Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Making "Change"

by murph

Those of us that spend a disproportionate amount of time getting their news and views off the internet (like us) are seeing more and more discussion about the OWS (Occupy Wall Street) movement. Every web site that I go to daily for information and commentary are dealing with it to some extent. On a personal level, I have to lend moral support to those folks that are out demonstrating against the big banks and the Federal Reserve.

However, upon close examination it sure appears to me that all this demonstrating, occupying some small area of a city and chanting will be for naught. The reason I say this is because of the assumptions these demonstrations have to justify their happening, namely; 1. That change in the economic system can be affected by the citizens by the demonstrations, 2. That the demonstrations are taking place in an environment where the government is sensitive and hopefully sympathetic to the demonstrators, and 3. That our government is an independent entity (not controlled by the financial interests). None of those assumptions appear to be true to me.

Charles Smith in Monday’s post put up a link to a Tyler Durden article, which outlines what he thinks should also be done. His article contains much of the same kind of assumptions that the OWS demonstrators have. Common throughout Durden's article and others of the same sentiment is the theme that the money has to be removed from the big banks and the Federal Reserve has to be abolished. There are many more assumptions contained in these ideas, namely removing money from the election process, doing something about the Supreme Court being another toady group for big financial interests, citizen financing of the electoral process, term limitations and so forth. I happen to agree with all of it.

However, upon close examination of these problem-solving ideas, there are some rather palatable big problems that I can see being created.

For instance, removing money from the too big to fail banks, that is, closing your accounts and taking possession of the money, such as it is. For those citizens that have bank accounts of one type or another, that means doing SOMETHING with the cash. Hide it under a mattress or bury a fruit jar full of it or put it into a small regional bank or a credit union? I have seen no commentary on what would happen or what the PTB response would be if that became a mass movement.

So let’s take a look at the probable PTB response. They could create the environment and/or laws where small regional banks and credit unions could not operate and force you to use the to big to fail institutions. They could force a cashless economy for those who insist on having in hand possession of the cash money. If you start investigating this you will find that the push to a cashless society is actually underway. In Louisiana you supposedly cannot buy and sell used goods with cash anymore. Toll roads all over the country are going cashless. The internet is full of examples of this push to a cashless society. When we can avoid it, we do not use the big international banks either. But, I so see that if a lot of momentum in the populace to remove money from the big international financial system caught on, there would be a big response from the financial elites.

Lots of other suggestions abound to fight the big money interests. Going to a mostly barter system for exchanging goods, going to a gold and silver means of exchange, etc. I do hope that you all realize that the IRS does not like barter systems because then flow of capital in whatever form is neither traceable nor taxable. If that caught on, you can bet the screws would be tightened up on that. In fact, in many states right now, barter is considered illegal under some circumstances. In the news has been a bunch of instances where coop farms, (a form of barter) is prosecuted and shut down and food coops are being shut down, again a form of barter and localization.

Going to local currencies and script for trade has been in the past and currently being shut down by law enforcement. Just try and issue a local currency in your community to cut out the big banks for their grabbing a chunk of the dough. If local currencies gained much traction you can bet there would be a massive effort to stop it.

All of this is to enforce the use of plastic as currency and focus control by the financial elites.

Of course, it sure appears to me that the financial elite’s control of money and its usage has been going on forever. The means of control has remained rather constant over time. The government and its control over law enforcement, enactment of advantageous laws and control of the military make sure the uppity citizens that want to keep a bigger share of whatever capital in whatever form is available are thwarted, and ensures the flow to the top people at any given time in the financial world. It also appears to me that enforcement of this has worked by keeping citizens afraid of all sorts of things. Enforced starvation and/or poverty, incarceration and even death being the most potent forms of fear based control.

Again, I encourage people to look at assumptions contained in solutions to the many problems that are engaging societies. They will be the death of many legitimate movements to change how things are done.

In my view, as long as most of societies view government as the means controlling how people interact with each other and controls their well being, it will not improve the situation. There was a certain amount of truth to Reagan’s statement that “government IS the problem”.

I think that the latest essay by Survival Acres (Oct 31) is a synapses of our situation these days. Although he is the king of gloom and doom for sure, it doesn’t take away from his premises and conclusions. His conclusion that humans on this planet are a blight and are doomed to extinction may indeed be a bit extreme, all due to our hubris about ourselves. It also seems fairly obvious that if we don’t change our ways of living that we very well could drive ourselves to extinction, along with almost all other living things on this planet. I do not believe that it is necessarily inevitable though, even if a definite possibility. Whatever the conditions of development in humans to end up where we are today is not necessarily a condition that has to be perpetuated. Humans can change, perhaps a bit of oddity in the animal kingdom on this planet. If humans are incapable of changing how they view themselves and what they do, down the road I do not see how we can survive as a species. Hell, there is even a question of survival in the lives that inhabit this planet today.

I see but one solution. Humans must change.


freeacre said...

I gotta admit that I look at the OWS demonstrations a little differently from you. I concur that the demonstrations might not have much of a beneficial effect. They might even invite more repression. But, just the act of getting out of one's house and expressing themselves in the world and with others in a physical way, is progress toward feeling solidarity with each other and a step toward becoming more empowered. And, if brutality and repression are the reaction of the PTB, it at least makes it obvious to whom the police owe their allegiance. So, even though I am not under the delusion that millions of regular citizens (the 99%) will be able to make a dent in their plans, I think the protests are good for us anyway.
Disaster and change seem to be in the air more than normal. I notice little changes in me lately (see last comment on previous post). I wonder what changes others in the Trout Clan are experiencing. Maybe the galactic center energies are transforming us right now. Sounds like something's going on with Montana and "the bug."
Pretty exciting times we are living in right now. The stock market is tanking, a big asteroid is headed our way on the 8/9th, and "remember, remember the 5th of Nov." is just a couple of days away.
Bring it on - we were born for this.

Hotspringswizard said...

I really like that mask murph and I'll have to pick me one up to get ready for the Occupy Apple Valley protest :-) I agree with Murph's ideas of how much of a great wall of elite power these occupy movements are up against, but I also agree with Freeacre's points too as I am glad to see that something of this kind is blooming rather than not. Mauro of the geoengineeringwatch.org website was down on the front lines of the Occupy Oakland protest just recently. He told my brother Dane that there were some folks there that appeared like they really wanted to stir things up much more than just a " protest ".

Things will continue to degrade for the masses so there will be increasing protest whether or not they initially make little headway against the elites. With 7 billion people and declining resources to support us all the screws are really starting to tighten as we all know.

And Freeacre asked about " changes ", well my darn ears are ringing ( tinitus ) a bit more than usual lately. Just wish I could sit out in a quiet place in nature and hear only the natural sounds.

Here is an article discussing the dismal reality that the people of this world are increasing their usage of coal in a big way, and that declining economic conditions are killing projects around the world that were intended on trying to mitigate the effects of burning coal. Reminds me of the recent stories of the Repugs and their idiotic commercials saying the EPA needs to " back off " with the regulations and let good ol big business do what it wants to do.


The Triumph of King Coal

....Global production is set to rise by 35 percent in the coming decade....

400 PPM CO2 levels will be coming soon.

Anonymous said...

Like Murph, I don't see the OWS'ers doing much good at this time because of the police state and PTB not allowing it much more time. Already we see the crack down in cities across the country. I too lend my moral support, but I just get the feeling that not much will be allowed to change. CHANGE we can believe in? Where have I heard that before?
I'm reading a book at the moment and the only change we can be assured of is that, the secret government is growing by leaps and bounds. "Top Secret America, the rise of the new American Security State" by Dana Priest and William M. Arkin. It is mind boggling what is being reported on, and I believe the authors were asked not to publish it. The clowns running for president think they are going to cut the government down in size are just full of it. What a joke.


HSW, we came back from a road trip to Iowa and back last month. We passed through Wyoming both times and did we get an eye full of coal plants, mining and power plants burning the coal. There were many many trains with cars full of coal. I counted one with 155 gondola rail cars full of coal!
We humans have got to learn a better way of living on this earth. I don't know what it's going to take to wake people up. I keep reading more and more articles on what is lies ahead if we don't.


nina said...

Bofa announced they will waive the 5 dollar debit card fee for people who keep a minimum balance and use direct deposit. Another way to build a cashless country where the money, your money, is never in your hands. Perhaps the debit card fee debacle was planned to turn out just the way it did.

Now reading about Greece today, it seems to me that George Papandreou has done the right thing in calling for a referendum, let the people take back their country! The markets are in an uproar, how dare he! And still, I'm betting they will go back to the drachma and be done with the EU which, going back a few weeks, is just what the EU wanted. How better to bury a problem, however the problem won't be so simple with Portugal, Italy, Spain and very possibly France.

What the 1% has done is kill humanity, its culture and future, country by country. They really are making survival in all its plain simplicity as impossible as they can. And they have convinced the lower level 10 % to go right along with them as rear guard.

OWS is good. I wish I wasn't so rural and poor so I could go. I don't think the camping out helps them, they would have more power by leaving and returning stronger every day. They need daily marches, music of and by the people and a powerful, clear message.

Great post Murph, thank you.

Hotspringswizard said...

Bexar, related to coal use, I just saw a report on MSNBC this evening about some type of coal spill at a coal fired electricity plant and I think it was near Chicago. The stuff went like a landslide into the lake.

And Bexar on the subject of drones, I just recently read an article about the US military planning on aquiring huge tracts of lands in New Mexico and Colorado for the " special forces testing and training in the use of remote-controlled flying murder machines " as the article put it. So clearly drone usage by the warmongers will be increasing. Here is a link to that story:


A 51st State for Armed Robotic Drones

Speaking of " changes ", here is a huge one:


Unprecedented Arctic ozone hole in 2011

....this year, massive ozone destruction of 80% occurred at altitudes of 18 – 20 kilometers in the Arctic during spring, resulting in Earth’s first known case of twin ozone holes, one over each pole.....

