Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Dragon Tattoo?

On a brighter note, Rockpicker's Seeds of Peace. Nice.

Rockpicker's Wintered-over spinach


We watched a remarkable movie a few nights ago. It was the original "The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo," produced in Sweden. Soon, we'll be getting the American version which won Academy Awards in February. This film is haunting to me, and I can hardly wait to see the different versions and sequels. The leading character, Lisbeth, seems almost feral. Unfortunately, I have not read the books, so my understanding may be a bit limited. But, despite that, I find the character compelling. Apparently, she was molested as a child by her father, and her depressed mother was not able to help. She got revenge on her father by throwing gasoline in his face and setting him on fire when she was nine. She grew up in a mental hospital and is out now, but still under supervision. Turns out she is a computer whiz with a photographic memory, and it delves into a strong story line about an investigation on which she collaborates with a journalist. Anyway, I can't seem to get it out of my head.

I wonder if she is a prototype of the generation to come. Born into an abusive dysfunctional family, institutionalized and under surveillance for the majority of her adolescence, probably drugged, bitter, and distrusting of most everyone and everything, the girl is unswerving in her antipathy towards the greater culture, disdainful of social interaction, and determined to look out for herself. With her piercings and dark clothing, she looks goth and is almost mute. I wonder - with cell phones and the internet and possible rfid chips made mandatory, what effect will it have on the ones raised with this onerous burden of no privacy? She has been damaged, it shows, and it's not going away anytime soon.

What happens to us when every person and authority whom we have been taught is there to help us, betrays our trust? What happens to our children (and ourselves) when it is demonstrated that our government is a fascist, authoritarian state, our churches are run by pedophiles and and hypocrites, our news if full of lies, our police are thugs, our bankers and business leaders are global elitists with no loyalties to country or to people, and the local government is loaded with corrupt, self-serving miscreants?

Classic examples of betrayal include Judas selling out the location of Jesus to the Philistines for thirty pieces of silver; Brutus turning against Julius Caesar and stabbing him; William Wallace betrayed on the battlefield by the nobles and his army left to perish.

On a more personal note, betrayal is so hurtful because it usually involves someone or something that is very significant to you who goes back on their word and leaves you twisting in the wind. Often the betrayal leads one to suspect that a core belief may not be true, and it can shake up one's world view or self-concept. It is worse when the person who betrays you is someone or something that you love. You feel that you have been played for a sucker. One wonders how long this has been going on. Did the person ever love you or was it always just a maneuver to get what they wanted? If it happens enough, one can become jaded, unable to trust, or to allow one's self to fall in love.

In the movie, Lisbeth's determination to protect herself, and her rage when she cannot do so, turns ruthless and cold with her violent revenge and calculating retribution. I have to admit that I found it to be most satisfying. That is not an easy confession for one like me who has been a card-carrying New Ager, quasi Buddhist, who believes in forgiveness, One Love, etc. If a wave of enlightenment is headed our way that leads to a transforming dimensional shift, I suppose that I will be left behind.

Well, we may not have much time before we find out. The Earth is ringing like a bell at almost all of the live seismic monitoring sites:
The West coast and inland US is experiencing multiple earthquakes in areas both known and not known for activity: The Sun and the earth's electro-magnetic shields seem to be affected by the approach of a dark, dwarf star just beyond Pluto, discovered recently by Spanish astronomers: And, radiation from Fukushima is an on-going environmental nightmare.

All this might be considered a good thing, compared to what disasters are manifesting in the financial and political idiocracy fronts. At least, it would level the playing field.

Maybe it's time to get a dragon tattoo.


Anonymous said...

FA.... yer so damn good! you rock sister. i got maybe half way thru and had to stop to come say that.. p

Anonymous said...

what happens when... ? in a word, trauma. to the child, the vessel, the phyche, the spirit, the will, the body. to the very self. and to all of humanity and beyond!! trauma!!!

on the cops... cant let em be theives anymore so they had to turn em into thugs.

and with all due respect... why efface yerself from your future over this form of justice? cuz thats what the rage wants ya know. if we can just figure out to let rage have its day without acting it out we just might evolve from this pathetic society we've made for ourselves.

