Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"Year of the Bad Serf"

photo courtesy of Hot Springs Wizard

by freeacre

“In the face of expensive wars and a dying desperate federal state, 2010 will mark the year that Americans self-consciously embrace the power of civil disobedience, and launch a decade of fundamental and good-natured repudiation of all things government – its wars, its debts, its never-ending lies and yes, even its promises. It’s already happening, and it’s going to be a lot of fun.” That’s a quote from an essay (“Year of the Bad Serf”) by Karen Kwiawatowsky on that got my attention.

Humm….rebellious fun. Yeah, fun would be good. People who are familiar with me already know that I tend to favor the adolescent responses of immature name-calling and vulgar gestures as my first response to adversity or bogus authority. I consider it my survival response to a rather objectionable childhood that has served me quite well. If nothing else, it helps to disconnect me from knee-jerk subservience or fear while giving me time to think of a more effective retaliation. Some people might say that I have an “anger racket” and that it is not good for my health. But, you know, I just tell them to "bite me."

When George Bush was the president and we were writing on cyclone’s site, I used to keep a handy list of insulting labels when referring to the assorted miscreants in his abysmal administration. Since then, my list has been lost. But, it may be time to make up another one to keep handy when firing off a quick letter to the lamestream media talking heads or to one or the other of the political or financial wizards responsible for the unfolding debacle in Washington and Wall Street. To that end, I am beginning a new list. Feel free to use it yourselves or to add to it. Collectively, we could create a compendium of choice appellations that would be both convenient and emotionally satisfying to use. Let’s see…

There are some restrictions to insults these days. You can’t call a Republican “retarded” anymore, for instance. It would be an insult to the, um, mentally challenged among us. And, you really can’t exclude the females from the mix, either, since women seem to have broken the barriers and become equally as despicable as the men. So, “scum bag” can be gender-balanced with “scum queen,” for instance. Sometimes one needs some extra verbal ammunition to heap justifiable scorn on those who so richly deserve it. So, hauling out the trusty thesaurus,

Nouns Adverbs & Adjectives

Abomination (something
that is sick and wrong) abhorrent (loathsome, abysmal detestable, disgusting, wretched)

Accomplice (partner-in- Addled (befuddled)
crime, abettor, henchman) bovine (stupid, cow-like)
Bankster (thief, robber, crook) (fake, phony, fraudulent)
Brain trust (PTB)
Dumbass dumbassed (also works as adjective)
Fraudster (see: bankster) fetid (foul, rank, rancid)
Hack (trite, banal, inane, heinous (evil, wicked, atrocious)
lamestream journalist) hideous (monstrous, appalling)
lout (dolt, oaf, idiot)
minion (lackey, servant)
miscreant (criminal, villain, Malicious (misanthropic, malignant)
see: carl rove)
Nozzle (I just like it)
numbnut (numbskull, nitwit) nefarious (heinous, detestable)
nut, nutjob (fruitcake, flake)
Overlord (ruling class asshole) Obnoxious (odious, revolting)
Peasant (serf, wage slave) pernicious (destructive, harmful)
Pinhead (butthead) pathetic
Pimp (whore, pl.,congress) perverse
Rapacious (plundering, savage)
Reprobate (evil-doer) relentless (persistent, cruel)
Scum (loathsome as in
yuppie scum, or scum queen)
Suit (minion of overlords)shameful (despicable, contemptible)
Shyster (unethical lawyer)
Shit (turd, piece of…) shit (… for brains)
Tool (toady)

I like alliteration. It adds color and emphasis to a description. So, one can combine adjectives and nouns with the same first sound, and it becomes a colorful term: shameful shyster; pathetic pinhead; nattering nozzle; malignant miscreant; heinous hack; bogus brain trust, etc.

Well, those are my favorites. There are so many more wonderful taunts and insulting terms with which to season your letters to the editor, your congressional representative, your local financial analyst, or comment on a blog site. Consider it art. Consider it therapy. This is my own little step toward making it perhaps somewhat quicker or easier to heap one’s dissatisfaction with the way things are to those who richly deserve it.