During late March and part of April this massive hole was over parts of Western Europe which increased dramtically the UV levels and they feel it may have caused noticeable reductions in Europe’s winter wheat crop. My brother is planning on getting a UV meter to test the levels where he lives in Northern Cal.

Hotspringswizard said...

Here are a couple of links showing photos of that spill I metioned:


Horrific Pics of a Massive Lake Michigan Coal Ash Spill

And more pics:


RAS said...

I don't think the OWS protesters are doing a damn bit of good. You don't bring down something like this by protesting. (I'm sure we all remember that Luke Skywalker got the Death Star decommissioned by his tireless protest efforts.)

The financial elites won't take notice until someone lobs a bomb through one of their windows at 2 am -and people celebrate the bombthrower. (That is, btw, what happened in the Depression. Among other things. The financiers got scare s***less and agreed to Roosevelt's plan to save their own worthless hides.)

We'll never go to a completely cashless society. Why? It's too handy a tool for crooks and crooked politicians.

Hotspringswizard said...

This video is worth your time to watch:


Engdahl: Arab Spring a western ploy to control Eurasia

Anonymous said...

I like Nina's idea of the OWS coming and going each day. Espeically for those who've lost their jobs -they can treat it as a part time job or just getting out of the house - "See you later, honey." "Ok, have a good day protesting, dear."

Maybe "Flash Protests" are in order. Say, a few thousand people show up at BofA HQ for an hour or two and when the Stazi show up, disperse to another venue, like say -the White House. And, once five or six thousand people show up, they all moon the Teleprompter-in-Cheif like they did in the first battle in "Braveheart." Once everyone has exposed themselves to "Obummer," they head on over to the "Bankster's" barber shop just as Ben Bernancke is having his beard trimmed -and moon his sorry ass. That many people might make the barber nervous.... Hey -this is kinda cool. I think I'm on to something here -and I'm not even drinking beer. Yeah, "Flash Protests!"

But... I do admire those that are out there getting their faces kicked-in by the Stormtroopers, but I sorta agree with Murph. I really don't see this going much further. It's getting too freak'in cold outside and they'll probably start dropping off soon because of it. I think to have any effect, what's needed is millions of ordinary people taking to the streets, not buying crap, not going to work for a week or more -and mooning TPTB. A quick economic crash might be the only way millions would act, I think.

And yeah, Ras, Luke didn't fuck-up the Death Star by protesting Darth Vader's use of the Dark Side of the Force, man.

News from The People's Republic of Utah:

The Rethuglican/LDS legislature did a fine job of redrawing distric lines (i.e. jerrymandeing) this past week behind closed doors to the point where there will never be a Democrat or Progressive elected in Utah for the next 10 years -or more.

Geebus. Saw a bumper sticker last week that said, "Utah: too bad the skiiing's so good."



Anonymous said...


"In the basement of a newly renovated building in Colorado, an army of people in uniform and shirtsleeves is working on a map of North America unlike any ever created. It is a multidimensional, multimedia, top secret compendium of very specific data accumulating at a dizzying rate. The ultimate dream of those behind it is to be able to point to any block in any city in the United States and gain instant access to the expanding universe of digitized information for that location, from speed cameras to wireless network signals, street level photography and video, property records, electricity consumption, floor plans and security layouts, even traffic light sequences. Also incoming would be ultra-high-resolution imagery that can peer into backyards, and other advanced technologies available to pinpoint activity inside the walls of an office building, power station, or, with proper approval, a private home, from the living room to the bathroom to the children's bedrooms."

"Top Secret America" by Dana Priest and William M. Arkin pp 106

This is going waay to far. I suppose one could say welcome to 1984 in 2011. Big brother really is watching you!


nina said...
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nina said...

AGH, Bexar! War of the Worlds, those creepy long-armed cameras peering around corners, behind the books, the oven, you know the ones I mean. How soon will they be a household fixture?

Hotspringswizard said...

We see lots of commercials ( video links to a few of them within this article ) on the MSM from the natural gas corporations that tought how safe and abundant drilling for gas in the US " really " is. Well the documentary Gasland put the nails in the coffin of the " safe gas drilling " nonsense. And in this article you will see that the " abundance " of US gas is just more of the same BS from the big gas corporations just looking to cash in big while they can, making swiss cheese of the country and fouling the water along the way:


....there are sweet spots, and then there are spots that are not sweet at all. And, the sweet spots are turning out to be quite small compared to the size of the deposits....

murph said...


I hadn't been following the natural gas stuff for quite a while. Remember Jevons' Paradox? If you need a review, http://thearchdruidreport.blogspot.com/2008/04/net-energy-and-jevons-paradox.html has a good way of explaining it.

One problem with the American public is their susceptibility to advertising and propaganda. This brings me to my final statement from the post. Humans must change and that includes changing how they view what they are told.

murph said...


Frankly, this intrusiveness into our lives infuriates me. Unfortunately, I am not ready to pack up and live in a cave up in the mountains yet. And, even then.........

murph said...


Friend of mine who has experience in getting businesses attention says that a general strike won't make it, have to target specific business and generally in a specific area. You simply can't get enough people to do a general protest to get all the attention of all the different business interests.

Your forgot "we are so doomed"! You loosing it guy? Turning to the dark side? lol

murph said...


I figure cashless just for us plebes. The elites will still have their cash.

WV piractic= practice of piracy?

freeacre said...

..and now lamp posts are being installed in 3 cities that can make announcements, take pictures, and record conversations...unbelievable. Reminds me of Terminator - war of the machines.

As oil is depleted, more and more coal and natural gas will be proliferating. All the while the demand keeps growing as the population continues to go hockey puck.

What a world.

RAS said...

Murph, that won't work. If only the elite had access to cash, it would be too easy to trace. The use of cash for bribes and criminal payoffs depends on its relative anonymity -which depends on widespread availability. My guess is they'll take the same approach as France -ban cash for purchases over a certain amount.

One thing I did not mention yesterday, for the government snoops who inevitably visit this site, is that of course I would never do anything like I was discussing; stupid I am not and I have no intention of ever going to prison.

Anonymous said...


Remember, remember the 5th of November
Gunpowder,treason and plot,
I know of no reason
Why the gunpowder treason,
Should ever be forgot.

How many know what the Gunpowder Plot was all about? The whole thing started a hundred? Years before when the Pope refused to annul the marriage of Henry Vlll and Katherine of Aragon. Henry responded by kicking Rome out on its ear, dissolving the monasteries and instigating the Divine Right of Kings, you might think this is a bit harsh but he sure did kingly things. We then had the protestant Elizabethan era followed by King James l (Vl of Scotland), the one who rewrote the Bible. Meanwhile in Scotland which was a separate country in those times, they needed a new monarch. The logical choice was the second daughter of Henry Vlll who had been exiled to France and bought up as a Catholic but in order to be Mary Queen of Scots she had to formerly be the symbolic head of the Protestant Church. She did this but there was always a conflict of interest and under her rule, whilst supporting the Protestant cause she also let the Catholic faction flourish. When England and Scotland where combined under James l (Vl) the Catholics were a problem which had to be dealt with so James came up with a 'final solution', a perfect false flag operation. He had his Minister of State to dress in workman's clothing and go into the London taverns where the Catholic hot heads hang out. Over months he gained their trust before telling them he knew how to get hookey gunpowder. He also supplied them with the guards change over routines and a way to get into the cellars of the parliament building unseen. All went well until the night of November 5th when the whole scheme was to come to fruition and when the King was waiting for the in-breakers with his guards. They were caught as they were supposed to be, had a show trial and publicly hanged. Guy Fawkes was the patsy and after that there was not a peep out of the Catholics. Kids in England still have fireworks, light bonfires and burn effigies of Guy Fawkes on the night of November 5th.

Anonymous said...

FB 2

Hi guys, I am back and thanks for all the well wishes, particularly the Murphs, HSW, Ras Mf and others. Hey mf, does this mean that when my hip is better, I will be to chase women too – as if ;-) I will tell you what happened, I was mown down by a kieshund. I was at the step daughter's place on the other side of Belgium and on the Sunday morning was going from one room into another. I took a step backwards to open the connecting door when the dog thought it would be a good game to race at full speed between my legs. It didn't figure that it would get trapped as I brought my back foot forward, which is what happened and then all the momentum of the dog at full speed was transferred to my legs. My feet with the dog still between them came up to waist height before I came crashing onto the hard floor busting my left hip. I guess all accidents are stupid ones. I had a total hip replacement which needed two weeks in hospital. I have been home since last weekend but things have taken time, like my trusted house doctor of ten years is getting divorced and is moving his medical practice about 15 miles away, so I had to find another trusty doctor, then there were the nurse visits to change the dressings and visits from well wishers. I didn't have the energy for the computer. The hip and wound are healing very well and I can get about the house on one crutch now. I have to go back to Limburg for a check up on the 29th so hopefully I can do this by train if all goes well.

Re the current post, I agree with much of what Murph has said and it is well expressed. The only comment I would make is that in the past you have bemoaned the fact that there was not a critical mass of people to get out on the streets and show the authorities how pissed off they are. Now they are there you are complaining that they won't do any good. You can't have it both ways. I see a few options here. 1. the mass goes super critical. 2. The rage against the machine is escalated to a higher level (not that I would approve of such a thing) or 3. everyone goes home and stops buying stuff.

Btw, do those new lamp posts have hanging arms on them?

I feel a post coming on here (maybe two?). Less controversial this time hopefully.



murph said...


Welcome back. So glad you are doing well after an accident of such proportions.

You made a critique of my reasoning by saying that now that we have massive demonstrations, something should change. I am going to presume that you are familiar with the supposed 4% rule (I think that is the percentage) wherein 4% of the people are needed to change the other 96% direction. The amount of people participating in the OWS and related demonstrations aren't even close to that percentage, there simply is not enough people showing enough dissatisfaction with the status quo to change it.

