Wednesday, November 14, 2012

"Oh, Momma, Is this really the end?"

By freeacre

"Oh, Momma, could this really be the end? To be stuck inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues again?” - Bob Dylan

I have close to twenty doom movies, but I am not a collector. I don’t have ceramic cows or turtles or a glass menagerie. I guess they are like books on survival subjects. They vary in production value, acting, direction, and plausibility. But, I’ve got to admit that I’m hooked on the drama. Whether it’s a cheesy portrayal of FEMA’s response to “quantum” electrical grid surges, or tear-jerking heroics of Robert Duval in “Deep Impact,” or sensational battles between aliens and humanity In “Independence Day,” they’ve got me. Dealing with the assorted threats of coronal mass ejections from the sun, colliding asteroids, invading aliens, nuclear war, robotic take-over, contagion, radical climate change, earthquakes, and zombie attacks is compelling. And, all together, they are somewhat amusing. But, that’s just me.

It helps me get my mind around the end times. Keep in mind that we have, and have always had, an expiration date for this incarnation. There is no way around the fact. So, I guess I find some comfort in the knowledge that we were born into these intense times. I could have been born in some dusty village somewhere and carried water on my head every day of my life, and died of exhaustion and boredom. That would really suck.

But, none of those movies so far deals with the current science that indicates that the solar system is heading into the galactic center and through a cosmic “fluff cloud” that is giving off some sort of energy that is making significant changes already. Carbon 14 readings, for instance, are no longer as reliable. Time may be literally speeding up. A second sun and its associated planets and debris may be heading our way. Therefore, and as recorded in the geologic record, the magnetic polarity of the earth may switch. The magnetic force that our earth protects us from gamma rays with has been weakening for many years. The neutrinos in the earth’s core may be heating up, loosening the continental plates, or making the earth expand. All these things appear to be cyclical. And they seem to be happening again at this time.

Many traditions have referred to the End Times. Many tell tales of destruction and eventual renewal. In fact, the Archdruid writes in “Apocalypse Not” that there has hardly been a generation since Zorathustra that hasn’t thought that the end was near either due to The Rapture or some other type of Judgment Day.

These long cycles seem different, to me, though. The crustal plates do seem to be breaking up, NASA has announced that there is a BIG asteroid heading our way (since redacted), and earthquakes are getting more frequent. We are probably not helped by all the thousands of fracking wells being drilled all over the place as they mine for natural gas.

As if this weren’t enough to provoke an anxiety attack by Christmas, back on earth, in real time, the news is filled with potential financial collapse, Europeans are committing suicide when faced with evictions and unemployment, masses are fighting in the streets, there's a possible break-up on the European Union. Let’s not forget the wars in the Middle East and the potential ones ahead.

Here at home, we’ve got the aftermath of hurricane Sandy. The massive failure of our decrepit electrical grid and the difficulty in fixing it in short order, and thousands of families still suffering. The money we need to fix things here at home so the whole damn place doesn’t look like Detroit has been spent and re-spent. Now we work with loaned money that we can’t repay. Since we have given our financial sovereignty over to the central banks of the world, they’ll probably decide that the only thing to do is start over with a new global currency and one world government. Yada, yada, yada…

Oh, then there is the horrifying glimpses into the worlds of pedophilia, torture, human trafficking, military renditioning, drone strikes, cyber-surveillance, the Patriot Act, and the tyranny of the advancing corporate police state. In comparison, it’s making the greed-heads on Wall St. seem less sinister. Fuck. I thought they were bad.

I find myself more sympathetic to those of us who keep the aperture of their awareness pretty well shut to what is going on around us all. I think it is maybe not so much due to indifference, but self-defense. It just may be that knowing these things and the suffering of those around us is just too much of a heart-breaker to bear. I, for one, sometimes feel like wrapping a bungee cord tightly around my head so it doesn’t explode.

For those of us who, for some damn reason, have our eyes wide open, how do we cope with this set of bizarre circumstances? I hearken back to being grateful that I am not carrying water on my head, even though I feel guilty for those who do. I’m also grateful for my friends and my tribe. I am happy that my husband is also my best friend. I go ahead and order a calendar for next year, even though I am not sure there will be one. I continue to go to civic meetings and plan for the holidays. I’m not waiting for anything special to use the good silverware. I’m trying to be as compassionate and forgiving as I can be. I am cultivating confidence that our children will not perish, but prevail, and transform this reality into something better than we have wrought. I believe some things just because they are worth believing in. I remember that I have never made a plan for beyond Dec. 21, 2012. I have just wanted to live long enough to see what, if anything, would happen by then. So, if we make it through this year, I guess I’ll have to write a new script. Maybe it will be like “The Road.” Or, maybe it will be “Murph and freeacre’s Excellent Adventure.” Either way, it won’t be long now.


Zoner said...

My take; our end in this form is guaranteed - who knows for sure what happens beyond that? The scope of the "problems" faced by humanity is endless, and there is precious little any of us can DO about most of it, except to maybe live a good life in spite of it all, bringing as much love and compassion to those in our direct path as possible while we go about our way. Actionable moments are obvious and much can be done to enrich the lives of others every day, right where we stand. Do it, and those waves travel outward and may eventually cascade into real positive change on a broader scale. Science shows what happens when one individual acts out of kindness and love and is witnessed by another. All are raised up by it.

