Wednesday, March 23, 2011

No Fly Zone

Just thought you might like to see this "saddle" I made for one of the hens. She's missing some feathers from being a "favorite" of the rooster, so I made her this protective shield. Needs some work...

This is a high iodine meal, just to increase the levels so one doesn't absorb the radioactive kind... vegetable/venison soup with kelp strands and biscuits with kelp butter. Good ol' peasant food.

by freeacre

Well, I just spent about 45 minutes searching for the latest news on the pending extension of the odious Patriot Act. Has it been extended? Got me hanging. I searched several 'progressive” news sites – Capitol Hill Blues, Huffington Post, Crooks & Liars, Alternet, etc. and couldn't find an answer. Ron Paul seems to be the only one who gives a rat's ass, since we received an e-mail message from him recently asking us to contact our Senators regarding extending the bill. But, now I can't find that either. Funny how in this “information age” I'm having such a hard time finding out details on extending the Patriot Act, the most startling example of the demolition of our civil liberties in the history of the United States of America.

What prompted this frustrating search was an article on cryptogon this morning about a former Marine who finds himself on the No Fly List due to e-mailing a Muslim cleric regarding how to raise his children in a mixed religion marriage. He's a dog trainer now, married to a Christian, and when he tried to fly to another state to train a dog, he was unable to get on the plane. When he protested, he was investigated by the FBI. They would take him off the list, if he would be a snitch for them. He refused, so he's on the list indefinitely. Just one more example of the outrageous infringement of our liberty since the fascist Patriot Act was enacted.

Then there is the story, on cryptogon and others, that China is dropping cell phone calls on anyone who uses certain words, like “protest” in their conversations. The calls are being monitored in real time, and apparently being dealt with by some humongous computer program triggered by certain unacceptable words. Of course, if they can do it there, they can do it anywhere. Here, for instance. One of these days, we are probably going to attempt to go out of the country for either medical or dental care. I doubt we will be allowed to get on a plane.

Ah, well, no sense dwelling on these indignities. At least that's what my health practitioner told me the other day when I went in for a routine blood test to get my prescriptions renewed.

“You sound pretty negative,” I was told.

"Well, yeah. After suffering chronic pain for 8 years and trying everything I can think of to get better to no avail, it tends to catch up with one at times. Anyway, you asked.."

“Have you tried 'The Secret'?”

"You mean, “The Secret,” like on Oprah? Well, as a matter of fact, as a student of metaphysics for the majority of my life and a Science of Mind practitioner for twelve years, I practically could have written the fucking book myself."

“Well, why aren't you following it now, then?”

"Because, Brenda, I got sick of what I consider to be an unconscionable disregard for the planet and the consequences of all this “abundance consciousness” that it engenders. I mean, $2,000 weekends to learn firewalking or some bullshit, after which all these Yuppies can sit around and enjoy their mahi mahi lunches. But, nobody is concerned about the fact that they have killed 90% of the large fish in the oceans and their kids will be slurping up jellyfish in the future. I think it's stupid to manifest parking spaces at the Mall, when you're there to buy toxic products made by slave labor and disenfranchising the working class. It makes me sick."

“Well,” she says, “Ignorance is bliss.” “I just don't think about it.” I'm a little surprised that she didn't attempt to put me on Prozak.

That's the problem in a nutshell with trying to convince the general population of anything rooted in reality. They don't want to hear it. Period. It's too painful. Too much of a downer. Let's just pretend that everything is OK. Things will bet better. We're Number One. All our problems are due to the Muslims. And Obama is a Muslim. Yeah, that's got to be it...

On a more positive note... well, maybe not positive, but at least intelligent and insightful, Chis Hedges wrote a memorable piece lately on the demise of the Liberals that still haunts me. The essay is entitled “Power Concedes Nothing Without a Demand.” It was on on March 14. He wrote, in part,

“The liberal class has busied itself with the toothless pursuits of inclusiveness, multiculturalism, identity politics and tolerance—a word Martin Luther King never used—and forgotten about justice. It naively sought to placate ideological and corporate forces bent on the destruction of the democratic state. The liberal class, like the misguided democrats in the former Yugoslavia or the hapless aristocrats in the Weimar Republic, invited the wolf into the henhouse. The liberal class forgot that, as Karl Popper wrote in “The Open Society and Its Enemies,” “If we extend unlimited tolerance even to those who are intolerant, if we are not prepared to defend a tolerant society against the onslaught of the intolerant, then the tolerant will be destroyed, and tolerance with them.”

This is another “inconvenient truth” that hardly anyone wants to face. Much like the burgeoning bullying problem that seems to have taken off after the big push in the last several years for well-intentioned programs on “conflict resolution,” so favored by the limp-wristed. Sounds good. Too bad it doesn't work. The Chinese took another tack. When housewives were bullied by their husbands, they got together and went to the home of the abuser, dragged him outside, and collectively kicked his ass. And, it was sanctioned by the State. Amazing.

Well, if the earth changes chronicled on The Big Wobble and The Alien Project, Half Past Human, and even the USGS volcano and earthquake sites along with the sun information on, come to pass, we may all be getting our butts handed to us real soon. Maybe we shoulda left some of those dolphins and fish in the ocean, not poisoned the corrals, not cut down the rainforest, sucked up the water in the aquafirs, poisoned the lakes and streams, ruined the topsoil, destroyed the Gulf, etc.

It seems the Earth is fighting back. And, it ain't about some lame committee suggesting that we be nice. She's kicking our ass.


Cynic Aloptimist said...

I imagine that our "modern" human culture is long overdue for a good ass-kicking from Mother Earth and her girlfriends...

And it's a sad fact that many won't even have a clue as to why it's happening, blaming whichever "other" their fear and loathing can be directed at by those steering the lamestream media.

Love is the only law you can follow and never be wrong.

Give more than you take, and let love rule. Been trying to live by those more in my life lately... and it feels good, even as the world I knew growing up falls apart before my eyes.

M in Oregon

freeacre said...

Boy, M. You nailed it.

Shadowfax said...

Not just Americans in denial.
Now I always bite my tongue instead of informing someone about peak oil or exponential growth.
Been there done that.
Greetings from Vancouver Island.

freeacre said...

Nice to hear from you, Shadowfax. I've always wanted to visit Vancouver Island. Looks like heaven to me.

Anonymous said...


Fukushima Now 72,000
Times Hiroshima Radiation

Dr. Chris Busby verified today in an email that three spent fuel pools are totally blasted away and burned up. That puts the approximate radiation levels at 24,000 HIROSHIMAS x 3 = 72,000 times the radiation of Hiroshima now in the atmosphere. Remember, this is JUST from the spent fuel pools. Radiation escaping from the reactors is another story altogether.

We have now all had time to evaluate what we believe is the truth behind the Japanese Nuclear Incident (or should I say disaster) and it has become clear that we have all been deceived by the Japanese Authorities, their nuclear establishment, the IAEA, the international pro nuclear groups and more importantly the so called experts that are invited onto the mainstream media channels to blast us with nothing more than total spin..."


Anonymous said...

" and their kids will be slurping up jellyfish ", and maybe an algae burger too. Your cracking me up Freeacre :-) Its funny stuff, but then again it looks like the way things are going as we work our way down the food chain. But whats to worry about, there will always be plenty of " Farm Fresh " fish to eat like farmed Salmon and Tilapia!

I saw a report today on CNN about that oil slick in the Gulf, with some saying it might be 100 miles long. In the ariel view it looked organgish brown like the fresh oil does. The gulf is punched full of holes like swiss cheese, and no doubt oil is leaking from lots of places. Like Freeacre said maybe Matt Simmons was right and this is resultant from leakage coming from another fissure related to the Deepwater Horizen incident. Looks like more cancelled vacations to the gulf with spring coming on.


Anonymous said...

Considering oil as the base reason the US and Europe are engaging in this conflict with Libya:

The Trouble With Vaporware

.....As I write these words, bombs are falling in Libya as the Western powers hurriedly resort to military force; Libyan strongman Moammar Gaddafi’s moves toward selling his oil and natural gas to China and India rather than the European nations that have received most of it to date probably explains this abrupt and almost panicked change in tactics.....


Anonymous said...

Hey was researching some science thing and ran across this volunteer radiation site. Interesting.

Sadie is so cute in her denim. Stew and biscuits look yummy. mrsp

Anonymous said...

The Globalists think they can play us like fiddles, while Tripoli burns.


Anonymous said...

Spaceweather, EPA, FDA, NASA, USGS?

Who can ya' call?



Anonymous said...