That there is quite a lot of folks voicing discontent and unhappiness with the system is evident, but not enough. First off, we can't even get a consensus among those dissatisfied on what the problem really is. To solve a problem, the problem has to be identified correctly before a solution can be formulated. So far, I haven't seen that take place as a general consensus. Small groups do for sure. But they as yet do not have the weight to change anything I think. On top of that, even if 4% of the US population (around 1.2 million)were sufficiently contained and/or widely distributed by the elites, they still would have minimal effect. Now if around a million folks took to the streets of Washington or New York and literally stopped business being conducted, maybe that would get the elites attention and maybe some concessions. I rather suspect that they would toss a few bones out as a concession but no structural changes would occur.

My study indicates that structural changes only occur when there is a radical change in who the decision makers are and even then it is questionable. In our last election cycle, the Tea Baggers got a significant bunch of like minded folks elected, but I see no structural change happening or for that matter, even being advocated. Sure appears to me that the newbies elected are caught up in the same net if they even had real change in mind before they were elected. For sure, folks like Ron Paul and a very few other folks taking part in the power scene in government have proposals for radical change, but notice their lack of traction.

It appears to me that especially in all of the Western societies at this time, egalitarianism, fairness, truth, and all the other abstract concepts that make a stable flourishing society are in decline and have been for some time. In the US, the vast majority are perfectly content to have a nanny state, favoritism, elite control, wars, and economic disparity as long as they can get their piece of the pie, even a tiny insignificant piece. It makes the bone-throwing-over-the-shoulder elites hold on power absurdly easy.

In this country, we cannot get a consensus on what we expect and demand of government and it appears to me that we aren't alone in this.

It also appears to me that we have to deal with two other concepts that are rarely spoken of; social inertia and social momentum. Both are of immediate concern. Both factors are stopping any immediate or even gradual significant changes. Resistance to change from inertia and a whole bunch of momentum carrying us along.

So I will revert to my original contention, we have to have a significant participation of the people to get any change, which we do not yet have, and what would have to take place for that is open to speculation.

murph said...


Remember this short scene from Men In Black?

freeacre said...

Hey, Belgium! Yea, you're back! We were worried about you. So glad that you have a decent health care system to take care of you properly.

Regarding the 5th of November and the associated intrigue and false flags, etc., I guess things really haven't changed that much. Different players, same game.

As Roseanne Rosanna Danna said, "It's always something."

Our first snow of the season fell today and is supposed to continue with showers and snow for a week. Egad!

Hotspringswizard said...

Sats, Good to hear about your progress from your injury :-) When I posted the " Arab Spring " link earlier in this thread it reminded me of that guest post you did on the same subject some time ago. Looks like the elites are making alot of headway in steering the popular uprisings in the MENA region toward their nefarious interest.

Regarding hips/pelvis injuries, I once had a German Shepard who had her pelvis crushed by a big construction truck that backed over her while she was sleeping under it. I thought she was doomed to die, took her to the vet, and was supprised when the woman there told me about her own dog who had received the same injury who later went on to heal and live a happy life afterwards. She said I needed to take my pooch home and provide for her needs while my dogs pelvis healed naturally, because in cases like that no type of cast is possible.

My shepard did heal up and funny enough the gait of her two back legs went from the normally alternating movement to both legs pushing off at about the same time, I guess her way of adapting to the new pelvis alignment realities :-)

Good points there Murph in your 11:11 AM post. Did I ever tell you that I like the number 11 :-) And for more interesting info involving the number 11 go here:


Only eight more days till 11-11-11!

Freeacre regarding your first snow, this morning I fired up our wood stove for the first time this year. Its time again for cooking some more heads, yummy :-)

On another subject, I was thinking last night about drones being used in Pakistan, Libya, on the increase in other parts of Africa, along the US/Mexican border, and just this last week I read a report of a Texas police deptartment testing small drones that have the capability of being armed for use in their activities.
And then there is the recent link I posted in this thread about the large tracts of land in New Mexico and Colorado that are being sought for drone training areas.

Now set against this are the economic woes of the world and the view by many that the elites are purposely crashing the system towards some nefarious end. Then you have the 2010 Census where every residence in the US was GPS'ed for its exact location.

Drones ared guided by GPS. In a large scale economic crash you know there will be mass protest, disent, and revolutionary sentiment within the population and it comes to mind what a great tool for quelling any uprising the usage of drones would be for targeting any uprisings leaders so as to beat these movements back down with GPS guided drones being able to target anyone, anywhere utilizing GPS coordinates guiding them exactly to where those aligned against the elites reside.


Hotspringswizard said...
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Hotspringswizard said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hotspringswizard said...

My brother who lives remotely in Northern Cal had the Census people come a half mile onto his property, past many no trespassing signs right up to the top of the mountain where his house is to GPS it. My brother told the guy you can't come here without permission like that. A week later the census people for some reason showed up again un-announced and without permission using their GPS again!

We see how many of the ideas presented in the book 1984 have their real life parallell's in our world today. US citizens have now been assasinated in another country by drones, with no due process whatsoever. So the elite scum who perped 9-11, started multiple wars based on lies, and are actively involved in the plunder of the US masses economically may very well to my mind be seeing the new drone technology as a perfect technology to use as things degrade in the US territory to crush any disenters, and maintain their postions of power and wealth.

We will see. Its just somethng I was thinking about before I fell asleep last night. Interestingly I have this recurrent dream theme from time to time, which involves me trying to catch a flight on a jet, and in doing so I in the dreams am frustrated by all manner of things, like trying to gather up all my stuff and finding when I think I am finally ready there is still more stuff. Or at other times in these dreams while going to the airport all sorts of things happen that prevent me from getting there. In these dreams I never make it to the flight.

Maybe its just my subconscious mind dealing with all of the unsolveable difficulties this world presents, with really no way to do all that you might to get yourself really ready for what looks likely to unfold. The plane may represent some sort of escape from the looming mayhem, and me not making it to the airport is my mind dealing with the reality that there is no escape. The mind is an amazingly fascinating architectural structure :-)

I had a very nice hike yesterday out to a desert area I really enjoy, going an area I call Hidden Valley. It was a cool day with blue skies and I checked up on all the heads, circles and rocks I put in various spots out there. I planted a small Cottonwood tree in one canyon and it has been growing for 4 years now. Its still pretty small because of the harsh soil and terrain conditions. I happened to find a spot where there was some water that seeps from the ground there year round. Its fun to see it gradually grow a little every year, a small patch of bright green in the otherwise parched landscape around it. As I was coming back down the desert mountains I heard a high pitched sound like a whistle or animal call, and I looked in its direction and three Golden Eagles where flying together across the ridge only about a 100 feet away and the sound was them screeching. It was a wonderful way to end the day, with dreams of airports and too much luggage to manage far, far away :-)

Anonymous said...


Looking at all of the "doom" today has got me freak'in depressed, man.

Will Israel/US/UK do a "Lybia" on Iran in the very near future? Shit.

I wonder... is there anyone out there who has the intellegence and integrity AND, the ability to stop this madness?

I'm for Putin, man.


mrs p said...

Hello Troutclan:

Hey has anyone see this thing?
A youtube trailer 4 a documentary coming out on 11/11/11


Be sure to watch the whole thing it's just a few minutes. They have a web site and there you can listen to their THRIVE "theme song".

I love it. xox, mrs p

mrs p said...

P.S. Here's the Thrive web page


mrs p

Anonymous said...

According to the book I'm reading, "Top Secret America", by the year 2016, the military will be flying thirteen different kinds of military unmanned aerial vehicles from 94 U.S. Locations.
So it looks like more than the Colorado/New Mexico locations HSW. Wonder where all these places will be?
I read the same article about police using drones. I believe it was Houston.
It just makes me angry and at times , I feel like throwing the book across the room! But, at least I will be more alert as to what is going on around me, sometimes. I'll be damned if I will allow it to make me fearful of big brother, and I'm not heading for any cave either Murph!
"No single person is in charge of the U.S. counterterrorism effort. No one is in charge of managing this growth, which is only expected to get bigger in the years to come despite the economic downturn". Back cover of the book.
We could be in for one hell of a ride folks.
HSW, good on you for catching the eagles, what a sight and sound that is. We have the balds flying over our home as well as ospreys. A deer is right outside my window now, on the other side of my fenced in garden.

Hotspringswizard said...

I see here Mrs P in this You Tube video:


Numerology of 11-11-11

The woman says that " Eleven represents the sound current of Infinity "

My circles are made with 11 stones which I decided to call the Circle Of Everything, which to my mind was another phrase meaning infinity. The center stone is the source/singularity where " everything " came from, with infinity moving outward in all directions from the source.

I made another circle out in Hidden Valley just yesterday. Its a beautiful pristine desert area of rocky mountains and I make the circles out of natural stones I find there, putting them in places that I find especially appealing. I had been making the circles initially out of black smooth rocks I collected on the shores of Lake Tahoe, but it turned out the Pack Rats liked to run off with those small stones to help in building up their rock and stick shelters. At times they also take the little clay heads I put out there for the same purpose :-)

I see in this video there is a gathering on 11-11-11 in Sedona, Arizona which is such a beautiful area:


The 11.11.11 Gathering

freeacre said...

Perhaps the best thing about the 11th will be to have survived the 9th...

The asteroid YU55 might possibly hit our moon or even our planet, if it's trajectory is affected by either the recent CME and flare from the sun, or the remnants of comet Elenin which we pass through on the same day. George Ure (today's Urban Survival)presents info on possible influences just coming close might have on the internal structural balance of the earth, possibly culminating in earthquakes.
What a comfort to know that FEMA is planning a Emergency test and Pacific Rim tsunami exercise on the same day.

Anonymous said...



Thanks for that comprehensive explanation. I guess what you are saying is that the momentum has started but the mass of people has not yet reached critical proportions. Is there any indications whether the movement is growing or remaining static or shrinking?
I had not before heard the 4% rule, that is interesting.

