Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Freeacre's desert dish last two nights. Rice and ? pudding. I can't remember what the yellow fruit is and she just left so I can't ask her. Maybe put it in later.

from Murph

Before I get into some other weightier thoughts, while reading the morning news and opinions at my regular site visitations, I had some musings to share with you.

I wish to commend and thank the regular readers of this site. It sure appears to me that most of the regular readers and comments indicate a high degree of inquisitiveness and desire for understanding events as they unfold about us. The sharing of information and sources by individuals here is awesome. In some respects, I have a sense of amazement that this blog has endured so long. There are other writers, blogs and web pages out there with very authoratative backgrounds and sources which I do not have. Even the precursor to this blog (Cyclone) had connections and sources of information that we all drew from. I do regret the loss of some regular participants to this blog over time. Why they withdrew I do not know. But it is with fondness that I remember their participation.

While I do a fair amount of reading these days, I don’t do as much as I used to. Maybe it’s something to do with getting older. Plus, to a large extent, a lot of what I’ve been picking up lately seems distorted, has way too many assumptions within it and often what sure appears to me as just outright lies, untruths, and spin concerning the main thesis. I think I’m getting tired of being hyped in my effort to find kernels of truth. I’m finding myself being drawn to playing bridge to while away some of my time not demanded for other endeavors.

Let’s see, where was I? Oh yeh. Emergency.

I am making the assumption that the readers are pretty much up to speed concerning the disaster in Japan. I am picking up snatches of information that imply that the Japanese government is hedging on the extent of their disaster, in particular, the nuclear reactors failure. Of particular concern of course, is the danger of radioactive contamination of our country by this fiasco, and most particularly, the west coast area where we live. Yesterday, Freeacre tried to find anything in Iodine available. It’s all gone but more is ordered. That would indicate to me that a whole bunch of people in our area also are concerned. Freeacre did find some dried kelp and made up a concoction last night that was a bit of an effort to force down my gullet. But what the hell, I reckon every little bit may help.

This danger of radioactive poisoning, right now as of writing this, is looming to be more and more a possibility. Oh goodie. As if we didn’t have enough on our plate right now. We were talking about this last night, and now we are wondering just how much effort we should be putting into getting ready for the summer efforts for food production. How much effort should be put into various community activities that we are involved in. Will there actually be community activities this summer? Or will other serious concerns take precedence?

To a large degree, if the Japanese reactors actually do melt down and spew huge amounts of radioactive stuff into the jet stream, it will affect the whole country to a greater or lesser extent, depending on wind patterns. I can’t help but ask the question whether this is the beginning of the great American die off? And not even a nuclear war is taking place. So much for the utter and complete safety of GE nuclear plants. The long range safety of these installations has been questioned for a long time, and the disposal of the waste product has never been solved. And yet, human kinds crazed demand for cheap power is such that we keep making these questionable and dangerous installations with the reassurance that they are completely safe. Read an article yesterday by a Nuc proponent that pointed out that the installations that blew up in Japan were 70’s vintage and technology has made them much safer, plus the American installations were way overbuilt for safety in comparison to the Japanese ones. So, no need to worry folks, we have it covered, move along now, nothing to worry about here. That’s when I start to duck and cover when I’m handed these reassurances. If these engineers and proponents of nuclear reactor power plants had any doubts, would they tell us? HELL NO!! Too much money and stockholder bite to do that. Only a very few whistle blowers are going to get in on the question and they, of course, will be shut down, marginalized and in some cases shut up by various means to keep us all clamoring for more cheap power. And, the movement of more power and money keeps going to the upper elites.

Perhaps indeed there is a source technology for abundant cheap electrical power floating around, but unless the elites can anticipate a windfall of profits and control, we will never see it. At least under the present political and economic paradigm we are operating under. As I have iterated many times before, it sure appears to me that changing this paradigm will not be easy or without massive casualties.

This possibility of national radioactive contamination and all the consequences involved are very real. If it indeed happens, it’s a whole new ball game and one I don’t really wish to participate in.

Let’s take a look at some scenarios. Suppose this radioactive cloud is extensive enough and has plutonium and is deadly enough to force evacuation of a great deal of the west coast habitable areas and extends far inland. Our personal choice is whether to evacuate or not. To what end? I sure look forward to being homeless, having to live in a refugee camp for the rest of my life since that contamination will make it impossible to ever go back home for the rest of my life. If you have doubts about this, read up on the long term affects of the Chernobyl disaster and what happen to areas of high radioactive contamination of large areas of land.

Or suppose it is determined and advertised that the contamination is short lived iodine isotopes and the danger to human health is short lived and the evacuation would only be temporary. Should I believe anything that the government says? If we get a plutonium contamination, it will definitely not be short lived. And that is a distinct possibility from what information I have gotten a hold of. If it is a radioactive iodine contamination, it will be short lived. In which case, evacuation would not be necessary if proper precautions were taken on an individual basis. Would the government tell us the truth of the situation? We have all been lied to so much could we believe anything the government tells us, particularly in a national emergency? Remember Katrina? Great job Brownie? Or the “too big to fail” fiasco?

The potential for the Japanese catastrophe affecting us directly is very real. Maybe it won’t happen that way, but I am not taking bets on it. What about you?

A side note from Freeacre;

I find these days to be painful. In addition to mind-boggling and heart-rending stories and pictures of the destruction and suffering of the people in Japan, we find ourselves bombarded by financial, political, cosmological, environmental, military, and health threats of all sorts. Sometimes I feel like returning to bed, assuming a fetal position, and pulling the covers over my head. Somewhere I hear p with his message that we are all energetic beings at our core, and that this is basically an "energy" issue. I don't exactly know how to respond to that. Somewhere I sense that there is a place in my self that contains a peace beyond understanding. I'd like to cultivate that sense of peace and empowerment to help get through this stressful time. After all, it is not helpful to be either hysterical or paralyzed with fear and loathing, regret, despair, or thoughts of vengeance. But how? I am open to suggestions. And, if I find any myself, I will share them with you. Right now it feels as though the camaraderie of our little cyber tribe is what keeps me going.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say thank you for your enjoyable blog. I have been reading it for years but never posted before.

