Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Ultimate Disaster?

murph fixing the electrical line to the well pump. Keeps on keepin' on...

by murph

We have seen comments and observed that the MSN has completely dropped the Japan story. It flat out isn’t there any more. Why?

On Carolyn Bakers site there is an article at this address that is worth reading;

The article by Dr. Helen Caldicott has some lacking in my opinion, but never the less is an important article. She does not talk about the specific types of radiation particles and their half-life that she says are blanketing most of the world, including the US.

Admittedly, I have no adequate means check out her assertions. Her credentials are impressive (that I’ve checked) and for the life of me, I cannot fathom an agenda in putting out this kind of information, other than maybe making money talking doom and gloom. So, assuming that her information is credible and mostly true, we really are doomed as a species, if not right now, at least within 20 years or so, the amount of time for all humans and most other life to die of cancers from radiation exposure.

She also reported on the affects of radiation from the use of depleted uranium in war munitions. According to her report, in the areas of heavy usage of depleted uranium, doctors are telling women not to get pregnant, that the increase in drastically deformed babies is astounding, like 80%.

So, if Caldicott is correct in her assessment, we are doomed. The lucky ones will die of old age or some accident before we start seeing this come into focus.

This brings up the argument again, why would the PTB poison even them selves if this were all true? Again, I have to repeat my thinking on this. If true, the PTB doesn’t believe it is a threat to them, or they have some kind of protection we don’t know about, or they flat out don’t give a damn.

A very small percentage of folks on this planet have the means of living in a radiation proof 100-year shelter. And even if you did, what would you emerge to after the supplies run out? Land poisoned so badly that you dare not eat what is growing, including animals from the ocean.

She asserts that in the US and in Europe that if it rains, don’t eat out of your garden. So just where do you get your food that is safe? I guess the hydroponic garden in your 600 yr radiation proof shelter. That’s something to look forward to, particularly if you have a few billion dollars to buy your way into one or build your own. Although, after having to live underground for long enough for it to be safe to come out, after multiple generations have grown up in that environment, I’m not so sure that what would be left would also be worth saving.

It appears to me that we can take this information a couple of ways. We shrug our shoulders and just keep on trucking for as long as we can and stock up on gentle poisons for when it becomes obvious that we can’t continue. Or, we deny that as a reality. Or we go on a rampage. All three of those alternatives contain sub categories of course. Maybe we all should just pray to god or gods for deliverance. Although I haven’t seen much response from gods these days for all that is besetting mankind.

I rather suspect that Caldicott is, at the least, partially right, and that’s the reason we don’t get any news about it. Mankind has created a stew of radioactivity that rather dramatically affects living things, even if it is delayed by 20 years. Although, it hasn’t taken 20 years for the effects to show up in the use of depleted uranium in war according to Caldicott.

The bill COICA 2.0 in congress right now will effectively shut down all ability to find out the truth about much of anything from the Internet. MSM in print or TV sure doesn’t seem inclined to tell us much of anything. In a way, I can understand that. If Caldicott is correct, and that information was put out for general consumption, what would be the consequences? Like you, I have several scenarios running through my mind and none of them very pleasant.

Those of us that were around in the 1950’s will recall the nuclear war fears, and all the back yard fallout shelters and often hysteria that accompanied the times around that subject. Satan personified in the form of the Soviet empire was a continual threat, and all the issues surrounding that concept were foremost in our minds. McCarthy and his minions come to mind right off, and the Cuban missile crisis, the Berlin wall, etc. I was just a young kid back then, but I recall the war drills and fairly constant references to the Russkies threat. Now, it appears that we have some new threats to worry about. Terrorists are around every corner, suitcase nuclear bombs, plagues, poisoning of the environment gone viral, a crazy acting sun, space objects hitting the earth or at least coming close by and causing havoc. Now we have the radiation threat that is man made and no amount of money, ingenuity, military build up or political double speak and international posturing is going to do a damned thing about it. If this is indeed of the seriousness the Caldicott indicates, every single person on this planet will eventually be affected to a greater or lesser extent. My father, years ago, (a biology teacher) insisted that mankind was going to poison itself to extinction from human made waste. He wasn’t thinking of a worldwide radiation problem, but it appears that radiation could be the ultimate threat to human survival and that surely can be classified as human made waste product.

Harry Bellefonte years ago did a comedy routine that lasted some 20 min or so where he was giving an archeology report by a extraterrestrial archeologist on the planet earth after all the humans had killed themselves off. It is an obscure recording and I might just have a copy of it somewhere in my archives. It sure rang true with me. I ought to search around and see if I can find it.

Sure would be interesting to see what off-planet archeologists would find in 1-2 thousand years on this planet and what their conclusions would be. Humans as a species have shown themselves incredibly stupid (despite the brilliant ones among us) and do not appear to want to change that. The conclusions and consequences we see before us were neither necessary nor inevitable. We may have come to the point where nothing will stop any of it from happening. One more cosmic experiment turned to shit.

Of final mention that is not a disaster pending, in the sense of radiation or the sun going mad, but that of our MSM handling of the coming elections. I am talking about it in all its forms. Generally, the only TV we watch is the news in the evening while we eat supper. Of course, most evenings it is really bad for the digestion. The TV coverage of candidates is probably the most influential part of elections and who gets elected. We have not heard one word on the TV about Ron Paul running. Now whether you like him or hate him, he is running as a Republican and we haven’t heard one word on the news that recognizes that fact. My conspiracy meter is pegging out on this. Tell me people out in digital land, have you seen or heard anything about Ron Paul running as a Republican? I hear all kinds of stuff about candidates that I have never heard of, and way too much about Palin and Romney and Newt and the rest of the dumbrepug crowd.

For those of you that want to do further research, here are a few more tidbits. Scientists are getting data that the core of the earth is changing, affecting the surface; Or how about the spectrum being emitted by the sun is changing; Or Cliffs projections into 2013 show absolutely no data at all, ie, no humans left to get data from, or at the least, no internet activity at all; Or George Ure’s charts and graphs showing a correlation between sunspots and earthquakes; Or the testing of some municipal water supplies in Texas showing increases in radio nucleotides in the water supply and the lowering of the water standards to afford non compliance by the water works. The list keeps expanding every day it seems.

One last little tidbit if anyone thinks we aren’t living in a fascist state. In Missouri a family has been fined for selling $4000 worth of young rabbits on the market in one year. They have been fined $90,000 for selling over $500 in a year of the rabbits and not filling out the paper work and for not having been inspected. If they don’t pay the fine soon, the added charges go up to $1.3 million. Also, google “companies that no longer accept cash” and make a list of all you can find. It will blow your mind; at least it did for me. If that isn’t enough, do some digging around for states are having the police on a traffic stop asking how much cash you have with you. If it is over a few hundred dollars, they can confiscate it, your car and luggage and toss you in jail for suspicion of drug trafficking.

A year or two ago Freeacre and I commented that it seemed like bad news was coming in on a daily basis. Now it seems like it has accelerated considerably. If I discount half of it as rumor or exaggerated or just flat out not true, the other 50% is alarming indeed. When that other 50% is verified over and over by other sources, you can’t help but repeat the mantra; “We are so doomed”.

... need more pie. This one has a gluten-free crust.


stoney13 said...

I've been wondering why the Japanese nuclear fallout story had just dried up.Its just like the whole earthquake, tsunami, and scores of dead people became a non-story over night.

I don't know what is going to happen over there, but it won't be good. I do know that bad news travels fast, and the PTB will get word to the people that are close to them. That word will leak down to we sad mortals in time, but will it be in time?

nina said...

I seemed to have missed any push to help Japan in their time of need. Where were the donations, the telethons and rock stars, Doctors without Borders, and what are our hundreds of thousands of servicemen and women doing besides packing to leave? We heard of one sole donation, a cool million from Sandra Bullock. Nothing else. What is it, too scary, well then if we are all going down why scary? Perhaps its better the big guys are not stepping up to the plate since they defaulted on their grand, media blared promises to the Haitians.
No reason to rely on them any more and there never was. It put us in the obligatory position of co-dependent enablers as Charles brought up yesterday in Musings.

Murph said...

Hey Stoney,

If this radiation thing is as bad as indicated by that link I put up, then it does make sense to drop the whole thing. After all, the effects of the radiation will take some years to start showing up in adults. And I am sure you are aware of the short term memory of the general population. Hell, less than 10 years ago we went to war with two countries under false pretenses and hardly anyone seems to remember that. Or how many remember the promises of Obama just 4 years ago and how he has reneged on all of them. Given enough time, people simply seem to forget what has been done to them.

murph said...


You are right, I hadn't been thinking along those lines at all.

You ask "What is it, too scary, well then if we are all going down why scary?" Not sure what you were thinking on this, but most people I have known seem terrified of dying, especially a hideous radiation death.

Oh dear, lol there is that co-dependency thing again. Most of our population is already there according to Charles and I have to agree.

dublinmick said...

Pretty much my take, we are close to going back to the real world and awaiting our next assignment.

Keep the faith boys!

Anonymous said...

I tend to see this Japan nuclear situation as similiar in a way to the Gulf spill, in that there will be serious degradation affects but I really doubt that the longer term repercussions of this particular nuclear situation will precipitate something like mass deaths worldwide by cancers in 20 years, or at any period the foreseable future for that matter.

I think barring some calamatious event of a much larger scale like a global killer asteriod, worldwide nuclear war, or things of that nature, that we will see things unraveling as related to, and affected by a myriad of differant pressures, long into the future. Clearly there will be ongoing large scale mayhem of various sorts imposed on humanity, and everything else that lives, but nature and life has amazing resiliance and the ability to adapt too.

I'm really not that supprised that the media has shifted to other things in terms of coverage of the Japan Tsunami/nuclear situation ( not implying here there is no coverup of some scale ). Since the US media as we know is just a mouthpiece for the most part of the PTB/Corporations they are always interested in getting back to subjects of the agenda's they wish to propogandize on.

Large scale events happen, the MSM at times concentrate on the various subjects for a time but they always move on to other things. Apart from the BS factor of the MSM and its constant schilling for powerful interest, there is so much happening in the world that it would truly be immpossible for even any legitimate large scale media to stay on the same subjects as the weeks, months and years roll by.

But it is the case in my opinion that the world situation, and its momentum and dire direction is a dynamic system that will proceed on its precarious course, even despite the occurance of some of its inhabitants coming to realize the greater truths of just what is happening.

Maybe Joe Bageant saw it that way too. He was referring to the US in this case but I think it also applies really to the whole world situation:

Rainbow Pie

Bageant’s Frustration: Extreme Isolation

....Joe knew what he was talking about, and knew it intimately; which meant he understood that there was no reversing the situation, no saving America at the eleventh hour....


murph said...


