Wednesday, December 2, 2009


...This baby is about twenty miles from our home, and there are about twenty surrounding us that are just like it.


Until now, I have hesitated to write seriously about the 2012 prophesies. After all, there are plenty of “real” things going on to be concerned with. No need to clutter the mental landscape with imagined catastrophes that may or may not manifest. I have found it somewhat amusing to make references to “the asteroid hit” that it would take to solve our political problems in Washington. Or, that if we have a gigantic electro-magnetic pulse from the sun that takes down the electric grid, at least we wouldn’t have to listen to Rush Limbaugh any more. I have also taken some wry solace that in the event of the next Great Flood, I have a body type that would be useful as a flotation devise.

I have made light of the 2012 disaster scenarios because to take it seriously is hideously painful, especially if one has young children or grandchildren. It’s bad enough to think of the ramifications of Peak Oil and other resources destroying chances of continuing the fantasy that we can leave a prospering and thriving world for our progeny to inherit. It’s been difficult to swim against the cultural tide, and make plans for localized food production, less reliance on the electrical grid, the obsolescence of many professional careers, and cultivating the ethic that “less is more.” But, now, I guess that I am starting to be ready to actually focus on the issue of genuine global catastrophe, at least briefly.

Last night, I listened to Cliff High’s interview on 2012 with Jeff Rense for the second time. If you go to the Half Past Human site and click on the supplementary information with graphics to explain the dynamics of the sun (, you will find a very cogent argument for the end of life as we know it – in about a thousand days. You can also listen to the interview with Cliff on the Rense site. It probably has been archived by now. This information does not include the speculation on Planet X (or Nirimbu), or a large asteroid possibly coming our way from outside our solar system. It also does not deal with the increased threat of collisions and different wave frequency encounters due to entering the galactic center. Those possibilities are pretty hard to figure. Maybe, maybe not. Maybe soon, maybe in 500 years. Whatever… meanwhile, I have other things to do.

But, Cliff’s information is much more immediate and, it seems to me, more plausible. There really is geologic evidence that the magnetic and physical poles of the earth have reversed and changed repeatedly. In fact, they have switched three times in the last eleven thousand years. We can verify that from core samples, of rock and ice. We can study layers of rock and the fossil record. We note references from ancient cultures in Egypt, India, the Maya, the Hopi, the Australian aborigines, the Tibetans, and on and on. Of course, that means that even though the poles have shifted and the continents have moved and the flood waters have swept over vast tracts of land, people did survive. If they hadn’t human beings would not be here today. So, that’s the good news.

The bad news is that because the sun is winding up at different rates at the poles and at the equator of the sun, it stores up huge bunches of energy that is periodically released. And, the releases can be calculated. And the calculations infer that it will happen once again in 2012. The magnetosphere that usually shields us from solar ejections has been deteriorating for fifty years. It is very weak at this time. The fact that there are no sun spots at all right now seems to indicate that something unusual is going on. The fact that all the planets in our solar system are warming up, indicates that this is a shared event throughout our whole solar system. If the sun does, indeed, spew out some mass corneal ejections, it may or may not be in the direction of the earth. So, it could be relatively mild, or it could be much worse. But, since the magnetic core of the earth will be affected either way, our planet would probably experience a pole shift which would involve massive flooding and tectonic plate shifts. And, then we would see the New North Pole in Minnesota or something and giant oceanic waves extending inland for hundreds of miles, as the Planet hits the re-set button and the magnetosphere is re-charged.

This is not going to be mitigated by trips to Costco to stock up on canned food and toilet paper. Eight-five percent of the human population of the world lives along the coastlines of the continents. So, one has to wonder if that is why the Norwegians have created the Seed Bank that is storing seeds of basically everything in a vault at the edge of the world. Or, maybe why Google is making digital copies of all known books. Or, why there have been rumors of huge underground facilities being built near Denver, Colorado, for years. Or, why the Vatican built the biggest infra-red telescope in Arizona several years ago to study the sun… Somebody knows something, but they ain’t telling us.