Mostly whenever I have wanted to post my old computer wouldn't let me. Got a new one and it seems to be letting me.

You have a (mostly) great online community here.

Mary in Montana

Zoner said...

We endure, as we always have.

Lending high-intentioned energy and keeping in the stress-free zone as much as possible are the best options.

What else can one do but marvel and weep, then assist those who struggle in the face of all horrors, honor those who pass on to wherever we All end up anyways, and above all embrace the life seen everywhere around us and give thanks for being thought enough of to be honored with the gift of life in this very instant.

Taking nothing for granted, and assume that there is no "normal" anymore. Onward we go, together.


wv; trapand - "they say to not go into the light, it's a trapand you'll have to come back again"

murph said...

Mary in Montana,

Thanks for your comment. Glad you have been following our attempts to stimulate conversation and thought.

Hope to be hearing from you again.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post today. It helps to stop for a moment with the swirl going on in the world, to read your blog.
I agree that we all want cheap power. Not only power, but everything. TV’s (we don’t have one), autos, appliances’, tools and look what it has caused, no jobs here. Manufacturing has moved elsewhere.
I see there is another fire in the reactor they thought they had out. I can’t bring myself to believe TPTB, no matter where or who they are. Do you get the feeling we are being lied to again?
Yes Murph, what about the long range safety of those nuke plants? And what about all that hot waste that is left over? Where do they put that stuff? It seems most of it is shipped elsewhere and nimby. I read something similar from someone in favor of nukes. Some of those folks really get on their soap boxes, all experts too. (Ex is a has been and spurt is a drip under pressure).
In the early fifties, my dad, brother and I were on a trip through Arizona. We were on the Navajo reservation and stopped for supplies. As I walked up to my dad, a Navajo Elder was speaking to him and pointing out the window. He said “The white man had better not dig into those mountains because there is fire in there and it will cause problems”. I had no idea what he was talking about, so later in the car; I asked my dad what that elder meant. My dad said that there was uranium there and companies were coming in to mine it for fuel. Guess the old fellow was correct. Mother Earth is pissed off, I believe, in what we are doing to her home.
Thanks again for your postings.
The Bexar,
Cascadia Bioregion

Anonymous said...

I ran across this information that might be of help since iodine is in short supply.


the Bexar
Cascadia Bioregion

Anonymous said...


Things look to be going downhill fast at the damaged Nuclear plant in Japan. Report tonight said that they pulled the last 50 workers out who were attempting to deal with the out of control disaster. It was also reported that they were talking about trying to cool things down with helicopter drops of something, may have been water.

There are six reactors at this site and from the sounds of it now all of them are experiencing various measures of problems from excessive heating to possible ongoing core meltdowns. Like the one guy I mentioned before said this thing could turn into a volcano spewing radioactivity.

Regarding that Iondine you guys have been talking about, there was a man on Free Speech TV that said that the method of introduction into the body basically ends up being through milk, because the animals ingest it from landscape then its gets passed along to humans. He said taking Iodine just in general is a waste of time. Also another guy said that there are many sorts of radioactive components involved with this type of disaster and that Iodine would not do anything to protect you from those types of radioactive contamination.

My brother told me his friend Mauro who lives near him up in northern cal has some sort of radioactive detector and has been watching the levels in his area. I don't know how accurate his machine is. That stuff will have to cross at least 5000 miles of ocean and thats to you folks in the northwest. It would be further to us in So Cal.

I don't know how much of anthing floating along in the wind would stay airborne for those kinds of distances but I would tend to think there wouldn't be much by the time it reaches the mainland of the US. I too don't believe what any " officials " are going to say about it. I remember when the EPA was telling all those people working on the 9-11 disaster area that the dust they were breathing was nothing of concern for health. Meanwhile all sorts of folks experienced loads of health issues from breathing in all the toxins in the dust of everything society makes being pulverized into fine particulates which went deep into the lungs of the various workers and helpers.

The winds have thus far mostly kept the toxic airborne radioactivity out to sea in Japan. As time goes by that stuff is going to be floating in all directions as the various weather systems move through. Another guy on Free Speech TV this evening said at this time it looks like this situation could go really appocalyptic and if so millions could die.

This unfolding nuclear disaster is sure going to make things way more difficult regarding attempts to cope with the tsunami devestation as it appears the corridor of travel from southern areas of the island ( like Tokyo ) will be compromised or even possible closed to the northern parts of the island where all of the tsunami damage is.

Those poor Japanese, its their bad fortune that they get three mega disasters all in one fell swoop, 9.0 quake, gargantuan tsunami and the mother of all nuclear fiasco's!

murph said...


If the radiation is due to isotopes of Iodine, then flooding the thyroid with non isotope iodine will stop the absorption of the isotope type. Iodine will have no affect on plutonium isotopes. For that you have to have a complete environmental suit for short time exposure. Iodine isotopes break down in a few days as I understand it.

Anonymous said...

As usual, your blog offers not only appetizing pictures of food, but also much food for thought.

The earthquake and subsequent tsunami that struck Japan, as tragic as it has been for Japan, provides valuable lessons for all of us. For example, how does (or should) the government respond? How do the people respond (note that there hasn't been reports of looting and instead, the the people are disciplined and helping each other)? What about the design, locations, and operation of nuclear power plants tell us?

I was surprised to learn that the two most dangerous plants in the U.S. are on the East Coast. The worst is in NY and the second worst is in Plymouth, MA--a little more than an hour's drive from where I live. I suspect that the Seabrook, NH nuclear power plant is also high on the list. In the case that all three would fail and melt down, either ENE or SW winds would likely bring radioactive particles to this neck of the woods.

Oh, and a tsunami like the one that hit Japan would likely kill more people in the heavily populated coastal areas of the Northeast.

We are fairly well prepared for blizzards and the occasional hurricane, but I doubt that there is much in place for severe earthquakes or a possible tsunami. Will anything be done about? Probably not. There be a lot of talk, but little more. So it goes.

Dave Eriqat said...