Later, if the system still holds, we could examine entertaining ways we can demonstrate our dissatisfaction in real terms, like stuffing a “postage paid” envelope to our credit card company with the cut up bank card with a half pound of junk mail; or, walking merrily away from your upside-down mortgage or unsecured credit card. Thinking of creative bumper stickers we can put up all over, like “No Incumbents!” when it’s time to vote. Let’s think on it… Acts of civil disobedience will probably be called for. We can attempt to do rebellious acts that are fun street theater that makes a point without inviting being hammered by the powers that be.

I guess the point of all this is to keep our spirits up while dealing with the relentless slide that seems to move at a glacial pace, and win some hearts and minds along the way. Naturally, if some big crisis or disaster suddenly happens, forget it, and duck and cover. There are many things to keep our eyeballs on right now. I’m sure that we will be keeping each other apprised through our comments. Until then,



freeacre said...

Gaaaah! I had all my nouns in a neat column, and the adjectives and adverbs in another one. But, when I posted it, they all ran together. and I can't fix it. Rats. I felt compelled to post something, however, since we had 85 comments and it was getting unwieldy. Apologies.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

86 I put one on the end (ha)

Anyway we need a lighthearted diversion from the seroius stuff.

Next time the highway patrol pulls you over and askes to see your license ask him first to show you his badge just to make sure the real cop isn't undressed in the trunk and he hasn't stolen the car. You can then refer to him as Officer followed by his badge number. Then you can tell him that you hope it is not his intention to exceed his authority before you enter into a discourse on where the limits of his authority lie.

This is a bit of fun for those who like the adrenaline rush of brinkmanship but you know before you start that if you try this one you are not going to get off with a warning.

You also know that if you end the conversation with "Ok Gov, it's a fair cop, put on the jewelry, I'll come quietly" he is going to want to read that one out in court. Ha what indulgent daydreams.

Baz said...

......... advertisement ..........

Carbon credits are the new gold boy. Load 'em up & lock 'em in. Who cares if they're derivative of anything ... at all? Like gold for fools, it's the new psychology / science replacing tired old religions—breathing in new life + excitement! Like gold they'll never rust ... cause they don't even exist—haha ~ Think of the tremendous profit potential this new and improved investment vehicle will return—for generations to come. Ignore the large gaping crater where no life will flourish for a thousand years ... where villages once stood housing some damned obscure clan of indolence. All for a 12oz bar of precious invisibility our children and children's children can benefit and PROSPER from! Oh shiny trading medium of the future—we love thee, create thee thus—no recriminations. Der Verboten Frucht.

WV: We have already endorsed the genocide of wise being by buying the product ... gold, oil, land, sky.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

So it would appear that the king is in the altogether but if you read the link that Ely put up in the comments of the last post dealing with the economic demise of Argentina, those with a bit of the yellow stuff put by were able to put food on the table for their families for a bit longer than those who didn’t. Value is inherent in what you are able to do with it, not what someone says it is worth. I will agree that the real three card trick was getting people to pay money for what already belonged to them but when hungry Apaches’ come over the hill in droves they are not going to give a flying f*** about the finer points of animal husbandry or that you happen to have more boy scout badges on your arm :-/

nina said...

I like nozzle very much. It has so many despicable applications. This post must be bookmarked for future use.
Allow me to add Plantation Overseer to your list. While we're at it, today, let's consider Haarpist.
In solidarity, nina

nina said...