A good article here on whats going on with the " coalition " and its engagement of Libya:

Endgame: Divide, rule and get the oil

.....But the West’s motivation, above all, tastes like oil. Since Saudi Arabia is not on the market, Libya is a spectacular piece of real estate for the energy-hungry West; a giant gas station in the desert with very few people around....

.....As for those regimes ( in this case Libya ) that kill perhaps thousands of their own people – and have oil, and threaten to sell the oil to the Russians or the Chinese, their destiny is to fight a UN/Tomahawk resolution........


freeacre said...

I can't remember where I ran into an article yesterday that said that Libya is sitting right on top of a huge aqua-fir of "fossil water." They are building a very large system to be able to pump out the water and use it for irrigation. Potentially, it could lead to an amazing transformation, using water and solar energy. In the long run, this may be an even more important aspect than the oil!

Dave Eriqat said...

I find myself increasingly drawn to a simpler, less technologically oriented way of life. I hate my cell phone, which I only use to make the occasional long distance phone call. That’s about my only technological extravagance, aside from my internet access.

Recently, I acquired a whole bunch of seasons of “The Waltons” TV show – don’t laugh, please! I just love the show, however, because these people live on almost no money, they are about as self-sufficient as one can get (and it seems plausible), and they are almost totally devoid of the technological trappings of their day, a radio being their sole technological appliance; they don’t even have a telephone (which warms my heart immensely).

Anyway, what does the above introduction have to do with this post? The powers that be love technology. They view technology – computers, electronic communication, electronic money – as a means to monitor and control the population. If we shun their technology, which I find increasingly appealing anyway, they are not only incapable of monitoring us, but are incapable of controlling us as well, which is one of the reasons I’ve frequently advocated “checking out” of the system. Besides distancing ourselves from controlling organizations, partly what I mean by “checking out” is rejecting “their” controlling technologies as well.

So I don’t have cable television (so they don’t know what I’m watching), I don’t fly on their airplanes (so they can’t grope me; and if they infect other forms of transit, I’ll shun those as well), I don’t use their credit cards (so they can’t spy on my purchasing habits, getting paid fees and interest for their efforts!), I don’t use their telephones (much), I don’t use their medical facilities (so they can’t spy on my health condition and inject me with poisons), and so forth.

I know some of the above sounds a bit paranoid, but I’m really not paranoid. My point is simply that using their technological toys and systems gives them control over us, while enriching them at the same time. We are voluntarily paying them to enslave us! If we shun their technological goodies and go back to a simpler, cheaper and more manual way of life (like the Waltons), we’ll not only be healthier and happier, but the cost for “them” to monitor and control us will be too great for them and they’ll give up.

By the way, this is unrelated, but I’m so exasperated that I just have to mention it. The weather here is the most bizarre and maddening of any place I’ve ever seen. For instance, prior to yesterday we had nearly a week of temperatures around 70-80 degrees. It was warm and sunny and spring-like, and the garden centers were abuzz with activity. I, myself, was busy planting plants and starting all manner of outdoor projects. All of a sudden, like the flick of a switch, we seem to be back in winter, according to the forecast, for at least a week. It is, in fact, snowing at this very moment. Aargh! Despite knowing that chaotic weather is “normal” here, I’ve never been able to get used to it. A week from now it may well be 90 degrees.


Anonymous said...

Dave I miss your blog, I am with you on all you have posted.

Freeacre you are one fiery lady like your style.

I say fuck them all (greedy suits and politicians) and all there technological crap

Chris Hedges the only voice that talks of civil disobedience and backs it up with action. The rest are just talking pussies.


Anonymous said...

hell dave, ain't nothing like a nice grope in the morning to get the day started off right spanky like, i mean its got to be the right groper you know, not one of those walking cesspools that lurk at the miss american patdown,also known as the airport.
i tell ya right now that these are the most interesting of times as far as i can see, never in two-legged imagination could such a thing exist as the present wonderful nature of the human race.
the universe must be rolling in the dirt laughing at the incredible saga of just how stupid can a so called sentient group of beings actually be.
but then again i am sure all of this is being recorded and transmitted to the stars as a place to never go to because you will be killed and then groped. many times i expect, cause you just can't eat just one.
fucking smoke is curling up and the day is clear and much to do outside before the chemtrails get to thick and the mind starts to reel from the sweet effects of the gentle nature of the soon to be gone dominate species, better get your survival shit together and beg to come back as a really cute la cucaracha (cockroach) , causeeeeee that will be the predominate bitches to contend with.. this is the truth so help me god. right god,? RIGHT montana!
thanks for spreading this excellent message of hope to the useless fucks that now are killing the homeland and taking grope dancing lessons at the local synagogue and mission.
peace and good wishes fellow fucks, smile we're all on candle camera.
ps this just in, the answer to all out fears is this, there ain't none. wtf? no answer?
ok fellow gropers less just get it on and have some goddam fun with our life and fuck the ones that wish it to be otherwise. we don't have to grovel before authority just because it feels good and safe like momma's tit, humm well, or maybe sis's tit for those of us that piss on the flag and the bible and like to live on the wild side now and then.
peace and love

wv crypopi what?

freeacre said...

NO need to be embarrassed by The Waltons, Dave. I believe I was "re-parented" by the Waltons every Wednesday night for five years back in the day. Somehow I was healed from my damaging childhood by adopting them in my mind. Guess it must have gone beyond that, as I am living a lifestyle much like theirs now. I've even tossed out my micro-wave oven and gone back to cast iron pans. Just got a non-electric waffle iron from Leyman's Non-Electric catalog. Ha! I'm with you and Scrap - shun the bastards!
And, Montana... what can I say? You make me laugh so hard I practically wet my pants. That's good medicine, my brother. Thanks!

murph said...

Will (Astra Navigo)

I just went back to the previous post and saw your comment. Wanted to say that I went to your blog. You have one hell of a list of regular blogs you visit. With the exception of a couple, I'm not familiar with the rest. Checked out a couple. Interesting.

Anonymous said...

No fly zone. Ha, ha. That's good!

Maybe Universe did Daiichi to show the rest of us in north America what the Gulf residents have been living through. Regardless, it should be obvious to everyone downwind; we are totally on our own. I expect no warnings, no preparations, no media coverage. And I expect hospitals to send people away with scripts for psych meds. All in our heads. Delusions of paranoia, as our hair falls out.

I read reactor #3, the one that used MOX fuel, had 88 tons of spent fuel rods, which I assume are all long gone. Apparently, the reactor core is split and leaking, and one expert I heard says the damage occurred, most likely, with the first explosion, so it's been leaking radioactive
(plutonium) water for two weeks, and the plant officials are just now getting around to telling the world.

And EPA is planning to raise the allowable exposure limits on radioactivity, so when people here start getting sick, they'll just turn to the regulations and say it can't be from nuclear radiation. Maybe from the sun...


RAS said...

Hey everyone! Sorry I've been gone so long. I've been taking a mental health news break. The only thing I've been doing this week is keeping tabs on the situation in Japan, and even that only once a day.

I keep thinking of the old Chinese curse. "May you live in interesting times." As mf said, these may be the most interesting times of all.

I had an ENT on Monday tell me he wants to take out my thyroid because of two non-malignant nodules that may "possibly be trending towards hyperactivity". I told him to fuck off.

Then I had a job interview yesterday. At a doctor's office, no less. They asked if I had any children, because they don't want anyone with kids due to the "issues" that entails. They also wanted to know if I needed health insurance because they don't want to provide that either. And the job paid minimum wage.

Isn't America turning into a lovely country?

On the plus side, I've started writing freelance articles and am about to start working on a technical writing certificate. If I get that I can freelance write manuals and such. Oh, and we've started on the house. You can check out the blog for more about that.

RAS said...

Ok, regarding the events in Japan, here's my .02. Remember that you get what you pay for, and I'm not a nuclear power expert, but I did study it for a while in engineering school.

My technical opinion of the subject is that reactor #3 is breached, and probably has been for several days if not longer. I would also bet reactors #1 and #2 are breached, though not as bad as #3. The moment those spent fuel rods started heating up they began to melt through the containment vessels, and remember the geniuses who designed this system put the spent fuel ponds on top of the reactors. It was only a matter of time.

Let me also say that this is not as big a deal as it's being made out to be. Why? Because there is more radioactivity in those spent fuel ponds than in the reactors. This include plutonium and uranium. Furthermore, the #4 pond held rods taken fresh from the reactor that were still good.

Most of what seeps out of the reactor core is going to go down into the soil and the water table rather than up into the atmosphere.

