Tuesday, July 20, 2010

MURPH’S SOAP BOX RANT FOR THE DAY, Screw the political parties.

Photo of rattle snake from Hot Springs. I figure I'm feeling a bit of Don't tread on me.

I get from 25-50 emails a week, and have been for the last year at least, from political identities asking for money to support one thing or another. Some are direct appeals from people in office, running for office and what sure appears as PAC groups. Particularly from the PAC type groups, their appeals center on putting a particular political view in front of a house of congress, a particular individual in congress or even the president. What in the fuck are they talking about? It has been obvious to me for a very long time now that in a practical sense, it matters not. It only takes one person to suggest to another, within the political system, that there is a problem that needs correcting. It does not take millions of dollars to do this. What does this donated money to a cause pay for? Why shit, that’s obvious to me anyway. It pays an army of people with 6 figure incomes each to walk around Washington to smooze with the power set up people that are already making 6 figure incomes with huge retirement benefits and health care. What these donations in actuality are used for is the distasteful act of pressuring government people to do what they want. What the hell? What are we paying these government people for anyway? These people are sitting in plush offices doing little more than thinking up more laws to fleece everyone that they can get away with while their staff does all the heavy lifting. At least they have the staff to write long winded bull shit speeches to either house of the congress that sound so fine with rhetoric to get the adrenalin pumping in the masses that finally someone understands the problems and wants something done about it. It’s all fucking bullshit. It doesn’t work. If it worked, the changes would be made already. Those blood sucking vampires in the government do what is to their best advantage to keep those fancy 6 figure incomes and bennies rolling in.

Had a conversation a few days ago with an aspiring local candidate, who I happen to actually like. Nice guy. Runs a local business, appears honest and not greedy. Running as a Republican. We got into a discussion on politics. He had recently attended some kind of state get together of Republicans and Karl Rove was there. We had heard hints that he was impressed with Rove. My BS antenna started vibrating like mad and the meter pegged. So, I asked him about it, what was Rove like to him? He said he thought the guy was smart and very engaged in politics. I must have inadvertently let an expression cross my face and he asked me what I thought of him. Whew! I took a deep breath, and reminded him I do not belong to the liberal Democratic Party group and that I did not sympathize with much of anything they are about. I then took another deep breath and said that I considered Karl Rove and Dick Cheney two of the most evil bastards that have been spawned on American society and the world, and their parents should have done the world a favor when they were born and put them in a burlap sack with some rocks and thrown them into the nearest body of water; that I put them right into the same group as Bérnaye, Strauss, Hitler, Mussolini, Machiavelli and George Bush Jr.; and that they were single handedly responsible for some of the most destructive aspects of our society, and that I had a bunch of justification for saying that. Further, that Rove instituted a propaganda campaign that was immensely successful getting the Christian fundies on the Republican side and then threw them under the bus and they didn’t even realize what was done to them. He got this astounded and maybe thoughtful look on his face and we went on to something else.

Now I ask, just what in hell is going on in the minds of the political ideologues of any stripe? Obviously it is money and power, but is that all? There are other ways of preserving power and gaining riches without destroying countries, people’s lives or even the earth. There has to be other motivations don’t there? Maybe humans are truly flawed and they have no control over their decisions. Maybe Satan truly walks among us. Either way, it’s all just so much bull shit. In the end analysis, there are consequences for actions. If the consequences are not immediate, the perpetrators tend to figure that they got away with it and are free to wreck more disasters from which they gain power and money. (Is this a complaint about a god who is supposedly running the show? You bet!). Perhaps this gives the quote I made in a previous post by Joules more credence. We truly need some great vengeance and terrible anger laid upon those who poison and destroy the brethren. We need more red pills given out, even when the choice is the blue ones, which maybe is a good metaphor for “blessed is he who in the name of charity and good will, Shepard the weak through the valley of darkness for he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children”.

It’s all very fine and well to talk about smaller government that just provides basic services and defense and that a capitalistic free trade economic system is the best of all worlds. But show me a society that indeed engages in those ideas. Show me a system that actually advocates such and isn’t corrupt as hell. In a word, what society today, especially the industrial ones, don’t exhibit hypocrisy to the point of absurdity?

Sorry to be running Joules little monologue past you again, but I am sick unto death reading and listening to what these numbass, dangerous, psychopathic nitwits that are in power have to say about much of anything. You know that if any of them get a fit of rare consciousness, and propose something that makes sense, it won’t happen. Everything that is done today is to support, entrench and enrich the psychopathic assholes in power. Talking about it, agitating about it, passing out red pills isn’t cutting it. What I fear most is how much more damage they are going to create before they are forced to stop. Just how much more anal lube is going to be distributed and applied before people take action and stop the pain? When will we shape up and stop destroying the environment that supports us? When are the ideologues going to be told to shut the fuck up and mean it? When are we actually going to advocate and enforce a more egalitarian society? When will the sharks, the mafia operations, the greedy bastards, the liars’ hypocrites’ thieves’ opportunists and bastards get eliminated from the gene pool? Probably never of course, but we should at least have a modicum of control over their activities which we do not have at this time. The rapers and looters have been given legitimacy and are running wild. Most of society has swallowed the blue pill and god only knows what it will take to pull them up into the reality of their lives. I would like to think that I have at least a rough understanding of what is being done to us, and even then, I have doubts about some of what I think I know. Just too damned much conflicting information out there, wild speculation, and not much attention being paid to the facts. See; http://survivalacres.com/wordpress/ July 7 posting on this. He makes some good points.

On a gentler note; the garden and greenhouse are finally taking off. I have actually done some hand pollinating. We have started to eat out of the garden regularly. Pretty soon the excess will need to be preserved. Put up a new batch of rabbit jerky that is yummy. Guy finally picked up his refinished rifle stock. Rabbits and chickens going nuts over the greens I give them from the garden.

Question, which is my reality?

Photo from that mountain man get together we went to.


freeacre said...

Ditto, Murph. What grinds me is that I already gave money to help Obama and others get elected. Now, everybody wants MORE to help do the things that they already said they were going to do. It's just become a self=perpetuating money-making scheme, and there seems to be no end to it and no results involved. Fuck 'em (except for Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinech).

Hotspringswizard said...

Is that you Murph in the photo with yer Pooch ( forget her name ) on the red leash? Yeah Murph and Freeacre, I'm definitely on the same page with you both on those thoughts. Things are FRIGGIN FUBAR, and as far as I can see, its only going to get worse, with nothing in the cards to stop or even slow down the carnage, the corrupt actions on all levels, and the non-stop mass bullshit.

I can't make the larger world become what I wish it would be. The masses and their larger intentions will continue to drive things in myriad directions that are contrary to any notions I have of how a just and reasonable people should behave.

There is just no shortage of idiots within humanity all to willing to screw over their fellow man, without a care in the world about the ramifications of what they do. It irks me regularly to see in the various media what goes on.

The best I can see to do is to make my life as simple and sustainable as possible, but I think that will only get you so far considering what is coming our way in terms of societal breakdown. Depending on the nature of your preperations, you will only be kicking the can down the road a bit farther before the real big shit begins to impact your world.

I dwell much of the time in the reasonalby simple life I have, doing my best to not let the mass lunacy of this world put me in a pervasive mental state of dismay. To be in a funk all the time would not be good, not for me, my wife, my children, my friends, etc. Considering this idea of trying to be a " shepard " to others in these challenging times, I'd rather look for the goodness that still resides in many places, and focus on this, with a demeanor that does not pile drive people into the ground with non-stop doom speak.

Things are real ugly out there and I will not turn away from this reality, but in order to function, we need to maintain a frame of mind that we can live in that can allow us to have some kind of energy to " try " and pursue whatever goals of goodness that we deem are doable and carry special importance for our lives.


Hotspringswizard said...

Speaking of the general craziness, the family and I went out to Laughlin, Nevada for a few days, to get in some water fun at the Colorado River and Lake Mojave. Its just simple things like splashing and swimming in the water, not involving expensive " toys ". What a nutty place Laughlin is with its casino's filled with gambling drones pulling levers, sipping their favorite drinks, oblivious to the ongoing greater realities that mean the grand waste of resources that make their " pastime " in the desert possible will soon enough make such places ghost towns representive of the insane things man did. Daytime temps were around 118 degrees, with the temps by 10PM still hovering at 109. Like Las Vegas, Laughlin has seen its heyday and its only downhill from here.

Well I keep up with the new developments as best I can. There is just so much going on, and with our current access to the amazing tool of the internet we could have an unmanageable and endless supply of negative news pouring in nonstop, every hour of the day. If we let that kind of stuff be all of our life, our minds would just get ground to dust, so when it all just gets to much, we really have to let it go for a while and go do something thats inspiring and makes one feel a sense of wonder regarding the positive things that surround us too, even though its hard to see them sometimes while there is so much BS going on too, in so many places.

Like this last weekend we drove out to this sand dune area by the shore of Lake Mojave where we have camped many times with our sailboat. There in the dunes are many wonderful rocks that have been rounded and sculpted, first by the eons of the flowing colorado river, then by more eons of sand blowing across these same rocks. I just love looking through the sands for those rocks. I got a pretty good haul and many of them will be going out to my rock garden in the remotness of Granite Mountains, another place I like to visit, just sitting and thinking about lots of things, while gazing at all of the differant rocks I have put there :-) My wife found one rock with some type of fossil sea life in it, organisms that lived zillions of years before the travails of man beset the earth! I need time spent like that, abiding with nature as a simple being, to recharge and refresh my mind :-)

Anonymous said...

Love the post. Ron Paul and Dennis K. are just like all the rest. Like all politicians they talk out of one side of their mouth and then once entrenched they flip flop and succumb to the money and the power. there is not one stinking politician worth a shit on this whole planet. As Chris Hedges states it time for civil disobedience. The problem and Murph you said it most people have taken the blue pill. Name me one politician who isn't a lying sack of shit. You can't be a poltician and a human being at the same time the whole corrupt system won't let you. and let's face it we do a lot of talking here but we are just as bad as these politicians because we don't stand together and try to create a better world. Talk is cheap. If we storm their castles and ivory towers and cut off their heads we just might have a little success. Oh well.

Scrap Wood

freeacre said...