And standing ovations for Hot Springs Wizard's photographic wizardry. Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

garrison keillor, the patriarch of a prairie home companion, regards writing as a process of self-discovery. i've discovered such to be the case yet the self-discovery part, unlike the writing part, is terminally endless. kind of a blessing and a curse all rolled into one. and so it is today. this is in 2 parts but it does have an ending. as to the subject matter i don't know if i'm in regression or simply searching for that endless completion. or if it could be i'm searching for meaning or some illusive connection between a fascinating event currently playing out in my back yard and a reference made by SATS in the closing comments of the last thread.

you see, over the past couple weeks i've become taken by the daily comings and goings of a flock of wild turkeys. some 21 or 22 of them. they come in as day is yielding to dusk which, in this little corner of the universe's space/time continuum, begins about 5:30. by 6 all 22 have faded into the obscurity of the tops of tall pine trees as those sentinals bleed into the blackness of a new moon night.

are turkeys smart or stupid, asked liz.

well, what would you call sitting neked in the top of a 120' pine tree for 13 hours in 10 degree weather, said i!

actually, i don't know a damn thing about turkeys. and i've heard her question answered both ways. which is, as it turns out, akin to asking if GW is AGW eh? or, is there such a thing as free will? amazing how things appearing to not be even remotely connected have a way of blending together like a stack of crayons melting in the sun. oh, the visual is warming. but what cold might be lurking 'mongst the spirit of a bird culturally regarded on an annual basis as a sacrificial lamb?

ahhh, this connection thing. you know, like these syncronicious word verification things that imply something's about that we can tell is there but we can't quite run it down to tie a string around it. as valuable and enlightening as its been to this one sometimes i damn it. it all started back in my paddling daz and continues to this day. its all about the water cycle and how i've come to see that as a metaphor of sorts for life itself and perhaps even, the entire universe. in this current edition i can see how raindrops that fell, in say, belgium, a couple weeks ago could now be headed downstream toward the unknown lurking just around the next bend in the creek that meanders 'neath the tall pines inhabited by roosting turkeys right here in my own back yard.

rain drops falling in belgium a couple weeks ago. thats when the turkeys started coming in remember? i watch them come in the evening and then back out in the morning and then too, i have this thing where curisoity gets triggered into wonderings as to the wanderings of said flock in the daylit space between the comings and goings. what are they up to out there? flabbergasting. enough to tax the simple mind. or is it the mind of a simpleton?



(wv pt 1... stirpot! oh my!! oh well, onward to part 2 despite the ominous implication)

Anonymous said...

yes, but! you see, it all appears an innocent enough fascination fueled by curiosity but now, midst all that is the added wondering of 'why my back yard' and 'why now'?

why? well, the questions really weren't in the mix of the mind until yesterday right after having spent the better part of an hour observing the flock forage their way in from the forest beyond. occasionally clucking to one another and then taking flight toward the tree tops they land somewhere directly above the half way mark and then half hop and half fly their way upward from limb to limb until finally reaching a suitable perch in the upper most branches more than a hundred feet above the forest floor. as i watch a sun that had spent the day vaporizing rain drops in belgium a couple weeks ago falls this day beyond a georgia horizon in the background. meandering into the foreground i see long necks connecting winged bodies of 20 pounds or more to bobbing heads pointed groundward. they peck their way seemingly aimlessly along. peck, peck. at what? dunno. certainly not bugs in this cold-as-frozen-raindrops weather. but food of some sort. they peck away and then, as if an inner alarm is triggered by some genetic predisposition, the head on the long neck is suddenly thrust skyward and leans to look and listen for something that appears for all the world to be beyond curiosity and well into something of a frightful, or perhaps even nefarious, nature. such demands vigilant perusal. however, they apparently come to some inner conclusion thats all's well for the moment and they return to peaceful foraging. and then suddenly, as if guided by another switch in the gene pool, they take flight to the tree and commence with the hopping thing. so high they go and so close to darkness it is by the time they get there that they can't even be seen but for the occasional flapping of wing to set body balance against a breeze a'softly blowin.

obscurity having set upon last evening's scene i left it for a look toward the light of this campfire whereupon i find 'mongst the closing comments of that last thread the one from SATS where he made referrence to webster tarpley's prognostication of iran's near future as "a flying turkey". damn!!