What does all this mean for Japan? Large areas around Fukushima are going to be uninhabitable, essentially forever. I'm starting to worry about the possibility of Tokyo becoming abandoned. Essentially, the carrying capacity of Japan, already far below the actual population, is being reduced still further. Much of the population is going to suffer death or illness from the radiation.

To be continued...

RAS said...

But what about the more widespread effects of radiation?

Most of the radiation is going to fall on or near Japan. Millions are going to die. I do not come to that figure lightly; the best estimate is that 1 million died from Chernobyl over the past 25 years.

The majority of the remaining radiation will be dumped over the Pacific Ocean. The entire ocean food chain is going to become contaminated. Stop eating seafood.

Radiation will travel around the world, however, but if you live further east than the Rockies you don't have much to worry about from the radioactive iodine. It lasts only about 8 days, and the gulf stream takes a week or more to travel from Japan to the Midwest.
If I were on the west coast I would be taking natural iodine to help prevent the uptake of radioactive iodine, but doing so east of the Rockies is pointless.

As for the rest of the radiation, it will be disbursed around the world. Some of these isotopes are short-lived, but most of them have half-lives in the hundreds of thousands of years. You can take calcium supplements to help your body avoid taking up strontium, but other than that, there's nothing else you can do. Not unless you have a bunker somewhere with it's own air supply.

The majority of the causalities -98% or so -will be in Japan and among other people who continue to eat seafood. People elsewhere are going to die, but there's no way to predict or prevent the majority of those deaths. And, being caused radioactive material, these deaths are going to keep occurring for thousands of years.

Dave Eriqat said...

Thanks for the sentiment, Scrap. You must be the only one!

With everyone’s indulgence, I’d like to discuss The Waltons TV show a bit more. When I watch the show I’m fascinated by the parallels between life depicted in the show and today! I believe the show is a portrayal of real life back in the 1930s, during the Great Depression, as recalled by the show’s creator, Earl Hammer.

As I mentioned, the Waltons rely very little on money, which is good because they have practically none, and much of the show, at least the early episodes, revolves around their efforts to scrape together pathetically meager sums with which to purchase this or that. Mostly they rely on what they produce themselves: they have a vegetable garden; chickens for eggs and meat; a cow for fresh milk (don’t tell the FDA!); fresh game in the woods; firewood they collect from around their house; and, of course, all homemade foods. (Whenever I watch the show I experience a powerful urge to go bake something.)

In addition – and I think this is most important for us today – they don’t rely totally on a single means of support to get by. They produce much of what they consume, but they also run a small lumber mill at home for a little cash income, barter labor or goods for other goods and are generally opportunistic in a benign way. In my opinion, their way of life could be a model for our own future. Having worked at home for 23 years, I can say it’s the only way to work! Interestingly, in the show they frequently acknowledge how fortunate they are to live so well, while others are suffering the effects of the depression. In fact, being self-sufficient, with a diverse means of support would seem to endow one with a superior ability to weather crises such as economic depressions.

Consider the other benefits of a home-based existence: no commuting expense (meaning one can live farther from sources of jobs, where housing is cheaper), no eating out expense (plus better quality food), no childcare expense (plus the ability to supervise and educate the children instead of turning their upbringing over to complete strangers), reduced risk of having one’s house burglarized, reduced risk of an automobile collision while commuting to work, control over one’s time, and so forth. In my opinion, the benefits of working at home easily exceed those of the potentially higher salary one might obtain working for someone else in the conventional manner.

The Waltons also shun debt, purchasing everything with cash or doing without (a most important trait to acquire), which is another good example for us all. In fact, I’ve been living that way for years now and can honestly say that I have benefited from it immensely. My financial stress is almost nonexistent because I have no debts to service.

One other interesting observation about the show: it first aired 39 years ago, depicting life 39 years earlier, meaning the show aired exactly halfway between 1933 and 2011, a span of 78 years. Although the temporal relationship between the date of the show’s introduction and the two other dates is merely a coincidence, the 78 year span has a special significance.

continued ...

Dave Eriqat said...


According to Strauss and Howe, authors of “The Fourth Turning,” human history goes through cycles that last 80-100 years and we are presently entering the phase of the cycle known as “Crisis,” just like that the people were facing in the 1930s, 80 years ago. (I strongly believe that humans eternally go through the same cycles, a source of endless frustration to me.) The point is that the lessons portrayed in the TV show, dating from 78 years ago seem to be relevant to today, as we enter a period just like that of 80 years ago. And yes, I do believe we’re entering such an era again. Some (Doug Casey) have called it “The Greater Depression”; I’ve begun calling it “The Last Depression” because either we’re not going to ever recover from it, meaning that our standard of living will be permanently reduced (due to resource depletion); or because if we do “recover” from this depression, the world will not be the same as the one we knew before. Instead of “recovering” from the depression as the United States (addressing only our nation’s fate), we may “recover” as a loose knit collection of communities, the central government having been reduced to irrelevance.

Anyway, I think The Waltons is as much instructive as it is entertaining, especially in our day.


Dave Eriqat said...

Oh, I might add another parallel between the 1930s and today, which is also addressed in The Waltons: the growing threat of world war.

Ironically, whereas in the 1930s Germany was out conquering other nations, today it's the U.S.!

I frequently wonder how long it will take until the other nations of the world view the U.S. today as just as threatening to world peace as Germany was back then, and taking the necessary steps to thwart that threat ...


Anonymous said...

gheese ras, nice on the radiation, hate to admit this but i turned 21 years of age working in a uranium mine in colorado, where my brother lost an eye in that youthful escapade, there were no jobs available at the time so that was it,, we lived the entire winter on mostly deer and rabbits of which there were aplenty.
thing of it is is though is that there was no information whatsoever on the dangers of radiation in those days,so i guess the underground experience did no damage except for the obvious disruption of certain brain cells and the spawn that had an unusual number of body parts.
tough on the brats in school for sure, hence the early home schooling that gave the offspring the only thing i had to give, and that was to run like hell from politicians, preachers, Jehovah witnesses,charity organizations,do-good-ers, promises of any kind, and don't give any either,don't fuck with the cook,be nice to furry things,and always look a gift horse directly in the fucking mouth.!

on a more humorous note i did a little looking and found out that there are more then the dozen or so nuclear facilities in this country, at last count, 104 of those mother fuckers!! there is even one in Montana!, over on the other side of the big mountain.
but fuck this is the one that really got me livid,
this link is one mind blowing mother fucker about nuclear shit in this country,

we truly do live in a fucking nuthouse called planet earth.
i would like to say something new age-e but i don't really swallow any of that horse shit based directly on their denial of reality with a substitute whatever instead.
those freaks of nature are probably doing more damage then any amount of slant eyed radiation edibles.
becauseeeee if a deep understanding of the workings of our very beautiful little minds has not been the soup du soufre then it ain't really gonna make one rats assed difference in the outcome of whatever the fuck happens, just the same ole shit different day!
please tell me something that will make some sense if this is not the case, it would be mightily appreciated my brothers and sisters.

meanwhile the sun is shining and it looks to be a beautiful day as the ''group''sings.
peace and love

murph said...


I read with interest your comments on the TV show "The Waltons". I remember the first show I saw. I had a close friend that asked me what I thought of it. My first impression of the show was not good and I told him that. My friend said that I evidently was not in a "I'm ok and your ok" mind set and to look at the show from that perspective. At that time Transactional Analysis was a big deal. So I went back and look at the show from that perspective and became hooked on it. I even tried (unsuccessfully) to set up my then family on that model. Emphasizing that everyone involved has to see it the same way.

That period of time in American TV shows was the epitome of quality and thoughtful writing IMO. Many very fine shows were put out during that time. Since then, well written shows became an exception rather than the norm, again IMO.

I also rather suspect that a lot of other nations view the U.S. as a warlike and bad empire, at least within the populace. The leaders may view us as just fine, hard for me to determine that angle.


That link on the cost of nuclear weapons is something else man. Indeed this is a crazy world.

With the present state of observable workings of the two legged ones minds, I don't see much hope either. Maybe, just maybe, something might change the way our brains work, but I am not taking any bets on it. I rather suspect that we are a failed experiment in sentient beings, probably set up by some lizards from somewhere else. Either that or we are some giant food supply experiment. Or maybe there always has been too much radiation damage to our chromosomes over the millennium and we are just on the very steep down slope for survival. I wish I knew. The essential question today is do we bother putting in a garden this year?

LOL W V colit like chill out?

freeacre said...