There is no end to the speculation about what, exactly, is the "Really Big Thing" that comes along and radically alters our day-to-day. You'll never find it. My suspicion is that we'll ALL be wrong and it will be something unimaginable or quite mundane, but ultimate doom will not likely post an itinerary on a website somewhere. Meanwhile, really little things occur every moment and some of them are profoundly altering as well, not to mention the cumulative effect of incremental changes. Doom comes to someone, somewhere, in every moment that ticks by. Gratitude is essential, and casting out fear is the key to not allowing the APPEARANCE of hopelessness to move in and take over.

I will admit to spending countless hours scanning the internet, searching for the sign that "it" had arrived, or seeking a solution that would make everything perfect. Deep into the rabbit hole I went, rolling around in all the sticky, horrifying stuff that exists there. I tried to share my discoveries and was usually met with indifference or told to seek professional help. Meanwhile, the reality around me was suffering and fear and the feeling of helplessness created a sense of isolation and rage, which ruined my health and relationships. I was a poor father and a miserable husband. My friends fell by the wayside.

I think there is an illness found in the intense focus on doom, or at least an agency/entity that promotes it and benefits from it. Diving us from each other is one step, but dividing us from our true selves is far more sinister and would suit those who wish to dominate all the better. It is a trap. A form of death even, to be so wrapped up in the spectacle "out there" that the gifts at hand are not honored. Going through a process when confronted with a terminal illness can be transformative. It is an arc.

I say this in general terms based on my own arc, and do not put these things on anyone else - this is my experience, but I think there are others who may resonate with it. For me it began with an actual life-threatening illness, which led to a bunch of free time to see what this "internet" thing was all about......

We're all doomed when viewed from a certain perspective. The question then becomes, what are you going to do with your time here? My advice, since the stick is in my hand at the moment, is to find the joy and the beauty in each breath while living for the moment. Reach out and be available to those who are in need, even if it is just to offer a smile or words of compassion. I can't change the whole world, but WE can change the parts that we each come into direct contact with - and that is something worth striving for, isn't it?

Remember what Bill Hicks said - "It's just a ride".

Much love to ALL.

murph said...


Good comment man.

I agree that staying in a space focused on doom is not all that healthy a life style. The other side of that is not being aware of doom is also not healthy.

IMO being aware does not necessitate taking it into a mental internal over riding focus. What is needed is a sort of detached acknowledgment of of our analysis of events and circumstances. This allows you to get on down the road with what needs to be done in your life rather than freezing up and not getting anything done. It is sort of a Zen position, being an outside observer of yourself.

In my casual conversations with some folks it appears that there is some agreement that we have an almost overriding amount of negative stuff to deal with coming at us. Some of these negative projections are the result of technology making projections, like earthquakes, sun activity etc. Some have a moralistic attribute to them like financial greed, corruption in the social structure and government etc. Other circumstances are perhaps a bit difficult to classify like poisoning the environment, diminishing resources etc.

No matter how we personally put these events into perspectives that we can live with, they are happening.

Yes, on a long enough time line our individual survival timeline goes to zero. "The question then becomes, what are you going to do with your time here?" That type of decision making has always been with us. We can certainly see the effect of that decision on how society is structured and operates. On the whole, IMO, it is not a pretty sight indeed.

freeacre said...

Thank you, Zoner, for your helpful thoughts. I don't think I had previously grokked what "the rabbit hole" was, even though I seem to be deep into it much of the time. I will think on these things. Love back atcha...

Anonymous said...

Great post, FA! And excellent comment, Zoner.

I was going to add my 1 cent this morning, but... I got to reading -

reading and viewing the horror that's taking place in the ME. Horrors supported by my tax dollars. Horrors that are supported by the re-selected Teleprompter-In-Cheif. Today is one of those days I feel like "wrapping a bungee cord around my head so it doesn't explode."

Can't wait to get home tonight and drink some beer...

.. and play my drum.


Anonymous said...

RP... re your question, previous post... you betcha!! quote ADL director...

‘Gen. Petraeus has simply erred in linking the challenges faced by the U.S. and coalition forces in the region to a solution of the Israeli-Arab conflict, and blaming extremist activities on the absence of peace and the perceived U.S. favoritism for Israel. This linkage is dangerous and counterproductive.’

the only ones believing that are wearing zionist colored glasses.

sub-plot... keep an eye on the tampa corner of the troika. i seriously doubt its as simple as threatening mails to somebody deep in debt.

Z... great comment to another of FA's fine essays. we ride in cahoots bro. way up on our pony on our boat... p

rockpicker said...

FA; Nuther excellent post, girl. Thank you.

P; Who is this FBI agent Humphries? and what's his role? Kerry's got a link to an odd collection of info on the whole sordid affair.

Here's a good refresher course on keeping your eye on the money-

Anonymous said...

Yeah, FA, I got a bunch of DOOM movies also and I like the ones involving the future with/without aliens. Maybe becuase the present, with its humans screwing things up on a minute by minute basis, is stuff I can get every day all day long via the blogsphere.

I came home pretty depressed yesterday after reading all the REAL doom the US is causing on the planet, to Wifeepoo being all content, engrossed in a beautiful watercolor painting she was finishing, oblivious to everything going on in the world. I think you're right, FA. I think people put their head in the sand for self-defence. It's hard to have your eyes wide open and still function normally, I think.

This weekend I think I'm going to go through my closet and drawers to find things to take to the new Goodwill store they just opened not far away. It's cold now and I think I have a few things that'll keep someone, who doesn't have a lot of money to spend, a bit warmer.


Anonymous said...