shit!! has the pot been stirred and plot thickend? enlightening as its been this connecting thing can pose some interesting and potentially disturbing challenges. like the spirit of webster tarpley flying in the trees in my back yard? i thank the gods for the comfort offered by non sequetur but, failing to run it down and tie a string around it, it eludes me. instead i'm haunted by the enigmatic energies of irrational dimensions flying 'mongst the order of rational observation. not only haunted by SATS words but haunted by turkeys flying to roost and haunted too by suggestions echoed by ones who have found some fundamental order in what otherwise appears to be a chaotic universe meandering aimlessly as if chasing some unrequited curiosity. langosta, for example, strikes me as one of these learned ones. from this place of a wider and deeper view than i can muster of what appears to me more a collection of connected confusion they forward kernels of wisdon. such as...

... as it goes without, so it goes within.

oh my! 'scuse me, i have to go throw up!! ... p

wv... outin. as in... outin the light mamma for i'm in danger of blowing a fuse!

Hotspringswizard said...

Well Belgium, its up to 87 on the old post from Freeacre since I added a parting message to that lengthy thread. Perhaps it will be the last one now that Freeacre has given us new fresh ground to run on :-)

Thank you Nina for your generous sentiments about my photo :-)

Interesting thoughts there P, ( is it Palooka? ) :-)

Freeacre, I feel you through your words and it makes me think that maybe we spent some time together in another life, perhaps as friends, in the form of a couple of Navi on Pandora :-)Your really crackin me up with that last post. I have to temper myself on a regular basis when being exposed to the constant insanity going on all around us in this world. I try always to calm the angst I feel, and focus on deciphering/learning what I can from this sick circus of ill deeds on so many levels in what we experience in this life.

Here is something that I ran across which I think relates to the idea I mentioned ealier that we should " decide what we will do with the time we have ", the notion that even despite the daunting nature of the challenges that lie before us, there are still things for us to do to bring purpose, inspiration, and fellowship into our lives.

Piece By Piece

......None of us has enough power to fix our situation. Our future is warmer, less stable, poorer and has fewer resources than our present, and as important as it is to look at and understand the big picture, none of us can adequately address the big picture, either as a whole or for our families. We can describe it, to some extent. We can guess. We can predict. We can worry - and we all do......

......Thus, for me is the importance of the responsive. Instead of becoming fixated on the big picture, we're doing what is most necessary - going at it, piece by piece, softening, mitigating, make it better to the best of our abilities.......

and the rest of the article goes further into thoughts of the kinds of things we really can do, with the time we have :-)

Hotspringswizard said...

To clarify this I wrote, " focus on deciphering/learning what I can from this sick circus of ill deeds on so many levels ", it speaks to our efforts of assessing the landcape of all of these complex events that are occuring, learning what we can, then using this to determine what we can realistically do to affect the course of things in positive ways, for us, our friends, our families, and collectively through that process the whole of humanity in meaningful ways. Whatever steps we can take, no matter how small because of our varied circumstances, down this road of bringing goodness to the world, is well worth the time spent by my reckoning :-)

murphy said...


That article by Causubon was really good. I figure that as the complexity goes up, the easy solution goes farther away. I think she pin pointed the problem with the magic bullet.

rockpicker said...

P, that must stand for 'poet.'

I loved that piece, and can empathize, as the wildlife here too is moving into closer proximity to men. We have a flock of nine birds I see nearly everyday in various yards close by. Two redheaded toms, seven hens. They cluck and strut freely where they will. They suffer my curiosity with cautious tolerance. Frozen, rotted apples do not interest them. The dog genuinely does.

And there are deer. The urban herd, unanticipated as illegals, now moves about openly, nipping ornamentals and stopping cars.
They wait under apple trees, mid-day, for some merciful walker
to shake a frozen limb. The collie is a point of interest to all of them.

Much is askew. Earth shudders.
A near-miss passes through.
Know this, we hold dear
all of you.