The thing that bothers me is that there are numerous web sites that talk about radiation spreading over a very large parts of the Northern hemisphere, that Europe is still dealing with Chernobyl radiation, by some estimates, the Japan meltdown is still going on and is actually worse than Chernobyl.

Now indeed nature is resilient but not resilient to some things. The problem with wide spread radiation over the world is that it is pernicious, it takes a while for it to show its destructiveness on living things in less than lethal immediate doses. Look how long it took for coal to start showing its destructiveness. According to that article I posted, the direct deaths from Chernobyl are much higher than is recognized by the MSN and it is a bit over 20 years from that meltdown.

Did you read that article? Now I admit that the woman may be exaggerating for some reason, I have no way of telling one way or another. I have been seeing other articles by people in the nuclear field, some seem to agree, some do not. It does seem to be true that low level radiation seems to take around 20 years to start showing up in severe health issues in a lot of people that have been exposed, and not just cancer. One of these days I may do a bit of research on health issues in Japan after WWII. As I understand it, the radiation from that nuclear attack released a huge amount of radioactive particles but most of them were short lived and so the long term effects didn't drag on forever.

If there indeed is a cloud of radioactive material passing over the northern hemisphere I am not so generous with the MSN and I cannot excuse them for not paying attention to it in the news. If it is true, the drivel that is accepted as news is a damned poor excuse for reporting. But then again, if it is true, what would be the consequence of reporting it?

The Gulf disaster is ongoing I think and I wonder at the eventual consequence of that too.

Of course I am a pessimist by nature, and while I recognize that an optimist has more fun, but the pessimist is more often right.

I would hope that death from radiation poisoning will not turn out to be a pandemic. Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

We're headed into the final shakeout for Magical Thinking in all its forms. Reality ain't "what we make it", it is what it is. Virtual Reality and Alternate Reality have had their shot and failed. Real Reality is coming back. With a vengeance.

Anonymous said...

"It takes few words to tell the truth." -Chief Joseph

The lamestream media are corporate America's whore. Plain and simple.

"Not until the last tree is cut, the last fish is caught will we learn that money cannot be eaten." -unknown Native American elder

Mike Ruppert gave a good speech yesterday in Grass Valley. It aired last night on the Lifeboat Hour. I assume it will be archived at that site sometime today.

I have nothing but contempt and condemnation for what the media have allowed themselves to become, for thirty pieces of silver, and for pretending to still aspire to the roll of truth-teller and government watchdog. It was once a noble calling. No amount of explanation justifies the deceit and abdication of responsibility
pervasive in the press today.

I remember when Pravda was a joke.

Now it's NPR and Democracy Too Late.

Jeff Rense has a list of articles on both the Gulf of Mexico and Fukushima as long as your arm, if anyone wants to know what Helen Caldicot, Chris Busby, Bill Deagle, Arnie Gunderson and Lauren Moret have been saying about the radiation since the beginning.

Good post, Murph. Let's hope there are some natural supplements with which we can to some degree mitigate the effects of this radioactive poisoning. No question, we're getting dosed. FDA won't test north Pacific fish. Don't need to. They're Okay!

And EPA recalibrated its monitors. Rad levels actually went down since Fukushima, if you can believe that! (Steve Quayle)

I'll let Palooka handle the "D" word, but suffice it to say, if you think a little increase in background radiation is trivial, look up photos of the DU babies in Falluja.

Those who have introduced such weapons of mass destruction should be stood against a wall and shot.


wv= purge

freeacre said...

Take a look at this coverage of the horrific tornado damage in Joplin, Missouri.
Hey, Dave, you OK? Boy, I'd say that a storm cellar ought to be a "must have" if you live in tornado alley...

mrs p said...

You are damn right Murph,

And it seems like already there's so many people, even some younger ones, as in, under 30 young, dying of cancer already. After 12 or so years of GMO Roundup Ready corn, wheat & soy that's in 100's if not 1000's of products, who knows what's causing the cancer rate to rise. Not everyone who dies of cancer smokes cigarettes. I personally know of 9 people who have died and a few more who are fighting it. I think our bodies get poison and polluted from all sorts of sources including our homes which we never think about. So many dangerous chemicals everywhere, lead, mercury, asbestos, etc. and the nasty stuff used for termites and other socalled pests in argriculture. The reports on chemicals used just in CA are astounding...they measure them in the tons.

Now we have all the radioactive materials some of which are known around the world by nuke scientists, with no question about it, to be really really bad stuff. If it's there and it is and if it's exposed and it is then yes dammit we are so screwed. Might take a few years but damn we live in a very poisonous world and the PTB and MS media rarely ever talk about it. Hell they're still debating if there's a difference between organically grown vegetables and pesticide & chemical fertilized ones like they don't know, the freakin dumbasses! As a species I think it would be fair to say, we are completely F*****nuts. ( A little Lewis Black Humor needs to be inserted here). It's sheer madness that we carry on this way and that so called democratic responsibility to inform the public is all about entertainment and no serious debate on what's about to kill us or WHO IS responsible for it.

Also lately this thing about Obama reminding naughty Israel about the 1967 agreeements being new is hoo-haw! Supposedly that has been the U.S. policy dating back to Bush sr., Clinton and Bush Jr. Hasn't changed suposedly so why all the hullabalooo and flack? Entertainment & distraction? Such a lot of hooey.

It's odd & depressing that most of the stuff I've been unhappy with, and waiting for so damn long to happen ie change, improve, come true as in fairytale, (as for world politics and our country, things working right etc.), since I WAS IN THE 9th GRADE, have not yet changed or improved much. Thus have been so not impressed with our U.S. political sludge and it would seem that we are so far behind other countries as far as workers rights, etc. and chemicals that have been banned for years in the EU are still being used here. Damn dumb if you ask me. Hang in there trout clan, love, mrsp

mrs p said...

Murphs musings were so captivating I forgot to comment on that fabulous mouthwatering Freeacre no gluten pie! Yummy! It inspires me to make one! Perhaps for this Memorial Day wkend coming up. I still think Freeacre should have her own diner or coffee shop.
cheers & love,
hungry for pie mrs p
wv: dealing (ha ha)

Anonymous said...

Damn! I love the smell of DOOM in the morning.... Smells like...


Yeah, you wonder if they, you know, "THEM," have some super-secret magic dust to protect them from all of the stuff (FUCKUshema, Corexit, Roundup, DU, etc.) that's gonna kill "the little people" of this world. Why the seed vault (financed by filthy rich bastards) in Norway?

Yeah, I'm parinoid -and a pessimist, too. But hey, I'm never dissapointed.

Since winter has now lasted about 7months here, I'm not sure how well the little "Me and Wifeepoo's Garden" will do this year. We've only had two or three days this whole spring where it broke 70 degrees and this week looks like a repeat of last, wet with 55-60 degrees for a high temp. Geez. Got stuff growing in the small greenhouse, but I'm afraid to put them in the ground for fear of another cold spell/snowstorm.

Anyone know when the rules for getting a passport is to be changed? I got the forms a couple of months ago and I keep forgetting to fill it out. Yeah, I know, I should've done this when my passport expired last December -'cause we might have to put the "Attack Kitties" in a carrier and bug-out of Murika.
But where to go to? Hmmmm....

I second the notion of "Freeacre's Diner and Bakery."


freeacre said...

Yeah, mrs.p, the murphinator and I go nuts all the time when we hear bullshit like NYC is making it illegal to smoke cigarettes outside in a park or beach to protect people from second hand smoke - when nothing is done about the RADIATION in the air or the carcinogens from the refineries and chemical companies. GAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

And, Randy, I don't know what passport changes you are referring to, but I got a new passport about 6 months ago. It cost an arm and a leg, took forever to get in the mail, and it included an RFID chip. Better get on it before they figure out some way to make it worse.

LOL, Thanks, but no thanks on the diner idea. Making one pie is enjoyable. Making several every day would be a real job! I am thinking of sewing up some chicken "vests" and selling them at the Grange Mkt., though.

Anonymous said...

In considering this you wrote Murph " So, assuming that her information is credible and mostly true, we really are doomed as a species, if not right now, at least within 20 years or so, the amount of time for all humans and most other life to die of cancers from radiation exposure ". I do not think that it is realistic that humans and most of other life will die of cancers due to the radiation exposure that will emenate from the Fukushima incident. I think that is far-fetched to the extreme. This does not mean that I somehow don't realize that lots of lliving things will die from this radiation exposure. It would be great if we could fast forward 20 years to see what actually occurs, and could have the ability to discern what affects in truth the radiation fallout from Fukushima actually precipitated upon the living things of this earth, and if we could I think we will be dealing with other dire issues not even related in any significant degree to the long distance incident of Fukushima. With that said I absolutely think that nuclear power is dangerous, crazy and wish we would stop it now, but the people running things in the US are in a desperate situation and can't even imagine not utilizing nuclear energy for power.
As far as the MSM media is concerned, it seems some of you have somehow interpreted from my recent post that I am apologizing for the media and what it reports on. Jeeez, you guys don't realize by now that I know the MSM is almost completely full of crap and a complete disgrace? The vast amount of the information I feel as worthy and truthful I get from trusted internet sources. The world now has so many large scale massive dire issues going on does any of you think that any media can really focus on and keep track of ( with constant in depth analisis ) everthing that is occurring. The world is way to complicated with multitiudes of issues heading into dire futures. This observation of mine is not me making apologies for the MSM , its pointing out that any media even if it did ( in a fairytale world ) endeavor diligently to be responsible, fair and just in its reporting could not keep up with what is unfolding. Things are unraveling on a monumental scale and any type of media you might hope for will not alter the course of events in any practical sense of scale.
So my general ideas expressed in my first post were simply that the world's living things in my opinion won't all be dying from the Fukushima incident. Yes exposure to all sorts of poisens will be killing lots of living things in the next two decades, but these deaths will be occuring due to exposure to a wide range of contaminents, and just a part of that will be radiation. And my thoughts about the media were not about apologizing for the MSM, but are meant to suggest that there is no media that even if it tried could cover in the depth and scop and longevity the issues each of you might wish it to focus on, even if that media was completely altruistic in its intent.
And yes I think the natural world, the biosphere, Mother Earth will adapt, change and move on from our ill deeds we imposed as a species upon this planet. Its not and idea of wishful thinking but a realization that in the vast scale of things our presence and disruption will be a transient shadow of happenings when considering the unimmaginable expanse of time that will represent the accounting of what occurred in the events of this little sphere in space. Humans like to think that what happens in their world somehow makes a differance or matters to the universe and how its evolving. Our " important issues " mean nothing to infinity.


dublinmick said...

I wouldn't underestimate Fukushima. There is not that much plutonium even in a nuclear blast. It is only used to set it off with a small amount.

Those reactors have 660.000 plutonium rods and the experts say one of them is enough to kill 45 percent of the people on earth. what is worse is it is going straight up into the atmosphere.

Anonymous said...

