Saturday, March 14, 2009

Disinformation and Disorientation

by freeacre

It seems the more I read the less I know.

Has the stock market bottomed out? Is this the beginning of a slow recovery leading to better times? Or, is it the sign of some sort of historical or computer generated Wave that will eventually lead to a total financial meltdown? Are we headed for inflation or deflation? Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Many of the world leaders are meeting next week to talk over the banking crisis. Are we headed for one world currency? Has Hillary Clinton delivered a deal with China to back their investment in our Treasury Bonds with the promise of Eminent Domain on American real estate? (Real Estate like, say, the states of Hawaii and California…) Will regulations be instituted that will put a stop to the stupendous graft and fraud upon which the ruling class created money to line their pockets, while squeezing the workers who manufacture goods down to the bone?

How about our foreign policy? Are we going to cultivate a better relationship with Russia? There are signs that this may be so. On the other hand, we might be entering the end game of a years long KGB manipulation that ends with statues of Marx erected in our town squares.

Of course, that manipulation would be in competition with the Zionist conspiracy to run our government. Or, the Illuminati and Bilderberger schemes to turn us all into debt serfs and big Pharma zombies.

Or, will that pain-in-the-ass North Korea do some provocative space-related thing like fire off a missile at Japan or “run into” another one of our communications satellites. Or, will Israel be compelled by some weird Old Testament programming and just up and nuke Iran?

More likely, it seems to me, would be growing unrest in Mexico due to the collapse of their oil fields, increased power of the drug lords, and huge drop in money that they used to send to their families by working in the U.S. This could lead to some sort of limited war with Mexico. Some might perceive it to be just enough to very conveniently pump up our economy. Just think of all the jobs created by firing up all those FEMA camps and putting a lot of us to work being prison guards and ancillary goons. Not exactly the career choice I had in mind for my children, but…

Of course the numbnuts in Washington D.C. don’t grasp just how much of the population bedrock that those of Hispanic heritage are out here in the West. The blowback from this type of misadventure would probably be so destabilizing, that an all out Civil War would not be out of the question.

The chaos that follows would probably be a good time to introduce the biological weaponry that one or another of the international elites of the planet have in mind for the final solution to the over-population problem. Add pestilence and plague to famine and war, and you’ve got the wet dream of the fundamentalist’s Apocalypse. Hoo rah! Or, rather, Halleluiah!

What am I saying? I thought things were changing. Obama’s been elected. Bush and his evil minions are gone. They can’t even find jobs! The President speaks in compound sentences now, for God’s sake. The First Lady doesn’t look as if she’s been over-medicated with Prozak and kept in a closet. Jon Stewart is the king of the news. These are all good things, right?

This “correction” in the markets and re-adjustment of our economy to more sustainable practices will be beneficial in the long run. People are reaching out to each other and planting gardens and defining themselves less by what toys they buy or the latest plastic surgery intervention. Green energy projects, new infrastructure so bridges loaded with cars don’t drop into our rivers at rush hour, and additional grants for college educations is in the works.

We don’t have to look out from our minds through lenses tinted with our own fears anymore. Or, do we? I don’t know. I think one indicator that I am going to rely upon is what actually happens with those proposals in the congress that would restrict organic home gardening and farmers markets and, basically, hand over the control of our entire food supply to agribusiness consortiums.

That will be a basic test of reality for me. Then I think I will have a clearer idea of whether the sound of jackbooted thugs will arrive in my driveway someday or if it really is the dawn of the Age of Aquarius.


Obsidience said...


Love the last bit on "Wait a Minute!". You are correct that things don't appear to be changing quickly. I feel Obama is in a tight position, if he goes too liberal financial confidence is lost but with that being said he's riding that thin line pretty well IMHO.

Take care!


Anonymous said...

From Belgium,

Think globally, act locally. If we are to be prevented from acting locally then perhaps it is time to act globally, locally but Murph has expressed the difficulty of enacting this one so the only option left is not to act. This option would not sit well with many. The cry of “Give me freedom or death” is a bit of an empty gesture if everybody else just stands around with their hands in their pockets and kicks stones. Is there really a conspiracy? Are we really pitted against a cabal of Satanists who mainly just happen to be Jews? If this is so then these event organisers seem to be prodding with sticks in order to provoke a reaction so that they can play with their new toys. Or maybe Obama really has messianic powers, maybe. One thing for sure, we are locked into a wait and see mode but the longer we wait the more traction we loose. There are no easy answers; even doing nothing is not a pleasant option but often, what is necessary is not pleasant.

Welcome in gabe, we would like to hear more of your thoughts.

freeacre said...

"...Are we really pitted against a cabal of Satanists who mainly just happen to be Jews?" Auugh Jeeze, Belgium. I would say that's a "no." Many of the victims of this malfeasance are also Jews... as are many of the leadership of the Peak Oil movement (J. Howard Kunstler, Matt Savinar, Sharon Astyk, etc.)who we can be grateful to for trying to save our asses. We can throw in a bunch of great scientists as well. What the financial "cabal" have in common is that they are all BANKERS. Big, fat, ugly, international investment bankers - scum of the earth, sleazy reptile types.

Nice to hear from you, Gabe.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

Well, didn’t we touch a nerve there, he, he? OK, first off it was a question albeit a rhetorical one. But if you want me to address it here goes. This is a classic case of where lawyers make loads of money interpreting the meaning behind the words.
If you look at any of the documentaries dealing with the history of money, the Money Masters is a good example although there are many others; we are told that the concept of fractional reserve lending was brought into being by Amsteel Bauer who later changed his name to Amsteel Rothschild. He was not the only trader in gold and had business relationships with others who just happened to be of Jewish descent like Adam Wieshaupt; The Schiff family, Aloes Fortis etc. Wieshaupt, we are told, was a Satanist and influenced many of his business contemporaries with this doctrine. So many of these BANKERS of gold and later money, were born Jews and clandestinely practiced Satanism. These people never relinquished the influence their wealth brought them and the descendants of these people are reportedly the prime movers behind today’s financial order. Not all people in the financial world are either Jews or Satanists but the main actors, we are led to believe, are. Later, they had enough money and power to influence the political world through representatives like Kissinger and Brzezinski. These later collectively became known as NeoCons. Brzezinski’s views for World domination have been published in his book The Grand Chessboard and he is now one of Obama’s top advisors. If these people are ever challenged, they always play the holocaust card even though they appear to have little regard for others of their faith, only for others of their wealth.