I’ve been monitoring the Japanese reactor situation closely and what I see so far is mass confusion. Nobody really seems to have a grip on what has happened or is happening, and the people with even limited knowledge seem to be hiding the facts. What’s new? I suspect the situation is graver than is being let on, but how much more grave is anybody’s guess. If this situation is not contained, I fear it could release more radiation than even Chernobyl, which would be very bad indeed. I can envision large swaths of Japan rendered uninhabitable by this disaster, which would be far worse for such a small country like Japan than for a large one like the former USSR. However, that worst case scenario would only occur if they fail to get things under control. At present it seems like there’s a 50-50 chance of getting things under control or not.

I think fears of radiation blowing over to America are overblown. Eastern Europe was much closer to Chernobyl than America is to Japan, and while there was an impact in Eastern Europe, it was relatively mild. I think the impact on America would be extremely mild. This frenzied panic to buy potassium iodide is crazy, since that’s most useful in the proximity of the radiation source, not thousands of miles away. I examined a carton of table salt the other day and noticed that it contains potassium iodide. Since the purpose of potassium iodide in table salt is to ensure that the thyroid has sufficient iodine, and since that goal appears to have been met, I wonder if table salt alone can supply sufficient protection in for us here.

continued ...

Dave Eriqat said...


Freeacre’s desire to hide away is certainly understandable. I feel that way sometimes myself, particularly when I see the sky heavily laden with chemtrails like I did the other day, which makes me feel as if I’m under an aerial assault, which is an apt description of the chemtrail spraying. And I agree that there are numerous other threats, from the economy, government tyranny, environmental degradation and corporate plunder, which can often be directly health threatening, such as the case with useless and dangerous pharmaceuticals.

Despite all these threats, if one has taken steps to protect their self from them, one can live fairly at peace. The other day when I looked outside and saw the chemtrail haze literally at street level, I simply decided to stay indoors. I didn’t set foot outside that day. Instead, I made some good food, watched a couple of movies, took a nap, did some reading and waited for the air to clear. We have plenty of things to worry about and cope with as it is, without having to cope with such manmade perils, but it is what it is. One can apply this coping strategy to a great many things: if energy gets more expensive we’ll just have to drive less and keep the house cooler; if food gets scarcer and more expensive, we’ll just have to eat less (which would be good for me) and grow more of our own (which would be good for us too); if the government gets more and more nosy, we’ll just have to find ways to avoid interacting with the government. Again, it’s a shame that we have to resort to such coping strategies – and we shouldn’t – but it is what it is. The alternative, which I maintain as a last resort for myself, is to quit living, but I’m not quite ready to do that just yet.

Despite all the threats and turmoil, I still enjoy life. I enjoy taking a walk and meeting a friendly puppy. I enjoy planting plants in the yard and seeing them thrive. I enjoy eating good food (a little too much). I enjoy reading a good book. I enjoy learning new things. Despite everything, there is much to enjoy. And one cannot dispute that today’s are “interesting times,” major history in the making, which makes it all the more fascinating to watch.

One thing that keeps me going is the hope and belief that the future will be better, hopefully within my lifetime. I see an awakening among the people, finally. They are finally starting to understand what tyranny and fascism mean, and they don’t like it. They don’t know yet what to do about it and they aren’t ready to go all in to defeat it, but they are waking up. In addition, I think peak oil (if it’s real; I believe it is, but have some doubts) could be the best thing to ever happen to us humans. Seemingly unlimited energy resources, particularly liquid fuels, have empowered governments and encouraged globalization like nothing before. Should such resources become scarce, both government and globalization will have to be scaled back, something that will benefit all of us individuals. Yes, our individual lives will be constrained as well, but that might be a good thing.


freeacre said...

cygnus/f3 - Let's hope the NE re-evaluates their safety standards for nuclear power. I note that there was a minor earthquake in Ontario today, not so are from you. I'm glad you thought the pudding looked good. I was attempting to come up with a dessert recipe that could be made from supplies in storage (and be gluten free). Came up with rice pudding made from evaporated milk with powdered coconut milk, sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, Jasmin rice, coconut, and mango. Could use any canned or fresh fruit or berries.
Dave - just thinking about those puppies makes me feel better.

Anonymous said...

hillary was just on cnn spewing the usual mantra... we couldn't have envisioned this. she was referring to the nuke plant disaster and she couldn't be more wrong. if they could envision a 9.0 shaker and engineer for it - which the plant survived - then why the hell couldn't they envision a 30' tsunami? that ought to have been a no-brainer. especially in japan. so where did they build them? right on the coast. no, not the one facing inland. the one facing the well-known and highly active fault line where 1 major plate is subducting another. actually there's 3 called a triple junction.

and where did they put the back-up generators? on the ground.

okay, so maybe there were few options. but if ancient china could build a wall by hand clear across the country, if berlin could build a concrete wall clear across a city, if israel can build a wall around themselves, then why the hell couldn't TEPCO build a wall around their plants? and why didn't the regulators or state and local officials demand it?

somebody convince me that nobody at that plant, or IAEA, or in govt authority... not one soul... stood on the shore, looked out over that sea and wondered, how vulnerable are we if a 30' wave comes at us? especially after banda aceh.

how can we humans be so smart and so damn dumb at the same time? ...p

Dave Eriqat said...


This ought to cheer you up. I went for a walk today and met the cute little puppy again. Then I met a new puppy, just 11 weeks old. Then I met four other dogs. Such is a typical walk. The birds were singing up a storm, like the dogs, excited by this first spring-like day after weeks of dreary weather. There are flowers popping up all over the place.


Anonymous said...

Sorry-- I just left a long comment and it wouldn't work. So I'll just repeat: I'll be calling you guys soon!


~ Larissa

Anonymous said...

Yeah, P, not building protective walls is a good point, and setting up the backup generators on the ground, that was a good plan, too, but the really good part, what could only be considered inspired, is the idea of storing 40 years of spent fuel ABOVE the reactor cores, where anticipated hydrogen explosions known to occur repeatedly during coolant-loss accidents would be GUARANTEED to atomize these deadly contaminants. That was truly fucking genius on display for the whole world to appreciate.

Don't know if anyone's seen this, but I find it interesting.


BTW, that 110 million cubic yds. of dirt that was excavated for the airport construction? That is a wall of dirt 3 ft. high, 3 ft. deep and 62,500 miles long.