I guess disagreeing with the idea that the Fukushima incident will wipe out most all of living life on earth in the next 20 years is not allowed, by the spam filter. And just what I wrote that would be flagged as spam is a mystery to me.


dublinmick said...

Most important, what to do

dublinmick said...

It ate my first post.

At any rate a nuclear bomb does not contain much plutonium, only the head to set it off. A plant contains a lot. They say one rod has enough plutonium to kill 45 percent of the life on the planet and fukushima alone has 660,000 rods.

murph said...

HSW and Dublinmick,

Yup found a comment from each of you in Spam. They are up now.

Hot Springs,

In a way I hope you are right, mostly because dying of radiation poisoning is so hideous. Take radiation therapy for cancer treatment and multiply it a few times. I'll take the asteroid death any day.

It may not be that radiation will be the great exterminator. And, maybe nothing will exterminate humans from this planet. Other species have been exterminated by outside events, not so sure why humans will or should be an exception. Maybe not in our lifetime. Again, we shall see what comes of this down the road.


Lot of links in your comment to look at. You are correct as far as I know concerning nuclear explosion containing not much plutonium but reactors have around 200 radioactive materials in them, some of them changing over time, and plutonium being one of the worst for longevity.

HSW doubts this will be the great human exterminator. I just don't know. I think it has the potential for it. I do not have much belief in human exceptionalism myself. As a species, it appears to me that humans have great arrogance that far exceeds whatever wisdom we may choose to look at or has been exhibited over 5000 years.

Anonymous said...

Murph, regarding this you wrote " Other species have been exterminated by outside events, not so sure why humans will or should be an exception ", are you thinking that in anything I wrote in this thread that I somehow implied, or think that humans could not be exterminated by something? I haven't suggested that, nor think that.

And this you wrote " HSW doubts this will be the great human exterminator. I just don't know. I think it has the potential for it. I do not have much belief in human exceptionalism myself ", just because I am of the opinion that the Fukushima incident will not turn out to be something that will kill off all of humanity and most of living things in 20 years does not mean that I think this will be the case because humans are somehow " exceptional ".

I see humans as a species of animal that contain within the architecture of their minds forms of functioning that manifest itself in the physical world in a vast array of negative ways that have nothing to do at all with the idea of " exceptionalism ".

The very thing at the root of what causes us to behave differantly ( our minds and its functioning ) as a species is an adaptation that is proving itself to be seriously non-benificial to the point that we are quickly altering our life support system to such a degree that our species will soon see drastic declines. That to me is a flawed and unsustainable species that could well cause its own demise at some point, as I think we could agree is occurring right now.

On another subject, so X amount of plutonium can kill X amount of people. Perhaps so in perfect circumstances but thats not what is occrring in the real world process. There are myriad differant factors that will be affecting the dispersement and affects from Fukushima.

Considerations like, how much nuclear material is leaving this site really, what are the types of material or forms of radiation, what natural factors will degrade them in the air and ocean, how quickly and affectively will the site be mitigated by containment measures, how much concentration is really present in any given area, what actual affects will this really precipitate in living things over time, what percentage of the radioactive particles in the air and ocean will be nutralized by natural systems, how resilient will organisms show themselves to be to low levels of airborne radioactive particulants.

These are just some expamples of real world ( not magical thinking )features that will be working in combination to diminish the affects of what Fukushima will produce in radioactive substances over time.

Humanities usage of nuclear material for various things definitely concerns me, but I don't think its realistic to assume that Fukushima will mean the death of all of humanity and most of all living things.


freeacre said...

I sure don't know what's going to happen. Once again, my challenge is to embrace the mystery. Mr2tuff has a new segment up that is a whole documentary film called "The Great Year" that is narrated by James Earl Jones, no less. It explains the hypothesis of a binary star system that may explain a lot of what we are going through, in terms of changes in the sun and our solar system.
I'm holding out some hope that the Sun changes will alter the radiation somehow so that it's not so lethal. A miracle would be greatly appreciated.


Anonymous said...

"And, maybe nothing will exterminate humans from this planet."

WHAT?! And have the world put-up with human beings for, for -FOREVER?!

Dang, now that's some serious DOOM we're talk'in about here.


Anonymous said...

Dutchsinse called the Joplin tornado dead-on.

Why is obvious weather manipulation NOT news? Tons of media focus on Joplin, but only one amateur citizen journalist paying attention to Intellicast weather maps that clearly indicate human-altered weather events. Check it out. Perfect circles, or parts of circles, are manifesting in cloud formations. Over and over again, from the Dakotas to Louisianna to Georgia and Maine.

What can make clouds line up along a straight line, then suddenly turn a 90 degree corner and line up again on a straight line? Inside the right angle, no clouds.

Is Intellicast making this stuff up? Why?

Dutch is simply looking at their data; he's not producing the data. So, why isn't this news?

A computer nerd from St. Louis discovers that, based on observed anomalies in radar weather maps, he can accurately predict extreme weather events 24 to 48 hrs prior to touchdown. Why would an honest press ignore such a discovery?

I don't buy the contention that the media has it's hands full of bad news and must therefor budget its time and resources.

I don't buy the proposal that the Press is doing the best job possible, given the enormity of the task.

I find that attitude generously naive and one editors actively exploit.

The lamestream media picks and chooses what it presents to us. Examples abound. Suffice it to say, news that threatens the stability of the corporate structure controlling the news industry gets minimal play. The system perpetuates itself. It eliminates honest reporters. (Dan Rather, Helen Thomas) It ignores events it doesn't want us ruminating over. (Bilderberger meetings, ongoing catastrophes in the Gulf of Mexico and Fukushima)

Ignorance enables denial. Denial fosters complacency. Complacency deflates resolve and replaces it with resignation.


Anonymous said...

Oh, hey, forgot to mention: Carolyn Baker's got the latest GAEB LEAP/E2020's "doom-o-rama" up.
Looks like dying from FUCKUsheema's spew in 10 - 20 years might take a back seat to getting offed in Bartertown's "Thunderdome."

Anonymous said...

Here's a video link to Helen Caldicott telling it like it is.


dublinmick said...

I can't work on the premise that Fukushima will be the last problem. The head man at another plant has already committed suicide.

murph said...


Yeh, if one don't get ya, something else will. LOL ya think ya just might get out of this alive?

Notice that the American nuclear reactor industry has gotten pretty quiet lately. Their ads are far and few between now days.

Anonymous said...

My response to Murph's May 23, 2011 10:44 PM post has disappeared, in the spam censorbox I assume.


Anonymous said...

RP, this you wrote has nothing to do with what I cited regarding the media,

" I don't buy the contention that the media has it's hands full of bad news and must therefor budget its time and resources.

I don't buy the proposal that the Press is doing the best job possible, given the enormity of the task.

I find that attitude generously naive and one editors actively exploit. "

Let me know when you, Helen Caldicott, and your " wished for " media of any sort turn the world around, better do it soon because we will all be dead in 20 years, for sure, absolutely, no doubt whatsoever about it! I'll just wander off and wallow in my cloud of denial now and not interfere with your super solid concrete un-questionable truths anymore. OK Spam Monster, one last post for you to eat! Goodbye and good luck all you Trouts.


Anonymous said...

Whoa HSW, what's going on???? Don't run off we need you.

Your posts are here I saw them. The Murph saw to it that they were reposted long ago. You must review and you'll see. I've had a few posts disapear last wk or so, on the way in and dont think they made it to the spam filter even. but I was too pooped to bother redoing them.

Any how even if the "cumulative" affects of the nasty nuclear materials do make a lot of people sick there are things such as "aptogens" herbs, (Google it) There are many of them that can help. We must never give up we have to keep searching for answers.
Check out Gymostemma Pentaphyllm (it has a chinese name) and has properties testing better than Ginsing. It comes as a tea or (its a plant they make tea with) or concentrate if you like and can help with many things. x,mrs p

freeacre said...

Now, Hot Springs, don't make me have to stop the Since when do we all have to agree on everything?

These issues are inherently stressful. Nobody has the total truth on anything - especially when there is so much contradictory information. And, especially in light of the fact that the future is as yet unwritten.

murph retrieved your comment from the spam box, so its back. I don't think blogger does that because of content. I think it's just because their program sucks and it won't learn who is a regular commenter.

I know I have to remind myself all the time that I thought the dollar would have crashed by now. I thought gas would have been about $10 a gallon by now. I thought an earthquake was gonna happen off the coast of Oregon last Feb. I hoped for an end to the war, Guantanamo ... all kinds of stuff didn't happen that was predicted.

I think I am going to attempt to focus more on the life and beauty around me. Because one way or another, sooner or later, it is going to come to an end for each of us here on the earth, anyway. So, I may as well appreciate it while I'm here. I stress the "I" because I don't speak for everyone.
Forgiveness, revenge, fear, bravery, denial, love, kindness, hatred - all are possible responses to intolerable situations. All may be appropriate depending on the circumstances or the person involved. Sometimes we just need to wait and see.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mrs P for your positive sentiments. I appreciate that :-)

Freeacre you know I respect and appreciate you, and your considerate way of being :-) Regarding this you wrote " Nobody has the total truth on anything ", you know this, I know this ( I've written here that I claim no absolutes in my life ), but that doesn't go for everybody. For some people if it comes out of their mouth, if they write down some thoughts, its truth, and thats it.

For example " Here's a video link to Helen Caldicott telling it like it is ", I see, like it is, no question, no discussion. But the reality is its just her opinions, she's human and fallible, with always the possibility of her predictions being shown in time to be wrong.

And RP, it just boggles my mind that you have taken my thoughts about the media to somehow have meant that I excuse, am apologizing for, condone, or approve of its appalling state.

After the amount of postings I have done here, on many subjects, it leaves me to wonder how you could possibly think I'm some sort of pro-media minion.


Anonymous said...

A link between climate change and Joplin tornadoes? Never!

Caution: It is vitally important not to make connections....


freeacre said...

Wow. That was an excellent piece. He summed up the global "natural" disasters very succintly. Then tied them into the systemic damage being done to the food supply. Good one.

He might have included the frigging snow we are experiencing right now in Central Oregon. We'll see how many times we have to re-plant. Christ.

RAS said...

Okay, I didn't really want to chime in on this, but I feel I have to. There is no way -no way -the Fukushima thing is big enough to cause the extinction of the human race. I'm sorry, but it's not that bad. It is a bad thing yes, but not that bad. There are people walking around today in their 80s and 90s in the U.S., Japan, and the South Pacific who got larger doses of radiation during WWII and nuclear than anyone (in the U.S. at least) will ever get from Fukushima, and they still haven't dropped dead from it. Yes, a lot of them died, and yes, a lot of people will die from this -but not the entire human race.