This is unacceptable to me. After all, we may have only three precious years left. We ought to be free to decide how we want to spend them. Those of us who live at sea level might decide to move inland to higher ground, for openers. Or, we may decide to get a house boat and stock it with supplies. Or, we may decide to spend the next three years visiting the places we have always wanted to go. Or, we may want to stop putting off sharing the secrets of our heart with someone that we secretly love. We might want to retire. We might want to learn to tango. Hell, I don’t know. There are millions of things that people might want to do differently if they knew that a planetary disaster is on the way in the near future. At least get the kids that dog they’ve been wanting – and be the most excellent parent and lover you are capable of being starting right now.

One thing regular people may not want to do is spend the rest of their lives working in pointless jobs, living in debt servitude, or going to war for some dumbass reason. Maybe that’s why the overlords are not letting the cat out of the bag. Maybe they just don’t want the slaves walking away from the plantation.

But, what if they put a few extra zeros on everybody’s bank balance, and told everybody to go out and Be All That You Can Be? I mean, hell, they just did it for Wall St. Why not the rest of us? Ok, it’s not sustainable, but hey, if the fucking sun is going whack in three years, what’s the damn difference? Why not do some things that are radically excellent?

...what do you think? Is Hot Springs Wizard looking into the distance, or into the future?


nina said...

Somebody knows something, but they ain’t telling us. ... At least get the kids that dog they’ve been wanting – and be the most excellent parent and lover you are capable of being starting right now.

Call me frivolous, but we should be living this way regardless of limited time. It could have been different, they could have been heroes, it was thought when the ships left to cross the pond it would be different, but it was the same and has never been allowed to change. The idea was always there, but it was not acceptable to power. Thus wars and evil prosper to benefit the mofo myth keepers. We live in slavery in two worlds, one where we are locked on the plantation under myths and the other knowing the truth but still unable to live authentically to our full potential because of secrets. How can anything be done if we are not allowed to know what is going on? Have you ever known someone that lied every time they opened their mouth? How could you relate to them, their needs, their humanity, their very presence when everything was a lie? You can't and then things happen and you have to suppose without really knowing, in this way the maipulation is complete, running, us around in circles within a confused, intimidated, tenuous reality where anything can happen. That is the state of civilization after centuries of lies. The irony is it never had to be this way and it really is too late now, for too many. The only way anything can heal is with honesty which cannot possibly be forthcoming because they are in too deep. It is exactly where we were designed to be and warned against. If we cannot live as you described we should live, we are already goners.

freeacre said...

Of course you are not frivolous, nina. We should be living honest, centered, sane, compassionate lives. But, you are right. We have been mercilessly betrayed and lied to - layer upon layer. It is a heartbreak.
It is my hope that as we speak our truths to each other, in some small way at least, it will help us to heal.

Anonymous said...

Bravo Professor Murph.
Well done.
Good read, good food for thought.
People react differently to fear. There are those that meet the threat head on and do there best to prepare and there are those that toss human sacrifices into volcanos to appease the gods.
Hug the former and don't go on any day trips to that scary/beautiful hole in the hill that you posted the picture of... LOL
Check this out to get further confused..

I am too old and stiff to kiss my ass goodbye, but if I were younger I would start praticing.
Something will happen this month that will show the world what is coming. Mark my word.

Anonymous said...

Hot shit damn! 2012 is the TICKET! No more work'in for da man! No more worrying about the mortgage, power bill, phone bill, gas bill, insurance bills, taxes, retirement, car repairs, gas prices, traffic jams, etcetera, ETCETERA! Yeah, I know, eating cockroaches for dinner (if we survive) won't be a whole lot of fun, but at least we'll be free of The Matrix.


neptune1 said...

"somebody knows something, but they ain’t telling us. ."

Damn right they know and not telling us. Murph you have touched on the many dots that does not take a genius to figure out that they are up to something with all these projects and my suspicions
are just what you have said. They do not want the slaves walking off the plantation and want to pillage all they can before it all goes south.

"but at least we'll be free of The Matrix."

Not really, maybe for a time but those same fucks are the ones that have the means and resources to be able to survive this. They will emerge from their shelters and go right back to business as usually, unless any of us who somehow manage to survive on the outside do something to nip it in the bud from the git go.

