Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First day of spring, 4"-6" of snow. Mother nature plays a joke?


I spend a rather large amount of time reading different financial sites every day. I do this with the realization that without some really focused study on my part, understanding the details of the financial and banking markets is beyond me. I have to admit that I simply do not have the drive to do the detailed study and I suspect that most people feel the same way. Since the financial markets and the banking stuff is such an important part of our society today, not doing this study is to our complete disadvantage. We really don’t understand the intricacies of what is going on. Although, for most of us the broad macro overview is adequate. Friday’s posting (3-16-12) from Charles Smith concerns “hedging” which he maintains is a part of a majority of citizen’s activities, in that buying insurance of any type is “hedging” and so is saving cash. Hedging is a means to minimize losses, and Charles posits that it is primarily a benefit to the wealthy, since it takes money to do it. Poor people simply do not have the means to protect themselves by this method from catastrophic loses.

Take health insurance. This is a hedge to limit the out of pocket expenses of an expensive health problem or even a catastrophic one. If you want this hedge, you either have to have a class A-1 health insurance policy from your employer (that in fact you ultimately pay for) or you have to pay for such a policy out of pocket. I don’t know about you folks, but we simply do not have the financial resources to pay that out of pocket expense of private insurance. If you have a 6 figure income, it’s not that bad an expense, coming in around $5-$10 grand or so yearly expense. For those of us in the very low monthly income level and are of retirement age, unemployable and experiencing health problems, the only alternative is government coverage through Medicare and Medicaid. Because these hedges limit rather severely the amount of money that the government will pay out for medical costs, many doctors will not even accept Medicare/Medicaid patients. If you show up at the emergency door of a hospital for an emergency medical problem (read heart attack, stroke or accident) the hedge only pays a partial cost of treatment. You are billed for the balance. It is obvious that those of us on SS are not going to have the resources to pay that balance of payment. So, the medical establishment has three options.

1.Forgive the balance, 2. Refuse treatment (called triage) 3. Put you into, for the rest of your lifetime, debt servitude. This can take the form of confiscation of your assets upon death (depending on what state you live in). This method is contained in the very small print on contract forms with state medical insurance forms.

So, financial hedging is very common in all of our society. Where I get pretty confused is in trying to understand the hedging that is predominate within the financial and banking industry. Where it really gets tangled up is in dealing with the companies who issue the hedges against loss and the TBTF institutions. It appears that the government, due to a huge investment by PAC’s, is determined to allow companies to buy these hedges and keep the profits but if they fail, we as citizens have to pay for them. In common usage, it means that these giant companies get to keep the profits but socialize (transfer payments to the general society) any losses they incur. That means that there is no risk factor they have to consider in issuing these hedges and the profits are immense. This of course, leads to a great deal of corruption within the financial system and eliminates virtually all risk factors in its operation.

In my reading of the financial news every day, and trying to understand it at least partially, I am intimidated by the sheer complexity of it all. It appears to me that there is absolutely no way the normal working person is going to understand it. I even wonder if the folks that specialize in the financial part of our society really understand it. Take the tax structure. It is so complex, how could a person ever get through and understand it much at all? I think this is done deliberately. If you don’t have the bucks to hire an army of folks to sort through all this crap, you are being screwed blue and tattooed and the folks (the 1%) that do have the bucks benefit enormously.

This type of complexity that most folks neither understand nor can they deal with on any kind of rational basis is contributing to the decrease in our standard of living and to the enrichment of the elites. Investments by some proportion of the 99% that have some money left over from daily living are becoming non-existent. Looking at economic data, the volume of folks that are investing (called investment volume) in the huge assortment of investment vehicles, has radically declined; only the wealthy can now do so. The commoners are simply not there in mass anymore. Investing in a company to pay dividends in the future during retirement is not a safe place to put money anymore. Now, investments are being made at super nano second speeds on very small margins and even these are becoming very risky. No wonder that the use of hedge funds is so popular among the financial elite, and those are backed up by our tax dollars.

Most of the financial sites I read indicate that the stock market is not an accurate indicator of the financial health of the economy. And yet, that is exactly what the lame stream media would have us believe. That is, if stocks are going up, we are doing just fine. Never mentioning the one big elephant in the room, financial bubbles. Take a look at Apple stocks right now. They are zooming into the stratosphere of stock prices, carrying most of the increase in stock prices. Sure looks like a financial bubble to me, another one. Remember Worldcom and Enron? These bubbles inevitably lead to the small investor losing it all. The housing bubble is a good example. And yet, folks will jump on these bandwagons every time, driving up prices until they burst apart and most will lose their shirts. Oh yeah, some make out just fine and they are the ones with insider information or are very lucky (read smart investors).

I look at financial graphs every day. I have a problem with most of them in regards to folks using them for an investment strategy. We know with no doubt that the markets are very much manipulated. So of what use are financial charts in predicting the future of the markets? Oh yes, sometimes they are dead on, but very seldom. Investments in the fundamentals of companies no longer appear to have much validity. Trend lines are not a reliable indicator of good investments. There simply is too much manipulation and corrupt cronyism within the financial world.

Many, I suspect, share my yearning for a simpler more basic society without all the complexities. But, extreme complexity is what we got to live with. It is nearly impossible to completely withdraw from it. We can simplify our own lives to a very large extent, that is, until we are abruptly brought up short by unforeseen events, like health issues and financial impoverishment. We can prepare to some extent for this, but without fairly hefty financial backup, in an instant, all we have can disappear from circumstances we have no control over. This is a fact of life from the very earliest recording of history. The purpose of government (according to the liberal political folks) is to protect the citizens from such catastrophe. This propagates a dependency upon the government. The radical conservatives want to end this entirely and make it every man for himself. An attitude of “I got mine and if you don’t get yours, too bad” position. Helping with these attitudes is religion, social activism, social Darwinism, our educational system and general social self centered apathy along with the excessive complexity of the society.

Contributing to all of the corruption and manipulation in the financial markets is the propaganda pushed out daily by the lamestream media. The most influential tools ever developed to accomplish this is Edward Bernays. A quote from him;

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. …We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society. In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons…who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.” – Edward Bernays, Propaganda, 1928

This propaganda shows up every day in misleading government statistics, reporting by the laimstream media and the behavior of the majority of the population. Can you believe that vehicle sales have been increasing substantially lately? They account for around 9% of the supposed economic recovery, while average income per family is decreasing and actual unemployment is increasing. Now where are these sales concentrated? Large expensive gas guzzling vehicles are the largest sales volume, which is also including leases. (charts and commentaries from Zero Hedge, Charles Smith and Carl Denninger). Now what I find interesting, with few exceptions, these vehicles are purchased with debt and yet the full price of the vehicle is included in the GNP. In other words, the piling on of debt is counted as income and thus the “economic recovery”. This also indicates that many folks are buying expensive vehicles that the loaning facility never expects to have paid back because they are loaned to folks without the economic means of paying off the loan. Many of the economic stats and charts indicate that consumer debt is increasing rather than decreasing and all of this debt is contributing to the economic recovery. If you are interested in more details of this take a look at this posting;
The main chart on my computer is mostly covered up by adds but the chart can be expanded to full size if you want to see the details.
To those folks that are constantly trying to reassure me that everything is just fine and we have smart folks at the tiller of the ship of state and nothing to worry about, I cry bull shit.

I guess I find relief from it all by escaping into a far less complex life of Louis L’amour novels.


Anonymous said...


I am on somebody else's computer and the post came over translated into Dutch and I could not access the original so I asked a web translator no put it back into English and I know it was just not the same. I am writing this on the fly into the comments box so appologies for any mistokes.

Btw Did yoy know i kan tipe 300 woorsd per minite? - poor joke.

I wanted to tell you a story I heard when I was back in England. An older guy had his third potential donar heart snatched away from him and thought he was running out of options when someone suggested to him that he should consider going to India for the operation. He thought "nothing to loose" so he made enquiries, booked and went. He got a heart more or less right away, first class medical attention. The operation was a success and the dearest part of the whole thing was the cost of the flight ticket. I think I know what is coming next. The system is stacked against you. Maybe you are on the no fly list and evn if you are not there is the health risks associated with the X-ray scanners. Well the astute should rise to the challenge. Take a leaf out of Michael Moores Film Sicko and go to Cuba for some cheap first class treatment. If that is not allowed because your government is playing Yar Boo with them then just go by way of the Caymen islands. It may be better putting your limited funds into a scheme like this instead of the pockets of the insurance companies.