People like Caldicott and Baker drive me nuts. Why? Because they make us all look bad. Everyone who preps, everyone who is aware, everyone who doesn't have their heads in the sand, gets dumped in with these people and so no one will listen. She could be reasonable; she could say, "Look, there are going to be millions of new cases of cancer [which there are] as a result of this, and this is why nuclear power is bad." Instead she runs around saying everyone is going to die, and all people here is "the sky is falling! the sky is falling!" Ten or twenty years from now, when it hasn't happened, she's going to be just another loon -and so is everyone who knows how bad it is, because the government will thoroughly bury any connection, and the sheeple will believe them because it's only the loons they remember.

Also, I long ago came to the conclusion that Carolyn Baker wants the human race to go extinct; this is the first time she's posted an article like this.

Finally, the media dropped the Fukushima story because they have the attention span of a 2-year-old in a room full of presents. There have been multiple natural disasters in the U.S. and civil war in Africa since then, and if it bleeds, it leads.

And yes, I got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

Anonymous said...

we assume, that if it looks like, talks like, walks like, acts like a duck, then its a duck. until proven otherwise. further, we apply this to more than ducks. we apply it to most everything known and we even use such to speculate about the unknown. we apply this to U even which highly likely operates on fundamentals, at least some of which may well be highly likely to have been mis-interpreted.

can fundamentals be like ducks? is a duck really a duck in the first place? and what if ya got a whole lot more ducks than ever before? billions of em that leave a footprint. a footprint that may or may not have significant impact on changing what we conclude based on historical record. iow, if they all fart at the same time are there enough of them to change planet earth's atmospheric composition to an exteem approaching a major volcanic fart? to an extreem that changes climate for as much as centuries as noted in those geologic records? and for that matter, is our interpretaion of those records along with our methodologies we use to make interpretations acurate? i.e., is carbon dating acurate? does the process by which we extract ice cores change the composition to the point that we don't actually know what we think we know? is nuclear half-life based on hard science? that is, based on observevation over the hundreds of thousands of years the science claims it takes for the half life decay of radioactive elements? or is it speculation based on mathematical fiction?

we think we know all we need to know about ducks yet U is teaching us more about ducks even as i write this. U is amazing. it seems to contain an anti-dote for everything. i.e., the anti-dote for a poisonous weed often can be found growing in the general vicinity of the poisonous one. the planet has apparently survived devastation several times. so too the sentient beings who inhabit this living organism.

i highly suspect that U, the ultimate teacher and student of itself, is throwing us arrogant know-it-alls a lesson in humility. why would it do this? maybe because the past shows we have learned absoultely NOTHING from the previous lessons which have been repeated over and over and over throughout the eons.

BUT, is a duck really a duck? and do ducks really fart? i dunno. but, until then... quack!

Anonymous said...

Reactors at Fukushima are still fissioning, so any use of the past tense in describing the catastrophe is, in my opinion, prematurely dismissive.

Damage to the human organism from exposure to radioactivity is cumulative, and no level of exposure is safe.

100's of millions of tons of water have already been flushed through the melting-down reactors and fuel rod pools. All that water has ended up in the ground or in the sea.

An unnamed 'food producer' last week announced that plutonium had been found in their fields fifty kilometers from the reactors.

It's generally accepted that plutonium is so hot, one lb. of it, evenly distributed, is enough to kill everyone on earth.

The official death toll from Chernoble is, I think, in the hundreds. Caldicott, and others claim millions have died from cancers caused by long-term exposure.

EPA and FDA want you to forget about the whole affair.

My question is, how long is YOUR attention span?

And where is your rage? Hopefully channeled into solid opposition to any further nuclear adventurism.

Can anyone rationally call what happened at Daichi an accident?

The best and the brightest design and place six reactors on the subduction-zone side of an island known to be vulnerable to major earth movements, they site them at sea level, provide inadequate sea-wall protection, site the back-up generators on the ground and store spent fuel rods in the ceiling above the reactors.

Sounds like a plan to me.


freeacre said...

This is completely off topic, but I woke up this morning still haunted by this movie we watched last night - "Winter's Bone." It featured the dirt poor culture in the Ozark Mtns. of Missouri, about as different from the mainstream as the Aboriginals are from the middle-class in Australia. It was so realistic because they somehow got close to the real people who live there who let them use their own homes for the setting and it also featured locals in the movie.
Talk about rough. Yeowza!

murph said...


You may very well be right, the Japan nuclear meltdown may not be the end of human life on the planet. In fact, I also presume that insisting it is has a small probability. But it does have some probability over zero. It is also obvious that Caldicutt's article is extreme on the end of the world scenario. Which does not preclude that it has validity, even if small probability.

One of my observations over the years is that the general citizenry simply does not react to moderate or hedged predictions of consequences of action. Normally reactions only occur to extremes. Take this issue of Pyralid herbicides as an example. If this issue is not presented in its extreme form, will people pay attention? Hell no! If the most dire consequences of its use is not presented to governing bodies, will they do anything about it? Hell no!

Now I must admit that I really do not approve of going to far extremes to get peoples attention on some issue. But, then again, that seems to be the only way to get their attention. Moderate, thoughtful examination of most issues is simply ho hum stuff to most people and government decisions. If it's not an emergency then it goes on the back burner for consideration.

In the case of the radiation out of Japan, from another perspective, just how much of an emergency is it to have millions dying from radiation poisoning within 20 or so years? Is that severe enough to deserve immediate consideration?

I suspect that you are right, it is not the total end of human life on the planet. But, how much of this planet will be fit for human life if this continues for an extended period of time. How much land will be so contaminated that food from it will not be safe to eat?

It sure appears to me that those reactors should be immediately encased in concrete, like Chernobyl and some kind of cleanup begun, world wide.

I suspect that not many of us will be around to see the outcome of this catastrophe.

Anonymous said...

Yes FA, Winter's Bone, great flick. Melissa Leo was excellent in that. It kept me on the edge of my seat, perhaps because I'm a mother I dunno really but it was intense for me. And so damn cold there! mrs p

Anonymous said...

Some scientists say burry the sucker in concrete asap, others have said that won't work as it's all so hot it will burn downward through the concrete into the earth and beyond to the core. How insane does that sound? What ever the real story is, I certainly wish somebody somewhere would take some responsibility and stop all this nonsense. Burrying the whole plant in concrete should have happened already and it seems the longer what ever should get done is put off the more problematic the whole scenario becomes. The U.N. or some global authority should just say enough already! And take over. Japan and the nuke people haven't handled this unbiasedly?

And what will more deep water drilling do to what's left of the Gulf? We just keep trashing the earth. If enough people say knock it off maybe they'll listen. What's a mom to do? mrs p

Anonymous said...

Not to depress any of you but perhaps to expose the sentiments that are growing world wide re nuclear being a bad energy, read this story, Fukushima A Stake Through Nuclear Industry's Heart,
and be sure to read the paragraph where the Admiral Rickover testifies to congress. mrs p

Jon said...


A mole of peas would cover the earth 13 feet deep, but when is that ever going to occur. People die. Some people, as cited in an earlier post, are naturally more tolerant to low levels ( or high levels) of radiation and live full lives. The population evolves. At some point in the future, we will go extinct, I bet life will still be evolving here.

Live life. Dont react. Reacting to hysterics removes power from the being reacting. And has you consuming products you dont need.

Now Im off to camp and run big whitewater all weekend and I dont give a shit how much radiation is in the rain.

murph said...

Hi Jon,

Don't recall you commenting before. Welcome.

A mole of peas. I love it.

Not so sure of your conclusions, but I like your statement to "live life". Perhaps the problem is to determine just what are hysterics and what is legitimate warnings.

You got example of what consuming products are caused by reacting to hysterics?

I'm glad you are white watering the rapids and hope you have a good time. I am concerned about radiation in the rain however since we grow a lot of our food.

Anonymous said...

Murph, In your missive you wrote this, " we really are doomed as a species, if not right now, at least within 20 years or so, the amount of time for all humans and most other life to die of cancers from radiation exposure ", and in your most recent comment you wrote this, " just how much of an emergency is it to have millions dying from radiation poisoning within 20 or so years ".

So between these two statements we are looking at a differance between in the first case, roughly 7 Billion people and most other life on the whole earth dying, and in the second case millions dying and no mention of other life. My observation about this Fukushima issue in several postings of this thread all along is that I found your first description of the repercussions of this incident as very highly unlikely, and I know you mentioned that this assessment was based on whether Helen Caldicotts prognostications were accurate.

I think your second observation about what the repercussions may be will show itself in time to be vastly closer to the mark of what will actually happen, whether its less or more than millions of humans remains to be seen, and even though you did not mention " other life " I know you would be assumming that lots of living things besides humans would be succumbing to the radioactive contaminents.

As to what actually happens regarding the fallout from this Fukushima incident, as I claim no abosolutes in my life, this also means that I do not cite anything as being impossible. I judge the world in terms of probabilities as assessed by my personal life experience and learning. So in terms of Fukushima, my take is its an exceedinly low probability that your first observation Murph would actually occur.

RAS, your post of " May 26, 2011 5:12 AM " I think is spot on in my opinion. Maybe you should wake up on the wrong side of the bed more often :-)

Freeacre and Mrs P, the family and I also saw that movie Winter's Bone recently. Man what a life those people live and I'd say thats representative of the kind of reality that goes on in locals like that. Makes me appreciate my simple life her in the Apple Valley :-)

And Climate Change assesment according to Duck and U theory, thats a first! Who was that, P perhaps :-)

Bill McKibben ( who was the author of that article I posted above ) was interviewed on Democracy Now this evening and in my opinion he is right on target with his assessment of the casual factors for our dramatically changing world weather. Man with all of that Tornado activity lately back east, for those folks its getting to be like living in a bowling alley! Lucky for us in this high desert we don't have to endure huricanes, tornados, flooding ( at least at our home ), huge snowfalls, wild fires ( nothing much grows here ), massive lighting storms, much in the way of strong winds, etc. We just get barbequed in the summer and feel a bit parched sometimes :-)

Hey RP, sorry I got a little sarcastic with ya back there. Maybe like RAS I woke up on the wrong side of the bed :-)


Anonymous said...

Man the Spam Monster sure has an axe to grind with me for sure :-) I think I'm up to three or four postings renditioned away with extraordinary speed in this one thread alone :-)

I know it has nothing to do with you Murph and Freeacre but I have to wonder whats up with this spam thing. Nothing is differant about my various post except for the content. I sign it the same, HSW, and I'm coming from the same IP address. My post disappear and then when I do a post about the missing one and it stays.

In view of that, I'm inclined to think there is some measure of censorship involved with the spam program. Are any of the rest of you getting your postings spammed as much as I am, just wondering?

Here is the time of my last spammed post: May 26, 2011 11:12 PM

Yeah its happening so much I'm always saving my content and also the the time info.


freeacre said...

OK, I retrieved your comment from the spam box again. I doubt it's content. I bet it's your server that blogger doesn't like. I really have no idea, but it is annoying, to be sure.

