Tuesday, August 14, 2012


These two photos are from SAS or aka Belgium's two dogs, pretty cute. His statement of them;

Here are our pooches. The white Malteaser / Tibettan Terrier is Inka, she is coming up to three years. The Black and white Papilon Vlinders hond is Billy. He is about five months.
They are the right size for Chris to manage espescially in a small flat.

Ok, finally was able to get some time for a new post. Something new for me to try.
from Murph


Some time back in human history God called for a conference of all of his creations. Now we don’t have a record of the meeting other than oral tradition by several of the species of the earth. According to the tradition, God called for representatives of each species and would take questions and give answers concerning the future. Interestingly, man was invited to the conference also but seemed disinterested in attending. It is unknown if mankind got the message at all.

The meeting started off with God welcoming all of his creations and expressing much pleasure in their existence. God elaborated that over the eons he had created many species that are no longer with us. They were simply too rapacious and hungry and planet and life destroyers to keep around.

God mentioned his having thinned down some species, like man, a couple of times but they came right back and reproduced anyway. The following is the oral tradition of what then transpired in dialog form;

God- Now, here is the bad news. Many of you are going to become endangered of extinction and many of you will disappear. There is a non zero chance that all life on this planet will become extinct.

The other species-- What are you telling us? Why should that happen? We thought you loved us.

God-- It is true that I do love you all, and you all form a network which supports life on the planet as I planned. However, there is a kink in all of this that may turn out badly.

Other species—God, you are omnipotent and why would you allow a kink in the fabric of your creation? What are we being punished for?

God—You are not being punished. It is my own fault. I created a species that I allowed to flourish and it is endangering all of this creation.

Other species—Then why don’t you just eliminate that specie?

God—Because I made a promise that I wouldn’t do that. It is one of my more obvious mistakes in this creation business.

Other species—What is this specie that would do such a thing?

God—It is the human specie.

Other species—(A massive world wide groan arose from them) Yes God, we understand that and suspected that their proliferation would turn out badly. Our encounter with humans has not been good overall. We did however have hopes that they would see the error of their ways and change. You are telling us that will not happen?

God—Very low probability of that happening, unfortunately.

Other species—Ok we understand now what is before us. Can’t you break your promise to allow us to live and seek our own destiny?

God—You know I cannot do that. If I did, who among you would want anything to do with me from then on? For breaking a promise that you are able to keep is a universal no-no, right up there at the top of the rest of the universal laws. My mistake was making the promise to begin with and now I have to live with the consequences.

Other species—Tell us how this will come about so that we may prepare ourselves emotionally.

God—What I see in the future can change but the outlook is grim and has many variables. Humankind is dead set on destroying the very systems that sustain life on this planet. He is accomplishing this in many ways. The ones that will affect you the most is the future poisoning of the environment to such an extent that very few could survive at all. But it is even worse. Humans seem to want to kill themselves off too. Their ability to do this will take place in the future. In the process of killing off themselves, they will kill all of you also, from the lowest forms to the highest. The worst case is complete sterilization of the planet.

Other species—(A howl rises from the vast body of species) God, how can this be? How can a single specie have that power to destroy all life?

God—This will take place in the future when humans figure out what they will call advanced technology and harness some of the most basic forces of this universe I created.
He will have little if any knowledge or curiosity concerning the consequences of this technology. All that humans will be concerned with is power and it’s use.

Other species—God, how far into the future will this occur?

God—Many many future generations of the longest-lived among you. In the meantime, keep this conversation alive with the hope that humans will see the folly of their ways and change, and maybe even your species might help speed them up to this realization before it is too late.

Other species—What may we experience between now and the time of advanced technology?

God—Many of you will become extinct due to direct actions of humans, and some will become extinct due to natural forces over which you have no control. Some of you will experience hideous torture and complete exploitation, manipulations and changes in your very basic nature due to humans. Some of these changes will not be to your disadvantage, but most will be an advantage to humans.