I have been looking into all this for sometime now and have been trying to put something together on it. But I have too many irons in the fire and I need some help. If anyone is interested email me at the address on my blooger profile and I will get back to you on what I need done - Thanks.

In the meantime here is a little something to get you started on what I am talking about:

I have sent these videos to my astronomer friend in hopes she can confirm or deny their authenticity. If true it probably ties into all 2012 prophecies etc. I have tried with my defunct blog After Armageddon and currently in Writings on the Wall to show the more positive, upbeat possibly to 2012 but now I think that all the new consciousness etc they are talking about cannot take place without first having the calamities before hand that then will make it all possible.
It is unfortunate but necessary.

nina: is this not too weird that this post comes up here about the time yesterday we were doing our thing? Synchronicity yet again.......

freeacre said...

I'm glad to see that we are thinking along the same lines. I read Nina's excellent post after I wrote this one. It helps to put all the "Obamagate" crap onto the mental compose heap, eh? I'll be reading your thoughts, Neptune1.

freeacre said...

Uh, I take back that part about not being concerned with Nibiru:
Yikes! Maybe that is an additional factor in the sun's "sickness." Good grief.

neptune1 said...

yes Nibiru is something to be very concerned about. I think that is why they put that telescope up in such a hurry at the South Pole. Just one of the many dots I am working on trying to connect with all this.

Anonymous said...

Went to that link about Nibiru -dang! Looks like a double-whammy headed our way come 2012. If one doesn't get our humankind ass, maybe the other one will. Which means..... drum roll please.... NO MORE WORK! Bills! Insurance! Taxes! TV!

Yeah, I know, there'll probably be some downsides to all of this besides cockroach souffle, like, geez, I shouldn't even type such a thing, but -maybe the only beer that survives will be...(gulp)... Bud Light! Oh, the horror! Man, talk about doomed. If that happens, I'd rather be dead.

Hey, there's this movie coming out called, "The Road" which depicts a post-epocolyptic world after some sort of catastrophic earth incident and it follows this father and son who search for some sorta normal world south of where they've lived. Something like "Mad Max" meats "The Stand." Looks pretty cool. Maybe the author and the director have done some research into Nibiru?

Whatever. Later-


neptune1 said...

Thanks Randy. Looks like a good one:

so far no BitTorrent on it :-(

BTW anyone seen 2012 yet? If so what do you think about it. Am downloading it now.

More on Nibiru:

freeacre said...

We saw 2012, and I thought it was spectacular. Murphy had problems with the science, as did I. But the visuals were awesome, in terms of plate shifts, et al. The movie "Knowing" was good in terms of the mass ejections from the sun, and possibility of alien involvement. Bummer, though.

Hotspringswizard said...

Argggg, Nibiru, Solar Flares and all the rest of the long list of converging catastrophes we have to face soon, whats a person to do? Well I took a break from the doom and went to an outdoor destination that I have visited for 25 years, Deep Creek Hot Springs. I posted 19new photos I took yesterday on this hike at my Flickr photo site:

Its a beautiful place and soaking in the hot pools is sooo re-laxing!

Anonymous said...

A few things you'll might like.

Reminds me of a scene in "Grand Canyon" when Danny Gover says (I think), "When you see the Grand Canyon... it's like, it's just laughing at us."


Hotspringswizard said...

Thank you for the links Randy, I read them all :-) Spending time out in nature is something I fortunately get to do often. The photo of me Freeacre included at the bottom of her 2012 entry shows me standing on one of the high peaks in a set of mountains behind our home. They are called Granite Mountains. The place where I was standing I call Turtle Mountain because I've found some Desert Tortoises while hiking up its slopes.

I have hiked extensively in those mountains and in another remote area of them I have built a small pool in a canyon were rainwater collects after storms. I have turned the area around the pool into a rock garden of sorts. I collect interesting rocks carved by nature into many shapes, and have place them in various spots in the local natural rock formations. The rocks come from many place I've been too, like Lake Tahoe, the Pacific Ocean, Northern Cal, the Colorado River, little black rocks from the playa at Burning Man, also lots of white quartzite from Granite Mountins, Deep Creek, etc. I use rocks from anywhere I find ones I like. Its kinda like my small temple to Mother Nature.