Anonymous said...

hey guys, rain rain rain anddddd, a little more rain..,here in puddle flats montana the people look like mold is starting to grow on them, and for some like myself its quite an improvement if i do say so, and i do...
do i feel a little testy going on? the frustration of seemingly not being able to do anything about the incredible stupidity of the two-leggeds is normal i think, at least at this point in the mutation of the human brain,
and langosta assures me that this is certainly going on.
not for everyone, because it just works that way, its the hundredth monkey thingie she says..
part of the problem is she says is that in the present state of development the energy needed to understand is locked up in the frustration itself.
the clarity needed to transcend this block is available for us that have the intention to understand.
this requires a tremendous amount of self awareness in order that the mind might rest into the deep silence necessary for the unfolding of what seems to be the culmination of this portion of evolution in the two-legged scheme of things..
the circus being presented to the two-leggeds as catastrophic events is boggling
those little baby synapses being created with unnecessary noise.
it will not matter she says because as a bird will crack its shell to freedom the universe itself cannot stop this process, indeed it is the universal energy that is bringing about this change, not just for the two-leggeds but for all of creation,as it is an unfolding that is constant and unyielding in its dance of life/./

fuck me in the goats ass, this is more then i can understand but shit so what..

anyway here is a neat little place.

and this is something rockpicker would like if doesn't have already..

its really neat software that allows one to know what planes are overhead and which ones are spewing out the chemtrails as it seems to me..
more stuff to occupy the mind i guess, but shit its there.

thank you guys, you are really keeping the fire hot and its always a place to go where there is sanity sticking out..
its tough but also an opportunity for understanding those things that have never it appears been understood. and the place in the sun where we rightfully belong i think is upon us.
just breath she bemoans,sometimes thats just plenty.
i love you all that attend this sacred council of committed souls, may there be peace in your hearts and minds.


Anonymous said...

Right on Jon!!!

"Do not be attached to the past or wait for the future. Be grateful for each day, that is enough. I do not believe in a future world, I deny the past. I believe entirely in the present. Employ your entire body and mind in the eternal now."-Santoka Taneda

Anonymous said...

I see Vermont just became the first state to pass single payer health care. I wonder if this will spread to other states? Its gotta be better than the big health industry ripoff of so-called health care that is destroying lives wholesale across the US.

I saw an article recently were ( senator? ) Wyden was talking about how the Patriot Act is now being interpreted differently, in cases, than whats publicly stated, and " secret laws " are being applied. Yeah thats great, now the brownshirt stormtrouper goons can snatch you up based on laws that are secret, laws that you would have no possiblility of knowing about. More Police State BS!

My brother called me earlier in the week and said he had just watched the Netanyahu Speech in front of congress. He said it was appalling and disgusting watching that professional liar and war crimminal. He got almost 30 standing ovations from the zombie spineless congressional minions and Dane said it was like he was the defacto president of the US! You can google it if you have not seen it already ( on the 24th I think ). Get your barf bag handy, Dane said your going to need it!

And lastly this I,m seeing just now on Free Speech TV. There is a guy explaining that when differant individuals google information, they will get differant results that are modeled to provide links that you individually are more inclined to click on, and not just general results based on your inquiry. So don't worry about learning about the real world because google will just feed you what you want.

This is why I'm learning all I can now because of all the manipulations like this of internet content that are increasing and impinging on its better nature of being a place of the complete freeflow of information and ideas. The guy talking about this if I got it right is Eli ( parisiar? ) and he has put out a book about this subject called the Filtered Bubble.

MF regarding this you wrote, " i love you all that attend this sacred council of committed souls, may there be peace in your hearts and minds ", what a good hearted soul you are :-) I know everyone really appreciates your sentiments :-)

Maybe, just maybe this post will not be Spamotized :-)


Anonymous said...

Is the internet threatening democracy?

Beware online "filter bubbles"

As web companies strive to tailor their services (including news and search results) to our personal tastes, there's a dangerous unintended consequence: We get trapped in a "filter bubble" and don't get exposed to information that could challenge or broaden our worldview. Eli Pariser argues powerfully that this will ultimately prove to be bad for us and bad for democracy.....


murph said...


That link is disturbing. I didn't know this was happening.

The question for me is how to get around those filters. Will it have something to do with how the search is framed? I have noticed that if I ask for the same information in two different ways I get different results. Does that make a difference in what comes up for me to look at or is it still part of the filter?

Actually I find that a bit disturbing because I normally like a cross section of information on almost any subject. What if I deliberately want a different point of view on something? Will the search show it to me?

Thanks for the link HSW.

stoney13 said...

A local guy from around here is over there working on those reactors. In his own words, "In accordance with the Japanese government's request, I cannot detail what I am doing or who I am employed with or contracted by."

They're playing it real close over there!

freeacre said...

Thanks, mf, for bringing langosta to the campfire once again. I have missed her. This energy she speaks of - I wonder if it is the huge bubble or wave of energy that I keep reading about the the whole solar system is passing through.

And, somehow, it seems to be linked to the logarithms that Hot Springs linked to about information bubbles that are some sort of self-fulfilling prophecies or world views. Maybe the whole Universe has been working that way. What we are seeing is the outward projection of what is inside of our own heads.

I've always thought that we create our own world views by the way we each connect the dots. But, now it looks like we even may be looking at different set of dots from which to choose. If that were so, it would seem that the danger would be that we would all drift away from each other as we have fewer and fewer common points of reference.

...until we just get sick of the isolation and fear, turn everything off, and sit together in silence for long enough to realize that we are all here together and living in a soup where we are the ingredients.

I'm not trying to deny the bad stuff, but maybe what I need to do is focus more on forgiveness, love, joy, and all those things that are opposite to the fearful stuff in order to heal or change it. I know I
've heard this before from several of you, I'm just agreeing. I don't want to be seduced by my own dark side.

RAS said...

Murph wrote "In the case of the radiation out of Japan, from another perspective, just how much of an emergency is it to have millions dying from radiation poisoning within 20 or so years? Is that severe enough to deserve immediate consideration?"

Yes, it is, and it is an emergency and should receive all of the attention possible.

You also said that most people react to extremes, but that's not the case. Most people are highly skeptical, and when someone runs around saying the entire human race is going to end due to this, they immediately get lumped into the Harold Camp rapture followers group. After that point, the person shuts down and doesn't want to hear anymore.

That's the problem with the entire environmental movement. We went to extremes and got labeled in with the nutcases. Instead of saying "Climate change is a big deal; your children will be a lot poorer than you and will have a hard time making it; they may be infertile due to harsh conditions and some nasty diseases may make a comeback" the leaders of the movement said "All of the ice caps are going to melt RIGHT NOW and the temperature is going to climb to 200 degrees and we're all going to DIE."
Or at least, that's what most people heard. Even the people who were reasonable offered tepid solutions like changing lightbulbs.

There's no easy answer. But those damn reactors should have been covered in concrete weeks ago.

murph said...


You brought up an interesting perspective concerning different groups activities, namely the environmentalists. The area we live in in Oregon used to be a lumber center primarily centered around Warehouser. They were cutting down old growth forests and clear cutting whole mountain slopes. Then the environmentalists started to object and a battle commenced. Because the lumber companies would not be reasonable about it all, the environmentalists had to draw some pretty extreme tactics. The end result was that the big lumber companies cost of operation went up enough they went some where else to clear cut and destroy old growth forests. The older locals were out of a job now and furious, blaming their economic depression on the tree huggers of course. Thrown into the mix was using the endangered species act to cut the lumber companies off at the knees, in this area it revolved around the spotted owl issue.

I have heard all kinds of justifications for clear cutting, most of them are quite similar to the strip mining arguments of the coal companies. It seems to me to all come down to the stripping off of natural resources as fast as we can to please the investors and keep the lights on and keep the building trades in business.

About 4 years ago I took a daytime flight to Portland and then to Texas to visit my mother. In flying over the area between us and Portland, I looked at the tree stripped mountains. It was pretty ugly in my view. Some of the environmental outfits have pictures of these areas from the ground showing some of the worst of the environmental damage, mainly erosion. That seemed pretty ugly to me too. Not near as bad as the mountain removal stuff going on in the eastern coal mining areas, but ugly enough.

So yes, the environmentalist went to extremes during combat. Trying to be reasonable didn't work at all. Which seems to support my contention that going to extremes is the way you get peoples attention. It's a sorry ass and pretty pitiful way of doing it and also creates a lot of enemies on both sides. But, it also appears to me that people generally aren't all that reasonable anymore. As a society it sure appears that we have become polarized to the extreme on almost every issue, politically, environmentally, ecologically, you name it and we have justifications for every stance.

The biggest problem I see in these issues is; who is fighting who? Fighting with government policy or big corporations is difficult at best as we can see in the news every day. I figure that these issues will be resolved by a collapse of the systems supporting the strip mining of the environment, no matter what we do. Whether we will see that end product is another question.

Anonymous said...

We've Gone from a Nation of Laws to a Nation of Powerful Men Making Laws in Secret

.....Claims of national security are being used to keep the shenanigans of the biggest banks and corporations secret, and to crush dissent....


Anonymous said...

Just recently Iran's president Akmadinajad was stating that weather control programs ( European ones I think ) were " stealing " Iran's rainfall as stated in some articles. Mike Murphy ( a friend of my brothers ) who did the fairly recent documentary DVD " What In The World Are They Spraying " about Geo-Engineering/Aresol Spray Programs is very interested in setting up a meeting with Akmadinijad about this issue. My brother Dane recently met a man up in his area who may have some connections with people in Iran who apparently could set up this meeting. I'll give an update here when I hear anything further on this.

In view of how crazy the US is getting on going after anyone who has any connections with so called " Terrorist " or " Terrorist States ", Murphy might find himself prevented from returning to the US for a trip like this to Iran to visit Akmadinijad.

My brother has another friend named Jerard Ungerman ( I think the name is right? ) who produced a DVD Documentary some years ago called " The Oil Factor " about our wars in the Middle East and their relationship to the US's desperate need for oil to run its huge economy.

Well Jerard was up in Chico, Cal back then getting exposure for his DVD and Dane introduced him to a gal he knew in attendance and Jerard ended up marrying her and they both were residing in California. Jerard not long ago went to Europe for some business ( I'm not sure of what it was ) and now the US won't let him back in, probably related to how they like to screw people who expose their lies.


Anonymous said...

The US wants to " legalize " Endless War, on Everyone!;_No_Borders,_No_Clear_Enemies_/13906/0/0/0/Y/M.html

Congress To Vote On Declaration of Worldwide Perpetual War; No Borders, No Clear Enemies

The legislation authorizes the President of the United States to take unilateral military action against all nations, organizations, and persons — both domestically and abroad — who are alleged to be currently, (or in the past) engaged in hostilities, or who have provided aid in support of hostilities against the United States or any of its coalition allies.....