HSW- yup, that's Murph and Brie. You live the idyllic life that I wish we all had access to, or could create for ourselves.
Scrap Wood - you're probably right. Here is the link to the Chris Hedges piece that I believe you refer to:
Very discouraging. Active civil disobedience may only encourage them to retaliate with even more draconian measures to enslave all of us. I still say that the way to hurt 'em is to deny them our money. No satellite TV or cable, no cell phones and assorted "apps", no credit card interest. Starve the Beasts. The monstrous political/industrial/military apparatus is beyond repair. It all has to crash for the earth to have a chance. In the news today, the CIA admits that 1/3 of it's operatives are corporate contractors. This is what capitalist totalitarianism looks like. It ain't pretty. We eat their offal, swim in their sewers, and suffer being tazed or incarcerated if we try to escape.
We're going to a rally tonight in Bend that calls for a "Food Revolution." Maybe that will cheer us up a bit.

murph said...

Scrap Wood,

I agree, we sit at our keyboards and talk and talk. In reality though, is there other that we can do? At this point, active rebellion would only make a whole bunch of dead martyrs to a cause. Humans, as a group, seem unable to grasp that there is a cabal of people out there intent on their destruction, either by direct methods or collateral damage. It is a flat out horrifying picture to see things in that light. People seem not ready to view our situation this way, and it might not be true, although I think it is.

I am of the position that the mass of humanity will not, dare not, openly rebel until their situation becomes obviously and hopelessly untenable, and this must occur when they still have the means to rebel. Rebelling when your starving to death is not a viable rebellion. Review many of the African states turmoil is sufficient.

There is no end of news available concerning the human condition world wide. Granted, some is exploded into exaggerations to sell the news source, but the information is out there. It is so easy to sit back and acknowledge these facts but be not particularly concerned since it isn't happening to you. How many times have we run up against the idea that it can't happen here, to us, right now? Those poor people over there sure have it rough, thank god I don't have to endure it.

I also hear much in the line of what in hell can I do about it? The feeling of impotency. I think this has been cleverly instilled in us by propaganda, keeping us docile.

I like to keep in mind that the predominate power was elected by the society in the countries with the most powerful military. I have a lot of ideas on why this has happened, but explaining it does not change it. We the people are ultimately responsible for what we see happening around us, and I suspect we the people are going to have to pay the price for that stupidity and will ultimately be the ones changing the situation if it gets changed at all. Either that or keep the faith that leaders will somehow realize what they have done and change (not likely) or some kind of outside intervention takes place (God, aliens etc. also not likely).

We simply are going to have to suck it up and do what we can and hope for the best I guess. Start a garden?

lol WV phiables and then consum

murph said...
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murph said...
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murph said...
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Anonymous said...

freeacre, that just my anger showing and the last thing is we don't want to encourage them. I have been starving the beast for 10 or more years since I left the corp world of advertising and marketing. Bur living her in the suburban nightmare of chicagoland i am a very lonely person. Thank god for rosy palm and her five sisters and the Tao.

Scrap Wood

murph said...


Not monitoring comments, had 3 multiple postings of my comment and Blogger is getting weirder by the day. sigh.

Anonymous said...

"Now I ask, just what in hell is going on in the minds of the political ideologues of any stripe? Obviously it is money and power, but is that all?"

Nope. I suspect cocaine and hookers might be added to money and power.

As far as We The People taking the red pill? I don't know, man. The thing is, the majority of the sheeple still believe that what is spewed from the ABCCBSNBCCNNFOX mouthpieces is actual facts and truth. They actually believe that some multi-millionaire basketball player's new multi-million dollar contract is -is NEWS! That it's something they should be concerned about! Plus, you know, they're working two jobs, trying to pay the bills, trying to raise offspring, buying stuff they don't need, etc., that they have not one ounce of time to devote to getting a different angle on a particular subject. Plus, all of the Wii, Facebook, Youtube, texting, 348 satellite channels and a load of other blue pill distractions... well...

-Oh, and to top is all off, a good portion of We The People are just plain dumb. And you know what they say about that? Yep, you can't fix 'stupid.'

Garden Update:

Tomatoes are growing like mo-fo's. Have already picked 9 so far. Picking fresh marion berries and adding them to my cereal each morning. Yuumee. Gonna pick the first Chocolate pepper, which is supposed to be super sweet, tonight along with a cabbage head. Have a dozen or so Dragon Egg cucumbers getting HUGE
AND, my beer will be ready for guzzing on Friday -Woo-hoo!


murph said...


Our spring here was so cool that our garden isn't near as far along as your. We are getting green leaf stuff and onions from it currently and some peas. Lots of budding and flowering. Hand pollinating some, like squash and cucumbers. If the flowering is any indication, we should have a lot of berries. Cherry tomatoes giving off a few edibles now. Fennell is doing great, as well as beats, potatoes and carrots. Now if the weather continues to cooperate. No chem trails for 2 weeks now. Makes ya wonder what they are thinking up next.

freeacre said...

We watched a documentary last night entitled "Speaking Freely" by John Perkins. He's the one who authored "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" and related books. I consider it a "must see," in terms of succinctly portraying just how "developing" nations are exploited and manipulated to go along with corporations stealing resources and throwing the populace into virtual slavery or debt-servitude, via foreign "aid" and unpayable IMF loans.
But now, it appears to me, that the Evil is going to another level. Huffington Post released a story today on a new plan for Iraq (and, eventually, beyond) that would give the State Dept. it's own private army of contractors! Once our army leaves Iraq, this contractor army (goon squad) will be there to man the seven or so military bases we have established there and continue the dirty work.
Absolutely amazing, isn't it? It looks to me that the corporatocracy is right out in the open now. If this continues, they won't even have to pay lip service to governments. They will have their own independent armies (goons) with Blackhawk helicopters and drones, etc. and will be running things outright. It's a glaring example of just how much the financiers and international corporations rule. At this point, we have little more control of them than a person in Zimbabwe does. Outrageous!

David said...

Hey There Folks,
I hear you on this and believe it or not a great percentage of other people that I know and talk with are just as fed up and frustrated.Revolution has been the only way societies as a whole have ever made any drastic changes.We really need some drastic changes cause the system is broken and we have been opted out.The manipulation of information has destroyed people's ability to revolt because they think they are alone.Well they're not.There are millions of like minded people out there who wish they had a fair shake.We need an Orange revolution in this country,Only thing is how can we be more egalitarian in a world of insustrialized civilizations?The corporatocracy has taken over and the only thing they know is money and violence.

murph said...

Hi David,

Good to hear from you.

I agree, there does seem to be quite a number of people that see the consequences of our life styles and who we have allowed into power. Sometimes I sit in astonishment that we haven't had a revolution before now. Keep in mind that the American Revolution had the active support of only about 40% of the colony population. About 20% were Loyalists, and the rest tried to remain neutral. What you figure is the % of support for revolution at this time? Maybe 5% or less? There are approx 194 million people between the age of 20 and 65. 5% of them is around 9 million. Hmmm. Does that sound realistic to you? I suspect that it is a lot less then 5%.

cedar said...

Murph, your rant seems to be what we hear from some of our neighbors. Yet other ones who are retired teachers think we are the nuts for bad mouthing the politicos. On a better note,garden here in state of jefferson is FINALLY going well this year, livestock is pretty healthy and wild critters think the backdeck is their nitetime home. Lots of young birds, jays, quail, is a good sign the land itself is pretty healthy here. Keep developing little pockets of self-suffiency with a tight group of neighbors. We can only stand if we stand together.

Hotspringswizard said...

Alot of people in this land are clearly beginning to understand that they are getting screwed, but they to my mind will be pointing their fingers in a whole lot of differant directions about just exactly who is doing the screwing, and why. To me this will not add up to any kind of cohesive revolution that would be of the kind that some of us here might hope for or imagine.

Meanwhile the PTB will of course be doing there best to nuetralize any kind of threats to their power with all the draconian tools at their disposal that we know they have, and with other things we don't even know about I'm sure.

In the kind of high tech, highly industrialized and militerized, corporate controlled society we live in, any kind of " revolution " of the kind we have a common notion of would be up against odds I think far beyond anything seen in past revolutions, in whatever countries you might wish to consider.

I just think that people's striking out and angst will be so fractured compared to any common purpose that the various fronts of angry people will not come together. And even if they did, what kinds of ultimate goals would they be fighting for? I think it would be very likely that their aims would not necesarily be focused on achieving outcomes that you or I would think best, reasonable, or even just.

People gravitate to the idea that with any problem, there has to be an answer, a solution, and if they haven't found it yet, it just means that they are not trying hard enough. But really in life there are times when there is no real solution, no way to undo what has been done, no way to put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

Our world situation, with what humanity has wrought, is gigantic clusterfuck that really, nobody has a handle on where its all going. Yeah the rich and powerful have all the guns and gold and such, but history always shows that they too eventually crash and burn, one way or another.

But this time, the human condition has been driven us up to the giddy heights of human activity and infrastructure, based on economic systems of endless growth, and the battery pack ( hydrocarbon energy ) that made it all possible looks very likely to be peaked, and now will be declining rapidly soon enough.

There will be plenty of growing turmoil as this energy decline ensues in ernest. I think there will obviously be outbreaks of angry people, groups etc in the US, but I think these societal disruptions will be hard pressed to make any real headway beating down the bloodsuckers that run this land.

One thing about it, it sure does look like our House Of Cards society is going to be taking some incredibly major body blows in the years just ahead, and for the forseable future for that matter. With those kinds of changes, social unrest is a given, and I think there is really no telling just which way it is all going to go.

And another thing is if you are going to revolt, you need to be able to communicate without the enemy knowing your plans. I'm sure you all have seen by now the reporting by the Washington Times about the completly overblown US national security entities across this Orwellian Nation. The Dark Lords have communication completely monitered when it comes to any " revolutionaries " and their attempts to organize into a massive cohesive group that could actually make a differance. What this place has become is just sick beyond belief.

Ok, time for another trip to my Crystal Oasis Rock Garden to quiet my mind :-)

freeacre said...

What I want to know is whether Saturn, Mars, Venus and Earth are actually all going to line up in 2012 with the Sun. If that is, indeed going to happen, then the Solar Maximum in 2012 will be such a monster that we won't need to give a moment's thought to revolution. All the survivors will want to do, once things get stabilized would be to build lasting stellar observatories out of the heaviest, strongest material that exists (stone)to preserve their knowledge and give a warning to those who come next about when it will happen again. That seems to be what they did, and then all traces of the former advanced civilization deteriorated.
I think maybe this is what we need to come to terms with.

Hotspringswizard said...
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Hotspringswizard said...

