Thursday, June 5, 2008

Oh, This Could Get Good!

by freeacre

Leaving for a moment that I believe that both the Republican and the Democratic Parties have been controlled and bought off by international corporatists and financiers, I can’t pretend that the nominating process has just been Business as Usual. It hasn’t.

As delusional as we probably are that our votes matter in the long run, or that we can actually affect change in this country, some departure from historical precedence actually did take place: Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama ran neck in neck for the democratic ticket, and Obama won.

I consider myself an ardent feminist, but I am really glad that Obama won. Personally, I sense that he has more access to his feminine side than she does. He reminds me of Robert Kennedy. He is intelligent, eloquent, understated, highly competent, and gracious. Plus, he’s a constitutional law professor. And, he’s black. Well, he’s half black. He’s “Tiger Woods black” – which, to some mouth-breathers, is plenty enough reason to hate him.

Which means he is amazing. Despite those odds and a crazy name to boot, he’s managed to appeal to the best side of people and let them vote on the courage of their convictions and ideals, without having to settle for a more “pragmatic” candidate., like Hillary. Not just a woman, a White Woman, just in case anyone needed to be reminded. A white woman who suddenly remembered that she likes to shoot guns and drink beers with shots. Maybe not in that order. And, was she just glad to be there, or was that a salami in her pant leg? (Just kidding…)

Give me a break. If she’s going to be somebody’s vice-president, she should run with McCain. She’d probably make a better Republican than he does. And, she’s twice the man that Lieberman is. The Clinton/Bush Dynasty could continue unabated as they further the international corporate agenda, with Chelsea as heir apparent. (Chelsea, by the way, was on leave from her position as a Hedge Fund manager on Wall Street to enable her mother to pursue the throne.)

Why have I no sadness that the woman lost? So many reasons…but one is
because it would take a DNA test to detect Clinton’s femininity. I put her in my mental burlap bag of “women” such as Margaret Thatcher and Condoleeza Rice whom I consider pricks in pearl necklaces. These are products of what I think of as “neo-womanism.” Like “neo-conservatism,” or “neo-Nazi.” Don’t get me started on what an abortion the “women’s movement” has become. Anybody know if there still IS a women’s movement? I think it died when Madonna came out with that song, “I’m Having My Baby.” The “Material Girl” was off and running with full MTV and media support. Now we have the new, improved version of this abomination of women’s “liberation” - “Sex in the City.” Excuse me, while I barf. Or, maybe they just declared victory once they won the right to be men.

I was sad when Shirley Chisholm didn’t win the Democratic nomination for President in 1972. She was very cool. Brilliant, courageous, uncompromising, ethical, and rooted in her femininity, Shirley Chisholm was everything Hillary Clinton is not. Oh, yeah, and she was black, too.

Another thing that happened is that the mainstream media absolutely outed itself regarding their complicity with and allegiance to the corporatists and financiers who run the show. Their virtual blackout on the candidacy of Ron Paul for the Republican nomination will go down as one of the most shameful episodes yet. They had an opportunity to present his crucial thoughts on our monetary system that is on the brink of collapse, as well as the imperialism that is our foreign policy (with it’s attending Blowback), and the destruction of our civil liberties, and they completely blew it off. Now, the consequences of their journalistic failure will result in the complete cluelessness of the vast majority of our citizenry when they are blindsided by unprecedented catastrophes. Damn them all.

Maybe if Obama can make a tour of the policy disasters of the Bush administration, he can force the media to take a look. I would love to see him hold rallies in the tent cities springing up all over the country, as people lose their homes and jobs. Then he could go to New Orleans and to the tornado devastated areas and ask why there isn’t a drive to design and build wind-resistant homes. Then, he could take questions from those who were at Ground Zero and are now dying of respiratory failure, while the government denies them benefits. Then, he could tour the Veterans Hospitals. Or he could talk to truckers going out of business due to a lack of collective bargaining, diesel close to $5 per gallon, and competition with Mexican drivers. How about looking into the “No Child Left Behind” program, with graduation rates around 40%. How about the military families coping with post traumatic stress, Stop Loss, and suicides? He could attend a Spam Potluck dinner. He could walk the streets of Stockton or Sacramento, California, a real estate No Man’s Land, or a wasted Detroit, looking like the movie set of “I Am Legion”. . .