I collect also wild bird feathers that I find and stick them in cracks of a cliff wall that is there. I get rainwater from the pool and store it in some barrels I have there. The water I use in the summer for my dogs and for splashing on me when its hot.

When I first began hiking the route from my truck to this place the route I followed was just my chosen way across the landscape. In time I could see the coyotes began to adopt the new route. It has since become regularly used by them and I call it the Coyote Path :-) continued.....

Hotspringswizard said...

Along the path I walk I have placed many of the natural clay heads I make in various spots I like in the natural rock formations along the way. I find the rock landscape in that area of Granite Mountains to be very scenic with lots of nature carved shapes and beautiful colors.

The local pack rats seem to like my heads too having carted off 9 of them so far. These rats build nest made of sticks and small rocks in the various voids and crevices of the natural rocks out there. I think of the little heads as my " watchers " of the Coyote Path :-)

The place where the rock garden and pool are I call the Crystal Oasis. It is on the border of a remote valley in the middle of Granite Mountains that I call Hidden Valley. At another end of this valley is another spot I call Helios where there is a Red Willow and some Desert Olive shrubs ( with bright green leaves ) which grow in that spot because of underground water that comes close to the surface there.

At a spot near Helios I planted a little cottonwood at a water seep I had found that appeared to have a small bit of water dribbling out year round. I never have to water it and it has grown ever since I planted it :-)

That whole are has never been intruded upon my roads, bikers, horses, etc because it is surrounded by very rocky terrain and ridges. I enjoy very much hiking there because of its untarnished natural state :-)

Hotspringswizard said...

I have mentioned before here that I am a member of the Naturist Society ( a clothing optional group ). When the weather is conducive I enjoy very much spending time in nature in my natural form, just like all living things :-)

For me its another way of feeling closer to the natural world. Going to Crystal Oasis, Hidden Valley and Helios are places that I enjoy naturist time :-) Its really very pleasant to feel the wind, warmth of the sun and the freedom that the naturist experience offers. I'm just a native of the earth on my walkabout, appreciating the magnificence of the creation all around me :-)

Simplicity is a theme that I try to incorporate into my life where ever possible. As I have further achieved this, my life has become more rich and fullfilling. My interest in Naturism is part of this journey. Granite Mountains are very barren, basically just lots of rocks and steep slopes. But I am perfectly content when I hike in these mountains and see simple beauty all around me.

So when you see me standing in the photo on Turtle Mountain, I meant it as a depiction of simplicity, an image to convey the idea that even as stark as the landscape before me may look, there is richness all around, always, and if you will cultivate your abilities to see it, you will find that the world will become a much more inspiring place, where ever you go :-)

neptune1 said...

Things admittedly do not look good. However the jury is still out on most of it and we probably won't know for sure anyway until it really starts going down. My advice would to do what the Tim McGraw song suggests:

It is a concept we have all heard before but few actually ever get around to doing. Besides if nothing does happen what is the harm in subscribing to it unless one is afraid of living a more fulfilling, enriching, and more satisfying life?

fantastic pictures - thank you for sharing them!

Thanks for the review on 2012. I will try and watch it today. I am sure it is much better on the big screen but I don't feel like shelling out the bucks to see it there. Maybe if after seeing it on my PC I will go see it at the local dollar theater when it gets there in a few months.

For anyone interstted in downloading it here is bittorrent link:

RAS said...

Wow. There is so much out there about it right now. I don't believe it will be the end of the world. Neither did the Mayans, btw. They thought it would be the end of this *age* of the world, and I sure hope they're right. A lot of the people who are saying the world will end in 2012 now were saying the same thing about 2000, and others are just hysterical.
The poles have flipped before, and we survived.
This whole nightmare of a civilization we've built is going to come crashing down, but I can't say as I'm really upset about that. Our children and grandchildren will be better off.

freeacre said...