Hotspringswizard said...
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Hotspringswizard said...

In syncronicity with your Snow Peace photo Freeacre, I took my friend out to Hidden Valley / Crystal Oasis last week and he sent me this link tonight saying the man's work reminded him of what I do out there :-) What kind of material makes up the black dots of the peace sign? I love the natural art at the link:

freeacre said...

I love that art, Hot Springs. Very similar to yours.

p - "... if we can just figure out to let rage have its day without acting it out..." Yeah, like the Samurai who exacts justice, but does not loose his temper. Hard concept for a Westerner, I recon.

nina said...

FA, a GREAT post, lots to dwell on there. Walking away from revenge and violence is harder than employing Hammurabi's code, especially in a world where justice rules. Who are we to decide justice anyway? The Creator was supposed to decide, not us. In every situation where payback is carried out against those who do harm, greater harm results.
Turning the other cheek, i.e.; possessing an innate sense of the ultimate justice which amounts to letting the perpetrator/s hang themselves, has multiple rewards, violence and revenge cannot continue if there is no like response. The only real revenge is to step back, step away and reroute your path higher, further, greater. It seems that we already have enough to do in this lifetime than wallow in self pity looking back, allowing emotions to squander our potential.

Here's another thing, when films and news constantly parade revenge and violence as an acceptable "balancing of the scales", then viewers eventually get the idea nothing on our part need be undertaken because its already being handled by the authorities. So go ahead and consume, gas up, clean out the oceans and watch TV. Don't think too hard and go to church. If bad things happen, be sure to even the score and be judged by the justice system where getting even insures Big Ag has plenty of free labor.

freeacre said...

Yes, Nina, I understand. At the same time, there is a point where one has to stand up and say, "No more." If you do not, you become part of the problem.

I have sad news. The Murphinator and I took Brie into the vet. She had been having seizures for two days. I think her last lesson to us was to learn to draw a line in the sand, and declare that enough is enough. She went to sleep peacefully as a particle and woke up as a wave. We'll always love her. Thank you for your kind thoughts.

nina said...

She will be with you always. Deep, deep condolences to you both. Please write a book about her.

Anonymous said...


So sad about Brie. She will be very much missed around the yard, by the chicks and others. Those who need to know, already know and it will be quieter for a while. She will also be missed by those who only knew of her. You two take care of each other now.

I have just checked the Antwerp library catalogue and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo only exists as film music – rats. Anyway my bib card is maxed out at the moment, I am very much into Polish cinema right now. I will have to check if Fnac or even Amazon have it. I may go to Holland later today so I will check there, they tend to have more Art house stuff than Belgium. I will let you know if I have any success.

Anonymous said...

FA... i'm so sorry. its sposed to be a comfort knowing they live on in spirit and are always with us. and it is. yet, its never quite the same when you can't reach out and physically touch. taking that in like warm milk and honey while returning same... p

Anonymous said...

as i replied yesterday i am sorry about bri, its amazing though that even the relations of ours in other forms have become part of our extended family of folks that would rather love then hurt.
in our culture the spirit of those that hunted with us and received mortal wounds continue to hunt with us in the spirit world, native superstition? ha! prove it! i say there is more, much more to know about the unseen then what we have been ''made'' to ''believe'', and all it takes is a few cubensis mushrooms and a hot sweat and just maybe spirit will bless you with that which is unseen.
the church, the government and other assorted cocksuckers of spirit death have all conspired to keep the truth of a world only imagined hidden from you my fellow path seekers.
fuckum.find some shrums and go for awaits for those that have the hunger.

bri also,awaits for us.

Anonymous said...

off the wall and far away but here if it comes through as far as i am concerned is a breath of fresh air in a world where we have been programed for helplessness is a light .,_Allowing_Citizens_To_Use_Deadly_Force_Against_Police_Officers.html


rockpicker said...