Other species—What will be the signs that this technology is upon us?

God—When vast amounts of you begin to die or are butchered for no apparent reason.

Other species—Why would humans do this?

God—For many made up reasons. The human ability to justify its ridiculous actions is nearly limitless. One of the predominant reasons that will be given in the age of technology is money. Money is an artificial creation that will represent some form of the real world and will be used to justify most of the hideous actions by them. The desire for money and the power that accompanies it will become overpowering and all-inclusive for almost all humans. The few that do not think this is a good idea will be shouted down by most of the other humans. If you come into contact with those humans that deny this value, treat them wisely. They probably mean you no harm.

Other species—Can we then further anticipate being killed for food by these humans?

God—Yes for that is in the natural order I have created. Every living thing provides sustenance for other living things in a multitude of forms. When it becomes dangerous to the continuation of a specie is when it becomes a negative force. This danger will be noticed when the human population expands beyond the ability of other species to continue. Within your environments, when one specie becomes too prolific, it will die back from lack of food produced by some other specie that can’t reproduce fast enough.

Other species—Then why would this not happen with humans?

God—Normally it would and for generations it will work. It is when humans become more technological and very good at exploitation that it breaks down. Then humans will expand their populations exponentially and thus endanger all other species. That is the second mistake I made with that specie, the humans. I gave them free will to do as they please and they will do so with a vengeance. I did not set up a mechanism where exponential expansion of the specie was impossible even with technology.

I must apologize to you all for the two greatest mistakes I have made since the beginning of time. I only hope that all the other creations that I have made have no such mistakes within them

If there are no further questions, we will terminate this conference. I will stay in contact with all of you through time. Let us hope that my mistakes on this planet do not have the outcome that I see.

God out.


Anonymous said...

And God gets to sit back without taking responsibility for anything, forgetting that those who become extinct by "natural forces" are killed by his/her own hand, instead he focuses blame on the whole of humanity instead of a sub group of greedy humans who control the heard with oppression and similar obfuscation he/she espouses. I wonder if he/she would be pleased to see another sub group of humans take the credit/blame for his/her work.

This human could give him/her a few pointers to sort this problem out without breaking his promise!

I went checking reports of
Gods work in the Arctic around 1922, "Exploration expeditions report that scarcely any ice has been met with as far north as 81 degrees 29 minutes" The reference point 81.5 deg north is slightly north of Svalbard (the island to the east of Greenland and to the north of Iceland).
According to illinois cryrosphere that latitude had ice in every August I checked from 1979 to 2007.

In other words this report suggests that there was less ice that part of the arctic in august 1922 than there was during the ‘record setting’ melt of 2007.

It appears God is taking the piss ;¬)


Anonymous said...

rp re those hollow points for the national weather service, seems it was a typo ;)

Due to a clerical error in the federal business vendor process, a solicitation for ammunition and targets for the NOAA Fisheries Office of Law Enforcement mistakenly identified NOAA’s National Weather Service as the requesting office. The error is being fixed and will soon appear correctly in the electronic federal bidding system. The ammunition is standard issue for many law enforcement agencies and it will be used by 63 NOAA enforcement personnel in their firearms qualifications and training.
Link GD

Zoner said...

Hey, God, I forgive you....

We're going to try this Evolutionary bit you laid down, too, so wish us luck!

Thanks for the laughs and for flowers.


Anonymous said...


I sure wasn't aware that Thomas Malthus had a direct line to God or maybe it was God working through Thomas Malthus. Whatever! Since continuous creation is out of the window these days probably it will all end with the big bang theory and God can sit back and do a Pontious Pilot. If the Chinese couldn't solve the population problem then what chance has God got?

GD has just beaten me to the punch. When I read how much Ice had melted in a ten day period I also thought it was a lot but I also wondered how much usually melts during this period in the normal freeze thaw cycle.

freeacre said...

