Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Swine Nation


A couple of things are of such concern to me that they really deserve a post. But it is really difficult for me to write about them. One is the horrific abuses of the police that get worse and worse each day. Examples would be the increased tasering of people, the use of paramilitary force to domestic situations, the outright torture and beating of people, the invasion of their homes, cavity searches of children as well as adults for punitive and “security” purposes. A system of “justice” that imposes impossible fees and debts and obligations that are impossible to fulfill, and then profits when they are incarcerated. Marshalls that are getting rich with the fees paid to foreclose. And privatized prisons and mercenary police profiting from incarcerations and endless court-related fees. Police brutality and the profiteering from it as it has never been this bad before.

For examples of what I am referring to, read Joe Bageant’s site lately. He wrote an essay entitled, “Old Dogs and Hard Time,” with related comments that are eye-opening and crushingly sad. Read Cryptogon, What Really Happened, Raw Story, and numerous other alternative news sites covering atrocities that local police departments commit on American citizens. Breaking into homes unannounced, shooting people in raids to the wrong homes, strip searching women and children and leaving them in cold cells for days at a time, paramilitary responses to civil disobedience, confiscating property. It has become the norm. All brought to you by “Homeland Security” and so-called "progressive" legislation. What a crock.

The other subject is the fact that the United States of America is now officially a torturing nation. Of course, the two subjects are related. Here’s one area that the “trickle down” theory seems to apply – cruelty. “Shit runs down hill”, as it were.

We have had a general testifying that the Bush cabal is guilty of crimes against humanity at Abu Ghraibe, Guantanamo Bay, and 17 or so other secret prison ships, illegally detaining and torturing men and even children all over the world. Stories include tactics of crushing the testicles of their sons in front of fathers to get them to talk and other unspeakable atrocities. The litany of crimes goes on and on.

My problem is that I am so horrified and appalled and outraged by these crimes, that I find myself becoming physically ill when I think of them. My chest tightens up, my stomach is nauseated, my mind gets fuzzy… I tie into perhaps a formative childhood sense of helplessness in the face of abuse of power. Sickening, paralyzing fear makes me want to run, but I feel trapped.

No wonder we are a nation dependent on anti-depressants, antacids, and anti-diarrhea medication, etc. As much as the lamestream media would have us believe, it ain’t just the greasy food that’s making us sick anymore.

We are all hooked up psychically to one another. There is a collective consciousness that links us to each other. This mental and emotional reservoir of pain, despair, and fear that is growing every day is most probably having effects that we only too dimly recognize. The energy spent in denial is exhausting. The paralysis we experience is crippling. It shapes our present and holds the future hostage. How can we create a better reality, with this anchor of agony?

It’s not as though this is new. History is rife with examples of outrageous cruelty. How about the Aztecs ripping out the still beating hearts of captured victims? Thousands of women in the middle ages burned at the stakes, men gutted and torn apart for heresies during the Inquisition. Whippings, hangings, rape, pillage, slavery, crucifixion, the list goes on and on. When these became too much to bear, the whole civilization came apart at the seams.

But, we were taught that we Americans were better than this. We became the hope of the world on the promise that we don’t do that to people. We were taught that we have protection from torture and death and incarceration at the whim of the warlord. We have the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We have the police and the courts to protect us against tyranny, don’t we? Not anymore.

What the hell has happened to us? Do we just pass the Prozak and let it all go down? What is the antidote to this system of fascism, brutality, and fear? I don’t want to live in this Swine Nation, this police state. I do not choose to comply. I will resist the temptation to give even lip service to their squeals when they demand more money or shove their programs and laws at us. I will not call a cop for anything.

On the macro level, of course, the same thing has happened nationally, “in this post-9/11 world.” God, if I hear that disgusting self-serving fascist phrase again, I am going to go mad. Our government has become what it purported to hate. It is a force of darkness forged by greed, arrogance, brutality, exploitation, and a false sense of privilege. Those who serve them have their humanity diminished. Witness the epidemic of suicides of our soldiers in Iraq. I would say that (in many cases) it is the ultimate protest against the war, and we should start paying strict attention. After all, it’s not so big a step from a suicide to a suicide bomber. Both begin with a reality that is unacceptable to them.

We must identify these pigs who have taken over our government and our local police departments for what they are. After all, it wasn’t until the freaks (or hippies) began to call the police “the pigs” that problems were identified and some changes were made. It’s more than a word, it is a definition.

So, once again, we are at this point. The pigs are the enemies of freedom, liberty, and justice for all. Their masters are even bigger pigs than they are: the banksterz, the corporates, the lobbyists, the representatives, the senators, liars and thieves who would steal our freedoms, our health, and our lives, are all pigs, porkers, hogs, sows, and swine. Let’s just keep it simple, and get clear on this.

