Thursday, June 16, 2011

Off to the "Real World"

This is who murph is going to be talking to next week. It's Henny Penney, his other girl....

by freeacre

Next week is going to be interesting for me because I will be out of town…and away from my computer for a week. I will be in Corvalis, OR, attending the State Grange Conference, where we have submitted a proposal to stop the sale of Millstone herbicide for hay that becomes toxic to gardens when the manure of horses who eat the hay is used as fertilizer. I am looking forward to attending the conference because I believe that the National Grange organization is potentially a very good resource for those who are attempting to empower the localization of food production and sustainable agriculture. I want to meet the other activist Grangers in Oregon and see if my hope for the organization is viable or not.

At this point they have activities scheduled like “Dress in green and yellow to show your support for the Ducks” and in “orange and black to show support for the Beavers”. I had to look up the Ducks and Beavers on Google just to figure out what the hell they were talking about, since I am not a fan of collegiate football. Guess I’ll go with the orange and black since the college in Corvalis is the Agricultural School. Go Beavers. Anyway, beavers are good.

On another day we are supposed to wear Red, White, and Blue to show our patriotism or something. Personally, I think all these so-called patriotic displays are just delusional activities that obscure the sad fact of the demise of liberty in the nation, the truth that the country is being sabotaged from within by the globalist central bankers and corporations, and to justify imperialism. This is corn-ball, to say the least. I guess I have to be grateful that they didn’t declare a “Lawrence Welk Evening of Music with Champaign Bubbles.” Like I said, this organization is ripe for the next generation to take over.

I think I will suggest that next year we have a “Dress Like a Pirate” day. Aaaaaaarrgh, Matey!!! I already have my costume.

At any rate, this will be a challenge for me because it will be a major disruption in my routine. Unless I frequent cyber cafes in Corvalis, I will not begin my day with George Ure’s latest projections of bear markets and web bot predictions of chaos and “people behaving badly.” I will no longer be kept in touch with the differing radiation levels in the country by Deutchsince, or the approach of Nibiru or Elenin. I won’t know if the planet is aligning with the sun and assorted planets and the approaching comet to instigate earthquakes and volcanoes. I won’t be warned about possible tsunamis or death rays from the Sun. I won’t be given conflicting information about whether the weather is warming or getting colder, whether Obama is a Kenyan or an American, if we are headed for inflation or deflation, if cell phones are giving people brain tumors, if cures for cancer are being suppressed, or even if I am one of those who have been “left behind.” I won’t be e-mailed by one Christian friend after another who sends me prayers and blessings in the name of Jesus, or informed for the 40th time this year that’s it’s International Girlfriend’s Day. In short, it’s just going to be me and the “real world” for a whole week.

Now, that’s really scary.

And, I ‘m going to be by myself in a motel room with a TV that is hooked up to cable. The last time this happened, there was some sort of Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory marathon going on, so it wasn’t too bad. And, I caught up on several missed episodes of The Iron Chef.

The good thing is that Corvalis is a really cool college town that is a center for learning about sustainable farming and permaculture. If I have time I plan to explore the campus and pick up literature. I was happy to read in our comments recently this from gamedog:

”I have weaned myself off the daily doomster research, I felt I was stagnating, I can still keep up with the headlines, but no need to research in depth these days. I now spend more time researching solutions, implementing permaculture design within our community, and generally quietly getting on with it.”

I do think that permaculture and homegrown health and traditional skills are the hope of the world. I find myself changing in my orientation to our alternative living situation. We have chosen a more or less post-collapse lifestyle. Like Gamedog, we were greatly influenced back in 2003 by Michael Ruppert and his From the Wilderness website. Back then, it was all about preparing for what we thought was the immanent arrival of Peak Oil and the Real Estate collapse. Then is sorta morphed into Peak Everything, the global takeover by the banksters and mutant agriculture and Big Pharma. All still true, but impossible to convince anybody of.