RP... coup and counter coup! or, who's couping who? the apple don't fall far from the tree. we all know what that tired cliche usually refers to but it goes way beyond that. i.e... remember what john perkins said about how he was 'compromised' during his recruitment and 'training' to become an economic hitman? he didn't come right out and say they (he and that shrewd lady assigned to him) 'went all the way" but its heavily implied in his story.

thats just another way of saying 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it'. referring of course to successful MO's in the shadow of the beast. iow, as kerry speculated (now confirmed though soft-shoed saying she was an 'inactive reserve IO'), the broadwell broad was anything but a biographer!!

as for the agent, i dunno rp. lotta skeletons in this closet and most of em are wearing skin! and at least 2 of em got caught with their panties down and one of em ain't wearin a shit!! or so they say. it looks like a diversion but did 1 cat really write those mails to the other cat?

i see kerry's piece links to an EUT story which talks about how FDR handled an attempted coup and then the part about dulles/jfk. did u read that? that goes to MO's that repeat themselves as well. the names and the reasons change (what i call form change) but the underlying dynamics are similar. i've gone so far as to speculate that... carter's shortcomings notwithstanding, he lost the election in the deserts of iran via a mission designed to fail. or so i say... p

Anonymous said...

i meant 'ain't wearin a shiRt.' good gosh gerdie, proof b 4 send!

Anonymous said...

another apple falls from the tree.... ...p

freeacre said...

Well, isn't it nice to know that the 'merikan public is mobilizing about SOMETHING! Twinkies are selling for $18 a box on E-Bay in anticipation of a shortage. OMG!

Anonymous said...

"To be alive at this time means to be exposed to the raw forces of nature as well as the rough edges of culture. Given the radical changes affecting both culture and nature in contemporary life, it is easy to understand how fears of cataclysm and images of apocalyptic nightmares might intensify. The world as we know it is awash with profound problems and puzzling changes and beset with seemingly endless conflicts. It is a time of great uncertainty and surprising changes that include extreme weather patterns as well as religious and political extremists. When the typical" holding institutions"  of a culture no longer protect people and fail to hold back the collective fears of disaster, people become more vulnerable to visions of annihilation. Increasingly, it does seem that everything might come to a screaming end, that it could happen at any moment, and that it might happen from a mistake of culture or from a catastrophe of nature". 

From "Why The World Doesn't End" by Michael Mede.


rockpicker said...

"The concept of the common good is no longer part of the lexicon of power. This, as the novelist J.M. Coetzee writes, is “the black flower of civilization.” It is Rome under Diocletian. It is us. Empires, in the end, decay into despotic, murderous and corrupt regimes that finally consume themselves. And we, like Israel, are now coughing up blood." --Chris Hedges

rockpicker said...

Do do do do
Do do do do...

Anonymous said...

good find rp, it was filmed at my local Uni last Saturday, I didn't get much from it having read the book, watched a couple of interviews with her, and spent many hours at her site (and a lot of the free energy sites researching), but it's good to see this out there so soon after the event.
I still think there must be more evidence of the DEW out there somewhere, I can't see them having the balls to pull this off on that scale without testing the technology on a building/large structure somewhere else. There is another possibility but mentioning it may demean the presentation to "under-researched" people so I won't ;) Gd

rockpicker said...

GD; The thought occurred to me a while back now that if they can turn the steel to dust in the world trade center, what would happen if they turned their attention to something like, for instance, the four gorges dam in China? Concrete suddenly devoid of rebar holding it together, and with all that pressure? Sheezam!

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that gutless, coward Oblahblah spewing that same, lame horseshit of little, helpless Israel's "right to defend itself." Jeebus! Oh, and the LSM is, of course, continuing it's stenographer job of repeating the Knesset's/Congress nonsense.
This whole thing makes me want to hurl.


freeacre said...

Hey, Guys, Andre Heath's Celestial Convergence blog site is back!

freeacre said...

Here's a nice thing on thankfulness for Thanksgiving. Video: (6:10)

Love to you all.

rockpicker said...

From Kerry Cassidy's blog...


Tuesday, 20 November 2012 16:22
Written by Kerry Cassidy

I was sent the following today from a source who was warned to stay clear of the Patraeus matter:

... A WhiteHatCIA contact advises quote "Intel Community already caught up in this FireStorm. Further involvement will burn all parties down to the ground.. Obama issued a Scorched earth policy on these events... to become radioactive... you get anywhere near this you will ALL die.. All subject matter on this is going Nuclear as we speak. I advise you & any others: ... find you own way out as you will not survive the FireStorm let alone the impending fallout.".-- from an undisclosed source"

rockpicker said...


"According to the report, 24 American naval officers have so far been relieved of their commands this year on charges of misconduct."

Is this a legitimate purge, or a pre-emptive strike by the Cabal to wipe out opposition?

rockpicker said...

A mathematically perfected economy?

rockpicker said...

Since this week marks the 49th anniversary of John Kennedy's murder, Brasscheck TV has been running some remarkable video which attempts to explain events in a more plausible manner than the official story did.

I sent a link to one of these videos to a friend. His response was to ask what relevance the Kennedy assassination has to our present circumstances. He revels in chiding me for focusing on "esoterica."

Here's a link to a documentary that was filmed by a British film crew in the mid-90's, but has never seen the light of day. It involves pedophilia in the U/S.

I think too many people want to look the other way when pure evil is exposed, equating ignorance with innocence. But by our silence
do we not allow?

freeacre said...

Yeah, Rockpicker. You should not be focusing on "esoterica." You should be out shopping at Best Buys for the latest gizmo. What is wrong with you?

Maybe nest time you can send your bovine friend a cow bell to wear around his neck....moo! Now, back to the feed lot.