What I am not saying is that all bankers and financiers are devil worshiping Jews or that Matt Savinar or any others of the Jewish faith are necessarily bad people. You did seem to hit the nail on the head with your definition of the cabal though.

murph said...

I have been reading anti Jewish/Semitic stuff since the 70's, when I finally had at least part of my brain migrate up to my head. Back then, you found this kind of writing in the fringe papers and magazines. Once in a while a stink would float up when someone on radio mentioned it. Never Never saw it on TV.

I can remember back then thinking (rather confusedly) what the fuck. Is this for real or just more B.S. from ass holes wanting attention?

Today, you can find this subject almost anywhere you care to look, a large segment on the internet and a smaller amount on talk radio. Still almost none on TV and it still seems to be concentrated in the fringe thinking areas.

Taking a look at Jewish history, many of the places they settled into the government and social pressures kept them from owning property or having businesses, so they turned to being money changers, a grand old Testament tradition. There are damned few places left in this world to be nomads any more.

I have been attempting to decide if I subscribe to another of a long list of conspiracy ideas around this accusation. I'm still undecided.

The thing I like to keep reminding myself about is that every single major world religion focuses on something(s) (at least periodically in history) that sure enough appears to me to be either schizophrenic, pathological, sociopathic, or what the hell, I'll say it, not very nice people. There seems to be plenty of people in any religion that see the light and go off on tangents that don't appear to me to have much to do with what their books say on the subject.

So I ask of the people that are into slamming the Jewish persuasion if they are any different from the Crusaders or the evangelical missionaries that wiped out whole groups of indigenous peoples in history? Even the Buddhists were warlike as hell for a while. Damned few religious groups have not succumbed to some kind of conquest, suppression and manipulation when the opportunity presented itself in history.

Do I approve or not condemn those that would manipulate the media and money for their benefit, regardless of faith? Hell no. Do the Jew baiter's equally condemn Christianity when some of its adherents do the same? Hell no.

I have come to the conclusion that presenting evidence that we are being taken over by a religion to be a straw man to cover up those that are of an approved religion doing the same. Remember G. Bush made the claim of being a good Christian. As far as I am concerned, bad people are bad people no matter the faith they claim.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,

Point taken Murph, I guess the subject turns around what it is that money changers do rather than who they are. If the Jews had been stopped from doing everything else and it was the only thing left for them, then we have to stick our hands up for that one. I am no more anti Jewish than I am anti Muggletonian but it is well known that money brings power and one only has to witness the power that Israel holds over the USA to see where the world’s power gravity resides.

I also think that many of the leaders and followers of the world’s major religions are the most intolerant, (particularly towards other religions) and immoral people. I believe that there was one early Pope who used to show off his illegitimate children on the balcony of the Vatican. I don’t have any problem with the Pope or anyone else in the church having kids but how is that for double standards from the keeper of the world’s morals? The celibacy thing came about not through any concept of priests devoting themselves solely to God’s work; moreover it was because priests were people of high standing in the community and as such where reasonably wealthy. The church establishment did not want them dying off and leaving their money to anyone other than the church. So even in those days, it was more about money than ethics. As you say, everyone from the Crusaders to the Conquistadors were not nice people. We are going to steal all of your gold, kill as many of you as we can and to those who are left we are going to teach a code of morals. It sounds about right to me.

Btw, I forgot to mention this yesterday. I don’t know how many of you are familiar with Google Trends; it is one of their lesser known services. In case there are those of you who don’t know what it is, I will very briefly explain. It will give you in graphical form the number of internet hits on any particular subject over time. It will also plot hits for or against a particular subject or compare similar things. For instance it will graph for you the number of hits one particular football team has compared to another or measure the hits on different sides of an argument such as those looking for pro and anti abortion sites. It also plots what it calls “News Reference Volume” over time. It will also tell you which part of the world the hits are coming from.

That is the preamble. What I asked GT to find were “For, Against Proposed US Federal Legislation Banning Farmers Markets”. I was expecting the graph to start at 2009 since this is being touted as an Obama proposal. I was surprised to see hits on this subject going back to 2004. This was only for the “For” subject I quite forgot there would not be any hits for not banning something that wasn’t illegal :-/
The hits were at a maximum around end 2004, dipped slightly and remained steady between mid 2006 to mid 2007 then rose to the end 2004 level by end 2008. The News reference Volume however has been rising steadily until the third quarter 2008 when it dipped at the time of the new government and now has sprung back up. I was surprised this has been in peoples minds for so long. The only thing I can think of unless you know different, is that must be some activity by Big Ag possibly in combination with the Codex people.

Here is the link:

murph said...


Looked at the Google trends site. Not sure how to use it or interpret the results. Will spend more time there and see what I come up with.

Yup, I agree with you that the simplified statement boils down to "they will be known by their deeds".
You are also correct that handling huge amounts of money seems to increase corruption and manipulation exponentially. That perhaps the majority of people are of a particular nationality or religion then becomes irrelevant. I just don't know what to think about a massive conspiracy in this context. I agree that it sure appears that there is an abnormal amount of control of policies by Israel. And I also am damned tired of the fall back argument of the holocaust and antisemitism. It's been the international tear jerker long enough I think. Other countries and groups have had bigger losses than they had and for much the same reason.

Until the operating paradigm changes, it isn't going away.

Anonymous said...

From Baz,

native of NZ, where is that? Downunder--20c worth--disclaimer.

I've always been comforted by Jesus' words, but not by Pontius
Pilate's words. But then he warned us, "beware the ... not just him, his children."

In the old soldiering manuals, there is a rule (maybe the 1st)--
to correctly identify your enemy. Maybe, it's been thrown out? I
believe (got this off some movie), it's somwhere sown into the American Constitution (maybe Jefferson?), that, we (americants)
have a duty to disobedience wherever we see evil, and wherever evil is practiced. Wickedness in High Places--Governmentalness.

I liked some of those old slogans: resist!

freeacre said...

Right On, Baz!! Welcome to the Campfire. Resist! Resist! Resist!

I go for the old fashioned concepts, too - Freedom! Liberty! Brotherhood! Equality!

Yes, and Jefferson did write that it is our "duty" as citizens to resist tyranny and oppression if we find it within the government in order to preserve the ideals upon which the Union was founded. (Well, I'm paraphrasing, but that is the gist of it.) Hopefully, Pres. Obama will recall that as President, having been a constitutional professor.