If that initial figure is correct, there must be a lot of open space somewhere beneath the airport...


Anonymous said...


Good information here:


Alert: Nuclear (and Economic) Meltdown In Progress

.....I'm making this alert publicly available less than 36 hours after releasing it to my enrolled subscribers given its importance and the speed at which events are accelerating.

The substance of this alert centers on the unknown aftershocks that may result from the world's third largest economy, Japan, rapidly shifting from an exporter of funding to a consumer of it....

Anonymous said...

This is reminding me of the 1959 Film & Novel "On The Beach" by Nevil Shute. The ending scene with a banner blowing in the wind, a banner that says, "There's Still Time Brother". eeerie resemblences in that movie staring Gregory Peck. Wikipedia has a video of the last few minutes I guess.

A friend called this afternoon,who lives a good bit north of me telling me about an X-USGS geologist that apparently predicted the World Series quake in San Francisco, (Oct 4 1980's) I think anyway he's warning of a California big one in the next few wks beginning with full moon this wkend. Will check back with a link for his webpage. Anyway we should all be ready for these kinds of emergencies but in checking some things around here I see we're not really as prepped as we could be and prob neighbors are not either. Things get misplaced etc. Time to make some lists I think tonight and spend the wkend seriously looking at options.
Not trying to spread any willies just hoping everyone's in tune.

Life is bizzare and unpredictable and can change in a heartbeat but we sometimes get lulled into I don't know what. Fear only freezes one's ability to act and help others. Stay loose and let's keep posting all the info we can even if some of it's not entirely spot on we can take it with a grain of salt or not. Never hurts to be prepared. Most of the stuff can be used in some other way eventually. Love & Light to all,
mrs p

Anonymous said...

Okay sorry his name is Jim Berkland. I think FA has mentioned him before. And I think this is his webpage but you may have to sign in to get latest info.


Either way with all the activity around the ring of fire etc. seems CA is due and it's been a year or so since the 7.1 Easter quake in Baja CA.

Anonymous said...

P.S. My friend said the same thing as FA...staying in bed. We both felt like that today. The idea of watching a movie, etc.

Whatever is coming our way we will have to deal with it. Let's hope and pray it disipates and that the people working on it can fix it somehow. It's a shame the IAEA didn't get envolved (forcefully) from the get go. It's a world wide issue.

No energy source that leaves such horrific narly waste that cannot be safe should be thrust upon our grandchildren for the sake of cheap energy. Just plain perverse!

Correction: I goofed about the location of the "On The Beach" film stuff was on Youtube not Wikilinks. mrs p

Anonymous said...


More thoughts from Chris Hedges


Power Concedes Nothing Without a Demand

....Our consumer society and celebrity culture foster a frightening historical amnesia. We chatter mindlessly about something called the “American Dream.” And now that the oligarchic elite have regained control of all levers of power, and that dream is being exposed as a cruel hoax, we are being shoved back into the cage. There will be hell to pay to get back to where we were.....

murph said...


That quote, "Power concedes nothing without a demand" is true, it also has a corollary, The demand must be backed up by threat (and use) of force and the sacrifice of blood..

The first mistake I think, far back in history was the acceding to a hierarchy, conceding that some people know better what is good for you. That concession has always ended badly down the road.

In the end, how can a complex large society organize itself so that hierarchy does not develop? Hierarchy ALWAYS is susceptible to corruption. No evidence that I can find to the contrary in recorded history. We can point to societies that for some amount of time had less corruption than other societies at some period of time. But it always seems to deteriorate, always.

Absolute egalitarianism is another ideal that probably cannot be achieved, at least with the hard wiring of the human brain that appears to be so prominent.

The system this country put together was to answer that, and according to the propaganda we all grew up with was successful. Even so, we can see the awful failures that have resulted due to the mechanization's of the then elite.

Chris Hedges is a thinker and a good writer.

freeacre said...

Nice to hear from you, Zoner. You're right - we will endure as we always have. No "normal" anymore.

And, delightful to be able to hear from you, Mary in Montana! Nice to know that you are there.

"Food for thought." I love it! Cygnusf/3.

HSW, p, Rockpicker, mrs.p, Randy, , the Bexar - So many good links and thoughts. I guess there are no beings that I would rather share the deck of the Titanic with.

I keep hoping to hear just one pundit suggest that maybe we ought to start thinking about how to make the best of a contracting economy. How to use less oil and gas and electricity. How maybe we could live closer to the land, produce our own food and daily necessities. Sorta like being Amish, but with rock & roll. Or maybe some would do it like an old Western town. Or, maybe some would like to live in a more classic Asian town. We watch a lot of Chinese and Japanese films. I always like the look of the way they lived. Can certainly live intelligently and with dignity without all the crap and bullshit.

But, no. They would rather we risk nuclear annihilation, endless wars, toxic poison of every sort than change to a relationship with the planet and each other not rooted in hierarchy and money. I've had all I can stand from the sick, twisted death culture goons and their television spawn. I'm imagining a protest demonstration with a huge pile of TV sets with "LIARS" written on them. And a bunch of people with guns shooting them all to hell. Bet that would freak 'em out... ha! Could put it on youtube - "Shoot the TVs Party!" Maybe it would catch on.

Anonymous said...

I've been lurking since I decided to switch to RX instead of TX. Still a bit shellshocked by events, my thoughts are with you all. This may be a useful site recommended by George Ure.


thks HSW for that CM link, needed that to jolt me out of being "trapped in the headlights" for the past few days.

Financial crisis 2.0 will send a lot of people over the edge, buckle up!

I just discovered the soil food webs research on actively aerated compost teas (soildoctor.org) and figured I had seen the future of farming, a cost effective organic method to replace chemical inputs in agriculture completely. It gave me a massive optimism boost...

Then I saw the news.


Anonymous said...

Jim Berkland's web site has a list on the left, if you click on "forum" you can see the earthquake predictions by areas and dates, not that it will change anything if true. I thought one would have to "sign in" but only if you want to comment there.


Interesting what some of the topics are in that forum re animals and earthquakes. mrsp

wv: batineut
(as in crazy baby frog)

Anonymous said...