Triage is common in many European emergency rooms but in our case the word means being assessed so that the guy with the heart attack gets seen before the guy with the splinter in his finger even if he was first in the queue.

I knew there was another point I wanted to make but could not remember it so I expanded the post in the comments and got the original in English, I guess I have learned something there. It read a whole lot different than the double translation.

Yes, tax forms. In England there was a campaigne for plain English some years ago and surprisingly it went through. Now they say things like " If you have investments put an X in this box and answer the next question . If you don't go to question 7. There nare no more hencetoforths and notwithstandings. Seems like you guys could do with this too.

Above all, keep you life simple seems to be the watchword and is the death knell to the PTB. Yeh, but try telling that to the poor guy who got trampled to death when he opened the doors on the first day of the Wally World sale.

P2P said...

thank you for this, a great read.

Anonymous said...


Hi P
I guess you know that I am also FB in another life. Just so there is no confusion about who I am. Sats is a whole other subject ;-)

murph said...


Howdy don't think we've heard from you before. I gather that your blog is at http://www.blogger.com/profile/07431638897461056059

murph said...


LOL Translated into Dutch. Every time I try to translate another language on the internet it comes out bordering on unreadable.

Yes, we've considered a foreign country for health issues.

The common usage of triage is as you noted. The broader sense is choosing under whatever criteria who gets treated at all and that includes who is insured, their age and how much money they have available.

For us, getting caught up in spending/shopping frenzy is just plain nuts. We don't do it. One good reason is the one you cited.

Damn, we had 4" of new snow this morning, first day of spring. I ponder whether we will get any food grown this year. sigh.

darius said...

Interesting post, Thanks!

Sadly, we are all caught in the fine print.

I was considered a prime candidate for a transplant 4 years ago, yet Medicare (my only "insurance") would have the final Yay or Nay simply because of my age. Overall health and well-being, mental acuity and all that stuff would not have entered into the equation.

Thankfully, some immediate and deep forays into nutritious "real" foods and a tad of alternative ideas restored most of my essential functions, so it became a moot point... but what would have happened if I hadn't done my homework?

Yes, it's a lot of information to plow through on the internet, but if I don't do it, who that I trust will?

Anonymous said...

so SATS knows about P and its implied P knows about SATS but maybe only as FB but p don't know about P nor does p know about DARIUS. can't say if SATS or P or FB know about DARIUS though or vicie versie.

anyway, hello P and hello DARIUS. i'm palooka. but you can call me p. if nothing else it saves 6 keystrokes for later or never. btw, D... great blog!!

and, oh yeah, murph... thx to you and yer ole lady for keeping this campfire burnin!

and, oh yeah, lucretia... help me, help me! i wanna know more bout the end of the spiral... p

Hotspringswizard said...

Great points you have made in your post Murph. I was thinking about you lately, were you been, and there you show up :-)

I've been looking at the close up satelite images and can see the snow on the ground in your area. Back east its been an epic early season warm spell, with many areas in the far northeast at 45 degrees above normal temps. I see today that down in Atlanta the Pollen count is completely off the charts, with an all time record at around 9,300!

The immense complexity of this world in regards to human concerns will/is crumbling. We do our best to understand it all as best we can. Meanwhile, we should work to simplify our lives, because that I believe, is one of the best remedies for all of the challenges set before us:


The title and caption for this pic:


The path to follow in these times of great transitions


freeacre said...

lol..That was funny,p. Welcome to the campfire P2P and Darius. It may take awhile to catch up on our nicknames for each other, but it'll all get figured out, if you are so inclined.
I dunno, Hot Springs. Murph and I were just talking about how we are so committed to growing our own food, organizing the Grange and community around localized food production, keeping the campfire going, and making our food and other stuff from scratch, etc., etc., that it doesn't feel so simple.
It's also going to take courage, with all this surveillance and bullshit that is going on ... Part of me keeps thinking that maybe we should shut the fuck up. But, then, I think if we do, then we are compliant and part of the friggin' problem. All of us in this cyber-tribe who have been sharing their hearts and minds with each other, and the so far silent ones, are all a big part of our lives. I think that what we express here is making waves that ripple outwards, as well as the day-to-day pleasure it gives us to talk amongst ourselves.
Belgium (Spirit Across the Sea, sats,From Belgium, FB), you are in such an interesting area, and I do enjoy your perspective on things. I don't think I have told you that in awhile. It's hard to imagine the challenge of living in a country that is fractured by language (and you have to learn them both, since you are from England), has in intermittent government, and is the home of so much that is central to the European Union.
I'm going to your photo, Hot Springs. Murph just said it is really interesting. :)

rockpicker said...

This site is an important information outlet. How many hits does it get on average? Check this from Dutchsinse, he's pretty excited...


freeacre said...

Rockpicker, we have had about 50,000 page loads in both 2010 and 2011. Unique visitors are probably more significant: 40,918 in 2010 and 39,323 in 2011. We have had over 8,000 so far this year, 2,554 so far this month. They are mostly from the U.S., but also include places like Iraq, Mongolia, Australia, Belgium, Germany. Not so much lately in So. America. More folks sitting around the cyber-fire than you might think, eh?

George Ur's Peoplenomics report today lists the earthquakes that have hit on or very close to Geryl's 188.5 day cycles each time since 2002. Amazing. So, the question is "did Planet X enter our solar system in 2002 and we just can't see it because it is dark?" If so, and it is getting closer, the quakes should get stronger. Duck and cover.

freeacre said...

Let's help this message of peace go viral:


Anonymous said...

rp (and anybody else who wants to chime in)... aside from your accurate point on co-opted alt news sources, whats your take on the psych damage piece from the last thread?

fyi... i'm otta ears until i can get a new sound driver. code 10 error on my SB X Fi. reviews strongly suggest its a piece a chit. advise un-install and dump into a paper bag. then follow a great dane around for awhile gathering up & dumping ito the bag what the dog dumps along the way. then, go straight to creative labs hq, throw a rock thru window to announce arrival. march straight to exec offices and dump all contents of bag onto the ceo's desk! i'm thinking lunchtime would be a good time. and instead of the exec offices, the cafeteria! ha!! ..p

Hotspringswizard said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hotspringswizard said...

Freeacre :-) In regards to living a simpler life, there are fortunate circumstances, in combination with the choices I have made about how I wish to live my life that " currently " allow for me to be living the most carefree times I have ever experienced. Now this does not mean there are not challenges still in my life, but they are at a level where I feel a comfortable balance of activities from day to day.

I am fortunate to have enough resources to provide for my basics of living, food, shelter, time, etc. I am in good health presently which to my mind is the key attribute ( often taken for granted ) that provides for our general well being.

I have time for good sleep, all the food I need ( two meals a day ), lots of quality time with my family, inspirational time out in natural settings. wonderful tools to accomodate my never ending curiousity about the world, a simple social life with a few friends and family, etc. These things provide me plenty to do from day to day.

Now we all know well about the increasingly precarious times we are experiencing and heading into. Facets of what makes for my simpler life today will of course be changing. I really feel that my life is right now, basically as simple and easy as it will ever be. The course of things as they are unfolding will be putting increasing pressures on the simple arrangements of living I now enjoy. Older age of course brings its own difficulties too. It will be more and more difficult to afford the things we now enjoy and there is no way around that.

But back to the " theme " of the simple life, I still think it provides the worthy template of a way to live which can be best adaptable to the constraints of the harder conditions to come. Each will find their own " form " of simplicity, if thats the manner of living that they wish for. Learning the ways to be simple is a work in progress, and there is always more to learn.

I have found that in my life, the more I have been able to simplify, the more free my mind feels. Its like taking weights off of of your mental state, allowing your " essence " to be more boyant, and content.

While this way of being fits my nature, it does not mean that for others, more involved lives is the type of living that inspires them. So many myriad unique beautiful people, with no " one way is best " way to live out our lives. For me, simplicity is the path that resonates :-)

Hotspringswizard said...

And Freeacre, my caption to this photo:


echos essentially ( at the end ) your same written sentiments " I think that what we express here is making waves that ripple outwards "

There is goodness in this world that we can be part of every day, as it exist in all of its myriad forms. We can always find ways to " see and be the good ".