And, then, just for fun, Obama could go out of the country, and show how much he is already esteemed in much of the rest of the world. He could go to Europe and Indonesia, and Africa where he’d be met with adoring crowds of people who want to believe that America will wake up and exemplify the hopes and dreams of the people of the world again.

Meanwhile, that nattering numbnut, McCain, will be muttering fear-based Carl Rovian slogans while he’s focusing simply on trying not to pee in his pants.

This could get really good. But, first, Barack Obama has to jettison that fingernails-against- the-blackboard annoying opportunist, Hillary Clinton.

And, then, we’ll just have to pray to God, that TPTB don’t throw in some horrific “event” that will be used to declare martial law and suspend the elections.


Anonymous said...

freeacre.what a marvelously considered should be VP.Russell in Canada.

Anonymous said...


I have watched the political amusement park in the USA for the past few months now and in the end it will matter not who takes the chair in the White House. Who ever it will be will do as their AIPAC masters tell them, anything less will lead to an untimely event.

Obama needs to choose very careful as to who his VP will be as I am thinking that should he not tow the line the VP will become the next President. Shades of Kennedy all over again....

I think this is what Hillary is hoping for.... to be selected as a running mate and then OMG that was tragic how he died, oh well now on with running this country.... ahhhhhh tis about time! Told ya I would get here, all those who would doubt me.....


Anonymous said...

Awesome post, fa!

I too hope that the PTB don't implement 9/11 Part Duex, declare marshall law and cancel the election, but I believe it's going to happen no matter how much you pray or how much I hope. Darth Chaney has been waiting for 40 years for his dictatorship and I seriously doubt if he's going to give-up his dream when it's pretty much in his grasp. Also, the drumbeats to war with Iran are getting louder. The AIPAC conference going on this week is turing out to be a bomb-Iran warfest. If the U.S does Isreal's bidding again (i.e. Iraq) all bets are off.

We're doomed, I tell you! DOOMED!

Later -


stoney13 said...

Heard all the buzz on the "Lame Stream Media"? Israel is hopping around selling wolf tickets again! The little bastards drove the price of oil up $11.00 a barrel!

Pick your dick people! And assume the position! It's gonna be a bumpy ride!

Great post Freeacre! I agree %100! with you observations of Hillary! The woman just got plain-ass SCARY there at the end!

Of course Bill couldn't keep his mouth shut, or his hands to himself, but then again, he never could, so that was no big surprise!

Oh yea! Heard any word from Belgium? The letter and pictures we sent came back yesterday.

murph said...

After having listened to a lot of the stuff coming out of the primaries and trying to do a unbiased search on Hillary I think having her in any post in government is a mistake, and I mean at any level. Gender has nothing to do with it. I feel the same way about the aging Bushie clone too. I don't much like Obama's position on a lot of stuff and of course he is forced to "talk to the audience". Since all politicians tell the voters what they want to hear, if Obama does win the election, it will be interesting to see what he really believes in. We sure found out that what Bush said and what he believes were two very different things. Until someone wins an election, I find it next to impossible to tell exactly what their positions really are. When they get the power, then you find out.


Bunch of sites predicting invasion of Iran before the election, most of them before end of August.

Belgium has been kind of tied up, but weird that stuff would be sent back. Have you had email from him?

RAS said...

Clinton is a nasty, nasty person. I wouldn't put it past her to try and have Obama assasinated in order to regain the top seat. Nor am I the only one to think so; hell, Leno made a joke about it not too long ago. *I* would run for President before I'd vote for that woman -and I say that knowing I'd rather blow my own brains out than run for office.

When oil spiraled out of control on Friday I reacted almost with glee. Sad -and wrong on some level, I know -but I can't help but rejoice that the Age of Oil is drawing to a close. The upheavals that come will not be easy, but the sooner they happen the easier they will be, in the end.

I do have some big news to announce. I've decided to leave school after the summer session. I can no longer keep going through with the motions when I have realized that I no longer have any interest in this, nor really any interest in anything that has to do with mainstream society. I am so different and there is so much *wrong* with this society that I could not effectively function in my profession; one of my main reactions would be -and all ready is -the desire to shake some of these people and ask what the f*ck is wrong with them? I've been thinking about this for some time, and this is what I know I need to do. I'll have a hard time of it if I can't get a full time job -I have a part time one now. But I'm going to try. Sister Hawk and Brother Wolf counsel me that this is the right thing to do. I'm also going to see about taking in another roommate, once I get the house in order.