It seems a monster explosion on the Sun occurred yesterday, Dec. 5. Happily, for us, it was on the "backside." Read of it and see it on video at:

Personally, I envy your natural lifestyle, HSW. As a female, I have always felt more vulnerable to attack if I were naked and outside. But, the time or two that I did feel safe enough to allow myself that freedom, it did feel wonderful... felt like an animal walking through a forest, which is actually what is real. True joy. Now, I would probably just make a larger target for mosquitoes. But, if I ever get a chance to soak in one of your hot springs pools, I imagine that going to heaven would, from then on, simply be redundant.

Baz said...

aargh—feelin' somewhat fragmented around the time of my last comment—this crazy ole world of ours can spin you around ... and around. Thought I'd resist saying anything for a bit, and step away from the machine—hah. Been catching some HUGE pigs recently, barely carry the f...ers. Ale never tasted so good. Lesson: What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. Gone high-tech—Global Positioning Satellite—hah! And curiously, every single one of them looked exactly like Donald Rumsfeld—go figure? Even the Sows? Might have something to do with his cryptic, “Things known—things unknown” BS, that has been haunting me for years. Is a lie just a secret truth which don't get told? And another Don bites the dust ... and another mutha, just like the other—hahaha, takin' names.

'I smell piggy, I smell pork. I smell piggy on my fork.'

Anonymous said...

I think we all have to make it to 2012 first. Ratholing supplies for the day day to come wont matter if you starve yourself to death first, everyone has to continue enjoying some sort of life while you are hear, not to be misconstrude with "not preparing", but come in a cave wont be fun either, just existance.

freeacre said...

Anonymous - So true. If you don't know how to live, why bother surviving?

Baz- glad to hear from you again. Hope you have some veggies to go with all that pig you've been eating. lol

neptune1 said...

Shape of Things to Come

download the report here:

Hotspringswizard said...

Freeacre, its sentiments like this expressed at the TNS website that caused me to want to be a member of The Naturist Society
( ):

" At TNS we take the issue of body acceptance seriously. We view the nude human form for what it is: a gift of nature, dignified and worthy of respect, regardless of shape, size, age or hue. "

And regarding your thoughts, " But, if I ever get a chance to soak in one of your hot springs pools, I imagine that going to heaven would, from then on, simply be redundant.", its been so many times that I've heard DCHS visitors say that they feel that those springs are so very special, in their words, its a paradise :-)

And Baz, glad to see you have returned. Sorry about getting peved about your gold comment. I think we would both agree that obtaining things of practical value for survival is something of clear and definite benifit ( best option ). As for owning precious metals in hopes of being able to trade it for practical things, I hope this remains the case ( as it has been for thousands of years ), but do also consider that your idea that these investments could show themselves to have no worth in some future senario of collapse as being a possibility too.

Regarding you residing in New Zealand, I think you have a very good place to make a stand in terms of whats coming. From what I've seen of your musings here, you also have important survival skills.

I'm sure the wild pig you hunt is very tasty. I don't each much meat since for myself I feel better sticking to nuts, fruits and vegetables for the most part in my diet. Makes my blood circulation feel better :-)

Anyway you sound like you get plenty of excercise so eating all that pig probably doesn't cause you any sorts of health problems at all.

Hope you continue to share your thoughts :-)

freeacre said...

Well, if the new Shape of Things to Come report is even partially correct, many of us will be reduced to eating bugs or anything else we can get our hands on. I feel compelled to add that considering all the time, money and expertise that Clif went through to produce the report, going to his site at Half Past Human and paying the ten dollars for the official report is well worth it if one can afford it.
I have an air-head friend who wrote to me recently and stated that if the shit hits the fan, she will be heading to my house. I have been advising her for YEARS to prepare and she has done nothing at all. I feel like writing her back and telling her that if she heads this way to bring several hundred pounds of food, guns, ammo, and something to live in or don't bother coming. Gaaaaah!
Below zero temperatures last night and it's only gotten up to ten degrees today. Cliff anticipates record-breaking cold this winter in many places. With that, the financial collapse, and disease, we may not be able to leave the property for weeks at a time in the very near future. If you are buying Christmas gifts this year, you might consider survival food or gear....

freeacre said...

Going to put my new Susan Boyle and Paul Potts CD's on and decorate the homestead for Christmas. That will be pleasant.