And here Freeacre is another recent photo I took, with a bit of " creative license " added. You will see what I mean. I think you will enjoy it :-)


Anonymous said...


Hi guys

First off Darius is an old friend, she kicked off the comments here:


Well, I would remember that , wouldn't I.

Secondly, I have just reset the Computer into English, sneaky, sneaky, he, he, he. Maybe I will put it back into Dutch before I go. Chris was home last night but I am still here breaking up a concrete block on the patio that a pylon or an antenna stood on many years ago.

I am sure P is too modest to say but she is a lovely lady from Helsinki Finland who I have met on some blogs. She mostly leaves her country for to others to look after when she is globe trotting, which seems to be a lot.. She told me recently Finland had its first melting icicle death this year. No wonder she clears off it must be like living inside the Omen.

Work has just broken out again so I don't have much time. What I really wanted to say was about balancing the simple life against the need to be informed. It is not good if you spend all this free liesure time inside the doom o sphere and making yourself feel bad. On the other hand if you don't do it you feel bad too. Damned if you do and damned if you don't.

I seem to spend a lot of time helping family and you guys are my family too.


Anonymous said...

oh yes, now i remember. the post that closed out the old year and brought in the new, long awaited 2012. my humble apologies to darius. i sure do wish you would take the talking stick more often.. p

rockpicker said...

I love this guy.


rockpicker said...

Zen Gardner:


rockpicker said...

Here's a must see, for anyone interested in understanding the last ten years of American history.


rockpicker said...

This guy, John Kettler, claims to be in contact with US government insiders and E.T.'s/ E.D.'s, who are attempting to avert WWIII, as well as protect humanity from off-planet evil-doers and the Bush/Rothschild cabal. I don't know, seems like a lot to have on one's plate, but, hey...


freeacre said...

The trouble I have with remote viewers is that they back up their claims or opinions by saying (whether they believe it or not)that their source is aliens, or God, or Jesus, or the heavenly Host of countless religions over time. And, on top of remote viewing, very Earth-hip otherworlders are giving him the inside scoop. Both of which could be delusional. Or not. How can we know?
So, in my mind, I think I'd categorize him as a contemporary "oracle". It sure would be a show to see, though, if these things did come to pass!! Intersession by benevolent beings to save us from disaster and make things right on Earth. Sounds a bit like The Second Coming, in emotion, if not in fact. Maybe it's the emotion that every generation has sought through time, in their own way. humm

rockpicker said...

Yeah, I know what you mean about verification. Problem is, the lamestream is mum on a lot of stuff, and outright lying on other stuff, so we KNOW we can't trust them. The fourth estate morphed into a fifth column, (I read that somewhere and thought it good enough to steal.)

All his claims could be fantasy, but if they are, it seems , for now, they're fairly harmless. According to Kettler, the ET's main objective is to rid the planet of bad guys and keep us from blowing ourselves up with nukes. Not much to argue with there.

The pols and criminal banksters may be cheerleading Israhell, but I suspect the military still carries a bitter taste in its mouth from the USS Liberty attack, and may have a few cards up its sleeve. As you say, Freeacre, time will tell.

The military knows ET is real, and can deliver on threats. Who would you side with, pedophile financial manipulators and their puppets, or the boys who disappear attack boats in broad daylight?

rockpicker said...

More from Zen Gardner:


Anonymous said...

oracle? you're too kind fa. :-). but seriously, maybe. maybe not. depends on position relative in the chakra lines. indigo being the oracle amoung other assets as well as limitations.

are there 'good', benevolent et's as well as 'evil', perpetrator et's? begs the question, was the war in the heavens real? did it actually happen? or is it dillusion? is it still playing out here on earth?

a lot of this depends on what layer of the cake is talkin or we're talkin about.

"Sounds a bit like The Second Coming, in emotion,..."

which begs the question, is the second coming coming or is it just something made up to feel better? hell, there's still heavy debate as to wheater the first coming came or not...p

Anonymous said...

more on this magical mystery tour... http://www.spacedaily.com/reports/Mysterious_Objects_at_the_Edge_of_the_Electromagnetic_Spectrum_999.html


rockpicker said...

Haven't worked all winter, but I'm busy now, until May 1 or so, culling spuds at a local seed potato farm. You haven't lived 'til you've stood in one spot all day , picking rocks and handfuls of mushy tubers! Hey, no matter what the economy throws at you, once a rockpicker, always...

While grabbing diseased taters today, I had a chance to reflect on what Freeacre said about Kettler being a remote viewer. I had to laugh, when I realized how we could all be considered remote viewers, given the unabashed treachery of the corporate media today. Doesn't matter whether we're talking about Ron Paul, Gulf of Mexico, Fukushima, Libya, Syria, NDAA, or Obummer's latest EO, the lamestream can be counted on to live up to its name. Either say nothing, or spin it according to WhiteHouse guidelines. Oh, and let's not forget to mention the birth certificate because Arpaio has enough on B. Hussein to rip him a new asshole, if he could get a venue. Yeah, I think we're all remote viewing from here on out...

rockpicker said...

Just started reading this, new I had to share...


Degringolade said...

I think that the way that resources are allocated in any country are of critical concern.

A liver transplant is a huge and dicey endeavour. Everyone seems to want to point at good results and attribute the bad results to something other than the luck of the draw.

The idea of cheating death has gone viral in this country. It seem to me that most folks, upon reaching sixty, start pulling together the resources to have some outrageous medical procedure to extend their life rather than putting their life and soul in order to better make it through the great passage.

Folks will always live their lives in their own way, but the choices that we make seem to be taking on a life of their own

murph said...

You mention allocation of resources being important. Perhaps even more important is who does the allocation and for what purpose. IMO it appears to me that whenever citizenry accede the power to make those decisions to a small elite group, the rest of of society looses out in the end. The federal government by decree has declared that it has ownership of all water within our boundaries, above and below the ground. Therefore it has control of it's distribution. Make sense to you?

you also stated; "Folks will always live their lives in their own way, but the choices that we make seem to be taking on a life of their own". Does this take into account the social control and propaganda by the elites? It seems to me that we are constantly being pressured to live our lives by other directorates than our own motivations. Of course then it is imperative that those decision at least appear to be self motivated. I find it ironic for a person to insist they are self motivated to buy a $120 pair of tennis shoes when a $20 pair will serve the same purpose.

It also appears to me that most folks are seriously frightened by the concept of their own death and feel that any expenditure to prolong life is justified. I periodically read futuristic projections that promise that there is no logical reason for individual to die. We just have to advance further into the technological future. I love the quote; "On a long enough time line the survival rate for everyone goes to zero".

Thanks for comment, hope to hear more from you

rockpicker said...

They play their cards close to their chests in Bluffdale.


freeacre said...

Degringolade, while I was growing up, open heart surgery and, later, organ transplants would not have been considered for elderly people. It was considered pretty much pandering to patients' fears, as the results would be so risky and temporary at best. Now, it has shifted into seeming like an entitlement that everyone should have.
I think it is sad that people are putting the last of their resources into these extreme medical procedures, and neglecting the life lessons that are natural for our age. Personally, I have already made my decision that I will not attempt to avoid death in this way. I am even wondering if I should stop taking life-extending medications like blood pressure pills. I think Mother Nature has a plan that if we would follow it, would lead to our collective good, if we would live (as well as die) in harmony with it.

Anonymous said...

I am with you freeacre


nina said...

Pardon me while I catch up, but this post Murph, is extraordinary and truly the topic of the moment. I am seeing evidence of Bernay's fruit everywhere. I have met NO ONE that contracts with the big DSL/TV bundling outfits, limiting themselves to DVR rentals or free basics if they use entertainment technology at all. They know they cannot afford it. One would think by eliminating obvious frills there would be something left for healthcare, but no again! In the past two months on the road, everyone I am renewing friendships with from earlier times is slowly dying and has no idea what to do about it or why it is happening to them. In short, the great dumbdown is nearly complete. Habitual and problematic substance abuse is rampant, escapism and conscious "care packages from the sky" magical reasoning coupled with working the system for one's personal benefit while others go lacking because they are unable to help themselves at all because they have been made permanently ill and/or mentally blunted and have no reliable transport to and from any medical facility, and even if they obtain it they cannot afford the wait time or the treatment, is a typical panoramic view of our society from the ground level. The higher up the social scale, the more sympathetic and distorted seemingly intelligent justifications for government and corporate actions become. It appears impossible for them to break with their unique line of reasoning implanted from "Bernays" dogma. Critial thinking has vanished.
That which some have taken recently as a "lull" is false imagery, the lull is actually mass-induced media driven perceptions resulting in misinterpretation of the sweeping changes currently molding human lives into full irresponsibility for thought, positive action or stable survival. All the crimes, and we should know by now they are definitely extreme crimes, have castrated the life out of citizen victims.