Cowdog Passing

I came down in the morning
to find her stiff, eyes open
and distant. I let her lay
in her blankets against the sofa
'til mid-day. When late winter sun
transcribed bare limbs
of the Chinese elm into
inscrutable lines on thawing ground, I laid her facing east
into her new day, covered her with rocks and dirt and drove away.
The short trip to the dump
never seemed so pointless,
the old truck so empty,
as it did that day.

Montana; Speaking of cocksuckers, check this out, from David Wilcock's site:


Particularly since 9/11, an incredible amount of damning evidence has been quietly collected -- all for use in this single moment of Truth.

This evidence includes extensive video proof of how they talk, what they do and what they have planned -- in countless, allegedly secure locations.

Bohemian Grove is only one of many locations that have been thoroughly compromised by hidden surveillance.

Yes, it will be shocking. Very shocking. It will also be undeniable. This evidence has been rigorously collected since 9/11, and distilled down to its most powerful core elements.

There is so much evidence that any attempt to "debunk" it, or say it is the work of CG animation, et cetera, will completely fall apart.

All international air travel and all domestic borders will be closed, to prevent the conspirators from fleeing. Those who have already gone into hiding, internationally, will be located and brought to justice.

There will NOT be a mass power outage unless the negative groups try to do this. The lights will stay on and everyone should be OK during this process."

rockpicker said...

Hotsprings; The seeds are sunflower seeds I sprinkled on the hood of an old truck in January.

Here's a link to Wilcock's page:

Hotspringswizard said...

Thanks RP for the explanation about the material used for the Peace snow symbol :-)

Sad to hear about Brie. I remember that photo that I took which was posted here a while back showing Brie looking up at Murph. Such a happy dog and playful. Glad I got to meet her :-)

We have an old German Sheppard named Sparky thats been with us for about 14 years. We got her at the animal shelter and she has been a great friend to the family and went on so many hikes over the years with me :-) She made it through the winter this year but this summer might be her last. Always hard when we lose our pooches :-(

Hotspringswizard said...
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Hotspringswizard said...

I watch the RT channel regularly. Max Keiser and Stacey Herbert always crack me up while telling it like it is. This should be interesting to check out:

WikiLeaks’ Assange to launch new talk show on Russia Today next week

Hotspringswizard said...

The part 1 and 2 video's in this article link do an excellent job of suming our situation up:

America: A Government Out Of Control

nina said...

FA, are you able to put up links to the photos of Brie looking into the refrigerator (that's where I fell in love) and the one HSW took of Brie and Murph (reinforcing the love)? Would be deeply appreciated and provide us the opportunity to celebrate her life.

Anonymous said...

rp... were cowdog passing a country song (or any of your work actually) and you were to be pitching it in nash-hell the scene might go something like this...

about 8 lines in the music exec shuts the tape off, clasps his hands together, leans forward in his chair toward you sitting across from him and, with elbows firmly planted on his desk looks straight into your eyes and asks... "do you have an attorney?"

cuz, he recognizes genius and he knows it will sell and he wants a piece of the action before anyone else gets to you. cuz he knows they're gonna want a piece of the action too!!

such is the way it is with bid'ness in nash-hell but they do have a way with recognizing genius when they hear it.

and poetic genius is the way it is with your incredible talent my friend. nash-hell don't need you but the whole world does! yer right up there with the best of em who've ever put prose to paper and far better than most.

nina... i remember both those photos and i'd luv to see them again. good suggestion girl.

and, speaking of prose, my ole lady's dear daddy has been pursuing his interest in writing since his retirement. so his writing group did a project based on the tell-a-story-in-6-words-or-less meme thats going around. his entry...

in her bra,
a sock!

.. p

freeacre said...

re: Cowdog Passing. I whole-heartedly agree with p. You are the best, rockpicker. I did not anticipate the extent of emptiness that prevails around here. I will try to put up some pictures soon.

By the way, I have purchased a digital Geiger counter and plan to start a little business testing gardens, ranches, food, air, etc. for radiation. If nothing else, it ought to pay for the counter. Just an idea to share for possibly making some extra dollars. What do you think?

rockpicker said...