This may seem cock-eyed thinking but I thought that the OWS movement didn't have a strong leader with a list of demands or dissatisanfactions was one of the movements strengths. It is a popular organic uprising at the deteriorating state of affairs. The fact that there is no leader means that there is no single person who can be singled out for demonisation.

From this distance the demonstration which all others are compared to is the hippy vets throwing their Vietnam war medals at the White House in the early 70's. Any indication whether this reached 4% There were lots there but I doubt there were that many.

Thanks for the positive sentiments HSW. There is an animal program over here called Finger on the Poot. They showed a dog that had lost the use of its back legs and the owner fitted it up with a pair of small buggy wheels. It tonked along with its fore legs and rolled along at the back. Don't ask me how it went to sleep, I think they took them off of a night.

I think in a couple of months I will be back to normal. I was told that if the hip is replaced for ostio reasons it is normally 6 weeks but for a fracture you can double this because they have to move healthy muscle around and this takes longer to settle down but I feel it going well up to now.

Hotspringswizard said...

Put this articles info with the coal article I listed earlier and its clear the world's weather situation will be going from bad to worse due to the quickly increasing CO2 levels:


Greenhouse Gases Rise by Record Amount

Levels of greenhouse gases are higher than the worst case scenario outlined by climate experts just four years ago

....It is a "monster" increase that is unheard of....

And Freeacre, while this asteriod will come closer to earth than any has in some decades, I think this info will show itself to be accurate regarding earth or moon impacts/affects:


Asteroid 2005 YU55 Gets Closer to Earth; “No Chance of an Impact”

....its orbit has been well studied, there’s nothing in its way, and frankly there’s simply nothing it will do to affect Earth....

....2005 YU55′s miniscule gravity will not cause earthquakes. It has no magnetic field. It will not strike another object, or the Moon, or the Earth....

On another sujbect, in thinking of all the protest going on around the world, its understandble why people are angry for a whole long list of dire reasons, but the myriad problems that are being protested about are deeply ingrained manifestations of action within the various societies themselves, and the real kind of " changes " in the status quo that would be necesary to keep our run away Titanic from striking the ice ahead is in a general sense, not realistically possible because of the tendencies and motivations of the masses and elites themselves.

Because of societal momentum, in place infrastructure realities, and mostly locked in behavior patterns learned from times that provided for more abundant lives, the vast majority of the ideas that will be produced for solutions will miss the mark regarding " real " solutions consistently such that the grave course for humanity as a whole will continue. Change will come largly by it being forced upon the masses by harsh environmental conditions, declining resources, and the realities of population levels far exceeding sustainable limits. So while I'm glad to see this Ooccupy movement, I think the road ahead remains grim even despite of these developments.

The Repug Capitalistic Rag that is our local newspaper had an article in it yesterday naysaying the world's populaton levels as being any sort of problem. It said that " we didn't have too much population, and that the real problem was too little freedom! ". Now thats a perfect line, mantra that any corrupt banker, slimey bought off politician, or ruthless corporation leader and such would be proud to proclaim!

Hotspringswizard said...

Now that the Hunter/Killer flying Drones are fully operational in many places around the world, War Droids are reaching higher levels of functionality. Check out the video of it walking and doing other various human like moves:


Petman - The two-legged humanoid war droid (We’re Doomed)

murph said...


Here is Charles Smith's explanation of it. He had several other posts that talked about it also. Also he talks about the Pareto principle which gives rise to the 4% rule. One of his 2007 posts bring this up for the first time.

Charles comes up with some of the more interesting data chasing stuff from time to time.

Anonymous said...

I just returned from a showing of V for Vendetta. It was at one of our local coffee shops here on our island. I haven't seen it since it came out in 06. Lots of symbolism throughout. Good talks afterwards about the movie and what is occurring in the country.

Hotspringswizard said...


Western Democracy: A Farce And A Sham

....The “war on terror” is nothing but an orchestrated invented excuse for Amerika-Israel to achieve hegemony while enriching their armaments industries....

Anonymous said...

i agree w/sats re no leader as wise. and no defined organization. as to demands/disatisfaction, what's not to understand here? they simply want to draw attention to the disparity between the privledged and the grunt in the street. between the haves and the have nots and how this is accomplished. they want a level playing field. that's the damn demand. parity. fairness. equal consideration. and they want justice for the cheaters... http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/blogs/taibblog/owss-beef-wall-street-isnt-winning-its-cheating-20111025

it ought to be obvious but it ain't to many critics. most criticisms of the movement are just plain ignorance and/or frozen points of view protecting... what? some idea or interpretation of way of life? of survival? of security? of status quo? of hold the line? or some twisted, wacho idea that if i align with the power broakers they'll take care of me in the us against them battle?

truth is when the rubber meets the road it comes down to me. me. me and fuck everything else including all the nicie, nicie crap i present myself to be! catherine austin fitts's red button story put the whole disgusting dynamic into perspective like no other i've come across. it cuts straight to the bone to point out the hyprocracy. and in the end this is the kinda stuff that's empowering the power broakers. a sampling of 100 people out of millions spoke for those same millions in that little exercise. if your not familar with that story i highly recommend a reading. you can find it all over the web.

here's the way i see it... http://theunseenroleofdenial.blogspot.com/2006_11_01_archive.html

we can make up whatever excuses we want but in the end, i tell ya, this is exactly what's going on! ...p

murph said...

Hey Palooka,

I didn't remember the Fitz red button experiment or the Art Bell polling. Went back and read your post about it. Yep, good review of that thought experiment.

In Fitz's experiment it would have been interesting to see what the demographic breakdown for age and economic status for the group was. I wonder if there would be different results for a different make-up of the group. Of course Fitz positioned the question around a whole series of assumptions which may or may not be true concerning the conflict between economic stability and the well being of the citizen. For instance, what would be the operating angle of pushing the red button? If the operation involved making all drugs just flat out legal with no consequences to the users, would you have the same outcome as any other operation? Nothing was suggested in what would happen if the red button was not pushed and the consequences of continuing down the road Fitz was pointing out. In other words, the choice was restricted to everything staying the same (very doubtful) or sudden and catastrophic change. I am also assuming that do to the nature of the meeting, there was a high probability that most of the folks attending were middle class folks with a lot of skin in the game. The question was limited to a moral issue vs a well being issue. In that kind of demographic, of course they wouldn't push the red button.

I would agree with the conclusion that most people are quite unwilling to give up their nice comfy life style in any way and would be determined to preserve it by almost any means available even if it meant preserving the status quo that they verbally were against.

Fitz also kept the parameter for this experiment closed to the suggestion that it will happen anyway, somewhere down the road and instead made it immediate with a closed expectation of the consequences.

In the Art Bell poll, I have the same questions about the demographic of the audience; were they mostly middle class white folks with a lot of skin in the game? When the rubber hits the road, using lethal force to get food or other necessities is a long long way from talking about it. I would imagine that most of those folks would be confirmed Christians, where such behavior would condemn them to hell. Hmmm, interesting conflict. My assumption is that most of them had never had a gun in their hand, I've met a lot of folks in that mind space. And even if they gritted their teeth and decided to kill/steal to preserve their own life, when the blood started to squirt around them and the gore involved in killing suddenly hit them in the face, would they then be so adamant?

While I find that that thought experiment and Bell's polling to be provoking and very interesting, I simply cannot give it the emphasis you did in your blog.

freeacre said...

I love Catherine Austin Fitz. She is to Wall St. what Gunderson is to Fukushima. What a brain, as well as heart.

Anonymous said...

murph... fitts posed a what-if question. how could that little narrow experiment possibly have anything to do with reflecting the broader conditions people use to make their choices?

and no, she didn't suggest it could happen. but it is ain't it? look what's happened in the last 11 years since that little experiment was conducted. some of the very things for not pushing the button are in their face! fuckin chilling!! ...p

murph said...


Well, lets pose another what-if question. What if the federal gov't ordered a nationwide gun confiscation, including house to house searches and you're in the military and have possession of the red button to press and presto, all the guns in civilian hands are in warehouses around the country. Would you push it?

Or, what-if the government decides that organic food producers are inhibiting the economic growth of the agricultural section of the economy. You have the red button and are a member of the group of people responsible for the growth and success of the fast food industry. The red button makes all the organic people just disappear. Do you push it?

I suppose most questions like this are either-or decisions. I also suspect it shows at least a little bit of who you are by the answer. A lot of these questions also involve a damned if you do and damned if you don't box. I've taken test after test for jobs, for school and a few other places that have questions of either-or answers that supposedly tell the interpreter of the test what your personality is and some of your value systems. So I wonder how limiting and inaccurate these kinds of question are at indicate something about the person answering.

Not trying or desiring to get into an argument over these perceptions. Just laying out how I see it.

Hotspringswizard said...

New info on the climate front, if it was remaining static and unchanging there would be on average one record high for every record low. In the last ten years worldwide there have been two record highs for every record low. This year so far there have been three record highs for every record low.

Anonymous said...


p read it and agree with the overall thrust without getting into details. Of course the 99% are assuming they don't have an alternative but maybe this just aint so. Mulling over ideas for a new post which may be tangential to this. Watch this space but be patient because I just aint that fast when the fingers hit the keypad.

Anonymous said...

sats... agree. looking forward to your piece. mend well my friend.

murph... dude, your personal study of human nature and condition is clear. in that context you may be interested in checking out Cultural Creatives by paul ray, ph.d and sherry anderson ph.d published in the same time frame as the fitts experiment.

ray ran a company called American LIVES Inc. for 13 years. during that time he accumulated over 100,000 responses to questionnaires and hundreds of focus groups. (impressive.) the demographic information from those responses suggests that a new subculture has been emerging in the u.s. since the 60s. this new group now represents 26% of the adult population (50 million people) and divides the nation into three demographic subgroups, the moderns, the traditionals, and the cultural creatives.

some interesting points made in the book:

the moderns (M's = 49.8% of the population), rule. they are the establishment.

the traditionals (T's = 23.2%) are dying off.

the cultural creatives (CC's = 26%) are creating a new culture in America.

i don't know what happened to the last 1%. maybe they're the same 1% we keep yacking about here.
: - )

each of the three subcultures has a pretty fair disdain for the thinking of the others.

