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Walk Like an Egyptian

The comments are getting long and the conversation needs to continue. So, I am posting p's later comments as a post, to break it up into a more manageable state. It's lo0king like the "global revolution" meme that Half Past Human has been forecasting is beginning to manifest. It will be interesting to see how The Powers That Were will react. freeacre

From Palooka's Revenge (AKA: p)

quote: Hillary Clinton is on the MSM today talking about how the US is such a great defender of Democratic freedoms across the world.

part one...

in defending that freedom and democracy the west claims to be the leader of the world in the war on terror. and they tell its own peoples, hey, to keep you safe you're going to have to give up some of those very freedoms. this is exactly what ben ali told his people. does the end justify the means? good or bad, its still a form of repression. ironically, this is exactly what the subservives used to fire up the people to take bin ali down. it makes sense that even happy, well fed people don't like basic freedoms repressed and this makes them extremely vulnerable to being used by subservive forces. but really, when we dig even deeper into tunesia we have to question that even. we have to question that the whole thing is one big ugly charade.

happy? you bet. the people wanted better standards of living, education for their children, opportunities for themselves, peace and security and the right to worship in their own way without fear or intimidation. all that was written down in a national pact signed in '88. what the people wanted, the people got. as noted in sats 10 point list tunesia was a very successful country and one would think civil unrest would be the farthest thing from any citizin's mind and the last thing they'd be wont to do is overthrow the guy who brought them all this good forturne. these are the same happy people who re-elected him in 09 with an 80% majority. 2 out of his 3 opponents openly supported ben ali.

and what was the world being told? that ben ali and company were corrupt along with implications they were supporting islamic extremism. this in face of sats point #2 that tunesia was the least corrupt of any african nation and the fact that they'd thrown the extreemists out.

it should be clear by now; hillary et al are saying one thing and doing the opposite!! they know exactly what the cia is up to. they support it, they fund it with both white and black budgets. and they cover it up claiming defense of democracy. bullshit! the trojans had nothing over on this evil crowd. here's a slant we'll never hear from MSM for the truth would be more than most, who btw would say they share those same wants and needs, could stand...

traditional islam has had a high tollerance for other faiths for centuries. contrasting this one of the main weapons of islamic extreemism is to sow the seeds of hatred for other religions. so, to counter that bin ali and his policies ran the extremists out of the country. and in short order as reported in these 2 articles...

(aangirfan's jan 18th entry touches on this as well.)

point is the solution to the terrorist problem and the hijacking of the country's traditional islam by islamic jihadists was also the solution to the country's social, economic, human rights, and poor standard of living problems. unfortunately it was not the solution to disarming the behind the scenes promoters of the jihadists. the very ones the so-called war on terror is 'sposed to be aimed at. its aimed all right. but the aim is to promote.

hardly a day goes by that a terrorist attack happens somewhere in the world and the MSM is all over it. most days there are multiple attacks. most of them happen in the arab countries. mano a mano. its been going on for years.

so it was in tunisia. when bin ali came to power he turned tunisa into a model for what to do about islamic extreemism and terrorism. extreem offensives demand extreem defensives. according to versi, "... Ben Ali stressed, as soon as he came into office, that the battle against terrorism would not be won simply by arresting and trying terrorists. It would only be won when conditions conducive to the growth of fundamentalism no longer existed."

and what are those conditions? he believed that: "Unless the breeding grounds of extremism were dealt with terrorism could never be wiped away. To defeat terrorism, the whole social, political and economic structures would have to be changed. The war on terrorism would also be a war on poverty and need, a war on ignorance, a war on despondency and marginalization, a war on disease, a war on inequality and a war on oppression. "

its amazing what was done toward achieving those goals in 20 years. when ben ali came to power tunisia had suffered from years of poverty, ignorance and so on and was under direct attack by islamic fundamentalism. the very religion of its own majority population.

versi... "As early as 1994, President Ben Ali had warned Western countries of the serious dangers of allowing fundamentalist terrorists to exploit the right of political asylum."

versi quoting ali... "Confronted by those who use religion to seize power by force," he told the (french) newspaper (Le Figaro), "and use violence to reach their ends, we have had recourse to a multi-dimensional policy: starting at the level of schools and going on to a wider policy which combines economic and social action at the level of the country's development."

versi... "He stressed that the goals of the fundamentalists were political and had nothing to do with religion - least of all Islam which is a religion of peace and tolerance and expressly forbids the taking of innocent lives for any reason. "The fact that the fundamentalists use violence and murder shows that their motivation is not religious but exclusively political," he said.
But he warned that fundamentalism had become a problem for the West whose countries "serve as rear bases for fundamentalist terrorists". Known terrorists, claiming human rights abuses and exploiting the political asylum system in the West, were setting up multi-national networks in order to destabilize legitimate governments in the Muslim world.

He gave a dear and, as events turned out, prophetic warning"Now fundamentalism is your problem," he said. "I mean that of Paris, London and Washington. France, Great Britain and the United States are being used as a safe haven by fundamentalist terrorists; in the name of freedom and democracy, asylum is granted to the enemies of that very freedom and democracy." "

all these are things ben ali was saying back in the 90's! on sept 11, 2001... well, we all know what happened as we, subsequently, listened to bushco tell us there was no warning. little has changed with the new administration. which has gotta leave us to highly suspect: are our leaders on behalf of we as a country presenting one thing and doing the opposite? or did we look in the mirror and fall in love with ourselves? WTF?? i think its BOTH!!

one thing is obvious, the best we get from our leaders toward any kind of "war on poverty and need, a war on ignorance, a war on despondency and marginalization, a war on disease, a war on inequality and a war on oppression" is lip service. i can jerk my own wanker thank you very much. but worse, the majority of US peoples on both sides of the political aisle,
each ate up with their own brand of self-proclaimed moral justice embedded in toxic narcisstic personality disorder, make the possible impossible.