I think that if only a few live free and detach from the larger system of tyranny and exploitation, they can beat us into a bloody pulp. But, if the idea caught on, and millions of us just backed off and began to resist the greater culture and begin to live lives that adhere to the founding principals, the government would be overwhelmed and the people would eventually vote in different people with a different agenda, and we could win. Especially because even if by some miracle, the current financial plans work, and things got back to "normal" it would be unsustainable due reality of Peak Resources.
So, forget about things getting back to normal, and begin to live as if we are living withing the parameters of the new future. That's how we make it happen.

Anonymous said...

Welcome Gabe,
went to your site to determine if your name was pronounced Gabe or Gab-e, its Gabe, loved the link about solar towers,when i was a teenager in colorado i used to run the canyons that led into the grand canyons and discovered huge square structures of indeterminate height but inside i notice the air coming in and going up the chimney was very cool on a hot day, what a neat idea, attach a fan with a
generator inside it and presto! electricity.
of course to most of the shit that humans make are butt ugly, especially the things they live in. boxes, uggg.
seens your a computer whiz, excellent, mind if we come over for advice?/

Good to see new folks come on in to the campfire and jaw some.

Also Baz, welcome brother,
always wanted to go to NZ, the place looks like a fun place to visit. course being an ex felon i can't even go to canada unless i sneak across the border.

If you have been to this council for a while you will know that i am a hybrid mix of native american and some white person back in the day, and that religion in my view is responsible for the condition of white people and the destruction of our mother earth, course i'm going to get flak for saying this from the deneiers but it still as i have said before before the boat people came to this county you could drink from the rivers,!!! imagine that! now you can't even swim in the mother fuckers. imagine that!
soooo case closed as far as i am concerned, o boy,,
i think the same thing happened in NZ also didn't it,? and Australia and every where else on mother earth, but i digress,
i sent an email the other day to rockpicker and included in it a thought that occurred to me about this subject of religion and it was this,

''OMG, this is incredible, but well, it all seems to be falling into place karl, the whole damn picture in as much as from the stand point that i am viewing it from, which is a deep dark look at human nature as a whole, the program as it is being run as a world event exactly coincides with the individual dna responses to and of life itself.
all these years i have been blaming religion for the evils of this world i now know that the true depth of human misery has been implanted by what or who as the initiator of our world experience;
this may be to much to fathom but i believe that the human dna has been altered to the point that we all self destruct, and after what is left will just either be food or slave things to what ever alien presence set it up in the beginning.
thats the way i see it now, it makes sense to me what do you think?''

because this is something much of my life has been in pursuing, what makes people do what the fuck it is that they do!!
i mean just look around and see the total insanity of human behavior, the way we treat each other and the things we do to each other and even to our sacred selfs.
and furthermore all the so called sacred books regardless of the content is in every single one i have read is nothing more then a MANDATE for human behavior, plane and mother fucking simple, they tell you how to behave on to the point where every waking moment from the cradle to the grave we walk and talk the god dam book!! i say fuck the book, it is time for people to wake the fuck up and look at themselfs for what they are, and what are we,? we don't know to put it mildly, how can we,? we were never even asked that question, we were told that we were evil and but by the grace of some bitch assed god through ME, you will be saved if you do exactly as i tell you, and by the way we will fuck your little children as just one of the perks for being one of gods best buddies.
parent goes ok, didn't like the kid much anyway.
the people of europe and those that migrated to other places, ( like here) are living walking carriers of the disease called christianity, the depth of this disease is beyond belief in regard to how the carriers behave, it is simply amazing if one watches close enough, we live and have our being through this mother fucking book.,period!
the so called free thinkers? hah, thats a laugh, the ones that think they can or have escaped this monstrous man made creation are in absolute denial as far as i can see cause it at this point is in control of the human organism right down to the shitty little strands of DNA,which perpetuates the message down through the ages even if all the bibles disappeared the oral traditional of control and the controlled would carry on without missing a fucking beat.
so what we say? if there is nothing we can do about it why struggle,? right?
brother this is point and counterpoint to these thoughts and is precisely what is taking place in this fucked up country as we speak.
don't make waves, momma will whip your ass if you do.

ok so what, anyone can whine about the situation as this one is doing at the moment, but if your so smart asshole why don't you do something about it ya say,

well ok.this one has found out that even though the truth about this problem of human behavior has been seen for what it is, thats not worth the a goddam thing cause the induced program that has been running for millenniums has absolute total control of the sheep to the extent that nothing short of a meteor falling in the neighborhood would make a difference,and not even that,
we are doomed, ok? thats it. and one reason is that there is almost no alternative to the current program,... sure a few will investigate and learn the truth which resides inside there own being but for the other 99 out of a hundred , fuck it, no way.
other reason is that being its been going on for so long that like its been said its genetic and how many generations would it take to even get back to the resemblance of semi-purity that existed here only five hundred years ago?
ain't going to happen with the present paradigm,
ok the way out?
the only way i have found that even has a remote chance is individual salvation, one at a time, take care of youself to the point that one will carefully watch as a passive observer of ones own actions,and discover just exactly what is going on inside, the old sage remarked one day.
any other avenue is nothing but more programs stacked on top of each other and is pure bullshit as near as this one can tell. just more of the same with a new shinny sales pitch.! and Cheap too.

Lets hear it for RESIST, noncompliance is possible for us and we can and are banding together as small groups like this one and we will live and discover that we truly are all the same and that you are not nearly as fucked up as i thought you were since i looked in the mirror and saw you reflected back to me.!
goddam it jim, we need more lithium crystals.

love baby, thats where its at, learning to love, first yourself and then maybe other folks. uggg., that thought brings shivers thats for sure,.there are some people that are just to much so go ahead and run over them with your new SUV and get on with your life.
the end
peace brothers and sisters,
montana freeman

murph said...


That is a good rant my man. All you say I contemplate on a regular basis.

Here is the conclusion I have come up with. Human DNA doesn't change much in less than a couple of million years. So I figure that people are pretty much the same as they have been with minor differences. What has happened, is that as populations increased, the means of setting up ways to live has changed a lot. When we were living in smaller groups, some of these groups figured out how to deal with the human proclivities better, and just didn't do so many really stupid and destructive things.

Remember my talking some time back that in the 70's a study was done on the effect of amount of population and how weird or destructive the behavior was? They found that at 30-40 population, conflicts and destructive behavior was minimal, above that and as population increased the destructive behavior and conflicts increased. My casual observations about how humans live seems to confirm that. Of course throwing religion into the mix may change it.

LOL yup. More Lithium crystals needed.