It is especially gut-wrenching to interact individually with these people who freely own up to their own inescapable dilemmas. They know great wrong has been done to them and remain loathe to examine why or how it happened and are living in a years-long blitz of mind-numbing, addictions and maudlin personal issues, hating themselves for having no idea how to disentangle and reroute because in the great dumdown, every important, "vital for self help" skill for personal-empowerment was dismembered. Their interests dulled, their public educations never advanced to self-education. I think you get the idea.

If regular citizens cannot understand financialization, don't forget they can't understand much else either. Surely you have at least heard the frustrated complaint that a man can no longer fix his own vehicle. That goes for just about everything else such as mortgages, taxation structure and of course, health plans. And if anyone was an expert, that too went by the wayside as technology surpassed expertise.

continued below:

nina said...

When people don't understand something presented as trustworthy and beneficial to all, there is a reason why, and that reason is the falsely portrayed, costumed existence of something very wrong, something unnatural and imminently dangerous. Decent, fairly intelligent and honest people generally do not want to recognize what it is and find themselves gambling it is not what they suspect. So it remains in the realm of passing thoughts as bombardment of Bernays tightens it grip and further weakens our beaten down population into hope and misplaced trust that something will turn in their favor, somehow, sometime far off somewhere in the future.

Thus the scofflaws walk free to up the take. There is nothing in place to end their free market sprees, especially since they now float the whole global boat, spectacularly in command, it goes from bad to worse. When it crashes, or even senses crash is looming, it will go from worse to much worse to save itself.

If we cannot even fix our own computers, knowing all recommended support services are equally in the dark, why do we posess them? Apparently human nature is crammed full of similar inconsistantsies.

Hotspringswizard said...

I thought I'd mention that regarding the last photo I listed in my " March 21, 2012 10:43 PM " post, the one titled " Infinite Awareness, The Eye of Truth is always watching you ", the circle that makes up the pupil of the eye was not in the original photo, but as I worked with the pic it just appeared.

That circle does represents something that is actually in the original photo, but could not be seen by the naked eye. It may be due to attributes of the sun coming through the obscuring dust, the digital process allowing it to be revealed, or maybe, we are really being watched :-)

Here is another photo I took yesterday, while on a hike to Deep Creek Hot Springs, and its of a Golden Eagle:


I saw two of them that day :-) I hiked along Deep Creek during the daylight hours, then after dark I made my way to Deep Creek Hot Springs and found no one there. I had a wonderful soak in the largest hotpool which is named the Womb ( 100 degrees ).

While in the hotpool I could see the North Star and Big Dipper northerly, Mars just east, Neptune and Orion south, Jupiter and Venus to the west. There is a rock that sticks up about in the middle of the hotpool at its bottom that you can stand on leaving the water level neck high. Its wonderful to perch on it look up at the night sky while listening to the little waterfall of hot water falling into the pool ( picture of the Womb hotpool at link below ):


Anonymous said...

really liked your post, will be dizzy for at least a week,
how in the living fuck can anyone even remotely understand the intricacies of the way this system works that actually have to take care of the non-essential ingredients of just staying alive and trying to raise a family or whatever cubical notion of wondrous situational hiveness called the american dream.
it is truly mind boggling.
i envy the fact that you can do such a thing,
i suppose its just one more of the intangibles that keep us occupied just staying alive till death does us and our bodies apart so those that benefit from the mystery won't have to worry about the knock on the door in the middle of the night seeking an answer to why life is such a fucking joke for the average two-legged.
i think the reason we are located so far from the rest of the stars is because we are capable of so much personal damage and quite ready to pass that same disease (it has to be a disease, why else would it happen?) a rational mind would never conceive of such a delightful way of fucking over a paradise of their home and all its members would it?
the stupidness and insanity that surrounds us and knowing that we.... whatever we are, at some point were i think tinkered with.i mean abducted and adfucked with physically.
seriously, the brutality of which humans are so fucking good at and gleefully predisposed to engage in, ( i suppose that a few might have a tad of remorse as they blow the brains out of a fellow two-legged because someone told them to.) however the point is why or how did this begin as a way of potential life style.?
and speaking of which,this guy ''Edward Bernays, Propaganda, 1928''
i have come across this cleaver personage several times over
the years as a part of trying to understand the workings of the human mind and the almost unbelievable lengths it will go to to creme the living shit out of its neighbors and have come up with what might be part of the problem, and my god what a problem.

it seems to me and i think this is one of p's main interests is that aside from the massive ability to smash the heads of babies against the wall and rape the mothers or any other vagina that happens to be conveniently within love-making vicinity it also puts man on the moon.

this is obviously a condition upon which we are critically short of , yep, feeling,,, now wait a minute, not short on, we have plenty of anger, hatred, remorse?, bitterness, .. we have feelings, however how about emotion, is this a feeling,? i have to wonder are feelings and emotions the same thing?
i think that this is where we were actually physically altered, for what reason?
to be controlled,? i really don't think a person could be controlled if we were capable of having the physical and or mental ability to love, to have the feelings of full compassion at our disposal.
so, were we rearranged physically at some point, by some mentally cleaver whatever or are we just a product of being so naturally stupid that we cannot understand the workings of mr.
Edward Bernays, Propaganda, 1928, or is it a snap in the what might of been, a world of kind, and mutual understanding people.?

more bullshit below

Anonymous said...

the images i see on the internet with the unbelievable atrociousness provokes an attitude of serious questions, now just about now, but apparently throughout history.
so were we different at sometime in the past.?
have humans ever had the capacity to love? i mean to love without the strings of death we call love in the here and now, the conditions that are put on the word.?
the sensitivity to feel the pain of another, or even to see a sunrise that almost keels one over in absolute joy?

i have to tell you about a sadness in regard to my oldest son, this is where it comes home to roost in regard to what are the questions on my mind right now, i received a call from him yesterday and he told me his wife had left him along with their little daughter aged three.
he was stressed to the point of considering suicide and i could feel the unimaginable pain he was going through because i have experienced the same feeling, the heart ripping loss of that and the accompanying total freakout of a world shattering darkness.

this is not an isolated thing, i think humans go through this a lot, who has not experienced this in one way or another,? how in the fuck is this a design of the great spirit?, o they say its a matter of choice, freewill as it were, fuck that it isn't freewill.
there is no such thing as freewill. it is total bullshit, a mental abomination, it suggests that there is a place where something new, which means never before and everything has a before and an after, there is a before and there is an after in the goings on of the two-leggeds.
the little tiny pee pee of the brain thinks these things because it has never thought them through.
of course this has always i guess been the way.
what is of concern though is the very real fact that humanity as we here at the fire know is that we are in deep shit, and when i hear from my son going through this time and only yesterday i am looking into the eyes of my little 2 and 3 year old granddaughters i am overwhelmed with the absoluteness of what is coming.
that we are indeed deep shit, o i already said that.
does anyone have a take on how to deal with this?

it has been suggested that all of this is irrational , i agree.
i just want to tell everyone i love them while there is still time.
on a more rational note i came across some info on tesla the other day and am going to work at building one of his coils.it looks logical, but if it works i will not say so here. it does mean free energy. if it works...
love to you all, time is short now and we i think will either get it together or else. is there any else? would love to see it..

in kindness and weird people,
all the loveandlight

ps, sats, i am assuming now by this time that the cylinder i sent to you a few moons ago never arrived , that sucks but the postal lady said it might not.
it was mostly legal, just various items from the res, sweet smelling things and some native american prints, extraordinarily scenes of life before the european genociders arrived.
perhaps i can try a different approach next time... >0<

wish to god i did not have had such a psycho sadistic bitch for an english teacher in the white man school. big whine.....

Anonymous said...

sorry for the double dip on the comment folks, it thing said to many letters and as this is probably a crappy excuse its all i got ..mf

can you fix it murph?

rockpicker said...