Speaking of "not getting it," here's a link to a Wayne Madsen report on the U.S. creating a ridiculous number of military drone bases all around the Pacific and in Africa that will be able to reek havoc on native populations (and he animals & planet) and enable commodities corporations to do there whatever they want. meanwhile, the military/industrial complex continues to sell arms to all. Nice.

I don't know, it feels to me like the herd is waking up.

Anonymous said...


Read it Freeacre,how are they going to pay for it now the world has stopped buying US Treasury junk bonds and QE2+ looks like the final fling in that direction?

rockpicker said...

GD; Thanks for the correction on that ammunition story. Were the numbers of rounds requested by DHS correct?

Check out this latest report from the White Hats.


rockpicker said...

What's God have to say concerning man-made clouds?


Anonymous said...

I have always thought the Rothschild's and Rockerfella's were the richest in the world, but they never seem to be mentioned in the list. How could they not be? They have been around for a long time and have controlled countries and events during this time.

So god, if you are in charge, why do you allow this crap to continue? Don't give the that free will nonsense either.


Anonymous said...

Forgot to post this in case no one has seen it yet. Perhaps HSW has.

Just bring soap.



Hotspringswizard said...

Yeah I heard about the info in that report Bexar. In that satelite photo you can see Lake Mojave near the top where we have sailed with our boat many times, and you can see very slender lake Havasu too further south. Down at the lower left is the Salton Sea and our homestead would be just a little ways out of that image on the left side.

We have had a long spell of very hot and humid conditions. I just read a weather report that we may be getting more thunderstorms for the next 4-5 days or so. There has been a strong flow of this hot/humid air all the way up into the northwest of late. My wife has been in Portland for the last few days on a business trip and has been telling me how hot it is up there.

On another subject I got me a Burning Man Ticket on E-Bay recently and will be attending this years event which starts on Aug 27th. Last year the weather was very good with no major Playa dust storms but this year may be a differant story with all the thunderstorms rolling around.

There is also a very big fire ( 60,000 plus acres last I checked ) burning north of the Black Rock Desert where Burning Man occurs so hopefully smoke from it does not foul the air at the event. There will be over 60,000 people this year. Here is a photo taken from the area I camped at ( called walk in zone ) on the outer ring of Black Rock City in 2010.

It was the first day of that years event and a big thunderstorm rolled in, dropped some rain, shut the city down for about 3 hours as far as any driving of vehicles because of the mud, but also left everyone cheering the magnificent rainbow the storm graced us with when it was done :-) I'll be back home to BM, as the burners say, soon :-)


And yes the Rainbow was that stunning and vivid to see in person too :-)

Hotspringswizard said...

Oh, and cute doggies there Sats! Our little Miniature Pincher is snoozing on the couch right across from me as I write this :-)

Regarding the concepts of God, free will, and the travails of humanity, I don't believe the first is real, I'd say the evidence appears to suggest we don't have the second, and if that is true, then the errant course of humans is a matter of occurances that can't be altered or destiny. I did think it was a funny way Murph to spell out the basic problems precipitated by the human organism. If there was a God, it/they would have erased us as a big mistake long ago :-)

Anonymous said...


Bexar, the Jewish bankers own Forbes, that's how they do it or don't do it as you wish:-)

Temp today predicted 87° building Sunday to 94° then it breaks Sunday night and falls back to 77° for next week.

Hotspringswizard said...

Wow, that Holloway fire that I mentioned NW of Burning Man a ways is up to 462,000 acres burned. Here is a link about it. If you scroll down on the burn map you will see the north end of the Black Rock desert in white, then at the southern end of that Playa area there is the town of Empire which is roughly 15 miles south of Burning Man. This fire was caused by lightning.