I like your vision of programs stacked upon programs. Good manipulation technique, especially when they are contradictory to each other and or contradictory to life.

Aho brother and sisters

Anonymous said...

mf... i ditto murph, great rant! and i'd say you've pretty much sumed it up... in a word, imprints. thats the operating system.

you've seen the drill. programing followed by millions of years of continued conditioning. exacerbated by massive fragmentation along with form change. but the core imprints were likely put into place in a very short period of time. the rest is just re-enactment of the original experiences in one form or another. some refer to these causal experiences as the creations... a story about emmergence points considerably mis-interpreted and twisted by the so-called great books with ancient roots of the various ideologies known as traditional religions. could all that be part of the story too?

and i'd say you've seen the un-drill too... in 2 words, unconditional love. starting with the self. without that the rest is bullshit. or guilt presenting as love which is most often the case.

and i'm guessin that if the seeds of those core imprints were put into place in a very short period of time they can be changed on the vibrational level in a very short period of time despite the millions of years of repetitive conditioning. catch and release right? i sure hope so anyway. cuz it sure is some nasty stuff and everyone's got their own bag of rocks. i have someone very dear to me who's core imprint is, in 2 words; "i'm bad". thats what the operating system says. "i'm the evil of creation therefore i need to kill myself." over and over and over in all kinds of different ways and all kinds of different forms from thoughts to voices to sureal ideas. and then there's another side to it where if this person doesn't tow the line and abide by all the rules the soldiers will come and get them and haul them off to the torture chambers.

in the so-called real world the experts call this mental illness. but in the 24/7 real world of this person its a fucking nightmare and to them, it is no illusion! is the trama in the head or fueled on an emotional level? or both? how the fuck does someone dare go to back down through the experience that put that conclusion into place eh? cuz i guarantee you, somewhere way, way, way back there something happened and the perception of it lead to the re-enactment that it is today. every experience, every dream, every nightmare, every hallucination, every demonic possession, every monster, every mentor, every ideology, every religion, every culture, every race, every belief system, every frozen point of view, every civilization, is highly likely keyed to an original cause experience and thats where deliverance lives... entsurat

freeacre said...

I just sent the following e-mail to Rep. Nancy Pelosi. I already wrote one last week to my state reps. But I urge you all to send similar messages to the Congress, as they could pass this outrageous bill within the next week or so with little or no debate! To bone up on what is says, Google HR875 or go here:

Here's my letter:

I swear to God, Rep. Pelosi, if HR875 is passed, or any legislation like it which would outlaw backyard vegetable gardens and locally produced organic food, there will be hell to pay.

You think you have had problems with the Right to Lifers and the Gun Nuts, but you ain't seen nothing yet if this atrocity comes to pass. In case you hadn't noticed, there is a Depression building, people are out of work, serious inflation is just around the corner, California farmers are only going to get 15% of the water they've been used to, and there is a world-wide drought in grain producing areas. And, you want to outlaw backyard food production and Farmer's Markets?? Are you nuts? Is there any liberty left to us other than going to the Mall?

If you do this, you will out the whole Congress as simply being in the pocket of the Big Agribusiness like Monsanto who want to get control of the world's food supply. Why am I even bothering to write? You know all this.

So, let's see what you do with it. I had hope for change. I voted for Obama. I really like him and his family. But, if you do this thing, then the gauntlet is thrown down. First you impoverish us and funnel the money to the banksters, then you make it illegal to feed ourselves.

Expect resistance.

RAS said...

Gee fa, that's a good letter, but be prepared for men in black suits to show up at your door. ;-)

I like your rant too, mf.

Sorry I haven't been around much. Things have been absolutely crazy. I'll be back soon. I haven't forgotten the post I promised, either. I'll have it to you next week at the latest.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,

There are some tremendous rants going on here from mf and Freeacre. My Fa, that’s Ma Baker talk. The only thing you seem to have left out was “If it was good enough for Eleanor Roosevelt….” Let’s all hope it does some good.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,

What d’yawl make of this one? The world population is disappearing faster than you can say Chemtrails. That was a cheap shot which was unworthy of me; it probably has nothing to do with that (more likely fluoride in the drinking water). Either that or more people than we think have been listening to Murph. Anyway the Birth Dearth, as they call it is made out to be a serious problem even though everybody recognises that the world is overpopulated. As I was reading through the piece, it did occur to me that two years is a long time in demography.

Zoner said...

Nice place you have here. I was pointed in the direction of your warming fire by Nina at Artlifewest some time ago, and have been looking around for a bit. You folks are officially my inspiration, as my wife and I are determined to detach and run off into the world of uncertainty that comes with abandoning a swell job with good benefits and all that stuff in favor of a life that most I describe it to call hardship and suffering. I'm convinced that these things are on their way to more and more of us, so why not be ahead of the curve?

Knowing that our labor is only enriching others, and more importantly, leading to the destruction of human life is too much to bear. The lie is revealed, and I won't feed it to my children! It does not appear to be in any way sustainable anyway, so what is really worth clinging to?

Living sustainably. Tribalism. Community. Respect for the Earth. Sign me right up and let me dig in!!


Anonymous said...

From Belgium

My Zoner

Walking the Walk instead of talking the talk, you could jump right in and be an elder.
Now you have stepped out from behind the curtain, I hope that you will join in the ongoing. At least keep us updated with your progress in turning your back on a life of supposed security.

Anonymous said...

Belgian, thanks very much.

I have not begun to walk as the initial shock from the unveiling has knocked me squarely on my rear. I have stated my intent, and have begun the process, but have a ways to go before "jumping". Qustionable health may limit my options, but I am determined to make a go of it. I only wish I could find a community that needs youth and energy, and would welcome us without so many of the "requirements" that many intended communities have like shared religious beliefs or rules about personal conduct. To be governed by nature's laws is what I seek, but that is where the challenge begins since our current (insane) society is so fond of regulation and selecting complete lunatics to "lead".

I will keep stopping by and am happy to share my experiences.


murph said...

Howdy and welcome Zoner,

You will get a more complete feel where this blog goes by going back in time to comments and posts. As with a lot of blogs, readership is scattered all over the place. We tend to be a bit of a cantankerous bunch at the goings on in this world. We do try and understand just what is happening and talk about what to do around it. Hah! Wait till you read something from Singapore Guy and his preparations for the collapsing world. I get emails from him periodically and how he sees things coming down from a perspective on that side of the world.