CNN and a few other local stations are reporting a radioactive cloud to arrive on west coast of California by tomorrow and they are saying it isn't much radiation. (right) As if they had any idea how much and exactly what chemicals were in it?
We don't have any potassium idodide, only kelp tablets. We'd better git some 2day I guess, mrs p
P.S. Guess I'll stay indoors but for how long can we do that? The Nuke people are irresponsible worldwide when they have issues they hush it up. Not cool.

Anonymous said...

"Sorta like being Amish, but with rock & roll." -Love it, fa! But, you forgot something I think.

"Sorta like being Amish, but with rock & roll -and BEER!"

Which brings me to today -St. Patrick's Day! And, the Irish Stout I bottled two weeks ago is ready for consumption -woo hoo! Yep -February was a good month.

You know it boggles my mind as to why we can't get to an egalitarian life style. Why are humans so hardwired to want more crap -and to crush the other person in getting more crap? Is is similar to other animals being territorial?

Oh, speaking of "more crap," -this is freak'in funny.




Anonymous said...

Gobekli Tepe

Even before we quit the tents and herds,
we carved into stone the faces of beasts
already missed from an earlier world
and placed the traces of lost time in rings
on the grain- gold hill. We agreed to split
the shared night fire into ritual and need.
We took the open flame into our private

stones. In the morning, we cast seed
where the old ones sleep and saw how
wild earth could be forced to yield
and feed. Smug in our warm stones,
we forsook that wild rhythmic singing,
the honoring of bones, for a cultivated existence
we could subdivide and own.


Anonymous said...

Oh, and this...


...choked me the fuck up.


freeacre said...

Honestly, Rockpicker, you are the best poet I have ever read. I have goosebumps from head to toe. That should be published in more places than here. You are awesome. Thank you.

freeacre said...

Randy, I wish I could share your enthusiasm for beer. Unfortunately, I seem to be allergic to it. But, I went out and bought some Irish whiskey and some Irish creme, so we can share a toast! It was on the news last night that both of those dogs were rescued, btw. So touching.

Anonymous said...

rp... i'm w/FA on your poetry.

on the DIA... it'd be interesting to run some math on that capstone with the angled doofloppy. maybe its a hecatomb without the cattle. you know, a statue to euclid and the 47th prob. its a BFD in masonic ritual and euclid is a hero from what i hear. euclid wrote it and they wouldda used it to build those tunnels. thats how 2 crews can start digging tunnels on opposite sides of a mountain and meet in the middle. i dunno. jes guessin here. but thats the first thing to pop in me head when i saw that capstone. and maybe we the people are the cattle! now thats a chilling thought!! http://www.masonicworld.com/education/files/artnov01/The%2047th%20Problem.htm

as to your question from the other day... best i can do is point you here - http://www.rightuseofwill.com/books.htm - to the first book in that series and recommend a buy. but ask for the new edition. then try out the suggestions given there for yourself. ... p

Anonymous said...


RP, I'm wondering if you actually wrote this poem about the ancient archeological site in Turkey, or perhaps its one that you are just passing along to us. Either way, I like it too :-)

Anonymous said...


Well the world's Long Emergency has certainly grown more dire of late. The nation with the third largest economy is reeling from mega triple disasters. The Middle East and North Africa regions are embroiled in massive social change. The latest being Saudi Arabia sending in troops to try and quell unrest in Bahrain which offers up the possiblilites of explosive results. And this evening looks like the US is set to become involved in conflict/war with yet another country, that being the nation of Libya.

All of this will be applying great pressures to the world's energy systems. Nuclear as the " Fuel Of The Future " has shown the full face of its sininster darker side in terms of the Japan incident. Radiation just plain freaks people out, for obvious reasons. Its not like you can just sweep up the damage and repercussions with a situation like what is going on in Japan, and tell yourself its just a lesson learned, move along, nothing to see here. How eager are the general populations of the world's many countries going to be to have a nuclear plant anywhere near where they reside after this?

This for sure is going to mean that more oil, gas and coal are going to be burned than would have been before this nuclear disaster in Japan, which will clearly hasten the supply problems for those fuels which are already becoming problematic in ernest even now, not to mention that the additional burning of these fuels will be adding to the already quickly increasing greenhouse gases.

Well here is an article that delves into some of these subjects dicussing the various problems we may very well be seeing as a result of the various recent upheavals of a natural or human kind:


World energy crunch as nuclear and oil both go wrong

The existential crisis for the world's nuclear industry could hardly have come at a worse moment. The epicentre of the world's oil supply is disturbingly close to its own systemic crisis as the Gulf erupts in conflict.....

.... The future of the human global energy system has just changed course with potentially far reaching consequences for civilisation.

Anonymous said...

I was reading about HAARP today, and the author said interfering with the ionosphere can effect the magnetosphere.

It makes me wonder if western Man's concept of land ownership isn't the root of most of our woes.

What was lost when we stopped following the herds? Much, I would guess, not the least of which might be reliable intuition.

Calendars serve the needs of agrarians well. No need for visions telling where ripe fruit might be found.

When did we first see the earth itself as a commodity, to be owned, purchased and sold? What a foreign concept to hunter/gatherers!

Isn't this the basis for today's monetary system?


ps- Thanks, freeacre, for your kind praise

Anonymous said...

Hey RP I hope you did not take it wrong that I was wondering whether you wrote that poem. I've seen you put up alot of info, quotes, ect and RP or Rockpicker is always at the bottom which in those cases does not nesesarily indicate whats above it was authored by you. My question was merely a simple inquiry since it was not clear to me by the manner of your posting that the poem was one you wrote. I see that Freeacre and P figure it was.


freeacre said...