Anonymous said...

I love you


Anonymous said...

Mike Ruppert is talking on his Sunday evening talk show right now.

Hot Springs, he's talking to Tom Linzey, from the Mt. Shasta are. Sounds like a killer show.


freeacre said...

This is what democracy looks like. Too bad we have to go to Egypt to see it.

(We love you, too.)

...p said...

I'm still getting it - what about you guys?


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm getting it.


Anonymous said...

More climate confusion:

Elsewhere in the news, now the story on the dead cows in Wisconsin is that they were fed bad sweet potatoes.


Oh, and John Wheeler was the victim of blunt force trauma. Happens every day. Despite tape of the man acting disoriented in Wilmington, just days before his death, coroners apparently did no toxicology work-up. Move along.


"We know nothing!"

Palooka's Revenge said...

More climate confusion:

bingo! thats what i'm callin it from now on too.. p

Anonymous said...

What's the difference between an abused Egyptian and an abused American?



Anonymous said...

So we have massive uprisings in a number of North African countries and elsewhere in the recent weeks. Why did it happen? If you consider the list of items that Belgium highlighted in his posting they are from various sources from outside the country ( many western viewpoints ) giving assesments about certain particulars of that countries " reality ", at least as seen from some parties. So the implication meant by this list is that Tunisia was a successful country, with happy contented people, where there was no reason for anyone to be upset on any large scale because there was nothing of significance to be unhappy about.

So a man torches himself in this country back in December because of his angst against his experience at the hands of certain official parties within Tunisia and a large scale uprising of very uphappy Tunisian people blooms and comes out of the woodwork to the extent that the govenrment is suddenly dispatched with. So, Did the Cia whisper in the torched man's ears to go burn himself up? And then did the Cia, or what ever nefarious US operatives you may wish to name then move " the plan " along further which began with the torched man, and infitrate all the very happy people of Tunisis, whisper in their ears that " you know all you people of Tunisia, there is really alot for you to be very angry about, see that torched man, doesn't that make you really upset, really mad, and you know that Ben Ali guy you like and hold dear is really a bad guy, so despite all of your happiness about your country and your goverment, listen to us and go out there and riot and take down you government! "

But in reality, I don't think the blow up in Tunisia had anything to do with US operatives and their meddling. You have basic people in all of these affected countries ( most of them younger ) who are seeing that they have no real viable future and their point of view is that their various leaders and controlling goverments have played a big part in keeping them is such dire straights. I think there was all along a certain level of brewing anger in the people that rose up in all of these countries at the many years/decades of oppression these masses had suffered and the torched man at the start was the spark that released the floodgates of all of this angst in Tunisia.

Then other oppressed masses in the other countries got to see and hear about first hand the reality that if enough masses rose up against these/their oppressers, they could actually take them down and prevail.The people in Egypt have never been happy about the decades of US funding given to Mubarak which he used and uses to build/maintain his protection forces aimed at the basic Egyptian people, forces used to keep him in dictitorial power for decades. The Egyptian people do not support a peace aggreement with Isreal, the country that has been actively geociding their Arab brothers in Palestien for multi decades.

continued, HSW

Anonymous said...

The US partnered up with the scumbag Saudi Royals once the US realized its domestic oil supply had peaked and was declining. Of course the aggreement was that the Saudi's would keep the US well supplied with oil, and the US would keep the corrupt House Of Saud in power. The Saudi Royals are supreme oppressers but for the US thats OK since we need their oil. Now uprisings have been brewing in Yemen for some time making the Saudi Royals a bit nervous since if somehow those oppressed Yemeni people took down their goverment, then that could cause the basic Saudi people to ride the wave of unrest and go after the Saudi Royals too. Of course the US can't have that since that could shut off the humongous oil spigot of Saudi Oil, so the US is down there going after the so called terrorist/Al Queda ( fake made up boogie men ) with drones and other covert operations to in actually try and quell any unrest of the local freedom fighters/oppressed peoples that might threaten the ( once again ) corrupt Yemeni leaders.

So, the CIA said " hey, we got this great plan, lets cause mass unrest in Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Yemen, Jordan and from here on forward into the future who know where else our created uprisings will sprout because this will really work to our advantage in so many ways, like shutting down commerce/ship traffic through the Suez Canal, an oil life line to the west and Europe. And it will send the price of oil up dramatically which will be just great for all of our western economies, beginning to melt them down! And who knows, if we get real lucky with " our plans " maybe Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran, and every other ( practically all of them ) middle eastern country under the jack boot of corrupt oppressive regimes will see massive flare ups in their masses too, which will cause the fall of those governments. Now that we have successfully inflamed all of these Arab masses with our pervasive opperatives and have these masses now realizing that they don't have to be oppressed, or don't have to be invaded/occupied or be obliged to be Client puppet states of US interest then they will not be inclined to be pushed around any more by us ( the US ) and that will be really great! And Isreal our friend/pal/fellow Arab oppressers will have to just deal with all of those angry, newly empowered Arabs now having Isreal as the next object of angst to be remedied, to remove them from the " map " of the middle east as Amadinijad suggested. "

But seriously folks, I fully realize the hideously corrupt and maniacle people in the US who foist military power and intrusions of all sorts into many other countries is something that goes on all of the time. And by all means I think they do it in the fashion that Belgium described in his last posting too. But in this case I think these uprisings are just a case of long suppressed anger over coutless oppressed people in many countries in that region, people who are completely fed up and see no other choice but to rise up and fight for their freedom and dignity. A spark lit the flames and where it will all lead we shall see in the coming days. Now of course the US will utilize all of the ability and machinations at its nefarious disposal to try and work these mostly out of control organic events to their own devious ends, but I don't think there is any way that our diabolical leaders are not alarmed and very concerned by these developments, that of Arab people's rising up and making some large headway into controlling their own futures.


