Thursday, April 15, 2010

Making Other Arrangements


... Okay, I'm going out on a limb here...

Wondering what in the hell the overlords are doing has become a preoccupation for many of us. It’s not like we own a lot of stock, but we watch the stock market closely anyway. It’s not like we are ever going to meet anyone who works on Wall St. but, we know their names and are familiar with how they are in orbit between positions in the government, Wall St., K Street, and the Pentagram, err, Pentagon. We speculate endlessly on what they may or may not be doing or have done. Because we know that what they do affects us all in very fundamental ways, and we also know that almost everything they tell us is false.

Often the lack of candor is justified by not wanting to cause us to “panic.” That’s a laugh - as if they care how we feel. They don’t seem to care if we go bankrupt, our children are on food stamps, our soldiers are committing suicide, our jobs are outsourced, our food is contaminated, our retirement and pensions evaporate, and we live in tent cities. In fact, let’s face it, emotional panic is lucrative – it sells mass quantities of anti-depressant drugs, from which Big Pharma is happy to profit mightily.” Their fear of a “panic” really means they are afraid that we’ll STOP GOING TO WORK.” God, forbid. Don’t stop serving their lattes, or servicing their cars, or buying their stuff, or raising their children, or publishing their stories, or kowtowing to them in every way imaginable. Especially, don’t interrupt the money stream into their pockets.

Where, I wonder, is this money going exactly? What is the big motivation to increase the zeros in their cyber accounts? Why has the top one percent sucked up 95% of the wealth of the world, even at the risk of destroying whole nations? “We didn’t see it coming!” they tell us, struggling to keep a straight face. “Bite me,” I delicately respond. Even I could see it coming.

But, sometimes I am wrong. I was worried that there would be a world-wide epidemic that would be spread by the international gathering at the Olympics. Didn’t happen. Millions of people were not wiped out by the flu, natural or engineered. But, hundreds of millions of doses of the vaccine were sold. Countries are dumping them now, but Donald Rumsfeld, with his share of Baxter pharmaceutical stocks managed to make millions off the deal. Don’tcha just wonder if it made the nut for his ticket out of here?

One billion Euros per ticket, is what the film 2012 speculates is the price to have a stateroom on one of the arks to save the elites from certain doom when the continents drift and the poles shift. It’s not sounding so far-fetched to me lately.

Why else would the United States be red-lined, practically every country in the world looted, police state policies in place all over the world, civilian control skills and equipment developed and honed, the Constitution ignored, a shadow government instituted, and on and on. It sure looks like they are gearing up for something big that most of us are not going to be happy with.

Maybe there are three tiers of survival plans. The most exclusive club would probably be the black ops space program that supposedly even now has secret space transports in orbit. Or, rumored secret sites on Mars or the moon, which I find less likely. But, shit, I would have never believed any of the crap that we know for sure has happened.

Then, perhaps a little less pricey would be a reservation in an underground facility like the ones rumored to be in Norway, Colorado, and other places. That would probably save a lot of people from a nuclear catastrophe, WWIII, or a plague scenario. A case could be made to depopulate the earth by five billion or so useless eaters and users of the now scarce oil, rare earth metals, top soil and water, after which the privileged would emerge from their caverns and commence business as usual.

Then there would be the boats. Maybe all those ships sitting around not being used for shipping are being retro-fitted with bunk beds and salad bars. Who the hell knows? They might be useful in the event of a 23 degree shift in the rotational axis of the earth.

I sure don’t know. I just know that we can be kept in hopeless ignorance rather easily. After all, I find that despite my best efforts, I have been wrong about so much. I thought Bill Clinton would support the working class. But, then he supported NAFTA and began outsourcing. I guess Americans got distracted by the wrong blow job - shoulda been watching him and Wall Street. I was excited that Joe Lieberman was chosen to be Al Gore’s first Jewish vice president. Now, I don’t even think he qualifies as an American… seems more Israeli to me. And, for that matter, I used to really admire Israel. I remember thinking that our generation would save the planet, get rid of racism and poverty, be better parents, bring peace and prosperity to the masses. Wrong, wrong, wrong and wrong.

So, I am the first to admit that I might be delusional. But, reading the new information on the Electric Universe, studying the histories of ancient peoples and civilizations, learning about the theories of the dynamics of the sun, noticing the telescopes trained on the sun and out toward the middle of the galaxy searching for rogue asteroids or planets, it sure looks like there really is a threat out there that the Powers That Be are taking seriously. Look at how much money has disappeared and how the media has refused to cover it. Remember the 2 trillion dollars in cash that got “lost” in Iraq? Remember the gold bullion that melted in the basement of the Trade Center? Consider the hundreds of trillions of cyber dollars that went “poof” with this derivative melt-down? That money must have gone somewhere. In light of the collapse of the world as we know it, and the caviler attitude toward resource depletion and eco-extinction, it is so far-fetched to think that maybe the elites are Making Other Arrangements? I think not. Just yesterday Pres. Obama announced the dissolution of the space shuttle program, with suspension of current programs in order to concentrate on manned missions to Mars and turning to private contractors for passenger space missions. Hummm….

All I know for sure is that we’ve got no ticket to ride. So, I guess we’ll just keep gardening and making pie… and maybe add some pontoons onto our little boat.


A “must read” explanation of sun spots and cycle of intense flares, etc.
“Not a matter of interpretation…” Latest on carbon dating that shows 11,000 year cyclic change.
Patrick Geryl’s website on surviving 2012 pole shift, etc.
Mystery space craft in orbit around earth.
Times article about new telescope to study threat from the sun.
Very “trippy” story of secret space mission on Mars.
One of many sites with info regarding underground bases. Good pictures on this one. Just Google for many more.
Very strange details of the Denver airport and anomalous constructions – with interesting links.


nina said...