T's find the following important:

- Patriarchs should again dominate family life.
- Feminism is a swear word.
- Men need to keep their traditional roles and women theirs.
- Family, church and community are where you belong.
- The conservative version of their own particular religion must be upheld.
- Customary and familiar ways of life should be maintained.
- It is important to regulate sex-pornography, teen sex, extramarital sex and abortion.
- Men should be proud to serve their country in the military.
- All the guidance you need in life can be found in the Bible.
Country and small town life is more virtuous than big city or suburban life.
- Our country needs to do more to support virtuous behavior.
- Preserving civil liberties is less important than restricting moral behavior.
- Freedom to carry arms is essential.
- Foreigners are not welcome.

CCs on the other hand find the following important:

- Nature and its destruction.
- Problems with the whole planet such as global warming, destruction of the rain forests, overpopulation, lack of ecological sustainability and exploitation of the poor.
- They would pay more taxes if the money would be used to clean the environment.
- Developing and maintaining relationships.
- Helping others and bringing out other’s unique gifts.
- Volunteering for good causes.
- Psychological and spiritual development.
- See spirituality or religion as important but are concerned about the religious right.
- Equality of women.
- Violence and abuse of women and children.
- Politics should spend more on education, neighborhoods and sustainable future.
- Concerns about the left and right of politics as well as the mushy middle.
- Optimism for the future and distrust media’s negativity.
- Creating new and better ways of life.
- Concerned about big business’s focus on profit over environment, downsizing and human exploitation.
- Having finances under control.
- Dislikes overspending, conspicuous consumption and “making it”.
- Likes exotic and foreign people, places and other ways of life.


Anonymous said...

part 2...

M's find the following things important:

- Making or having a lot of money.
- Climbing the ladder of success with measurable goals.
- Looking good or being stylish.
- When the going gets tough the tough go shopping.
- Having lots of choices.
- Being on top of the latest innovations, trends and styles.
- Supporting economic and technological progress at a national level.

M's also have the following assumptions:

- It is flaky to be concerned about your inner or spiritual life.
- You have the right to be entertained by the media.
- Your body is pretty much like a machine.
- Most organizations lend themselves to machine analogies.
- Either big business or big government knows best.
- Bigger is better.
- Time is money.
- What gets measured gets done.
- Setting goals is very important.
- Analyzing things into their parts is the best way to solve problems.
- Science and engineering are the models for truth.
- Efficiency and speed are top priorities.
- The mainstream media’s awe for the rich is correct.
- It makes sense to compartmentalize your life into separate spheres, work, family, making love, education, politics, religion.

here's a book review by tamara copeland, president of the washington regional association of grantmakers... http://www.washingtongrantmakers.org/s_wash/doc.asp?CID=15319&DID=50923

very interesting from the pov of grantmakers who are in a position to fund eh?

on the surface the fitts description of the conference implies the 100 attendees presented themselves as CC's. yet their failure to push the button implies otherwise and my guess is thats more likely the case.

so here's a question for you... . speculate, if you will - would the cc's be more of a mind to push the button? would you? how 'bout the rest of you readers?

the book points out individuals in this emerging group view themselves as alone in their world view. as copeland put it... each respondent who they (the authors) labeled as a cultural creative felt he or she was an anomaly in their world view. There was isolation, no shared stories to define a shared cultural view."

copeland points out further that the authors... suggested that Americans were moving away from the cultural values that had defined us and were in “The Between, a time between world views, values, and ways of life.” They saw the cultural creatives as leading to a time of “healing and integration rather than battle.” They note “... while new social movements are transitory, institutions can turn the energies of these movements into everyday action.

obviously 26% is greater than 4% which, also obviously, hasen't coalesced into change. yet. make an assumption here - pushing the button assumes a cultural shift has taken place. would this imply a form of the change you're calling for?

short of reading the book you can get a feel for it by scanning a sampling of the reviews on amazon... http://www.amazon.com/Cultural-Creatives-Million-People-Changing/product-reviews/0609808451/ref=cm_cr_pr_top_link_1?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=0

here's a clip from just one... Its amazing how refreshing it was to find out that there are other people in this world as disenchanted with the cultural options presented to us in America, and throughout the world. Disenchanted with both the Democratic, money hungry, pursuit of more, ultra scientific moderns and the Republican, bible thumping, return to the good old ways traditionalists Cultural Creatives are quietly creating a new cultural movement. Anderson and Ray took it upon themselves to study them, and the gigantic influences they are having in politics, society, and the future as we know it. I have been journeying down my own road of self discovery, and while reading this book I kepy internally screaming: "This is ME!!!"


wv, abooment.. movements that go boo!

rockpicker said...

An exerpt from Albert Pike's letter to Giuseppe Mazzini. Skeptics claim this is a forgery. More about it here:


"The First World War must be brought about in order to permit the Illuminati to overthrow the power of the Czars in Russia and of making that country a fortress of atheistic Communism. The divergences caused by the "agentur" (agents) of the Illuminati between the British and Germanic Empires will be used to foment this war. At the end of the war, Communism will be built and used in order to destroy the other governments and in order to weaken the religions."

"The Second World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences between the Fascists and the political Zionists. This war must be brought about so that Nazism is destroyed and that the political Zionism be strong enough to institute a sovereign state of Israel in Palestine. During the Second World War, International Communism must become strong enough in order to balance Christendom, which would be then restrained and held in check until the time when we would need it for the final social cataclysm."

"The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the "agentur" of the "Illuminati" between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion…We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view. This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time."

As refreshing as the OWS protests seem to be, I can't help but feel a trap has been set for the "99%" taking part. Without question, the elites have pushed the masses to the brink of revolution, while talk of imminent war with Iran grows louder. Is everything going along nicely, according to plan?

rockpicker said...

Mrs. P; Great find! Can't wait to see the film. It looks like an attempt to finally expose and connect the many dots that got us teetering on this edge. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen this report about drones?



Hotspringswizard said...


Shaking the Foundations: Beyond the Rule of Law

....Certainly, those in charge can acquiesce to redistributing some of the wealth, improving the living conditions of those who have recently lost out, but the system, its institutions and hierarchies will remain intact and largely unaffected....

This article speaks to the idea that true " change " will not be possible without grand alterations in the ways we humans think about the world, and in the various systems of how we live. This is akin to what I was implying in a previous post in this thread.

I don't see this occupy movement and its protesters really seeking to alter in any significant way the infinite growth paradigm that has brought them their relative abundance that they now see disappearing in so many ways. They want the jobs back, want cheap food, want affordable medical, affordable education, social programs, cheaper fuel, etc, etc. What I see is that they want the good times back, things provided by the endless growth economy.

Now this is not to say that corruption on many fronts has not been a significant casual factor affecting the less well to do, those not of the 1%, but it appears to me that the general protesters are still wanting all of these amenities that make/made life more easy, things that were possible because of abundant resources, but the conditions that provided for this short term abundance is now in permanent decline.

The protesters are not seeking the kind of vast changes that would really be needed to even make any meaninful headway towards a reality in ways of living that would truly be sustainable for the long run.

So this Occupy movement will continuelly be worked by the elites into avenues of moving forward that will find it being re-absorbed in various ways back into the current societal paradigms.

Even with this however the clash between the haves and the have nots will clearly continue to heat up.

People who really get just how drastically things would have to change like Derrick Jensen and his thinking in the DVD: END CIV are I think in the extreme minority. Most of the rest want to maintain the ways we live now to a large degree, and they are mostly just angry about the imbalances where they see their lives becoming more harsh, while the few are living better every day. The alterations they will strive for will not even come close to being enough so the dire crumbling of societal conditions will continue.

Humanities many fatal flaws are programmed into the very fabric/architecture of our brains themselves. This cannot be altered so that is why I beleive we will continue to create as a species more and more problemtic conditions for our lives, our sustainability, and for our future. We will continue to weave realities that are essentially beyond our abilities to control on the grand scale.

Hotspringswizard said...
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Hotspringswizard said...

Bexar, I'll check out your link later this evening. I saw another report today on Free Speech TV to pass along concerning drones too. Thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your assessment HSW. It seems to me, the OSW's have tasted the kook-aid, and like the flavor.
It's amazing the number of articles that keep coming out about resource depletion, water being at the top, followed by minerals that are needed for plant growth. Steve Solomon reported on this I believe two years ago. The Steve of "Gardening West of the Cascades".


rockpicker said...

Just received this via e-mail:

"Urgent Action in New York

• March from Liberty Plaza to WTC 7 at noon each day.
• Occupy the park in front of WTC 7 until nightfall.
• General Assemblies will be held at 2pm each day to discuss the direction and continuation of the Occupy Building 7 occupation after 11/20.

To all those who continue to fight for the truth about 9/11 to be revealed:

It is time for us to occupy.

The Occupy Wall Street movement is a much needed response to decades of growing inequality, financial deregulation, and zero accountability for the crimes that brought about our current economic crisis. Millions throughout the nation and across globe who feel they have no voice in our political system have come to embrace “Occupy” as an expression of their anger, frustration and hope.

Ten years later, it is time for us to give voice to our own growing frustration by aligning firmly with the Occupy movement and making 9/11 one of the key issues the Occupy movement stands for.