There is a difference between grinding poverty and living with less and still doing well, that is, having what you need for a productive life and well being, trying to go in the direction of more sustainability and self reliance. Freeacre and I have been striving for this for 5 years now, and are having a modicum of success at feeding ourselves and living under the radar.

Again welcome, and the talking stick gets past around the circle.

Anonymous said...

DAMN FA... i skimed that bill and immediately picked up the phone and called the washington office of ga rep bishop. he's one of 39 co-sponsors. all of em dems. i ask for a go-to person on 875. they connect me. i say, your familar with 875? guy wants to know what the bill is about. i say, you don't know? he sez are you for it or agin it? i say i want to talk to someone who knows something about it. that i'm assuming your boss would not cosponsor a bill neither he nor his staff knows anything about which is what your operator was supposed to connect me with when she connected me to you... someone who knows something about it that i can ask some questions of. then i tell him the title of 875. he wants to know where i'm from. i say ga. he sez where in ga and what kind of question do i have. i say i'm not from your district but i am a ga tax payer and fed tax payer and citizen of both AND i'm human AND i eat... you know... the kinda stuff intended to be used as food or drink for human or animal and components thereof. the stuff the administrator of this bill, should it pass, determines by regulation to pose a significant risk of hazerdous contamination. whcih is everything right? i mean, no matter if i grew it myself or my own chicken lays an egg, its everything i eat and drink and everything i don't eat or drink but could and i don't care what it is but its always been at risk of contamination and always will be but your boss apparently don't think so. how 'bout you??

no answer. but he tells me he's transfering me to a guy he sez handles ag issues for his boss. i get a voice box and leave a message. i'll spare ya'll the rhetoric but you can guess.

hellofa a pelosi letter btw!!

z... welcome to the loony bin. i spect you'll find it saner in here than it is out there. don't worry much about that initial reaction. its normal upon awkening! thats how we know so many are still asleep. when we do run in to somebody and tell em some things and it knocks em on their ass we go, hummm, somethin musta sunk in, welcome to the tribe. but most of us quit trying long time ago. even with our loved ones. its a bitch but it is what it is. after awhile i had to ask myself why i was so adament and persistent and thats when i found out it was because i was scared shitless and somehow figured if i could wake em up they might save my sorry ass from the boogie man. ha!

whats your 20? i know a few locations... p

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,

This AlterNet article fits right into the title of Disinformation and disorientation.
The Organic and Natural brands were eating into big business profits so you already know what is coming; big biz bought the brand names and substituted the products. For example, three quarters of the bottled water sold which gives the impression that it is water from some mountain spring is actually tap (faucet) water marketed by either, Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola or Nestle. I have been wary for some time seeing how the same brands are stacked from floor to ceiling from one big box store to another and wandered how big this pristine mountain spring actually is? It seems the golden rule is that if a small specialist brand with a local following acquires ‘prominence’ then it has been compromised, sad but true. Here is the article:'s_bees%2C_tom's_of_maine%2C_naked_juice%3A_your_favorite_brands_take_another_look_--_they_may_not_be_what_they_seem/

murph said...


Read that link on "organic" produce. Interesting for sure, some of it I knew, most not. One omission in the article was whether the products that have been bought out by the large corporations has indeed changed the original product. Of course, the suspicion is there because generally organic means more expensive to produce, so, keep the name recognition and make the product cheaper to increase the bottom line. I would imagine that finding out if that had happened would be next to impossible.

The story of Bert's Bees was really neat, hadn't heard that part of the story before.

murph said...


Read that link on "organic" produce. Interesting for sure, some of it I knew, most not. One omission in the article was whether the products that have been bought out by the large corporations has indeed changed the original product. Of course, the suspicion is there because generally organic means more expensive to produce, so, keep the name recognition and make the product cheaper to increase the bottom line. I would imagine that finding out if that had happened would be next to impossible.

The story of Bert's Bees was really neat, hadn't heard that part of the story before.

freeacre said...

Well, on the homestead home front, I just pulled a yummy round loaf of pumpernickel bread out of the oven to go with left-over corned beef from St. Patrick's Day. Will make tasty sandwiches. Will grind up the rest of the corned beef with leftover potatoes and make corned beef hash. I haven't had homemade corned beef hash since I was a kid. Can't wait. I feel like I have gone back in time. Even macramed a plant holder today! Time to put on Crosby, Stills, and Nash and rock on, I guess.
It sure would be nice to have a big potluck dinner around a real campfire this summer with as many of you as could make it. Roll it around in your imagination a bit and let us know if there is a good time for you if it is possible at all. We got plenty of space to camp, extra tents, etc.

RAS said...

Welcome Zoner! I'm still working on dropping out and getting off the grid. Belgium, thanks for the link to the article on Alternet.

The peak oil shrink read my story and liked it so much she asked if she could cross-post it on her blog. I think that's pretty cool. ;-)

freeacre said...

ras, I am embarrassed that it took me so long to begin to read your story. But, once I started it, I literally couldn't stop. It is a really compelling tale. You are a serious author and the story is rooted in your strength, vision and compassion. My hat is off to you. You and other young people like you are the hope of the world. All the difficulties you have known as a child have helped to make you the great gift that you are, Lit'l Darlin'.
I've got to go to bed. It's three o'clock in the morning and I am gushing...

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

I am willing to bet that Lydia Pinkham (Lilly the Pink) is turning in her Grave at all of this. If ever Medicinal Compound disappeared from the shelves then that is it done for all of us.

We'll drink the drink to drink
To Lilly the pink, the pink, the pink
The saviour of the human race
She invented medicinal compound
She was efficacious in every case

Congrats Ras

P, any response from the representative?

Anonymous said...

b... negative. and actually, i left a very neutral message saying i needed someone familar with the bill to call me.

Anonymous said...

To good not to


RAS said...

Happy Spring everyone!

Zoner said...

b, our "20" is currently the Twin Cities, or more accurately a suburb of St Paul, MN.

But I'm looking to change that, and soon.

Here's my immediate plan. I am setting out for the west coast to try and get a feel for where we might want to try and land. My wife grew up on the coast near San Fran, and my experience visiting the area was what first ignited something deeeeeep inside. The mountains and ocean and trees and, and, attitude that I encountered was so different from the Midwest "bible-belt" mentality that it stays with me to this day and calls to me.

My question is this; anyone know of an area in either n. Ca, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, or the like where a flat-lander might find either a reasonable chunk of land (10K or less) or a community that is actually doing the "off the grid" thing? Or, are there folks looking to pool resources and energy to make a go of it?