Thanks, P and Freeacre. When I read about Brie, it brought back the recent pain of losing Colleen to some weird debilitating facial paralysis that made her tongue useless and eventually kept her from eating and drinking. She never lost spirit, though. We took daily walks and truck rides right up to the end.

I planted raspberries over her tonight. My condolences. Maybe the two are romping together...

freeacre said...

I didn't know that Colleen had passed, Rockpicker. I remember her so well from when we visited in Montana. She was so sweet and devoted. They would be the best of friends.

Hotspringswizard said...

I posted three pics at my Flickr site of Brie that I took while visiting you guys Freeacre and Murph. One which you already posted before and two others which I may not have sent you. I will be sending all three of those pics to your e-mail along with a fourth that I really like too which shows Brie also. I thought it might help in case you want to post any of them :-)

Here is the link to the three I posted which are seen at the top of the page:

Anonymous said...

FA... i think its a great idea. and offer a no-bullshit how-to on protection from exposure including preparing the body for exposure. there's a lot of bad info on this but there's damn good info too.

know what's really interesting about that? in this time of there's-a-pill-for-everything “Currently there are no drugs on the market that protect against or counteract radiation exposure"

that's a direct quote from a study conducted by a team at the U of Pitt school of medicine overseen by Pitt's center for medical countermeasures against radiation.

BUT, moma nature, in her divine wisdom, provides. provides what?


Kelp and other seaweeds (high in natural iodine)

Ashwaganda (an adaptogenic herb)

Iodine (nascent iodine, Iodoral, or Lugol’s)

Chlorella (being 10% chlorophyll, it’s a great detoxifier–wheatgrass is only 0.25% chlorophyll)

Zeolites (great for neutralizing radiation)

Fulvic Acid

Sea salt or salty miso (combats toxic halides in the body such as chlorine, bromine, etc.)

Reishi mushrooms (strong immune support)

Earthing, or grounding to the Earth - walking barefoot on the soil, swimming in lakes, etc, allows you to pick up the much-needed electrons from the earth, which help reverse the damage done by radiation

High-dose vitamin C, as much magnesium as you can get down (raw cacao is an excellent source), selenium (Brazil nuts are loaded), and coconut products (natural organic coconut cream and coconut oil), which are very supportive to your thyroid.

Astaxanthin which is the most powerful antioxidant found in nature. It has such potent anti-radiation properties that it’s been shown in scientific studies to protect people from sunburn!

not my list. i stole it from gary scott who stole it from blaine watson who stole it from a myriad of others including david wolfe and mercola.

along with that provide well researched info on when and how to use what and where to get it. cuz, well, for example, there's herbs and then there's good, pure, powerful herbs and so on that haven't been fucked with by the suppliers... p

wv... ctighlia theritio. sounds like the botanical name for an herb eh? maybe it otta go on the list...

Anonymous said...

Aw man....

Fa, Murph,

I just walked in this morning, fired-up the computer and ...

I am SO sad about Brie.

I feel just aweful, but I know Brie had a good life -

becuase of you two.


rockpicker said...

P; Poem about the sock, needs no embellishment.

freeacre said...

Our sympathies must turn now to our dear Montana Freeman. His 24 year old son, Jasper, was killed in an ATV accident while he was riding some sand dunes. His funeral will be in Portland, OR, tomorrow, with his mother's family.

At this point, Montana is still in Hot Springs, but hopefully, he'll come and stay with us for awhile pretty soon when he feels up to it. So sad. Send good thoughts.

nina said...

Sending sincere condolences to MF. Do go and stay with the Clan awhile as soon as possible. You'll be busy and around all the best healing elements. My heart goes out to you.

Anonymous said...

OMG!! beyond that, i'm speachless for now... p

Anonymous said...

Me, too.

This is just awful.

So very sorry, MF.


Anonymous said...


So sad and so sorry for you brother. My heart goes out to you.