Anonymous said...

yup, i was a fly on the wall at that council. there's more...

other species: wait, wait wait, we have another question. what about pole shift? are humans responsible for that too? cuz, as you know, we have this magnitite in us and it is that that we depend upon for orientation to the extent of our very existance.

our ancesters warned us of this pole shift thing and told of another coming of it. they said the signs will be disorientation and as it progresses many, many of us will die. so many that several of us will become extint. this has already begun to happen so we fear the time is here.

is this another thing the humans are doing?

god: ummmm, errrr, ahhh, this meeting is over. go about your ways. god out.

and then, i flew from the wall. but i could not find my way. still flying.... p

Hotspringswizard said...

I would not be worrying about the repercussions of a geomagnectic pole shift, which is something completely differant from a geographic pole shift, each resulting from differant causual factors, and humans cannot effect either of them.


Magnetic Pole Reversal Happens All The (Geologic) Time

....The last time that Earth's poles flipped in a major reversal was about 780,000 years ago, in what scientists call the Brunhes-Matuyama reversal. The fossil record shows no drastic changes in plant or animal life. Deep ocean sediment cores from this period also indicate no changes in glacial activity, based on the amount of oxygen isotopes in the cores. This is also proof that a polarity reversal would not affect the rotation axis of Earth, as the planet's rotation axis tilt has a significant effect on climate and glaciation and any change would be evident in the glacial record....

This is the Cheshire Cat.....
talking :-)

Hotspringswizard said...

Opps, that Holloway fire is NE of Burning Man and the Black Rock Desert, not NW :-)

Hotspringswizard said...


....the financial and economic situation across the world is so serious that Europe could soon descend into chaos and conflict. He also notes that the world is entering “one of the most dangerous periods in modern history”, and foresees violent riots in America and a brutal clamp-down by the government that will dramatically curtail civil liberties....

Anonymous said...


1730 Saturday Just passed a temperature gauge outside a drug store that registered 106°. It actually said 41° but 106 sounds better phew. And tomorrow is predicted hotter.

Hotspringswizard said...

We got crushed by a massive downpour yesterday ( 8-17 ) at our home. It was one crazy day of thunderstorms with wild winds and lots of lightning too, check it out:




rockpicker said...

Why In The World Are They Spraying?

It's out!


rockpicker said...

curiouser and curiouser...


Anonymous said...

i am so in love with this bitch..http://www.truthdig.com/avbooth/item/the_daily_show_jon_stewart_rips_sarah_palin_20120816/

can ya feel me?


Anonymous said...


damn ain't there no better then this? was thinking of the children and where they should go to school other then the pta franchise currently in place and those fucking bible thumping cocksuckers champing at the bits and lusting at the carnage..
of sexual satisfaction...?

just a thought


murph said...


That Hedges article is right on according to the information I have looked at for years. Americans putting up with this stuff is a condemnation of our values. Why we keep putting into power positions the folks that support or ignore these clandestine groups reflects our value systems.

we are so doomed

Anonymous said...

I often wonder.... what the world would look like without humans on it. One of the reasons I stopped "Go'in to Meet'in" when I was a kid was because I started to wonder why this God-Dude put us here when all's we do is fuck things up.

Pretty much the only things I watch on TV is educational stuff especially programs on the natural world like "Nature," "NOVA." Almost all of these programs delve into the reasons why species are dying-off or why the landscape is being destroyed and of course the main culprit is people. So, I'm looking at the Gates Foundation and Ted Turner's comments on overpopulation and think that maybe they have a point. Maybe, in order to save what's left of the planet, we need to knock-off a couple billion. Granted, I don't think I want to be one of the billion or so who gets whacked, 'cause, you know, that would kinda suck -for me, anyway. But, I also don't want to see people killing and destroying everything in sight so we can sit in our cars at rush hour and make stuff that we don't need.

Then there's the other side of human existance. Cool stuff: art, music, knowledge, beauty, compasion, etc. -things that humans bring to the world, well, bring to other humans, I guess.