Anonymous said...

A good friend of mine and his wife have spent many years in North Africa, especially in Sudan and Egypt. As of yesterday, he was still holed up in a hotel not far from the pyramids. He was supposed to lead a tour down the Nile to Luxor this week, which obviously has been cancelled.

The rebellions/revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt are not about Islam, despite what "Faux" News and other networks claim. It's really about poverty, which has been an issue in the region for decades. As a couple of folks have said already, there are many, many well-educated people who are unemployed and who can't find work. These people have now risen up against the corruption, nepotism, and repression. Of course, you have a pot pourri of Islamist groups trying to jump into the fray and manipulate the disenchanted, but will they be successful? Both Tunisia and Egypt have become increasingly secular in recent years. The younger folks in those countries seem to be more interested in having successful careers and living the good life than living under Shari'a.

Will the rebellions in Tunisia and Egypt be successful over the long term? It's too early to tell, but I would like to see progress over regression if that's possible. Perhaps it will lead to a long overdue reformation in Islam--long after the reformations in Christianity and Judaism.

Anonymous said...


One day a wizard said, "I can help you!"

and thats when the bear got in the buckwheat eh?

welcome. hope u voyage in to sit w/us again... p

btw, gravity IS god. the way i see it anyway.

Anonymous said...

ben's on the take. no he ain't. leila's got more shoes than imelda. no, she goes barefoot. oil peaked. no it aint. ice is melting. no, getting bigger. contradictions, contradictions, condratictions aboud.

i've heard the immolation story. another story contradicting the happiness. is it true? i dunno. obviously enough of them were not happy about something. all that in the face of demographics suggesting otherwise. yeh, aangirfan blog is foreign but we don't see them footnoted in the stats.. those came from sources all over the world including right here in the US. so what? i don't even trust that anymore. a lot of studies are biased to begin with. bought and paid for by special interests. thats one way to get killerceuticles into the market. its a way to manipulate politics. or whatever you want to manipulate. who has the time to do DD to find out stuff like who runs 'em, who finances 'em, whats their politics, biases, point of view, world view, religious leaning, philosophy, agenda, and so on. who and what are they aligned with? from there it goes out. people look at it. turn it this way, that way, whatever way. what's their agenda, politics, and so on? what's taken out of context? cherry picked? spun? be that innocently or with specific intent. whats info? whats disinfo? who's dirty? who's clean? who's discerning it? fuck, expecting to make any sense of it is enough to make ya nuts!

in the meantime we turn on the tv and we see riots in the streets. thats real. what's behind it we debate. but no doubt about it, masses of people across a broad spectrum of countries being discontent for myriad reasons. but as cygnus pointed out, mostly its about repression. livin in a fat country don't necessarly mean the people are free. many near or past the point of rising up. add to this, extreem polarization. i suspect that to some extent we can see the extreem polarities displayed in our own country as being likely to exist everywhere. i dunno, its something in the water (figure of speach here) of the time we find ourselves at.

i don't think for a minute that the cee eye ay is the be all, tell all, blame all. they're an operative. a pawn in the game. what we can be reasonable sure of is that whoever is at the top of the control and power pyramid is playing both sides of the fence. and what i'm reasonable sure of is that whatever is happening in the arab countries and their allies, and everywhere around the world now, its a part of the unwinding. and its comin home to roost. or roast, as the case may be... p

murph said...


Yup, trying to make sense of it all will tend to make one nuts. Heh. Our little campfire keeps trying to make sense of what we read/hear is happening, unless of course it is happening in front of us, then we know for sure it is happening. Reckon we are all going nuts? lol

I find it helpful to list what I think I know as facts, not opinion or speculation.
1. This planet is not capable of supporting 7 billion humans, and most specifically at western cultures living standards, or even at what we call primitive living standards.
2. Vital resources that sustain life are becoming scarce, clean water, clean air and food.
3. Resources that support an industrial society are becoming scarce or very hard to obtain.
4. Industrialized agriculture and food production and preparation is poisoning a large part of our society.
5. A VERY small percentage of our society and seemingly of most of the countries of the world, control nearly 90% the wealth of the world. Like 65 million out of 6.5 billion.
6. There is no consensus on anything.
7. Suppression and control is the paradigm of operation by governments and corporations.
8. Cooperation and concern for the common good is no longer an operating paradigm. Only for lip service.
9. Ugliness,spitefulness, and hard divisions of ideology are the norm.
10. Violence is increasing at every level of society.
11. At least for the time being, weather is flat out getting very weird.
12. There is environmental degradation and outright destruction that has been going on for some time, deliberate and with forethought and with little or no concern for consequences.

You may want to add or subtract from my list. Make sure it is absolutely verifiable.

Hey Randy, yup, we are so doomed.

Anonymous said...


Your exasperation comes through loud and clear.

I know you don't car much for Alex Jones, but he had Webster Tarpley and Max Keiser on the show today. Might be worth a listen.

Tarpley said since Friday, the crowds in Cairo have been tapering off, and suggests the whole thing might fizzle out in Egypt.

Keiser claims the troubles in Egypt stem from food price inflation and a lack of jobs, like Cygnus mentioned, and he blames the entire mess on Wall Street and the City of London, who gave us this global financial meltdown.

For me, I would just dearly love to see one disclosure of malfeasance, just one exposure of corruption and lawless disregard lead to public humiliation and prison terms, but I fear it is too much to hope for.

I think time is running out.