All good observations regarding The Waltons, Dave. But, I also really appreciated the relationship aspects of the show. The love and respect that the family members all had for each other. The input from the grandparents. The differences in the siblings. The interaction with the community. The goofy sisters with the "still" who made "the recipe" that everybody knew was liquor, but nobody said anything. The "live and let live" stance and basic good manners extended to most everyone. Strong ties to the mountains and the land and to each other - all contributed to developing a strong sense of self, independent, but not isolated.
I can't believe it's been that long ago. I remember it all as though it were yesterday.
Thanks for the info, ras, on the radiation. It's going to be a real drag to give up sea food. But, it's going to be worse for the fish and sea critters. I respect the Japanese people, but they have a bad history of exploitation of the ocean, killing whales and dolphins (see "The Cove") and now this... guess we aren't the only stupid ones.

Anonymous said...


''Maybe, just maybe, something might change the way our brains work''

brother this sentence just sent me sailing, after reading it i was standing on the back deck watching the morning take shape with dozens of various types of birds including the mourning doves that only started coming here two years ago sing it into being and realized like a sledge hammer hitting me that what exactly the evolution of human
consciousness might be, o boy this is good,how to put it in words something that has no meaning as far as words are concerned,but here goes, while observing all this incredible beauty of sights,sounds smell and the feeling that everything is exactly right!!!
''it'' took over everything, this ''it'' seemed to be a small kind of nothing,yet something, something so amazingly quite but so strong that there was not the hint of anything other then what ''was'', this what was is what is and there was no other anything other then what is,
fuck! see what i mean? this state of mind seemed fragile as a feather and yet as strong as the universe, man i was transfixed, i dared not move one finger because i did not want to disturb it for fear it might go was the most awesome thing i have ever experienced.
it seemed to have the ''power'', not power, something else, like devoid of anything other then what was taking place, was impossible regardless of what that might be.
only later did i realize that what was going on was that the mind was immersed in suspension of any movement itself, in other words there was not one single bit of fear, worry, anxiety or any of the stuff that my mind is usually made of. and i thought holy mother of god this might be just what the two-leggeds are destined to be after a while when the mental processes started up again, it was wonderful,like a page ripped out of the human story that said yes the story is a long way from being over and the greatest calm i have ever felt came over me and my face started streaming tears of what could only be termed being touched by something that is only waiting for just that right moment for the love that is in each of us to reveal itself, it is not something apart but on the other hand it is apart at the same time. o shit this makes no sense but it doesn't have to, it is there and it will never go away either, don't ask me what brought it about,i do not have the foggiest notion, it was just something about the morning sun seeming like the first day of my life without the drudgery of our inherited inclusion upon mother earth,it spoke of love and in the glow of morning it surrounding me and everything else in its sweetness. i have been blessed and hoping it was nothing more then an ''acid'' flashback from long ago, i think we are ok murph.
i love you man, always have always will.

wv satwide


Dave Eriqat said...

Yes, freeacre, I too love the excellent values cherished by all in the show. That's another thing we would be well served to emulate today.

An interesting element of the show, which Murph alluded to, is the effort they make to be tolerant, not just of each other but of outsiders, even those with strange customs. It's all the more admirable when one considers today's attitude of Americans toward the dreaded Muslims.

Yeah, I like the Baldwin sisters and their "recipe." In fact, it has inspired me to make my own too.


freeacre said...

I want some of what Montana is having...

mutrph said...


Sure sounds like you have experienced again what is called an epiphany. You are right, some things we experience as humans we have no words for. I have had those moments only a couple of times in my life. Believe it or not, once it occurred in a mathematics class. I was held in awe of a formula description the instructor put on the board, it was beautiful. Weird huh?

It seems as though that human evolution (change) is never about what is really important, at least to me. It's all surface stuff that really changes nothing. To see those possibilities for true change as you experienced is interesting. Then again maybe it was the herbs. Maybe the universal vibrations as the earth passes through the galactic center is the catalyst. It sure does appear that humans are seriously flawed in such a way that living together is tough stuff. If I had to stand before some kind of galactic council and explain human behavior for our survival I would be seriously stressed out. The movie "Abyss" takes a shot at it although the writers only treated some superficial shit doing it. I find it hard to concentrate on the good parts of humanity when the preponderance of behavior is terrible, self destructive and stupid.

Oh well, the human condition?

Lucretiasheart said...

LOVE this post!

Every time I read your blog, I thank the gods that sanity, intelligence, and self-education still exist. I'm so glad to know you!

I well understand your frustration. My grim outlook is mitigated by where we're heading however. We still have a long ways to go-- but we're pursuing a lifestyle that will enhance our ability to survive both short-term catastrophes (of the Japan earthquake/tsunami/nuclear crisis kind) and long-term decent.

One neighbor in our building is already informed about Decent and the other neighbors are getting on board for the adventure/savings/community of having gardens, chickens, and so forth. We have only barely mentioned a few short-term practical things to them (like recent climate change and oil prices going up making local food production prudent) and they were thus not wigged out, just feeling rather relieved and clever to be participating on a solution with neighbors.

Another point where I have some hope-- I have several 20-something friends that I talk to sometimes about these sorts of issues and they aren't resistant to them at all. They are all planning for decline because to them it seems obvious (you met one of them-- Jen.)

I'm thinking as events unfold, those of us who have been educating ourselves and "prepping" are going to serve as examples to others. If people are given a chance when the shit hits the fan, they adapt and find ways to make it work. Its already happening. People gardening and buying chickens is taking off across the country-- EVERYBODY in both suburb and city knows several people they can buy fresh veggies and eggs from! Certainly in Portland and Seattle areas this is true. Denver too... other places.

And is it wrong to admit that a part of me thinks the entire human race deserves some ass kicking? I cried for the Japanese, yet a part of me though-- "Ah, now they awaken too."

Soon, there will be no escape from the Awakening. Hard to sleep when your ass is being kicked!

RAS said...

I absolutely love the Waltons. I'm going to have to get the series from Netflix now.

I love those moments, mf. I've had one or two. There's something about just getting a flash from the universe/goddess/what have you. There aren't any words to describe it.

I told K about the chicken saddle. She laughed and told me they're quite common. I had no idea, lol.

freeacre said...

Always great to hear from you, Lucretia. I have been enjoying your site as you chronicle the efforts of you and your neighbors putting in a garden and creating a sense of community. Portland is much more advanced in some ways than Central Oregon, but we're getting better. Local businesses as well as the Grange are joining together this summer to create a Greenhouse, Garden, and Chicken Coop Tour that is generating a lot of interest. We'll see how dire the conditions are by then. We may not want maps to local gardens published by then... But, if things are tolerable, it would be good.
I think the more intense solar flares may be influencing the more sensitive (like maybe our brother, mf, among others)to maybe have a sense of how things could be. Others, it seems, are responding by going berserk. You are one of the more sensitive types, so I am keeping an eye on you. I consider myself somewhere in the middle. Nomatter how shocking the news is from the doom-o-sphere, I find myself going to bed feeling really grateful. And, I also experience extra fatigue and pain. Don't know why, but it seems pretty common lately.
Greetings to Garrick and to Jen. I hope you'll be able to make it our way for another visit this summer - barring earthquake, volcano, asteroid, or comet arrivals. Ha! It's been snowing for days. If this shit keeps up, I may just run away to Tahiti.

Anonymous said...

Excellent article here:

Vampire Squid Economics: A Case Study in Full-Blown Wetiko Disease

....We are living inside of a horrifying, abstract economic structure that itself is a living symbol and re-presentation of the out-of-control insanity of the wetiko virus....


Anonymous said...

geeze FA, you got a way of puttin things that justs cuts to the damn bone! part of me'd pity your doc had she tried to script prozak. but then another part of me would rejoice in justice served. she didn't for the same reasons she's tries not to think about it.

the abundance consciousness is what we get when the self-proclaimed good triumph over what they judge to be evil. or bad. or anything that doesn't go their way. or anything that don't feel good. the end... that'd be me getting mine... justifies the means and damn the consequences to anyone or anything that deny's me of it.

MF... thx for sharing that little big moment of tranquility. if i could pick anyone to have one and then describe the undescribable to me you'd be the guy.

revelation... the only thing that counts.

commonality... i highly suspect exists to assure us we're not funkin crazy. or, we're all crazy but that's ok... p

wv.. swelly. maybe thats what we could call what mf had... a swelly

Anonymous said...

and btw mf... sure hope you're takin' your computer w/you when you head for condor land. i be missin' yer missives... p

freeacre said...