I am in the process of cleaning up my mess and selling everything I own to make this happen. This is NOT idle chatter or some kind of pipe-dream. I am coming out west and welcome any suggestions or simply words of encouragement. If anyone reading this has a similar notion, I'd be interested in hearing from you. I'm at:

I'm hopping on my Triumph and rolling out of here in the next couple weeks, so give me some targets, will ya? I'm also keen on finding cheap camping and would welcome the opportunity to meet some of you and would either pay $$ or trade my labor for the luxury of camping on private land.

Thanks for any help any of you might be willing to offer.


freeacre said...

Hell yes, Zoner, come and visit us and look around from here. We've got a little trailer and a great big tent that we could set up for you. No charge, and plenty to eat. If you felt like it, you could help us with the planting. Might learn some useful stuff. It's probably going to take a year or two for the prices to fall enough on land to be considered cheap around here. I do know of a place outside of Bend in what is mostly a ghost town with nothing there that would be cheap. I asked a guy if he'd take 2 oz. of gold for ten acres there, and he said he'd consider it because it was the best offer he had gotten. That's as far as it went. The place must suck, though, because most acres now are going for about a hundred grand. Closer to the coast, you might want to check out the area around Crescent City in Oregon or Humbolt county in Northern CA... the land of bearded old hippies in rubber boots. It ain't cheap, though. Not yet, anyway.
But, at least if you used our place as a base, you'd have time to really look around, and get a feel for it. Money-wise, the Midwest is probably a better deal. I came out West from Michigan in 1979. Maybe things have changed, but I couldn't stand the conformity and depressing lack of imagination and adventure there. So, get more info and then make the call.
Coming to the high country, dress warm. Even when it's 90 during the day, it can be 40 degrees at night. Go the Northern route and you can visit Montana Freeman and Rockpicker on the way. Maybe you could bring them with you. That'd be way cool.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,
From Belgium,

I would like to pick up on this earlier comment from Murph regarding conspiracy theories. Murph wrote:

The thing I like to keep reminding myself about is that every single major world religion focuses on something(s) (at least periodically in history) that sure enough appears to me to be either schizophrenic, pathological, sociopathic, or what the hell, I'll say it, not very nice people………….I have come to the conclusion that presenting evidence that we are being taken over by a religion to be a straw man to cover up those that are of an approved religion doing the same. Remember G. Bush made the claim of being a good Christian. As far as I am concerned, bad people are bad people no matter the faith they claim.

I have found an article which, by and large, supports that view. Here are a few excerpts, the first quote deals with the types of people who become military leaders:

“The fact (is) that military science is less about strategy and technology, than about overcoming the instinctive human reluctance to kill members of our own species.”

And on who “They” are:

So-called conspiracy theorists, some of whom deserve the pejorative connotation of that much-abused term, often imagine that secret societies of Jews, Jesuits, bankers, communists, Bilderbergers, Muslim extremists, papists, and so on, are secretly controlling history, doing dastardly deeds, and/or threatening to take over the world. As a leading "conspiracy theorist" according to Wikipedia, I feel eminently qualified to offer an alternative conspiracy theory which, like the alternative conspiracy theory of 9/11, is both simpler and more accurate than the prevailing wisdom: The only conspiracy that matters is the conspiracy of the psychopaths against the rest of us.

Here is the link:

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,
From Belgium,

All I can say is that I am a schizophrenic – And so am I.

Phew, time to pull up two chairs and sit down.

Anonymous said...

Zoner, hey bro.
if you come down interstate ten be sure and stop off in our little village of Hot Springs,
its on the Flathead reservation here in Montana.
living is pretty cheap here, the medium income for this village is about $12,000 per year, i make about $7,000 and do great what with all the trades and undercover stuff as in barter and such.
Anyway coming off the road and relaxing in any of the several hot springs in the area ( three right here in this vilage) would probably make a good impression.
economy? nawww. we don't need no stinking economy, learn to live a good life without it, serious, what is usually considered the american (dream) nightmare is just that,and as you are baling and looking for something better......., and there are good people here and you just might like it enough to stay for a while.
rockpicker is just down the road from here and oregon is good,washington is a fucking mess as in major police state, northern calif is damn nice lived there a bunch and now the pot laws are getting easier so its actually spilling over into other areas of just making life more fun.
summer is coming on so camping is excellent to the bone, and just searching them out leads maybe to all kinds of experiences.\
you get to hot springs look for the green bus and you will find me.

good luck brother

freeacre said...

Spring has sprung. Murph put together a very cool cold case, or whatever it is called, by turning an old upright freezer on its side, taking off the door and the shelving, etc. and filling it with dirt. Put a hole and some other stuff in the bottom for drainage. Got a panel of insulated windows for the top. Now we can take our sprouted seeds and put them in there to grow until it is warm enough to plant things outside. Hope it works! Maybe if I paint some flowers or some Chinese characters on it or something, we won't look like such rednecks - do ya think? (No offense to Rednecks - but, we live in the friggin' Pacific Northwest!)

RAS said...

FA, don't worry. You're not officially a redneck until you mow your lawn and find a car. ;-)

freeacre said...

HA! That's funny!

murph said...


LOL Sort of like "I wondered where in hell I parked that thing?"

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,

This is to the lady who responded to my call for help around last November or December time regarding pastry making. I recounted that I couldn’t roll out the pastry to plate size without it breaking into bits and finishing up like a patchwork quilt. Your suggestion of rolling the dough out between two sheets of greaseproof paper worked brilliantly. This really overcomes the cycle of rolling out on a floured surface and the pastry coming too dry then wetting your hands to bring it back again. One thing I found though was that if I used the handles on the rolling pin then the whole thing slid about on the worktop so I had to resort to starting with my hands on the rolling pin and then continuing the roll with my forearms. But this small thing aside the result was brilliant. Once again, thanks for the tip.

Anonymous said...

damn b, wadda find!! yup, after wwII boot camps and all subsequent military "training" was totally re-structured toward the goal of totally overiding that basic human instinct...