IRIS seismic monitor

Too much activity, we're in for a major geological shift it appears. And all those people stranded in NE Europe, for who knows however long waiting out Iceland's volcanic ash, is bound to result in something dreadful, anguish, disease, hunger, physical desperation.

What do Haiti, Chile, Baja/Caleixto/Mexicali and Sumatra have in common? Iceland is not in the Ring of Fire.

Goldman has been charged by the SEC for failure to disclose to investors Paulson & Co, a world class hedge fund and Goldman client, bet against subprimed securities. That this entity is still standing at all is a seismic shock considering the globewide rape very much underway. Since when do 1's and zeros make or destroy entire civilizations?

I don't have any answers, but what all these thing portend when taken together reveals a disastrous checklist including the abject failure of faith. They needn't shush our panic, its all too visual, all too real, brought to us by a relentless Apocalypse determined to expose the truth.

In the meantime while the revelations come forth, the great upheavals keep rolling in and we'll just have to do what relatively little we can where we can. Gardening, cooking, painting, blogging, meditating, seeking compassion for as long as it lasts until we're done with this place or its done with us. Teach your children well applies here since I doubt many of us are from parents who said the whole place is going to crash and you will be alone to deal with it after we're gone.
We really do not have to suffer though it, we can instead choose to open ourselves to awe.

Great essay, FA. Thank you. Your accompanying visual is extraordinary!

freeacre said...

..."we can open ourselves to awe." I really like that. It is a comfort. Thanks, Nina.

David said...

Like I've been Thinking,How in the heck can people predict such things and still have credibility?I've heard the stories and read the alternative echo out there,But still,how can they really expect to create credible litany without proof?To me that just seems to be quasi-religious.A faith thing, huh?I mean people can have beliefs and opinions but to pass either of those off as fact based on faith is fraud or at the very least manipulation.Which, in my opinion, is at least as deceitful as a lie, when positing it as truth or fact.Don't get me wrong,I don't know which of the things to believe in as whats going to happen to us,I just search alternative sites and hope to be able to prepare my family to be aware that mighty changes are probably in the future.Until we can figure out how to survive this collapse,We can speculate about the bogeymen or catastrophies until we are blue in the face,And even conjecture as to what it all means,but we still have to survive right here, right now....It makes me afraid to think that what if one of the very bad senarios is right.......How in the heck can anyone really prepare for a pole shift,I mean,jeez,we are very fragile inhabitants on this planet,what makes us think we could possibly survive that sort of thing...........I say it's hard enough just to wade through life raising children and hopefully showing them how to question authority often.

freeacre said...

I totally sympathize, Dave. Maybe the best we can do is to get our minds around that fact that one way or the other, we are all going to die someday, somehow. So, until then, we make a real effort to live the lives we feel we were born for with courage, grace - and an eye for the high ground.

Dave Eriqat said...

I agree, something is coming. I get a sense secret preparations are being made behind the scenes. Is it for something as mundane as “civil unrest,” created by the banksters’ greed, or is it for something even more astonishing.

I also get a sense of desperation among the “elites,” what with their incessant and preposterous talk of a “recovery,” melded with incessant talk about attacking Iran. If the economy were “recovering,” there would be little interest in attacking Iran. War is an age old diversionary tactic when the economy is on the ropes.

So who knows, are these preparations we sense are occurring preparing for economic collapse and war or something else?

Dave - Erstwhile Urban Wanderer

David said...

Freeacre,you get my Amen

rockpicker said...

"...and it's all over now,
Baby Blue..."

David 6:50, none of us may be able to foresee the future accurately, but we listen to what is said and note who passes impossibilities as truth. Knowing who can't be trusted is vital intel.

Remain critical and alert. Trust your instincts. Your heart knows credibility like an old friend.

Hotspringswizard said...

I was reading an article fairly recently which discussed that there is a company that is currently taking on people who wish to be included in underground doomsday shelters that this company will build once they receive enough people to make the project viable in the given area.

They are proposed in differant parts of the US. The fee was 50,000per person for a shelter that could be lived in for a year and they did mention that it would be stocked with gourmet food items.

I didn't happen to save the address for that article but maybe someone else here has see that article too. Once the shelter is completed then the owners are responsible for its upkeep after that.

I had a dream last night Freeacre that you were in, even though I've never met you :-)I was going for a ride in your car, which was small silver sportscar with a convertable top which was down at the time. We started out and you were driving quite aggresively ( like a race driver ) and I relized that I didn't have my seatbelt on so I went to buckle it up but it had this very complicated buckling system that I couldn't figure out how to connect. You looked over at me struggling with it and you were laughing :-) Thats the ony little snipit of that dream that I remembered.

Hummm that title, " Making Other Arrangements ", Jim Kunstler has said that phrase alot, when referring to the idea that the current way the world has operated is collapsing and the conditions that provided for it will not be present in our future, so, we will have to make other arrangements to try and cope and adapt to the new realities.

I spent a very nice spring day at Deep Creek Hot Springs today, enjoying the warm sunshine and the hotpools :-) The atmosphere of the place is great for conversations and my first one while there was with a young Iraq war vet who told me about his experiences with this war. Stuff like Haliburton charging $200,000 for putting up some kind of structure/building that was only 10x20 in size. The guy said that it would have realistically been to much at $20,000 for what was done.