One of the things I dearly wish is that I had a family or a clan to fall back on. My actual "family" was very, very abusive. My parents are dead and I don't speak with the rest of them because they are also abusive and bat s*it crazy as well. My grandmother, who is not really related to me my blood, is all I have and she is slowly slipping away from Alzheimers. Every week she is a bit further gone and I pray for the Mother Goddess to have mercy and make her end easy.

One last thing -you would not believe the incredible heat down here. Every year it comes on earlier and lasts longer, but this year it has been a nightmare. We've always had a few days in June that broke the ninety mark, maybe even two in a row, but this year, we've been in the 90s for over a week -with no relief in sight for almost another week. Before now we didn't expeirence this weather until mid July, at least. *Something* is going on with the weather. Climate change tipping points? Perhaps. Probably. All I know for sure is that I have no a/c right now and even though I sleep with all the windows open and fans going I wasn't able to cool the house down below 81 -and it didn't get that cool until 6 this morning! I am *not* sleeping well. Hence the irritability.

Sorry for the length of this post. I had a lot to say.

stoney13 said...


He sent me an email right after I found out about his wife, and sent him the email with the cloud giving the finger, to get a laugh out of him. It worked and he sent me an email to thank me.

I sent him one back, and told him how sorry I was about his wife, and told him that I would be sending him a package, then I sent it.

I found out that Belgium is going through a lot of political bullshit right now, and some government services are operating infrequently, or not at all! This is happening because the people working there are not getting paid! The Post Office seems to be one of these agencies!

From what I've heard, someone comes in twice a week in some cities, and just throws all the mail through a "Return to Sender" stamper, and goes home!

I'll re box it, and sent it through Fed-Ex. That way, I bypass the Belgium Post Office.

murph said...


I sympathize with the decisions you feel you must make. I've made similar ones more than once. I'm glad I did it the way I did, even though it meant not having much in money. I would have worn out my welcome very quickly if I had stayed with it.

Things have a way of working out most of the time.

The weather in your area doesn't sound very good. Here, it has stayed way cooler than normal, and we had quite a bit of spring rain for this area on top of the cool temps. We've had to really hustle to keep our garden and greenhouse from dying.

I presume that since you are going to quite school, you have thought about going elsewhere? If you have the funds to do so, pay us a visit. This might be a better area for you, or Montana or---.Lots of nice places to live in this country.

No apology accepted for a long comment, lots of us do it. You put forth another part of you for us. That is our campfire.

murph said...


Belgium has said that the country has been operating with no government for quite a while now. lol. We should be that lucky. Irritating problems,but nothing that can't be fixed. What we got isn't going to get fixed. sigh.

freeacre said...

Hey, Guys, thanks for the compliments. I don't expect everybody to agree with me, however. If you are a Clinton supporter or think I'm copping out on Ron Paul, or whatever, feel free to express yourself.
ras, you have a tribe, as spread out as it is: us. We care about you and respect your thinking and support your decisions. The door is always open with Montana and his crew, and at our place as well. You'd probably hate it in the winter, but there are 3 other seasons. We are like uncles and aunts or grandmas and grandpas for you. I think you are right to follow your feelings regarding school. Might be better to get training in something more geared toward the future, like permaculture, soil or water science, or some other niche that opens up. You might consider leaving the country altogether. I don't know. 2008-2010 are going to be real tight and in transition, and it will probably be difficult to know which way things are going to shake out.
Anyway, just know that you've always got your tribe here who will listen and who care about you.

freeacre said...

By the way, ras, it was 72 degrees here today, and we still have to cover the garden at night because there is ice in the mornings.

Anonymous said...


Excellent post. I am in agreement with you concerning Hillary. The list of dead people formerly associated with the Clintons is enough to scare anybody.

McCain is just a bozo, pure and simple.

What frightens me about Obama is that he is, apparently, Zbignew Brezinsky's choice, and that mutha is crazy! He represents the trilateral commission, ie., TPTB, and so I fear a vote for Obama is a vote for more of the same, only maybe on steroids.

I just read Ron Paul garnered 22 per cent of the vote in Montana's primary, and made a strong showing elsewhere in the latest primaries.

Usually I vote the democratic ticket, but Pelosi cured me of that insidious political malady sometimes referred to as "partisan trust."

Now my motto is 're-elect no one!'

For more on the Obama/Brezinsky connection, please refer to Webster Tarpley. He offers a fresh perspective on the subject.