The very great essayist, Joe Baggeant has died. Let's hope his thoughts will continue to have an even greater influence now that he is a wave rather than a particle. I miss him already.
Clif High says in his latest missive on Halfpasthuman, that we are all dead already, due to the radiation from Japan. I am coming to the conclusion that he tends to overstate his case by a factor of about forty. Been waiting for his "release language" due to happen somewhere between two days ago and the next two days...
Feels like I spent the weekend attending an Edward Norton film marathon - exhausted. I just gotta tear myself away from the net and do something else.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the kind words guys but you know i never know if the envelope has been damaged when i put something in it.
the crap that is my usual fare sorta gets mingled in with sacred and when i read it the next day i think what the hell was that all about, one authority said that i was unfit for regular folks and i had to agree with him just before i went for the jugular, he survived but it cost me a life time of living just beyond where the power lines ended.
rehabilitation worked but somehow the old ways just keep on popping up and i have to either honor or lay down and croak of the general malaise thingie.
you folks here are the closest thing i have for an understanding of the way things work and i am truly blessed for having been allowed to play with the talking stick from time to time.
and i love you all for it.

Burnie said...

I am with M in Oregon. Any other way leads me to the heart of darkness h/t JC. On a lighter note can I have some n or two? Or pie.

Anonymous said...

Here's a piece to put Obama's speech on Libya in perspective.


Anonymous said...

Oh, and here's a youtube video to help put Lindauer's report in perspective...


Anonymous said...

In regards to the various discussions here about the Walton's show, while the way they lived as a family ( as a depicted idealized portrayal ) does illustrate basic themes that will be benificial for the realities that will be imposed on us because of the degrading economic conditions, when I drive through the endless miles and masses of humanity for instance that reside in So Cal, from Mexico to Santa Barbara, from the Desert to the Sea, a huge expansive area, I don't see these people turning into a bunch of Walton's.

Some very small percentage of folks have the demeanor and motivations to be like that, but I think its clear your going to get something a lot more problematic from all the rest. Pretty much take any large population centers and I think you will get the same as conditions unravel.

There's also been discussions in the media at times about how ( at least to this point ) the Japanese people have behaved themselves in such an honorable way given the triple catastrophes that have beset them of late. But there again I think its wishful thinking to expect in general americans will behave like the Japanese have in this regard.

To me its almost like the PTB want to focus our attention on how civilized the Japanese have behaved so as our economic situation continues to get worse and segments of the population begin to realize more clearly just what a screwing they have been getting from all the elites in so many ways the mass media under the control of the powerful can bring up the amazing civility of the Japanese, see them how calm they behaved, no need to get aggressive or violent about us ( the PTB ) ripping you guys off, just be calm and peaceful while you lose your jobs, homes, ability to afford anything, get debt piled on your backs thanks to our schemes of fraud and scams. It will all work out, be like the Japanese, " Don't worry, be happy! ".

Well thats just what I thought of when the MSM were talking up the Japanese Civility thing. Of course being beat to a pulp by Mother Nature and getting reamed by ruthless elite predators are two very differant things.

Remaining peaceful and calm as much as possible during a natural disaster certainly makes sense. But the kind of changes/uprisings and pressure that would be necesary to actually take to account the corrupt parties in this nation will be about things much more harsh than peaceful and behaved actions. Well behaved serfs won't change anything.

Well our fearless leader speaks soon to beguile us with explanations ( which will be a pack of lies of course ) of just why the US military is attacking Libya. The No-Fly-Zone moniker is getting just plain ridiculous and what a circus is going on in the media, with the ex-generals and such coming out of the woodwork to play their part in the propoganda of war.

Its morphing before our eyes in the MSM from a No-Fly-Zone mission supposedly involving the US only for a few days as the leader of Oddessy Dawn, to what it really will turn out to be down the road, another regime change military action by the US Empire that is getting desperate about its energy/oil supply.


Anonymous said...

And from Kunstler today:

Make No Mistake

....Anyway you slice it there, America better get ready for a lot less imported oil. There's really nothing we can do that will change that now, and drill-drill-drill will not come close to mitigating our losses, no matter how much Larry Kudlow wrings his hands....

Of course the Empire will keep trying to get more oil with their No Fly Zones, Tomahawk missiles, CIA schemes and such!

Anonymous said...

5:37 PM post, HSW

Anonymous said...

Chris Hedges latest:

The Collapse of Globalization

....until we awake from our collective self-delusion, until we carry out sustained acts of civil disobedience against the corporate state and sever ourselves from the liberal institutions that serve the corporate juggernaut—especially the Democratic Party—we will continue to be rocketed toward a global catastrophe.


freeacre said...

There is a link to a very nice tribute to Joe Bageant:

Joe was a "redneck socialist" and a writer in the class of Mark Twain and Hunter S. Thompson. He taught me a lot - how out of touch "liberals" are with the working class, insights into Scotch-Irish roots. A story-teller who told stories of the working poor, those voiceless in America. He never got seduced by money or position. He was a great human being.

murph said...


A few comments back you talked more about The Waltons’s TV show. Yup, it is a written and mostly idealized concept. And this brings to my mind the concept of where a person gets their idealism or their heroes to model after. Where do we get our inspirations to be something better? Where do we get the ideas of what constitutes the “better” anyway? Religion has been used for this purpose for a long time, and in my view, has largely utterly failed, ending up being mostly unrelated to the human condition and devolving into politico echoes down the hallway. So anyway, yup, not going to see a bunch of people adopting the Walton’s concept of living together, but still not a bad blueprint to look at once in a while. For how long are the Donald Trumps of this world going to be used as examples of success or as an idealized way to be?

Got a chuckle out of you examination of the Japanese civility issue. A bit of study of Japanese history sheds a bit more light on this? Lol. I suppose you pack around 130 million people into a land area that is a small fraction of most countries and you better get polite just to coexist.

I sure appears to me that the Libya fiasco is just another resource grab by western countries. I wonder when the rest of the world will get the balls to stand up to the western aggressions. Not that I support the regime in Libya, but western altruism is so blatantly false.

My short term memory may be badly damaged but not so damaged that I don’t remember that it seemed ok for the Rethugs to start wars that are never resolved but the Demothugs get heavily criticized for it? Give me a break.

Anonymous said...

A long-awaited, and inevitable swing of the pendulum, Murph, as the nation awakens to the ultimate subterfuge perpetrated on us by both sides of the political spectrum since that pacific morning in New York a decade ago.

Since both sides enable puppet masters, it matters little which color it is infringing our rights and embroiling us in baseless wars.

Two sides of one debased, non-negotiable note. Tinder for lighting burn barrels under bridges the motoring dead congest.
Their wheels boom through underpinnings. The morphing order rolls in hot pursuit of one clear goal. Staying topside's the order every day.

Who doesn't agree to pay in wads of life, if they'll let us be? Ships pass under bridges every day and dock with reams to feed their sacred, insatiable presses...


wv= pineare (square?) not in my neck of the woods

Anonymous said...

If you liked that article by ex-CIA asset Susan Lindauer, she's on Rense radio tonight.


Dave Eriqat said...

Anon – March 28:

I totally agree that the majority of people in urban areas are ill equipped for "The Waltons Lifestyle (TM)." Most people in urban areas are very self-centered and spoiled, ill-equipped to “rough it.” I think people in areas like where I live, rural Kentucky, will do better and behave better than people in urban areas. People here are used to deprivation, poverty and self-sufficiency. If things get a worse, people here will probably just take it in stride.

I recall the sense I got when I returned to Southern California from a long driving trip. After having been away for a month, I found the other drivers on the road in California to be incredibly hostile and impatient and noted that should the economy there collapse, the people would be at each others’ throats. I also lived in Southern California during the Rodney King riots and remember them vividly, those being another example of what the people there are capable of.


Anonymous said...

P, Just read through this. First I've heard of this story. It kinda fits with our discussion of the prevalence of evil, as it pertains to satanic rituals, pedophilia and power-drunk governmental officials.
Gotta take on this?


Anonymous said...

Never heard of this guy, but these two videos are 'must see.'


freeacre said...

Points well taken, Dave & Hot Springs. That's why we moved to this tiny little town, with a railroad that goes through it, close to a river,full of 1-5 acre plots. Cities and suburbs that are totally dependent on cars and trucks for food and necessities and getting to work, are just obviously going to be miserable places to be. Some cities, like Portland and Seattle, look like they will do much better than most because the people there have been preparing for years and have a cooperative spirit. Hopefully, it will get to the point where it is obvious to everybody that they have a choice to make - pull together, or be a desperado who sees only enemies. Hopefully, leaders will step up who can lead the way and begin a better paradigm. I don't know, though. We may be thrown some curves that we may never have even thought of. Ultimately, it's our characters that will be what we depend on the most.