Yeah the Blogger is still wacked for sure, but thus far I have been able to work my way through its lunacy successfully :-)

RAS said...

What a great rant, Murph. Screw the political parties indeed.

Dave -be careful what you wish for. Revolutions of the sort you mean generally end badly. They usually replace one set of ruling elites with another, without changing a lot for the masses. Look at the French Revolution. The country went to pot for fifty years, didn't stabilize until after the fall of Napoleon, and then it still took another century to get a lot of additional rights for the working stiffs. It could and has been argued that the American Revolution is the one exception to this, and there is some merit to that, but for the most part life didn't change for the average person after the war. They had a Republic instead of a monarchy, and the Constitution now guaranteed certain rights, but for the most part those were rights the people were already exercising before the revolution.


We should close on our land next week. The survey's done, the owner's approved it, and all we're waiting on is the title search to come back. Now for a bit of bad news: I've been officially diagnosed with mild asthma. It's the foul air in this city that's done it to me, I know. We've got to get out of here. We're working on it as fast as we can.

RAS said...

Everyone, check this out. It's a story about the photoshopped images from BP. The comments are hilarious. Many of them are from users who photoshopped the same image (and did a better job of it, I might add).


David said...

I do believe that collapse of industrial society is the only hope for our planet.I know it will be difficult for the masses,just like nobody wants to be a suicide bomber,but when imperial govts. take away your options,I can see how they are createThe percentages are a lot higher than you can imagine on that Murph,What is the unemployment rate,Underemployment rate,disolutioned?Angry,Fed up with being taken as a serf for all the wheels that we keep turning for this country,I workk harder and harder for less and less and I,\'m supposed to be glad I'm not unemployed?Woo Hoo you can't tell me that all those millions of unemployed and forclosed upon people aren't tired of being taken to the cleaners so that TPTB can have whatever it is that they feel entitled to,We will not survive as free individuals if we have to live by the rules that they create to oppress us.My anger grows daily as does most people I talk to.

Anonymous said...

''He got this astounded and maybe thoughtful look on his face and we went on to something else''.

fuck me in the goats ass i would of loved to of been there for that one murph, i'm still cracking up,
now add in ras's link and i can't even get off the floor.
thanks guys my day is made.
fuck i love this place.

ps on an indian blog site to day i tried to explain how the fucking christians cooked babies on their barbies, and boy did i catch some shit for that, i was almost gently burned at the stake for the blasphemy and explained that a lot of indians sucked on jesus's dick in their spare time;
well that soured me on the whole deal and i told the lot of them to go fuck themself's and signed off,
man my cherokee skin just crawled right off my body and now i look funny.lol

murph said...


I can understand why they got upset. You are not going to be able to challenge heart felt belief system without some repercussions. Although I got to admit that your descriptions of what you said were a bit harsh.

Anonymous said...

Towards the end of the American War of Independence, Washington sent a contingent of Continental soldiers up into the Seneca country of western New York State, in retaliation for their having sided with the British against the colonists.

It was late summer. A major battle was fought near present day Elmira. It went badly for the native warriors, and they withdrew to the northwest.

These troops were mostly from Connecticut, as I understand it, Connecticut yankees in their blue and buff. They were entering country few white men had seen. Red Jacket and other Iroquois leaders knew if the white man saw this ground, they would surely take it for their own.

As the army moved upstream along the western branching tributaries of the Susquehanna, they burned corn storages and girdled orchards the savages had managed to cultivate. No more major resistance was encountered.

But outside of a place called Geneseo, a scouting party, led by Messrs. Boyd and Parker, was ambushed and taken captive by some pretty pissed-off Seneca braves. They were eventually found hanging in what has come to be known as the Torture Tree. I guess it wasn't a pretty site the Army stumbled on.

This small, genocidal manuvuer nearly decimated the entire Seneca people. They were forced to flee into Canada, hoping the British would help them. You can imagine how that turned out.

I grew up in one of those western valleys of New York, where the grass was tall enough to hide a man on a horse and a squirrel could high-tail it all the way to the Mississippi without ever touching the ground.

I don't blame Cornplanter and his people for fighting any way they could to defend their lands. I'd have done the same.


mrs p said...

Agree that one of the most effective ways to chill on the bogus forms of our society which are pulling it down, is to NOT support those things! Many are just not showing up for the red or the blue pill. If you are "entertained" by Fox (faux) Entertainment news, basicly Porn for your emotional buttons and celeb gushing, then you're no doubt going to be frustrated and unhappy with what "appears" to be the outside world you live in. It's not real. Say NO to everything that you think is "uncool" by where and how you spend your money. Just read some good books, like ones written by guys like, John Perkins!<--and excellent documentarys also! And check out Independent Journalism via the internet. Link TV is not bad. Dennis K. and Ron Paul are "outcasts" in their field - they too are at times "powerless" and risk a great deal to stand where they do and so public. They most likely get as many death threats for being outspoken, probably as much as the President does. We protest best through living by example. What you hang with speaks volumns. How you treat others speaks loudly by setting examples. Boycott what is obviously uncool. Like Malwort and Monsanto for example--don't buy their tainted dairy with rBHT hormone crap. And as freeacre mentioned in a previous post, you don't have to always wear "their clothes" -- create your own style. We're all on borrowed time. When we identify too heavily with form we just create suffering. Everytime you spend even a dollar you are "voting" for something and adding to some corporations' firepower.

The world's mass mind is changing faster than we know. Sure there's a corporate few with all the power but they loose power when the sheeple don't show up to buy the koolaid and the toys,<--it all has to go back in the box someday anyway. But people are drifting away from the white bread and campbells soup outlook on things. We're growing up ever so slowly we are waking up and the more who really "live it", the more it catches on. We're living the dream and the nightmare here in So. CA--it's not easy to make radical changes in what you do everyday, how you do it and why and how you get there and where you put your energy. We can really only change ourselves. You know how it's said that it's not the destination but the journey.
Sorry for the long chatty rant.
XOX, mrs p--Sunday morning full moon, something strong in my tea.

Anonymous said...

good story rockpicker, have never heard that one and this is my point, the natives,(not all of us) have lost their fire and crawl around in the dirt accepting the putridness that is handed them by the government to this day, who has lived on the rotten shit called government commodities
that are received each month by countless natives.? i have.
the average life span on the pineridge reservation in south dakota is 47/men52 /women according to wicki.
the pervasive sickness which i believe is prevalent on the various reservations begins with the head,and the unbearable circumstances still forced upon them by the mighty wonderful all powerful morally upstanding united states government.
and of course the business interests that control that fine institution.
what was destroyed was a way of life that included the right to guide ones own life and live free of any outside agency other then the traditions of the tribe, which mostly were practical.
in other words what was destroyed was the very nature of a free roaming earth worshiping, living with the earth taking only what was necessary and leaving little footprint as they had little to leave footprints with.
i mean its hard to build a skyscraper with fingernails and a hunting knife.

i think some of us mutilate language just to prove we don't have to worship them. who knows, awful things have happened of late but the forecast is for promise.
in peace

wv rhashmen ok.

Anonymous said...

fucking nice one mrs p,
would like to try some of your tea sometime.

freeacre said...

You know, Montana, I have always wondered why more people who live on reservations don't choose to live in more traditional dwellings - like teepees, hogans, or long houses. Why not more campfire gatherings and such? Are there the same shitty restrictions in terms of building codes, etc, that make that impossible? It seems that just having the land, even though it is not the most desirable land, but having some outside the purview of the US gov't, would allow more freedom and strengthen tribal unity. What the fuck makes it go wrong? Too many trying to be "white" or modern? Damn shame.
And, mrs.p, I agree with everything you said wholeheartedly.

freeacre said...

Speaking of our alternative lifestyle... I had to laugh at us yesterday. We were having a poultry crisis. Seems one of our favorite chickens, Ellen (named after Ellen DeGenerus because she's funny and affectionate) had an egg stuck inside. I mean, it was really nasty and sick looking for a former city girl.. Chickens have one orifice for every form of elimination called a "vent." So, we ended up bringing her in the house, filling the sink half up with warm water and setting her in it. Then I was like wiping her "vent" while murph held her in the water. Seems she's molting and losing all feathers in the said "nether regions." Quite the unusual experience for a greenhorn. Ha! She seems to be okay now, though. I'm still sterilizing the kitchen, however...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, well, I think I'll skip breakfast this morning, thank you...


Anonymous said...

i'm with up rp, i'll never eat another egg or look at them with horny teenager eyes again.

wv ispineur..? i guess so. but ask someone that knows for sure,

Anonymous said...


''What the fuck makes it go wrong?''
i'll venture to say that when their sovereignty was raped generation after generation after generation the dullness that is the afterbirth is the state of mind now of the tribes, its mind control to the n'th level, the lights on but there is no one home. and what is seen is tiny little puffs and a semblance of a wonce strong and brave people.
look at someone with alzheimer's and then......
in the films about torture
finally the victim is a slobbering mess, anyone i think after being
subject no matter who you are will break and say and do anything just to stay alive, this is the tribes, and eventually the ability to snap back is completely gone, like what was i before this......
fucking humans;/

mrs p said...

What the U.S. Gov has done and not done for and to, the Native American Tribes is unforgiveable. If some other "state" broke every treaty they ever made with the U.S. Gov., there'd be hell to pay, they'd be on a shit black embargo, God knows what else list. I'm embarrased to be a "whitey" in this country; they got a whole lota splainin' and fixing' to do.

fa your poultry story made us laugh real good. I remember in Fried Green Tomatoes, at the Whistle Stop Cafe, where "Ipsie?" jokes about whiteys having "negroes" touch their food, (or something to that order) but will eat eggs that comes out of a chicken's butt. Maybe next time try a little vaseline? Doesn't Animal husbandry have all the joys and sorrows of raising children. Like hubby says, re: motorcycles and women...with the joys come the sorrows. Silly but these are the things you sign up for when having animals. Sounds like you did a great job...you and Murph are good loving parents! mrs p still giggling.