I'm reluctant to give anybody advice concerning major life decisions, as the future of my own grand experiment seems still too tenuous to call, but your recent decision to drop out of school and start utilizing whatever time is left to concentrate on survival preparedness feels right to me.

I applaud your clear-headed analysis and your courage to act. Quitting a big committment like college is not easy. I did it, after three years of journalism school. Just ran out of interest, mostly. Money was a factor. The Viet Nam war was over, and the draft ceased to be a consideration.

By my junior year, I had learned all that college was going to teach me, and it seemed time to get out into the real world, to stretch and do.

I've been working as a self-employed stone mason now since 1978. I never regretted my time in school. Nor have I ever regretted not finishing my undergraduate degree. As big a news junkie as I may be, I never wanted to report the news.

Your totems have given you good council. Time is running out for the established system. As it collapses, sheepskins from prestigious institutions and fiat currency both will blow away like tumbleweeds across the prairie.

Take Freeacre's advice.

The east side of the spine of Turtle Island is a safe place.



RAS said...

Thanks everyone. I'm going to take some time and think about my next move. I don't have the money to do a lot of traveling. Leaving the country is out, for a lot of reasons, not least of which is that I don't have the funds (you have to have so much to support yourself in any country its a requirement) and because I don't think I'd like trying to adjust to a new place, culture, and language all at once and fast.

I haven't left school yet. I'm going to stay through summer for money reasons. Last night I discovered they've locked down the school more thoroughly than ever. They've always closed all the auxilary gates and had a guard at the main gate check your parking permit and wave you in. Now they have these new "private security guards" (no, not THAT company) who demand to see your id and know what your business is. And I thought I was pissed about it; about 10 minutes after I got to class my Muslim classmate came in and she was fit to be tied. She's never so much as raised her voice about anything and she was like "This is NOT Syria! I left Syria because of this type of ****!"

Anonymous said...

Here is a link to a recent Tarpley article on rense in which he states that Obama, through Brzezinsky, represents a 'postmodern coup,' and that the firing of key USAF officials recently signals the new regime has already begun flexing its muscles.

He says an attack on Iran is now highly unlikely. Brzezinski is loathe to wasting nuclear weapons on Iran, as he would rather use them against the REAL enemy, Russia.

He says we've jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire.

The link;


Hang in there, good luck and let us know how we can help. Don't be afraid to ask. We're all in this together.



murph said...


Well that link to Rense sure has a new slant, at least for me. Although, the danger from the Trilaterals has been talked about since the 70's, Shit, now I got to shift my hate from neocons to the Trilateralists. sigh. So many to hate, so little time.

Anonymous said...


Once upon a very long time ago I was a bit of a Hillary C fan, then I got smart as one would say. The woman is absolutely intoxicated by power and all it can bring to her. She is, and this is my humble opinion a pure waste of skin period.

Obama I will have to admit I do not know much about him however I am seeing he like the many politicians before him and I am sure the many who will follow understand that in American politics one will get no where fast unless one bows before the almighty Israhell. Good example is Ron Paul and how he was basically ostrasized by the zionist controlled media to the point where very few Americans knew who the hell he was let alone the platform he was trying to build. A platform that I may add had at least a bit of substance but then again who in the USA wants anything of substance when it comes to the political process???

I predict that if Obama does in fact beat out 'NOOK the GOOKS' McCain and if he does not tow the line set forth by the Zionist handlers he will meet with an untimely and tragic end. To that end he will do what he is requested and stray not from that path. Lets just say another useful idiot.....

As far as Bush well I can not imagine a person less qualified for the position of running the American government, can anyone tell me why they would put in charge a man that has such a pathetic track record regarding running anything? Again the TPTB knew that in Georgie Boy they had the perfect stooge for their machinations...

I am not one to give advice....but I can say this though, around this campfire there is much wisdom and should you need to have an idea tossed around, or a different perspective then this place is as good a place as any that I have found.


Anonymous said...

It's snowing.


freeacre said...

Rockpicker.....gaaaah! It snowed a tad here yesterday, too. I wish your little garden babies all the best. We kept the blankets on ours all day yesterday. Touch and go.

At least we aren't having tornadoes or floods.... or that heat wave in Alabama. Good grief.

How's everybody doing?

mrs p said...

freeacre, really enjoyed reading your post. In spite of all the obvious shortcommings of the two parties, I just hope we can all stay poised while the McBush people make complete pissing fools of themselves. Let's pray the thinking, reading people and the youth go vote and the machines aren't all fixed. mrsp

RAS said...