Sorry it's taken a while to address your question. Had to go back and refresh myself on the conversation.

"Whereas suppression is conscious and voluntary, repression takes place apart from individual volition."

I don't have any training whatsoever in psych, and even have a hard time keeping my eyes from glassing over when talk turns in that direction, but it seems to me Freud may have been saying that repression kicks in as a defense mechanism, unbeknownst to the victim of trauma, and so volition has no role.

I have a personal grievance with A Goodman, and remain skeptical of 'authority.'

She spoke in Missoula a few years ago. Afterwards I waited in line, (book signing) to speak to her, and asked her when was she going to say something about chemtrails?

Her response was, "You get the story and I'll run with it."

Okay, I'm a stone mason and she's the journalist, and I'm supposed to get the story on chemtrails?

Right, asshole.

Besides that, she's great buddies with Noam, who famously chided the 9/11 truth movement for attempting to solve the 'whodunit.' "It makes no difference who did 9/11," he told America's liberals. He also, famously, lost a bunch of support with that statement.

Howard Zinn, though buds with both Chomsky and Goodman, never really got into the whole 9/11 quagmire. I've always wondered what old Howard really thought about the attacks, and if I could have sat and chatted with him for a while, I would have liked to ask him how he thought future historians would deal with the subject?

rockpicker said...

MF; You're beautiful, man. Go on Half Past Human and listen to Clif's latest wujo talk on penis conspiracy.
You definitely are connected.

freeacre said...

I was thinking the same thing.

And the Lear affidavit is a motherfucker as well.

Dang, those potatoes must be inspiring you, rp. heh

freeacre said...

Nina, your tender, yet clear-eyed assessment of the state of your friends pierces my heart and provoked a response of mulling over the state of my friends and family. Not good, either. So many cancer survivors and cancer sufferers. Strokes, Parkinson's, heart problems, etc. Maybe what keeps people hanging on is that they have all been looking forward to retirement because they would finally be free of having to work all the time at a job. They could finally "follow their affinity," as Lord Buddha said. I know that's what keeps me here. That, and that I have been anticipating 2012 practically all my life, and so far it does not disappoint.

Anonymous said...


Mf I got your cylinder at the end of the year, can't remember the date now and I did thank you best I could but now I realise I should have written to you. Chris took out two hard drives on the old computer at the same time. She tried to load a program disc whilst the system was still booting and instead of giving the usual “Non system disc error”. It must have tried to process the info on the disc and the processor got conflicting ones and zeros at the same time. At least that is all I can think of. Strangely it left the chip and main board intact. I lost all my programmes and information, everything. I gave the computer to my brother in law who re-drived it and I bought a laptop that has a lot more on it than the old one. Since I didn't have your e mail address any more I put a comment up here thanking you. There were a couple of added difficulties. I decided that I would get Chris to take a photo of me wearing the T shirt you sent and e mail it to you. Problem was that the new computer wouldn't recognise the old camera and that took me a long time to figure out. Now I have to download pictures from the camera directly into Picassa and then from there export them to My Photos, what a process. I can't e mail photos directly out of Picassa since it doesn't recognise Thunderbird. By the time I had figured that out, you were on the road to Mexico and then I didn't know what to do so I posted a Thank You here. Anyway thanks again Bro. We only have a small apartment so the problem was finding wall space for the picture you sent but now I have decided to put it into the small hall (vestibule) so it is the first thing people see when they come into the apartment. Now it awaiting a suitable frame and in some way I will attach the feathers to it.

I really am sorry to hear about your personal problems, and it does make you wonder about the spirit world when there is so much faith placed in it without any response to personal tragedy. You give it all you can and it gives back – well I am not sure? I was going to say reassurance but that is only a reflection of wishful thinking. How would your Guru respond to this curve life has thrown at you?

On a more mundane topic, whatever happened to the bus?



nina said...

Thank you FA, we are sisters traveling the same roads.

Anonymous said...

When we realize fully that we are not this changing body but the changeless Self who dwells in the body, we conquer death here and now.

Living each day as if it were our last is the hardest part because of the programming we have bit into for so long.
Go for heaven


freeacre said...

Here's a delightful video of responses that "preppers" get. Ha!

Anonymous said...

nina... that was a fine piece of writin you just put up girl!!

clearly, there's a drachonian agenda floating about the likes of which has bitten, smitten, with rare exception, even the most enlightened amoung us. you know, the one's who be closest to god (so to speak). its been said there's a plan and the planners care not for how long it takes to completly co-opt the spirit and even, particularly, the soul of all. they know tenacity. they ARE tenacity. and they know that, in the end they win. they win because nobody can beat the devil (so to speak)at his own game. but only the devil knows that! he knows his light is faster than the loving light. really!!

intelligent? absolutely!

thus, the only way to win is to not play the game. there are some who say, nope, dumbass, there's no way to not play the fuckin game! well, maybe. but then, maybe, just maybe, that belief is just part of the damn game eh?

in the story the demiurge strikes a deal with the devil in a plot against the species where the dogi of the wuju practices the art of beating the devil at his own game. each, in our own ways! and where the woo woo has been lost.

just a bunch of doodoo? let me put it this way, you can bet your bippy some form of sex was in the beginning. thats what i think anyway. but maybe i just got nipped in the bud as a boy child and forever lost to love itself!

anyway, the whole story sorta adds a whole new dimension to the idea that we men wear our brains danglin 'tween our legs don't it? or not. as may be the case with nipped in the bud. the emasculation of the ties that bind. the effective breaking of the mirror. and all along i thought it was the wicked witch that did that.

then again, maybe its just that plastic cup i been drinkin otta. and surely, some may think, no, its more likely what's IN that cup you been a'drinkin from! but they'll never say it. or will they?

or..... maybe, just maybe, a part of the original trauma? where romance was lost cuz heart got the snip. errr.... i mean boot... p

Anonymous said...

rp... thx for the take. i agree. thats what freud was saying. i just think expansion of the definition of volition is overdue.

btw... there's an old line coined by the late lewis grizzard that became the title of one of his books. worthy of passing along to you and i'd bet the lewis would smile were you to use it and consider it a good day had. even in his grave. you're already in the right place and right time will surely show up. its goes like this...

don't bend over in the garden granny, you know dem taters got eyes!

mf... sorry about the sadness bro. i guess it can be said its a feeling and an emotion. like, emotions are part of feelings but not all feeling is experienced as emotion. ie, though it could have emotion attached to it, touch is a feeling seperate from the emotion it might trigger. keep the home fires burnin bro. we walk together. one saying there's no such thing as free will. the other saying, i know. its just been lost... p

rockpicker said...

Even if you've seen this one before, it's still good.


Anonymous said...

hey guys,
sats, i'm so glad you got the cylinder , i was really bummed thinking the fucking nosey assed pigs that think they have the right to look into your private life, yeah it might of been dangerous but so what,? it wasn't addressed to them, man i long for the days when the paranoia was just coke freaks hiding behind curtains at night, goddam it to hell, the intrusion into other peoples lives is just disgusting and the perverts that do it are really just herpetic residue on a warthogs ass, as near as i can fathom /
fuck'um, leave my mail alone./

the drawing was really sweet i thought, its amazing the art that comes from our brothers and sisters and emanates from the heart as vision quests and sweat lodge healing at some sacred sites on the ''res''.

there are places here on this res that even i cannot go unless invited by one of my brothers as to ceremonial gatherings,its
in the wilderness area and totally off limits.
even other tribes are forbidden.\

rockpicket, thanks so much for the informative links you dig up, amazing.

you know guys the talk of organ transplants is incredible and i have been keeping up with it as much as i can.
that the two-leggeds can do such a thing is just completely mind boggling to me.
i think i read somewhere that if you don't opt. out on you drivers license they can just start removing body parts if you crash in a wreck and die.,
i can't piss on the idea because if it were not for the surgeons i would probably be in a fucking wheel chair by now, having had both hips replaced, at a cost of $60.000., and the only way i could of had it done was through the tribe, otherwise the pittance i receive from the medicare would of gotten maybe a haircut and a shave..
to have one foot in the white mans world and the other in the native world is sometimes confusing as hell, i love gadgets, and machines and building shit. however this periodically causes some anger at what the machines have done to our mother. its not the machines its how we live with them without the mess it makes bringing them into existence and then the mess they can make after their birth and then after they have died also.
in other words its just the lack or foresight of what this wonderful development has brought without the impact it causes. its the two edge sword thingie.
i don't know why i say this shit, everyone here already knows it.
just to much coffee i guess.

sis the video was excellent, my side still hurts from watching it.

sats, the ''96'' dodge van i was driving's transmission blew a hole in the side of it and died.

its still in arizona, i could not afford to fix it.
still cannot figure out why it blew up on the mexican border as i was fixing to cross very soon, was just waiting for my son his honey and the two grand kids to arrive , after my trip crumbled they decided not to go either,, they just arrived here in hot springs and are plugged in for the summer and who knows about this winter,... if there is a winter,;;//
then there is the thing about south america regarding the link which the rock sent me which caused a few shivers, also
p&p also chipped in with the same info...i see it has not been placed here so i will do so.



ps sats, if you are referring to langosa ,,my little spiritual sidekick, shes still around but not so much of late, she thinks i should just learn to live more simply and drop some of the concern as it becomes a refuge for denial, fuck! what can i say..
aho brothers and sisters
the fire burns bright tonight

Anonymous said...