Somehow, once I know them to be pigs, they aren’t so intimidating anymore.


murph said...


Watched that partial film on permaculture you linked to in the last post. Boy, that lady is doing it all. lol. 8 hr a day job I imagine. What an inspiration. Notice where she is located though. Portland. Very long growing season and anything and everything will grow with very little effort, not like our mountain environments you and I live in. I wonder what the neighbors think of the humanure usage. Really something all right.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,

Apologies Freeacre, I will comment on your excellent piece in a few minutes but first I will just round off on the last post.

I agree with all of that. You should know by now that when I just stick a link up without any indication of which way I fall on the subject, then I am sitting back waiting for a reaction and I sure got one. The facts of Elenore Roosevelt’s efforts speak for themselves. As for the revolting masses - they are a pipe dream. When Joe six pack doesn’t have the gas anymore to go to the store for a refill then and only then might something cloud his horizon that things are somehow not as they should be.


Keep us informed if you get a reaction.


Awesome indeed. What was particularly interesting was how everything linked together, Mother Nature would have been proud of how well her lessons had been learned. I have only watched it once but what I didn’t see in the garden were all the conventional things like brassicas, root crops and pulses.
Re AlterNet; back in the days when I thought it was a real site I subscribed to feeds and these come via e-mail. Short of changing my e-mail address I don’t know how to stop them. I read the subject line and delete most of them immediately but I will occasionally open one that looks interesting.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,

It seems Blogspot either doesn’t work particularly well or it works too well. Can Murph or Freeacre take one of the above out? What I also forgot to mention was a reminder to all not to forget about the good old Codex Alimentarious; the clock is ticking.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,

Four legs good, two legs bad.

This quite nicely brings me to the point that there are essentially two sorts of people, the good ones who still have a house, work hard for a living and keep their noses clean, in all probability watch Fox News and recognise that whilst not everything is hunky dory they can remain insulated in their comfort zone. Then there are the other ones who are in principle there to protect the first lot but have been compromised by peer group pressure and a series of money sluice gates operated from above.

Looking at it from this group’s side, torture of innocents is just process efficiency. If they want to know something you know and they know you will resist their efforts to spill the beans then introducing a guilt trip will speed up the process dramatically and it works every time.

“We are all hooked up psychically to one another. There is a collective consciousness that links us to each other”. The little ‘we’ yes but I have serious doubts about the big ‘we’. Try a meeting of minds with Joe six pack, the Deliverance hillbillies or even a Wall Street broker.

Military suicides, the ultimate protest, are not the number one item on what the media wants you to concern yourself with. In fact you probably have to seek the information out on the internet. Not dissuading this practice is an efficient way of disabling public dissent. After all, who wants these loose cannons coming home and upsetting the apple cart? You can’t frighten those who have nothing to loose. It is terribly sad that they are getting in to this state purportedly on our behalf.

So it comes to this, the police have been bought by the enemy and so cannot be your friends. And those who just wanted a college education because they thought it was the right thing to do will probably carry on their killing spree on home ground or remove themselves from the game either by making the ultimate sacrifice or by running away to Canada.

Anonymous said...

8 hr a day job I imagine...

24/7 actually. not a job. its a way of life.

note the term from the vid... and here'a another closed loop area. and that loop is part of a bigger loop. kinda like our little campfire circle. not closed in the sense of not open to new things. closed in that it sustains itself. kinda like everythings holding hands and nourishing one another so to speak.

the permacult folks have really been getting their chit together. and i'm trying to follow their lead. it hasn't been easy here in joe-ja. stopped in at the ext office last spring and asked for recommendation on a premacult consultant and they looked at me like i was from mars. stopped at the master gardners' booth at a local festival and asked same question. they looked at me like i was from pluto. neither had even heard the term!!! an online search turned up the only consultants in the entire state. they're 100 miles away but make periodic trips to the city so we're working the deal around their schedule. also fortunate to have a friend 20 years into the concept. unfortunately she's 2000 miles away. she maintains an informative website for anyone interested.... http://www.practicalpermaculture.com/

good post murph. all i can say is the darkness behind the closed doors is darker than any of us can imagine. sooner or later universe has a way of flipping on the light switch. thats when, if we can still feel anything, we throw up! ...p

Anonymous said...


What an outstanding rant! Kudos, my friend. A finer tribute to G. Carlin 's truth-telling essence I cannot imagine.

You are exactly right to identify and condemn the abuses of the police in this country. They have not only turned mean and ugly, but they are ignorant as well. Most cops truly believe people standing on the courthouse steps with protest signs are breaking the law.