Stargates are opening. Plates are subducting. The solar wind of my soul yeowls in the eves now, and no one tells the truths they're convinced we cannot handle...


freeacre said...

Great comments, Hot Springs, Rockpicker, p, and cygnus/f3. A couple of other good pieces can be found on the Washington Blog:

And, to the right, the first past post from a former CIA director of Counter Terrorism. Great article about the efforts of the US to destabilize the whole area - and the blowback we are now experiencing.

We have done all this shit to people to create an Empire and secure the largest share of resources for our bloated selves. Now that the Saudis are running out of oil, watch us throw them under the bus. We have created victims and enemies all over the world. We are toast.

I don't know what it would take to bring on a rebellion here. And, even if people were in the streets and the despicable Wall cannibals were frog-walked out of their board rooms - then what? There is no organized opposition. No leaders that aren't in cahoots with the ruling class scum. We have bloggers who know the score. And, lots of other bloggers who don't. They'll be looking for the rapture, wanting to stop abortion, asking for unemployment insurance extensions, and a million other extraneous things with no cohesive plan. Anyone who does get it (like Ron Paul vs. the Federal Reserve) will probably be taken out quickly. I fear for his life now that he is the chairman of the bank oversight committee.

Any rebellion here will most likely be a reflection of the citizenry - shallow and stupid and woefully misinformed. Chaos. Then, they'll turn the HAARP technology on us and we'll all be treading water.

Of course, if we start seeing two suns in the sky, it won't make much difference anyway. More popcorn is in order. What a ride.

Anonymous said...

RP, regarding the Steven Goddard link you listed in the sixth post of yours, consider this regarding the merits of this man's prognostications about the climate and weather. This relates directly to the subject of your link:

Fastest disinformer retraction: Watts says Goddard’s “Arctic ice increasing by 50000 km2 per year” post is “an example of what not to do when graphing trends”

And in reference to this P wrote " whatever is happening in the arab countries and their allies, and everywhere around the world now, its a part of the unwinding. and its comin home to roost ", I think its part of the overall world unraveling too.

Kunstler cites the same:

......these uproars in the Middle East are only the first stirrings of political reaction to a scarcity of key world resources, especially grain crops, which have never been in such short supply in modern times. And the part of this problem that isn't due to sheer population overshoot is almost certainly a result of climate change - which many idiots in the US congress refuse to acknowledge out of sheer obdurate stupidity....

And, good list you put together there Murph!

RP you wrote " the crowds in Cairo have been tapering off, and suggests the whole thing might fizzle out in Egypt ". You mentioned that you don't watch TV I think just a while ago here, so it sounds like you have not heard about today in Egypt ( Tuesday ) is expected to see the most massive turnout of protesters yet, and El Baradi says that if Mubarak does not step down, Friday may be even bigger yet. We shall see.

Anonymous said...

11:28 PM post, HSW

Anonymous said...


And a man walked into a holiday shop and spake unto the travel agent and did say “I will go to any democracy that has a warm climate” And the travel agent did not know how to reply for he was sorely confused.

Yeh; okay, I know, I had my little jest, as if it was all something to laugh away. I have to say I am with p and his information overload on this one. You have to make your mind up based on the balance of probabilities. I do believe that somebody knows though but it is no one any of us are ever likely to meet on the street. All any of us can do is to see how it all pans out. I will be keeping a watchful eye because even though today’s events are in Africa I have a feeling that this one is headed towards Iran. Strangely, we never hear anything about Kazakhstan in the MSM, maybe they are too closely tied in with the SCO.

George Brown was the deputy PM in the Wilson admin and he was an amiable sort of chap, especially if he remembered to tuck a couple of beer bottles into his brief case in the morning. On the occasions he had forgotten, people said he was given to moments of clarity, insight even. On one such occasion he devised a National Plan. Instead of all these continuous rounds of wage bickering every year, every job in the land would be graded. Brain surgeons would have say, 100 points and miners would score quite highly too because even though their job was not so technical it was relatively dangerous, unpleasant and unhealthy so this should be factored into the points. Someone who served behind the counter in a shop or did part time delivery work would have lower points. Once the points had been decided then the next years payment would be this year’s payment times the inflation index – simple. Can you guess what is coming; the unions torpedoed it because they saw themselves without a roll to play. Special interest groups have special interests and they are not always altruistic. Similarly with the people behind the present unrest, whoever they might be.

So it was with the British Referendum Party. They said that if the technology exists to vote for your choice of Idol then we will have a TV channel to explain the pro’s and con’s of some political issue, you tell us what you want and we will go ahead and do it. All I can say is that it was a nice idea whose time had not yet come and it bit the dust; so much for Direct Democracy.

Why are US citizens not out in the streets doing what the Arabs are doing? One theory I have heard is that some people are more afraid of loosing their family’s health insurance than they are about loosing their job. Talk about unpleasant choices, it is like the one Hitler is supposed to have given to Rommel. If you loose an attacking army to one that is running away then we are going to shoot either you or your family. You tell us which it is, we don’t really care.

Anonymous said...




Promotion of Divisiveness

Order Out of Chaos


Anonymous said...