- Oldensoul and Rockpicker

Anonymous said...

RP... generally a word describes a work. but when we chase for its origin we find its the opposite as a work made way for the word. though most shoulds would be coulds there are exceptions where only that auxillary describes accurately the addressee. such is the case here in saying... i should addess thee as "reverend" as only puerveyors of real sacredness deserve. for, what i've seen of your work, it's what blazed path for the word. even the humble poet has his heros, their blood dripping from his page as he writes. such is the awe dripping from me as i attempt to follow in your path... p

Anonymous said...

FA... and t'ward that same end of following in footsteps blazing trails i follow closely in hope that your magic rubs upon me.

though longly assuming wrongly that the word started with an * i *, i appreciate your accidently setting me right in your fancy for alliteration. after giving thought to that fancy could a re-write of the 3rd sentence above read...

though all shoulds would be coulds there is the rare occasion where only the should auxillary would be accepted as accurately addressing the addressee.

: - )

wv... drabl

freeacre said...

I'm going to drift to sleep tonight comforted by the thought of turkeys seeking rest and safety in the high branches of the pines. Maybe they enjoy the view of twinkling lights, maybe they listen for the prayers on the winds arriving from Tibet, maybe they look upward toward the stars... did they sense the asteroid that came so close?
Things seem fragile and surreal, dysfunctional, and breaking apart. The earth is shaking, and thousands have died. Was there a connection between the asteroid and the earthquake? Some sort of electromagnetic effect, perhaps? Birds are more sensitive to it than we are. Murph and I have taken note of a large flock of geese that have made the meadow down the road their home. ..don't know if it means anything. Wish I had your eyes, Rockpicker and p, to look through.
Toss some more logs on the fire, will ya? The nights right now are long and cold.

And, Nina - that overseer on the plantation was a real nozzle.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

:-) p. I nearly said flying pig and then changed it just at the last second. I don’t know why, maybe I thought flying turkey was more American. It just goes to show you. Who can explain this synchronicity thing?

Pat Robertson has the definitive answer over the earthquake. It is because the Spanish made a pact with the Devil and now he is claiming his retribution. Well that seems to be what Devils do. So there you have it, I guess that is the answer then.

RAS said...

Thanks, FA. I enjoyed that. I needed it too. I'll have to keep this post handy.

I quit my new job yesterday. I was there three weeks. I got yelled at for spending too long (10 minutes) in the bathroom with an upset stomach and decided enough was enough. Luckily, my gf isn't mad at me. I'm going to go back to subbing and try to get my soap stuff turned into an actual business.

freeacre said...

Well, ras, you seem to be a bad serf. Good for you! I think this could be a real movement! I think I'll order "Bad Serf" buttons and maybe sell them on the blogsite.... humm...

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

From my experience, that is what Americans think they have to do to run a company. By and large they treat their workers like battery chickens.
I don't want to know numbers of course but is there at least a cushion income coming in from the book yet?

Anonymous said...

shaker whisperer spoke loudly...

"If they have an earthquake on this fault that runs through Port-au-Prince," the death toll would be tremendous, he said January 6.

he is robert yeats, a professor emeritus in geoscience at Oregon State University...

the death toll could likely be higher and possibly even much higher than banda aceh. many of those having perished after having survived the actual event.

yesterday george ure posted a graph that compares volcanic activity on a year to year basis. its worth a look to see the significant increase in activity that began in 08. 09 up 2000% over 07 and previous years...

disturbing! the count is for known volcanos which are mostly land based. far greater unknown numbers lurk under the seas.

you may recall this coinsides with around the same time the sun went to sleep. is there a connection?

mamma's movin... p

Anonymous said...

anti-sychronicity resistance.

is there such a thing? we've noted here, particularly in the last year or so, how appropos the wv's have become. yet, more often than not comment is rejected when the "publish" trigger is pulled and this messages is displayed...