Remember Cindy Sheehan getting hauled out of the Capitol prior to one of The Beast's state of the...uh...talk...lecture...whatever you want to call it...for wearing what some fucking cop decided was an offensive t-shirt?

And what the fuck is a free-speech zone, exactly? Far as I'm concerned, it's everywhere outside the small, isolated, fenced-in area the cops herd us into.

"As I went walking, I saw a sign there, and on that sign it said not tresspassing. But on the other side, it didn't say nothing. That side was made for you and me."
-Woodrow Wilson Guthrie

Comparisons of this administration to Hitler's gang of thugs have become cliches, or dismissed as extremist rhetoric. The very sad and chilling truth of the matter is that those running this horror show have had a deep-seated hankering for fascist rule in this country, and they are becoming more brazen all the time.

Resistance may be futile. Or it may be our only chance. Doesn't look like anybody's ridin' to the rescue.


ps- lots of trails today. sky hazy all day. started during the night, i guess. also, something new. planes that make a deep, loud vibration. not spraying, but ominous-sounding. anybody else seeing these spray patterns?

Anonymous said...


On your question about "The Memory of Old Jack," it's been so long ago since I read it, I don't remember it well.

It's a day in the life this old farmer, who's sitting on his front porch, recalling events in his life and considering his story.

One thing I do remember is that Jack says a man won't ever amount to anything until he goes into debt. I think, in his case, he was referring to borrowing the money to buy a piece of farm ground. It's a quick read. You'll enjoy it.


Anonymous said...

From Belgium,


Lots of heavy spreying over Antwerp region yesterday. Curious thing was I only saw the trails not the planes, made a real mess of a clear bllue sky. Raining today.

RAS said...

Great rant freeacre.

Maybe its just because of how I grew up -in an abusive family pretty much on the streets -but I tend to have a little more psyhic armor than many when it comes to this sort of thing. What I mean is, that nothing they do surprises or shocks me. I don't think there's *anything* that would shock me -unless the pigs suddenly became angels. That would do the trick I imagine, lol. What they do might outrage me -but it won't surprise me. Maybe it's psyhic armor, maybe it's callousness from seeing too much cruelty all ready in my life. I dunno.

I expect things to only get worse from here. I fully expect a serious crackdown on herbalists, midwives and other practicioners of alternative medicine as things get bad and more and more people can no longer afford traditional medicine. After all, you can't have competition!

All I know is -It seems like this whole twisted system is collapsing. I certainly hope so. It won't happen overnight of course, but the faster it happens the better!

I had a strange dream last night. If it was a dream. I was standing on the edge of a deep forest looking in. It was raining. A single wolf appeared at the forest's edge and beckoned me with his head. He was an old wolf. How I know that I'm not sure, but I do. I followed willingly. And found myself in a strange place. It was the city I'm by right now, only it wasn't now. It was sometime in the future. Fifty or a hundred years, I think. I'm not sure. But it wasn't pretty. It was worse than the worst place I ever lived, growing up. It was nasty. The wolf showed me this then disappeard. I woke up then to find both my dogs staring at me. It was really weird. I went back to sleep and had strange nightmares the rest of the night.

Now for some good news: my novella is officially published (at least the first part) on Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Ras! I want a copy.

Hey, guys, I saw this headline last night, but didn't open it until this a.m.

A L E R T !

Go check this out pronto!!!



Dave Eriqat said...

I can totally empathize with your feelings: sickened by what I see, the tightening chest, the desire to flee. I felt that way – still do to some extent – for a long time. What finally happened is that I couldn’t take it anymore, so I let go. I stopped feeling responsible for that stuff. I didn’t put these evil people in power, I cannot stop them from doing what they’re doing, and most importantly: they are doing it, not me. Vote the rascals out? Are you kidding me? I’m laughing my head off at such a thought. We attempted to vote the rascals out in 2006 in the hope that they’d end the Iraq war. Guess what? They increased the funding of it! So “participating” in the political system is not only disallowed, it’s hopeless. The only rational thing one can do is sit back and watch the show, and keep one’s head down and hope to survive the bloody aftermath when it comes.

What I have done that could be called “proactive” is try to isolate myself from the coming consequences as much as possible. I got rid of all my debts and my dependence on a high income; I’ve started growing my own food; I live in a house that’s fully paid for. Some would say my actions are selfish and counterproductive – that I should be devoting my efforts to “change the system.” Were it remotely possible to “fix” the system, perhaps I would apply my efforts so. But to waste effort on an endeavor that’s utterly futile is, well, irrational.