Everything he told me just confirmed what I've learned about the big lie and fraudfest that is the truth of the Iraq and Afganistan US occupations. Nice to get some feedback from someone who was actually there.


Hotspringswizard said...

Regarding the general theme in the thoughts from Freeacre, my feeling is that all that we are seeing is a product of the general inherent traits of human nature set against a free for all of activities, spun up because we for a realatively short time tapped into the highly concentrated hydrocarbon energy form, and now all the mayhem we have caused has exhausted the potentials of paradigms we set up for our living arrangments.

Now its time for the great inevitalbe and irreversable contraction and the more instinctual, survival based, anything goes behaviors that the human species like any animal has within their very DNA will begin to flood out with a vengence.

I don't think all of these things we see have to do with the elites knowing for example that there actually is a global killer meteorite coming our way ( maybe for 2012 ) so they just decided to go Bat Shit Crazy and throw out all the rules or sense of compassion figuring what the hell do they have to lose anyway.

What the elites do and how they do it have been going on for all of mankinds history, but it is true that there is a whole lot more corruption and impacts by volume since these days there are just so many more of of us, which of course means more corrupt elites, with bigger tools and means, pulling more crap.

With this in mind it wouldn't supprise most of us if they are making all sorts of endgame plans to keep their power and save their lives while figuring out a myriad of ways to dispense with the growing threat of all of us useless eaters as Henery Kissinger so eloquently put it.

It wouldn't supprise me either if the elites are already quite aware that Peak Oil is real, that climate change really is unstopable and will be changing our world in drastic and dire ways, and that the economies of the world are facing imminent collapse with no meaningful way to mitigate it, etc, and its harsh realities like these that are compelling their choices.

I wonder how that Doomday seed vault is doing. Isn't it over there on some island not too far from iceland? Maybe it will get covered with 100 feet of ash causing the elites to have to make other arrangments for these seeds that they are really saving for themselves :-)

rockpicker said...

I should think Tom Bearden might have something important to say concerning the fireball video. If that's not scalar technology being displayed, I'll be surprised.

rockpicker said...

OK, Hotsprings, maybe you're still on. We were posting at the same time a while back. Now, I want to present this next link as an example of the kind of 'news' reporting we have come to suspect here in the good ole US of A.

Buried in the middle of the video of photographic evidence that looks like what we all expect a meteor to look like as it approaches earth is this totally bizarre footage that I WANT YOU ALL TO LOOK AT. Does this look anything like the other footage?

Say, NO! Kinda resembles the disconnect in the Pentagram video where something moving in from the right side of the frame suddenly jumps to the left side frame and turns into a fireball while you were blinking. WTF? Do not be afraid to witness reality! These fuckers are lying to us and they are calling us stupid with straight faces while we scratch our heads and say, well, uh, yeah, I guess.... Bullshit!

Play the video till it makes sense.

No, don't do that. It never will.
And I'm sadistic for even suggesting that...

rockpicker said...

Ah, this next link, right;

RAS said...

"So, until then, we make a real effort to live the lives we feel we were born for with courage, grace"

I like that, freeacre. Have you ever heard of Michael Franti? He's a reggae singer with some really cool stuff. He has one called Life in the City where he talks about death -it's really cool.

"Some say you only get so many breaths, when they're gone you'll meet your maker, some people always try to cheat their death but when it comes you just cant shake it. Some people try to make a deal to get a little bit more but they try to take it. Some of them end up in debt, when their called they try to fake it, but one morning the clock will chime and no more birds come flying by and tempretures keep rising higher, 16 bullets come flying by.
Ai yi yi put your hands up high coz' you never know how long your gunna live till' ya die..."

Degringolade said...


Just found your site...excellent writing and great comment sections.

I'm with you folks, just went after the same prize from a different direction. If you ever make it up to PDX let me know first and I will personally buy you a beer.

Thanks for the good work, you are now on my list of white hats.

John (degringolade)

freeacre said...

degringolade, Welcome! I really enjoyed reading the most recent of your posts on your blog. Will try to catch up. Sounds like you are of like mind and spirit of many at this Council. Love to take you up on that beer - especially if you made it! We could bring some of our Thai rabbit jerky! Somehow, it seems this self-organizing cyber collective continues to attract really fascinating, innovative people from all sorts of diverse places, and we feel truly enriched. Hope you feel at home here.
Rockpicker, very interesting on the fireball and possible scalar weaponry. Seems like it could also be connected with the large coronal emissions from the Sun lately, doesn't it? Ditto the volcanic eruptions in Iceland. Since the elctromagnetic field around the earth has diminished so much, and our solar system is entering the center plane of the galaxy (subjecting the earth to new and more intense gamma rays, space lumps, etc.)I would imagine that we will be seeing a lot more light shows of unusual sorts. Must look for our copy of Jerry Lee Lewis's "Great Balls of Fire!." Although, I guess he wasn't referring to the same kind of balls...
Hey, for the minuscule Good News Dept., it looks encouraging that the despicable Goldman Sachs as well as that outfit Formerly Known as Blackwater are going to be prosecuted. Hope it's the beginning of many more! And, they kept vitamins out of the Codes atrocity at least.
On the other hand, Charles Hugh Smith's essay on how the Middle Class just got "disappeared" is a sobering must read.

Hotspringswizard said...

Rockpicker, I tried to check out that video at the link you provided but when I did the " click to play " the box just went black and nothing happened. When trying to view some You Tube videos lately I get this message saying that I need an updated browser so maybe this is the problem.

