails and the exploded nukes and all those things which deplete the species will still be around to smile at the event organisers. Like other pimps, all they will have to live off is a raped mother.


Again a very pertinent post.

A while ago we seemed to stop sticking our necks out with regard to likely dates. Apart from the prospect of upcoming elections, is there anything in the air which makes you commit yourself to 2008?

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,


Will check it out and maybe write you a visit report :-)

BTW did you know that little Belgium is now heading up for 200 days without a governmant. The people voted one party in but they did not have enough support for an overall majority so according to the rules they had to form a coalition. Nobody else would work with them and they would not relinquish control. Now the king has become involved and there is loose talk about splitting Belgium between Netherlands and France. I will bet the Bilderburgers at the top don't think much of that idea.

stoney13 said...


The Bilderbergers could give a fuck! They run the farm, and we pull the plow! What does the farmer care what the livestock thinks! Just feed 'em fatten 'em, and flay 'em for the fry-cook!

Interesting what is going on with the Belgium Government, though! We don't get much word about things out in your neck of the woods here in "The Colonies"

Sounds pretty much like what's going on in The American Congress. Neither side has enough votes to affect the outcome of anything, so President Pork Pie gets to run roughshod over the populace while Congress argues about vague details, and semantics.

We've had it for a little over a year, and most of us are pretty sick of it, and are ready to chuck the whole lot out, and start from scratch!

To tell you the truth the definition of "Politician" is the same the world over!

Politician- (noun) A person who has the ability to speak at great length while saying nothing!

If there was a practical way to capture all the hot air generated in Washington DC, there would be no energy problem in The United States! We'd all be warm, and toasty, and vehicles would travel the length, and breadth of the nation, and indeed, the world at large, while releasing nothing but strange farting noises!

Turbines positioned in the hot-air streams would handily produce all the electricity required for the country, and we could tear all the dams down before Nature tears them down for us!

In fact, I can think of no other use for all the tripe that Washington DC produces except to give material to comedians, and give the rest of us something to be fiercly pissed of about!

Oh well! I guess that makes me an Anarchist!

murph said...


I don't know about you man, but I am having a little voice that keeps telling me that next year is when all this stuff we are concerned about is coming to a head. A lot of sites on the internet are also saying next year is it. Of course, this does not mean it is 100% probability. I keep saying that man has been and is lousy in predicting the future, and when we put a time line on it, it really gets very low ratings. Problem is, sometimes it happens dead on.

My uneasiness may be because of what I read, or maybe not. I am just thinking that we are on the edge and ready to fall in the gigantic bucket of shit.


These controlling international and national groups are only interested in pushing ahead with their agenda, of which we only get small hints about from time to time. The hints are scary enough I reckon. Not sure what I would do if I really knew all the particulars. sigh.

Remember when I posted that small article that was "you may be an anarchist and just not know it"? When it gets down to it, I suspect most of the people that come to this site on a regular basis are anarchists.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,

Sometimes I realise that I am getting a bit wordy or I drive myself to finish some piece at the end of the day and so I go into shorthand and don’t express myself properly.

Murph got it half right with the international bankers but the ones he overlooked are the European Royals. In many cases they are the prime movers and deal by proxy through the international bankers. With regard to the present crisis, I just can't see the Belgian King allowing the country to be split up and not having anything to be royal over. The Bilderberger Hotel where the first meeting was held and after which the group was named is in Netherlands and the meeting was convened by the Dutch Royal family. Naturally enough the Belgian Royal family is in on the act too. I will give you a very brief rundown on the Belgian Royals in recent times. The old King, Boudewijn, was much too pious to go in for this dirty sex business and died without an heir (not one that can be talked about anyway). Kingship then fell to his younger brother, the Harley riding, whooping it up second son, Albert. He has now taken lessons in statesmanship and says “Yes” to everything in a kingly way whereas Boudewijn sometimes said a flat no. Albert’s first son Prince Philippe, who is destined to become the next king, is the one who represents the family at the Bilderberger meetings. There is also a second son from Albert, called Prince Laurent. He is a pork barrel who is always crying poverty. Unless he has been secretly cut off from the family business he aught to have his hands and face slapped. Either that or he could do something useful like feeding the masses by having a pole shoved up his fat ass and being roasted over an open fire. If he wants to know what not having much in his back pocket feels like he could come and live with me for a few weeks or perhaps not. It would probably be as much of a culture shock for him as living in a cave would be for me. I, on the other hand am willing to give it a go if needs must.