Hotspringswizard said...

Well I don't know about eating bugs, but I got dibbs on our miniature Pincher WTSHTF :-)

Anonymous said...

Mormon HQ is getting pounded with a nice huge mofo of a storm this morning. I guess if I was a skier, I'd probably like it. They're all getting woodies about now.
And I'm dreading my commute home.

I've got to go see 2012 -that'll chear me up. Later -


freeacre said...

Randy - It was 18 below zero this morning, all the pipes froze, and at 10:30 the temperature has only risen to 10 below. Murph's been out all morning attempting to thaw things with a torpedo blaster. Don't know if my car will function yet. Reminds me of that other disaster movie where everything froze up. So, all this is headed your way. The earth appears to be fighting back...can't blame Her.
Oh yeah, I recently realized that I can buy 2012 or just about anything else over for about as much as it would cost the two of us to go to a movie and only see it once.
Be careful out there...

Anonymous said...

You have got to, I type again, GOT TO check out Joe Bageant's newest rant! As my British friends would say, "It's brilliant!" And the Murikan equivilant would be maybe, "Totally awesome!"


murph said...


One of Bageant's best yet. Jesus, what a rant.

Hotspringswizard said...

Thanks Randy! That Bageant rant was awesome. I'll be passing that one along for sure. I'll send it to my mom for whom Faux News is gospel and the Ol US of A is the benevolent guiding light to all the world :-)

freeacre said...

Yeah, he's the man. That essay left me breathless. I'd be a socialist, too, except that I don't believe that this country could handle it. Too big. To fucking stupid. I guess that's why I now lean toward anarchism. The less government the better, so we can't screw things up as badly. Think local.

Anonymous said...

Oh eating bugs is no problem! it's easy as pie! You just bite off their heads, and suck out the juice!

If you've got some grease, and a little time, pluck their buggy little legs off, and deep fry 'em! They're just like chitterlings, only not quite!

Are they holding shit back from us? Are you trying to convince a Cherokee Half-breed to avoid trusting the United States Government? LOLOL! Yea, of course they're holding shit back from us! They're avoiding having to face the music until the last moment. Even then they might not come clean!

The problem is, that our country is run by politicians, and the last thing a politician wants to do is give out bad news! The reason for this is quite simple! When politicians give out bad news, they get to be "Former Politicians", Which is a real buzz-kill if you're one of those borderline psychopaths that seem to make up most of the politicians.

"Attention! Attention! The world will officially end at December 21, 2012! Civilization, Society, and life as we know it will disappear, and your sad as is going to die! Be further advised, nobody can do shit about it!!

"Please feel free to run around aimlessly, and shriek at nothing!"!

No politician would ever make this comment, until the very last minute! They will wait until there is no chance of them having to face a recall, and then, and ONLY then will they let the rest of us in on the "Big Scoop"

Nope! I don't doubt that society and whatever other mind-fuck scenarios that Mankind wants to grab on to give himself comfort as the day gets darker, will still be up and running right down to the last puff of smoke!

Now, about Planet X or Nibiru goes, there ain't shit I can do about Planet X!

If Planet X is going to come swooping out the void, and do all kinds of Old Testament shit to The Earth, well I can't convince the planet to go the fuck around! I can't do anything about it!

I only sweat the stuff I can change, and change it! I don't worry about it, I don't tear my hair out of my head, I just change it!

If I can't change it, then worrying about it isn't going to help, I CAN"T CHANGE IT!!!! IT'S BEYOND MY INFLUENCE!!!

It looks like I'm one of the fortunate few in all the ages of mankind to ride this train off the tracks! After things quieten down, it's time for step two!

For some strange reason Blogger doesn't recognize me so this is anonymous,


freeacre said...

Once again my "weird-shit-o-meter" is off the scale. Go to:

Project Blue Beam looks like it may be the cause of that weird spiral and blue beam in Norway. And, then there is this weird hovering pyramid and also a holographic double cross in the sky in Russia. Potentially,these projected images may or may not be accompanied by thought messages that instill fear or rapture or some other total distraction. Where did I put those tin foil hats from Halloween? Couple this shit with the new national police force proposed by the Rand think tank to quell any citizen uprisings or other national emergencies, and we've got elements of repression and manipulation that are so over the top as to be surreal. Where's that freaking solar flare when you need it?