Anonymous said...

ok fellow conspirators montana is done with the indian rant, i know it gets old as i periodically go on these tirades and its boring shit and i know it, but goddam it i just got to get it off my chest or go completely off my fucking rocker, and start shooting at some bible thumping cocksucker knocking at my door trying to save his/her own ''soul'' by getting me convinced that this would be a really good thing for me to do., as in getting down on my knees and pray like hell so god would be grateful that they had put another notch on the their get into heaven ticket with honors and a raise for being good mindless drones to the all mighty's master plan. and i would be amongst these rotten bastards for all eternity.
personally i don't think they would like it if i ended up in their little gods house. heheheheh
anyway i have been to a blog of indians and raised such hell they through my ass out and said don't come back, these were some of the so called self appointed ''elders'', well it backfired on them and a few minds that read my rage suddenly felt some of it arising
in their own minds and said so, opps! now i am known there as
''cherokee blood warrior'', wtf?, all i said was admit that you have a lot of unresolved issues with the whites and that its ok to be really pissed and really ok to think about stringing one up just for the fucking fun of it.
thinking about it ain't doing it,!!
but just have the fucking balls to even do that much.
you will feel better and energy will be released maybe, hell scream it out loud, beat your drums and plan on how to deal with the holocaust thats on the way,
vision quest, get a spirit guide, get off the fucking booze and crack and all the other wonderful poisons the white fucks have to offer the poor natives that need mental help to deal with all the denials that manifest on the reservations.
ahh fuck there i go again.

thanks for the word of encouragement mrs p, you know when i say whites i don't mean skin color i mean the mental attitude of the sanctimonious pricks that have corrupted an otherwise book of information that has some meaning, hell i have mostly friends that i'm reasonably sure are incarnated into this world straight from native spirit....
as in i'll bet the brothers and sisters that attend this sacred council feel the presence of tribal affiliation cause well, this
council place does honor to all that attend here and the talking stick is held with reverence and my hand trembles sometimes when i hold it.
i offer only respect to all that attend here and my shitty choice of words and really awful english stuff, well thats just me.no offense intended, i'm also pretty sure that any that have been here awhile know that,
thats all
in love of spirit and all my relations

wv sendin ?

freeacre said...

lol... it's all good, Montana. We know you love us, and we love you back. I can still get angry at how the Church fuckin' burned thousands of women at the stake, and used "the rule of thumb" and all that to keep us in "our place" ever since. But, also true is that I have a few dear friends who are sincere Christians. So, maybe it's just who loves you that really makes any difference right now. Maybe in our next life, we'll all be Na'vi. I could go for that.

Anonymous said...

mf... you've exposed one of the major, systemic judgements held by far too many of all stripe... that rage is unloving. to put it another way as murph did, its a frozen belief system. although anything but heart felt belief system. more like denied heart belief system.

that , along with the subsequent denial of rage that follows. the only thing wrong with rage are the judgements against it. which means there ain't a fucking thing wrong with rage itself as a feeling. that and the misunderstandings/misinterpretations that move to act it out rather than moving with the charge in ways such as you suggested which allows the charge to release and/or evolve in a state of acceptance for it.

rp... that band would have been followers of tecumseh? ... p

Anonymous said...

I second that, "it's all good, Montana."


Anonymous said...

not sure p, it was an accidental? link from now i don't even know where that i stumbled onto.
but i seriously doubt that any of these bunch even ever heard of tecumseh,
after the flurry of sadness that followed the outrage of these young people of native decendency, and the realization that what was going on multiplied by god only knows how many across this country hit me like a ton of bricks and the pain of oppression, conformity,planned ignorance,and the keep those savages in their place,attitudes of the government. well,...
these are not just my people they are human beings same as all of us, they are brothers and sisters being kept in the dark about everything including most of all their heritage, i think that mostly the fact that they were conquered by the overwhelming wave of people and technology, which was not enough but to then to enjoy the fruit of the conquerors, which was of course partially to steal the children, separate then from their families, put them in good christian schools, cut their hair which was something that was done when someone died, well you can imagine what the children thought about this.
there the children were abused, raped, murdered, punished for using their own language and everything that a diseased conquering mind could think of i expect.
the object was to turn these poor heathen children into good upright rule obeying christians.
personally knowing the nature of people that somehow get themselfs into positions of where they are in absolute control of children with no oversight,well?
its a scene straight out of the hell they love to wave around like some goddam flag as if it had any meaning other then what one puts into it.
the horrors that went on in those schools must of been beyond imagination.
hell the horrors that go on in the schools today are beyond imagination.
i watch the kids come out of high school with their curiosity dead in the water. this is planned also, the system only needs a few with brains intact, the rest are lawn mowers and servants to the corporate structure,
assembly line bomb builders take no more brains then someone flipping nasty burgers at a mcdonald's i tried working on a punch press wonce, standing in one place all day pushing a couple of buttons, i lasted almost two days and told myself i'd rather starve then to continue that mind numbing exercise, yet i talked to people that had done this same thing for years and said they liked it.!!
i of course was so fucking flabbergasted i thought i was on the wrong planet again, this thought has been prevalent with me my entire life and only grows stronger with each passing year,
fuck, o, before i forget, langosta, remember langosta,? my little spirit sidekick and knower of things i don't understand, well as i was watched the full moon from the back porch she mentioned to me that a pyramid shape construct placed within the perimeter of ones dwelling will attract an energy signal that will guide those that are designated to rescue those that are meant to survive.
go ahead laugh, i did, but what the fuck, my laugh comes as a reaction from the programs that have run my life so far and we all know what's worth.
so piss on it, i think i know how inexplicably at some point a year or so ago there was a few posts left over from a fence upgrade and as i looked at them i suddenly pictured a pyramid shape in my mind and quickly with screw gun and saw put them into that shape, it is there now.
big enough to cover and sweat in and the things that are put into it like plants. grow incredibly fast and more then that its just cool to look at. sitting in it also is very mind calming too for some reason.

i see my neighbor across the alley is home from missoula, i think i'll go over and ask her if she would like to get naked and have coffee and crumpets.

Anonymous said...

thank sis,p,randy and all that accept a bit of insanity coming to town now and then

Anonymous said...

"You can catch a fish on a dusty road, in Paradise, Montana."

-inscription scrawled on the men's room wall in Doug and LeeAnn's Pair -A-Dice Bar


P, I would guess that the Senecas and the Mohawks for sure would have followed Tecumseh. The council fire of the Iroquois, which was not allowed to go out for six hundred years, was extinguished during the Revolutionary War, and the confederacy was broken. The Mohawks and Senecas, keepers of the eastern and western doors of the longhouse, respectively, sided with the British. The Onandagas and Oneidas fought with the colonists, and the Cayugas remained neutral, if I remember correctly.

wv- blessest

Anonymous said...

Correction: Fried Green Tomatoes, Ipsie character was talking story and made comment that, "white folks were "complaining" (KEY WORD)left out of mrs p last comment, about food handled by...and thus the irony of eating eggs.

Crazy how ONE WORD left out can make a huge differnce. Still chuckling about the vision of FA and Murph at the sink assisting Ellen in her time of need.

Anonymous said...

Oh and P.S. I forgot to sign mrs p on my annonymous comment. It's that darn tea again. And the getting naked and eating crumpets sounds great. aho, mrs p

Anonymous said...

i never knew that p, the underpinnings of the history of the indigents is so sorely lacking in this one its a disgrace for sure, but the trail has been lit for some time and the uncovering is a mixed blessing.
truth is a bitch and not for the faint of heart they say, and i sure know my teeth have been kicked in more then once.
and the crow that has been eaten could feed a third world country i think.
thanks for the info p.

sis when i talk about christians i don't mean people that are of heart, whether they read from the bible or not, that book will not turn you into a good person but it can and does make a person of evil intent way more successful in fucking over other people that are inclined to be robots in the first place,is this not so?
i have read the bible several times and the reason i have done so because in many instances its the only book in the jail cells.
yes i am a convicted felon for the the horrendous crime of growing something that god his self said was good to grow, its in the bible genesis, so marijuana is declared evil and the prison population swells like a pregnant holy roller snake handler.

rp.. was that the bar that burned down? to bad, the big wood carving was done by a guy that did until recently lived here in hot springs,.

peace everyone, its a nice cool overcast day today this part of montana and a relief from the heat that has been blessing us with,

Anonymous said...

i seriously doubt that any of these bunch even ever heard of tecumseh,

mf... right after you've recovered from tea, crumpets and a little neighborly wumpum under the magic pyramid just jump what's left of yer ass back on that site and give 'em this link... http://www.ratical.com/ratville/Tecumseh.html

tell 'em to read it and try not to weep and see how far they can get... p

rp... you'd be right. the iroquois did come to follow tecumseh's direction. turns out torture tree took place in 1779 when tecumseh was 11 years old. but its more like the other way around at the time; that is, the fallout from it was just one of thousands of horrific actions taken by the new nation/new peoples against the natives that drove tecumseh in his purpose. that and his firm belief that he was being directed in that purpose by the great spirit. even before the war for independence was fought factions knew "To the very marrow of (their) bones there could never be a true peace between whites and Indians. As surely as summer follows spring, the whites would not stop at the river valley of western Pennsylvania. Inevitably they would spread down the Spay-lay-wi-theepi -- Ohio River -- to settle in the great and sacred hunting grounds of Can-tuc-kee. The Shawnees from the north and Cherokee from the south might share the bounty of that land below the great river, but no tribe -- nor white man! -- must be permitted to take up permanent residence there."

tecumseh's father was a leader amoung these factions and the boy followed in his father's steps. to even far greater measure. traveling near and far to speak at councils. eventually this included the iroquois...

"He was much pleased with the way things had gone thus far. All during spring, summer and fall of last year he had gone from village to village, journeying as far eastward as western Vermont and Massachusetts. This past spring, as soon as he had concluded the laughable treaty with the cut-ta-ho-tha, he had ranged across upper and western New York State and northwestern Pennsylvania. All of the remaining Iroquois Confederacy had been deeply inspired by the plan, and they looked upon the speaker with something very akin to reverence. They had pledged their faith and their secrecy and, most important, their help when the great sign should be given. "

the great sign?

"This great sign that Tecumseh spoke of wherever he went always remained the same, and his telling of it never failed to awe his audiences. When the period of waiting was over, he told them, when tribal unification had been completed, when all was in readiness, then would this sign be given: in the midst of the night the earth beneath would tremble and roar for a long period. Jugs would break, though there be no one near to touch them. Great trees would fall, though the air be windless. Streams would change their courses to run backwards, and lakes would be swallowed up into the earth and other lakes suddenly appear. The bones of every man would tremble with the trembling of the ground, and they would not mistake it. No! There was not anything to compare with it in their lives, nor in the lives of their fathers or the fathers before them since time began; when this sign came, they were to drop their mattocks and flash scrapers, leave their fields and their hunting camps and their villages, and join together and move to assemble across the lake river from the fort of Detroit. And on that day they would no longer be Mohawks or Senecas, Oneidas or Onondagas, or any other tribe. They would be Indians! One people united forever where the good of one would henceforth become the good of all!
So it would be!"

plug in the link i gave to mf to find out what turned out to be the sign. it will curl yer toes... p

freeacre said...

wow! Great story about Tecumseh. In a tangential way, perhaps related is Clif High's prediction that a large earthquake may occur in the next several days - right around the end of this month, on the West Coast - probably in the Northwest. Lots of astrological and numerological aspects pointing to this time as being very intense as well. Stay tuned....