From a Vietnam Vet and retired Police Officer:

I had a doctors appointment at the local VA clinic yesterday and found out something very interesting that I would like to pass along.

While going through triage before seeing the doctor, I was asked at the end of the exam, three questions:

1. Did I feel stressed?
2. Did I feel threatened?
3. Did I feel like doing harm to someone?

The nurse then informed me, that if I had answered yes to any of the questions, I would have lost my concealed carry permit as it would have gone into my medical records and the VA would have reported it to Homeland Security.

Looks like they are going after the vets first. Other gun people like retired law enforcement will probably be next. Then when they go after the civilians, what argument will they have?

Be forewarned and be aware. The Obama administration has gone on record as considering veterans and gun owners potential terrorists. Whether you are a gun owner veteran or not, YOU'VE BEEN WARNED !

If you know veterans and gun owners, please pass this on to them. Be very cautious about what you say and to whom.

I am passing this along...there are comments from two other people I have also been asked if we keep guns in the house. The nurse just kinda slipped it in along with all the other regular questions. I told her I refused to answer because it was against the law to ask. Everyone, whether you have guns or not, should give a neutral answer so they have no idea who does and who doesn't.

My doctor asked me if I had guns in my house and also if any were loaded. I , of course, answered yes to both questions. Then he asked why I kept a loaded gun close to my bed. I answered that my son, who is a certified gun instructor and also works for Homeland Security, advised me that an unloaded, locked up gun is no protection against criminal attack. The Government now requires these questions be asked of people on Medicare, and probably everyone else.

Just passing this along for your information: I had to visit a doctor other than my regular doctor when my doctor was on vacation. One of the questions on the form I had to fill out was: Do you have any guns in your house?? My answer was None of your damn business!! So it is out there!

It is either an insurance issue or government intervention. Either way, it is out there and the second the government gets into your medical records (As they want to under Obamacare) it will become a major issue and will ultimately result in lock and load!!

Please pass this on to all the other retired guys and gun owners...Thanks.


freeacre said...

Chamaeleo, welcome to the campfire. Sobering news.

Guys, I just wanted to express my take on Clif's theory on circumcision. I don't know if it's true or not. Certainly some sensation is lost, but the ability to bond with females? Looking back on history, it seems to me that men have sacrificed themselves for their wives, mothers, and families forever. There have been and continue to be tight bonds. Maybe it hampers the Tantric sex part. I will never know.
But, at any rate, I note no damage at any of our brothers at this campfire.

Anonymous said...


Maybe that's why the Jewish brethren have lost their sensitivity. Was that a non-PC comment?

Welcome in Chamaeleo. Although I am not from the US these are the things of which we should all be aware. What happens in the US today happens in Europe tomorrow. As was stated before, a long time ago now, the Polish Jews in the ghettos that were armed fared a lot better than those that weren't.

rockpicker said...

Is this the snort heard 'round the world?


rockpicker said...

Here's a new Chris Hedges article explaining what happened at the deposition hearing. The judge has to determine if the plaintiffs have standing. I think we all have standing, with or without press credentials. Wonder if a million of us could join Chomsky, Ellsberg and the rest, adding our names to the plaintiffs' list?


Anonymous said...

Somewhere I read:

"Are we being lost in this modern world, becoming disoriented in the times we live in, not knowing where we are in relation to the stars and fragmented from the earth."


freeacre said...

re: the Shot Heard Round the World... I have sent the link to all my sustainable food people, but I think that everyone who can should forward it to all their local Granges. We need to get a lot of bodies there by the 1sr of April to make certain the pigs don't get slaughtered. This is an outrage.

Anonymous said...

Well sports fans, the USS Enterprise just passed throught the Suez and is on its way to the Pursian Gulf.


I wonder if any of the 5,000 or so Sailors and Marines feel that they might be sacrificed to the Gods of War (i.e. Lockeed Martin, GE, KBR, Halliburton, Boeing, TRW, etc.... oh, and of course Israel).

Reading about the mass mutany during the Vietnam war, I wonder why nothing like that has happened or is happening now. Are all of our soldiers, marines, sailors and airmen totally brainwashed?


rockpicker said...

Does the pope shit in the woods?

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile back on the home (land security) front ...


Wonder where these boys will be doing their target practice?


Hotspringswizard said...

Randy, I was watching the collapse preppers show a few days ago ( on Nat Geo channel I think ) and they had a couple from the Salt Lake City area discussing thier preps. They had bought a big military truck for a Bug Out vehicle. The truck could run on various types of fuels, and could even run on old recycled oil. Maybe you caught that episode. Too bad you couldn't find out who they are and meet them. Think of the Doom you guys could talk about :-)

rockpicker said...

Hotsprings; You got any new forest fires started there in the last couple of days?

Word is a ufo shot down a chemtrail plane, and it went down in the San Bernadino Nat'l. Forest, near Apple Valley.

rockpicker said...

Anthony Lawson lays it out, again.


freeacre said...

Bexar, maybe they are buying ammo because they can always trade with it when the dollar turns to shit.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about the other armed forces, but the mass mutiny that happened in the Navy was a racial thing. Can not remember anyone getting away with something like that. Besides, during Vietnam, you may have hated being in the military and did not agree with what was going on. But you also did not have the US people behind you either. We were spit on, called baby killers etc. Let us not forget the false support of our military personal. After all the are fighting for our freedom.

It is you my friend that must do something. But alas as we know we as citzens we sit back and point our fingers. The system and status quo are going to eat us alive.

Veteran for PEACE

Anonymous said...

I gaurantee you: if they reinstate the draft the wars will end. But remeber it is a volunteer military. They made the choice.That is why we have to make a choice in our lives as well

Veteran for Peace

Hotspringswizard said...

RP, No fires reported around here that I have heard. This UFO/Chemtrail info came from where?

rockpicker said...


"John Kettler john@johnkettler.com via aweber.com

Mar 30 (2 days ago)

to me

Hello Friend:

Last week, one of our members got to see the Liberation Forces at work. An aircraft was chemtrailing, followed by a chemtrail eating spacecraft. Evidently tiring of this toxic diet, the spacecraft proceeded to hit the chemtrail aircraft with a smallish beam weapon, causing the aircraft to trail black smoke and apparently plunge into the San Bernardino National Forest somewhere in the vicinity of Apple Valley, California."

There's a bit more to it, but that is the gist of the report. Eyewitness couldn't tell if the debris landed or disintegrated in the air. I was just curious to know if there was any talk round your parts. Kettler keeps coming up with stories that are not verified. Thought this one might be, if a fire were started or something like that.

freeacre said...

Welcome to the campfire, Veteran for Peace. I have a feeling that the SOB's have considered how difficult a draft would be. But, now that the young ones are on the hook for a trillion dollars in Student Loan payments, and there are not enuf jobs to pay the loans back, and there is no bankruptcy for them, the kids are up against the wall. All they gotta do is offer them partial payment for time served, and many will go. I bet ya.They don't allow many choices anymore.

Anonymous said...