Watching these crazed "Black Friday" shoppers running into the box stores is probably an example of sophisticated brain-washing. First the lamestream creates the phoney "Black Friday" shopping holiday. Then, when the frenzied sheeple hit the stors, they "tisk, tisk" that things "got out of hand." But, It's fine because it means that retail will survive and all is right with the world.
So, fuck Kennedy, and MLK, Bobby, Oklahoma City, and 9/11. So what if the government is run by people in the shadows, or there is a coup. ... when there are deal to be had on the X Box or the iPad. Move along, Citizen,nothing to see here..

Anonymous said...

turkey weekend. and for the first time in 2 years they've shown up. 13 of em cluckin away and grazing in our front yard right now. alls well with the world again. except, the cable's out and its football saturday... p

rockpicker said...

That's cool, P. Our turkeys showed up this week also. More evidence of morphic fields?

Thanks, FA, I needed that. Think I'll write him back and say, yeah, you're right. The nanny did it.

Heaviest chemtrails I've seen for a long time yesterday. Teeth dripping from one side of the trail turns it into a cross-cut saw blade. Every trail looks the same, regardless of direction. Prevailing wind currents at 35,000 ft. don't seem to make much difference in how the phenomenon manifests. I noticed the original trail maintains itself, like the back of a mitre saw, and the teeth precipitate out into solid white incisors, preceded by a thin veil of diffused refracting matter. Doesn't really behave like simple water molecules changing state, from my perspective.

Anonymous said...

rp... we're not getting many here. but, the prevailings for the country are from west to east. it always takes us an hour longer to fly to the bay than from. with drift as an obvious factor in the equation, it follows to spray west and let drift take it east. by the time it gets here though any optical traces are long gone. i don't know if thats a good or bad thing. but intuitively, whatever is in it, we got it.

rockpicker said...

Here's a little drift from Gordon Duff:

murph said...

anonymous 9:05

I hope you realize this is not an advertising site. Don't put this shit up again.

rockpicker said...

Murph; Nicely handled.

This one goes in the "no shit!" file.

rockpicker said...

"When Hamas does it, we call it 'terrorism.' When we do it, we call it 'collateral damage.'"

-Ben Swann

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
rockpicker said...

Fuck you, bud.

murph said...

I got rid of that 2 junk comments.

Anonymous said...

Hey all, Glen Greenwald has a good one up on The Gaurdian

that I'd love to send to all Obamabots.

I wonder if the BRIC countries will ever have the capability -and the guts to send the US a message. Like, "Stop fucking with everyone or we dump your worthless dollars."

Maybe the killer asteroid will beat them to it?


rockpicker said...

The list of heroic, dead-pan truth-tellers, is growing. And I am thankful...

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
rockpicker said...

And, your point is...?

Anonymous said...

anon is a bot IMO, the lessor spotted spam variety, not a very well programed one either.

had some fun with the floods over here, river was highest I've ever seen it, 4" from coming in my kitchen, luckily we didn't need the flood-boards I spent all day Sunday making/installing; levels now dropping :) Gd

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
murph said...


It appears that some spammer under anonymous heading is invading this site. I have removed the ones I came on this morning. If this continues, we may have to reinstate the word verification or even go to comment moderation.

I really do wonder just what these ass holes are trying to accomplish. Could be that they hope to make a web site so miserable that we go off line?

rockpicker said...

GD; Hadn't heard anything about flooding. Please, tell more.

rockpicker said...

"Avaazers, it's time to celebrate!

A few minutes ago, the UN voted overwhelmingly to recognise Palestine as the world's 194th state!!! It’s a huge victory for the Palestinian people, for peace, for our community, and people across the world are joining with massive crowds in Palestine to celebrate.

The Palestinian people's journey to freedom is far from over. But this is a powerful step, and our community played a key role in it. Palestine's Ambassador to Europe said today:

"Avaaz and its members across the world have played a crucial role in persuading governments to support the Palestinian people's bid for a state and for freedom and peace. They have stood with us throughout and their solidarity and support will be remembered and cherished across Palestine." - Leila Shahid, General Palestinian Delegate to Europe"

- Just found this my mailbox

Anonymous said...

rp: two strong low systems moved in on the UK in succession, lots of localized flooding in the SW (Devon & Cornwall) NE (north Yorkshire/Lincs) and SE (East Anglia/Kent/Northants) there were flood warnings on 127 rivers, a few burst their banks, Wales and much of the midlands also hit in localized low lying places. Spoke to some old farmers round here, they said they hadn't seen the river this high since 1972. I've seen some high river levels here before, never made flood boards before though, so there was a distinct sphincter factor to this one!

Our land is still flooded, this is pretty normal for a flood plain though. It's stopped me mulching the willow beds, have a huge 25ton pile of chip to get down once the water gets back to normal. Blew the pto gearbox on my old Leyland tractor with the chipper, now selling it for spares so we can get a new Ford 3000 (1978 restored "new") all good fun! Gd

freeacre said...

Chris Hedges writes that we will all be Gazans soon.

He makes a good point, unfortunately.

I hope the rain subsides, gd, and it warms up. I had no idea you were writing from England. I've been reading about the extreme weather in Britain this winter on celestial convergence (now that it's back up). Wishing you all the best. Keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

Cheers fa, the water has receded, low pressure has been replaced by a blocking high bringing frigid Arctic weather from the North. I've seen much analysis pointing to a real cold winter here come Jan, bought in a ton of rocksalt in preparation, Brrrr.

"fiscal cliff" seen this meme propagating over the last few months in the MSM, I think they're normalizing great depression Mk2 in advance. Gd

Anonymous said...

gd... could come to that. in the interum, its a scare tactic. lotta those goin 'round.

which is an MO been goin round for a loooong time and has been incredibly effective in context of control of the masses.

which begs the question... does that make fear the bad guy?

lotsa people think so.

i think they think wrongly... p

rockpicker said...