I did read some of the comments to that article to get the jist of what some people were feeling about this proposed meteorite. Clearly the military and the elites are up to stuff to the extent we know that truly boggle my mind. Beyond this you have to figure there's much we don't know about ( knowing that you consider these things alot Rockpicker ).

The lies as to what really is the reason various things are happening around us as proposed by those in power clearly are extensively pervasive. From the looks of the comments at the article looks like there are various notions as to what could have caused this night time light show, beside it being just a large meteorite.

Regarding this in your last post Rockpicker, " Play the video till it makes sense.
No, don't do that. It never will.
And I'm sadistic for even suggesting that... ", are you feeling frustrated that some may not be considering that the information you propose lacks validity to one extent or another?

I for one think you bring up interesting information on a regular basis and I try to follow up on your suggested links. Of course each person will make their own judgements on the possible merit or truthfullness of what is being suggested. Much of these things we are considering are such that we cannot alter their course, or the affects these things may have on our lives.

Like the issue of just what really occured with this meteor event, I think no matter what you come to judge as to what it really was, the mass population in general will just buy what they are being told it was by the MSM. The thinking of a very small segment/percentage of folks that lies are really being spewed about it won't change the greater prevailing mass perception of the event. The larger populations will consistently buy the BS.

And this last mentioned idea is I think behind the reasons why much of what we have come to realize as the truer realities of what is going on never really rise to the level of being understood by the majority in the greater populations. 9-11, illegal occupations, our country not really being a democracy, corportations being the rulers now and not the politicians we think we elect, and all the rest that we discuss here, will remain only in circles of very small scale in general. There are various reasons that I feel this is the case, and why this reality remains relatively consistent through time.

I plan on expanding on this idea a bit later when I get the time since I think it has important relevance to our making decisions on what things regarding actions will be realistically productive in reference to what we can actually achieve or accomplish, when it comes to the myriad dramatic changes of which we discuss regularly here.

mczilla said...

The simultaneous triumph and ultimate capitulation of Scientific Materialism. We're at the end of the run, and at this point collapse would almost be a relief. And nothing a good dose of mushrooms can't cure. Space ships to Mars are just another distraction from what's real.

The screwballs are desperate, and the Collective Dream is fast entering the nightmare stage, but don't let that stop you from enjoying what's still here and within your grasp. And don't get too attatched - like these bodies, it was never meant to last.

Buckle up!

murph said...

Rockpicker and others;

To have that fireball appear to come from a different direction, the camera would have to be on the other side of the trajectory. Notice that the clip did not specify where the shots were located. Maybe just shots sent in to the station from two or more completely different locations.

If all of the pics of it were from the same general location, it is indeed weird.

What I find interesting in the article about it, the length of time of the fireball is a mystery. A meteor doesn't last 10 minutes, no matter the size. It also does not produce a sonic boom high in the atmosphere. If it was low enough to produce the sonic boom, there should have been massive damage somewhere.

Hmmm, interesting stuff.

David said...

"Remain critical and alert. Trust your instincts. Your heart knows credibility like an old friend." RP Thank you,very wise advice.Funny how deep inside you do have a bullsht meter,That tells you things even if you don't pay attn. to it.

rockpicker said...

It's after 1 a.m., Sunday now. Friends just left, so this is the first chance I've had all day to read the comments.

I showed my guests the videos of the meteor, and to my utter astonishment, IT HAS BEEN CHANGED SINCE LAST NIGHT. For real.

The video medley I posted early Sunday morning consisted of three short filmed segments from different locations and cameras.

The first and the third appeared to be footage of a fairly typical, albeit close, fireball/meteor fly-by. The Iowa footage shot by a cop parked at an intersection showed the luminous object streak from mid-frame downwards to the left and disappear behind trees. I can't exactly recall the first bit of film, but it didn't seem unusual.

I distinctly remember the center film, only seconds in length, had some curious elements to it. And now, as I view it, it's totally changed.

What I saw, in the central fottage, was a black screen. A small, but bright, ball of light appeared on the screen, in the right side of the frame, a little above the half-way line. Just appeared out of nowhere. Then, a bit lower and to the left, there was a big, bright flash. Two seperate points of light, the second much bigger than the first. No streaking fireball. More of an instantaneous eruption--two of them. Meanwhile, in the background, from upper right towards lower left, I saw what looked like a star or planet, a fairly dim point of light, descending at a steady rate.

What shows up in the video now as I play it doesn't resemble what I viewed last night at the same link.

Can't explain it, except to say that someone has edited the footage.

I played it several times, and I know what I saw.


murph said...

Hmmm. If the film clips have been edited, I wonder what I was looking at Sat evening? Got to admit that the films do not match the news blurb that came with it.

freeacre said...

Another thing worth looking at is the picture and text on of the volcano erupting in Iceland. They say it is "crackling" with electricity and lightening, and they don't really know the dynamics of volcanoes and lightening.

baz recon said...

Where today is the Pequot? Where are the Narragansetts, The Mohawks, the Pokanoket, and many other once powerful tribes of our people? They have vanished before the avarice and the oppression of the White man, as snow before a summer sun.

Tecumseh, Shawnee Chief

“Yes——we know that when you come, we die”.
Chiparopai, an old Yuma Indian.

hint #4

rockpicker said...

"...Faces along the bar
Cling to their average day:
The lights must never go out,
The music must always play,
All the conventions conspire
To make this fort assume
The furniture of home;
Lest we should see where we are,
Lost in a haunted wood,
Children afraid of the night
Who have never been happy or good..."

-September 1, 1939
W. H. Auden

rockpicker said...

Fluoride is accumulative.

It's an industrial waste product we never had to contend with, until WWII, when we started weapons-grade uranium processing.