There comes a time when one has to give up and admit failure, accept futility and do something else, like focus on self-preservation. Those of us who are “enlightened” should band together, physically if possible, or remotely as an alternative, and hope to set an example for the other lost souls, such as the 44% of Americans who seem to approve of torturing “terrorists.” Now that’s a jaw dropping poll which does not bode well for our nation or “civilization.”


Anonymous said...

Hey, here's yet another story of our "finest" sworn to "protect" us.


What's the saying....

"I wouldn't be so paranoid if they weren't out to get me."



freeacre said...

I sent that alert about the nukes to cryptogon, and he says he thinks it is psychotic. So, who the hell knows?I am having a hard time distinguishing. So much that seems psychotic is real nowadays. Anyway, it could have just been a test of some sort.

I am very grateful to have you guys to exchange thoughts and feelings with. I respect all that you do.

Anonymous said...


OK. I've been thinking about how there's no attribution to the report, accept "Hawk." However, Quayle is quoted, and he's in the public domain, with a radio talk show and website to vouch for. I doubt if he's going to go public with this sort of major disinformation if he doesn't believe there's something to it. Also, I would assume shows are archived, and to get transcripts of Friday's broadcasts should be a simple endeavor. I'm late for work, or I'd pursue this myself.

Feathery clouds streaking in parallel east-west bands this a.m.
(Remember the heavy-bomber sounds I noticed Sunday/Monday?)

Anybody out there a ham radio operator? Know anybody who is?
One of us better look into that technology, as it may be the only way to know what's going on before the military moves.

Psychotic, my ass.

The toasted cars on Roosevelt Dr. looked pretty 'psychotic' too!


Anonymous said...

From Belgium,

This story is either 100% true or 100% mischievous. Let’s look at the true scenario.

Whether true or not, it no longer about money it is about oil and control.

It is generally acknowledged that even from before the Garry Powers incident, the US and the 2nd world regularly test each other out both over and under the Arctic in a game of top gun cat and mouse. For example when the Russians finally got around to bringing their sunken nuclear sub Kursk to the surface they found that it was not operator misuse of the hydrogen peroxide fuelled torpedoes that had caused the tragedy as had been widely predicted, it had been rammed in half by another submarine – but whose? Also remember when the US was holding exercises in the Indian Ocean prior to putting the squeeze on Iran and a Chinese sub surfaced in the middle of the fleet, said “Howdy doody guys” and sailed away.

So suppose the US had deliberately crashed a plane into a Russian, North Atlantic / Arctic Ocean exercise in a way that would ensure toe to toe escalation before they walked away from each other without turning their backs, then why would they do that? Could it be that now the manikins in the White House and Pentagon are passé the PTB that now control the Executive Branch and the military want to test the Russian response to see what they are up against? This is pure speculation but could they want to start a war with Russia before the new guy takes office so that he is left with a fait accompli which was nothing to do with him?

As an aside, expect all the built up pressure inside Cheney to release itself in the New Year like a burst balloon, causing critical health problems.

Suppose the incident was of Russian instigation. Since Cheney is now out of the loop and Iran is no longer an issue, the PTB has been predicted to want a war with Russia so Russia shows its teeth with the underlying message that it just might get its retaliation in first. Also remember the rumoured threat issued by the Chinese Government but attributed to the Triads or other such faction of the Chinese underworld that if the US made a move against China or Russia then they would start to take the illuminate out.

Suppose the ‘incident’ was 100% mischievous, (didn’t happen) then who benefits? The US discredits Russia and Russia replaces Iran as the new bogie man in the American psyche. The information is released through the blogosphere so it can reach a bridgehead in the thinking internet readers’ brain without being attributable, then the situation can be scaled up or down according to the master plan.

All of this of course should be put into the category of random bloggo musings. Freeacre, sorry your excellent post got diverted by the twin subjects of permaculture and thermo nucular war.

RAS said...

Freeacre, I went to a friend's house for a while today and while I was there CNN showed a video of police oppression in Mexico. This involved police raiding a teeny bopper nightclub, starting a stampede, and blocking all the exits so the kids couldn't get out. Several died and several more were hurt. The Mexican police are apparently "apologetic" about the incident and some cops are going to get fired (ha) but the interesting thing is the response of the Mexican people: protests, marches, demands that the 'child murderers' be turned over, etc. I can't imagine seeing that sort of thing here!

I'm reading a book called 'A Little Matter of Genocide' by Ward Churchill that describes how the colonists (from Spanish to English) exterminated the Indians (or tried to), and surprise surprise, many of the same tactics are still in use today.

Anyone who wants a copy of the novella can get one by sending me an email. I'm europa plus 59 plus rs and it's yahoo. (Ha! Let the spambots decipeher that one.)

Anonymous said...