Anonymous said...

Northwest or West, fa? Ever since I've lived in Salt Lake City (4 years now -BLOODY HELL!), they've been predicting a big-ass earthquake due to a big-ass fault line that runs the lenght of 1300 Street East which is at the base of the Wasatch Range.

So, maybe, ah, I should get outta town this weekend?


Burnie said...

Your post mirrors a lot of us as some said in comments. It is truly frustrating. You can see quite clearly what should be done to make a just and open society and know it won't be happening anytime soon. I will personally never vote again in my life. It is all a big con, I am my own government, and I obey my own laws, fuck them. Oops, then I remember I am on SS and VA for medical..yea stuck between a rock and a hard place, and grateful for the care received.

Instead of the red pill or the blue pill I eat mushrooms. I know I am being silly saying that but the reality we see is not the reality I want so I change my view. I can do that by just choosing to see it differently. I cry in frustration sometimes but I know that humanity and grace possessed are all that matter.

You and I and many others are fully awake, that is a gift. We choose the road that matters. It is never easy, and filled with peril and disappointment but it is far richer than any millionaires money can buy. So I party on, getting a laugh with friends. My kids truly love me and I them. When I die it will be as a wealthy man in all that is true. So, all the best to you and Pam. I am glad I got to meet you both. If you go slumming in Bend I have food and coffee.

Hotspringswizard said...

Richard Heinberg lays out our human predicament with the help of some humour. This one will give you a laugh :-)


You Can be a BILLIONAIRE Without Even Trying!

And I couldn't agree more with this serious comment within the article, " in fact the best way to describe what’s in store is austerity compounded with more austerity "

RAS said...

Mf, I understand your frustration and your anger. Too many people don't know or care what happened to the natives. That includes a lot of people who are tribal. My Cherokee grandmother comes from the days of the boarding schools in Oklahoma and she would never after that admit her heritage.

In other and better news, everyone, we closed on the land yesterday! 10 acres is all ours. Well, after we pay for it. ;-)

murph said...

Hot Springs,

That Heinberg article was funny and yet dead on. Interesting writing style.


Congrats on the purchase. Now the real work begins, yes? Hope it works out for you-all.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

I have been out of circulation for a long while but what a terrific rant to come back in on. I thought someone else would have put this quote up but since not, I will reproduce it here and it seems as relevant as hell.

"I don't have to tell you things are bad. Everybody knows things are bad. It's a depression. Everybody's out of work or scared of losing their job. The dollar buys a nickel's work, banks are going bust, shopkeepers keep a gun under the counter. Punks are running wild in the street and there's nobody anywhere who seems to know what to do, and there's no end to it. We know the air is unfit to breathe and our food is unfit to eat, and we sit watching our TV's while some local newscaster tells us that today we had fifteen homicides and sixty-three violent crimes, as if that's the way it's supposed to be. We know things are bad - worse than bad. They're crazy. It's like everything everywhere is going crazy, so we don't go out anymore.

We sit in the house, and slowly the world we are living in is getting smaller, and all we say is, 'Please, at least leave us alone in our living rooms. Let me have my toaster and my TV and my steel-belted radials and I won't say anything. Just leave us alone.'

Well, I'm not gonna leave you alone. I want you to get mad! I don't want you to protest. I don't want you to riot - I don't want you to write to your congressman because I wouldn't know what to tell you to write. I don't know what to do about the depression and the inflation and the Russians and the crime in the street. All I know is that first you've got to get mad.

You've got to say, 'I'm a HUMAN BEING, Goddamnit! My life has VALUE!'

So I want you to get up now. I want all of you to get up out of your chairs. I want you to get up right now and go to the window. Open it, and stick your head out, and yell:

I'M AS MAD AS HELL, AND I'M NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE!' I want you to get up right now, sit up, go to your windows, open them and stick your head out and yell -
'I'm as mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore!' "

This is an excerpt from the movie: "Network".
Thirty four years after this movie was written, things have not changed a bit, if anything have gotten worse.”

Anonymous said...

My tomatoes and my garden are not doing too well with all the corexit in the air. There have been some people complaining to the management lately though.

It is amazing that those who have won the monopoly game with funny money now consider everyone else expendable.

I heard from an old friend I used to work with and is retired now. A neighbor called him and said the house he used to live in there in Michigan was totally destroyed by a tornado the other day. I usually send him updates on the various chemicals and poisons, you know the usual vaccine, food. He said now I know why my grand kids are so fucked up. We need a meteorite the size of frigging Texas to finish this place and end it all. It is guys like this that keep me going.



Oil is my focal point these days living in Florida.


Anonymous said...

my toes are curled and the place i spoke of have banned me from it,,they said i was unfit and a blasphemer and a corrupter of sacred values.humm by jove i think they got it.,

as a child with a stick with shit on it, one time camping on the colorado river sitting around the fire one evening one of the little kids, maybe three or so came into the light witha a stick that he had smeared some shit on, he walked over to one of the adults who noticed this as the kid was waving the stick around and quickly got up and moved away in fear of getting smeared, the child picked up on this and started chasing the other adults around with the stick, i was just returning from the bushes and a piss and caught this action and liked to die laughing, what a sight this little kid chasing the grown ups all over the place.this was his first taste of raw power, he had the weapon and he to was laughing and he was god.
much power in shit the child realizes, big medicine indeed.
thank you p for this gift, and rockpicker your war bonnet sits good on you.
we are are war, make no mistake about it she said.
the time of peace trying is over, there is no reconciliation and besides the trying is a reflection of the great denial as p puts forth and is phony as a priests lack of a hard on for youngster sex.
it is time to quit pretending that peace can ever exist from without, there is no power on earth that can bring it into being she said. it will come from within or it will not come at all, and the snakes will have a great feast on those that stick head in sand.
your mind is a concentration camp she said and you as an artificial entity are smack dap in the middle of it, the enforcers are nothing but your own internal reflections and they shine like the scales that cover your eyes she says,
fuck you bitch i say, what the fuck do you know of the pain of living?
i live in your mind also she says as a memory of long ago when the earth was young and you were without the need.
the need of what i said, she smiled and said the need of all that lives what you call outside. because there is no outside that is different then what is inside, they are the same.
bullshit i say.
but i wonder about this, as i wonder about the quickening that is coming on like a ravenous pedophile/twisted dick/denial rampant and in charge of so much of humanity.
the days become weeks, the weeks become months, the months become years,and the great calendar stops.
look around the edge she says, what? i say, look around the edge, it is a ball, can you see that,? can you see the edge of the ball.
nope i say, but i did see four circles become a square i said,it was something that happened on the screen saver ''electric sheep'', when the circles were turned on edge they became straight lines and formed a box.
also the aliens that put that thing together reveal them selfs there if you look close, they are very friendly.
fuck time for another toke.
wait a minute no tokes today yet, humm.

ras honey i am so glad you got your place, you worry the old fucks you know.
now we can relax a little. right?

sats, i saw that rant on utube i think, it was great, never knew where it came from.
i have ordered the movie from netflix,looks great.

wizard, good link i thought it was p for a minute with a nom de plume, sure renews my get ready for the holy cost for sure, got to get my still plans out and get busy. so much to do so little time. if ya call eternity little that is/
its late and the nite finally takes shape so will close, thank all of you brothers and sisters this is the best place on the web i think.
i am honored to be allowed to crash here.

Hotspringswizard said...

Another item to add to a long list of dire world developments.


The dead sea: Global warming blamed for 40 per cent decline in the ocean's phytoplankton

Microscopic life crucial to the marine food chain is dying out. The consequences could be catastrophic

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

Mf&b If you send me your land address by e-mail I will stick a copy in the post for ya.

Anonymous said...

thank you brother, my address is

Box 212
Hot Springs, MT
would appreciate it mightily and would you send your new address to me as well?

wv concoin, shyster money?

Anonymous said...

then theres this wizard,


the politicos and the damage they do i think is even more fucked up then what the physical shit the two-leggeds are doing, more mind fucks, ever since i found out AIDS, was a bullshit and that there is no such thing as an aids virus i just like to piss on the newspapers.
i stand that the sun is responsible for the comfort of the two-leggeds,
to much sun, no two-leggeds
not enough sun, no two-leggeds
just enough sun, ahh, two-leggeds mondo.

not to say that the leggeds can't make it unfit for them selfs but for all life? don't think so. only sun can do that i think.

ps has anyone noticed the bright star following the moon in its trip across the sky? its the only star visible just after daybreak .

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

Mf&b It is already burned and ready to go in the post Monday.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

HSW’s comment earlier up the page about electronic surveillance reminded me of something that happened in the early 90’s. I knew some guys doing import export and they were asked to quote for some large number say 10,000 walkie talkie sets to go to Iraq, I think. This is when GSM (cell phones) were the size of regular phone hand sets and had retractable antenna, remember them? Those guys were laughing and saying “when are those Arabs going to come into the 21’st century but I guess the laugh was with the Arabs.

Ras heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS, ten acres – wow.

Mrs P, well said, I guess there will be a queue down your street for tea and crumpets with me at the front.

You know, I sympathise with all this talk of people taking matters into their own hands but all I would say is before any of you do anything first identify your enemy and not just the one that is put in front of you. Remember that governments have very little real power so when the SHTF don’t be facing the wrong way.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, congrats, Ras!

And this:


is what I just sent my wife in order to try to convince her that we need some land. Like 10 acres. Yes, 10 acres would be very nice, I'd say. 10 acres in OR would be totally awesome!


Hotspringswizard said...

MF, The family and I have a trip planned next year in June up to Montana and we will be staying in Whitefish for a week. We want to check out Glacier National Park which I know has very scenic vistas. Got to see the Glaciers before they melt too :-)

Ras, Does that property already have a dwelling or will you be putting up a new one? Looks like you have a pond on your property too which is real nice. Good luck on your new adventure :-)

We have 20 acres up in Northern Cal near the Pit River arm of Lake Shasta. Glad to have the property and we have developed the site to the point where we are ready to build when and if we ever decide to move up there. I have a general contractors license and have built seven homes, including the one we now live in which I'm glad to have had the experience of doing.