There is not one independent study indicating that it is safe and effective in preventing dental caries.

And, it's a neurotoxin, besides making your bones super brittle and your stomache bleed.

rockpicker said...

On this fifteenth anniversary of Oklahoma City bombing, here's a link to a video of USAF Brig. General Benton K. Partin, a demolitions expert, talking about the evidence he inspected at the site.

rockpicker said...



63.63 N, 19.62 W
summit elevation 1666 m

Those three six keep popping up.

rockpicker said...

"...ain't it great when they discover that
Goldman Sach's wasn't where it's at,
after they took from you everything they could steal? Aw, how does it feel...?"

Anonymous said...

Man Freeacre great article and a ton of reading although I will admit a lot of the links directed me to information that I have come across but was good rehash of things that are happening.

Me I have been following a lot closer to the economic situation, especially in regard to the USA and how it will affect a lot of other countries. Here is an article that does a great job of putting it together for those that have not been following along, although I think everyone here at this campfire is very well informed, but in case you encounter someone who thinks the verbal diarrhea put forth by the MSM is gospel you can just pass along this article, it is a good lay mans terms of what is not being said.


Hotspringswizard said...

Here is a link to a story which gives information about those underground bunkers that I mentioned a company was planning on building.

Bunker mentality: the ultimate underground shelter

Come the end of the world, you might like to sit it out in style......

murph said...


Interesting link. In the previous post I tried to talk about the inflation/deflation argument. All of a sudden, I am coming across more and more articles that talk about it. Good god, did I really start this sudden interest? lol.


If indeed prices are to inflate, guess we better assure our places before the price gets really out there. I wonder how those underground facilities are for drastic flooding? hmmmm

freeacre said...

Good link, Ely. Another good one is Charles Hugh Smith's column yesterday were he delineates the destruction of the Middle Class due to so many people losing their homes and about to lose their homes. Home equity is the definitive feature of the middle class. It usually takes at least a couple of generations working their butts off to be able to leave the home to our children to give them a leg up, so their kids can get a degree and be comfortable. "It takes three generations to make a musician," as it were. But now that is going away, and we are going back to square one. Middle Class are Dead Men Walking. They just don't get it yet.
Aww,hell, it was bullshit anyway. Less is more.

Hotspringswizard said...

Well I was just checking out this website that I linked to off of the Energy Bulletin and it reminded me of the Trout Clan Campfire idea, people sitting around the fire in a circle having " substantive " conversation, then I see Freeacre's last line in her last post " less is more ". So who's reading who's mind? More on that latter :-)

So here is that website which discusses ideas about simplicity, circles, and people coming together to discuss important issues. The woman who's website this is, wrote a book called, you guessed it, Less Is More :-)

Circle Of Simplicity
Return To The Good Life

....Ultimately, when you use the small circle in learning experiences, it means that people experience equality and caring and community. Being in a small circle automatically helps people feel equal......

And back to reading minds, whether it be animals or humans. I was also just reading this new article at ClubOrlov, and in it there is a part that speaks of animals reading humans minds, which reminded me of of our parakeet who seems to have this ability to sense my mental activity level, even though he can't see me from where he is sitting.

I also find it interesting and uncanny just how often my wife and I come up with the very same idea, at the same time. Freeacre writes " less is more " just as I am going to post information here about a woman who wrote a book, Less Is More. Coincidences or something else, Hmmmm :-)

Also this Orlov article relates in some respects to the issue that I mentioned recently I wanted to expand upon. I'm still considering just how to pose the idea I wish to convey. Here is the articles address and a part that relates to this subject I'm thinking of:

The Great Unreasoning

....It is almost impossible to change someone's convictions through persuasion or argument, and it is equally difficult to cause someone to form convictions through these same means. That is why the most difficult subjects of our time—ones involving hard issues such as overpopulation, natural resource use and depletion, global climate destabilization, looming national bankruptcy and the like—are more or less left out of public discourse.......

And what I wish to delve into is involved with the idea that we cannot alter the greater trends of dire consequences that are bringing all the grave changes to our world. I wish to write some on why I think that is the case, and why our efforts are best spent developing survival adaptations in our immediate locals.

I also want to add that I still see benifit in discussing and learning about the greater changes, like what we do here regularly. Its just that I think, regarding the giant snowball of changes we are witnessing, that if you get in front of its path and think your going to stop it, you will just get run over and it will roll onward. So what I would suggest is not about giving up and doing nothing, but about choosing your battles and putting your efforts into endeavors that will most likely bring you visible results. Well its late now. Off to dreamland I go :-)

freeacre said...

Oh, heck, Rockpicker, I just can't resist..

... freeacre's in the kitchen, mixing up the medicine
Murph's at the re-loading bench, thinking about the government
The neighbor in the trench coat, badge out, laid off
his house is underwater and, he can't get it paid off

Look out kid, it's somethin' you did
God knows when but you're doin' it again
You better duck down the alley way, look for a new friend
The judge in the courthouse says it's the end.
He wants eleven dollar bills, and you only got ten.

Rockpicker's fleet of foot, his face full of black soot
Talkin' 'bout the sun spots, scalar waves and whatnots, but
The phone's tapped anyway, Maggie says that many say
They'll go to war in early June, but some already got their tickets to the moon.