One theory I have heard is that some people are more afraid of... ___________________________ (fill in the blank).

and change the word 'some' to 'all'.

do that to b's sentence and we have it in a nutshell. of all the indetifiable/definable emotions 3 in particular fall into the category of negative; fear, rage, and heartbreaking grief. layers and layers of emotions lay buried in the feeling body, the magnetic center of the body politic. a layer of fear protecting a layer of rage. that layer of rage protecting an even deeper layer of fear. that layer of fear protecting an even deeper layer of heartbreak. on and on it goes until you get to the bottom of the pit where lay the deepest layer of all, self hatred. in defiance of self soverignty.

everything we see happening 'out there' is a reflection of this. this is the soul sickness out of which comes the human condition that collectively morphs into manifestation. can i prove this? nope, not to you. or anybody else. but you can prove it to you. but you won't. why? because its just too damn painful!

so i can't suggest to add this to murph's fine list of the absolutely verifiable. its theoretical and the proof is rooted in subjective experience. but we do have one person who came as close as it can get to verifiable. underpinning her work was an observation that is verifiable. that no one can argue with. no matter how diabolically opposed to one another we may be we all share one thing in common; we were all children. she observed something else in her work albeit debatable: "the human soul is virtually indestructible, and its ability to rise from the ashes remains as long as the body draws breath.' kris kristopherson put it another way: "there ain't no chain as strong as the will to be free."

this is exactly what we are seeing now. the human spirit rising up. this in contradiction even to that deepest layer of soul sickness, the self hatred. in the process we're also seeing all those layers of fear, rage and heartbreak unwinding. as john prine wrote...

in spite of ourselves
we'll end up sittin on a rainbow
against all odds hunny,
we're the big door prize
we're gonna spite
our noses right off of our faces
there won't be nothin but
big ole hearts dancin in our eyes.

true to themselves john and iris put it a whole lot better than i can...

wv... frely (no shittin)

.. p

Anonymous said...

According to Charlie McGrath, Sen. Susan Collins, republican, Maine, has re-introduced legislation to hand Obama an internet kill switch.

Here's a piece on what we need to do before that switch is flipped.


Anonymous said...

Keiser claims the troubles in Egypt stem from food price inflation and a lack of jobs

i've read that as well and as far as i'm concerned is probably as close to the truth as anything. have read the same about tunesia. and hey, don't it sound familar?

yeh, jones gets up my ass. so does keiser only for dif reasons. still, sometimes good info comes from what we shun and i think keiser hit a home run with that one. thx for the tip.. p

Anonymous said...

Agreed -the TPTB will NEVER allow some sort of universal health care in this country. Fear of losing health insurace for WAY too expensive health care keeps wage slaves handcuffed to their cubicle desks. Your's truely included. It's why everyone else on the planet can protest their government without fear of death by healthcare bankrupsy or dealth by S.W.A.T.

Man, I'm really wondering how all of this is going to play-out. Will Mubarak get his sorry ass kicked out? If so, will the sentiment spread to other dictatorships like Saudi Arabia? Now THAT would be a real game-changer. Oh, yeah. Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch.

And then where would we be? Who knows. The price of fuel will skyrocket. Maybe our soldiers will come home and the U.S. will stop fucking with other countries. Maybe the "Dancing with the Stars," "Survivor," "CSI," mouth breathers will get a clue.

Maybe, won't hold my breath.

Yeah Murph, way too many people on the planet fucking things up because they want way too much crap they don't need.

It boggles my mind, man. I just don't understand why we think need so much crap -or why people would want soo much crap. Are people just plane stupid to the point where they believe the TV commercial telling them that they HAVE to have that Ford F-150??
Seems like it.

There was a chapter in one of Michael Moore's books called, "Idiot Nation." Sounds about right. Man, the more people I meet in this place, the more I like my 'attack kitties.'
Later -


Anonymous said...

Well, maybe we're not in Kansas anymore, but I see the wicked witch as an embodiment of the Evil Wall Street/City of London/Bank of Rome/Zionist/Satanist cabal. The palace guards, of course, represent the cabal's hired guns, the West's military organizations, along with mercenaries and the military/industrial complex in back-up support.

And Dorothy, why, she represents us, knees-knocking scared, intimidated but angry, she reacts instinctively to negate an injustice and accidentally discovers the witch's fatal vulnerability.

Hey, shit happens.

And what was in that wooden bucket?

Just an ordinary pail full of clean, free will.


Anonymous said...

As an update, my friend is now in Athens and trying to figure out how he'll make it back to the States, but plans to do that tomorrow. I look forward to meeting him over coffee to hear his observations.

Meanwhile, I think it's too early to predict what will happen in North Africa and the Middle East because there are many players and interests in the mix.

Freeacre, I don't think anything will happen to Ron Paul. Maybe no one will take him seriously and he'll just retire and take up knitting? On the other hand, I'm not a fan of libertarian neocons and view them as a bigger threat to democracy and freedom than perhaps all the other "bogey" men and women of [you name the threat] combined.

But, hey, what do I know? The more I learn the less I know!

freeacre said...

cygnusf/3, lol.. I have issues with Ron Paul as well. But, when he was running for President, I wrote to him and told him that I'd fight with him later about abortion and the right wing social agenda, etc. What I liked about him is his take on the so-called "Federal" Reserve and the American Empire - both of which he'd like to see dismantled. Paul was totally marginalized by the lamestream media as well as the Republican Party. They wouldn't even let him into their convention! But, now that he's the chairman of the banking oversight committee, I think he's in a vulnerable position. The miscreants in charge seem to be getting more and more lethal lately. That poor guy, John Wheeler, is a prime example. He's added to the list of about 20+ scientists who are dead after working with biological warfare and the doctors working with the disaster in the Gulf. And, how about that wife of the official who was with the NSA who just seemed to have gone nuts and killed her kids for being "mouthy"? Wonder what sort of message that gave to her husband and whatever project he's working on... just sayin'.
Please keep us apprised on the info from your friend when he returns. We are all Egyptians now. But, p's right. Many of us can't afford to riot and lose our health care. What a bitch. Of course, when we have nothing left to lose, it will be another story.

Anonymous said...

Three hours of live testimony from people living along the Gulf coast tonight on Listen free. Eight mountain time.


freeacre said...