Anonymous said...

The disgusting and dispicable Netanyahu speech on May 24th!

Netanyahu’s Speech to Congress: Racism, War-Mongering and Fabrication

Netanyahu can’t reverse the tide of history

....Netanyahu’s colonial-style, anti-Arab racism was not even thinly veiled in his Congressional performance....


Anonymous said...

ringing in the ears? could this type of device do a whole village?

hpw, the gov. would not let the dude back in the country? if he sneaks back in what would they do to him,would he be a man without a country? wtf?
also why would the dude want to come back anyway?
might of been blessed with that no trespassing event.

i just keep wondering the depths of insanity and how exactly it can get any worse and the next moment there it is, worse! and it just keeps happening.

wv severser, funny huh?

Anonymous said...

MF, Regarding Jerard and his not being let back in the US, I'll try and remember to ask my brother if he knows anything more about whats going on. I think his wife is still over here in So Cal and from some things my brother told me it doesn't sound like she's keen on going to Europe, so clearly that presents a problem for their relationship, if Jerard can't return.

Here's the latest from Sandy Krolick:

The Rapture . The End Game . The Hail Mary

....But when we wake up from this mental stupor and recognize what has transpired, to what end, and who has been pulling the strings, then we will also understand that it’s too late. The earth will have already been bled dry, the atmosphere already altered beyond livability, the hegemony already too far flung, and those who speak out too far afield, pursued like dogs for their ”betrayal.”....


Anonymous said...

Worst ever carbon emissions leave climate on the brink

....Greenhouse gas emissions increased by a record amount last year, to the highest carbon output in history, putting hopes of holding global warming to safe levels all but out of reach....


freeacre said...

HSW, "Uncle."

Here's a message from Michael Rupert that is more upbeat. He's speaking to an intentional community (in the same area where you were thinking of moving, Palooka.)in No. Cal. He speaks of the post-oil man and the new paradigm of localizing and producing your own food. And, for once, he's actually doing it with some people. He says that you don't have to bring down the system because it's falling apart on its own. We just need to survive the train wreck.... well, I am paraphrasing... I think it is an inspiring talk. It's the #1 on the list of broadcasts. You might want to wait until you have some boring thing you have to do, so you can listen to it while doing something else. Cuz, it's a bit long.

Anonymous said...

part of the problem is she says is that in the present state of development the energy needed to understand is locked up in the frustration itself.

its a HUGE part of the problem. very close to the core causality. going in the direction of the such as frustration is counter to everything we've been taught for eons as such is viewed as going toward a negative direction rather than the positive, most of which are forms of judgements peddled by so-called and self-proclaimed enlightened ones that match up with our own held judgements that align with such teachings in one way or another. 'teachers', most notably of which are the new-agers who are absolutely ate up with despise for anything appearing negative. going along with this are judgements against ego which is regarded to be so self-centered it can't possibly have any room for anyone else. this is to throw the baby out with the bathwater. so to speak. ego is a function of differentiation which goes to self-identity. without it we'd be nobodies with no chance to be oneself. thus, to be self-aware one must have self-identity. such is the true nature and purpose of ego.

however, even ego can be taken to the other side of the balance point. that is, to an extreem that morphs into the very judgements that hold self-centeredness as nefarious and unloving. in this way, ego validates murph's point on extreems.

ras... i'd beg to differ. i think you got up on the right side of the bed!!

i can't speak for ras and i won't speak for the duck guy but to say that something is "not that bad" should NEVER, imo, be misconstrued as a statement that, therefore its ok. just because 10 ducks croaked and 10 ducks live after all having been exposed to the same nuclear poisoning has absolutely NOTHING to do with wheather or not the nuclear monster is aligned with life and love and has a right place on this planet!!

FA... the wave... its fundamental to U when the balance points have been exceeded to extreems where life itself hangs in the balance that the wave activates. what this wave does is unravel creation from un-creation. or to put it another way, what is inside love and what is outside. life is not sustainable outside of love. right place for outside is at the edge of U. right place for inside is between here and there. unfortunately too much 'there' is 'here'. the wave...catch it!

MF... worse is to be expected in the untangling... p

Anonymous said...

Can chemtrails be used to steer storms?


Anonymous said...

Well, sports fans, 8 months of winter is FINALLY over! Woo-hoo! Yesterday's high temp for Glenbeckistan was 72 freak'in degrees and today it's supposed to get even warmer! Soooo... maybe, just maybe I'll transplant some things in the garden this weekend. Did some seed so'in (carrots & turnips) yesterday when I got home from !@#$%&* work.

The local Noise reported that this was the coldest and wettest spring on record -records dating back to 1870. There's still 138 inches of snow at the ski resorts and they plan on staying open

I think one of the plus sides of a new Ice Age is if they bring back Saber-Tooth Tigers, Giant Sloths -oh, and Wooly Mammoths! Man, I'd love to see a heard of those bad-ass beasts barrelling down State Street -to the Temple.


freeacre said...

Ha! Woolly Mammoths... okay. You're the lucky one. We've still got our choice of rain with slush or rain with ice pellets. Got some things going in the greenhouse, though. Good news: It's too cold for earhquakes, I reckon.

freeacre said...

p. - "life is not sustainable outside of love."

Well, that adds a new dimension to the word. "sustainable" for me. Going back to read your council for about the fourth time.

Anonymous said...

Chris Martenson interview w/ Arnie Gunderson on Fukushima.


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Ya'll can say what you want about Helen Caldicott being an alarmist. (I Googled her credentials. She co-founded Physicians For Social Responsibility.) But, as I said before, what about Chris Busby and Arnie Gunderson, and a whole host of others merely stating facts? You can't dismiss them all.


"Gunderson - Seattle Residents Breathed
Ten 'Hot' Particles A Day
Excerpts From Arnie Gunderson Interview
With Chris Martenson

Arnie Gundersen: Well, I am in touch with some scientists now who have been monitoring the air on the West Coast and in Seattle for instance, in April, the average person in Seattle breathed in 10 hot particles a day.

Chris Martenson: What? I did not know that..."

freeacre said...

I read the whole interview with Martensen, parts I&II. Seemed to be the most cogent and coherent synopsis so far. Guess we ought to get some Hepa filters, just in case #4 falls over.
We need a miracle. We need this radioactivity to turn into something else.... to go back to the nothingness from which it sprang.
Yes, U. I am talking to You.

Anonymous said...

DANG! This is getting real bad, ladies and gents. I had best get my passport stuff filled out -and pronto!

Dept. of Education breaks down Stockton man's door
12:15 AM, Jun 8, 2011

STOCKTON, CA - Kenneth Wright does not have a criminal record and he had no reason to believe a S.W.A.T team would be breaking down his door at 6 a.m. on Tuesday.

"I look out of my window and I see 15 police officers," Wright said.

Wright came downstairs in his boxer shorts as a S.W.A.T team barged through his front door. Wright said an officer grabbed him by the neck and led him outside on his front lawn.

"He had his knee on my back and I had no idea why they were there," Wright said.

According to Wright, officers also woke his three young children ages 3, 7, and 11 and put them in a Stockton police patrol car with him. Officers then searched his house.

As it turned out, the person law enforcement was looking for was not there - Wright's estranged wife.

"They put me in handcuffs in that hot patrol car for six hours, traumatizing my kids," Wright said.

Wright said he later went to the mayor and Stockton Police Department, but the City of Stockton had nothing to do with Wright's search warrant.

The U.S. Department of Education issued the search and called in the S.W.A.T for his wife's defaulted student loans.

"They busted down my door for this," Wright said. "It wasn't even me."

According to the Department of Education's Office of the Inspector General, the case can't be discussed publicly until it is closed, but a spokesperson did confirm that the department did issue the search warrant at Wright's home.

The Office of the Inspector General has a law enforcement branch of federal agents that carry out search warrants and investigations.

Stockton Police Department said it was asked by federal agents to provide one officer and one patrol car just for a police presence when carrying out the search warrant.

Stockton police did not participate in breaking Wright's door, handcuffing him, or searching his home.

"All I want is an apology for me and my kids and for them to get me a new door," Wright said.

Anonymous said...

This one is unfucking believable!


Anonymous said...

Last night on MSNBC's Rachel Maddow news show it was mentioned that the Japanese government has now admitted they actually had a "Melt Through" as depicted in the film, "China Syndrome", with Jane Fonda. It was also noted that number 4? reactor is in dire condition and perhaps ready to collapse or fall over? Of course this was heard alone while hubby slept. I didn't bother to mention it to him this a.m. as he rushed off to work. How could I? I guess i was just focused on packing his lunch and making his breakfast.
I guess I forgot about it. How could I? Am I numbed by it all? It's so unbelievable. Millions of people watch MSNBC it's just a few notches down on the guide from CNN. Are they all thinking about this Melt Through? Probably not. We are just overwhelmed by the insanity. Rachel also mentioned that GERMANY has decided to nix all nuclear power plants and get by without any nuclear from now on. Bravo for Germany! They must be smarter than us! I think they were also they only ones to actually regulate their banks after the 2008 banking frauds meltdown.

Damn the sum of all this world wide calamidy (and the nuclear caca insanity), and screwballniss is causing me to feel like making a big juicy pie and have it for supper instead of the rice & veggies. And maybe something really naughty like chocolate cream pie the hell with empty calories! Feeling va-clempt, mrs p
wv: endea (as in end dea)

Anonymous said...

And...thank you FA for the podcast link to the Progressive Radio network Life Boat broadcast of M.R. Enjoyed listening while folding a heap of laundry. :-) mrs p

Anonymous said...

Me too, msp.

I just watched "Inside Job" online.... geez, I think a pie instead of rice and veggies is a great idea -AFTER, I've eaten a whole large pepperoni pizza downed with a six pack of IMPORTED beer.

Man, I'm ready to take the gas pipe.

Good thing my oven is electric.


Anonymous said...

Oh my dear...Randy stay away from gas pipes! There's better reasons for dyin' & cerveza sounds great. ...A water pipe maybe better than gas pipe?

In the end of the film, "Legends of The Fall", the old Indian said, "It was a good death,..." when telling the story of Triston, (Brad Pitt's character) & the bear in the woods. Great sound track as well. That part of the film always stuck with us, reminding us that we too someday will go over to the astral side, hope it's a good ride. If due to an overdose of pizza and pie of another sort then so be it.

Geeze sure don't want to depress anyone. Inside Job was a great documentary though. Matt Damon is brave to narrate the story of the sham-meeling snorting schiesters.
Cheers & chocolate, mrs p

WV: ponshi (as in ponzi scheme) too funny

Anonymous said...

Hey FA: June 7th Sun erruption
check it out:

mrs p

Anonymous said...

FA, p.s.: Ignore the nerdy narrator part on the solar CME video. mrs p

freeacre said...