Look out kid, don't matter what you did
But walk on your tip toes don't tie no bows
Better stay away from those that mutilate Dylan's prose
Avoid the SWAT teams, watch the plain clothes
You don't need a weather man to know which way the wind blows

Oh get sick, get well, hang around this holy hell
Ring bell, hard to tell, if anything is goin' to sell
Work hard, get chipped, eat corn, watch porn
Get jailed, jump bail, join the army if you fail

Look out kid, you're gonna get hit
But poets, hikers, hot springs wizards
Hangin' around the steaming pools
Nina's paintin' pictures, David's gettin' nervous, Baz is dropping hints and thinking we are all fools
Don't follow leaders, watch your parkin' meters

Oh get born, keep warm, fluoride, thermite
Learn to dance, get dressed, get blessed, try to be a success
Push a pencil, be prehensile,
Twenty years of schoolin' and they put you in a cubicle

Look out kid, they keep it all hid
Better jump down a manhole, light yourself a candle
Don't wear sandals, try to avoid the scandals
Don't wanna lose, you better not snooze
The pump don't work, 'cause the vandals took the handles

(a take off on Subterranean Homesick Blues)

RAS said...

Wow, fa, that was great!

I've been thinking a lot about the words of John Adams lately. He once wrote "If there is to be trouble, let it be in my time, that my children may know peace." and (paraphrased) "I do this so my son may be a farmer and my grandson a poet.". The comment about the three generations of the middle class reminded me of it. It may take three generations or more for us to climb our way out of this mess once all goes down.

rockpicker said...

That was great, FA. Always thought a lot of that song. In fact, I heard a live bluegrass band play it Saturday at an outdoor venue, for an Earth Day celebration.

For anyone with the time and interest, here's a piece by Devvy Kidd about OKC bombing and Timothy McVeigh. It looks to be well-researched, but I've just started it. It's long.

She claims he was tried on murder charges for "having a substantial effect on interstate commerce." WTF?

Hotspringswizard said...

Well Freeacre, interesting thoughts there in your poem :-) Words put into a unique form, like the image of a fascinating painting, or picture :-)

Well I have a little time this morning so I thought I'd touch on this subject I mentioned a couple of times here recently that I wished to expand upon.

We are faced with all of these huge intractactable and dire problems that humanity has created for itself and it all in my view carries with it a vast momentum which creates various courses of change that we are by and large just swept along with in our unique individual lives.

I think the nature of the various highly negative predicaments before us are such that their general paths cannot be altered. They at their base are a product of the very intracies of the workings of the human mind itself. Why humanity finds itself incapable of turning away from the grand folly it is perpetrating upon itself is part of the very nature of how our physical form manifest itself.

So, as much as we as individuals may try, will or wish that there will be some " grand awakening " of enough of the general population to the myriad travesties of our errant ways, the complexities of just what make us do this or that will in my view continue to move us in the same " business as usual " paths that are bringing us all along with it to realities of a very threatening nature.

In small circles, like here at the Trout Clan for example, groups of people can see more clearly the truth of things, but I don't expect those realizations to for the most part ever alter the greater trends in play.

I have a great desire to know as best I can the nature of the greater realities around me, but I don't see any real benifits to expending my efforts to try and stop this grand process that is unfolding that we surely would like to see going much differantly.

We as individuals, given our various skills and propensities do have the ability to do something, with differing levels of success depending on our specific circumstances. Given what I suggest above, I would personally choose to apply my efforts to make some positive change in this world in a much more localized manner. Since I think that I can not change the greater worlds fate, I still can perhaps make my life, and other people's lives around me better in this way or that. Even on the simplest scale this is something we each can do.


Hotspringswizard said...

There are so many ways you can bring goodness to your life experience, and best of all, to someone elses life experience too. For me this reduces the quandry of what we are all facing down to the level of something I feel I can alter to some degree for the better, if even only for a time, because after all, we too cannot ultimately escape the repercussions of the greater trends.

Now for me this has nothing to do with giving up, not trying, but is involved with looking at the greater systems of experiential reality around you, and making thoughtful and intelligent decisions about how best to apply your efforts, toward building a life that feels worthy and productive.

Of course there will still be those who choose to fight the greater battles, thinking, hoping that somehow those paths can be altered for the better. There is to my mind nothing unworthy about that, even if the passing of time shows that events continue on their familiar trajectory towards greater disfunction. For some the attempt alone to change the dark trends carries a meaning itself of great importance, even though they may feel inside that the possibilities of success are at best incredibly dim.

Each of us will decide of course just what is the manner of living that we need to follow to find our own fullfillment and sense of worthiness. In musing about all of this I always think of and am humbled by my realizations of the greater nature of our fleeting and ephemeral individual journeys in this thing we experience as " our lives ". Just transient ghost we are in the incomprehesible sands of time. The travails of humanity on this little blue orb adrift in a great sea of nothingness may seem like so much to us, a great weight at times upon our shoulders, but I think it is valuable to always remember that we are just a part in the grand magnificent design of things, and that we should not be to hard on ourselves because of that which we cannot change :-)

Regarding doing good, I found yesterday that a Desert Tortoise had wandered into our back yard, and our doggie Bear was trying to get at it where he had it pinned against our fence. Well I saved the little guy ( smallest one I've seen in a while ) and am taking it ( him/her? ) on my weekly hike to the top of what I call Turtle Mountain, which name I chose because of the Desert Tortoise I've found while hiking out there.

On the east side of Turtle Mountain there are long sloping ridges that go down into remote valleys far away from people and the problems they cause for these turtles, which are ancient and supreme survivors in such a harsh landcape. This little turtle will have a good life up there, without a thought of the great storms of negative repercussions that humanity has in store for itself. For this little turtle, its simple life will go on, in its slow manner, one step at a time foward, on its way to its own unique journey :-)

rockpicker said...