Found this on John Kettler's site, an example of how far the black projects have gone...

rockpicker said...

Cook his Goose.

Anonymous said...

JH Kunstler has a good rant this week. Good "doom," but the part about people knowing their place was like he's thinking that we should long for the 1930's or something. Sorry Jimmy-boy, ain't gonna happen.

Enjoy reading the Kulturecritic and Arch Druid Report each week as well, but was wondering.... anything else that would be good to read out there?

Thanks in advance.


rockpicker said...

Brasscheck's got a good C2C show here.

freeacre said...

Speaking Truth to Power, Carolyn Baker's site has some real good stuff on it, Randy.

And, Truthdig, with Chris Hedges.
And, Charles Hugh Smith.

That cloaked soldier video was amazing, RP. Not sure I want to be in the same world as these "English."

Anonymous said...

Jeebus! What the hell is this crap above?

Hey Murph and Fa,

Have you heard anything about more radiation from Fuckyusheema on the OR coast? I remember watching a news clip a few months ago about a huge hunk of Japanese pier washing ashore on the central OR coast. Of course, they didn't say if it was radioactive or not.

Not much going on here in Morom HQ. Still pulling a few carrots here and there and the kale is still going crazy inside the hoop house. The kale is from Russia via which is probably why it's still going strong. Very yummy -especially in this kale salad recipe:



murph said...


Unfortunately we are being invaded by shills and advertising smucks and we are pissed about it. We have been talking about what to do about it.

rockpicker said...

Murph, John Kettler recently posted about negative feed-back attacks and how they affect Google's placing or prioritizing one's page. I didn't understand just how it works, but Kettler seemed afraid his site was under attack. Anyone using the intertubes to sell product would not want this type of attack. Just a thought.

murph said...


Here is a most interesting interview.

If this is accurate, all of us that use the net for communications have had those communications stored for some time now and can be isolated out in order to make personal or web site attacks.

Of course I can't be sure, but the spammer that has been invading this site seems to be mostly advertising and phising and not particularly government shill intrusion.

It appears to me that if something doesn't come up to stop web site attacks, particularly those concerned with criticizing the government, it will all end up being controlled by government minions.

One of the ways web sites like this one can protect themselves from intrusion is comment moderation. If it is an automated bot spam, just putting back in the word verification probably would stop it.

We are considering what to do about this. Becoming very annoying.

Anonymous said...

Hi freeacre, murph, rp and all: It took me a good while to find you again, several computers and contact lists later, but I finally succeeded. Bravo! Could not remember the name of the blog for the life of me, old age is getting to me I guess. Or something else, but I'm not ready to talk about that yet. Doesn't matter anyway. The main reason I'm writing, other than it's been way too long, is to tell freeacre something. I moved about a year ago to a house on a couple of acres, and like most moronic Americans have yet to totally unpack. So tonight I was going through a box and ran across something that sadly I haven't seen in many years. It is, or at least was until it went AWOL one of my favorite things to read. It's a little book called "A Troutperson's Guide To Tahoe." I just spent a couple of hours reading it again. I had forgotten just how "real" it is, and simply how peaceful, satisfied and just damn happy it makes you feel after reading it. It's similar to how one feels after a good massage, to me at least. freeacre, that is simply a wonderful piece of work. I hope that others get as much out of it as I do!
I'm glad to see that you guys are still up and running, you must be doing something right. Certainly something that I was unable to sustain. Anyway, don't want to hog your board. So, hello all, it's great to know where you are, finally. This is now on my favorites list, and I'll check in a lot more often. I hope you all and your families are doing well. Take care,

Anonymous said...

CYCLONE! What-up?! Welcome back! Long time no read. Yeah, we're still here talking via typing, although all I do is bitch about the world and brag about my carrots. And tomatos.

Murph and FA are doing a bang-up job with this blog -keeping the rest of us on the 'straigh and narrow.' It's a lot of fun and very informative to say the least.

So, you got a few acres, do ya? Dang... one of these days, yep, one of these days.. I'm gonna get me a few acres... aaawwww -but that killer asteriod will probably drop on my ass before I get any acrage. Dangit!

Hey FA, where can I get this "A Troutperson's Guide to Tahae" book? I need to get a Christmas present -for myself. Thanks.

(formally known as "Dude")

rockpicker said...

these pages
that bring us together
are the fire
in the cave
above the stream...

been missing you,
man. Glad
to have you back
in the circle.

rockpicker said...

We have a lot of fun, here in Montana...

rockpicker said...

Michigan grows a pair...

murph said...


Both of the above links are very interesting. Am I smelling rebellion in the wind?

rockpicker said...

Please pass the melatonin.

freeacre said...

CYCLONE!! So good to hear from you! Thanks for the kind words regarding my book. Randy, et al the regulars, just send me your mailing address and I'll be happy to give you a copy for Christmas. I've got about four hundred of them sitting in the bedroom, sadly. Stupid title. Just as I published the book, all the bookstores in Tahoe went out of business. Nobody wants to buy it here because it says it's a guide to Tahoe. It's more like a bunch of stories about fishing and thinking about things. Lots of pictures. I still like it. But, I could have gone to Europe on what it cost me to publish it. Rats. Our e-mail address in on the front page of the blog. Send me your mailing address, and you'll get one.

Japan just had a 7.3 earthquake and several aftershocks just off the coast. Right in keeping with Patrick Geryl's predictions. Duck and cover.

Murph said...

Hey Cyclone,

Glad to see your still around. What's happening?

rockpicker said...