What has me puzzled is Quayle's silence. I can't figure out why he hasn't updated the story. It's obviously a major scoop. Unless it's all hooey. But what about the missile sighting? And why would Quayle print an article misquoting himself on his own website? I guess we'll just have to see what shakes out.

I'm going to bed.


murph said...


You wanted to know about chemtrails others have observed. Our skies have been criss crossed probably half the days of the month by the things. Some days it gets flat out gloom from the heaviness of them. Weird colors and shapes too.

I wonder if the east coast has as much of it, and other countries.

Still no information I have found that answers the question that if it is bad for health, wouldn't the people doing the chemtrails and ordering it done be exposed too?

stoney13 said...


Yea, you called that one right! Want to hear a real ripper? In the next county over, and about a half a mile from my driveway Steve Harlowe had the charges against him dismissed Monday because a judge said the Polk County Deputies showed "a reckless disregard for the law"! The bastards used testimony they KNEW was perjury to get a search warrant!

The REAL kicker is that Steve's horrific crime was growing medicinal marijuana for his wife who has been declared a medical marijuana patient by The Social Security Administration! And the Sheriff who knowingly used perjured testimony to acquire a legal article under fraudulent means, and then served and uttered same fraudulent document has rape charges pending!

That's right! Sheriff Chris Abril of Polk County North Carolina is an accused rapist!



Think about THAT and try to sleep tonight!

Anonymous said...


Anybody out there a ham radio operator?

ya. george ure at urban survival. and he's been interviewed by quayle on more than one ocassion. he hadn't said anything in his columns as of yesterday. fired a querry at him this morn... we'll see.

Anonymous said...

as for the chemtrails, i look up and seldom see over the atlanta area. no idea why cuz they're certainly prolific in many areas. sure saw em over cal when i was out there.

how 'bout over your way ros?


lanier still 14'+ below summer pool. and now falling.

Anonymous said...

back to on topic. more swine. and these guys don't even need a badge...


murph said...


Our government, our society, is in the grip of fascism. Now we can truly say we know what that means.

Take a look at your local government and see if it is there yet. Probably is. Ours sure is. Can't fight at the fed level, but sure as hell can at local level.

We are going to pay a hell of a price for this inattention as a nation.

Anonymous said...


Just got off the phone with Steve Quayle.

He confirmed the missle siting.

He says the Russians just bought 5 billion $ worth of gold this a.m., that's why gold jumped 30 bucks today.

He says he hasn't got time to join in our blog discussions because we are already in world war III, full-scale weather war with China/Russia, etc.

He says stop wasting time writing to each other and get prepared.

He was pissed and defensive, having had to deal with ignorant callers who don't have a clue how serious the situation has already become.

He says Hawk is on his radio show TONIGHT at 5pm, mountain time. He will fill in the blanks. An archive is available, for pay.

He said regular civilian-oriented ham radio people might not have understood the military jargon, and would not have been listening on the proper high-frequency channels used by the military Friday, aand so missed the excitement.

He guaranteed to me it all happened as reported.


freeacre said...

Wow, Rockpicker, that is awesome. Thanks so much for calling him and sharing the info. Damn.

Yeah. The Dow is tanking, the dollar is down even more, oil is up to $140 for the first time, and gold is up over $30.

Holy Shit! If we couldn't talk to each other, it would be worse.

Anonymous said...

I'm listening to Hawk on Quayle's site right now. Will report in after the show.


Anonymous said...

Okay. Not many news. Hawk did the show without Quayle, but did confirm Quayle was driving east out of Bozeman Friday night, with a passenger. Both saw the missile launch and fly overhead, to the west. Apparently, another vehicle appeared out of nowhere, closed on the missile, and "took it out" in a "reddish pink flashing glow in the sky where the missile had been tracking."

Another person witnessed the same event from a backyard in Bozeman, Mont., and is scheduled to be interviewed Monday at 5:00 pm mountain time.

I just e-mailed Bill and Kerry at Project Camelot to let them know about this. And I invited them to come sit by the fire with us.


freeacre said...

We listened to Quayle's show, too. Then, it was announced on NBC news that a missile was shot off this morning by us and then destroyed by some sort of other weapon that we have, as a test (or demonstration, I'd guess). Haven't got the details, but it was pretty spectacular. Guess two can play at that game, maybe?

The old weird-shit-o-meter is coming into play again...

I note that in spite of "WWW" Steve Quayle still does his show and keeps his website going. Keeping in touch is part of preparation, darn it.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,


If they are modifying the weather systems over the Far East does that mean they are really going for it? What kind of weather do you need for a nucular war or are they trying to stretch the emergency services as much as possible? Is there any indication of whether the situation is escalating or subsiding? Please keep us updated.