This stinks.

rockpicker said...

NPR caught in the act.

I remember when George Schultz called NPR 'the Voice of Managua.'
In those days, that particular medium outlet did it's job.

Anonymous said...

I remember when George Schultz called NPR 'the Voice of Managua.'

it was the same time the 3rd world warrior screamed... there ain't no chain as strong as the will to be free!

don't let the bastards get ya down.. p

rockpicker said...

AIPAC: The Voice of America

How's that for synchronisity?

rockpicker said...

Spaceweather. How come none of the links provided by Never A Straight Answer, (NASA) open?

Anonymous said...

i've been wondering that meself RP.

as for aipac and a whole host of other shenanighans... the vital word is fear. this is what is being played upon. perped upon even. and so, fear gets the blame. fear is NOT to blame. responsible are the misinterpretations and misunderstandings place upon it.

speaking of words... in the beginning life was simple for a little boy. the sun came up. the sun went down. the moon came and went as did the sesasons. water came from the well in the yard, bread from the kitchen, veggies from the garden, meat from the chicken house, the barn, the hog house. but slowly, over time, something mysterious decended upon everything. they told him it was called progress. it would appear as if to bring light to darkness, simplicity to complicated matters, conveinience to difficulty.

like when we'd do the spring clean-up of the forest floor that was the grove surrounding and protecting home and hearth from the harsh winds of winter like a big coat and the hot rays of summer like a cool breeze.

and then, just as the match was about to be struck, someone would say, lets have a weinie roast! fresh green sticks were cut and sharpened, condiments, buns and hot dogs, purchased as homage to progress, brought out. in packages.

thats when it happened! enigmatic!! it came as if a cloud casting shadows midst the light and confusion upon innocence. complicating simplicity. 8 buns in one package, 10 hot dogs in another! it was, to this young boy, the first hint that something of nefarious intent was lurking about in this thing called progress. he became suspicious.

he can't remember when it was but as the years flew by, as if in a whirlwind kicking up a dust that rose to the very heavens to hide the moon and even the sun, the boy grew to manhood, manhood became old-manhood and somewhere along the way a word emerged from the dust to define the confusion and validate the suspicion. the word?....

conspiracy! ...p

rockpicker said...

Anybody got a take on this?

wv= prontab

think I better take two, and go back to bed

rockpicker said...

P; You've probably come across this information before, but I've never seen this interview until now. Another note to add to your conspiracy file...

rockpicker said...

Speaking of conspiracy, did you know Waco, texas is only 6 hours drive-time from Mena, Ak? And that the Branch Davidians main source of income, prior to their demise, was through the assembling of small arms?
What was significant about Mena, Ak?
Bobby Seale, and friends, was flying C-130's in and out of this small, country airport during the Iran-Contra years. Hmmm.

And who was governor of Arkansas at the time? Oy!

enjoy the clip...

Anonymous said...

RP... i haven't seen that one either but from the first seconds watching the first tower go down my first reaction to liz was... that was an implosion! implosions of buildings are generally man made. the one place they happen without man's fingerprint upon them is cosmically. or so we thought. but its becoming more obvious every day that man could indeed have influence on even the phenominal cosmic forces.

probably moreso indirectly than directly. both are reacting energetically and the same energies propel both. energies moving in a state of denial influence events in a manner totally different than if moving in a state of unconditional acceptance. denial shoves energies back and down. down and out. on earth, this can be back and down into earth. earth is moving to clear. this is having an affect on sol. most think its the other way around.

to some extent sol over earth is true. but truth works both ways. even between the earth and the sun its a back and forth communication of phenominal energetic forces. ... p

wv... unowman! man knows not? forgive him for he knows not what he do? forgive maybe. eventually.

freeacre said... regarding the raelians: It doesn't surprise me that a religion would spring up around the Sumerians writings and the archeological artifacts that point to an alien influence on our genetic code way back in time. Seems to me that there is about as much proof as the Bible has. And, I can see why Makow is so rabid about them because they allow women to hold prominent positions and also have and lenient stance on sensuality, both of which Makow is against because he is a fundamentalist, anti-female, fanatic prick, in my book.
The danger, of course, is that there is so much disinformation and conflicting info that whatever we put together for ourselves to make sense of it all, becomes a religion of sorts. So that when conflicting info comes along, it is rejected due to it being contrary to our religion. Religion has it's place, of course, to help with fears of death, and comfort and courage in times of stress and to give us tools of compassion, etc. to create a better society and all that. But, it does make it difficult to keep an open mind to new facts that come up that might be important.
And, fuck AIPAC!
Take a look at Jay Weidner's site - there's a mind-blower.

rockpicker said...

P; As below, so above, eh?

wv= santio
I'll consider that an official endorsement

Anonymous said...

OK for all who attend here who love stats here is a good article to provide just that....


mrs p said...

Hi all, not sure if this has anything to do with anything or if anyone is interested in the subject of the Polish plane crash in Russia. We just got this Russian? shot video from Brasscheck of the Polish planecrash. Two guys speaking in Russian we think. Have you seen this? We're not sure what to make of it. Brasscheck claims the photographer is now dead. You can't really see anything but you can hear plenty. Very strange.

Anonymous said...

We've been trying to find info on that video but have not found much in the way of proof that it's a hoax. It does seem very suspect though. However, Prision Planet has a much better copy of it and much better translation of the person speaking in Russian and videotaping. Here:


rockpicker said...

Mrs. P;

Here's a link to more info on the Polish plane wreck. With Putin in charge of the cover-up, I mean, 'investigation', we likely have all the reliable info we are ever going to get. Reasonable people will have to deduce what happened for themselves.