It appears Japan is under attack. Look at this map of the recent quakes. They're stacked one on top of another, including the 7.3 and the 6.3 from last night. Somebody's intent on bringing reactor four spent fuel pool to the ground.

Go here for the list of quakes.

14 quakes above 4.5 since the two big ones last night. All centered in the same place.

Wonder what the HAARP monitors have to say?


Anonymous said...

rp, I see that you are still passing your wonderful words of wisdom on in your unique way. Keep it up, buddy. And Randy, fka Dude, nice to hear your voice again! Been way too long. And my man Murph. It would take a post sized comment to tell you what all has been going on in my life since we last talked. Since your lovely wife said that your email address is on the blog, I'll send you an email this weekend and fill you in on some of it. freeacre, I've been selling books for the last several years in a couple of different places, mostly author signed mystery/fiction. If you do have 400+ books lying around, I can put one up, see what happens and give you the money for what is sold and the address of the buyer. You can just ship them out yourself if you are interested. We can talk about that if you want to. We could probably move some, though e-readers have really hurt the book business. I can be reached at if anyone wants to chat.
I hadn't heard about the earthquakes until just now, wow. That's horrible. Weird times we live in.
I had often wondered over the last several years who all was still around, looks like you've still got a pretty good group of folks, Murph. & freeacre of course. I'll try to catch up with what you are doing here by reading some old posts, and maybe contribute some comments on a regular basis. Here I go again, dominating the comment section. I'll email you guys soon.

whitewater fraggle said...


With all due respect, did I miss a Geryl window? I know he said there would be an 8 - 8.5 around the 25th to 28th. That never materialized. He then tried to say he misinterpreted the line up and predicted big activity on Dec. 3rd. Again, nothing. How is a 7.3 today a hit? At this point, isn't everyday a possible day for an earthquake based on his model?

Again, not trying to attack, but I am confused how know one says anything when he misses and every time there is a 7 he somehow is right?

freeacre said...

whitewater, yeah, he missed on the 3rd. But up till then, he hit several in a row. Then he made more projections and listed the 4th or 5th as a possible 7+ as well as the 11th or 12th. I figure missing it by 1 day is pretty freakin' good.
Then he says look for an 8+ on the 17th culminating in a 10+ on the 21st. TEOTWAWKI Hopefully that will not be the case. It does leave a lot of days where there could be earthqu
akes that he could take credit for. But, when they are 7+, I figure that any of those count as pretty darn good. But, that's just me....
We have a friend who is an astro-archeologist who says that the predictions based on conjunctions is bullshit, it's more about triangulation or something. Then, there is whether it is really caused by solar flares heating up and expanding the earth. So, shit, I don't know. But, if the pyramids and the Mayan buildings and calculations don't mean anything, they sure went to a bunch of trouble for nothing. Time, as it were, will tell.

And, Cyclone, I will e-mail you about the book and stuff. Thanks.

rockpicker said...

This guy makes some good points.

rockpicker said...

Sky Collapses On The Passamari

Winter sky drapes the land, like a canopy
dropped by unseen hands upon a cage.
Farm ground blurs between houses
at an imprecise place, over the creek,
beyond my neighbors' spruce. Past
what we can see spreads
the topography of an uncertain age.
Fence posts pitch and lose themselves
in fog, like stick men heading off
to evening chores, or the dutiful poor
marched off to kill the poor in forgettable wars.
What I took for granted and thought I knew
when sunbeams slanted through
transparent pain, seems now
untenable and untrue. Still, rockslides
and dying forests loom, like deficits
we must assume in this obscuring air.
The looted vault gapes, a victim's mouth.
Herefords steaming under willows
birth their calves. The little town rubs
its knees beside a flame and tunes
its set for a prompted reassurance.
I kick the empty streets in muffled gloom.
I bounce solid hopeful notes off walls
of unsold homes. Kept birds balance
in dim rooms, each night, a new deception.
With sky this low, could it be more clear?
What we need to know we musn't hate or fear.
On the Passamari, the dog star fluxes, red
to green, whether occluded or seen.

rockpicker said...


freeacre said...

Thank you , Rockpicker, for that wonderful poem. I have read it several times, both silently and out loud. Each time the poem seems to get better. Of course, the poem stays the same, it is just my understanding that improves. Have I mentioned that you are a great poet?

I am going to include the link to the video you sent to us earlier.

rockpicker said...

Aw, shucks, freeacre. Even a blind pig finds an acorn once in awhile.

rockpicker said...

"It appears the United States is determined to engage in yet another war without having been attacked or even having their allies attacked. The brazen Obama doctrine of preemptively bombing civilians to prevent a humanitarian crisis may soon be coming to another lucky country; Syria."


rockpicker said...

Here we go...

rockpicker said...

Top secret isn't good enough. Now they want a "non-existent" classification.

rockpicker said...

Oldensoul sends this one. It's a recording of Will Rogers talking to a bunch of bankers in 1924.

rockpicker said...

Latest from bayou Corne

rockpicker said...

Four more years, of this?

rockpicker said...

screw the nutcases who revel in this fucked misuse of human capacity!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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su said...

This is the best thing I have read in forever.
You captured so honestly my reality.
The Assumption Parish mystery, the explosions in the night, every day more intrique arising.

There was so much and it is so exciting and I do live in a dusty village in summer but the most I carry on my head is a chicken.

For me my financial system already collapsed. If my bank goes it will be a good thing . For a lot of my friends we are on the day to day food kind of thing. Gardens planted a plenty as a means of surviving.

It is really the end.
God willing.

su said...

Such Beautiful comments Z.
So very beautiful.