How about an influx of positive messages? Here's a letter that I just got from a friend of mine who got it from someone else.

here is a letter from a friend of a family member:

"Hello My Lovely Friends, First I want to thank you so very much for your concern for me. I am very touched. I also wi...sh to apologize for a generic message to you all. But it seems the best way at the moment to get my message to you. Things here in Sendai have been rather surreal. But I am very blessed to have wonderful friends who are helping me a lot. Since my shack is even more worthy of that name, I am now staying at a friend's home. We share supplies like water, food and a kerosene heater. We sleep lined up in one room, eat by candlelight, share stories. It is warm, friendly, and beautiful. During the day we help each other clean up the mess in our homes. People sit in their cars, looking at news on their navigation screens, or line up to get drinking water when a source is open. If someone has water running in their home, they put out sign so people can come to fill up their jugs and buckets. Utterly amazingly where I am there has been no looting, no pushing in lines. People leave their front door open, as it is safer when an earthquake strikes. People keep saying, "Oh, this is how it used to be in the old days when everyone helped one another." Quakes keep coming. Last night they struck about every 15 minutes. Sirens are constant and helicopters pass overhead often. We got water for a few hours in our homes last night, and now it is for half a day. Electricity came on this afternoon. Gas has not yet come on. But all of this is by area. Some people have these things, others do not. No one has washed for several days. We feel grubby, but there are so much more important concerns than that for us now. I love this peeling away of non-essentials. Living fully on the level of instinct, of intuition, of caring, of what is needed for survival, not just of me, but of the entire group. There are strange parallel universes happening. Houses a mess in some places, yet then a house with futons or laundry out drying in the sun. People lining up for water and food, and yet a few people out walking their dogs. All happening at the same time. Other unexpected touches of beauty are first, the silence at night. No cars.


freeacre said...


No one out on the streets. And the heavens at night are scattered with stars. I usually can see about two, but now the whole sky is filled. The mountains are Sendai are solid and with the crisp air we can see them silhouetted against the sky magnificently. And the Japanese themselves are so wonderful. I come back to my shack to check on it each day, now to send this e-mail since the electricity is on, and I find food and water left in my entranceway. I have no idea from whom, but it is there. Old men in green hats go from door to door checking to see if everyone is OK. People talk to complete strangers asking if they need help. I see no signs of fear. Resignation, yes, but fear or panic, no. They tell us we can expect aftershocks, and even other major quakes, for another month or more. And we are getting constant tremors, rolls, shaking, rumbling. I am blessed in that I live in a part of Sendai that is a bit elevated, a bit more solid than other parts. So, so far this area is better off than others. Last night my friend's husband came in from the country, bringing food and water. Blessed again. Somehow at this time I realize from direct experience that there is indeed an enormous Cosmic evolutionary step that is occurring all over the world right at this moment. And somehow as I experience the events happening now in Japan, I can feel my heart opening very wide. My brother asked me if I felt so small because of all that is happening. I don't. Rather, I feel as part of something happening that much larger than myself. This wave of birthing (worldwide) is hard, and yet magnificent. Thank you again for your care and Love of me, With Love in return, to you all, Anne."

And here's a fun one that Montana e-mailed:


To top it off, here's an inspiring manifesto. Can't tell yet if the organization is good, but the manifesto made my morning!



Anonymous said...

Thanks to Hot Springs Wizard and Palooka, as well. I like to diddle with syllables, when I'm not forcing my will on stones.

HS, GT is the triggering image, of course, but it was something Murph said that put my mind on the archaeological site. And maybe I'm resonating statements made by Ian Lungold in his explanation of the nine underworlds of the Mayan Long Count Calendar.

If you have not seen one of Lungold's many lectures on the topic, it's a real treat. Here's a link to one. There are several available. I never knew the guy, but I miss him terribly.


As Lungold explains, the nine steps of the Mayan pyramid represent changes of human consciousness. He does a better job than I ever could, so I won't try to reiterate here, just encourage all to catch one of his lectures.

But I'm thinking that when man stopped following wild game, and took up the plow, he began to see the land itself differently. Earth, long taken for granted as the support base for the resource of prime interest, herds of roving game, all of a sudden replaced those herds as the principal resource in man's consciousness. I believe a rhythmic dynamism based on seasonal migrations and communal ownership was replaced by the attractive attributes of stability and predictability agriculture offered. The land ITSELF became the resource, to be cleared, planted, irrigated, owned and passed down to subsequent generations. Seems reasonable to me that this fundamental change in human awareness might be the basis of today's banking system.

Great letter from Sendai, FA. Those poor folks have been through the mill. My sense is we're all going to get a taste of Mother Nature's fury before long, so batten down.


Anonymous said...

Hot Springs,

I keep forgetting to say that one of the really interesting claims being made of Gobekli Tepe is that the stones were erected four thousand years before the Giza pyramids were built, and, they were erected by a pre-agricultural society. Say what?


Anonymous said...

just a copy & paste from last post, man can i keep up with shit or what?
dosen't have the impact that it had when i first read it but will put it any way, seems ludicrous at this point but fuck it so what?


ps been out to lunch all but struggling to reach here and now, big surge in the energy-field and impact of the death and dying and our mother essence,energy itself with nothing hanging out to grab onto, ...unnecessary and the gap of which springs all life is filled with witness and longing for rebirth, the touch is gentle the illusion of loss heaves one to die deep within oneself to unravel the great mystery we seek, it is god and it is us.
the time that was and will be are no longer the masters that they wonce were, that is paramount now,the door is open and those that care to walk through will find it as easy as it was impossible so short while ago.
we are change, there is no going back and no going forward either, this is the message and figuring it out stands bright with the supreme possibility.
r we deep p?

thank you all brothers and sisters, the little pond we swim in is so filled with love, so pure....
drink deep bug suggests..

Anonymous said...

it is god and it is us.

mf... you betcha. the time is nigh.

fa... spam box?

freeacre said...

Checked the box - no spam. Sorry. Feeling just a tad nervous about the big moon and the 4.something quake they just had in Vancouver. Maybe I'll sleep in my shoes... lol.

Anonymous said...

thx fa. it was to rp's comment on lost intuition. i've still got it and could attempt to pub again.

BUT... published once. didn't show. published again. still didn't show. and not in your spam either. i take such messages seriously. pub forum is one thing. pri communication quite another... p

Anonymous said...


P, I'm looking forward to reading what you have to say on the subject of intuition. I have a feeling it will be profound...


Burnie said...

Hi Murphy
Hi Freeacre
I have no internet. Using phone. I participate in the madness flying blind. Move went well. I am thinking of you both. Thanks for the wise words. Wish we could know the answers to all questions. The only one I think I know is love and compassion and that its an inside job and I fail a lot.
Love to you both

Anonymous said...