So now, if asked, we just live the way we do because we like to. We like to eat healthy food that we grow ourselves. We like to not be in debt to the banks. We like to not sit through a zillion commercials on the tube. We enjoy our chickens and rabbits and garden. We feel more free when we cultivate a sense of “enough” and don’t feel compelled to buy the latest thing or watch the popular programs. And, we find that the less we speak of our rational behind the activity, the more popular it has become. See our website:

I don’t know if we are on the vanguard of a religion or a revolution or just two old eccentric goofballs, but whichever it is, I feel happier about it all. I feel more secure knowing that our mother, The Earth, can put the kibosh on human foolishness at any time; that the frightening march of tyranny has within it, seeds of failure; that Time will take out even Dick Chaney and those miscreants of his ilk; that life on Earth has prevailed despite encounters with other celestial bodies, hideous war-mongering despots, famines, plagues, pole shifts, ice ages, and calamities of all sorts. I am still appalled by the prevailing idiocracy in America. But, then, I am encouraged that not everybody is brain dead – witness anonymous. Let’s just hope we don’t form a circular firing squad.

Anyway, my dear troutclan, I will be leaving Sunday and hoping to visit the Campfire once or twice through some cyber cafĂ© or something. Keep an eye on the murphinater for me. He’s going to have a lot to do while holding down the fort around here.


nina said...

You will be missed, but you will have a great time. Two times my laptop broke down for six weeks each and I was a better person for it, did everything I love doing and learned a lot about things we will have to know in the coming years to survive. Mostly, the in person interaction with suddenly discovered like minds made a lot of difference and builds confidence that we are on the right track. That you are so far along already, many will look to you for guidance, you'll see. Jah Guide and Bon Voyage.

(Maybe Murph will be inspired to post something - he's awfully good.)

Looking forward to your return and your stories of the journey.

Love, nina

nina said...

BTW, Henny looks real sweet.

Anonymous said...

Lucky you, fa.

I REALLY like the Corvallis/Eugene area -super green, wineries, coffeeshops, no Mormons...

Took wifeepoo there a few years ago and we both thought that if I get laid off, we're OR bound, bay-bay. There's this tye-die shop in the small Corvallis downtown that I wish I would have gotten a shirt or sweatshirt from. Dangit. I did have a U of O Duck sweatshirt way back when I lived in Portland that had this muscular duck flexing with the words "The Quack Attack!"

Went to my wife's hometown of Ely, NV for JHC's birthday last December and I was away from a computer, which means I had no access to


but, the Hotel Nevada did have cable and on one of the channels, I think it was the Discovery Channel, they were showing "Planet Earth" series. It was this 10 or twelve part series produced by the BBC on the awesomeness of this planet. And it was the British version -narrated by Sigourney Weaver, which made it really cool. The Murikan version is narrated by one of the Attenboroughs. Well, when we weren't visiting people, I was mesmerized watching these episodes. So, ok, I guess something good did came out of watching cable TV and away from


Woke up to 38 degrees here in Glenbeckistan this morning. The tomatoes and peppers are NOT happy. Wonder if summer is ever going to arive.



freeacre said...

Thanks, Guys. I gotta admit I am looking forward to getting away from all these Evangelical Republicans for awhile. Once over the pass, it's just keeps getting greener and so lush it's like a wonderful rainforest. A great Indian restaurant, non-gluten bakery, cute little shops, mellow people... If we could have afforded it, I'd have loved to live there.
When I got up this morning and went outside to let the chickens out, it was 28 degrees. Good thing Murph lit a fire in the greenhouse last night.

Anonymous said...

Blessings FA on your quest. The grange, (and AG in general), needs evolving and you're the perfect one to enlighten them. Wouldn't it be nice if all nasty harmful chemicals were just banned within our borders!

I checked your website link for the local AG it's beautiful! You 2 are a part of something wonderful. Henny Penny is adorable and she'll keep good vigil over Mr. Murph. Looking forward to hearing all about your adventures. mrs p

stoney13 said...

28 DEGREES!!!!! Holy shit we're in the middle of a heat wave down here! The highs went into the nineties half way through May, and didn't come out until last week.

Then the lovely cold front came through with all sorts of hail storms which pretty much beat everybody's crops to the ground, and punched fist-sized holes through a lot of the greenhouses.