I watched a show on combat vets who, instead of off-ing themselves, find some salvation in working at a farm run by a former Marine. Another program, about a woman who's son was crippled in an accident is helped when she brings their dog to the hospital, inspires her to create a non-profit organization that places dogs into hospitals and rehap clinics that miraculously helps brain damaged or crippled patients come back into the fold. These type of things get me to think'in that maybe humans aren't so bad to the point where I get to think'in that maybe I should volunteer for something, and then... I read the news and... then drive in traffic on my way home and ... I get this thought process of "she loves me, she loves me not," but replaced with, "people suck, people are great." to the point where I just want to sell the house, take the essentials, like the wife and the "Attack Kitties" to an "Undisclosed Location" away from it all.

I finally make it home and pop open a beer and sit and admire the sunflowers I planted and decide that the only thing I can do is work on my own little world -keep things to a minimum, cause the least amount of harm to the world and...
and hope I don't get indefinitely detained.


rockpicker said...

Man; It's getting scary now!


Hotspringswizard said...

Randy, your last paragraph, I hear ya :-) Well this time next week I'll be out west of your digs a ways in the Black Rock Desert dining on Playa Dust regularly. The BM Jack Rabbit Speaks news reports are saying this could be the dustiest Burning Man ever because of loose surface material this year on that dry lake area where the event takes place. I have plenty of fresh dust mask ready to go :-)

So people who think that parties within the US government had something to do with 9-11 need to be rounded up and shipped off to a mental ward. Ugg, then they will be coming for me soon :-) David Ray Griffin puts out a lot of great info on 9-11, and Global Research is re-posting some older articles because of the 9-11 aniversary coming up.

freeacre said...

Randy, you speak for most of us, I think. We are at a point in our lives where we are getting our shit together, getting local, growing food, doing the right stuff. And yet, all around us things are deteriorating and morphing into some psycho police state and god-only-knows what else.
I got a call today from a "security company named G.E." that offered us a deal on a security system that is wireless and keeps track of the temperature in the house in case of fire, alarms for burglar invasions, and a "I've fallen and can't get up" alert system that can call the police wherever you are that you can't get up.
"Uh huh." says I. "And, so, then wouldn't all these systems also like be making us under surveillance all the time? Do they have listening devises, too? Or cameras that can look both ways? And, all this is given to me at no cost as a promotional deal? Uh .... No thanks."
OK, now I am officially paranoid.
And, in terms of an foreign invasion, it is not beyond the imagination to think that perhaps more than a few countries would like to hand out some of that occupation experience that we have dished out to much of the rest of the world. But, if the invaders also include your own military and police - wow!
Contemplate the sunflowers and be prepared to die for them, I guess.

ON the other hand, the Pacific Shelf could sub-duct and all hell would jump off around here. Some U.N. troops or Russians/Chinese or Samoan would be welcome to rescue people. Just no tellin' until shit happens.

"Ride the slide!"

rockpicker said...


This is video of a telephone interview with Brandon Raub, the private citizen who has been detained by local police and FBI, and placed in a psych ward for evaluation for posting anti-government opinions on Facebook. The lamestream keeps referring to him as "an ex-marine," emphasis on "marine" rather than the "ex."

Looks like opening day of the season on dissenters in America, with no bag limits and no size restrictions. The psychopaths are enabling the psychopaths, the politicians and courts are enabling the police and the banksters against all dissidents capable of critical thought and articulate enough in expression to pose a threat to the establishment. It is apparent those in power learned from mistakes made by predecessors in the sixties. Then, those guilty of bad governance were overwhelmed by dissent, and forced to change their ways. This time around they've decided the best defense is a hard, quick offense. And how offensive it is!

rockpicker said...

Yeah for Oathkeepers!


Anonymous said...


Couldn't agree more with what you have said Randy. Freeacre has already seconded it so I will third it. I watch DVD's but very little television. I think reality TV was invented by programmers who didn't know what to do next and is the opposite of the culture you talk about. Having said that, one of the few things I watch regularly is a reality show called Cookery School. Rather than your regular TV chef these are average Joe's being taught to improve their skills in the kitchen as they tackle more difficult or foreign menu's.