The characters you entered didn't match the word verification. Please try again.

i do bumble along as SOP but i know damn well i'm putting in the right wv most of the time. is this happening to you all too? ...p

Anonymous said...


sheesh! NOT the result of SOP bumbling. just poor spelling skills! or is that speling? or? or?. or... p

freeacre said...

You think you are nervous? We are surrounded by forty cinder cones and our backyard consists of 35 feet of volcanic ash. All this from the Newberry Caldera that is only about ten miles from our house. Yikes! Google it for pictures if you want. I read George's chart yesterday with dread. Guess we're all here for the ride, though..

wf: fablase
that ought to be a word

rockpicker said...

yeah, like Miracle Max attempts to convince us the mumbled phrase "true love" is really "to blave," which, as everyone knows, is a slang term meaning "to bluff," in the Princess Bride.


Anonymous said...

From Belgium

The Puerto Rico Trench which represents the boundary between the American and Caribbean Plates runs north of Hispaniola and south of Cuba. Between this and its continuation at the Cayman Trough which is four times the depth of the Grand Canyon there is a dog leg of 110 km which lies just west of Jamaica. Here, instead of sliding past each other, the dog leg fills with magma from the Earths mantle in a similar way to the Mid Atlantic Ridge. Discrepancies between the rate of sliding and the rate of filling result in violent earthquakes such as the Feb 1976 Richter 7.5 quake off Guatemala followed two weeks later by a 6.0 off eastern Cuba. It would appear that this latest Port-au-Prince quake was triggered by a similar mechanism.

rockpicker said...

Hey, you can believe all that scientific mumbo-jumbo if you want, but I think it's pretty clear the Devil decided to 'call in his loans' on all those voodoo-practicing islanders!

On the other hand, volcanic activity for 09 up 2000 pc over 07? Lawdy, lawdy. How the spiritual struggles of Good versus Evil do manifest themselves in careless disregard for any physical human suffering they may cause.

rockpicker said...

On another front, why did Obama find it necessary to amend Reagan's Executive Order 12425, to "further amended by deleting from the first sentence the words 'except those provided by Section 2(c), Section 3, Section 4, Section 5, and Section 6 of that Act' and the semicolon that immediately precedes them."

From an article by Chuck Norris, available here, (, I quote:

"...Critical here is Obama's deletion of Section 2C exceptions, which come from the United States International Organizations Immunities Act: "Property and assets of international organizations, wherever located and by whomsoever held, shall be immune from search, unless such immunity be expressly waived, and from confiscation. The archives of international organizations shall be inviolable." (As ThreatsWatch noted, "Inviolable means INTERPOL records are beyond US citizens' Freedom of Information Act requests and from American legal or investigative discovery.")"

So, why was it necessary to establish this legal loophole over the holiday recess?

Rachel Billington, INTERPOL spokeswoman, shed light on the question when she explained to the New York Times 'the applicable location of the president's executive order: "It's only for the New York office."'

Ooh! Unfortunate disclosure on her part. Might be costly for her, but I celebrate her gaff.

What's going on in New York, that INTERPOL might require extraordinary legal protections?

Since Obama's people announced their inexplicable determination to pursue five of the Guantanamo detainees on charges of conspiracy involving the attacks of 9/11, I've been baffled as to why the administration would bother opening that can of worms. Seems like asking for trouble, to me.

Now, with this latest reshuffle, Obama's DOJ may consider their odds greatly improved while they play out their hand from a stacked deck. Beyond the possible implications this order may hold for the coming terrorist trial in NY, what lasting effects will this have on American jurisprudence, when Americans can no longer access police records through FOIA requests, but INTERPOL is not only allowed to spy on Americans with impunity, but it can also share all collected information with FBI, CIA and other international police organizations?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
nina said...

And, Nina - that overseer on the plantation was a real nozzle.