I have taken 2008 on board as a likelihood although as a rider I do still have memories of telling everybody at Her Majesty’s birthday party that Martial Law was coming to the USA in August of this year.

Palooka's Revenge said...

FA... damn, thats some place eh?

remote viewing, visions, and dreaming... thats the stuff of the wackie woo-woos ain't it?...wadda waste of time!

as to way of life... jes look at the words of airaudi's wackie dream... "... there lived a highly evolved community who enjoyed an idyllic existence in which all the people worked for the common good."

sure sounds like socialism eh? mighta known it'd be somethin like that chavez guy. 'bout high time everybody gets with the program and sees american democracy is the best system ever... gimme an a...gimme an m... gimme an e... go amerika... rah, rah, rahhhhh!

freeacre said...

LOLO...well, Palooka, that's the thing about "intentional communities." They have a common intention. Happily, they don't attempt or plan to impose it on any other place or people - just the ones who voluntarily chose to live with them.
It's an idea that we kick around. But, for us, it would have to have a much looser intention that didn't dictate anything beyond a whole bunch of freedom. I'm impressed with the work and the artistry and the vision of the guy, but know that coming from our trailer in the NW forest, we'd seem like Neanderthals to them. Maybe in my next life I could live with gold leaf. I doubt it, though, because I long ago decided to be a cuddle fish.

Anonymous said...

mrsp here, it seems like basic survival of our species is being threatened on a daily basis in many ways that are unseen. The quality of life in general here in the U.S. of A. is deteriorating silently enough that most people are not aware of it. Just watch your local news for a few nights in a row...the violence is overwhelming (which they tend to focus on). If you live in or near a large city, your chances of being robbed, car jacked, shot for no reason...etc. are rising. I'm not saying I don't support the 2nd Amendment but it's getting ridiculous because there's more and more have nots joining in. Just driving anymore is getting a little risky with all the over medicated drivers out there. Then there's the extreme weather, fires, earthquakes, etc. but I think the most serious changes coming and happening now are what Murph is talking about. Sustaining our economy "as we know it" is not in our hands and hasn't been for a long long time. Most of us are unprepared for collapse. I believe it was noted in Rubicon that the output of crude would declined drasticly in 08. The "gradual" decline is what is going to sneak up on us. I could be wrong but I believe there are no mega wells coming on line in 08. Down from 18 on line in 2005, 11 in '06 and only 3in '07...and zero planned for 08, I'm thinking 2011 and 12 are going to be the shockers just based on what I've read in the past. I'm no expert on any of this but it seems like we're all still asleep as a country about facing peak oil and that's what will hurt us as a general public.

I'm not sure where I'm going with this but I think the hardest thing to hit us will be dealing with no goods, food or services and the lawless inner city crazies who have the fire power to take what ever they want. Makes me what to flee but where to? I can make myself nuts over this but it's surely coming at some point. The marshall law in Pakistan is just an example of what we can expect here if the PTB decide we need it. Our country is tattered, spent, fragile and controlled by thugs. Meanwhile Joe citizen is out charging Christmas and looking for the next high. Sorry, I guess I'm not too uplifting this morning. I need to go work in the yard or bake something. Love you guys, mrsp

rockpicker said...

Great post, Murph. I agree with you that the bankers, especially the central bankers, are very much holding the strings. Or at least, this small group of 'insiders' aspire to maintain control and direction.

But my instinct tells me that the reality of the situation is that even the puppet-masters are finding the entire scenario "too big" to handle.

They seem destined to repeat what has worked successfully in the past, because they are spiritually bankrupt and have no inner 'wealth' to draw from.

They cannot envision a truly sustainable future and have no answers, other than to react, violently, as their empire collapses around them.