Anonymous said...
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murph said...

I deleted some more of the advertising shit in comments

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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freeacre said...

Good to hear from you, Su. I know how you feel. My life has collapsed about 3 times already. I feel like a collapse veteran.

I'm thinking about having a doom party on the 21st, since we have an actual "doomstead." Bring acoustical instruments and wear those flashlights that you wear on your head. Make hummus and homemade bagels or something from the stored food. Might be fun.

Here's a pretty interesting new space doom video. It's a bit cheezy, but it has good graphics and some new information:!

Anonymous said...

What? Did somebody say, "Doom Party?" Sounds awesome!
But, no can do, FA. Wish I could come on by and embrace the "doom" (and tap on my Zagdrum) with ya'll, but, gotta work, take care of the "Attack Kitties" 'n stuff. I think "Work" is the worst four-letter word, ya know?


Anonymous said...

Hey -check out the title! Dang- these dudes can rock -forever!

Rolling Stones expose bankers, endless wars and the NWO
14 Dec 2012

by Jacque Fresco

After 50 years in the Rock n’ Roll business, the Rolling Stones, the Heavy Weight Champions of Rock n’ Roll, have released a new greatest hits package that includes a hard-hitting, anti-establishment single titled, “Doom and Gloom.”

Just in time for the so-called apocalypse, “Doom and Gloom” proves once again that these guys can still deliver by sticking to their roots.

The music video depicts the destruction of the American empire as perpetual war and greedy bankers cast the population into an economic abyss. And there’s lots of symbolism in this piece, from the increase in poverty to the overcrowded prison system and even the poison in our food supply.

The Rolling Stones, at 50, are no strangers to political controversy. In 1991, their song “Highwire” deconstructed the build-up to the Persian Gulf war and criticized the politics behind it.


rockpicker said...

So, it takes Obama, what, a few hours, to start selling gun control on the flanks of the Connecticut tragedy? How disgusting!, to use this event for political advantage.

What if one teacher or administrator had a firearm locked up in his or her closet? How many lives could have been saved? Fuck these liberal assholes who believe rounding up the guns will allow us all to live in peace. Bullshit!

Read what zen gardner has to say about these types of events here:

Lucretia Heart said...

Great post!

I don't know that the date is an exact marker so much as its an "around this time" marker. If you look at the massive global changes from eras past (on the long count or processional time tables) you'll notice there is are sudden changes that hit within a window of a couple of centuries either way.

Of course, with human caused crap to deal with on TOP of the natural cycles, we can pretty much guarantee shit is going to be hitting us, no question. But right on that date? I remain skeptical on that count. But in general do I think this year is the year we're pretty much starting to face a growing trend of disaster and upset? Yes. We've already seen so much haven't we, just climate change wise?

Regardless of how we die, I think we may be in for multiple shows to bear witness to in the meantime.

murph said...


Thanks for the comment.

Yes, exact dates have not been very accurate for all the catastrophic doomsday stuff in history. Even the "around this time" isn't making it historically.

Consequently we will be quite surprised if it does happen on the December date won't we. lolol.

Remember the hippie type with the mobile radio broadcasting on the rim of Yellowstone park in the movie 2012? I can sure dig that. The ultimate personal witness and observation. If he had gotten on the plane it would have been overloaded and they wouldn't have made it and there would be no story, sigh.

rockpicker said...

This letter was in my mailbox this morning:

"Gun Control. Now.
Staci Sarkin

4:01 PM (8 hours ago)

to Karl
Images are not displayed. Display images below - Always display images from

Below is an email from Staci Sarkin, a MoveOn member who created a petition on in response to the tragic shooting at an elementary school in Connecticut. Stacy's petition has been been spreading rapidly over email and social media, so we wanted to pass it along right away. If you have concerns or feedback about this petition, click here.

Dear MoveOn member,

On December 14, 2012, a gunman entered the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut and opened fire, killing what is currently being reported as a minimum of 27 people, 20 of whom were children. Completely innocent unarmed victims.

Columbine. Red Lake, Minnesota. Essex, Vermont. Lancaster, Ohio. Virginia Tech. To name a few.

How many more innocents must die at the hands of an antiquated and oft-misinterpreted amendment? Enough.

It's time to stop the violence. That's why I created a petition on to Congress and President Obama, which says:

Our Second Amendment rights are long overdue a reevaluation. How many more senseless and entirely PREVENTABLE shootings have to occur before we do something about gun control?

As a citizen and constituent of this great country, I am asking that you take a firm stand and make a positive change by restricting access to guns and saving lives.

I don't have a gun. I don't want a gun. I don't need a gun. But somehow the guns always wind up in the hands of people crazy enough to use them irresponsibly and dangerously. THIS HAS TO BE STOPPED.
Click here to add your name to this petition, and then pass it along to your friends.

Thank you for your support.

–Staci Sarkin

This petition was created on, the progressive, nonprofit petition site. is sponsored by MoveOn Civic Action, which is not responsible for the contents of this or other petitions posted on the site. Staci Sarkin didn't pay us to send this email—we never rent or sell the list.

Want to support our work? MoveOn Civic Action is entirely funded by our 7 million members—no corporate contributions, no big checks from CEOs. And our tiny staff ensures that small contributions go a long way. Chip in here."

Anonymous said...

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rockpicker said...

No kidding! Amazing coincidence!

freeacre said...