Now we get a thunderstorm or two retty7 much every afternoon, with some sort of hail. Yesterday one hit Asheville, and blew away a crafts fair, crafts and all!

We'll try to keep an eye on Murph. It wouldn't do to have him scampering around in the woods again, tripping with the trees!

Elmo said...

The question is never: "Will there be life?" ... Of course there will be life. That's what this universe does!... The only question is: "Will there be US?"

murph said...


I got to admit that is is a very weird year to try and grow stuff. Some plants that do well aren't doing shit this year. It has been cool, so maybe that is it. Maybe some kind of sun change in radiation?

heh heh, I'll scamper among the trees tripping with them when the cat is away. The whole bark thing ya know.

murph said...


Yeh, but life is not a guaranteed happening. Maybe we're a bit prejudiced on the subject. The question "will there be us?" is indeed relevant.

Anonymous said...

"'Sandbags' and 'nuclear plant' don't belong in the same sentence."
-Arnie Gunderson

Mr2tuff has an update, as well.


murph said...


Interesting interview. As I've said before, nuclear power is a very dangerous industry, how long are we going to tolerate their existence in order to keep our power consumption up. These plants must be built very near large amounts of water for cooling, rivers, oceans, etc. If the water rises sufficiently there is then an immediate danger to large masses of people as Japan can demonstrate and is shown in Nebraska. Since we seem to be in an earth period of strange wet weather in many parts of the world, that makes nuclear power in those areas highly suspect for catastrophe.

The nuclear industry still hasn't figured out what in hell to do with spent fuel rods that are a distinct danger to all life on the planet and most distinctly in their close vicinity.

"Not in my backyard" takes on a whole new meaning with this stuff.

The sheer complexity of these operations makes them extremely vulnerable to mishaps.

murph said...

Belgium, SAS,
If you read this, been trying to send email for a week now and it keeps getting kicked back as undeliverable. Are you ok?

murph said...


Yeh, Henny Penny is a real sweetie pie. When I have the time we sit and talk for extended periods of time. I've drawn the line at taking any more dust baths with her though.

Anonymous said...

piss i just caught up four days late and wondering what happened to a response to the tail end comment i left, no body home dudddd,, anyway have a good time freeacre, love that area of oregon also,, spent lots of time traveling around that state, the coast use to be so great camping on the beaches and what not and then they decided the hippies did not deserve such a good thing and built state parks and private came grounds and keep out signs and highway patrol fucking the love children over any chance they got,o yeah the timber fucks bought up all the trees and the roads into the forest became locked so it became necessary to carry bolt cutters as part of our camping gear and this of course made us jail bait. we still hacked the forest for a while but finally said fuck it and left. leave it to the cocksuckers in power to screw up the wonderful of momma earth and shut it off from the children, may they burn in their own personal hell.
amen. :)

anyway i'm sure everyone has seen this old news by now but just in case i will set it a gain.
o, no need its on the last i think comment on the last post.
scary shit for sure and am seeking south...

on a lighter note here is a nice little something for those of us that like to play in the mud for fun and healing, maybe a cure for standing in the middle of a nuclear holycost.

lots of good stuff about clay, i started drinking it down and well........ its a its ok it really needs a gettin use to i think but it feels real good to the bod..
also for the girls and the sissies among us it makes a nice face rejuvenator for... the face , yeah.
its finally sunning, yeah, the forty days and nights of wet are i hope gone for awhile but will not hold breath..
people look funny here what with all the moss and shit growing on um, kinda sexy on some of the ladies though i got to admit.
dudes look awful!~

ok me too, murph what's up with sats, i figured he was taking a sabbatical or something, sats if you read this will you let us know?

murph i got to admit your henny penny does look sorta delicious, just kiddin, would like be eatin a family member or the family dog,, disgustin thought ..
hey everybody, hope life is good for you all, these days even though are filled with every kind of fuck upness still have a flavor and we will derive what we put into it i expect,,also i kind of wonder if the mother might have a few really cool surprised for those that think that they have everything by the ass and brag about it..
of course its those pesky aliens doing all this stripping the earth of its resources as proposed by Max Igan on his post of 18/june/2011 part four of four, at
makes sense to me, so what if i live under a rock,? its my rock..