The people who are running the show are not really running anything. The cracks in the plaster are spreading and large sheets of veneer are slabbing off into the garden.

Freeacre mentioned how the real vote is how we choose to spend our money. She's absolutely correct on this point. Do not dispare, my dear, that hordes chose to go shopping Friday. The tide has already turned.

34,000 pissed-off, disenfranchised citizens signed petitions to censure Diane Feinstein. What sort of message does that send? It's a shot across the bow, and I suspect it will be taken very seriously by the democratic coordinating committee members. If not, then I see the formation of a large, populist coming together of the forgotten and discouraged to form a movement of angry victims from both the left and the right.

Through their own incompetent leadership, the ptb have unwittingly fostered the conditions for nurturing chaotic and 'uncontrollable' socio-political upheaval.

That huge sucking sound just beyond the relative safety of your domicile, btw, is the sound of the ruling class vacuuming up the cash, a prelude to it's ultimate failure, the supplanting of fiat currency with a totally digital system.

I may be a hapless victim of my own naive faith in the masses, but my gut says those being screwed will not tolerate eradication without some attempt at self-defense. (The French Revolution comes to mind.)

Belgium, my knowledge of the European royals would fit on the head of a pin, but I wouldn't disagree with you on their controlling interests. As I understand Ruppert's account of the narco-war in Afghanistan, the British crown is plenty deep into the herion profits for which the region is fancied.

To help answer your question to Murph about 2008 being the year, I believe it is a question of timing.

Things do seem to be accelerating. The gradual slipping has already sped- up into an observable slide, while more and more pessimistic economic reports are filed, the ripples of this derivatives calamity are only now beginning to radiate, tsunami-like, throughout the world economy.

For a time, governments can issue false numbers and lie to people who are too busy trying to make ends meet to listen carefully and question the veracity of what's being purported. But you can't lie about banks being closed, and that is coming.

2008? Wouldn't surprise me. In fact, it would surprise me if we did not experience mass confusion and some form of martial law in this country during the next few months. What could prevent it is the question?

Palooka's Revenge said...

fa... the day is coming when cuddle fish ane IN! might not have to wait 'til next lifetime either!! i seriously doubt you'd be looked upon as neanderthals. that judgement seems to not have haunted flaco.

having said that, i hear ya on "a much looser intention that didn't dictate anything beyond a whole bunch of freedom."

absolutely agree and, in my desire and vision, there's a balance point where the best of both... the individual and the common good(ie, democracy and socialism) morph and manifest in a new paradigm.... where we are a community without sacrificing our individual soverignty... where the individual is free and the self is king and queen balanced in heart without using that power to over-power. the problem is the gap between and the judgements against. not to mention guilt.

which is to borrow murph's point... power. power used to over-power. money is just a form of it playing out and a way to keep score.

murph... the little voice is turning into a roaring choir. for what its worth, the stuff from the web bot reports is full of it. to put it in cliff's words... 08 is the year of manifestation. significant memes... "revolution" and "communities rising". rising from the ashes. or before the fire even as there are some with a head start....

i found that turning over rocks inspired by fa's link to damanhur.... quote...

Damanhur, an ecovillage of 800 residents, created a complimentary local currency, the Damanhurian Credit, which encouraged regional trading and enabled the entire valley to preserve its valuable local farming and manufacturing culture.

albert is the guy i took an alternate building course from up at the farm in summerville tn. small world eh?

also found this link to interviews...

scroll down just past halfway. key dates, 7 14 05, 7 21 05, 9 15 05

freeacre said...

Urban Survival has a link to a pretty good list of emergency items to stock up on. It was compiled from knowledge of what disappeared first in Sariavo.
The link;
You just really don't know when, for safety's sake, one should be able to stay home to duck & cover. Could be civil unrest (people waving guns at gas stations...), weather crises, epidemics, martial law, illness at home, gas, food, or utility shortages, etc.
We just splurged and bought a deluxe smoker. Good timing, because our neighbor just bagged an elk! Also just ordered a small military woodstove for only $119 from Sportsman's Warehouse that can go into a bunkhouse that I want to build next year. I think survival supplies make very thoughtful Christmas presents...

freeacre said...