Two deaths during one post; this is terrible.

e mail your cell phone no to me or get mine from the Murphs and I will give you a call.

Take strength from your roots and from the Clan. Those who love you are around.

Aho Sats.

Hotspringswizard said...

So sorry to hear about the loss of your son MF. I hope you can make it by to see Murph and Freeacre. They are such good people and all of your spirits would be helped by the fellowship.

Hotspringswizard said...

Last night I watched the movie " Into The Wild ", directed by Sean Penn, and it depicts the true story of a young man who left everything he had behind, even down to getting rid of all of his identification, then he just traveled around with his pack having a series of various adventures, enjoying the freedom, with his ultimate goal to make it to Alaska and live out in the wild by himself.

Its a differant movie for sure, kind of like a long poem of sorts alot of the time. Well in the end the young man does make it too Alaska, into the wild, but " bugging out " for the ill prepared can be the end of you. Very few people are truly equiped, mentally, physically, and experience wise to really make it on their own successfully, in the wildlands of this world.

So this evening in some more sycronicity I read John at Survival Acres latest missive, and perhaps, it strikes me that John may have seen Into The Wild recently. At the very least his posting echoes a lot of the realities experienced by the young man in this movie. Here is the link below to John's post, and I agree with his many thoughts on this topic :

The Fallacy Of Bugging Out

Anonymous said...

thank you clansbrothers and sisters for your thoughts, words and prayers.
i am at a loss of what to say about this tragedy other then it has to be the hell they talk about in the ''book''.
there is no preparation whatsoever that could make the loss of a child something less then what it is.
hiding behind the futile attempt at numbness is a cruel mindless joke at its best.
the mental picture of the events leading up to and including the actual plunge of an atv leaping off into space to land on a surface of rocks with the atv landing on top of my son forty feet below keeps looping over and over with hardly any respite continues endlessly it seems, some medication trying to ease my heart from being ripped out of my chest does not work, nothing works, avoidance of the pain is useless and rightly so they say, i say bullshit, walk in these moccasins for one minute and the reach for the bottle of feel goods will take maybe a second, maybe,maybe less.
i am not a man i am a father and the tears cry for the emptiness that no power in the universe is going to fix or fill.
the ashes will be here soon and i will mouth the meaningless words goodbye but the grief will know no goodby.will i find solace in the fact that i will soon be with him?

hot springs wizard, the synchronicity of which you speak has been occurring and causes some distraction, yesterday a dove landed in the giant maple tree located in the front yard and stared at me for the longest time and i had the strangest impression that it knew what was going on,
then last nite i got a phone call from a young apache maiden who was calling from the san carlos reservation in arizona and inquiring about whether i had any needs as to food or shelter or whatever, i was dumbfounded as to how she got my name and number, i tried to speak but could only say that i was alright and she said '' ok and may the great spirit watch over you forever'' and hanged up.
i had to sit down with this event
mind blown, then this morning a good friend of mine walked into my house and handed me a small glass smoke colored gem and told me it was and apache tear.
that did it, there was no more doubt that spirit was hovering and moving within the space of the loss i felt.
now there is just the waiting and listening and watching of the things invisible manifesting the sweet nearness of the great spirit and the beautiful spirit of my son.
thank you again brothers and sisters for your strength and your love that binds us together in these days of doubt and fear of the future.
we will make it together..
peace be upon all of you
montana freeman

freeacre said...

Thank you, Montana, for sharing your heart with us. All at the campfire are sharing your sorrow. Jasper's picture shows a beautiful young man with his loving dad. I am at a loss for words. I know he will always be connected to your heart.

Murph and I are day dreaming of having you live with us through this difficult time. The trailer is all ready. I can't tell you how we look forward to your stay with us. If Fukushima blows, maybe we'd
all take off for Ecuador. Who knows what is in store? Whatever it is, it would be great to be together.
aho, Brother.

rockpicker said...

this collection of souls
is a breathing entity

Anonymous said...

my sentiments exactly rp. what an honor and blessing it is for me to be privy to it... p