Following on from what you said, Have you seen the History Channel's Life Without People. It is a series about what would happen to the Earth if all people suddenly didn't exist from one day on the next. How this might come about doesn't concern them, just what would happen to the planet from that point on. Also what might interest you The Earth from Above sometimes known by the name of the French company that made it Ver Du Cel. My series is angled towards the Dutch and is called De Arde Vanuit de Hemel (The Earth from the Heaven). The maker of the series has bought into carbon dioxide is bad in a big way but he goes to nearly every country, with the notable exception of Cuba, to interview people who are fighting their personal crusades for conservation and restoring fallen standards. See if you can get any of this stuff, if not let me know and I will try to get something in the post for you.

I have been seriously considering on giving upon this World Peace crap because it clearly isn't working and advocating World Violence instead. But it occurred to me that we have tried this as well and it was another failed experiment. What a fucked up place we live in.

Pity we can't all put our own personal little bit of heaven in a Tardis!

Hotspringswizard said...

Regarding climate change and man's contribution toward it, the discussion and point is not that " carbon dioxide is bad ", its about the levels of that gas and the associated repercussions on earths weather, all of which will be drastically affecting humans ability to live well, or at all eventually perhaps.

But the trajectory towards worse things in that regard will continue because of the basic nature of how the vast majority of humans behave. The arguments/disagreements about it all will continue but nothing will be resolved and no meaningful solutions will be found, or are even possible, let alone anything proposed being acted upon. Just as humans on Easter Island inevitably pushed themselves to resource doom because of their inherent nature, the humans on the island of Earth will do the same.

Regarding you last paragraph RP, I agree with what you have said. Obama has gone after whistle blowers big time, 6 ( maybe 7 soon ) in his time which is double the amount that all other presidents combined have gone after.

I remember back to the election hearing all the opinions that he was a good guy and just needed time to make all of the changes he had proposed. But the truth is he was always ( and remains ) a smiling face, false facade put in place for the purpose of the continuance of the PTB agendas.

rockpicker said...

As long as we insist on re-electing incumbents who consistently, and predictably, screw us, we're doomed.

Those who notice something's not right, and use the public forum available to notify others, will be rounded up and disappeared. It's already begun. Pay attention.

Those doing the rounding up are little George Soros's. That's how he escaped the holocaust in Hungary. He collaborated with the fascists, and pointed fingers at his own people. Nice guy. Hasn't changed in his heart; just got wealthy fucking people, enjoys the level of creature comforts fucking people has provided him, and now enjoys manipulating the masses from a place perceived to be impregnable.

We shall see about that.

Hotspringswizard said...

Pay attention? Is that an order RP :-) Why, I don't think you get what I meant regarding that issue of " rounding them up ", as I joke around at times :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi HSW, Just as your joking around went past rp on the blind side, you missed my mental shorthand on CO2 is bad. Yes it is the level of course – up to a point.

There are exceptions of course, Hyacinth Bucket being one but we humans as a species seem relatively happy to live in a shitty nest and cleaning up our act is no bad thing. Re The Earth From Above series, The film makers tried to estimate the quantity of CO2 that had been used as a consequence of making the series through plane trips etc. They then reduced that amount of CO2 emissions somewhere else in the world by for example giving African villages solar ovens in place of their open fires for cooking. When the series was made, Al Gore was the darling boy of the times and was interviewed towards the end of the series. Some time later, a film was made called The Great Global Warming Swindle which refuted many of his allegations and it was stated categorically that from ice core data, carbon dioxide has Never driven the climate. In the past Carbon dioxide levels have been many orders of magnitude greater than they are now, probably from volcanic activity, and we all managed to survive it. By applying the Precautionary Principle and as a matter of simple hygiene it is no bad thing to reduce our overall emission levels.