You took a class from Alberto at The Farm??? How cool it that? Damn!

rockpicker said...

There are updates on the missing nukes story on Project Camelot, for anyone bored by the economic nooze and looking for a real thriller.

I had trouble opening the 24 November update, but got the story here:

RAS said...

Good post Murph.

Mrs. P, I grew up in the inner city, and it's lawless because the laws don't work anymore and the people who are supposed to enforce them also break them. (One of the cops who taught the Dare program when I was in 6 or 7 grade was also the neighborhood dealer, and everyone knew it and no one was surprised.) And if they're crazy, it's because they're desperate and tired of trying to survive in a world that's been deliberately stacked against them.

Freeacre -survival supplies for Christmas? Now there's a gift!
And, currants are fruit! You can eat them raw, make jam, or even wine from them. And if currants grow, I'll bet you there are other fruits, especially some berries, that will as will. People live in similar conditions all over the world and still manage to grow a lot (or all) or their own food.

Anonymous said...

I saw this video ("America: From Freedom to Fascism") a few months ago and it talks a bit about who really controls this country and the big tax scam:

I started looking around the net and found this other site, which claims that most of the guys on Aaron's video are tax scam artists. I personally think that this website serves the bankers:

freeacre said...

Anonymous 3:29 - yes, "From Freedom to Fascism" is a must see (Netflix again or the Web). Very good explanation of the Federal Reserve and what a rip income tax is and the interest we pay for our money supply.

murph said...

I have mentioned before, and some have made comments about the next great resource war; WATER. Here is an interesting article on the subject.

We have a very interesting situation in the area we are living in. I have written a couple of posts about the areas fight with the county commissioners concerning septic systems and water quality. This very particular area sits on what appears to be the countries largest unpolluted ground water reservoir. We also have a huge water storage system in the form of basalt rock, only found here and in Hawaii.

Now, reading the referenced article, it appears that the South West is going to really feel the crunch for water very soon. Interesting that the county that controls this land area with these massive supplies of clean water wants to control all the land and water rights. They see dollar signs in them thar hills. Another example of power disguising their true agenda. Can't tell me that the big money boys out east don't know this too.

Oh hell, as soon as Bush gets around to declaring martial law the feds will take control anyway.
I can't tell you the extent of contempt I have for these people.

Anonymous said...

a very fine post and the comments are also, you people are so great!!

This has much of nothing to do with what is being considered but its that kind of morning and i just wanted to put it out there for no reason other then it just feels like it, so ....these are meanderings of what it might be if it was.
guilt, the denial of the status quo, so it hurts a little bit, ok a whole bunch, i do it anyway just to keep knowing part of who i am,
i will deny nothing because that is the way of madness and i know that standing face to face with an illusion that can kill you will make me a better person, someone that i can admire and learn from. this is the quest she says,relax and see it fade, it always fades she says and gets harder and harder to find,soon when someone mentions it you will have no idea of what they are talking about and will say "want to go fishing?" "i know a place where they jump right into the boat and give great conversations."
langosta,my dream spirit sits at my shoulder as i stand in the gentle falling snow and watch the moon slowly lose its shape,the breath looking up at it forms a crystal halo around it,the shape of rainbow and i wander about the new grandbaby and why bush wants to kill her.
the mind spirit watches and sends forth greetings to all the ones that know love only as death, and let them know that the time draws near when that which they have created will be served up for lunch and the meal will be delicious, not for them but for us,
we will step into the world of absolute freedom to hold hands with the mysterious one and co-create a world thats name is love.
to all of us here and the ones that join in to listen and are included in this council, i say bless you shy ones, this is your home if you wish it to be, there is always room for more and your words, your dreams, your fears, your love, are always welcome here, and if you have hate that is welcome also because hate is temporary and stands with the other grand illusions of which has been fed us for eons of time,..the brothers and sisters that attend this council have great ears and minds that include,i may be wrong but i think not,
much heart and a longing for peace and a resting place where fear has a purpose, other then to separate one from the other.
this is a most blessed of places and the warmth that emanates from here serves a great benefit for manwomankind i think, because if its happening here it is surly taking place around the world. so grab onto the boat and lets sail away into the vastness of our future. the possibilities are endless,we are love.we will survive.
peace to all that attend.