Murph and I are reeling from a rough night. We returned home from the Grange after showing the second half of the Wilderness Food Survival program we ran to find evidence that Brie (our darling dog) had had at least two seizures. She continued to have seizures every hour throughout the night until five a.m. So, now Murph ( despite almost no sleep) is fulfilling our commitment to help out a young couple by giving them a ride to Bend to go to the doctor and pay bills, while I keep an eye on Brie and clean up the rugs and rags, etc. from the seizure mess. Please send good thoughts. We could use them. What a drag.
Of course, our problems are nothing to what the people in Australia, Egypt, and the blizzard-bound in this country are going through. Man, times are tough all over.

Anonymous said...

Ah-men to that. A neighbor just told me his four-month old son died in the night.

I'll send good energy Brie's way. Rense sells a product made from jellyfish that is supposed to strengthen brain function and mitigate memory loss. It's called Prevagen, I think.

Couldn't find it on Rense, but here's the url:


Anonymous said...

So P, it seems to me that in this your wrote " layers and layers of emotions lay buried in the feeling body, the magnetic center of the body politic. a layer of fear protecting a layer of rage. that layer of rage protecting an even deeper layer of fear. that layer of fear protecting an even deeper layer of heartbreak. on and on it goes until you get to the bottom of the pit where lay the deepest layer of all, self hatred " you are implying that is your theoretcial view of what goes on in the deeper levels of the minds of all of humanity. Is that really what your are saying ( in some or all of people ) or is it something else? As far as the above being a description of any accuracy whatsoever about the deeper workings of any persons mind is as you said something that could never be verified/proven beyond your notion/musings of it as being a representation/template of what drives people within.

Freeacre, sorry to hear about the rough night you and Murph had tending to your ill pooch Brie. Is there any medications that can help with these seziures?

Anonymous said...

3:08 PM post, HSW

Anonymous said...

This is an excellent article speaking to the casual factors precipitating the recent flurry of unrest in northern africa and the middle east, and its relation to the over-all world degrading situation:

The great unravelling: Tunisia, Egypt and the protracted collapse of the American empire

....The solution in Tunisia, in Egypt, in the entire Middle East, and beyond, does not lay merely in aspirations for democracy. Hope can only spring from a fundamental re-evaluation of the entire structure of our civilization in its current form. If we do not use the opportunities presented by these crises to push for fundamental structural change, then the “contagion” will engulf us all....


Anonymous said...

murphs... brie is one of the family here. when i read that it took my breath. heart, thought and prayers are with you and brie.

hsw... Is that really what your are saying?

i sure am. except i'm not implying. i'm insisting. and i wouldn't attribute it to 'deeper levels of the mind" alone. contrary to popular belief the mind is not the emotional body. the human psychic soul includes mind, body, spirit, will (emotional). aka the individual body politic...

"This concept is quite ancient; the Greeks, for example, sometimes used the body as a metaphor to describe the state, as did people in India. However, the term “the body politic” is usually credited to author Thomas Hobbes, who mentioned it in his 1651 book Leviathan. Later authors ran with the idea, sometimes producing tortuously complex lines of thought to talk about the body politic.

The idea behind the concept is that healthy governments should focus like a healthy human body."

well, if we haven't got healthy people (thats the circumstancial evidence) how can we have a healtly state? ...p

freeacre said...

"...Brie is one of the family here." Well, thanks. I think so, too, so here's an update on Brie. First, she is on phenobarbytal for the seizures. Horrid drug, but it does help. She's gained 25 pounds since she began taking it, however.
Anyway, yesterday she seemed to be giving me a lesson on how to say "good-by." After the whole night spent having seizure after seizure, she went outside and did not come back. So, I went out looking for her and found her in the back corner of the property, lying down and not responsive. Just lying on a patch of ice under the trees. So, later I came back with her ball. She likes to lie next to her ball. She still would not respond to me. So, I dragged a chair over to her and sat there keeping vigil. I figured that she was dying and that I had to have respect for her process and decision. I told her that we have loved and enjoyed being with her every day of her life, but if it was her time to go, she should relax and enter the loving embrace of our Great Mother. In the house I lit incense and a candle. When I went back outside again to sit vigil again and to bring her some water, she had moved - and taken her ball. By this time, it was almost dinner time, and it was twilight. She seemed disoriented, but wanted me to toss the ball anyway. So, I did. Little by little, she came around. So, I guess she is back with us again. Yesterday was really juicy - lots of tears. I have come to have great respect for the lessons that Brie has shown us on how to be loving and joyous, be in the moment, and, now how to leave with grace. I'd like to think that I could do as well.
Happily, she seems to be a lot better today. Thanks for your prayers and good thoughts.

Anonymous said...

freeacre--thanks for sharing in such a lovely way.


freeacre said...

Oh - Earthquake Alert! Take a look at the video updated Feb.3 in the upper right corner. It shows the sun.

Anonymous said...

What do you all think of this?


wv= cansis (for real)

Anonymous said...

fa... beautiful! and thx for the update.

hs... As far as the above being a description of any accuracy whatsoever about the deeper workings of any persons mind is as you said something that could never be verified/proven beyond your notion/musings of it as being a representation/template of what drives people within.

i want to try to clear something up here. here's what i said... "everything we see happening 'out there' is a reflection of this. this is the soul sickness out of which comes the human condition that collectively morphs into manifestation. can i prove this? nope, not to you. or anybody else. but you can prove it to you. but you won't. why? because its just too damn painful!"

followed by this... "so i can't suggest to add this to murph's fine list of the absolutely verifiable. its theoretical and the proof is rooted in subjective experience."

i made my stmt in the context of murph's list of "absolutely verifiable facts, not opinion or speculation." the only one of his 12 points i see as not verifiable is the first sentence of #1 though i do regard sustaining current population levels as a major challenge and requiring paradigm shift.