Much to consider in a move like that. We really like our home here in the desert ( only five years old ) and its paid for which is alot of peace of mind in these precarious economic times. My brother tells me about all the bears up there running around, and they like to get into mischief alot, like chewing on things :-) From the sound of it you really have to Bear Proof your stuff!

My brother ran into one not too long ago while hiking in the forest, it was supprised and spooked and Dane said it went unbelievalby fast up a nearby tree, and then about halfway up it decided to jump across to another tree about ten feet away and went to the top of it. Then it turned and was lookin down at Dane when it suddenly came down the tree just as fast and shot off into the forest. My brother said he was amazed at how fast that big black bear was!

I just viewed the documentary Crude Impact last night on Free Speech TV. Its another great look a the world's energy woes. Today I checked out the documentary Crude which we got in from Net Flix. Texaco/Cheveron sure screwed those poor people in Ecuador. There is another documentary I want to see called The World's Most Dangerous Man which goes into the subject of Daniel Elesburg who realeased those Pentagon Papers back during the Vietnam War. Reminds me of the Wike Leaks document release recently.

I saw the movie Inception with Leonardo Dicaprio last weekend. Quite interesting with its subject matter of multi layered dream worlds. In the end a small spinning top leaves open the question of whether Dicaprio has really existed the dream world after all. I've always been fascinated by dreams :-)

Dicaprio in the movie talks about the idea that the most powerful and resilient virus in the world is an idea planted in the mind. Its akin to the idea of how we can affect people's lives in ways beyond what we ever thought we could by the sharing of our ideas with them, which become to one extent or another ingrained in the fabric of the minds of those we communicate with, and like planted seeds, sometimes these ideas can cause a morphing of the very thinking of these individuals, which can work its way further in myriad paths into the workings of the communities we live in.

I think of this when it comes to being a good teacher of things to my children. In my time with them, in our communication and interaction, I am planting the seeds of ideas that I hope will cause them to be more likely to grow into thougtful, caring and responsible people. The trick is to spread good virus and not the bad ones :-)

freeacre said...

I'm looking forward to seeing Inception, but we'll probably wait until it comes out on Netflix. We've seen all those documentaries that you mentioned, another good one we've watched recently is "The
Botany of Desire" about the relationship between humans and plants. Very informative. You have to hand it to Netflix for making so many documentaries accessible on a wide range of topics.

Heads up on the EARTHQUAKE front:
From George Ure's Peoplenomics report today (it's the one that is on a subscription basis that pays for his free site). A reader sent in this comment with a map from the USGS,
"...As of 10:15 p.m. Eastern Time Friday 7/30, there have been 281 quakes in a period of 4 hours. This is on pace for 615,390 quakes per year or 280 times last year's total. A 5.2 hit off the cost of Oregon, nearly due west of Eugene, yesterday. Maine is getting to be a permanent presence on the activity map. Arkansas activity is picking up, always in response to the ring of activity that has swallowed up CA and creates a second line running through Vegas, central (moving E-W) Utah, up to Yellowstone and through Montana; you can see the line of activity on the attached map. Activity is steadily growing to encompass more and more of Nevada as the number of quakes in WA/OR and Montana and Utah continue to grow.

Tectonic pressure is going crazy. It has to release some time. Whether or not it's this weekend is really becoming moot because when it breaks loose, it's going to be HUGE. It's coming; nothing is going to stop it. And when it hits, look out. Neither of you are stupid so I'm sure you're doing what you need to do to prepare. I just thought I'd send this info along because I check the USGS site hourly or more when I'm home (which is most of the time) so I can watch these patterns unfold nearly in realtime and this is something neither of you probably have the time to do. Hopefully it's helpful in some small way.

Monkey mind pitfalls notwithstanding, what we're seeing unfold now, hour to hour, is right on par with what would be expected for a 9.6-ish quake being potentially hours away. What people don't seem to be considering is that when it goes, it's only the beginning. It isn't like there's one huge event and then it all goes back to normal. There's every indication this is going to be a map-of-the-coast altering event and if that occurs, all the mechanics of the crust will change on our continent; new contact points will emerge, new faults will form, adjustments will probably continue for decades, etc. as the entire stress map restarts from square one. Control, alt, delete; where it all settles in is anybody's guess.

Maybe we have more time before it hits but that time is short if it comes at all. FWIW my dream had Seattle submerged at least 20 feet under water and the sinking was not a tsunami but a sudden water rise - 20 feet in about one second, literally. That was a dream, not science, but it was the only indicator I've ever seen. I'd imagine somebody is sleeping in the boat which would be very wise."

Well, this is a lot of conjecture, but there is no doubt that quake activity has dramatically increased. And, coupled with the recent Sun activity, the Cardinal Cross alignment, the HPH linguistic predictions, etc. I take it as very significant. Perhaps the life jacket should replace the fishing vest as a fashion statement. Got water, food, first aide kit, batteries, camping gear, etc? May need them sooner than you'd think.

Anonymous said...


When I was a boy here,
traveling the fields for pleasure,
the farms were worked with teams.
As late as then a teamster
was thought an accomplished man,
his art an essential discipline.
A boy learned it by delight
as he learned to use
his body, following the example
of men. The reins of a team
were out into my hands
when I thought the work was play.
And in the corrective gaze
of men now dead I learned
to flesh my will in power
great enough to kill me
should I let it turn.
I learned the other tongue
by which men spoke to beasts
--all its terms and tones.
And by the time I learned,
new ways had changed the time.

The tractors came. The horses
stood in the fields, keepsakes,
grew old, and died. Or were sold
as dogmeat. Our minds received
the revolution of engines, our will
stretched toward the numb endurance
of metal. And that old speech
by which we magnified
our flesh in other flesh
fell dead in our mouths.
The songs of the world died
in our ears as we went within
the uproar of the long syllable
of the motors. Our intent entered
the world as combustion.
Like our travels, our workdays
burned upon the world,
lifting its inwards up
in fire. Veiled in that power
our minds gave up the endless
cycle of growth and decay
and took the unreturning way,
the breathless distance of iron.

But that work, empowered by burning
the world's body, showed us
finally the world's limits
and our own. We had then
the life of a candle, no longer
the ever-returning song
among the grassblades and the leaves.

Did I never forget?
Or did I, after years,
remember? To hear that song
again, though brokenly
in the distances of memory,
is coming home. I came to
a farm, some of it unreachable
by machines, as some of the world
will always be. And so
I came to a team, a pair
of mares--sorrels, with white
tails and manes, beautiful!--
to keep my sloping fields.
Going behind them, the reins
tight over their backs as they stepped
their long strides, revived
again on my tongue the cries
of dead men in the living
fields. Now every move
answers what is still.
This work of love rhymes
living and dead. A dance
is what this plodding is.
A song, whatever is said.

-by Wendell Berry
taken from the Draft Horse Primer
by Maurice Telleen


Anonymous said...

Sorry. My edited version didn't make it to print.

"They reins of a team
were put into my hands"

not 'out into my hands.

I noticed The Draft Horse Primer leaning on a shelf in our newly reorganized livingroom and thought this poem expresses much of the sentiment we bandy about here at the campfire.

I love the line,
'our minds received the revolution of engines...'


Hotspringswizard said...

Just as Las Vegas is now the biggest declining economic basket case of any city in the US, its shear unsustainability is being seen also in the decline of one of its major water sources, Lake Mead on the Colorado River. Go to this website to view a graph that shows this lakes water levels since it was built.


From 2000 to present the lake has been dropping like a rock. Just think of the demand increases that have occurred in the surrounding areas to this lakes water in the last ten years, and for the Colorado River water that flows though it too other lakes downstream like Lake Mojave and Lake Havasu. Too many straws, too little water!

When it goes down another 4 feet ( perhaps by the end of this year ) the lake will be at a low level not seen since 1937, two years after they first began filling it up.

freeacre said...

Well, now it seems the "earthquake" was instead a solar quake/tsumani (see spaceweather.com). I guess the Universe is laughing. My hands are in the air. I give up on predicting the future. I have to admit that is is difficult for me to stay in the Here and Now. Rats.

RAS said...

We finally made it by the Farm today, everyone. There are some really cool people there. I think it's going to be great to live up that way when we finally get to move.

In not so good news, a good friend of mine is in the hospital and not doing too well. If anyone can spare any thoughts/energy/well wishes they would be much appreciated. He's a great young man who was cursed with a very fragile body.

Anonymous said...

Let us clench our fists
and hold them at arms length,
forming the spokes
of a healing wheel,
for Ras's young friend.
Let us infuse this old soul
with vitality and verve.
Imbibe, from our spilling cup,
love and nerve.


freeacre said...

What is his name, ras? First name is okay.

RAS said...

His first name is Richie. Thanks everyone. I talked to him last night and he was weak but coherent.

Anonymous said...

richie, our young brother, we see you,we see you strong, strong of body, stronger still of that which we are all made, the sacred spirit of our creator, the energy of your brothers and sisters are with you son. be well if this is your path we walk it with you into the great mystery, back into that which we all came.
the sun will rise on you.
great spirit see this young man,
see him into the care of us that care for him as a reflection of that which cannot be unmade, the heart love energy, our love to you richie.

mrs p said...

RP, loved the "Horses" by Wendell Berry...wow! The power of words. Sort of like Hotsprings said planting seeds in the mind.(s) "Inception" sounds very mental...we'll put that one on our list. Meanwhile as FA says there's so much going on with the science of our earth. Makes one feel sort of VA-Clempt. (sp?) Not sure how to spell va-clempt.

Anyway for those living in the Pac. NW and Pac SW states it's a strange feeling. So hard to drop everything and run to somewhere unknown to avoid a devastating quake, thinking it might be safer or whatever. Then there is "murphy's law", sorry murf, no disrespect, but one has to consider the consiquenses of escaping to greener pastures and weigh all the plus-es and minus-es etc. when making geographic changes. We did it once, hauled everything from down here up to almost (within 5 minutes drive) of the Canadian border. After a bonified job offer for more money fell through and not finding work for hubby we returned. Hauled it all back. Perhaps we didn't go far enough away. Sometimes I dream of moving to Itay or France.

But bottom line it's the people you hang with that make your lives rich and tolerable. And if you're engaging enough and friendly enough you can find those people where ever you go.