This is no time for singing but here is part of a song from Willie Nelson. For those not familiar with the term, Preacher = Gun.

Time of the Preacher

It was the time of the preacher in the year of 01
Now the preachin' is over and the lesson's begun

He cried like a baby
He screamed like a panther in the middle of the night
An' he saddled his pony
An he went for a ride

It was the time of the preacher in the year of 01
Now the lesson is over and the killin's begun

It was the time of the preacher in the year of 01
An' just when you think it's all over, it's only begun

RAS said...

RP, There are so many planes taking off and landing around here that it would be impossible to distinguish chemtrails from exhaust fumes even if they are there.

Back on subject, two of our local cops are being tried for drug traffickimg. Surprise surprise. I wonder what they did to get caugh. When I was in junior high I had to take the DARE program along with all the other kids of my generation. I actually ended up takimg it several times because we moved around so much. At one school the DARE officer was also the neighborhood's biggest drug dealer; he used to sell pot out of the back of his squad car!

On a personal note, I mashed part of my right hand in the garage door yesterday. My own sutpid fault. Not pretty. It'll be okay but I'm typing pretty much one-handed right now. What pissed me off though was that one of my neighbors saw it happen, and then stood there and *watched* while I struggled to get my hand free. I could have used the help and he just sat there watching like I was his evening entertainment. So, people gettung hurt is now fun to see. Look what we've become.

The side of me that's still 16 wants to egg his fancy car.

Anonymous said...

dateline, today....

The Nuclear Expert Who Never Was by scott ritter

very important outing of david albright by scott ritter, the single most expert voice of truth on iraq's wmd IN-capabilities going into the war and since. ritter has also maintained iran's alledged nuclear capabilities are no where near those claimed by the warriors who would twist such info into something closely resembling yellow cake.

albright is the village shill and self-proclaimed "expert" most often paraded out to the media and the public as the "man in the know".

ritter exposes the truth.


y'all may have run up on this already since its all over the alt news (no, not alternet) websites by now. but give our friend rick over at after armageddon some action and click him up for this very important read...


you may find the need for such a profound and shocking outing incidental in the context of all that is happening. but the capability claim is the one and only hard-on upon which b-co hangs its war hat! when we all know its all about the oil.

and i'd venture to say that with $140 oil and sentiment shifting to drill offshore and anwr they could tell the truth on the agenda and would have a majority of the public in allignment... p

Anonymous said...


I don't claim any expertize on the subject, just interest.

Here's a link to a talk you might find of interest.


Also, on Steve Quayle's site, under Archived News, check out weather warfare.

I believe some of the technologically advanced states, U.S., China, Russia, etc. have the capability and probably are screwing with each other's weather.

I'm convinced we in southwestern Montana have been sprayed almost constantly since at least mid-winter, when I first started watching the skies seriously. The other day you could see the bluish haze falling out of the sky between cumulous clouds. It almost looked like thin forest fire smoke, but no reports of fires burning in Idaho were forthcoming. After a plane sprays, the 'chemtrail' lingers and spreads, usually an uniterrupted white trail across the sky from horizon -horizon. As the trail thins out, it breaks into ripplemarks like the surface of a washboarded gravel road. It's claimed that this is a result of H.A.A.R.P.'s being used to somehow effect these electrically-conductive aerosols. To what purpose, who knows?

I agree that it is not rational for members of our society to spray possible poisons, as they too might be effected. That doesn't mean it's not being done. And without our knowledge or consent.

The problem is, if these are just normal contrails, as the USAF claims, then where is the science and physics to explain them forming, in the first place, but subsequently persisting and spreading, in cloudless skies too dry and too warm to sustain natural clouds?

NOAA and NASA both say it takes minus 70 degrees F temps AND above 70 percent relative humidity to create clouds.


RAS said...

This is so funny I just had to post it. You know that story a few weeks ago about the cops that went into a man's home in the middle of the night just to tell him he should lock his doors? Well this is the difference between the south and the rest of the country: very early Saturday morning (around 3 am) an off-duty cop (who I think had been drinking but they didn't say for sure) decided to sneak into his friends house and surprise him. Why wasn't said. At any rate, the friend thought the intruder was a burgler, pulled out a gun, and shot him. The cop is now in the hospital. And this guy has at least one commendation, according to the news report.
This is the kind of cop we give commendations to????

freeacre said...

RP - For months before the missile incident in Montana, we had several chemtrails over our house every single day. The day it happened, we actually had 9 of them in parallel at one time! And, now, since that shoot down in Hawaii last week, nothing. Haven't see a one.