On a separate thing, I have just received a delivery from DHL and on the side of the van they made play of the fact that the engine was driven by natural gas. I asked the driver about it and he said indeed it was the stuff out of the ground and not manufactured propane. So as the supermarket chain Tesco would say, every little helps.

Anonymous said...


The above was from me.

rockpicker said...

Hots Springs; Sorry. Not an order directed towards anyone in particular. Simply a warning to be on the look-out and prepare for "emergency custody."

I think this incident is a trial balloon. If we let it slide, like the administration is betting, then watch out. It will become the new normal way to destroy all dissent in this country.


rockpicker said...

Following Julian Assange's Ecuadorian refuge ordeal?

What I want to know is, what role does Judy Dench play in this?


rockpicker said...

Oathkeepers interviews marines who served with Brandon Raub.


Hotspringswizard said...

Thanks for your added observations SATS on the CO2 issue. We will all put our two cents in and then each person will make their own judgements as to the merit of the info/arguments on that subject.

And RP, thanks for your clarification as I thought you might have misunderstood my intent when I commented about that guy getting rounded up for the 9-11 info he was talking about.

And as far as me saying I would be next, maybe someday anyway, who knows, the way the friggin brownshirts these days save all info, and with all the 9-11 stuff over the years I put at my blog, could be there will come a day when this police state BS gets so bad that they go back looking through the records for anyone suggesting that nefarious parties in our government had anything to do with that event. I mean with the direction things are going, cracking down more and more on dissent and whistleblower types is going to happen, we know and see that already.

To escape our lunatic world for a while I did a hike out to my rock garden in the desert I call the Crystal Oasis. It was a real nice day and I got a number of projects done. I am always adding things, like today I took out three more rocks I picked up along Cow Creek in northern cal, I cleaned out the little pool there getting it ready for winter rains, made another circle, put another head in a crevice, stuff like that :-)

On the weather front we have had a very long spell of humid weather, and the two times it poured right before nightfall it got so humid the air felt very thick and oppressive. Just a couple of days ago in the morning I was taking my daughters to the bus stop and there was so much moisture in the air it kept fogging up the outside windshield and I had to keep using the wipers. That was weird, never seen it like that before. Maybe thats what its like to live in Florida. We are just used to much drier air. Thankfully the moist air has moved off east giving us a break for a while :-)

Hotspringswizard said...

And I forgot to mention, when I was at the Crystal Oasis today I noticed some fresh animal droppings, and from the look of them I suspected which animal they might be from. When I got home I did a google search and sure enough the droppings were from a Big Horn Sheep!

I had once before after some rains seen some hoove prints in the mud in the same area and I talked to a man I know who was a BLM flora and fauna guy for that area of desert and he told me the hoove prints where most likely from a Big Horn Sheep.

There are groups of them that live in the San Bernardino Mountains but the BLM guy said that at times they have been known to cross the broad flat desert valley between the San Bernardino's over to Granite Mountains where the Crystal Oasis is. There was some water from the rains in my little pool and I'll bet it was getting some water there :-)

freeacre said...

On the weather front: After about what has seemed like about 3 weeks of warm weather, we are still having days in the 80's. But, the nights are in the low 40's. This morning was 33 and foggy! That's just a hair off 0 Centigrade (sounds more impressive that way, Belgium - ha!). Had to cover the potatoes, beans, and squash in the garden.

rockpicker said...


Anonymous said...

Double damn! That's freak'in cold. Mormon HQ has been having tons of hot weather all summer long. Not sure, but it seems like the average high temp for this summer is 93 degrees. And no freak'in rain all.

But, most of my veggies like it.


rockpicker said...

How's the carrots doin'?

freeacre said...

Carrots, broccoli, and cabbage are all real slow due to having been dug up by the chickens, etc. But, the peas, chard, kale, potatoes, squash, pole beans,bush beans, and even tomatoes (in the greenhouse) are doing well. This morning was below freezing, so it's all "iffy" now.

I'm going to put a new post up real soon.

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