Spread the Word
Visit OccupyBuilding7.org to download the flier and web banner
On Saturday November 19 and Sunday November 20, we will march from Liberty Plaza to Building 7 and occupy the park in front of Building 7 until nightfall. We hope this will mark the beginning of a sustained Occupy Building 7 movement that will grow and finally bring meaningful attention to the obvious demolition of World Trade Center Building 7 and the dire need for a new 9/11 investigation. At 2pm each day we will hold a General Assembly to discuss the direction and continuation of the Occupy Building 7 occupation after November 20.

Go to OccupyBuilding7.org to learn more and to start following #OccupyBuilding7 on Twitter. On the website you will find fliers that you can print and hand out at Liberty Plaza as well as web banners that you can post on your website to help spread the word.

We are attempting to get Occupy Building 7 on the official Occupy Wall Street calendar, and we anticipate being joined by hundreds of Occupy Wall Street protesters. Most of the protesters at Liberty Plaza are keenly aware of 9/11. A lot of them already knew about it; others have been educated over the last several weeks thanks to the 9/11 activists who have given their time and energy to be there. Let us hope that by the time November 19 rolls around, there will be hundreds, if not thousands of Occupy activists eager to help us make Occupy Building 7 a part of the broader Occupy movement.

If you can make it to New York on November 19, please meet us at Liberty Plaza at noon, and let’s make history.


wv= unceded (sovereignty issues?)

Hotspringswizard said...

Bexar, I read the article you gave the link for on drones and it actually is on the topic of what I was going to mention. On Free Speech TV today they had a video segment with a reporter who had met with the 16 year old boy mentioned in the article. Here is a line referencing him: " A young man named Tariq was killed in a drone strike with his 12-year old cousin ".

The segment on Free Speech TV discussed that some of the drone affected Pakistani's are forming a group to try and get documentation and proof of just what is occuring in reality with these 5 years of drone stikes in Pakistan. The reporter was at one of these meetings and the 16 boy Tariq was there. Tariq had relatives who had been killed by drones and at the meetings Tariq made the choice to volunteer for making observations in his area and documenting drone strikes. Tariq went home from this meeting and three days later he was killed by a drone.

So was his killing coincidental or murder? Was a US spy/CIA personel at this meeting and was Tariq " taken out " on purpose for daring to try and document these illicit US drone strikes?

The Free Speech segment also stated that in the five years of drone strikes there have been almost 4000 killings by the drones in Pakistan. As per you article Bexar clearly the actual identity of the strike victims is questionable at best. And the US of course says that these are " terrorist " they are killing but besides all of the plain innocents who are being killed, the people who may be involved with violence or fighting in those lands, you fairly and justly need to address the question of why are these people taking actions in the first place.

For example the US has been killing Pakistani's with these drones, violating sovereign territory, killing children, women, and other innocents and is it any wonder peoples living in those areas would be harboring some very serious angst at what has and is being done to their families?

Drones are devices that bring Terror, being used by the world's biggest Terrorist organization.

Anonymous said...


Rockpicker, I first came across the Mazzini letter a couple of years ago at the Three World Wars site here


I too took it at face value and believed it to be true. Today I have again accessed the TWW site to get the above link where the intro has been modified to express the doubt over the letters authinticity.

I now believe that the letter was a hoax for the following reasons:

The letter is in a completely different littery style to Pike's major work The Morals and Dogma which is the nearest thing the Freemasons have to a Bible. I have this directly from the blogger Kikz who is a dyed in the wool Mason who occasionally visits different blogsites.

The Curator of Documants at the British Museum says they have never had the letter in their possession. This seems to be true since what does he have to benefit by lying about it?

What did appear in the British Museum at the time in question (and is still there although archived) is the Victor E Marsden translation of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. I now believe that some scurrilous person had made a precis of the Protocols and attributed them to Pike by means of this hoaxed letter to Mazzini.

You should be aware that this deception does not necessarily make the Protocols untrue; you can make your own mind up about that. For those that are so interested the full translation of the Protocals can be found here:


Or a little Summary here:


Or the Wiki here:


Anonymous said...


Rp, I think you may have a valid point about the 99%

Anonymous said...

wiz-man... the operative word is collateral damage. thats what the self proclaimed good guys and their mass of supporters call it. i'm sure you already know that but i just wanted to shed some light on the chilling irony and hypocracy here. remember mcvey? what did he call the day care kids? and everybody was aghast and so pissed about it they couldn't see straight and couldn't wait to see mcvey shudder out of control before he finally croaked as the poison ran thru his veins. sometimes i'm convinced whats proclaimed as justice is reciprocated revenge in the cold hearts of the masses. and they don't give a rats ass if the accused is guilty or not.

your 6:11 on 11/7 argument is akin to what taibbi went balistic over in that RS article i linked. 'cept that guy called it envy and jealously. not saying the observation is wrong or that i agree or disagree. just sayin. i want change but i'd still want many of those things on the laundry list you made. i believe we can have them and in ways that nourish and sustain life and this planet.

btw... when and how do you think those fatal flaws got programed? not arguing that it didn't. i'm w/ya on that. but i know it can be altered. and if i can do it anybody can do it. so this is one place i do disagree. it follows in my mind that if its programed memorex then something else existed before the programing. if nothing else, as potential hard wired into the mortar of the minds, hearts, emotions, and desires of sentient beings. one thing's fer sur... humanity has demonstrated a phenominal drive to survive and to some extent desire to overcome those flaws despite them. in some cases survival itself depends on that change. it does happen on an individual basis where specific character or behavioral defects are no more. i'm a testiment to that and no damn body can take that away from me but me. so i just can't buy the argument anymore that there's nothing can be done about the human condition. for me what was ain't no more. freedom came w/that. true freedom. from that specific prison at least. wheather the shift is on a dna level i don't know yet. we'll see if the overriding obsession returns in the next lifetime... p

rockpicker said...

I've just returned from a whirlwind trip to the east coast of north america, (drove 4700 miles in twelve days with Oldensoul and stroke-victim dog, Colleen,). Rolling into these exchanges feels like making it back to my unit after days wandering On-line No Man's Land, famished and dazed.

It is soul-nourishing to hear intelligent discourse on matters of immediate social and political import once again. I came on damned little of that in my travels. Did see a lot of corn standing in fields, though. And a surprising number of hawks and falcons perched on branches and fence posts. Saw one bald, and several paper wasp nests exposed like tumors in leafless hardwoods.

There really is a boom in North Dakota. Were lucky to find a room for a hundred bucks in Glendive.

Though it was death that drew us back to family and old friends, I sensed a deeper sadness, a general loss of direction and momentum, as if apnea had struck collectively and we'd walked in between inhalations.

Most of those I spoke to approved the current protests, though, extended conversations revealed a general lack of knowledge concerning the banks and how money works in this country. Several people told me they'd never before heard the term 'fractional reserve banking.' And many, with lips curled into polite smiles, stared in open disbelief when I proclaimed the federal reserve to be a private entity to whom U.S. taxpayers pay interest for the use of its fiat currency. I saw a glint of challenge in many eyes.

And in the background, in every motel, bar and inner sanctum, the psycho-babble generator, with its athletic distractions and its strategically fine-tuned menu of socio-political appetizers slammed order after order, like clockwork, right down to predictable omissions.

I drove a landscape mapped fifty years ago in my head, but moved among strangers, my words foreign or dead.

Above, in the announcement put out by the Building 7 people, is manifest the predicted morphing of the original anti-WallStreet sentiment into its inevitable larger and more splendid self. Economic self-interest on the part of those pushed to the edge of extinction may have characterized the beginnings of this movement, but a deeper sense of indignation at the betrayal of the masses by the PTB, even if not yet coherently expressed, is, I feel, behind this gathering storm. Dismissing this collecting energy as merely a self-serving demand to turn back the clock seems too simplistic, and not an accurate assessment of the true dynamics involved.

What I see taking place in OWS gatherings around the country is decentralized education. People from many walks of life are mingling and exchanging information and ideas. Yes, folks are pissed off about the loss of creature comforts. But, as Palooka suggests, people are also pissed off about being lied to.

I predict a demand for the truth will emerge as a leading plank of this movement.

rockpicker said...

Speaking of truth, why, here comes some right now...


rockpicker said...

I have no way of knowing this to be true, but my feeling is, to many involved in OWS, this brief excerpt is now a familiar piece of Americana.


I also assume that most who heard these words in the era when they were spoken, figured Kennedy was referring to the communist menace.

A third assertion I will chance is that most of the active members of OWS are internet-literate, and rely on the internet more heavily than on lamestream media for their primary news source.

As long as the lamestream maintains its grip on the American consciousness, it will control and manipulate American's perceptions, and, presumably, predictable results.

It is the internet, "these pages that bring us together," that fosters the nurturing environment necessary for the conception and development of P's CC's.

rockpicker said...

People I talked to back east never heard of Charlie McGrath, Max Keiser, Arnie Gunderson or Webster Tarpley.


Hotspringswizard said...

Bexar, in my last post discussing drones just wanted to clarify that the questions I posed were directed generally, and not questions directed at you.

P, Regarding what I referred to as " fatal flaws " is about general behaviors and actions that humanity through time, over and over get manifiested, that end up creating negative circumstance. The idea of it being " programed " is about the repeating affects that are produced by the evolved artchitecture of our brains in its current form.

I see how in saying this could not be " altered " that you could mis-construe me to mean that it was a permanent state. To clarify what I mean, the human brain has changed through the eons but it is such a slow process that for the time of organized human societies the architecture of the mind is essentially the same, un-changed.

With that said, I do not dis-count that on a person by person basis that the uniqueness of each individuals personal mental architecture does allow for differances that do not follow the general patterns. However its the general pattern that precipitates the overall trend of human interaction. Its those trends that show themselves to be repeating themselves, again and again. Like the rise and fall of empires, the ruthless acheiving greater and greater power because they don't abide by the " rules " of society until the masses rebel and seek change, then those pattern repeats again. These are just a couple of expamples among the myriad others that could be cited.