There are two disturbing videos of women being savagely beaten while in the custody of the police on U-Tube. One woman was the relative of another woman who was injured. She was a medical caretaker and was just leaning in to take a look at what the medical workers were doing to her when a pig picked her up and slammed her into the concrete on her face. Broke her face all up so that her head looked like an egg plant. Another woman in custody kept insisting to use a phone to call a lawyer or relative, and the cop handcuffed her and kept slamming her into a concrete wall until she lay unconscious in a pool of blood.
I worked with teenagers in residential treatment and have worked with kids bigger than me acting out and doing all sorts of unruly things from throwing chairs, lamps, light bulbs, hitting, spitting, and god knows what, but we NEVER hit a kid or injured one trying to subdue him or her.
The most rudimentary training in how to subdue a person without injury to them would have diffused both those situations easily. There is no excuse for this brutality, but it seems to be increasing every day.

Anonymous said...

Do you think maybe the pigs are trying to provoke a violent reaction from society in general, thereby creating an excuse for a declaration of martial law?

Here's an exerpt from an article I read this morning, by Alex Wallenwein.

"America has a constitutional system that, even though it has been successfully neutralized to a large extent, was designed to protect individual freedom, and that makes some of her people insist on them. Such cannot be tolerated in a truly globalized world. It tends to make people of other countries want to simulate the US and to insist on keeping their countries' sovereignty intact to protect their own tenuous freedoms.

"In the final analysis, therefore, the euro is a war currency as well. It is a model currency, designed to centralize economic power in artificial, regional political bodies and away from sovereign national governments. It is a currency designed to abolish the nation state. It serves as the model to be implemented by other regions: North America next, then Asia and Africa, later North and South America combined, and eventually all of these regions will be forced to bow to a supra-regional, global control mechanism."

The above from "The Euro vs Dollar Gold-Monitor: The Dow-Crash, The Dollar, Gold, and WAR!". Find entire article here:


It sounds about right to me.

FA, your mention of the collective consciousness is an interesting thread. Maybe the pigs' publicized brutality feeds more of the same, creating a climate of worsening repression until things generally deteriorate into a state of utter chaos, with the masses at open war with body-armored police, who claim they are only trying to re-establish order.

Yeah, I think that must be right. The cops are the real victims.

What, you think they like having to beat up little old ladies?


Anonymous said...

From RP;

Danger In The Sky - The Chemtrail Phenomenon

You Tube
Tuesday, June 17, 2008

"The largest coordinated global engineering project in the history of our species. People across the world are noticing planes crossing back and forth in the sky leaving in their wake a trail of vapor that does not evaporate. These are not your normal commercial airlines following a preordained path from city to city. There mysterious unmarked planes leave smoke-like trails behind them that spread until by the afternoon they have blossomed and grown until the skies have become overcast. Officials from the Air Traffic Control the EPA and the Air Force will not respond to questions regarding this phenomenon."


Anybody seen cobwebs falling out of the sky?

Anonymous said...


You asked for it. Check this out.


On www.stevequayle.com you can look up a map of the central US showing recent quakes around the New Madrid area. Eastern Tennessee is clearly active. I've been scratching my head over this all winter. It never occurred to me to suspect manmade manipulation.



Anonymous said...

From Belgium,


Caught up on the links, thanks.

“It (The Euro) is a currency designed to abolish the nation state”. That is spot on but the public of two countries voted ‘No’ on the proposed European wide referendum of a European Constitution so the PTB had to abandon the idea directly and think of another way. Same person, different hat.

To the commentator who said a cop on the street advised them to buy a shot gun and ammo because it is later than they think (can’t find the reference back), then check out this which us an ongoing update to a link we have seen before and will put some flesh on the bones of the quote.


Here are some quotes from it.

“Ben Bernanke is indeed the last wall before the largest US currency and asset owners become fully aware of the fact that Washington no longer has the means of its monetary policy”.

“The « Bernanke » card is the last « psychological » card Washington can play”

The return to a “strong Dollar” is a bit like the « liberation of Iraq »: wishful thinking turning into a nightmare”.

“………the world is already filled with US Dollars no one knows what to do with”.

“……..if Washington implements a voluntary policy of dollar-rescue, is probably unacceptable by the US authorities. Therefore, apart from talking – and further self-discrediting – they cannot do anything”.


– change of subject here. This song came into my head when you told the story of your neighbour watching you bust your hand in the garage door and also the tale of the bad Samaritans who looked disdainfully at your other neighbour having her stuff pitched out on the street.