There have been so many inconsistencies in the elementary school shooting that it is crazy. First they said that the guy had two hand guns and that he had left the AK in his truck. Now, the coroner says all the children were shot multiple times with a rifle. .223 or AK? Was it one shooter, two, or maybe three? They said that is mother was a kindergarten teacher and that he shot up her class. Then the school board said they had no record of her. He was described as being intellectually challenged, autistic, and now with Ausberger's Syndrome. His mother, they are now saying, is a "survivalist," rather than a kindergarten teacher. Also that his father was the tax director for GE. Testifying in the LIBOR hearings, like the Aurora theater shooter? And now, if you challenge the official story on social media, you can be prosecuted. WTF? Now there is a knee-jerk response to ban assault rifles, and we don't even know if anyone was shot with an assault rifle.
But, to me, the point is that there is something seriously wrong with the mental health of the kids today. The guns have not changed, the kids have. I think that one hundred percent of the shooters and suicides making headlines today have been users of anti-depressants and other psycho-active drugs, the side effects can be suicidal or homicidal behaviors. The kids often spend enormous amounts of time playing super violent video games that are practice for mass killings. One parent families or two parents that work all the time, molestation, schools that focus on taking tests and sitting still... many kids are getting more and more miserable. Focusing on the guns is just another example of ignoring and neglecting our children.

Yeah, Larissa, I don't actually think that the world will end Dec. 21st. But, it is a significant date astronomically. and, it does help to focus people's attention of what is needed to soldier on through a collapse of some sort that could at least take out the electricity. So, it does look like we are going to host a "post collapse" party, since we have the doomstead. We will still be able to flush the toilet, because we have a well and hand pump, we will have heat because we have an alternative propane heat system, we will have snacks because we have stored and raised food. Rabbit stew and hummus come to mind. Acoustical instruments, cards, and board games to play. Whatever beverage (or drug) you have stored up, etc. Flashlights, survival gear, etc. I think it will be interesting to see how people react.

rockpicker said...

Whether this suspect was questioned and released, or not, this is an important part of the story that NPR and all the other national news media have decided not to tell us.

Just like the Oklahoma City bombings, when they failed to tell us about the unexploded bombs that were removed from the building after the initial explosion. Again, we have it on tape. It's not speculation. It's the truth, and we're being lied to!

rockpicker said...

More film footage corroborating claims that a second suspect was drawing police interest to the woodlot adjacent to the school.

Anonymous said...

You wonder if....

...if they're willing and able to murder 3,000 on 9/11 and then murder millions in Iraq and Afghanistan (along with the millions dead from US sanctions prior) would it be really far-fetched to think that they wouldn't sacrifice 20 children to get people, especially people with children, to move in the direction of gun control?

Yep. Pretty paranoid, I guess.

Gonna stop by the store on my way home today. Need more Reynolds Wrap.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

rp: right on, same MO as Dunblane over here, when they tightened gun control as a result.

The UK press are using it get everyone thinking "Preppers" are nut cases.

The initial reports from eyewitnesses, live emergency services radio feed and the media spoke of at least two shooters on the scene...

man dressed in camo pants is walked off in handcuffs

All the while QE4 is announced

(nice to see Joel Salatin get a mention on ZH) Gd

Anonymous said...

"Directed History" has a ring to it! This is a bit of a long read, but it's a good'un. Gd

rockpicker said...

Randy; Worse than that, I'm afraid.
Consider that two other shooters were captured by local authorities, (that we know of,) and then apparently released, with no mention of details by the Lame Stream. Whole lot of deception going on here. Why?

Collusion? Complicity? Death threats to keep silent? You know the local cops know the "official" story is bull. I mean, ABC and CBS both aired video and audio confirming the official story, (again,) stinks.

Mike Ruppert opened his radio show last night by recounting backwards from Newtown all the major national tragedies many of us have lived through, and how each and every one was explained by "official" lies.

From Connecticut to Aurora to the WMD's to 9/11 to Oklahoma City to Waco to Bobby Kennedy's assassination to Martin Luther King's assassination to the Viet Nam war to JFK's murder, and I'll add Roswell to that list, just for good measure, every fucking official story was a lie.

In a country founded on independent thinking, with a Bill of Rights and a Constitution openly committed to free speech and Press freedom, (a standard the entire world looked up to and envied,) it kinda makes you wonder how the officials in charge keep getting away with all these lies, doesn't it?

Zengardner addresses the awakening of consciousness that is now taking place, and warns to be prepared for even worse sacrifice from the PTB, because they are most dangerous in a wounded and cornered state.

rockpicker said...

Gamedog; You'll find this interesting. YouTube is silencing the truth, again.

I found this on Idaho Picker's channel. He has put together a package of audio and video shot on scene in CT by Lame Stream affiliates indicating there is much more to the story than what we are being told.

Why is it important to stay on this bucking horse? Because THEY are losing their grip. THEY are getting desperate, and THEY are making mistakes.

rockpicker said...

And listen to this one. I'd say this bumps it up a notch.

"You buy our official lies, or we'll hunt you down and prosecute you."

Spreading alternative narratives, even if they be truthful, will get you arrested.

So much for free speech...

rockpicker said...

And now this one...

Honest to God!

murph said...


That article you linked to on "Directed History" is a really good one, well worth the time to go through it. It does show correlations to present conditions that ring true to me.

rockpicker said...

more from zen:

rockpicker said...

China Calls for ‘No Delay’ on Gun Controls in U.S.

Well, no shit, Sherlock!

rockpicker said...

Jon Rappaport on the Newtown shootings:

freeacre said...

Please e-mail me and send me your mailing address. On the front page, go into our complete profile. Then, click "contact us" or something like that. it will go to our e-mail. I will send you my book. If anybody else wants one, do the same.

rockpicker said...

Rappaport is on Rense tonight.

murph said...

Anon, your becoming a real pain in the ass

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.