jesus stoney, the weather modification is working good in your neck of the woods too. hummm, yep,amazing, really gives ''what to prepare for'' a multiple question anymore thats for sure...
rainboots? swim suit? long underware? dawn coat? fuck.. i imagine the weather is gonna get even more freaky as time goes along, the imbalance of the two=leggeds has brought upon mom is enough and also the natural state of the universe has to be brought into the equation also i reckon. i don't think the cocksuckers have enough saucer technology to make sun bursts..
anyway have good everything brothers/sisters.

murph said...

For those that are interested, here is an interesting safety article on nuclear plants.

Anonymous said...

Well that AP investigation story you just posted was suprising. Just proves further how "lax" the industry and regulations are.

Sounds like the key thing is age.

With so many things going south at once how could it all be addressed even if they wanted to fix it?

If I were Queen...every fricken one of those nuclear sites would be trashed, shut down, burried, VERBOTEN! It's a huge problem all these sites, old and getting older. They will only get worse.

The NRC is so worthless IMHO. If Americans could vote to shut it all down, (providing they knew the facts), I think they would. I think they would be willing to give up some power useage for awhile until our energy infrastructure transitions into something else. Everyone in our immediate family thinks so anyway. It could take a few years but we have to do it sooner or later...if there's going to be a later. Geeeeeze what are these dildos thinking? It's just futile when groups can't admit they've screwed up.

Everything nuclear creates continual perpeptual poison with no where to dispose of it; that in itself should be the "lightbulb moment."

Great to see this story in the mainstream. Kudos to those responsible. mrs p

murph said...

Mrs P

As a society we are so addicted to electricity on demand that I suspect that as a society we will never declare it so unsafe we are willing to give it up.

On another note, dig this commentary on the financial world.

Anonymous said...

freeacre and Murph!

Caught up on your last 3 posts. Been real busy. Just got back from a renewing "escape"-- Faerieworlds in Eugene, which we introduced to some younger friends. Much needed dancing and being and embracing joy in such dark times.

July 4th weekend we're doing the "G-Wiz" (for Green Wizard) gathering on the Washington side of the gorge with a bunch of people giving workshops on permaculture and sustainable gardening and animal husbandry, cloth, leather, wood-- just all sorts of things. Looking forward to meeting people there and learning some stuff! I read plenty, but when it comes to practical skills, as opposed to theoretical knowledge-- nothing beats in-person demonstrations and hand-on learning environments.

Due to weather delays and university foundation red tape, we didn't get a garden into the ground (except a small one by our building) but we're growing food in containers anyway. We got a small fish pond going to continuously make us free, organic, fertilizer (and for spirit, just like the flowers draw bees and lift your mood.) I've already begun harvesting herbs and lettuce. Its a slow start-- but its a start.

We're still in it. Working to walk our talk and in the process have some neighbors thinking along new lines and trying out new things themselves. Make it interesting, practical, self-serving (saves money!) and fun, and its not SO hard to get people to try new things. 3 out of 5 units are actively working mini-gardens and container-gardens when last year it was 0 out of 5. Next year? Yeah, it'll keep expanding.

The world turns to shit, and it just keeps getting worse. And people ARE noticing. I've found that offering a way to meet it actively is being more easily embraced. Times sure are interesting, and look to continue to be more so every year.

I'll be calling you 2 soon!
~ Larissa/Lucretia

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link Murph,very involved sounds sort of like the "plunge protection team". Crazy all the financial hanky panky that goes on in higher places. It breaks my heart that so many decent people bust their butts everyday just to make ends meet and keep a roof over their heads, etc and they cant get a break. These bankers, the "fed" etc. always remind me of scrooge.
Any good news from FA? Take good care of yourself and the flock. mrs p

Anonymous said...

6.7 quake off NE coast of Japan probably not serious Tsunami warning (issued already) but wondering about #4 fuel pool safety there? It was around 6 a.m. Japan time..just happened about 20 minutes or so ago. We will keep eye on Fukushima.
mrs p

Anonymous said...