Thanks RP for your thoughts in your recent postings about your poem and Gobekli Tepe :-) It is certainly a very interesting archeological site created in a time so long ago. Its enigma conjures up many mysteries. I told my brother about it the other day so he could check it out on the Google. Things like GT make me think of how so very much of human experience has come before our fleeting lives. We try as best we can to make some sense of the greater puzzle of life but it is always an ongoing journey into new landscapes of the mind.

My wife and I went outside our home at 1 AM this morning to check out the Super Moon. Fortunately there was a break in the storm clouds at the time and it was fully visible, shining down its strikingly bright illumination. It was almost like early mornings dim light before the sunrise :-)

Well the ex-generals have come back out of the woodwork to work the war propoganda on the MSM. Idiotic Orwellian terms they use like " prosecution " to mean War, " kinetic assets " in place of " weopons of war ", and " engagement of the enemy " to replace " blowing people to smithereens with abandon ". The Empire strikes again! Plenty of money for the War Pigs to play their sick geopolitical games abroad, but the US working class needs to cut back at home with growing austerity measures.

Freeacre I wanted to say thank you for you generous and caring comment " I guess there are no beings that I would rather share the deck of the Titanic with ". You are so kind and thoughful and I ditto that sentiment back at you :-)


Anonymous said...

Aye, then.

We ARE the ones we've been waiting for.

I read Gobekli in public last night. It didn't go well. The audience was kind, of course. But I see it as a failure. Too dense. The profound change in human consciousness discovering agriculture represented can't be squeezed into two seven-line stanzas. It needs more open range, a steady wind of imagery to establish credible loss. I'll work on it.
Don't know why I'm so focused on this now, but intuitively, it feels right. Perhaps many of us will soon find ourselves devolved into a hunter/gatherer state fending for our existence. I hope not, but look at Sendai. Who'd uh thunk it could happened so bad, so fast, two weeks ago? Could happen again. Could happen here.
My thought about the radiation in the Pacific northwest is that we will be left to our own devices. Obama's on vacation, and he's got a new war to consider. There's no sense of urgency or worry anywhere in my vicinity. No sirens, no meetings, no emergency preparedness, drills, shelters, iodide tablets, nothing. Reactor 3 stored 90 tons of plutonium-laced spent fuel rods that all went up on television, and as far as I can tell, here in this country, there's just no concern at all. Local issue. Right.


Anonymous said...

I see there's a new slick in the Gulf.


freeacre said...

RP, have you read "Ishmael" by Daniel Quinn? It is like the quintessence of the meme of the rise of agriculture as the turning to the Dark Side. It blew me away when I read it, and his second book expands on the concepts. Really wonderful. Main character is a gorilla philosopher who can talk.

This "liberation" of Libya to rescue the people is looking like a massive "shock and awe" campaign. It this keeps up the people with be begging to have Gadaffi back. I can't believe it.

Yes, there seems to be a new big oil plume in the Gulf - go to thebigwobble.com for pictures and story. Sounds like it might be the second leak Matthew Simmons said was there before his unfortunate demise in the hot tub. That would really be somethin,' eh?

One could make a case for it looking as if the Earth is fighting back.

Anonymous said...

Ok, it's "Survey Time!"

Ok. So, it looks like there's a big possibility that President Wussy won't get a second term due to being all-wussy-like and a liar 'n stuff. And, there's a big possibility that the Queen of Wassila, professional quitter and ignoramous is going to get the big Rethug nod for 2012.

So, the big question for all of us here around the campfire is:

Will you leave the country when President Palin takes office and if so, what country will you escape to?


Anonymous said...

Freeacre; Hane not heard of that title, but will look it up. It certainly makes sense to me.

It seems that perhaps money is simply an abstraction for the expression of accumulated wealth. And when did we begin to hoard wealth? After we saw the land as a commodity we could own?


Anonymous said...


Won't all those Chinese troops streaming across the border at Laredo, Texas kinda throw a monkey wrench in the elections machinery?



Anonymous said...

Hey, I have a survey. How many Americans out there feel it's about fucking time the Executive branch returns to the rule of law, and allows Congress to debate the issues, BEFORE it declares war, as is mandated in our Constitution? Hands, please?


wv= hayra (to that!)

Anonymous said...

Yeah randy I see Palin on the MSM today over in India and making the rounds in Isreal too. Just another sign of just how nutty this world has become that this disgusting person is taken seriously in any way whatsoever. Everything is becoming just more and more of a humungous ridiculous circus of BS, and its only going to get worse.

Rp I got my hand up on that proposal of yours. Our scumbag leaders just start these conflicts/wars and are so bold in doing so that they could care less about following the rule of law or the constitution. This Libyan engagement by the US is clearly about oil just like was the case for Afganistan and Iraq or anything else the US does in that region.

Funny how the military is talking up the facade that the US is just a sidline component to the overall coalition and yet the US has sent something like 122 cruise missiles off, and I think its France that has sent 2. Its clearly a US offensive effort whith the " coalition " as window dressing to make it seem like a consensus effort, just like was the case with the other wars/invasions/occupations.


Anonymous said...

Webster Tarpley is saying that the globalists and the banksters are behind this illegal action on the part of the "coalition" against Libya in order to get the oil, yes, but more importantly, to 'Balkanize' another target on the CIA hit list and, most especially, this is an attack on modern civilization by means of dismemberment of the nation state. No democracy being nurtured here, folks. Next port of call? Yemen, Bahrain? Maybe Pakistan and Indonesia?

These deranged criminals firing missiles into Libya, regardless of what one might think of Ghadafy, are blatantly interfering in the internal affairs of a sovereign nation, and that is explicitly illegal, according to U.N. charter.
They should all be arrested and tried for war crimes.


Anonymous said...