Anonymous said...

Dave, what you said about your experience in So Cal, thats what I'm talking about. With people down here so packed on top of eachother, with large percentages carrying on with such aggressiveness and rude behavior, I think its a prescription for social unrest as the toll of the unwinding really begins to apply pressure to population here.

I do agree also with your take Dave that rural folks will take more readily to the Walton way of being and living. Those sort of ideas will be the kinds of things that I will be striving for in my own life, what I will teach to our children, and recommend to others :-)

And Murph, I agree with you that we do need ideas of better living and ideals of goodness in the various forms they take to aspire to, even as we will fall short in reaching them completely, the more we try, the closer we get :-)


freeacre said...

OK, it's late. But, I feel I have to post a couple of alerts now, just in case the grid goes down real soon.
1) godlikeproductions posted an alert that said that one of the largest solar flares ever just went off at about 10:30pm Pacific Time 3/29.
2) you can see it at
Take a look on the left at LASCO C2.
3)And, ATS reports that a Geomagnetic Event Alert just took place and that the South pole just went down

4) So, the last time an alert like this was announced, Japan had the 9.0 earthquake. So, duck and cover in case there is another one real soon or in case some other electromagnetic shit happens. Or, maybe there are just going to be pretty lights in the sky...

5)And, if that is not enough, the UK Independent reports that there has been a core breach in Japan and the core is melting through the floor.

I don't know what to tell ya. The next few days should determine if we are just being wacko alarmists, or whether the shit has, indeed, hit the fan. Love you guys.

wv: heard. I kid you not... as in, 2012, Woody Harrelson, "You heard it here first!!"

Anonymous said...

I think its a prescription for social unrest as the toll of the unwinding really begins to apply pressure to population here.

what we're seeing there is the tiny tip of the iceberg that is the kundalini. aka, the so-called survival chakra. or, in this case, more precisely what is being held in the kundalini as the pent up energies of unmoved, and thus unevolved rage and terror.

watch the birds and the 4 leggeds... especially the vegan ones who are prey. they are showing us the survival chakra in action. a constant state of alertness. generally speaking, the prey are the terror polar/victum ones. the predators are the rage polar/perp ones.

and why do i say so-called? because its been completly misinterpreted as to its true purpose. what is seen as the reptillion instinct. yes, one of its purposes is to protect. but not by killing the perceived threat. the kundalini is the root of the energy that is pure, personal power.

it is sometimes seen as doing 'good' where it was capable of triggering chemical reactions in body to muster the physical power necessary to lift a car off a trapped victum. what we call mind over matter involves forces of energy operating in body in conjunction with mind and intent in such cases.

mind and intent, along with prozak, et al will have little effect to mitigate the inclination to acting out when whats being held in the kundalini gets triggered en masse and breaks loose. what we'll see then will make the rodney king riots and whats already started now in the mideast and africa look like sunday gone to chruch... p

Anonymous said...

and speaking of prey. emoto has made a call to prayer...


the vid link came to me this morning along with the following...

"Please join us in this healing prayer for the Earth.

To All People Around the World

Please send your prayers of love and gratitude to water at the nuclear plants in Fukushima, Japan!
By the massive earthquakes of Magnitude 9 and surreal massive tsunamis, more than 10,000 people are still missing…even now… It has been 16 days already since the disaster happened. What makes it worse is that water at the reactors of Fukushima Nuclear Plants started to leak, and it’s contaminating the ocean, air and water molecule of surrounding areas.

Human wisdom has not been able to do much to solve the problem, but we are only trying to cool down the anger of radioactive materials in the reactors by discharging water to them.

Is there really nothing else to do?

I think there is. During over twenty year research of hado measuring and water crystal photographic technology, I have been witnessing that water can turn positive when it receives pure vibration of human prayer no matter how far away it is.

Energy formula of Albert Einstein, E=MC2 really means that Energy = number of people and the square of people’s consciousness.

Now is the time to understand the true meaning. Let us all join the prayer ceremony as fellow citizens of the planet earth. I would like to ask all people, not just in Japan, but all around the world to please help us to find a way out the crisis of this planet!!
The prayer procedure is as follows.
Name of ceremony:
“Let’s send our thoughts of love and gratitude to all water in the nuclear plants in Fukushima”

Day and Time:
March 31st, 2011 (Thursday)
12:00 noon in each time zone

Please say the following phrase:
“The water of Fukushima Nuclear Plant, we are sorry to make you suffer. Please forgive us. We thank you, and we love you.”

Please say it aloud or in your mind. Repeat it three times as you put your hands together in a prayer position.
Please offer your sincere prayer.
Thank you very much from my heart.
With love and gratitude,
Masaru Emoto
Messenger of Water "

the vid does not contain the ref to emoto's interpretation of e=mc2. nor does it contain the words "cooling down the anger of radioactive materials". i querried the sender. she said she got it from Kerry at PC. maybe its an edited version but i couldn't find another. at this point i have no way of knowing if the additional words came from emoto's mouth or if cassidy or someone else put them there.

regardless, i would agree on all fronts... p

btw... rp... sent you an email. maybe went in to junk? or maybe seen as junk?

Anonymous said...

rp... ya, it sure does fit. hummmmm... how to answer this? first, i'm familar with the case but only as any local would be. highly, highly charged case and there's certainly legit questions left unanswered by the official GBI report as stated in the link as to did-he-or-did-someone-else is? imo, the best 'voice of reason' re that question midst all the voices... and there are many... is the producer, william 'wilkie' fain. despite the GBI issues and despite purported evidence of motive for assasination, he's convinced it was murder/suicide and stated so to alex jones . wheather he's changed his mind since i don't know. and i have no info on the outcome of the video that was about to be released. according to fain it would expose the goods on a DFAX worker as an SA using position to obtain his marks.

as to schaefer and DFAX, have you read this pdf... ? it was linked in the opednews article. i had a sub who worked for me for over 10 years up until the crash. he had 3 grandkids from a drug addict daughter. he was the only stability and safety for the kids but they'd come and go by court order like the damn seasons. he'd have 'em. he'd loose 'em to strangers. then he'd have 'em again and then the daughter, still usin', would move to re-claim backed by the courts. then she'd show up in the middle of the night and dump the kids off. so he'd go to DFAX and get official custody and 2 months later they'd revoke and off the kids would go to another stranger. funkin horror stories of what this man went through with DFAX over the years parrallel what schaefer wrote in that pdf. her ref to 'double dipping' would explain a lot that i had assumed was the incompetance and heartlessness of yet one more fucked up gov agency and the courts. robert kept me up to speed on the on-going saga. they drove this man insane trying to do what they'd require of him one day and change the next. but the real horror is what those kids were put through and the impact that will have on their lives.

as to DFAX being a combine? i dunno. but they're certainly in a position to be one and the allegations toward the GBI re the case fit the profile of cover-up.

schaefer was ga's christine o'donnell. i am curious if there's any connection between her and her CSE work and a local organization called street grace.

mission stmt...

they're proactive in CSEC and recently teamed up with local pbs to launch the initiative on a 1 hr special. the first 20 minutes or so was a viewing of the production, the candy shop. watch...


Anonymous said...

and oh ya... on that whitestone film? disturbing allergory in form. disgusting truth in reality... p

Anonymous said...

FA... i'm not seeing anything from the GOES and ATS is now reporting a power outage as causal to the SP track... p

Anonymous said...

I am coming to the conclusion that he tends to overstate his case by a factor of about forty.

make that 400! but he's far from alone. imo, the masses are in the same position. they just don't talk about it directly. it operates undercurrent, leaks out in the linguistics and clif's bots pick it up. then he puts his own interpretation on it skewed by his own unmoved, but undercurrent terrors.

which is not to say we aren't in the early days of extreem events.
untangling is literal. one of these daz it will reveal its truth. there ain't no gettin around it. ever play w/magnets? ... p

Zoner said...

Got a chuckle out of all the "Walton's" references. Great model for a sane society (maybe with an alternate "medicine" but I digress).

Unfortunately, that model was shattered by the most egregious, subversive commercial ever aired. It set the tone and we haven't recovered yet.

"TWIX - 2 for me, NONE for you!


PS. mf, thanks an extra bit. Much Love to All y'all.

Anonymous said...

I would guess the release language has to do with the "radioactive volcano" language Clif said kept coming up.

Palooka, I have yet to sit down and look into your links. Thanks for getting back on that stuff.

Did not find any emails. I will try to contact you through your email.