Yes we sit here at our machines and talk, talk, talk. Maybe we're just planting seeds and nourishing our own seedlings in our heads. Either way, getting info and inspiration here is priceless. Besides laughter is good medicine! If anything we're healing in here. The environment surrounding all of us has so much going on and it's stimulating us to change how we live. Making a new life, if you're able, on a bit of land somewhere isn't easy but a dream we all dream of. It's wonderful to hear what others are doing in their towns, owned homesteads, or rented...it's just great to hear what everyone is doing.

BTW, just thought I'd mention here in So. Cal. we're having an unusually cool summer. It's freakishly cool for here, this time of year. I can't remember ever having a summer this cold. The ocean water temp is way off about 15 degrees from this time last year. Hubby wonders if the huge oil slick in the GOM affected our weather? The skies have a lot more clouds and overcast lately, watching those trails.

Hi to Belgium: And you reminded me of some nice bitter marmelade or Lion's syrup!

All the best to Ras's new adventure and we're sending healing vibes to your young friend. Maybe get for them some Bee Pollen, (in a smoothie), Immune boosters...Ester C perhaps? Real maple syrup poured over some plain yogurt & a few blue berries always makes me feel better, at least might bring a smile. mrs p

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

Best thoughts for lasting recovery for Richie.

Mrs P you and hubs are welcome to try the sofa bed in the little police state of Belgium. Actually is no more that then any other so called developed state and the sofa bed happens to be the same one I have promised out to everyone else so sort your times out amongst yourselves. We have the history and architecture here that is hard to find in Dallas. You can also use this as a springboard to make contact with France and then Italy by way of Monaco (Monty Carlo). But I am here to tell you that you wouldn’t really like that; it is where the yachts in the marina have life helicopters instead of life boats and the only place people get their hands dirty is from the money that falls out of the one armed bandits and I will give you one guess where that money comes from. People are just people all over the world but give your dream wings, it is just different.

Hotspringswizard said...

Good points there Mrs P :-) Regarding our So Cal weather this summer, my wife was talking to her brother who lives on his sailboat that he keeps at a spot in the San Diego harbor near downtown. He mentioned that its been really cold so far this summer down there. Sounds like you ( Mrs P ) may live somewhere down that way too.

Out here in the high desert the weather all summer has been pretty much a broken record, like ground hog day. Only one day of thunderstorms with lightning so far this year in this area. The night temps have dropped down into the low 70's every night which has been real nice, allowing us to cool down the house each evening by opening up the windows. Usually we have more heat by now.

Freeacre in reference to that solar burst you mentioned I saw on the news today that there may be some " northern lights " type actvivity in the US northern states this evening. Maybe you may see something in your skies tonight :-)

Anonymous said...

good piece of writing, Mrs. P


RAS said...

Richie's going to be okay! At least this time. Thanks for all the well-wishes and blessings.

Speaking of weather, it is going to be 110 here today. I don't even want to go outside. This has been the hottest summer I've ever seen here and it's not supposed to get any better at least through the end of the week

mrs p said...

Hi RAS...Wow 110 you shouldn't have to budge an inch in that heat. Is it dry heat or humid? The humidity kills me. I'd be in the tub w/ice cubes and a fan.

It's great to hear your friend is doing better but I forgot to mention this herbal suppliment my daughter got me--it's been proven through research to promote health and is a strong antioxidant with pathogen inhibiting properties. Sounds so serious but it's just Olive Leaf Extract powder in a clear capsule. Supposedly used for centuries to promote good health. The brand we have is called "natural factors". I think this herbal is fairly popular now ever since that 60 minutes show on old age European Grandpa's, (Greeks and Italians)in their 80's still making babies and working. Bizzare huh. I think it's available in drugstores too. I've taken it a few times for a few days and actually noticed a difference in how I felt.

Hotsprings, yes we do live in (northern) San Diego county but our micro climate is very similar to the S.D. bay area. When they do the temps for San Diego they use "Lindberg Field" a lot which is where the main S.D. airport is and just a stones throw off the bay, Shelter Island, Point Loma, etc. where the boats are. Last summer and the one before seemed "hotter" than normal but this summer is like a northern Cal or Central Coast Cal type summer. All the water people, bodysurfers, surfers and lifeguards alike are mentioning how cold the water is.

But come Sept/Oct we could heat up a lot more and usually do. I seem to remember last year we even had some real hot days in November. As a teenager I remember occasional Santa Ana's on Christmas day even, but that was rare. Our family has been in San Diego area since the 50's and the summers (which can be late) have been getting hotter but so far not this one.

mrs p said...

P.S. Belgium, thank you so much, you're very kind to offer a stay. Having a soft place to lay ones head in the evening often goes for granted. Someone called hubby this a.m. with the same name as our landlord and thinking it was, I was holding my breath that it wasn't a call to say we'd have to move. If we ever made it over to the EU, hubby would want to bring his GS motorcycle or rent one, this would make the "adventure" all the more fun and mobile.

We'd love to see Belgium and the history, buildings etc. I bet it's beautiful. I was just sayin last night how we should get more focused on plans for a trip to somewhere far like NZ and OZ. but hubby thinks we should try baby steps and enjoy our own backyard, up the coast etc. which we've done before but several years ago.

It's terrible how stuck we get and never get out of Dodge. Hopefully someday when hubby retires, (could be too late by then), or at least slows down a bit, we'll get it together and do some traveling. This could be a ways off. I think a visit to some farm in southern europe or NZ, I might not want to come back here. But we have a hard time just going away for the weekend as there's always something more important and everything is so expensive too. We really need to just take a break once in a while but can't seem to get it together.

Last night we watched "Creation" which is a fantastic bit of photography! A truly beautiful film about Darwin played by Paul Bethany who was the "barker" in "A Night's Tale"--another great film with a fun soundtrack! The insane cinema photography in this period movie, "Creation" is excellent and keeps the story within a story moving along. Worth a watch! mrs p

Anonymous said...

Another blunder...spelling blunder by mrs p. I meant to say, "A Knight's Tale". Not a Night's Tale! A search for nights tale would not do. A Knight's Tale is a fun flick. Paul Bettany is great and in "Creation" too as he plays the tormented Darwin. I need to pay better attention to my spelling, sorry. mrs p

Anonymous said...

I agree brother. Screw both of the major political parties. The village idiot George Bush panicked and bailed out his friends in the banks. He didn't believe in capitalism any more than Obama. We are living in an age of crony capitalism where special interest bankers use their power in government to get their hands on tax payer money. They run a bad business and they still get to bail themselves out and have their fat bonuses as long as they contribute money to the corrupt politician's next campaign. It's a fixed game. Get real friends. You are on your own. Protect your family and kiss the government and its lies and corruption off because it isn't here to help you. The government is hear to live off you like a parasite so that the politicians can feed themselves, their minions and those that bribe them.

Anonymous said...

today's pop quiz allows for 3 guesses and the first two don't count. what pri contractor to the military is this...

1) They were in charge of clean water, but most of the water sources were found to have no treatment in them at all, and when tested were found to be chock full of pathogens and parasites

2) They were in charge of food, but refused to allow 24-hr. access to meals (not cost-effective), so since soldiers' mealtimes were all known, that's when mess halls and camps were attacked

3) They were in charge of laundry (getting $99/bag for it), but soldiers said their clothes came back dirtier than they went out, and they were forbidden to wash out their own clothes in the sink

4) They were in charge of soft drinks, which were given to the soldiers for free, but the camps were charged $46/6-pack to purchase them, yet the drinks were made locally in the desert, thus the transportation cost was almost nothing

5) 'Cost Plus' payment basis meant they are given a percentage of everything they spent; therefore they had no incentive to save money

6) Company orientation meetings were in the most lavish seaside hotels in Kuwait,w/unlimited access to sea and sports vehicles, and employees were paid by the hour to use them. Ordinary employees living in the company compound were provided everything, including deluxe living arrangements, 5-star meals catered in every day, and were each (including secretaries) given a top of the line ford or chevy truck fully loaded, while those higher up were given hummers and cadilac escalades.....for the desert... One former employer saw a copy of the 3-yr. lease for an employee's SUV--it was $7,000/mo. (totalling roughly $250,000 for the vehicle, over a 3-year period, that anyone in america could purchase for around $45,000 ... american taxpayers paying the difference...)

7) When the wrong equipment was delivered (frequently), it was left in its packaging, and then eventually the warehouse was set on fire and everything declared a loss and insurance collected.

8) Brand new (military, not civilian) trucks costing $75,000-$100,000 each were shipped w/out little things like oil filters, which of course quickly trashed the trucks and required purchase of new ones...In fact, regulations required that the soldiers blow up defective trucks and destroy them, so nothing was ever salvaged from these vehicles....


its said there's a right place in U for everything that exists. i wish these fucks god speed on their journey... p

Anonymous said...


Ok sports fans. Word around the blogsphere is that Israel's gonna do what it does best, false-flag it's lapdog, the U.S of A into anther war on or around 10 Aug.

So, whadayathink? Think there's any truth in the rummormills?

The polls are open...


Anonymous said...

From Belgium

P, thanks but I didn’t need the extra two guesses, when you are talking criminal, one name pops up first.

Ras, Good news about Richie lets hope it is sustainable.

Mrs p, Shucks, you are welcome anytime. For southern Europe, Bohemia is supposed to be nice; it is one of the places on my list. You can do it organised or alternatively you can hire cottages anywhere in Europe. If you have a moto and want a bit of unusual adventure not too far away from home then why not go down the coast instead of up and do a round trip on the Baja. La Paz and back in a week ;-)

freeacre said...

Geez! Comments in the 80's and nothing but pudding between the ears of me and murph. Maybe I'll just ramble on about some thing tonight or tomorrow so we can start anew. After we trim the chickens.
Trim the chickens? Now they keep getting into the garden somehow and eating everything they can before we chase them out. Lost a bunch of lettuce and kale and Swiss Chard, parsley, garlic even! Aaaarrrrrrgh! So now, I guess, the trick is to trim the flight feather on one side so they fly unbalanced. Gotta admit, it'd be kinda funny if they flew around in circles. I tried giving them demerits for bad behavior, but they didn't care - being anarchists, and all...
Speaking of weather, it's been fluctuating 50 degrees every day here. 80's or 90's during the day and 40's and 30's at night. It froze last night and two nights ago.
And during the day, it's so hot, that I've frozen water in little bottles and I'm going to put them in with the rabbits to play with to stay cool.