And when I think of the above I also related it to the idea of whether all that occurs is strictly involved with cause and effect relationships, a path of reality that has only one course, with no alternative other possible courses. The evidence I see thus far implys to me that this may be the case. However, humanity almost completely as a percentage is very adverse to any ideas that might imply that they are not in control of their fate, that their unique " self " is not " free " to choose.

Anonymous said...

No offense taken HSW.
Rockpicker: I ran into some of the same attitudes while on a quick trip to Texas too. Family and old family friends seem to be on a different wave length there as far as what is going on or what it means.
Take a look at this video, interesting what those folks are coming up with. Wonder what they will use this for?



Anonymous said...

Forgot to add a book on Kennedy that you might find interesting. I've read it twice and find it more compelling. I believe Kennedy was THE last president this country really had. I found answers in the book that helped me understand Viet Nam and why I was there at the very beginning of the war, in fact two weeks after the phony Tonkin Gulf incident, August 1964. The "official war" began in March 1965. I was there too in the landing of marines in Da Nag.



rockpicker said...


There is no doubt in my mind that the next step in this prototype's development will be to couple it w/ artificial intelligence. Eventually, it will be armed, and very dangerous. Shit.

freeacre said...

You were in Da Nang, Bexar? Damn. Glad you made it back.

I was kinda hoping that the asteroid would take out Big Dog, the drones, and the whole military machine. Rats.

It is my conclusion, too, that Kennedy was our last real president. When they got away with his assassination, we lost the country to the Dark Side, and they have consolidated their hold ever since.

OWS gives us at least an opportunity to talk amongst ourselves without the filter of the lamestream media. Like a big teach-in. Being away from the counsel of the campfire and outnumbered by the idiocracy out there is unnerving. Glad you're back.

Now I am hoping that the gigantic sun spot might kill Big Dog. Ha! I guess that's my "positive thinking" talking. Hope strings eternal.

Anonymous said...


Freeacre, I agree that Kennedy was the last US President. Conventional wisdom says that he upset too many people along the way. At the beginning of his electoral campaign he was not the most popular candidate. To boost his profile and exposure he borrowed money from the so called Kosha-Nostra (Jewish Mafia) in return for certain considerations after his election. When he became president he then bit the hand that fed him. Others that had it in for him were PTB (who may or may not be the same people) over his stated intention to abolish the Fed. Also he was cool towards the Vietnam War which upset the MIC and the CIA, so there were plenty who were against his man of the people image.

Apart from you, Stoney is the only other Vet I 'know' and I am not sure if he was in Vietnam. I have the utmost respect for all veterans however two questions. Would you have gone in the 70's if you knew then what you know now?
Secondly, there are still investigative reporters around and the one for me that stands above the others is John Pilger. The question I have for you, if you want to answer it, is whether you are able to confirm or deny, as the saying goes, the assertion in Pilgers 'Quiet Mutiny' that the war ultimately failed because the US ran out of people to administer it. The allegation is that the grunts used the lifers for target practice instead of the Viet Cong / Mufti Forge?



Anonymous said...

Good question, fa. I always wondered why they pushed the Huey off the carrier. Mutiny sounds like a good answer.

Just read about the "authorities" shutting down an organic food picnic in Nevada.

Geez -man, TSHFF fur shur! and...






murph said...

I remember reading a report on Nam some years ago that asserted that the US forces left Nam when the mapping for oil deposits off the coast of Nam (that was in the ocean) were finished. I have no idea of its validity and haven't seen any more about it since.

rockpicker said...

"...what we begged for never to be done is done in our names..."


Hotspringswizard said...

Regarding the Vietnam War, there were mass protest in the US and very much so in the military ranks themselves directed towards ending this war. This pressure was building and then Daniel Ellseberg dropped his bomb in the form of the Pentagon Papers which exposed for all to see the rampant lies by high government and military officals about what was really going on with this war. If you have not seen this DVD it will show you one of the main things that finally broke the camels back to end the Vietnam War:


The Most Dangerous Man in America: Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers

....hastened the end of the Vietnam War....

When Daniel Ellsberg first introduced these papers to the MSM, Nixon threatened prosecution of any media outlet that would dare to publish them. Things were in limbo for some time but finally all the main media decided to publish the information anyway and with the public outrage that ensued Nixon was not able to realistically follow through with some type of mass prosecutions of the whole US media. Nixon is on tape saying that he wanted Daniel Ellsberg taken out for exposing what he did. Corrupt power just hates being exposed. Ellseberg was saved by the actions of the media to publish the info.

In the present day I'd say Daniel Ellsberg would have got the opposite action from the MSM media because it is so completely controlled by elite interest. Julian Assange like Ellesberg exposed vast amounts of dark secrets about the disgusting realities of what power does behind the mask, behind the public facade. But in todays world such good deeds of exposing the lies and corruption of the elites gets the Wikileaks organization essentially shot down financially, and Assange gets harranged by what looks to be a completely bogus sexual misconduct offense. Truth tellers in todays world all to often get quickly nuetralized when they rise to the level of really irratating the corrupt system of the elites. Its like Micheal Rupperts offices and computers being trashed when he tried to initially expose the lies of the Pat Tillman story the Military was pushing.


Hotspringswizard said...

Regarding the OWS movement, I look back to the era of the 60's protest and see many similiar things as are being protested today, corrupt wars, the larger system that was deemed unfair, etc. So here 40 years later what really got " transformed " from all of those protest? Today we have more pervasive and larger wars, financial elites that control even vastly more of everything, bought off slimey politicians that are as evil as ever, the technological means as in the rigged stock market to easily plunder the masses, ecosystems that are much further along in their degradation, etc. This is what I'm talking about when I spoke earlier to the " larger trends " in soceities acting as a steam roller when it comes to protest against these trends.

The protesters of the 60's by and large rejoined soceities main course of flow once reality wore down their idealism. Like many who thought that changing the world was as simple as going out to the forest with a bunch of friends to make an encampment where they would live out simple lives of bliss and peace, only to find the ranks of their clan slowly disolved as the real life difficulties of what that kind of life really meant sunk in. Of course this is not to say that a small percentage continued on this path, finding it to be what they were looking for, but they were an exceedingly small percentage.

All the rest of the " change the world protesters " in those times rejoined to one degree or another the larger system that they had railed against. They got jobs in that system, bought food from the systems stores, received their medical, got their social program aid, began to addres their greivance once again ( within the system ), since it ended up being a whole lot easier that divourcing themselves from it all.

Today the world situation is much more precarious than those times however. The already dire situation for the many is going to continue to get worse, so clearly there will be dissent and protest, and violence will be part of this. If you watch the DVD End CIV by Derrick Jensen you will see in it discussed the idea that no change of large consequence will happen without force and violence. In this DVD there is a segment about Ghandi were its pointed out that there was also another person who was as well known in India as Ghandi ( I forget his name right now ) during that time of change who used various forms of violence and forced actions and that the overall change sought would have never occured just with Ghandi's peaceful activism only. History is rife with this lesson that the elites will not give up their system and its power without them being forced to do so.

Of course the present day elites be pushing the idea that the protest " must " stay peaceful because that kind of protesting they know won't change anything of consequence, won't threaten their postions. Kettled masses of peaceful protesters in thier " free speech zones " works just fine as the angst release valve that will nueter very effectively the sought changes of any protest. But then again if the masses eventually resort to forced actions then its the perfect excuse for the elites to crack down hard in authoritarian ways with all of the nefarious tools at their disposal. Its like that old adage of being between a rock and a hard place. People can choose to mull along in peaceful protest, or as the screws tighten they will find themselves more and more choosing more forceful actions. What else can really be done when your dealing with ruthless predators who have no conscious.

rockpicker said...

Like Mike Ruppert says, "Until we change the way money works, we change nothing."

Lamestream isn't admitting it, but word is $50 million was moved out of the Big Banks by Occupy sympathizers on the action day last week.

We are at war. The big boys declared. We need to recognize it for what it is, and gird for it. Blood or no, this is serious shit. We can't be appeased with promised tweaking. We either tear shit apart and start over, or we throw in the towel.

Time's up. The old movements were given rein, offered carrots, re-absorbed. No such cushion exists anymore, so in a sense, the coming violence is totally predictable.

John Kennedy said, "Those who make peaceful change impossible, make violent change inevitable."

I contend the PTB are licking their lips over the current state of affairs.

So, how do we fight them, and win, without getting 'neutralized'?

Anonymous said...

6 part doc on VN war currently running on history channel from the viewpoint of surviving grunts in the trenches. lotta blood but so far i hear no whistles blowing.

from mitch battros' earth changes
media newsletter this morn...

Abiotic Oil, Politics, and the US Dollar

The US Dollar is backed by oil. In 1970, then US president Richard Nixon cut a deal with the O.P.E.C. Nations. The arrangement indicated we would back their "dictators" who in-turn, would be our sheriffs to enforce the agreement. The agreement was that they would only accept U.S. Dollars for their oil. Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi, and Hugo Chavez were all part of this US for oil agreement.

If abiotic oil is as plentiful as it appears, the US Dollar collapses and will default to international debtors. There are five proven places where abiotic oil wants to "rise to the occasion". The best known is in the Gulf of Mexico; the second is the Caspian Sea basin (Afghanistan); the third is off the coast of Libya; the forth is off the African coast of Congo, and the fifth is under Japan.

In the past twelve months it had become known, Muammar Gaddafi was going to disconnect from the dollar and accept a foreign currency for his oil. It has been said Hugo Chavez has made a deal with the Chinese to hold off dropping the US Dollar until China makes its move to change the world's currency.

A number of world geologists have surmised there is a connection between tectonic plates, subduction zones and abiotic oil. Some believe areas were mega-quakes (8+) have occurred (specifically off shore) produce "pools" of oil as a result of pressurized shifting. More clearly - the action of plates buckling under one another does not "make" oil, it only facilitates gathering spots which pockets the oil.