Anonymous said...

~~ Larissa here

You know I keep up on all of these possible scenarios myself, so I hope you won't mind my 2 cents here. (I have yet to read other comments yet, so apologies if I repeat what someone else has said, too.)

A MAGNETIC pole shift is not the same as an AXIS pole shift.

They're totally different, since axial pole shifts only happen every several million years or so-- every billion? They're RARE-- so much so we don't know much about them yet and scientists are still trying to wrap their heads around how it would work.

Magnetic pole shifts are much, MUCH more benign and common. Every few thousand years, apparently. There seems to be a natural cycle to it that we've been through many times before. The magnetic charge of the planet wanes and then shifts north/south pole orientation almost abruptly.

The effects of this on US aren't as bad as gigantic tsunamis and 8+ richter earthquakes. In fact, our worse problem would be the electrical grid going out planet-wide (and it taking years to replace, by which point disasterous change will be too far along to easily fix.) There would be some more earthquakes, volcanism, and weather shifts-- but I'm guessing, given that modern humans have been around for about 50,000 years now!-- that these are not likely to be totally devastating.

And, as you pointed out, many factors can shift this for the worse or the better.

Its still a scary scenario, but it need not be like the 2012 movie version. If THAT happens, it won't be from a magnetic pole shift.

Anonymous said...

Dang Larissa, you just burst my bubble. Now I'm going to be in a bad mood the rest of the day.


murph said...


Problem is, we have no historical recording of such an event. It is mostly scientific speculation about the effects of a magnetic pole shift. At a minimum though, it would seem likely that it would screw up about everything having to do with electricity. It is possible to also effect the wobble and maybe the tilt of the axis.

It is speculated that the last magnetic pole shift occurred at 752,009 BC on Dec 29 at 10 AM. LOL.

Anonymous said...

likely that it would screw up about everything having to do with electricity

nah... jes pull the plug, turn it over and plug back in. while leaning of course... p

freeacre said...

My late husband was a bio-medical engineer working for Project HOPE in Jamaica back in the '80's. One time he went to a local dentist's office in Montego Bay to fix that thing that a dentist puts in your mouth to suck up the excess liquid. Anyway, while fixing the motor, he noticed that it had been installed improperly - the polarity was switched. So, for about five years, the thing had been BLOWING instead of sucking. And the dentist hadn't noticed.
That is the extent of my knowledge of electrical polarity shifts...

Anonymous said...

Hey, I saw 2012 this past weekend -it was ok, pretty cool special effects, but I was hoping for a lot more gore, though. Like say when the buildings collapsed and exploded, they could've shown a few blood-spewn decapitations and disembowments 'n stuff. It should've had a many more "Braveheart"-type moments, I think. It would've made it a little more instense -and believable, right?

Anyway, the next one I really want to see and I hope to get my rose-colored glasses wife to see is "Avatar." Definitely an art immitating life kinda movie, I'd say. Hopefully she gets it.

In the mean time, I'm getting crap to send out to my family in honor some dude's birthday coming up later this month. I get everyone the same thing each year -gift certificates to eating establishments like Red Robbin, Olive Garden, etc. Why? Well, they have jobs and kids, which means they have have trouble fixing meals when they get home from their hours-long Washington D.C (District of Criminals) commute. So, one night in the not-to-distant future, they won't have to throw some nasty chicken-fingers and tadder-tots in the oven for their offspring. Instead, they'll be able to gather their brood and take them to places with other families with "precious darlings" and dine on MSG laced GMO food.

Ho ho ho.


freeacre said...

They better use those coupons in a hurry. Don't know how much longer national franchises are going to last, if the HPH forecasts are accurate.
I thought I'd be able to get it together to put up a new post. But, life keeps getting in the way. Just found out that the Grange potluck is tomorrow, but will try to post something anyway. I'm sure we all have lots to do to get things in the mail for relatives and such. More on that tomorrow, with luck. Now, where's that eggnog?

stoney13 said...