but this isn't about that. its about clarifying the stmt that this soul sickness is not objectivly verifiable. murph's list are symptoms. what i'm taling about are causal factors that lead to those symptoms. the only reason it isn't objectively verifiable is that it hasn't been done yet. which is not to say it can't be done. the person who i said has come as close to doing that as anyone is alice miller...

quote.. "Why is it so difficult to describe the real, the factual, the true situation of a small child? Whenever I try to do this I am confronted with arguments that all serve the same purpose: that of not having to acknowledge the situation, of rendering it invisible, or, at best, of describing it as purely "subjective." The victim is always subjective, I am told: He knows only the wrong done to him, not why it was done to him, especially when that victim is a child, for how much can a child really understand? How should he be able to assess the overall situation--for instance, understand the plight of his parents and realize how greatly he has provoked their violence? Again and again the child's share of the blame is looked for and found, with the result that only in extremely brutal cases is the term "child abuse" mentioned, and even then with reservations, while the broad spectrum of psychic mistreatment is disputed or even totally denied. In this way the victims' voices are silenced almost before they are raised, and the truth, the whole objective truth, of the facts remains in obscurity."

so what i'm talkin bout here is obedience of the developing child demanded by authority and what the idealization of same that morphs into.

Anonymous said...

Freeacre, Glad to hear that Brie has come around and is doing better. Very considerate the way you care for your special pooch :-)I've always valued greatly the friendship I've had with the various dogs I have spent time with in my life. They bring so much happiness to me. Currently I go hiking often with our Miniature Pincher named Piper and another pooch named Tema. We always have a great time exploring in the various outdoor places where we go :-)

P, Thanks for your further explantion. People have myriad notions and beliefs regarding the nature of the workings of human perception/mind/psyche/soul/spirit etc. I'm not inclined to believe that all ( or any for that matter ) living humans from conception to death have at the center of their beings self hatred, but in saying that it could well be that I am mis-construeing that this is part of what you suggested.

What this existance is all about, as experience is filtered through the unique mental design/structure of each individual creates a cornucopia of interpretations. What is truth/reality, so many perspectives. Well we try and understand it all, make sense of this journey and what it means, as best we can :-)

Well its the beginning of a new day in Egypt, and for the anti Mubarak protesters a big day is planned for, " Friday Of Departure " as they are calling it. Sure seems like the developments regarding the crackdown on media and such is adding up to a possible Tienimen Square type massacre at the hands of Mubarak supporters/forces. What the Military does will make the differance in all of this. So far it doesn't look to good for the anti Mubarak protesters with the military just standing by watching them get attacked and brutalized, and the state propanganda news pumping the rest of the population full of nonsense about whats really happening. No doubt big shockwaves to come from all of this.


Anonymous said...

''so what i'm talkin bout here is obedience of the developing child demanded by authority and what the idealization of same that morphs into.''

you and me p, and ain't it just wonderfully sweet?

i sit here with feet on the bed reading all this stuff with one of the resident chihuahua's licking my big toe and she seems to enjoy it muchly,
this is in such contrast to the people that live with pointy things setting out in the desert on the other side of the world feeling the pangs of some kind of birth.
it will fail of course, no matter what the outcome cause a prison is a still a prison regardless of how much shit hangs on the walls of it. and the poor bastards that built the first pointy things will still be building pointy things for the new regime.
why? like p says they don't know their ass from a bass and as long as people are satisfied with the gadgets of sulfurous display, going on from birth till death... well there we are ain't we?
the depth of the human experience is not something that is hidden like we pretend that it is, it is right in front of us daily as we shave or drive the car or talk with a neighbor,life is a mirror and the reflection opens the door wide open if the fear is not to great, and it usually is of course.
man/woman kind will sit in the cave of darkness and death right up until fear is understood and the release of reality is also understood.
this for the better i think is coming about to certain individuals as to why i do not know,,
langosta says the time is near for the great shining, whatever the fuck that is, never really understand her.
but it would behoove one to seriously drop the pretense that life is what it should be and look at it for what it really is. pure bullshit.
and the little waves we make are only a small part of the greater understanding that p speaks of i think.

i am so sorry for your companion hound brie freeacre and murph, i have these little chihuahuas and they are really little fourlegged lights to hang out with... miserable i am and they sense it and make such a fuss of bugging me until i end up laughing with them.
what a world we have created, simply amazing.
to all, i have been gone for awhile, many changes have been taking place in these last days and as they disappear forever the priorities keep changing faster then i can keep up with.
i still come this sacred site when the world seems overly shitty and get relief from the good thoughts and words that flow from this page.
i honor all that find their trail passing this way and to all the old friends that have settled here i think you for allowing me to sit a spell now and then and to warm myself by the fire.

ps sats, i love your rendition of the workings of evil.

Anonymous said...

MF... we can say it ain't so or wish it weren't true and change nothing. or we can jump off the cliff into the abyss. what we find on the way down and when we hit bottom is what is left to know that will make a shit. thx bro. give them munchkins a smooch for me and tell the bug i said hey... p

pamella said...

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freeacre said...

Six million dead fish, dolphins, turtles, etc. in Bolivian rivers, and nothing in the lamestream media.

Anonymous said...

Angels don't play this H.A.A.R.P

we are all going to have to get up
off our asses and walk like Egyptians
or these USDA, EPA, TSA, NSA, NASA,
FEMA pricks are going to kill us all!


Anonymous said...

-you think TPTB might light another false flag fire this weekend? - 'Cause it's "Supahbow Weekend!" I mean, what better time to slap some totally horrendous FEAR onto the Murikan Sheeple?

Was thinking I had best fill up some water jugs and brew some more beer. Oh, and a couple of extra bags of cat food for the "Attack Kitties."