“You can ignore reality,but you can’t ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.” -Ayn Rand

quote of the day?


Anonymous said...

Freeman, this one's for you.


Anonymous said...

its simple rp, the dude is smoking some of the stuff i grow...;) don't ask me how he got it, its a long way from here to observatory on the Mir... but.... the shit do get a dude high, and this would be a record for sure..
just a guess of course..
also might have something to do with the third coming..

wv fidder, hummm

freeacre said...

Still reeling from my field trip to the state Grange conference, but at least I am back all safe and sound. Maddeningly, I somehow left my notebook with all the notes and resolutions and paperwork at the conference. Sure hope to get it back somehow. We lost our bid to make pyrolids illegal in herbicides. Seems the committee called in an expert from the University Ag Dept. who said he doesn't have a problem with it. I need to look into this matter further before I say anything.
Corvalis was beautiful and cable tv sucks even worse than I remembered. The Budget Inn did not provide a coffee maker, but, happily, I had brought my own and Peets's Coffee from San Francisco, so it wasn't all bad.
Glad to be back, Trouts.
A shout out to Dave who lives in Missouri by the river. Dave, let us know how you are!

dublinmick said...

Before you go here is a laugh, the universe strikes back, bird craps in reporter's mouth.,Video.html

Anonymous said...

glad to see your comment sis, to bad about notes maybe some kind soul will rescue them and send them to you..

did you mean pyralids? which is a

an insect of a family ( Pyralidae) of small delicate moths with narrow forewings. The larvae of many species are pests of stored foodstuffs.
ORIGIN late 19th cent.: from modern Latin Pyralidae (plural), based on Greek puralis, denoting a mythical fly said to live in fire. (according to dictionary)
do they crush them up and add them to the recipe?

who in the fuck could think of such a thing to kill other bugs?

we think we got it bad, a friend of mine told me he was so love starved that he was going to buy a airline ticket and go to the airport for a gropdown..
this friend gets regular money from the gov. for being a little odd i might mention also.

the weather here in montana, at least in this part has clouds every day that are so fucked up looking as a result of the chemtrails i guess, i mean they look like there have been ripped apart all jagged and shit, its truly weird to watch um , like big hands just grab um and pulled um apart,. hard to imagine i expect, i was thinking of mother earth at the time and i felt so much shame for what we are doing to her i just started crying, its awful guys,and the worst part is the helplessness feeling of not being able to do a goddam thing about it..
the rage them just wells up inside and i just want to berserk out and start trading you know what.. of course being a martyred 15 minute sideshow would do absolutely nothing and probably only make shit worse..
i hope when the end comes that we will all have a chance to see that mystery the native shamans speak of if not before.

having a mind clear enough of the dredge we swim in today might be somewhat of a hindrance for that occasion, if it be an occasion..

have good weekend folks, its getting stranger and stranger, but also i feel that the force that holds the whole thing together as intelligence universal has it firmly in hand regardless of anything else..
could i get an amen?
peace and love

freeacre said...

amen, Montana.

Anonymous said...

So good to return (like Elenin, that mysterious body orbiting, or roaming) about this oasis of sanity and reason and good homecooking, like my wife and I have in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, a ways south from some, north of a huge number of people still residing in California. Been a long time since last posting, though I visit often, in need of sanity and reason amongst the D & G and BS beyond the reach of warm fire light. It's good to get away, experience the "real unreal world" for a time, if and only if to return!

I no longer fly, the TSA and its progenitors having erected barriers that, in principle, I cannot in good conscience ever cross. Driving's still an option, and a good CD of chanting (Snatum Kaur, Singh Kaur of the Sihk persuasion, a la Yogi Bhajan) paves the way to a powerful day in The City. I still revel emerging from a BART station into the belly of the beast, the financial district, in SF. There, the Earth's greatest contrasts exist, from the homeloess, who persist, to the multitudes of lawyers, exaultant in the absence of law, allowing free and profitable practice without reins (reigns? rains?) or fetters. GOD help the accused, unless TPTB bless them.

All the best to each and all of you. See you around this wondrous space again, soon. Alan