Hotspringswizard said...

Yeah Randy, there has been alot of talk and indications ( internet info and such ) off and on, especially in the last couple of years about attacking Iran. Seems like the intensity is ramping up again. Could they really be that stupid knowing what a pandora's box they will unleash doing that?

I was reading an article last night that suggested any attack would involve airstrikes and then efforts to foment revolution within Iran. I can't see where they will have any real capacity to put troops on the ground besides special opps. I was watching one of the main US generals today talking about the idea that " everything is still on the table " and that they really didn't want to attack Iran but they may very well have to. Just too crazy what these war pigs and plunder monsters rain down upon the world. Just goes with the nuttiness all around every which way you look the way I see it.

Dave Eriqat said...

Part 1 (apparently there is a 4096 character limit on comments)

You know, “civilization” was the brainchild of psychopaths. Imagine a bunch of prehistoric people living off the land, equals in the eyes of nature. Then along comes one sick bastard who thinks, “Hey, I could declare myself king and make all these disorganized slobs work for me.” Over time the regimented, structured model of “civilization” is refined and becomes deeply ingrained in our collective psyches, with nobody questioning whether civilization actually works for them. Meanwhile, those at the top are loving civilization, which has never worked better for them than it does today. Even the “robber baron” era didn’t come close to the rape and pillage we’re witnessing today.

Organized resistance is futile; the powers-that-be have too much control and have systematically crafted the system over a period of centuries for their benefit, eventually mastering every minute detail of control. Christ, look at “protesting” today. Protesters, if they’re permitted to “protest” at all, are corralled into “free speech zones,” well away from that against which they’re protesting. Those that dare to engage in spontaneous protests are simply rounded up en masse and warehoused in massive cages, charged with nothing, denied food, water and medical attention and ultimately released, a form of psychological torture intended to deter future unauthorized protests.

Dave - Erstwhile Urban Wanderer

Dave Eriqat said...

Part 2

The only possible solution today is for each individual to “check out” of the system, and there’s the rub. The vast majority of people have neither the courage to think for themselves nor the ability to imagine anything better. They are, for all intents and purposes, brain-dead drones, a condition exacerbated by their steady diet of fluoride, junk food, medications and so forth. These people will never change and are beyond redemption. So you have a vast majority of blobs who will simply go along with the system and do what they’re told, a tiny minority of sick fucks – psychopaths – who are currently running the show and profiting richly from it, and finally a tiny minority of free thinkers who want to live and let live, be honorable and kind to their fellow men, live in harmony with nature and all those other good ideals.

I consider myself to be one of the latter species and cannot imagine myself belonging to either of the others. With the system stacked against me in the first place and my unwillingness to support the corrupt system in the second, the only solution I’ve found for myself is to “check out,” avoid the “system” as much as possible, be as self-sufficient as possible and cherish a futile hope that things will somehow improve in the future, for that’s all that’s left really, hope. Unfortunately, I fear that the psychopaths in control today are too much in control and that the only way things will change is after they destroy everything, including a lot of innocent bystanders, which is what we’re seeing today, what with their economic destruction, soon to be followed by the physical destruction of a new world war (as if we’re not already in a world war, what with three active war fronts). Admittedly, mine is a grim view of the future, but can anyone argue with it?

Sadly, any real improvement may be a long way off, perhaps generations from today. Instead of lamenting a future I may never see, I intend to enjoy my life as much as possible today and hope that things don’t get too awful. Should conditions deteriorate to the point that it’s impossible to enjoy life any longer, I am fully prepared to walk away from “civilization,” literally, Jeremiah Johnson-style.

One of my favorite quotations is from the TV show Kung Fu: “No, grasshopper, evil cannot be conquered in the world. It can only be resisted within oneself.” That’s how I try to live my life. Who knows, if enough people adopt such a philosophy and “check out” of the system, perhaps we can slowly create a de facto, grassroots alternative to the present system. That’s long been one of my dreams as well, but it remains to be seen if that can happen. Regardless, any improvement must come from the individuals. Improvement will never originate within the existing system, for it should be obvious that any improvement for the people would result in a loss to those running the system. People who continue to place their hopes for change in politicians who are part of the ruling system will continue to be disappointed, although most don’t even seem to be aware that they’re being let down.

Dave - Erstwhile Urban Wanderer

Anonymous said...

Hope? I don't know, Dave.



Anonymous said...

BTW, is anyone here, (or have friends who are), feeling all the shaking going on in Wyoming? Just wondering. mrs p

Anonymous said...

Corporations=Gov Corporations control our Gov entirely, outsourcing to them started along time ago unfortunately. Murph is right the two parties are like two crime families - like watching a not-reality reality show like housewives of new jersey or something. Meanwhile let them eat cake...but where's the cake?
mrs p

Anonymous said...

The economy has been ignored for too long. What we're all payin for food, etc and the taxes! Here we're paying 8.75% tax on everything we buy. Yesterday, I paid $7 and change in "taxes" for a bit of catfood. Ridiculous! I should be making my own--like freeacre does! Talk about going off the grid! But the inflation is unacceptable! The economy is being drained by the imperialistic Ka-Ka we're envolved in. It has to stop. We do not support the war baloney no matter what the excuses are...more Ka-ka! mrs p

Anonymous said...


This Japanese oil freighter was attacked by 'something' on July 29.

Check out the enormous dent in the side of the ship. Grenades and cruise missiles don't leave that type of signature. Notice absence of jagged hole. WTF?

One talk show personality I heard suggested a scalar weapon was used. But by whom?

Here's a couple of articles you might want to check out.




Anonymous said...

Mrs. P.,

I live in southwestern Montana, not far northwest of Yellowstone. Haven't felt anything lately. And I'm hoping not to. I've been driving up a mountain road to work in a summer cabin at about 7,000 ft every day now for a month. Still have a couple of weeks work. Above the road that switch-backs up the north canyon face are awesome granite rockslide, severely undercut by the road scarp. Should I be in transit on that slope when the big
one goes off, I'm afraid that'll be all the rocklaying for this ole picker...


Hotspringswizard said...

Great points you have made there Dave Eriqat! Thats sure enough the way I feel about it too. I see you make the reference to there being differant human " species ". I have thought of humans as being differant species for a long time, and actually I was thinking of posting some thoughts here on that subject lately.

To me the similarity of human form between the peoples of the world which might imply that at some base level there is some sameness to us all disquises to varying extents the incredibly vast differances within this exterior form. The grey flesh blob within each of us, represents diversity every bit as great as the range of life forms you would find in any complex web of life, like that found in a tropical forest.

Just like the vast differances between a lion and a mouse people within are just as far removed from eachother. Some forms are clearly closer to others in mental framwork than others.

So when I look at all of the crap that goes on in this world, I think it can be looked on as an increadibly variety of human mind species interacting with eachother. For example the plunders and war pigs are sharks for example. Thats what they make me think of regarding how they operate. There is a reason they have evolved to be what they are in the course of their breif lives. Why they came to be this way of course is infinitely complex, but it is a real ongoing process.

So just like there is a pattern to the the structure of a tropical forest, there are consistent patterns to the ongoing nature and landscape of human mental diversity. Throughout any time we can look back on and reconstruct some history of human groups/civilization, the basic structure of the mind, the " form " it takes has been essentially the same.


Hotspringswizard said...

So from this template of grey flesh you will always see propogated generaly the same amount of war pigs, plunders, and other ill minded people of negative intent, a very large component of people who mostly just go along for the ride, and a minority of more independent thinkers who tend to hold dear ideas of the " higher minded " moral and ethical content. Of course this is a very basic generalization, with the actual range being far more complex.

The ideas discussed above is why I don't expect at all for there ever to be some " grand awakening " of humanity to the extent that the basic interplay and patterns of human behavior will be altered to something differant than the tumultous mess it has been through human history. The sharks will never be moved in any significant way from fullfilling the destiney that emenates from their form/species.

So as Dave Eriqat spoke of, I too think the best we can do is to follow the path within as best we can, according to the species we are. I do think our actions can change certain things in the world, people around us, like seeds planted that sometimes grow given the right conditions, but the greater human terrain will continue on in much the similiar fashion to what it always has.

Evolution will cause changes in the grey flesh, but these are alterations that can only occur over incredibly vast timescales, and what direction that takes, and what new species evolves, is something we can not truly determine ( like for expample we might become even a more violent as a species as apposed to becoming more benevolent ).

Its a jungle out there and survival of the fittest is a basic species theme, one of the most primary driving forces of human action, so as we see this ongoing collapse unfold, I fully expect the sharks to increase in number, and their rapacious activities to grow in intensity.

I am of the species that cares about my fellow man, I care about truth and being responsible, honesty and stuff like that. I'll be spending my time trying to instill these ideas in those around me ( like my children ) since I think this is what makes life worthwhile, meaningful. The sharks will always be circling and threatening so we will all have to do our best to deal with, or avoid the mayhem and carnage that is constantly perpetrated by these types.

Now I must add that I have nothing against natures " real " shark species of so many types. I think it is tragic that their numbers are plummeting due to the various activities of the " human " sharks who like to kill the natural ones, eating their fins for soup as one example!

Hotspringswizard said...

Like my photo of the Rattlesnake seen in this subject thread, it has a mind of a certain form along with its exterior visible form. The Rattlesnake's mind is such that it is very much predictable as to how it will behave, like the positions it will take when threatened.

Humans on the other hand look very similiar on the exterior, but you very much cannot ultimately predict what lurks in the minds of a particular human. It might behave like a dove on the outside but in reality a lion may lurk within.

These notions do not, and cannot exist within the Rattlesnake because of the nature of its minds form. The snake is not going to think to itself, I'll just act friendly so I can get up close to this human which will make it easier for me to bite them. A Rattlesnake is not like a politician who will say all sorts of things on the outside completely opposite to what they intend on the inside :-)

Hotspringswizard said...

Ok I guess its my destiny today, as the species I am to make sure we reach 100 comments in this thread :-)

So the US government and BP its pal are saying as of yesterday that 75 percent of the spilled GOM oil is now " gone " for various reasons. Yeah right! Another official was also on TV citing that the dispersants were not as toxic as people were saying. BP is busy plugging their liability, opps I mean the well hole! The Sharks are busy in ernest trying to bury the GOM disaster, forget, forget, forget!

Anonymous said...

i think its ok for the fire to smolder a minute.
some things require a bit of head scratching before they hatch.

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