In Kunstlers Monday post today he wrote of the idea that the Japanese people might wish to return ( go home ) to their earlier roots of cultural ways after the calamaties they have recently endured. I think this comment to Kunslters musings does well in expressing the thought that something like that is a thing of wishful thinking:

okie | March 21, 2011 11:07 AM |

Who would not want to go home? But what home is there? As the Egyptians have found, and ergriefer points out, getting rid of one misery, one rapacious, grim, life and soul sucking political-economic system, in no way guarantees the next will be an improvement. Neither simplicity nor complexity seem to provide any kinder governance, nor do anything to mitigate human greed or cruelty. Many of us try to live quietly, like the Japanese, on the fringes, and not get crushed by the behemoths (governments, businesses, religious institutions) that rule and delimit our world, which live by no law but ones that they craft to forward their own interests, and who are merely the successors to the powerful entities our ancestors tried to not get crushed by. It is time to face the truth that many humans are predators - they will kill, enslave, steal, con - and they are insatiable . We may be entering a time of less complexity, perhaps, though almost certainly greater chaos, but none of it will eliminate powerful people and the harm they will inflict on all the rest of us who just want to go home...


Anonymous said...

RP, In as much as I too feel by the information I have seen that the PTB in the US, the CIA, etc have ongoing activites to attempt to subvert any entities, groups, nations that may try to, or threaten to challenge our " US interest ", I don't think the US or the proposed meager " coalition of other nations would be attacking Libya if that country did not contain one of the largest oil reserves of any African country, or did not represent some strategic features related to the control of oil, or any other desired important resources.

England's north sea oil fields which staved off very serious economic decline for them in the last couple of decades, is now in serious decline. They needed other sources for oil, and BP set up shop in Libya and BP is a big part of the Brittish economy. Also from what I have read other parts of Europe depend on Libyan oil exports. Also this upheaval in Libya has pushed oil prices into very problematic price ranges which is putting great pressure on all oil importers like the US.

Of course the same lie like in other wars/conflicts is being spun once again about the US and its " coalition " just wanting to help those poor Libyan's from being slaughtered, help them gain freedom and democracy. Well why not since it seems to work like a charm for the PTB seemingly everytime.

If Libya's only production was carrots, and they had no resources to be coveted by the powerful groups, or their land was of no strategic importance and their people represented no credible threat, I have no doubt that we would not be even hearing about them.

And the War Pigs have thought up another cool name for this attack on Libya, " Oddessey Dawn ". Sounds almost like some cool and fun adventure is in the offing! What a bunch of disgusting goons they are.


Anonymous said...

Freeacre it appears the Spam Monster ate my last post which I did on 3-21, around 8-9PM.


Anonymous said...

Well this info relates to my last, currently disappeared post.

This article disusses some of the repercussions to oil supply, gas prices (new record in Britain ) due to the Libyan situation:


Petrol prices reach record high amid fighting in Libya

....."Libya only accounts for 2 per cent of the world's oil supply but the strength of global demand means that the market is tight and the prolonged loss of Libyan oil could push prices all the way up to the highs above $140 seen in 2008." .....

The plunderers and the various PTB aren't going to stand for that, hence why Libya is being attacked.


freeacre said...

Sorry Guys, took time out to re-watch "The Matrix." I retrieved your comment from the dreaded spam box. Jeez! Now I have to read all those links I'm behind on.
Randy, if Palin ever became President, the only thing I'd be good for is a move to a mental hospital.
Good travels, Bernie. When you get hooked up, let us know your address and keep in touch. I'm sorry I didn't get you the cannoli before you left. We were jammed up at the wrong time. We miss you already.

Anonymous said...

From Cryptogon:

"Via: Empire Burlesque:

Yet even now, the “progressive blogosphere” is ablaze with partisan fervor bent toward a single goal: the re-election of Barack Obama in 2012. Because if Obama is not re-elected, we might get a president who … kowtows to Wall Street, tortures Americans, kills innocent people — that is, who actually, literally, physically has children torn into splatters and shreds of viscera and bone — and sells arms to tyrants. And if we don’t support this, if we don’t “stop bitching and get to work” making sure that this continues, then we could end up with a Republican president who kowtows to Wall Street, tortures Americans, shreds innocent children into viscera and sells arms to tyrants. And that would be just terrible."


freeacre said...

Maybe they'll go to to a game show or dance competition format featuring presidential candidates on a "Survival" show series. Winner gets the White House, losers move to Celebrity Apprentice.

Anonymous said...

Russia calls for cease-fire.

Brazil calls for cease-fire.

China calls for cease-fire.

China shows up off Libyan coast with 4,000 ton missile frigate.

U.S. Congress has no say in latest act of war.

Obama takes orders from U.N.

Plans to invade Libya drawn up months ago.

Too much, man...


Anonymous said...

randy, i plan to hike up my skirt at some point this summer and trip on down to ecuador to see the prospects in that beautiful country, might be no answer but i'm getting the feeling that this place where one could drink from the rivers not that long ago (when i was a kid) just don;t feel like home anymore.
the cocksuckers that run it are without doubt the lowest form of life? ever created.
its almost unimaginable that such a thing could even exist.
i have been having visions of this beautiful patch of momma earth in flames and the people fighting each other right out in the open without their daily psychological masks of hidden frustrations and christian guilt, guns blazing.
at this point in earthly stay according to the time police there isn't much of life left for this ole fuck but hey what does that mean anyway,?
just turned four years sober and feeling like a wild turkey and needing to do some serious flying,so considering hanging around waiting for the hanging or a bullet to the head instead i think i'll mosey off to banana land where the government recently kicked the u.s off their country and kept the airbase to boot.
been a long time since surfboard days and suba diving but what the fuck, (ain't much of that going on in montana)....
however beings as dreams and visions that get intermingled seem to come about with more and more frequency the odds are that this fucking place will implode long before that happens.
anyway ladeda ladeda on down the road..
happy day folks and remember to keep those clickie thingies on as we all know how the native americans love to drop bombs on people and radiate the planet.,, just kiddin.

lots of good reporting going on here guys, especially rockpicker, how he does that is a complete mystery to this one...

peace and love guys.

wv sawit WTF?

2nd wv lunbuink
place in lala land

Anonymous said...


Let the campfire burn, not with answers, but with questions.

Let its warmth and light
radiate in our faces.

Let us all find each other,
awake and aware, on the other side.



Will (Astra Navigo) said...

I appreciate what I've read here so far.

(You could use a 'follow' widget. Just sayin'....)


freeacre said...

uh,I don't know what a "follow" widget is. Nice to hear from you, though. Plenty of room at the campfire.