My neighbor across the street is being foreclosed upon. Big men with guns from the sheriff's department pulled up across the street a few minutes ago. Naturally, I went into hiding until I knew if they were going to knock on my door for some reason. (Hey, once a street kid, always a street kid.)
Now there are some thugs hauling all her belongings out to the curb while a bald headed member of the Aryan nation with a badge and a gun watches over. I mean...damn.

RAS said...

I spent a good bit of the day helping my neighbor, mostly by watching her stuff while she arranged for a truck and such. She'd been having trouble paying her mortgage since she lost her job and had been trying to make arrangements, but then they showed up this morning with the papers and an immediate eviction notice. They're not required to give you time to get out here, so they didn't. Just sent the goons in and tossed her and her son's stuff out on the yard. Broke a bunch of it too.

In other news, the heat's broken here. It's only been about 90 the past couple of days, which is a relief after the past two weeks. My ac isn't going to get fixed anytime soon, though. The compressor is broken and that's a thousand bucks.

Has anyone heard from montana? Is he all right?

freeacre said...

I feel so sorry for your neighbor. That fact that it is happening to thousands of people all over the country is just mind-numbing. As bad as the collapse of the Soviet Union was on the people, Orlov points out in his book, "Reinventing Collapse," that there were no people thrown out of their homes and they continued to have public transportation. Without at least these two supports, our people are so without the means for survival. We are so fucked.
...All these empty homes and nowhere for people to live. Kinda makes one want to re-think the money-based system we live to serve, doesn't it?
Good for you for helping, ras. That's what we're going to have to do in a big way, soon, I think.

Anonymous said...

Hey fellow swimmers, have managed to read the posts and comments with good enthusiasm but have been so god-dammed sick for the last two? weeks its just plain awful, reality is much of a blur but have written some things and after reading them thought my god did i write that and threw them in the trash, might should of saved them though just for examination of a more then normal deranged outlook on life's mysteries.
Anyway, it looks like down hill for whatever the strange shit that is floating around the village is,its pretty much epidemic near as i have been advised by the local healer of souls.
The healer says it is of the nature of the darkness that mankind is facing at this point, and that the physical manifestation of the two leggeds and world encircling evil brought on by the diseased outlook of an ego gone insane is responsible for whats occurring, langosta agrees and clarifies it some with an insight into it. i will attempt to put that into some kind of sense,but not now,its to soon and i really have not got it all together enough to give it good substance at this time,

thank you freeacre for the good message, like always it is insightful and gives good mental massage for us the keepers of the fire, and the faithful brothers and sisters that attend these fine councils,the world seems to be so weary of the trials that it is facing,thank those of you that attend this sacred meeting place,that would bring light to our mother earth and all her belongings, the beautiful inhabitants of her essence.

RAS, once again, should you find the going beyond putting up with you can find sanctuary on this reservation, here in the village of hot springs we as a collective bunch of freedom lovers are in the process of doing away with much if not all of the repressive notions that have plagued the area since its inception by the white two leggeds many years ago in search of relief within the healing waters that are abundant in this location. my email is so feel free to consider the alternative sister.

the folks of the Dali Lama persuasion have acquired 4000 acres of land here along with a little place here in the village, a shrine as it were, and rumor has it that this is a place of safety in the coming change.

will be back with the ''long winded'' words of myself and beautiful spiritual guide langosta , she has much to offer, at least it seems so sometimes when i can understand what the fuck she says, which is a challenge for me,even though it don't take all that much anyway.
so to all, peace amoung us,we are one in the spirit,

Anonymous said...

I am sending energy your direction. Take heart.

Planting peppers and tomatoes today!

Our village went through that shared malaise in March.

Solstice soon.

Boom boom boom boom....



palooka's revenge said...

" is of the nature of the darkness that mankind is facing at this point,..."

"langosta agrees and clarifies it some with an insight into it."

and i would add.... at any and every point in time. since it could be argued that "good and "evil" came out of the same creation events from which we come, there was, is, and always will be so-called good and so-called evil (i prefer love and unloving as distinctions here) in our experiences. it got mixed together by the very same energetic dynamics from which the creation events unfolded. and our mission (so to speak), should we choose to accept it, is to sort it out and make choices. we were given the tools to do this. in fact, better said, we ARE the tools to do this.

"i will attempt to put that into some kind of sense..."

i'm on the edge of me seat in anticipation mf. the wisdom of the bug always captures my attention.... p