"the 95% who are extremely reluctant to kill make terrible soldiers - unless they are brainwashed with highly sophisticated modern techniques that turn them (temporarily it is hoped) into functional psychopaths."

they are perfect subjects for it though. why? the drill sargant would not be so successful with the conditioning program were it not for that sacrifice imprint, aka the die-to-live imprint. which, in the gap, is being played like a drum on "The sane majority, (who) would rather die than fight." and i would add, the so-called silent majority aligned with that idea in varions ways including ideologies presenting as patriotism. and lets not leave out the born agains and penticostals and jihadists and other various ideologies on all sides of these religous wars. strip off the presentations and overlying so-claimed causes and underneath we'll find a religous war in one form or another. all of which are re-enactments of the ancient original war in the heavens between the father warriors and mother warriors.

in many cases there is nothing temporary to the conditioning. what has happened is a war created in the psyche of the soldier. this is why so many are coming home so fucked up in the head. the "kill life" agendas overlayed onto the die to live imprint fighting with an inate desire to preserve life at all costs woven into the mortar that is the ultimate dream... the preservation of life itself and unconditional love for self and fellow. what barrett referred to as "emotional predisposition".

unfortunately desire for life is not the only emotional predisposition inherited by the manifested spirits and is what we can call the human condition. this is why i've been saying for so long that what wars are really about is an underlying agenda to kill life itself and what we are seeing now are the deepest denials surfacing as the balance point has been gone past so far that the greater cosmic forces seeking balance have had to intervene in the human condition. we are in a most significant time on a cosmic level.

barrett has pretty much nailed it but there is more to it. alot more. 'other essence' besides the psyco killer including father warriors, denial spirits, sociopaths, etc that are in commizeration with anti-life agendas. and he's on to the gig as to how it plays out on an energetic level. quote...

"One way they do this, is by manipulating shame and denial - emotions foreign to psychopaths but common and easily-induced among normals."

normals? the co-opting goes far beyond a neked neophyte jerking off in a casket in the basement or a class of new recruits. it goes all the way out into the s0-called silent majority. as barrett wrote... "If deep, deep denial were a river in Egypt, American citizens' wilful blindness would be more like the Marianas Trench."

however, barrett suggests that people waking up through knowledge and then spreading that knowledge far and wide is the antedote. that along with some sort of top down messiah leading the charge like ron paul. do that and case closed. expose and these agendas will no longer be empowered. its a damn good start and a necessary first step but exposing these realities is just the beginning. the antidote rests with us on the individual levels. on the micro. coming to the realization that we... each of us in various ways... that *I*... hold subtle and not so subtle alignments with these anti-life agendas on both the emotional and mental levels - absolutely frozen and pervasive belief systems and judgements that these emotional charges, these so-called negative emotions... must be gotten rid of at all cost. we have absolutely little to no understanding about how to accept those charges for what they are, how to process on down through them to evolve them, or the role the judgements against them are playing. thats denial too. in spades. it plays out energetically in many forms and that denial is fueling... is being fed upon... by barrett's psycopaths, their minions, and every damn form of essence commizerate with anti-life agendas. denial is, in a word, what empowers them. and most of us have no idea that what we consider loving light is anything but. why? because we've lost, or never had, the ability to feel the difference. most of what is interpreted as love is guilt in love's place playing out in the lives of the unconscious masses. guilt and love cannot exist in the same space at the same time because of vibrational differences.

this goes far beyond icke, et al's alien reptillions (though that is a very real part of it) and back to the stories of the original creations itself. aka, original causality. everything rolled out from there including the psyco killer. if anyone's interested in versions of those stories unlike anything you've ever seen before pick up this series of books... http://rightuseofwill.
com/books.htm but first, check out the titles of the various books and their subtitles and the blurb on each at that link... p

Baz said...

'psychopaths on Wall Street whom we allowed to gang-rape the American Dream.'

Anonymous said...


I'm glad to know I was of help. And, yes, if you haven't flattened the dough enough, you do have to press the rolling pin in the center, instead of the ends. I flatten it by pressing it after I put the top piece of waxed paper over it, using the heels of my hands. But sometimes, even then I don't get it flat enough.

I did tell you to put a drop of water on the counter under the bottom sheet of waxed paper, didn't I? Maybe some physicist around the campfire can explain why that holds the paper still.

Everything should be so easy to solve.


freeacre said...

Many and varied can be the problems of every sort of dough, it seems. I bought this huge, expensive bread recipe book that has about a million bread recipes in it, and I am finding it way wrong and unuseable. For one thing, she puts extra gluten in everything for some reason, which I don't want to do. And, also for many recipes, she calls for too much water, so I have to put about an additional cup of flour in it or it's like mud. I am ready to use the damn book for target practice. So, today, in addition to all the aforementioned problems, I got distracted because it was a new moon, which this book we were reading says is the right time to start seeds in little starter cups. So, we were doing that, and I forgot about the bread that was the bread ends up looking like a big mushroom in a round pan. I was making some Irish potato bread from leftover mashed potatoes, which is soft anyways... so it puffed up even more and fell a little bit while baking. I had added flax meal for health and some onion flakes and dill for taste. Happily, it tasted good anyway. But,like Forrest Gump observed about a box of chocolates, "you never know what you're going to get."
You turned us on, Belgium, to the idea that plants like certain other plants and dislike others, so we are reading about companion plants as well now. So, this year it's all about putting radishes in with the carrots and basil in with a lot of things, and marigolds and tansy, and assorted other things to ward off insects and cultivate happy plant neighborhoods. Got to create a ghetto for the potatoes, since, I guess hardly anybody wants to live with them. Man, this is getting really complicated.Pretty fun, though.

Anonymous said...

p, langosta and i sit on the edge of our seats hardly breathing while gleaning the meaning of the words that attempt to promote understanding where understanding is like a one legged man at an ass kicking contest, we the murky ones that somehow get get great kicks from the hair that stands on end when the grave digging hits a bone and the bone speaks in rhymes and riddles and two eyed winks, and sacred nuances and where up is down and heads murmur ''that is so true ain't it?'' yes we reply it, certainly seems so,

we look, we descend into the night carrying nothing but a halo of love and light to bring to the vampires and scaly ones that stand in the way of our destiny,

for now it is to late, the can of worms has been opened and as the only logical course to follow would be to grab the fishing pole and whistle our way on down to the fishing hole, right?

are you really hungry she asked,? yes i replyed i am starving, for the dawn is about to break and the taste for roasting the lies must begin while the darkness covers our path to salvation.

humm she says, are you sure? no i says but what the fuck is a one legged man to do?

their are many things that swim in the river of denial she says, and they bite sometimes, thats good ain't it i says, depends on the size of the truth she says, the really big ones will pull you in and eat you, and spit out all the misery that you have ever known but you will be looked upon as the one that had his lunch and got to eat it to.

so p, i am glad you passed the hat that contains what's left of something that was soul and substance of the great offering that was so long ago,and is still a party worthy of being invited to if one is lucky,

preordained kama she says, ain't it grand?with a wave of her magnificent antenna.

fuck fishing i says , how about some pankakes, ok she beams (she just loves pankakes with lots of honey on um) we trot off to the creators kitchen and dream of butter mountain,

thank you p

mrs p said...