Hopi Elders Statement

"You have been telling people that this is the eleventh hour.
Now you must go back and tell people that this is the hour!
And there are things to be considered:
Where are you living?
What are you doing?
What are your relationships?
Are you in right relation?
Where is your water?
Know your Garden.
It is time to speak your truth.
Create your community.
Be good to yourself.
And not look outside of yourself for a leader.
This could be a good time!
There is a river flowing very fast.
It is so great and fast that there are those who will be afraid.
They will hold on to the shore.
They will feel that they are being torn apart, and they will suffer greatly.
Know that the river has its destination.
The elders say that we must let go of the shore,
push off into the middle of the river,
keep our eyes open,
and our heads above the water.
See who is in there with you and celebrate.
At this time we are to take nothing personally,
least of all, ourselves.
For the moment that we do,
our spiritual growth comes to a halt.
The time of the lone wolf is over.
Gather yourselves!
Banish the word struggle from your attitude and your vocabulary.
All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration.
We are the ones that we have been waiting for."

- The Elders, Oraibi, Arizona Hopi Nation

no foolin'... p

Hotspringswizard said...

Excellent observations here by Pepe Escobar:


War Porn: The New Safe Sex

....That's just the beginning. Targeted assassination - as practiced in Afghanistan - will be the Pentagon's tactic of choice in all future US wars....

stoney13 said...

I'm back! Its been a while, but I lost 56 pounds since June! Kind of kept me busy.

The doctor had some scarey numbers for me the last time I went. Gave me whole shitload of "Gitoffyourassitude"! So I started eating better, getting more exercise, and cutting way back on the cigarettes, going from a pack a day, to five, or six cigarettes a day.

I might get to ride this thing to the end yet!

murph said...

Hey Stoney, Nice to hear from you again. You really have cut down the smoking. I've gone up in anticipation of the end of the world. I am figuring that more smoking will coat the lungs and protect me from all the shit they are squirting into the environment. No virus or bacterial can live in that toxicity.

Here it is first of April and it's god damned SNOWING!! I am now really really REALLY!! sick of winter.

stoney13 said...

Yea, Murph, and I'm sick of the lack of it!

It's been in the seventies since the middle of February! We've got flowers blooming now that shouldn't even be up yet!

I actually cut too much firewood this year, and I've still got to finish cleaning up from the last big storm!

We'll probably have a nice, nasty, freeze, around the middle of April, and blow the whole growing season to Hell! *sigh*

rockpicker said...

No snow here, in southwestern Montana, but plenty of wind. Awful dry. Not much snow in the mountains to carry us through the summer.

Garlic's up. Rhubarb's making its first leaves. Spinach and Swiss chard in the garden. Horseradish sticking tongues out. Planted onions yesterday.

No signs of new growth on the raspberries yet, but it won't be long.

Great to hear from you, Stoney. Glad you're feeling healthy...

Hotspringswizard said...

Stoney, Good to hear about your success in losing 56 pounds. That will help you in many ways :-) If the Doc prescribed you a cholesterol drug ( generally statens ) you might want to read the last two posting ( 3-19, 3-2 entries ) from Mr. James H Kunstler found here:


The basics are always the best for your health, good food, excercise, along with the following of other helful habits like getting enough sleep. The drug companies of course play down the many nefarious side effects of their endless supply of nifty new, creatively named drugs.

Hotspringswizard said...

Stoney, In my last post it should read ( 3-19, 3-26 entries )

Anonymous said...

Dang, I missed that HSW. But, no worries. I have a whole list of other places that I'm going to loot once TSHTF. Ha! But you're right. It would be nice to shoot the shit with someone else who can't get enought of....


Excellent news stoney!
And, I think you should take it slow on the ciggies. My Dad stopped smoking cold-turkey after smoking for 45 years and his system couldn't handle it. He developed lung cancer a year later and passed away 4 months after diagnosis.

And also, don't neglect chocolate and beer. They're a major food group, donchaknow.


Hotspringswizard said...

On RT tv today, the DHS just put in an order for 450 million Hollow Point bullets. Is the US preparing for mass civil unrest? Special amunition to take down the unruly serfs!

Hotspringswizard said...

Fidel Castro:



The Road to Disaster

....Approximately 25,000 nuclear weapons in the hands of allied or enemy forces ready to defend the changing World order, by interest or necessity, virtually reduce to zero the rights of billions of people....

Anonymous said...

stoney, good to hear from you my brother, i might of lost your address is it still the same?
its good to feel ya here at the fire again.
have a couple of questions for ya but will wait for the powwow exchange locator...haha, glad its going ok for you and hopefully your beautiful family...would like to squash the west cost and the east coast together so as to form a big loop and therefore closer to each other for big party.
practicing my Japanese for the end of times.....this intent has fingers crossed..
love ya man good to hear from you.....

Anonymous said...

mf... stony... squash? count me in... p

rockpicker said...

Palooka; Here's a link to Diane Patterson's song, "High Sierra Morning."


I hope you can play it. You'll get a kick out of the lyrics. Mike Ruppert played it on a recent program of the Life Boat Hour, on PRN.

freeacre said...

Thought I'd post a link to a YouTube video I got from Survival Acres in the American delusion..

rockpicker said...

"After my election I'll have more flexibility." ?


rockpicker said...

"All we want is the right to choose what food is given to us."


Hotspringswizard said...

Freeacre, regarding your latest You Tube link :-)

.....Hotspringswizard said...
Great points you have made in your post Freeacre, and I concur with your thoughts.

On another subject, here is a video to be passed along for sure, and you may want to also read the many comments after the written transcript:


Let Your Life Be a Friction to Stop the Machine

February 25, 2012 10:06 PM

It is a great video :-)

rockpicker said...

The sound quality is not the best on this, but Helen still imparts a great deal of chilling information.


murph said...


You forgot to mention that http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article30620.htm
is a 4 part series. It is excellent information.

Anonymous said...

ok movie fans. might need somethin besides popcorn for this... http://www.infowars.com/secrets-of-prometheus-film-leaked/

clif's got a new wuju about it but haven't listened yet.. wujo4032012botupdate.mp3

rp.. couldn't access. do you recall with ruppert show he played it? ...p

Hotspringswizard said...

I see what you mean Murph. I had thought that they were the same video. Do you have a link from which all four videos can be accessed? I would like to watch the other two besides mine and Freeacres's link. I didn't see any info about the other video's at the information clearinghouse link.

rockpicker said...

P; It was in March, but which one, I'm not sure. We missed a couple weeks and then watched 'em on the archives. It might be the show with Carolyn Baker. It sucks, having to go on Facebook just to hear a song.

Anonymous said...

Got 4 inches of snow already this morning and it's still snowing.


The trees are all in full bloom and flowers were blooming everywhere... and I wonder how they'll take it.

Yeah FA, "Prometheus" looks like a "bad-ass" movie. One that's just awesome to watch -especialy after consumming a few beers.

When I was a kid, I watched all of those "Chariott of the Gods" documentaries about ancient civilizations getting some good intel on making pyrimids, flawless walls, observatories 'n stuff. It would be totally awesome if all of it came out into the open. But, organized religion wouldn't care for that too much.

You know, I wonder how advaced the human species would be if there wasn't the array of religions to stiffle the human mind.


freeacre said...

I love all those science fiction movies, too, Randy. Just saw a trailer for a re-make of "Total Recall" today. It looked great.

I'm with you on organized religions. I imagine that the majority of wars fought and the people killed, tortured, maimed, raped and persecuted were probably due to religious differences. Not to mention all the women killed, enslaved, and dis-empowered by the assorted churches and mosques.

If it weren't still snowing here, I could get more excited by the rites of Spring. I'd rather celebrate the forests, the flowers, the crops, the baby animals,etc.

Anonymous said...

following in the footsteps of randy and fa's thread...

The Ascended Masters have the sacred task of redressing the many falsehoods and innuendos woven into your religious philosophies by the dark. The truth needs to be voiced frankly yet in such a way that you can perceive the subtlety used by the Anunnaki to distort your religious works. The Masters can set the record straight, providing a basis for a complete recasting of your ancient histories and your myths about humanity's origins. Also of prime importance is a massive readjustment in how you relate to the magnificent Being you reside upon. Your fall into limited consciousness veiled many things from you, and the road back to full consciousness can transform these mysteries into concepts that will quickly become part of your everyday knowledge of this world and of physicality itself. All of this begins with disclosure.