I'm so glad you said that. I'd been wondering how to use it effectively. Its not a question you can just ask anybody.

nina said...

anti-sychronicity resistance.
1. There is a system. There is no text explaining what they really want from the Preview phase. They want you to verify your password, but they tell you the VW is incorrect. Usually it is correct.
2. You can go right through without being signed-in by avoiding preview. That bypasses verification requirements for some unknown reason. You get signed-in by commenting no matter which box you select, preview or publish.

Think of it as a fee for service to proof your comment.

Speaking of apropos VWs, how do you like warlye?

murph said...


Darn, You've gone over to the dark side? lol Devil, huh.

To the dude with the Chinese or Japanese characters. Afraid none of us are versed in the language that I know of. Anyone out there want to translate? sigh

freeacre said...

Just an aside, Rockpicker. I find myself often quoting Miracle Max when he said, just before your other quote: "There's dead and there's mostly dead. If they are dead, there's only one thing to do - go through their pockets and look for spare change. Mostly dead, is another story..." I love that
Regarding that piece about not being able to look into International Organizations Immunity Act, it sounds like a perfect set-up for smuggling as well. I know that the USAID and Project HOPE and other international embassy staff, etc. all get the privilege of having their boxes of belongings (and whatever) sealed with an inviolate understanding that their stuff will not be searched. Funny how all these drugs and money and who knows what circulates around the globe despite all the "security" efforts that seem so comprehensive, isn't it?
And,welcome, Asian new guy. Anybody know how to translate that comment?

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

Asain new Guy has only been a blogger since Jan 2010, is that significant?

rockpicker said...

That blue line of dots on the Asian guy's comment takes me to a porn site in some Asian tongue.

-wv moldowa

murph said...


We have been hit by an Asian porn site. So far, I haven't been able to delete the stuff. If it becomes a bigger problem we will have to go to moderated comments, which we would rather not do.

The normal trash can icon at the comments is missing and the help section doesn't seem to be of any help.

Stay tuned.

nina said...

Murph, are you using foxfire? Try this:

Go to Tools.
Open Options.
Go to Privacy tab.
Click "accept 3rd party cookies".
Close all, refresh the comments page, the trash can should show.

Hopefully that will allow you to delete and don't forget to turn off the 3rd party option and delete all your cookies when you are done.

Good luck and best wishes.

Anonymous said...

Darn, You've gone over to the dark side?

murph... its all carl jung's fault.

rp... just so you know, use of the words *porn* and *tongue*, especially foreign, in the same sentence is a serious offense agaist the laws of pat robertson.

despite that father rush would say you've already paid through the irs, you could try to mitigate any guilt by putting 25 dollars in the box... p

ps... nina, i tried your suggestion. apparently i'm under arrest by the wv police. the path to freedom appears to be... enter wv, preview, edit, enter new wv, preview, publish

3rd wv... aminacat

Anonymous said...

The Right Testicle of Hell:
History of a Haitian Holocaust

Blackwater before drinking water...


rockpicker said...

Good piece, P. Thanks. Also, have a look at Brasscheck movie on Haiti.

Is NSA planting porn sites as traps for unsuspecting bloggers?

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

For those of you who are interested the ISPG site is back up without any explanation of why it was down

freeacre said...

We waited too long to for "The Road" to be seen during a matinee. So, I'm waiting until it is available on Amazon to buy it. So, in the meantime, I bought the book and just read it. I can see why it go the Pulitzer prize. It's stark and grim story about a man and his son attempting to walk a post apocalyptic road south to what they hope will be a warmer and safer place. A place where his son can grow up and their humanity can be maintained. It is relentless. There are no chapters. It's written with few words... each one placed with the care that one would need to place like footsteps on a dark and dangerous trail. No chapters that one can easily use to stop and start again. It's relentless - like the road they are traveling. It's brilliant.
Excuse me while I have a drink and stare off into the distance for awhile...