RAS said...

I know freeacre already did, but I would like to light another candle for Joe Bageant. He was a bright light in this world, and that light has gone out.

Wherever he is, I hope he has plenty to drink and plenty of sand and sun, and I hope he gets a good long rest before he spirals round again.

The situation in Japan is spinning out of control, and now people are refusing to leave the area around the reactor because its home. I love our land, but I would have been outta there faster than you can say 'hot potato' weeks ago. I'm afraid Japan may need to lay in a stock of body bags.

They've also detected radiation from Fukushima as far away as Tampa, Florida. It'll reach Europe next.

Anonymous said...

Who's got a compass? Not a metaphor, this time. They say compasses are spinning radically since yesterday at least.


Dave Eriqat said...

I keep reading about magnetic pole shifts and such, but I have a compass on a table in the living room and it's been utterly stable.

Perhaps if people are seeing wild compasses, it's due to human causes.


Anonymous said...

I wonder, if you were the target of an electromagnetic weapon, would it effect a compass?

Here's a link to "Mike's" video of his spinning compass. Several viewers pointed out that there was metal close to the compass, and it might be causing aberations, so he made a second video. His needle does indeed spin. So, why?


freeacre said...

How about if they pointed it at your head? Would it make you talk all crazy like several television newscasters (and now Judge Judy) have been doing lately? See the videos on The Big Wobble. I read a year ago or so about new weaponry that disrupts people's thoughts and ability to communicate. Are they practicing on reporters?? What's up?

Anonymous said...

Stopping For Pelicans On A Summer Evening

Driving the Road to the Buffalo home,
Oldensoul, over my shoulder, spots
a helix of featherworks bursting
the cloudless blue near where
roads and waters merge. We pull off.
Low over yellow grass, black wings
work the yellow grass for what
it's worth, unaware, or perhaps,
unimpressed, by the grace overhead.

Flashes of winged bodies appear
out of nowhere unencumbered in air.
They flare white, a hundred points
of light, a flock of blossoms,
each banked turn when sun hits right.
Up and up they climb, uninstructed,
free, repeating explosions of ecstasy.
It takes our breath. They bloom,
fade and bloom again, delirious

anarchy on zazen wind.
This whirling is a public mirth, a stirring
of rapture, loosed of earth. And isn't
this coming together of a green day
with affirming moon and the scent
of new-mown hay a way to sing
our love song back to a black-winged world?


Anonymous said...

Wow! Beautiful imagery, rp.


Anonymous said...

ain't technology just outta this world?

Uncuga, thanks. Felt like time for some uplifting imagery...


Anonymous said...

More on the spinning compasses.


Anonymous said...

RP... over on the bot forum they'd call that simulation a hit. ill winds in the space goat farts meme which is the box into which all unknown energies from space are put which " technically because they are unknown, they could be frrom earth, but point is they are unknown."

i haven't had much time to follow 'em over there lately. despite my pejorative remarks on clif he's still on to something with the bots and the forum is a gang of folk that stay as up to speed on chit of many fronts as you'll find anywhere. you might find something in this on-going thread specific to the you tube vid... start there and work your way back...

you can read everything there but can't post unless yer registered and registration is closed i think. if you look into that thread or anything over there and want to post something let me know and i can do it for you. goes for anyone here at the campfire.

FA... you might find something there too re reporters gibberish. see clif's answer @ # 166 in this thread....

MF... euripedes popularized the phrase 'deus ex machina'. latin for 'god out of the machine'....

(in ancient Greek and Roman drama) a god introduced into a play to resolve the entanglements of the plot.
any artificial or improbable device resolving the difficulties of a plot.

... p

Anonymous said...

almost forgot... rp, hit me at offthewalls at bellsouth dot net and i'll cut n paste into a re to it... p

Anonymous said...

btw... for anyone interested the bot forum launched time monk radio. interviewed so far... jay weidner, patrick greyl, george ure, john moors, stan deyo, and leonard horowitz (yesterday, up soon). go here... then click on interviews. archive of all clif interviews since 04. time monk radio stuff is at the bottom of the page.

upcoming... john lash (today), karl denninger, turd fergeson (otta be a doozie).

working on but not scheduled yet... tsarion, hancock, turi, maxwell, cremo, mecanney, denis mckenna, laviollette, nassim harremein, et al. then sometime long toward summer, after "we get over the immediate hurdles here" and then he "writes up the current thinking on new madrid and other eq stuff", clif... p

Anonymous said...

Thanks, P. Just listened to Stan Deyo on TMRN. Great resource! And thanks for that address. I'll be in touch.


Zoner said...

Thanks for the likings, p (and the book!).


Anonymous said...

Hey Murph and FA,

According to some reports, California's water is going to be glowing pretty soon. You have any idea what the raditation levels are in your area?


murph said...


Have any idea what is supposedly going to make CA water glow in the dark? It sure as hell isn't going to be from Japan at this time. Could be down the road, but not right now according to what info I am coming across.

Of interest to me is the concept of radiation getting into aquifers. To have that happen it seems to me that it would have to get into the sources for the aquifers or be carried down to them. In either case, the amount of radioactive material that would have to be present would make it a mute point wouldn't it? Now of course if the problem was large amounts of Iodine 131 it wouldn't be that devastating to begin with since the half life is only 8 days. It's the other material that I worry about if I spend time being concerned. The movie "On The Beach" comes to mind on this issue. You can run but you can't hide from it if it gets pervasive enough.

Of greater concern to me is how the advocates of the nuclear power are going to spin it. Already we are seeing spin being spewed out in plenty. It is flat out a dangerous industry and we have not solved the problems inherent in it. Are we really going to continue to build these things? I suspect so.

Of course there are a whole bunch of dangerous industries in this world, which also have not solved many of the inherent problems with them. If mankind is determined to kill itself off, who am I to stand in the way?

Anonymous said...

Here is a good summary of our energy predicament by Kunstler, and the Bakken Shale oil is discussed too:

Blowing Green Smoke

....Mr. Obama pawned off a roster of notions and proposals already product-tested in the public meme-o-sphere. Almost everyone of these ideas is inconsistent with reality, based on faulty premises, or represents some kind of magical thinking.....


Anonymous said...

I think the excerpt below makes a good point:

On the Future of an Illusion – The Pre ‘Post-Civilization’ Blues

....Now, for those of you who think this makes the system vulnerable, well perhaps you’re right. But don’t believe for one moment you are going to take it down. It will not come down by an act or even the collective acts of all the disgruntled middle class Americans and Europeans who have seen the light. There are centripetal forces holding it together as much as there are centrifugal forces pulling it apart. Aside from the controlling hands of the plutocracy, there is too much raw desire out there in the hinterlands of civilization, too many have-nots who have been living on the poverty stricken fringes of this beast just waiting their turn, and scratching for a piece of the elusive pie....

Like those in India and China who are seeking their own long awaited piece of the pie of a " better " quality of life ( which will equal continueing mass resource consumption ).

I regularly watch CCTV ( Chinese Cable News ) and whats going on in that country is very representative of the idea expressed in the excerpt.


murph said...

Hot Springs,

That last link was a good one. Worth keeping track of it. thanks

freeacre said...

Yeah, Hot Springs, I concur. We recently watched a Nova presentation from Netflix called "World in the Balance" about population. And, there was a second documentary included about emerging China, and how their economy has been growing at a steady 8% per year and they all want all the stuff that we have wanted all this time. We're fucked.

Anonymous said...

a guy named 'Dutchsinse' is making videos on YouTube. He's been watching earthquakes, volcanoes, magnetic anomalies and the spread of airborne radiation from Fukushima.

Here's a link to one of his made earlier today. It's an active screen capture of an European online weather service site, showing specific isotope density at specific elevations for the entire northern hemisphere.


Anonymous said...

Hey, liked the kulturecritic site. Might have to add it to my daily intake of DOOM.

Well, Prohibition is alive and well in Mormon HQ. They're now closing VERY PROFITABLE state-operated liquor stores and laying off hundreds of PART-TIME employees.

Man, these bastards are "touching my junk" man!

"I've gotta get outa this place..."


Anonymous said...

Check out these two videos:

and then...

Looks like Dutch nailed it! What the hell are those doppler rings?


Anonymous said...

Palooka and Ras,

Ya'll alright down there?


freeacre said...

Dutchsince is my hero. So is Mr2Tuff. Both are doing excellent research and analysis of official weather and space sites, so you can make some sense out of them.

BTW,check out today's Two near-Earth asteroids incoming as well as solar winds. Earthquake watch.