RAS said...

that was beautiful, mf.

I sit here looking around this morning, and listening to all the madness in the world as projected by my radio, and I can't help but think, if their is a collapse coming, and I know their is sooner or later, that I wish it would just get on with it all ready. Maybe it's right, maybe it's wrong to wish that, but I can't help but think that the longer this takes the worse it will be -both for humanity and for our earth mother.

I saw brother hawk hunting the other day. I actually pulled my car over to watch. He was absolutely beautiful. He winged over my car several times and circled, then dipped his wings and resumed his hunt. I couldn't help but think that in his own way he had reminded me that even this madness shall pass away in time.

Anonymous said...

off topic... (or is it?)...

most of you have heard me reference george ure's as well as cliff and igor, the pie monks at i've been getting the web bot reports since beginning aug. they are accompanied with this... Copyright 2007 by HalfPastHuman. All rights reserved. Not to be republished in any form without written, prior approval.

i honor that... mostly! this is why i haven't quoted anything around the campfire or on my own blog.

some of you may have already checked george's site this morn and see that he has quoted directly from the reports at length and, if i read him correctly, will be doing more in the coming times....

"Things are at a serious enough point where the time monks at have given me the green light to roll out a little more of the predictive linguistics so you can brace for what's ahead for the population of the USA in the next couple of months. If you repost any of this, a link to both this page and is required. So fasten your seat belt, here's a kind of sneak peek under the covers as to where we are, where we're going, and 'what comes next."

though this could certainly be interpreted as a marketing tactic, i trust cliff's ethics which has much to do with my attempts to honor the copyright. we are in drastic times and to borrow an old cliche, drastic times require drastic measures. thus, in my mind at least, traditional "rules" become guidelines only. we do what we need to do to prepare and to survive.

anyway, for those interested, keep an eye on george. he's started posting survival and coping tactics more regularly as well. check out for more of the same. especially the "survival information" link... palooka

freeacre said...

I guess I gotta hand it to our freakish leaders for making things so weird that we turned away from them and all that they want us to do, and created our own little world here in Oregon. If we hadn't, I would not be able to enjoy the sound of our chickens clucking over a newly laid egg, or watch Lyle hopping around. Murph hobbled the rooster yesterday with a leather strap with a slip knot on each end, so he could walk around pretty free , but slow enough so the hens can outrun him if they want to. Kinda levels the playing field, and it is pretty amusing to watch. Today I am going to begin brining the beef to smoke tomorrow for jerky. And, I'm going to start the Christmas fruitcakes, 'cuz I have to keep putting more brandy on them for a month. All this I find quite enjoyable. So, I am in the position of being semi-grateful to those twisted corporate bungholes for creating a future I could happily walk away from. No more panty hose, marketing meetings, monthly reports, credit card or bank overdraft charges. Kinda miss the lunches out, though.
Anyway, I, too, begin each day with the Kitco gold reports, the stock market updates, and George Ure's Urban Survival with my coffee. Then, on to Cryptogon. I don't know what is weirder - the financial or the governmental shit hitting the fan. Then, there's those pesky UFO's....
What a ride.

oldensoul said...

Hey freeacre,

I'm making rum cakes right now ..... maybe we could trade. We took one to mf last Christmas... so yummy.

Thanks to you and everyone for all the time and dedication you give to this site and to all of us around this campfire. The sharing found here is a great gift I so appreciate. Hugs to all!

freeacre said...

You gotta deal on the rum cake/
fruit cake trade! You don't comment very often, but I always sense that you are here.It's a comfort.

rockpicker said...


Pesky UFO's? Now you've done it. I came on this paper by Dr. Steven Greer last night. Here's the link:

And here's a little taste.