"Break Your Heart"

People downcast, in despair
See the disillusion everywhere
Hoping their bad luck will change
Gets a little harder every day

People struggle, people fight
For the simple pleasures in their lives
But trouble comes from everywhere
It's a little more than you can bear

I know that it will hurt
I know that it will break your heart
The way things are
And the way they've been
And the way they've always been

People shallow, self-absorbed
See the push and shove for their rewards
I, me, mine is on their minds
You can read about it in their eyes

People ruthless, people cruel
See the damage that some people do
Full of hatred, full of pride
It's enough to make you loose your mind

I know that it will hurt
I know that it will break your heart
The way things are
And the way they've been

I know that it will hurt
I know that it will break your heart
The way things are
And the way they've been

Don't spread the discontent
Don't spread the lies
Don't make the same mistakes
With your own life
You never will let love survive

I know that it will hurt
I know that it will break your heart
The way things are
And the way they've been

Don't spread the discontent
Don't spread the lies
Don't make the same mistakes
With your own life
Don't disrespect yourself
Don't loose your pride
And don't think that
Everybody's gonna choose your side



Anonymous said...

Poor old Marat, in you we trust.
You work 'til your eyes turn
as red as rust. But while you write,
they're on your track. Their boots
mark the stairscase, the door
thrown back! Poor old Marat,
we trust in you.

Marat, we're poor.
And the poor stay poor.
Marat, don't make
us wait anymore.
We want our rights,
and we don't care how.
We want a revolution,

--lines from Marat/Sade


RAS said...

FA, I think those cops did that because they WANTED to, not because they didn't have any choice.

I heard Richard Armitage, McCain's military advisor, the other night on NPR and he told them (I'm paraphrasing here but its pretty accurate): We don't believe in tact and diplomacy. We believe in the power of the sword, of forcing our opponents to the ground and bending them to our will.

Yep -that's who I want for my president. Not that I want any part of this rotten system, but you get my meaning.

I heard on NBC nightly news last night that 2 million people are expected to 'fall behind on their mortgage payments' next year. I guess that's the new euphemism for being foreclosed on. Add that to the one million + who are going to have lost their houses over this year, and that's 3 million people. Ok, that's probably a low ball estimate but even if its accurate, 3 million is 1% of the population of this country! That's a recipe for disaster.
Or rebellion.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,

Sometimes you get so close to things you can’t see what is right in front of you. It has just occurred to me that the reason the UK never joined the Eurozone has nothing to do with sovereignty. The PTB couldn’t give a rats arse about that. Sovereignty was just something that could be easily sold to the Brits Island mentality. The real reason, it seems to me, is that when the US goes the way of the Wiemar Republic, the Bank of England will not be joined at the hip to the European Central Bank and so will be able to maintain its patriarchal position.

One thing I never realised until I saw that pie chart in the GEAB report I referenced earlier is that Japans dollar exposure is far greater than Chinas (27.9% vs 18.6% of total foreign dollar holdings). Either these two will be sitting with their fingers up their collective bums or they will be sailing into Plymouth Sound singing “This land is our land”. Maybe someone will write a song called Payback time for Hiroshima. I had to smile when I saw Luxembourg’s dollar exposure was 5.4% compared with Belgium’s 0.5%; obviously all the European shell company dollar accounts.

The GEAB people are also floating the possibility that when the US disappears economically and politically it could come to be administered by an international trusteeship. Maybe by a council formed in proportion to the nations’ current dollar exposure. How would you guys feel / respond in that eventuality. Personally, I can’t see that one flying. The event organisers would not go to all that trouble to have it administered from a broad base. Better from the eye at the top of the pyramid.

Anonymous said...

Quick note. Here's video news of the latest on Codex Alimentarius, via Dr. Rima Laibow.



RAS said...

Check this story out from NPR: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=92103242

And I'm published! Woot!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Hey! Good for you, Ras. I heard that story tonight while at work. Haven't yet had a chance to read it, but they said on the radio the FBI was investigating. Good job!


murph said...


Interesting, that link says that report is missing. Did a search for FBI investigations, found a bunch. Not sure which one you are linking to.

RAS said...

Murph, a suspected cop killer was found dead in his cell in solitary -strangled. Furthermore, the 'corrections facility' he was being held out has had numerous problems with jailers being in trouble. Hmm, the link's working now. That's strange.

just to clairfy: the story on NPR wasn't how I got published; taht wasn't mine. My novella came out yesterday

murph said...


The link worked for me this morning also.

It is obvious to me that if you kill a cop, deserved or not, you are then fair game from ALL other cops. It's a pretty tight knit organization. Plus the dude had another strike against him, being black.

We do have some pretty blatant excesses, corruption and vengeance problems with the entire justice and enforcement system. We got what we voted and paid for, but hell, that's true for our whole system isn't it? I figure it's gonna get a whole bunch worse too.

freeacre said...

I'm putting a new post up, but do feel free to just continue on the conversation.

Sorry, the next one is so long... but it's just to get us thinking.