Ditto, Rockpicker. A call out to all those in the affected areas. Everybody OK?

Hotspringswizard said...

Well I'm at the local library where they have wireless high speed, to see if I could post to my blog. At home lately I can't even pull up the google " sign up " page. It just worked fine here at the library.

I thought maybe there was some glitch/virus messing me up but then why would it work on the wireless? I noticed at home on the Turtle Speed phone modem my blog page loads " with errors ", and the error message appears related to the log in. But when I load other blogs no problemo. Oh well I guess I'll just have to come to the library to load content to my blog for now until I figure out the problem.

We live on the outer edge of the city where beyond us is basically nothing but desert to the north and east. Maybe the connection out here is just not very good ( normally about 45 KBPS, super fast :-)

Well I keep hearing from my brother about the various concentrations of the radioactive plume drifting over the sea from Japan, like 18,000 percent above normal measured in rainwater somewhere near San Francisco, and it makes me wonder if I've already breathed in any radioactive particles that may have lodged somewhere in my system to cause me some sort of mayhem years down the road. Maybe the concentration are truly to small to really be of significance but I sure don't believe what the corpo-government constant liars are saying about it.

I still get out and do my excercise ( swimming and hiking ) and do my normal stuff. I'm sure not going to live like some mole in my house. I've seen in the news that the radiation has been detected now in all of the US states, all over Europe and even in asia ( China for example ). So the radioactive particles are all over the place at whatever concentration is precipitated by the moving air masses.

From the looks of it the situation with the nuke meltdowns is getting worse so it appears we will have to endure some level of radioactive exposure for some time. But then again, since the world is coming to an end in 2012 ( as some think ) the radioactive particles most likely won't do me in by then :-) Just chock it up to one more fun thing that our bodies are getting exposed to like being sprayed like bugs with Chemtrails ( Barium/Aluminum for example ), GMO foods, tainted water, toxic fumes coming off of stuff in our homes, industrial contaminents, well you know I could go on for a while but you get the point. Its a wonder I'm still alive :-)


Anonymous said...

Oh great just saw on the local news some idiot is shooting at people on the freeway. Some poor girl on her way to school at 7 am got shot in the thigh. Another guy reported his VW got shot. Hwy 163 in San Diego was ck'd by authorities and they found 10 bullet casings. This is why I hate it that any asshole can get a gun and shoot at who ever. Just plain frikken nuts. If I were that person's judge i think i'd have to ask that they be made into fertilizer. what a world. If the nuke water doesn't get you joe ding a ling with a gun will.

Sounds like the Fed gov might shut down. Hope you all got your tax returns already. Radiation Network totals went up from when I first checked there. They doubled. Wondering how high they will go.
Hang in there. mrs p

RAS said...

I'm all right everyone, I'm just busier than the proverbial one-legged man. We didn't have any damage from the storms (but I did got off work early). I'm working full time this week, writing articles, and getting ready for my first show of the season new week.

RP -would you like to make a little money by writing? I know of a site that is good for that.

Anonymous said...

Ras, yes. I'm interested in writing for a little extra cash. I just feel limited as far as doing original research. Glad to hear a tree didn't fall on you and yours.

Freeacre, I heard Tim Rifat say on Rense last night that the reporters' gibberish might be a result of the PTW demonstrating their powers to editors in order to keep everyone in line. Microwave extortion, of the ELF kind.

Ras, you can reach me through this blog admin. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

"It's a big idea."

-George H. W. Bush


Anonymous said...

Honshu just got hit by another 7 plus mag quake not far east of Sendai.

Elsewhere in the news, take a look at this...


Anonymous said...

Here's a copy of a letter I just sent Media Matters. I don't know what got into me. Maybe listening to Tarpley explain in exquisite detail how the US is providing air support for Al CIAda in Libya, while the 'rebels' sell their first tanker of oil to the West, and have established a 'central bank.' Democracy, my ass.

To Media Matters:

"You people suck so bad for truth-telling it's just plain disgusting. I'm no fan of Fox News or Glenn Beck, but Gerald Celente pegged you worthless fuckers absolutely dead on. He says conservatives 'believe.' But liberals, who are educated and articulate, 'lie.' It's okay when 'their' boy does it. Fuck you!

Support Media Matters for all the hard work it does to ensure honesty and accountability in the media? Are you fucking kidding? You let the 'official' 9/11 fairytale go unchallenged. You let illegal and immoral wars proceed against poor and innocent people? You stand by, idly, while the Evil Empire doses the planet with weapons of mass destruction. You do absolutely nothing to halt Israel's genocide of the Palestinians. You are fucking pathetic.

Hate speech? Here's some fucking hate speech for you. I hate the deception you and all your liberal buddies have gotten away with for so long, pitting one side against the other, to the great distraction and eventual demise of the country as a whole. Fuck and shame on you.

Many of us see the fascist Hell you unscrupulous shills are prepping America for, and we hold you especially responsible for delivering us unto Evil. Fuck you and your horseshit.

Tell the fucking truth before you die!"

I've had it!


freeacre said...

lol...shades of the "I'm mad as hell and not going to take it anymore!" rants in the movie, "Network." Good one!

Anonymous said...

damage all around us. here at the hooose we dodged another one. thx for asking.

damn good rant rp... p

Anonymous said...

Man, I'm still bummed about Joe Bageant. Do you think they killed him like they killed Aaron Russo?

Well, winter is still the season here in Mormon HQ. Snowing like a mo-fo. Wifeepoo and I might be looking at getting a cheap RV 'cause she thinks we're paying too much in hotels when we travel -and she wants to bring the "attack kitties" instead of paying a sitter or begging her brother to watch 'em. For me, I'd like an RV just so we have some sort of "bug-out" mobile -in case the Mormons get a bug up there collective asses to start harrassing, beating or killing infidels (i.e. PLAN B).

Government shutdown anyone? Who cares. Bastards don't do shit 'cept fuck with us anyway.


freeacre said...

I got this from Rockpicker as an e-mail. But, it's too good not to post.

April, 2011

The old Italian, fragile on his hoe, peers
for garlic, late beneath the plum.
His cuffs, unbuttoned, cut the wind like wings.
He veers a stretch of sky between limbs
and bed, taking count of spears,
as if hawk keeping tabs on hares.
Planes he's sure spray poison for no good
reason and returning geese persist against
the pelt of afternoon. A neighbor's cat
awaits his adulation Clouds devolve
to cumulus and haze when no fields burn.
A fat mouse dies without a kick in yellow grass.
Orach cotyledons pool in paths like blood.

Spinach verdant early under hog fence hoops
and plastic from the dump needs safe water
from the deepest well. Still, rain
threatens, at fifty counts per minute,
not him so much as laughing kids next door.
When did the world quit working like he dreamed?
The missing witness, shoeless on the tape,
muttering, stumbled on by mistake
in a landfill heap. And this newest war,
when were the debates? He leans on stone
to break indifferent wind. Sorting useful roots
from intrusives turns political as town.

Mourning doves grieve the air a gray
he carries in his frame. Geese defeated
beat it east southeast for risky stubble.
Truth is north and hurts worse from a friend.
Aerosol trails merge bad as news in sky
when sun explodes in threats he can't ignore
and land a million peasants loved subsides.
Visuals of non- negotiating sea flood the garden.
Aspens dying go a silver he can't save.
He takes the dog, whose eyes beg, for a walk.
She tells him, when you turn, you're halfway home.

freeacre said...

Yeah, Randy. I am wondering if a "gov't shutdown" would mean that the congress doesn't get paid, either. Nobody seems to be asking that question. Bet they do get paid - the swine.

This next election is gonna be an outrage. If Donald Trump, of all the outlandish mutants, runs... I swear I'm gonna vote for Ron Paul and Jesse Ventura. Who's next, Lady GaGa and Justin Burbur?

Good Max Kaiser link from Urban Survival this morning about how Wall St. has been propped up for years by laundering cocaine profits. And, how it was crashed by the cocaine dealers withdrawing their money to protest an investigation by Mexico. But, we knew that...

Randy, with the price of oil going through the roof soon, you might want to get a gypsy wagon pulled by a horse. Just sayin'....

Anonymous said...

Not a bad idea, FA -but, the price of oats is going sky-high too!

Was thinking on getting a cool VW camper, paint some some flowers on it -or wait! maybe a picture of a HUGE coffee or beer mug just to piss the lemmings off, but, they want WAY too much for one of those things. Plus, the "attack kitties" won't like to be cooped up in something that small.

Hey Belgium,

You haven't had a working government for a couple of years now -how bad is a government shutdown?