Hang in their Everybody. We've been so busy that we haven't had time to comment. Got a 3rd greenhouse, second-hand for a hundred bucks. Murph's been trimming trees and hauling wood, planting, watering, etc. Brie had two seizures - one late on the9th and one early on the 10th. Wonder if it was related to the sun's CME. Between that and the radiation from Fukushima, I'm reminded of the old Dylan tune, "A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall." Well, that's not one that is gonna cheer anyone up...
Tonight we watched one of the worst contemporary movies ever. It was really bad. "Monsters" was the title. By every conceivable angle, this movie truly sucked. If there were a category for Worst Picture I would nominate this one. I don't know which was the lamest - the direction, acting, or the dialogue.
Just for fun... Anyone else rated a movie one star on Netflix lately?

freeacre said...

We're probably all busy planting. We got the rest of peas, lettuces, spinach, kale, Swiss Chard, beets,2 more colors of carrots, bush beans, soy beans, and squash in today. Hope springs eternal, I guess, It just feels good to plant stuff.
I'm still trying to get verification that a 7.5 earthquake happened in Italy. It shows on the European monitor, but nothing on the USGS sites. Weird.
Fukushima gets worse by the day, but all the news seems to be about Weiners. The guys is probably a real schmuck, but personally, I feel like this is between him and his wife and its none of my fucking business. Just more dumbassery.
What is concerning me is all the reports of outlandish police thuggery - more all the time. How about that father and two young kids, awakened by a SWAT team breaking through their front door, holding them in a police car for six hours, while they tore the house apart looking for the guy's ex wife to collect on an unpaid student loan? WTF??
On a cheerier note,it seems that anonymous is fucking with Monsanto's website. Ha!

... pass the popcorn, will ya?

freeacre said...

Oh, geez. Randy already told the story of the SWATT team. Sorry. It must be the medicine...

Anonymous said...

Good through tomorrow supposedly, June 13th, free to see, my brother in OZ just sent this to me re: Cancer Hoax of FDA & Big Pharma.
Absolutely worth a watch, please see it:

You'll be glad you did. mrs p

Anonymous said...

Ditto the feelings FA, on the Weinergate thing...yes it's a little creepy and yes unbecomming of a representative but no laws broken and Mr. Not-So-Brightbart the supposed exposer of all this, has a tendency to relish ruining people of color,etc. he also seems inherently attracted to sleeze (takes one to know one I guess) but we just don't like the ultra conservative right wing Brightbart dullfart. The Weinergate thing (what's in a name?) is sad for anyone in a leadership role, (congress bored him silly I guess)..but no excuses for that. Except what he did, does not affect our lives whatsoever...really sad that it's a top story while Roam burns!
Congrats on your planting.
x, mrs p

Anonymous said...

Forgive me FA & Murph for posting this's only good through tomorrow 6/13 supposedly.

The cure for cancer, all types including the worst kinds ie inoperable brain tumors seems to be the non-toxic cancer gene targeting "anti-neoplastons" discovered by Phd, Dr. Stanislaw Burzinski who was 1st in his class at age 24. Of Polish decent, (so much for Polish being stupid) always thought that was soooo racist anyway...this wonderful man has been saving people for years, in Houston, TX. See the huge coverup the FDA has attempted against him. Link my brother down in Oz sent me,

Please watch the whole thing if you can. I thought it was very good to see and hear etc. That's why I'm posting this again.
Love to all of you, mrs p.

RAS said...

I've been busy working in the garden, working in general and working on our cabin. We're still on the foundation; spring this year was NOT the time to try pouring concrete.

What Wiener did doesn't bother me a bit; that's his business. It wasn't even illegal. What bothers me is that he lied about it so long and so passionately. He knew he was in trouble and tried to cover it up. If he had stepped and taken responsibility I wouldn't care; but he is a politician, after all.

Anonymous said...

Yep, due to non-sucky weather, I too was able to do some plant'in, dig'in and weed'in, but...

since the Mormon legislature passed a law giving permission for the sheeple to blast feral cats, my garden is being devoured by quail. There's this huge pine tree that looks like a gigantic christmas tree in the yard behind us and I hear them clucking all day long, and I know they're just sit'in in there just waiting for me to go in the house so they can ravish the peas and lettuce.


Yeah, I have alum pans/CD's hanging from string all over the back yard to the point where it looks like I'm conducting some sort of cosmic solar experiment, but the quail just give me "the bird" and keep right on munching.


I think I might go out and get some cheap cat food to try and lure a mean-ass feral cat back into our yard. Maybe some catnip-laced toys too.

But.. anybody have any advice in preventing "Attack of the Quail," I'd be much apreciative.

As to Weener, Palinmoron, Breitfart and the rest of the nonsense,
noise, man, just noise. And I don't bother with noise.



Anonymous said...

FA & Murph
Sorry 2 hear about Brie having troubles again. You may have something on those CME's. Seems like animals are way more sensitive to everything than we are. I wish there was something we could think of to help her. Could it be something in her food causing the trouble??

Thanks for the headsup on Monsters, will 4get that one. Don't know if you like this kind of thing but "Super 8", (Speilberg) looks like it's a gonna be a dilly of action summer movie though. You can see the trailer if you google it.

Randy, the quail, sounds like they've chosen your place for a permanent home. What about noise? Maybe some loud popping sounds, (balloons?) would scare them away or a strong smell? I guess they can't smell. What about a stuffed animal like a fake kitty or some rubber snakes<---you can sometimes find those in drugstore toy sections. These might scare them away? Just a shot in the dark but thought it might help. mrs p

murph said...

Mrs. P

I have suspected that the dog problems with seizures was environmental in some way. Attempts to isolate various parts of the environment (food, water, etc) that we have control over have given only tenuous results. Extensive reading on the subject has only clouded the issue even further. Same thing with human maladies, most of the time we just don't know.

It's like with lung cancer being linked to tobacco smoking. If there is a causative factor, then what needs to be done is show the direct causation and how it works. Otherwise it is just speculation with a lot of assumptions. Which of course does not explain why someone can smoke for 40 years and not get lung cancer, or someone who never smokes does get lung cancer.

This, as I see it, is the really big gorilla in the science lab. The isolation of discrete variables to assign causation doesn't hold up. It ignores complexity in causation.

If I can get a block of time free I may write a post on this subject.

murph said...


Your problem with quail we have also. I can keep other birds out of the strawberries with computer disks strung around, but the quail are primarily ground birds and ignore the disks. I solved the problem with the strawberries by putting 1" chicken wire around the garden. All the young ones can't squeeze through the 1" mesh and the adults won't go into the garden by flying over the fence without them. LOL At least so far.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Murph, I'll try it.


stoney13 said...

I drug our old '83 Ford van out of the woods (where its been sitting for five years!), and rebuilt the entire fuel delivery system, half the electrical system, and fixed the heater. Now it runs like a sewing machine. It looks a lot better since I scrubbed the many years worth of crud off of, and out of it. Bartered some racing engine work for a fresh set of tires too.

After that it was on to the '93 Ford Taurus, (which I gave my wife as a valentines Day gift nine years ago), to straighten out the electronic fuel injection, which involved a new Idle Air Control, new Mass Airflow Sensor, and new Oxygen Sensors, (which Ford put in the most inaccessible FUCKING place you can imagine!). Then I cleaned out the seventeen years worth of gunk out of the throttle body, cleaned all the electrical connections, evicted the lively tribe of field mice, fixed the horrific mess they made of the wiring, and re-flashed the Electronic Engine Control computer. Now it runs like a sewing machine.

Done with two of the cars I went on to my ever faithful, and long-suffering Husqvarna 372 chainsaw which cuts the wood that heats my house. I rewarded it for it's many years of tireless service with a fresh piston, fresh rings, rebuilt carburetor, fresh bar, fresh chain, and a thorough cleaning.

I will now go on strike! I will suffer no more grease, and my knuckles will bleed no longer! I will sit my fat ass in front of the television, and play video games, so fuck who doesn't like it! Afterward, I will, indeed seek out the illegal, the immoral AND the fattening, and of them all, I shall partake, and make no apologies for doing so!

I will attend to the 4000 emails, which have been piling up in inbox, and then I will find something dangerous to do, involving a motorcycle, while someone holds my beer!

All of these things I will do, and more just as soon as a wash the cats! One of our resident skunks, (who eat the rattlesnakes), was rudely challenged by two of the resident tom cats. She taught them the error of their ways, in the manner for which skunks are equipped!

Now I have a five gallon bucket of tomato juice, two angry cats, and it's 1:00 AM. Welcome to my world!

murph said...


Hmmmm sounds like you've been busy. It doesn't sound like you've made it to the shooting range though. Freeacre is going to be gone for a week and if it ain't raining like hell, think I will burn some powder. Cripes I have some (about 300 rds) of 2 yr old experimental loads to check out.

Anonymous said...

As the MSM finally acknowledges the economy is in tail-spin mode, finally some recognition for those who've been telling us the truth so bravely, for so long. Enjoy.


RAS said...

Stoney -wow man, you need a vacation!

Murph, regarding scientists, most scientists have forgotten the first law of research (if they were ever taught it at all): Correlation does not imply causation. It may or may not indicate a relationship, but it does not mean that one caused the other.

Most scientists today are lucky if that law is mentioned in their first freshmen intro course. I was lucky enough to get a classical science education at the little podunk university I attended. My teachers all knew their stuff and knew what they were doing (which is of course, why they weren't at some big research institution). All my training emphasized the scientific method and we were encouraged (only because they couldn't make us) to get in the lab and do research.

All of this is simply to say that most scientists have forgotten their training, if they ever had good instruction. There is very little evidence that tobacco causes cancer. Almost none, in fact, unless it is given in very high doses for a very long time (and rats are not people).

What there is evidence for is that formaldehyde, tar, and several other chemicals that are often added to cigarettes almost certainly cause cancer.

None of which explains why some people smoke for 50 years and never get cancer, and others, like my mother, die of lung cancer after chain smoking for 25. Most of the people who never smoke and end up with lung cancer live in high-radon areas, and radon is also linked to cancer, but that is not definitive.

My take on the matter is that cigarettes probably do cause cancer, but not because of the tobacco.

Anonymous said...

"The official announcement made today speaks of a surprising low solar cycle beginning at the end of cycle 24 and through cycle 25. This means cold-cold-cold weather is ahead. I do not think it will be such as the mini ice-age, but we may very well see "record low temperatures."

"On a second issue: It speaks of a weakening magnetic field, and again, surprising large amounts of charged particles coming from 'coronal holes' on the Sun. They made the point of saying - the monitoring of sunspot count, solar flares, and cmes to be held and the deciding factors of cycle predictability missed the mark. With new instruments, we can now see how the emission of (charged particles, solar winds, plasma clouds) coming from coronal holes play a much larger component in predicting space weather.