If you want to know more about the regime change that has suddenly taken place, I suggest starting with the history of the Khazars, as I believe it is necessary to go back at least this far in order to understand modern world history.

What happened in Katyn prior to the German invasion of Russia during the second world war has much to do with the international banking cartel, the Bolsheviks and those descendants of the old Khazarian culture.

The story is fascinating and complicated, involving centuries of strife and intrigue, and it's not tale we here in the west have ever been instructed in.

wv=reali (really)

rockpicker said...

two links

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links Rockpicker.
Have you seen the film "Katyn" from 2007? x, mrs p

Info on the film below:
Katyn / Post Mortem: Opowiesc Katynska. (2007) Polish director Andrzej Wajda helms this Oscar-nominated drama based on the 1940 massacre of some 20,000 Polish military officers and intelligentsia at the hands of Soviet troops, along with the stories of the wives and children who survived them. How did they carry on in the face of such horror, especially when responsibility was publicly denied by the perpetrators? Joachim Paul Assböck, Andrzej Chyra and Stanislawa Celinska star.

Anonymous said...

Mrs P;

Thanks for the info on the film Katyn. I found a copy of the trailer on the net and it looks like a good movie to watch. When I read about the event some time ago, it was just something I came across, and kind of a side story to something else. Had no idea a movie had been made. Looks like it got an Oscar. Anyway, huge story. Like the USS Liberty, or the Armenian genocide, Katyn will not be buried or forgotten, and when the story is fully known and accepted, it will change us.


rockpicker said...

After An Ice Storm On The Allegheny Plateau

Beyond the sumac tangle, where a thinning father saws,
a grandmother shagbark hickory sags with loss.
Split limbs scrape like clay shards tied in wind. Wind
the sawyer knows and ice conspire some bad years
to open crowns and let a good son in. He revs
his Stihl. Green pulp sprays from kerfs and sticks
to boots, consecrating snow like scattered ash.

You stand a distance off and dream the taut trunk limber.
Remember a girl, smart, green as whip? You loved her.
This ancient snag, lithe in youth, was left by men
long dead for shade. You like to think she chose her ground,
bolted free of gloom so deep a bright moon hurt, and ran,
breaching walls to reach this mid-field stance. You're
confused. The figure you remember kept running.

Some bad years snap the stoutest dreams like twigs.
Cures fail. Stunned villagers inter a shining son.
A wife says 'leave.' Once each life thin fathers
flesh-out plans to restack stones, slash brush
and honour the old delineations. Buck the shattered way
life doesn't go. Toss rounds to boys who still trust dreams
and cart your grief like cordwood home in snow.

baz recon said...

THIS IS NOT A HINT > Now that I have your attn ; ah, rockpicker — sentiments shared to be sure, regarding Katyn—however without sounding overly contrarian, just between you and me ... and the www—one old sailor to another — aargh, it's even difficult to put into words. Maybe I should just watch the movie, and let sleeping dogs lie.

All wars are eventually buried and forgotten, especially atrocities committed—certainly by the general populace (many reasons for this), unconscious justification—sometimes even by participants. Muddling of truth ... justify acceptance. The cult of the individual, including merely family and friends extending only to the nation—is not good enough. It's too easy to wipe your ass (DU) on foreign soils, snuffing innocents—and return home ? to receive the Purple Heart for it. Or the Victoria Cross, and a constant itch crawling even inside your brain and alcohol & drug dependncy and hypervigilance easily mistaken for paranoia — There's a lion in the street—really. Change.

wv: wam something—can't read it! figures
wv2 miesses

Anonymous said...

... cart your grief like cordwood home in snow.

RP... i'm guessing the visuals your analogies conjure up are what humpty dumpty might look like if he ever got put back together again.. p

freeacre said...

This is a non-sequetor, but I am so pissed! Brie really needed a bath after the winter and all, so I called up all the dog groomers in town (2) and got quotes for a bath and brushing: $60-$100 & $85 - $150!!! What??? You're shittin' me! I just want to schedule a bath - not taking her to a lawyer, for God's sake. So, the Murphinator and I put her into the bathtub and with much ado, about a cup of shampoo, and went at it. All kinds of wet later, she was more or less clean. Will probably take a few days to get her brushed good. Damn! Forget about going to law or nursing school - just be a dog groomer. If you charged reasonable prices that normal people could afford, you'd probably be in business for life.

rockpicker said...

Freeacre, life is a spaghetti of non-sequitors. I'd love to see a video of the 'the bath.'

Mrs. P, more on the Polish situation here:

and here:

P; Lots of broken pieces lying about in this one...

rockpicker said...

Suppose we could get the judge to watch this?

rockpicker said...

Suppose the judge will watch this?

rockpicker said...

Good morning, and , hey, how's this for a lead sentence?

"According to a report from Warsaw of the Austrian journalist Jane Burgermeister who is engaged in investigation of the murder of the Polish elite on April 10, 2010 by the international terrorist organization оf FSB Russia, the failure of the Polish and Russian government to address compelling new evidence suggesting that the plane crash killing President Lech Kaczynski and top military and civilians leaders was engineered is generating growing criticism in Poland, and has forced Prime Minister Donald Tusk onto the defensive..."

Rest of the article here:

rockpicker said...

Anybody's comments list appear to be altered? Mine says "45 comments", and starts with Murph saying "Hmmm,"
at 7:23 AM. Remember my description of the meteor film that seemed to have been messed with? It's gone.

freeacre said...

...still there on my list, Rockpicker.

Putting up a new post now.