More coming tomorrow ...

we're all well aware the same thing happened w/saddam.

wiz-man... thx for the clarification.

rp... thx for the fill-in and observations on your trip and sorry for your loss. you're one hell of a writer dude! i missed your prosetic blessings... p

Anonymous said...

Well sports fans, the world has DEFINITELY taken a turn for the worst.

My alma mater, Penn State University just fired legendary coach, Joe Paterno (JoePa).

Yes, it's a sad day in Penn State land. I had to go home and cuttle my "Attack Kitties" for comfort. But, the trustees were right, Joe had to go. This shit had to be delt with and NOT tarnish the school's rep.

This university is NOT about football. If this happened at say, Florida, Miami, Georgia, well, probably nothing would have happened to the coach. And I think that you HAVE to have a criminal record to play for Miami.

But at PSU, people went there for the acedemics. Just on my floor alone there were people from CA, Miss, Mass, Mo, OR who came for the education. Football was just another reason for a party. Besides, I don't think there's anyone out there that believed he was actually coaching. He was more like a figurehead.

I had transferred from a smaller state university and I just couldn't believe the requirements at Penn State -I think my workload doubled!

Anyway, I think I'll stop off at the store after work today and get a six of Rolling Rock (the official brew of PSU) and try to remember a Pennsylvania that didn't suck (Harrisburg, my home town, just declared bankruptcy).

Later -


Anonymous said...

Fuck! The shit just keeps hitting the fan -and it's being flung everywhere!

Looks like Sandusky was pimping little boys out to the fucking rich Penn State donor pedophiles. Shit. Fucker should be fried -along with the rest of the trustees -AND JOE!

PSU is ruined. Forever.

Might have to have a PSU memorabilia burning. Can't for the next few days, though. Glenbeckistan is under a red air day alert. No burning for the next three days it looks like.

Damn we're doomed.


Anonymous said...

The answer to your question as to whether I would go to Nam in the 70's with what I now know is ...NO! There are many reasons, but after I read "War is a Racket" by Mjr. Gen. Smedley Butler, that cinched it for me. Others have written about the crap this country has done and continues to do. I love the land and most of it's people, but I detest the government. Yes, even the peace prez. Har, har.
The answer to your second question. I cannot confirm what you have asked. But, I have heard stories too. I can confirm that I was told from a career enlisted chief from WW II, that similar things happened then too. He told of an officer that had a dogging wrench thrown at him and believe it connected. Of course being night, no one knew who threw it. This fellow I had a lot of respect for, being an ex Navy guy myself. He was a sharp person, teaching at Annapolis. He was a Chief Gunners Mate.


Anonymous said...

I must say, I needed a couple of days to think of what I posted.
What helps me with this sort of stuff is to go out and dig into the soil and play around with the compost pile. I make biochar and then crush this up with an old fence post and add that to the compost. Good therapy for me: fire, water and earth.

freeacre said...

Much like in Gandhi's day,it Martin Luther King to have Stokley Carmichael and Malcolm X in the background. The establishment would much rather deal with peaceful demonstrators than those who carry M-16's.

Looking back, it wasn't hard for the PTB to shut us down. All they had to do was to raise the rents ten times and the wages twice, and take away the employer-paid health insurance. Brilliant! We've been fucked ever since.

The change won't be made in the streets, but it doesn't hurt to have a public face for the discontent. As we have maintained, money is the only language that counts to these miscreants. Right now is when we need to withdraw our assets from the "too big to fails." Support community banks and credit unions. Fight home foreclosures and student loan debt. Don't be a good serf. Organize the people with upside down mortgages. Be a bad serf. Resist buying anything new that isn't made locally,,, anything you can think of to let your money do the talking.

Sorry about Pennsylvania, Randy. These sick fucks are just too much.

War is a racket, Bexar. Butler was so right. Guess you hit a nerve with that one.

rockpicker said...

You go, Jesse:


Anonymous said...


Bexar, Thank you for the honesty in your answer, I figured it may be something like that. Smedley Butler was good wasn't he. As to the second point, well maybe it was a contributing factor in the mix.

Freeacre, My, I thought I was the only one left who remembered Stokley Carmichael. Now he was not only smart but eloquent with it. I believe he died in Uganda but there are not too many details surrounding the circumstances. Steve Beko was the other one you left out.

Yeh, student loans. First they lower the standards bar to dumb the nation down and then they they stop investing in the nation's own future. Good huh!

Randy, sorry to hear PSU has gone bad, I think it is a case of a few rotten apples spoiling the barrel. It is the unseen cancer that is affecting the rest of the body. I believe it is the second pillar of the elites together with international banking. The perps are bastards to a man.

Anonymous said...

randy... i heard that same last nite from a source close to U of I sports but presented as 'rumor'. when i see the feds show up (trafficing is a fed offense) i'll consider it has legs. had another rumor attached to it specific to jopa i won't reveal. trafficing entirely within the realm of reasonable under the circumstances but the jopa part was waaaay out there and just didn't wash in my mind at this point so i won't fan the flame w/out evidence.

sandusky trafficing to high roller alums, if true, raises the fallout from this bomb to the nth power and you didn't call it a rumor. being an alum and a local you got any home cookin on this beyond rumor? can you reveal your source and grade it's accuracy on a 1/10 with 10 being the most reliable?

and now death threats on the then grad asst/now asst coach cuz they didn't can him too. ya, when no action was taken he shoulda went to authorities. but death threats? the perps aren't the only sick-os. whats entirely possible here is if he had gone to authorities and the action took down the icon he'd-a gotten death threats! this guy's found himself in a damed if you do, damned if ya don't... p

rockpicker said...

I'm lost.

Anonymous said...

This is what came out yesterday, I think. And there's supposedly more to come. JoePa MIGHT not be a part of it, but....

you just never know.

Remember, power corrupts.



Anonymous said...


Freeacre, here is a remaining archive of Stokley Carmichael on black power.
I must say he does make his points well.


rockpicker said...

If you're considering getting a flu shot, you may want to read this.


Palooka; Thanks for those kind words. You ever subscribe to Fine Homebuilding?

Hotspringswizard said...

RP wrote " So, how do we fight them, and win, without getting 'neutralized'? "

These are just part of the tools the elites will be using to thwart any threats to their ambitions:


FOIA lawsuit reveals FBI collecting biometric information for massive interagency database

....Of course these images taken at different angles can be compiled into a 3-Dimensional model of the face which can then be used for faster, more accurate facial recognition, even by drones flying at an altitude at which they are essentially invisible to the unsuspecting individual on the ground....

Anonymous said...


Sounds like a good case for V masks. Hang on a minute isn't that where we came in?

VW Dromen - Dutch for dreaming

Anonymous said...

rp... no subscription but familar. the blog is helpful.

in the news... a solid argument can already be made that the u.s. is an israeli vassel state. this deal would cement the argument... http://www.strategic-culture.org/pview/2011/11/10/the-war-clouds-form-over-iran.html

new IAEA director general is japan's yukiya amano. had anyone heard that japan was secretly producing nuclear weapons at fukushima?

key pieces for the 'israeli mistake' continue to fall into place... p

Anonymous said...


new IAEA director general is japan's yukiya amano. had anyone heard that japan was secretly producing nuclear weapons at fukushima?

key pieces for the 'israeli mistake' continue to fall into place... p

1 Yes, under reactor 3 which was the only reactor that used plutonium as fuel

2 It wasn't a mistake, it was Stuxnet

3 The 9.1 at sea didn't exist, the damage was done by a 6.8 inland.

rockpicker said...

Hey guys; Check out this article by Yoichi Shimatsu, if you haven't already read it. I heard him tell Rense this story, and about swallow my tongue!


The guy is a credible witness. Can't vouch for his story, but he certainly has the background to know a lot about the Daiichi plants. Rense talks to him once a week on air, and has an extensive archive of Shimatsu's observations.

Little mystery currently in Europe. IAEA has announced appearance of low-level iodine, not from Fukushima, no idea where it's coming from. But it's not a health hazard. That's good.

P, if you can find a copy of a hard-bound collection of masonry articles compiled by FHB, part of the Builder's Library Edition, I have a couple of articles in it that may be of interest. One covers a masonry under-floor heater I built in a house in Missoula. The other article concerns a traditional fireplace/masonry heater hybrid I designed and built back when I had dark hair.

freeacre said...

Holy Cow, Rockpicker, that is a jaw-dropper! If true, I'd say that Chaney and Bush would both be guilty of treason as well as crimes against humanity and mass murder. "Too Big to Jail" seems to apply not only to bankers.

That Stokley Carmichael speech was a delight, sats. I'm having flashbacks. Eldridge and Kathleen Cleaver as well as H. Rap Brown were good, too. Ah, those were the days - so alive with heady ideas and bravado. I remember wearing a big Eldridge Cleaver for President campaign button in 1968 on a bus trip to North Carolina (Ft. Bragg). The bus driver was from Mississippi and I wondered if I'd get off the bus alive. I think pretty much all of them were either run out of the country, incarcerated, or killed.
I lived in Chicago when the Panthers were killed there by the prosecutor - Hanrahan, or something like that. I have a friend who ran into Timothy Leary while he was hiding out in a hotel in Morocco, after having been sprung from prison by the Panthers (just as an aside). SDS, The Weathermen, SNIC, The Panthers, and the Yippies. Funny how MLK is remembered - and the rest are being erased from history. I don't think anybody realized just how lethal and soulless the opposition was.
And now, it appears, they are exponentially worse. Now they've got us all by the short hairs.

What do they do after they subjugate the whole world?

Chaney's already got an artificial heart. He's probably got people working on how to keep him alive forever, so he can enjoy it. Maybe he'll morph into a creature that lives on abiotic oil...

rockpicker said...

If we want to take our country back, we have to end the federal reserve system. It's an abject failure and a fraud, based on usury and ponzi schemes, whose end goal is a return to feudalism.


freeacre said...

You gotta watch this video.