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! This week we have been assisting our many associates to prepare several special projects for immediate activation. We have complied in every way with the sacred decrees of Heaven, and it is now accepted that your reality is fully prepared to shift. This shift will begin with a series of arrests and 'resignations' of major figures who serve the dark in government, finance, and international banking. This action leads straight away to two others: the deliveries of your prosperity funds by designated personnel, simultaneous with the transfer of political power in several major world governments to new caretaker governments. These two actions lead to a third: the series of official announcements explaining the new banking and financial system, full debt forgiveness, and the restoration of your sovereign rights.

These activities will signal that disclosure is next and is imminent.

While what is to happen can be shocking to you, it is in reality a beginning that will lead you to the blessed joys of full consciousness. Here, you will assist all of Heaven and us in unfolding the divine plan of physicality.


excerpts taken from latest planetary activation organization update... http://www.paoweb.com/sn040312.htm

science fiction? i dunno... p

Anonymous said...

what i do know is that every layer of the cake is connected. and though it may appear on the surface there is no relationship, every damn war ever fought is a religous war at its core... p

rockpicker said...

in the sense that, my belief is better'n your belief?

Anonymous said...

I too believe that more living things have died, been killed, murdered in the name of religion than anything else.
I have turned my back on it, a long time ago. I had to many questions for the folks in the pulpit or what ever their place would be. It caused me problems, so I left them. No regrets at all!
I turned back to the natural world where I have always felt at ease and welcomed. When I'm out in the soil, digging, planting and harvesting, I feel at one with the earth beings. It's the same when I'm in the desert, whether the Sonoran, Mohave, Chihuahuan or the Great Basin, I feel at one with my surroundings.
I planted potatoes yesterday, onions a few days before that. The garlic is coming up strong. We continue to eat kale, chard, miners lettuce and other greens that have wintered over. Fruit and nut trees are blooming but no honey bees as yet, except bumbles.
It seems that the dark forces are trying to destroy the Mother with all their poisons, greed and rape of the natural environment. All in the name of power and money. But deep down, I feel that the natural beings, will succeed in overcoming all that the humans have done wrong. I'm not being a cop out, just that I myself do not have the power to change all the wrong. All I can do is change me and what goes on in my back yard. I will fight though, if it comes to that. How I do that remains to be seen.


rockpicker said...

When I meet you,
bexar, I will kiss you
on the lips
and stand beside you
with both hands
on drawn hilt,
teasing, come.
Come on , then...

Anonymous said...

rp... well, i suppose it could be said that way. there are usually more than one way to say tthe same thing. like... your face could stop a clock. or... when i look at you, time stands still.

and then, take what bexar just said... It seems that the dark forces are trying to destroy the Mother with all their poisons, greed and rape of the natural environment.

that pretty much sez it all... p

Anonymous said...

its easter so as usual there's a myriad of shows on the tube that revolve around the belief or dis-belief in the christ. history 2 is running one about hell. called the gates of hell, its a tour of the 6 places on earth that, according to myth and legend are entrances or portals into hell, a very real place. and not a place otherworldly, its the center of this very rock.

along the way it explores the history of the concept of hell as this real place and how this emerged in history. it sez 70% of humanity today believe in hell as a real place and shows how it evokes fear in the masses coupled with a message of total powerless of the individual over it. fear of this place. but of much more devestating import, fear of god.

on the latter they scored high by featuring a fire & brimstone preacher from dallas ga which is right around the corner from me. i could drive over there right now in about 45 minutes, sit down, and prepare to be literally crushed to death. part of his my-belief-is better'n-your-belief-because-my-belief-is-the-way-it-is message to his flock tells them... no, commands them and everyone to hell. "people just like you and me are burning there right now," he roars. thats, according to him, where every child of god is condemmed to by the same god from which they came. everyone! there is no redemption. no amount of goodness or good deeds can save one from this fate. the best you can get is lucky since this same god will choose a very few to enter into his kingdom.

apparently you can increase your odds of being one of the chosen ones by first, admitting to total powerless to this fate and for that matter powerless to everything, living a life of penance and particularly mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa - through my fault, through my fault, through my most gervious fault (cuz its your own damn fault you see), accepting the christ as your one and only savior (these guys don't even cotton to the born-again idea), renouncing the keeper of the fires on a continual basis, and, above all else, fearing god. forever!

the latter is a given for many by the time this guy and his ilk gets done with them. nothing new here. its been going on for eons. while the fire and brimstone peddlers make no bones about evoking fear of god, many other peddlers of same prefer a softer touch. but the bottom line message is the same. and the message is to fear god. forever.

point i want to make is this: right here is one of the core causes to fear getting a bad rap. cuz, bottom line, its not fear that's the bad guy. its the bad guys using fear as a means to hold power over others. a tatic shared by many.

for their own good some of them would say in their own defense. for my own good, others would say since they truely believe such is their mission on this planet. to constantly peddle fear and to constantly deny personal power over one's own sovernity and destiny. cuz there is no such thing according to them.

and to me they might say in response to my accusation here... there's no such thing so you can't deny something that doesn't exist.

to which i would reply... thats smacks exactly of the agenda of the keeper of the flame. to whom are you really in service?

happy easter... p

freeacre said...

Well, I just Googled "pagan roots of Easter" and learned that Easter was copied from Ishtar,the Goddess of Egypt, and it is pronounced the same way.

Ishtar holiday celebrates life and renewal, as opposed to the suffering and sacrifice of Jesus to "redeem our sins."

So, Happy Ishtar!

Those ascended Masters sound too good to be true. But, hey, they are also welcome at the campfire. I'd kiss them on the lips!

Anonymous said...

... the suffering and sacrifice of Jesus to "redeem our sins."

the whole thing feels like the ultimate guilt trip.. p

wv... cknewart curtsro

see new art by cutsro? who's cutsro??

rockpicker said...

P...That song by Dianne Patterson is on this show. High Sierra Morning.


rockpicker said...

"There's something happenin' here.
What it is ain't exactly clear..."


Anonymous said...

Hey, I spent a good many years in the Middle East, doing things... well, it wasn't Hell,
but, we could surely see it from where we were.

'Twas an awesome weekend here in Mormon Mecca. Planted 5 different kinds of carrots, put in some chard, peas, onions, and put up my small greenhouse to house my tomato and cucumber seedlings. Man, the way things are going, it might be an awesome time in the garden this year (I'm knocking on my head at this moment.)


rockpicker said...

Honest to Christ! Anybody here from Delaware? What the phuque? Joe Biden's boy says Delaware county sheriffs don't have arrest powers? Is this why DHS just ordered 450 million rounds of hollow-point ammunition?


freeacre said...

Naw, I don't think so, RP. Ure says he thinks it is because back East there is an overlap of services for cities and such. But, our West, we depend on our Sheriffs, so it probably won't affect the rural areas. Unless it's an excuse to muzzle that sheriff who is looking into the "Birther" issue. That would be pretty hard to do from Delaware.

Hotspringswizard said...


McGrath: “The Control Grid is Being Put Into Place to Handle What They Know Is Coming.”

....Do you think for one second Department of Homeland Security is ordering 450 [million] man shredder rounds so that they can sit back and plink at gofers on the weekend? Absolutely not....

Hotspringswizard said...


Someone You Love: Coming to a Gulag Near You

The security and surveillance state does not deal in nuance or ambiguity. Its millions of agents, intelligence gatherers, spies, clandestine operatives, analysts and armed paramilitary units live in a binary world of opposites, of good and evil, black and white, opponent and ally. There is nothing between. You are for us or against us....

Anonymous said...

Hey one and all....

here's a little something that might have some relevence on this here campfire.



rockpicker said...

Randy; Might want a quart of homebrew for this one...


rockpicker said...

This looks like a good piece, also.


rockpicker said...

Has anyone seen this 'Thrive' movie?


freeacre said...

Holy Cow, Guys. Take a look at the live earthquakes map. There have been an enormous amount of 5+ earthquakes and 3 that are 8's! Yikes.

freeacre said...

Murph and I are having a hard time coming up with a new post. If anyone feels like taking up the slack, that would be fine with us....

Anonymous said...

rp... thrive on me list. and the patterson song. thx for the links.. p

S said...

My sympathies for your dear doggie friend. In the past few years I've given send offs to 2 big dogs who'd been with me since pups. There's nothing like canine friendship.

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