" After a period of terrorism - a period during which the detonation of nuclear devices will be threatened and possibly actuated, thus justifying expanding the weaponization of space - an effort will ramp up to present the public with information about a threat from outer space. Not just asteroids hitting the Earth, but other threats. An extraterrestrial threat."

Works for me.

rockpicker said...

From the cosmicparadigm site comes this:

"On Wednesday, February 25, 1942, a huge unidentified craft hovered over the city of Los Angeles. This event, dubbed the “Battle of Los Angeles,” was witnessed by hundreds of thousands of residents of the area. Spotlights, intent on spotting Japanese aircraft, played over the motionless craft. The military lobbed almost 2,000 rounds of high explosive shells at the floating sphere. Six civilians were killed, others injured -- the results of shells fragments. The Los Angeles Times reported the incident on page one. No national media carried the story."

rockpicker said...

From, Slide # 7, Durable Goods,:

"Biggie: Non-defense capital goods down 3.1% for the month while defense capital goods were up 16.1%

Obvious conclusion: Administration needs their wars to continue to prevent recession from sliding to Depression - which is why big corp money going to Prez wannbe hawks"

Anybody see Mars last night, near the waning moon?

rockpicker said...

cool space pix

freeacre said...

That does it, Rockpicker. If this Disclosure Project, the Cosmic Paradigm, and the ET/al Qaeda things are true, I'm definitely ramping up my store of survival popcorn by a factor of x10. I'm on my way to Grocery Outlet...

...p said...

fa... you know albert?

murph... coming water wars? they're already here in my neck a' da woods.

rp... thats a scenario been on me mind for some time. the ultimate bait and switch... hagel's finest hour.

but the part that bothers me more than anything are the conclusions most will draw... therefore fear's to blame.

rockpicker said...


how's about those last two shakes in the south Pacific? You think they got anything to do with Chinese naval manuevers?

murph said...


Water wars only in the beginning stages, similar to the prelude to oil wars before Bush. In this neck of the woods, we are sitting on the water. Wondering who is going to send in an army to nationalize it.
I will find it really interesting if they try and enforce some big time crap on this area. Probably have to come in with Cobras and such to put down the rebellion.

...p said...

rp... 5.9 shaker @ 120 east. manuvers reported around xisha islands about 110. don't know that distance at 10 latitude but looks to be a pretty good distance of seperation on the surface. applying the 6 degrees of seperation hypothesis everything's connected up to some extent. i know of no science officially connecting munitions as causal to shaker events but common sense says hell yes.

murph... agree. gonna get nasty too.

Anonymous said...

from buzzard,

About this thing of 2008 being the year, I feel like I have been waiting for the shoe to drop for so long that it begins to appear as if I am caught in the "watched pot" syndrome.

I'm far from ready for it but I get impatient for some validation. You know how it is? Sometimes I wish that I could be more like the doe and her faun which I watch nearly every morning just wandering through the meadow without a thought about politics, global warming, peak oil or American Idol.

2008 sounds good to me. I'll jot it down on my calendar.

murph said...


I understand about the validation problem. Let's put it this way. We are in the crash, it's just hard to see it from the inside. There are a lot of indefinite things about it, like speed, severity, and how the elites are trying to control it, and get the looting done before it all comes tumbling down. Got to give them folks credit for the snow job on the general population. It's just us wing nuts that think we understand what is happening. I suppose that is better than sticking our collective heads up our asses and ignoring what we see going on. An elite minority? lol.

As long as we keep looking for the the extreme signals, we probably won't see them. In every financial disaster in history, the signs simply are not obvious when your on the inside, and slow gradual changes are easy to accommodate and become habituated to. If all of the changes in our society from the last 10 years had happened in a month it would then be damned well obvious what is happening and who done it. That's how the elites get away with this shit, make it slow and justify every one of the actions and squelch all dissent. Notice in the last 5 years how speeded up the changes have become? They don't care anymore. They have it buttoned up and figure no one is going to put up any real opposition. I've no proof, only speculation, but I suspect the economic crash for this country is a planned event. Now we aren't just toast or fucked, we are fucked over toast. sigh.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the Lakota and Putin have thrown a wrench in the NeoCons plans. What is your take on all this?