After the work we did last weekend setting up a new organic vegetable area, I could become quite dangerous if somebody tried to mess with it in a destructive manner. Aint no jackboots coming in here...not in this lifetime! Not unless they'd like to get a bazooka up their wazoo! mrsp is ready to kick some ass if anyone messes with her!! Power to the gardens!

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,

That’s pretty infuriating Freeacre but if these are the only problems we have to deal with then we are not doing too badly. Instead of adding more flour, why don’t you cut down the amount of water by the equivalent of one cup of flour at the beginning and then see how the dough looks? You could always write to the book publisher giving a negative review and expressing your concerns. These in turn will be passed on to the author.

It is true what you say about certain plants making good and bad neighbours but I am not altogether sure that you got that from me. I do remember saying that tomato seedlings are sociable and should be gradually spread apart to their final growing positions over a week or so. I don’t know if that one is urban legend or not but I always did it anyway. The other thing I remember saying was about the ancient three field system where there were legumes and root crops in one field, brasacres (sp)? In another and the third field was left empty for the ground to recover. The empty field was rotated yearly. One thing potats do is break up hard clay type soil but I doubt if you have this at your altitude. It might be an idea to rotate these anyway (that doesn’t mean turning them upside down ;-) Sorry Fa, couldn’t resist that one but I will take it if you ever do it to me.

If you are growing plants which attract slugs then here are a couple of tips for eliminating the problems they cause. One way is to leave saucer of beer near the plants in question. They love the stuff, get absolutely rat assed but their system can’t take it and they die of alcohol poisoning. If you don’t want to kill them or don’t want to pick their corpses up in the morning then you can just put fine gravel around the base of the plants, they don’t like scratching their soft underbellies on the sharp corners.

C. forgot about the water didn’t I. I am not really sure why this should work but I have a feeling that it may have something to do with a phenomenon known as surface tension. The molecules on the top few thousandths of an inch align themselves up differently than in the body of the water which has the effect of forming a tight ‘skin’. That is why water droplets form a blob instead of spreading themselves out and why you can float an old fashioned double edged razor blade in the surface of water when you would expect it to sink. Whatever the not important reason I appreciate the help.

It occurred to me that you C and Fa and Ras or anyone that wanted to could do a mini post which is apart from the main post to deal with veggie growing and cooking matters. It could be recipes or tips like the waxed paper trick or the right things to stock up on. I know other sites do this but I for one don’t know the good sites to go to. I don’t know how the logistics might work but it is something to think about.

Anyway, enough of this showing off, I want to tell you that I bought 20kg (45lb) of rice the other week which is now in the deep freezer for its second time to kill any pantry mite eggs which might have hatched (in for 3 days, out for 10, in for 3 out for 10 then a final in for 3). I figure that if there was nothing else available than rice, then for two people it would take 80 – 100kg to last a year out. I bought 10 kg long grain fragrant rice, 8 kg glutinous rice and 2 kg Basmati rice. Wifey is going along with my crackpot ideas for the moment but I haven’t yet broken the good news about the extra 60 – 80kg. I did buy two books though. One is about how different nations around the world use rice in different ways in their recipes. The other is specifically on Indian recipes. Starting from scratch, it cost me a lot to stock up on the special ingredients and spices necessary but now I have the starter kit it will not be so much to add to it here and there. One thing this rice book said was that black wild rice is not botanically rice at all but grass seed, how about that.

p. I thought it was a pretty good article too but I took it at face value, I didn’t delve into it as deeply as you. Your comments add a new aspect to it. ….b.

mf l&p Aho

mrs p said...

PS. re jews. It aint no Jewish people that's the problem. It's the damn Israeli government crooked to the core and besides half the Israeli army is against what they're doing over there. (imprisonment, murder, torure), you know the usual NAZI stuff. And it's our damn stupid Congress that keeps giving them money to do these things. Damn the U.S. and damn Israel for putting the world on the map of utter ugliness perpetually backwards and lame worse than HITLER! Mrsp does not dig anything about the Israeli PTB or the U.S. dollars supporting them. They suck! mrsp

Anonymous said...

I hear ya, mrs p,

Got my garden ready to go this weekend and have a butt-load of seadlings sprouting in my indoor greenhouse. Mofo fascist bastards try to mess with my veggies, they're gonna get a taste of some whoopass!!

Oh, by the way -got some really good seeds from They sell heirloom (non-Frankenfood) seeds, some dating back a thousand years. Cool. They've all sprouted and are looking good. Can't wait till summer1


(formally known as Dude)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and I read that two of NetanYAHOO!'s nephews are/were in prison because they refused to murder Palestinians.


RAS said...

My garden is starting to go in too.

My gf made a huge mistake last night. She called the cops. Why? Because some young thugs were trying to break into the apartment across from her. She knows the people there and knew the kids didn't live there. So she called the fuzz. They show up, and instead of checking it out (they never even went to the other apartment) they come to her place, question her for twenty minutes, and then force their way into her apartment and search it -without a warrant or anything. She told them they needed a warrant and they told her "no we don't" and did it anyway. Grrr.

Palooka's Revenge said...

your welcome mf and bug... for whatever such a cryptic lesson about universe amounts to. and its always a pleasure to get the hat passed back with a whole lot more in it than it had when it left. what i put in it is only a personal interpretation nudged along, sometimes gently, sometimes like a bomb going off, toward... what? something? nothing? answers to unanswerable questions? answers that only beget more questions? joy? rage? terror? solutions? destiny? hell? bread making? magic? monsters? pancakes? its like fishin fer sur!! and speakin of dem pancakes, i luvs em too. with honey. and drippin with sweet creamy butter. me and poo too. one day you and bug and me and poo gonna belly up and indulge ourselves. pass a doobie and cast a line. its written on the fishin pole and in the dream. ready to cast into the... unknown... p

b... many layers of the cake my friend!

Palooka's Revenge said...

you know the usual NAZI stuff

now thats an interesting observation. has the victum become the perp? well, according to some of the stories in that library i mentioned this is exactly the case... iow, nazi essence re-incarnated 'mongst the peoples of is-ri-el!

Anonymous said...

Randy, thanks for the seed site!:-)
We'll check it out! mrsp