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

Addendum to my comment above – check this out:

Anonymous said...

downloaded and watched ''road'' yesterday, black assed and depressing movie.
and i loved it.

the nauseating dreamsong that hums through the human physic as this is my own special pool of blood and drinking is by invitation only. WTF?

meteor was a wish for how many? not enough converts yet? either that or we have to many wishy-washy wishers,.

have been gone, the stirrings are intense and mud induced scenarios are being consciously welcomed as a necessary part of the salvation path and will only be taken by those that have seen the darkness, the eye seeks closure but the reach for further engagement into this labyrinth of the healing process seems quite necessary somehow.,
the bindings are loosened and the scary part goes along side by side with freedom, this is dark love, it is a mystery, it is examination without end,it is unwinding, it is sick disguised as health, it is universal and the trick treat waits for us on special occasion.
insanity,? there is water at the bottom of the well,it is drinkable even though deadly to most, flavoring is needed, the pill is so bitter and enhancement brings the illusion of relief as we squander what remains of the path untrod.
welcome she sings, i snuggle up to her pity as she unbuttons my sickness and casts it into the pit of remorse, a nice tune, and warmth lights up the night.

the campfire is warm,i honor and love all that attend these sacred talking leaves.

Anonymous said...

thx for that link sats. some creepy characters fer sur.

"The victims knew the reason: among their abusers were the most powerful men in Belgium: police commissioners, gendarme officers, judges, bankers, businessmen, politicians and high nobility figures. "

one thing can be taken to the bank... such is global!! in my view the isgp dossier is something everyone around the fire here ought to read. why? because this particular heart breaking sinister aspect is massive, pervasive, and in play.

how pervasive?

were all secrets to be revealed it would be found woven into the stinking rotting fabric that amounts to the cummulative chronicle of humankind that stretches back to its origins. especially those in and seeking high places everywhere. not all are willing and conscious participants of course. iow, perps. both covert and overt. but many more than we'd ever have imagined engage in things so twisted they are beyond imagination as well. and those many protected and/or enabled and potetentially energetically co-joined in one way or another by many, many more out of ignorance or conscious intent for various reasons direct or indirect.

keep in mind that the big O is one of the most powerful energies mankind is capable of generating and experiencing. the dossier is a window into the gap playing out behind the scenes and reveals just how twisted some take it. though so well hidden as to nearly always be questionable, the lines connecting the dots run far, wide, and deep and well up into the upper echelons of the aformentioned men and women in all walks including the most respected of circles and callings.

by 'the gap' i mean in this particular context what is mostly running below the level of consciousness. iow, the dark side. however, at this layer of the cake the gap does contain a consciousness of its own and this consciousness is aware of how the big O can and is used to hold and/or achieve power over. what i'm talking about here is a severly twisted aspect of sex operating outside of love.

how powerful is the big O and is it limited to humankind? i can't prove it any more than you or anyone can disprove it but i seriously doubt its limited to humankind. go check out some of the truely amazing hubble photos... p

Anonymous said...

From Belgium


freeacre said...

It's funny... we just watched "Commune" a documentary about the commune experience in Northern California during the 70's. Lots and lots of sex and nudity - men, women, children, outside and in hand-made dwellings. Love, laughter, and hurt feelings that come from jealousy over free love experiments and parents acting like children when their children needed them to be parents. But, looking back, most remembered fondly that time of great creativity, hope, freedom, intimacy, and joy.
And then, there are the others who get together in secretive groups in shadowy places to commit dark, dangerous, painful deeds. WTF? It's not the sex, I don't think. After all, sex and "the Big O" are loving and joyous in the case of loving people... a path to God, even, to those of the tantric school.
So, is it just that evil people turn just about everything they do into twisted, malignant acts of domination and horror? Watching them eat a ham sandwich could probably make me puke. Somehow, it is all linked to having something labeled a "sin" and then the "thrill" of doing it anyway and getting away with it. I knew a man a long time ago who used to drink a can of Bubble Up with such a feeling of guilty pleasure that it was nauseating to watch. Some people are just sick fucks. Too bad so many of them are rich.