"On a third issue: The point was made to not dismiss cycle 24 as a non-threatening cycle. Because of a weakening magnetic field, and new information of the effect of coronal hole emissions, this cycle possess a real threat to satellites, power grids, and extreme weather."

quote, mitch battros, earth changes media... p

Anonymous said...

ras... excellent points darlin.. p

Anonymous said...

stoney, what can i say, enjoy the fatty and the beer, don't know about the catsup, did that a couple of times and it was anything but fun,... camping, my dog came running in the tent covered with yellow stuff, jumped on my sleeping bag and thats when all hell broke loose, probably should not of shot the dog but sometimes the mind just seeks some form of nourishment, know what i mean?

hey, anyone got a take on this censored Google Earth/Sky clip from utube?

i agree randy we are fucking doomed, not from the stars but from the cocksuckers instead for trying to conceal the truth.

murph, don't know how much rain you get but its like five out of seven here in lollygag montana , no kidding where i have not mowed the grass it is up to my fucking chest, unbelievable. also the flathead river which is joined by the clarkfork river at paradise is just incredible to see. yesterday i went to check it out and it was
about six inches from going over the road on the south side.

so much for global warming in montana, the heater is on every morning until it warms up a bit.

cheers all,


wv fulogi, no kiddin

Anonymous said...

Montana, Ya seen this one?

Maybe we should make-up tee shirts with the coordinates for this object on them. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.


Anonymous said...

Our streams went up last week due to lots of rain. They're coming down now, but the snow in the high peaks has yet to begin melting. Good luck, St. Louis.


Anonymous said...

holy crap rockpicker, this is so cool, its great that some of the brothers have got the ability to do this kind of thing, the thing is big,, am saving case

Anonymous said...

ya know i frequently get asked this question, '' say montana, why do you always just kid around about stuff and are never serious''?, welllll i look um over real good and say you want serious? ok lets get serious and about that time with my tone of voice i see the askers mind slowly start to begin backing out of the tent and looking like they wish they had never asked such a ridiculous thing in the first place.
the response of most people it seems is the minute something that is absolutely crucial to speak of fear sets in, because i think that it is simply surface noise and a redactional program learned in the first grade.
not many it seems actually wish to pursue what is really going on and its potential problem correctional possibilities of the current state of fucked up situation/ness . this is just to fucking much to bear and besides it hurts the brain and the asker runs for the nearest numbing device of choice.. not to point fingers cause i do the same from time to time for the same reason. however as it seems most of us on the ''path'' as a perquisite to salvation and that whole phony bunch of bullshit, are privity to the extent that us as adherents find ourselfs gasping for air and trashing about struggling to gain a handhold in the mountain of ignorance facing us.
this blessing thanks to the wondrous deadliness of the christians and their baby raping,killing, stealing,lying,adulteress mind sucking ways have really made the awaking process a serious challenge which although arduous is nevertheless no way insurmountable.
however it does take a mind i think that is shit full enough of the pain that this load of crap causes to begin to wonder just what the fuck is really going on.
and lo and behold sometimes things begin to happen, .... strange things begin to happen, like suddenly tiny little doors start to appear in the most strangest of places, little unexplained synchronicity thingies start to pop up and the pather ?,(ok we can make new words) cannot help but see that something is going on, something new.
and off they go,.... hopefully, because the iron rule programs of the christian belief system or any other system of controlling the two-leggeds are just that, we discover that the whole goddam mind is one filthy mess of religious control guiding,,, no not guiding mandating so as to trump all other behavior possibilities.
and the GUILT instilled through christian pain or christian loveeeeeee is al-so pervasive as to more then likely gut the new with lethal force and put the sheep back in the fold.
ok this is a critical point in the path life and if the greatness of the universe finds a home that has a willingness enough child (that be us) the old will decay into the maggot infested filth that it is, and the light will shine for a bit, ..enough to allow the participant to know that he/she is somehow endowed with a willing universe also and that that universe cares because she/he is nothing more/less then the universe.
we are children of an infinite space and it is cluttered with the likes of us.our neighbors, our friends, our loved ones and we all came from this infinite space and that is perceivable . and hopefully those that begin the path can come to know this to be true.
we are truly one in the purest sense of the word....

ps when i say christians i speak of the ones that know the debacle is a rag but adhere to it in order to control the sheepers, these creatures are not human in any sense of the word.

wv bionis thats an onis that goes both ways, right?

freeacre said...

OK. I got one for you. From Anonymous - The Resistance Has Begun..

Anonymous said...

Hi FA & M, hi all, just wanted to share a bit of enlightenment. Some of you know me from the old FTW blog, I followed MCR from around 01 until collapsenet went PAYG.

After wasting my time writing to MPs and "officialdom" I looked at a lot of "movements" to see how best to address the issues, Freeman on the land, Zietguiest, money reformers, political reformers, Transition Towns etc.

Everything I looked at either had potential to butt up against the "system" in an unhealthy manor, or be bogged down in endless research or committees.

I looked at Permaculture early on, the "shop window" forum in the UK seemed to give a bad impression back then, infighting and inflexibility from a minority was ruining the forum. Still, I visited some permaculture projects for inspiration and advice on design for my site. I realised the only negativity I had seen in the movement came from a small number of bitter people on the forum, everyone I actually met in RL within the movement are lovely people, doing fantastic work, amazing work even, I just visited a permaculture designed organic fruit farm in Essex, examples of abundance in every sq ft of the 5 acre site, during a drought! Amazing!

So I took the plunge, spent 9 months getting my PC design certificate, I have gained the tools and knowledge to circumvent the system. I have the tools and knowledge to build resilience into my community, to remove ourselves from needing the system all together. (we're not there yet but we're on the way)

Now, small pockets of resilience are all well and good, but we need to roll out regenerative agriculture soil practices into the mainstream, into commercial farming, and the solution for that is what I want to share with you guys.

Regen AG have integrated holistic management (e.g. reversing desertification by increasing cattle numbers in time controlled grazing) keyline planning to keep water in the landscape (yeomans plough with ACT injection, swales, dams) and Permaculture design (ethically based design science)

This is the future kids ;) Anyone here looking for a resilient poly-income could not do much better than permaculture, RegenAg, or aerated compost tea IMO.

I have weaned myself off the daily doomster research, I felt I was stagnating, I can still keep up with the headlines, but no need to research in depth these days. I now spend more time researching solutions, implementing permaculture design within our community, and generally quietly getting on with it.

These days I feel quite optimistic, some people try to kick TPTB in the bollocks, this risks repercussions, but I think applying permacultrue design allows us to castrate them, while building resilience into our communities, i.e. we grow at the PTB expense.

Sorry if this is teaching some of you grandparents to suck eggs, I got a buzz on today to make resilience omelettes, and you can't make the mix without breaking a few eggs :))

Be well, Gamedog.

Anonymous said...

Hey -thanks for the info and link, Gamedog. I'll check it out. Gett'in kinda bored here in Glenbeckistan and I think I need something else to do beside bangning on my tongue drum

but, I think you're missing out on some great 'doomage.' I mean, that's how I get go'in in the morning: coffee and



Anonymous said...

nice one randy, good stuff also gamedog, here in dipyourdonuts montanta the scene being played out is a mixed bag of various awareness levels(if there is such a thing) either one is aware or somewhere in between i reckon) or whatever but the thing is somehow this little dinky spot nestled up against a mountain of 500 people counting old,young, dogs and cats is undergoing a rather pleasant change, the people seem more encouraged somehow to realize how essential it is to work with one another as opposed to going it alone, this includes me and the reason for my hesitance is the face that i have lived on several communes in my life and ended up leaving them because of the egotistical nature of some prick thinking that someone needed to be in charge of everything, to me this is a ''fuck you and go to hell thingie'' cause this is not what i was promised by creator when i was born, or dropped off as it were.
i think many of us were simply dropped off!! can i get an amen?
anyway having had my share of other peoples stupidity i decided to rely on my own stupidity and go it alone.
this worked but somehow its just not as much fun as being able to share it with someone else, sooo this is a nice state of development and whether it continues as a co-op adventure or some asshole jumps in to be the leader only time will tell.
appreciate your input gamedog, its tough enough for city folks that wouldn't know a pitchfork from a horse shoe to make that transition from city to dirt without being snarled up with the politicks of human nature.
and hopefully this is taking place as i speak.


murph i replied to your email this morning and it bounced, did the gov. intervene ?

Anonymous said...

nice one randy, good stuff also gamedog, here in dipyourdonuts montanta the scene being played out is a mixed bag of various awareness levels(if there is such a thing) either one is aware or somewhere in between i reckon) or whatever but the thing is somehow this little dinky spot nestled up against a mountain of 500 people counting old,young, dogs and cats is undergoing a rather pleasant change, the people seem more encouraged somehow to realize how essential it is to work with one another as opposed to going it alone, this includes me and the reason for my hesitance is the face that i have lived on several communes in my life and ended up leaving them because of the egotistical nature of some prick thinking that someone needed to be in charge of everything, to me this is a ''fuck you and go to hell thingie'' cause this is not what i was promised by creator when i was born, or dropped off as it were.
i think many of us were simply dropped off!! can i get an amen?
anyway having had my share of other peoples stupidity i decided to rely on my own stupidity and go it alone.
this worked but somehow its just not as much fun as being able to share it with someone else, sooo this is a nice state of development and whether it continues as a co-op adventure or some asshole jumps in to be the leader only time will tell.
appreciate your input gamedog, its tough enough for city folks that wouldn't know a pitchfork from a horse shoe to make that transition from city to dirt without being snarled up with the politicks of human nature.
and hopefully this is taking place as i speak.


murph i replied to your email this morning and it bounced, did the gov. intervene ?

Anonymous said...

sorry about the double comment, the thingie lied and said i didn't enter the right word verification and then double did me.

Anonymous said...

Amen, mf!

I'd say I was dropped off, but,

my mom told me that she found me in a trash can behind "Weight Watchers."


freeacre said...

Great comments, gamedog, randy, montana, rockpicker, ras, et al. I didn't realize how much I appreciate the use of the term "cocksuckers" by my spiritual

I sense a shift in the Force. Maybe it's due to the weather warming up. Despite all the weird and bleak bullshit, I find myself feeling happier.

I'm going out to plant summer squash. Later.

Anonymous said...

the ultimate disaster was the right heading for this post it seems, now i know why i for some reason acquired a passport
(first one) last year and why several months ago began having intrusive visions of ecuador, i sincerely hope this report is flawed but it doesn't seem to be as near as i can tell... the lady scientist reminds me somehow of ras in her dogged approach to factual data.... and the kicker that almost knocked me out of my chair was at about minute 48 in which she says what to do about the radiation,,,,
brothers/sisters this is looks on the surface to be the beginning of hell.
i hope this link still works..

goddam the bastards that skinning alive would be to good a deal for them.