Yeah, I'll probably watch the "Supahbow" -what the hell. I only watch if for the beer commercials. What I don't get are all of the car commercials. I mean, a BMW or Mercedes car commercial during a football game? Are they really getting their ad dollars worth?

Awww, who cares.
Hmmm... I wonder what's gonna happen in Egypt this weekend. Damn they've got some guts. Wish Murikans had half the nadds the Egyptains have. You know, the biggest problem is that fact that the people here actually believe what they're being told by the corporate media. My wife actually believe Obama is a good president -BY WHAT HE SAYS. Gees -and she's purdy smart, too. But then, I guess it has nothing to do with intelligence. It's what people "believe" or want to believe I guess which creates this "don't give me any facts, man!" attitude.

I just don't understand it.
Well, enough ranting. Gotta do some work and do some more work.

Hope the bastards don't pull anything this weekend.

Later -


freeacre said...

lol... Here's a conspiracy story that will really chap your hide, Randy. It's linked from alien project, and it's about empowering the Mormon Church and the supposedly alien "message from God." This one's a duzy!

And there is a commercial for Volkswagon planned for the Super Bowl that is pretty cute. You can probably find it by Googling "Volkswagon Super Bowl commercial" or something like that. I sure hope that the anticipated earthquakes don't go off in the next several days (from the sun's influence), as I am traveling to the Oregon coast at that time. Maybe I'll pack a life jacket...jeesh!

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

Hi Randy

“But then, I guess it has nothing to do with intelligence. It's what people "believe" or want to believe I guess which creates this "don't give me any facts, man!" attitude.”

From the previous post:

“To buttress their efforts to undermine the moral authority of target governments, the destabilizers depend critically on the frequent use of the words “dictatorial” (to denote the governments they seek to bring down) and “democratic” (to denote the target government’s opponents.) It doesn’t matter whether the target governments are truly dictatorial or whether their opponents are truly democratic. What matters is these things are believed to be true. Getting people to believe target governments are dictatorial is done by repeating the charge incessantly, until the idea takes on the status of common knowledge, so widely accepted that proof is unnecessary. People can still be made to believe that four legs are good and two legs are bad or that Terrorism has declared war on the United States.”

You hit it brother.

freeacre said...

George Ure put a link up in his Peoplenomics Report today to, of all places, the newspaper in Salem, OR. about the magnetic pole shift and the interaction of the sun's and the earth's magnetosphere interaction with each other and its effect on our weather. It's really good, with great footnotes. Something that could be forwarded to even the most skeptical relatives without ridicule (maybe).

Anonymous said...

Great article, freeacre. Makes me want to start digging an underground house hole. 300 mph winds will be a challenge, as will rain storms dumping the equivalent of major rivers on us.

Silly me. Here I was concerned about losing privacy and inalienable rights. Ha!


Anonymous said...

Frigid U.S., warm Arctic — what gives?

....The center, based in Boulder, Colo., tracks Arctic sea ice and this week reported that last month saw the lowest extent for any January in the satellite record since 1979.

Moreover, last December was the lowest for any December on record....

Anonymous said...

If you haven't yet seen this, it's a treat.


Anonymous said...

Ya like old cars?


Anonymous said...

thank you rockpicker for the link for zeitgeist's latest effort to brighten the minds of the two-leggeds that inhabit this wondrous planet.
just up the page a little ways is a comment that i made that included the sentence that said and i paraphrase from it, sorta, '' it makes no difference what kind of shit one hangs on ones walls its still a prison''!!
apparently this was not scrutinized for its actual meaning,probably because i am such a shitty writer to start with and i apologize for that folks the mentality of the teachers that were supposed to turn me into a person that could convey some meaning in communication were for the most part cocksuckers with nothing more in mind then collecting a paycheck or were there for the power they could wield over the children to satisfy the psychopathic urges involved with the pleasure derived from mentally raping or beating them into the dark retreat of the mind, and that so many of them fled to, i was one of those that ran for their life., .. however, the point i would like to make is in regard to the zeitgeist movie and the utopian plan it outlined for the future of the two-leggeds, it is pure unadulterated ''bullshit''.
and we know the reason why don't we?
that change from without is no change at all, the corrupted,mean,nasty two-leggeds will remain that way no matter what happens to the exterior shell of their miserable existence, without an inner transition of probably an incomprehensible path it will matter not one fucking iota what the prison looks like that we live in.
in fact the utopia will not happen just because of this fatalistic human condition.
the fact that humans are so easily conditioned might bring the appearance of such a thing it will fail, o yeah the scheme might be forced but if it walks like a duck its probably a christian and a birthday cake is still shit floating on the sacred waters.

the inertia of stampeding concrete is the mindset that surrounds the humans and the meteor that binds us as one is late as usual and all this one can do is whine about having to shovel the snow this morning after finding that the chihuahuas have chewed the bottom out of one of my snow boots.

wv zicathe no shit

mrs p said...


Okay I feel better now.
Thanks for listening.

Love your post(s).

Just listened to the Bangles' Walk Like an Egyptian. Those were the days. 80's hair. Song Video posted below.
Remember the time you,(FA),talked about "dressing different" to say no to the norms. I need to change my wardrobe. Also thinking of making some T-shirts that say things. Love you guys, mrs p

mrs p said...

Today "mrs p" stands for:

M.oms R.eally S.eriously P.issed

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

Some new enlightenment on the Egyptian situation.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Belgium. That was a good piece.

What are you hearing over there about comet Elenin? Some of the video I've seen says mid-March is a time we can expect gravitational forces due to comet/solar positioning to increase seismic activity on Earth. Of course, there are those who dismiss the entire discussion as doomerland fantasy. Kind of hard to ignore the increase in quantity and severity of the quakes, though.


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